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Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry
by: Nikki R

A new way to look sexy without the pain of body piercing with NippleCharms hoops nipple jewelry.

- No need for needles.
- No need to visit a piercing salon.
- No healing time!

Non piercing nipple jewelry attaches using a rubber-link ring, similar to those on the ends of sunglass holders. These are adjustable around the nipple. The wearer can make the tension as tight or loose they need to keep the jewelry attached.

Most of the jewelry has some type of charm or "dangle." One popular item is their "slave bells." You can be heard coming when you wear the bells.

Nipple shields are also a very hot item. These are just like the Janet Jackson Nipple Shields from the Super Bowl a few years back. These are also non piercing.

"Our customer base is about 50-50 men and women," Nikki of NippleCharms says. "Our male customers tell us how much they enjoy seeing the lady with our jewelry and how hot it looks. The women tell us it makes them look sexy and feel horny!"

Surprisingly, another group that has embraced these non piercing nipple jewelry are exotic dancers.

"I like the ability to quickly change from one charm set to the next, between dances," says Exotic dancer Sunshine from Baltimore says. "They like the sound of the slave bells too. And I have to admit that it does make me horny when I wear them for my boyfriend!"


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