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Mexican Food

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What Is There To Know About Mexican Food?

Mexican food is popular all over the world and for great reasons. There is such
a variety when it comes to Mexican dishes. You can taste combinations you never
have before. Many people appreciate the great Mexican minds that created
popular Mexican foods. The foods thrill our taste buds, the smells excite our
minds, and the looks please our eyes and enrich and inspire our souls.

Many of the Mexican foods of today are based from long ago when the Aztecs and
Mayas first created them. Some dishes that are exotic and eaten long ago
include iguana, spider monkeys, and rattlesnakes. It is not eaten most of the
time in this century, but it is also not unheard of. In addition the Mexican
foods evolved when the Spanish colonists arrived. One ingredient that has not
changed is the chili pepper. You may also find a bit of Caribbean influence in
some Mexican dishes, especially in the Mexican states of Veracruz and the
Yucatan. French influence can also be found in some Mexican dishes, one being
bolillo. That is bread popular in Mexico that has a hint of French.

There are many health benefits when it comes to Mexican foods. They are rich in
vitamins and minerals, with low fat and calories. You are not eating authentic
Mexican food if you eat at Taco Bell. America has added many fats to the foods,
which doesn't contain all the nutrients you would eat if you ate in Mexico.
Mexican dishes contain many fresh ingredients that you may not be able to find
in other types of cuisine. Tomatoes, peppers, onions and others are very
healthy for your body.

Foods differ in the different regions of Mexico. It depends on the climate and
geography of the area along with ethnic differences. Northern Mexico is known
for its dishes that contain meat, while in Southern Mexico, dishes popular
include vegetable and chicken. Sea-food is commonly served in the Mexican state
of Veracruz. Veracruz is a Mexican state that is very long and tropical with
lowlands that runs up and down the Gulf of Mexico. It is easy to get fish such
as red snapper, snook, grouper, and mojarra. Mojarra is a prized fish in the
area. Crab, lobsters, and oysters are abundant.

Besides the ocean, the state has more than 40 rivers that run through it. It
has an endless supply of freshwater fish and shellfish. The food is prepared in
a way that reflects unique dishes of the state. Seafood is very healthy for your
body and can add a different taste to regular classic Mexican food dishes.

You can learn a lot of history and facts about Mexican food by the different
regions. Trying new recipes will give you a taste as to why they differ. With
Mexican culture rich in history, it is always nice to learn about how the foods
came about and how they are nowadays. Once you are knowledgeable about the
dishes it makes it even more enjoyable when cooking and eating.

What Type of Methods is Used To Cook Mexican Food?

Mexican foods are cooked similar to how you cook your everyday meals. They can
be fried, boiled, and grilled. Mexico has cooked their foods differently in the

Long ago, the natives of Mexico did not have ovens like we have today. They
would have to cook foods by an open fire pit. They would hold the foods in iron
pots and pans. It cooked like how we grill our foods on the barbeque. Before the
Spaniards introduced the iron pots, the Aztecs used to steam and boil foods in
two-handled clay pots which were called xoctli. The pot was filled with the
food and heated over the fire. Frying foods was a popular way to cook. Many
Mexican dishes still use this method.

Today in the present, it is a lot easier to cook Mexican dishes. It takes less
time to prepare the foods. If someone wants to make homemade tortillas, there
are iron pans that make it easy. Flan can be made simple using spring form type
pans. Long ago, it was a long process to make masa, which is a dish that
includes a certain type of corn that has to be grinded. Nowadays you can
purchase a metal grinder that helps grind the masa.

The oven is perfect for making many Mexican foods. It makes cooking vegetables
and meats a snap. They can be placed in a pot of water with added spices and
simmered for hours. Bigger steaming pots make tamales easier to cook. You can
make many tamales and steam them all at once, making it very convenient.
Tamales take a long time to make, so big pots are perfect.

Grilling on the barbeque is also a great way to taste authentic Mexican foods.
Long ago foods were made this way and called Barbacoa. It consisted of steaming
meat that was suspended over boiling water in a deep pit. Before steaming the
meat cactus and banana leaves were wrapped around it. These days, barbequing
allows the spices and sauces to burst with flavor. It tastes similar to how the
food once was cooked over open flames. Fajitas are great on the grill!

