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Feel Confident With a Sexy Belly Button Ring
by: Mike Yeager

Every time you turn around, you can see a girl wearing a top that exposes her stomach and there, it is, a belly button ring! What is all the hype about with these new trends? Its not only belly rings either. Nipple rings and tongue rings are also widely visible these days.

While parents everywhere are contemplating allowing their daughter to get the newest belly button rings, many see this as just a sign of the times. It is the trend to body piercing and to show them off. Some types, like the navel rings seem harmless, while others like the tongue and nipple rings seem terrifying. But, if you do not confront your teen daughter or son about this type of trend or fad, they will find the answers to their questions on their own and in turn may make mistakes along the way. For instance, your child may decide to let their friend or acquaintance do the piercing for them. This is somewhat common for piercing ears and does happen for other areas as well. The friend, while thinking they know what they are doing (as all teens do) may cause an infection. It's best to only have any piercing done at a reputable establishment that follows infection control guidelines.

Once you've decided to have a navel piercing you'll next need to consider what type of jewelry to wear. There are many, many choices available.

- Dangle belly button rings

- Silver belly button rings

- Gold belly rings

- Reverse belly rings

All different and all attractive. If you feel confident... if you feel that you're daring and want to show off your tummy... then why not do it with a unique belly button ring?


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