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Kart Racing

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Kart Racing 101

Kart racing is a form of motorsport, and one of the most inexpensive ways to go
fast on four wheels and race around in a competitive environment. It uses
open-wheeled vehicles that are powered by small engines, in vehicles that weigh
only around 160lbs without the driver. With that little weight to haul around,
even using diminutive engines, these things can reach speeds in excess of
100mph. That's fast in anybody's book.

The Hardware Used In Kart Racing

Compared to other forms of motorsport, the hardware in kart racing seems
entry-level, and in fact it is. Engines are simpler in these vehicles, and
don't require that much maintenance in larger, more expensive engines. The
chassiss construction of kart racers are of tube steel, which holds the engine
and drivetrain components in place, as well as serving as the suspension, since
karts don't have springs or dampers to make sure that the tires put the power
down to the ground.

There are a few differences in concepts when it comes to chasssiss design,
because since the steel tubes also serve as the vehicle's suspension, then it
needs to be adjustable, so that traction and vehicle behavior can also be
adjusted according to track conditions.

Driver Factor

In karting, because it is a form of racing that has good speed, close
competition, and intense precision due to its small size and maneuverability,
the driver factor of the race is higher compared to other forms of motorsport.
So much depends on the driver because of the fact that it depends on the
judgment of the driver to take the vehicle as close to the apex of a corner as
is humanly possible. This translates to just centimeters on track, and it also
takes a fair amount of courage to take a vehicle to its limits, and have a
track barrier that close to you, corner after corner.

Learning While Karting

Due to the inexpensive nature of the sport, karting is also used as a tool to
teach aspiring drivers the basics of racing techniques, because much of the
underlying concepts of racing karts apply also to other forms of motorsports,
and this is a form of racing that can exemplify the importance of good
technique more than any other sport. Numerous drivers have used karting as a
stepping stone to proceed to higher forms of motorsport, and not a few
superstar drivers have karting experience as their foundation on racing.

Racing Types

As is the norm for most paved-venue races in other forms of motorsport, kart
racing also uses the same formats for races. These may be generally classified
as circuit, sprint, or even speedway events. In circuit and sprint races,
drivers must take their machines through left and right corners, and the course
layout either mainly going clockwise or anticlockwise for circuit and endurance

Sprint races don't have the ending of a race course beginning another lap, and
as such, can be considered a one-lap race. Circuit and endurance racing rules
vary depending on the class and specific race type. Some other endurance racing
competitions run vehicles continuously, even for 24 hours, with 2 or more
drivers per vehicle.

Another form of kart race, called an enduro-sprint race, is a form that
combines sprint racing and endurance, with continuous running of vehicles
without pitstops for 30 minutes of more.

Maneuvering a Go Kart in Bad Weather

Between karting indoors and outdoors, the thing that differentiates them from
each other is handling different weather conditions. One may probably think
that karting in adverse weather conditions is not a safe thing to do.
Nevertheless, a lot of kart racers still manage to do well on the track despite
such a terrible weather.

To be successful in the racing track during poor weather conditions, it takes
more than just the usual kart racing skills. There are certain maneuvers and
once you get a good grip of all these, it will be of great advantage for you
against other racers. Indeed Go karting in bad weather is perhaps the ultimate
test for handling a Go kart.

Braking In Wet Weather

Braking on wet tracks is very much different than braking on dry ones.
Normally, braking should not be very aggressive to prevent sudden stops. On the
other hand, during bad weather conditions, it is recommended to get a little on
the hard line.

When braking on wet lines, one should aim to press on the brake sharply so that
the rear tires will lock and hang on the track. By doing this procedure, the Go
kart will not slide or fly off the circuit because the tires will have
sufficient facility to grip the track.

Turning Into Corners In Wet Weather

Drivers who are not very skilled at driving in wet tracks prefer the dried out
lines out of lack of confidence that they may not make it driving in the wet.
What they do not really know is that a lot of the rubber material from the
other drivers' tires will then collect in the dry surface and this can be
unsafe given that the material will only make the track slippery hence creating
a lesser grip on these drier lines.

It is thus better to just take the wet lines where less rubber material exists.
One can notice the difference between tracks that collected more rubber than
those that have less debris since less rubbish lines are lighter.

The right move would be to turn into the curve the latest possible time. With
the simultaneous leaning forward to the outside of the Go kart, rotate the
wheel sharply to fasten them up. This scheme lets the tires clasp the track and
consequently reducing the likelihood of sliding while the leaning reacquires the
balance of your Go kart.

By the moment you find the right timing, though usually requires a trial and
error process, the Go kart should turn into the corner in one hard and sharp
motion. At this instant, you have to lean back to properly distribute your
weight and maintain the balance of your Go kart. Once you get to stabilize, set
the steering wheel straight up and increase speed but keep it in a gradual
manner. By perfecting this maneuver, this can be another area to gain advantage
over fellow drivers.

Naturally, accidents in the track happen most of the time during bad weather
conditions. With the extra caution coupled with the right maneuvering, there
would be a smaller probability that the driver will compromise his or her own
safety. Of course, this would not be possible without a good amount of
practice. Most kart drivers do not bother practicing in the rain so this will
definitely give you an edge over them.

The Fun of Off Road Karting!

If the traditional Go karting done in cemented road circuits is already one
adrenaline-pumping experience, just imagine the thrill there is with racing or
karting off the road. Off road karting is one good alternative for those who
wants to enjoy the challenge and adventure of karting but doesn't want to get
competitive. Despite the risk related to the sport, with the fun and excitement
that it gives to the driver, there is no doubt that one can easily get hooked up
with it.

Tougher than track karting, Off Road karting is now a popular motor sport
drawing so much attention from the fast-growing number of karting enthusiasts
all around the globe. But just like racing Go karts down the road track, it
also requires skills to really excel in this type of motor sport.

The Off Road Go Kart

Off Road karting is the kind which makes use of a four wheel go kart primarily
designed for the off road use.

Off road go karts are not just like the traditional go karts that can be
enjoyed in many fun centers worldwide. These off road go karts have special
features that are primarily designed to cater the demands of off road
conditions that is why it takes an adult to handle and operate this type of
karting equipment since greater speed and performance may mean greater risks at

An off road karting machine has larger tires compared to the conventional ones.
This provides an added ground clearance as well as traction needed to pass
through off road surface. It also has a full suspension accompanied by shock
absorbers located in the front and back of the kart to smooth out the driving
in rough roads. Typically, it holds a powerful engine, one that enables the
vehicle to climb up elevated surfaces and reach higher speeds and with the
reverse feature that come with most off road Go karts, it would not be
difficult backing up.

Origins Of The Off Road Go Kart

The first ever off road Go kart manufactured was the Odyssey produced by Honda.
Released on the year 1977, it has a 250 cc 2-stroke engine with a single seat
and CVT automatic transmission with bigger sized tires and one roll cage.

With the increasing popularity of this off road Go kart, by 1985, Honda
upgraded the Odyssey and came up with the FL350. The changes included the
improvement of roll cages, am increased engine size of 350 cc with an electric
starter and a full suspension system for the front and back of the Go kart.

By the later part of 1989, the same company released the FL400 which has a
larger engine size of 400 cc and now, it had already 2 seats and the suspension
was enhance to be able to handle extra load. But the cost of the machine
increased alongside with the enhanced features of the product. This resulted to
unfavorable sales figures which led to the discontinuance of the production of
the said product a just about a year after its launching. However, there are
still existing units today of these Honda models.

The main goal of the company to open up the field of off road karting and
introduce the possibilities to a lot of karting enthusiasts has indeed been a
success. The sport has evidently been growing popularity worldwide.

Manual Transmission for Go Karts

For most Go kart enthusiasts, it is already a known fact that the transmission
plays a very important role in the mechanism of the Go kart. Because of the
transmission system, the driver gets to manage the speed of the kart.

What is the Transmission?

A transmission system, simple in its kind, consists of a number of gears and
these are responsible for controlling the speed of the equipment.