Centuries ago, the natives used what was called metate y mano. It was a large
tool that was made out of lava rock or stone. The surface was slightly concave.
The tool was used to mash the ingredients. Another tool they used to mash
ingredients was molcajete. It was mortar and pestle. When cooking, you have to
be able to stir. Wooden spoons have been used for centuries and still are.
Today different types are available for you to use, depending on what type of
dishes you are making. Some are made for stirring thicker foods, while others
are thin for stirring foods such as onions and garlic.

Mexican food has a rich history behind it. The methods might have been
modernized, but the food is still traditional. Depending on how the foods are
cooked, you will taste different flavors and textures. There are many Mexican
dishes to cook and enjoy.

What Mexico Eats for Breakfast

El Desayuno is known as Breakfast in Mexico. It consists of a hardy meal
containing many colors, spices and flavors. Breakfast varies depending on the
region. Some produce is not available in other regions. It also varies because
of ethnic diversity. Breakfast dishes have a long history that dates back to
the Aztecs and Mayans and also from Spanish rule for more than three centuries.

Tortillas are not just for dinner. You can find most people in Mexico eating
them for Breakfast. The tortillas are made into burritos, tacos, and tostados.
Beside the tortilla on their plate, are usually colorful fruits and vegetables.
It is common to eat a variety for Breakfast. Vegetables include tomatoes, and
red green peppers. Fresh fruits enjoyed at Breakfast are Watermelons, Oranges,
Pineapples, and Strawberries. Plato de Frutas is a great breakfast dish that
consists of many different fruits. It is pretty much what you would find a
fruit salad. Some fruits in Plato de frutas are melons, bananas, mangoes, and
sometimes papayas.

Eggs are also common in Mexican breakfast. A dish that has become popular in
much of the Americas is Huevos rancheros. The name means eggs that are
ranch-style. The most common version of the dish consists of corn tortillas
that are lightly fried and fried or scrambled eggs with a chili sauce. Other
foods that are typically added to the dish include beans, olives, avocados, and
fried potatoes. Another dish that involves eggs is Huevos Motulenos. The eggs
are made on tortillas and covered with tomatoes, beans, peas, ham, and chilies.
A dish that doesn't include eggs, but is seen during breakfast in Mexico is
Chilaquiles. It is tortillas that are stir fried with onions, and spices and
sometimes with added chicken. It is topped with cheese and served with a type
of gravy sauce.

Mexicans love chocolate and enjoy it in the morning. You may be thinking of
chocolate bars, but for residents of Mexico, it is to drink. The chocolate is
thin discs that are put into water or milk and melted. People also add other
ingredients that make it not the same as hot chocolate. This may include
vanilla, cream, egg yolks, and cinnamon. Even though chocolate is a favorite,
Mexicans still like having coffee in the morning like the rest of North America.

Mexican coffee is more light and nutty in flavor than Coffee in the United
States with a touch of a chocolate taste. It is comparable to expensive brands
of coffee in America. When drinking, it may leave a burnt after taste at first,
but it becomes normal after a few more sips. Coffee is Mexico's most popular
morning drink.

If ever on a vacation in Mexico, try staying at a Bed and Breakfast. You will
be served an authentic Mexican breakfast. If you do not travel, look in your
local white pages for your nearest Mexican restaurants. Many of them serve
breakfast items.

Another good way on trying breakfast Mexican style is by searching for recipes
and giving them a try. Once you try the foods, you might just add them to your
everyday morning!

What Kind of Cakes Are in Mexico?

Mexico has their share of sweets. You can find sweet drinks, to candies and
chocolates, and of course cakes. One cake that is popular and simple to make is
the Mexican Chocolate Pound cake. What makes this cake a classic is the addition
of Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. It is simple to make and very tasty!

If you crave for something lighter, Tres leches cake is perfect. Translated
into English it means "cake of three milks". It is a butter cake that is soaked
with three different types of milk; condensed, evaporated, and whole milk.
Because the cake doesn't usually include butter in the milk, it contains a lot
of air bubbles. The top of the cake can have fruit such as raspberries to add
extra flavor. This cake is common many parts of Latin America. The origin is
not surely known, but is thought to be between Nicaragua and Mexico, where the
cakes were found the earliest. Tres leches cakes are great at parties and other
special celebrations.

