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Learn How to Play the Piano

When you meet someone who knows how to play the piano, you would usually admire
that individual. Perhaps in the back of your mind, you also want to play this
very beautiful instrument. Well, you can learn how to play piano if you really
want to.

All expert piano performers started from scratch. Not one individual was born
with the knowledge of playing the piano. It's never too late to learn how to
play the piano. Young or old, if you want to play like the performers, you have
to start now.

If you're familiar with western music, then you already know that the piano is
being used for chamber music, accompaniments, and even solo performances.
Although piano is a bit expensive, it is a very good investment because of its
ubiquity and versatility. It is also one of the most popular musical
instruments throughout history.

Some of the popular pianists include Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Listz,
Brahms, and Schuman. Piano is not used mainly to just play classical music but
it can also be played in pop and jazz music.

You don't have to play as good as the pianists mentioned but with a little
effort, time, and money, you can play the piano beautifully. Simply playing the
piano for your friends and family may be enough; at least, you can entertain
them in your own special way. You should also have the right attitude. You must
exercise self discipline and make sure that you learn the right basic
techniques. If you can start playing right, you have a long way to go. Learning
to play the piano is not really impossible. If you dedicate your efforts to it,
you will surely learn in time.

Because of these piano learning options, your dream is attainable and doable.
Many want-to-be pianists prefer to hire a piano teacher. This is a rather
expensive option but many individuals find this a very effective method to
learn to play piano. There are also those who prefer to learn alone. One way
to do this is with a guide book. However, you must be comfortable in working
alone especially in learning the different lessons. You must be motivated up
to the end for you to learn the basic techniques. Modern ways to learn the
piano is through the computer software. There are also those who buy a DVD or
CD program that is all about playing the piano.

No matter what option you choose, you must be able to learn playing the
instrument by simply using your senses. If you can learn this difficult and
unique technique, playing the piano will be natural for you. By simply
listening to asong, you can already play it on your piano.

Before anything else, you have to purchase a good quality piano. This is the
only way to learn how to play the piano. If you don't have one right now, you
can start saving money for it because the piano is an expensive musical
instrument. After you have your piano, you have to choose you learning options.

You can even combine your piano lessons if you want. Just make sure that you
schedule your lessons well so that you can use the knowledge the you've learned
to your advantage.

Five Steps in Learning to Play the Piano

Many people go through great lengths in learning to play the piano but for some
reasons, they are unable to. Well if you like to learn how to play this musical
instrument, you can do it in five steps. The piano evokes a lot of feelings
when played; you can show anger, romance, anxiety, sadness, and other feelings.
Of all the musical instruments of today's times, the piano is by far the most

Some people encounter certain problems in learning to play the piano. If you're
one of them, just read the contents of this article and you will learn in no
time at all. Here are the five steps in learning to play the piano.

Step 1

Make sure that you have access to a synthesizer or piano. It's not easy to
learn how to play piano. Without the instrument, things will really be hard. A
book or piano music is not enough to learn everything you have to know about
piano playing. So the first step is to get a piano; you can borrow one or you
can purchase a new piano.

Step 2

You have to undergo piano lessons. Lessons are available in different forms. If
you want to learn fast, you can combine the different forms of piano lessons. If
ever you combine the piano lessons, you have to schedule them so that the
lessons will not be mixed up. You can enroll in a piano lesson. You can also
use a CD or DVD or even piano lesson books. There are also those who prefer to
undergo online lessons. This way, you will learn quickly.

Step 3

Don't hesitate to ask advice from experts. They are the ones who can recommend
the best areas that you can concentrate on. The different forms of piano
lessons have different approaches but you will learn a great deal about piano
playing. You have to follow every lesson seriously.

Step 4

Practice playing the piano frequently. If you want to learn how to play piano,
you have to prioritize your piano lessons. You don't have to practice all day
long. Simply spend ten to fifteen minutes everyday for the practice sessions.
By doing so, you can improve your playing skills. Don't forget to have warm ups
first. You can do this at least four to five times every week.

Step 5

Don't play advanced pieces as a beginner. You have to start from the simplest
to the advanced lessons. You should finish each lesson before you proceed to
other lessons. You have to be patient because if not, you will not learn
anything. Once you've mastered a certain piece, you are now ready to take
another piece of piano music. Don't forget the pieces of you've learned in the
past. You still have to play them every now and then to retain everything
you've learned.

Those are the five steps to learning to play the piano. It's not that
difficult, right? You simply have to follow the steps and in no time at all,
you will be playing your favorite piano pieces with grace and finesse.

Don't waste time believing in other tips in learning to play the piano but
doesn't work effectively. Follow these five steps and you can learn to play
piano one hundred percent. Soon, you can show other people that you can play

Learning to Play the Piano: Secrets Revealed

Pianos are popular instruments that need no further introduction. Everybody
knows that with every tone the piano makes marks the beginning of a beautiful
melody. But not all musicians can be the chosen ones. Not all can cross the
line between a novice and a competitive musician.

For expert musicians, the traditional way is just the start. They need to
discover new methods on how to play the piano no other musician can. Sometimes,
no matter how hard you try to keep on practicing, it just doesn't payoff.

Channeling your energy through the language of music is what a lot of people
wanted to learn. But to be an exceptional performer is more than just learning
the keys. One basic secret to become more adept is to actually play and not
continue with the boring rituals that most beginners do. The money that you
paid for those private lessons wouldn't be worth the while without you having a
different view.

There are only 4 secrets to a successful and quick way to play the piano. Yes,
it's not three this time. Just to be different. Those who are interested, carry

Secret # 1

Know the notes efficiently. You could do this in 2 ways. First, you have read
the sheets. Play every note as it's supposed to be. Then follow the chords that
were made for music. Choose songs that are easy to memorize and imitate. Then,
if you think that you're skillful enough, learn the hard ones.

The second way to effectively know the notes is to play it by ear. Familiarize
yourself with the notes just by using your ear. A blind person can do this so
why can't you? Sometimes all it takes is dash of creativeness to be able to
play not by eyes or ears but by heart.

Once you have been keen in knowing these, you could try playing without lead

Secret # 2

Develop a high level of self-esteem and confidence that wouldn't be shrugged by
any problem or difficulty. Learning to play something totally different requires
pure patience. It's all about attitude. Maintaining a positive outlook will
definitely help you conquer whatever shortcomings may creep. Playing the piano
is a tedious task. It is also quite boring especially if you're not just
getting there; if you're not crossing the line.

Aside from the latter, you have to invest a lot of self-confidence to play
whatever you want. A sprinkle of self-confidence make you shine and look good.

Secret # 3

Practice. Even if it's not working out the way you wanted it to be, just do it.
The best pianists are made through the hands of rigid practice. Without practice
there would be no professionals pianists. The best trick to be adept in playing
is the long hours spent in front of the piano.

Secret # 4

Get into the rhythm. Jam with it. Play with the music that you hear. Improvise
like a professional musician. The unity of music and the power of song if
achieved create a beautiful rhythm that entices listeners.

If you achieve in doing these four, you're good to go. But you have to remember
that even in the event of impossible times; all you need to have is faith in
yourself and the music that you play. Oh and one more thing, have fun.

Before Playing the Piano, Buy one First

Playing the piano is one of the most special things a musician can learn to
manipulate. It is one of the simplest instruments one can ever play. It can
blend with every instrument or can stand on its own. Pianos are also magical
when played just by its own. A band can never be complete without a piano.

