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What is an Image Consultant?

A lot of companies and clients use the services of an image consultant to make
sure they have a good image with the public. There are various ways of doing
this and a few examples include coaching the client, holding presentations,
trainings and workshops.

Today, an image consultant is called by different names. In the entertainment
business, he or she could be referred to as a fashion stylist, makeover
consultant or wardrobe consultant. If a celebrity's image needs to be improved,
this person will recommend what clothes to wear, what to buy and what to throw
out. The same thing can also happen if there is a need to change the client's
hairstyle or makeup.

Experts say that image consultants are paid very well for their advice. On
average, these people earn $50 an hour and if a client keeps on going back to
that person, you can just imagine how much the total bill will be. What more
when they are consulting other individuals?

But no one becomes an image consultant overnight. You have to go to school to
specialize in a field so that person will know you are qualified to give them
advice. You can also get training from some companies that believe their
mission is to enhance the importance of image consultants.

Once you have finished the program and become certified, you can now offer your
services to clients. You can for an organization of start your own business and
operate from the home. The first people you can offer it to are your friends
and then get other clients through advertising, cold calling and networking.

Of the three, advertising is pretty explanatory since you have since
commercials on television, heard it on the radio or seen it on billboards. If
you can't afford to do that, hand out calling cards and flyers telling people
what you can do and hope that they get in touch with you.

In cold calling, you get the number of a person or an office and offer your
services. One thing you should know about this approach is that most of the
time, the person you are in direct contact with will say no. This shouldn't
discourage you so just keep on trying because the next person you call may need
someone like you after all.

When you network, you branch out and get to meet a lot of people. One of your
clients could be someone in the same business organization, from the church you
attend or any other organization you are a member of. You may also get clients
online from such networks such as Facebook or Multiply.

What you do as an image consultant for one person differs from the other. You
have to know what is going on first before you can suggest possible solutions.
When you do find a client, you must do your best for this person. If you are
able to do a splendid job, you are sure that he or she will recommend you to
their friends so you can offer similar services.

Image consultancy is a booming business and your clients don't always have to
be celebrities. Even the ordinary person needs help sometimes so don't be
afraid to walk up to someone and tell them to listen to what you have to offer.

What calls for an image consultant?

Ever wondered if you looked good enough for a party or for work? Ever wondered
if there was a better look that could work for you? Is there anyone out there
that could help you out? Look no further and be thankful because there are
people out there doing just this for people who have no idea how to look good,
these people are called "image consultants."

You might have spotted these people on TV in shows like Extreme Makeover, Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy, or Ambush makeover. Or you might have heard of Tim
Gunn and his ultimate style guide and how he changes a person's life in one
week. This is what image consultants do for a living and by doing what they do
they make the world a better place to look at.

They are known by many names and aliases -- some of these titles are fashion
consultant, wardrobe stylist, or lifestyle consultant. What ever you call them
they do one thing in general and people pay them to show people how to make a
fabulous impression. They do this by making people experiment and mix and match
styles that would look good on them.

On the other hand, when we talk about image, we are talking more about the
physical appearance. Aside from the physical side and outlook of a person image
consultancy also develops a person's character. Some image consultants also talk
to their clients about how they communicate to people and how they deliver their
words. Aside form verbal communication they also talk to people about gestures,
facial expressions and etiquette. All of these are done so that the client will
be able to feel good about himself or she who is the primary goal of image

Most image consultants also build up an association of strategic partners they
can pass on clients to, such as, makeup artists, nutritionists, dentists,
plastic surgeons, voice coaches, hair stylists, and personal trainers.

Image consultants present the type of advice that can assist people land a
career, get a promotion, find an important person to be in love with, or just
feel good about themselves.

It's no question they are so well satisfied, normally bringing in no less than
$90 per hour advising folks how to present a superior image. A predominantly
well-paid avenue is presenting schooling programs for corporations. Image
consultants can receive thousands of dollars a day educating on seminars on
dressing professionally (including dos and don'ts for casual Fridays),
telephone manners for customer service personnel, communication skills for new
supervisors, and other topics.

If you are one of the exceptional few who believe image doesn't matter, try
shopping at a superior store fully clad in what you would generally wear to
clean your basement or move furniture. Then stopover the same stores looking
well groomed and wearing your finest suit.

The most important thing about being an image consultant is to decide on what
kind of services you would like to offer. Think of which field you would like
to specialize, it could be in wardrobe or fashion consulting, you could also go
into the line of offering advises on communication skills and etiquette, or be a
makeover consultant who provides feedback on "the whole package."

Image consultants: Why do we need them?

In the past, there is no such thing as an image consultant. There are people
who will help us get dressed or those who will advise to change our attitudes
in work. But they are not paid for their suggestions. Often, most of these
suggestions are even unsolicited.

This is perhaps because people in the olden days do not really care how people
see them or if they do, they don't need to change their image to please a
larger population. Today, the advent of the computers and the television media
has spurred the need for this kinds of professionals. More and more people are
now able to follow the lives and movements of people around them. Their actions
are documented and they are more in need to keep their image wholesome and clean.

But not all people are in need of image consultants. Some can get by without
one. So who are the people who need this kind of help? Here is a rundown of the
people who frequently hire image consultants.

1. Movie Stars: Constantly on the limelight, their careers and the movie
projects that they get will depend on the reputation that they build. This is
especially true for newcomers who are just starting to build their names in the
movie industry. Often, their managers are the ones who will hire image
consultants to help them become more presentable to the public especially when
they are invited for guestings and awarding events.

2. Politicians: Do we even need to rationalize why these people need image
consultants? From the way they dress to the way they speak in front of the
camera, every little thing is being scrutinized. These people are not just in
the limelight, their reputation and their every action will define the line
between victory and defeat.

Also, some politicians make use of image consultants to help them in their
campaign. Some consultants are masters in changing the appearance and demeanor
of a candidate to suit the state that they are campaigning in. After all, in
order to win, they need to be able to win the hearts and the minds of the
natives in that state.

3. CEOs: Top honchos of major corporations must also keep up appearances if they
want the good image of their companies to stay. This is especially true if the
company is at the center of a controversy. Top honchos must appear sincere and
trustworthy so as to minimize public scorn and distrust that may severely
affect the business' stocks and sales.

4. Spokespersons: People who are often called to issue statements for companies,
government agencies and the like are often asked to hire image consultants to
improve on how they put themselves across to people. Their appearance, like the
CEOs will largely affect how the rest of the country and the world will see the
company that they represent.

5. Frontliners and sales personnel: People whose jobs often deal with people
like the marketing and sales departments also undergo workshops from image
consultants to improve the way they are perceived by people. These people as
you will remember are the ones that are out there representing the company.

Their good images will reflect on how people perceive the company as a whole
and in the long run, can translate to sales and marketing success.

Do You Need an Image Consultant

Politicians and celebrities are the only one who hire image consultants. Many
people in the social scenes, art scenes and even the corporate scenes hire
image consultants to hype up their image and therefore make them appear better
than they really are. After all, everything is all about perception.

