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Options of an iPod video

The new iPod video, which is of a convenient shirt or pocket size, has many
options and some of them are absolutely surprising. Apart from the usual
options of the iPod -- music player, photo viewer, and voice recorder -- the
new iPod video has several options that may seem revolutionary for some people
or useless for others. These options make an iPod video first of all a video
playback device, photo and music device. For example, it plays music videos,
even TV shows or, a remarkable initiative -- ABC hits like "Lost" and
"Desperate Housewives". Even Pixar shorts and popular Disney are available for
the new iPod video.

The new iPod video is a refined device with refined features for the interested
customers. The new video features are very well thought out and displayed on a
thinner iPod. Besides, the resolution is up to 320x240, fact that may represent
an advantage in an era of other handheld video options. On the other hand, the
new iPod video has better volume with no static or clipping when turned up to
the maximum volume. You may also connect you iPod to the home or car stereo
without worrying about the quality of the sound.

Another option concerns the fact that the new iPod video has a large color
screen. Besides, the display is refined, as you may see the images even in
bright indoor light or in the sunlight. Another aspect regards the battery life
that may last 14 hours or even 20 -- it depends on the model you choose.

The specialists suggest that the main use of the iPod video will be the short
videos, funny elements taken from life. The argument for this fact is that the
iPod videos are too small for being watched by too many people at the same time
and require more attention than the audio programs. A possible disadvantage is
the fact that many iPod videos may be used by teenagers for porn videos, fact
that may help the porn industry to develop its programs and success.

Some other options may come immediately after the complete success of the
presented ones. The great success may be ensured for the company and especially
for this daring project without even having clear and certain proofs from the
consumer market. Besides, the options on the new iPod video may be tempting for
those who prefer not to mix the mobile with video options. This aspect may
represent the next step in the video evolution although there are lots of
skeptic opinions about these new trends in the television industry.

Another important aspect of the new options of the iPod video is the fact that
you may encode video from a DVD. You may also connect the iPod video to a TV
and for this operation you may need some items -- an iPod compatible video, a
video capable iPod and an A/V cable. The next operations concern your skills in
selecting the right options on your video iPod: you should choose video setting
from the menu, then you have to adjust the video playback style you need.

Another step concerns the TV signal specific for your country. Special
information regards the way you plug the red, yellow and white RCA plugs: the
red one into TV yellow RCA jack, the yellow into the white one and the white
into the red RCA jack.

From this point on you may select on your video iPod the movie, show or video
music you want to watch. You have to select the option TV on and after a status
screen appeared on your iPod, the video is played back on the TV. You may also
control the volume levels from the iPod volume control.

Other options regard the photo display on the TV set using the AV cable,
mentioning the fact that the photos are remarkably clear an maybe a little
brighter than other displays.

IPod video sales

The sales of the new iPod video are surprisingly good, taking into account the
fact that no research has been made for the customer market and their needs or

A possible disadvantage for the sales may be the fact that the negative
advertising has been made. This negative advertising concerns the vulnerability
of the screens, the easy scratching surfaces and other several features.
However, the sales are up due to the great success among the teenagers, among
very busy people who travel a lot.

Some researches show that instead of the iPod video success and publicity the
Amazon online store the most popular iPod is the nano model. However, the sales
are ahead expectations and in the case of other stores are outselling the
popular iPod nano. These high sales may be due to the high storage capacity,
video features and reasonable prices. From this point of view, a selection of
users may be made, as the nano edition iPod attracts more MP3 users. Therefore,
a new trend and a new profile of user appeared taking into account the high
sales for the new video iPod.

Another aspect of the great sales concerns the fact the new iPod video is not a
competitor for the TV industry, but more a complementary device. Although the
rating of some TV shows or films may lower, the iPod video may also contribute
to the fame extend of some TV shows or films. The sales may be also triggered
by the trendy urban lifestyle and capacity of influencing the preferences and
needs of the others. The fact that the episodes of the TV series such is the
case of "Lost" or "Desperate Housewives" may have contributed to the great
success and great sales of the new edition of the iPod.

Other sales were going up as they developed from the new edition of the iPod
and this is the case of the iTunes Music Store. In this type of store you may
buy episodes of the famous TV series, music videos and pictures. The parallel
development of two complementary services -- the handheld video device and the
special store for it -- is a great achievement. Besides, the iPod is the best
selling music online store and it will probably be the best music video online
store. The sales may also rise due to the new available TV series or TV shows
of the famous TV Channels.

Taking into account the fact that the iPod is the best seller in the United
States, being the most successful music player, it was easy to predict high
sales for the new edition, even it is a video iPod. The prices were lower as
the lower-cost players were introduced on the market in the last years, but the
nano edition has increased the prices. With the new iPod video the price has
been pushed beyond the average selling price.

That is why the sales of 100 iPods every minute may seem not surprising at all
and sales of 14 millions in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2006 are
considered not bad at all for such a company. The sales for the iPod video may
also rise together with the spreading worldwide of the popularity of this
edition of iPod.

However, the iPod video doubles the Apple's sales. The sales were made
skyrocket due to the great success of the new iPod video outselling in some
cases other types or editions of iPods. Nevertheless, the maximized sales are
due to the new video features, longer battery life, more options and more
memory space enough for a lot of music, music videos, TV shows and episodes,
and even lots of photos for the photo album. These features and improvements
make the new iPod video so popular and fashionable. These aspects and others
(games, possibility of checking the e-mail, possibility of finding out the time
in other cities and other useful features) suit very well the contemporary

Improvements of the new iPod video

The improvements of the new iPod video concern not only the dimensions, but
also the battery life, the quality sound and, above all, the possibility of
watching the favorite music videos and TV shows.

As regarding the exterior aspect, one may say that this may be the most
handsome model of an iPod even made -- a bigger display, thinner, and about 45
percent less space than the original iPod. The main idea is less space and more
features and if it wasn't the case of a human made object, you may have said
that the magic is called evolution. The two models of the video iPod -- 30 and
60 GB -- are thinner and look very fashionable, having an attractive exterior

The new iPod has other improvements, especially in the case of the battery life
so that the enjoyment and satisfaction would be complete, having five hours life
more than before. This means that the new iPod has 20 hours of battery life and
taking into account the advantage of watching music videos, TV shows, cartoons,
photos and other videos, this aspect is more than welcomed.

The improvements also concern the memory of the new iPod and the good news is
that you may have 15,000 songs on it and even a full-color album up to 25,000
photos. The 2.5-inch color display is also of great help while watching either
the photos or the videos. In this way, you may take all your favorite music
with you and you may still have room for your favorite music videos, TV shows
or cartoons. If you are a fan of the latest ABC hits like "Lost" and "Desperate
Housewives", you may also take them with you, as even this thing is possible
with the new iPod video. There are also Pixar shorts and some Disney available
for the new iPod for your children or for your childish tastes.

Some other improvements regard the quality of changing the options and the
touch-sensitive surface is the great achievement for the new iPod video. In
this way, you may access the music, video and photo memory easily and you may
also create a rating for your favorites. The options of play and pause,
fast-forward and rewind are not a problem anymore. You may even launch
slideshows with your favorite photos.

You may also benefit from the iTunes Music Store with over 2 million songs
available for all tastes and ages, 2,000 videos, ABC or Disney TV shows. You
may downlowd them and then sync them into your iPod. Besides, with the help of
special cables you may see the photos or the videos on your TV set. There is
another option for all these activities -- you may use the universal dock and
the remote control.

These amazing improvements may be the source of endless joys and satisfaction
for you on the road or in other situations when you need company. Besides, you
may also look up an e-mail address, you may check the calendar of your
activities, find out the time in another part of the country or particular
city. These possibilities may conquer the heart of any person in this world and
that is why the new iPod video may be a great choice for a gift for the beloved

Moreover, this special toy may fit any age and any tastes and may be the
perfect gift for any member of your family. The handy options, the nice design
and great improvements may be the source of endless joys for any person who
doesn't like to spend time with no activity. The wide and bright screen, the
touch-sensitive surface, the longer battery life, the great amount of options
and possibilities make the new iPod video the best iPod ever made. And there is
still room for other important and interesting changes, and that is why the
designers are open to any useful suggestions.

