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Medical Careers

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Medical Career

A medical career is a noble profession because you are able to help those who
are ill. As medical science has improved through the years, it has opened a lot
of opportunities for those who want to be part of this specialized field.

But for those that want to become doctors, you must first complete 4 years of
undergraduate training, another 4 years of medical school, then 3 to 7 years
working as an intern and as a resident. That is a long time and if you want to
sub specialize, that will be another 2 years.

You will have to do well even during your undergraduate years and do well in
the MCAT or medical college admissions test because only a handful are accepted
every year in the best medical colleges in the country.

If you got into medical school and are now working on getting your medical
license, you will have to take the US medical licensing exam during your
sophomore and senior year in school and during your internship. The exam itself
is challenging but studies have shown that 90% of those who take it usually pass.

For those who find becoming a doctor too long, there are other options. You may
pursue a medical career as a nurse. From working at the bottom, you may soon
find yourself being in charge or a wing in a hospital or caring for patient in
the privacy of their homes.

You may also become an emergency medical technician who is on call and assigned
to rush to a scene should there be someone injured. These individuals are
responsible for stabilizing the patient before he or she is brought to the
hospital. It's a hectic job given that the medical equipment inside the
ambulance can only do so much.

Another job that is less stressful is being a pharmacist. All you have to do
here is dispense the medication that is written on the prescription pad. You
will also need to know how to explain to the patient how to use it. In some
cases, the pharmacist may advice the doctor on the dosage and the side effects.

The only downside to this job is that you will have to work on holidays and
weekends. If you don't feel happy working in such a place, try getting a job at
a mental institution, nursing home or neighborhood clinic.

For those that want to work in a lab, they can do so by being a laboratory
technician. They are the ones that test samples given by the patient and also
help doctors who are conducting scientific research. Given that we now live in
the digital age, most of the testing is done using machines so all the have to 
do is wait for the results to come and out and analyze it.

You can also work as a medical assistant who just takes care of the paper work
and makes sure that the doctor's clinic is running smoothly.

The various positions mentioned are just some of the options you have if you
are seriously considering a medical career. Though how much they earn varies,
the important thing is that each person is part of something big as the doctor,
the nurse, the technician or the assistant contributes something to improve the
lives of those who are sick.

The Benefits of Choosing a Career in the Medical Field

Choosing a career in the medical field is one of the best options available for
most people these days because of the job security, possible career advancement
and other intangible factors for job satisfaction in this type of decision.
Naturally, there are certain training and certifications required before
consideration of eligibility in the different careers available in the medical
field. There are some short courses, certification examinations with varying
lengths needed for preparation and immersion.

This should not hinder anyone from pursuing careers in the medical field.
Whatever time, effort and resources invested into trainings, learning and
certification will be well worth it. There is no need to worry about not being
able to strike while the boom in the industry is hot. Naturally, some
individuals may feel hindered by the fact that they cannot join the medical
field until they have completed necessary qualifications and some of these may
take as much as a couple of years to achieve.

This is no reason to despair though because experts say that the boom in the
medical field will continue to peak until 2012 and that leaves plenty of room
and time for interested individuals to prepare and acquire the job in the
medical field that they would like to build a career with.

Whether you decide to become a nurse, a medical assistant, a medical supply
sales specialist, or a laboratory technician, many promising opportunities will
continue to present and offer itself to you after you have accomplished the
necessary training and certifications. Just remain diligent, determined and
passionate about your chosen path and a bright future is yours for the taking.

Now before deciding which type of job you want to build your career from in the
medical field, you must make sure that you are laying down all the cards in
front of you. Be sure not to make your decision based on what you've heard and
just your own perception. Make sure that you do your own research and more
importantly, be sure that you familiarize yourself with everything that your
choice entails. This way, you won't find yourself in the middle of training and
wanting to bail out because it turns out that your interests lie elsewhere.

Remember that wherever your interests, skills and inclinations lie there is
bound to be a job in the medical field that you can choose. It is very
important for you to find the right fit in this regard because if you like what
you do you will be willing to give more of yourself and the chances of being
burned out or unhappy is less to non-existent.

Fortunately, the opportunities in the medical field are vast and varied enough
to accommodate a wide variety of individuals and their respective interests and
inclinations. For instance, if you have no previous medical training but know
that you want to take advantage of choosing a career in the medical field then
all you have to do is think about your personal strengths and existing
experiences and skill sets to date.

A person who is an extravert and has excellent communication skills can decide
choosing a career in the medical field as a medical supply sales specialist or
even as a medical assistant, depending on the details of their preferences.

Just make sure that you weigh and take into consideration all that is needed to
be able to make the choice that is right for you.

Medical Careers List

There was a time that there were no fields of specialization being a doctor.
This has changed so those of you who don't qualify as a surgeon may still
pursue something once you narrow your choices from a medical careers list. Here
are some of them to help you on your way.

1. First up is by working as a medical assistant. You can easily get this job
after you complete a 1 or a 2 year program from a vocational technical high
school, vocational school or community college.

Most of the time, their job is to perform routine administrative and clinical
tasks to keep the offices of the doctor running smoothly. They will not
examine, diagnose or treat a patient unless they are told to assist by the
attending physician.

They will also fill out medical records and forms, handle correspondence,
arrange hospital admission, laboratory services, bookkeeping, maintenance and
purchase of new supplies and equipment.

2. Let's say you know someone who has a back problem and going to the doctor
has not produced any positive results. If you become a chiropractor, you may be
the answer to their prayers as this specialist may make the problem go away for

A chiropractor performs their session holistically without the use of any drugs
or surgical treatments. To make their treatment more effective, they will advise
the patient to make some changes in their lifestyle such as a change in diet,
exercise and sleeping habits.

There are times that the chiropractor will have to make a manual adjustment in
the spinal column using water, light massage, electric, heat or ultrasound
therapy. To make sure it lasts, they may apply braces, tapes and straps.

3. Another medical career that does not involve surgery is occupational
therapy. Their job is basically to improve the conditions of a patient who is
suffering from something emotionally, mentally or physically so they may once
again live happily.

Treatment will vary depending on the patient. In some cases, physical exercises
will be used to increase strength, those who suffer from short term memory will
be given flash cards to aid in recall while those who have coordination
problems will be given an exercise to improve hand and eye coordination.

The occupational therapist may also design special equipment and then teach the
patient how to use it.

4. Something closely related to occupational therapy is physical therapy. The
job of the practitioner is basically to help the patient become mobile by
encouraging the person to use their own muscles to increase their flexibility
and motion before engaging in other exercises that will improve balance,
coordination, endurance and strength.

Sometimes, the physical therapist may use electrical stimulation hot packs,
cold compresses and ultrasound to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. If
the patient is unable to become mobile anymore after losing a leg, they will be
taught how to use assistive and adaptive devices such as crutches, prostheses
and wheelchairs.

The 4 careers mentioned are just some of the things you can pursue. Of course,
you will have to go to school first and get a degree then practice this for
some time before you are able to open your own clinic.

If being a medical assistant, chiropractor, physical and occupational therapist
is not for you, do some research and find something you are interested in the
medical career list.

Medical Career Training

What does it take to be a doctor? The answer is 4 years of undergraduate
studies, 4 years of medical school, 3 to 7 years as an intern and resident then
a couple of more years to move into a more specialized field.