So you ask, how can you buy the perfect piano? All it takes is finding the
right hardware to fit the job. Here are some deals you have to ponder upon.

1. Check your budget

Above anything else, you always have to consider the amount of money you have
to spend for purchasing one. A well-crafted piano made by popular brands is way
too expensive. So you have to be very particular of your choice. If you could
walk around town to canvass for a cheap yet durable piano, that would be best.

2. Brand-new or a second hand piano?

A piano's life worth can last for years, specifically 40-50 years if handled
well. And you can't deny the fact that pianos are very durable over periods of
time and practice. And because of its well-known durability, you know a
lifetime investment wouldn't go to waste. If your budget is fixed, find the one
that fits the money at hand. If you have decided on buying something that is
already used, inspect it to see if it's still in good working condition.

3. Consider the area where to put your piano

Alright, now you must have this part of your house that can accommodate the
size of your piano. You have to be very particular in buying a piano regarding
its inches and width. If you have a big space in your house, you can consider
buying a grand piano. A spinet is popular for its humble size. Research on the
kinds of piano to determine which one you'll purchase.

4. Quality and Style

A long lasting piano can come in different varieties. When looking for a piano,
you have to set your mind that quality is an important factor. Check for the
kind of wood used, style of the cabinet, leg design and the overall impact of
the entire thing. Also, you can buy a piano based on how it compliments on your

5. Get an expert's opinion

If you are new at this, find someone who knows the tidbits of choosing a piano.
Drag along someone who can give you tips on how to know that you're getting a
good deal out of a fine purchase. You ask that person to accompany you in that
store where you laid eyes on your chosen piano.

6. Ask

You'll regret the moment you never did. Asking some valid questions related to
the piano is appropriate enough to know where all that cash is going. Ask about
the performance, the entire construction and the different parts so that you
wouldn't get lost when repairs come. This is what defines the entire purchase.

To be able to ask about the maintenance and warranty is vital to lessen your
expenses when dealing with a serious problem about your piano. If possible,
make them explain how it's all going to be. The tuning. The defects. Or if
delivery's out of the list. Parts like this should never be compromised.

Learn on How to Perfectly Practice the Piano

Playing the piano requires long hours of practicing especially when a big
musical event is coming. With all the factors that are needed to play the
piano, one very basic yet important thing will be discussed in this article.

One factor that some professionals dare not forget: practice. Even if you know
all the fingerings and notes, even if you can read the music well, it won't
mean a thing. Practice is the essence of it all. You have to be committed in
your genre therefore practicing it every day; if not everyday then at least
thrice a week.

If you're having difficulty training yourself with your practice hours, here
are some notes to ponder upon.

Note # 1

Make a daily schedule for practice and comply with it. Be determined to stick
to your schedule. It is a must to condition yourself into practicing everyday
so that your body will get used to the routine. At first, it could be tedious
and boring but as you go on learning the essentials, it becomes more fun
hearing the way you play.

Note # 2

Your piano must be put in a place that you won't feel cluttered. Your music
room must be free from anything that might distract you like a radio or
anything noisy. This enables you to concentrate when practicing. Also, make
sure that there is proper lighting where your piano is placed. But remember
that your piano must not be exposed to extreme sunlight for this might destroy
some sensitive parts of your piano.

Note # 3

Always warm up. Exercise your fingers with some simple notes then proceed to
the hard ones. If you have no idea on how to warm up those fingers, ask someone
who knows. An exercise must let your fingers stretch to reach some keys that are
hard to reach. This will become helpful when playing fast paced notes and music.
Don't let your hands touch a key while it still feels stiff and rusty.

Note # 4

Review the past lessons learned before starting a lesson. This would be the
next thing after warming up. If you have not finished the music yesterday,
recall what you played then continue it. Better yet, start the whole thing to
be able to follow.

Note # 5

Follow your manual and instructor's directions. Help her help you learn. To
relieve boredom, play the piano at the same time, like a duet. Tell your
instructor your interests and ask her to play it for you so you might know it
and therefore pave the way into practicing it even without her presence.

Note # 6

Make your practice as goal-oriented as possible. A goal will make you more
focused and concentrated because you have something to be achieved. To finish a
goal will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Note # 7

Always maintain a positive attitude when practicing. When you plan to play the
piano without anyone to guide you, just remember all the lessons that your
tutor has taught you. Do not give up that easily when it has become hard. If
you are being stressed, rest for a while. Give yourself time to breathe.

Try to figure out a technique with every practice for it to come out natural
and unique in your own way.

Learn to Read Piano Music with a Piano Teacher

It is very important to take piano lessons in order to play the piano. You have
to learn to read piano music if you plan to be a serious piano player.

If you try to look into history, you will notice that most of the great piano
players learned to play the instrument on their own. The reason may be because
they were born with the talents of a piano player. But did you know that not
all pianists have born talents and rather they acquired their playing skills by
learning from a good teacher?

Learning to play piano takes a long time. It could take years for you to master
advanced piano lessons. But as a beginner, you have to take lessons one day at a
time. Don't rush yourself because if you do, you will not learn. Haste makes
waste, you should always remember that. Even gifted piano students do not learn

So if you just want to learn piano for fun, find another musical instrument. To
learn to play piano, you must be serious about it. If you plan to get a
professional piano teacher, make sure that you receive proper lessons. This
way, you can learn the right playing techniques. So when looking for a teacher,
you have to get only the best.

Your piano teacher is not present at all times so you need to practice. If you
want additional guidance, you can get other methods of learning to play the
piano like computer software, DVDs, CDs, or even piano lesson books.

Before anything else, you have to determine the lessons that the teacher
focuses on. You have to learn to read piano music. Reading piano music takes
place all throughout the lessons. Piano teachers usually start by teaching you
the easiest musical pieces. The level of difficulty is increased gradually and
he or she will give you advanced assignments.

When you're given an assignment, you have to do it by heart. Learn all the
piano music that you need to learn. Reading music takes some time so you must
concentrate on the lessons and avoid distractions. You will not be able to
learn sight reading if you can't master reading piano music.

Sight reading is carried out by giving piano students with a piece that they
don't really know and they have to play it. If you can't read piano music, then
you will not be able to play the new piece. You really need to study and
practice hard. Learning to play piano should be taken seriously but you should
always have fun when playing so that you will be motivated to the end.

Many people give up their piano lessons because they think they've spent a
great deal of their time in practicing and yet they are not learning fast. In
today's modern times, people are used to instant and quick learning. But when
it comes to piano lessons, you can't rush things. You can't make it quick.

To learn to read piano music, it requires dedication, time, and effort. You
must also have the right learning attitude so that you can work well with your
teacher or even when working alone. Constant practice is needed so that you
will not forget your previous lessons.

Good luck in learning piano music and don't give up easily.

Learning to Play Piano by Ear

Think about this... would you like to play the piano without the fuss of
dragging your music sheets? Or make music with just humming along with the
tune? Have you always wanted to play but your visual senses make it quite
impossible? Don't you know that by simply humming a tune, you could play it the

Some musicians, professional in their own art, didn't start their career
through any manuals or instructors. What they did is follow the tone that they
hear and play along the beating of the music. No notes, no mentors.