Often image consultants are hired when situations are already dire and the
person need a change in image fast. But when can the advice of people around
you suffice and when do you need professional intervention? Here are some
things that you can look into.

1. Problem with reputation: If you have recently suffered bad press at work and
people perceive you as something that you are not, then it is probably time to
hire an image consultant that will help you change the perception. This is
especially true if the damage to your reputation is beyond repair by an
ordinary statement or if you have done all you can to contain the damage.
You'll know if it is beyond repair if you can't think of anything else to do to
salvage your rep because you have done virtually everything and if it has been
sometime now since the incident happened and still they are talking about it.

2. Money: Some people who do not actually even need an image consultant that bad
can hire one because they have the money to pay for them. If you have the money
to burn, you don't need a checklist to determine if you need an image
consultant. Just go for it. After all, what is a few thousand dollars of their
image can remain squeaky clean and endearing to the public?

3. Trouble finding work: You know you need an image consultant if you cannot
seem to get yourself hired. Remember that job interviews are 85 percent
perception and only 15 percent performance. No matter how good you are in your
job if you cannot translate that during the interview, you will not get hired.
Employers often go for people who are more personable.

4. No love life: If you are 30 years old and you still have not had any
girlfriend or boyfriend, it is time to examine your appearance and the way you
carry yourself. This is not to say that your love life will depend upon
appearance only. It does not but it factors a lot in starting a love
relationship. Besides if you know how to carry yourself and groom yourself, you
can stand out even if you do not have the great features.

5. Negative comments: If people keep giving you negative comments and some have
even told you that you need to hire an image consultant; then you need one.
Remember that an image consultant is often called in the most dire of
circumstances. The mere fact that somebody have gone as far as to tell you that
you need help means that you need help pronto. If you cannot afford an image
consultant then at least make an effort to change. Ask your friends for advice
and change you appearance.

Make sure that you are well-groomed all the time and make an effort to also be
more sociable to people. That way, even if you did not hire an image
consultant, you have managed to at least change something in your image.

What Qualities to Look for in an Image Consultant

You should never feel ashamed if you know you need help. It just proves you are
human. If you need to hire an image consultant, here are some qualities you
should be looking for.

The image consultant should be someone who has experience in the particular
field of expertise that you require. If you want someone to help you dress
better, this individual must be knowledgeable about the fashion industry. What
are the in's and outs of the fashion world? What is hip and what isn't.

When you interview this person, you can ask how long he or she has been in the
business. Who did they work for in the past. They should be able to give a few
references you can check out.

The image consultant should also have some form of formal training or
certification so you know they are well qualified to take on the task. Most of
the time, they will tell you that they were trained by a private company and
not a college or university for the simple reason that none of these
institutions offer this in their curriculum.

What you can with the name of the company is to check how long this company has
been in business and if this person did finish the program.

If you are hiring an image consultant to advise you on your wardrobe but you
don't have the time to go shopping for these clothes yourself, this person can
do it for you so not only do you get advice but this person becomes your
personal shopper.

But where can you find an image consultant? Since there are a lot of people
going into this business, you won't have a hard time finding them in the
newspaper, on billboards, on flyers and even online. The nice thing about
finding one online is that you get to see their existing portfolio so you
already have an idea who have they worked for in the past.

The only thing you have to do now is set an appointment with them since they
don't accept walk in clients.

When you talk with an image consultant, try to get a feel of the person. Will
you be comfortable listening to this person for advice? If the answer is yes,
then what you need to improve on may begin. If the answer is no, then you have
to go on searching.

Most of the image consultants you find will tell you that they started out
giving advice to their friends before deciding to devote more time and energy
into this endeavor. One last thing you have to remember is that when you hire
someone or he or she has accepted you as a client, this person does not have to
be there everyday to give you advice.

After giving you some pointers, the rest is up to you and don't worry, they
will still be around to see how things are going.

After helping one client, the image consultant moves on and helps someone else
in a similar situation. They may sometimes be hired to work with a company and
not just on an individual basis that is the all in a day's work for this

It is never too late to consult with someone because of all have areas where we
can improve on.

Women branding with the help of an image consultant

Makeovers are one of the most "in" thing nowadays. From women homemakers, to
bachelor yuppies, to kids that have no sense of style and aging men who are
awkwardly dressed for their ages -- makeovers seem to define how a person is.
Because of this rampant need to consult experts on the way that people look
even image consultants have different specialization.

But, the biggest chuck of the society that image consultants cater to, are the
women. Maybe because it is innate for women to be conscious about the way they
look especially when they appear in public. Image consultants -- especially for
working women that are professional -- are very important because these people
do not only monitor the overall lifestyle and also their lives.

Among the kinds of people that are in need of help through makeovers usually
those women who don't have the time to take care of their appearance due to
lack of time such as working moms and stay home mothers. The reason for this
that these people are some of the hardest working people on the planet and the
people with the least time on their hands to worry about the way they look.

But why is it important for these people to look good? For women homemakers,
sometimes it's a little too much if they put on makeup and dress fabulous. But
the truth is that not because they are stay home moms they should forget about
looking good. Image consultants that focus on stay home moms' image have a few
things to consider which include the age of the person and the type of
lifestyle that they have.

For stay home moms, the major components that an image consultant should pay
attention to include clothing, including color and "line" or style of garments;
accessories from head to toe; hair; and makeup.

When an image consultant audits a woman's closet they should look in to these
things so that they could build the woman that they want to build. In fact they
don't need to build from the ground up. They could start from finding the right
clothes that they could still use and make sure that they look good with the
style and the brand that they would want to see.

Women branding

Going back to branding yourself, branding means having a personal style that's
distinctly your own and that could stand out among other styles. It is
important to have a personal brand because it is what makes us different from
another person.

Branding is like having a name that would stick and people would remember. How
many times has this situation happened to you? You are in a party and you keep
mingling among the guests and you are meeting a lot of people. After the party,
you accidentally bump into one of the people you happened to meet there. You say
hi and the person acknowledges you but they can't remember your name or it's the
other way around. Branding is important because it makes people remember who you
are. It's like when you say Marilyn Monroe, you will immediately remember the
mole and the white dress or when you say Elvis Presley, the sideburns and the
tassels come in to mind. Now that 's branding.

When you brand yourself, you put your signature on the things that you wear and
tell other people that this is you. Branding doesn't have to be expensive
clothes and designer products. When you brand yourself, you need to take into
consideration the image that you want to portray.

Women's image consultants have their hands full all the time with the different
types of women they have to work with. But one thing is for sure when it comes
to them -- nothing is impossible.

How can image consultants change lives

It's all over the networks, people preying on other people who look like they
have been stuck in an era of no return. These people are the heroes of modern
fashion nightmares and image monsters. These people are known as image
consultants. But who is the real target market of image consultants?

