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Hybrid Cars

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All About Hybrid Cars

It's probably not a news flash that gas doesn't seem to be getting any cheaper.
People all over are asking what they can do about the rise in price, and often
the answer is to choose a different vehicle. That's simple, right? But what
kind of vehicle should you choose? Just maybe, you should try a hybrid car.

The hybrid cars are the talk of the town these days. They come in great colors,
sleek styles, and they will make your commute less expensive. When you look at
those characteristics of a hybrid car, how could you not choose to run to the
car dealer right now and pick one up? Well, we all wish we could do just that,
but before you run out, maybe you should learn a bit more about these cars.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that is run on electricity. A combination of a
conventional propulsion system and a rechargeable energy storage system that is
onboard the vehicle work together to give the vehicle better fuel economy than
cars that run strictly on gasoline.

Hybrid cars are unlike battery electric vehicles because the batteries used in
hybrid cars do not have to be charged by an external source. Instead, in order
to get a charge, kinetic energy is generated by way of regenerative braking.
Furthermore, some hybrid cars make use of their own combustion engine to create
electricity. The combustion engine does this by spinning an electrical
generator. The spinning does one of two things. It can either recharge the
battery or in a more direct way, it can give power to an electric motor. This
motor is what then drives the vehicle.

Therefore, because this fuel-economizing vehicle can generate its own
electricity, it is very different from a vehicle that is run strictly on
batteries. But, there is no waiting while your car charges up outside in the
garage before you go to work. All you have to do is get into the car and ride.

It is true that some people have experimented with electrical vehicles in the
past. However, the introduction of the hybrid car outdid these types of cars
when it came on the scene.

Because the hybrid car is so innovative in the way it powers itself and the way
it is able to save travelers money on fuel, it's called the car of the future.
At least that's what some automakers believe, and many consumers agree with
them. The next wave of the automotive market, Hybrid cars continue to be
purchased by customers as the years go on.

So if you want a car that saves on gas and will make you the talk of town,
perhaps you should invest in a hybrid car.

And you might find yourself tired of just pulling over at local gas stations to
fuel up. If that's the case, you have another reason to think about purchasing a
hybrid car. So get on over to the car dealer. It could be the best decision of
your future.

Hybrid Cars: What's All The Fuss About?

It is a fact that people simply loves hybrid cars. They love hybrid cars
because of the benefits it can give them, t6o the other people and the
environment. So, what is it about hybrid cars that it is now attracting more
and more people to get one for their own?

First of all, if you have a hybrid car, you will be able to cut fuel
consumption in half. When was the last time you pulled your car over to a
pumping station? If you recently did, you will notice that the price of
gasoline is on a constant rise. When compared to conventional cars, hybrid cars
will enable you to cut fuel consumption in half. This means fewer trips to the
gasoline station. Just imagine yourself driving a car that can travel more than
60 miles per gallon. This may sound good enough for you to get a hybrid car, but
there are more benefits that you can get from hybrid cars.

Back in 2005, President George Bush has signed an agreement that lets the
buyers and users of hybrid car enjoy huge tax breaks. Because of this, you will
be able to save money on taxes. Another great benefit that you can get when you
have a hybrid cars are free parking, and some states have imposed a law that
hybrid cars should be discounted on toll gates.

Hybrid cars are also known to emit far lower levels of pollutants in the air.
This means less air pollution. This will also mean that it will tend to reduce
the effects of global warming and will enable you and other people to breathe
cleaner air.

These are just some of the things that hybrid cars can give you. You will now
ask what kind of technology is inside hybrid cars that makes it so fuel
efficient and environmentally friendly.

Hybrid cars are integrated with the hybrid technology currently existing today.
In fact, hybrid technology has existed for a long time. It is used on
locomotives, it is used on submarines and it is used in some buses in some
states and countries.

Hybrid technology is a combination of electricity and the standard engine. For
example, in locomotives, it combines the diesel engine and electric engine, and
in submarines, it combines the nuclear engine and electric engine. This is far
more efficient than letting the conventional engine run on its own.

In hybrid cars, it combines the energy of gasoline engines and an electric
motor to power the car. This means that with both engines running, it will
lessen the load on the internal combustion engine. The electric motor will
share the labor. With this technology it will allow you to save precious fuel
and also let you emit far lower volumes of toxic fumes in the air.

For example, if your hybrid car is running idle, it will automatically switch
off the gasoline engine and let the car run on pure electricity. This can save
you a lot of fuel especially if you are stuck in a gridlock traffic jam.

Today, there are hybrid cars that are designed to run even when the gasoline
engine is switched off. This kind of hybrid car will eventually get rid of
gasoline station trips. And, it will let you travel without emitting toxic
fumes. The gasoline engine will only act as a backup engine when the battery
pack runs out of power. The braking and the engine will automatically recharge
the battery pack preparing it for another purely electric run. This means that
you don't actually have to plug in your hybrid car to your electrical outlet
for it to recharge.

So, if you need a car that runs cleaner, quieter and far more fuel efficient,
you should consider getting a hybrid car.

How Hybrid Car Works: A Brief Glimpse of the Car of the Future

Many people are now getting frustrated with their usual gas-guzzling
conventional car because of the constant increase in fuel prices. Because of
this, more and more people are looking for alternative modes of travel. Some
people with cars are now leaving it on the garage and walks from home to work
almost everyday to conserve fuel and some are taking the subways, and other
transportation services that exist in order to save money.

However, there are some people who simply just need their car for their work.
Because of this, many of this people are now considering selling their old
conventional gas-guzzling cars and purchase a new kind of car that can cut fuel
consumption by half. These new line of cars are called hybrid cars. Just
imagine, you can effectively go more than 60 miles per gallon with hybrid cars.

Also, hybrid cars produce fewer pollutants than conventional cars. This means
that not only will you cut fuel consumption by more than half, but you will
also decrease the level of pollution that is poisoning the environment and
people. With hybrid cars, everyone can benefit from it.

Now that you know about hybrid cars and is now considering to get one for your
own, you now want to know how it works. You also want to know how it can
relatively cut fuel consumption by half and you also want to know why it emits
fewer pollutants than conventional cars.

First of all, you have to consider that hybrid cars can be quite expensive.
However, when you compute the overall cost that you will spend on gasoline
during the lifetime of the hybrid car and the conventional car, you will see
that you will spend more money on conventional cars of the same weight class as
the hybrid car with a higher retail price included and taxes.

Hybrid car buyers also enjoy tax incentives imposed by the government. So, when
you purchase hybrid cars, you will enjoy tax breaks. Therefore, you will save
more money.

The concept of the hybrid car is quite simple. Hybrid cars combine electricity,
which is the cleanest energy source available, and internal combustion gasoline
engine to run the car.

In simple words, hybrid cars utilize both electricity and gasoline energy to
power the car. First of all, the hybrid car works when once you start the car
and is in idle mode or not running, the gasoline engine is automatically shut
off. This means that the car is purely running on electricity. This will
explain why hybrid cars are very quiet. This will also explain why it can
effectively conserve fuel consumption. Once you step on the accelerator, the
internal combustion engine will automatically start up again. There are also
hybrid cars that can run purely on electric mode. This is very useful if you
are only using the car for local travels. You virtually don't even need to put
gasoline in the car.

However, in this type of hybrid car, you have to consider putting gasoline for
long travels. You can even say that the gasoline will be used for back up power
in case the battery is discharged. Most hybrid cars developed today don't need
to be plugged in like the electric car. The used kinetic energy when you are
braking will be the one to recharge the battery.

This is how simple a hybrid car works. It will be comprised of a battery for
energy storage, a generator, an internal combustion engine, a fuel tank, and an
electric motor.

Now that you know how hybrid cars work, you now see how beneficial it can be if
you are driving one. You will not only save a lot of money from fuel
consumption, but you will also help save the environment by emitting far lower
toxic fumes than conventional cars.

The History of the Hybrid Car: An Evolution for the Future

Due to the demand of having a car wherein everyone can consume less fuel and
will not contribute to the air pollution, the hybrid car was finally created to
meet this end. And due to the rapid advancements in the gasoline engine, the
hybrid car has become extremely popular.

A hybrid car is a means of transportation using two power sources; it uses a
rechargeable energy storage system found on board and a fuelled power source as
the vehicle's driving force. The hybrid car pollutes less and uses less fuel.

Back in 1899, Ferdinand Porsche have developed and led the way to the very
first working hybrid-electric vehicle. Other people followed suit in Ferdinand
Porsche's invention. Many people who became interested in the hybrid-vehicle
concept have been continually making hybrid cars. However, there was no major
car manufacturer who invested in the hybrid concept and mass produced hybrid
cars until the late twentieth century. The hybrid technology was mainly
utilized in developing diesel-electric submarines during that interim period.

The diesel-electric submarines mainly operate very much the same as a hybrid
car. However, the submarines main goal was to conserve oxygen rather than spend
less fuel. During the later years, submarines have evolved and have begun using
the nuclear power as a substitute for diesel.

During the 1990's, the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight were the first
successful hybrid cars available in the market. It was two of the pioneers in
the hybrid car concept which virtually changed the way the world thinks about

An idealistic inventor, Victor Wouk, manufactured a hybrid electric and gas
motor vehicle that siphoned fuel at half the amount as practically all the
other cars being built then. He built the hybrid car thirty years before the
Toyota Prius got the attention of the U.S. as an energy-anxious nation.

The account about the hybrid car and its inventor, who died in May, 2005, at
age 86, is unfamiliar among even the most avid fans of the growing hybrid car
association. In terms of hybrid car knowledge, it is in fact America that
should have led all other countries. Wouk said that the government program that
he developed about hybrids was unknown to everyone.

Victor Wouk founded and sold two successful electric industrialized companies
in the late 1940s and 50s and in 1962 he was approach by Russell Feldman, one
of the founders of Motorola, who recognized the pollution from the automobile
as one of the biggest problem of the environment and he wanted to discover the
possible solutions with regards to this problem. But his experiment did not
work much for the possible solution.

Having an idea, Wouk pondered the problem throughout the 60s and ultimately
reached a clever solution. He combined the low-emission benefits of an electric
car with the power of a gasoline engine to produce a hybrid vehicle. But Wouk
did not get any response to his ideas for creating a hybrid car; in fact he was
heavily criticized for not believing in a full-electric system.

With the help of his colleague, Charlie Rosen, who shared his belief about
hybrid cars, gave him the chance to prove his ideas of creating the hybrid car
as one of the solution to the rapid health cost of auto-pollution. And now the
impressive capabilities of the invention of Wouk, the hybrid cars, can now be a
very great help in terms of less fuel consumption and less air pollution.

Wouk and Rosen put up a new company particularly to developed their hybrid car
idea and make it possible to be in the market and be used as an everyday car
that belched far less harmful vapors than contemporary vehicles.

Hybrid Car Comparison: Which Hybrid Car Should You Choose

Hybrid cars are getting more and more popular today. In fact, more and more
people are now purchasing hybrid cars because of a number of reasons. One is
that they will enjoy tax incentives as a buyer of a hybrid car, two is that
they will be able to save a lot of money from the rising cost of precious,
expensive and limited supply of fuel and three, it will enable them to generate
less pollution to the environment because of the extremely low toxic emissions
generated by hybrid cars.

Because of the growing popularity of hybrid cars, more and more car
manufacturers are now competing to produce the best kind of hybrid cars. They
are now producing hybrid cars integrated with state-of-the-art technology that
will enable consumers to save more on fuel, and also a car that will be able to
produce low toxic emissions.

However, because of the growing market for hybrid cars, and also because of
more and more car manufacturers that are now integrating hybrid technology in
their cars, many people tend to get confused on which hybrid car to purchase.
Besides, all car manufacturers promises to offer the best kind of hybrid cars
in the market today.

In order to know which hybrid car to purchase, you have to compare them closely
for you to know which hybrid car is for you and which hybrid car you can benefit
from more. You have to compare some factors of hybrid cars in order to determine
which hybrid car is better than the other.

However, before you go on and compare hybrid cars, you first have to know a
little something about how hybrid cars work and how you can benefit from it.
First of all, hybrid cars use the cleanest and the most efficient source of
energy, which is electricity and also gasoline. Hybrid cars are what you can
describe as a cross between a conventional gasoline-powered car and an
electric-powered car.

It allows you to save fuel and emit lower volumes of toxic fumes because hybrid
cars run on electricity when it is idle. What this means is that when you are
stuck in traffic, and the hybrid car is running idle, or not in motion, it will
automatically switch of the gasoline engine. Therefore, the hybrid car will run
purely on electricity. Once you step on the accelerator pedal, it will
automatically switch on the gasoline engine again to run the car.

So, now that you know how hybrid cars work and how you can benefit from it, you
now have to know how to compare hybrid cars in order to get the right kind of
hybrid car for your everyday use.

First of all, you need to determine how you will use the car. If you have a
family, it is recommended that you get an SUV hybrid vehicle. This will enable
you to carry more passengers. However, you also have to consider that SUV
hybrid vehicles can cost a little more than hybrid cars.

