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La Jolla California

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Introduction To La Jolla

La Jolla California, is a seaside resort community of around 25,000. Spanish
for "the jewel", it's often times referred to as "jewel by the sea". La Jolla
borders the Pacific Ocean to the south and extends north to Torrey Pines State
Reserve and Del Mar, California.

Along the way, La Jolla encompasses neighborhoods like Bird Rock, Windansea, La
Jolla Shores, La Jolla Farms, Torrey Pines, Mount Soledad, and even La Jolla

Residents of La Jolla and business owners refer to the "village" or "town" of
La Jolla. The official postal address for the zip code 92037 is actually La
Jolla, and not San Diego as it is for most communities within the City of San
Diego. Sometimes, tourists get confused and believe that La Jolla is actually a
seperate city, which it isn't.

La Jolla is a community of the City of San Diego. La Jolla has several
community groups that work to unify the voice of the area, including several
non profit organizations.

With it's palm lined streets, large homes, and tropical climate and atmosphere,
La Jolla is like a southern European village with it's own touch of Beverly
Hills along the retail shops on Prospect Street. A lot of the natural charm
from La Jolla stems from the presence of the ocean and Mount Soledad.

Several narrow curvy roads follow the contours of Soledad with hundreds of nice
homes overlooking the ocean, nestled gently on the slopes. There are several
sandy beaches here as well, including the Windansea Beach, La Jolla Cove, La
Jolla Beach, and La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla also has the Torrey Pines Golf Course, which was made famous by the
PGA Tour Buick Invitational held there each February. Down the steep cliffs frm
the golf course is the famous Black's Beach.

The downtown area of La Jolla is well known for it's jewelry stores, upmarket
restaurants, and even hotels. Prospect Street and Girad Avenue also offer
several famous boutiques. Well known for its architectural and historical
presence is the La Valencia Hotel, which used to welcome movie stars on retreat
from Hollywood.

Recently, harbor seals have taken over the Children's Beach, which is a quiet
man made cove near the downtown area. The seals are protected under federal
law, so removing them is nearly impossible. Now, the beach is open, as the rope
is down. Swimming here is allowed, although it's not recommended.

All About La Jolla

Attracting tourists from all over the world, La Jolla's community is one that
combines trends with traditional class. Located 12 miles north from downtown
San Diego, this highly prosperous community offers seven miles of coastline at
an elevation of 110 feet. The land here is so desired that it's impossible to
find property in La Jolla for less than 1.25 million an acre!

The lucky 38,000 plus who live in this heavenly seaside town live among
Mediterranean style architecture with a unique flair. From the crashing waves
along the shore to the high rise buildings in the business district, you can
expect everything in La Jolla to be first rate quality.

Business district Even though La Jolla is mostly known for its incredible
shoreline, the city's business district is hardly modest to say the least.
Located to the east in La Jolla, there are professional centers, financial
buildings, law firms, and technological industries that dominate this district.

There are also modern shopping centers here as well, along with a wealthy
residential area. The world renowned Scripps Memorial Hospital & Medical
Research Center is here as well as the San Diego Mormon Temple -- a remarkable
59,000 square foot building that resembles a large ice sculpture.

The Village The downtown area of La Jolla offers shops, hotels, boutiques,
restaurants, coffee houses, salons, and art galleries. Even though this area is
rather small, the district is full of trendy establishments that draw wealthy
visitors from all over the world.

Girad Avenue is the main street of La Jolla, even though Prospect Drive is
known as "Rodeo Drive" in San Diego.

Shoreline Although the business area and La Jolla Village are both impressive
communities, the most memorable region in La Jolla is the areas and communities
along the Pacific shoreline.

La Jolla offers some of the most impressive shore lines in Southern California,
with remarkable caves, cliffs, beaches, and sunsets. The best view of La Jolla
can be seen from the air. Daring visitors can take in La Jolla via the Torrey
Pines Gliderport and learn flying. If you seek a more tame view of the
coastline, try the scenic drive along North Torrey Pines Road.

All along the coastline, La Jolla offers you a first rate shopping district.
You can visit jewelry stores, art galleries, souvenir shops, and fashionable
boutiques. Once you have been shopping, you can complete the day by dining
above the water of the Pacific.

From the art galleries and trendy shops to the world class golf courses, La
Jolla has attractions to please tourists from all over the world. Each district
is unique, yet they are all similiar when it comes to quality. You won't find
anything short of the best when you visit the best Southern California has to

One Day In La Jolla

You could easily spend a week in La Jolla, walking on the beach, puttering
around town and enjoying meals in great restaurants; but if you only have one
day, you can still enjoy some of the best La Jolla has to offer.

You'll want to start off by going to the beach. La Jolla Shores is one of the
best beaches in the state of California, with a gently sloping beach and
panoramic views. A sunset or morning walk on the beach is enough to relax even
the most stressed individual. The walk is better with the tide going out, as it
leaves the beach with a mirror like water display.

La Jolla is home to some of the best restaurants, with many of them serving
excellent cuisine at lunch, although a lower price at night. This way, you can
live large on just the right budget.

Something else you'll want to do is go tide pooling. The Tiny La Jolla Cove is
a couple of blocks away from downtown, and accessible by a stairway. At low
tides, the tide pools will have hundreds and hundreds of hermit crabs.

Walking around is also a great way to spend part of your day. You can go for a
window shopping stroll along Prospect Avenue and the side streets there. With
chain stores in sight, you'll probably find something you must have.

If you have time to stay through the evening, the La Jolla Playhouse is worth
your time, as it offers plenty of entertainment for the entire family.