As you know, Mexico loves its spices. Chili and jalapenos are sometimes added
to chocolate cakes. You might think it would taste weird, but it adds a unique
flavor. The Mayas used chili with cocoa for many years. One particular cake
that has a touch of spice in it is Chocolate Jalapeno cake. Every ingredient is
typical to what you would see in other chocolate cake recipes but this
particular cake calls for finely chopped jalapenos.

Another popular cake that is made in Mexico is called Rosca. You will have to
wait until the holiday season to find it though because it is a cake that is
made around December until February. It is made into a circle shape that
represents the crown of the three kings. The cake is flavored with lemon and
orange zest and contains almonds. The top of the cake usually is colorful with
fruits. Inside of the cake is one of two miniature statues of the baby Jesus. A
party that is held on the three kings day includes this cake. Everyone will cut
the cake hoping they are not the one who finds the doll, because it they do,
they have to make foods for another celebration that is held in February. The
cake can be bought at local bakeries, or made from home, with the baker putting
the dolls in themselves.

If you have a love with crepes, why not try them Mexican-style? The crepes are
topped with Cajeta, which is Mexico's version of caramel sauce. The crepes are
also topped with toasted pecans. Other toppings can be added if desired.

If ever having a fiesta, try baking a cake. Some cakes have tropical fruits in
them, while others are richer and contain cinnamon. Whatever you enjoy in other
cakes, you will find in Mexican style ones. To make sure the cake is authentic,
purchase actual Mexican cocoa and follow the recipe accordingly. It is sure to
be a big hit at your next celebration!

What Are Some Vegetables Found in Mexico?

Americans love Mexican cuisine. The cuisine usually found in America contains
typical vegetables you can find in the states. There is a variety of vegetables
not as known in America, but are grown and eaten throughout Mexico.

Jicama is a Mexican potato and also considered a turnip. It is a large, bulbous
root vegetable with the roots getting as heavy as 50 pounds. Its flesh is thin
and is brown and white in color. Jicama has a crunchy taste to it. The flavor
is described as being nutty and sweet, with the texture similar to water
chestnuts. In Mexico the vegetable is thinly cut and soaked with Mexican lime,
and topped to chili pepper.

Nopales are another common vegetable throughout Mexico. It is a popular
vegetable to eat during Lent. Nopales consist of fleshy, oval leaves that are
from the nopal cactus. Their color can be anywhere from light green to dark
green. They have a light, tart taste to them. The vegetable can be boiled or
grilled. In Mexico you will see nopales cooked in scrambled eggs and even

Chayote is a gourd that once was the main food for the Aztecs and Mayas. Its
skin varies from being white to pale green. The outside can be found smooth,
wrinkled, or full of pricks. People prepare it similar to summer squash. It
also is used in salads. Because the taste is mild, seasonings are sometimes
added to strengthen the flavor.

Another vegetable that would be great added to a salad is the Mexican Gherkin.
It is a young cucumber that is picked when it is 1 to 3 inches in size. The
vegetable can then be cut and added to salads, or other dishes. People also jar
the gherkins adding vinegar and dill, which makes them pickled.

Many Mexican dishes have tomatoes added. One popular tomato is called the
Mexican husk tomato. It was popular back in the Aztec and Mayan economy. The
plant can stand 4 to 5 feet tall. The tomatoes are usually miniature in size.
When the tomatoes are ripe the skin will be yellow, purple, and sometimes red,
but that is a rare color for the tomato. It gives many different flavors from
being acidy, to sweet with many seeds. The Mexican husk tomato is grown in the
Summer time in temperate regions of the country. It also needs plenty of sun
and not extremely wet soil. Once grown, they are cut and eaten raw, or added to
different dishes such as a sauce called salsa verde which goes on meats or green
chili peppers or used alone. They also are popular additions to salads.

These vegetables and others that are grown in Mexico can be found at food
markets and Mexican grocery stores. Each vegetable has its own purposes and
make great additions to dishes. It is great to experiment and see what you can
do with them. Before you know it, you may be adding chayote besides tomatoes
and avocados in your salad!

What Are Tortillas?