How to get videos onto your iPod video

The iPod video is known as the last generation of iPods, which surprised the
market and the sales since its appearance. Basically, this new device is able
to play videos. If this seems like fun, the technical part might need some

Firstly, you should know that both the PSP and iPod can play H.264 / MPEG-4
encoded videos with AAC audio tracks. Due to this fact, the resolution is
rather limited, together with the limitation of the bit rates that you can use
on the device. For the new iPod video, this limits means (for the H.264 video)
up to up to 768 Kbps, 320 x 240 and 30 frames per second. For the MPEG-4 video,
the limits are up to 2.5 mbps, 480 x 480 and the same 30 frames per second. Even
more, the AAC audio bit rate is around 160 Kbps. After establishing these
limits, the next step is to establish the source of the video, which can be
either from a DVD or a video of the computer.

In other terms, the company Apple claims, in a purely informative ad which is
posted on the official website, that the new iPod, as they call the new iPod
video, can store 15, 000 songs, 25, 000 photos and not less than 150 hours of

If wanting to get a video from a DVD, then the first thing you should do is to
insert the DVD in the device. After this, you should open (in case it doesn't
immediately open by itself) the DVD, using file and open DVD from the menu.

Check the options in the DVD menu, to set up everything as you like, meaning
language, subtitles or chapters. Begin playing the movie, using the DVD menu to
navigate. When the movie begins, you should press the record button and select
the folder in which you want to store the recorded files. When you want to end
the recording, simply click the stop button and if the recording goes well,
there will be a screen confirmation that you have converted your file

If you wish to convert a video from your computer to your iPod video, then the
first thing that you should do is go to the menu file and click open video
file. After this, your video is supposed to begin to play, the perfect moment
to adjust the video as you like. Also, you can set the perfect moment to start
the recording, using the bottom playback controls. When you decided this, click
the button record and feel free to stop it at any time. After recording, just
like in the case of importing videos from a DVD device, there will be a message
on the screen saying that everything went on successfully.

If respecting these basic rules, the videos and movies will be stored carefully
in your iPod and you will be free to watch them, at any time. Still, be aware of
the fact that the iPod offers limited space and resolution, which means that you
should be picky when deciding what to keep and what to delete. The new iPod
video is a challenging and innovative product that combines music with images,
offering, for the first time, the possibility of playing video on such a small
digital device.

Facts about the new iPod video

The newest member of the iPod family is found everywhere nowadays. As people
get to understand more and more the usage of this new device, the Apple Company
gains more customers. Till now, the sales indicate the fact that the iPod video
is one of the best sellers from the series which began back in 2001.

Some of the most important accessories that the new iPod video provides are the
universal clock, the contact book and the various games. From the last model in
2004, the iPod video brought a new feature regarding the photo storage. Now,
the iPod provides full size thumbnails for these pictures and, even more, they
can be organized as preferred, in slide shows.

The dimensions of the newest iPod are bigger than the ones belonging to the
last model. This is due to the fact that the new iPod is destined, besides
others, for watching music videos or even full length movies, so the iPod
presents a larger color screen (the screen size was modified to 2.5 inches
(6.35 cm) diagonally, 0.5 inches (12.7 mm). The fact that the screen is bigger
is a good thing, but the surface is easy to scratch, an aspect that is less

The new iPod has other improvements, too, especially concerning the life of the
battery. This improvement basically means that the new iPod has 20 hours of
battery life and taking into account the advantage of watching music videos, TV
shows, cartoons, photos and other videos, this aspect is very relevant. Another
advantage is the iTunes Music Store, which has over 2 million songs available
for all tastes and ages, 2,000 videos, ABC or Disney TV shows. Downloading them
is easy and it can be done directly. Even more, with the help of special cables
the downloaded files can be easily seen on the TV. There is another variant for
all these activities -- you may use the universal dock and the remote control.

The other quality features are the easy control, the video feature, but the
flaws regard the interruption of the sound between the tracks is one thing that
gets criticism.

Regarding the looks, the new iPod comes, as the previous iPod (the nano model
of the 4th generation) in 2 colors, white and black, but it has a wide range of
applications and improved features: Screen Lock applications, a smaller earphone, 
a thin slipcase, AC adapter and FireWire cable. Regarding the dimensions, the new 
iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 inches for the 30 GB version and 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches 
for the 60 GB version (which, in the case of the new video iPod model, are found 
at the same price on the market).

The latest member of the iPod series surprised the market in various ways: from
the video capacities to the other evolved features (in comparison with the 2004
model) and from the style and looks to the wide and evolved spectrum of
accessories that are available together with the new iPod video. The evolution
of the iPod presents an increased interest in constantly improving this device
and always considering the necessities of the target buyers. It is expected
that the next generation of iPods to be even more evolved, with various changes
in the video settings and more innovative accessories.

Expectations about the new iPod video

The new iPod video seems to have been met with great expectations and hopes.
The audiophiles were waiting for a better sound, those concerned with photos
for a bigger memory, the video fans were expecting longer life battery. And the
key word for all these expectation is quality.

Some of the groups of customers with different expectations got what they
wanted, others are disappointed and have other expectations from the future
editions of iPods. In many ways the customers were surprised by the new iPod
video as many improvements were made as compared with previous editions. The
previous generations of iPods had some disadvantages and maybe due to the
customers' expectations those aspects were improved.

The first aspect that was changed is the screen and its dimension. Then the
quality of the screen, its clarity and the number of the colors are impressive.
The dimensions of the screen are big enough for watching the favorite video, the
favorite photos or pictures so that the time would pass easily. Another
important aspect that should be taken into account while speaking about the
improvements of the iPods concerns the quality of the screen and image as the
usual obstacles of light, sunny indoor or outdoor does not represent a problem
anymore. The fact that the memory of the new iPod video is so generous seems to
be a bonus to the quality of the pictures. There are also some features that
permit creating slideshows, fact that is very useful.

The long life of the battery of the new iPod video is impressive so that the 30
GB has 14-15 hours of music listening. The 60 GB has almost 20 hours of music
audition. Unfortunately, this great news has another aspect that concerns the
life of the battery in case of video playing. The battery life while video
playing is only 2 hours so that long movies or other longer shows are not
possible to be watched because of this impediment. Some customers suggest that
the life battery would be longer taking into account its huge memory and
probably these complaints will be taken into account while creating new
generations of iPods.

Another aspect that was expected and received with great joy is the huge
memory. In this way, other customers prefer the new iPod video only because of
this very aspect. It gives the possibility of having all digital photos on the
new iPod, classifying them in a photo album. The memory of the new iPod video
30 GB and 60 GB hold up to 15,000 songs and 25,000 photos. The possibility of
holding vivid color album art is another advantage and great news for lovers of
the art. The customers have also the possibility of viewing and reviewing up to
150 hours of digital video.

The new features may satisfy almost all requirements and may meet almost all
expectations. Digital entertainment, the superior quality of the sound, the
best technology in MP3 domain, great battery life and huge memory are only few
features that are worth being mentioned.

The disappointments regarding the new iPod video may be the result of high
expectations that belong to different categories of people with different
preoccupations. This aspect may contribute to a great development of handheld
video devices and may bring variation on the market. The edition of a new iPod
video and the disappointments regarding the video features may be the
expression of new needs and requirements on the market of iPods.

Even in the case of too many disappointments or disagreements with some
features and the quality of some aspect are true, these may contribute to the
development of future generations of iPods. In this way, all expectations may
be fulfilled and other wishes and requirements may develop.

All these improvements and new features are a great success and a new step in
developing new video devices with the possibility of watching TV shows and TV
series of great success. The new iPod video meets the expectations of the
customers and especially the busy lifestyle, accommodating the crazy rhythm of
the modern life.

Critics on the new iPod video

The new iPod video has a wide range of new qualities and among these, the most
important is, without any doubt, the video feature. Due to the fact that the
market already had a small and portable device which basically played games,
but also played videos, the new iPod video was released with some suspicions of
the critics. The video iPod is hardly the first portable video player on the
market, as the device belonging to Sony claims to be the number 1 portable
video player in the world, but it is principally used to play video games. Even
so, the sales of this new product turned out to be surprisingly high, a fact
which was obvious shortly after the first semester.