For just a day to spend in La Jolla, there is a lot that you can do. Once you
spend a day in La Jolla, you'll probably find yourself wanting to come back for
more -- the town is simply that good.

Getting To La Jolla

La Jolla, located in California, is a 20 minute drive from downtown San Diego
by going Interstate 5 north. Take the exit at Ardath Road, eventually Ardath
Road will become Torrey Pines Road. Continue west on this road, and you'll
reach the village when you see Prospect Place. Turn right on Prospect Place and
you'll enter the heart of La Jolla.

On average, around 7,000 people will visit La Jolla every day. With so many
people coming to such a small place, you can almost bet that finding a parking
place is a chore. There isn't any parking meters, although many of the streets
closest to the water do have one hour time limits. You can go a little farther
out for two hour parking, although you'll have to observe the time limits. Even
in off season, parking enforcement is really enforced here.

Even during the off season, finding a parking place is very hard to do. The
streets are almost always crowded, although for good reason. La Jolla is an
excellent tourist attraction, with plenty of water and fun for the entire

If you pay close attention when you visit, you can find a few paid lots that
are scattered around the town. If you get closer to the downtown area, the lots
will be a little bit cheaper.

Your best bet when visiting La Jolla might be a parking lot that's well hidden
-- so few people will notice it. If you turn downhill on Coast Blvd from
Prospect, you'll find it on the left, right across from the Cave Store. Keep in
mind though, vehicles over 6'5" won't fit through.

Weekend Getaway In La Jolla

Translated, La Jolla means "the jewel", which is an apt name for a splendid and
beautiful town full of blue water. One of California's best oceanside towns, La
Jolla is also home to many of the best beaches in the state.

When you visit, you'll notice that there are many things to do. If your looking
for something to do, here are 5 great things to occupy your time:
1. Beaches -- When you hear that San Diego has great beaches, it's the truth.
La Jolla Cave, La Jolla Shores, and Windansea are the best in San Diego, and
possibly even the state.

2. Birch Aquarium -- Although it's a small aquarium, it's packed with a lot of
interesting stuff and best of all -- it won't wear you out.

3. La Jolla Playhouse -- This theater company is highly known around the world.

4. Walking tour -- Hike Bike Kayak will offer you a splendid one hour tour that
focuses on the beauty and splendor of the La Jolla Coast and the history of the

5. Kayaking -- The Hike Bike Kayak company also offers a tour of the La Jolla
sea caves, with no experience required.

A weekend trip to La Jolla is an excellent time to enjoy a leisurely brunch.
The Cottage serves great cruisine in a beach bungalow atmosphere, while the
Marine Room at the Sea Lodge was voted the best Sunday brunch in the area
several times in a row. If your looking for a simple breakfast, with great
views and few tourists, follow Coast Blvd. to the Goldfish Point Cafe.

For a getaway for the weekend, La Jolla is a hard place to beat. There's plenty
to do here, with the beaches in the summer. If you visit on hot days, you'll
spend a majority of your time on the beaches -- and loving every minute of it.

Where To Stay

During the year 1913, La Jolla's premiere hotel, The Grande Colonial, opened
its doors for visitors, charging just $1 a night. Since that time, La Jolla has
blossomed into a resort community, with modern hotels only helping to enhance
the shine of the community.

No matter if you're looking for a modern building and maximum services for a
business or romantic venture, seaside cottage, or vacation -- La Jolla's
accommodations won't disappoint. For business travelers, many of La Jolla's
hotels will provide Internet access, data ports, meeting rooms, and other types
of business services. Leisure visitors are equally pleased, as hotels here offer
breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, coupled with luxury services and nearby

Business district In the high technology side of La Jolla, a number of modern
hotels cater to primarily business travelers. The Hyatt Regency La Jolla is
conveniently located off I-5. The Hyatt is a sleek, rusk colored building, with
a contemporary building with incredible business conveniences.

East of I-5, the Marriott La Jolla is located among a cluster of business
establishments, including corporate buildings. Offering extensive meeting room
space and an executive floor , the Marriott is very popular among business

The Village While the professional area of La Jolla will cater to business
travelers, the village area offers luxury and romance for leisure travelers.
The Best Western Inn by the sea is located in the middle of the village, with
premium restaurants and shops seconds away from the lobby.

May consider the most famous hotel in the village area to be The Grande
Colonial, which is very well known for its $1 per day rate upon opening. The
historical building has been renovated several times, now with beach views and
in close proximity to the best dining room La Jolla has to offer.

Shoreline A block away from the ocean is Hotel Parisi, which is considered by
many to be the most luxurious of all hotels in the entire area of La Jolla.
This Mediterranean style hotel offers plenty of elegance, from the flowing
fountain outdoors to the VIP seating that's provided for hotel guests at the
nearby exquisite restaurants.

The Prospect Inn of La Jolla offers style and extended stay rates while the
Cove Suites provides studio type apartments as well as secretarial services for
the business traveler who seeks the best of seaside accommodations.

Hotel La Jolla offers garden and beach view rooms, with interior decorating by
top designers of Beverly Hills.

Those who are looking for a more secluded stay should try Scripp's Inn, which
is located at the southern tip of La Jolla Cove. This hotel features an ocean
view from every room, with a location on the beach that's still tucked away
from the business nature of the cove.

La Jolla continues to shine and amaze with it's first class hotels. Whether you
visit for business affairs, leisure activities, or both, you can find everything
you need and then some in the splendid town of La Jolla.