The reason why this issue is raised is because most of the time people who
really need the help of fashion experts and image consultants have very little
to spare when it comes to their financial situation. Most of the people who are
in need of help from image consultants are the ones who have just enough to get

Though it's really hard to accept the society that we have right now is heavily
anchored on the physical attributes of people. So many people get left behind
because they have little or no idea of what they should wear. And when they
continually struggle to dress right, they give up and don't care anymore,
resulting in knock backs and damaged self-confidence.

That's why they need help from lucky people like image consultants who have a
natural flair for colors, shape, and most importantly fashion, people who have
an eye for good things. And people who can help other people look their best.

The demand is real

There are many different reasons why people need fashion advice and these
reasons are also personal reasons, because of this people often fall prey to
image consultants that have little knowledge or have little experience. You
might already recognize how to dress well, but this does not automatically mean
you know how to sway people to modify their ways. There are so many diverse
reasons why possible customers may require an image consultant and some of
which include:

- a more qualified image for the reason that they have a new career.;

- an on-going for a dialogue and need some fashion advice to help them step
forward in their profession;

- finding a partner but don't have sufficient self-confidence in their
appearance to move toward the person of their dreams;

- friends that are constantly telling them to make more effort, but they just
don't know what suits them; and

- being stuck in the past and unable to dress their age.

You may know what colors suit weight, height, mane shade and skin tone etc, but
you require having a expansive variety of styles in your mind to be able to
convene the image needs of each of your customers. They are all individuals
with dissimilar needs, requirements and problems.

Additionally, you will want to know how to make a plan for the client's
incorporation of their new look. They will need slackening in so that they get
accustomed to their new lifestyle and know how to go out and pay money for the
right things. An image consultant's job is not total until they can safely say
they've put the client back on track to leading a happier existence.

The truth is, the target market of image consultants is everyone. This is
because everyone that needs help about the way they look, the way they carry
themselves, the way they approach people and the way the project themselves to
other people. In these people, image consultants do not only help them build
self confidence and look good but also helps them by changing their lives

What sets color image consultants apart?

How would you like to be a person that can change the life of another person
and are paid to do it? Sounds great right? Well, believe it or not, there are
people who are doing it and getting a lot of money for it -- they are called
the "image consultants."

These people are the same people we see in shows like "What Not to Wear,"
"Extreme Makeover," "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and so many more. If you
are a regular person wishing to gains some confidence by looking good, isn't it
great to be under their meticulous eye for fashion?

Money-making business

Sometimes beauty isn't just in the eye of the beholder; there are times when
it's also in the hands of people who do magic. These people spend all their
time helping people look and feel their very best above everything, these
people are called image consultants. They vary in the specialization that they
have some are color image consultants that specialize in matching the right
colors for you. Some are wardrobe and fashion consultants who focus on dressing
people for the part.

Image consultants create style and clothing suggestions to alter a person's
external facade. They're experts at bringing out the finest in people, no
matter what every person's occupation or way of life. A successful image
consultant needs to be proficient to pay attention to people and get a feel for
them just like being a chameleon. Knowing how to interpret and comprehend people
is crucial to an image consultant's achievement. Both men and women profit from
an image consultant's expertise, but most of the time image consultant's
customers are women.

The process of change usually begins by meeting with the potential customers to
talk about the nature of look that they look forward to accomplish. Every now
and then, clients aren't certain what they fancy. The expert in image
consultation helps them to think about their personality, career, lifestyle,
and the amount of time and effort that they want to use up on their look. And
then image consultants conduct a color examination for every one client. They
most often use a cyclic color analysis system based on hair color, skin tone,
and eye color.

One of the major setbacks of being an image consultant is that most of them are
self-employed; a lot of their times when they are not with clients are spent on
tasks like business-related tasks, for example: running finances and billing
clients. They also must contribute major resources to promotion. These
managerial tasks are the part of any image consultant's job that our image
consultant friends sometimes disagree with. A handful of image consultants
complain that sitting down once a month or twice a month inside the office
making calls, taking calls, answering questions and networking is important yet
tasking for image consultants.

Because most image consultants like working with people once in a while when
they get stuck with taking care of the daily to monthly operational costs and
rentals can prove to be too much for people who are themselves people persons.
Being a people person means that image consultants have empathy and patience
when dealing with clients.

Many people first visit an image consultant after they have experienced a
life-changing event -- a marriage, perhaps, or the loss of a job.

An Image Consultant Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you conscious about how you look? If you are and want to do something about
it, hire an image consultant who will be able to help you lose a few of those
extra pounds instantly.

But wait! Isn't losing a few pounds the job of a physical trainer? That is
correct and the long term goal of someone who someone who works in the gym. The
image consultant on the other hand can help you create the illusion until such
time that this becomes real by offering you some advice.

One suggestion is for you to wear clothes focusing on one color. Studies have
shown people who dress with one color help you look leaner, taller and slimmer.
It is best to use dark colors specifically black and blue.

But since you can't use this colors everyday, it is best to keep them close in
intensity which simply means getting these clothes in different shades. Don't
make the mistake of wearing clothes that are made of heavier fabrics as this
will only make you look fat. Try finding affordable clothes made of finer
material like silk.

If you used to fit into small and medium sized clothes, wake up and realize
that there is no point trying to fit into them anymore. You are bigger now so
you just have to accept the fact and buy clothes of the next size.

To cover that belly, wear a longer blouse or jacket and put it on untucked as
this divert the attention from your waistline.

Should there be a need to wear a formal jacket, choose the single breasted
ones. As for the pants, get the iron creased trousers as this will make your
body look slimmer.

This just goes to show that what we wear has a significant impact on how we and
other others look at ourselves. In fact, it's a reality given that humans have
different body types.

Some of us are short while others are tall. Some are skinny while others are
overweight. We can blame it on genetics and our lifestyle. These won't change
overnight but you can do something about it right now and for the long term.

With the help of an image consultant, you will be able to balance both your
horizontal and vertical proportions. Just remember that these will only work
for the short term so if you want to make it real instead of making people
believe that it is, enroll in a gym, hire personal trainer or even undergo

So where can you find an image consultant? You can look for them in your local
paper or online. Most of these people advertise their services so you are to
find one in a short period of time. If you don't like who you have talked to,
try asking friends who were in a similar situation and find out what did they
do. If the name of an image consultant comes up, give them a call and see how
things go.

An image consultant can help you lose weight but not in the literal sense since
what he does is trick people and even yourself in believing that it is really
happening. He is like a magician who goes up on stage performs in front of an

How image consultants make money with people's looks

If you think you have the eye for fashion and the ability to convince people to
have either concept for themselves, then you might have a chance in this
money-making profession. Although being an image consultant is not all that
easy, there are ways on how to be an good and effective image consultant.

To be better acquainted with the career we have to understand the concept of
"Image" first. Image is way other people look at us or the perception they have
about us as people. It influences whether people will agree to our requests,
hire us, and pay us the salary we want. It greatly affects a lot of things that
has to do with the career that we want, the salary we could get and the way
people would interact with us. Image is what gives people the idea of how we
are and what we are capable of.