1. Assemble your things. Of course you'll need a piano or a keyboard, whatever
it is that's available. You have to have at least three available fingers, just
in case others have been decapitated or just got lost. Be sure you have a lot of
time to practice. Oh, and tune your piano first.

2. Remember that the piano is an instrument that is comprised of 88 keys. Along
these are 12 straight notes. The first white key is the A-note, next white note
is B, C, D, E, F, G. Then after the last white G-note, the next white note
again becomes the A-note, then the repetition begins. This sequence is repeated
until the last white note is done for about 7 times. That would include the
black notes that represent flats and sharps.

3. The C note is also known as the Home Key. To trace the C note, it is the
white key on the left side of two black keys. If you're still amazed, stare at
your piano. You'll notice that at the middle part is the C-note. Thus, that
would be the first major chord.

The thumb of your right hand will serve as number 1 because it is put at the C
straddled in the middle. From there, count all keys going to the right. Include
the black keys. When you have counted till 5, that would serve as the 2nd note
in C chord. Place your middle finger there. From counting to number 5, count
till 8, that will be your final note. Put your pinkie on it.

Sound it all together and you'll hear quite an impressive cycle.

4. Be familiar in using the abovementioned sequence: 1,5, 8 counting. You could
start with any note, just be sure that when you count, include the flats and
sharps. Use these chords as your roots. This will work perfectly if you decided
to start on a sharp. You'll be making a sharp chord by then.

5. If you have time on practicing these easy chords, you'll finally realize
that through counting and attentive listening, you'll easily get through. For
example, if chord number 5 is dropped this will result to a number 4. At that
instance you'll end up with a minor chord. Now, if you're playing for a C
chord, all you have to do is move your finger one key to the left to be able to
produce a C minor.

Through the advantage of listening, you'll be able to distinguish the
difference in sound. You'll be able to spot the slight differences in tune. Not
unless you're deaf.

Pieces of advice:

* Don't settle your practice just on the middle keys of the piano. There are
numerous keys to choose from.

* Don't limit yourself in using one or two fingers. Through practice, you could
use all fingers including both hands.

* Practice.

Learn the Steps on Playing the Piano Effectively

1. Decide if you're really up for the job. Meaning, you have to know how far
you can go to spend time with teaching yourself on how to play. There are
several considerations before embarking on a purchasing deal. If you only
wanted a piano for display purposes, then might as well buy antique China
porcelain. Pianos are instruments and not just a property that will serve its
pleasure to the eyes.

2.If you have decided that you wanted to play real music through your piano,
then, might as well include in your list a couple of piano lesson leaflets or
books. This will help you dearly especially if you wanted to learn by your own.

3. Choose your instructor. There are a lot of options to choose from when
guiding your way through piano lessons. First you could learn on your own
basing on two things: manuals and through the internet. The good thing about
learning on your own is that you own your time when you decide when and where
to practice. And, these are cheap resources of knowledge and principles,
although you should recognize your mistakes in the occasion that you make one.

The second option that you can go for is to hire or ask someone to spend even
an hour of his or her time to teach you. You are lucky if someone in the family
already knows how to play the piano because if not, it is very rare to find a
person who can be hired to teach on such an affordable price. What's good about
finding someone to help out is that you can learn faster than learning it by

4. Either of the many variables mentioned, the next step would be tuning your
piano. This would be an easy task to conquer because even before buying or
delivering the instrument, you could ask someone in the music store to tune it
for you.

5. Understand the manual. Don't just read it, follow it and keep it locked
inside your head. The books that you bought would be very effective only if you
let yourself be taught by it.

6. Do not skip on every lesson. Every instruction is vital to complete the
whole of your knowledge. Think of it, they wouldn't be included in the
instructions if they don't mean a pinch of importance.

7. Familiarize yourself with the different chords. Unlike with the guitar
wherein you can strum or pluck, in piano playing, you just have to press the
right keys. It would be helpful if you would know the low pitched and high
pitched tunes. Better yet, if you're not able to remember, label your keys.

8. Warm up at the beginning of every practice to stretch your hands and make
them work as a team and not just every man for himself. Playing the piano
requires that every single finger attached to your hands must press the
appointed keys. It's more like encoding an article. Make your fingers move
through every key.

You can play even though you're not playing any sense out of it. This will help
your fingers be more flexible and reliable. If you have struggled enough, try
catching on the easy pieces.

9. Give yourself time to practice at least an hour every day. This would not
make your fingers feel stressed out to advance to the next level of learning.
Play with ease and relaxation.

Before Fingering, Learn the Notes on the Piano First

Once you have recognized your future in front of the piano, it can be a start.
Eventually it becomes more easy and fun. You can play almost all of the songs
written in songbooks fluently. You can even write your own composition.

Now that you have established that energy in you, there's still something that
lacks. Why, do you think it's enough to have the spirit without even knowing
the chords? If you have mastered and identified the basic and major chords,
things would be more favorable.

Alright, here are some bits on learning the notes on the piano. After these
simple steps, you'll have a brief background on fingering.

Lesson # 1

There are 88 keys comprising of 12 notes (white and black keys included). These
basic notes are the seven basic letters namely A-note, B-note, C-note, D-note,
E-note, F-note and the G-note. The first key colored in white is the C-note.
You have to remember that the C-note is always the key that is connected in
front of two black keys. While the F-note is the key that stands in front of
three black keys compacted together. From the first C-note to the next C-note
is called Octave.

Lesson # 2

Black notes represent sharps and flats. But they are used in a different way
that would depend which side you're going to start. A (#) that symbolizes a
sharp is the black key right after the white key. While a (b) is known as the
flat. You can recognize this by spotting the first black note indicated on the
keyboard. With these definitions, you can conclude that a Db is also a C#.
Easy, right? No need to fuss about it. Familiarize these notes and master it.

Lesson # 3

The lesson doesn't stop there. You have to realize that the C key right in the
middle of the keyboard is also known as the middle C. You can easily spot this
because it's usually right below the piano's name. The middle C can function as
a wall that separates the right to the left. This means that those situated at
the right part of the middle C is for the right hand and fingers to play. That
goes with the left hand and keys.

Down with the fingering techniques. Once you have memorized and familiarized
yourself with the notes, it's time to let your fingers do want their meant to
do. Teach those fingers to act the way a pianist should.

Fingering is simple for as long as you make all those fingers work. After
learning the notes, stare at your keyboard and put the necessary fingers on the
important keys. To do this task, find the middle C. This would be your basis to
find all other keys like D, E, F, and so on. Remember, major keys are the white

You'll notice that the piano's keyboard is number from 1-5. This will enable
you to trace where to put your fingers. 1 is equivalent to the thumb. 2 is your
index finger. 3 is for the middle finger. 4 is the ring finger. Lastly, 5 is the
pinkie. As starters, you must put your thumb corresponding to the C-note.
Locating the other keys would be easier if you first find the middle C.

Run your fingers through these notes. Make sure that every key corresponds with
a different finger. Try it in a slow then a moderate aiming for a faster pace.

Why Learn Piano Playing

There are various reasons why many individuals want to learn to play the piano.
If you're one of those musically inclined individuals, perhaps yours is among
the top twelve reasons. So why postpone your dream to become a good pianist?
Start learning now.