Tortillas got its name from the Spaniards. The word "tortilla" comes from the
Spanish word "torta" with the meaning being round cake. Tortillas are eaten
everyday not just in Mexico but also in America. Americans put just about
anything in the tortilla. Ever try peanut butter and jelly in a tortilla? Many
eat it that way; also the tortillas are used with hot dogs, casseroles, and
sandwiches. Tortillas have been enjoyed for many centuries, but not with all
the fillings that are used these days.

Aztecs made tortillas more than 10,000 years before Christ. Aztecs ate a lot of
corn, some right from the cob, and others they would save and use later. They
would ground it into corn meal and later make into masa, which is corn dough.
The masa is added with water. If the water is not the right temperature, the
consistency will not be enough to make the tortilla. Once the masa is ready, it
is placed in a ball size in the maker's hands. It takes awhile to go through the
process of making the masa flat. It is patted into what looks like a think
pancake. Once it is the right size, it is placed on a hot griddle. It does not
take long to cook.

Today the tortilla is still made with the same ingredients. Majority of them
are made in factories with machines because they are in high demand. They come
in many flavors. Anyone can still make them from scratch if they prefer. You
can find tortillas in a variety of Mexican foods. Tacos use them as the shell.
Enchiladas consist of the tortilla being filled and then rolled, afterwards
being cooked. Quesadillas use tortillas as turnovers which are filled and then

If you think that tortillas are just for eating, think again. There is a type
of art that is called "tortilla art". It is fine art that uses tortillas as the
canvas. First the tortillas are baked and then acrylic. After that they are
painted. Tortilla art is made to represent the culture of Latino artists.

Tortillas are also what are used to make the tortilla chips. The tortilla is
cut into wedges and fried. Corn tortillas are made from corn, vegetable oil,
salt and water. The chips first became popular in the 1940s in Los Angeles,
California where the chips were mass-produced, but it is still considered a
Mexican food.

Americans use tortillas for a lot of their foods. It is most common found in
burritos, which started long ago in northern Mexico. Tortillas are a
traditional food of many people from northern states of Mexico and also Native
tribes that are found in the Southwestern United States. Just about any
restaurant will carry tortillas. You can try many different foods that include
them. They are easy to find in the grocery store. You can use your taste buds
and imagination to make your own foods which include the tortillas.

There are many different recipes available to search, so join in on a tasty
convenient food that many Americans have already discovered.

What Are Tamales?

Tamales have a long history dating back to the Aztecs. They called the tamales,
tamalli. In the Aztec language the word means "wrapped food". They were made in
different sizes and shapes in dishes and often served at festivals and
ceremonies. The dough was very time consuming to make. The Aztecs would cook
the tamales by burying them under hot coals. Once the Spanish conquistadores
arrived, the Aztecs cooked the tamales in underground pits, or uncovered pots.

The outside of the tamale is dough with the insides being the filling. Tamales
have a variety of fillings which include beef, pork, and green corn. Many
Mexicans add other main ingredients. Chicken and pumpkin are also common
fillings. Sweet tamales will include raisons and cinnamon. Sometimes you might
even find fruit tamales. Once the tamales are made, it is wrapped in corn
husks. After being wrapped, they can be steamed in a kettle.

Tamales are becoming very popular in the United States. Fillings besides the
typical flavors in Mexico are popular. You will find beef, and another filling
that consists of corn that is similar to creamed corn. Tamales are found at
many Christmas dinners in the American Southwest. In the Southwest the tamales
will have a spicy meat filling that is beef or pork and served with a chili con
carne sauce. Tamales are easy to eat, and do not leave a mess. Americans are
also enjoying them for dinner. Some grocers carry them in the frozen section
along side tacos and burritos. The best way to eat tamales is when just out of
the steamer. You can taste all of the spices and flavor. If reheated, they
still will be enjoyable.

Another version of the tamale can be found in Arizona and Southern California.
It is known as the green corn tamal. Don't think that the green means that
there is something wrong with the corn; it actually means "fresh". The tamal
consists of fresh white corn that is mixed with a variety of cheeses. It is
then laid out with a slice of green chile. It is then wrapped in the corn husk
and steamed. Another area in the United States that enjoys tamales is the
Mississippi Delta. It became known when in the 1900s Mexican workers introduced
the food to the African workers in the cotton fields in the South. They tamales
have are known as "hot tamales" there and are made with corn meal instead of

Tamales take a lot of preparation to make, so they have become more of a
special occasion food. They are common for celebrations on Day of the Dead, and
Christmas. Many times, families gather together and make the tamales so it does
not take as much time as it would if someone did it alone.