The main advantage of a hybrid car is that it is fuel efficient. You have to
choose a hybrid car that is the most fuel efficient in order for you to
maximize its benefits. You can ask your dealer about the fuel efficiency of the
car. They will be able to tell you how much miles a gallon it can save compared
to conventional cars and other hybrid cars.

These are the ways on how you can compare hybrid cars in order for you to
choose which one to get. Remember all these things and you can be sure that you
will be able to get the right kind of hybrid car available in the market today.
To start your search, Honda and Toyota are two of the leading companies today
that produce affordable and efficient hybrid cars.

Hybrid Cars: The Different Prices of These Technologically Advanced Cars

Hybrid cars are one of the latest break-throughs in the auto industry. These
cars are made to save a lot of fuel, and emit much lower levels of toxic fumes
when compared to conventional cars. You have to consider the fact that hybrid
cars are getting more and more popular because of these features.

A growing number of people are now considering getting a hybrid car because of
the amount of money they will save on fuel and taxes. It is a fact that hybrid
cars can be quite expensive in retail price when compared to conventional cars.
However, you also have to think about the amount of money you will save from the
rising cost of fuel in the long run. If you try computing and comparing the
total expenses you will make on hybrid cars against conventional cars, you will
see that hybrid cars is a much cheaper alternative. You will see that
conventional cars will be much more expensive when it comes to total
consumption of fuel.

Also, when you purchase a hybrid car, you will enjoy tax breaks. This will mean
more money saved on taxes. Not only that, you will help contribute in creating a
much cleaner environment because of the extremely low levels of toxic emissions
of hybrid cars when compared to conventional cars.

Now that you know what benefits that a hybrid car can give, you now want to
know how hybrid cars work and why it saves a lot of money on fuel.

First of all, the hybrid car technology has been around for quite sometime now.
Only now that people have began to realize the benefits of a hybrid car can give

If you are a person who is trying to save money on fuel and is shocked by the
rising price of gasoline the next time you pulled your car to a gas pump, the
hybrid car is for you. The hybrid engine technology has been around for quite
some time now. Most locomotives today are now using the hybrid engine
technology. They have diesel electric engines that help in saving a lot of
money on fuel. Some have nuclear-electric engines similar to what you'll see on
a nuclear submarine.

The hybrid car is a cross between an electric-powered car and a gas-powered
car. When the car is running, it will use the gasoline to power the car. When
it stops or when the car is idle, it will automatically switch of the gasoline
engine and will run on the electric engine. This means that when you are stuck
in a heavy traffic using a hybrid car, you will not use the gasoline engine
while you're waiting for the traffic to move. Once you stepped on the
accelerator pedal, it will automatically switch on the gasoline engine.
Therefore, it will allow you to save a lot of money on gasoline. It will also
help lowering the amount of toxic emissions that the car releases in the

A typical hybrid car can cost as much as $30,000. It may seem a little too
steep when you compare it to a conventional car. However, just think of the
savings you can have from the rising prices of gasoline.

Hybrid car prices may be expensive but in the long run, you will save a lot
more money than you can imagine. These are the benefits you can get with a
hybrid car.

Hybrid Cars: How the Battery System Works

Hybrid cars are one of the latest innovations in the auto industry today. It
made it possible for people to save a lot of money from the rising cost of fuel
and also made it possible for everyone using a hybrid car to help in conserving
the cleanliness of the environment. With a hybrid car, you will save a lot of
money from the constantly rising gasoline prices and at the same time, help in
lessening the pollution level.

Hybrid cars today are getting more and more popular. In fact, more and more
people are now considering to get rid of their gas-guzzling conventional car
and purchase a hybrid car which they can benefit more from. However, not all
people can really see the benefits of hybrid cars. Some people think that
hybrid cars tend to be more expensive than conventional cars. But what they
don't see is the long term benefits that a hybrid car can offer.

If you compare hybrid cars to conventional cars, you will see that once you
compute the total amount of gasoline you have to use during the car's lifetime,
you will save more on the hybrid car even if it is more expensive in the retail
price department.

As you can clearly see, hybrid cars is much more fuel efficient than
conventional cars. You may now ask how it works and how hybrid cars are able to
achieve fuel efficiency than conventional cars.

First of all, hybrid cars are what you can describe as a cross between a
conventional gasoline-powered car and an electric-powered car. It uses both
energy sources to run the car and has two engines. One is the gasoline engine
and the other is the electricity engine. Hybrid cars operate on fuel when it is
running and it runs on electricity when it is idle.

For example, imagine starting up your car in your garage and you forgot
something inside your home. Because the car is running idle it will
automatically switch off the gasoline engine and activate the electric engine
to run your car. After 30 minutes of looking, you finally found that important
thing you forgot. During those 30 minutes, you will save gasoline because your
car is running on electricity. It will switch back to the gasoline engine once
you stepped on the accelerator pedal.

There are two main kinds of hybrid cars existing today. One is the parallel
hybrid car and the other is the series hybrid car. In parallel hybrid cars,
both the electric motor and batteries, and the gasoline engine are connected to
the transmission. This means that both motors will be able to run the car
independently and can provide propulsion power.

In the series hybrid car, the gasoline is not connected to the transmission. It
is only connected to the generator to charge the battery or to power the
electric motor to provide propulsion.

The batteries in hybrid cars are the energy storage device for the electric
motors. In hybrid cars, the electric motor is able to draw power from the
batteries as well as put energy into them. This means that when the electric
motor is running, it can continually recharge the batteries inside the hybrid

Today, a hybrid car's batteries are able to recover power when the brakes are
applied. It can also recharge energy generated by the motor.

With all of these benefits, hybrid cars are the cars of the future. It can
efficiently save fuel, it can run quietly, it has low toxic fume emissions, and
it can also save you a lot of money from huge tax breaks for hybrid car buyers.

Affording Gas: Buying A Hybrid And Other Options

As you pull up to the pump and fuel your car up with $10-$50 worth of gas, you
may find yourself releasing a long drawn out sigh. How did gas get so
expensive? Should you check out one of those hybrid cars, you saw on the news?
Everyone is talking about hybrid cars anyway. Hybrid cars and other types of
cars may seem like a good idea, but before you go out and do something rash,
maybe you should ask yourself some questions about how you can begin to save on

There are many options out there that include everything from staying home to
purchasing a hybrid car, but you have to find out what's best for you. You can
only do that by asking yourself the following questions.

Should you just drive less?

Sure, you could spend the rest of your life at home on the couch, but how will
you eat then? I know, you're thinking you will walk more and get more exercise.
That may be true, but what happens when you get bored with walking and riding
your bike? How are you going to be able to get to the gym? And, did you forget
about work? You know you love listening to your books on tape while you sit in
traffic at the end of the workday. Should you drive less? Probably not. What
should you do? Well, have you ever considered buying a hybrid car?

Should I buy a car that gets more miles for less gas?

You could do this, but what about when the vehicle starts to depreciate and
it's not as fuel-efficient as you thought it would be? And subconsciously,
because you know you have a car that gets more mileage, you are going to start
traveling more miles than you traveled before.

Should I get up each morning looking for the cheaper gas prices in the area?

Who has time for that? If you think about it, you could probably spend your
time better finding the right answer to this question: Do you really want to
spend extra time looking for a cheap gas station? What will your boss think if
you arrive late for work and tell him you were trying to be cheap? And really,
how long do you think you'll last doing that?

Should I find a way to run my car on batteries?

Well you certainly don't want to have to recharge your car each morning before
you go to work because that might make you late. With a hybrid car, you won't
have to worry about that. Therefore, the next question should be obvious.

Should I purchase a hybrid car?

Maybe you should. It's possible that buying a hybrid car could be a sensible
way to avoid high gas prices. Does your car depreciate after you drive it off
the lot? A hybrid won't do that. It becomes brings the buyer in more and more
money as they save on gas. A hybrid car just might be a good choice here.
However, it's still a good idea to conduct further research on hybrid cars.

The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are considered to be the car of tomorrow. Because of the benefits
it can give you, you will definitely want to get one for your own. In fact,
more and more people are now considering selling their conventional car and
purchase a hybrid car. So, why is it that more and more people prefer getting a
hybrid car instead of a conventional car even if hybrid car retail prices are
far more expensive?

The answer to this is that these people are thinking of the long term benefits
that a hybrid car can give. With a hybrid car, you can cut fuel consumption in
half compared to conventional cars. Hybrid cars will be able to give you
maximum fuel efficiency. It will be able to give you far better mileage to the
gallon. Just imagine, with a hybrid car, you can get more than 60 miles to the
gallon of gasoline.

This is because hybrid cars run on two engines. One is the conventional
internal combustion engine that you will find in conventional cars and the
other is the electric motor and batteries. Hybrid cars are basically cars that
combine electric energy and gasoline energy. By combining these two to power
your car, it will run quieter, cleaner and far more efficient than conventional
cars. These are the main advantages of hybrid cars.

Another advantage is that you will be able to save more money from tax breaks
imposed by the US government to hybrid car users and buyers. If you own a
hybrid car, you will be able to enjoy tax breaks. Also, you will be able to
enjoy free parking and other incentives that the government imposed on hybrid
car owners.

Now that you know about the main pros of the hybrid cars, you also need to know
what the cons of hybrid cars are.

People have been purchasing hybrid cars because of the ability of saving a lot
of money from fuel consumption. However, the main advantage of hybrid cars,
which is the electric motor, is also its downfall. When a hybrid car is
involved in an accident it will be difficult for you and the rescuers to get
you out of the car because of the dangers of electrocution. Hybrid cars carry
large amounts of voltage. When it gets involved in an accident, wires from the
battery may tear off and will be potentially dangerous to handle.

Another disadvantage of hybrid cars is that the retail price is higher than
conventional cars in the same weight class. However, the hybrid car can counter
this disadvantage by allowing consumers to save money in a long term basis. When
you look at it in a long term basis, hybrid cars tend to be cheaper than
conventional cars. Try and compute the amount of gasoline both cars will
consume during its lifetime and add it to the retail price of the car. You will
see that the conventional car will tend to be more expensive than hybrid cars
when you look at it in a long term basis.

These are the pros and cons of hybrid cars. You can see that it contains more
advantages than disadvantages. Most hybrid cars today are now integrated with
the latest technology in car safety. So, if you are planning to purchase a car,
think hybrid.

Hybrid Cars: With Every Advantage There are Always Disadvantages

Hybrid cars are considered as the car of the future. It is able to effectively
conserve fuel and at the same time, it only produces low levels of toxic fumes.
Because of these benefits, hybrid cars are now growing in popularity every
single day. Many people are now considering getting rid of their conventional
cars and purchase a hybrid car to help in cutting fuel consumption cost.

Hybrid cars have two engines for it to effectively conserve fuel consumption.
It has the traditional gasoline engine and it also has an electric motor and
batteries. The two engines work together in order to cut fuel consumption. With
this technology, you will be able to cut fuel usage by more than half. Just
imagine, with a hybrid car, you will be able to go more than 60 miles to the
gallon. With this kind of savings, hybrid cars are definitely the car of the

Hybrid car owners virtually don't feel the increasing cost in fuel prices. This
is the main advantage of the hybrid car. There are other advantages that a
hybrid car can give you. Recently, the President of the United States has
signed an agreement that hybrid car buyers will be able to enjoy tax
incentives. This means that by owning a hybrid car, you will be able to save
money on taxes.

There are other benefits that the government imposes on hybrid car owners, such
as free parking, and free entry to car pool lanes. Some even offer discounted
fees on toll gates.

The braking in hybrid cars is also configured to capture the energy released
and uses it to charge the batteries inside the hybrid car. This means that
unlike electric cars, hybrid cars don't actually need to be charged from your
home electric outlet.

However, with all the advantages that a hybrid car can give you, there are also
disadvantages. The main disadvantage of hybrid cars is that the retail price is
quite expensive. Only people who have enough money can purchase hybrid cars.
However, the twist in all this is that hybrid cars are actually cheaper when
compared to conventional cars in the long run. If you compute the total fuel
consumption of both cars, you will actually see that you can save a lot more
money on hybrid cars.

The only thing is that hybrid cars are expensive right from the car lot.

Hybrid cars are relatively heavy because of the heavy batteries installed
inside the car. This is why hybrid car manufacturers integrates smaller
internal combustion engines and are constructed with light materials and should
be aerodynamic in order to maximize efficiency. This means that hybrid cars can
never really go fast.

Another issue about hybrid cars is that it is very risky in accidents. What
makes a hybrid car work effectively is also what makes it risky if it ever gets
involved in an accident. This is because hybrid cars stores high amount of
voltage in its batteries. This means that there is a high chance of getting
electrocuted when you get involved in an accident. This also means that it is
relatively difficult for rescuers to get the drivers and passengers out of the
hybrid cars because of the dangers of high voltage in the car.