Best Hotels In La Jolla

If you've ever been to La Jolla, you are probably aware of the fact that
finding a hotel can be a pretty tough task indeed. To help you with your quest,
you'll find some of the best hotels in La Jolla. This way, you'll be well
prepare d when you visit again.

1. Travelodge La Jolla Beach Located close to the Windandsea Beach, this hotel
is in a quiet area. There are 44 rooms here, with a fitness center less than a
block away. Travelodge also offers free wireless and internet service, which is
great for those who like computers.

2. Radisson Hotel La Jolla This hotel offers landscaped grounds with
waterfalls, gardens, and it's convenient to UCSD and the La Jolla Village
Square. The hotel has 252 rooms, with a complimentary airport shuttle. Located
at 3299 Holiday Court, this hotel is an excellent choice to stay.

3. La Jolla Village Lodge The La Jolla Village Lodge is a three stories, and
offers quite a bargain in price. With 30 rooms, free parking and a free
continental breakfast, the La Jolla Village Lodge is a great addition to the La
Jolla area.

4. Redwood Hollow The Redwood Hollow is more of a studio or one and two bedroom
cottages, offering full kitchens on 1/2 acre of gardens. Close to the beach,
this lodge offers 11 rooms and plenty of views. Located at 256 Prospect Street, 
you'll be close to what you want to do in La Jolla.

5. Empress Hotel Located in the heart of the town, the Empress Hotel is a well
known local favorite. Manhattan's restaurant is located off from the lobby,
with a fitness center and sauna onsite as well. The hotel also offers 73 rooms,
free local calls, breakfast, and high speed internet. Located at 7766 Fay
Avenue, the Empress Hotel is the place to be for those who want to be in the
middle of La Jolla.

6. Grande Colonial Located on La Jolla's main street, the Grande Colonial is
one of the oldest hotels in the city. With 75 rooms and a European style,
Grande Colonial also offers you free ADSL internet and valet parking.

7. Hyatt Regency The Hyatt Regency in La Jolla offers modern design with all
the comforts, although it's better for travelers than family vacationers. The
Regency is located at 3777 La Jolla Village Drive, offers 394 rooms, and plenty
of other perks to keep you entertained and interested.

Empress Hotel

Located in the heart of the charming La Jolla village, the Empress Hotel is an
enchanted palace located just four miles north of Mission Bay. Adding a little
bit more beauty to the already amazing San Diego, this hotel is very popular
for tourists.

Known for its warm hospitality, the Empress Hotel has superior accommodations
and very attentive service. This superior hotel is a great place to relax and
enjoy everything that San Diego has to offer you and your family.

La Jolla is an upscale coastal resort that sets amist beautiful cliffs and
coves. La Jolla offers plenty of shops, fine dining, distinctive galleries, and
amazing beaches. By staying at the Empress Hotel you'll be captivated with the
area and amazed time and time again.

Luxury If your looking for luxurious accommodations, the Empress Hotel has
them. Accommodations here include either one king or two queen beds, available
in several room types, including traditional, deluxe, empress, and even the
empress spa suite.

All rooms at the Empress Hotel feature:

- Cable television
- A refrigerator
- Coffee maker and bottled water
- Free local calls and faxing
- Voicemail and data ports
- Private bath with hairdryer and bathrobes
- Iron and ironing board

Services and amenities The Empress Hotel offers superior service, such as valet
parking, courteous room service, and other amentities.

The complimentary deluxe continental breakfast here includes fresh Starbucks
coffee, served on the sun deck every morning. The Manhattan restaurant is right
around the corner as well, offering some excellent fine dining.

The hotel also offers an exercise center, spa, and sauna so that guests can
pamper themselves. They can also refer you to local spas and other things
nearby that you may be interested in.

For those on a working vacation, the Empress Hotel offers complimentary
Internet access on two floors. Private meetings and conferences can be held in
one of the two meeting rooms, available for groups of up to 50 people. Both
meeting rooms are equipped with high speed internet access.

If your going to be staying in the La Jolla area, the Empress Hotel is one the
best hotels in the area. The hotel is in a great location, minutes away from
some of the biggest attractions that San Diego has to offer.

You can visit Sea World, the Birch Aquarium, and many other popular tourist
attractions. Best of all, you can come back to your relaxing hotel after a day
of checking out La Jolla and San Diego and just relax -- the way things were
always meant to be on vacation.

La Jolla Beaches

From the family beaches that are most often preferred by tourists to the more
secluded coves most desired by surfers, divers, and swimmers, La Jolla beaches
offer something for everyone. From Blacks Beach to the north and Windansea
Beach to the south, the La Jolla shoreline consists of steep sandstone cliffs
that are seperated by coves and sandy beaches.

They sunny yet beautiful breezes and picture perfect views are a vacation
paradise for tourists and a water recreation highlight for locals. There are
seven unique beaches that dot the seven mile coastline against a backdrop of
real estate, resorts, cliffs, tall palm trees, and lush scenary.

Downtown La Jolla is conveniently located near most of the beaches which not
only provide parking for beach visitors but plenty of fine restaurants,
intimate cafes, culture, art galleries, and other types of commercial

Between mid day and 4 PM, the crowds at any of the La Jolla beaches can be very
big. The best advice when visiting any of the beaches in La Jolla is to come to
the beach early and stay late -- so that you can enjoy the magic of the sunsets
and dusk views from across the ocean horizons.

Each beach at La Jolla will offer you something unique with different ways to
enjoy the bliss of your vacation. La Jolla Shores is the most popular beach for
families with the largest expansion of flat, sandy beaches. If you enjoy people
watching, sunbathing, and lazy days on the beach -- La Jolla Shores is where
you want to be.