The main concern regarding the product was the fact that due to the small
screen, the people willing to watch a serious movie on it would be limited. In
fact, studies show that most people prefer to feel the actual movie, while
watching it in front of a big screen, like the one in the movie theatres. Even
more, the new cell phone with a video feature which was so famous in Asia was
used for watching movies only for a few minutes, considering the fact that it
had a small screen which couldn't allow catching all the quality details of the
movie. The critics even mentioned the fact that, while being on a bus, in a cab
or waiting in line at some office, the video iPod with its tiny screen might be
a good solution, after all. This is due to the fact that this activity is
considered a great snack or a great break. Based on this, the analysts
mentioned that if Apple wanted to really hit the market, they should opt for an
iPod with a bigger screen, so that customers would be eager to watch even the
long movies on this device.

Another aspect which was highly debated was the fact that the battery life of
this new device lasts less than expected. While the play station portable has a
battery which lasts up to 8 hours while watching a movie, the iPod video only
provides 2 hours of battery life, which is a big disturbance, when trying to
watch a full length movie on this small digital device. Another thing that the
critics attacked was the fact that the iPod takes too long time to download
various movies. If for the play station portable, this task is doable in less
than 3 hours, while the QuickTime 7 Pro took almost 12 hours to encode the
video in an iPod-friendly format.

The sales of the new iPod video show the fact that the public accepts and wants
this new product with a lot of interest, due to the fact that it can play music,
store pictures and play movies at the same time, a fact which makes it a
multifunctional device. Even if the new item received many criticism, the
shirt-pocket-size new video iPod, seems to be one of the most preferred objects
of the teens of today, as they use it to store and listen to thousands of music
and other audio files downloaded straight from the Internet or from DVD's,
cameras and from the computer files.

Comparison between the play station portable and the iPod video

The new iPod video was one of the most surprising products of 2006, due to the
fact that iPods didn't include the video feature, since the launching of the
5th generation of iPods in 2005.

Still, the natural comparison the customers (and not only) made was the one
between the play station portable, also known as the PSP and the new model of
the iPod series. PSP is basically a handheld game console which was produced by
the company Sony Computer Entertainment, back in 2004. The public's reactions to
this new device which was rather different than almost everything on the market
was very good, due to the fact that the small device allowed customers to play
famous games, and, at the same time, watch clips.

Comparing the batteries of these 2 devices or, better said, the life of the
batteries, it is a fact that the PSP device lasted much longer than the iPod.
While playing a movie, the battery of the iPod dies after almost 2 hours and a
half, while the PSP battery lasts up to more than 7 hours, which is a big plus.

Comparing the audio quality, it must be said the fact that both the devices
provide a good audio quality; still, the iPod video turned out to provide a
slightly clearer sound than the play station portable. This is due to the act
that the audio in the iPod video file is encoded into AAC audio. On the other
hand, the PSP seemed to have more bass in some cases, but overall, the
difference was not that relevant and significant. The video quality of the 2
devices is another subject worthy to discuss and debate upon. It is known the
fact that the PSP has a much larger screen. Even so, in this case, the large
size advantage does not equal a better picture: the iPod manages to show a very
sharp picture and sharp and clear text (even long ones). On the other hand, when
discussing the difference in the video conversation, the fact is that a video
iPod takes around 12 hours to encode a video, while the play station portable
only needs a bit under 3 hours to do the same thing.

Comparing the 2 devices, it is obvious that they both have advantages and some
flaws. Even though the video quality seems better on the iPod video device, the
PSP presents a longer life of the battery and faster ways to encode videos.

Still, the iPod is a smaller device, so it is natural that some features are
not that optimized as in the case of the PSP. Even more, due to the fact that
it is smaller, the iPod is much easier to transport and to use in various
occasions. The studies even showed the fact that both items are sold mostly in
vacation periods, meaning the fact that the customers use them as an
entertainment item in their both summer and winter holidays.

The 2 devices, even though they are similar in many ways of their practical
usage, present both pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages. Depending on
the customer's needs and desires, they can choose the one that best fits their
necessity, available time or quality expectations.

Capabilities of the new iPod video

The capabilities of the new iPod video continue the developing process of the
old capabilities -- software, hardware and compatibility with other devices.
Concerning the software, it is well-known that the iPod in general and the iPod
video in particular play MP3, audible audio book, WAV, M4A/AAC, protected AAC,
AIFF and Apple Lossless audio file formats. Since the 5th generation iPods
there is another possibility of playing m4v and mp4 MPEG-4 video file formats.

Only non copy-protected WMA files may be copied to an iPod. Other formats are
not possible to be played by the iPod and this is the case of FLAC and Ogg
Vorbis formats.

Besides, the iPods are especially designed for matching the iTunes media
library software. This online music store appeared in 2003 and it sells songs
and it was thought exclusively for the iPod users and not for other portable
music players. This may have contributed to the success both the iPods and the
iTunes music store and to the great development and improvements of the iPod's

The software of the new iPod video has new features -- personalized
recommendations and video content that can be played on a Pc or transferred to
the iPod. The software was upgraded to Version 6, fact that represents a
development and a distinct achievement.

Concerning the hardware of the iPods one may say that the first generation
iPods were recharged only through FireWire with the help of a small power
adapter. The 4th generation iPods may have been charged over USB. The 5th
generation iPod may be charged with the help of a dock connector allowing the
FireWire cable to be plugged in for the recharge.

Compatibility of the iPods with Windows is the idea of Apple, realized in 2002,
fact that contributed to the creation of a Windows version of iTunes in 2003.
The iPods could be made to be compatible with a Macintosh and there is also an
iPodLinux project.

Some additional features may be mentioned while speaking about the iPods in
general and iPod video in particular. The iPods can display text files, fact
which is very useful. There are also PDA calendars, some games that were
interesting several years ago but they seem outdated nowadays. The games
available on almost every iPod except the iPod shuffle are brick, parachute,
solitaire, music quiz. The most interesting game is the music quiz, playing
some fragments of some songs and waiting the user to identify the song from a
list. The disadvantage of this game is that it uses a lot of battery power.

All these capabilities seem to be improved in the case of the new iPod video
except the creation of other games or the introduction of new ones. This may be
seen as a disadvantage, but if taking into account the fact that it is a case of
a portable music player this aspect does not have such a great importance.

The innovation is of course the video capability, although the main features of
the new iPod stress on great improvements in the image and sound quality. The
video image is surprisingly smooth and in this way may replace the skeptical
attitudes with joyful exclamations.

Although it is not the first attempt of bringing video on a portable handheld
device, this achievement seems to be the most successful. This success is due
to a lot of required work and complicated changes in the software and hardware
as well. In a way or another, Apple seems to be the champion in creating
special portable devices and maybe some other steps will be taken in the
development of the small video portable devices. In this way, maybe a special
compatibility with more devices may be developed, ensuring other periods of
great success. Other online stores may appear and develop in the tradition of
the iTunes music store. Due to iPods from the Apple Company legal content of
the downloaded and paid music or TV shows, episodes or other materials is

Advantages and disadvantages of the iPod video

The new iPod video became famous due to its huge memory and the capacity of
playing video, due to its slim design and longer life battery. Still, there are
voices that point out some disadvantages and highlight different negative

Taking into account that there are few perfect things made by the human hand,
these aspects may be used by the iPod video creators for further improvements.
Therefore, the customer's reviews are very important and the suggestions may be
really taken into account.

The fact that the screen is bigger is great, but the surface is easy to
scratch, aspect that is more in the cons category. Although the image is
excellent and the clarity screen may be easily compared with the TV set's
screen quality, there are still some problems with freezing video images. There
is a great achievement the fact that the light, sun or other previous obstacles
are annihilated, but another important problem is the unresponsiveness in some

The dimensions of the new iPod video are great, but there is no way you may
watch it with more than several persons. Anyway, it was designed for personal
not collective needs and you may still share your photo album and music or
video music preferences with one person. The flat screen is large enough to
enjoy your favorite videos.

Although the life battery is longer, the complaints concern the short battery
life for video. And this complaint may be balanced by the fact that the video
is played with no flaw. The pros of the new iPod video are considered the cool
look, the impressive number of features, the great organization of the music
menu so that you may even rank your favorite songs. The cons of the new iPod
video are considered the absence of FM option, the fact that no cradle is
included, the impossibility of connecting the iPod video to the computer and
the cost.