These are the advantages and the disadvantages of hybrid cars. Car
manufacturers today are now looking for ways to get rid of the disadvantages of
hybrid cars. In the near future, you will see that hybrid cars will be lighter
and also contains less risk due to high voltage dangers.

Plug-In Hybrid Cars: A Cheaper Alternative

Because of the constant increase in fuel prices, many people are now
considering getting rid of their gas guzzling conventional car and are now
purchasing a cheaper alternative. Some people purchase cars with smaller
engines for fuel efficiency and some people are now thinking of purchasing the
car with the latest technology that enables them to cut fuel consumption by

These cars are called plug-in hybrid cars. With this car, you will be able to
cut fuel consumption by more than half by taking advantage of the hybrid
technology that many car manufacturers are now integrating in their new car
models. Although plug in hybrid cars have existed for quite some time now, it
was only about a few years ago that it was released in the market.

Plug-in hybrid cars are cars that combine the gasoline energy and the electric
energy to run or to propel the car. Plug-in hybrid cars will enable you to run
your car up to a hundred miles per gallon depending on the engine and the
battery installed.

If you think that getting a good mileage per gallon is non existent, think
again. With the technology being integrated by car manufacturers in their
hybrid vehicles, it is now possible. This vehicle has two engines to run your
car. One is the gasoline engine and the other is the electric motor. Just
imagine a car that has an extension cord that you can plug-in in your home
electricity outlet to recharge. You don't even to worry about the cost of your
electric bill because the recharging will just be equal to less than a dollar
per gallon.

Just imagine a car that has two fuel sources. If one runs out, the car will
still be able to run. You don't have to plug in your plug-in hybrid car but if
you do, your vehicle becomes an electric vehicle that will be able to run
quietly, cleaner, cheaper and more efficient than conventional gasoline powered
cars. You have to consider that the gasoline tanks are there for long driving

However, when you are only driving locally, you don't need to fill your car
with gasoline. All you need to do is plug-in your car to your home's electric
outlet and once it is fully charged, your car will be ready to go using the
electric motor.

Imagine the savings that you can get with a plug-in hybrid car.

However, these things are not the only benefits that you can get with plug-in
hybrid cars. You will be shocked once you find out about the other benefits
that you can get with a hybrid car. If you have a hybrid car, the service cost
will tend to be lower because it is mainly electric.

Another great thing about plug-in hybrid cars is that it will be able to power
your home in case of power outage. It can act as an electricity generator.

Recently, tax incentives have been imposed by the government to hybrid car
buyers. This means that as a buyer of a plug-in hybrid car, you will be able to
enjoy tax breaks.

You will also help improve the condition of the environment because it runs on
the cleanest energy source available, which is electricity. This means that the
car will produce no toxic emissions when it is running on electricity. Also,
when it runs on gasoline, the emissions are also very low because of the small
size of the gasoline engine.

These are some of the benefits that you can get with plug-in hybrid cars. So,
if you think that you are spending too much on gasoline for your gas-guzzling
conventional vehicle, you can start saving money by getting a plug-in hybrid

Hybrid Sports Cars: Fulfilling Your Need for Speed While Saving On Fuel

If you are a type of person who likes exotic high speed sports car, then you
should prepare to spend a lot of money on gasoline. Sports cars are known to
have large engines to achieve high amounts of speed. Having large engines mean
that it will also consume large amounts of fuel.

For the typical person, this kind of car is definitely not something that they
should drive everyday, especially because of the rising prices of gasoline.
However, why do people still drool and save money to buy these expensive sports
car? Maybe it's because of the high speed capability that they can take
advantage of whenever they feel the need for speed, or maybe because it's
because of the sleek and stylish look of these vehicles.

Hybrid technology is now being used to produce fuel efficient cars. These cars
are designed to be lightweight, and aerodynamic with small engines to maximize
fuel efficiency. However, hybrid cars are relatively slow because of the small
engine. Hybrid cars existing today are designed for city or local driving where
you don't need to go on high speeds. You have to consider that these cars are
designed to be fuel efficient.

However, car manufacturers today are now opening up a new line of hybrid cars.
Some already built a prototype or a concept car to be shown to the public.
These hybrid cars are designed to achieve high amounts of speed but at the same
time, take advantage of the hybrid technology to save fuel.

High speed hybrid sports cars are being designed by car manufacturers today to
satisfy consumers who like to go at high speeds and at the same time, save
fuel. The gasoline-electric engine concept is so popular today that
manufacturers, such as Toyota and Honda are now opening a new line in their
factory that produces hybrid sports cars.

Major auto shows have shown different hybrid sports car concepts from different
large car manufacturers. One is the high performance hybrid sports car from
Mitsubishi called the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E. This hybrid concept sports
car is a very good example of what sports cars will look like in the near

Mitsubishi's Eclipse Concept-E takes advantage of the hybrid technology. The
front wheels are driven by the parallel hybrid system. This means that the
electric motor is integrated with the gasoline engine, which is a 3.8 liter V6.
With the gasoline engine and the electric motor, it is able to have a power
output of 270 horsepower.

The new generation of sports car like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E is only
one of the concept hybrid sports cars that are now being talked about by sports
car fanatics. With the hybrid technology integrated into sports cars, you will
definitely save a lot of money on fuel while letting you combine fuel
efficiency and power all in one package.

Hybrid sports car is definitely the sports car of the future. It is now
possible to have a sports car that is able to save fuel and still give you
maximum performance. With hybrid sports car, you can now own a luxury sports
car that is able to cut fuel consumption. You can satisfy your speed urges
without sacrificing big money for fuel.

Hybrid Electric Car: A Promising Technology for a Promising Future for the

A hybrid-electric vehicle, or HEV, combines an electrical energy storage system
with an occupied means of generating electrical energy, usually through the
consumption of some type of fuel. Each type of HEV has its own operating
quality and chosen design practices, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

The development of interior ignition engine vehicles, especially in
automobiles, is one of the supreme achievements of modern technology as a new
rising energy saving and environment -friendly vehicle, that's why the
hybrid-electric vehicles were created to give convenience to every human.

In the process of creating the hybrid electric car, the most important is the
energy saving and the environmental protection. Wherein nowadays this are the
common problems faced by the society.

Having the hybrid-electric car evolved from the electric car. However, the main
disadvantage of the electric car is that it is mainly dependent on the
batteries. Therefore, has limited range.

First of all, the hybrid electric car was supposed to be an electric vehicle
with batteries for power storage and is also equipped with an on-board heat
engine-powered generator. This means that this type of hybrid has an extended

The heat engine power and the battery power are specifically intended as an
important scheme that constantly modulates the excess between the heat engine
and the battery power systems. This will also depend on the driving schedule.

Since the beginning of the use of automobiles, electric cars have been already
recognized and conceptualized. Even though the electric power train is better
in various aspects, as an energy source, the battery was unequal to the
superior-energy content, easiness in terms of the handling, and inexpensive and
profuse supplies of motor fuel.

Now, it has almost been a century since the electric car has been popularly
discussed, but recent developments in the HEV technology and the growing
concerns for the environment has revived the drive for an HEV and this has
become a realization today.

We can consider the personal means of transportation as a very important bond
in the economic chain of today's modern societies and that a private vehicle
appears to be the popular choice.

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than the contemporary vehicles
wherein the electric vehicles operates at approximately 46 percent of
effectiveness, while a contemporary vehicle operates at about 18 percent only.

There are studies that generally concludes that electric cars with batteries
are approximately 10 to 30 percent more efficient with energy than the usual
gasoline cars, depending on the exact assumptions of the vehicles energy usage
and energy chain efficiency.

Certainly, the comparisons of the electric vehicles and the conventional
vehicles are comparisons between an extremely developed power system that is
nearly in the end of its research and development, and the innovative power
system in the beginning stages of the development wherein important development
can be expected as the new technology evolves.

Furthermore, the advantages of electric powered modes of transportation extends
beyond the true outlook of economizing energy. Electric generation plants can
use substitute fuels that are not adaptable to portable power systems.

Electric vehicles are the definitive alternative fuel vehicles because their
power is taken from the source fuels utilized to produce electricity. Aside
from that, the flexibility of the fuel alone can offer important useful and
economic advantages especially in relation to a variety of energy resources.

The electric car is truly a promising technology that could transform one's
means of transportation into a far more environmentally type of commodity.
Through this innovation emission controls become more important, effective and
economically beneficial.

Hybrid Cars Tax Rebate: The Benefits You Get When You Own a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are one of the latest innovations in the car industry today.
Because of the rising cost of fuel, car manufacturers have integrated the
hybrid technology in their cars. The concept of the hybrid engine technology is
actually very simple to explain. Although hybrid cars still use fuel, it can
efficiently save it. This is because the hybrid technology combines the
electric motor technology with the gasoline engine.

With the hybrid technology, it allows consumers to save as much as 30 miles a
gallon on fuel. The main advantage of hybrid cars is when the car stops or when
it is running on idle mode, it automatically shuts off the gasoline engine.
However, the car will continue running but it will run on the electric motor.
Therefore, it saves a lot on fuel. Just imagine being stuck on traffic, with
the hybrid technology, you will never waste precious and expensive fuel when
the car is running idle. This is also the reason why hybrid cars are so quiet
when it is stationary. When you step on the accelerator, the gasoline engine
automatically turns on again.

Another reason why hybrid cars are now preferred by most people is that it
emits lower levels of toxic emissions. This means that hybrid cars are
environmentally friendly. Just imagine, if all people would start using hybrid
cars, it will lessen the emission of carbon dioxide. For this reason, it will
effectively stop global warming.

Because hybrid cars can both help in saving precious fuel and reduce the
emission of toxic fumes, the government is now taking all the necessary steps
to promote the hybrid technology. The consumer who owns a hybrid car can enjoy
more benefits than you may imagine. Not only will they save a lot of money on
fuel, and help produce a cleaner environment, but they can also enjoy tax

Back in 2005, the President of the United States signed an agreement back in
the year 2005 that says that hybrid car buyers will be able to enjoy large
amounts of tax relief. However, the amount of money you will save on the tax
incentives will also vary on the hybrid car you purchase.

The first one you have to consider when getting a tax break is that it will
depend on the fuel efficiency of the hybrid car you purchased when you compare
it to a conventional car in the same weight class manufactured back in the year
2002. The more it saves fuel, the bigger the tax break will be.

The tax break imposed on a hybrid car will also vary on the amount of gasoline
that the hybrid car can save in its total years of operation when it is
compared to a conventional car in the same weight class. The more gasoline it
saves, the bigger your tax relief will be.

It is a fact that hybrid cars can be expensive. However, just think about the
long term benefits that the hybrid car can give you. If you calculate overall
total expenses of a hybrid car and compare it to the total expenses of a
conventional car during its lifetime, you will see that you can save more money
on fuel. You will also save money on taxes. You will see that purchasing a
hybrid car is definitely a good investment that all people should consider.

Not only will you be able contribute in producing a cleaner environment and
save a lot of money on precious, expensive and limited supply of fuel, but you
will also save a lot of money on tax rebates for hybrid car buyers.

The Advantages of Gasoline Electric Hybrid Cars over Conventional Cars

Today, more and more people are now considering getting rid of their
gas-guzzling conventional cars and purchase a new kind of car available in the
market today called hybrid cars. You may wonder why hybrid cars are gaining
popularity all over the United States, but you should consider that hybrid cars
can definitely give you a lot more benefits than conventional cars.

Hybrid cars can cost a lot more than conventional cars in terms of retail
price. However, if you think in a long-term basis, hybrid cars will tend to be
a lot cheaper than you can imagine. Hybrid cars are the next generation cars
now available in the market that will enable you to save lots of money by
getting more miles on a gallon.

Because of the constantly increasing price of gasoline, many people tend to
purchase hybrid cars in order to save money on gasoline. Just imagine, a hybrid
car will be able to cut fuel consumption in half compared to conventional cars.
As you can imagine, you will save a lot more money in the long run. What you
pay for the hybrid car will be worth it. This is because conventional cars will
tend to be more expensive in the long run.

Hybrid cars use both gasoline and the cleanest energy source available, which
is electricity. It also has smaller gasoline engines, built with light
materials and is designed to be aerodynamic to reduce drag in order to give you
the full efficiency potential.

Hybrid cars work by utilizing both the gasoline-powered engine and the electric
motor to run the car. When the car is running idle or when it is not in motion
but the engine is running, it automatically switches off the gasoline engine
and the car will run on electric power. Once you stepped on the accelerator
pedal, the hybrid car will automatically turn on the gas engine again. With
this concept, you won't spend a lot of fuel when you are trapped in a gridlock.
Also, when the car is in motion, the electric motor and the gasoline engine will
share the propulsion.

Another great advantage of gasoline-electric cars or hybrid cars is that it
runs on clean energy. It has been found that hybrid cars emit far lower toxic
fumes than conventional cars. Also, since it runs on a small gasoline engine
and an electric motor, it is far quieter than conventional cars. This means
that it can effectively help in reducing air pollution and noise as well.