La Jolla Cove is another excellent beach, with steep sandstone cliffs offering
amazing views and the paradise of sparkling blue water the cove is known for.
The La Jolla Cove is a swimmer's dream come true because of it's gentle water.
Along with the Children's Pool, the Cove is rich with reefs that attract scuba
divers and snorkelers to the abundance of marine life.

There are several La Jolla Caves that were carved by nature into the sandstone
cliffs between La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores that help attract ocean
kayakers from around the world. There is one cave in particular, known as
"Sunny Jim Cave" that can be entered through a man made tunnel that leads to a
steep descent through a narrow underground tube to a wooden deck.

With plenty of beaches all along the coastline, La Jolla is the place to be
during the summer months. La Jolla is a well known tourist attraction, with
well over 7,000 people visiting on a daily basis. If you enjoy the beach, La
Jolla is going to feel like heaven on earth.

Windansea Beach

Past all of La Jolla's ritzy homes, hotels, and well known restaurants, lies
Windansea Beach. Down the hill, this beach is flanked by surfers and sunbathers
on hot summer days. With sandstone cliffs, a sandy beach, and amazing surf
breaks, Windansea Beach has been a popular surfing haunt as far back as the
1940s and a gathering spot of the Windansea Surf Club since the 1960s.

The shack on the beach that was built by surfers during World War 2 is now a
San Diego Historic site. The beach is also great for body surfing and
snorkeling. The north end of Windansea is fairly rocky, with the south being
sandier, great for walking along the edge of the water. You can also enjoy a
picnic in the grass next to the beach and bask in the splendid views of the
Pacific Ocean.

At Windansea Beach, there are no restrooms. During the summer months,
lifeguards are stationed all along the beach, even in some weekends of fall and
spring. There are separate swim and surf zones at the beach, with no wheelchair
access. When you visit, you can park on the street or try the tiny single lot
near the beach.

Getting to the beach You can find Windansea around 6800 Neptune Place. From the
north, follow I-5 south to the Genesee Avenue exit then head west. Turn left on
Torrey Pines Road and follow the road into downtown La Jolla. Turn left on
Girad Avenue then take a right on Pearl Street. Take a left onto La Jolla
Boulevard then make the right on Nautilus Street and your there.

From the south, follow I-5 north to the Ardath Road exit, Ardath Road will
become Torrey Pines Road. Take a left from Torrey Pines Road onto Girad Avenue.
Make a right onto Pearl Street then take a left onto La Jolla Boulevard. Take
the next right on Nautilus Street and your there.

Windansea is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California
-- and a great place for romantic strolls at sunset. Parents should use caution
with small children at the beach, as the surf often breaks directly onto the
shore with a lot of intimidating power.

If you plan to visit the Windansea Beach, you should make sure you get there
early. As with most beaches in San Diego, getting there early will help you get
the best parking and more privacy when the crowds start to arrive. Windansea is
a very amazing beach, and worth your time on hot summer days.

Black's Beach

Black's Beach is a two mile long, sandy strip of beach located at the base of
the majestic cliffs that can be up to 300 foot high. Formally known as Torrey
Pines City Beach, it's jointly owned by the City of San Diego and the State of
California. There is also a glider port atop the cliff that overlooks the beach
where hang gliders and even remote control gliders can be seen soaring.

Gaining access to Black's Beach isn't easy due to the high cliffs and lack of
stairways. The safest access is from the adjacent beaches to the north and
south, although this way may be obstructed by high tides or surf.

The cliffs here are unstable as well, and slides can occur anytime, so it's
always best to stay away from them. There's no permanent lifeguard station at
this beach either. There are some on duty mid day from Spring Break through the
end of the October.

Keep in mind, most California beaches experience very strong rip currents.
Black's Beach is no exception, as the rip currents can get very strong here. To
be on the safe side, always swim near shore or near a lifeguard.

The water activity at Black's Beach is virtually unregulated. Surfers and
swimmers may mix, but they are all required to employ care and avoiding hurting
each other.

Black's Beach is also an excellent beach for surfing, especially at the south
end. Scuba diving isn't recommended here, due to access problems and surf

Even though access can be hard, Black's Beach is still an excellent beach. It
offers plenty of seclusion, views, and sand for the kids. If you've never been
here, this beach can easily prove to be one of your favorites in the entire
area of San Diego.

La Jolla Cove

The Cove of La Jolla sits below the Ellen Browing Scripps Park in downtown La
Jolla. The sandy portion of the beach is quite small, with plenty of rocky
cliffs. During high tide, the surrounding rocks will trap the water that stays
behind as mini tidepools when the tide goes out, giving both children and
adults something to peer into.

The La Jolla Cove, 1100 Coast Boulevard, is a very small beach that's tucked
between adjacent sand stone cliffs. Due to it's amazing beauty, the Cove is one
of the most photographed beaches in the Southern California area. Although it's
within a short walking distance of the commercial community area of La Jolla,
the Cove still retains a style of it's own.

The north facing has a very unusual amount of coarse sand. The grassy area of
Scripps Park is on the other side, and provides a great area for picnics. The
water visibility at the Cove can sometimes exceed 30 feet, which makes it a
very popular area for scuba divers and snorklers.

The Cove lies within the San Diego Underwater Park Ecological Reserve, which
will help to ensure that all marine life remains plentiful. This area is look
but don't touch, with the possession of game being against the law.

