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You got to take it higher: The benefits of increasing your metabolism

Did you know that the key to a successful weight loss is by mellowing down your
metabolism? Metabolism is the process of burning calories in your body which
happens naturally even if you are not exerting any effort- yes including when
you are sleeping.

Metabolism, if increased, would result in taking much fluid thus weight loss
would happen gradually. The recommended weight loss of 1 - 2 pounds per week is
really possible... By increasing the metabolism you are giving the body a need
to have more amount of protein.

As we all know, exercise could increase metabolism but the point is that an
individual must do an exercise that is suitable and effective for his or her
body type. Increasing the metabolism must come before trimming down on calories.

A permanent weight loss may be achieved through increasing metabolism and this
process provides different benefits.

This would give you more time to do whatever you want because you do not need
too much exercise- this would allow you to enjoy other activities. Moreover,
you do not have to force your self to do tough exercises.

Unlike other diets that hold promises of remedies when actually you just end up
disappointed, increasing your metabolism will give you better long-term results
and will not give you bigger possibilities of gaining weight again.

You do not have to ignore the favorite food and you need not spend so much time
just preparing non-fat meals. Of course, you could stop spending too much just
for this non-fat food and the like.

These benefits are very simple but these are very important especially for the
well-being of an individual. When we exert effort and work hard on our
objectives like losing weight, impossible will not even be a fact at all.

These benefits are just some of the many increasing your metabolism could
offer- so what are you waiting for?

Measuring Our Metabolism

Advertising has been strong when it comes to losing weight products and
services. Through this medium, people are becoming more interested and
captivated with the promises and the assurances these ads hold. In this modern
world, everything that meets the eye is marketable- sad to say.

We need not carried away with these commercials. Increasing your metabolism is
the best means of doing so. You just need your self, and a little help from
outside factors. The first step is to measure your metabolism.

How do we measure metabolism?

A metabolic test comes in two ways. The first method is direct calorimetry.
This method measures the energy expended in the form of heat. The other one is
indirect calorimetry, it measures the amount of oxygen consumed over a period
of time. Traditionally used in hospital and research facilities due to the cost
of the machine and the need for trained technicians.

What are the needed preparations for the test?

The aim of the test is to gauge the RMR or the Resting Metabolic Rate of an
individual. Therefore, he or she needs to avoid eating a meal 1 and a half
hours before the test, avoid exercising on the day of your test and avoid the
use of stimulants such as caffeine on the day of the test.

What happens in the testing bed?

You will relax in a seated position; the doctor will ask you to do this. A mask
or mouthpiece would be used and you have to breathe in there for ten to fifteen
minutes. A report after the test would be printed out by the machine. The most
important part is that you discuss the results with the doctor in order to come
up with the next steps for your diet plans.

Would the test results be useful for good?

No. You have to retest after some time. Your RMR and your total metabolism
changes through time. Change in any element of your lifestyle would directly
affect the result. For you to keep a track of your metabolic rate, seek help
from a doctor.

There is a need for one person to give value to his metabolism because it will
not just decide your size but it will have an impact on your lifestyle and on
your entire life.

Increase metabolic rate, lose weight: 7 wise moves to increase metabolism

There are no forms of dieting that could stop you to grow bigger. Most are only
fads and instead of giving you the results you once hoped for and worked for,
they leave you frustrated and well, sometimes hopeless. Well, worry no more.
There are these 7 effective moves towards a healthier, sexier you!!!

Sleep well, live well. According to studies, people who just have 4 hours of
sleep at night have slower metabolism than those who have 8-hour sleep.
Moreover, the former resort to overeating since they feel like eating would
cover up the lack of sleep. You must have enough sleep for you to feel revived
after every "wake up".

Sweat out a little in the evenings. There is recent research that tells us that
our metabolism tends to slow down during late in the afternoon or at the end of
the day. So, in order for you to burn more calories, it is wise to do some
evening walks and other exercise forms that would allow you to sweat it out and
burn calories.