Engines have this rev limit and going past this, expect that the engine will
blow up. This limitation is commonly known the "redline". This is where
transmission comes in. it allows the changing of gears in order for the gear
ratio connecting the engine and the drive wheels changes the moment you speed
up or slow down. This mechanism allows the engine to stay below the "redline"
while still keeping up with the optimal revs per minute or rpm. The
transmission is vital to maintain the greatest possible rpm while making it
sure that the engine does not overheat and eventually blow up.

Manual Transmission

Having a manual transmission is definitely more challenging than riding one
that has an automatic transmission system but definitely more exciting and
fulfilling to drive. The mechanism of manual transmission systems requires the
driver to learn the necessary changing of the gears to be able to operate the
karting machine.

Getting used with changing the gears usually takes time and a lot of practice
and sometimes, it can be quite frustrating especially for starters, but once
you get to learn to basics, it would not be difficult to carry on. It will be a
lot easier by doing the activity often and sometimes it can end up to be one's
second nature.

Another advantage of manual transmissions in karting cars is that the driver
can select better which gears that he wants. There is also a driving technique
called a heel-and-toe downshift, to better match the gear ratio for a given
speed with the engine's powerband, keeping it in the thick of the horsepower
output, meaning, that the RPM of the engine is always where there is most
power. This translates into better lap times as well, because the engine is
outputting more, and able to propel the vehicle better.

One driving technique common to manual transmissions is the "heel and toe
downshifting". At an instance of hard braking for an approaching slow corner,
the driver will downshift to a particular gear that is appropriate for the
corner without overstressing transmission or upsetting the car.

This kind of technique is, however, complicated to execute. Once the driver
will downshift to a gear while braking, with the use of the right foot for the
brakes and the left foot to the clutch, the go kart will lurch once the clutch
is released and this will strain the drivetrain which will lock up the wheels.
So it would really come handy to have a third one with which to use the
accelerator to match revs when the clutch gets released. But as they say,
practice makes this maneuver perfect!

Advantages Of A Manual Tranny Over Automatic

The power is always flowing in a manual tranny, and during cornering there is
no power lag when exiting corners, because by the time that the automatic is
downshifting, the manual is already in a lower gear and putting the power down
when it counts the most.

Kart Racing Engines

The engine is the heart of a car, so they say. The same goes for go kart racers
as well. The engine propels you and your racer down the back straight and
through corner exits, and onto the checkered flag. So who do you trust when the
time comes to put a powerplant between your chassiss' steel tubes? There are
some very excellent engines from some of the most renowned engine makers in the
industry, not only for kart racing engines, but also in car engines and
motorcycle engines as well. Here are some of the manufacturers known in the
kart racing scene:

ASM kart engines

American Suzuki Motors Corporation, better known as Suzuki, have not only a
reputation for giving small engines big power in kart racing, they also have an
excellent reputation in motorcycles and motor vehicles as well. They deal with
miniscule-size powerplants, and also up to big V-6 engines in their cars. In
kart racing they are also formidable, and an excellent choice for your motor.

Honda Motor Co.

Honda, best known among tuners for its high-revving engines and the
competition-stomping performance of its VTEC variable valve timing, also
manufactures engines for sprint karts. They, like Suzuki, bring engine
expertise from across the board, whether it's in a screaming civic or a formula
car or bike, down to their small motors in search of performance perfection.

Yamaha Motor Corporation

Yamahas have been synonymous with road-course ripping bikes, as well as dishing
it out on dirt with their all-terrain bikes. They also have engines for kart
racers and distill their sport bike expertise to the racers who want to have
Yamaha power pushing them on in a race.

Picking an engine

Whether it's any of the three companies above, or other major manufacturers in
the kart engine builder's scene, it's important to consider what you want for
your racer. The best thing would be to pick out an engine which is compatible
with your tube frame, as the dimensions of one frame may be unsuited for an
engine's mount points. The same applies for engines, because there might be a
chance that your motor won't fit in the mounting locations provided, and you'll
have to fabricate custom engine mounts if needed. Check with your local rules if
that's allowed in competition before proceeding. Nobody wants to be disqualified
even before they get on the grid.

Power versus reliability

You'll also have to consider the power an engine makes, whether modified or
stock, with custom exhaust or stock. Because modified engines make more power
than stock, they also put more stress on the engine components. If a part can't
take any more abuse put on it, it'll break down, ending your race and any chance
of winning. So choose an engine that is reliable and will live longer.

It's better to sacrifice a few horses on durability than to have a powerful
engine that could blow up any minute like a ticking bomb. That way you can
slowly tune up your motor so it will produce more power, but still last the
race, and probably need lesser maintenance as well. It's easier on the driver
knowing that an engine is dependable and easier on the pocket in terms of
maintenance as well.

So when shopping for a kart racing engine, keep this in mind as you decide what
motor powers your vehicle as you cross the finish line.

Scrutinizing Kart Racing Gloves

Being into racing karts means that you will have to comply with safety
standards as well. Not only will you not be allowed to race without the right
safety equipment, you'll also be endangering you own life and neglecting common
sense not to buy safety equipment. The first stop is to buy kart racing gloves
for yourself while you drive.

What do gloves do for the driver?

Essentially, gloves protect the hands of the driver in times of accidents. As
such, these serve to cover the digits of the driver's hands from cuts and
scratches and such, and are usually fire-retardant so that in case of fire, the
gloves will provide protection for the hands. As well as these, driving gloves
also serve the purpose of being comfortable for the driver to grip the steering
wheel with, and with plenty of grip so that the hand controls don't slip from

Comfort is important, because with karts being hustled around corners and the
whole thing shaking to the imperfections of the road, it has to be very comfy
so that the driver can concentrate on what he or she should be doing, mainly
driving the kart. An excellent level of grip is also well-appreciated so that a
driver can do his techniques with confidence.

Shopping around for gloves

So now knowing what driving gloves do in terms of safety, comfort, as well as
control, you're probably wondering where to get gloves to drive with. Your
local auto parts supply probably has gloves on stock, but not the kind suited
for racing, which has the entire hand, including the fingers, covered
completely. The back of the gloves should be covered as well. Going for a
shopping trip to your local enthusiast store should yield you plenty of
candidates for which gloves to buy.

Prices to pay

With gloves, as much as other safety equipment, there are numerous offerings
intended for the weekend racer, going up to the ultimate gloves for the
professionals. If you're new to buying equipment, go with the novice gloves,
because they can provide the safety you need at a reasonable price. Offerings
from the big names of motor sport equipment have offerings for everybody,
budgeted for novices and professionals alike. But shop for a quality glove even
if you're new to the sport, as even just a popped stitch can tear your gloves
apart bit by bit.

One could expect to pay as low as $40 for a pair of decent gloves that perform
well. Online retail stores for racers will display an assortment of their best
sellers, and price is not the only basis for determining quality. Some of the
middle-priced gloves actually are better than high-end offerings. As long as
they're made by a reputable manufacturer, and fill all your needs for a driving
glove, you can rest easy on your choice.

These are also available in a choice of colors, so you can get a pair to match
your racing suit as well. The important consideration in buying a driving glove
for your kart is safety and you also need to look at the materials used because
of this. Fireproof materials and leather for grip and control should be present
because these have proven themselves time and again on the track.

Whether its for a low-budget or big-bucks all out effort, kart racing gloves
give the driver an additional edge when the time comes to lay down the cards on
the table.

Go Karting for Kids

Go kart racing has been one of the motor racing sports that many people
nowadays are enjoying as a hobby or as a serious career. It is not as
complicated as other racing car sports since its components are not as complex
compared to that used in auto racing. Needless to say, many children who take
pleasure in racing as a sport begin with Go karting before moving towards
higher kinds of motor racing sports.

Benefits Of Go Kart Racing For Kids

One may think that Go kart racing is merely for the fun and enjoyment of the
kids. That of course, is one reason why Go karting has been an interesting
sport for many children. However, Go kart racing has other benefits that one
should look into and consider in order to appreciate the sport better. These
are some of the benefits that kids can get from doing the sport:

* For beginners in the racing industry, Go kart racing as an indoor or outdoor
sport is definitely a safe way to start with. If safety measures are properly
taken, there is no risk of danger at hand. Thus, it is a good way for you and
your kids to enjoy the excitement of Go karting without having to worry about
their safety.