But going to school is just one of the steps in medical career training. Aside
from reading books, you have to know how to put theory into practice by doing
the real thing.

Since the medical field is quite broad, how this is taught to the student
varies. If you want to start your career by enrolling in a trade or vocational
school, you will have to study courses such as anatomy, infection control,
physiology and medical terminology. Of course, you will also have to
mathematics and chemistry.

Once you make it through the basic courses, you will go into more advanced
topics of these subjects. Eventually, you will be given hands on training and
so you better remember everything you learned because you can't afford to make
a mistake when you are dealing with the life of a patient.

Technicians on the other hand should know how to operate the equipment that
they will be using. This can be a simple injection to a high tech computer
system that is designed to analyze samples drawn from the patient. Those who
don't want to work in a lab and would rather as a paramedic may do so by
working for private ambulance services.

But one field of medicine that has experienced shortages throughout the years
is nursing as many of them are nearing retirement age. This is the reason that
nurses who have worked abroad are hired to work in the US. Given that there is
a demand for such individuals, people who want to earn money and a lot more may
choose to go to school and become nurses.

Another option will be for you to go into medical transcription. Here, the
person transcribes the notes that have been taken said by the doctor. They are
usually hired after finishing post secondary training which includes anatomy,
medical terms and legal issues regarding health care documentation, grammar and
punctuation in the English language.

The last part of medical transcription training is supervised on the job
training. The American Association of Medical Transcriptionist or CMT is the
one that certifies those who pass the course. These students are required to
update their skills and credits every three years so they do not lose their
edge in this field.

Aside from training in the classroom, students who find it difficult to go to
school can learn medical career training online. You will need a computer, a
broadband connection and the software that should be provided by the school
that you will be enrolling in.

Once these requirements have been met, you can learn just like you are there in
the classroom then probably come to class to take the exam.

Medical career training is the first step to become a licensed or certified
medical professional. You can browse online to see what is in the program,
compare their prices and see how many of their students have passed or have
done well in their professions which is a indicator that can tell you if it is
going to be worth your time and money to sign up with them or with someone else.

List of Medical Careers

The medical field has broadened. There are now fields of specialization so if
you haven't yet chosen what you want to pursue, perhaps you should browse
through the medical a list of medical careers. To give you some idea, here are
a few.

1. When someone is injured, we are taught to dial 911 and wait until help
arrives. The one that comes through the door is a EMT or emergency medical
technician whose job is to stabilize the patient until they reach the hospital.

The EMT uses special equipment like a backboard to immobilize the patient if
they are seriously injured to the regular stretcher. They always work in teams.
One EMT drives the ambulance while the other stays in the back to monitor the
patient. Some EMT's are even part of the flight crew of a medical evacuation

Once they reach the hospital, they have to inform the doctor the current
situation and then let them take it from there.

2. If you want to help someone with their eyesight, you can become an
optometrist. Their job is to examine the vision of the patient and then
prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses. They may also prescribe medication as
part of vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation.

People should not be confused between the optometrist and the ophthalmologist
because this person does not more than just hand out corrective lenses. They
perform eye surgery so the person may see again like those who are suffering
from glaucoma and other eye diseases.

3. If you like to work in a hospital or clinic side by side with a doctor, then
perhaps you can choose to become a practical nurse. Their job is to care the
convalescent, disabled, injured and sick. This is done by making the rounds and
checking on the vital signs of the patient including the blood pressure, pulse
and respiration.

They will also administer injection, enemas, monitor catheters, treat bedsores,
give massages, apply dressings and a host of other things as instructed by the
doctor. If another test is needed, they will collect samples. Depending on what
state they are in, they may be allowed to prescribe medicines or start
intravenous fluids.

4. People who have a hard time speaking or pronouncing words will feel better
after they are treated by a speech language pathologists better known as a
speech therapists. These individuals assess, diagnose and treat those who have
speech and communication disorders.

These speech problems may be caused by a brain injury, cerebral palsy,
developmental delays, hearing impairment, language difficulties or a stroke.
Given that each patient is different, the specialist will have to develop an
individualized plan of care in order for it to work.

The end result is for the person to be able to make sounds, improve their voice
and most importantly increase their language skills so they are able to
communicate more effectively.

There are many opportunities in the medical field. You just have to find
something you like and then take the proper courses in order to be certified.
While some of the jobs mentioned you can do for the rest of your life, there
are others that you can't.

But if you still want to help people, go through the list of medical careers
again and make that career shift.

Job Descriptions for Medical Careers

The medical field is one of the fastest growth sector these days and experts
say that this trend may continue to hold true for several years to come. Given
this, there is a strong demand for individuals to fill these jobs. Below is a
list of some job descriptions for medical careers helpful for individuals
looking to launch their career in a growing stable environment.

Medical Assistantship Medical assistants play a vital role in the healthcare
business as they serve and fulfill different administrative and clerical roles
needed in different healthcare facilities. The job of the medical assistant is
to take care of the details like bookkeeping, filling out and managing patient
charts and files, arranging appointments and sometimes performing basic
in-house medical procedures like taking care of sutures and dressing bandages.

Medical assistants must have good communication skills and must be skilled
enough in dealing with people to allow them to put patients at ease whether
they are calling in or paying a visit to the clinic.

While some medical assistants move on to become nurses, many of them are happy
and fulfilled to stay as medical assistants for years.

Surgical Technologist A surgical technologist or technician is a healthcare
professional that assists a physical during surgical procedures. They perform
different tasks during different phases of a surgical procedure. Before an
operation, they prepare the operating room by assisting the surgical team,
taking responsibility for the necessary items and supplies needed for surgery.

During surgery, it is the surgical technologist or technician that passes
equipment, supplies and instruments needed to the surgeon. Aside from this,
they also prepare medications, handle specimens and assist with dressings and
sutures. The work of the job technician doesn't end with the surgical
procedure. After surgery, the surgical technologist makes sure that the
equipment, instruments and used materials are properly taken cared of to ensure
the integrity of the sterile environment of the operating area for each incoming

For the most part, surgical technologists can be found in the hospital setting
but they are not limited to this. Surgical technologists can opt to choose to
build their careers in private medical offices with specific areas of
specialization that will suit their interests. For instance, they can choose
private medical offices that focus on pediatrics, cardiology, physical therapy
and many more.

This job is well suited for individuals that can handle pressure and can think
on their feet with the added bonus of not having to work in a regular 9-5
office setting.

Medical Transcription A medical transcriptionists job is to transcribe
previously recorded patient data into a hard copy. It isn't always possible for
healthcare professionals to diligently fill out forms and charts for patient
data, histories and notes so they first make a tape recording of this and the
medical transcriptionists review this vocal recording and make a hard copy for
use later on.

Naturally, it would be very helpful for the medical transcriptionist if he or
she has existing knowledge of anatomy, general physiology and medical terms to
be able to do the job more effectively.

Medical transcription is for individuals looking to build a career in the
medical field on a task that allows for flexible schedules while being well

If you feel that any of these job descriptions for medical careers fit your
taste and background then you may just decide to pursue a fulfilling career in
the healthcare field.

Health and Medical Careers

If you think about it, health and medical careers are very similar as they both
want the same thing that is to care for the welfare of the patient. To give some
idea, here are a few possible careers that you may get into.