Do not be a slow drag- move more. As you move more, you burn more calories.
Instead of taking a ride to a near place, walking is a better choice. You must
gradually make minor lifestyle changes. These are just so minor so you will not
have a hard time. It is as the fact that these may be easy for you will not need
hard work. This could be done in a way like going through the stairs instead of
taking the elevator, do gardening instead of watching TV too much all day long.

Eat more proteins. Diet studies show that protein intake stabilizes the amount
of insulin in the bloodstream. It is highly-beneficial for you.

Skipping meals is skipping life. A drastic change for your body is not good.
Never dwell on the idea that missing a meal would make your waistline look
well-carved. Always bear in mind comes from deep within. You will never conceal
the fact someday that you are living an unhealthy life. Whenever you do a sudden
stop in eating, your body would react to it in such a way that it will slow down
its metabolic rate.

Sweat out a bit for some exercise. Exercise does not directly results to a
better metabolism because not all of its forms are really applicable but it
leads to a better sleeping habit. And, sleeping increases metabolism.

Most of all grow lean muscles. Having more amount of these lean muscles would
mean a more expedite metabolism. A few push-ups and squats daily are of big
help. Just bear in mind that it is not all about working out but considering
the metabolism of your body and other's legs.

Seven moves toward your aims. Never let go of the hope that you will a
healthier, sexier and better life!!!

Not That Low-Carb Diet!

Just before you think that low-carbohydrates diet would save you from getting
fat, better think again and weigh things up for your self. There is indeed a
misconception in the arena of dieting that one must get rid of the
carbohydrates-rich food group. We just do not realize that these food included
in carbohydrates' circle are the major source of energy that we need to keep up
with the hard work we do every day.

Did you now that this type of diet is only good for temporary purposes? On the
other these low- carb diets even have long-term risks. They are so alarming but
one need not panic- all you have to do is to start healthier this time around.

There is a risk of osteoporosis. Diets which are very high in protein like
animal protein from meat heightens the risk for osteoporosis for women because
the body takes calcium from the bone to neutralize the acids that build up in
the blood as a result of digesting large amounts of protein.

In addition, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, any
low-carb diet which is low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains but high in
animal foods increases the risk of acquiring kinds of cancers.

Low carb diets your body to take high fats. An international studies show that
countries low rate of breast cancer, are countries that have high fat intakes
while those with a high fat consumption have high rates. Diets which use
high-fiber food are better and they would help to gradually overcome the risks
of breast cancer.

The most alarming id the risk of heart diseases, yes it is. Over-consumption of
saturated fat is a known risk factor for raised LDL cholesterol, heart disease
and stroke.

This common misconception must be alternated by a new fact that for one to
determine how to slim down or lose weight, metabolism affects how much a person
could lose weight and not merely rely on the idea that ignoring rice, and all
the nutrients they provide.

Wrong thoughts... wrong metabolism!

"Temporary or permanent?" of course the latter would be the most popular answer
unless you are the type who is strangely inclined with quick-constant-changes in
your life. In whatever field it is, people find security and stability in
permanence. It is funny to think that in dieting however, they give in to
short-term solutions.

These short-term solutions come in different ways such as skipping meals,
working out with an empty stomach and so forth.

What are the most common metabolism malpractices?

Dieters only think of one factor affecting metabolism. There are different
factors that lower or heightens metabolic rate like age, sex, sleeping habits,
amount of muscle mass. The tendency for most of us wanting to lose weight is to
get carried away with just one area of consideration. The most typical example
is that he focuses on building muscles but neglect sleep. This is not a good
way because it will not give positive outcomes.

Dieters just exercise for the fat zone. This thing does not sound new to us.
Even gym instructors give this as an advice. So, the dieters think that doing
this would really shape them up. The truth is, they need an over-all work out
to maintain weight or even improve it to the level you want to.