Hybrid cars don't need to be plugged in like electric cars to recharge. This is
because the batteries are charged when the car itself is running or when the car
is braking.

Recently, the President of the United States has signed an agreement in 2005
that states tax incentives for hybrid car buyers. This means that when you
purchase a hybrid car, you will get huge tax relief depending on the hybrid car
you purchase. It will depend on the amount of fuel it can save compared to a
conventional car made in 2002 with the same weight class.

With all these benefits, gasoline-electric cars or hybrid cars is definitely
the car of choice in today's world. You will never be affected with constant
oil price hikes and erratic movement in prices in the fuel industry.

With hybrid cars, you can benefit a lot more than you can imagine.

Hybrid Cars: The Car of the Future Available Today

If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, it may be the right time for
you to consider getting rid of the idea of purchasing another kind of
gas-guzzling conventional car and start thinking about the future. Not just
your financial future, but also the future of the environment.

If you noticed that there is another increase in the already expensive gasoline
prices, you couldn't help but think that you need a car that conserves fuel
efficiently. Also, if you are concerned about the increasing air pollution in
the planet today, you can't help but think that you should stop using a regular
car and start using alternative modes of transportation.

However today, you don't need to worry about either the constant oil price
hikes or the environment with the latest technology being integrated today by
car manufacturers in their new car models. Today, car manufacturers are now
designing hybrid cars. Some even added a new line in their factories devoted to
producing hybrid cars.

Car manufacturers, such as Toyota and Honda, are now considered to be one of
the leading companies to produce one of the best hybrid cars available in the
market today. Because hybrid cars are both fuel efficient and emits far lower
levels of pollutants, this car is definitely the car of the future.

Hybrid cars work by combining the gasoline engine and electric motor to run the
car. With this kind of innovation, it will enable you to cut fuel consumption in
half. With this kind of benefit, you will definitely want to have a hybrid car
of your own. However, you first need to fully understand how hybrid cars work
or at least have an idea on how it works.

First of all, hybrid cars have two engines. The first is the electric motor and
the second is the conventional gasoline engine. When your car is running idle,
or it is not in motion but is turned on, the gasoline engine automatically
switches off and will purely run on electricity. When you step on the
accelerator pedal, the gasoline engine will automatically switch on again and
use the fuel to propel the car. This means that when you are stuck in gridlock
traffic, you will not waste precious and expensive gasoline when the car isn't
even running at all. It will purely run on electricity.

Also, when the car is running, the electric motor and the gasoline engine will
share the task of propelling the car. This is the reason why hybrid cars emit
far lower pollutants than conventional cars that only has gasoline engines.

This is also the reason why hybrid cars are so quiet when running.

Today, other car manufacturers are now following to develop their version of
their hybrid cars. In fact, some car manufacturers have now shown the public
their concept hybrid cars and are now planning to include a hybrid car line in
their production. The hybrid car is indeed the car of the future.

Not only will a hybrid car enable you to save a lot of money from the rising
cost of gasoline, but it will also allow you to help reduce the pollution in
the environment. In the near future, most people will be driving hybrid cars.
With this car, you can help in reducing the consumption of expensive and finite
fuel supply, and you will also help in creating a healthier environment.

Diesel Hybrid Cars: Will it Catch On like the Mainstream Hybrid Cars? Ford
Thinks So

Four years ago hybrid cars would rarely be seen in roads and freeways. But as
more people noticed and realized the great advantages this eco-friendly cars
offer, and the savings they get, more and more hybrid cars are now plying our
roads. So much so that hybrid cars are now as mainstream as the conventional
engine cars that we got used to. But, it wouldn't be a surprise if new
developments and innovations come out to further develop the existing hybrid
technology or to provide new technologies.

Many stories and rumors has circulated in the motor world of different
discoveries and concepts that can further revolutionize the hybrid technology
in motor vehicles, but many questions have also arisen on why some certain
pre-existing technology have not been incorporated with the hybrid innovation.
This includes the diesel hybrid concept.

Diesel engines have been vastly popular in Europe and Asia. While North America
have not embraced the diesel engine as much as their overseas neighbors,
developments have been made in the United States to eliminate the
characteristics which have made it a poor choice here. Recent developments have
eliminated the excessive smoke generated and the loud rattling noises of the
engines. Additionally, biodiesel fuel has had a growing following and is seen
as a solution to save the depletion of natural resources like oil. Combining
hybrid technology and the new biodiesel fuel seems to be a better solution to
our growing problems. Biodiesel is now cleaner and is also cheaper than regular

While there have been no serious research and development done on diesel hybrid
cars just yet, Ford has released a diesel hybrid concept car at the North Auto
American Auto show in Detroit last January 10, 2006. Ford dubbed it as the
Reflex sportscar. This is a car that is infused with a power source that uses a
combination of a diesel engine, an electric motor and solar panels. Also, the
Ford Reflex is all wheel drive car that Ford claims gets 65 miles to a gallon.

The Reflex, which could be the basis for future diesel hybrid cars operates
much the same way as gas/electric hybrid cars. It also has a hybrid battery
pack to provide backup power to the car that gets recharged by the engine and
the heat generated by braking. The diesel Hybrid car by Ford uses lithium-ion
batteries, the same kind used by the latest gadgets today, like cellular phones
and portable computers. Most hybrid cars use nickel-metal hydrite batteries
because they are far more cheaper, but lithium-ion batteries have far more
power capacity.

But the Reflex also extracts power from solar cells located inside the
headlamps and taillamps. This is a technology patented by Ford. There are also
solar cells placed in the roof of the car that provides power to fans that
operates inside the car to cool the interior when it is parked under the hot

We can only wait until hybrid diesel car technology is more available. Until
then, we can wait until diesel fuel can provide the same power as gasoline
fuel. But when the technology is refined, we can all be sure that diesel hybrid
cars will surely catch on and we will be seeing it more often.

Try to Compare Each and Every Hybrid Car with One Another Before Choosing

For the past five to four years, there have been much ado about Hybrid Cars and
the many benefits they could offer. Their popularity has been compounded by the
ever surging gas prices and the concern for the environment. It seems that
Hybrid Cars are the solution to both. When you use a Hybrid car, you contribute
less to the thickening air pollution, plus you save a lot of money since they
require less fuel, plus there are numerous tax credits being given by many

For these reasons, hybrid cars have experienced a sharp increase in sales and
more car manufacturers are joining the hybrid vehicle arena with their own
versions. For those who are planning to buy a hybrid car, the choices are
numerous, that's why you have to compare hybrid cars with one another to see
which one would go perfectly well with your needs.

Two of the top hybrid car manufacturers are the Japanese giant's Toyota and
Honda. They are credited with producing many innovations in the hybrid
technology and their hybrid cars are the most acclaimed, most sought after and
most awarded hybrid vehicles today.

Here we will compare the hybrid cars they are offering for 2007, these will
include the Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Lexus GS 450H, Toyota
Camry Hybrid and the Toyota Prius.

Their fuel efficiency can be compared through their average consumption per
mile in different situations, like; City Driving -- where the traffic is
constantly stopping, Highway Driving -- where the engine can freely operate at
maximum level and their combined average usage.

Miles Per Gallon -- Average Miles Used Per gasoline of Fuel

* Honda Accord Hybrid -- 28 MPG (city), 35 MPG (Highway) and 31 MPG (Combined

* Honda Civic -- 49 MPG (city), 51 MPG (Highway) and 50 MPG (Combined Average)

* Lexus GS 450H -- 25 MPG (city), 28 MPG (Highway) and 26 MPG (Combined Average)

* Toyota Camry Hybrid -- 40 MPG (city), 38 MPG (Highway) and 39 MPG (Combined

* Toyota Prius -- 60 MPG (city), 51 MPG (Highway) and 55 MPG (Combined Average)

But before you just pick out the one with the highest MPG average, you still
have to consider and compare a couple of aspects as well. This includes the
fuel type. All of these vehicles use regular gasoline except for the Lexus
which uses Premium Gasoline that is pricier.

Then you also have to compare the size class of each hybrid car and their
engine size and liters. The Accord Hybrid is a midsize car with a 3 liter -- 6
cylinder engine. The Civic Hybrid is a compact car with a 1.3 liter -- 4
cylinder engine. The Lexus is another compact car with a 3.5 liter -- 6
cylinder engine. The Camry Hybrid is a midsize sedan equipped with a 2.4 liter
-- 4 cylinder engine and the Toyota Prius is a compact car with a 1.5 liter --
4 cylinder engine. The more powerful the engine is, the more fuel will be

Considering this aspects and others is needed when comparing hybrid cars. You
have to put considerations to see why there are differences. So before
purchasing a hybrid car, compare first and do your research. Find one that
would suit your needs and your personality best to get the perfect hybrid car
for you.

Which is Truly the Best Hybrid Car Available Today?

Saving the environment through less gas emissions from cars have been becoming
sort of a sacred statement today. More and more people are voicing out their
concerns about saving the environment from deadly gas emissions from vehicles
and yet are still buying cars. Well, the convenience a car gives is
incomparable, but the damage it brings is astounding. That is why Hybrid Cars
have become a viable solution in answering the call for convenient and easy
modes of transportation and lessening or eradicating air pollution.

Many car manufacturers have seen the potential of hybrid cars and have
developed their own versions of this revolutionary vehicle. At the forefront is
Toyota and Honda who was the first ones to come up with mass produced hybrid
vehicles and has a number of hybrid vehicles in their line up. GM has also come
out with their Hybrid vehicles as well as Ford. With many Hybrid vehicles out in
the market already, a consumer may wonder which is truly the Best Hybrid car
available today?

With the advent of technology and science, more and more gadgets and equipments
are being offered today to suit different tastes, styles and preferences. That's
why declaring one to be ultimately the best and perfect for all is quite
impossible. This goes the same for cars. Depending on where you will be using
the vehicle, what is best for you may not be necessarily be the best for
another. But, they could be divided into categories and the best among them
could be chosen.

According to recent researches and surveys, here is the recent list on what is
considered the "best" by the consumers.

The Best Sedan Hybrid Car distinction was awarded to the latest Honda Civic
Hybrid. Improving significantly over its previous model, it has the sleek and
sporty look the conventional Civic has and doesn't announce its being a hybrid.
But being its owner, you will certainly feel the difference. You still get the
high quality and comfort conventional Civics provides, but you go to gas
stations to fill up less.

The Best SUV Hybrid award is given to the first ever SUV Hybrid in the market,
the Ford Escape Hybrid. Its inception in the Hybrid market was such a huge
success that although it already has competitors from Toyota and Lexus, it
still reigns supreme. With many features and accessories plus the power of a
small SUV, the Ford Escape is seen to just keeping better and would be hailed
as the Majesty of Hybrid SUV's for many years to come.

Voted for Best Hybrid car in terms of economy in pure fuel is the Honda
Insight. Combining its distinctive aerodynamic body design and its lightweight
finish plus of course its superb hybrid technology, the Insight produces the
best figures in fuel economy. Although not as multi awarded nor as comfortable
and powerful as its stable mate the Civic Hybrid, the Insight is best if you
want fuel economy, and with the oil prices still surging upward, this is not a
bad idea after all.

But gaining a lot of nod of approval from the Hybrid enthusiasts is the league
leading and multi awarded Toyota Prius. Garnering the largest number of votes
as the Hybrid vehicle with over all great value, performance and design, this
could most probably be the Hybrid car that most likely deserves to be called as
the best hybrid car available today.

The Fantastic Use and Great Advantages of A Hybrid Car

The cost of fuel and the damage it brings to our environment has become very
rampant, and because of that, hybrid cars are presently considered as very
beneficial to the preservation of the environment. The reason behind this is
that hybrid cars do not depend mainly on fuel for it to have power, but it also
makes use of electricity that results to a smaller amount of fuel consumption
and less emitted air pollution.

A hybrid car combines an electric motor and gasoline engine to provide
sufficient power to the vehicle with least fuel usage and fewer emissions. They
are also far more fuel-efficient than purely gas-powered cars, and far more
practical for everyday use than purely electric-powered cars. Combining the two
sources of power, a vehicle then is created that is relatively non-polluting and
will lead to less fuel consumption which means it possesses enough power to have
freeway speeds that does not need too much fuel, it is also great for the stop
and go driving in traffic laden areas.

The hybrid car was created due to the result of the demand and clamor to clean
the environment from pollutions and for the need to rely less on fuel. To be
able to recharge, plugging the hybrid into an electric outlet is not
necessary.They charge themselves by means of power usually lost during coasting
and braking and can also be charged by the car's gasoline engine.

It can offer more benefits than the usual regular gasoline engine type cars.
Here is a list of the many advantages hybrid cars offers.

1. Pollution is less promoted

It is a fact that the continuous damage to our ozone layer is due to the
greenhouse effect, and one of the factor that contributes to its damage is
pollution in the air, in which dangerous chemicals are transferred to the air,
like carbon dioxide that are emitted by vehicles. The measure of carbon dioxide
emitted by the hybrid vehicle is principally relative to the quantity of fuel it
consumes; thus hybrid cars can absolutely be a contributing factor in lessening
the advancement of global warming.