Tamales bring fond memories to people who would eat them all their lives. They
are convenient to eat and most of all, tasty! Tamales have a long rich history.
If you want to taste an authentic Mexican food, give tamales a try. Once you
have, you will understand why many people cannot eat just a few at one sitting.

What is Tex-Mex Cuisine?

Tex-Mex cuisine is a name used to describe dishes that are found in the state
of Texas that is primarily American. It blends available foods in the United
States with traditional Mexican cuisine. Some of the Tex-Mex foods may differ
from actual Mexican dishes, but are still referred to Mexican dishes in Texas.
People who live outside of Texas sometimes refer to Tex-Mex as Southwestern

Tex-Mex is considered "America's oldest original cuisine" by some. Tex-Mex got
its name back in 1875. It started when the Texas-Mexican Railway was nicknamed
Tex-Mex to refer to the railroad and describe the Mexicans that were born in
Texas. The mission era blended Texas foods with Spanish and Mexican. It got its
name by the Tejanos (Hispanics born in Texas). The different regions of the
state kept the foods similar to each other. Eventually other meats such as goat
and cow's head gained popularity. In the twentieth century, cheese was added
because it was readily available and inexpensive in the United States.

More than 60% of the population of Texas has ancestors that were from Mexico.
It is no surprise as to why that state has become popular for its Tex-Mex
dishes. Tex-Mex is most popular in the South Central part of the state, which
includes the cities of Austin and San Antonio. Tex-Mex dishes commonly use the
ingredients of garlic, sour cream, cilantro, beans, avocado, and chorizo, which
is a spicy Mexican sausage that originated from Spain. Chiles are also important
in Tex-Mex dishes.

The chilies range from sweet and mild to hot fiery and are added to a variety
of dishes. Some chiles that are used in Tex-Mex cuisine include ancho,
jalapeno, and the hottest of them all, the habanero pepper. The food is
contemporary and can easily be made. There are dishes that require more detail
such as casseroles, black bean soup, and bunuelos, which is fried bread that is
eaten with sugar and cinnamon that is sprinkled on the top.

Tex-Mex cuisine contains large amounts of beef, spices, and beans. Texas-style
chili, crispy chalupas, and fajitas are all Tex-Mex originals. A serving of
tortillas with hot sauce or salsa is another Texas invention. Other tasty
creations include seven-layer dip, and tamale pie. Mango margaritas are a
modern drink in the Tex-Mex menu. Many of these recipes are simple and require
little skill, but there are some foods that involve preparation of another
recipe to complete the main dish.

One dish that is shouts Texas, is chili. It is a combination of meat and
spices, with no beans added. Sauce is the main ingredient of the chili. Chili
started by the Chili Queens of San Antonio. They made the chili to sell at
stands for cowboys who came to the town.

If you are ever visiting Texas, it is worth trying the unique foods of the
region. You will be able to taste Mexican classics with a Texas twist. Many
dishes are available, but don't be surprised when the dish arrives and the food
doesn't taste the same. That is part of the experience you will have when you
eat Tex-Mex.

What is New Mexico Cuisine?

Different states in America offer different types of Mexican dishes. One type
is New Mexico Cuisine. It is found in the state of New Mexico and consists of
Mexican- American dishes. The dishes made in the New Mexico style are similar
to regular Mexican foods such as burritos, but the difference is the type of
chile pepper they use. In New Mexico cuisine, green chile pepper is used. The
peppers are grown throughout the state. It is becoming popular in other states
also. Green chile pepper can be used in just about any type of dish including

Another difference that separates New Mexico dishes is the way the foods are
prepared. The use of spices and sauces are different from Mexico. Also the
dishes usually have more meat and fewer beans. The dishes are influenced by the
southern state of Chihuahua, which is also known for their dishes having more

The foods are usually named the same as the dishes in Mexico. Burritos,
chimichangas, tacos, and others consist of the same ingredients. The reason it
is different is by the green chile and other small details. You may also find
different items on the menus such as fish tacos and shrimp enchiladas.