1. Brushing and flossing your teeth isn't enough to keep them clean. This is
why people are told to visit the dentist once a year or every six months.
Dentistry is usually completed after 8 years of education. It takes just as
long as a medical doctor and analysts believe this demand will grow as the
large number of are expected to retire soon.

The job of the dentist is to diagnose, prevent and treat problems in the teeth
and also the mouth tissue. They may perform x-rays, put in protective plastic
sealants, extract or repair fractured teeth. If patients need to straighten
their teeth, then they have to visit an orthodontist.

Dentists use a variety of equipment to get the job done. These include mouth
mirrors, probes, forceps, brushes, scalpels, drills and x-ray machines. To
protect themselves and their patients, they must always sterilize their
equipment; wear masks, gloves that must be disposed afterwards and protective

2. For those that want to get into the heat of the action, they may work as
surgeons. This is very challenging as most doctors work more than 60 hours a
week inside the operating room. Aside from general surgery, there are many who
specialize in a specific area.

Some examples of these include orthodontic surgery that is the treatment of the
skeletal system, neurological that is involved with the treatment of the brain,
orthopedic that is with the eyes, otolaryngology that is the treatment of the
ear, nose and throat as well as plastic or reconstructive surgery for those are
recovering from burn injuries or simply want to change their physical appearance.

3. You may also become a respiratory therapist. This person is tasked to
evaluate, treat and care for patients who have difficulty breathing or are
suffering from other cardiopulmonary disorders.

They usually work under the direct supervision of the physician. To evaluate a
patient, an interview is first conducted before a physical examination is done.
Tests are then done to analyze the oxygen, carbon dioxide and pH levels and then
comparing them with the age, height, sex and height of the patient if they are
below or above normal. The results are then used to make the proper treatment

Respiratory therapists do not only treat old people but also premature infants
that have not yet produced fully develop lungs. They may also be called in to
help those suffering from asthma, drowning, heart attack, shock and a stroke.

4. One job that is not often see in line with health and medical careers but do
play a role is that of a social worker. They help people who have serious
illnesses, disabilities and substance abuse. They also assist families who have
inadequate housing and those who are in serious domestic conflicts especially
those with child or spousal abuse.

If you want to help people, go for a health and medical career. This can only
happen of course once you have gone through training which many last from a
couple of years or even longer.

Medical Career Descriptions

Doctors and nurses regardless of their specialties are in the business of
saving lives. Each one of them has a responsibility to the patients and to give
you a better understanding of some of these positions, here are a few medical
career descriptions.

If you see a doctor, the first person that will greet you at the office is a
medical assistant. Their job is to make sure that the office is running
smoothly. They will tell you to wait for awhile and then go in should the
doctor be busy attending to another patient, take care of the paper work such
as filing medical records and other duties that is handed down by the doctor.

But if there is an emergency and you need medical attention quickly, you have
to dial 911 and wait until the paramedics arrive. Another name for them is EMT
or emergency medical technician. Their job is to stabilize the patient until
the ambulance reaches the hospital.

Once they get to the hospital, the patient is turned over to the doctor that
will soon be assisted by other doctors and nurses. The nurse is there to
monitor the patient's condition when the physician is not around and administer
medication when instructed to. Aside from working in a hospital, they may work
in a residential home, in specialized units, schools and hospices.

When the nurse has to extract samples from a patient, the person who analyzes
this is a laboratory technician. This individual uses machines that practically
do all the testing and when the results come out, it is up to him or her to
analyze the results and submit the findings to the doctor.

The doctor will decide what needs to be done to help the patient after
reviewing the results. If the patient is bleeding internally, surgery may be
required and a surgeon will have to be called in to remedy the situation. In
cases where chemotherapy is needed, a technician who is trained in using the
medical equipment will be the one to kill cancer cells on the patient's body.

For patients that are injured and need time to recover, a physical therapist or
an occupational therapist will be there to help the person learn to use their
muscles once again. If the patient has suffered from a traumatic event, a
specialist called a psychotherapist will try to help the patient. For those
that have a hard time speaking, a speech pathologist or speech therapist may
help so the words that come out can easily be understood by others.

Patients who are overweight may lose those extra pounds by exercising and
working with a dietitian. This person will tell the patient what he or she
should eat and those that should be avoided.

If you have a toothache, the one that can take care of this is a dentist. But
for those that want to fix their teeth and make it straight, you will have to
see an orthodontist.

The medical field has expanded through the years and the job descriptions
mentioned shows that you that each one of them is different. If you want to
become a doctor later on, you have to study hard and then work on a field of
specialization because this is the only way to distinguish yourself in the
field of medicine.

Careers in the Medical Field for Everyone

If you are considering careers in the medical field, be sure to learn and
understand that there are several opportunities to choose from. Traditionally,
people think that a career in the medical field is limited to the many types of
doctors and nurses. Truth of the matter is there exists an entire plethora of
options almost anyone can consider.

This type of information is especially helpful to those who may want to be part
of a promising and lucrative career in the medical field but is daunted by the
cost and length of study required in medical school. Remember that although
there is a certain glamour in being a doctor and an air of nobility in being a
nurse, other professions under the medical field is gaining as much popularity

Now more than ever, more and more individuals are realizing the career
potential in the medical field. If you are interested in improving your career
track and getting into the medical field, you first need to assess and take
stock of your existing qualifications. For instance, if you have been
previously enrolled in medical school and for one reason or another begin to
think about not continuing to pursue being a doctor, all is not lost or wasted.

It is not uncommon for individuals enrolled in medical school to begin to have
doubts and rethink their plans in mid-course. This is because some medical
students may realize that they don't really like interacting with patients and
lack the certain charm for a good bedside manner. Also, individuals may be
interested in medicine and the medical field but know that they are not cut out
to be doctors. There are all some individuals who are not at all connected to
the medical field but would like to improve their careers and their lives in
the process.

Almost anyone can take advantage of the growing medical field and individuals
from different walks of life are welcome to do so, even those without any
medical background. In fact, the medical field and its diverse options are open
to homemakers wanting to earn a better living while working at home. It is also
open to individuals who have not yet finished undergraduate studies or for
those who are already working but would want the opportunity to explore other
more lucrative career options.

The fast growing medical field now provides that opportunity to willing and
able individuals. There is bound to be a job in the medical field that is right
for you. There are options like lab technicians, physician's assistant, medical
transcriptionist and many more.

For these types of jobs, specialized training and short certificate courses are
available. Check out different options for these from pertinent government
agencies to be able to take hold of your life and be the master of your career.

Now there is simply no more excuse to not take hold of your life with a better
career option. Careers in the medical field are continuously growing and
offering challenging and satisfying opportunities for almost everyone. This
means that the fruitful career that you have always been dreaming of need not
only remain in your dreams.

Go and be sure to find out more about the different careers in the medical
field and which one is well suited to you.

Options for Careers in the Medical Field

Most people are now considering options for careers in the medical field
whether they are fresh out of high school and want to pursue a career in
healthcare or they are already well established individuals needing a change of
focus in their careers. Despite a career in healthcare services being
challenging, the returns for acquiring a job in this type of profession can be
very rewarding in terms of professional and personal satisfaction. This is why
many individuals are beckoned to join the healthcare field.