Find out more about the twelve reasons why people want to play piano. Here they

1. There are many musical instruments and in your entire lifetime, you must be
able to play an instrument. So why not choose a piano? True enough, this
instrument is quite expensive but it's worth the money. You must be able to
play beautiful music with the use of a piano. Get a piano now and start
learning to play such a magnificent instrument.

2. Being a good pianist will help boost your confidence. Many people find
pianists as sophisticated individuals and if you want to become one of them,
this is your chance. It doesn't really matter if you're young or old, rich or
poor. There are no rules that say only the rich and young can learn to play
such an instrument.

3. Playing the piano can help in maintaining an active brain or mind. Let's
face it, people who often stay at home with nothing else to do get bored and
their brain get in a rut. If you don't want this to happen to you, learn to
play the piano.

4. Life can be so boring but if you already know how to play the piano, you
will never get bored because you can keep on learning. You can still play other
more difficult songs on the piano. You can have advanced lessons to further
improve your playing skills.

5. You can play for your family. Not all family members can play the piano but
if you know how to play, you can play their desired music. That way, you're
entertaining your family and you're bonding grows stronger. This is one way to
serve them as well.

6. People who know how to play a musical instrument is often admired especially
pianists. The audience are led to thinking that pianists are geniuses. It would
even boost your self confidence and self esteem when other people admire the
way you're playing the piano.

7. Try to examine the hands of pianists. Their hands are beautiful, right? If
you want to have the same hands, play the piano. Soon you will also admire your
tapered long fingers.

8. Learning is a continuous process. There are lots of musical pieces to learn
and you can't possibly play them all. You must continue playing new songs as
you grow older. 9. It is fun to play the piano.

10. Almost every individual desires to play the piano gracefully.

11. You will feel satisfied after you've played the piano. If you can play
flawlessly just like other famous pianists, you will be completely satisfied.

12. Boost your ego by playing the piano. Not one individual can resist
excellent musicians.

Those are only twelve reasons why you need to learn to play a piano. There are
other reasons out there waiting to be heard but it is only up to you to voice
out that reason and take the necessary step to undergo piano lessons.

No matter what you're reason is, don't hesitate to play the piano. You will
feel a different experience once you play this beautiful instrument.

Learning to Play the Piano Online: Pros and Cons

Playing the piano without having someone to teach you can be difficult. It is
like gambling your time and effort based on your own knowledge and
understanding. To learn the piano online can have its ups and downs. So decide
if you're really up to the test of playing without the thought of giving up.

Whenever you go to a web page that offers a lot of promises with their online
lessons, they do not tell you the downs of learning it without having someone
who could tell you if you're doing it the right way.

In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of playing a piano is


* The Internet is flooded with millions of searches about learning the piano
online. There are those for beginners and for those who want further
instruction not found in any manual whatsoever.

* This is totally free. Not unless if you become enticed with the offline CDs
and visuals that the website also offers.

* It is more updated than the books and manuals that are bought outside.

* Those who made the websites are freelance musicians that are willing to share
their knowledge, facts, ideals and secrets to learn piano the easiest way

* It is filled with so much details and songs you can choose from. Wide array
of songs to include in your list.

* It can also help you choose if you want to play jazz, rock, funk, classic,
metal and many more.

* You are entitled to rewind every step that you didn't decipher.

* Every rhythm and pattern is taught thoroughly to help the students understand
each line. A lot of online lessons let you read notes and chords at a stage so
advanced and at the same time enjoy the directory of entries and resources.

* Aside from the advanced lessons, there are also at least a hundred thousand
tricks, patterns and fills. The internet enables online libraries filled with
resources that are readily available to those who need it. Furthermore, if
you're kind of slow, chords, grooves and scales can be recapped with the help
of their glossary.

* It offers wide range recordings that are also intended for those who can't
read music.

* Easy ways to practice and tackle even the hardest patterns, scales and chords
can now be achieved at the touch of your fingertips.

* You also get the chance to choose from top instrument shops because these
sites include their cheap yet of best quality. They could show you where and
how much you can get from these stores.

* You could play and learn anytime you want, whenever you're available. Your
time is all yours.


* Nothing compares with the real thing. Playing online is like a lifeless form
of learning. It doesn't incur pure satisfaction.

* Questions can't be answered at a prompt. There are doubts that would fill
your mind every once in a while. And to send some questions through the net
would require waiting and this will take days.

* No one will see your mistakes and tell you that what you're doing is wrong.
And the thing about that is you can never right your wrongs without anyone
telling you.

Learn the Piano Notes

Are you familiar with the song Auld Lang Syne? If you are, then you can learn
to play it on the piano easily and quickly. Many individuals want to learn to
play the piano and one of the most important lessons is to learn the piano

Try to look at your piano and give particular attention to the black notes. The
song Auld Lang Syne can be played by using five of these black notes. Some say
that piano notes are difficult to learn. But expert piano players say that if
only you put your heart to it, you can learn all the notes quickly.

If you have a piano teacher or if you simply learned playing the piano with the
aid of a book/DVD/CD, you will learn first the names of the notes on your piano.
That will include the black and white notes. If you want to learn all the notes,
you should have your own piano. If you don't have one at home, then you should
start shopping for one. You can't learn the notes by simply imagining a piano.
You have to touch the piano keys and know the sound of the notes. This will
make learning a lot easier and faster.

You will also learn techniques in visualization so that you can imagine the
keyboard and tell the exact location of the notes. The keyboard's Map is the
so-called Grand Staff and you can interpret this easily if you know all the
notes. If you can immediately identify a piano note, then you will understand
the chord lessons easily.

For instance, you're playing the first seven tab notes. This is the C-major
scale and you're playing the notes CDEFGAB. As you go through your lessons, you
will know about the other scales and their respective notes. You have to
memorize all the notes on the keyboard to effectively play the piano. But of
course, you will learn to play the simpler notes first. Once you've mastered
the simple notes, you can go to much more difficult notes. Remember, you should
not forget about the notes that you have already learned because you will be
using them when playing advanced piano music.

If you simply want to be at your piano and play the simplest piano music, all
you have to learn is at least two keys for each scale. Suppose you're playing
the major chord C. The notes on this scale include C, E, and G. You can always
play these notes simultaneously and you can already create the simplest piano
music. But if you want to learn to play the advanced piano pieces, memorize and
know all the notes by heart. Soon enough, you can play the piano like the

So you see, learning each piano note is not a game. It is a difficult task
especially for those who have memorization problems. Try to create a piano
picture inside your mind and tell the note of each key. Do this everyday for a
couple of minutes. Don't stop until you've memorized the last key note. Retain
the piano picture inside your mind because this will be of very good use to you
in the future.

Learn piano notes at an early stage, as soon as you start your piano lessons.
This way, you can learn the chords much easier. Playing the piano is fun but
you have to be patient.

Make Your Life Easy: How to Save While You Learn to Play a Piano

Many people find piano lessons quite expensive and because of this, a lot of
would-be pianists pass the opportunity to become one of the best in the music
industry. Playing the piano is a skill that can developed through time. Don't
believe what other people say unless you've tried it yourself. There is a way
to make your life easy and here is how to save while you learn to play a piano.

When you're already considering the cost of piano lessons, you have to know
your alternatives. Professional piano teachers are not only the ones who can
give you piano lessons. Remember, today is the age of advanced technology and
nothing is impossible when it comes to acquiring new knowledge. Of course, that
would include taking piano lessons in a whole new different way.

