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Jamaica Vacation is it Right For Your Family?

Jamaica is one of the luxury islands and finest tourist destinations of the
West Indies. The island is filled with appetizing food, enjoyable music, white
sand beaches and several other things. Many people consider Jamaica as one of
the leading family vacation destinations in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, family
vacations become very exciting as they offer a nice opportunity of exploring
attractive beaches and lush green forests of Jamaica.

Jamaica family vacations offer all types of beach activities. You can enjoy
various water sports here. You can play tennis, snorkeling, banana boats, golf
and limbo shows. Shoppers will find outstanding buys in straw goods. There are
many tourist attractions in and around Jamaica. Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho
Rios are the most important attractions of Jamaica.

Montego Bay is also known as Mo Bay. Montego Bay is the second largest city on
the island of Jamaica. Generally, it is referred to the hub of Jamaican
tourism; as well, it is the market place for a big part of western Jamaica.
There are three beaches in Montego Bay including Doctor's Cave Beach, Walter
Fletcher Beach and Cornwall Beach. Attractive white sands surround the Doctor's
cave beach, and the clear water of the sea is believed to be fed by mineral

Walter Fletcher Beach is sited in the centre of the city. Rose Hall is another
beautiful place near the Bay. The hall is known as the most popular Great House
of Jamaica and it is completely refurbished on a sugar plantation. You can also
visit the Rocklands Feeding Station at Anchovy, which is the abode to numerous
migrant birds in the world including orange quit, mango hummingbird and the
Doctor Bird, the national bird of Jamaica.

Visitors can also give food to the birds here. In Jamaica family vacations,
tourists can travel through dense mountain forests into the inner areas of
Montego. The thick forests are full with coconut and banana grooves. The
Ipswich Caves that are carved from sandstone are worth visiting and the
gorgeous artistry is eye-catching. Tourists can also go to the sugar estate of
the Appleton Rum Factory.

The sugar estate is also a worth visiting place. If you want to buy shirts and
dresses at Jamaica, go to Catapuda and enjoy garment shopping there. There are
many textiles industries at Catapuda and dresses and shirts are made al a large
quantity here.

Do not miss a visit to Negril beach during Jamaica family vacations. It is
located on the western tilt of Jamaica. The beach is spread over seven miles of
land and it is famous as an ideal place to enjoy some of the finest sunsets in
the globe. On Negril beach, a whole family can enjoy various adventure water
sports like scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, water skiing and other

Negril beach is widely known as the family beach resort of Jamaica, because it
has preserved much of its originality. The streets of Negril are full with a
wide range handlooms and craft goods, which are so beautiful and worth

Thus, Jamaica family vacations are always full with various beach activities
and tourists can enjoy the beautiful nature and sea here during their tours.

Family Resort Jamaica Vacation

Jamaica is one of the major tourist destinations and beautiful islands of West
Indies. Picturesque glory of this island invites many tourists from all over
the world. This island is filled with enchanting music, tasty food, rum and
attractive beaches.

Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy their vacations. If
you want to visit and stay for some days on this picturesque island of the
Caribbean with your whole family, then ask a travel agent about Jamaica family
resort vacations. There are many all inclusive family resorts in Jamaica.

Beaches Negril Resort and Spa is one of the most famous family vacation
resorts. It is located at splendidly attractive and environmentally unharmed
location. This is the perfect place for a family to enjoy Jamaica family resort
vacations. Beaches Negril Resort and Spa provides spacious and relaxed rooms to
the guests.

All the rooms of this resort are well equipped with modern amenities including
hairdryer, bathtub, satellite TV, phone, ironing board and laundry service.
Apart from that, you can also get here several extra facilities including
babysitting, fitness center, swimming pool, internet access, game room and free
parking zone.

Staying in this luxurious resort you can enjoy all these activities. There is a
special kid's zone in the resort for the kids. The luxurious accommodation of
this resort makes your stay pleasurable and memorable one.

Families love their beach resort gateways when they come to Beaches Boscobel
Spa Resort. This is one of the most modern Jamaica family vacation resorts. A
whole family can enjoy here various beach activities and adventure sports.
There is a special kid's camp in the resort that provides several fun
activities to the kids. There is something special for every member of your
family in this resort.

Beaches Boscobel is renowned for its hospitality and courteous services. There
are many luxurious rooms and suites in the resort with several facilities like
refrigerator, satellite cable TV, in room safe and tea/coffee maker. The resort
has its own piano bar, where a whole family can relish music and songs in the
evening time.

Here you can play various beach sports with your kids including tennis, golf,
beach volleyball and other games. Thus, Beaches Boscobel always strives to
provide all the comforts and facilities to the families during their stay there.

Ocean Edge Resort is the perfect place to enjoy Jamaica family resort
vacations. Ocean Edge is located in Negril, the picturesque beach of Jamaica.
This resort is renowned as the tropical paradise to enjoy family vacations in
Jamaica. There are many luxurious rooms and suites in this resort to provide
relaxed accommodation to your family. Staying in this resort, you can travel to
surrounding area of Negril.

Being located on the beach, the resort offers many beach activities and
adventure sports to the guests. There is something special amusement for every
member of a family in this resort. Kids can play various fun games here.

Only your pets are not allowed, other wise you can stay here with all your
family members. Thus, your family vacation can be made memorable and
pleasurable one by choosing any of the magical Jamaica family resort vacations

Hedonism in a Jamaican Vacation

Jamaica is one of the favorite tourist destinations and dazzling islands of
West Indies. The picturesque glory of this island invites many tourists from
all over the world. Islands of Jamaica are filled with delicious food, music,
rums and various beach activities.

Thousands of vacationers and travelers come here to enjoy their vacations. If
you are looking for the white beaches, music and various beach activities, then
hedonism vacation Jamaica is the perfect place to enjoy all these activities.

There are many hedonism clubs in Jamaica. Tourists can enjoy hedonism vacation
Jamaica staying in one of the hedonism clubs. Hedonism II is one of the
beautiful hedonism resorts of Jamaica. Here you can enjoy a real garden life
and open-air parties.

The resort also provides several hedonism facilities including swim up bar,
beachfront pool and in-water pool table, gaming lounge, rock-climbing wall,
sauna and steam room and glass bottom Jacuzzi.

Hedonism II resort is surrounded by a lush green garden. Sitting in the garden,
you can enjoy pure amusement and happiness. Entry in the resort is given only
those singles and couples who are of 18 yrs or above it. The resort provides
unlimited snacks, meals and drinks to the vacationers during their stay.

All the rooms of the resort are air-conditioned and they display beautiful
views of the garden or the beach. Apart from that, there all the rooms have CD
players, ironing boards, hair dryers and 27-inch TVs.

If you are looking for romantic and sensual enjoyment, then the hedonism
vacation Jamaica is the perfect option for you. SuperClubs Resorts have been
providing the perfect hedonism
vacations to the tourists for more than thirty years. If you want enjoyment and
stylishness, then choose one of the SuperClubs Resorts to enjoy both the things
at the same place.

All the resorts are classy and airy. Most of the resorts are located on
sun-warmed beaches and they are surrounded stunning tropical grounds. At night,
you can enjoy here moonlight walks and dancing with music. Crystalline waters of
the sea and bright blue skies add to the glory of the location.

Hedonism III is one of the major hedonism resorts of Jamaica, which is located
on the sticky North Coast of the island. Thousands of tourists come here to
enjoy hedonism vacation Jamaica tours. This resort provides well-equipped
vacation facilities to the tourists, including a Roman tub in every room,
swim-up rooms and disco. In this resort, you will find unoccupied spirit and

Various types of hedonistic vacation packages are available in the Hedonism III
resort. This resort provides Hedonistic Hammocks to the couples where they can
enjoy the day or evening period privately.

You will also provided juicy tropical fruits in the hammocks to savor your
hunger. Hedonism III also organizes a romantic trip for the couples with a case
of sandwiches, champagne, juicy fruits and other delicious foods to eat.

Thus, you can enjoy many hedonistic activities during a hedonism vacation in

Vacation to Montego Bay Jamaica

Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica. Montego Bay is widely known
as MoBay. Miles and miles of steamy beaches surround the city. There is an
international airport at Montego Bay; therefore, tourists from all over the
world can come here by air.

The location of the city is eye-catching and beautiful. Montego Bay Jamaica
Vacation offers a nice opportunity to explore various scenic places of Montego
Bay. A visit to the city offers excellent beaches, charming mountains and an
array of beach activities.

There are many tourist attractions near Montego Bay. Doctor's Cave Beach is one
of the most appealing beaches of Montego Bay. The beach is famous for white
sands, navy seashores and abundance of bars and restaurants. The beach is wide
spread over five-miles of land and it is the perfect place for swimming and
enjoying various water sports because the waters of the are plain and calm. You
can get changing rooms there as well to change your clothes. The beach is quite
suitable for a families.

If you want to laze around in sun, sand and sea then start your Montego Bay
Jamaica Vacation from the Cornwall Beach. This scenic beach is always packed by
visitors and it is surrounded by fair, smooth and sugary sands. The waters are
clean and placid, so you can enjoy swimming here and it is an ideal place to
take the whole family.

Tourists can also enjoy rafting during Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation. Martha
Brae's village is famous for river rafting. Sitting on a raised dais of bamboo
logs you can see the picturesque glory of the river.

Montego Bay is the home for many resorts and beachfront hotels. It is also
famous as the hub of the Jamaican tourism and marketplace for a massive part of
western Jamaica. The city of Montego houses both ancient and modern
constructions. Walter Fletcher Beach is one of the most famous beaches of the
city. The beach is always full with travelers and visitors.

A large number of tourists come here to relish various beach activities and
water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, water sailing and other water

Do not miss a visit to the Rose Hall, during your Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation.
The Rose Hall is the most popular Grand House of Montego. The house is
completely re-established on a sugar plantation. The construction of this
historical house is eye-catching and it is the symbol of the architectural
marvels of olden Jamaica.

Rocklands Feeding Station is another worth visiting spot at South of Montego.
The Rocklands is dwelling to some of the migrant birds in the world. You can
get here some of the rare species of birds like Doctor Bird, the national bird
of Jamaica, mango hummingbird and the orange quit. Visitors can give food to
the birds here.

The Ipswich Caves are located in the dense mountain woods. You have to pass
through coconut and banana grooves to reach the caves. All the caves are carved
from limestone and all of them are beautiful and eye-catching. Enjoy Montego Bay
Jamaica Vacation visiting the beaches and exploring the beauty of the place.

All Inclusive Montego Bay Vacation

Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica. It is widely known as MoBay.
Miles and miles of steamy beaches and coconut grooves surround the city. The
city houses the international airport of Jamaica; therefore, most of the
international tourists start their Jamaica vacations from this city. The
surroundings of the city are attractive and gorgeous.

If you want to laze around in sea, sun and sand, then Montego Bay Jamaica all
inclusive vacation offers a nice chance to experience all these things. The
tours include a visit to picturesque beaches, fascinating mountains and a wide
range of beach activities.

Montego Bay is the flourishing corporate hub of Jamaica and it serves as the
major market city for most of western Jamaica. The city sponsors both a rising
industrial center and cruise ship tourism. Tourists can visit various tourist
attractions of the city during their Montego Bay Jamaica all inclusive vacation

Some major tourist places in and around Montego Bay are Fort Montego, Georgian
house, The Cage, Parish church, Old Fort Craft Park and Sam Sharpe Square.
Besides, there are many beachfront resorts at Montego and all of them provide
various beach activities, adventure and fun to the tourists.

Fort Montego is one of the major attractions of the city. The fort is located
up the Miranda Hill. Earlier, there were 17 field guns in the fort, but today
there is only one of them. The fort had seen more comedian Jamaican films than
battles. Georgian House is another attractive building in the city, which
houses two bungalows. Wealthy businesspersons who thought that one would serves
as residence of his wife and another as the house for his mistress constructed
the building.

Tourists should not miss a visit to the Old Fort Craft Park in the Montego Bay
Jamaica all inclusive vacation. The place is flooded with beautiful shell
jewelry, t-shirts and attractive woodcarvings. You can purchase various
eye-catching souvenirs from this market. The streets of the market are full
with vegetables and fruit stalls. Sam Sharpe Square is an open place named
after Sam Sharpe, a local idol who organized the Christmas Rebellion of 1831.
The revolution finally resulted in the liberation of Jamaican slaves.

The Cage is an ancient building in the city constructed with bricks. Name of
the building is suitable, as it served as a confine for runaway slaves and
drunks that were detained on the streets.

If you are looking for excitement and enjoyment during Montego Bay Jamaica all
inclusive vacation, then visit the Rose Hall. It is the most famous Grand House
of Montego. The house is restructured on a sugar plantation. The structure of
this ancient house is eye-catching and it represents the architectural marvels
of bygone Jamaica.

You may have gone to many places for family vacations but the experience with
Montego Bay Jamaica all inclusive vacation is always enthralling and exciting.
Arrange Montego vacations to enjoy various beach activities and scenic glory of
the beaches.

Vacation Packages to Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most preferred tourist destinations and attractive
islands of West Indies. The picturesque beauty of this island invites many
tourists from all over the globe. The island is filled with melody, delicious
food, rum and scenic beaches. Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here
to enjoy their vacations. If you want to spend a few days at Jamaica, then ask
a travel agent about various Jamaica vacation packages.

Various types of Jamaica vacation packages are available to make your vacations
at Jamaica more pleasurable and easier. The Tropical Wedding Package is one of
the best Jamaica vacation packages. This package offers a 7-nights trip to
Jamaica for the bride and groom.

During these seven days, the couple can stay in one of the resorts including
The Doctorbird, the Starbright or the Starlight. If you want to celebrate your
wedding in Jamaica, the package also provides you the marriage certificate and
an official person to complete the ceremony at your preferred location.

The tropical vacation package provides grooms boutonniere, bride's garland, a
photographer to collect your happiest moments. Besides, the package also
includes a luscious traditional Jamaican wedding cake and a bottle of champagne.

One Love Romance Package is one of the most romantic Jamaica vacation packages.
This package includes 7-nights stay in the Starlight, Starbright or in The
Doctorbird resort. On your arrival in the hotel, you will be welcomed with
fresh cut flowers and a chilled bottle of champagne and fruit dish will be
provided you in the room. As well, you will also get a welcome gift from the
Coral Cove.

One Love Romance Package also includes 1-hour massage for couple, personal
guided tour in Little Bay, and the candlelit dinner facility at night on your
preferred place in the resort. All these facilities are provided during the
seven-night stay in the resort.

Local Tours in Jamaica provides some attractive Jamaica vacation packages. The
Local Tours in Jamaica package offers you a luxurious stay in one of the beach
resorts. During your stay in the resort, you will get snacks, drinks and all
types of tasty meals. As well, the package also includes various beach
activities and adventure water sports, scuba diving and golf.

You can taste unlimited top brand drinks and Caribbean rums. The resorts
provide luxurious accommodation to add value to the package. This package also
includes wedding facilities if you want to celebrate your wedding on the beach
or in a garden. The Local tours in Jamaica package also offers something
special for kids. Kids can enjoy supervised activities here during tours.

RIU Ocho Rios is a family resort and it provides all-inclusive Jamaica vacation
packages to the tourists. The vacation package provided by this resort includes
various tasty foods, snacks and daily meals. There is a minibar in every room
of the resort. RIU Ocho Rios vacation package also includes several beach
sports and activities like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and snorkeling.

You can make your Jamaica vacations easier and comfortable by choosing one of
the Jamaica vacation packages.

Jamaica Vacation Homes

Jamaica is one of the major tourist destinations and gorgeous islands of West
Indies. The charming beauty of the island invites many tourists from all over
the world. The island is filled with melody, appetizing food, rum and scenic

Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy their vacations. If
you are looking for luxurious and relaxed accommodation in Jamaica, then you
should select one of the Jamaica vacation homes. There are many luxurious homes
on Jamaica beaches and they provide luxurious plus accommodation to the
tourists. Most of vacation homes offer excellent facilities with attractive
furnishings and comfortable accommodation.

Villa Rococo Vacation Home is one of the finest Jamaica vacation homes at
Montego Bay. This vacation home provides excellent services to the guests
during their stay in it. The vacation home is located beside a mountain and it
is completed with hot water Jacuzzi, swimming pool, courteous staff and
eye-catching scenery. Here you can relish some of the best cuisines of the
world with finest liquors, cocktails, natural juices and rum.

The Villa Rocco Vacation Home is positioned about hundred feet above the sea
level; therefore, you can have some of the attractive views of Montego city,
Caribbean Sea, flora, fauna and lush green mountains from the room of the
vacation home.

Villa Rocco is the perfect choice for anniversaries, romantic honeymoons and
weddings, as it provides calm and peaceful environment from the hectic life of
the city. You will get here all modern facilities including well-appointed
kitchens, luxurious living rooms and bathroom with shower and hair dryer.

Ocean View Vacation home is one of the attractive Jamaica vacation homes. This
vacation home is completely situated on the sea in Ocho Rios. It takes about
1.5-hour drive from Montego Bay airport to the vacation home. This beautiful
vacation home is spread over 7000 sq feet of land.

All the rooms of Ocean View are airy, standard, and extra large and they have
ceramic tile floors. There are four dining places in the vacation home. You can
dine in the dining room or in the garden. As well, you can also take your dinner
beside the pool or on the terrace. There are large bedrooms in the home that can
accommodate up to 14 guests. All the rooms are centrally air-conditioned.

If you are looking for home comfort with natural glory, then Jamaica vacation
homes offer you various comforts with picturesque beauty of the nature.
Traditional Jamaican House is one of the beautiful vacation homes of Negril.
This beautiful vacation home offers you homely environment with the beauty of
the nature and it is suitable for both couples and families.

Staying in this vacation home you can enjoy the civilization of Negril and
kindness of the Caribbean. The house is decorated with traditional Jamaican
architecture. The windows of the rooms provide an abundance of chilly breeze of
the island and the sunny light.