Fortunately for these individuals, there is a high demand for skilled
professionals in this field. The high numbers of jobs available and the
continuously growing demand for individuals to fill these positions is a result
of an aging population coupled with advancing technology.

So while people get older and age, technology allows for more services and
treatments in healthcare that lengthen life expectancy and improve one's life
quality. It also doesn't hurt that lobbyists continue to push the agenda of
healthcare at the forefront of the political platforms of heads of state.

So all in all the future for individuals in the medical or healthcare field are
quite promising. With attractive benefits, numerous opportunities for career
advancement and varied areas to choose from to suit each individual preference
and inclination, the medical and healthcare field has indeed become the place
to be for people who want to take charge of their lives and improve their

The opportunities in the medical and healthcare field are indeed numerous. When
traditionally the only positions that were top of mind for individuals in this
field were doctors and nurses, now doors to vast opportunities have opened up
and there are positions for medical assistants, medical encoders, medical
billing specialists, medical supply sales people, and lab technicians have come
to fore. This is only scratching the surface because the list of opportunities
goes on and on and while job opportunities increase so does the list of medical
colleges increase.

So now if you want to secure a career in the healthcare and medical field, you
won't lack options for choosing a medical school to go for. Even better is the
fact that these medical and healthcare schools conduct their trainings and
lessons using flexible schedules that allow students to study and continue
working on their day jobs. This makes the time, effort and money invested into
medical college all well spent.

While traditional medical school that train individuals to become doctors is
also time, effort and money well spent, this path is clearly not everyone. The
amount of money and time spent to become a doctor cannot be afforded by
everyone. Fortunately, for less time and less money, individuals can still be a
part of the fast growing medical and healthcare field through medical colleges
that offer specialized courses and training.

One can simply not go wrong in choosing to explore the possibilities offered in
the medical and healthcare field because the options are vast and there is sure
to be an option suitied for each individual preference and requirements.

For instance, people in sales can choose to move and launch their career as
medical supply sales agents where they target physicians and other healthcare
professionals and specialists to purchase or endorse their particular products
to their patients.

Careers in the medical field are numerous so be sure to choose one that suits
you best.

Hot Medical Field Careers

You've heard right -- there are medical field careers that are up for grabs for
individuals looking to advance their careers in high growth sector. What's more
is that there are different types of jobs available to suit particular needs,
interests and preferences. Below are some of the hot medical field careers for
individuals looking to switch or advance their careers.

Diagnostic Technicians (Sonogrphers) Sonographers are trained and learned in
performing ultrasound procedures on patients that require diagnostic
examinations. Whether the sonographer chooses a specialized job in pediatrics
or other medical fields, he or she must be trained on vascular ultrasound to be
able to correctly understand the physiology and physical anatomy of scanned
organs and organ systems. This will allow them to come up with technical
assistance to help the physician perform correct interpretations of the

It is very important for sonographers to know how to correctly log technical
results and be able to make preliminary evaluations to help the physician make
a proper diagnosis. Naturally, attention to detail and the ability to work
under pressure is a requirement for individuals that decide to become

The sonographer can go the extra mile and work on their bedside manner which is
very important in putting the patient at ease during examinations. If you choose
to acquire the necessary training and development to become a sonographer be
sure to choose institutions that are accredited by the Commission for
Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. It is also recommended that
sonographers take the Registeres Diagnostic Medical Sonographer exam because
passing this test will enhance one's employment opportunities.

Medical Assistants Medical Assistants provide the necessary assistance and
service to healthcare professionals by performing clerical, administrative and
basic clinical duties. They serve as the warm welcome to patients over the
phone or in the medical facility as they perform front desk duties. Aside from
this, they take care of patient and doctor appointments as well as patient
records, bookkeeping and basic in-house clinical services like cleaning and
dressing wounds.

For an added edge and for better employment opportunities, medical assistants
may decide to undergo training for medical billings and coding as well to be
better equipped to handle billing practices and other systems particularly
designed for the medical field and healthcare service institutions.

Individuals in the area of medical assistantship may also decide to use this
job as a springboard to advance their career into being a nurse. The experience
and learning from being a medical assistant is useful in pursuing a career track
for nurses.

On the other hand, a lot of medical assistants stay in this position because it
pays well, it's a stable job and it has its own merits to offer personal and
professional fulfillments to an individual.

Pharmacy Technician A Pharmacy Technician is a healthcare professional that
aids the pharmacist in medication preparations, billings and inventory among
other things. The pharmacy technician is in charge of maintaining patient
records when needed; taking care of inventory by recording, managing and
ordering stock supplies; as well as preparing and dispensing medications.

This is definitely one of the hot medical field careers available to
individuals who want to pursue this particular sector and interest. Not
everyone can be a doctor but now with the demand for people to fill out jobs in
the medical field, almost anyone can be in the healthcare sector helping people.

Career Medical Training

We start going to school at the age of 4 or 5. We graduate from secondary
school at the age of 17 or 19. Those who want to pursue a career being a doctor
will have to endure 4 years of undergraduate studies, 4 years of medical school,
3 to 7 years as an intern and resident then a couple of more years to move into
a more specialized field. This means that you will have only established
yourself as a doctor after you have reached the age of 30!

Do you really have to wait that long to undergo medical training and make a
career for yourself? The answer is no. This is because aside from being a
doctor, you can do something else that is in the medical field. To give you an
idea, here are some of them.

For those who don't want to work in a hospital, they can try to get a job as a
pharmacist. This person is the one that dispenses drugs at the store. They can
also recommend a drug similar to what was prescribed if this is not available
or way beyond your budget. Sometimes, they also help doctors determine the
proper dosage to be given to the patient as they are well aware of the side
effects of giving too much to a patient.

Another job that you may apply for is that of a lab technician. These
individuals depending on their training are the ones who test samples or man
the X-ray or mammogram when a patient has to be examined.

One job that is high in demand right now in the US is that of a nurse. This is
because a lot of those who are working right now are nearing retirement age and
the youth these days are no excited about that which is why nurses are being
hired from other countries.

Training for each of the jobs mentioned varies. For pharmacists, lab
technicians and nurses, they don't have to study for 8 years or more when they
already qualify for their position after a couple of years in vocational school.

Here, they will learn subjects such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, infection
control, medical terminology, physiology and several others before undergoing
hands on training. There will be exams to test their knowledge with regards to
each subject so there won't be any problems when it is time to do the real

You can also be successful working outside the hospital with a little medical
training. You can get into medical transcription since all you have to do is
transcribe what the doctor has said using a tape recorder. The work can be done
at home and then the document is sent back to the doctor.

Another alternative will be to get into sales as pharmaceutical companies need
sales agent to sell their drugs to doctors and hospitals.

Anyone can make a career once he or she has undergone medical training. You
just have to decide what you want to specialize in and then go for it. For
those that don't have the money to study full time, look for a school that
offers this part time or online.

Remember, this is only temporary because once you earn your degree, you can
already make your career out of it.

Building the Foundations of Your Career in Medical College

An individual begins his career as a doctor in medical school while an
individual who wants to get into the fast growing and promising medical field
builds the foundations of his or her career in medical college.

As a result of an aging population and a technologically advanced society, the
demand for excellent healthcare services and procedures is increasing and
experts say that this trend will continue for several years henceforth. With
this trend comes the proportional increase in opportunities for employment in
the medical field.