It may sound superficial but it is how it really is. If anyone can recall the
cliche first impressions last, well that cliche has more truth to it than what
it seems. No matter how intelligent and capable a person is no one will trust
them if they look like bad guys in an action movie.

Thanks to this mentality, Image consulting as an industry is making waves in
the recent years. Ad because of reality shows that revolve around image
makeover it has become one of the most lucrative industries to be part of.
Image consultants give people advice that will assist them in attaining the
look that they want. Some of the areas of image consulting are:

1. Image Analysis or Makeover: Consulting wherein the makeover of a person roots
from. This area of image consultation focuses on the overall appearance of a
person and how they should look like with regard to the career they have, their
ages, and their status.

2. Fashion Styling or Wardrobe: Consulting, which is more, focused on the look a
person showcases. It's all about what they should and should not purchase.

3. Makeup: Analysis, which is an area that focuses on the right makeup a person
and what he or she should wear on different occasions.

The three mentioned are very important physical aspects of image consultation
but for good image consultants, image is more than physical form that a person
has. Other than how someone looks, people also shape impressions based
on how that person speaks and behaves. Consequently, image consultants also
discuss with their clients other areas where people focus on to form an
impression. Some of those areas include:

- Vocal communications that focus on voice, grammar, and vocabulary;

- Non-verbal communication that focus on gestures such as handshakes, bodily
postures, and eye contacts; and

- Etiquette which refer to social graces, business etiquette, and dining

In addition to consulting yourself, you can also form a network of strategic
partners to refer clients to, such as hair stylists, makeup artists,
dieticians, dentists, personal trainers, plastic surgeons, and voice coaches by
doing this not only will get more clients it will also make a reputable image

It's not easy to be an image consultant but it has it's rewards, by learning
all that you need to know about how to be an image consultant you are one step
ahead in making your and other people's dreams come true.

Achieving that professional look with the help of an image consultant

How many of us have fallen victim to the fashion nightmare we call "casual
Fridays"? A lot of people just want to make a good impression on our boss, some
of us want to look good for their peers, and some want to look good in front of
their special someone. For most people they say it's too vain to be over
conscious of our outward appearance, but in reality it really does count to
make a good impression on people. That's why there are specialists who take
care of this for other people -- they are called image consultants.

Today, there are image consultants for working professionals, for students, for
homemakers and other people. It is a little sad that people are more concerned
of the physical attributes of others than their character. But the truth is we
are frequently judged by our appearances, our image is the one thing that
people have to make them form their opinion of other people.

In the earlier days, people always looked for help in the pages of magazines
and catalogs for the look that they wanted. One of the things that made it hard
for people to really carry the look well is that the cuts and the style that it
was fitted for the person in the picture and not for the person reading the

More than anyone else the working professional suffers this dilemma most often
because of the different kinds of trends and fads that is served to them. The
three piece business suit has been a staple for men and sometimes even for
women. But because the look has been around for a long time there are people
who experiment and try out different combinations. It alright and some even
succeed in the results that they came up with but for majority of the people
the look they created became very disastrous and it causes trauma that hinders
these people from ever doing it again.

A good suggestion that these people could look into is to seek the help of a
fashion professional. These people are called image consultants, they make
enrich our personal style and at the same time make us confident and making
bold decisions about our wardrobe experiments.

Usually an image consultant for working professional looks beyond the closet
and looks in to the possibilities that their clients can have. As an image
consultant for professionals, one must remember what they are dressing their
clients for. Image consultants should consider the industry that their clients
are working for, they should also take into consideration the position of their
client in the company, another factor to consider is age and another is the
occasion or the event they will use it for.

Because of these things they have to consider it would be wise for the image
consultant to have a total makeover of the person's lifestyle and wardrobe. The
makeover usually starts with the person's confidence. The person should be able
to be at ease with their body no matter how it looks like. Image is more than
what you look like, it's also how you feel about yourself.

An image consultant for working professionals should take time to understand
the personal style that their client wants and the image they want to project.
In return, the client should try their very best to cooperate and do what needs
to be done to make the makeover a success.

Image Consultants Can Help You Dress to Success

Have you ever had a hard time picking what shirt and pants to wear going to
work and when you finally figure it out you realize you are still hot happy
with it? Don't worry, you are not the only one with that problem. If you need
help, an image consultant could be what you need to fix it once and for all.

An image consultant is the right person to call because he or she has an eye
for fashion. They know what is in, what is out in the world of fashion so you
are sure to be updated with the latest trends.

The most important aspect of the image consultant's job is to see which colors
bring out the best in you and what styles help you look slimmer so you dress
well when you go to work or hang out with friends.

Once you meet with them, they will want to see what you keep on your wardrobe
and then tell you which items to keep and which to get rid of. He or she can
match whatever is kept so this can be worn. If a lot of these were thrown out,
they will accompany you to the store and get replacements.

After buying all the clothes you need, it is time for you to go out and show
them off. If you get a lot of positive comments from friends, then you know
that things are getting better.

But an image consultant does not only help a client pick out the right clothes.
For men that may be the case but for women, this person will also have to think
about the hairstyle, accessories and footwear so this matches with the clothes.

After working with a client, it is now up to the person to follow all the
advice that was given. The image consultant will call or drop by to see how
things are doing to make sure you are still on track.

An image consultant can do more than just make a person look good. They can
also give advice if the client has other problems that should be worked on.

The image consultant could help the client improve their communication skills
or management skills if this is what is needed. If you have a problem, you have
to admit to yourself first that you know something is wrong and you are willing
to listen otherwise the image consultant will not be able to do anything and
you are just wasting your money.

How much money? That depends but most image consultants charge their clients by
the hour. This could make you reconsider listening to what they have to say
since a friend will offer the same thing for free but why listen to them when
this matter should be handled by a professional.

First impressions last which is why it is important to dress the part at work
or when you are socializing with your friends. This could make an employer hire
you on the spot so you will get the job or make you meet someone that you can
later on call your true love.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn how to dress to impress, hire
an image consultant. Just make sure this person has experience and is certified
so you know they can help you.

How to choose an image consultant

Image consultants are not only for celebrities and politicians. All people need
an image consultant especially if they are starting their careers in the
corporate world or if they badly need to look into their image at work. This is
especially true if their line of work is one where they have to meet a lot of
people or have to speak to a large audience.

Image consultants are also not only hired for people. They also take care of
products and companies, whose tattered reputation need some immediate fixing.
They will often be paid for a specific number of months where they will execute
their plans that will bring about the change in image.

Changes may be in the form of appearance and reputation. Image consultants will
usually focus on changing the hair, the makeup and the way that a person carries
herself. They will also teach their clients basic grooming habits as well as
dressing techniques that they will need to stand out in the crowd.

Another area of responsibility is their reputation and how people outside see
them. This can include press releases in newspapers for people who have images
to keep in the public or those with positions in the government. Even
celebrities also need to keep a squeaky clean image if they want to stay long
in the business.