The most common way to learn to play a piano is through a professional teacher.
The price depends on the teacher; he or she can charge you per hour or per
session, or even on a weekly/monthly basis. It all depends on your payment
agreement. It's a good thing though if the teacher is a close friend or a
relative because you can also save some money.

Otherwise, you would have to pay the agreed amount. You can learn so many
things from the piano teacher. You will have a guide in every step of the way
and he or she can tell you about your mistakes and correct them instantly.
However, there are individuals who prefer to study alone and if you're one of
them, you have to know your other options.

What are your other options? Well, you can learn through the internet. There
are online piano lessons that can provide you with special software that often
includes videos of the lessons. The cost is much more affordable as compared to
paying a professional piano teacher. The advantages of choosing this learning
option are -- you can learn at your chosen time and pace.

If you have a job, you will be busy for the rest of the day and so you can have
the piano lessons at night or during weekends. You will be the one to choose the
time for the lessons as well as your practice sessions.

Aside from learning to play the piano through the computer and internet, you
can also save money if you try a piano guidebook. This may seem hard but if you
prefer to do all the work alone, this option might work for you. The piano
guidebook is cheap, so you can surely afford it.

If you have a DVD player or system at home, you can opt for the DVD piano
lessons. You simply have to play the DVD and you can watch all the lessons
given by professional pianists. Just like the software, you can learn at your
most convenient time. You can take the lessons fast or slow. It's all up to you.

The alternative options are far cheaper than hiring professional help but what
you need is the right attitude. You must have self discipline; you should be
patient and hardworking. If you have these qualities, you can make your life
easy and know how to save money while you learn to play a piano. So what are
you waiting for? Choose your option now.

How to Learn Piano by Using a CD

CDs are widely used nowadays. This is a product of the today's advanced
technology and it is one of the most convenient ways to listen to your favorite
music, store your important files, etc. Another good thing about it is that you
can learn piano by CD.

What is a CD? It is short for compact disc. You can record sounds, image, or
files in digital format. It is an optical disc that has a better memory
capacity as compared to the magnetic and mechanical media. It is available in
CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW. You can store images and text in the CD-ROM. You can
also store information on the CD-R but remember that the contents can no longer
be changed. But in the case of a CD-RW, you can erase files, images, or text and
then re-write new ones.

If you're comfortable in learning to play piano alone, the CD piano lessons
might work for you. For those who have pianos at home, this is the perfect time
to learn to play such musical instrument. It is not that difficult, unlike what
other people say. If you're determined to learn and you're motivated till the
end, you can learn all the things you need to know even in a few months time.

The learning process varies. Quick learners can play simple songs in less time
than slow learners. If you have a good memory, learning to play the piano will
be easier. Memorization is very important when it comes to playing the piano
because you need to memorize the chords and notes of the piano. The CD is a
good way to learn these things because you can simply play it all over again
until you finally get all the lessons.

Why is it that many individuals prefer the CD piano lessons? If you're on a
tight budget, you can't possibly afford the expensive services of professional
piano teachers. The CD piano lessons are one of your best alternatives in
learning to play the piano. Besides, CD piano lessons are not hard to find. You
can easily find them locally especially in music stores. You just need to ask
the salesperson about the particular CD that you need and he or she will be
glad to be of service to you.

When shopping for your CD piano lessons, you have to make sure that the music
store offers only the best. It must have a good reputation and the suppliers
must also have good records. This way, you can be sure that the lessons are
among the best. Professional pianists are the ones who design the piano lessons
on CDs and other instructional materials.

Another thing is that you can also purchase the CD piano lessons online. In
fact, the internet is the best place to find the perfect CD piano lessons
because you will have a wider variety of choices. You can even check the
various customer testimonials and product reviews to determine the top CD piano 
lessons. If you can find the top three CD piano lessons, you can still compare 
them with each other. You see, CD piano lessons also differ when it comes to 
the lessons given; some focus on the piano notes while other CDs focus on 

Make the right choice and learn piano by CD.

Learn How to Play the Piano through DVD

Playing musical instruments is not solely for musically inclined individuals.
Even if you're not that good in music, you can still learn to play the piano.
You see, there are many ways to learn piano playing and one way to do it is
through the DVD programs.

Many years ago, people used the beta tapes and the VHS tapes as a means of home
entertainment. After that, the VCDs became popular and at present, the DVDs. Did
you know that you can also learn to play the piano through DVDs? That's true and
all you have to do is to find a DVD program that is solely about piano playing.

DVD piano lessons are a very good alternative in learning to play the piano. If
you can't afford to pay the expensive hourly and weekly rates of piano teachers,
you can settle for DVD programs. Aside from it being a cost effective
alternative, you can also save time and energy.

Before you even try to look for DVD piano lessons, you have to get a piano
first. To effectively learn to play the piano, you must have your own piano at
home. Borrowing or asking favor from a friend or relative to use their piano is
not a very good idea; you're time in practicing your lessons will be limited and
you can't have them at your most convenient time. So buy your own piano now. You
can buy the piano locally or through the internet.

The next step is to buy the right DVD piano lesson program. You still have to
choose between chord lessons or note lessons. Some programs are purely
concentrated on chord lessons while other DVD programs are concentrated on note
lessons. There are some piano students who prefer to learn the chords first and
the notes later. Choose which lessons you want to have first.

If you can find a set of DVD piano lessons that features both chord and note
lessons, you can purchase the set. The DVD piano lesson programs are available
in reasonable prices and you can find them in local and online stores. You can
compare the prices and the DVD program features before you make the final
decision. Make sure that you make an informed choice because you're also going
to pay for it.

Shop around now for DVD piano lessons. Do you have a DVD player or component at
home? If you do, then you're ready to take your piano lessons. All the lessons
presented on the DVD programs are presented step by step. This way, it will be
easier for you to follow and learn. You can repeat the lessons if you like if
you find them difficult. This is the best thing about DVD piano lessons because
you can repeat the lessons if you can't keep up. You will not feel any pressure
because you can learn at your chosen pace. You can take the lessons fast or

By having your own piano and DVD and piano at home, it will be easier to learn
to play the piano. You can have the lessons at your chosen time and pace. These
are some of the advantages of taking DVD piano lessons. So why not purchase the
DVD program that suits your needs? This is the time to start learning to play
such a beautiful and unique instrument.

Learn to Play the Piano with a Mac Software

The internet is a very powerful tool used by millions of people all over the
world. Through the internet, you can learn many things including how to play
the piano. One way to learn how to play the piano is with a mac software.

There are many software providers online. They provide internet users with a
lot of software that aids them with their various tasks. But what is software?
Software is a computer program. It contains instructions to let your machines
work. So if you have plans to take piano lessons, you can do it through a mac
software. You must choose the mac software that will help you in learning to
play the piano.

Where can you find such a mac software? That is no longer a problem. If you
already have a computer and internet connection at home, you can search for
specific mac software that can provide you with piano lessons. Professional
pianists design special software to teach novice pianists their skills and
playing secrets.

The software usually includes video lessons so that you can actually see the
theories at work. Learning to play the piano by focusing mainly on the theories
is not very effective. If you want to learn in a short time, you must be able to
see how it is done. Through the video lessons incorporated in the mac software,
you will learn faster and easier.