The amazing new features concern the sound quality -- it is clearer and
stronger with a bass that is stronger articulated, the sound is also louder
than that of the previous generations. The other good features are the easy
control, the video feature is classified with "great", but the flaws regard the
interruption of the sound between the tracks, being blanked out. There are still
other suggestions regarding the battery life, taking into account the amount of
music that the new iPod video has.

The pros may be gathered together pointing out the thin and attractive
enclosure with a great display, the best sound, 15-20 hours of music, new clock
and the time in other parts of the world. The cons highlight the incompleteness
of the video integration that suggests the experimental project aspect, absence
of the new games, no changes in the interface, the smaller screen than expected
especially for video features edition. Another disadvantage concerns the slow
transfer of photos direct from the camera.

Some critics point out the fact that the design and the features of the new
iPod video may be seen from different perspectives. Therefore, the complaints
and the satisfaction may be contradictory. These aspects may be seen from a
movie lover perspective, an audiophile or photographer or even from a simple
consumer with no great expectations. That is why you may find musician's
reviews or video addicted reviews that are in contradiction. You may decide in
which category you may be situated for deciding if the new iPod video is worth
the money or not.

From the same point of view, you may say that as a music player the new iPod
video has superior quality of sound. As a screen for the photo album, the
clarity of the screen may win the competition with any TV set's screen. As a
movie player, the iPod video is below the expectations, but it may be
considered a great step in the video technology.

The target buyers of the iPod video

Every new release of a product gets the interest of a particular type of
people. While men seem more interested in technology and women in beauty
products, while teens are fond of games and music and adults more of books, the
marketers precisely know, before launching a new product, the main target of
their new item. For example, the iPod video is one of the new releases which
defiantly have a specific type of buyers.

The target buyers of this new device are, for sure, young people and adults
which are trying to buy a great present for their children. In this example,
the critics say that in many cases, the adults do not know the features of the
new device well and all the things that it can be used for. So, one of the most
important worries that parents should have is the fact that some children might
use the iPod to directly download (as this new iPod video allows to do so) some
materials from sites destined to adults only. More precisely, the target
customers of the iPod video are somewhere between the ages of 16 and 30, but
there are various categories which don't fit in this group, too. Among these,
there are the people above 30 years which want to remain modern and keep
focused on the new releases in the technology department. Even more, there are
various customers which own an iPod from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation
and simply want to upgrade their item and to be able to watch clips and movies
on the device, as well.

On the other hand, the sales so far clearly indicate the fact that the new iPod
video is bought more by men then by women. In many cases, the iPod is bought in
order to be offered as a gift for various occasions, as it is consistent,
original and useful.

Due to the fact that the new iPod video represents quite and investment, there
are rare cases in which teens might purchase one of these with their own money.
Still, parents seem disposed to pay the necessary amount of money in order to
see their children happy. The sales of the iPod video showed the fact that the
device sells best before Christmas and before the summer holiday. Due to the
fact that the usage of the new iPod video is one of the most pleasant ways to
spend the time, (as it offers both video and audio possibilities), the iPod is
intensely used while people are on vacation.

The new iPod video has a lot of fans so far and even more people are interested
in the new features that the iPod can provide, thinking of purchasing the item
themselves. So far, the sales say that the number of the buyers is increasing
and the people become more and more receptive to the device and its capacities.
At the same time, people adapt fast to the new technology, so they expect even
more from the next iPod of the Apple Company. Due to this, the team of
engineers already works on the next and more optimized iPod, which will bring,
besides many new features and accessories, an innovative new capacity, which
will surprise the market.

Video iPod`s package

The trend that the Apple company set for their packages is redefined with every
new appearance of a product. Actually, the permanent search in finding the right
package and aesthetics and adapting the box to both the product and the
customers` needs is focused on discovering a more compact way of packaging and,
at the same time, with an expressive, yet subtle artistic touch. Due to the
characteristics of the product, the packaging of the video iPod tries to be
both practical and aesthetic, in order to symbolize somehow the visual
characteristics and quality of the new product.

The original package of the iPod was a 6" cube box. The box was supposed to be
removed out of the sleeve, after which, it was unfolded as a flower. The first
iPod package reflected the image that the company was trying to promote:
exuberant style, expressive elements, brisk and intense colors and sounds.
After the appearance of the next types of iPods, this image of the product
changed into a more mature one, an image which was expressed through the
campaigns, the package and the general design of the product.

The main color of the iPod video is plain black, which is rather risky, yet
original, considering the fact that the main aspect that the device has is the
video, meaning colors, motion and diversion. Still, there are various silver
accents on the box, which represent the Apple logo and text. Still, the color
of the box fits with the colors of the actual iPods: black and white, just like
the iPod nano. By choosing these colors and this style of packaging, Apple
wanted to create a more sophisticated and stylish look of the new product;
together with this, the ads for the product changed to a more series and mature

The shape of the box differs, as well, from the first flower-like box of the
first generation of iPods: this iPod`s video box is rather flat and square,
more stylish and more serious looking. Actually, this box works as a sleeve, as
well, with one open end, similar to a DVD box set, but it also contains another
inner box, which is very well fixed inside. The inner box opens in 2
distinctive parts: one part contains the iPod device and the other contains a

The package lacks a manual guide (still, it has a small Quick Start Guide);
instead, it has a CD which contains all the needed usage instructions of the
iPod video. Besides these, the box contains a relevant and think copyright
statement and a protective sleeve for the actual iPod. The CD which contains
the instructions displays an appropriate PDF file that suits any computer,
using the languages English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. Another
inside package contains an USB adapter cable and the ear buds; this type of
iPod has even smaller ear buds, which need to be protected while opening the

The new product iPod video has, besides various improvements in the technical
department (among which, the video feature is the most relevant one), another
package, another image and way of presentation. The new package manages to
remain practical, yet it becomes safer. Besides these, the new package offers a
more sophisticated and elitist image of the product, concentrating on refined
touches and neutral colors.

Video iPod`s ads

IPod video was a surprising new device at its appearance, due to the new and
exiting quality that it could offer: playing videos. Besides this, the iPods
have known, since their appearance on the market, a constant evolution, which
lead to the fact that the public and the potential customers had more and more
expectations regarding this product. With a new offer and design, the new
product iPod video had a series of new ads, some authentic and some suspicious,
because of their fake or less real aspect.

Due to the fact that the product was not yet in stores and people didn't expect
such a product to appear, there were a number of teasing and controversial ads
(regarding their authenticity) which appeared and circled on the Internet. By
bringing a new and relevant feature to the device, such as the video feature,
the potential customers were surprised by the evolution of the product and so,
the ads purpose was established. One of these ads represents the iPod video in
an unreal shape (meaning that the authentic iPod has other optical features and
another design). The ad was very short, as it lasted only 15 seconds. The video
begins with presenting some corners of the new device, which are revealed in a
computerized manner.

This one side of the device turns and the other one presents a screen which
played the most recent music video belonging to the band Black-Eyed Peas (Pump
it). The music and rhythm were dynamic and fast and so were the characters, who
were dancing while driving. Suddenly, the slogan Introducing the new hand held
movie theatre appeared and shortly after, the phrase new hand held movie
theatre was cut out and the new phrase new iPod appeared on the screen,
resulting Introducing the new iPod.

The controversy around this ad is focused on the fact that the actual iPod
video doesn't have the same characteristics as the one in the ad: the actual
device looks very similar to the 1st to 4th generation of iPods, meaning the
screen is over the buttons, but the one revealed in the ad presented a very
large screen, which completed one side of the device.

Still, there are many ads of the new iPod video which are, for sure, authentic.
The main idea of these is the fact that music can be seen, as well, besides just
being heard. This is why the Apple company opted for integrating famous artists
in the ads for their product: one of the ads featured U2's Original of the
Species from the Vertigo -- Live From Chicago DVD and another two featured
Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. The ads featuring these artist were much longer
than the usual ones and they basically played famous songs, but not together
with their videos; instead, the producers opted for some more authentic images
illustrating performances of these artists, which would look natural and more
spontaneous. The ads for this new product were focused on the video playing
capabilities of the device and the producers wanted, at the same time, to
symbolize the new range of possibilities that the new model of iPpod had to

The main idea of the ads was clear, even though these 3 ads had very different
targets. Based on the fact that the clients of the new device come from
different backgrounds and are of different ages, the producers and the
marketers managed to pick some artists that represent generations and symbolize
best their tastes and lifestyle: Eminem stands for teens and hip hop music,
Wynton Marsalis is representative for adults who like classical and jazz music
and U2 is somewhere in between the other 2 opposite styles.