Thus, Jamaica vacation homes provide relaxed and comfortable accommodation to
the tourists. You can make Jamaica tours memorable one by staying in one of the
fabulous vacation homes of Jamaica.

Spring Break vacation in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest island of the Caribbean, positioned near southern
region of Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is famous all over the globe. As well, the
island is also famous for abundance of coffee, music, rum and many picturesque
beaches. Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril are the main beaches of Jamaica and
all of them are eye-catching and famous for plain turquoise Caribbean waters.

A Jamaican spring break vacation is a nice opportunity to explore the beaches
of Jamaica and observe the natural glory of the island. That is why; Jamaica is
the perfect destination for spring break to savor everything that is available
on the beaches.

If you want to laze around in the sun, sea and sand, then Jamaica is the right
choice to do all these things. Jamaica is the place that offers something
special for everyone. During Jamaica spring break vacation, tourists can enjoy
many water sports and adventure games including windsurfing, sailing, water
sailing, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing.

The nightlife during spring breaks at Jamaica is always unique, due to the
abundance of open-air bars and nightclubs. There are numerous open-air bars in
Jamaica and most of them are sited on the beach. Here you can relish the steamy
climate all through the day and night.

You can have an experience of island life at Jimmy Buffet's Margaretville,
which is famous for exclusive music, a rock climbing wall and swinging sky
chairs. One of the important things about the Margaretville is that here spring
breakers can dance until 6AM.

The Jamaica city provides spring break pass for VIP entrance to bars, clubs and
parties, so you can enjoy the parties purchasing these passes. International
tourists can start their Jamaica spring break vacation from Montego Bay, as
there is an international airport at Montego.

After landing to the airport, you can go to any resort and can find
accommodation there. The Montego Bay offers a wide range of activities to the
spring breakers. Here you can enjoy Bamboo River rafting and swimming in the
waterfalls of Dunn's River.

Apart from that, you can also make Jamaica spring break vacation more
pleasurable by visiting several interior areas of Jamaica. Tourists can go to
the interior areas of Jamaica by using the facility of Jeep Safari. Many
four-wheel drive jeeps are available there to take you through the rivers,
mangrove forests and huge mountains. There is a stop at a river where you have
to climb up a chain of waterfalls and natural ponds. The Jeep Safari is
available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in a week.

Tourists can also enjoy Horseback Riding at Chukka Blue horseback riding track.
It is nice opportunity to take horseback ride, which starts from the Blue Hotel
Estate and ends at the Greta House. The Horseback riding is available on every
Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.

Jungle River Tubing is another exciting activity, which should not be missed
during Jamaica spring break vacation. The adventurous activity can be
experienced at the Great River.

Here you can also enjoy swimming, food, and drinks during the journey. Thus,
Jamaica is a perfect destination to relish spring breaks.

Jamaica Sailing Vacation

Jamaica is one of the most famous islands of West Indies. This picturesque
island is filled with palatable food, music, rum and many beautiful beaches.
Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy vacations.

If you are looking for fun and adventure on this island, then Jamaica sailing
cruise vacation is a fine opportunity to enjoy all these things. Jamaica is the
perfect place to enjoy several adventure and water sports. Tourist can enjoy
sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, water sailing and scuba diving on Jamaica

Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios are the major beaches of Jamaica. Sailing is
a popular sport here for locals and tourists. The water of the sea is always
lukewarm. Peak tourist season, from January to March is the best period to
arrange Jamaica sailing cruise vacation.

Most of the people come here to enjoy sailing cruise during these three months.
July to November is the period when no one should come here to enjoy the sailing
cruise. This is the cyclone season in Jamaica and you may have to face summer
rains during these months.

While organizing Jamaica sailing cruise vacation you should not forget several
legal things and confirmations. After coming to Jamaica, you have to inform to
customs about your arrival and stay on this island. The customs officers
inspect your ships and advise you to fill up a form that includes team list and
affirmation, registration of the ship, departure permission and a record of the
ship's stores.

Some of the travelers bring their own vehicles to sail Jamaica, but most of the
tourists prefer to rent a ship from the Caribbean. Such ships are rented
generally for the period of a week to 10 days. You can start your Jamaica
sailing cruise vacation from Montego Bay if you are an international traveler.

Most of the international travelers come to Montego, as there is the airport of
Jamaica. There are three picturesque beaches near Montego including Doctor's
Cave Beach, Cornwall Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach.

The Doctor's Cave Beach is the stretch of five miles white sand. Water of the
sea is plain and placid here and is suitable for going on a sailing cruise.
Cornwall beach is another beautiful place to enjoy sailing cruise at Jamaica.
This beach is always crowded and it is covered with white, smooth, sugary sand.
The water of the sea is warm and clear and it is perfect for sailing.

Negril is one of the perfect spots to start Jamaica sailing cruise vacation.
Negril is located around 50 miles west of Montego Bay. There is a dazzling
beach at Negril that offers various water sports including sailing,
parasailing, scuba diving and water skiing. However, this beach is the perfect
place to enjoy sailing cruise vacations.

Three types of ships are available in Jamaica including skippered bareboat,
crewed charter and bareboat. If you have to rent a ship, you will have to
choose one of the three ships for sailing cruise.

Thus, tourists can explore several unknown regions of Jamaica by arranging a
Jamaica sailing cruise vacation.

All Inclusive Jamaica Negril Vacation

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands and fine tourist destinations of
West Indies. The island is full of appetizing food, enjoyable music, white sand
beaches and several other things. There are many beaches near Jamaica. Negril is
one of the most attractive beaches of Jamaica, which is located on the western
tip of Jamaica. The beach is famous for abundance of natural assets.

Many people consider Negril as one of the leading family vacation destinations
in the Caribbean. Jamaica Negril all inclusive vacation offers a nice
opportunity of exploring the beauty of the beach.

Seven Mile Beach is the major tourist attraction of Negril. The beach is
stretched over 11 km down the west coast. The whole beach is surrounded by
golden sand, which adds to the glory of it. The beach is famous for family
vacations, though there are quite a few nudist patches where you will find all
the tourists nude.

During a Jamaica Negril all inclusive vacation, you can enjoy various beach
activities and adventure sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing,
sailing, scuba diving and deep-water fishing. Negril has become a famous family
beach choice, because it has preserved all its natural glories and assets.

Negril is a shopper's paradise, as industrial Jamaicans put up for sale a wide
range of craft goods in the markets and in street shops of the town. Tourists
can also enjoy an excited nightlife in the clubs of Negril. Many nightclubs in
the town have flourished beside the beaches over few years. The Rock's Cafe is
a preferred place for both Jamaicans and travelers, which is sited at West
Point of Negril. The place is famous to enjoy sunlight. Adventure lovers can a
30 ft thrust from the rock face.

Many resorts in Negril provide all types of facilities to the guests. You can
stay in one of the resorts during your Jamaica Negril all inclusive vacation.
RIU Negril is one of the famous beachfront resorts in the town. The resort is
child-friendly and offers many child activities in its children's club. It is
an all-inclusive resort with several facilities like water sports utensils,
swimming pool, dinner restaurant, disco and day/night entertainment clubs.

The resort offers relaxed accommodation in its rooms. The guestrooms of the
resort hold ground floor terraces or balconies that provide beautiful scenes of
surrounding areas. All the rooms are centrally air-conditioned and they have
ceiling fans too. Besides, all the rooms have well stocked refrigerators with
water, soft drinks and beers.

Beaches Negril is another beautiful resort in the town. The resort offers
enjoyment for all and that is in the sea, sun, under the stars and in sand.
Beaches Negril is the perfect spot for those who want to sip colorful mixtures
and laze under rolling coconut palms.

This is also the perfect place for those who want to enjoy adventure and
thrill. Here you can take pleasure in gliding beside the façade of the
turquoise waters on skis or can play some feisty matches of tennis. The resort
provides various sports for the children also.

Thus, a Jamaica Negril all inclusive will always be an abundance of enjoyment
and one should not miss an opportunity of relishing various fun activities.

Luxury All Inclusive Vacations in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. The beaches of
Jamaica are amazing where you can enjoy adventure, fun and luxury that tourists
desire most. If you are looking for enjoyment, excitement and lazing in the
beaches then you could go for all-inclusive luxury Jamaica vacations. The
beaches of Jamaica provide all bounties to the guests that they will never

Negril beach is one of the major attractions of all inclusive luxury Jamaica
vacations. The beach is world-famous for its seven mile extends of chalky white
sand. Tourists forget everything here during their vacations while wandering in
the seductive heat of the continuous sunlight. Relishing a sip of unusual
steamy drinks is an everlasting joy at Negril beach.

Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica. The city is famous for
shopping, as it is the commercial hub of Jamaica. If you want to see the
multihued present of the city, then go to the Gloucester Road and observe the
lively culture of Jamaica. As well, you can also see here a representation of
the royally past of the city.

All the old-fashioned structures of the city are converting into the modern
architectures at Montego Bay. Tourists can enjoy shopping at Montego because
there are many tax-free stores on the streets of the city. During sunny
afternoons, tourists can wander in the crafts market, which are full with
vibrant crafts and artifacts.

Here you will find glowing colors, amusement and various other activities while
wandering in the markets. All the places invite you to saturate in the warmth
and to participate in the entertainment.

During all inclusive luxury Jamaica vacations, tourists can experience the
island lifestyle at Negril. Negril is charmed with nature's gifts and there are
many luxurious things to do and see on the beach.

Here you can enjoy ultimate comfortable existence. There are wide spread cliffs
near Negril, which are spotted with unusual watering holes. The cliffs are
breathtaking and worth visiting.

Ocho Rios is another picturesque place sited in the center of the North Coast
of Jamaica. The place is full with unbelievable diversity of artificial and
natural gifts. Lavish vegetation, river falls and mountains surround Ocho Rios.
The Dune's River Falls are breathtaking and one should not miss an opportunity
of visiting the falls during all-inclusive luxury Jamaica vacations.

The beach is also famous for the Fern Gully, which is spread over five miles.
Here you will find more than 500 species of ferns and some uncommon flowers
that cannot be found outside this tropical forest. After exploring the splendor
of the nature at the forests, you can also go for shopping in the busy markets
of Ocho Rios, which are famous for craft items. There are many duty-free shops
in the town are full with vibrant artifacts.

Whitehouse is the place where you can enjoy the delight of being the first one
to mark your footsteps in the sands. Whitehouse is located on the South Coast
of Jamaica and it displays the beautiful scenery that is untouched by crowds.

Thus, all inclusive luxury Jamaica vacation is a nice opportunity to explore
and enjoy the natural glory of the beach.

All Inclusive Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica is one of the luxury islands and the finest tourist destinations in
West Indies. The island is filled with appetizing food, enjoyable music, white
sand beaches and several other things. All inclusive Jamaica vacations offer a
nice opportunity for exploring various tourist attractions of Jamaica.

The city of Jamaica lies just south of Cuba and west of the Dominican Republic.
All the major cities near Jamaica are situated on the seashore, including the
crowded centers of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Kingston. During your
all-inclusive Jamaica vacations, you can travel to Jamaica, Bahamas and various
beaches of Jamaica for a pleasurable all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean.

Seven Mile Beach is one of the finest beaches of Jamaica, which is located near
Negril. The picturesque beach is extended 11 km beside the west coast. The whole
beach is covered by golden sands and is an ideal place for families

Boston Bay Beach is another attractive beach in Jamaica, which is located near
the Port Antonio. The beach is renowned for its clean waters, white sands and
the grand jerk- pork stands. Tourists can witness the largest sea waves at
Boston Bay Beach and can hire surfboards to enjoy surfing in the waters.

Tourists can explore some of the interior areas of Jamaica during the all
inclusive Jamaica vacations. The Black River is sited on the South Coast of
Jamaica. While wandering in this region you will remember the real Tarzan
realm, because the place is full with lush green trees and forests.

While on excursion with South Coast Safaris, you will find untamed crocodiles
in the woods. As well, the place is a hometown for many wild things. Bird
watchers will forget everything here seeing the abundance of birds and bird
life in these forests.

Green Grotto Caves are attractive caves near Jamaica and once these granite
caves were used to conceal fugitive slaves. On the face of the caves, there are
non-stop boardrooms and there is a supernatural Grotto Lake near it. You can
visit the lake by taking a boat. Blue Mountains is another beautiful place near
Jamaica, which should not be missed on your all-inclusive Jamaica vacations.

The Blue Mountains is one of the largest and greenest parks in the Caribbean
and it is best for traveling around. To reach the peak of the mountains you
have to trek five to six hours through deep foliage. While having a trek you
will listen to wonderful birdsongs and chirping of the birds.

All inclusive Jamaica vacations offer a nice opportunity of enjoying the
rafting experience. You can go for rafting on the Rio Grande, which is located
near Port Antonio. Rafting on the Rio Grande is a unique experience at Jamaica
and you can use the bamboo poles to push the rafts. Martha Brea's village is
another place to enjoy rafting during Jamaica vacations.

The village offers a superb rafting experience. Here you have to sit on a high
platform, which is made from cane wood and from the platform you can observe
long spread out river surroundings. The view of the river scenery is attractive
and charming.

Enjoy an all inclusive Jamaica vacations by exploring various attractions and
relishing the glory this place.

Jamaican Spring Break Vacation Package

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, situated just south of
Cuba. Jamaican generosity is well renowned all over the globe. As well, the
island is famous for coffee, music, rum and many picturesque beaches. Ocho
Rios, Montego Bay and Negril are the main beaches of Jamaica and all of them
are attractive and famous for plain turquoise Caribbean waters.

Spring break vacation package to Jamaica offers a fine occasion of exploring
some of the scenic beaches of Jamaica. That is why; Jamaica is the perfect
destination for spring break to taste everything that is available on the

During spring vacations in Jamaica, you can laze around in the plentiful
sunshine and can watch out at the never-ending sea. Besides, sipping unusual
hot drinks is an additional delight on Jamaica beaches. The beaches are long
spread with miles of white sands.

Negril is one of the major tourist destinations of Jamaica. The beach is world
famous for its seven-mile stretch of white sand. Negril is the perfect place to
enjoy the Caribbean environment in the spring season. Black River Safari is
another attraction of Negril beach. Here you can swim in quiet waters of Black
river or can test Jamaican rum at the Appleton Estate. The Black River is an
abode for crocodiles, so in the river you can find various rare species of

Really, Negril is the perfect spring break vacation destination. Here you can
play many sports also. Most of the visitors play the sport of relaxing in an
umbrella with drink on this beach during the daytime. The nightlife during
spring break vacation package at Jamaica is unparalleled. At nights on Negril
beach, everyone can be seen busy in the beach parties or in the open-air bars.

Various types of spring break vacation packages to Jamaica are available. Four
and seven night spring break vacation packages are most convenient. Tourists
can enjoy rap, reggae and the Top 40 music during beacon or open air parties on
this beach.

There is something special for everyone in the spring break vacation package to
Jamaica. During springs, you can get an experience of the island lifestyle at
Jimmy Buffet's Margarita Ville. The place is full with music all the day and it
offers a huge water trampoline and a rock-climbing wall to the guests. Spring
breakers can dance until 6 AM in the tropical forests of Jamaica.

Ocho Rios is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Jamaica. Ocho
Rios is famous for Blue Mountains and tourists can have various adventures
here. A tour to Ocho Rios takes you in the realm of flora and fauna of the Blue
Mountains. This region is famous as the abode of the world-renowned coffee.
There are many coffee plantations in this area. Tourists can taste the world
famous coffee in their spring break vacation tours to Jamaica.

Montego Bay is another crowded tourist destination of Jamaica, where you can
relish Bamboo River rafting and swimming under the waterfalls of Dunn's River.

Thus, tourists can take pleasure in many activities during spring break
vacation package to Jamaica.

Amazing Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest islet in the Caribbean, located just south of
Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is well known all over the world. As well, the islet
is famous for rum, music, coffee and many picturesque beaches. There are many
beaches near Jamaica. You can visit some Jamaican beaches during your Jamaica

The beaches in Jamaica are amazing and worth visiting. Some major Jamaican
beaches are Doctor's Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Treasure
Beach, Cornwall Beach, Fairy Hill Beach, Hellshire Beach, James Bond Beach and
Mallards Beach. On the beaches of Jamaica, you can laze around in the rich
sunlight, can observe the unending sea or can taste a sip of unusual hot
drinks. Resting on the sunny sands is always a nice experience.

Tourists can enjoy various beach activities on the beaches of Jamaica. You can
have water sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and scuba diving on these beaches.
All the beaches serve as a haven for swimmers and adventure lovers. Deep-water
fishing facility is also available on some of the beaches. Location of the
beaches is so charming and gorgeous that you will forget everything while
observing the glory of the nature here.

Ocho Rios is one of the popular Jamaican beaches. The beach is famous for Blue
Mountains, the kingdom of flora and fauna. The mountains are full with dense
plantations of coffee and you can taste here the world famous coffee during
your visit. Mallard beach is another beautiful beach in this region, which is
sited in the center of Ocho Rios. The beach is surrounded by many hotels. The
specialty of this beach is that the beach is untouched by modern civilization;
therefore, it is the perfect place getting away from the workloads of daily

Grande Beach is an eye-catching community beach on Jamaica's rich shores. The
beach is not far from the colonized areas of Jamaica, yet the people do not
heavily occupy it. The scenery of Grande Beach increases the gory of it.

Boston Bay Beach is located near Port Antonio. The beach is known for white
sands, plain waters and grand jerk pork stands. This beach has the biggest
waves in Jamaica, and you can hire surfboards here to enjoy surfing. Cornwall
Beach is one of the most famous Jamaican beaches.