* Just as other sports help us develop skills such as sportsmanship and
competitiveness, Go kart racing is no different. It is an avenue for the child
to learn and develop quick reflexes, precision car control, and decision-making

* Be it a hobby or a serious sport career, Go karting is an inexpensive way to
go racing. Compared to advanced types of racing, it does not require a
significant amount of money to get started.

* Go kart racing is a family oriented sport too. Parents and their children
help together to come up with the perfect Go kart for the driver to race with.
Above all, seeing your child having fun enjoying the sport and sharing the
laughter with them can never be as relaxing and as comforting.

Safety Measures To Go With Go Karting

Safety is the most important thing that parents take into account when it comes
to their children. With the speed that Go karts at present have, safety measures
should be given much attention to avoid the danger it can cause especially with
children who are engaging into such kind of sport. Some of these safety
precautions should be of great help particularly to starters:

* Preparation is the key ingredient to avoid danger in Go kart racing. Without
preparation, one cannot be expected to carry on with the sport with no minor
injuries or sometimes, major ones. Parents are the ones who should assist their
children at this point because preparation not only entails choosing the right
type of Go kart and the equipment that should go along with it but it also
requires the right carting level that one should start with.

* Children are not equipped to drive Go karts all on their own and to drive
one, it demands learning the basics. Driving the Go kart is definitely one
skill that the driver should learn and master if he/she wishes to move forward
to higher levels of Go kart racing. Like other sports, mastering it also
requires a good and quite significant amount of time and effort to do so.

* Safety gears are and should always be considered a necessity. These things
are built to increase the safety of Go kart racers and therefore should never
be left out.

Go kart racing is surely a good and safe sport to share with the family.
Coupled with the fun and enjoyment it brings, it is a good way to help your
children develop their own skills and abilities.

Where To Buy Go Kart Racing Supplies

Finding a go kart racing supply store in your neighborhood isn't as easy as,
say, finding a convenience store. And if you do find a store that sells the
stuff you need, most likely it's integrated with other motor sports under one
roof. But going online yields you a far easier way to shop at dedicated kart
supply stores. Everything you need for yourself or for your ride is available
in just one website.

Online kart supplies

From steering system parts to engines to driver safety, dedicated kart stores
can let you browse and buy everything you might possibly need for yourself or
for your race machine. The better ones have comparison charts available so you
can check out what others are buying in your item category. Most also list
bestseller items in a category, so you can see for yourself what makes these
other items so great.

Power train supplies

If you need to up the power in your engine, as well as giving it more
durability and a more reliable performance when it goes on track, you can
browse the engine supply sections of your favorite parts supply site. From
pistons to connecting rods to u-bolts, you can find everything that will make
your engine more of a beast on track and give additional ponies when you stomp
on the gas.

Drive train and chassiss parts

Not only can you find parts for your engine, you can also find performance
enhancements for your racer as well. Body parts and accessories that bolt on to
the chassiss are also sold here. The supplier or manufacturer will also let you
know if these items are CIK or IRA approved, so that you know if it's legal to
use in competition. This concerns body pieces, like nose cones and chain
guards. These must be certified to be legal in competition.

As for chassiss bits, since there is no suspension, you can also replace such
parts on your racer like stiffening bars to adjust traction levels and
cornering attributes. Given the number of track conditions you could possibly
face, your components should be adjusted accordingly. There are even
condition-specific items like tires, which can be slick tires for dry
conditions and rain tires for slippery, low traction conditions. It would be
best to order up a spare set in advance so that your vehicle won't sit around
on a lift while you wait for your parts to arrive when something breaks as they
inevitably do.

Pricing, payment and delivery

Since online stores don't have a monopoly on their clients, they must also face
competition, and this leads to price drops down to competitive levels. Check
multiple sites for an item you have in mind to see if there are discounts in
other stores. See if the part number is the same so you can be sure that you're
comparing identical items.

Online stores will also accept most major credit cards or take PayPal as well,
so no worries on payments. The better stores will also offer same day shipping
except maybe for oversized items like seats and whole kart chassiss. However, 
for small items you can expect them to arrive real soon.

The parts you order will arrive right on your doorstep via a reliable courier,
and from there you can install the parts you got from your go kart racing
supply store and compete in your next race.

Shifter Kart Racing -- Why It's Cool

A shifter kart is a perfect example of the evolution that kart racing has
undergone. It's a long way removed from being a glorified lawnmower modified
for pavement use. Advances in technology have given these machines better
components, high-tech transmissions, and enough horsepower to give it a ratio
that equals the very best high-end performance cars available on the market
today. But even shifter karts differ from their other kart cousins, mainly
because of the presence of a manual transmission in their drivelines.

What Makes A Shifter Kart Different?

Since these machines have the advantage of a transmission present, the speeds
that shifter karts can achieve is truly astonishing. Figure something to the
tune of 100mph, and the upper limit even reaches 120 in some instances. Talk
about going fast. Shifter karts have earned the name pocket rockets, and
rightly so. It can embarrass a wannabe sports car when push comes to shove.

Six gears in a sequential manual transmission are similar to the most exotic
cars, and add to the driving pleasure, since shifts are lightning quick and
downshifts can be perfectly coordinated. G-loads in a shifter kart reach 2 g
levels, and you can really feel it. By comparison, the best sport compact cars
offer 1-g levels of performance, whether to the side, or during acceleration or

Shifter Kart Racing For Practice And Competition

Racing a shifter kart in actual competition can be considered an intense sport
for aspiring driver. The speed that they reach, and the response that they have
to driver input, as well as the g-loads it puts on the driver are perfect
training and maintenance exercises for drivers to keep in shape when not in
their race cars. Reaction times can be refined using a shifter kart, and the
fundamentals of racing are stressed in such a small machine that can go so
fast. Along with that, the precision afforded by its minute size helps hone
drivers in practice or competition so that they can place vehicles exactly
where they want, and when they want it.

Real races for shifter karts are typically enduro-sprint events in excess of
one mile in length. Not only are drivers expected not to crash, they also must
drive the fastest that they can, brake as hard and as late as possible, and if
that were not enough of a challenge, overtake other drivers for the checkered

Talk about multitasking. The best part about this is that a driver not only
masters steering techniques to place the vehicle where he wants, but also has
to deal with a shifter to match the engine revs and vehicle speed to reduce lap
times. Footwork is often trickier in a shifter kart because of this, and gives
an added element to see who's got the right stuff.

The Adrenaline Rush Of Kart Racing

When it comes to racing, no other form of four-wheeled competition comes closer
to the precision and relative speed of races of formula one than shifter kart
racing. That's probably why shifter karts are considered as formula racers but
on a smaller scale. As such, the thrill of racing one would also rival formula

Shifter kart racing is a great form of racing that is way cheaper than bigger,
more expensive forms of motor sport, but it doesn't come up short on the fun
factor as well.

Kart Racing School

If you've ever had dreams of being a successful race driver, then you've
probably imagined a scenario where you actually compete for the pole position
on track. But the reality for most people is that they actually have little to
no background when it comes to racing, and when put out on track, will actually
have no idea on how to drive properly to get the best time. Most street driving
habits will result in understeer, whether resulting from braking too late or
steering too little at corner entry, so now it's easy to see the need to learn
how to drive properly on track.

Learning To Race With Karts

For most, learning the basics of driving through kart racing schools is a good
way to actually learn track driving basics, as well as compete in a popular
sport which also gave rise to formula one stars. Karting is a very competitive
sport, rivaling the best touring car races in up close and personal racing
action. In racing schools, with high engine outputs, no suspension, and no
downforce-inducing aerodynamics, the driver factor in races is maxed out to the
absolute limits.

There are classes of karts available for use during learning sessions.
Beginners can start along their karting school lessons with 100cc karts, with
two-stroke engines that propel the lightweight vehicles much faster than one
would expect them. Then there is an uprated version of kart racers, which can
reach speeds of 100mph, guaranteed to raise the adrenalin level of even the
most seasoned clubracer.