With the use of hybrid cars, fewer fuel is consumed because hybrid car do not
totally use gas in order to operate, it also makes use of electricity, a power
source that doesn't bring any danger to the environment.

2. More mileage with less fuel consumption

The obvious advantage of hybrid car is that it saves on gas. With the use of
hybrid cars, you are able to save gas money because you don't need to buy gas
after every long trip wherein you can go several miles consuming less fuel.

3. Hybrid cars can help lower your taxes

Tax rebates are given to hybrid cars buyers, so if you buy a hybrid car your
tax refunds can be withheld from your taxes and will provide you with
additional savings.

4. Your money gains more value

A hybrid car can retain a higher resale value. If you ever want to trade or
sell a previously owned hybrid car you can be sure that you will get more of
what you paid for it.

5. Efficiency and performance are what defines Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have smaller engines than the regular gasoline cars since the power
is obtained form two sources, so the smaller engines are closer to the normal
power necessity of engines that will give an efficient performance.

6. "Hybrid car technology" is the greatest solution to today's increasing
problem in car air pollution

Hybrid cars uses lesser fuel and a groundbreaking technology that may avoid
possible damages to the environment caused by the usual cars

Despite of many uses and advantages, there is one thing to be considered
regarding the hybrid cars, its actual price in the market is not yet that
affordable to a lot of people, but it is an investment that will pay a hundred

Why Plug-in Hybrid Cars May Not Be As Green As You Think

If you think that you will be making a difference in the environment by
purchasing a plug-in hybrid car, you may want to give your purchase a bit more
thought. Plug-in hybrids do help with the environment, but just because they
don't depend on fuel as much as regular hybrid cars do, doesn't mean they are
extremely beneficial to the environment. Actually, for many reasons, plug-in
hybrid cars are not much better than regular hybrid cars when it comes to the
green house effect and the ozone layer.

The reason why plug-in hybrid cars are not much better than the environment has
to do with the type of power they use. The electricity that hybrid cars run off
of usually comes from coal-fired plants. Therefore, a plug-in hybrid car would
only be a little bit better for the environment than a regular hybrid car.

Still, some people believe that this isn't true. Plug-in hybrid cars are better
for the environment than regular hybrid cars, they insist. This is because some
people believe that hands down electric power is much cleaner than fuel power.
People who insist plug-in hybrid cars are better for the environment also say
that plug-in hybrid cars don't really need a lot of electricity to power them.
They recharge their own batteries. So they don't have to be dependent on other
sources of power. The electric sockets are used merely to top off those

These people point out that it's also not that you must plug it in, but that
you can plug it in, and that makes a huge difference. If you can plug it in,
you don't have to use electricity that comes from coal-fired plants.

But people who say that plug-in hybrids aren't that good for the environment
might say that sure, you don't have to plug it in, but if you don't, you are
just depending on gasoline. Then, there's no point of even having the debate
about plug-in hybrid cars. And hey, if we are going to go back to using
gasoline, how about we just scrap the idea of plug-in hybrid cars in general?

The point is this: These kinds of hybrid cars can be worthwhile to own, but
don't think these hybrid cars will be the answer to all of your problems. If
you are a tree lover, maybe stick to finding out a way to decrease the use of
aerosol sprays and cigarette smoke. But when it comes to hybrid cars. You might
be doing about the same for the environment if you bought either a regular
hybrid car or a plug-in hybrid car. But either way, you are doing better than
you would be if you bought a conventional car.

Plug-in hybrid cars are great hybrid cars to own and they are easy to love, but
you might not want to make your expectations too high or you may end up
disappointed. But in any case, make no mistake; a plug-hybrid car will be one
of the best hybrid cars to buy when it comes out.

Why Isn't There A Hybrid Pickup?

One thing that stops Americans from purchasing hybrid cars is the lack of
options out there for them. For instance, some people just like to ride in
certain models of cars, and when those models are absent from the market,
people start to get upset. What the automotive industry needs to do is make
sure that every consumer need is satisfied when it comes to hybrid cars. What
should it do to satisfy every potential customer's need? Just take a look at
what people are buying. And hey, why isn't there a hybrid pickup?

Half of the entire US vehicle market is based on sales of SUVs and pickups.
That whole market is comprised of 16 million vehicles. And since pickup
vehicles use tons of gas per year, it would be a great idea for pickup hybrids
to flood the market. These types of hybrid cars would save pickup drivers tons
of money on gas. The savings would make a great case for the hybrid car
industry. Alone, those dollars saved would get people curious about hybrid
cars. If people saw just how much money hybrid pickup drivers saved on gas,
they might be led to rush and get a hybrid for themselves. The dollars saved
would provide the perfect visual for potential hybrid car buyers.

But the question still is, why isn't there a hybrid pickup truck. Hybrid car
drivers all over are waiting to hear the answer to that question.

Well, actually for a short time, a hybrid pick-up truck did in fact exist. Late
in the year of 2004, there was a hybrid system on the Silverado and Sierra
models. This system was introduced by general motors. However, this truck was
not really the market. It was developed, but no one really knew where to buy
it. Then in about the year 2006, GM dropped the hybrid pickups known as the
Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. And that's the last the market heard of
hybrid pickups. But these hybrid cars or hybrid pickups were let go for a
number of good reasons, one being the hybrid pickups created an increase in the
fuel economy.

But in the near future, more hybrid pickups will be introduced to the market.
And that will be approximately a year from now. So hybrid car-lovers can get
ready for these great utility vehicles. Hybrid cars are already selling fast.
So with a new kind of hybrid car like the hybrid pickup, hybrid car sales will
take off even more. And then, auto manufacturers would need to produce more
hybrid cars. The end result would be that hybrid cars would multiply on the
roads because everyone would be driving a hybrid car. And that would do wonders
for the environment and the general economy.

So if you want a hybrid pickup, you may just have to wait until about 2008. And
that should be fine. Just purchase a different kind of hybrid car while you
wait. There are plenty of other hybrid cars available.

Why A Hybrid Car Makes A Great Gift

If you are looking for a great gift for someone, and you have a few dollars to
spend, a car makes the perfect gift for anyone. Every person in the world loves
to receive cars for gifts. But the question is, what kind of car should you give
your special someone? They're many cars out there that include, convertibles,
Buicks, Cadillacs, and the list goes one. Some people have a favorite car, and
some people have no preference. However, there is a car that will make most
just about anyone happy. That car is a hybrid car. Hybrid cars make great gifts.

Hybrid cars make great gifts for a number of reasons. So you shouldn't be
reluctant to give somebody one. And you can't wrap a hybrid car in pretty
wrapping paper, but it will still look very pretty. Any person would like to
have this new, sleek, beautiful car. After you see the car, you'll say to
yourself, "Gift? This car is for me." But there are a few good reasons why a
hybrid car makes a great gift.

Hybrid cars bring in the bucks

After your loved one has owned a hybrid car for a little while, he or she can
resell it, and make a whole lot of money. Hybrid cars are on everyone's wish
list so your loved one won't have a problem finding buyers for that car. Also,
if your loved one feels like taking the car a part and selling different pieces
of the hybrid, he or she will also find a good market for those pieces.

Hybrid cars are good for your special someone's health

Well, because hybrid cars use much less fuel than other cars, they help to keep
the air squeaky clean. Therefore, everyone can breathe a little easier when a
frequent driver decides to buy a hybrid car. Other cars add to the
deterioration of our ozone layer. But with hybrid cars, that's not necessarily
the case.

Hybrid cars are hipper than hip

For years, we have been driving cars that are strictly powered by fuel, but now
we are doing things a bit differently. Most kids these days find that hard to
believe. So getting that special someone a hybrid car should make them feel
really great. Not only have you thought of them, but you have made an effort
give them a gift that is the hottest thing out.

Hybrid cars are peaceful

No hums, buzzes or loudness. Hybrid cars are peaceful, calm, and quiet. So give
your friend the gift of ease and serenity.

Hybrid cars are convenient

Your special someone will just be able to get in their hybrid car and ride.
They won't need any of the extra headaches that can come with getting a new
car. Your friend won't have to read any complicated manuals or learn any brand
new techniques. Hybrid cars are easy to drive operate. Be careful though, you
don't want young ones trying to get in and drive this car themselves.

That's the hybrid car, the ideal gift for anyone, even yourself!

Types Of Hybrid Cars

There are several different types of hybrid cars, so people have a good amount
of choices available to them when they make their way to the dealership. This
may be good or bad for consumers. Some car buyers were already blown away by
all of the colors and accessories available to them. Now, they have to deal
with this fact: There are many different types of hybrid cars. In any case, a
person should choose the hybrid car that is suitable to their needs. The
different types of hybrid cars are listed below.

The full hybrid

This hybrid car is awesome. If your hybrid car can propel forward when it's
already going at low speeds, you might own a full hybrid. But it must be able
to do this while using no gasoline whatsoever.

The parallel hybrid car

This hybrid car has a fuel tank that gives gasoline to the engine. During this
time, batteries give power to a motor that is electric. The two motors give off
energy that works to propel the car forward.

The series hybrid car

In a series hybrid car, a generator is turned on by a fuel engine. And the
generator does one of two things. It can either work as a battery charger for
the motor or charge batteries. In turn, these batteries work to give energy to
the electric motor that propels the transmission. This means that this type of
hybrid car never needs to use the fuel engine to get power, at least not

Today, all hybrid cars are parallel hybrid cars. There are some concept cars
that might be called series hybrid cars, but a lot of times the car
manufacturers do not want to call their cars series hybrid cars. So they don't
call them that, and the public is left to guess what new types of cars are
coming out next. Finally, there is the plug-in hybrid car, and that's the talk
of every savvy automotive consumer. People were just starting to get that you
never have to plug in a hybrid car in, but now these cars are being created
supposedly with other motives than to just plain confuse people.

When thinking about what manufacturers make each type of hybrid car, the Lexus,
Ford, and Toyota hybrids can be called fueled hybrids. However, the Honda and
Saturn hybrid cars cannot be called full hybrids.

These different types of hybrid cars were made to give people more options and
more ideas. And the options definitely don't disappoint anyone.

The type of hybrid car chosen should align with a consumer's driving and
economic needs. For instance, some of the hybrid models may be more affordable
than others. And some people may not require that their car have a lot of
advanced features. However, it cant hurt to have those features available.

People often change their minds when it comes to cars. And where a hybrid car
is concern, things aren't any different. So, when a person is ready to change
their mind about what type of hybrid car they'd like, the automotive industry
is ready and waiting.

Three Types of People Who Shouldn't Buy A Hybrid Car

Thinking of getting a hybrid car? Well maybe you should think twice. Hybrid
cars aren't for everyone you know. Ideally, everyone would have one, but
realistically, that just can't happen. Hybrid cars are just wonderful cars in
general, but for those of you who are not right for the hybrid car, there are
other good cars on the market. These are three types of people who should not
buy a hybrid car.

The Wasteful Type

This person doesn't care about wasted air, wasted gas, or wasted money. He or
she would rather just drive around and let their conventional cars be a
detriment to the atmosphere. Wasteful people only care about themselves, and
they aren't interested in learning anything different. They want to drive on.
That's all. The hybrid car isn't for these types.

The Here and Now Type

These people only care about the present. If conventional cars are dominating
the roads now, a conventional car is what they want. It's all about what's
going on today. Who cares if a shiny new, futuristic hybrid car pulls up next
to them at a stoplight? The point is, they don't need to turn heads. They need
to just blend in. That's how they get by. So hybrid cars aren't for these types
at all. Anyone driving a hybrid car is sure to turn a head or two because there
are thousands and even millions of people driving conventional cars. So of
course when a person drives a hybrid car, people notice.

The I-Don't-Need-A-Budget Type

This type is totally unaware of where their money is going. They figure that if
they get paid more money than what they need each month; they don't really need
to care. Who cares how you spend it if you are going to have money left over
anyway? These types of people just don't know what it's like to possibly save
money. They just can't conceive it. But the hybrid car saves people more than a
little change. It may even save them money on break pads because hybrid cars
have a breaking system that just keeps on renewing itself.

The Cars-Shouldn't-Run-On-Batteries Type

These types of people may be so set in their ways that they believe hybrid cars
are completely electric. Well, these people can just keep on thinking that. They
couldn't be further from the truth. Hybrid cars are more than just electric. In
fact, to call hybrid cars electric cars wouldn't do them a bit of justice.
These cars don't get their kicks from wall sockets or anything like that.
Hybrid cars differ greatly from electric cars. But you have to drive a hybrid
car and get a good look under the hood to find out just how much better hybrid
cars are than electric cars.

So, have you figured out if a hybrid car is for you yet? Well, even if it
isn't, don't worry, you can still buy one. There's no need to wait either. I'm
sure you could be doing better than the conventional car you have.