Now students fresh out of high school and individuals with careers outside the
medical path can now rightly contemplate the possibility of investing time and
resources in medical college to be able to acquire the proper credentials to
enable themselves to be qualified for careers in the medical field.

To get into popular medical field careers such as those as medical encoders,
medical billings, medical assistants, lab technicians, pharmacy assistants and
medical supply sales specialists, one needs to undergo proper training and pass
the examination for certification. Many of the most promising employment
opportunities will require certified individuals to prove their competency and
credentials for the job.

Since is this is the case, be sure to check whether the medical college that
you plan to go to for training offer certification courses or check if they can
at least properly train you for certification. Otherwise, your time and effort
will not be a very efficient choice after all. You can check out the different
medical colleges in your area through their websites.

Make sure to explore the websites of each medical college in your area and
understand the different programs they offer as well as the different
reputations each college has. A reputable school will look better in your

A career in the medical field will be challenging but proportional to the
amount of challenge are the benefits and satisfaction of securing a job in this
career. For instance, the training and certification for being a medical coder
will not only land a job as a medical encoder in the different types of
healthcare and medical facilities such as medical clinics, hospitals and
outpatient facilities. But one can also decide to own their own medical coder
business and earn more money by servicing different clientele through a
successfully managed outfit.

This option will not only secure one's financial needs but will also allow one
to choose and manage their own time and schedules. That's certainly more than
one can ever hope for in some other line of business or career.

Good opportunities don't abound for the medical coder. The same is true for
almost all other types of career in the medical field. For instance, medical
assistants can opt to take continuing education into the field of nursing. Once
a medical assistant graduates into a career in nursing the pay and incentives
are considerably higher for them.

This is why the money and effort into medical college is time and money well
spent. Not many other career options can offer the same privileges and
guarantees. This is why if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you
better be on the look out for a good medical college to apply for.

Even if you already have a job and cannot afford to take the time off to go
fulltime in building a career in medical college, don't despair. Most if not
all medical colleges offer courses during flexible times to allow individuals
to take continuing education without having to quit their day jobs.

Is Continuing Education Needed for a Career in Medical Coding?

Choosing medical coding as career can be ideal for a lot of people because it
is a lucrative way to make a living that does not come bundled with the usual
stresses of a regular 9-5 job. In fact, on the contrary, choosing a medical
coding career is choosing to make a living with flexible time and work from
home benefits. The question remains though: is continuing education needed for
a career in medical coding?

The simple answer to this is yes. In order to better your employment
opportunities, it would be beneficial for you to acquire the necessary training
required to familiarize yourself with the different ins and outs of medical

One needs to be able to understand and learn all there is to learn about
medical coding. This is because a medical encoder is in charge of assigning
specific codes to different medical services and procedures to enable
healthcare providers to be able to bill for services rendered. This is the
reason why medical coders are in demand in the industry.

If you have a propensity for organization and enjoy administrative work,
learning medical coding will be easy for you. There are specialized courses and
trainings available for individuals who want to learn the special ways used in
medical coding. However, not all of the available courses will give you the
necessary certifications needed to advance your career in this field. It will
however equip you with the knowledge to pass necessary examinations to enable
you to be awarded certifications.

You will find that going the extra mile and investing time and resources into
continuing education for a medical coding career will take you far. After all,
medical coders are needed by several institutions like hospitals, medical
clinics and offices. If you have the proper accreditation and certification for
this job then more opportunities present themselves to you.

The American Academy of Professional Coders offers different types of
certifications after individuals have been able to pass their examinations.
Each certification is nationally recognized and while you can still get a
medical coding job without these certifications, your options for employment
are limited. If you are serious about a career in medical coding, it is better
to take the examinations and acquire these certifications.

Most specialized trainings that medical schools offer for individuals who
choose a career in medical coding are prepared to take the examinations
provided by the American Academy of Professional Coders. For this purpose
alone, it is beneficial to acquire additional education.

The American Academy of Professional Coders offers Procedural Coder
Certification to those who pass a particular examination for this. After
passing the exam and being a Certified Procedural Coder, the individual can
then be considered for various prestigious opportunities as medical encoder in
different professional healthcare facilities, offices and clinics.

That type of certification is basic and if one wishes, they can also take the
other types of examinations offered by the American Academy of Professional
Coders. They offer Specialty Credentials that will enable an individual to
prove their expertise within their present focus or they can even use this to
jump start their medical coding career into a different type of specialization

It really is worthwhile to pursue continuing education needed for a career in
medical coding because not only will the proper certification allow for a wider
range of employment options, it will also open the door for you to be able to
have and manage your own medical coding company.

A Career In Medical Transcription

Medical transcription has been in use since the 1950's. This is used to keep
records of patients and since the doctor cannot do it themselves, this is where
people like you who have the training can come in to help them and at the same
time make some money.

There are a lot of medical transcription companies that offer their services to
clinics, healthcare facilities, hospitals, the individual sector, laboratories
and physician groups. Given the strong demand, you can even get into it
yourself with the proper training and the equipment needed for this to work.

To qualify, you have to enroll in an institution that follows the syllabus
designed by the American Association of Medical Transcription or AAMT. This is
available in vocational schools and colleges. Those who don't have time to go
to school may also find a program online so they can learn at their own

The important thing for you to learn are the medical terminologies often used
by doctors so they will be able to transcribed the patient's autopsy reports,
clinical notes, consultation notes, discharge summaries, laboratory repots,
psychiatric evaluations, operation reports, X-rays as well as referral letters.

Once given the job, you have to make sure that these are all error free
otherwise; the doctor will decide to cancel your service and find someone else
who can do a better job.

Just to give you an idea, some medical transcription services have been
outsourced abroad because of cheaper labor costs. Two countries that have been
doing quite well in this endeavor include India and the Philippines as majority
of the people who come from there speak English quite well.

Some of the services that have been offered to them include cardiology
transcription, chiropractic transcription, emergency room transcription,
gastroenterology transcription, general Surgery transcription, internal
Medicine transcription, maxillofacial surgery transcription, physical medicine
transcription, plastic surgery transcription, radiology transcription and
surgery transcription.

What kind of equipment is needed in order to have a medical transcription
business? Most MT companies would require a toll free number, digital
recorders, computer dictation systems, computers and a server.

They have to make sure that the line of communication is secure and that it is
hack proof so information about the patient does not fall into the wrong hands
given the rising number of incidents relating to identity theft. This is
achieved or course using hardware that is HIPAA compliant secured with 256 bit
AES encryption.

What kind of career do you expect with medical transcription? For those who are
starting out on their own, they can make money if they are able to keep a client
with error free documentation and submit this back on time.

If they are no longer able to handle the load themselves, they can train other
people to do it or hire people who have passed through the same training and
then hire these individuals to work for them. In short, you are able to start
up your own medical transcription company.

Will medical transcription still be around for the foreseeable future? Many
experts say yes because although there are already computer software programs
that have been built and used by doctors to encode the data of the patient
themselves, there are still issues that they have to deal with before medical
transcription which has been around for more than 50 years will be phased out.

All About Medical Supply Sales Careers

The high demand for individuals to fill jobs in the medical field is not
brought about by new job opportunities. The demand is actually just fueled by
the need for excellent health care services needed by a growing and prospering
population. Truth of the matter is, there are no new career offerings in the
medical field. There are just more opportunities available now for well
established jobs in the medical field and one such example are medical supply
sales careers.