Driving Techniques Learned On Track With Karts

Using a kart racer to learn and refine driving techniques is not a new idea.
With racing schools, one can learn how to master the art of going fast through
corners, and the fundamental concept of going fast, the racing line. The racing
line is perhaps the most basic techniques, yet one of the most important to any
racing sport. The basic out-in-out cornering method is taught, as well as
targeting the apex for faster times, among others. Setting up on corner entry
and making slingshot exits out of corners is also taught at this time.

Braking And Acceleration Techniques

Of course, along with steering and cornering lessons, the foot pedal controls
are also given time so that one can learn how to fully use them to a racer's
advantage. Acceleration and braking seems deceptively easy, but actually has
subtleties difficult to master. Beginners are trained to brake on the
straightaways, and as they progress, master late braking, as well as
trail-braking through corners.

The importance of braking points is important, because when you stop braking is
more important than when you start, and learning when to open up the throttle
during mid-turn is exercised as well. Expert techniques like threshold braking,
which is the maximum rate that one can use the brakes without having the wheels
lock up, are available for those who have mastered the basics as well.

On the acceleration side, learning when to use the full power of the engine and
when to use part-throttle driving is critical to reduce lap times. It seems
counterintuitive, but sometimes one actually goes faster when not stepping on
the gas, especially in tight corners where control is everything in reducing
lap times.

Aside from having track time, there are classroom instruction sessions that
teach the concepts involved in racing. Much of the things that students will
actually learn on track are discussed beforehand so that they can be prepared
on what to do next. With kart racing schools, one can discover the hidden racer
within, and perhaps even become the next superstar in kart races.

Electric Go Karts, the Good Choice for Kids

A lot of kids these days are very much fond of Go kart racing or Go karting, a
popular motor sport where open-wheeled vehicles are driven around a track. For
a beginner, Go karting is probably the most economical and by far, the safest
way to get into motor sports or perhaps, advance into higher levels of auto

For children ages five to fifteen, the electric Go kart is definitely the type
that parents should prefer for their kids. In terms of performance and safety,
an electric Go kart is definitely the top choice.

Advantages Of Electric Go Karts Over Gas Powered Counterparts

- An electric Go kart is safer to use and environment-friendly in that they do
not emit toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide since they are only battery
operated. Therefore, the health of your child will not be at risk.

- Unlike other Go karts, these battery powered ones do not create too much
noise. Since they make less noise, they do not create so much distraction to
the surroundings.

- Go karts are easier to use. It has features that make it less difficult for
your children to control and operate. With just a simple turn of the key, the
child can right away enjoy the thrill of Go karting.

- These Go karts can also be enjoyed indoors or outdoors and they will do just
fine in the backyards of your own homes or the small streets in your village.
Moreover, for indoor usage, there is no requirement of ventilation to use the
Go kart.

- In terms of maintenance, its components are lesser and simpler compared with
Go karts operated by gas. With this, a lower cost for maintenance is required
for electric Go karts.

- Where safety is an issue, an additional benefit to this type of Go kart is
that it does not easily flip over. The battery packs make it difficult for the
Go kart to turn over. Thus making the ride truly a safe one.

- The initial cost that one can spend in an electric Go kart is lesser than
that of the gas powered ones. At an approximate amount of two hundred bucks,
your child can already enjoy an electric Go kart while it should take roughly
five hundred bucks to have a gas operated Go kart.

Types Of Electric Go Carts
There are two types of electric Go karts. These are the Razor Go kart and the
Hotwheels Go kart.

A Razor Go Cart is perfect for those youngsters that are to a certain extent
experienced in Go kart racing. At an average speed of 12 kilometer per hour and
a lot of driving time, these Go karts are well designed to cater to the safety
of the driver. As compared to gas Go karts, this type of Go kart can be easily
handled and maneuvered.

Hot Wheels Go Kart, on the other hand, is a great choice for little kids and
those who are still starters in the field of carting. Its features include a
single stop watch wherein the same can be detached from the Go kart's steering
wheel. With the Hot Wheels Go Kart, it can also be possible to design a racing
track since track templates as well as sidewalk chalks will be provided along
with the package. Furthermore, it can run up to the speed of 10 mph and are
designed only for concrete surfaces.

With these electric Go karts, your children will surely be having the best time
zipping around your place without you having to worry about their safety.
Indeed, electric Go karting is one great sport to just have fun with the kids
and best of all, economical and environment-friendly all on its own.

A New or Pre-owned Go Kart?

The Go karting industry has been increasingly attracting a lot of sports
enthusiasts. A lot of those who began karting only as a recreation had their
enthusiasm in this sport grow into something deeper that they chose to pursue
karting as a career. And when one chooses to take this sport seriously, it is a
requirement that he/she has his/her own karting machine and all the necessary
equipment for the race.

It is quite a difficult decision finding the perfect Go kart since we all have
our own individual karting needs and Go karts differ largely with the different
karting demands of the driver. However, there are some helpful tips for finding
your perfect Go kart.

Determine Whether To Buy A New Or Pre-owned Go Kart

Before looking for the right type of Go kart, you must first determine whether
you will go for a brand new Go kart or for a pre-owned one.

For racers who do not have sponsorships, it is best to consider the amount of
money that you are willing to spend to buy a Go kart.

New Go Karts

Of course, the brand new Go karts require a considerable amount of money but
with that, there is an assurance that you will be paying for a competitive
karting machine. Quality is always worth the extra bucks that you would have to
expend. That is why sponsorships have been very useful for most drivers
particularly for those who do not have enough financial resources to cope up
with this kind of career.

Always make it sure the Go kart you are buying is in perfect and excellent
condition and that it should not have been used in any karting activity.

Second-hand Go-karts

Since not everyone gets to afford a brand new kart, a used Go kart is probably
the best option there is. Buying a second Go kart has of course a downside,
that is, it may not be as competitive as a brand new one. See to it that it has
the important features that you will need before you buy it.

Buying Go Karts Online

A lot of Go karts are now sold online such as those on eBay and purchasing
these Go karts are really easy. However, one great disadvantage that makes this
option one that is not really advisable is that there are those sellers who tend
to lie with regards to the condition of the equipment and this is obviously to
the detriment of the buyer/driver.

Buying a Go kart demands inspection so that you will see for yourself any
faults in the equipment before you pay for it.

Choose Go karts that are not as old as five years and those that suffered only
minor deterioration. Above all, see to it that the parts are still complete. If
they lack special parts, it may be best to opt for a brand new Go kart instead
since it will save you more than buying these lacking parts. Besides, a lot of
these special parts may be rare thus requiring not only a significant amount of
money but also time and effort to complete the machine.

Always remember, buying your own Go kart requires a really good amount of
inspection since you will not only be losing value for what you paid for but
you might also be compromising your own safety.

Karting, A Safe Sport

Unlike other types of motor sports, karting is by far the safest. Sometimes,
kart racers suffer injuries out of crashes in the circuits but most often,
these are only minor ones. It is also a plus that karts are planted closely to
the ground so that they do not easily flip over except for cases that involve
collision with other karts.

General Safety Of The Driver

Just like any other sport however, karting entails safety precautions that must
be properly observed. A good karter knows how to keep safe on and off the
circuit. But it does not mean that one should be a really good karter to enjoy
the sport, in terms of safety it only takes a lot of common sense. Here are a
few general tips:

* In all karting circuits, there will always be a briefing of the session.
During this time, the rules are given as well as the safety instructions.
Always remember to listen carefully to these important guidelines. Besides, it
will only take you a couple of minutes so take it seriously because it's worth

* The safety clothes are provided most of the time in the karting packages. For
occasional karters, the basic outfit is sufficient enough to go karting and this
includes the karting suit, protective gloves and the helmet. Most of the time,
footwear is not part of the package so it's best to just bring one. Choose
trainers that are not thick-soled so that you can still properly feel the
pressure that you are putting into the pedals. As for serious Go karters, the
necessary clothes will no longer be provided since they already have their own.