With your reputation and your appearance in the hands of one person, it is
important that choose the one that will truly help you transform yourself.
Below are some of the things that you should consider when choosing an image

1. Credentials: There is no school for people who work as image consultants.
Most have become image consultants because of their experience in the field and
their connection. So when choosing an image consultant, education is not really
important. If they have certificates in grooming, make-up and even basic
manners, they will have an edge but everything is basically based on the

2. Track Record: When choosing an image consultant make sure that they have
sufficient experience in the job. This is especially true if you need a really
major makeover. If you can, look into their previous track records and see how
their clients have been transformed. Chances are, they will be doing the same
to you.

3. Clients: The kinds of clients that an image consultant has will say a lot in
the field where he and she is an expert and will also determine the level of
competency and experience that he has. For instance, if their clients are big
names in the industry, chances are they are good at their job and have worked
for a certain number of years. This however will also mean that they will be
asking for a bigger fee, which is actually the next consideration.

4. Price tag: Hiring an image consultant is actually not cheap. Hired only for
month or two, they will be asking a lot not only in terms of their professional
fee but also for the expenses that they will be incurring when you change your
image: wardrobe, salon, spam, etc. So before, you even decide to hire one, make
sure that you can actually afford the image consultant. Otherwise, just ask for
the advice of those close to you.

Is it really worth hiring an image consultant?

People have always been conscious of the way they look. Even in the past, it
was common for men and women to be very critical about their physical
appearance. This is because they believe that what they look like will give
people a good impression. Nowadays, this consciousness in appearance is still
prominent especially to public figures such as celebrities, businessmen and
even politicians because this will serve as their selling factor -- thus, the
emergence of image consultants.

Gender and status options

Contrary to popular belief, an image consultant does not only cater to women
but to women as well. Because of the need to look good and have good
reputation, some people who are appear publicly have gone as far as hiring
image consultants to make the look that they want a reality. But is it worth
hiring an image consultant to make you look better?

Aside from the regular person, more and more students, homemakers,
professionals and even senior citizens are more concerned about the image they
project in public. These people often times seek the help of professionals that
can give a better perspective to their image.

The question is no longer who to go to but is it worth it? People are concerned
about their looks but they should also look into the reputation of the person.
There are tons and tons of Image consultants, stylist mushrooming all around,
and everyone claims that they have the best clients and the widest networks of
professionals to help them make you look the best that you can.

What we need to know about hiring an image consultant to find out if hiring one
is worth one's time and money. First of all, we need to know if they teach
people proper etiquette and the social and professional rules. This is because
we need to find out if they could change not only the way one dresses up, but
we also need to know if they can teach people how to act better.

All of these seem to require time, effort and money. Just as business, life
today demands people with extraordinary information and an understanding of
today's broad business milieu, so too is the image consultant an authority.
They have by now invested their skills, their know-how and their time in
studying the world of fashion, manners and presentation. And all of that
knowledge is available to you.

An image consultant will take care of your image needs. They will assess the
situations that you encounter that have specific requirements related to
appropriate wardrobe and behavior. By appealing to an image consultant, you are
investing for yourself. The return on this investment can be quite extraordinary.

With the help of an image consultant, you can be more self-assured, you -- at
all times -- can present your true image for yourself in any event, and there
will be no further fashion disasters lynching at the back of your closet. Aside
from this, hiring an image consultant can help you save a lot of valuable time
in selecting, in coordinating and in buying your wardrobe.

If you have the money to spend in hiring an image consultant, then you can
ensure that your life can be less hectic and the challenges can not only be met
but you can turn them into opportunities by meeting them with confidence.

Should I get An Image Consultant

Do you have low self-esteem? Do you wish you could do better at work, at home
and in your love life? If the answers to these questions is yes, then you need
an image consultant.

An image consultant is sort of like your "fairy godmother" because this
professional may just be what you need to turn things around. In order for this
person to do their job, you have to tell them what is the problem and be open to
their suggestions.

If fashion is your concern, you will have to throw all your old clothes out and
replace these with new ones. Naturally, that is going to cost you some money so
be ready to invest in order to get the desired results.

For those who have poor communication skills, the image consultant can help by
coaching you do some things before you open your mouth. He or she can tell you
to listen to what the other party is saying so you know how to respond to them,
phrase your message in a positive way instead of delivering it in a critical
manner and using simple words to express your point.

Some people have anger issues or other behavioral problems. Ordinary people do
not understand that so your image consultant can help you deal with it by
helping you avoid these trigger mechanisms and dealing with them should they

So where can you find an image consultant? Fortunately, a lot of people are
doing this so you won't have a problem looking for a trained professional. You
can check for someone in the newspaper, in posters and online.

Once you have their name and contact number, you schedule an appointment to see
if you will be able to work well with this person. You should also ask how much
they charge, how long they have been in business and a couple of previous
clients so you can ask them how well this person served them in the past.

After doing a background check, you can already choose which one of the image
consultants around you want to hire.

The image consultant does not have to be with every single day in order for you
to improve. He or she will be around regularly until such time that things get
better so such visits will decrease to probably once or twice in a year.

If the advices given has a made a dramatic impact on your life, then you owe
everything to this person. The only thing to do now is continue on living with
what was passed on to you so this will be able to stick with you for the long

Image consultants do not only work for individual clients because they also
represent large corporations. They may not be referred to with this title but
called a company spokesperson, specialist, coordinator and a lot more.

It does not matter what they are called. The important thing is that these
professionals are able to change the perception of the public towards this
person or company.

An image consultant could be the answer to your prayers. You just have to find
them because they won't be the ones knocking at your door and asking if you
need help. It works the other way around.

What to Look for in Image Consultants

Image consultants are important in people whose jobs are in the limelight. In
the most extreme cases, these are the people who run for public office and
those who are constantly in the public eye like celebrities and movie stars.

But there are other people who also need image consultants. High-powered
executives, company spokespersons, marketing personnel and publicists also need
image consultants to make them more personable and amiable to the public
especially if the company they are working for is undergoing a controversy or
is in need of crisis pr.

Despite the importance of these job in some fields, there is really no
educational course or degree that teaches the basics of image consultancy. The
most that these professionals can bring to the table is their experience in the
business and their knowhow on how people think and perceive others. This is why
most people who are into the field either get a communications subject or a
psychology education, which is a bit closer to what their jobs require.

Although image consultants do not necessarily have degrees to speak of, there
are criteria that will help you choose a good image consultant. Here are some
of the things that you should look for in an image consultant.

Experience: Image consultants are basically molded by their experience in the
job. Because there is really no degree or school that will teach them the
basics, what they know will depend on the things that they have experienced
while on the job. This is why the number of years of experience and the
exposure in the job is important when choosing an image consultant. The more
experience they have, the better they will be on the job.