Medical supply sales careers are not a new thing. In fact these types of jobs
have been present for a long time. The most common type of medical supply sales
job is that of the medical representative.

A medical sales representative is employed by a pharmaceutical company and it
is these sales reps' job to call on physicians and pay them visits to give them
free samples of the drugs that the pharmaceutical company carries. Medical sales
representatives are employed by pharmaceutical companies as a means to deliver
targeted marketing to physicians who have the power to prescribe these
medications to their patients. This way, pharmaceutical companies can push the
sales of their products through the doctors that prescribe them to the patients
that need them.

This type of sales tactic is especially successful for marketing and pushing
the sales of prescription drugs. This is because mass marketing of prescription
drugs is not possible and the best way to push sales of these is by targeting
the physicians that can choose to prescribe them to their patients.

Getting into this type of job is especially promising, lucrative and satisfying
for those who have an inclination for sales. If you don't have any sales
experience or you're not sure if a career in sales is for you, don't despair. A
medical supply sales career may still be for you.

Sales people possess excellent communications skills focused on the ability to
persuade and convince others into a desired action. In the case of the medical
representative of a pharmaceutical company, the sales person needs to convince
the physician to choose their type of medication over the rest. To do this, the
sales rep needs very good relationship building and management skills. Most
medicines in the same category have the same attributes and efficacy so
sometimes, it really all boils down to the skill of the medical rep to sell his
products effectively.

Given this, particularly good medical sales reps are compensated very well
through actual financial perks but also through fringe benefits like a good
service car and vacation and leisure packages. This is why many people consider
getting into this type of job and decide to stay and advance in their careers

These days though, sales careers in medicine are not only confined to sales
reps from different pharmaceutical companies trying to sell different
prescription and non-prescription drugs to physicians. Medical supply sales
careers are more encompassing than that these days as different outfits need
more and more individuals to join their dynamic workforce to help push the
trial and sales of different medical supplies to different health care

Medical supply sales careers are now not only offered by pharmaceutical
companies but by different medical and health care companies that have good
products to sell through targeted sales tactics.

Medical Equipment Sales Careers

Hospitals don't only need beds for their patients. They will also need CT
scanners, mammograms, X-ray machines, respirators, MRI's and a lot more in
order to compete with other hospitals. If you think you have what it takes to
be successful in this field, perhaps a sales career in medical equipment may be
lucrative for you.

The first thing you have to do is to apply to a company as a sales agent. You
can go to a manufacturer or work for a company that is an authorized
distributor of the medical equipment. After a series of exams and interviews,
you will then be trained on these products then it is up you to do the rest.

Some of the clients you will be offering medical equipment to are already
regular customers. Since these people may not need new medical equipment every
time you pay them a visit, you have to be resourceful and go off looking for
new ones.

In both instances, you have to sell to them the features and advantages of the
medical equipment. Some questions you should be ready to answer include what
makes your product better than that of a competitor. If you are able to answer
that, chances are they will buying from you even if what you have may cost a
little bit more.

During the course of your sales presentation with a potential buyer, you should
learn to sense if they are really interested or not. There are verbal and non
verbal signs that will tell you this. The most obvious is asking you when the
medical equipment you have presented will be available so you better be sure
that the quantity ordered will be delivered on time so this will not be

If ever you are not able to close the deal with the client you just met, don't
feel too bad because there are others out there that may be interested. It will
be a good idea to recall how well you did and if there were mistakes made, this
should be corrected so are able to sell better in the future.

In any case, don't forget to thank the hospital representative for seeing you
and leaving them your calling card and a brochure because it is possible that
they may need your medical equipment in the future. You may even try your luck
and give them a call later.

If ever they do buy from you, make it a point to see how the medical equipment
is doing. Should there be problems, you should be able to fix them so you are
able to earn their trust and perhaps additional orders of the same product or
something similar in the long term.

Hospitals require medicine as well as medical equipment to help treat patients.
If you have a knack selling things, perhaps here is your chance to make some
money and at the same time help save lives. So what are you waiting for? Look
at the companies that have job vacancies and then send in your application.

If you are good, a promotion will soon come your way and you will no longer be
the one going out in the field but encouraging those who are under you to do
the same as you did many years ago.

Medical Equipment Sales Career

Hospitals require a lot of medical equipment so their patients can be treated.
Monitors, respirators, bed, computers are just a few of them and given that
they will need a lot of these, you can make money earning sales commissions by
have a sales career in medical equipment.

Your clients as a sales agent include not only new hospitals under construction
but also old ones as they also need to upgrade their facilities. There are also
private and public clinics which you can visit and all you have to do is set up
an appointment with whoever is in charge with their purchasing.

Whenever you meet with them, you have to show not only pictures of your
products but also the real thing. At times, you may even have to leave a few
with them so they can try it out. To make your presentation look impressive,
you can even create or have someone make a computer generated presentation.

Explaining the features and advantages of the medical equipment your company is
selling is just one aspect. You should also be ready to answer questions that
they may ask. For that, you should ask yourself, if you were a doctor, what
would you want to know about the product? Then practice how you will answer
them by doing mock up sales presentation.

How do you know if the purchaser will buy the medical equipment you have or
tell you they are not interested? The best indicator is how they respond both
verbally and non-verbally. If they express interest by asking how many do you
have or when this can be delivered, you know you have made a sale. Another
indicator is if they have a smile on their face or nod their head.

Once you see these signals, it is time to close the deal. You can ask directly
how many do they want and then tell them when these will be delivered. It also
wouldn't hurt to throw in some freebies to the deal so they know they are
getting a good bargain buying the medical equipment from you instead of a

If ever they are not ready to make a decision, give them some time to think
about it and then pay them a visit or call a few days later. You have to
remember that medical equipment costs a lot of money even if they buy just one
or two and they will probably have to review their budget.

Whatever happens, don't forget to thank them for their time in seeing you. Who
knows, they may not be interested in getting medical equipment from you now but
if they are not happy with what they purchased from a competitor, they may
decide to go back to you in the future.

Should they buy from you, don't forget to also follow up on how the medical
equipment is doing. This will give you the chance to check if they are
satisfied with your product and if they are interested in buying more or
something else in your catalog.

Hospitals need medical equipment and medicine to treat patients who are
admitted. By doing your share as a sales agent, you contribute to their comfort
when they have to undergo surgery or have to be confined there for a few days.

Medical Devices Sales Career

Pharmaceutical companies do not only make money selling drugs. A certain
percentage also comes from the sale of medical devices. If you think you have
what it takes to sell, then perhaps you should go for a sales career selling
these products.

A sales career in medical devices means going out of the office often to meet
clients. You may have to drive a certain distance or get their by flying in a
plane. But before you meet them, you should already have a plan on how to
present this medical device and be prepared to answer any of their questions
because you don't have a second chance if you fail on your first sales pitch.

Your customers are usually doctors since they will be recommending your product
to patients. So, you have to tell them what you are selling and demonstrate how
it works. If the device is placed inside the body of a patient, the best way to
do this will be to create a computer generated visual presentation and then
present it to them.

While you are doing this, you should let them hold the device and give them a
hard copy of the brochure so they can also read it. As mentioned before, you
have to be ready for whatever questions they throw at it because the minute you
stutter or show that you are unsure of what you are selling, you may have
already lost the opportunity right there.