* It is also advisable to put on rubber ear plugs that will help regulate the
hearing of the high pitch of the motor and thus avoid any damage to the ears.

Safety In Terms Of Handling The Go Kart

It does not only require knowing the general rules, it is also important to
note the mechanics of handling the Go kart. This will increase the safety of
the ride. Some good tips include:

* Maintenance of the Go karts must be at the highest standard.

* For added protection, a lot of circuits build safety barriers around the
track for instances of crashes.

* See to it that the tires of the equipment have been properly checked. Make it
sure that they have the right pressure otherwise, the Go kart will be unstable.
This will affect the maneuvering of the Go kart.

* The fuel supply of your Go kart must also be checked. Once refueling is
needed, see to it that the engine is not heated or still running. It should
also be noteworthy not to get the fuel to reach the filler neck and make sure
the cap is screwed back tightly to avoid leaking out.

* Lastly, once the Go kart starts to make very unusual noises, vibrations and
the like, stopping it as soon as possible will prevent any serious danger.
Remove the wire of the spark plug and take it for inspection since there might
be a damage inside that could have caused the strange noises.

For starters, karting safety measures are not as difficult to observe. They are
just as practical, straightforward and logical. Just always stick to these tips
and you should be ending up a safer karter!

Racing Kart Catalogs -- How To Read Them

Having the talent to win kart races is good. But there are times in races where
any performance advantage you can gain over your opponents is crucial. Winning
takes talent and dependable hardware, so that both man and machine can perform
to their absolute best, the end result of which can be a podium prize. Now that
you've got the talent thing down, it's time to attack the mechanicals. Racing
kart catalogs can provide you ideas to up your game when it comes to your

Parts Shopping From Home

Whether it's some new tires, or titanium valves for your engine, parts catalogs
offer different items for that winning advantage. It's because the parts
manufacturers also know that good traction can mean the difference between
winning and losing. And here they have products that can help your ride bring
out its absolute best. A wide variety of parts and manufacturers is represented
in catalogs, and you can just take your pick of what you like, and what fits
your racing budget.

Comprehensive Guide

A good parts catalog will present in detail the specifics of the item it has on
its pages. In performance applications, where parts from one maker must work in
harmony with another from a different manufacturer, you have to be sure that
your chosen part will not come into conflict with another component in your
racer, so that breakdowns can be avoided. It's not like you can just stick a
part in and then expect to see a performance gain; you have to match the right
parts together so that everything runs smoothly.

Comparison Charts

You should also expect to find related items to your inquiry, and comparisons
between equivalent parts from different manufacturers should also be available.
Significant things like fit, rated load, expected increase in performance, as
well as price could be very good comparison bases, so it's wise to see other
items before you make that purchase. Not shopping wisely could spell disaster
for both your budget and your machine's performance. An untimely breakdown in
the middle of the race not only means that you have to replace the broken part,
but it also could cost you a win, and you'll also waste additional time
installing parts twice.

Parts Availability

Look for parts catalogs that have comprehensive sales support for purchasers.
Those that have helpdesks will be happy to field your calls regarding their
parts as well, if it's in stock, and the variants that are available for you.
Different-capacity variants for enthusiast of performance use are available,
and price will differ accordingly. Those looking for the toughest parts should
just go ahead and check out performance versions, because a little price
premium goes a long way in terms of endurance and performance.

Payment Options

Looking around racing kart catalogs for new parts is easy. But actually
ordering from the supplier what you want is a little more involved. But this
has now been made easier than ever because you can make payments through your
credit card or send a money order to the supplier. Check their pages to see
what credit cards they honor, and what other payment options are available.

The good thing about it is that you can just do everything by phone; you won't
ever have to leave the comfort of your home. The parts you ordered will also
arrive right on your doorstep via popular couriers, so no worries about the
condition of your parts when they arrive. Once there, you can install them on
your competition machine and win that next race.

The Right Clothes for Go Karting

Go karting can be just a simple hobby or by getting so much involved in the
sport, this can turn into a racing career. Whether it is for the mere
recreation or a serious Go karting, it is important to know the right kind of
clothes and the necessary safety gear that should be worn when riding the Go
kart and zipping around the circuit.

It may be a bit of a challenge choosing the right kind of clothes. As for
beginners, a good amount of research or perhaps a little help from the more
experienced karters will do.

Just For Recreation

For those who loves Go karting and enjoys it only as a pastime as well as for
those who are still new to this kind of sport, splurging for expensive karting
gear is not really advisable. Since it will only be used a couple of times, the
basic karting clothes are good enough to enjoy the sport.

What composes the basic outfit for Go karting? One essential racing gear is the
protective helmet. As a head gear, it is important that the face is all covered
up or perhaps as much of it as possible. One should also have protective
overalls that can either be fireproof or waterproof and with it are the
protective gloves which keep the hands from sores that may possibly arise from
holding the steering wheel too tightly.

Usually, new karters tend to hold the steering wheel very tight that is why it
is important never to forget putting them on. Lastly, one should have footwear
that is sensible enough for the sport.

The karting packages offered by most karting circuits already include the
protective helmet and protective overalls that is, except for the footwear.
When choosing the perfect footwear, more experienced karters would typically
recommend wearing the trainers. However, one should choose those trainers which
do not have thick soles.

A pair of thick-soled trainers prevents the karter from feeling how much
pressure is already put into the pedals thus resulting to unanticipated
accelerations and sudden braking. Some Go karts tend to accelerate really fast
with just a slight push so it is important to still feel the pedals properly to
avoid the any danger. Thin-soled trainers also help develop one's driving
skills. It helps the karter maneuver the Go kart in such a way that does not
impair his/her driving skills.

For The Serious Go Karter

For occasional karters and beginners, the necessary protective gear is usually
provided in the karting packages. However, for serious karters, it is a
different case. If you decide to pursue on this sport, joining the karting club
and karting on a usual basis, then you will have to invest not only a great deal
of time and effort but also money. A competing Go karter should have for his/her
own, a Go kart and of course, the protective gears with which he/she will
compete in.

These safety clothes may be expensive depending on the brand and style that you
want to go for. This time, it is important to invest in good quality protective
garments to avoid any risk of major injuries while racing. Buying used racing
suits and other protective gears is not really a good and safe choice since
they are not as good as the new ones.

Getting into this kind of sport is truly a fun and exciting experience.
However, for a more thrilling and safe ride, one should wear the right clothes
to avoid unfavorable circumstances. One last tip, wear loose clothing; they
will definitely make the ride comfortable!

Go Kart Racing Tools

Having a reliable vehicle to race with is an important part in winning a race.
Who cares how much power your engine makes if the rest of your chassiss can't
cope and falls to bits in the middle of a sprint? The right set of go kart
racing tools is important in fixing your ride when something breaks and keeping
it in top performing condition.

What every racer needs to have

First off, you'll surely need a set of basic tools on hand. A set wrench of
wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, anything that has a general purpose in fixing
mechanical objects is important to have around in case you need it. As well as
basic hand tools, you might also want to keep around some of the more
complicated tools, in this case, specialized bits for your engine and chassiss,
so that you can open up and adjust things on the fly as needed.

You don't really need to have EVERY part that your vehicle calls for, since
some of these can only be found in shops that make use of these tools often.
Examples include whole vehicle lifts, great for working under the go kart when
you need to fix something from beneath, but not really practical for you to
keep in your garage when not in use.

Where to order

Some of the general tools you can find at your local hardware store, like the
usual spanners and power tools. You can also find the other tools you need like
engine-specific tools at auto parts stores as well as motorcycle stores because
they have tools in common with go-karts. You can also check out online stores
for go-karts for some of the more hard to find tools, like specialized wrenches
and such. The good thing about ordering tools online is that you can view
multiple offerings in a single go, and compare pricing so that you can order
the best deal.

Power tools versus manual

There is nothing more convenient than to have power tools with multiple
functions at your command. The best tools have multiple bits that you can
simply bolt on to a drill motor and in effect have another tool, to multiple
sizes of a certain tool for ultimate versatility. But still, there are hand
tools that are more suited for certain jobs, like hand torque wrenches that
allow the user to manually modulate the pressure used on the tool so that he or
she can prevent over tightening of parts that may damage or strip studs, to name
a common occurrence.