Field of specialty: Some image consultants are well-versed in the field of
politics while others are great in maneuvering people in the corporate world.
When you look for an image consultant, it is best that you look into their
background and see where they are more used to. Remember that experience in the
field is not just the consideration but also the contacts that they have built
through the years. These contact will help their clients in changing their
images and in getting good press.

Track record: Look into their list of clients and check if they were successful
in their job. You can even study the problems of their clients in the past and
see if there are clients who have similar problems as you do. If they have, you
are in luck because you will be able to compare what they did with the client
with your situation. Having a string of success in the past will mean that they
are good and effective in their jobs. Unfortunately, the better looking their
track-record is, the more expensive their professional fees will be. So budget
should also be your consideration.

Methods: You should also check their methods and the process by which they
accomplish their goals. Are they people that you want to associate with? do you
agree with the processes that these image consultant employ in order to bring
about the change? Some image consultants focus on changing the appearance of
the person while others go for the reputation more through good publicity.

See which method you like more and hire the image consultants that do those

Does Your Company Need an Image Consultant

Are there problems within your organization? Has this affected your
relationship with your customers? If it has, do something about it before you
go out of business. One way you can do that is to hire the services of an image

An image consultant is a miracle worker because he or she can turn thing around
even when you think that all hope is lost. One thing they have that you don't is
their ability to provide a perspective coming from the outside. It is your
choice then whether to listen to what they have to say or not.

But given that you are in trouble, you will listen otherwise you can kiss your
business goodbye. When you hire them, you have to tell them everything like
what problems have you had in the past and then give them time to assess what
is wrong before they can give you a recommendation.

If customer service is a major problem, they will probably tell you to retrain
all your staff so they will act better in front of the customer. The image
consultant will even be the one to conduct it if this is within their field of

After the training is done, it is time to monitor if there is any improvement.
If business has improved, then you know that the advice given by the image
consultant has paid off. You just have to maintain it so this will not happen

Should the company have another problem, be sure to get an image consultant
that is capable of handling the problem. Chances are, the image consultant you
hire may be someone different if the person you hired before is not able to
help out.

So what should you look for when you hire an image consultant? This person must
have had extensive experience in that field and even formal training or
certification to prove they can handle the job. Before you hire one, you should
also call on a few and review their credentials by knowing how long they have
been in the business and who have they helped in the past.

You then narrow your choices to three and then select the best candidate to
help solve your company's problem.

The success or failure of any company rests on the leadership and those who are
under them. Why? Because what you do and how you present yourself has a major
impact on your success. If there are any problems, this will affect the
business. The image consultant can help turn things around only if you let
them. If you don't, you are just wasting your time and especially money since
most these professionals charge you an hourly rate.

Aside from helping companies, image consultants also help out individuals who
want to take control of their lives and career. If they have had problems about
what they wear and how they act, these professionals can help change that. You
just have to find them because they don't look for you, they advertise in the
newspaper and online so you will be able to find them.

So take a look at your company and the morale of the people surrounding you?
Are things looking up or down? If things are shaky, get an image consultant to
turn things around.

How to Become an Image Consultant

Anyone can become an image consultant. You just need a few things that will
make you excel if you decide to turn this into a full time business.

For one, you must have a background in something so can use your experience and
offer this as advice to the client. If you worked before as a hairstylist, you
know what colors or hairstyles work for a certain person.

You should also be interested in whatever you are offering otherwise you won't
be able to give your all when you are trying to help someone with their problem.

It will also be good to have formal training and get certification similar to a
doctor has to get in order to practice medicine.

You should know that there are no set programs offered in colleges or
universities that teach students how to become an image consultant however a
bachelor's degree in psychology, business, home economics or sociology may
prove to be useful when you are managing your business or communicating with a

The certification you get to be an image consultant comes from organizations
that train people to work in this kind of profession. This will make you
confident and knowledgeable about the fashion industry should you decide to
specialize in helping people choose what clothes to wear. If your client does
not have time to buy the right clothes, you will be the one to out and buy for
them thus you become an image consultant/personal shopper.

In order for you to become an image consultant, you need to gain some
experience. Naturally you can't charge the same rate as other people who have
been doing this are charging so offer your services first for free.

After successfully helping a few people, create your own portfolio or a website
so people will know who you are.

To expand your business as an image consultant, you have to advertise just like
any other business. Put an ad in the local paper, forward emails and send direct
mail invitations to clients even if your business may also spread by word of

If you are still not sure how things will work out, it is best to do this part
time and then see how things go. That is what a lot of people have done before
committing to this full time especially when they are helping more than just
one client.

You will realize when you are successful as an image consultant when a company
has hired you to help their employees make some improvements. You are there to
hold seminars or workshops and what the employees do afterwards is entirely up
to them. Some will listen while others won't which is already beyond your

So now that you know how to become an image consultant, the question you have
to ask yourself is if you want to shift to this as a career. Some people will
succeed while others won't. Just like any other profession, you have to commit
yourself so you will be able to overcome any obstacle.

Given that almost everybody needs an image consultant, it is not wonder that a
lot of people are getting in the game. What you do could help someone land a
job, find their true love, get a promotion at work or just make them feel
better about themselves.

How to Be a Good Image Consultant

You have probably heard that image consultants are doing very well these days
which is why you thought of getting into the business. But is it really for
everyone? The answer is no and it will take a lot of things to make it work.

First, you must have prior experience in the chosen field you want to become an
image consultant in so people will listen to you. If you want to be a image
consultant/fashion consultant, it is good if you worked in the fashion industry
for some time before deciding to get out.

Second, you should also have formal training and certification because this
will increase your value as a professional. You may have worked for a fashion
company in the past but further training increases your chances of being hired
after choosing from other possible candidates.

With those two, you make or break your business as an image consultant with
three important factors.

When you are hired to be an image consultant for a client, you have to do your
best for that person. You must offer good quality so can be proud of what you
have done since you have accomplished even beyond the client's expectations.

If you have offer good quality, then no one will question how much you are
charging. Most image consultants charge by the hour and on average that is
about $50. If you work for a celebrity or a major corporation this is much
bigger and you can only charge more if you have had previous clients in the
past that are satisfied with your accomplishments.

Lastly, you must offer service. No one will an image consultant for one day and
expect things to change. You have to talk with this person often, conduct follow
ups to see how things are doing and be ready to make the necessary changes if
the approaches used in the past do not produce any positive results.

Quality, price and service are the three most important factors you must always
possess if you want to succeed as an image consultant.

If business is doing well, you will not only help individuals but also
companies as well. The difference between the two is the fact that with a
company, you will assess not one but a group of individuals. Talking to them is
very tedious so you have to be able to conduct a seminar or workshop and still
produce positive results.

You may not have time to manage a lot of clients and this is when you have to
hire or train people who want to become image consultants so your reputation is
not jeopardized just because you are not the one handling the case.

Another option will be to network with other image consultants especially when
they specialize in something you are not so familiar with.

There is room for everyone who decides to become an image consultant. Those who
do well will be in business for years while those who don't will fold.