Another big malpractice is when dieters restrict calories too much. For
experts, when food goes down too low, metabolism slows down to create a balance
inside for bodily activities. There is a big possibility that you lose weight,
but this may come from wrong portions of the body like the muscles or organs.
You just lose weight temporarily but in the long run, you will lose muscle
mass, and eventually gain weight.

The worst malpractice is the use of diet pills to lose weight. Metabolism is
greatly affected by this wrongdoing. They think that taking these pills would
tame their appetite and lose weight. This is just for short-term results, you
have to think of long-term wellness over a temporary rejoice.

You must put in mind that health will always be the most important one not only
for diet-conscious individuals but for all people. Therefore, we must not be
blinded with these glittering diet malpractices.

Diet pills versus Metabolism

Too lazy to sweat out and do some exercises? If not lazy, do you think it would
be more convenient to take or swallow diet pills than boost your metabolism and
do things the natural way?

Diet pills therapy is a choice for individuals who don't want to spend most of
their time and effort doing exercise and it is also a current-day approach to
get rid of gaining weight by making you lose your appetite. For some pill
users, they are not allowed to eat oily food and junk food as well as fast food.

In dieting, setting your goals is very important. Like if you want to get a
slimmer figure, you could find a product or method of your choice. Just feel
free and not worry about what others testify because not at all times that what
works best for them would also work best for you. It is case-to-case basis. The
market offers different diet pills and they are really making it big since many
wanted to have the fast and convenient way of toning your body down.

There is however a risk for diet pills, never overdose it because it could give
out fatal results. Make sure that you are safety while taking it. It is good to
be healthy and sexy by pills but the feeling of satisfaction and real health
differs. We could see the good points provided by diet pills but some are
really negative points to know- for one's safety.

There are pills which are habit forming and this is alarming. One could become
dependent in the long run. Just like any other medical concerns, talking to
your doctor would be a great help. It is for your safety.

Taking diet pills may also slow down metabolism. Instead of getting well your
body would stop your appetite causing you not to eat that well, Losing weight
is good but risking health is not.

To have a safer use of diet pills, seek a physician's advice. We just want to
inform you that boosting your metabolism and trying on the best method to lose
weight comes naturally from one best time: YOU.

Metabolic Rate and Its Effects on Metabolism

Have you ever asked your self if why your friend's way of losing weight is
seems not giving you half of the results she or he enjoys? It has something to
do with your metabolic rate. This metabolic rate varies in every person and it
means we need varied way of losing weight.

Metabolic rate is the rate at which our body burns calories to sustain life.
Our body burns endlessly burn calories even if we are sleeping. Our muscles are
responsible for burning down calories though we are not performing any physical
activity. Muscles are called "metabolic reactive" because of the said qualities.

Age may determine differences in metabolic rate but there are others which the
degree of influence is just not as much as other factors or determinants.

Stress is actually one of the lesser influential among all the factors.
However, it does give a difference. Most people who are stressed out are more
prone to slower metabolism. Stress disrupts some normal processes of the body.
This makes them gain more weight faster than those who experience lesser
stress. It is also true that people eat more when they are stressed or
depressed. Eating serves as the catharsis for them.

In our endocrine system, a gland called "thyroid" is responsible for our weight
and other bodily processes. This would mean that hormonal production especially
involving the thyroid is sure to affect every person and thus, giving different
effects to each. That is why people come in different metabolism and different
sizes. Genes have something to do with it too.

Water intake is also a factor. Bodily processes are often involving the water
portion of our body. This means that those who hydrate well have the chance to
have faster metabolism than those who have lower levels. Inadequate water
intake may impede body processes thus affecting one's metabolic rate.

Of course, the food we eat is one of the strongest factors. The choice of food
actually varies to one's lifestyle. Most busy people are into fast food. This
leads them to an unhealthy diet- giving then higher calorie intake compared to
those who are into healthful food. More calories, slower metabolic rate- more
weight to gain.