Order wisely

Whatever tool you need, it's best that when you shop around for a new one,
always go for quality. It seems easy to compromise on this one because tools
look the same on the outside, but in reality the craftsmanship of these tools
is quite different when comparing a quality tool and a cheap substitute.

Not only do you compromise the tool's effectivity at doing a job, it can even
break while you're using it and make you wish that you ordered the more
expensive tool in the first place. Go for a reputable tool maker brand and you
won't regret it. Not only is it possible that cheap tools will break down on
the job, but you could also damage the part you're fixing as well.

Cheap bolts could possibly strip threads, and with something being really
expensive like a cylinder head, nobody wants to have to make a costly mistake
with their go kart racing tools.

Karting, A Female Sport Too!

When one talks about Go kart racing, the general notion is that it is a male
sport. However, for many women today, Go karting is no different from other
kinds of sports. A number of inspiring women at present such as Danica Patrick
who is an Indy Car racer, are into Go karting as a serious career and indeed
they become successful in it.

For female karters, there are a lot of options in the field of motor sports if
one is eager to get into it. When one gets to learn the basics of the sport
which is not as difficult, it only takes a good deal of practice to really
master the sport itself.

Once a person reaches the age of 8, he or she can already engage into the
sport. Normally, the differences between the two sexual categories arise when
female karters get so much involved with the sport and decide to pursue
advancing to higher levels such as auto racing.

Go Karting For Women

In United Kingdom, an organization has been set up in order to encourage and
inspire women Go karters in the sport they chose to pursue. By this year, the
organizers hope to establish a race for aspiring racers where there will be six
rounds in each race and they will hold these races in the different tracks
across Southern UK.

The organization has come up with two categories. These are the Beginners and
the Intermediate classes. For those women who are still new to the whole thing
of Go karting, the Beginners category will best suit their driving skills. Go
karts will be provided in the circuits so there will be no problem for those
who don't have their own Go karts yet.

The Intermediate category on the other hand, is for women who already have an
experience in Go karting, particularly those who have their own Go karts. With
the driving skills they already posses and the great deal of experience they
have, they will surely be having a blast in this category.

As regards the mechanics of the race, the first class shall use four-stroke Go
karts while the latter can use either of these two engines for their Go karts:
two-stroke Rotax Max or the four-stroke Clubman. However, the series still
depends on how many will sign up in the race.

The British Women Racing Driver's Club (BWRDC)

Karting clubs are intended to back up karters especially in the racing aspect.
For women karters, the BWRDC has been established to back women up in any form
of racing sport from Go karting to Formula 1. Anyone may join the club with the
requirement that she has a license from the Motor Sports Association.

For Women To Gain Sponsorship

Gaining sponsorship should be one of the major considerations when one aspires
to become a racer and compete. Due to the financial demands of the sport, it
would be impossible for the racer to easily afford the necessary equipment for
the sport thus making it hard for him or her to compete at higher levels or
motor sport.

The tuition fees as well as the costs of the track sessions already require
quite a significant amount and for someone who is not financially equipped, the
best choice would be to obtain financial support.

For many male karters, it is not a difficult task to gain sponsorships since
many prospective sponsors have greater confidence in men than with women
karters. In order for female karters to get sponsorships, they are required to
do a lot of promotions to get one and the more achievements, the more chances
there will be to attract potential sponsors.

Understanding The Go Kart Chassis

Normally, one would think that the engine is the probably the most important
part of the Go kart. However, it is really the chassis that has the most
significant role in the mechanism of the equipment. The chassis or also known
as the frame is the one responsible for holding up the components of the
equipment all together.

The Ideal Go Kart Chassis

The perfect chassis would be one that is sufficiently light to allow for an
excellent handling of the equipment, and yet a material that is durable enough
to launch a kart forward without the smallest amount of deterioration. However,
this kind of material is one that is truly rare in its kind.

To maneuver well on the circuit, the machine should have a well-built frame
since these frames are responsible for how well the equipment turns into every
corner. This is the most important characteristic that the frame should have,
to be able to negotiate the turns well. Unlike weaker Go karts with low quality
components, with a sturdy frame, you will not have to deal with inappropriate
slides and drifts.

Earlier Go karts used stiff frames which consisted of shorter bars crossing
over each other. These frames easily broke down due to the wrong tire traction
or suspension. This means that the Go kart does not have the adequate weight
stability which has a big impact on the handling of the machine. Right tire
tractions help reduce the strain experienced by Go karts as an upshot of
acceleration, turning and braking.

As a remedy, the modern Go karts are now using longer bars for the frames.
These longer bars provide for more flexibility which allows the driver to
maneuver better over different kinds of track surfaces, be it concrete, asphalt
or dirt.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Chassis

Before finding a frame for your Go kart, first consider the kind of track
surface with which you will be riding on since different frames behave in a
different way depending on the demands of varied track surfaces.

Dirt tracks tend to place a large amount of challenge and stress on the Go
kart's front rail while the stiff back rail that zips through dirt may result
to the engine's losing of power when the Go kart cuts a turn. To provide for
this, the ideal frames for dirt tracks are those with narrow front rails and
with longer backs. As for asphalt or concrete surfaces, the complete opposite
is the best option.

With regards to the design of the chassis, wide rear rails make the Go kart
plant itself better on the track without the possibility of skidding or
sliding. This movement is commonly known as "side-bite". With more ability to
do so, the Go kart won't easily flip over in the instance of crashing.

Maintaining The Chassis

Karting aficionados often face one major issue and that is the longevity of the
chassis. Frames undergo distortion every now and then as a result of the
grueling breaks and turns of the speedster coupled with the smacks on track
walls. It is thus recommended that the frames be changed at least once a year.

Another technique to preserve one's chassis would be to run the Go kart in a
reverse manner that is running the kart in the track backwards. It gives the
effect of shaping the frame opposite of what it would be if it will be run in a
normal course.
Choosing a chassis for your kart is largely dependent on how flexible it is and
on the right traction of the tires. For a more demanding circuit, it is always
best to opt for more flexibility and vice versa for the less demanding ones.

The Mechanics of Indoor Karting

Go karting can be done indoors or outdoors and one good advantage of indoor Go
karting is that there is no worry about having to battle against unfavorable

A lot of Go karts nowadays have features that work well when operated indoors
such as those Go karts which are battery operated. Ventilation is not required
for these types since they do not emit toxic fumes unlike the popular gas Go
karts. But that does not mean that Go karting indoors is less fun and exciting
than when done outdoors. They still share that same thrilling experience if not
more. And as with the outdoor type, indoor Go karting still requires practice to
perfect the sport.

For those who are into indoor Go karting or has plans to take karting sessions,
these few mechanics might help you improve your driving skills in the track.

The Steering Of The Wheel

Holding the steering wheel the wrong way can mostly affect the usage of your Go
kart. It is always best to position your hands in a quarter to three all
throughout the round unless going around corners. It is also noteworthy to
avoid holding the steering wheel too tightly. Hold it loosely so that the
handling will not be affected and hand sores will be avoided.

When Braking

For most beginners, if not all, braking is not an unusual issue. When turning
into corners, pressing down the brake firmly will help avoid unforeseen
circumstances such as sudden braking. It is important to balance the pressure
you put into pressing the brakes. Pressing it too firmly will cause the Go kart
to spin while pressing it too lightly will cause it to run wide.

Use More Of The Lines

For faster and more lap times, one should exploit most of the track. Turning in
from the outside of the corners and moving through the inside will make a good
technique and will help prevent the slowing down of your lap times. And once
you emerge from one corner, automatically head for the outside.


When an opponent attempts to overtake, keep your position in the inside line
and do not slow down. This way, it would be more difficult for the driver
behind to catch up with you.

Upon approaching a slower driver at your front, you have to close in down the
straight in order for you to get alongside him or her. Once done, let the other
driver brake first, so that in a little while you can brake and then use a
greater speed to go past them.