Surely, you want your business as an image consultant to succeed so keep the
three factors in mind and get all the training you need. You will find these
useful when you face a client so you are able to deliver results.

What makes a good image consultant

Many people have seen it on TV. Others might have read or seen in on print in
various newspapers. By now, you've probably heard it on the radio. And those
who are online savvy, they might have read or seen about it in the Internet.
People are becoming more and more aware of they are perceived by other people
and image is a very big concern for people who want to move up in their
careers, meet the one that they love or plainly be respected. Image consultants
are all over the place and they are making waves here and there. But there are a
few misconceptions about the industry and the career.

Some people think that you have to be a celebrity yourself to be an image
consultant, on the other hand most celebrity image consultant started out as
regular people trying to make it big in
the industry. Nowadays, there are image consultant courses available to any one
aspiring to be that makeover mogul that they want to be.

The motto of an image consultant is that each person they work with to
ultimately feel truly confident, be their own individuals and succeed in the
things that they want in life. To achieve this they have to know the total
image consultation method. This method scientifically analyses the needs and
look that suits a person. For an image consultant to make a total makeover for
their clients, they need to master their skills when it comes to:

1. Color analysis: This method focuses on the colors and the hues that would
look good on a person's skin tone, hair color and even eye color. Defining the
colors and hues that will make you natural colorings that will come alive in
different circumstances is one of the most important things in a makeover.
Because of this you would not have to experiment on colors that would not look
god on you.

Setting the right tone at the right circumstances is important to make you feel
confident about the dress you are wearing one of the hardest things to do is to
wear dark colors when light colors would be more comfortable on the color of
your skin. Courses that include this in their curriculum would be very
beneficial to any aspiring image consultant.

2. Bodyline and style analysis: This method talks about the kinds of cut and
designs that would make the natural assets of a person and flatter the body. It
also involves the choosing the right wardrobe for the client that they have.
They say that that best piece of wardrobe that you could own is the one
specifically made for your body. Image consultant courses that include this in
their program are the ones that aspiring makeover geniuses should consider.
Because no matter what you do you can't change your bone structure and you
can't cheat you curves and lines.

3. Personal branding: For some people, this might sound weird but it completes
the cycle of method in that image consultants need to master. By definition,
personal branding is how to make the person's personal style and look come out
and get noticed. For image consultants to become effective, personal branding
is important because if this makes their potential clients look good and bring
out the individuality and personality of different types of people.

A good image consultant must know that every single person has their own style
that they can call as their own, even is sometimes the style that we sport
makes us look trying to hard. The combination of color matching, analyzing
style and physical attributes, along with personal branding is what makes image
consultants effective in bringing out the best in people.

Qualities of a good image consultant

There is no diploma for an image consultant. That most credential that these
people will be able to give you is their experience in the field and the track
record that they have built with their past clients. This is perhaps why it is
harder for new people in the industry to break into the market. After all,
without a track record, who will hire you but without any clients, how can you
build a track record.

To answer this problem, some people work for image consultancy offices to gain
experience and also contacts. That way, they can establish a name in the
industry without really venturing out alone. When they have gained enough
experience in the market and have become a recognizable name in the industry,
that is the time that they can leave the company and set up their own shop.

But even with the experience and the contacts behind them, they will not be
effective image consultants if they don't have the following qualities. Read on
and see if you have some of them. Remember that some of them are basically
innate while others can be developed through time. Look into each and see the

1. Eye for tailoring and appearance: Some people just know what is beautiful
when they see one and image consultants must have the eye for the pretty things
if they want to succeed in changing the appearance and image of their clients.
This is especially true if you are working on celebrities who want help with
their wardrobe. Although stylists can also help with this, the decision will
ultimate be yours.

2. Organization: People who are into image consulting must be able to handle
their schedules well. this is especially true if you have multiple clients that
you are servicing at the same time. One late move or the wrong press release
sent to the wrong news agency can spell disaster to you client. You've got to
be prompt and organized. Sometimes, if your client is the rebel type, you need
to be there 24/7 to look into their every action.

3. Sociable: A good image consultant must be sociable and in a sense good in
public relations. After all, how can you hope to help your client fix their
reputation outside if you cannot even fix yours. Image consultants must be good
pr persons. They must have great personalities, great conversationalists and
great convincers.

4. Educated: Image consultancy as mentioned above do not have any course but
this does not mean that you don't need to get a diploma for the job. You need
to also be educated if you want to be able to talk to people and convince them
of your client's good qualities. An image consultant must come across as a
professional and must foremost be educated and intelligent

5. Creative: In all kinds of work, you need to be creative in order to ensure
your client's change in image. You may not realize it but this requires master
planning and cunning. Not only should you mobilize your contacts to help you.
You should also be able to think of ways that will help your client change his
or her image without appearing to make it so hard.

After all, change in image should be subtle, fluid and effortlessly done.
That's the mark of good image consultants.

What Type of Image Consultant Do You Want to Be

When people decide to retire, who and what they are does not end. People should
look at it as a new beginning because their vast knowledge and expertise can be
put to good use when they decide to become an image consultant for a client.

But what is an image consultant? This person is someone helps improves the
company's image in the eyes of the customer. It is very similar to what a PR or
public relations person would do but more since you don't just release press

Your professional background determines what type of image consultant you can
be. For instance, if you have worked in marketing for most of your career, you
can help a company increase their sales volume by coming up with campaigns to
make that happen.

If your client is in the service industry and you worked in human resources
particular training, you can conduct seminars and workshops so the people who
come in to contact with the customers will be able to satisfy their needs
especially when problems happen.

But work experience is not enough to land a client. If that was the case,
anyone who worked for a company for 10 years or more would have their own
practice already. What you need is formal training or certification so people
will take you seriously.

It is also important to get formal training and certification so you will be
able to learn the other aspects of being an image consultant like how to assess
the problem, what steps need to be taken and how this message is delivered to
the client.

This opportunity will also teach you about the financial requirements needed to
start your own consultancy business. A lot of professionals who now work as
image consultants first work at home before deciding to rent office space.

Along the way, you can choose what type of business you like to help and what
size? Do you want to offer your services to a multinational company or a small

An image consultant does a lot of stuff and they can work in just about any
business. You can work as a fashion consultant, color consultant, foreclosure
consultant, home party consultant, import specialist, sports nutrition
consultant, international business specialist, retirement planning specialist
and senior training specialist.

But whatever it is called, the objective is the same and that is to uplift or
change the image of the person or the client.

The only thing to do now once you have decided to get into this business is to
let people know you exist. A lot of image consultants advertise in the
newspaper while the rest hand out flyers and calling cards. You can also make a
website and if you have a lot of money, why not invest and put up a billboard or

The success of your business begins with one client. If you do well, he or she
will most likely recommend you to others so potential clients will also learn
about you via word of mouth.

When you decide to become an image consultant, you also become a role model
because people look up to you for advice. If you can turn things around for a
client, then you know job is done.