La Jolla Cove is an excellent area for scuba diving, especially when surf
conditions are low. Before you head to the beach, you should always telephone
the beach information line and check with lifeguards before you dive.

With plenty to offer your entire family, the La Jolla Cove is an excellent
beach. There is plenty of swimming here, with views of the most beautiful water
in the area. If you're looking for a great way to spend a hot summer day -- La
Jolla Cove is the place.

Torrey Pines Glider Port

For over 75 years, the Gliderport in Torrey Pines has been the learning place
for aviation greats such as the Lindbergh's, Boyles, and many other greats.
First established as a soaring site in 1928, the Gliderport has defined the
world of motorless flight. Today, the Gliderport is home to hang gliding,
paragliding, scale models, and even sailplane flight.

The Gliderport also provides quality, instruction, certification, tandem
flights, equipment sales, adventure tours, repair services, and even year round
flying conditions. From the first day of instruction to master pilot and
instructor certifications, the Torrey Pines Gliderport can support all of your
needs with flying.

If you've ever wanted to pursue a career in flying, the Torrey Pines Glider
Port can help you achieve that very goal. You can learn everything you've ever
wanted to learn about flying, as well as get your license or certificate. There
are many types of flying you can learn, even if you have no prior experience.

The Gliderport also operates the most successful paragliding school in North
America. Their team of highly trained instructors and support staff ensure that
their students recieve the highest level of flight training available.

Depending on your skills, they offer classes from beginner to advanced. They
also offer a wide range of special clinics and classes for pilots of all levels
to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

With plenty to do nearby, the Gliderport is a great place for your learning. If
you plan to travel to La Jolla for the Gliderport, you can rest assured that
there will be plenty to do with your free time.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to fly, the Torrey Pines Gliderport is where
you need to be. The costs are very reasonable and the Gliderport is in an
excellent location. All you need to do is check them out -- and let your
journey begin.

The Birch Aquarium

Smaller and more intimate than other aquariums, the Birch Aquarium is one place
where you can get close to all of the animals, and still take your time to
simply enjoy being there.

Due to its intimacy, adults and children alike are energized by the aquarium.
You can watch an octopus flow up and down the glass, or watch a jellyfish move
slowly through the water. This is an excellent thrill, for everyone in your

The most popular exhibit at the Birch Aquarium is the sea horse exhibit. It
offers many different species, from the tiny miniature sea horses that are
under an inch tall, to the taller and more amazing sea dragons.

The many interactive exhibits at the aquarium will help you lean the history of
oceanography. By taking a simulated trip in a deep water submersible, you'll
learn the wonders and oddities of the deep ocean, even though it may move a bit
too slow for smaller children. Children of all ages enjoy the exhibits that
illustrate how the ocean products appear in every day items.

If you are planning to take pictures of the exhibits, be aware of the glass and
the reflections. If you can, move in close (around a foot away) and set your
flash to a 45 degree angle. Make sure that you don't get too wrapped up in
taking photo's inside the aquarium -- as you may end up missing the show going
on outside.

If you are visiting La Jolla as a vacation or if you live there, the Birch
Aquarium is worth a visit. There are some amazing exhibits here, with something
for everyone. You can spend hours and hours here, making it one place you
shouldn't hesitate to check out.

Restaurants And Bars

With many different establishments perched on top of cliffs that overlook the
famous La Jolla Cove, the restaurants in this city are more well known for
their unforgettable atmosphere than anything else.

Many restaurants in La Jolla have successfully combined spectacular ambience
with creative culinary innovations. With this in mind, La Jolla manages to
please all types of tourists with plenty of restaurants throughout the city,
offering formal dining, nightlife, and quiet views of the ocean.

Business district There are several top notch restaurants that shine in the
business district. Donovan's Steak And Chop House pleases customers with it's
elegant dining room, vast wine list, and premiere red meat entrees. If you seek
traditional Italian, T utto Mare offers an electric atmosphere with great
Italian food.

When it comes to the nightlife, Humphrey's La Jolla Grill features dramatic
dining for two with live entertainment. The Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
is another great spot, with great cruisine and plenty of brews.

The Village The downtown area of La Jolla offers some of the best eating in San
Diego. This section is easily the most trendy, offering quick coffee shops and a
wild nightlife. Harry's Cafe Gallery offers plenty of twist, welcoming morning
crowds with homemade breakfast and innovative works of art.

During the evening hours, Roppongi Restaurant Bar and Cafe sets the stage as
one of La Jolla's notable trend setting spots, offering you plenty of
varieties. In the heart of the village there is an ultra trendy venue known as
The Spot, which serves steak and ribs.

The Shoreline Even though La Jolla boasts the city's most trendy eateries,
dining along La Jolla Cove is a memorable experience for any tourist or
visitor. Several restaurants line the cove, with each one offering spectacular
views of the Pacific ocean.

Trattoria Acqua boasts gazebo dining with modern pizza and pasta entrees, while
Forever Fondue offers an artistic menu. George's At The Cove and the Crab
Catcher are both perched on the cliff of La Jolla Cove, featuring splendid
views from their respective terrace dining facilities.

For cozy dining experiences on the shoreline, La Jolla residents dine by the
fireplace at Cody's or choose to feast on Mexican specialties at Alfonso's of
La Jolla, which is a restaurant well known for it's margaritas and burritos.

With extraordinary views, first rate ambience, and trend setting creations, La
Jolla offers an unforgettable dining experience that tourists for remember for
years and years to come.

Children's Pool

Also known as the Casa, the Children's Pool is a small beach partially
protected by a sea wall. The original intention here was to create a fully
protected swimming area, although sand has now filled in much of the area that
exists to the inside of the wall.