The beach is located near the Montego Bay and it is surrounded by smooth,
pasty, sugary sand. Doctor's Cave Beach is famous for five-mile stretch of fair
sand. Water of the sea is easygoing and suitable for swimming. The beach houses
some changing rooms and a bar and it is one of the perfect spots to enjoy
vacation with your family.

Negril beaches are famous for many reasons. Seven Mile Beach is the major
attraction of Negril. This picturesque beach is extended 7-miles beside the
west coast and golden sands cover it. The beach is suitable for the whole
family to enjoy various beach activities. Yet there are some nudist patches
where you will find all the tourists naked.

Thus, Jamaican beaches are full off various beach activities and one should not
miss a them while visiting the islands of West Indies.

Is A Jamaican Vacation Right For You?

Jamaica is the third largest islet in the Caribbean, positioned just south of
Cuba. Jamaican kindness is well renowned all over the world. As well, the isle
is well known for music, coffee, rum and many picturesque beaches. Negril, Ocho
Rios and Montego Bay are the major beaches of Jamaica. All of them are
eye-catching and famous for plain turquoise Caribbean waters. Tourists can
explore all these beaches during their Jamaica Vacations.

There are many tourist attractions near Jamaica including the Doctor's Cave
Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Treasure Beach, Cornwall Beach, The
Black River, Somerset Falls and Green Grotto Caves. Do not miss a visit to some
of these picturesque places during Jamaica vacations. Many hotels and beachfront
resorts are waiting for you in Jamaica. All the hotels and resorts offer various
modern amenities and facilities to the guests during their stay in the resort.

Negril is one of the main tourist attractions of Jamaica. The beach is world
famous for its seven-mile extend of pasty sand. Negril is an ideal place to
enjoy the Caribbean surroundings. Negril is also famous for the Black River
Safari. Here you can go for a dip in quiet waters of Black river or can trial
Jamaican rum at the Appleton Estate.

The Black River is a dwelling for crocodiles, so in the river you can find
various rare species of crocodiles. Tourists can spend some of the time in
shopping in the street shops of Negril. Shops of Negril are full with a wide
range of craft goods and artifact items.

Ocho Rios is another most gorgeous tourist attraction of Jamaica. The place is
renowned for Blue Mountains. A visit to Ocho Rios takes you in the territory of
flora and fauna of the Blue Mountains. Besides, the world famous coffee is
cultivated in this region of Jamaica. There are many coffee plantations in this
area. Tourists can taste the world famous coffee during their Jamaica vacations.

Montego Bay is another busy tourist destination of Jamaica, where you can take
pleasure in Bamboo River rafting and swimming in the waterfalls of Dunn's
River. Cornwall beach is also sited near Montego Bay. The beach is always
crowded and is surrounded by smooth, pasty, sugary sand.

The water of the beach is clear and humid and it is the perfect place to take
the whole family. There are another three beaches near Montego including Walter
Fletcher Beach, Doctor's Cave Beach and Cornwall Beach. All the three beaches
are famous for water sports and sightseeing.

Treasure Beach is one of the scenic beaches of Jamaica, which is located on the
south coast of the island. The beach is crowd free; therefore, one should not
miss a visit to the place during Jamaica vacations. Swimming is risky here
because of the roaring waves.

Tourists can also visit the Green Grotto Caves during Jamaica tours. The
sandstone caves are beautiful and worth visiting. Thus, Jamaica vacations offer
a fine opportunity of exploring the natural beauty and various beaches of

Celebrate Your Wedding in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the leading tourist destinations and attractive islands of
West Indies. The picturesque glory of the island invites many tourists from all
over the globe. The island is filled with music, delicious food, rum and scenic
beaches. Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy their

Imagine yourself out for long vacations in the exciting beaches of Jamaica, the
land of Caribbean ocean and you plan your wedding there. Nothing could be more
exciting than a Jamaica vacation wedding. Many couples come here to celebrate
their wedding ceremonies.

Coral cove is an excellently beautiful piece of heaven that is positioned on
five acres with a personal bay and beach. This part of land has been designed
with an idea of wedding. Coral Cove is completely dedicated to provide you all
wedding facilities and to convert your every wish into an actuality. The Coral
Cove has built a gorgeous open reception pavilion at the top of the Turtle
beach, because of the high demand for better weddings.

You can celebrate your Jamaica vacation wedding at Coral Cove with a group of
your family and friends to make the ceremony memorable one. The Coral Cove
provides personal services, the marriage certificate, and an official person to
carry out the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony can be organized in the garden or on the beach. You will also
get several brides' garlands from Coral Cove. Apart from that, the group also
provides a staff photographer to shoot your photographs, a tasty traditional
Jamaican wedding cake and a bottle of champagne.

You will have to provide several documents to celebrate your Jamaica vacation
wedding successfully. The papers that are essential for wedding in Jamaica are
licensed copies of birth certificates of both of you & your partner
with your fathers' names, a letter that states about your respective
professions and the date and time of wedding.

If you are imaging your wedding day on seashore at sunset with smooth white
sand under your feet, then arrange Jamaica vacation wedding. In Jamaica, you
can arrange your wedding in a beautiful garden setting with juicy plants
blossoming flowers all around you.

Jamaica is a very famous preference for Caribbean destination weddings and
honeymoons. The island is full with eye-catching scenery and many wedding
packages and resorts are available there. If you wish, you can be tied here in
one day by completing some legal requirements.

There are many wedding locations in Jamaica including Negril, Montego Bay,
Dunn's river falls and Ocho Rios. Jamaica villa wedding is an exclusive and
cherished destination-wedding incident for everyone. Here luxurious lodging is
available for more than 35 people.

The wedding ceremony takes place here in a very secretive setting. Thus,
Jamaica vacation wedding is a unique experience and you can have it if you
celebrate your wedding ceremony at Jamaica beaches.

Vacation Villas in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the picturesque islands and finest tourist destinations of
West Indies. The island is filled with delicious food, pleasant music, white
sand beaches and several other things. Many people consider Jamaica as one of
the best family vacation destinations in the Caribbean.

If you are looking for excitement, enjoyment and lazing in the beaches, then
you should find any one of the Jamaica vacation villas. There are many villas
on this island that provide luxurious accommodation and several beach
activities to the tourists.

Ocho Rios Villa is one of the finest Jamaica vacation villas. The villa offers
real Jamaica vacation fun and enjoyment. The villa is located on a steamy
hillside between Port Maria and Ocho Rios. This open Jamaican villa displays
wonderful views of the Blue Mountains and Caribbean Sea. The location of the
villa is convenient to enjoy various beach activities and stimulating nightlife
of Ocho Rios.

Tourists can visit Dunn's River Falls, Black Sand Beach, Port Antonio, Boston
Bay, and Blue Lagoon staying in the villa. Dolphin Cove is the famous bay near
the villa where tourists can enjoy swimming with the dolphins. The villa has
maintained the environment of harmony and silence at its location.

Tourists can enjoy various beach activities in the villa including diving,
windsurfing, boating, fishing, golf, hiking and bicycling. Apart from that, the
Ocho Rios provides all modern amenities and facilities to the guests including
TV in rooms, refrigerator, radio, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, iron
and games and toys for children. All these facilities are provided to make your
stay in the villa more relaxed and pleasurable.

If you are looking for any of the Jamaica vacation villas that are near to
several local attractions, sights, and amusement, then go to the Hill Sea View
Villa. The villa is situated around three miles east of down town Ocho Rios.
This wonderful 2-story villa is the perfect place to see the amazing views of
the Caribbean Sea. The staff of the villa is polite and is always prepared to
make your stay a calm, private and unforgettable one.

Hill Sea View Villa has two units including the upper floor and the lower floor
and both of them have six bedrooms. All the rooms are air conditioned and well
appointed with modern amenities like TV, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker,
stove, phone, fax machine, toaster, and dishwasher. You can enjoy various beach
activities staying in the Hill Sea View Villa including diving, windsurfing,
golf, boating, fishing and tennis.

If you are looking for the haven on earth, then Jamaica vacation villas are the
best place to relish several heavenly entertainments. El Cielo is one of the
beautiful Jamaica vacation villas. This superb villa is situated in Port
Antonio, the most peaceful area of Jamaica. The villa provides various
facilities to the tourists including personal fitness center, swimming pool and
steam showers in fitness center.

The villa houses a restaurant that caters palatable Jamaican and
intercontinental cuisines to you. Thus, you can make your Jamaica tours more
pleasurable and memorable by staying in one of the Jamaica vacation villas.

Jamaican Vacation Resorts

Jamaica is one of the major tourist destinations and beautiful islands of West
Indies. The picturesque glory of the island invites many tourists from all over
the globe. The island is filled with music, palatable food, rum and scenic
beaches. Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy their

If you are looking for luxurious and relaxed accommodation in Jamaica, then you
should select one of the Jamaica vacation resorts for a memorable stay. There
are many all-inclusive family resorts in Jamaica.

Beaches Boscobel Spa Resort is one of the hottest Jamaica vacation resorts. The
resort offers various beach activities and adventure sports to the guests. There
is a special kid's camp in the resort that provides several fun activities to
the kids. The resort has something special for everyone.

Beaches Boscobel Spa resort offers luxurious accommodation to the guests. Here
you can stay with your whole family or can come to enjoy loving getaway. The
resort houses many restaurants that provide palatable local and international
food. The resort has its own piano bar where you can indulge your evening

All the rooms of the resort are well equipped with modern amenities like
satellite cable TV, refrigerator, phone, coffee/tea maker, internet access,
ironing board, and in room safe.

There is a game room in the resort, where you can play various games. Besides,
you can also play here golf, billiards, tennis and other games. Thus, the
resort always tries to make your stay memorable and pleasurable one.

Beaches Negril Resort and Spa is one of the most famous Jamaica vacation
resorts. The resort is located at superbly attractive and environmentally
untouched location. This is the perfect place for honeymooners and couples.
They can generate some of the unending memories during their stay in the
resort. All the guests are free to enjoy various activities and facilities in
the resort.

Beaches Negril Resort and Spa provides spacious and relaxed rooms to the
guests. All the rooms are well appointed with modern facilities including
bathtub, hairdryer, phone, satellite TV, laundry service and ironing board.
Apart from that, the resort provides several extra facilities including
babysitting, gym, internet access, swimming pool, game room and free parking

If you are looking for relaxed accommodation during Jamaica vacations, then go
to Breezes Montego Bay Resort. The resort is situated on Doctor's Cave Beach,
only five minutes journey from the airport. The resort offers you an array of
Caribbean lavishness and amusement. The resort tries to make your stay
unforgettable one.

Breezes Montego Bay has many rooms that are suitable to anyone. All the rooms
are air-conditioned and are well appointed with modern facilities. Several room
facilities are satellite cable TV, voice mail phone, hair dryer, ironing board
and complimentary toilets.

Beaches Sandy Bay is one of the major Jamaica vacation resorts. The resort is
famous for its hospitality and warmly reception. The resort offers relaxed
accommodation in its several suites. The courteous staff of the resort is
always ready to meet up your requirements.

Thus, you can make your Jamaica tours more pleasurable and unforgettable by
staying in one of the prominent Jamaica vacation resorts.

Jamaica Vacation Retals

Jamaica is one of the most preferred tourist destinations and eye-catching
islands of West Indies. Picturesque beauty of this island invites many tourists
from all over the world. This island is filled with music, tasty food, rum and
scenic beaches. Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy their
vacations. If you want to spend some days at Jamaica, then ask a travel agent
about different Jamaica vacation rentals.

Boscobel has two of beautiful villas in Jamaica.
One is located at Ocho Rios and another near Dunn's river falls. Rica Vista is
one of the villas of Boscobel located in Oracabessa. This villa has its own
pool, beach, and large garden surrounded by coconut trees and juicy flowers.
There are expert cooks in the resort. You can taste here distinctive Jamaican
cuisines during your stay in the villa.

Boscobel offers various types of Jamaica vacation rentals according to the
facilities and duration. The vacation rental of Boscobel includes
air-conditioned rooms with satellite cable TV, stereo system and VCR. Boscobel
also provides you well-equipped kitchens with refrigerator, microwave,
dishwasher and icemaker.

The vacation rentals also include various beach sports and adventures like
tennis, windsurfing, rafting and fishing. If you want to stay here for a whole
week, then you will have to pay $1400 per week in summers and $1800 during

Summerwind is another Boscobel villa, built on a hillside land. This villa
offers unequaled views of the exciting sea. Staying in this villa, you can
experience the real beauty of Jamaica with its attractions and local life. If
you want to stay in this villa, then it is better to know about the various
types of Jamaica vacation rentals that are available here.

This villa offers a wide range of beach activities including biking, rock
climbing, boating, sailing, and swimming. If you want to stay here for a whole
week, then you have to rent $2500 for three suites. Six persons can stay in
these three suites. Summerwind provides single suite for the couple.

Two persons can live in this suite for a week. Rental for the week is $700. All
the rentals are same round the year. You can also stay here with additional
persons by paying $30 per night.

Tourists can confirm the Jamaica vacation rentals from Discovery Bay Vacation.
The Discovery Bay offers various vacation packages. Mount Corbett Estate is one
of the beautiful resorts of the Discovery Bay. This resort is the perfect place
to enjoy wonderful views of the Caribbean. The Mount Corbett Estate provides
various types of vacation package rentals.

All the vacation rentals include air-conditioned rooms with dryer, washer,
satellite cable TV, DVD, private pool and stereo system. Besides that, you can
enjoy here various beach sports also. Sightseeing tour is also included in the

Mount Corbett Estate offers two types of vacation rentals. If you want to stay
here from Dec 15 to Apr 30, the rates are $6800 for every week and from May 1
to Dec 14; you have to pay $4800 per week. But remember that all these rates
can change without prior notice.

Thus, you can make your Jamaica vacation easier by knowing about rentals in

All Inclusive Family Hotel Vacation

All inclusive hotels in Jamaica for a family vacation are a popular choice for
families during Jamaica tours. There are many all-inclusive resort chains in
Jamaica and all of them provide carious fun activities, luxuries and adventure
sports that families desire most.

Two major chains of hotels in Jamaica are Super Clubs and Sandals. Both the
groups are designed for families. Make your Jamaica tours more pleasurable by
relishing various facilities of these all-inclusive hotels.

Beaches Boscobel, a part of Sandals Resorts, is one of the popular all
inclusive hotels in Jamaica. The hotel is located on the north coast of
Jamaica, just two hours from Montego Bay airport. The resort is spread over 22
acres of land and there are fine guestrooms and suites in it. The resort is
constructed just near to the beach.

Though the resort is sited up from the beach, yet you do not need to take
stairs, as there is a crane that takes you from the beach to the rooms. You can
use the stairs only when you wish to exercise.

Beaches Boscobel has rooms, suites, and the luxury family suites have half
walls instead of complete partition. The terrace suite of the resort is a huge
room, which has sofa beds and king sized beds. The suite is very much beautiful
and spacious and has a wide veranda outside it. All the rooms and suites have
well stocked refrigerators.

The Beaches Boscobel houses a poolside restaurant named The Bayside Restaurant.
The restaurant is located at the airy location and it caters three types of
meals with night snack. Lots of fruits and cheese are also served with meals.
The restaurant provides special kids zone with kiddy seats. Tourists can watch
various nighttime shows and quizzes from the pool of the resort.

Besides, there are two more pools in the resort including wading pool and kiddy
pool. The wading pool is an ideal place for small kids and the kiddy pool is
prepared with two waterslides. As well, the Boscobel houses tennis courts,
fitness centers, outdoor pool tables and other sports facilities.

Rose Hall Resort & Country Club is one of the leading all inclusive hotels in
Jamaica family vacation. The resort is well spread over 400 acres of land and
this charming all-inclusive resort provides something special for people of all
ages. Tourists can enjoy here unending portfolio of activities including
snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing and kayaking and most of these games can
be played with your family.

Guests can spend sunny afternoons gliding down the sluggish river in an inner
pipe. Some other sports that can be enjoyed during your stay in the resort are
scuba diving, swimming, beach volleyball, boat tours, fishing and jet skiing.

Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas is one of the finest all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica
family vacation. It is a beachfront hotel designed in the Mediterranean Style
and is ideal for families and couples. The hotel is located at a warm
atmosphere and is encircled by gorgeous gardens.

The hotel offers all-inclusive facilities and the rooms of the hotel are well
appointed with modern amenities including bathtubs, tea/coffee makers, exercise
gym and in room movies.

Thus, all-inclusive Jamaican family vacations are ideal for families and they
offer a wide range of facilities to make your stay more pleasurable and
memorable one.

Air Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica is one of the finest islands and tourist destinations in West Indies.
The island is filled with delicious food, pleasing music, white sandy beaches
and several other things. Air Jamaica Vacations offer a nice opportunity of
turning your dreams of visiting Jamaica into reality with holiday packages to
the hottest destinations of Caribbean. During air Jamaica vacations, you will
visit most famous destinations like Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Jamaica is the most picturesque beach, as the history, nature and culture smash
together in a breathtaking islet and by air, Jamaica vacations would start from
the very moment you set your feet on this beautiful land. Tourists can enjoy
scuba diving and snorkeling on the beaches of Jamaica and they can rejoice in
excellent reggae music and can taste spicy jerk cuisines.

Some major attractions of Jamaica are Doctor's Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach,
Treasure Beach, The Black River, Somerset Falls and Boston Bay Beach. All these
places are worth visiting and are specially known for their exclusive
attractions and histories.

Visit Montego Bay during air Jamaica vacations. It is the second largest city
near Jamaica and is famous for Caribbean shopping and the fascinating Rose Hall
Great house. This island is always full with tourists and vacationers. The
Dune's River Falls is one of the popular attractions there. Tourists can take
pleasure in Snorkeling in the waters near Ocho Rios, which is the incredible,
palm lined white sand beach.

There are superior hotels and spicy food stall on all the beaches of Jamaica,
where you can tantalize your taste buds. Numerous couples come here to
celebrate a honeymoon in the presence of it immense natural beauty. You can
enjoy various adventure sports like river rafting and water diving here.