In parallel, the ads with the dancing silhouettes continued with more specified
backgrounds, which were representing the video options. The iPod`s video ads
show that the product has definitely evolved, has a more mature image and
optimized new features.

The style of the new iPod video

Technical devices are, firstly, devices which provide a practical usage. Still,
an increased concern in how these devices should look and what their particular
style expresses is not insignificant, either.

The design of the new iPod video is rather unique and different from all the
other models of the iPod series, which basically includes 4 generations of this
device. Firstly, the design of the new iPod had to be adapted to the optimized
features of the product. Secondly, the most important factor when designing
this item was the fact that it had to have a large and colored screen, in order
to provide the video feature at a high level. Even more, even though it is a
technical device, the iPod always had a fashion of its own, which made the
item, besides a provider of music (photos and now, videos), a trendy accessory,
which young people preferred to wear. Considering this, the design engineers of
the Apple team managed to pay an increased attention to all the aesthetical
features of the device and took care of all the tiny details which actually
made the iPod look great at the end.

The iPods were found on the market in various colors since their appearance.
From the intense and bright pink iPod of the first generation to the elegant
and popular white, the iPod managed to keep the same style, even through
different colors. Even more, the most famous iPod ads were always focused on
bright colors, such as orange, green, intense turquoise and lots of shiny pink.

The iPod video is found on the market today in two basic colors: white and black
and the choice of these colors is owed to the fact that, on one hand, the
previous iPod nano had the same colors and it was a big hit product since it
was launched and, on the other hand, the fact that with the new iPod video, the
marketers and the advertising team wanted to promote a more serious look of this
device, with a subtle and more elegant style. Still, the ear buds for this
device are kept in the same color, white, as they have been since the first
appearance of the iPod on the market in the year 2001.

The reviews that regard the aspect and design of the new iPod video mention the
fact that some black ear buds were expected, as well, in other to fit better
with the elegant look of the black iPod video. Even more, regarding the colors
of the new iPod video, the reviews mention the fact that, while people expected
the white iPod video to require more maintenance than the black one, the reality
shows the fact that the dirt is much more visible on the black device. At the
same time, Apple offers in the large package which includes the iPpod a
protecting sleeve for the video device. This sleeve is colored in light grey
and manages to protect the iPod and keep it clean, at the same time.

The new package of the iPod video brings many new aesthetic and stylish
features: the text and the Apple logo on the box are embossed with silver,
which makes the black package look elegant and elitist, which is exactly what
the company wanted.

The sales of the new iPod video

The iPods have been a market hit since their launching in 2001. With the
appearance of the new iPod video on the market in 2005, the iPod became even
more popular, as it achieved high umbers in sales and an increased interest
from the public. The sales of the iPod video were, in general, better than the
expectations. Considering the fact that the new product brought, indeed,
something new to the market, which was never tested before and the customers
were used to the idea that iPod stands for music and, in a smaller part, it
stands for photos, the sales surprised the producers just like the product
surprised the customers and the users.

Basically, the iPod video present 2 variants of the device: the 30 GB model and
the 60 GB one, which both play QVGA H. 264 videos. Over the last holiday season,
the sales were very high, as people seamed to be more interested in purchasing
such an item before taking the summer vacation. Due to this fact, the new iPod
video turned out to be a great choice of spending the time during the holiday.

In fact, the last holiday season brought a 30 % increase of the sales, which is
a consistent amount. Even more, the new iPod video turned out to be an excellent
Christmas present, as the sales indicate the fact that the sales of the iPods
increased significantly before this important religious holiday. Another sales
hit in the history of the iPods was the Apple iPod + hp, which was launched in
the year 2004. In the first months of 2006, Apple reported sales of 565 million
dollars, which was the highest number in the company's history. In fact, Apple
managed to ship 6, 16 million iPods during the first months of 2005, meaning a
66 % increase over the same period of time in 2004.

The new range of iPods are supposed to be even more improved and have a new
variety of features and new accessories, which will increase even more the
popularity of these products. After the famous exposition called Macworld,
which was held on the 10th of January 2006, the official speakers reported
sales over 42 million dollars, which included a part of 14 million dollars,
gained in the first quarter of the year. With even more expectations in sales
for the future, the engineer team of Apple is focusing even now in producing a
sixth generation of even more optimized iPods.

Till the appearance on the market of the iPod video, the best selling product
of the iPod series was the iPod nano, which had great results since the
launching. The studies and researches show the fact that most of the part of
the consumers want and easy personalization of their video content, meaning
quality and inexpensive solutions that satisfy their needs. IPod video brought,
at its launching, a new set of features that were about to change the perception
that people had about this small, yet powerful device. With a memory that could
now include a play list of 15, 000 songs, 25, 000 pictures and up to 150 of
hours full with videos and movies, the new iPod was an innovative new product
and the market embraced its originality and new and exiting features.

The photo features of the new iPod video

One of the newest and most popular digital devices on the market today is,
without any doubt, the new video iPod. The small device has improved
significantly since the last model` s launching and the main evolution is
represented by the capacity of playing videos.

Still, the new iPod video is not all about watching movies or music video
clips, as it has various improvements since the last model, different
accessories and improved capacities. As the producing company Apple claims,
regarding the evolution of the product: Witness the evolution of the
revolution. First it played songs. Then photos. Then pod casts. Now iPod plays
video. Importing and saving photos was an important characteristic of the last
models of iPod and it still is, even with the new video feature.

IPod video, just like the previous generations of iPods, can import photos in
digital format from either a camera or a card reader. One of the best options
for these is the Apple Camera Connector, which works with both a camera and a
USB card reader. Still, the usage of the Apple Camera Connector or Belkin Media
Reader (for the other generations of iPods, excluding the iPod video, which is
not compatible with Belkin) might cause the intense usage of the battery of the
iPod, as well. With the USB 1.1 camera, the battery remains half charged after
the procedure. While transferring the pictures with the UBB 1. camera, the iPod
shows the thumbnails of the imported images. At the end of the transport, the
images can be browsed, but they can not be displayed on TV.

The new iPod video provides some options for the photo album, due to the high
quality of the images and pictures. These can be rated or they can form
slideshows and a major plus this fact that the new iPod video provides
full-size thumbnails of photos.

Another characteristic of the 5th generation of iPods which is connected with
the photo feature is the large color screen that this version of the iPod
provides. The screen is the largest-yet display which was created since the
appearance of these items on the market. Even more, the screen shows sharp
texts and optimized brightness; so long titles can be read easily. Due to this
fact, the photos are large and sharp, as well. Even though the company Apple
advertises the new battery life (which became 20 hours from 16 hours of the
last model of iPods), the battery runs down quickly if the backlight is on.
Still, the backlight is not necessary in most situations, as the text is
readable and the images have a good visibility in sunlight or in intense indoor

The photo importing and saving feature of the new iPod video has significantly
changed in comparison with the last model of these devices, which lead to a
better response from the public and a more optimized device. With the new range
of importing and saving pictures, the video iPod presents improvements in this
domain, together with the obvious improvements in the video processing. The
Apple company symbolizes the capacity of the new iPod video, mentioning that
the new device can store up to 15 000 songs, 25 000 photos and up to 150 hours
of video.

The latest in iPods -- iPod video

IPods have been a great market hit since their appearance in 2001, almost 5
years ago. Since listening to music is one of the favorite activities of
today's individuals, the constant evolution of this device was an important
request, so the new product presented a diverse range of new features,
accessories and capacities. The iPod evolved from a simple and basic music
player to a sum of music player, recorder, and photo viewer and now to a both
music and video device.

The most important new feature of the latest generation of iPods, meaning the
5th generation, is the video. Basically, these inventive and technologically
advanced, yet small devices support both MPEG-4 and H.264 videos at
significantly high resolutions, which are not far from a VSH tape. Actually, in
more precise terms, the H.264 codec can play video at frame rates up to 30
frames per second, video bit rates as high as 768 kilobits per second and
pictures as big as 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high. Comparing the iPod video
with the TV 27 FPS or the movies 24 FPS, it is obvious that the small device it
is much better. Regarding the audio qualities, comparing to a CD quality, the
iPod video is superior. On the other hand, the MPEG-4 video supports a bit rate
of 2,500 kilobits per second and pictures as big as 480 pixels wide by 480
pixels high, meaning three times the size of the actual screen (in comparison
with the H.264 video, which supports pictures the same size as the screen pf
the iPod).