If you want to purchase mac software that will aid you in your piano lessons,
you can simply search for them online. You can make use of various search
engines by typing 'mac software' or 'piano lesson mac software'. Check the
search results and click on the links provided. If you can find several piano
lessons software, you can compare them with each other. You can compare them in
terms of features, quality, and price.

The prices of mac software may vary depending on its features. If you can go
for the high end software that provides great piano lessons, do so. But if
you're budget is limited at this time and you really wanted to learn to play
the piano, find mac software that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.
By doing your homework and research, you can find the right mac software online.

Learning to play the piano is a good investment. You see, piano playing is a
continuous process. You will be learning for many years and you can't do it in
a few months. You must purchase your own piano and have your own computer and
internet connection at home. After spending on those things, you're now ready
to buy DVD piano lessons. You have to spend a great deal of your time studying
the different lessons, even memorizing some of them. You have to know all the
chords and notes. Aside from that, you should also practice frequently
especially your music pieces. This is the only way to learn to play the piano.

Remember this -- even if you have all the tools you need to learn piano playing
(including mac software), you will not learn fast and easy if you don't have the
right attitude. You must be motivated, patient, and hard working. Log on to the
internet now and search for the special mac software that can give you piano

Learn to Play the Piano on the Computer

In whatever you do, you will always encounter some pros and cons; that is also
the same with piano playing. The piano is a very special musical instrument and
almost every individual desire to play it. But before you can play the piano
gracefully, you have to learn how to play it. One way to learn to play the
piano is on the computer.

The computer is a must for every home. But the fact is, not all families can
afford to buy a computer. You're quite lucky if you have a computer at home. If
you want to learn to play the piano, it is possible since you already have a
computer. Now, all you need is to purchase a piano. This is an added cost on
your part but you can't really learn to play the piano if you don't have one at
home. Most pianos sold in the market are expensive but once you learn to play
piano music, all your problems and anxieties will soon disappear.

You can shop for a piano locally or you can shop online. You have to choose
carefully. You can compare the prices, the quality, and versatility of the
instrument. Make sure that you make a good decision. As a consumer, you should
only get the best deal for your money.

After the piano is delivered, you will have to choose a method that you can use
to learn all the lessons you need to know. Memorization is important in playing
the piano. Once you learn the basic lessons, you should not forget about them.
Retain all the previous lessons in your memory because you will need them in
the future when you already have your advanced lessons.

Have you seen expert pianists play? They know all the songs, notes, and chords
by heart. They can even play the instrument with their eyes closed and yet,
they never go wrong. It seems that they can picture the piano keys inside their
minds and play the songs with ease and comfort.

You can also play like the pros; however, you have to work really hard. Start
now by spending quality time with your computer. There are online piano lessons
that you can choose so that you will be able to learn the basics of piano
playing. You can't play the instrument overnight. It could take months or even

You have to be very patient so that the lessons you encounter will be easier to
learn and memorize. You can download piano lessons or simply make use of
software. All the lessons can now be found in your computer. So right now, you
have to make your computer your best friend.

It is a great advantage to learn playing the piano with the use of a computer
because you can have your lessons in your most convenient time. You will be the
one to determine how long you will have your piano lessons since you will be
doing it at home; so this means that you can learn playing the piano at your
chosen pace.

Learn to play the piano on the computer now. You have to start as soon as you
realize that you want to play the piano. Have the right attitude and don't give
up easily if you find some lessons difficult.

Learn to Play Piano Online

People have different reasons in wanting to learn to play piano. Some
individuals simply want to learn to play songs for fun while others dream to
become one of the expert pianists. No matter what reasons you have, you can
learn to play this musical instrument and one way to do it is online. Thanks to
internet, people from different races, rich or poor, now have a chance to learn
all the basic and advanced techniques of piano playing online.

There are a great number of piano lessons being offered online. Some lessons
are free while others ask for a certain fee. When searching the internet for
piano lessons, it would be a good idea to look at the free lessons first.
There's nothing to lose since the lessons are for free. If you can find good
piano lessons on the free websites, then good for you; you can take advantage
of the free lessons. If you feel that the lessons are still inadequate, that is
the time to choose among the paid piano lessons online.

Even if you go for paid piano lessons, it is still much cheaper as compared to
hiring a professional piano teacher. Of course, you will need a credit card to
be able to avail of these paid online lessons. Since you've taken of the free
piano lessons, you will only need the paid lessons to fill in some of the
missing lessons.

If you want to learn to play the piano online, you will need a computer at home
and of course a fast internet connection. You will also need certain devices so
that the lessons are delivered effectively. You will have an online teacher and
you can ask questions if you have queries.

The good thing about online piano lessons is that you can have them at any time
of the day or night. If you're working, you can have the lessons right after
your work or even after dinner. Staying at home also involves doing a lot of
chores, so you can have your lessons after you're done and when you're already
relaxed. Another is that you can learn alone or you can have your family join

Before anything else, do you have a piano at home? Since you'll be having your
lessons through the internet, you need to have a piano at home. If you don't
have one yet, then get one. Learning to play the piano can get expensive but if
you have the passion for playing this instrument, it's worth every penny.

Don't give up on your dream to learn playing the piano. You see not all people
have the capacity and ability to play this instrument. If you're determined to
learn, pursue your passion. Don't give up on the difficult lessons, instead
strive hard and practice all your lessons.

Learning to play the piano online provides a lot of opportunity for people from
different races, rich or poor, young or old. It's never really too late to
learn. If you start now, after several years you will be playing beautifully.
By that time, you can already play many songs.

Learn to play the piano online. You should not let this opportunity pass. Find
a reputable website that can offer you good and effective piano lessons. Log on
to the internet and make use of the major search engines to locate the piano

Play Piano in a Flash -- Is it Possible?

Is it really possible to learn to play piano in a flash? That would be
impossible because according to some expert pianists, it took them years to
learn their lessons and play effectively. However, there is one way to improve
your learning process in a flash.

You might be wondering how, right? Well, it is really simple. You have to take
note of your posture. This is very important when playing the piano. Try to
observe pianists; they have great postures and they seem to play with ease at
all times. Without proper posture, you will not learn the basic playing
techniques and even if you do, you can't play the instrument comfortably.

Some say that it is easier to teach children when it comes to posture but even
if you're an adult, you can still improve your posture. If you can do this, you
can play comfortably and with flexibility.

1. Try to imagine yourself sitting and you're about to play the piano. See
yourself as a giraffe; feeling as if your neck and head can reach the ceiling.

2. The next thing that you have to do is to stretch your arms. Try to imagine
that the arms are the wings of an angel. Stretch your arms to the sides until
your elbows are horizontally pointed.

3. Now, focus your attention to your hands. Look at your fingers. Move them
just like the legs of a spider. Walk each of your fingers to the piano keys.

4. You have to sit on the bench with ease and confidence. Try to think that
you're the best pianist there is and that you know all your pieces well.

5. When sitting on the bench, your elbows should be located right in front of
the stomach. Stretch your arms until your fingers touch the piano keys. Never
scoot forward. Sit as if you're glued to the bench.

Did you notice anything on the five posture pointers mentioned? Which word is
used many times? The word 'imagine' is used most of the time. This is very
effective especially if you're still a child but it can also work for adults.
Try using your imagination. This way, your body and mind will connect instantly
and you can play naturally.