The city of Jamaica is also famous for the finest golf courses in the country.
Thus, tourists can enjoy air Jamaica vacations with all these activities.

Air Jamaica vacations offer a nice opportunity of visiting picturesque beaches.
Doctor's Cave Beach is one of the popular beaches near
Jamaica. This white sand beach is spread over eight km of lands. Water of the
sea is plain, so tourists can enjoy swimming and water sports here. There is a
beach bar and changing rooms to change clothes on the beach.

Cornwall Beach is another beautiful beach at Montego Bay. The beach is always
full and it is surrounded by white, smooth, sugary sand. The water of the sea
is clear; therefore, it is an ideal place to visit with the whole family.
Treasure Beach is one of the most popular beaches, which is sited on the South
coast of Jamaica.

Though the beach is always full with travelers, yet it is not suitable for
swimming. The booming waves of the sea convert it into the most impressive
beach capes of Jamaica.

Somerset Falls are the most amazing falls, where waters of the Daniel River
fall down in a deep chasm through a forest. Blossoming vines, foaming flows and
beautiful waterfalls surround the place and increase the beauty of the site.

Cheapest Jamaican Inclusive Vacations

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, positioned just south of
Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is renowned all over the world. This islet is well
known for abundance of music, coffee, rum, delicious food and many picturesque

Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are the major beaches of Jamaica. All beaches
have eye-catching surroundings and they are famous for plain turquoise Caribbean
waters. If you want to travel Jamaica at reasonable rates, then ask a travel
agent about the cheapest Jamaica inclusive vacation packages.

There are many resorts and hotels in Jamaica. Most of resorts provide the
cheapest Jamaica inclusive vacation packages. Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort is
one of the beautiful resorts of Jamaica. This is an all-inclusive resort and it
offers cheap rate vacation accommodation to the travelers in Jamaica.

This is the perfect place for couples, singles and families. You will get
excellent services and facilities in the restaurant and these services will
invite you again to the resort.

Holiday Inn has its own beach and the picturesque glory of the beach is an
additional attraction of this resort. Tourists can spend their vacations here
by lazing in the beach or enjoying swimming and other water sports. There are
many entertainment options in the resort where you can indulge most of the
time. All these facilities are included in the cheap rate package.

If you choose one of the cheapest Jamaica inclusive vacation packages of this
resort, it will include accommodation, non-motorized sports and three tasty
meals and snacks. Cheapest rates in this resort are available from US $ 215 per
night for two persons. Flight +Hotel charge for two persons is available from US
$ 502.

If you are looking for the cheapest Jamaica inclusive vacation package, then go
to SunSet Beach Resort and Spa at Montego Bay. This resort offers cheapest rate
vacation packages in Jamaica. You will get here all the modern facilities and
amenities with cheap rate vacations.

SunSet Resort offers a cheap rate vacation, which includes flight +2 nights
stay in the resort at $ 515 for one person. The air facility is available from
Miami to Montego Bay. The resort offers another cheap rate package, which
includes an air journey from Atlanta to Montego Bay. This package includes
flight +2nights stay in the resort for one person.

Half Moon Montego Bay is one of the luxurious resorts of Jamaica. This resort
offers several cheapest Jamaica inclusive vacation packages. All modern
facilities, beach games and adventure sports are available in the resort. The
Half Moon offers a cheapest vacation package from Chicago to Montego Bay
journey. This package includes air travel + 2nights stay in the resort at US
$236 for one person.

The resort offers a vacation package from San Francisco to Montego Bay at
budget rates with flight + 2 nights stay in the resort for a single person at
US $209. There is also a reasonable rate vacation package from Denver to
Jamaica with flight + 2 nights stay in the resort at US $212 for one person.
However, all rates can change without prior notice.

Thus, various types of cheapest Jamaica inclusive vacation packages are
available. Plan your journey and choose one of the cheapest vacation packages,
and have more spending money!

Cheap Inclusive Jamaican Vacations

Jamaican generosity is renowned all over the world. This island is well known
for abundance of music, coffee, rum, delicious food and many picturesque
beaches. Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are the major beaches of Jamaica.
All the beaches have eye-catching surroundings and they are famous for plain
turquoise Caribbean waters.

Thousands of tourists and visitors visit the beaches of Jamaica round the year.
If you want to travel Jamaica at reasonable rates, then ask the travel agent
about cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation packages.

There are many hotels and resorts in Jamaica and most of them are located on
the beaches. If you want to laze around in the sea, sun and sand then Jamaica
is the perfect destination to enjoy all these things. Most of the Jamaican
resorts provide cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation packages for budget tourists.

Sandals Montego Bay is one of the beautiful resorts of the Montego town. This
resort is situated near the airport. The resort is famous for having the
largest private beach in Jamaica. You will get here all types of modern
amenities at cheap rates.

Half Moon Montego Bay is one of the deluxe resorts of Jamaica. This resort
offers quite a few cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation packages. All modern
facilities, beach games and adventure sports are available in the resort. The
Half Moon resort offers a cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation package from Chicago
to Montego Bay trip.

This package includes air travel + 2nights stay in the resort at US $236 for
one person. Another cheap inclusive vacation package is also offered by the
resort, which includes flight + 2 nights stay in the resort for a single person
at US $209. This package is offered for a trip from San Francisco to Montego Bay.

If you want to know about g cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation package, then go
to SunSet Beach Resort and Spa at Montego Bay. Many cheap rate Jamaica vacation
packages are available in this resort. You will get here all the modern
amenities and facilities at reasonable rates.

SunSet Resort offers a cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation including flight +2
nights stay in the resort at $515 for one person. The air journey is available
from Miami to Montego Bay. Another all-inclusive cheap rate vacation package is
also available in the resort that includes an air journey from Atlanta to
Montego Bay with flight+2nights stay in the resort for one person.

Grand Lido Braco is one of the most popular resorts of Jamaica. This resort
offers several cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation packages. You will get all
modern facilities in the resort at reasonable rates. This old-fashioned resort
is adorned with cobblestones and the gingerbread architecture adds to the glory
of the resort.

Couples Negril resort also offers a cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation package to
the tourists. Various cheap vacation packages are available here for the couples
and they can enjoy a relaxing gateway here during their stay in the resort.

Thus, you can arrange your cheap inclusive Jamaica vacation knowing about
various vacation packages.

Taking Children to Jamaica on Vacation

Although there's no real reason not to take children to Jamaica on vacation
with you, there are two important issues that you need to keep in mind when it
comes to health and safety.

The first of these is that you need to keep a check on where they are and what
they're doing. Even if you are in a resort, and there's a children's activity
center or club, you should check on the security measures in operation to
ensure that your children are not at any kind of risk. In this Jamaica is not
unlike many other countries, but because of the relaxed atmosphere, it's easy
to let your guard down. Don't! If you aren't staying in a tourist orientated
compound type resort, you need to be extra vigilant as it's easy for your
children to be at risk not only from people, but also from the natural
environment if they should wander off alone and become lost.

The second of these could actually determine whether or not you choose Jamaica
as your vacation destination. Although there's nothing physically preventing
you taking your little ones, there's a big issue with the necessary
vaccinations. Some vaccinations are not advised to be given to children under a
certain age, and if you find that you would need these particular vaccinations
in order to go to the location you've chosen, you will probably need to revise
your plans, or find some way of protecting your child against the disease(s)
covered by the inoculation.

Jamaica is a country of extravagant color and culture, and it's a place where
children will experience the holiday of a lifetime. However, unless you want
some of the memories they bring back to be negative, you need to be on your
guard both before you go, and whilst you're there, to ensure that they are kept
safe and healthy.

Is it Safe to Drink the Water on your Visit to Jamaica?

For the most part, the answer is yes. In most of the main areas of Jamaica that
are usually populated with tourists, it is "safe" to drink the water from the
faucet or tap. However the further you go from the cities and into the more
rural areas of the island, the less safe the water becomes. If possible you
should always carry bottled water with you so that you're sure that what you're
drinking isn't responsible for any illnesses you pick up whilst you're away.

There's a bigger threat to your health than water however, because you see
water and think "Water -- is it safe?" But it's not always as easy to consider
how safe the ice is when you're hot and longing for something cool to drink.
Ice is a far bigger danger and in the Jamaican heat it's far too tempting to
just think "it'll be ok" when you see a street vendor selling snocones. It's
possible that it will be ok, depending on where you are when tempted, but it's
also possible that that moment of weakness will ruin your vacation -- so stop
and think before you buy! Also beware of ice in your drinks. If you are having
ice from the bar in your hotel, and the hotel is a good standard tourist hotel
that caters mainly for international guests, chances are that the ice will be
just fine -- as the water from the faucet there will be. If however you've
stopped into a local Jamaican bar that's mainly frequented by the locals, or if
you're in a hotel in a smaller town, then skip the ice out -- it's better to be
hot than sorry!

On what should be a fabulous holiday, there are certain precautions you need to
take, and ensuring that the water you drink is clean is one of them -- even if
it means that if you're camping, you boil the water and leave it cool before
you drink it!

Is Holiday Insurance Necessary for your Vacation to Jamaica?

Whether or not to pay for holiday insurance is a big question when it comes to
setting the vacation budget, and often it's something that you can safely go
without. But should you go without it when visiting somewhere off the beaten
track like Jamaica?

One of the things you'd need to consider is "how far off the beaten track" are
you likely to be going in Jamaica? The more extreme your vacation plans, the
more likely you are to be at risk of accident. If you have an accident, what
would the options of getting back home be? What kind of expenses would you be

If you are taking expensive equipment with you, such a digital camera, or
laptop, then you should certainly have insurance in case these are stolen while
you're away. With expensive individual items such as these however, you need to
make sure that these are specifically covered by your insurance policy for
everything from accidental damage (such as that which could happen in transit),
to theft of the item. You should also be aware of what paperwork you will need
to produce in order to claim for the items so that you have any receipts at
hand before you leave and you bring back any copies of official documentation
from the Jamaican authorities such as a police theft report.

When traveling to parts of the world which are noted tourist destinations, but
which are not as commercial as some more popular destinations such as Paris,
London or Sidney, it's wise to have some form of holiday insurance. Just make
sure you read all the small print before you sign up for the policy so that you
are covered for everything you think you're covered for, and you won't be faced
with any hidden policy financial excesses/penalties should you need to make a
claim against the insurance policy upon your return from holiday.

How to Avoid Harassment on your Vacation to Jamaica

One of the worst things about any vacation is being harassed by local traders.
It's bad enough when they shout at you as you walk by, not deterred by your
ignoring them they shout louder making a comment that clearly identifies you in
the crowd of other tourists, but when if they follow you, or come up to you when
you're clearly not wanting to be disturbed, it's enough to make you wish you'd
went somewhere else! For the most part however, there are some simple things
you can do to avoid being constantly pestered.

The first one is not to make eye contact with any of them, especially if you
see them trying to sell to someone else. They are bound to take your eye
contact to mean that you're interested in buying from them, and will come after
you once they've finished trying to sell to the people they're with. If you're
in a market area, or even just minding your own business on the beach, don't
stare at anyone! You have to keep looking around, but don't look long enough in
any one direction to give the hustlers the wrong idea!

The next is simply to make it a policy never to give money or anything else for
that matter to anyone who asks for it. If you are in an area of high poverty,
it's not easy to turn away from the children, but the mistake that many
tourists make is in giving something to these children, and then more children
arrive and the grown-ups follow. As harsh as it sounds, for your own peace and
quiet you have to turn away.

Many hotels are situated on private land that they own and it is illegal for
the hustlers to try and harass the hotel visitors. Find out the policy your
hotel has on day 1, and if you are bothered anywhere within the confines of the
hotel property, you can tell the vendor that you will report them to the hotel
staff if they bother you again.

Last of all, and probably the most wearing, but it will work is that the
hustlers make their living by harassing people. They hope that by persistently
dogging you, they'll wear you down and you'll buy from them just to make them
go away. Do so, and you're sending up a flare to the other vendors! Be calm and
equally persistent in your right to ignore them. Eventually they'll find another
tourist to bother and leave you alone -- and hopefully will get the message that
they'll be wasting their time with you and won't try again!

How Safe are Women Traveling Alone in Jamaica?

Whether women travel alone, or with a partner, the first thing that they need
to be aware of -- and if they aren't before they arrive, it won't take long for
them to learn -- is that women are not generally respected by Jamaican men. They
may find that they have "admirers" but a quick dip into the local community will
show how much real respect is attached to the admiration!

Women tourists who travel alone need to be extra vigilant about personal
security and make sure that they know what areas of the place they are staying
are relatively safe for tourists -- especially women -- and which aren't. They
should always make sure that someone knows where they are going if they are
leaving the hotel grounds, and they should make sure that they don't stand out
from the crowd too much.

It may not be very appealing for an independent woman from the US to have to
join a group tour simply because going alone isn't recommended, but if you are
in Jamaica, you must listen to the recommendations on personal safety issues.
They aren't given just to stop the hotel being sued in the unlikely event of
you being mugged. They are issued for your own safety by people who know that
as beautiful as the country is, there is another side to it, that must be
respected. If you enjoy solitude, then join a tour but keep yourself to
yourself on the bus, and go your own way when you arrive at the destination --
just don't wander too far away from the rest of the tourists!

Just as you would follow some basic safety rules if you were visiting a city
such as New York, follow the safety information given to you at your Jamaican
destination and you should be as safe as you would be walking through Manhatten.

Horse Riding on your Vacation to Jamaica

When you think about taking a vacation in Jamaica, images of golden or white
sand and cliched crystal blue-green oceans and lagoons come to mind. You
imagine yourself sun-bathing, meeting Bob Marley's relatives on the 9-Mile
excursion, dancing the night away with other tourists at some kind of
Americanized reggae club -- but have you considered that you could just as
easily be spending some of your time really immersing yourself in the Jamaican
landscape, really getting back to nature? You could do this by reserving
yourself a place on one of the island's horse riding tours.

Of course you could simply take a horse riding lesson, and perhaps a slow
canter down to the beach -- but wouldn't you rather experience something a
little deeper than that? There are specialized horse tour companies on Jamaica
that offer a variety of different packages (including the simple riding lesson
option!) to suit all kinds of abilities, skills and interests. You can join a
group tour that lasts for only a few hours, or if you're wanting something a
little more private -- perhaps as part of your honeymoon, you can hire a guide
and have a tour that's just for you and your partner.

If the idea appeals but you don't think your riding skills are up to a horse
trek through some rainforest terrain, don't worry -- the staff at the horse
tour companies won't let you go if they don't think you're up to it. It's not
worth their credibility to allow riders who aren't experienced enough for any
particular tour take part in it. Instead, they'll advise you on what they think
you can manage, making it a win-win situation all round!

So don't think that Jamaica is all about water and sand, there's a few hooves
in there as well if you're ready to get up in the saddle and find them!

Honeymooning in Jamaica

When you are making a list of possible honeymoon destinations, Jamaica has to
be near the top of your list. With so many romantic possibilities, Jamaica is a
Caribbean island that just calls out to couples!

For most newlyweds, the honeymoon is a time for really getting to know each
other without the demands and stresses of everyday life. What better place than
Jamaica for this? With its naturally slower pace of life, it's the perfect
setting to forget the chores and tasks related to the workday blues, and
concentrate on what's really important -- the start of a new life together.

Whether you want a honeymoon that allows you to explore new exhilarating sports
together such as para-skiing, or jet-skiing, or whether you prefer the gentler
exploration of swimming with dolphins or diving with schools of exotic fish
you'll find the perfect place for it in Jamaica. Whether you want to swim at
the bottom of the Dunn's Waterfall, or float down a river on a raft, you are
sure to build a foundation of memories that will put your marriage off to a
great start!

One ideal thing about Jamaica is the amount of "couples only" hotels. This
means that you'll meet a lot of other people just like you who are just
married, or in the process of getting married, as well as other couples who are
celebrating either important wedding anniversaries, birthdays -- or just getting
away from the kids for a while! What you won't have are noisy singles parties,
or children screaming for ice cream to interrupt your special time together.
You can even book an all-inclusive vacation which means that you know exactly
how much it's going to cost and can put that into your wedding budget.

When you're making your final honeymoon destination choice, give Jamaica a
serious look -- it's got everything you could hope for in one destination!

High End Hotel Accommodation in Jamaica

Jamaica is an amazingly diverse island paradise which makes it a perfect
tourist destination for people on all budgets, and there are many luxury hotels
and resorts in Jamaica to cater to those on the high end of the tourist spectrum.

The Half Moon Rose Hall in Montego Bay is one such high end hotel. This
paradise-like resort is designed to help you feel as if you are a half moon
away from the outside world. This is a premier resort which has attracted
tourists for more than 50 years. It has approximately 400 acres of lovely
beaches in it's grounds and you can visit the dolphin lagoon which is
exclusively for the Half Moon's guests. The hotel also boasts a world class spa
and fitness centre, 4 squash courts, 51 swimming pools and also a golf course.

Another higher priced hotel in Montego Bay is the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall
sprawls over 5,000 acres in Jamaica's exclusive Rose Hall. This hotel offers
the seclusion of a beachfront hideaway, complete with an 18-hole championship
golf course and spa. In addition to this, the hotel also offers a wide variety
of water sports and leisure activities, five dining outlets and fitness
centers. The Ritz-Carlton Golf and Spa Resort take luxury to an altogether
different level and is the ultimate fantasy Jamaican vacation hotel.

Luxury isn't just confined to Montego Bay however. For example, in another part
of the island, Ocho Rios, you'll find the Jamaica Inn. This hotel has
consistently been ranked one of the top resort hotels and tourist destinations
in the Caribbean. The Jamaica Inn is a small yet elegant timeless resort and
each of its 47 rooms and suites suite has a private balustraded balcony
overlooking the beautiful beaches. The Jamaica Inn will pamper you to the core
as they take service to an extreme with a clean, thick beach towel awaiting
you, no matter how many trips you make to the beach and beds always freshly
made even after a short afternoon nap.