The reviews on this item are so far, excellent -- the quality of the motion
images is great, with almost perfect colors, even when the device is connected
to a TV set in order to watch a video. Even more, watching the videos on the
actual iPod is possible due to a larger screen, which also allows the high
visibility of sharp texts and photos. Still, even though the battery is claimed
to last around 20 hours, which is an evolution since the last iPod model, the
battery is much rapidly consumed when watching videos.

The range of improvements since the last model of iPod is impressive: the new
video iPod comes with a new design, but in the same black and white colors and
with a new set of accessories, which range from world clock, smaller earphones
and a thinner slipcase to AC adapter and FireWire cable. Concerning the new
package design, the iPod video comes with a new look: the box is flat and in a
square shape; the color of the new box is black with silver accents, such as
the Apple logo and the text.

The latest generation of iPods surprised the market in many ways: from the
video capacities to the other improved features since the last model in 2005
and from the design and package changes to the wide and evolved range of
accessories that are available together with the new iPod video. The evolution
of the iPod shows an increased interest in constantly developing this device
and always considering the needs and desires of the consumer. It is expected
that the next generation of iPods to be even more optimized, with a lot of
changes in the video settings and a longer capacity of the battery when
watching videos.

The image features of the new iPod video

Although the dimensions of the new iPod video are smaller, the display thinner,
the screen dimensions are bigger and the image quality is better. These
advantages are not the only ones as the new iPod video keeps more surprises
regarding the image and the screen display. The large color screen and reduced
dimensions of the video and audio device is the attractive point of the new
iPod video. This aspect makes possible the explicit reading of the menu, of the
options and possibilities as it has a bright, sharp text.

The screen quality of the new iPod video may be compared to the screen quality
of any TV set and it may even become the winner of such a contest. Both the
design of the new iPod and the video features are very well thought out and the
most important aspect is that the resolution is up to 320x240. The resolution
quality is comparable to the quality of VHS video tape, being less than half
that of a DVD. That is why the sunny weather, the too bright rooms are not a
problem for watching the videos on the iPod video. These obstacles are great
enemies of the previous handheld video devices of reduced dimensions and these
do not matter anymore, especially when it is the case of the new iPod video.

The possibility of watching the favorite music video and Disney or Pixar video,
the TV shows of films on the road, away from home was a matter of dreams not
long time ago. And this dream is possible now due to the next step in video

Besides, the new iPod video has also some amazing options with the photo album
because of great quality of the images. You may also rate your photos or create
slideshows with your favorite ones so that your past empty moments may be filled
with great memories. This fact is also due to the eliminated common obstacles
(sunshine, bright indoors or outdoors) of watching videos on other different
mini video devices. Another important aspect concerning the options of the iPod
video is that it provides full-size thumbnails for photos.

Besides, the new iPod video can import digital photos directly from any type of
camera or card reader. During this transfer, the thumbnails of the imported
images are showed on the screen of the iPod. After the mentioned transfer, you
may browse the imported pictures. Unfortunately, you cannot display the
transferred pictures on the TV set.

The video image of the new iPod video is surprisingly clear, bright and sharp
taking into account the size of the screen. Excellent music and video on the
same handheld device is more than joyful news, having great advantages and well
thought features.

Although the battery longevity for watching the videos are only of 2 hours, the
new video device has a great success and may be of great need for those who are
very busy. This solution is ideal for spending the time on the train, bus or
airplane, maybe waiting for them or simply having a break at the office. In the
end, the new iPod video is a great music player with some features for playing
video a little bit so that the time would pass more quickly.

The combination of excellent image and sound is a very good achievement and a
tempting offer for lovers of pocket devices to be in touch with music and other
aspects of the contemporary life. These aspects of the new iPod video are
especially preferred by the teenagers with their crazy lifestyle. Nevertheless,
some adults may also like the high quality of the image, the options for the
photo album and the slideshow. These aspects make the images, favorite videos
and photos being easy to share with other people.

The best combination of high quality image and high quality sound is to be
found in the new iPod video. Still, the novelty is represented by the video
features on a handheld device that represent a step in the video technology.

The evolution of iPods -- from their appearance to the iPod video

The newest and most popular innovation in iPod technology is, for sure, the
iPod video. Still, getting to this innovative device is just the result of a
long research through the history of the iPod making.

The appearance of the iPod was owed to an increased marketing request: the lack
of quality of the digital music players was noticeable to the interested
consumers, as opposed to the growing number of digital devices, such as
cameras, camcorders and organizers. Due to this fact, the Apple industries
established a team of qualified engineers in order to develop the mechanism and
design of the soon to be first iPod, which resulted in less than a year of
technical and practical research. The launching of the new and exiting product
was held on the 23rd of October 2001 and soon, the market embraced the new
product. The evolution from the first iPod, which was revealed almost 5 years
ago, till the iPod video reveals the intense and permanent research of the
specialized engineers. The next significant step in the evolution of this
device was the release of the 2 versions iPod, for both Mac and Windows users,
which highly increased the sales and the number of potential customers.
Actually, the iPod sold at such a high rate, that the permanent improvement of
the product, in order to maintain the leading position on the market, was a
necessary request (the selling rate recorded over 42 million units since the
release of the product).

In 2005, the new and better iPod was revealed, when celebrating the 4th
generation of these devices; the new model introduced, for the first time, the
color screen. In the spring of 2006, the Samsung company announced that they
were about to provide the media processor for a new iPod model, an improved
version of the Apple's device. Soon after, the 5th generation of iPods
introduced the iPod video, meaning it has video playback capacities, video
playing and better organization features. The launching was celebrated together
with the innovative new models of iPods: the iPod nano, with color screen and
the iPod shuffle, which were the best sellers of 2005.

The 5th generation of the iPod was about to reveal many new and exiting
features of the small device, all under the slogan One more thing... Basically,
the iPod video or the video iPod was available on the market in both 30 GB and
60 GB capacity models, had ability to play both MPEG-4 and H.264and much higher
resolution, up to 480/480. Having a 16-bit color screen and being able to
display all kinds of videos on a TV set, the new product was a market hit since
its appearance. Regarding the design, the new iPod comes, as the previous iPod
(the nano model of the 4th generation) in 2 colors, white and black, but it has
a multitude of applications and improved features: World Clock, Stopwatch, and
Screen Lock applications, a smaller earphone, a thin slipcase, AC adapter and
FireWire cable. Regarding the dimensions, the new iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 x
0.43 inches for the 30 GB version and 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.55 inches for the 60 GB
version (which, in the case of the new model, are marketed at the same price).

The screen size was modified to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) diagonally, 0.5 inches
(12.7 mm), meaning that the video iPod screen is larger than the previous one.
Even more, the product is thinner than the last model, iPod nano, and the
battery life increased from 16 hours to 20 hours. Still, being a video device,
watching movies reduces the life of the battery to around 2 to 3 hours.
With an exiting and evolving history, the iPod manages to be one of the most
innovative products on the digital devices` market, with millions of customers
all around the world and increasing sells.

Reviews about iPod video

The new iPod video has stirred a lot
of reactions, a lot of reviews, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of
its utility, quality and features. These reviews are important especially
because of the fact that the new iPod video was launched without a serious
study of the market, of the customer's tastes and wishes. From this point of
view this is a daring initiative and a great step in the video development.
The reviews usually point out the amazement and the great success concerning
the new iPod video, but also highlight some aspects that may contribute to its
improvement. For example, the great advantage of connecting the iPod video to
the TV set and playing the videos on it is well-received. But on the other
hand, the fact that the iPod video cannot be connected to the computer is seen
as a disadvantage. The transfer from iPod to computer is not possible and this
fact may be a suggestion for the designers and creators of the iPod video.

Some customers are in love with this device because of the possibility of
watching the favorite TV shows and ABC hits like "Lost" and "Desperate
Housewives" even in the road. The stress of loosing the relaxing TV show or
film may be very unpleasant especially in the case of difficult days at work.
Therefore, the possibility of watching them on an iPod video is an excellent
idea. Besides, the iPod video matches the crazy contemporary lifestyle, giving
the opportunity of checking the e-mail, of finding out the time in other cities
very useful especially in the case of people that travel a lot.