This will never happen of course if you have reviewed your product carefully
the second that it is given to you. Since you work as a department, you can ask
questions or conduct mock up sales presentations because it is better to make
mistakes now than with a client.

The best way to tell if the doctor will buy the medical device or not is to
look for signals. These could either be verbal or non verbal. If they ask how
many do you have, then you know that they are willing to get it. Non-verbal is
a bit tricky so watch their hands. If they are playing with it as though they
own it, chances are they are interested.

Once these signals are seen, then it is time to close the sale. You can be
frank and ask if they are willing to buy if they have not said so yet. You may
also say that the medical device is available in different colors and asking
them which they prefer to get. Should they respond choosing one color or the
other then it's a deal. The other option will be to attach some freebies to the
medical device. Usually, these help enhance the product which also helps.

One thing some sales agents forget to is to follow up with their previous
customers. You have to remember that these doctors see lots of patients
monthly. Aside from those who have to undergo regular checkups, there are new
patients who come in so you have to call them up every so often to find out if
they want to order from you again. This will also give you the opportunity to
check if there are any problems so this can be corrected.

You can have a great sales career selling medical devices. You just have to be
patient and persistent because along way, there will be some doctors that will
not be interested in what you have to offer.

Medical Device Careers

Sales agents who work for pharmaceutical companies do not only sell drugs to
doctors. They also sell devices such as pacemakers. The best part of being a
sales agent is that you don't need a medical degree to get started. You simply
have to know what you are selling and then making that pitch.

The first thing you have to do is apply for that position. That means polishing
your resume and emailing or handing this out to potential medical device
companies in the need for sales agent. If you have an interview coming up soon,
you should do some research about the company and be familiar with their
products so that if that if there is anything unclear, you can ask about this
when it is your turn to raise questions during the interview.

It is also possible to ask your interviewer to do a SWOT analysis of their
company because you will be able to understand what are their strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

As for the information about the potential employer, check out the corporate
website. Don't forget to look at articles that have been written by various
publications about them.

When the interview is over, ask how it went so you will have the opportunity to
know what you need to improve on. This will also give you time to clear up
anything that you may have missed earlier because this is the only way to show
that even if you don't get hired, you don't make the same mistake when you are
called by another company for an interview.

If however you are hired, then you should be familiar with the product. Most
companies have product training programs which will you give time to learn
about this device inside and out. This should also prepare you to answer any
questions that potential buyers may have like what makes your product different
than that of the competitor.

Those who are able to sell their product will be able to make a lot of money in
terms of sales commissions. This is as analysts have seen that the sale of
medical devices is a very lucrative career as more machines are released each

But the medical device career does not end by just selling the product. If you
have the talent and skill of making one or further improving it, you can apply
to work as part of the research and development department of the company.

To do this, you have to keep in mind that what you are building must have a
high sense of reliability in mind with only a few minor problems during its
life span. It should be something that doctors and nurses will be able to use.

This is done by what is known as reliability science which is defined as the
probability of a product performing without any glitches. If the odds of it
faltering are quite high, then more hospitals will want to buy this machine.

Will you succeed in a career selling or making medical devices? That entirely
falls upon you. If you have the skill or want to give it a shot, there is no
harm trying. Should things not go your way, maybe you can still be in the
medical field selling drugs, doing research or work with doctors by some other

Medical Careers

People who choose to go for a medical career want to help people fight their
illnesses. But since not everyone is qualified to be a doctor, there are other
positions you can fill.

1. Some people have difficulty with their sense of hearing so they go and meet
an audiologist. When a patient comes in, they try to find the source of the
problem followed by treatment that may include cleaning the air canal, fitting
and dispensing hearing aids, fitting and tuning cochlear implants and
audiologic rehabilitation.

Those who want to become an audiologist will have to get a master's degree in
Audiology but this will soon change as the requirement will now be clinical
doctoral degree. They must also pass the national examination given the
Educational Testing Service or ETS; perform 300 to 375 hours of supervised
clinical experience and 9 months of post graduate professional clinical

2. Remember those people working in the drug store giving you medicine once you
present a prescription? Those people behind the counter are called pharmacists.
These individuals must first graduate from an accredited college and pass the
state examination.

Having done so, they can already dispense drug and even provide information
about their proper usage. In some cases, they advise doctors and other health
professionals on the dosages, interactions, selection and side effects of

The job of a pharmacist involves a lot of sacrifice as you have to work on
holidays and weekends as drug stores are open 7 days a week and in some places,
24 hours a day. They may also find work in a mental institution, nursing home or
neighborhood clinic.

3. Another job that will enable you to work hand in hand with a doctor is by
being a dietitian. Their job is to tell a patient what to eat in order to lose
weight or simply to promote better eating habits.

Nutritionists also fall under this category. Both individuals must have a
bachelor's degree in dietetics, food and nutrition or food service management
systems. The dietitian may start their own practice and network with doctors;
find employment in nursing homes, small hospitals or in a correctional facility
to manage the food service department.

4. When you go for a medical checkup in a clinic or hospital, the person that
will doing the testing is a laboratory technician. These individuals personally
examine your body fluids, tissues and cells to see if there are any bacteria,
parasites or other microorganisms that pose a danger to the patient.

They use state of the art machines like electronic microscopes, cell counters
and other gadgets making their work less hands on and more analytical. If you
want to pursue a medical career in this field, you must have a bachelor's
degree in medical technology. You will report to a clinical technologist or a
laboratory manager.

There are other medical careers you can pursue aside from the four mentioned.
You should do some research first if this is really something you want to do,
go to school and then fulfill that dream. If at some point you want to shift
somewhere else, go ahead and do so because there are other things you can do.

You can take on another job still in the medical field like assisting doctors
in medical research.

Taking Advantage of a Medical Career Forum

Knowledge and understanding plays a big role in the success of any endeavor and
this holds true for choosing the right job in the medical field to build a
career from. To help make the right decisions in this regard, it is beneficial
to attend a medical career forum at least once to be able to make informed

A medical career forum can be likened to a communion of like minded individuals
to be able to explore the different medical filed careers available. By
attending these for a, you can equip yourself with the necessary information
you will need to decide whether you want to pursue a job in the medical field
or not.

This is also the place to find the right job for you in a setting you can learn
and understand more about in case you have already made the decision to join the
lucrative and stable medical field.

You can look at a medical career forum like a support group. The information
and promotional materials can be overwhelming and cause individuals to become
confused as to the best course of action on many things including what career
to choose in the medical field and why to choose it. Sometimes, even after
giving it ample amount of thought you still can't be sure that you've made the
best and most informed decision. In cases like these, joining a medical career
forum is very helpful.

Through this type of forum, whether in an actual meeting or in a virtual one,
can help individuals decide better. By aligning yourself to the people in these
forums, you can equip yourself with more information and the more you know, the
better your chances of making the right decision when choosing and going for a
career in the medical field is needed.

You can ask the group questions to help you. Be sure to find individuals who
may have been in the same situation as you find yourself in now and their own
decisions and experiences can be a source of inspiration and answers to you.

Be sure to remember though that you should not base your entire decision on
what other people have done and what other people think. Be sure to have your
own inputs and make your decision based on your own interests and skills. Don't
choose to be a medical assistant because it sounds good to you. Instead, choose
to be a medical assistant because you have the necessary skills sets or natural
inclination toward that particular career.