Although the reason for going to Jamaica is to sample what the island has to
offer outdoors, you'll find these hotels an inviting and luxurious retreat from
sightseeing and sports at the end of the day.

Jamaican Beauty at the Green Grotto Caves

One of the locations used in the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die, the Green
Grotto Caves located just outside of Discovery Bay are of interest not only to
Bond fans, but also to people who are interested in the history of Jamaica, and
also those who have a passion for natural beauty. Be warned however, to see this
attraction you will have to walk downwards on centuries old steps, so anyone
with mobility issues should discuss their situation with the guide before
starting down to the cave.

As you descend the steps down into the caves to marvel at the stalactites that
hang somewhat precariously from the roof of the cave, take a look at the
artwork. This was created by the pre-Columbia Arawaks. Over the centuries the
caves have become a refuge for many different types of people, from the Spanish
who used it as a place to hide from the British in the 17th Century to the
slaves who managed to escape their owners in the 18th. More recently smugglers
taking guns into Cuba have used the caves as a hideaway!

The main highlight in the limestone Green Grotto Caves however is the huge lake
that's some 36m below the surface. Once you get down the steps to this level,
you'll be able to get a closer look at the natural beauty of the cave by boat.
Be sure to look up at the ceiling pockets, and to marvel at nature as you see
both stalactites and stalagmites.

Although the tour of the caves only takes about an hour, it's an hour well
spent because of the amount of interests it spans, the stories that your guide
will be able to tell you about its past, and the sheer beauty that is unlike
anything else you'll encounter on the island. It's not a time-consuming
attraction but it's one you won't forget.

Golfing on your Trip to Jamaica

One of the most popular activities for vacations these days is golf, and just
because you're going to Jamaica doesn't mean that you have to trade your clubs
in for a diving suit. There are quite a number of good quality golf courses
available for you to use during your holiday through the island. Here are just
a few of them:

The most spectacular new golf course in Jamaica has to be the White Witch Golf
Course situated in Montego Bay as part of the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall Resort.
Here you'll find top quality service with everything from caddies to golf
equipment --
and someone (the white witch herself) to blame for all the lost balls and over
pars! This course isn't for the beginner however, it's more rugged than most,
but if you're looking for a challenge a round or two here will certainly make
your vacation memorable.

Not too far from the White Witch Golf Course is the Three Palms Ocean Course
which is part of the Wyndham Rose Hall resort. There are a few holes on this
course that will make chipping your ball into a bunker or pond look like
child's play as they are so close to the ocean! On the other hand, it's a small
price to pay for a course that not only has breathtaking ocean views, but also
ruins and a waterfall as part of its natural backdrop!

The Ocho Rios Sandals Golf & Country club has a nice course for those who are
staying in that part of the island. Again, the round of golf is topped off with
some stunning ocean views to take your mind of the missed shots!

Although Jamaica isn't known for its championship level courses, the courses it
does have cater for different levels of play from challenging down to beginner
-- ideal for families. If you aren't staying at a hotel that has the kind of
golfing amenities you're looking for, ask if the hotel can organize it so that
you can have permission to play at one that does -- sometimes the hotels have
"arrangements" with one another that allow this kind of interaction between

Montego Bay, Jamaica -- An Overview

Montego Bay, locally known as MoBay, is probably the tourist capital of
Jamaica. You'll find more holiday makers here than in any other part of the
country, and yet you'll still find parts of it that are relatively secluded!

Despite Jamaica as a whole being a Caribbean paradise, it's Montego Bay that
seems to bring the romantic out in most people. Perhaps it's something about
the name -- Kingston (the Jamaican capital) doesn't have quite the same romance
about it! Whatever it is, couples are heading there to be married, have their
honeymoons, or just have a vacation with their partner in that part of the

Apart from the beach, there's plenty to do in and around Montego Bay to appeal
to all ages which is probably why people from so many different backgrounds
come here. Whether you're young and wanting to spend your days taking the
opportunity of learning extreme water sports and your nights in nightclubs such
as Pier 1, or are of an older generation where a relaxing rafting excursion or
visit to an 18th century home followed by a meal at one of the many local
restaurants is more your style, there's something for everyone.

It's not just couples who are flocking to Montego Bay either. For anyone who
plays golf, this is the best area of Jamaica to find a variety of golf courses.
Golfing as a whole isn't such a high priority on the island, but Montego Bay has
a number of quality golf courses that cater for various levels of skill.

Of course another reason for so many tourists is the fact that it handles the
most flights and cruise ships than any other part of the island -- but getting
the people there is only part of the equation, the other part is having them
want to stay instead of moving on to other parts of Jamaica such as Kingston or
Ocho Rios, and MoBay seems to be doing great in supplying reasons for not going
any further afield than the local area.

What are the Legal Formalities for a Wedding in Jamaica?

There are many reasons why getting married abroad is popular, and when it comes
to getting married in Jamaica, one of the main reasons is the location! What
could be more romantic than being married on a beautiful beach, or in an air
conditional hotel reception room overlooking the ocean? At one time this was no
more than a fleeting dream many brides-to-be would have as they stressed their
way through the seemingly endless decisions associated with a traditional
wedding at home. These days, more and more couples are opting for a Jamaican
wedding in paradise where the emphasis is on them and not the "details". But
how legal is it?

If your intention of going to Jamaica is to get married, then there are some
things you need to make sure that you have in order beforehand.

First of all, you must be over the age of 18. If one or both of you are under
18 then written parental consent must be supplied for whoever is underage.

Both the bride and groom must also supply a birth certificate which shows their
nationality, and father's name.

If either the bride or the groom (or both) has been married before then
additional paperwork that proves they are now free to remarry must be shown,
such as a death certificate, or a certificate of divorce.

There are other restrictions as regards place, and time of marriages but the
legal paperwork is very straightforward. If you are staying at a hotel, it
would be advisable to put your arrangements in the hands of their wedding
planner. They will ensure that all the formalities are completed, that you
obtain your license on time, and can be married when you want. They can also
advise on such things as venue, and if necessary even secure you the services
of a photographer or someone to video the marriage.

As long as you comply with all the local necessities, and obtain your license,
you can find yourself married in less than 48 hours! Remember, if you get
married in Jamaica, you're legally married! The marriage is recognized by the
US, so don't do something that you'll regret later.

Kingston, Jamaica -- An Overview

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica is well-known for its rum, not to mention
their hot Jamaican sun and music. Every night party night but don't stray too
far from the well-known tourist areas because there are two very different
sides to Kingston, the tourist side of it all known as New Kingston and old,
downtown which can be dangerous if you run into the wrong people.

Out of all the islands Columbus found, Jamaica was by far the most exotic with
its Blue Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, luscious greenery and sandy white
beaches. Kingston has lived through a terrible earthquake that tore it apart,
and still they've managed to have their island be rated one of the best to look

Most of the locals do speak a mixture English and Jamaican although there are a
few other languages that may be overheard. As Kingston is home to many artists,
music lovers and producers, this accounts for why there are so many different
types of sounds going on throughout the island. If you love music one of your
first stops in Kingston should be the Bob Marley Museum, but call first to make
sure it isn't booked. Other must sees in Kingston are the National Gallery for
its collection of Jamaican artwork, and the vibrant Emancipation Park complete
with such diverse things as a mini-golf course, and stately fountains!

Kingston has thrived as a tourist city with many things to explore from
partying, great food and lots of entertainment. If walking from your beachfront
hotel isn't quite what you had in mind after a tough day on the water, then
check out any local shuttle buses. When you're done partying, go back to the
hotel and think about what part of Kingston you're going to explore tomorrow.

Jet-skiing Through Jamaica

Jet skiing used to be quite an extreme sport, now it's more of a way of getting
around the island! If you have the courage and the skill, hire a jet ski for the
day and you can ditch the official tours and travel at your own pace. You could
even consider a vacation where you spend a few nights at a hotel, say in
Montego Bay, and then jet ski across the Negril before returning back. Think of
it like a moped on the ocean!

As with a moped however, there are things you need to watch out for. The first
thing is to look out for swimmers, especially as you get nearer to the shore
line, but even further out you need to watch out for divers who are surfacing
around you. If there are any boats in the area, this could be a warning of
people below the water so be extra careful.

There are local laws and restrictions that cover jet skis -- concerning such
things as how close to the shore you are allowed to be in specific areas. This
could be at certain times of the year to protect wildlife, or could be
year-round. Make sure that you are aware of all the rules and restrictions that
are valid in all of the areas you will encounter on your jet ski trip.

The sun's rays can be really strong out on the water, especially with the
reflection back from the ocean, so make sure that you wear the right kind of
protection both in terms of clothing and sun screen, so that you avoid
sunstroke from overexposure. You should also carry sufficient water with you so
that if you get stranded anywhere, you won't dehydrate from the heat.

The most important thing to watch out for is not to run out of gas! If you run
out of gas in your moped, you will probably be able to walk to a nearby village
to get help if someone doesn't pass you on the road and help out. If you run out
of gas on a jet ski, it's a little more dangerous! Check how far you will be
traveling and ask the experts who run the jet ski rental company how much gas
you will need, and if you have enough to make it there and back. If not, where
will you be able to get the tank topped up on your travel route? Don't set off
without being 100% sure that you have enough gas, or the possibility of getting
more gas, to complete your trip.

Jet skis are loud, and they're fun. If you love the energy and have a yearning
to try something a little bit "extreme" without it being too extreme, then you
should certainly give it a try -- but don't plan anything too adventurous
unless you're very proficient in both the handling of the jet ski and
navigating the waters off the Jamaican shore.

See a World Cup Cricket Match in Jamaica

If you're a cricket fan, and have always fancied having a vacation on a
tropical paradise such as Jamaica, then 2007 is the year your absolute fantasy
could come true! The World Cup is being held in the Caribbean, and there are a
number of matches that are being held in Jamaica! Can you, a cricket fan,
imagine anything more ideal than that?

The 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup will have several matches held in venues in
Jamaica, including the 1st semi-final scheduled to be played on 24th April.
Although tickets won't be easy to find, they are possible to be booked online
-- and if you can't get one, you could contact one of more high profile hotels
in Kingston prior to making an accommodation reservation and ask if they have
any tickets available for their guests to purchase. The Jamaica ticket office
for this event is at shop 51 and 52 in the Kingston Mall, in Downtown Kingston.
You can also check out the ICC's website for further information about possible
ways of obtaining tickets if you're looking for one last minute -- or perhaps
it's enough for you just to be in Kingston on the day that the matches take

Ticket prices vary for the matches and should be included in your Jamaican
vacation budget as depending on the match you want to attend, and the kind of
ticket available, you could expect to pay about $560 for a top ticket -- if you
are purchasing a ticket previously sold to someone else however, and it's
possible there could be a number of tickets available that way (check with
local authorities however so you know you are getting a genuine ticket, not a
counterfeit one), you could pay far in excess of the true ticket price. The
value you place on that ticket, in this particular location, however could also
be far above its original selling price!

Romantic Vacations in Montego Bay, Jamaica Montego Bay can be easily be the
tourist capital of Jamaica, but having said that there's still plenty of
possibility to have a romantic vacation. There are some great resorts and
hotels which offer complete privacy, personal beach spots so that you can sit
and have sunbathe with your partner without being disturbed. Montego Bay has a
vast coast line where you can indulge in various adventure sports like wind
surfing, scuba diving etc -- some activities such as sailing, rafting or
fishing you could even do together. When the activities and beach start to
become a little tiring you can always walk hand-in-hand around the shopping
areas such as the City Center Plaza and Crafts market. Other romantic
activities that couples can consider on their Montego Bay vacation are: Chukka
Blue Adventure Tours Situated at Blue Hole, Sandy Bay, this company offers a
horseback-riding tour through an ancient sugar estate. The tour meanders for
two and a half hours through the picturesque Jamaican landscape and finishes
with a dip in the sea (horse and all). First class horses, and equipment as
well as experienced guides will ensure a memorable experience for all. Rose
Hall Beach Club They call themselves the water sports capital of Jamaica and
they're probably right! Name any water sport and they have it: waterskiing,
wave runners, para-sailing, kayaking, diving, fishing, snorkeling, and
hydro-speeding, the list goes on. If you and your partner are water sports fans
and would like to learn any of the above, this place is a must for you. Tours to
Cuba If you want to add a little more to your Jamaican vacation, Vacation Outlet
and Tropical Tours can add a Latin flavor to your holiday with a side trip to
Cuba which lies a mere 90 miles from Jamaica's north coast. Adding a little
traditional salsa in your step, you can tour historic Havana, and be back in
Jamaica by nightfall with a daytrip excursion! Whether you want to build
memories of experiencing new things together, or just lie in the sand dreaming
of a future together, Montego Bay offers a wonderful destination for a romantic

River Rafting -- A Peaceful Way to See Jamaica

Have you ever thought about trying river rafting? If so, your vacation in
Jamaica could be the perfect opportunity to stop thinking and start doing!
Whether you want a memorable romantic activity to add to your honeymoon, or a
more exhilarating white water experience, you'll find it in Jamaica.

If you are looking for a gentle river rafting experience where you can relax
while someone else does the work, allowing you to lazily watch the wildlife and
scenery slow pass by, then you could try rafting tours on the White River, Black
River, Martha Brae River or even the Rio Grande. The rafts are approximately
30-feet long, and made from bamboo. The raft captain will ensure that you have
a safe journey and will enjoy your experience. If you want a moonlit rafting
tour as something a little special, ask your hotel reception if any local
rafting companies offer this -- some of them do.

If you want to try your hand at white water rafting, or white water rafting is
something that you pursue as a hobby, you can also do this in Jamaica. There
are fast paced water locations in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Port Antonio. If
you want to hire a local guide to help you navigate the rapids, this is also
possible. White water rafting tours are generally 3-5 hours long.

Before booking your reservation, check out the details about what the tour will
include and how long it will last. Does it include drinks or a picnic for
example? If it's only 45 minutes and allows time for swimming, is that 45
minutes of rafting time, or 45 minutes in total. If drinks aren't included,
then you should at least take some bottled water as it can get hot out on the
river -- and don't forget the sunscreen and mosquito repellent! Thirst, heat
and bugs can turn your river rafting trip into something memorable for the
wrong reasons, so ensure that you know exactly what the trip includes, and are
equipped to deal with nature, and you'll have an unforgettable experience for
all the right reasons.

Para-sailing High Above Jamaica

There's something that you need to consider before you even seriously
contemplate para-sailing as an activity you want to try out on your Jamaican
vacation. Namely, are you afraid of heights? That doesn't mean you can walk up
to the top of a high building without getting dizzy, but rather you wouldn't be
afraid being suspected from the top of it! How will you be suspended by little
more than fabric and ropes being a human kite over the ocean below?
Para-sailing is an extreme sport that's not for the fainthearted, so if you
watch the participants yelling with exhilaration as they take off, and think
about wandering along to sign up -- think long and hard about whether or not
you're really up to this one!

One way of finding out if you're ready to take such a step into the unknown is
to fly tandem. In this scenario, you will be attached to an experienced
para-sailer who will make sure that you aren't hurt. This should be enough to
find out if it's something you could do solo, or if the tandem flight was all
the para-sailing experience you need!

Many of the hotels offer para-sailing opportunities, equipment and coaching as
part of their activity packages and this is probably all a beginner needs. The
things to watch out for are the force of the take-off when the jet ski starts
up and you fly backwards up into the sky -- and the tricky part of getting the
landing just right. In the middle, just sit back and enjoy the ride -- and if
you've got the nerve, take a few pictures, but it might be an idea to have the
camera fastened to some clothing so that if you lose a grip on it, you won't
lose the camera into the ocean below.

If you want to try something a little bit different, or get a bit bored of
lying on a sun-kissed beach, para-sailing is certainly worth considering -- but
remember, if you can't handle heights, it's not for you!

What to do in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you're planning a visit to beautiful Ocho Rios in Jamaica, you're going to
one of the most beautiful parts of the island! Ocho Rios offers plenty of
attractions and activities for tourists and locals alike. No matter how long
you stay in this lovely bit of Jamaican paradise -- whether it's just a weekend
as you make your way across the country sampling little bits of it, or spending
a week or two in the one place -- you are sure to find no shortage of things to

Enjoy a plethora of different water-based activities and sports in Ocho Rios,
from snorkeling and scuba diving to gliding down the White River on a bamboo
float. Ocho Rios is also home to the famous Dunn's River Falls, a major tourist
attraction that can sometimes overwhelm with its many visitors, but is a
definite not-to-miss attraction. You'll be able to climb a slippery,
limestone-tiered waterfall with a guide, which is an experience unlike any

Be sure to check out Dolphin Cove, adjacent to Dunn's River Falls, a gorgeous
tropical retreat allowing you to swim with dolphins in their home territory, as
well as view other undersea creatures, such as sharks, eels, stingrays, and a
wide assortment of tropical fish and birds. Coyoba River Garden and Museum
offers a real scenic and historical treat filled with lush tropical gardens,
ponds, and waterfalls, as well as a fantastic museum with authentic Jamaican
artifacts, giving you a real taste of true Jamaican culture.

A trip to Ocho Rios wouldn't be complete without experiencing the exciting,
open-air marketplace -- it's large so remember a hat and a bottle of water!
This is where local artisans sell their handiwork. However, if you're going to
wander around and perhaps haggle for an item or two to take home as souvenirs
of your trip make you leave any valuables safe at the hotel, and take only the
money you intend to spend at the market.