Satisfaction and pleasant remarks are the main notes for the new iPod video, as
it is really a great product. The fact that it has more features, more quality,
longer battery life and smaller dimensions, thinner display is enjoyed a lot. A
small disadvantage, compared to the great new benefits, is the fact that the
images, photos from the iPod video transferred to the TV set are too bright,
although very clear and nice.

Another great advantage is the fact that the customers may listen to the music
over 14 hours (it depends on the model). But the reviews point out a
disadvantage -- the fact that the video playback time is only 2 hours. Another
disadvantage is the fact that the iTunes from the iTunes Music Store are too
expensive, but taking into account the great quality of the sound this may not
be such a great disadvantage. Besides, the equalizer may be set for a better
quality sound.

Some other reviews highlight the fact that the screen quality is clear and
maybe clearer than of the most TV sets. This aspect may be put together with
the fact that the screen is better and bigger although the display is smaller
and thinner.

A special attention may be paid to the fact that, as in other cases, some
defect items may be in sale, but it may be exchanged within 14 days. Another
disadvantage that completes the fact that the iPod video cannot be connected to
the computer is that it doesn't work well with wireless FM transmitters. This
problem may be also managed with a cassette adapter for the iPod so that it
would work great.

Unresponsiveness and freezing video images are other problems mentioned in the
user reviews. Hardware problems and the low quality of some songs may be other
possible problems according to the reviews of the customers. These aspects seem
to point out the fact that this technology is not mature enough and the new iPod
video is from some point of view an experiment and a way of testing the market.

Anyway, the fact that the new iPod video has reduced dimensions and may fit any
pocket. Besides, the high resolution and the great quality of the songs are
exclusive advantages and are mentioned by the customers with joy and

Pros and cons on the new iPod video

On the 12th of April 2005, the company Apple announced the upcoming iPod video.
The product was about to reveal a new feature of the device, meaning the
capacity of playing videos.
As any new item that appears on the market, the iPod video managed to get fans
and critics, at the same time. Due to the fact that it is a new and innovative
item which brought something different to the concept of iPod, the new iPod
video started many debates regarding its practical usage, accessories,
qualities and all types of technical, visual and aesthetical features.

The reviews so far explain that the quality of the image of the new iPod is
very good and even the texts are highly visible. Still, the usage of the new
device is more confusing. While some critics say that it revolutions the
concept of iPod, which till now, it just meant hearing and not watching, as
well, others sustain that the item is not that practical. Due to the fact that
watching movies is a relaxant activity which requires a comfortable space and a
certain amount of time, the iPod seems to promote the idea of watching movies on
the run, while walking or doing some other activity. Even more, some people
prefer to live the movie, with a wide screen in front of them, in the movie
theatre or in their home. So, the idea of the iPod basically limits to watching
music video clips or short episodes of comedy series. Even more, the battery of
the new model of iPod dies after 2 hours of playing, which, in case of many
movies, is not enough time to end. Still, while waiting at a line in the city
or while sitting in the cab during a long ride, the iPod definitely provides
the best way to spend the time.

On the other hand, the new iPod is not all about playing movies or videos. Even
thought the battery works perfectly for just 2 hours when playing a movie
constantly, the estimated battery life is 20 hours (when listening to music),
in comparison with the 16 hours that the last model of iPods offered, which is
a big plus. Even more, the new iPod video has the largest color screen since
the appearance of the devices in 2001, which can be used, besides playing
videos, for a good visibility of the pictures and an increased sharpness of the
text; plus, the new iPod video provides full-size thumbnails for photos imported
from various cameras. Another plus in accessories is the protection sleeve for
the main device, which comes as a result after iPod nano, meaning the previous
generation of these product, which was easy to scratch. The sleeve is made of a
synthetic material, in a pale nuance of grey with visible stitching and a
velour-like inner surface. Besides the technical and practical qualities, the
reviews also discuss about the new aspect of the device, which looks sharper
and more elegant, in black and white colors.

The new model of iPod shows, without any doubt, that the popular company and
brand Apple are trying to evolve in order to satisfy the consumer's needs,
which are becoming more and more pretentious. Based on this, it is expected the
new type of iPods to be improved even more with new video settings and

Video iPod`s accessories

Different accessories are compatible with iPod video, fact that increases the
importance and great success of the new video device. There are cases for all
tastes, requirements and preferences. You may not worry about the age or
special preferences of the persons you may bring as a gift the iPod and the
case for it.

Other accessories are the chargers, the earphones, headphones of different
models. There is also a speaker especially created for the new iPod video. You
may also find different types of skins, sticker decals, carrying cases,
pouches, remote control, iPlug 3.5 splitter, backpack w/ speakers and, of
course, various connection cables and adapter very useful for the new iPod

There are also different available adapters -- iPod video cassette adapter for
3.5 mm devices, iPod video 3.5 mm to RCA audio cable adapter, iPod video car
charger cigarette lighter adapter for Apple iPod, iPod video USB black car
charger cigarette lighter adapter, iPod video USB travel/home charger adapter,
iPod video car charger adapter, iPod video wall-car charger 12V-AC adapter. You
may also find different transmitters for the iPod video and this is the case of
the iPod video tune-free audio FM transmitter and the iPod video WALL-II audio
FM transmitter.

Various cables are also of great use and are needed while having the iPod video
-- iPod video firewire 1394 data dync dable for Apple iPod & iPod mini, iPod
video retractable USB 2.0 data sync cable for Apple iPod, iPod video USB 2.0
extension cable, iPod video USB 2.0 data sync cable for Apple iPod. You may
also need iPod video USB data transfer key fob, extended battery pack w/
carrying case for the iPod video, walet carrying cases, metal cases of
different colors, protector shields of various colors.

There are also some other useful accessories for the new iPod video and you may
choose from different types of cases -- Kroo G5 belt clip leather cases, Kroo
Melrose belt clip carrying cases, iPod video Optimum Armband carrying cases.

You may also buy an iPod video Cellet universal PDA holder and a special holder
for the iPod especially designed for the car. Other accessories are also useful
and have an interesting design -- iPod video Cellet Rhinestones 100, iPod
Cellet Rhinestones assorted.

Some other accessories point out the new generation style technology -- iPod
video creative CB2530 bluetooth digital wireless headphones, iPod video Naztech
boom station N20 speaker and docking station, iPod video fold-up amplified
portable speakers for MP3 and music players. Other accessories are iPod video
desktop dock cradle, iPod video idock desktop dock cradle for Apple iPod w/ USB
and FireWire.

All these accessories denote the fact that a simple portable audio device is of
a great importance taking into account all different designs for the carrying
cases and skins. The iPod video has many accessories, some of them are designed
for suiting the lifestyle, the preferences and the tastes of the customers.
Others are needed for transferring the information, for adapting or other
useful activities in the technologic domain.

Another important aspect to mention is the fact that all the accessories are
especially designed for the thinner models of the iPod video with a larger
screen and smaller dimensions. The cases, skins and sticker decals have the
role of pointing out the beauty, simplicity or vivid colors. On the other hand,
they have a protective role and a decorative one, pointing out the personality,
the lifestyle of the user. These aspects are extremely important for the
younger users of the iPod video -- the teenagers.

The other accessories are more or less needed taking into account how much into
the fever of the iPods the user is and how much he uses all the other activities
related with the iPod video. Anyway, in a world in continuous movement, almost
all the accessories and special devices may be of great need for a modern
person with a modern lifestyle.

The design of the new iPod video

The design of the new iPod video is similar to the previous editions, but it is
thinner and has a slimmer build. The design was not surprising as it resembles a
lot the others, but the new features and the improved once from the previous
models were the ones who ensured the great success. The amazing feature is the
dimension and the great capacities and features.

The new iPod video is about 10 percent thinner than the last generation iPod
and has even a greater capacity -- the 4th generation iPod had 20 GB and the
iPod video has 30 or 60GB. The LCD display of the new iPod video has a larger
format -- 2.5-inch format with QVGA resolution. You may watch a video while 
65,000 colors are being used, fact that is possible due to the special screen of 
great quality and the finishing touch of the design.