For instance, an easy rapport with different types of people as well as a
penchant for multi tasking and organization are also very important attributes
that one needs to be successful at choosing a career as a medical assistant. If
you don't have these attributes or if you don't have an interest in building
these skills into your repertoire then you have no business going into training
for this job and eventually applying for this position.

You can find a medical career forum online, through different pertinent
government agencies, community boards and the like. Joining as many as you can
will result in a better equipped self so go out there and join different
medical career forums.

If you use a medical career forum correctly, this can help you in building the
right career for you in the medical field.

Build Your Career as a Medical Assistant

Many people are now considering building their career in the medical field. The
medical field is one of the most fast growing sectors these days because of the
great demand for excellent health care services brought about by the fact that
the country's economy and growth are dependent on good quality healthcare
services. One particularly promising option for individuals looking at
opportunities in the medical field is a career as a medical assistant.

Demand for medical assistants are at an all time high as more and more
opportunities for quality healthcare outfits are propping up in response to the
need of a growing population with specialized needs. A medical assistant will be
find a job in a doctor's clinic, in outpatient services, in therapy clinics and
any other facility that provides healthcare.

If you are thinking of applying for a job in the medical field, you may want to
consider a career as a medical assistant. Below are some helpful information to
help you find out more about this job, what it entails and if this is the right
choice for you.

Are you cut out to be a medical assistant? If you at least have a high school
diploma, possess a pleasant personality, can stay on top of multiple tasks and
can coordinate and organize well then you may just want to consider a career as
a medical assistant. This is especially true for people who feel aligned with
giving the proper health care and attention that each individual deserves.

It is very important for medical assistants to be compassionate and caring
because they interface often with patients and are often the first person that
a patient sees upon entering a physician's clinic. This is why coupled with
warmth and compassion, medical assistants must also be good communicators.
Aside from this, multiple responsibilities that are required of a medical
assistant, which is why one must be detail oriented, analytical and loves

If you feel an affinity and can align yourself with these then a job as a
medical assistant is right for you.

What does a medical assistant do? A medical assistant is the caring face and
may serve as the personality behind the atmosphere of a medical or healthcare
facility. More specific to the medical assistant's job are administrative and
clerical tasks.

It is the medical assistant who arranges appointments, fills out a patient's
chart and makes sure that these documents are properly files for easy access
and documentation. They also perform a variety of bookkeeping front desk tasks.

Aside from these, a medical assistant may also perform basic in-house facility
testing like changing wound dressings, administering injections and such. This
is why some medical assistants advance in their career by moving on to being a
nurse. However not all do this and many indeed do choose to pursue being
medical assistants for many years. This is because they find the job lucrative,
stable and fulfilling.

The job of a medical assistant is very important and in fact contributes to the
level of success of the care for each patient. By taking care of the details of
the medical assistant's job, the doctor and other healthcare professionals are
able to concentrate more on their jobs.

If so far you feel that a career as a medical assistant is indeed for you, the
next step would be to check out learning institutions that offer training and
mentoring for people who want to become medical assistants.

Making a Career Out Of Medical Devices

When prescriptions are not enough to help the patient live a normal life that
is when medical devices are used. Some of these are attached to the human body
while others are used whenever they are needed. Through the years, various
products have come out and since there is a demand for these products, you can
make a career selling these devices.

One way to make money is to buy second hand medical devices and then sell these
to hospitals who can't afford to buy brand new versions. The other will be to
find a company that manufactures these products then work as a middleman to
make a commission.

In both cases, the important thing is for you to make a convincing sales pitch
so they will decide to buy from you instead of the competition. For that, you
have to know your product inside and out then meet the potential buyer.

Your sales presentation should show the features and benefits of the medical
devices that you have. Sometimes, a visual presentation speaks a thousand words
so if it is necessary, make one using power point or generate one using a
computer program.

You should also be prepared to answer any questions that they may have like
what makes your product much better than that of the competition. Sometimes
price is a decisive factor and in some cases it is not.

Convincing them may involve showing the results of tests done on your product.
You have to do everything possible to sell your product because this is the
only chance that you will ever have.

During the course of the sales presentation, you may already be able to tell if
they are interested or not. You can do so by listening carefully to what they
say or how they behave. If you sense that things are going your way, then you
can already close the sale. This can be done in a straightforward manner or by
luring them in with a few freebies.

There will be times that the client will buy or won't buy your medical device.
If you made a sale then good, if not then you just have to move on as there are
other places where you can try to sell your product.

Never forget to thank them for seeing you. Remember that this is not the end
because they may call you in the future. This is why you should give them a
call or pay a visit if you have something new to offer because medical science
improves every day and these health facilities have to be update their

But if a purchase is made, don't forget to see how the devices are doing. If
things do well, there will be reorders. Should there be problems, you better be
ready to find a way to fix it.

How much can you make selling medical devices is hard to say. This really
depends on the amount of effort you put into it which is not that
different than those selling insurance or other products in the market.

If you are good at it, you will not only make a lot of money but also work your
way up the corporate ladder. You may not be the one to do field work anymore and
instead have others do what you used to do.

Making a Career from Medical Education

You can have a career from medical education. This is because there is a demand
for such individuals as more hospitals are being made and those who have been
doing this for years are almost or have already reach retirement age. This
means that there is a need for fresh faces to take their place.

How do you make a career out of medical education? For doctors, once they have
finished their undergraduate studies, they can already enroll in medical
school. One study shows that 96% of the students that have chosen to enroll in
medical school obtained their M.D. degrees.

For the next four years, they will be able to interact with patients and then
learn how to treat them. They will work together with experienced doctors who
have been doing this for years and hopefully choose what they want to do later
on be it that they want to pursue a career in family practice, gynecology,
internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics or surgery.

Once they finish that, they may now apply for residency in a hospital until
they soon become interns. Those who want to go farther can study for another
two years or more to further specialize what they have learned.

With the training given, some of these professionals will open their own
practice while others will work in hospitals. Their list of clients will grow
if they do a good job with one patient who will then recommend them to friends
and family.

For those who don't end up becoming doctors like nurses and technicians, they
too can make a career for themselves by working for a number of years in one
position and then getting promoted later on. For instance, nurses who do a job
will no longer be the ones doing the rounds in the hospital but instead
handling a wing and having a group of nurses under them.

This begins by enrolling in a vocational school and then finding a hospital or
a clinic who will accept them. Along the way, there are advance courses which
they can take which gives them the opportunity to make them learn new things
and keeps them updated with the latest trends in the medical field.

For pharmacists that have capital, they no longer need to work in a drug store
when they can start one on their own. This is as such retail establishments can
only be owned and run by licensed pharmacists so instead of getting a fixed
wage, why not work and earn the profit?

The same goes for professionals who have been working in research laboratories
for so long making drugs. Given their knowledge in chemistry, perhaps they can
make something better than what the pharmaceutical company they are working for
is making.

Individuals who have a knack for selling stuff can make a successful career
selling either medicine or medical equipment. After all, companies need such
individuals to help sell what they have so these can be used by hospitals and

You make your career from medical education and not the other way around
because how well you perform in the future is your decision. The school you
came from merely gave you the tools you need to get started. The challenge is
applying what you learn.

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