The next time you practice on your piano, try follow these pointers. Follow
them one by one until you finally learn. These pointers are truly effective if
you can follow properly. Even your piano teacher or instruction manuals will
say the same thing. Here's a question for you -- have you ever seen a pianist
who slouch? That would be quite funny and irritating, right?

Start by learning to have a good posture. This is one of the starting points to
learn to play the piano in a flash. But all the other lessons should be taken
one step at a time. You have to retain all the lessons. That is why you have to
review your past lessons often to make sure that you still know them. You can't
simply forget past lessons because you will need them in the future lessons
that you're going to have.

The truth is, you can't play piano in a flash. But with a little improvement in
terms of your posture, you can go a long way. Take note of your posture now and
check if you have a good one.

Play Piano by Ear -- A Great Skill

A lot of want-to-be pianists struggle to learn the basics of piano playing. One
major problem that they have is that they can't play the piano by ear. You have
to determine the exact methods needed so that you can easily cope with your
piano lessons. If you don't want to end up like other unsuccessful novice
players, continue reading.

Playing the piano by ear is truly effective. In fact, it has been proven by
many people including the piano teachers and advanced students. It is difficult
to learn but ever since you were born, you are continuously learning. Life means
learning and you can't just stop it. Everyday, you learn new things and don't
you think it's time to learn to play the piano?

The piano songs are classified according to grades. For you to be able to play
piano songs between grades 5 to 8, it would take 7 or 8 years of piano lessons.
So you see, you can't learn to play the piano in a week's time. If you see some
claims online telling you that they can help you learn the piano in a few days,
that's not true. If you want to learn how to play the piano, it requires months
and to some, even years, of dedication and patience.

You can greatly improve your learning abilities if you learn a specific
technique called 'playing by ear'. This is a great method that is proven very
effective. Can you imagine yourself playing a new song in your piano? That is
possible. Once you learn this method or technique, whenever you hear a song
over the radio, you can easily play it on the piano.

If you think that this technique is only suited for the advanced pianists,
you're quite wrong. However, it can help advanced players a lot but if you're
just starting to take your lessons, this is the best time to learn this method
or technique.

Paying for your piano lessons is quite expensive. You also have to purchase
music books. If you can do without these added costs, you can save a lot of
money. If you're truly serious in learning to play the piano, you can learn
this technique. But if you simply want to have fun, you will have a hard time
in coping with the lessons.

In playing the piano, you have to have brains. Memorization is also important.
If you can't memorize your lessons and you can't play with your heart in it,
the sound will not be very pleasing to the ears. Dedication is of utmost
importance. That's why you also need to invest on a piano. If you practice
frequently, you can improve your skills day by day. Remember, it takes years to
learn to play piano gracefully and with life.

Learn to play piano by ear now. This is a technique that every desiring pianist
should learn. If you're piano teacher already knows about this technique, you
can ask him or her to teach you. Always be patient when having your lessons.
Aside from learning about the different chords and notes of the piano, you also
have to study your music pieces.

For you to be able to play gracefully and like the experts, you have to know
the technique. If you're teacher can't help you, then find another learning
option that will be able to teach you what you need to know.

Learn to Play Piano through Software

The piano is a tangible musical instrument. If you have the heart of a
musician, you have to learn to play piano. You can learn to play piano through
software and that's just what many busy individuals do nowadays.

The piano can be played in harmony with other musical instruments or it can be
played alone. The piano is a very unique instrument and because of this
characteristic, this instrument is most-loved by musicians.

If you've wanted to learn to play the piano for a long time, this is the most
appropriate time to begin. Today's modern times allows even the busiest
individuals to learn to play a piano at their desired pace and time. Through
piano software, you can learn many things like reading basic notes, basic
rhythm, and other intermediate lessons. Despite the good things about the
software, you will not be able to learn anything if you don't practice

Oftentimes, learning to play the piano with the help of a professional teacher
is not a very good idea. Aside from it being extremely expensive, you will have
somebody breathing down your neck for every mistake you make. If you prefer to
learn alone, this set up will not work. You must know that there are other ways
to learn to play piano and one is through piano software.

The inventor of the piano learned to play such instrument without taking any
lessons from a teacher. You don't have to hire a teacher if you truly can't
afford one because there is a less expensive alternative. Today, there are a
lot of special software out there just waiting for you.

Piano courses offered online makes use of software. It includes video lessons
that were designed by experienced and professional pianists. By opting for this
method, you can save lots of money. You get to choose your most convenient time
to learn to play piano and the best thing is that you can learn from home. You
only have to choose a certain room in your house to have the lessons and that's
it. Make sure that you practice everyday for a couple of minutes. Every time you
practice, you have to be serious.

When choosing a piano course with piano lesson software, you have to look into
the background of the seller or provider. The provider or seller should be
reputable. You can check customer testimonials to make sure that past clients
were satisfied. Every lesson should also be given in complete details. Having
video lessons is also good so that you can see the actual rather than imagining
what the theories look like.

You have to be aware that are so many software online and oftentimes, the
process of choosing the best one is a difficult task. You have to get a list of
the best software in the market. You can check reviews of the different software
and try to compare the top five. You can compare them in terms of the lessons
given, the extra features, and the price. Evaluate each of the software and
then choose the one that you think is best.

Now, you can start to learn to play piano through software. This is a good
investment but wait, do you have your own piano? Get one first before you get a
piano lesson software.

How to Learn to Play Piano

People have different passions in life but there are those who love to listen
to different piano music. If you're one of them, then you probably like to
learn to play the piano, but how?

Many individuals would like to learn to play piano but they don't know where to
begin. There are also those who previously had piano lessons but weren't able to
complete all the lessons because they simply got bored or they already spent a
lot of time learning but to no avail. But with a little shove in the correct
direction, you can learn to play a piano.

Firstly, you need to know that in playing the piano there are two ways -- by
note reading and by the chords. What would you like to do? You have to answer
this question. If you simply want to play existing piano music, you must know
how to read piano notes. On the other hand, if you want to write inspiring
piano music, you must be able to understand the piano chords. If you can learn
how to read notes as well as the chords, the better.

Still, if you want to learn to play piano in quick and easy steps, learn the
chords first. By doing so, you will know the different sounds of the chords.
Note reading can be taken up later.

One way to learn how to play piano is from a piano teacher. You need to find a
reliable and qualified piano teacher to ensure that you're given good lessons.
The teacher can give you lessons at home or in a studio. Choose a comfortable
set up so that you can learn without feeling any pressure. If you're reason in
learning to play the instrument is simply for fun, hiring a piano teacher is
not a good idea. You can opt for less expensive means like a piano book or CDs
and DVDs.

You have to ask the piano teacher if he or she is teaching the chord-based
lessons. You have to set realistic goals first before you find a good piano

Another option is to learn lessons online. This is also a cheaper alternative
in learning to play piano. You can choose the most convenient time to learn to
play the instrument and in your chosen pace. You can save money and time
through online lessons. If you're motivated enough and you're comfortable
learning alone, this method will work for you. There is also the computer
software being offered to help you learn to play piano.

When learning to play piano and other musical instruments, you have to have
fun. The entire learning process should be exciting for you. Once you've set
goals, you can start taking lessons immediately and practice regularly. Don't
get discouraged easily if ever you encounter some problems and hardships. There
are those who get frustrated but you should simply keep going.