Choosing your image consultant training

It is a certified hot topic all over the world -- people from all walks of life
are trying to get to the nearest image consultant to change the way they look
and feel. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of
perception management; people are also becoming more aware of the importance of
looking good. And because of this more and more image consultant-training
centers, schools and curriculums have mushroomed over the years.

Because of this rapid growth in the industry of image consultancy and
perception management people, who happen to have an interest in the craft, are
having a hard time looking for the best place to learn the craft from. For
people who want to be part of this rapidly growing industry but have a hard
time looking for the right place to go, here are a few helpful tips that you
could consider to make that choice.

1. Quality over time frame. You will find each lesson curriculum and the
inclusive how-to training easy to comprehend. Every project you complete is a
sure fire and potent confidence-builder that you are well-qualified to advice
others; every guarantee in a special image consulting part gives a potent
addition to your professional skills; every PowerPoint presentation is a
persuasive tool that will facilitate you to train your clients.

2. Value over monetary amount. In a nutshell you can sum up value by saying,
"you get what you pay for." This is true for both you and our client, the kind
of service that your client will get is the kind of service that you trained to
give. If you received training from a not so reputable institution then the
output that you and your client will get is the kind of output that may not
really meet good standards. When looking for a place to be trained for image
consultancy, you need to consider the reputation of the company and the people
training you. You should also do a little background check on the clients that
they have. And the kind of network that have.

3. Convenience over complicated routines. Of course everyone wants convenience
in the things that they do and convenience is important to you as a learner. If
the company offers online modules and instructions materials then it is a huge
plus for you.

4. Personal mentoring from experts over hearsay. While it is really exciting to
have a real professional do it in front of you there are of course a few things
that can be of hindrance to this happening. Personal mentoring can be in the
form of modules and other materials personally made by people who practice the
trade and can even come in other forms depending on the training firm. Others
opt for instructional CDs and how to guides can be the best option for you when
it comes to this part, remember that the experiences and expertise that these
people can impart are a gem in this kind of career.

5. Network and reach over popularity. To achieve effective image consultant
training, look into the network of colleagues and other people that your
training school can help you with, having brand loyalty is one thing but having
a good network of beauty professionals that could help is much better.

Now that your all set in to choose the right image consultant training center
for you all you need to do is go out there and change lives.

You Can Be an Image Consultant That Specializes in Fashion

Ever heard the line, dress to impress? Well, you probably do that when you are
going out shopping or to a party. But did you know that people who work have to
do that everyday to maintain a professional atmosphere among their co-employees?
If they are not able to, it is best to hire an image consultant that specializes
in fashion.

An image consultant who specializes in fashion is hired to improve how someone
looks as this also affects how he or she feels about themselves and their
relationship with others. You won't be only giving advice on what clothes to
wear but also what kind of hairstyle, makeup and accessories should go with it
so you there is consistency from top to bottom.

To work well in this profession, you have to be up to date that with the trends
in the fashion industry. This will allow you to figure out what a person can
wear based on their budget.

Some of the people you will be dealing include business executives,
celebrities, company employees and in some cases, teenagers.

While some have decided to make this a private practice, many of these
individuals work in department stores and retail chains who give advice to
people who drop by and ask if the shirt or dress they are trying out looks good
on them or not.

As an image consultant, not everyone you work with will have a perfect figure.
Some are thin while others are big and fat and since everyone needs to have a
unique image to provide positive self-esteem, you have to work with what you
have to make it happen.

If the image consultant decides to help the client, he or she will first
discuss their current wardrobe. From there, you can already show samples of
possible alternatives for accessories, clothing and styles. Once the client
buys everything, all you need to know is follow up how things are going by
visiting them once or twice a year.

When you give advice, you must be sensitive to their needs, respect their
individual taste and lifestyle. You can even go with the client to the mall so
you can see what they are trying out to prevent them from buying something that
isn't right for them.

Being an image consultant for one client is different with another. You just
have to things on a case to case basis then work from there.

But the first step to become an image consultant that specializes in fashion is
to get formal training and certification. You may get that by enrolling in a
diploma program in fashion merchandising or participate in other courses
offered by private firms that want to promote this as a noble profession.

Some of these individuals first start out by working for a private company and
then decide to open their own business. This means you will be the one to
manage the business and a host of other things aside from making client calls.

You have to spend a bit to advertise your services as an image consultant. Put
an ad in the newspaper, print out some flyers, create a website, pay for a
poster or billboard. When the phone rings, set an appointment date and then
meet up with the client.

The next big thing: Virtual Image Consultants

It cannot be denied that for the past years, the need for image consultants has
been increasing steadily. This is because more and more image consultants are
making waves and making people's lives more stylish and fabulous. Thanks to the
reality shows like, Extreme Makeover, Ambush Makeover and Queer Eye for the
straight guy, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to look good
and to make a god impression.

The main goal of image consultants and makeovers are to help the clients
express yourself, live with self-confidence, and be contented with who you are.
Image consultants work hand in hand with their clients to make sure that they
bring out the best in the client. But makeovers not only consist of the
physical appearance it also involves other aspects that other people use to
make an impression of a person.

Some of those other aspects are "verbal communication" wherein a person carries
a conversation with other people and involving the way they speak and how they
pronounce the words; the "body language" which focuses on how the person moves,
eye contact, context clues and other non-verbal forms of communication; and
lastly, the "etiquette" or "social manners" which revolves around how people
carry themselves around others.

But because of the fast paced way of life there is a little time for regular
people to waive of their schedules and make way for an appointment with an
image consultant. Because of the need to look good and feel good people are
looking for different ways to make the appointment happen. They say that
necessity is the mother of all inventions and one of the breakthroughs related
to image consultation is virtual image consulting through the Internet. The
Internet has made it possible for all the people looking to be under the
observant eye of an image consultant push through.

Introducing, virtual image consultants

It is a very convenient way to look good and understand your style. A virtual
image consultant makes it possible for people to go through the changes that
they want without the hassle of leaving their homes or the office. Another good
thing about is that it allows the person to undergo the changes at their own
pace because it is hard for some people to accept change. Some people feel very
uncomfortable mobbing out of their comfort zones that they have been sitting in
for the rest of their lives.

There's no underestimating the importance of dressing in a way that makes you
feel good about yourself. While we all be on familiar terms with that living a
healthy lifestyle is a big march in the right course, paying special notice to
your requirements is the other part of the equation.

Just like a regular image consultant that has an office and a network, a
virtual image consultant offers you the following personal services:

- Color analysis wherein there is a deep understanding the colors and the hues
that would make the natural skin colors come out and be accentuated;

- Closet audit and wardrobe evaluation wherein picking out the right clothes
that would flatter the person's lines and curves are highlighted;

- Discovering the client's personal style wherein there are personality matches
that are being conducted by the image consultant him or herself;

- Personal shopping wherein the client and the image consultant go through the
wardrobe that is in season and finding the suitable ones while eliminating the
need to go to the mall and rummage trough different racks and the hours that is
spent trying on different styles.

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