Activities involving the body are one of the top determinants of metabolic
rate. There must be a balance between the food intake and the work you do.
Though you eat food but the activities you do are not that beneficial to your

According to experts, muscles are the biggest factor in a person's metabolic
rate. The more the muscular tissues are, the higher the metabolic rate would
be. This makes people with more active muscle tissues lose weight faster than
those who do not.

With these points, people must be aware of these factors so that it will be
easier for them to work out on their target weight management and choose their
own means of slimming down.

Resting Metabolic Rate: It is metabolism that matters!

Having a tough time jumping up just to let those jeans fit your thighs? Before
a housemate complains about the mild earthquakes you create, think of doing
your part of making an effort to commence a better and healthier life for your
very self. What about a diet? It does not mean that you will starve to death
but you just have to take efforts to lose weight.

Weight loss is as confusing as buying goods in a busy marketplace. Too crowded
with methods that come with too many promises, it boggles up your mind. These
promises come with the best advertisements and testimonials. But, did you know
that you have the entire control of your weight? Did you know that it is all
about how to know your metabolism and calculate your RMR or Resting Metabolic

What is RMR?

It is the total rate used up by the body in using fuel or burning calories but
at times that we are just not doing anything or while resting.

There are factors that affect our RMR. One of these is age. As we become older,
our muscles deteriorate and it leads to lower RMR. As a result, aging is
accompanied with gaining of weight.

Dieting or any form of doing exercise is not at all an assurance that one could
effectively lose weight. We have short-term effects only but what about the
long-term ones? We know for a fact that the latter is more important than the
former. Weight loss may mean losing your muscles instead of losing your fats.
Muscles are essential for metabolism, so you may just get the other-way-around
results. Choosing a more effective exercise really matters. Weight lifting is

As you take steps in increasing your RMR, you are pushing your self on your way
to a lighter weight and healthier life as a whole.


Coffee is the worlds most popular and consumed beverage. It is usually served
hot prepared from the roasted seed of coffee beans. Its popularity has given
birth to many kinds of instant coffee. The word coffee entered the English way
back in 1598 from the Italian word "caffa" via the Turkish word "kahveh"
through the Arabic word "qahwa". The ultimate origin of the word is uncertain
there being several legendary account of the origin of the drink.

Coffee is such a drink which is liked by all people irrespective of their age
or geographical location. Coffee is made either hot or cold. The cold
preparation of coffee is as popular as the hot one. You can have your coffee
with or without milk or simply with some whipped cream to make it sinfully

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world next to petroleum. The
popularity of coffee can also be judged by the rising number of coffee pubs and
cafes all over the world. People of all the age groups can be found hanging at
such cafes enjoying their cup of coffee. In the morning, in the afternoon or in
the nights the coffee house business does not stop.

Many researches have shown that coffee reduces the risk of a number of diseases
and ailments like diabetes, gall stones, cirrhosis and many more. Coffee forms
the chief source of stimulant caffeine in the human body. The good and bad
effects of coffee are still being researched on. A cup of coffee, when you are
really down, can make you more alert and boost your power of reasoning.
Anything, including coffee, when taken in moderation does not have an adverse
effect on your health.

Like cocoa and banana coffee is a tropical export that is produced almost
exclusively in the rain forests of the developing world, but is mainly consumed
in the wealthier nations. Fortunately more and more coffee drinkers are
demanding that their favorite baristas serve coffee that is grown in a manner
that protects and not destroys the rain forests.

Did you know that the farmers all over the world harvested 7.4 million tons of
coffee in 2002 , an all time high , and almost double the amount harvested in
1960. It is also remarkable that one out of every five cups of coffee worldwide
is consumed in the United States. Meetings are held, proposals are discussed,
marriages are proposed, deals are finalized, and a lot more happens over the
magical cup of coffee or java.