The History Of The Hybrid Car

Just where did a hybrid car get its start? Well, read on to find out. Hybrid
cars are very popular for today's car buyers, and there are many reasons why.
But before you even think about choosing to buy a hybrid car, you might want to
know a little bit about the history of a hybrid car first.

Surprisingly, hybrid cars were around even before gas-powered cars. Back in
about the year 1665, a Jesuit priest by the name of Ferdinand Verbeist began
plans for a certain type of vehicle. That vehicle would be very simple, nothing
complex, or intricate. Simple was all he wanted. So Ferdinand planned out a car
that would have four wheels and would run only on steam. It took about fifteen
years of work for Ferdinand to go through with his plan. He labored to perfect
his dream car. But no one knows if he ever finished because there is no
evidence that his concept existed.

Then in 1769, a man by the name of Nicholas Cugnot developed a carriage that
could be powered solely by steam. This carriage did in fact work, and it could
go at six miles per hour. This project was great, but it was difficult to get
the amount of steam needed that would allow the car to go any distance that was
by any means significant.

A break thru in hybrid cars finally came when Robert Anderson developed an
electric powered car in 1839. It was the first among its kind. The car was
built in Scotland.

This electric car was a highly applauded innovation of its time. However, the
only problem was that it was very difficult to recharge the car's battery. Some
pioneers came behind Anderson, but they too had a hard time getting the battery
to recharge easily.

Finally in the year 1898 Porsche came out with an electric and fuel combustion
engine that was the first of its time. The car was called the Lohner Electric
Chaise, and it could go up to 40 miles just using batteries.

Soon pioneers combined both a gas and a battery powered engine to power what
would become today's hybrid car. And in 1999, Honda made a leap into the US
market. It came out with the Insight. This was a lightweight two-door hybrid.
Since then, hybrid cars have just been evolving and improving into what you see
on the markets today. Hybrid cars aren't just for people who are complex and
want to combine battery and fuel power to get them where they need to go.
Hybrid cars started out simple, and they are still simple today.

Now hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular as people understand them
more. Hybrid cars in the 21st century saw a boom in sales when the Toyota Prius
came out on the market. It was the first hybrid with four doors that was
marketed in America.

Then, the Ford's Escape hybrid became the very first SUV hybrid ever made. So
there, you have it, the history of the hybrid, today's modern car.

The Environmental Impact Of Owning A Hybrid Car

It's always been a concern that the average gasoline-powered vehicle is a
serious detriment to the environment. The big cars make a lot of noise on the
roads, and fuel emissions are supposedly horrible for our ozone layer. What can
a person to do to make the environment better for all of us? He or she may want
to purchase a hybrid car. The hybrid car, the next wave of the future, is known
for its more positive impact on the environment. The impact of hybrid cars on
the environment is explained below.

Worried about all noise on the roads? The conventional automotive cars
generally are responsible for a lot of noise emissions because of the sounds of
their motors. However, because a hybrid car uses an electrical motor, its noise
emissions are greatly reduced when compared to fuel-powered cars. At low
speeds, the noise emissions of hybrid cars are optimal for the public.

However, if the public has a disability, there may be a problem.

Low noise emissions can be a problem because the blind or visually impaired
depend on the loud noises vehicles make while running or idle. Without that
noise, the visually impaired find it very difficult to cross the street safely.
Therefore, this group of people is negatively impacted by the reduced noise
emissions of the hybrid car. However, noise emissions are not the only change
hybrid cars bring to the environment.

Hybrid cars help reduce the amount of smog that is in the air. Therefore, the
general respiratory health of the public benefits from the use of hybrid cars.

So if you are looking for cleaner air, and more peace and quiet when you go
outside, you may be hoping that people start purchasing hybrid cars. The only
problem is that hybrid cars come at an expensive price. They cost much more
than petroleum-fueled cars.

The cost of hybrid cars is higher because of extra batteries, extra
electronics, and sometimes, other considerations related to design. However,
there can be trade offs.

Some people think hybrid cars may be able to pay for themselves because of the
savings in gas. However, that is very debatable. It depends on the number of
miles traveled, the cost of fuel, and sometimes subsidies from the government.

In April of 2006, Consumer Magazine said in one of its articles that hybrid
cars would not pay for themselves in 5 years. However, there was a mathematical
error in that article. When the error was corrected, it was shown that the
hybrid car could pay for itself in a little less than five years.

However, how much money a hybrid car will actually save a person is still a
controversial issue. Some say, the savings are big. Some say they are small. In
any case, the actual savings seem difficult to predict and affected by various

In countries that are trying to lessen pollution and contamination, it may cost
more to own any vehicle other than a hybrid car. Therefore, if you are living in
another county with a pollution problem, a hybrid car may be the best choice for

The Disadvantages Of Owning Hybrid Cars

Yes it's true, there are some negatives of owning of hybrid car, but all of
them are not horrible. Still, you might want to know some of the disadvantages
of owning a hybrid car. But don't get worried. You won't have to take your car
back to the shop unless you want to, that is.

Hybrid cars are not as popular as you may think

Only about 50% of consumers say they will buy a hybrid soon. That's probably
because hybrid cars are not cheap. Also, most people are a little concerned
about buying a car that depends on a battery pack as much as a hybrid does. Why
are they concerned? They wonder what will happen if the battery pack failed.
Since battery packs are usually very expensive, people just don't want to take
such a big risk.

There is not a consensus of opinion on the value of hybrid cars

Some people think hybrid cars are good for everyone to have, and some people
beg to differ. There is tons of research out there on the many opinions that
surround hybrid cars, and if you haven't decided yet that the best opinion is
your opinion, you may be easily swayed by anything blowing in the wind. A
hybrid car purchase is just like any other purchase. There are pros and cons.
But if you expect all hybrid cars to have nothing but a good reputation, you
have another thing coming. Hybrid cars are useful to most people. But many
other people don't think they need hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars may seem trendy now, but they might not be in just two years

Called the "wave of the future," it may seem like hybrid cars are really cool
cars to own right now. And it's true. Today, they are on the cutting edge of
automotive technology. However, in just two years, hybrid cars may be outdone
by something better. Care manufacturers are continuously working on a way to
make fuel useless when it comes to cars.

Hybrid car manufacturers say their battery packs last a lifetime, but anything
is possible

Ever bought a warrantee and had something happen to your car that wasn't
covered? Even though a hybrid's battery is supposed to last a lifetime, chances
are, something just might happen that you don't like. How much does a hybrid
battery cost? You don't even want to know. There's risk involved when you make
any purchase, but with the hybrid car, there are risks you never thought of. So
go and buy a hybrid car, if you dare.

You may think you know more than enough about hybrid cars when you really don't

Before buying a hybrid car, you should come to terms with the fact that you are
buying a new technological innovation, and it's new to everyone in the world.
Therefore, who knows what surprises this new technology might throw us. Do you
think people expected spyware to get on their computers? Nope. So remember,
don't putt too much trust in technology or you may find yourself out in the

Is There A More Fuel-Efficient Car Than The Hybrid?

With all of the cars that are on the market, you may be thinking that there
must be a car you haven't discovered yet. You've heard of convertibles, Mazdas,
Fords, and Buicks. And, you being an educated car-buyer, know all about hybrid
cars, too. But surely, you think to yourself, there must be a more
fuel-efficient car than a hybrid. If only you could find it.

This car that you believe is more fuel-efficient than a hybrid car, must be
hidden in the back of a dealership behind the red, green, and yellow cars. It
must be stuck between a big SUV and a van somewhere.

And what does it take to fuel this car? You don't know the answer to that
question. You barely know if this type of car exists. But there just has to be
something out there better than a hybrid car. You insist that it's true.

Well, there are a few choices for you. You could be thinking that a very small
conventional car is more fuel-efficient than a hybrid car. You could be
thinking that an electric car is better than a hybrid car. You could also be
thinking that the dealership employees must have some cars in the back that
they are creating on the spot that run on anything but gasoline and batteries.
These cars, you think to yourself, would be better buys than hybrid cars.

Well, electric cars don't get better fuel-efficiency than hybrid cars mainly
because a lot of times electric cars don't even need gas to power them, so you
can't even compare electric cars to hybrid cars.

A small conventional is definitely not more fuel-efficient than a hybrid car
because no conventional car is.

And there are not any just-made cars sitting in the back somewhere. Car
dealerships don't make cars. They sell them.

But the final answer to the question is the new fuel-economy numbers that have
been issued by the EPA. Those numbers conclude that the most fuel-efficient
cars available to the public when looking at 2008 models are hybrid cars. Just
the Toyota Prius as an example has a combined highway or city mileage of 46.
This and other hybrid cars have overcome the 40 miles per gallon

So, it looks like there are no new discoveries to be made at the auto dealer.
And that's a good thing. You wouldn't want to be outdone by the Joneses because
you thought you bought a great car, but you saw that they had a better, more
fuel-efficient one. Nope, that's not going to be you. Now you are armed with
the knowledge that hybrid cars are the most fuel-efficient cars around and
until automakers start to come up with more ideas, a hybrid car is what you
have to work with.

However, advancements in fuel-efficient cars are on the horizon. Auto
manufacturers are working on plug-in hybrids, battery-electric cars, and
gas-engine systems that are more efficient. So look out, your dream car is
coming soon. But if for now, you just buy a hybrid, you won't regret it.

Is The Future Of Hybrid Cars Unpredictable?

Yes would be the answer to that question, but why? It would seem odd that the
future of hybrids cars would be unpredictable since everyone is talking about
the pain at the pump all of the time. So just how is it that the solution to
all of our gas problems has an unpredictable future?

Well, that has a lot to do with price. But no one could predict how much sales
have soared in the both the current and past years. Hybrid cars came out in the
year 2000. And since then, they have just been selling like hotcakes. But will
the soaring sales for hybrid cars continue? That's the question that has many
people squinting their eyes and sighing. People just don't know. They aren't
sure how hybrid cars will do in the upcoming market.

Right now, car industry bosses believe that hybrid car sales will outrun those
of other cars that are great when it comes to fuel efficiency. They think the
sales of hybrid cars will just leap over those of pick-ups, luxury models, and
sports vehicles.

However, other people believe that car manufacturers do a lot of grandstanding
because the auto bosses think that hybrid cars will accomplish all of the above
in five years. But opponents say it's impossible to make such predictions for
five years down the road because there are just too many variables. For
instance, now the price of gas is about $3.00, but who knows what it will be
five years from now.

Without stable numbers to go by, it's very difficult to come up with numbers
that try to successfully predict how many people will buy hybrid cars in the
future. And who's to say that people will so easily give up their luxury cars
and SUVs? Hybrid cars are nice, but some people are quite attached to their
Mercedes. Maybe the people who can afford a Mercedes aren't even worried about
paying $3.00 for gas.

So the opponents may have some good reasons to believe car bosses are
exaggerating when it comes to the future of hybrid cars. The biggest reason
they may be grandstanding is because they can't predict how the economy will be
doing in the next five years. Hybrid cars are very expensive, and if the economy
takes a downturn, people may not be able to afford the good jobs they need to
buy a hybrid car.

Then, yes, if the economy goes down, car bosses will definitely have put their
foot in their mouths when it comes to hybrid cars.

But the question is what are you going to do to affect the future of hybrid
cars? Are you going to buy or continue to drive your conventional car? The
future of cars will be better if more people would consider buying a hybrid
car. You can do it today. All it takes is good credit and a fondness for
embracing better automotive technology. So a hybrid car is waiting for you, and
it's in just the color you wanted.

Hydrogen Cars vs. Hybrid Cars

Imagine the near future. You bend down, stick your head underneath your
tailpipe and take good long sip. You could do that with a hydrogen car. These
cars are not fully on the market yet. But as people flock to buy hybrid cars,
they wonder if just maybe a better car is coming out. The concept of that
better car is the hydrogen car. And some people think hybrid cars just can't
compare. Below, you will find out a few things about hydrogen cars.

Hydrogen cars do not generate power by burning anything

Instead of burning a bit of fuel, like hybrid cars too, hydrogen cars burn
absolutely nothing. What happens instead is a chemical reaction. Hydrogen and
oxygen get converted into energy and their byproduct is water. Hybrid cars
certainly can't do that. And no one is trying to make hybrid cars do anything
like that.

Hydrogen in hydrogen cars gives three times the power of gasoline

Not only does hydrogen burn hotter than gasoline, but it also burns faster.
That means hydrogen cars can probably go zooming down the highway at
unbelievable speeds. They can probably come to a dead stop and start right up
to keep up with the traffic in about zero seconds per minute. Boy, talk about
the future. Hybrid cars just can't compete with that kind of efficiency.
Hybrid-car batteries certainly don't burn hotter and faster than hydrogen.