This is a very beautiful beach, offering several panoramic views. Almost all
year long, seals and sea lions are present on or near the beach, with a reserve
for these marine mammals, known as Seal Rock being just a bit offshore.

The Children's Pool is within a short walking distance of the commercial area
of the community of La Jolla. You can find grassy park areas a short distance
to the north and south. Several small beaches are nearby as well, including
Wipeout Beach to the south and Shell Beach to the north.

Children's Pool is also a popular beach for scuba divers because of the reefs
just offshore. These very same reefs can help create very strong currents and
other hazards, especially in high surf conditions.

Lifeguard protection Lifeguards are staffed daily throughout the year. In the
summer, lifeguard hours are normally 9 AM until dark. During other times of the
year, lifeguards may not begin duty until 10 AM.

Directions From the north, take I-5 to La Jolla Village Drive, westbound. At
the signalized intersection, turn left onto Torrey Pines Road. Follow this road
to Prospect Street and turn right. Be on the lookout for signs and bear right
onto Coast Boulevard.

From the south, take I-5 north to La Jolla Parkway. Continue following it as it
will become Torrey Pines Road. Follow this road to Prospect Street and take a
right. Watch for the signs then take a right on Coast Boulevard.

Parking At La Jolla Cove, there is a very limited amount of on street parking.
Onstreet parking can be very hard to find, especially in the summer. It's
limited to three hours at a time on weekdays, although there is no limit on

You should always check the signs for any types of parking restrictions. Paid
parking is also available in downtown La Jolla at several locations and it's
also a short walk from the beach.

For a great day of fun, scuba diving, or just enjoying the water, the
Children's Pool in La Jolla is a great place to go. You should always try to
get here early, as it can get very crowded in the summer. Once you get here,
you'll find yourself completely amazed with what the Pool will offer you and
your family.

Mount Soledad

Mount Soledad in beautiful La Jolla gives you the chance to enjoy amazing, 360
degree views under the shadow of a towering cross. All along the summit, there
are many veteran's plaques. Mount Soledad is truly splendid to look at, as it
is a well known fixture to the area of La Jolla.

On Mount Soledad, you stand more than 800 foot high underneath the shade of a
43 foot high cross, and enjoy the views and splendor the mount provides. You
can enjoy a picnic here, the panoramic views, or just watch the sunset. Mount
Soledad is also a great spot for photos, if you like to take photos.

Beauty -- everywhere you look Below Mount Soledad is the shimmering waters of
La Jolla Shores and terra cotta roofs of those that are very lucky folks
indeed. To the north you have the coastline that extends all the way up to
Orange County.

To the south of Mount Soledad there are views of Mexico with city skyline and
everything else the area has to offer. And off to the east, there are vistas as
far as the eye can see.

The cross You may be wondering just what the cross is and what it's for. The
story dates back to 1913, when Pacific Beach residents built a cross out of
redwood and set it atop the mountain. Thieves removed it ten years later, and
the replacement was created in 1934, which was taken out by high winds in 1952.

Soon after that, the Mount Soledad Memorial Association build the current cross
to commemorate soldiers of the Korean and the two world wars.

The cross of Mount Soledad has been a subject of controversy, although the
problem appeared to be solved in the late 1990s. The San Diego Council sold the
cross and the half acre of land that surrounds it to the Memorial Association.

In 2002, mini walls were installed to honor the veterans that are underneath
the cross, though they have fueled more controversy from those who feel that
the towering symbol highlights Christian vets over others that are there.

For those that live in the area, Mount Soledad and the cross are a true beauty.
For visitors and tourists, Mount Soledad provides amazing views and the cross
seems to add to the detail.

If you ever visit La Jolla, make sure you check out Mount Soledad. It's very
close to the downtown area, and it'll be one thing you'll be glad you made time
for. The cross is something you simply must see -- as words can't begin to
describe it.

Marine Street Beach

Located near the upscale community of La Jolla, the Marine Street Beach is a
small cluster of high end clothiers, hotels, shops, and galleries. The beach is
also legendary to body surfers and body boarders due to it's thunderous waves
which always seem to crash the shoreline at the right time.

Keep in mind, this beach may not be ideal for families, as there are no public
restrooms, picnic areas, and the rough surf conditions aren't well suited for
children. If you have a family, you may want to find another beach.

Even though it isn't the best beach for families,

Marine Street Beach offers plenty of privacy and gorgeous white sand that can
make for a fun day of sunbathing with friends.

The rough waves found at this beach have been known to seriously injure
swimmers and body boarders in the past. If you aren't that experienced with the
water, you should always make sure that you repect both the water and the waves

During the summer months and on peak weekends during the fall and spring, there
are lifeguards stationed on the beach. You should plan to park on the street at
Marine Street Beach, as there are no public lots. You should try to get here
early, as it can be very hard to find a parking space, especially during summer
and on the weekends.

Getting there If you are coming from the north, take I-5 south. Take the exit
at Genessee Avenue, head west, then make a left on Torrey Pines Road. Go down
the hill into downtown La Jolla, turn left on Girad Avenue then right on Pearl
Street. Turn left at La Jolla Boulevard then right on Marine Street.

From the south, take I-5 north to Torrey Pines Road. Once you arrive in La
Jolla Downtown, simply follow the same directions from above.

La Jolla Travel Guide

La Jolla is a well known tourist attraction, and by all accounts is the "jewel"
in San Diego. Perched on the bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean, the city
has captivated millions over the years, and continues to do so to this very day.