Ocho Rios also offers great dining and nightlife experiences for the social
butterfly, so after a day of sightseeing and activities, make sure to relax
with a nice meal at one of the many restaurants, and then party into the night.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica -- An Overview

It's not the capital of Jamaica, and it's not the most popular tourist
destination in the country but Ocho Rios is one of the best places for anyone
to visit if they are wanting to experience a little of real Jamaican natural
beauty that's away from the pampered resort beach life.

Ocho Rios does have its share of this kind of vacation, but it combines it with
some of Jamaica's real natural gems. Dunn's River waterfall for example falls
within this location. This is the backdrop for many romantic vacations, and is
something that many people coming to Jamaica want to visit -- even those who
are spending most of their holiday on another part of the island! Another of
the area's must-see places is only a short distance from the falls -- the
Dolphin Cove where you can actually swim with dolphins for a short period of
time. For nightlife you can choose from nightclubs, bars, and even a cinema so
even though you are surrounded by nature's beauty by day, you can still become
a party animal at night!

Although getting to the area is going to require you hiring a car from one of
the main arrival destinations on the island, it's certainly worth the effort
because the attractions far outweigh the inconvenience of having an airport on
the hotel doorstep! Some hotels offer airport shuttles so check this out when
you are deciding where to stay if you think this could be a problem. One thing
to bear in mind if you are only going to Ocho Rios for a day to visit the Falls
and/or the dolphins is to avoid the days when the cruise ships dock in the area
-- weekdays are common for the cruise liners -- but check at your hotel so that
you pick a day when it will be less crowded!

Nightlife in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Your day in Ocho Rios doesn't have to end after a day of sightseeing followed
by a satisfying, relaxing, authentic Jamaican meal in one of Ocho Rios' many
fine restaurants. In fact, whether if you love to party, or just hang out with
other tourists and locals alike until the wee hours of the morning, your day
could just be starting with the many exciting nightlife options you'll find in
Ocho Rios.

If you prefer to avoid the night club atmosphere, why not try a great
alternative with an evening sunset cruise, right before, during, or after
dinner (depending on when you eat). The views of Ocho Rios you'll enjoy are
simply spectacular, not to mention the dazzling effects of the sunset. This
could be the setting of a perfect romantic evening if you are celebrating an
anniversary or other event. There are several different sailboat companies
offering sunset cruises so you shouldn't find it difficult to locate one near
your hotel.

Alternatively (or even afterwards!) you may want to head over to Little Pub
Restaurant's Sports Bar, one of the most popular hang-out spots of Ocho Rios,
which is open quite late. Many tourists also like to check out Jamaic'N Me
Crazy, found at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande, a night club that unfortunately
(for some) has more tourists than locals, and seems more American than Jamaican;
however, it does definitely have one of the best sound and lighting systems in
Jamaica. You should note however that this is only open to guests of the
Renaissance Jamaica Grande (unless you or your hotel know of another way to
gain entry!).

If you're looking for something a little different, try Club Amnesia, which is
significantly closer to an authentic Jamaican night club experience. The music
and atmosphere are quite unique, and you can dance or enjoy the shows until 4
in the morning if you've got the stamina. The bonus is you only have to pay a
cover fee for live band nights, and it usually costs no more than $5 USD.

Another favorite is Margaritaville, a large, high-energy bar, grill, and
restaurant that keeps its energy going well into the night, complete with live
entertainment, theme nights, and reggae disco-style dancing.

Having partied the night away, grab a few hours sleep in your hotel room before
staggering down to the beach to catch a few rays and a couple of more hours
sleep before you make plans for the rest of the day -- and isn't that the stuff
good vacations are made of?

The Best Places to Stay in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios isn't just a tropical paradise with a huge array of activities and
natural beauty; it's also the home of some great accommodation choices! There
are a number of fantastic options for tourists looking for a place to stay.
Where you end up spending your nights depends on your budget as well as what
you're looking for. There are all-inclusive resorts for couples, family
resorts, high-end hotels, moderate hotels, villas, lodges, and more. Although
the all-inclusive resorts are the most expensive, the "all-inclusive" factor
means guests pay one price for accommodations, meals, and entertainment. Some
popular Ocho Rios all-inclusive resorts include Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf
Club and Beaches Grand Sport at Ciboney.

The beautiful beach front, retro-looking Jamaica Inn is one of Ocho Rios' most
expensive hotels, complete with attractive patios, spacious bedrooms, deluxe
bathrooms, room service, a pool, two bars, a tennis court, and more. If you are
taking a family vacation you should keep in mind that children under 13 are not
welcome at this particular hotel.

Built around a sensational 1,500-foot golden beach in a private cover is the
Shaw Park Beach Hotel, with a 1950s look yet modern bedrooms and bathrooms.
This hotel features a family-friendly environment, ocean front units, as well
as live entertainment and a wide array of water sports.

Noel Coward's Blue Harbour is a popular accommodation for Ocho Rios visitors. A
nostalgic retreat compound once owned by Noel Coward comfortably houses about 10
to 12 guests at a time. The entire center can be rented in whole or in part, and
includes the Villa Grande main house, the Villa Rose guesthouse, and the small
Villa Chica cottage, and many amenities.

Moderately priced hotels in Ocho Rios include the family-favorite Comfort
Suites Crane Ridge, which overlooks Ocho Rios, the intimate Hibiscus Lodge
Hotel and the High Hope Estate. For accommodation that's a bit easier on your
budget, try Little Pub Inn, Parkway Inn, Pineapple Hotel, or Tamarind Tree

By doing some online research, you can not only find out what accommodation is
available that fits within your budget, but also what other tourists who have
stayed there thought of it! Use this information to book the best vacation in
Ocho Rios that falls within your budget.

Backpacking and Camping in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Some people who want to see and experience the beauty and excitement of the
popular Ocho Rios a bit differently choose to try backpacking and camping in
this exotic bit of Jamaica. Not only could this be the adventure of a lifetime,
but they're also able to save a great deal of money.

Although most people don't backpack the Caribbean -- often a tourist
destination for honeymooning couples, retirees, and families looking to live it
up at a full-serviced hotel or resort -- the concept of backpacking is on the
increase. Backpacking in Ocho Rios means you'll definitely be avoiding the
large resorts and swanky hotels, and be settling for accommodations ranging
from cheap hotels, motels, and hostels to campgrounds, and so getting closer to
the real Jamaica.

A few examples of places to stay while backpacking in Ocho Rios include
Wynfield Hostel, idyllically situated just minutes away from the famous Dunn's
River Falls, Seascape Hostel by the Sea, and the lovely Paradise Jamaica.

Keep in mind, however, that Jamaica, overall, is not particularly well designed
or developed for campers -- and neither is Ocho Rios as a specific city. Even
seasoned Jamaican tourists, as well as travel planners don't recommend camping
in much of Jamaica as unsuspecting tourists are vulnerable. Backpacking and
camping in "the wild," on beaches, or anywhere isolated or not part of a
camping facility should be avoided.

If you'd still like to camp in Ocho Rios, investigate if any of the resort or
hotel properties will rent you a tent to stay on their premises. If you have
your own tent and camping gear, ask if you can use their outdoor property and
then pay per night. Many resorts and hotels in Jamaica rent out parts of their
property for camping, and provide tents, as well as a few other facilities.
This is one way of getting the best of all possible worlds!

Nightlife in Kingston, Jamaica

If you like music you'll love the nightlife in Kingston, there's music around
every corner. You could even say that music the soul of Jamaica. Kingston's
nightlife is mainly focused around one street and that's Knutsford Boulevard.
It isn't hard to find it, especially at night, just look for all where the
lights and music playing. As far as the type of music goes, Jamaica has all
types from Latin and Jazz to Reggae and 70s. If you don't like the music in one
venue, walk across the street until you find one more to your taste.

A great way to begin your nightlife in Kingston is to buy the local paper, "The
Gleaner" and find out what's going on that night. Every night there's something
new happening, whether it is entertainment at a club, theater or a festival.
Jamaica is all about partying and Kingston knows just how to do it right. Once
you've settled on what to do you may want to treat yourself to a meal at one of
the local restaurants. After dinner, it's time to start clubbing, don't worry
there is more than a couple to choose from!

The happening place seems to be the "Asylum" where you'll find all types of
music -- reggae, dancehall music (which is kind of like reggae and rap), 70's,
80's and even disco. Make sure to arrive early because if you arrive late in
high season you may not be able to get in -- it fills up fast!

There is always some type of fun entertainment going on stage somewhere,
whether it's a comedian or a contest for everyone to join in. If you're a lady
and looking for a way to save a few bucks and still go out to the clubs, go
when it it's Ladies Night Out. This is when all the ladies get free drinks on
the house -- just make sure you don't have too many drinks, or you take a
friend to get you safely back to your hotel!

Other clubs in town include Peppers, Mirage Night Club, Halftime Sports Bar,
Mingles Pub and Mayfair Pub. For Latin or Jazz music lovers head on over to
Jonkanoo Lounge. Devon's House, aka The Grog Shoppe has live karaoke and jazz
bands. There is always something for everyone happening in Kingston at night,
just slap on the aftersun, and go out and enjoy yourself.

Getting Back to Basics with a Naturist Vacation in Jamaica There's something
for everyone on the Caribbean island of Jamaica -- even those who feel best
dressed when they aren't dressed at all! There are a number of naturist
destinations across Jamaica so if you prefer to be unclothed when you're
outside your business life, you'll find a beach to relax on at resorts such as
the following: Hedonism II: Situated in Negril, Jamaica, this is an active
vacation for the mind, body, spirit and soul -- and because it's
"super-inclusive", pleasure comes in many forms. This legendary resort
continues to add new amenities to spice up the party and soothe the soul. Think
of it as a reality TV version of the Garden of Eden. This resort has
approximately 280 air conditioned rooms which offer garden or beach view. Grand
Lido Braco: This resort is located in Trelawny. Here the charm of the old
Caribbean meets the luxury of Grand Lido. Grand Lido Braco, have created
Jamaica's first and only super-inclusive village, which has everything from
gingerbread architecture to a town square. If you stay at Grand Lido Braco
anything's possible and it's all included: good food, good service, good
activities and even a separate beach for the naturist -- all set on one of the
best beaches on the North Coast. One of the most famous places for naturists to
stay in Jamaica are the Firefly Beach Cottages in Negril. Here, situated on an
award winning beach, you'll find accommodation that fits many different
budgets, and a place where going nude or clothed is a matter of personal choice
and not judged in either direction. Many naturists return to the Firefly over
and over, so that's a recommendation in itself. Finding a place in a high
tourist density location where naturists can be themselves without having to
think about complying to local decency rules, or standard hotel policy isn't
always easy, but on Jamaica, as with many aspects of life, things are more
relaxed. So if you want to vacation on this beautiful Caribbean island, you're
sure to find the right place to stay that will allow you to be as free as you

Are Drugs Prevalent in Jamaica?

Jamaica is a laid-back country. It's a country of "chilling". One of the
reasons for this could be that it's hard to avoid the abundance of marijuana --
locally known as "Ganja". Despite drugs being illegal in Jamaica, ganja and
cocaine are relatively easy to obtain, and you may even find yourself being
approached by street or beach hustlers who are hoping you could use a quick fix
of one or the other!

There are two warnings for tourists when it comes to drugs. First of all, don't
buy them and don't take them from anyone offering you a free smoke. Just avoid
them completely! Tourist status, American passport and all, is not going to
save you from an obligatory sightseeing tour of the inside of a probably
overcrowded Jamaican cell! Even if they clear you of everything except using,
you will still have had an experience you'd rather not remember. If they are
able to charge you with anything more than using -- then you could be facing
gaol time in the local penitentiary. The Jamaican culture is known for its
connection with drugs, but it's not so well known for the tough penalties it
gives out for those who are caught, so just avoid finding out the hard way and
stay well clear of any drugs.

The second warning is in respect of your belongings. We are becoming a society
where we are wary of leaving our luggage lying around anywhere, or of carrying
a bag for someone else because of the risk of a terrorism attack. Use this to
back up your resolve not to carry a doll or even a baby across the airport
boundaries from one country's laws to another! If you're holding it, when the
officials check it and find illegal drugs, you're the owner -- so don't put
yourself in that position. Make sure you don't take care of anything belonging
to someone else, and that your own luggage is never left unattended and open
for someone to put something into it.

Annual festivals in Jamaica There are a number of annual festivals that take
place in Jamaica. If you are interested in any of these, knowing when they
occur may help you decide when to take your vacation. The Annual Jamaica Ocho
Rios International Jazz Festival: This year this jazz festival will be held in
June and will celebrate 17 years of consistent artistic success, presenting the
best of Jamaican musical talent and some of the most famous names in
International Jazz. The past ten years have seen an emergence of a variety of
'Jazz Festivals', at home and abroad, and many other Caribbean festivals have
adopted the innovative features first introduced by the Ocho Rios Jazz
Festival. This festival is eagerly anticipated by both locals and tourists
alike. Annual Jamaica Spice Festival: In July, the Jamaica Tourist Board will
again celebrate Jamaican cuisine with its premier food festival, Jamaica Spice,
a one-day celebration showcasing all that Jamaica has to offer local and
international Epicureans. The main highlights of Jamaica Spice will be the
exhibition of traditional gourmet, processed foods, and delights that originate
in Jamaica and are produced locally. Close to fifty exhibitors are expected to
showcase their products including coffee, chutneys, meats, juices, rums &
liqueurs, arts & crafts, fruits and candy. Lively cooking demonstrations will
be conducted throughout the day by exhibitors, restaurateurs and local media
personalities. There will be displays of contemporary Jamaican food products
prepared by culinary experts who will be available for sale and public
sampling. Food lovers look forward to this festival with great anticipation. If
you intend to go to this and intend to bring some local flavor home, check what
you're allowed to bring through customs on your return before you go shopping
at the festival! Accompong Maroon Festival: This unusual festival is celebrated
by the Maroons, who are the descendants of the slaves brought to Jamaica to work
on the sugar plantations. Part of the festival involves a pig roast, in which
black, male pigs are cooked in large pots. The whole community, including
visitors, then eats the results -- and, according to tradition, eating a
mouthful of the succulent pork will bring you luck. This festival is held in
January. Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival: For ten years, the national
airline has been sponsoring a lively musical event, featuring artists from all
around the world, as well as popular Jamaican performers. Reggae is an
important feature of the program, but there is also plenty of opportunity to
listen to jazz and other types of music. This festival is held at Montego Bay
in the month of January. The Jamaican tourist board will be able to tell you
the exact dates of these and other festivals that will be held in Jamaica
throughout the year.

What are the Benefits of an All-Inclusive Vacation to Jamaica?

If you are planning your vacation to Jamaica you need to create a budget for
five main things: travel (including airport transfers), accommodation, meals,
activities and souvenirs. The travel and accommodation should be easy to budget
for as these will bet set out in the travel agents pricing, or the hotel's
website. Extras for airport transfers and optional features at the hotel
however may require a credit card onto which an initially indeterminable amount
will be charged later.
Once you get to your destination, you will then need to local restaurants and
activities that fall within your assigned budget, and probably end up using far
more than you'd anticipated which will eat up the assigned non-essential
souvenir shopping budget.

The best way around this is to choose an all-inclusive vacation. This will make
your trip to Jamaica much more relaxed as all essential components of the
holiday will be already paid for before you get there, so all you need
financially is "pocket money" to spend on postcards and local craft souvenirs.

Before making your reservation however, make sure you check what is included in
the all-inclusive price. Does this include transfers? What about gratuities? Are
drinks included when you need them or only at meal-times? What about alcoholic
beverages? Is equipment and tuition included for activities? Or is it just the
activities themselves? Are there any hidden costs at the hotel or is it really
all-inclusive so that if you turned up there with no money at all, you'd not
have a problem? If there are a number of hotels offering all-inclusive deals in
the area of Jamaica that you plan on visiting, see how they compare with each
other for what they offer in return for what they charge before you make your

If you are budget minded, or if your vacation has to fall within a certain
price bracket, then all-inclusive is a great way of taking the financial stress
out of your holiday. Reserve it, pay for it, and then turn up and enjoy it
without worrying about what's being charged to your credit card!

Windsurfing through Jamaica

One of the images that is often seen in Jamaican tourist brochures is that of
windsurfing on a beautiful ocean just off a golden beach. It's almost a cliche.
But the reality is that if the picture caught your attention, not to mention
imagination, you can be trying your hand windsurfing almost as soon as you
check into your hotel! If you arrive on a day when there's not even much of a
breeze, you'd be better to do something else that day and save the windsurfing
for a day when the wind has a little strength behind it. You also need to have
a day when the wind
is blowing in the right direction -- it's not exactly a science, but you will
learn which are the ideal windsurfing conditions for the location you're
staying in. Booking your vacation between November and April is the best time
of year if you hope to spend a lot of time windsurfing as the winds are more
favorable to the sport at that time of year.

Many of the major hotels in Jamaica offer windsurfing as one of their
activities and not only have the equipment, but also the experts who can help
get you started and keep you safe whilst you find your sea legs. If your hotel
doesn't have facilities, they are bound to know where you can find them -- make
sure you ask about hiring equipment if you don't have your own as this isn't
always easy to find in Jamaica. If you haven't windsurfed before, you need to
get a little expert coaching before you get started. If you are an experienced
windsurfer, you'll know how to find the best wave/wind combination on the
Island. Of course one of the best places for established windsurfers is at the
Silver Sands area, but if you're just starting out, or aren't very confident in
the water, this is not the place for you.

Windsurfing is an exhilarating experience but it's not something that's for
everyone so if it's something that you think you want to try, make your
accommodation reservation with a hotel that offers it on-site amongst other
activities. That way, you'll have other options to pick from if you decide this
one isn't for you.

Why Use a Hotel Wedding Co-ordinator for Your Jamaican Wedding?