Some people think that hydrogen cars are some sort of hyped-up fantasy

Many people think that hybrid cars are much more feasible than hydrogen cars.
And hybrid cars already cut down emissions from 30 to 50%. So why in the world
would people want to invest time and money in hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen is a not a fuel source, but a fuel carrier

That means that hydrogen has to be produced from other sources. And people are
hoping that hydrogen will be able to be produced from things such as wind power
or other types of renewable sources. Right now, it looks like all we have is
natural gas. That is the most efficient way to get hydrogen. And if that's the
case, then there's no need to make hydrogen cars. Hybrid cars already cut down
on how much gas people use. Who needs hydrogen cars that may end up costing us
more in natural gas?

It will be hard create a lot of stations to fuel hydrogen cars

People are saying there is an overwhelming amount of challenges when it comes
to creating the multitudes of hydrogen fueling stations that would be needed if
millions of people suddenly started owning hydrogen cars. Hybrid cars use gas.
And we already have gas stations.

But president Bush has made it clear that he wants hydrogen cars to be on the
roads in significant numbers by the year 2020. So it seems that those who
oppose hydrogen cars might just have to hold their breath and see if hydrogen
cars actually live up to the lofty promises people associate with them. If they
don't live up to their promises, people will probably start running back to
hybrid cars in droves. And that's not too bad. Hybrid cars or hydrogen cars,
one of them is going to get us to cleaner air.

Hybrid Vehicles vs. Electric Cars

The hottest new thing to do these days is to somehow get electrified. There are
all kinds of ways to do this, like going to parties or just watching a really
cool science fiction movie, but you could just buy an electric car. That's just
what people are doing too. Well, they're buying electric cars that aren't
totally electric. But these cars are close enough. They're taking the old
Mercedes and tossing it. The next thing they do is lie down in their beds and
dream of what other options they might have had. Was it possible for them to
buy a car that was completely electric?

Is so, what would be the difference? How does an electric car and a hybrid car
compare? Well, there are a few key differences between hybrid and electric cars.

Electric cars are cleaner than hybrid cars

They are cleaner because they don't give off any emissions. They also have no
byproducts that pollute the air. On the other hand, hybrid cars do have some
emissions from the fuel that is used to power them.

Electric cars cost less to maintain than hybrid cars

Electric cars have fewer moving parts that wear out. They are more
fuel-efficient, and they have better mileage than hybrid cars. This is because
electric cars get their power from batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, or the sun.
That's what makes electric cars emission-free. Hybrid cars don't have the kind
of track record that electric cars have in general efficiency. In fact, hybrid
cars may just need about the same amount of maintenance that conventional cars

An electric car cannot go more than 100 miles without having to be recharged

What makes it difficult to own an electric car is the exorbitant cost
associated with doing so. The battery in an electric car needs to be
continually recharged. On the other hand, hybrid cars charge up on their own.
That's the biggest advantage of a hybrid car over an electric car.

Those are the main differences between electric and hybrid cars. Hybrid cars
are the newest and hottest things in the automotive market right now, and you
might be able to see the reasons why. Electric cars are not really available
for mass use. They are still being worked on and improved.

For public acceptance, a car has to meet certain conditions. One of those
conditions is that the car must drive 300 miles between refueling. Then it has
to fill up quickly, and be able to drive fast enough to keep up with the
traffic. Since an electric car can't go more than 100 miles without having to
recharge, it does not meet the conditions. But hopefully, some electric cars
will be on the market soon. Then everyone has a lot to gain from switching from
hybrid cars to electric cars. But right at this moment, consumers have trusty
hybrid cars to get them around. And people aren't complaining either. But once
the electric cars come out, people will be rushing to buy a car like never

Hybrid Cars vs. Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are on everyone's minds. Twenty, forty, or fifty dollars for a full
tank of gas? Who in their right might mind wants to pay that? Frustrated, the
gas customers sigh. But applauded for the small amount of gas they need to
operate, hybrid cars are being pulled off the lots of car dealerships each and

But what about a plug-n hybrid? Most consumers have heard that these cars are
great too. Then, a person might ask him or herself, what exactly is a
plug-hybrid? How do they work, and what's the difference between a plug-in
hybrid and a regular hybrid anyway?

Plug-in hybrids are able to run solely on batteries, but they use fuel also

These types of hybrid cars have some of the same characteristics of hybrid
vehicles. They are also are very similar to electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrid
cars must be recharged externally by connecting a plug to a power source. The
combustion engine in plug-in hybrid vehicles is used only as a back up. These
cars can run only on batteries if desired. However, it is expected that these
types of hybrid cars be plugged in daily.

Hybrid cars travel just as many miles as a conventional car

Designed to go the extra mile where gas-mileage is concerned, hybrids can be
driven on the highway, in cities, or wherever else a person needs to drive. On
the other hand, plug-in hybrids are designed to handle commuter-type distances,
meaning about twenty to sixty miles between destinations. This way, the plug-in
hybrid does not have to use its back up combustion engine, but plug-in hybrids
can go further using gas.

Hybrids help to minimize pollution, but they still pollute the air

When compared to plug-in hybrids, hybrid cars have a long ways to go where
pollution is concerned. Since plug-in hybrid cars can run solely on their
battery power, they don't have to emit fuel. That means that plug-in hybrids
don't have to pollute the air.

Plug-in hybrids fight against greenhouse gases

Plug-in hybrids use virtually no imported oil. Board studies have shown that
electric hybrids emit at least 67% lower greenhouse gases when compared to
gasoline cars. Since the products used to power plug-in hybrids are renewable,
the difference in greenhouse gases may be even greater than the study

And there you have it. That's the difference between plug-in hybrids and
regular hybrid cars. It makes a big difference, but you would be surprised how
little that matters at the current moment. And that's only because plug-hybrids
are not being sold to consumers at this time. But this list should get you
excited about the wonderful plug-in hybrid car, coming soon to a dealer ship
near you.

And it's going to be a great debut. People already really like regular hybrid
cars, but they haven't seen anything until they see plug-in hybrid cars. But
for now, maybe they should just be satisfied with what they have. Because who
knows? Before plug-in hybrid cars come out, something even better might be
introduced on the market.

Hybrid Cars vs. Conventional Cars

Today, the question on everybody's mind is, what is the difference between a
hybrid car and a conventional vehicle? There must be some reason why people are
debating about whether hybrid cars are worth it and checking their wallets and
savings account to see if they can afford the hybrid car. There must be some
reason why other people won't even consider putting out the money for a hybrid
car because they feel their conventional car gets them to where they need to go
just fine. Here are the reasons why a person might choose a conventional car
over a hybrid car and vice versa.

Hybrid cars are more expensive than conventional cars

Because hybrid cars have a complex internal design, they can have a pretty
hefty price tag. On the other hand, conventional cars, which have probably
gotten more efficient in design as the years have gone on, are quite affordable
these days. Many people can be seen selling their old conventional cars. Some
people even give these types of cars away. However, since a large percentage of
the general population has never owned a hybrid, there aren't many people
selling used hybrid cars. Therefore, the average person looking to buy a hybrid
would probably have to purchase one from a car dealer.

Both a hybrid car and a conventional car can use similar types of batteries

A hybrid and a conventional car can both use lead acid batteries that hold
enough energy to power a small motor that's electric. These batteries are what
you would call "gear reduced." That means that they can turn over an engine at
approximately 300 rpms. Torque is generated to turn over the engine. And the
entire process is what ends up starting the engine in the first place.

But even though hybrid car uses a lead-acid battery, its battery that works to
recharge the car is constructed differently. This kind of battery is known as a
deep cycle battery. And it can be compared to the batteries that are used to
power golf carts.

That's the difference between a hybrid car and a conventional car. One person
might choose a hybrid car because they feel more security. For instance, if a
person buys a hybrid car, they can feel secure that their car will be less
likely to run out of gas. Another person might not choose a conventional car
because gas doesn't really bother them that much. And a conventional car
provides security as well. With a conventional car, a person can be assured
that they will always be able go to the junkyard if they need to and find old
parts for their car. On the other hand, those with a hybrid car might have to
look forward to some pricey repair receipts if something goes wrong.

But the final decision is up to you. There are risks involved with both types
of cars. But those who like to try out new things might just consider splurging
on a hybrid car.

Hybrid Cars And The Energy Crisis

It has been said that not enough people are doing all they can to fight against
the energy crisis. Hybrid cars can help, but maybe not enough people are driving
them. Here are a few issues related to the energy crisis and how hybrid cars can

The U.S. isn't doing enough, really

The United States consumes the most fossil fuels in the world. However, most
people believe that all of our energy problems can be solved if we would only
look further into the oil deposits in Alaska or if we made full use of the
recent oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. Hybrid cars make it so that we
might not have to use other sources of energy to keep the economy going. Hybrid
cars don't make Americans use an excess amount of fossil fuel. Instead, hybrid
cars cause Americans to use less fossil fuel.

Energy consumers just swallow increasing gas prices

People used to care that gas prices are much higher than they were years ago.
Now, people just accept the high prices. In the meantime, cars are getting
bigger and bigger. Car manufacturers are making trucks and SUVs. These cars
take in more gas, but you won't believe how many people just won't give up
their dear old SUV. Hybrid cars end up costing people less to own than
conventional cars do. So there's no need to worry about just settling for being
swindled by the oil economy.

Soon there could be a termination of the "cheap oil period"

Soon, we could all be in over our heads because not only will we have an energy
crisis, but a peak oil crisis as well. During the peak oil crisis, there will be
oil shortages and natural gas shortages. Major countries will be competing
against one another for whatever oil is left. So everyone may have some
problems, and countries may battle over who gets oil and who doesn't. The peak
oil crisis can be put off if more people just purchase hybrid cars. Hybrid cars
don't make it so that people always have to look for oil. And there are advances
being made to hybrid cars everyday.

The plug-in hybrid car for instance, might one day, not need oil at all at all

So in the event that we have an energy crisis, Americans should really use the
time to bond and create a unified fight against conflict over oil in U.S.
Hybrids cars are the way to beat the energy crisis, and if the the countries
still start to fight each other over oil, at least America will know they tried
to stop things by investing in hybrid cars.

So it's decided. The United States' mass use of the hybrid car might make it so
that Americans need less oil. But Americans still have yet to gain from the
large amount of money being made from hybrid cars. The majority of popular
hybrid cars come from Japan. So Americans need to bring that money back into
the country as well as do something about the current energy crisis.

Hybrid Car Myths

If you are thinking about a hybrid car, you may be hearing quite a bit of
"talk." Some people think the hybrid car is the best thing on the market. Some
people say it'll just pass. Other people say they think they can save a lot of
money, but you're not sure it's really worth it. What's the truth, and how do
you separate myth from fact with all of the stuff that is being thrown at you?
Below, you can read and understand the common hybrid car myths.

Hybrid cars are the same as electric cars

This is not true because hybrid cars are fuel-powered for the most part. They
have what are called battery assists. The assist is powered by a nickel-metal
hydride battery pack that is rechargeable.

You are guaranteed to save money with a hybrid car

If you are doing city driving, you may save gas and you may not. The same goes
for highway driving. There are just many different factors. It has been said
that if everyone bought hybrid cars, the gas consumption would decrease by only
10%. That's not a very big difference.

A hybrid cars battery can run out

A hybrid car's battery should not run out while you are driving it. The engine
in a hybrid car does not idle when stopped (at a red light for instance.) What
does it do instead? It recharges its battery. So there's no need to worry about
a hybrid car stopping you.

The hybrid cars rechargeable battery only lasts for 2 years

A hybrid car certainly would not be worth purchasing if this was the case. A
hybrid car's rechargeable batteries usually come with an eight-year warranty.

If I run out of gas, I can keep driving on the hybrid car battery

Keep in mind, a hybrid car's battery is an assist. That means that hybrid car's
still run on fuel. After you run out of gas, the battery may keep the car
running for just a little while. However, the car will stop very soon.

Hybrid cars will soon put conventional car sellers out of business

This probably won't happen anytime soon. The reason for the delay has to do
with the how much a hybrid cars. Many people simply can't afford one. Also,
people just aren't too sure whether they will really save money on hybrid cars.
Therefore, they are slow to join the rush of people who want a hybrid car.

Hybrid cars will only save you about 88 dollars a year

I did hear something on the news about this once, but it may not be true. If
there's something you really want though, and there's a lot of smoke
surrounding it, you simply have to start digging and do some of your own
research. There are many different models of hybrid cars, and many different
manufacturers make them. This means that there may be many more variables
involved than the ones discussed here. A hybrid car may help you, and it may
not, but the final decision is up to you.

How A Hybrid Car Will Help You Get More Control Of Your Wallet

The price of gas continues to fluctuate, but you don't have to be left broke.
And you don't have to let the unstable economy control you. Do whatever you can
to change your circumstances. And there are all kinds of options for you. For
instance, did you know a hybrid car can help you get more control of the money
in your pocket? Well it can. Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular as
the cost of fuel goes up, and hybrid cars can really give a person peace of

Gas goes up and gas goes down. And the cycle just seems to go on and on without
giving us much relief at all. But if you really take the time to think about it,
it's not the situation, but how you think about the situation that counts. So
don't get sad. Get glad, and pay close attention to the television commercials
that talk about hybrid cars.