Some drivers tend to take the defensive line. In this case, you will have to
find a line where you will be able to accelerate faster down the subsequent

Adjusting Your Driving Style

This is one of the trickiest aspects of Go-karting indoors. When you lean
forward in your Go kart, you adjust your body weight resulting to your front
tires having more grips. However, the rear tires get fewer grips and this will
result to over steering. To avoid instances like this, you should lean
backwards to sort out the weight of your body, which in turn rebalances your Go

Similarly, if your Go kart is suffering from under steering, lean forwards to
reacquire balance. There is a fine line between over steering and under
steering, so you will need a lot of trying out to get a hold of that right

These are just a few simple mechanics that one should know in order to have a
good indoor Go karting experience. But of course, practice makes all of these
maneuvers perfect so keep the lines occupied.

What are the Kart Racing Formats?

In karting, there are three kinds of racing formats. These are Sprint racing,
Endurance racing and Speedway racing. For those who are still unfamiliar of
this type of motor sport, this article should help you learn getting through
the basics especially for those who are planning to get themselves really
involved in this sport.

In the US and United Kingdom as well as the other parts of Europe, Speedway
racing is the most popular type.

Sprint Racing

Unlike the other racing formats, this is the type that is available to everyone
as this is the ones normally offered in most karting circuits particularly for
those who only want to experience the sport merely as a pastime instead of a
racing competition. Children ages 8 and up can already take on the sprint

This type normally takes place on tracks similar to that of road circuits
having both the left and right turns. The tracks may range from one-fourth mile
to over one mile in length. However, there are still other tracks that are
longer and offer a greater period of racing time.

A sprint race typically lasts for only fifteen minutes thus, requiring only a
number of laps to be finished. However, some may be shorter but others do not
tend to really go beyond the average time period and the racing is usually done
during daytime. In this racing format, it is the speed as well as the successful
overtaking of the racer that is of utmost importance to truly succeed.

Normally, there are only three qualifying rounds to determine who will move
forward to the last round wherein the scoring calculations will be used as the
basis for deciding who takes home the trophy positions in the said event.

Endurance Racing

For Americans, Endurance racing is commonly termed "Enduro racing". From its
name, the race tests the endurance of both the machine and the driver that is
probably why most of the time, the competitors are exceptionally experienced
drivers. These races last much longer than the sprint type. Racing period may
range from about half an hour or may even reach twenty-four hours in the track.
However, longer races require the use of more than one karter. The tracks can go
as long as 4 miles and at least 1.5 miles taking place on asphalt road circuits

Generally, for this type of race, skills such as reliability and consistency
coupled with pit strategy are given great importance than speed.

Speedway Racing

With only left turns in the course, this race takes place on oval road circuits
composed of either asphalt or clay. Ranging from one-sixth to one-quarter mile
long, it has two corners with four corners for the left turns and may be run
day or night but since this format is an excellent challenging race, it is
already a usual scenario that these dirt track races are done during the night.
The races take four laps for trophy dashes or may even reach twenty laps for
main events.

The two formats of Speedway racing are:

* The IKF race which has two heats comprising of ten laps. The concluding
positions serve as the basis for determining the starting positions of the
twenty-lap race.

* The WKA race use the qualifying times and whoever has the fastest recorded
qualifying time takes on the first position in the order of the race for the
main event.

Go Kart Engines

For beginners in the karting sport, it is essential to know the system of the
Go kart with which you will ride in on the track. It will not only educate you
but also help you to keep a safe ride.

Among the different parts of the Go kart, the next most important element after
the chassis is the engine. Today, a lot of brand new state-of-the-art Go karts
are already built with their own engines so there should be no more problem
finding one while for those who plan to build your own Go karts, choosing the
perfect engine is one issue to face. It is best to go for engines that suit
your demands as a karting enthusiast.

Off The Shelf Engines

This type of engine is designed primarily for use of only a short period of
time. They have this aluminum cylinder bore that can be rubbed against a steel
piston ring thus creating a great deal of friction. Because of this, they do
not last very long and therefore, are not a good choice for those who intend to
do the sport a lot.

As for larger models, they have this cast iron cylinder, a variety that is more
expensive than aluminum. However, this type lasts longer so it may be a good
option to consider.

For some engines of this type, an electric start is built on them and along
with this is an alternator that allows them to power a light and even charge

Motorcycle Engines

The most popular and by far the most versatile type of engines are the
motorcycle engines since not only can they be used for racing on tracks but
also for the off road Go karting. They don't need a lot of modification to fit
a used or self-constructed Go kart. However, this type of engine is one that is
hard to find.

Lawnmower Engines

A horsepower of three to five, these engines are relatively powerful ones.
Unlike the previous type of engine, these are not difficult to find.
Nonetheless, there are a number of downsides. They are not really fast. They
are also difficult to adapt with to fit a particular Go kart's needs.

Another disadvantage for using this type of engine is that upon running on a
vertical pin, it requires a lot of work so that it will be able to run on the
horizontal pin demanded by Go karts. As a result, there is a risk of piston
failure since the engines are primarily designed to settle for that same way up.

Other Sources

There are also other sources of engines that can be used for your Go kart.
These include moped engines, generator engines, tractor lawnmower engines,
chainsaw engines and car engines. Some of them may be easy to adapt with while
others may turn out to be dangerous and really challenging to become accustomed

Choosing the right kind of engine may be quite a challenge especially when you
are having your Go kart built on you own considering that the best ones are not
as easy to take hold of. For regular karters, brand new Go karts are probably
the best option.

For safety reasons, its best to acquire the help of a professional or perhaps
an experienced karter to have the engine fit since it is quite a risky
procedure to get it done.

Buying Tips On Used Racing Go Karts

Shopping for used cars on the market is easy. There are a lot of sources to buy
from. However, buying a used racing go kart is somewhat of a lot less mainstream
affair. You can't just expect to find one at your nearest secondhand car lot.
But of course, there are a lot of choices to choose from if you know just where
to look.

Look In The Classifieds

Since you won't find one just around the corner, it would be good to look in
the classified ads section of the local newspapers. Typically there will be
some listed in the hobbies section of the classifieds. The ads won't be
overflowing with these, but there should be an example that pops up once in a

Enthusiast Publications

There are also racing magazines that publish buying and selling advertisements
on their pages as a service to their readers. There you can find many examples
clustered on a page, so you can see which ones perk your interest and call the
owner for negotiations.

Going Online

If you still haven't found a particular example that you fancy taking a closer
look into, you can still go online and enter a search for the type of used go
kart you have in mind. Online auction sites like eBay will have more than a few
examples available for immediate bidding. This is a good way to find the
specific type you are looking for, sorted out according to your wishes.

What To Look For In A Used Go Kart

When you're buying something secondhand, it pays to take a close look at the
condition of the item in question. The same rule applies to go karts. It really
isn't that different from buying a used car, bike, or truck. If you have
experience in buying secondhand automobiles, then this is still up your alley.
However, if you don't have any prior experience, you can ask someone with
mechanical know-how to accompany you while checking out your prospective racer.
This will help immensely so you can check out the possible trouble spots and
stay away from karts that would seem like automotive lemons. As there is often
no warranty for used units, shop carefully.

Assuming that you've already found a possible candidate for your go kart, look
at the chassis over carefully. Check how the construction has been welded and
see if there are rust spots forming where there are joints. This could also be
a possible trouble sign. Since there is no suspension, the wheels, brakes and
tires are mounted directly to the steel tubing. It also holds the engine in
place, so now you know why it's important to check this out carefully.

The engine itself is another matter, because you'll have to be quite adept at
mechanical stuff to spot a bad engine from the outside. A clean, shiny engine
could be holding lots of nasty surprises inside. Check if there are any oil
leaks around the seals. Something as simple as a bad oil seal could seize your
engine up and end your race pretty quickly. Check the compression and the
general running of the engine to see if it still functions correctly. There are
some signs that should seem pretty obvious to even amateurs looking at an engine
that would indicate whether something is about to give.