Have a positive attitude and choose the best method to learn to play piano. By
having the right attitude, you can overcome difficulties in learning the chords
or the notes. As mentioned earlier, you can learn the chords first and then
later on, you can learn the notes. In a week or month's time, you can even
learn to write interesting piano music.

Start learning now and don't waste time. If this is your passion, give proper
attention to it.

How to Play the Piano: Learn the Chords

If you want to know how to play the piano, you must learn the chords first.
This is the fastest way for you to learn how to play such a beautiful musical
instrument. Not all individuals can learn to play the piano full time and if
this is the case, you simply have to learn the chords.

The piano chords can be easily learned by making use of self instruction
materials. You can purchase chord guide books or even videos. Different chords
are made up of several notes and so if you know all the chords by heart, you
will also know the different notes. A lot of people say that you can't learn to
play piano unless you've spent years of learning but that's not exactly true.
You can learn to play simple song in no time if you know the chords. But of
course, you're not expected to play very well at first because that's natural.

How will you learn all the chords? Firstly, you need to purchase the
instruction materials. You can find them in music stores. Once you have the
instruction materials, you can start learning the chords right away. You have
to constantly practice and don't be bored if you need to do it again and again.
Only then can you master the chords. Your hands also need to memorize the proper

Once you've memorized all the chords, you may be able to read a wide range of
music sheets. Don't focus mainly on the C chord. You still need to master all
the other chords in order to play simple songs. If you know the full chords,
you can play songs with finesse and rhythm. You can even make your audience
think that you're playing a very difficult music sheet.

The traditional piano has 88 keys but if you're using electric keyboards, it
has fewer keys. The keys follow a pattern. The piano's left side has deeper and
lower keys while the right side has higher keys.

Unlike the alphabet that starts with A, when learning the piano chords you will
begin with the C chord. Later on, with continued practice you will be more
familiar with the different chords. The piano's white keys are named C D E F G
A B consecutively. These are also the notes that make up the C chord. Now with
the help of your instructional materials, you can learn all the other chords.

It is very important to memorize the chords as well the notes that make up each
chord. If you're not very good at memorization, this is the time to improve it.
Memorizing the chords is not a very difficult task because if you practice
frequently, it will come out naturally and you don't even have to force

Go to the nearest local music store in your area. Find an instructional
material that will work for you. You can even purchase several materials if you
like. You can have a guide book, DVD, or CD; its worth all the money because you
will learn to play your songs easily.

Learn how to play the piano by focusing first on the chords. Good luck and
maybe time will come when you could already play for your family and friends.
Just be patient.

Learn Blues Piano

It is not really difficult to learn to play the piano. Almost every individual
loves music. Some like rock music, pop, jazz, alternative, rhythm and blues,
and many others. Whatever style of music you love, you can play it on the
piano. For you to learn to play different song styles on the piano, the very
first thing that you have to learn are blues piano.

What exactly is blues piano? It is a music style and once you learn to play it
on the piano you will have fewer troubles in learning to play other music
styles. Keep on reading and by the end of this article, you will know a great
deal about blues music and playing it on the piano.

To start with, you must know 12-bar blues. This is a very common progression if
you want to do blues piano playing. To play this particular blues form, most
pianists make use of seventh chords. A song is uslly broken into 3 sets. Each
of the set consists of 4 bars. Start by playing the song on the C key. Use 'I'
to illustrate the tone (C) in the C key. The IV tone is F and the V tone is G.

The initial set is played as I-I-I-I. The next set is played as IV-IV-I-I. The
final set is V-IV-I-I. Use your right hand when playing these three sets on the
piano. To come up with a sound that's just like blues piano, try to master
playing 7th chords.

For your left hand, follow the 8-note pattern. The pattern is like this:
I-III-V-VI-VIIb-VI-V-III. When playing the C chord with the use of your right
hand, the notes played will be C-E-G-A-Bb-A-G-E. While for the chord F, you
will be playing F-A-C-D-Eb-D-C-A. For the chord G, you will be playing

Try to examine the chords and notes played both by the left and right hand. If
you already know the different piano chords and notes, learning blues piano can
be very easy. Before anything else, you will have to master 12-bar blues in the
key C. Once you've mastered it, you can try playing it using other keys.

If you want to establish a good foundation in playing the piano, you must learn
to play the blues first. Many successful pianists started out by playing blues
and then they slowly made their way into playing the music style that they
love. Once you develop a strong foundation, the new lessons will be so much
easier. Learning the different music styles is challenging but if you can play
them with elegance and grace, your audience will love and praise your

Find a good teacher that can teach you all the things you need to know about
blues piano. If you can't find a piano teacher, you can use other methods like
using DVD or CD programs, online piano lessons, and a piano guide book. The
learning process will be solely determined by you. If you're serious with
playing piano and if you're determined to master your lessons, you will son
learn to play blues piano.

You see, it takes some time before you can play really good. It might even take
years of learning and constant practice. By exerting enough effort, time, and
money, you can be a very good pianist.

How to Teach Children to Learn Play the Piano

A child's attention span is shorter than an adult. But they are also the ones
who can easily learn more. For this reason, a child should be able to learn as
many artworks and instruments as possible. You'll never know if your child is
the next pianist who'll pave the way to be the next icon in the music industry.

If you're child seems to have interest in the piano, tolerate it. Support this
talent. If you can't teach your child yourself, try getting someone who could
spend quality time in putting the extra effort to share some knowledge and
lessons on the piano. Better yet, enroll him in a music school.

Children gets easily frustrated so you have to be more creative if you're
planning to let your child be the musician that you wanted him to be. Let him
enjoy while learning. Your child might not know the essence why you keep on
nagging him to play but in the future he'll thank you a bunch.

To get him really interested, buy a piano or keyboard. Put it in a part of the
room where your child can easily access it. Best of all, play with it like a
champ. Make your child see that you are actually touching your piano. This will
toggle his curiosity and will definitely lead him into participating or playing.

Now, if you see the sudden interest in your child, it's time to gather the
needed materials to do the teaching. Usually, the equipments involved would be
the piano, a music sheet, time and a lot of patience. Kids are playful. Even at
hard times, like when the child is being stubborn, you have to invest a lot of
patience to maintain the composure.

Here are some of the factors that are needed to be considered before starting
your lesson:

Time Kids as kids have a lot of things to conjure their time to. They are too
busy with things regarding school, playmates and playtime. It's hard to insert
even a second of your time with all these activities. Squeeze in your piano
time by making a time schedule. Ponder on your child's schedule then plan it.
Be sure to give at least 2-3 times a week, 1-2 hours a day.

Fun Instill in your child that learning the piano has its benefits. Learning
any instrument doesn't have to come out as a task or punishment. Make sure your
child is having fun with every lesson. You have to think of ways to make it more
enjoyable like giving your child rewards if a chord had been done correctly.
Strictness during practice makes it stressful on the part of the child. He'll
start to think that piano lessons are a bore and is another chore that had to
be done before the end of the day. If they fool around with the keys, don't get
mad. They're just getting the hang of it.

Support You should always be there to let your child know that every lesson
taught is vital. Before making your child perform and memorize a single key,
make sure that you have demonstrated it first. Then let them do it. After
which, ask your child to identify the keys that have been pressed. This would
let them remember your lessons by the end of the day. Always praise your child
for a job well done.

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