Murdering Metabolism: A crime against your body

For example, you are not consistent with dieting like you have been in and out
of losing weight program, over the years; you gain and lose weight
interchangeably. Has it something to do with ruining your diet? Does it mean a
problem or just a common misconception?

It is nothing else but impossible. Diet could not be ruined. There may be
noticeable shifts in the body composition that is regarded as one of the things
people refer to when they talk about their metabolism being "ruined" by dieting
but this is only a natural component the so-called "burning of calories."

If one hopes to bring his or her metabolic rate up and soaring, one of the best
things you can do is regain some of that lost muscle by adding weight training
to your routine. With this, metabolism would be faster and attaining the
lighter weight you have now is easier.

In the dieting world, this phenomenon of gain now, lose weight later is called
"yo-yo" effect. There are specific positive actions you can make in order to
work with any metabolic concern you may have as a result of your dieting
history. Every person differs, so have the freedom and sensibility to gauge
your needs and put into consideration all the factors especially how your
metabolism is like.

Most people experiencing the trouble of the yo-yo effect have been trying to
lose weight using a low-fat diet. However, this is not the correct approach.
Low-fat diets are generally high in carbohydrate diets, and they just have this
imaginary guarantee that your body will consistently give high levels of
insulin. The fact is: the body does not burn fat when there are high levels of

The thought of metabolism being destroyed is of falsity. Metabolism is by fact,
a phenomenon that starts in the womb and ends in the tomb. We just need to take
good care of our health and see to it that our metabolic rate or metabolism as
a whole is not unknown to us.

Through it, we could take strides to a life of good health and satisfaction.
And we must be cautious in dieting or else...

Why are you skinny though you eat much? -- People have varied metabolic rates

There may be something of mystery to you. The situation is: you eat like hungry
as a bear and think of no weight-loss programs because you do not need one since
your body is like skin plus bone... In dieting, the concern of weight control is
not the mere issue. There are individuals who wish to have rounder butt and not
to walk like walking skeletal systems around.

Why do body shapes and sizes vary?

They vary because we have different metabolism or metabolic rates to be
specific. Our age, sex, amount of muscle compared to fat, and the amount of
exercise we do in our daily living are different and they are the determinants
of metabolic rate. These things make our body shape different from each other
too. It does not mean that if one looks thin, it means that she is so choosy
when it comes to food. There are instances of genetic or hormonal factors
affecting metabolism too. That is why it is a wonder for some when a person
eats in tons but he or she stays slim.

If compared to females, males have higher metabolic rate to females because of
testosterone or male hormones. As we know testosterone is responsible for all
the so-called "manly matters" among the men's physiological aspect. It includes
the growth of muscles. And by nature, males are born with more muscles than
females. This makes them have higher metabolic rates than the females who have
estrogen and progesterone as sex hormones.

As to age, adults have lower metabolic rates than infants, children and
teenagers. This is because of the fact that the latter age groups have more
active growth hormones in their stage of life. Actually, research show that
human growth hormone is not prescribed for matured adults because they will
just suffer from negative consequences. This is only prescribed for children
that are not of normal growing rate.

Is there also an increase of metabolic rates for females?

Women have higher metabolic rates when they are pregnant and more when they are
breastfeeding. However, this plunges down when they menopause. For them to
maintain higher-than-normal metabolic rates, daily exercise would be a huge
help. Doing so would increase the amount of muscles so, metabolic rate is
increased too.

Is exercising in the evening better than other times of the day?

It does not matter at all. No research neither studies shows that the time of
the day affects the effect of the exercise to the body. Doing it whenever you
are free and comfortable is always the best idea. Doing it three to five times
a week would indeed give you better results.

Still bothered why your little-eater friend looks like as if he ate all the
food you swallowed all these times? We hope that upon reading on you have
realized the key points and hopefully do what is best for you to meet your
metabolic rate needs in having the weight you have been waiting for.

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