Getting married in Jamaica isn't that complicated, so why should you consider
paying for the hotel wedding co-coordinator to do what you can just as easily
yourself? Well there are a few reasons for this, and the first one is to do
with stress. Getting married at home is stressful enough, even once the
arrangements are made, and you know the system. Getting married in a country
where you don't know the rules, and only have a few guidebooks to help, can put
undue pressure on what could otherwise be a relaxing wonderful day.

Your hotel wedding co-coordinator should be familiar with all of the protocol
surrounding getting married in Jamaica. You should have contact with them prior
to your arrival in Jamaica, and all of the necessary paperwork should have been
discussed and assembled. If you don't have prior contact, there could be
problems later that could have been avoided if you had spoken to them on the
telephone or via email before you left the US.

Talk through what arrangements you'd like to have. When you'd like to have the
wedding, what venue options there are, whether you'd like to have a bridal
bouquet of local flowers, do you need to hire a dress, how many guests will you
have and will you require a meal to be provided for them? A wedding
co-coordinator should be able to handle all of this so that all you need to do
is turn up on the day, and upon production of the relevant paperwork be able to
show you where to obtain your license to get married. If anything goes wrong
with the arrangements, even on the wedding day itself, your wedding
co-coordinator should be the person that deals with the stress of sorting it
out so that your day is stress-free.

Even if all you want to do is get married barefoot on the beach, it's still
worth hiring the wedding co-coordinator simply because they know their local
system, and they know how to get around it if they need to! When you're hiring
the wedding co-coordinator however, make sure first that they are experienced
in their job, and that they have handled many other weddings in that location
-- everyone has to learn somewhere, but you don't want them learning with your
wedding plans!

Where to Find Surfing in Jamaica

Jamaica is well-known for their beautiful beaches and awesome waves, but it
isn't always easy to find the best surfing locations -- and that's simply
because despite Jamaica being an island with beaches all around it, the best
surfing is only on one side of the island! If you are a beginner, you prefer
the gentler waves on the North or East shores in which to find your surfing
feet, but if you're already an experienced surfer, then the South side of the
Island is the best place to catch a few trickier waves -- not to mention more
rocks to look out for!

The most popular surfing spots are around Ochos Rios, Long Bay, Negril and of
course, Montego Bay -- although one of the best areas for surfers is actually
around Kingston, not too far from the airport!

For the most adventurous surfers, Treasure Beach is a must! Here the
undercurrent will provide even the most advanced surfer with a challenge to
keep them busy all vacation. If you're more into traditional locations however,
Boston Beach is a must because this is the place that put Jamaican surfing on
the map.

For those who didn't anticipate surfing as part of their vacation activities,
or who have an impulsive need to experience it whilst on holiday, there are
plenty of places where you can hire a surfboard -- your hotel should be able to
help you locate what you need, as well as recommend a surfing trainer if you
want to take a class in basics before hitting the waves.

Jamaica is a perfect backdrop for all water sports, and anyone who has either
surfed before, or is inspired by watching those who are enjoying the waves, is
sure to have a good time -- but if you're a beginner, remember to stay away
from the less safe waves off the Southern side of the island.

When the Sun Goes Down over Montego Bay, Jamaica! You've had a great day in the
sun. You've taken part in watersports, strolled around the market, considered
taking a boat trip the next day, and it's time for bed -- or is it? Just
because the sun has set over Montego Bay doesn't mean it's time to retire for
the night! Many places in Jamaica are open until the early hours of the
morning, so muster your energy and try one of the following for a taste of
Jamaican nightlife, Montego Bay style! The number-one nightspot in Montego Bay
is a two-in-one restaurant, Marguerite's Seafood by the Sea and Margueritaville
Sports Bar & Grill, Gloucester Avenue, situated just across from the Coral Cliff
Hotel. It specializes in moderately priced seafood and margaritas served on a
breezy terrace overlooking the sea. The sports bar and grill features a 33m
(110-ft.) Hydroslide, live music, satellite TV, a sun deck, a CD jukebox, and a
straightforward menu of seafood, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, salads, and snacks.
The open-air room contains four bars, several big-screen televisions and a
dance floor overlooking the water. Food is very Americanized and includes
pizza, hamburgers and sandwiches. If you haven't had enough water for the day,
enjoy the waterslide and hot tub out back. Theme nights include a Red Stripe
fest as well as Karaoke and bikini contests. Hurricane's Disco situated hHigh
in the confines of the Breezes Montego Bay Resort. For something other than
reggae music, listen to upbeat dance music within this tiny, but fun club. A
crowded bar entices you with frozen daiquiris, ice cold Red Stripe and premium
liquors. Admission is a little higher than other places, but drinks are
included in the price! Royal Stocks- English Pub and Steakhouse: A little piece
of England in upscale Half Moon Mall, this authentic pub and eatery is ideal for
small functions such as weddings of 100 or less. Owner Steve calls the building
style, "European castle/fairytale." Also come in for the truly great food.
House specialties include steaks, seafood, Caesar salads, and of course
fish-and-chips. The restaurant is wedged between two five-star properties, The
Ritz Carlton and Half Moon Hotel. If a nightclub is more your scene, try Pier 1
on a Friday night. The Brewery and Aquasol Theme Park also have DJs of note from
time to time so check out what's happening locally once you arrive in Montego
Bay. Although nightlife in Montego Bay is at a slower pace than in other
Jamaican cities, such as Negril, there's still plenty to keep you busy until
you're ready to call it a day!

What to do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Most travelers arrive in Jamaica through Montego Bay which is the home of the
North Shore airport, and the islands busiest cruise pier. As Jamaica's second
largest city, Montego Bay is located on the North West corner of the island and
is Jamaica's original tourist hot spot. There are many tourist attractions in
Montego Bay including a number of plantation tours. For the more adventurour
traveler, rafting tours are a fun experience and can be guided or
self-navigated. These tours encompass rafting down a peaceful river on a bamboo
raft, or through some local white water. Fishing charters are available for
angling enthusiasts or those looking to try out some spear fishing. Athletic
travelers can also activities such as cycling, golf, horseback riding, and
scuba diving. The Bob Marley experience is a new attraction featuring a
documentary film on the legendary reggae great and a huge memorabilia shop
Montego Bay also has popular local shopping areas. Favored shopping centers
include the City Centre, Holiday Village Shopping Centre, and The Half Moon
Shopping Village. In addition, the shops around the airport provide a wide
selection of tourist goods -- although you'd be better to buy souvenirs in the
city as this is where you're likely to find some artifacts by local craftsman
rather than mass produced commercial items. A visit to Lester Art Gallery in
the hills above Reading can be a tour in itself or can be combined with visits
to other local places of interest. The Gallery is devoted to works of Polish
sea captain and painter the late Michael Leszczynski, who anglicized his name
to Lester and is famous for the work of his Jamaica period. The gallery is at
his former home and studio which he built in the 1950s on a cliff side at the
village of Belmont. The house has stunning views and located nearby are the
Rocklands Bird Sanctuary and Mountain Valley River Rafting.

What to Do in Kingston, Jamaica

There is so much to do during your stay in Kingston that you won't be able to
do even half of what you want -- and part of the reason for that is that to do
anything, you have to first tear yourself away from the beach! That's okay
though, Jamaica is always open to tourists. If you don't do it all the first
time, you'll come back for more anyway so you'll do it next time.

Today, there are a ton of museums in Kingston waiting to teach you the stories
of those who are no longer here to tell them. The King of Reggae, Bob Marley,
even has his own museum, which is a great stop for all that know and love his
music. The tour goes through his entire home and garden, included in this is a
20 minute film of his life. The cost is approximately $10 per person, but this
is one place gets busy fast, so call ahead of time before making your way up

For a taste of what life would have been like for those who were making it big
in Kingston during the late 19th century, take a tour around Devon's House
which was a 2 story mansion built in 1881. Although what you see today is a
restoration of the original building, you can still get a good idea of the
elegance in which the owners lived.

Anyone who loves gardens should visit the Castleton Gardens in Kingston.
Located near Strawberry Hill there is always something in bloom for visitors to
admire. You'll see everything from trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, and beautiful
lawns beside the river. The entrance fee is steep, but it does include lunch
down by the river

The Kingston Craft Marketplace is open every day, except for Sunday. Here
you'll find many items from jewelry and carvings to T-shirts. A great place to
buy a souvenir to take home!

What can the US Embassy in Jamaica Do for You?

Well first of all, the US Embassy in Jamaica needs to know that you're there!
When traveling abroad, especially to countries where weather can be a little
unpredictable, or civil unrest occurs, or even if you're visiting a country
where there's a large percentage of the country off the traditional tourist
map, then it's always a good idea to alert the US Embassy (if you're American
-- nationals of other countries should use this information as a guide but
contact their own appropriate Embassy) of your arrival and departure dates.
This way the Embassy can keep an approximate total of how many of their
nationals are in the country should some emergency occur. You can register your
Jamaica travel dates online or at your nearest US Embassy office.

Other than registering your presence in Jamaica, the only other contact you are
likely to have with the American Embassy is if you find yourself in some kind of
trouble. This could be with regard to your health if you have a major medical
issue -- especially if it requires your immediate return to the US, or it
crosses some form of bureaucratic minefield -- or if you find yourself the
victim of a crime. If some form of national emergency is declared during your
vacation, the US Embassy staff will advise you on what to do.

Even though you are not likely to have contact with the Embassy at all during
your vacation, it's like having an insurance policy. You hope you don't need
it, but you have the peace of mind that if something goes drastically wrong,
there's support available to get you home safe.

One of the most common reasons for tourists to come in contact with the US
Embassy in Jamaica would be if they've lost their passport, or had it stolen. A
missing passport should also be reported to the local authorities but the
Embassy will help get you through the necessary paperwork in order to be
allowed re-entry into the US.

You can find US Embassy staff located at the following addresses:

Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy
142 Old Hope Road
Liguanea, Kingston

Consular Agency
St. James Place, 2nd Floor
Gloucester Avenue
Montego Bay

Things to do just outside Montego Bay If you are staying in Montego Bay but
feel like leaving the beach or getting out of the city for a while there are
some really interesting places to visit just outside Montego Bay. You can
either rent a car, or check if there are official regular excursions available.
Some of the attractions include: Montego Bay Undersea Tours

The "Coral Sea" may resemble a submarine but it's actually a boat with an air
conditioned underwater viewing cubicle six feet under the surface where you can
sit in comfort and as the natural underwater world travels alongside you. Coral,
hundreds of different fish, turtles, and sting rays will be amongst the colorful
sealife you'll see in its natural environment. Belvedere Estate

Belvedere is a family-owned estate set on one thousand acres of land just
minutes away from Montego Bay. This was one of the first sugar cane plantations
in Jamaica and is still a working estate. The owner has opened Belvedere to the
public so that touristsl can share the natural beauty of the estate's rivers
and waterfalls, its ruins and exotic plants and birds. Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

A visit to Rocklands Feeding Station in Anchovy, only minutes away from Montego
Bay, is a must for all bird lovers and bird watchers. Feeding time is 4 pm so if
you're interested in seeing this, don't be late -- but you should check locally
for any schedule time changes. Falmouth To the east of Montego Bay lies the
sleepy town of Falmouth. This was once the social capital of the island and one
of its major commercial centers. You can find evidence of its past splendor in
the architecture, not only of the unusual old church and court or town house
but also in many of the old Georgian dwelling houses. Falmouth has its share of
tourist attractions so it should be included on your list of possible places to
visit. Glistening Waters

Just beyond Falmouth lies Rock where you'll find the amazing Luminous Lagoon.
It's one of the most spectacular wonders to be found in Jamaica. If possible,
schedule your trip for after dark and take a boat ride from Glistening Waters
Maria. The water is luminous when agitated and you can see the outlines of fish
and streaks of light as they swim around. Words fail to do it justice to this
great sight. This is one site not to be missed! Although there's plenty to do
and see
in Montego Bay itself, make space in your itinerary for an excursion or two
just outside the city -- it's worth the effort!

Take a Relaxed Spring Break in Jamaica

Jamaica offers not one but two popular spring break destinations: Negril and
Montego Bay. The choice is yours -- the rustic, relaxed atmosphere at the
so-called "capital of casual" Negril, or a quicker-paced city experience in
Montego Bay. Whatever your choice, you are almost guaranteed a relaxing and
laid-back vacation from classes and the stresses of real life. Spring break is
all about having fun and being with people you care about, and of endless
fun-filled vacation days and nights.

At the Sunset Beach, Montego Bay you'll find a resort/spa which has something
to for everybody. Playful and exciting, you'll splash your way through the
magnificent, new Pirate's Paradise water park -- with twists, turns, rides and
slides for all ages. Alternatively, simmer in the beachfront giant hot tub, or
stroll through the tropical gardens. Spend a day pampering your self with a
treatment at the spa or release some of that pent up study energy on one of the
many water sport activities available at the resort.

There are excellent water and extreme sports to be enjoyed in Jamaica which are
great for a spring break vacation. One option is the Free Scuba Diving at
Falmouth. Starting in 30 to 40 feet of water, the wall off Falmouth runs within
a half-mile of shore. Chubb Castle, a Falmouth favorite, starts shallow, its top
decorated with soft corals and basket sponges and its wall strung with rope
sponges and black corals. A chimney, dropping from 35 to 90 feet, leads to even
more tunnels and caves. Apart from the exhilaration of the dive, the sights will
be something to remember long after graduation.

If it's an activity in the water, whether surfing, windsurfing, paragliding or
jet skiing, you'll find there's an opportunity to take part in it in Jamaica.
Many of the hotels have their own activity staff trained to teach guests to use
the equipment, and have equipment for hire so that guests can enjoy the sports
during their vacation. The daytime activities at the beach, followed by the
exuberant nightlife make Jamaica a great alternative to Spring Break in Florida!

Swim with Dolphins in a Jamaican Paradise

Many people dream of one day taking a vacation in an island paradise such as
Jamaica. Others dream of one day having the thrill of swimming alongside
dolphins. Those who visit Ocho Rios in Jamaica can have the opportunity to do
both at Dolphin Cove.

Dolphin Cove is currently the only place in Caribbean where you can get up
close and personal with one of these beautiful animals. There are a variety of
programs available which range from a simple "exhibit" type of tour where you
walk through a jungle type environment and can see many exotic birds and
animals as well as sea creatures, to a more thrilling adventure where you not
only swim with the dolphins but have the opportunity of a "dorsal pull". Some
of the programs are age restricted, for example to actually be allowed to swim
with the dolphins you must be over the age of 8 so if you have younger children
in your party you might want to consider this, and explain the restrictions to
them before you go to the cove.

As this is attraction is unique, and it's an ambition of so many people, if you
want to join any of the dolphin programs at Dolphin Cove you'd be advised to
book up well in advance of your trip. Although there are 4 times a day when the
tours take place, places are restricted and it fills up fast -- especially on
the days when cruise ships dock in Ocho Rios!

For a packed experience day, combine a visit to Dolphin Cove with a look at the
incredible Dunn's River waterfall which is a relatively short distance away. If
you are booked into an afternoon tour at the Cove, spend the morning at the
waterfalls, or vice versa. Whichever way around you do it, it'll be a day of
exhilarating experiences you won't ever forget!

Snorkeling Your Way to the Treasures of Jamaica Snorkeling is one of the most memorable
activities you can do on your vacation to Jamaica. Even if you are
inexperienced, or not even too keen on spending too much time in the water, you
should be able to find some way of experiencing the beauty of sea life that lies
not far from the beach games of Jamaica's tourist beaches.

All sides of the island offer snorkeling adventures but the best place is on
the Northern side, if you take your vacation sometime between April and
October, the water will be at its best temperature and will be perfect for your
snorkeling activity. There are many different kinds of tours that you can take
part in, either as a beginning snorkeling along the shoreline, or as an
experienced snorkeling exploring the sea life treasures in underwater caves and

If you are tempted into snorkeling by the pictures you see of the underwater
life, but aren't really too sure if you'd be able to actually submerge yourself
in the water and enjoy it -- why not take a visit down to Montego Bay where the
MoBay Undersea Tours operate. Here you'll be able to reserve a place in their
boat which has the perfect solution to your underwater problem -- a panoramic
underwater cabin where you can see all the sea life swimming around you,
without getting as much as your feet wet!

If you do want to experience the real thing -- snorkel, wetsuit and all --
there are plenty of tours and classes that will help you get started, or more
experienced, before you hit the water. Most areas also have rental outlets
where you can borrow the equipment that you need to snorkel your way around
Jamaica's beautiful waters. Some places will even throw in a beginner's class
for those who rent their equipment.

There are many memorable activities you can do on your trip to Jamaica, but to
experience the colorful underwater sea life has to be one that shouldn't be

Accommodation in Kingston, Jamaica

Finding a place of stay is definitely not a problem in Kingston. If you want to
stay near the hustle and bustle of every day Jamaican life, find a place near
Knutsford Boulevard. The Hilton Kingston Hotel and Jamaica Pegasus are two of
the tallest hotels and are located right next to the main clubs. If you're on a
budget you may find the Knutsford Court Hotel has kinder prices! Just because it
doesn't cost you much doesn't mean it leaves you with no amenities, this hotel
offers a fitness room, game room, golf and is located in the heart of Kingston.

For a more quiet hotel you may want to book a room near the bottom of the Blue
Mountains or over at the Courtleigh Hotel & Suites. They may look small from
the outside but you'll still find everything you need for a relaxing vacation.
In fact, you'll probably be so impressed that you reserve a room here for your
next trip to Jamaica.

Strawberry Hill is one of the best hotels/resorts and is located in the
mountains with a beautiful view of the island. The Strawberry Hill has 12
Georgia-style cottages that make the landscape picturesque. Imagine waking up
to the beautiful scenery of the Blue Mountains and crystal clear waters --
isn't that what Jamaican vacations are all about? Included at this resort are
mountain bikes for you to use, plus spa, yoga, swimming, walking tours, and
other activities.