Looking at a used racing go kart to kick-start your passion is a great way to
enter the hobby without breaking the bank. Durability is everything when it
comes to sports like racing that place high stresses on components, and you'll
realize it's worth checking your hardware out when you're out on track.

How to Build Your Own Go Kart

While some Go kart enthusiasts prefer buying the standard shelf Go karts, for
some, it is still the best option building your own go Kart. Through this, the
Go kart will end up catering to your karting needs based on the customization
done on it.

Getting more involved in the process of building the Go kart is a plus by being
able to achieve the desired output and in terms of the different mechanisms of
the Go kart, it is also one technique to better handle the mashine because you
already have a broad idea about how the different components were placed all

Purchase Go Kart Kits

Since a lot of Go karters have resorted to building their own Go karts, Go kart
kits began to emerge. From the simplest type to the most complex ones, these Go
kart kits can be purchased at a lot of karting retail stores nowadays.

Some of these manufacturers produce Go kart kits that are already complete in
terms of the necessary components that should make up the Go kart. All you need
to do is to put them all together with a little help of simple tools for its
assembly and then you already have your own karting equipment.

As for other companies, they offer Go kart kits that consist only of a few kart
components and it is up to the buyer to look for the rest of the parts from
other companies that concentrate on the manufacturing of the said remaining
parts such as the engine.

For complex Go kart kits, welding or even tube bending may be required to form
the chassis or frame of the kart.

Go kart kits differ a lot in many ways and in choosing the right one, the
determining factor is the type of Go kart you would like to build. By doing so,
it should not be a difficult task to find the perfect Go kart kit that will go
with your Go kart preferences.

Purchase Go Kart Plans

Buying Go kart plans is also another means with which one can build his own Go
kart. These Go kart plans provide the necessary items that must be purchased
along with the important supplies to carry on with building the equipment.

Well done Go kart plans help reduce the work of the karter since it already has
the detailed description of how the design and assembly of the kart will go.

However, even if the plans are well-designed, it still requires more work than
buying Go kart kits since you have to possess the building skills and the
needed equipment to cut, weld or bend the materials such as steel to have them
formed according to the design described in the plan. And since you are the one
in charge of buying all the parts, you should be an experienced karter to be
able to carry out this task without much difficulty.

Building Custom Go Karts From Scratch

For those who do not want to buy Go kart kits or Go kart plans, building custom
Go karts can be a good option too. By customizing means fabricating, designing
and building a Go kart all from scratch. However, it requires you to have the
greatest level of skill to carry this out but take note, the upshot of
customizing your own Go kart is indeed very much rewarding. You will have a Go
kart that is totally exceptional.

If you have the equipment coupled with a creative mind and a really good amount
of time and effort, building your own Go kart will truly be a fun experience.

How to Achieve A Karter's Full Potential

Competitive karting equipments are nothing if its driver does not have the
excellent physical condition required to achieve the fullest potential of the
Go kart. Perhaps, many of us think that it being properly fit is enough but
really it doesn't only require being a health buff to achieve the highest level
of performance in the circuit. It also takes tuning up the mind to really excel
in this kind of sport. Let us look at four essential requirements to keep up
with a great karting performance.


Over the years, it has been proven that karters while racing revealed high
pulse rates between three to four times than normal resulting to mind blackouts
which lead to loss of focus on the track.

The rule follows that the more fit you are, the less oxygen is being used by
your body under a case of stress. With relation to the driver, the less oxygen
that the body uses, the more there is for the brain thus lightning reaction
times as well as mental alertness is maintained.

To have this kind of fitness, it is recommended that you engage in activities
such as aerobics, running and the like.


It is already a known fact that a driver should be having the proper training
required by his body to produce the required level of performance.

The hands and the lower arms are very essential to the performance of the race
driver and therefore, they should be in excellent physical condition when
racing. To maintain the proper condition of your hands and lower arms, an
exercise which involves using a weight of 7kg suspended from a single 25mm
round tube by a meter of rope should suffice.

Wind the tube with your hands and by raising the weight, it builds up important
muscles. At least ten sets of this will do. However, doing the exercise should
not end up being some kind of a body builder. Remember, every muscle needs
oxygen and the bigger body you have, the more oxygen it needs resulting to
greater energy needs and eventually triggers stress.

Nothing beats the race strength that one can get out of practicing every now
and then. Do it at least every week.


The karter's diet must be properly regulated before the race. It is hard for
the body to easily digest food. Blood, used for the purpose of digestion makes
us feel lethargic so there should be proper diet just before the race. Food
that are slow digesting must be avoided such as eggs, meat and the like.

Moreover, it also takes a karter to engage into a longer-term of nutritional
programs to keep the body metabolism of the driver in condition. Eat the kind
which has complex carbohydrates that are easily digestible and those that have
a great amount of energy content.

Psychology Of Winning

Lastly, getting your head all together by means of going over in your mind each
maneuver before the race completes the entire technique of achieving a driver's
fullest potential. At least go through the race in your mind everyday. By
mentally picturing out the actions that you are going to take for how many
times, it will help you when you are already becoming tired because the
subconscious often has stronger control over the body's actions than the
conscious thoughts in our head.

To sum it all up, the five requirements to put into mind in order to win any
race includes the well prepared karting equipment, proper fitness, enhanced
physical strength, proper diet and above all, a good psychology of winning.

Investing in a Go Kart Racing Sport

Go karting as a popular motor sport does not require a really significant
amount of money in order to have it either as a racing career or just a leisure
pursuit compared to other racing sports.

As compared to higher levels of motor sports such as auto racing, the
components of these Go karts are not as complex and are less expensive thus
making it a good avenue for training and building the necessary skills to
advance to higher levels of motor sport racing.

For a starter, one might not have an idea of the components that make up the Go
kart as well as the important safety gears that should be purchased together
with it for a safer ride on the track.

Perhaps, this will give you a good overview of the things as well as the
related costs that one will be required to spend in order to enjoy Go karting.

Choosing The Right Go Kart

While beginners are still unfamiliar of the general mechanics of Go karting, it
will be helpful to obtain the necessary information from more experienced kart
racers or karters, with regards to the important matters such as choosing the
perfect Go kart that will suit the karting level that a beginner is only
capable of.

With the modern technology at present, Go kart manufacturers are able to
provide us with a lot of options to choose from for a really good, new and
top-of-the-line Go kart. However, if you are really on a tight budget, you
might want to consider pre-owned Go karts that are still in excellent condition.

One should also consider how the Go kart will be used. If it will be just for
the fun Go karting experience or for the serious racing career. Since there is
a difference in terms of the design and costs that goes with the type of Go
kart for each use, it is important to note the purpose of engaging into it.

The costs of these Go karts vary a lot in terms of the features and type of Go
karts. Battery-operated Go karts can cost from two hundred bucks and above
while Gas Go karts can range from five hundred bucks to seven hundred or even

Other Necessary Items To Get Started

Other items required to get started include the safety clothes that should be
worn when driving the Go karts. These clothes add up to the safety of the ride
in that they prevent the incidence of major injuries when accidents take place
in the track.

These clothes include the racing jacket or driving suit which costs from $88.00
to $158.00; the helmet, a head gear that will help prevent head injuries in case
the kart flips over and it costs roughly from $150.00 and above. A neck collar
is also an important racing gear. It costs from $12.00 and above. Finally,
another essential safety gear is the pair of gloves which approximately cost
$19.00 to $30.00.

Other Go kart accessories include the spare parts and other gears. These can
cost you more or less $200.00. While the kart stand costs $65.00 and the fuel
and lubricants cost just about $50.00.

Of course, the figures shown do not really give the exact amounts. Prices may
differ depending on the brand and quality of Go karts and Go kart accessories.
It is just a means of giving you a glimpse about the whole idea of Go karting.
But remember, don't compromise safety for a few amount of savings. It is always
best to go for good quality Go karts in order to minimize the risks associated
with the sport.

With all of these at hand, you're good to go. Just be properly informed about
the safety precautions that must be observed. This way, serious danger can be
prevented and a more fun and enjoyable Go karting experience will be achieved!

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