Most reviews point out the amazing design of the new iPod video, beaty that may
easily caught the eye of any iPod fan. The sharp and colorful display is capable
of increasing the great charm of this new item and may conquer any heart.

The special design is given with the help of the clear polycarbonate case which
plays at the same time the role of a protective case for the new iPod. It is, in
a way, a classic design with any new input following the modern fashionable
trends and refusing to create a new face for the popular iPod. Maybe this is
the aspect that continues to attract customers of all ages, this being an
available option for almost all tastes and preferences. Besides, the cases ar
those who may be chosen taking into account the age, color preference or other
relevant aspects.

However, the slim design may be of great success, this being the new
characteristic of the new iPod as compared with previous editions of iPods.
Only with iPod nano and the 5th generation iPod the nuance of the interface was
slightly changed, adding a "brushed-metal" effect.

Even if you are not in love with the new features of the new iPod video, you
may not deny the fact that its design is wonderful. And from this point of view
it may be considered the most successful handheld video device. That is why the
new iPod video has no competitors and may be situated on the top list of pocket
video devices. The design of this video device of the new generation is
therefore very important. The design of the new iPod video represents more than
the tastes of the nowadays generations, but also the specific lifestyle always
in move and almost always in a hurry.

The simple and sleek design may be considered the most often mentioned
advantage of the new iPod video. Some other mentioned advantages may also be
included in the category of design -- screen clarity, styling, very slim line,
great integration with iTunes. The sleek design is also considered sexy by some
customers in their reviews, fact that may point out the age of the customers,
who use such a language -- teenagers.

Some other characteristics of the iPod video design may be considered the great
picture quality, crystal clear display, slim and sleek accessory and
accessibility in the navigation system. The most often mentioned disadvantage
of the design of the iPod video in the reviews is the easy scratched surface.
Maybe this aspect may be considered as a complementary negative aspect of the
design surface quality.

The most amazing aspect of the new iPod video design is the fact that it is
provides complete waterproof protection. The new housing is said to offer great
protection for the iPod's video screen against scratches and other possible
dangers or damages. Another special aspect concerns the fact that together with
H2O Audio waterproof headphones it resists in a depth of 10 ft (3 meters).

Besides, there are available leather flip cases with special design that
provides easy access to all needed buttons while the iPod video is inside the

The aesthetics of the new iPod video

The iPod has been, since its release in 2001, one of the most innovative and
popular digital devices in the world. Being produced by a strong brand such as
Apple, the iPod became popular in a very short period of time. The popularity
of the iPod was owed, besides the practical usage of the actual product, to the
original ways of promoting and advertising of the company and, as well, to the
aesthetical qualities that the product presented, ranging from the design
features to the packaging.

Since the appearance of the product on the market, meaning the first iPod in
2001, the design of the product changed, but not dramatically; still, every
model of the iPod came with new features, so the design and the package had to
be adapted to these, in order to satisfy the consumers. The most important
element that was considered by the creators when establishing the shape of the
new device was the perfect proportioning. The new item was supposed to be light
and easy, in order to be carried in all sizes of pockets, yet it had to look
like a powerful and strong device. Even more, the necessity of providing a
stable platform for the controls and the fact that the device was supposed to
be managed easily by the customers, lead to the optimization of the perfect
size and shape. The result was a device which was the right size in order to be
held in the hand without difficulty and managed without effort. In the 5 years
of constant research in order to find the right proportion for the iPods, the
device ranged between the thickest model, expressed in the 2nd generation of
iPods and the almost as thick 4th generation iPod to the more symmetric models
of the 1st and 3rd generations.

Following these rules, the first 4 generations of the iPod managed the keep the
right proportions that could permit the optimum use of the sound and later on,
the photo features (even so, the iPod nano was considered to be too light and
fragile). After the launching of the 4th generation of iPods, Apple were
preparing to provide a new and even more innovative iPod, which was supposed to
have a video feature, as well. At that time, the most significant concern of the
producers was the fact that, due to the new iPod features, which had to permit a
good visibility and a larger screen, the perfect proportions of the iPod might
be ruined. As a result, the last generation of iPods is the thinnest of all;
instead, the screen is larger, which allows videos to be watched much better.

Since the original model, the iPod's height and width have remained the same.
Still, the corners of the new iPod video are sharper, in comparison with the
rounded edges of the previous models. Even more, the center button of the
device is flat, without any convex potions, which characterized the previous
models of iPods.

The new iPod video comes in 2 colors: black and white, which adapt well to the
color of the package, which is black and silver. With this colors (which are
the same as the ones of the iPod`s nano colors), the new device seems improved
and more refined. The black iPod has a chrome Apple logo, but the ear buds
remain white, for both colors of the main device.

The iPod has been constantly modified in order to establish the perfect size
for carrying and listening to music while walking and sometimes dancing. The
iPod video presents, besides an obvious technical evolution that allows now
watching videos on this small device, a new appearance, with different
proportions, which are adapted to the most important request: good visibility.
With a larger screen and thinner aspect, the iPod video turns out to be a
stylish and aesthetic product, which slightly changes the image of the previous
models, yet keeps the brand features intact.

The advertising campaigns of iPod and iPod video

The ipod presents, besides an interesting technical evolution, an original and
innovative way of promoting and advertising, which differs in style and slogans
from the first ads of the first generation of iPods, to the most recent iPod
video advertising campaigns.

The first campaigns concentrated upon the new product promoted both the iPod
and iTunes brands. These advertising campaigns were leaded by the slogan A
thousand songs, in your pocket, which was launched in November 2001. The colors
which were selected for the first iPod campaigns were brisk and full of live:
turquoise, cyclamen, bright grass green and other joyful nuances were chosen to
represent the idea of both music and video, meaning both visual and auditory
sensations. The wrap advertising was used, at the same time with the other and
more traditional types of BTL advertising: there were various light rail wraps
in busy centers or midtowns, using the same visual message as the banners.

Large banners and billboards were displayed in various busy centers, with high
visibility. The promotion was intense, forward and dynamic, with only intense
and optimum quality for all the elements: the colors were vivid, the actual ads
were large and the represented images were dynamic. The TV ads were concentrated
upon the idea of music, dancing and mobility and the text of these was just
limited to the slogan of the product and of the Apple brand (Think clear).

In 2003, the new advertising campaign that Apple introduced was due to the
conjunction with the launch of the iTunes music store. The campaign
concentrated mostly on the interpretation of popular songs by different persons
wearing iPods. This campaign was a big hit, due to the fact that it was based on
famous pop, rock and hip hop songs, belonging to artists such as Eminem or Pink.

Later that year, in October 2003, iPod released a new series of ads, based on
the silhouette campaign, which was the base for most of the print ads, like
banners, billboards and wraps, even from the appearance of the first generation
of iPods: the images basically showed black silhouettes of people dancing while
wearing iPods. This new campaign was realized based on the same intense colors
and dynamic images like the first campaign. Even more, the success of the
campaign was owed to the popularity of the performed music, such as The Vines'
Ride, The Caesars' Jerk it Out, Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc., Steriogram's
Walkie-Talkie Man, Jet's Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Propellerheads' Take
California, Ozomatli's Saturday Night, N*E*R*D's Rock Star (Jason Nevin's Mix),
Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out or Daft Punk's Technologic.

With the release of the new iPod video, the image of the product and its
promotion began to change. The slogan of the new product was One more thing...,
meaning the new and expected video feature, which was a big plus comparing with
the latest model of 2005. The ads for this new product were focused on the
video playing capabilities of the device. Actually, the ad featured U2's
Original of the Species from the Vertigo: Live From Chicago DVD. Based on the
same idea, there were 2 more videos which featured Eminem and Wynton Marsalis.

Still, at the same time, the ad which was presenting the dancing silhouettes
continued, but it was modified into something more representative for the new
video device: the backgrounds were not simple vivid colors anymore, they were
textured and had various patterns, symbolizing the evolution concerning the
image and the video properties of the new model of iPod. The 2 variants of the
videos featuring the 2 popular artists ranged from an orange urban theme of the
hip hop music to a cool blue one of the jazz look.

The iPod ad released in March 2006 is not based on the silhouette style anymore; 
instead, the producers opted for a video showing various CD covers, integrating 
in an iPod nano, under the same older slogan: "A thousand songs, in our pocket."

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