These aren't the only hotels in the area; Sandhurst Hotel, Morgan's Harbour
Hotel, Sutton Place Hotel and the Mayfair Hotel are just a few others. Kingston
has made sure there are plenty of places for you to stay from hotels to tent
yards -- if you do choose a tent yard however, make sure that it's one that's
recommended through the tourist office as being "tourist friendly". Jamaica is
a wonderful country but you do need to be aware of personal safety when you are
in insecure areas, and camping although on the increase, is something that's not
very common at the moment on the island.

A Travel to Jamaica First Aid Kit

When traveling abroad it's usually wise to take with you a basic first aid kit
-- nothing fancy, just a tin with a few bits and pieces that can help you
out if you have an accident and need a temporary bandage or pain killer until
you can locate where the nearest source of medical attention is. If you are
traveling to Jamaica, or anywhere else in the Caribbean there are some other
things that it might be useful to carry with you.

Some form of aspirin/Tylenol to help reduce fever or relieve headaches -- or
muscle strains from sports your body is unaccustomed to. If you know that you
intend to take part in water sports or new activities you may want to consider
a pain relieving cream (or spray if you can find one that isn't aerosol based
-- airline regulations apply here!).

An anti-bacterial cream to deal with any grazes or cuts that you may get taking
part in activities, or even just walking on the beach if you stand on a sharp

Hay fever medication -- even if you aren't known to suffer from hay fever,
putting a packet of anti-histamines in your first aid box is just insurance
against you finding out that you are allergic to a certain type of pollen --
and it's found in Jamaica!

Insect repellent! Anything that contains DEET should work fine. Pack this close
to the top of the first aid kit -- and also carry one in your on-flight luggage
in case it's a while before you get your bags once you arrive in Jamaica!

Sun block -- again this should be a spare for the one you have in your on-fight

Anti-diarrhea medication. As with the hay fever medication, you probably won't
need it but it's better to take it and not use it, than not to take it and need

Bandage, and plasters for cuts and sprains. Take the "one size fits all"
variety so that it doesn't matter where you hurt, your bandage or plaster will

Thermometer -- even one of those little forehead strips that you can get for
kids to check for fevers will be good enough to tell you if you've got a
temperature or you're just a little unaccustomed to the tropical heat!

You should also pack any prescription medication you take, along with any
syringes you need for taking it. Mark the prescription medication carefully,
and include the prescribing doctor's name in case you are questioned over it at
customs and immigration. Always carry two sets of prescribed medication, one in
your carry-on luggage and one in the checked luggage so that you are sure that
even if one set goes missing, you have a back-up.

Taking a first aid box on your Jamaica vacation isn't planning for the worst,
it's providing insurance. You pay for it and you don't intend to have to use it
-- but it's just good to know that it's there just in case!

A Day of House Visiting in Montego Bay

Anyone who is interested in architecture and myth will love two houses that are
situated in Montego Bay. One of them, the beautiful Rose Hall Great House is an
18th Century mansion that was started by one Englishman in the 1750s but
completed by another in the 1770s. The other house, Greenwood Great House, is
located a few miles east of Rose Hall and was completed in 1780 by yet another
Englishman -- this time one who has his right to call Elizabeth Barrett
Browning cousin as his other claim to fame!

Both of these houses were plantation houses, but the owners had different ideas
of how a plantation should be run. At Rose Hall, slaves destroyed the house in
1831 during the Christmas Rebellion. Greenwood on the other hand survived the
Rebellion. The guides who take you around Greenwood will explain that Barrett,
the owner of Greenwood was somewhat a little ahead of his time, and believed
that slaves should be educated. His treatment of the slaves would be one of the
reasons Greenwood is very much intact today -- including much of the original
library and artwork. Greenwood can't claim all things good about its slavery
however as one of the house exhibits is a man trap that was used to capture
runaway slaves! Rose Hall can't compete with the advanced thinking that
occurred at Greenwood, but instead they have witchcraft and voodoo and ghosts
to offer in the shape of the legend of Anne May Patterson, one time plantation

If you're interested in seeing what life was like for the plantation owners,
the way they lived -- and learning a little about the real story behind Anne
May Patterson's myth, then you'll have a great day out visiting these two great

Getting Around on your Vacation to Jamaica

Shuttle buses are the best way of getting around. If you're undecided between
two or more hotels with similar features and prices, choose the one with the
largest shuttle service! Public transportation in the form of buses is cheap
and cheerful -- but it may be too crowded and the driving a bit erratic for
most tourists.

Your hotel should provide either an airport shuttle, or a shuttle to a
scheduled airport shuttle drop off point. Once you get to your hotel, you will
then need to find out how other tourists get to see the wonders that Jamaica
has to offer. Hotels may, for instance, offer a scheduled bus service for
certain tourist attractions. Some attractions/restaurants even offer a shuttle
to collect you from your hotel (make sure they bring you back also!). For some
other areas, you may need to hire a cycle for a day. For others, you might
prefer to hire car, or take a taxi -- communal or private. Whether it's a cycle
or a car, it has to go on the road and so you need to be very aware of the other
drivers who are using the road! You also need to be aware that looking at a map
that shows an "A" road, doesn't mean that it will be up to the standard of "A"
roads back home -- it does however mean that it will have less potholes than a
"B" road.

If you hire a car, make sure that you point out any defects, scratches,
possible dents before you leave the car hire company -- otherwise you will find
that you're the one charged with the repair bill. Also check that all the
interior fixings such as the cigarette lighter are there otherwise again, you
will be charged for their replacement! Despite this, car hire in high season is
popular so if you are going during the busy tourist season, you should consider
hiring your car in advance by booking online -- some international companies
such as Avis, Hertz and Budget operate in various parts of Jamaica so
contacting their local office or website should help you making your booking in
Jamaica ready for your summer vacation.

If you're feeling adventurous, there are other ways of getting around in
Jamaica, such as sailing, or even on a jet ski! There are two things you need
to remember about getting around on this beautiful island -- one is that there
are any number of ways of getting around, not all of them safe, and the second
is that travel in Jamaica can be as much of an adventure as you want it to be!

Fishing in Jamaica

The hardest part about fishing in Jamaica is knowing exactly what it is you
want to fish! From little fish, to big fish, from standing on shore with a
line, to hiring a boat with spear fishing facilities, you'll find it all -- so
the first thing to do to find a spot to fish in is to identify what it is you
want to fish! All along Jamaica's beautiful coastline -- and just off it --
you'll find fish big and small, so what's your pleasure?

Although finding a fishing hole isn't difficult, finding a boat that falls
within your budget might be! You're a tourist and as such, you're easy pickings
for the locals who hire out their boats to holiday makers. Unless your hotel has
some local arrangement, or their own vessels for hire, you are at the mercy of
the locals and so should anticipate paying well above the going rate if you
want to hire a boat. You could also investigate if there are any local boat
chartering companies you could use instead -- the advantage of this is that
even if you have to pay a similar price to what the locals would charge, at
least you are assured of the boat being sea-worthy and equipped for the kind of
trip you're planning.

If you want to try your hand at something more unusual, you could try deep sea
fishing. There are a number of charter companies who offer their services for
this, but they aren't all equal so make sure that you get the one that has the
package you're looking for -- does it have tuition, equipment, length of time,
distance from shore, experienced in the kind of fish you're looking for etc.

Anyone wanting to try spear-fishing needs to find an experienced company that
knows the reefs and where to fish so ask your hotel for a recommendation, or do
some searching on the Internet before you leave home and email any possible
companies located in the area you'll be staying. Even you don't catch anything,
the experience of being out there taking part in the activity will be something
to remember a lifetime.

As with many outdoor activity tours, check what the package includes before you
make your reservation so that you know whether or not you need to supply drinks
and food or if they are included.

Dos and Don'ts for your Spring Break in Jamaica

Deciding to take your Spring Break in Jamaica could be the start of a holiday
of a lifetime, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind to
ensure that you stay safe but still have a great time.

DO make sure that your parents know where you're going to be staying, who you
are traveling with, have contact information and a rough idea of what you'll be
doing there -- especially any places you intend to visit. You should also make
sure that you give your home contact information (such as parents names,
address and phone numbers) to at least 2 of the people you are traveling with
in case they need to be contacted.

DON'T accept/buy/take drugs -- Jamaica may be a place where you can freely find
them, but it's not a good idea. Really! As accessible as they are, they are also
illegal and the last place you want to spend your Spring Break is a local
Jamaican police cell!

DO listen to any personal safety advice that's given. They are talking to you!
Just because you're young and only there to have a great fun doesn't make you
immune to the darker side of Jamaica. The advice may sound as if it's your
parents speaking, but it's not just for your benefit -- crimes against tourists
affect the local economy so the hotel has reasons for keeping you safe!

DON'T take any expensive jewelry. You're probably going to spend most of your
time in the water, on the beach or partying anyway so you don't need it! If you
don't take it, you can't lose it or have it stolen!

DO follow any safety guidance given by activity instructors. If you later take
part in the same activity without an instructor, remember the safety warnings
and make sure you have the right equipment.

DON'T go out on your own at night if you're female! Jamaica is a beautiful
country, but it's a culture is very much male dominated with women being of
little value. Enter any relationships with male locals with caution!

DO have a great time! This could be a once in a lifetime vacation that you'll
remember for years to come. Jamaica is an island paradise, a place where most
people will only dream of visiting so get the most of out it -- don't spend the
entire vacation on the beach!

The safety advice may sound a little dramatic, but think about it -- it's not
so very different to what non-US people are told when they are planning a visit
to New York City! Most of it is common sense. Don't get too confident about your
safety, listen to the hotel's advice, and you'll have a wonderful experience but
still get home in the same condition you left!

Diving into Jamaica

Diving into the waters off the Jamaican shore may sound very exotic, and can be
a lot of fun for both the beginner and the seasoned diver. For anyone who wants
to be a little more adventurous than snorkeling there's a world to explore
beneath the ocean, but if you don't have diving experience, you need to
consider taking a class before you get into the water. In some areas such as
Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril, the popular diving areas do tend to get
booked up in high season so make sure of your place by making your reservation
as soon as you can into your vacation (or before if this is at all possible in
the area you are going to stay).

One of the most magical experiences you could take home from your vacation in
Jamaica is to have dived to 30 or even up to 150 ft below the ocean's surface.
There you will see not only fish, but also both hard and soft corals and
sponges in their natural environment. Once thing you mustn't do however is to
remove anything. There are some very strict restrictions in place in Jamaica
that prevent anyone taking anything to the surface that belongs below the water
-- in certain areas, your diving guide may even tell you that touching things in
the ocean is forbidden either for your safety or the safety of the wildlife.

Other things you can do when diving in Jamaica (depending on the time of year
and part of the island you're visiting) is to dive with turtles, swim with
schools of exotically colored fish, or even see nursing sharks. A word of
caution on the sharks however, most sharks in Jamaica won't attack you but if
you encounter one, swim slowly away -- if you show fear and panic, this could
upset them! There are places you can dive without fear of meeting up with
sharks if you prefer life to be slightly less unpredictable, locations such as
Sandy Hole which is home to sting rays, but no sharks!

Couples only Jamaica vacations

If you're a couple looking for the perfect holiday destination, Jamaica is a
great choice. With miles and miles of beautiful beaches, romantic ambience and
great food the real world may seem over half a world away.

Many of the hotels in Jamaica are classily designed to create a relaxing
atmosphere for your vacation, and some of them are exclusive to couples only so
you'll find the emphasis is on romance rather than kids' clubs and nightly
singles specials!

At White Sands in Negril even the name suggests serenity and this is matched by
the ambience of the hotel. Situated on one Negrils more secluded beach corners
this hotel is located near to the city and yet offers good accommodation at
affordable prices for those couples who prefer a quiet vacation. Couples can
enjoy either spacious one bedroom apartments or deluxe rooms depending on their

The Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios has cottages set up on a bluff with stunning ocean
views. With their tastefully decorated blend of Jamaican/Indonesian styles, the
cottages are private but they are close to the main Inn building so that couples
can use the amenities there if they desire. Honeymooners may be interested in
the Blue Cottage which is part of the Jamaica Inn complex, but is a one-bedroom
cottage on the beach!

One of the most popular "chain" resorts that caters only for couples is
Sandals. Located in seven different locations around Jamaica, you're sure to
find a Sandals resort that offers you not only the amenities and privacy you
want for your romantic couples vacation, but also have it in an area surrounded
with activities and places that you want to experience together. Sandals is also
experienced in helping couples get married so if you're intending to be married
-- or it's just something that comes up and you've got the necessary paperwork
-- their staff will be able to help you plan a special day!

Couples vacation in couples only resorts for many different reasons. Sometimes
it's because they prefer the company of other couples, occasionally it could be
because they find it awkward or embarrassing to be seated at a table with single
people, or it could be that they've finally escaped their own children and don't
want to be bothered with someone else's. Whatever the reason you're choosing a
couples only holiday, you'll have a great time in Jamaica.

Budget Jamaica hotel accommodation

Going to Jamaica may seem like a dream outside of most people's vacation
finances, but it is possible to visit this beautiful island on a budget. The
trick is to find the right kind of accommodation in the right area.
Surprisingly there are a number of comfortable budget hotels on the island
where you can get a good night's sleep at very reasonable rates.

For example, the Blue Harbor Hotel situated in Montego Bay is a small hotel
with 25 rooms designed especially for the honeymooning couples -- putting
Jamaica within your wedding budget. The Blue Harbor is located only a
convenient 15 minute drive from the airport. The rooms available are usually
large and air-conditioned with spacious balconies and telephones. You can enjoy
lavish food from the restaurant which offers the best cuisine from all over the

Budget accommodation in Negril includes the Negril Yoga Center which has rooms
and cottages -- most of which have fans and fridges (and where you can get
yoghurt and other produce that staff make on the premises), and Roots Bamboo
which is where you'll find cabins situated right beside the beach. Roots Bamboo
offers more of a camping experience with live music being played regularly,
whereas the quieter Yoga Center is a favorite with women traveling with
children. There are a number of other budget accommodation establishments in
the area which cater for people who fall within the two extremes but these two
show the wide variety of accommodation available.

If you prefer to stay in Jamaica's capital, Kingston's Mountain Edge Guest
House is set up on the hillside of the Blue Mountains, 3500 ft above sea level.
There are 3 cottages with double beds and attached bathrooms. A small roadside
bar, trail to the river and a hot tub in the garden complete the onsite
features, but the guest house also offers mountain bikes if you want to be a
little adventurous and venture further afield.

As you can see from the Mountain Edge Guest House, some budget hotels are set
further away from Jamaica's beaches, but there are some closer to the action --
it really depends on what you're looking for and what you're willing to pay.
Also, if you are hiring a car on your Jamaican vacation, being a few miles up
into the mountains won't be a problem as you'll be able to drive down to the
beaches whenever you're ready and can escape the tourists when you've had

Bob Marley Nine Mile

When visiting Jamaica's beautiful Ocho Rios make sure you take some time out of
your vacationing, water sporting, fun in the sun, and exciting nightlife
partying to visit the Bob Marley Nine Mile, the community that helped shape the
life and career of one of the most famous musicians of all time. Even if you're
not a particular fan of the man's music, you'll get a real sense of what he was

Many Bob Marley fans come to Ocho Rios specifically for this unparalleled
experience. The quaint village of Nine Mile is nestled high in magnificent
mountains of St. Ann, and serves not only as the birthplace of the legendary
Reggae King (1945), but also where he was laid to rest in 1981. Fans of Marley
have described the Nine Mile experience as one that allowed them to get more in
touch with the musician's roots, to understand the depths of his lyrics, and to
come away from it feeling a renewed sense of faith about what's most important
in life.

Be sure to check out the small family house -- where the Bob Marley legend all
began. Some of Marley's family are still there, most notably his mother
("Mother B") and Uncle Lloyd. The small home is littered with photos of the
renowned late musician, and you will likely hear stories of Marley's childhood
and early musical career from his mother and/or uncle, as well as the guide.
You should also visit Mount Zion Rock (the famous Bob Marley meditation spot),
the Fireside, where he cooked many meals, and finally, the mausoleum, the King
of Reggae's final resting place.

If you're not quite sure how to go about touring through the Bob Marley
community, try a Nine Mile guided tour complete with an authentic Rastafarian
guide (in authentic Rastafarian garb, no less!) who will take you through the
village from one important element to the next, so you don't miss anything and
so you can soak in the entire experience from beginning to end.

Activities to Do Around Kingston on Your Jamaican Visit

Kingston is full of activities for you to experience while you're in Jamaica,
from walking tours to festivals and from water sports to museums.

As far as festivities go the best way to find out what is going on is through
the local daily paper, "The Gleaner" it'll have a list of events going on while
you are down there. In 2007 Kingston will be holding the Cricket's World Cup,
which is sure to bring in a lot of entertainment and tourists. March is a big
month for festivals that'll include a 3K walk, street dancing and then in April
there'll be a Road parade and a concert at the National stadium.

To make sure that you exercise off the extra calories consumed at one of the
local restaurants with their tempting array of local cuisine, there are
walking, hiking and biking tours. These are a great way to explore the city.

Blue Mountain's peak is at 2,256 m. If you are looking to hike up to the summit
with a group, prepare yourself to rise before the sun comes up. Blue Mountain
treks begin around 1am, so book a night's sleep nearby at Pine Grove,
Whitefield Hall or Wildflower Lodge. If hiking really isn't your thing, Blue
Mountain Bicycle Tours will also take you up through the mountains. The best
time of year to do this particular activity is from December thru April since
it isn't wet during these months. Always make sure you are wearing comfortable
shoes and a warm jacket, and just because the sun doesn't seem to be shining
doesn't mean you should leave the suntan lotion at home.

If none of these sounds exciting to you why not try your hand at snorkeling,
diving, dancing, shopping, cruising or partying. There is fun to be had in
Kingston during your Jamaican stay, all you have to do is decide what you want
to do and then find where it's at!

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