A hybrid car will help you to truly fight back against high gas prices. This is
true because if you purchase a conventional car and then purchase a hybrid car,
you will begin to see that you have more money in your pocket immediately with
the hybrid car.

Do you like to throw away money? I sure don't. But you can try it if you'd
like. Go ahead, take a twenty or fifty dollar bill, ball it up and place it
right in the wastebasket. As you do this, don't even think about a hybrid car.
On the other hand, think about a conventional car. Take that trash bag and toss
it so that you definitely cannot go back and get the twenty or fifty dollar
bill. How did that feel? That's not what it feels like to own a hybrid car.
That's what it's like to own a gas guzzling conventional car. When you own a
hybrid car, you will see the money flowing into your pockets instead of going
into the trashcan.

Balance your own checkbook? Write down the cost each time you visit the gas
station. What does the addition tell you about your car? Whatever it's telling
you, a hybrid car won't tell you the same thing. And that's guaranteed.

So make your money talk to you the way you'd like it to. Instead of having it
say to you all the time that it's on its' way out of your pocket, have it tell
you, it's in your pocket to stay. Get a hybrid car, because after all, the gas
price man didn't work your forty hours a week.

Who worked those forty hours? You did. So make sure you have something to show
for it for a chance. A hybrid car is a really nice car to have. And it will be
a real help to your bank account. Your wife and kids who are in college will
love you more. So what are you waiting for? Buy a hybrid car so you can go
around thinking, "money cometh."

Celebrities That Drive Hybrid Cars

Yes, it's true. You could rise to fame and fortune if you would only get up and
go get a hybrid. A hybrid car is a car for the rich and famous so it just has to
be for you. Many people are driving hybrid cars these days including some of the
most envied people on the planet like your favorite movies stars. But the big
question is, are you driving a hybrid? Are you driving anything close to
hybrid? Well, if you are not, you can't rub noses with some of these hybrid
car-drivers. These people were early drivers of hybrids. You may not see them
in a hybrid when they pull up next to you on Rodeo Drive, but trust me, they've
owned a hybrid before. Well, trust me just as much as you trust any other
celebrity news.

Alicia Silverstone

This girl certainly isn't clueless about the environment. She knows that
driving hybrid cars has many benefits. And if the general public doesn't have
the braniac knowledge she has, then that's just too bad. Alicia knows that
hybrid cars are good for everyone including the people who can finally sniff
clean air as hybrid cars pass by. So Alicia Silverstone got herself a hybrid.
She's a genius in the book as far as this article is concerned.

Ellen DeGeneres

Hey, this funny lady not only has a cute haircut, but she was driving a cute
hybrid car before you probably even knew about it. She was laughing that time
at you and your gas-guzzler. Ellen's got a knack for picking out cars that are
good for her budget.

Robin Williams

Funny and sweet, Robin knew when he played the role of Mrs. Doubtfire that he
should start thinking more like a sensible driver that you would allow to
transport your kids to and from school. So Robin got himself a hybrid, and he
hasn't looked back since.

Ted Danson

Cheers! Ted knows a great car when he sees one. He didn't sleep at the bar that
morning when he decided to go check out the new cars on the lot. He got on up
and bought a car that made a whole lot of sense. And yes, it seems like he was
very sober while choosing this car.

Brad Pitt

What's cooking good looking? Certainly not Brad's fuel engine. He had a hybrid
car, so he knows his car isn't using too much fuel.

Prince Charles

Say this sentence to yourself, "If it's good enough for royalty, it's good
enough for me." That's how you should feel when you drive a hybrid. You should
feel royal, adorned, and admired because believe it or not, that's exactly what
you are. So enjoy it.

So, do you feel like a million bucks yet? Well, you should if you are thinking
of all the different models of hybrid cars you would like to own. And don't
worry, you won't have just 15 minutes of fame. Hybrid cars last for years and

Can A Hybrid Car Really Save You Money?

Tired of what's called pain at the pump? I bet you are. Well, don't worry; the
price of gas isn't going back to .25 a gallon. That's for sure. So what do you
do? How do you keep yourself from getting a second job so you can make sure you
can fill up your tank?

You could carpool. That would require you to do a lot of scheduling and
coordination. Hopefully, you are good with adding because you will have to
equally divide the price of the gas between all of the riders. You will also
have to make sure that either your car or the person's car you're riding in is
in good working condition. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself or the
other passengers in a lot of danger.

You could buy a smaller car and sacrifice style, size, and reputation, but who
wants to drive around in a dumpy little car when they could be driving a
gigantic SUV? With all of the options that exist for saving gas, there is one
that makes a lot more sense than all of the others: Get a hybrid car. However,
does a hybrid car really save you money?

There are reasons why the hybrid car does save you money and reasons why it
doesn't. The hybrid car should save you hundreds per week and thousands per
year on gas. However, if you are the type of person who is not into keeping
track of how much you spend per week driving back and forth from work, you may
not be able to truly appreciate the savings that come from a hybrid car.

All of the time, the news is reporting on some fortunate man, who chooses to
select a hybrid car as the car he would own next. He wonders if he will
actually save money, and to his surprise, he saves a whole lot.

But then there are the stories of people who purchase hybrid cars, but they
actually end up saving very little. That is because some of these people may be
highway drivers as opposed to local commuters. A hybrid car repowers its battery
by stopping. So if you are a highway driver, you may also not be able to
appreciate how much money you save with a hybrid car.

Many people say that whether you experience great monetary savings by
purchasing a hybrid car has to do with a lot more than most people think. And
it really does. Some people who are stay-at-home moms for instance, don't even
consider that it might not make a difference whether they own a hybrid car or
not. Really, they just don't go too many places.

But does a hybrid car really save you money? Yes, but you have to pay attention
to how much money you are spending before you buy a hybrid car and after you buy
a hybrid car. Then you will see the savings for what they really are. And I'm
not saying you have to be an accountant to save money either. I'm just saying
that if you don't see the savings, you might think they are not there when they
really are.

Are Hybrids Really The Wave Of The Future?

The future, a wonderful, mysterious, awe-inspiring time has promises for us.
Many dream of ending cancer and other diseases. Others dream of bicycles that
fly. And could we someday be able to transport ourselves from one place to
another? Perhaps. But some of us have dreams that aren't that big. All we want
is a car that runs on something other than fuel.

Maybe one nice sunny day, we could all drive up to the pump and put some
interesting chemical in our car that would make it run forever. Maybe we could
gas up on some cooking oil or even oxygen. But for now, we have hybrids. Maybe
they are the answer to our dilemma. Are these cars the wave of the future?

It seems like they are for many reasons. These cars are electric. "Electric" is
a word that is linked with innovation and imagination. Electric signals "power."
That means the power to run and the power to run for miles and miles. That's
what a hybrid car is all about. When you get in one, you'll know you'll get to
where you need to go and you won't have to stop at ten gas stations on the way.

Remember when Edison came out with the electric light bulb? Everyone thought it
was a great invention, and it has changed the lives of all of us. So a hybrid
car is also changing all of our lives. It's new, and very technologically
advanced. Hybrid cars should get the same kind of recognition Edison did.
However, hybrid cars do take some fuel to run them, but that doesn't mean we
should applaud them for being able to run on both electricity and fuel.

With all of the above reasons, hybrid cars seem to be the wave of the future,
but there are a couple of reasons why that may not be true. For instance, there
must be some reason why hybrids are not selling more than conventional cars.
That's because the average customer who looks at the sticker price on a hybrid
car is stunned. It's just too much money for the average car buyer. And how can
a car be the wave of the future if it scares people away every time they come to
look at it on the dealers' lot?

Since the cost possibly overrides the benefits of the hybrid car, a hybrid car
may just be a transitional car, and the actual wave of the future might be a
car that is fueled by something other than "fuel." Whatever that "fuel" is, I'm
sure we will all like it and then we'll be calling that fuel the wave of the

Some people today are already fueling their cars with cooking oil, but that
doesn't seem to have caught on world wide like hybrid cars have. Therefore,
cooking oil does not seem to be the solution for us. But, maybe some day,
people will start fiddling with their hybrid cars and come up with something
much better than the design that is before them.

All About Plug-In Hybrids

Known as the eco-friendly car, hybrid cars that you plug in are considered
symbols of the advanced future. The savings on gas adds up to the tune of
thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the car. Right now, plug-in hybrids
are not available to the buying public. Instead, regular hybrid cars are the
dominant money-saving choice available to consumers. But in spite of the
plug-hybrid's current public unavailability, in 2009 or 2010 General Motors
plans to put one on the market. So many people might want to know all about
plug-in hybrid cars.

As early as 1899, hybrid cars were being produced. The producer of these
fascinating cars in those early years was Lohner-Porsche. These hybrid cars had
to be charged

In 1969, there was a July issue of Popular science. This issue featured an
article on a plug-in hybrid manufactured by General Motors. The concept was
that this plug-in hybrid car was a vehicle meant for traveling average
distances. Called the General Motors XP-883, it had six 12-volt lead batteries
located in the trunk area. And it was meant to be plugged into a standard
110-volt socket for recharging, and the fuel tank could hold about 10 liters.

In September of 2004, the California Cars initiative made a 2004 Toyota Prius
prototype into what it called a PRIUS+, the difference being that the converted
model had an add-on -- there were 130 kg of lead-acid batteries onboard.

Ford motor company says it plans to sell plug-in hybrids in about the next five
to ten years. Everything depends on improvements made to lithium ion batteries.
So don't you want to drive of these hybrid cars? With a plugin hybrid car,
you'll be the envy of your friends who are just driving regular hybrid cars.
You'll be able to travel on and on without looking for an Exxon or Texaco

And these types of hybrid cars aren't waiting for someone to bring them out on
the auto showroom floor. Somehow, these hybrid cars have infiltrated themselves
into the media. That's why people just love hybrid cars in general. And when you
think about a plug-in hybrid, you can hardly believe what advances auto
manufacturers are making these days.

It is said that there is a global demand for hybrid cars that is unbelievable.
In fact, the demand is expected to grow. Therefore, by the year 2010, it is
expected that more than 1 million vehicles will be produced annually. And if
some of these hybrid cars were made so that they could run on electricity
alone, there would be an even greater increase in demand.

But in terms of plug-hybrids, some people may not even believe these hybrid
cars are really coming out since what they will be able to do is so
awe-inspiring. But plug-in hybrids are definitely on their way. Supposedly,
Daimler Chrysler is about to come out with 100 delivery vans that can go 20
miles just on electricity. So get ready, plug-in hybrid cars are definitely
coming to an auto dealer near you.

All About Hybrid-Car Battery Packs

Those considering purchasing a hybrid car may be a little concerned about
what's under the hood. Hybrid cars have battery-powered motors. Since a
battery-powered motor is not something that typically comes to mind when people
think about what's under the hood of a car, it's a good idea to get a good
understanding of the hybrid-car battery-pack. Below are a few facts about it.

Battery packs in hybrid cars do not need to be replaced

Made to last over the lifetime of the vehicle, a hybrid car's warranty covers
the battery for a time period that lasts between eight and ten years. In terms
of mileage, a battery pack is expected to last between 150, 000 and 200,000
miles, and it probably lasts longer than that.

Battery toxicity is a concern, but not a major concern

Hybrid cars use NiMH batteries, not the rechargeable nickel cadmium. Nickel
cadmium batteries are usually detrimental to the environment, but the NiMH
batteries that are used in hybrid cars are fully recyclable.

Hybrid batteries contain hundreds of cells

Hundreds of cells means that hybrid cars have a lot of complexity going on
underneath their hoods, and complexity does usually mean expensive, but with
the generous warranty car manufacturers are giving on these cars, there is
little involved in purchasing a hybrid.

The numbers of battery failures in hybrids have been really low

When I say low, I mean really low. If failure happens, it's probably before the
cars even get off the lot. Toyota has even said that some of its original Prius
models have packs that have gone over 300,000 miles.

The cost of replacing hybrid batteries isn't even an issue

It isn't an issue because the battery packs in hybrid cars are built to last.
The Department of Energy looked into hybrid vehicles, but stopped its test when
the capacity was "just like new" after 160,000 miles. So no one really seems to
know for sure what it costs to replace the battery pack in a hybrid car.

The battery packs in hybrid cars are evolving

If we look further into the future, the next generation of hybrid batteries is
in the works. The goal: To discover a technology that gives lots of power,
lasts for the hybrid car's lifetime, and costs less to make.

If the battery pack in your hybrid car does run out, there is a solution

Toyota has put out some advice on what to do if your hybrid battery should run
out after the warranty has ended. The advice is to recondition the battery. The
solution works well because if something goes wrong, the problem lies within
only one of the 28 modules that the battery is made up of. So if you simply
replace the problematic module with one that matches the chemistry of the other
27 modules, your hybrid car's battery should be in good shape. You can find a
match by getting a battery pack from another car that has a similar mileage and

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