With it's quaint village feel, expansive views, and easy to access coast, it
can be said that La Jolla is a great attraction. If you had to break La Jolla
down into 3 main areas, it would be the beach, the restaurants, and the

Home to some of the best coastline in the county, La Jolla offers beach goers
and sun lovers the chance to play, relax, and bask in the sun on some of the
finest beaches in the area. In their beauty, the beaches rival those of Hawaii
for their seclusion and serenity.

From the long white sand of La Jolla Shores to the quiet and relaxing beach off
Marine Street, you'll have plenty to enjoy and find your very own piece of

La Jolla restaurants are world class, playing host to some of the finest chefs
and coming chefs in the entire country. With its year round growing season,
these chefs have some of the finest products to work their collective magic
with -- creating some of the best meals you'll ever taste.

The village of La Jolla is said to have some of the best shopping anywhere.
There are stores all over the area, with something for everyone.

Whether it's shopping, swimming, or just checking out the area, La Jolla is
truly a place to vacation or just visit. Summer is the best time to visit, as
the beaches here are truly beautiful. If you've wanted to go somewhere
different, La Jolla is where you need to be.

La Jolla Shores

Located at 8200 Camino del Oro, La Jolla Shores is a sandy beach around a mile
long, adjacent to a residentual dwelling. During the summer months, the waves
at this beach are normally the most gentle of all San Diego beaches, although
the rip currents can be very strong at times.

For this very reason, novice scuba classes are held at La Jolla Shores. The
grassy park of Kellogg Park is located behind the main lifeguard station and
provides an excellent area for picnicking. A wide cement boardwalk parallels a
large area of the beach between the sand and the park.

The beach of La Jolla Shores is adjacent to the San Diego La Jolla Underwater
Ecological Reserve. The removal of objects from this area as well as fishing
are prohibited. The Scripps Pier lies at the north end of the beach, although
the pier isn't open to the public.

Within the City limits, La Jolla Shores has the only beachfront boat launch.
Small boats can be launched directly into the surf at foot of Avenida de la
Playa, which is south of the lifeguard station. This can be a rough terrain
area, so you may need to have a four wheel drive vehicle.

If you like to surf, there are specified areas on the beach where the waves
tend to be small. For scuba diving, the south end of the beach is widely used
by scuba driving classes.

During the summer months, La Jolla Shores can tend be very crowded. You should
try to go in the morning, as the crowds aren't as bad. This is a great beach
during those hot summer days, with plenty to do for your entire family.

La Jolla Sea Caves Tour

The most popular tour offered by Hike Bike Kayak of San Diego is the kayak tour
of the well known La Jolla Sea Caves. On this tour, you can witness the abudant
wildlife and amazing views of the La Jolla Cove with your guide who will be an
amateur naturalist.

Not only will you kayak up the caves at La Jolla Shores, but you'll also
witness dolphins swimming, along with sea lions playing. From your kayak, you
can see Mount Soledad to the east, the bluffs of Torrey Pines State Reserve to
the north, and La Jolla Cove to the south.

You can take the La Jolla Sea Caves tour every day at 9:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and
2:30 PM. Starting in June, the tours are every half hour. To make a
reservation, all you need to do is call.

What to expect On a typical day, you should be prepared to get wet. The tour
launches into the waves from the end of their street. You meet at their shop,
where you'll check in, sign waivers, etc. You'll also recieve a lifejacket and

You'll need to bring the following with you:

- Sunglasses with retainers
- Sunscreen
- A change of clothes
- Bathing suit
- Towel
- Sandals

The tour is very popular with tourists and locals alike. Hike Bike Kayak can
accomodate age ranges from 6 -- 65. They also have bike trailers and trail a
bikes for children that are 1 and older. This way, anyone can take in the
beauty and mystique this tour offers.

Cost and availability The cost of the La Jolla Sea Caves tour is $50 per person
for singles, and $45 per person for tandem kayaks or couples. If you can go with
someone else, that would be easier choice.

La Jolla Entertainment

Each and every year, La Jolla draws countless tourists from around the world.
With its picturesque terrain, incredible views and charming culture, La Jolla
is a visitors paradise. The entertainment for the area consistently pleases the
growing tourist population as well, catering to a wide variety of tastes.

Art La Jolla flourishes and astounds with it's distinguished art galleries. The
community celebrates an extensive array of art, although most galleries tend to
favor contemporary pieces. The Quint Gallery highlights modern art, featuring
paintings in oil and water colors, along with photography and sculptures.

The Gallery La Jolla offers various European and American contemporary artists,
housing both paintings and sculptures. Just down the street is the Carlton
Gallery, which is devoted to sculpture, and showcases Oriental art as well.

Music Even though art clearly dominates La Jolla's cultural atmosphere, music
isn't neglected. A variety of styles bring music alive to tourists and local
residents. Athenaeum Music and Arts Library has a collection of books and other
pieces that are devoted to the musical world.

During summer, Concerts by the Sea in La Jolla is very popular among locals and
tourists. Located at the La Jolla Cove, this annual concert series presents live
music in an oceanside setting.

Theater and film The La Jolla Playhouse is the most popular theater in the
area. The theater has been around for many years, and now known for it's new
plays. For the world of film, the Cove Theater is an old fashioned theater that
shows independant and foreign films that are often neglected by main stream
movie theaters.

Nightlife The nightlife in La Jolla is upbeat and very energetic. The Spot is a
popular nighttime venue, located in the La Jolla Village. Another great spot is
Humphrey's La Jolla Grill. For those who are looking to laugh, The Comedy Store
is highly recommended.

Outdoor activities The sunny area of La Jolla amazes with outdoor activities as
well. You can see panoramic views of San Diego County from Mount Soledad or
climb through the mysterious caverns provided by the La Jolla Caves.

Gold enthusiasts won't want to miss the Torrey Pines Golf Course, which is the
only public course in the entire PGA circuit. Those who are seeking adventure
may want to check out La Jolla from the air with an airborne journey from the
Torrey Pines Gliderport.

Whether your looking for art, nightlife, or outdoor adventure, La Jolla has the
entertainment you crave. There is a lot of things to do here -- giving tourists
more than one reason to come back for more.

Grande Colonial La Jolla

Your trip to La Jolla's historic Grande Colonial begins with your choice of
breathtaking ocean views or views of the village in La Jolla. You have 55 rooms
to choose from or 20 elegant suites. All rooms in the Grande Colonial are non

Built in 1913, this historic hotel is seconds away from the beach or the always
happening village with its shops, restaurants, and art galleries. The Grande
Colonial guestrooms are unique, with many offering breezy ocean views from the
wi ndows.

The Grande Colonial in La Jolla is located in the Village of La Jolla on 910
Prospect Street, within walking distance from the ocean beaches. The hotel is
15 minutes from Sea World, 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, the convention
center, and even the airport.

Located on the Grande Colonial property is an outdoor heated swimming pool,
with a health club located nearby. All rooms are decorated with renaissance
type furniture with village and ocean views. The restaurant in the hotel is
called the Nine-Ten. The hotel is in a great location, being within walking
distance to fine dining, boutique shopping, and unique art galleries.

For families on vacation, the Grande Colonial offers baby sitting for younger
children. There is exquisite in house dining, and plenty of hospitality. In
each room, there is air conditioning, heating, a hair dryer, view rooms, and
even in room movies.

No matter what brings you to La Jolla, the Grande Colonial is worth a stay. The
rates vary, depending on what time of year you visit. This hotel is one of the
most well known in San Diego, pleasing visitors since 1913. Once you stay a
night in the Grande Colonial, you'll have a new meaning to blissful paradise.

La Jolla Village

The Village of La Jolla is the vacation showcase of La Jolla. The village
offers postcard type beauty, with elegant homes, lush real estate, resorts,
luxurious hotels, and even the best in intimate bed and breakfast lodging. The
La Jolla Village is the gateway entrance to some of the most amazing beaches
San Diego has to offer.

The village consists of a 30 block downtown La Jolla area that's home to over
1,400 businesses that are fully committed to vacation pleasure to the over
7,000 people that visit the village each and every day.

In the village you'll find all the conveniences that grace the shores, such as
world class shopping and quaint boutique shops. Upscale restaurants, intimate
cafes, museums, art galleries, and attractions such as the Birch Aquarium can
be found here as well.

The La Jolla Playhouse is in the village as well. It has earned over 200 
awards, including the 1993 Tony for outstanding regional theater. The Playhouse 
is a creative haven that attracts more then 150,000 theater enthusiasts each 

Most visitors to the La Jolla Village like to walk the shoreline around Scripps
Park and soak up the perfect weather and majestic views of the oceanfront
panorama. If romantic tranquility is what you seek, late afternoon and early
evening strolls are less crowded and at dusk you can catch some of the most
stunning sunsets.

The beaches of La Jolla are the biggest tourist attractions here. All you need
to do is choose your style of water recreation and relaxation. Swimming,
surfing, bodysurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun bathing, or just watching
others swim. Make sure you arrive early to avoid the crowds, then stay late to
catch the beauty of the moonlit skies.

La Jolla Golden Triangle The Golden Triangle of La Jolla is an area that's
intersected by three major freeways -- I-5, I-805, and State 52. The Triangle
lies east of La Jolla Village and ten minutes north of downtown San Diego.

The established residential community blossomed into a financial triad of high
rise office buildings, full service hotels, shopping, and plenty of restaurants.

The Golden Triangle also offers the business traveler and vacationer all they
need within a self contained area of business, retail, shopping, hotels,
dining, and boutiques. The Golden Triangle is also located close to the
oceanfront beach area of the village and all the vacation attractions that San
Diego has to offer.

La Jolla Village Tour

A trip to sunny La Jolla isn't complete with a tour of the city's downtown
area, known by locals as the village. With trendy shops, galleries, and nice
places to eat, La Jolla Village is something you need to tour on foot to

If you are traveling from a distance and must drive to the village, parking is
not easy. The downtown streets offer two hour free parking, although your best
bet will probably be one of the garages along Fay Avenue where a flat rate will
ease your mind of parking worries for the entire day.

Once you have found a place to park, you should begin your tour at the corner
of Fay Avenue and Prospect Street. Here, you'll find some of the most famous
restaurants in the downtown area, including Moondoggie's and Il Forno.

As you pass by the restaurants, you'll see the Arcade Building, which resembles
an old hybrid style. The Arcade Building leads to an alleyway with many
specialty shops.

After you explore the treasures of the Arcade Building alley, continue your
tour North along Prospect Street and you'll come to a stretch of art galleries.
If you appreciate art, you'll love everything the village has to offer you.

Just across the street from the art galleries, you'll find The Grande Colonial
Hotel. This hotel is famous and well known for its rate of $1 per day since the
opening in 1913, has been renovated many times and now ranks as one of the best
landmarks in La Jolla Village.

As you continue your walk down Prospect Street, you'll encounter Girard Avenue,
which offers you plenty of shops and eateries.

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