Some Mexican dishes that have a different taste in New Mexico include chorizo.
It is a sausage that is spicy, being seasoned with red chile and garlic. It is
a food that can be served at breakfast. The New Mexican chorizo is said to
taste different by its spice blend. Tortillas in New Mexican cuisine are also
different. The tortillas are usually more thick and less chewy then tortillas
found in other places. Posole is a stew that New Mexico has put their twist
into. New Mexico style has many green chiles added to it, which makes it a lot
different than the traditional dish.

Salsa picante is a thin sauce with pureed red peppers, onions, and tomatoes
with added spices. The spices are similar to others that you would find in
typical New Mexican dishes. The chili sauce added is also similar to both New
Mexican style and Louisiana hot sauce. Picante sauce is very common and is an
added condiment to add an extra punch of heat to any dish.

Even the salsa is a bit different in the New Mexican style. Typical salsa will
include tomatoes, chiles, onions, and other spices. In New Mexican cuisine, the
salsa has a large amount of cilantro added.

Whatever restaurant you go to, you are likely to have chile sauce on top of
your dish. If you are not used to the hotness, you might have to take it slow.
Start with small foods like salsa. You will get used to the strength and before
you know it, you will be buying your own chile to create dishes from your home.
The chile can be sold throughout the year and can be stored easily in the
freezer. You will be able to enjoy a touch of New Mexican style cuisine with
your Mexican food favorites.

What Are Some La Quinceanera Foods?

La Quinceanera is a celebration that takes place on a Hispanic girl's fifteenth
Birthday. This is a big event for the young girl and her family. Families are
known to save money for the big party. The party involves the girl wearing a
special gown usually in the colors of white or pale pink. Music, catered food,
and even limousines are common for the event. La Quinceanera is also a
spiritual celebration. La Quinceanera is celebrated in Mexico and other South
American countries. This celebration signifies the girl's journey into

Food is part of the big celebration. Usually the party is catered so the food
may vary from each catering service. This event has been compared to weddings,
since it has similarities. This event usually has a fancy cake. The cake is
either made by a family member or ordered at from a local bakery. It is usually
the same color as the rest of the party decorations. There is also a doll placed
at the top. It almost looks similar to a wedding cake. A popular design for La
Quinceanera cakes is one that has a staircase that goes from tier to tier.
Fourteen dolls, seven on each side, are placed as if they are climbing to the
top, where the main Quinceanera doll is. Some cakes even have a fountain that
cascades amongst the tiers. Besides cake, other foods that are seen at La
Quinceanera include mole, cabrito, arroz, picadillo, and pan de polvo.

Picadillo is a dish that is made with ground beef and can be served alone. It
is also a filling that can be used in tamales, and tacos. Cabrito is a roasted
goat kid that is about three months of age. It is a regional specialty of the
city Monterrey, in Mexico. Cabrito can be served as the main meat for the
dinner. Mole is a chocolate sauce that can be added to many different dishes.
As for desserts, Arroz is a rich and creamy rice pudding that can often be
found at the event. Pan de polvo is also a favorite dessert at the party. It is
Mexican shortbread cookies. The cookies contain cinnamon and anise. Party favors
are also given to the quests. These may include treats inside of the favors.
Mints are popular as they are in wedding favors.

Champagne is served for the toast. Non-alcoholic beverages such as sparkling
soda water are served for the under-aged attendees. Sometimes it is encouraged
that the young girl tries the alcohol as another rite of passage. Other drinks
that are served at the Quinceanera are wine, beer, and hard liquor. These are
typical drinks that you would find at wedding receptions.

La Quinceanera has been a celebration for more than 400 years, starting in
Latin America. It is a celebration that even United States born Hispanics do,
which reminds them on their heritage. It is a time to reflect, while getting a
bit teary-eyed, and looking forward to the future. Food at the La Quinceanera
is important. These foods are traditional and unique. They add flavor to the
already happy event.

What Are Some Fruits in Mexico?

Fruits are grown throughout Mexico. The regions of Mexico differ, so depending
on the location, the fruits will be different. Some of the fruits found in
Mexico are grown on trees, others on the ground. Many have a tropical taste to
them. Some of these fruits are native to other countries, but grown in Mexico.

Mangos are very popular all over the world, including Mexico. Mexico is one of
the top producers of the fruit. They are believed to be a native of Asia.
Mangos can be found growing on trees. When ripe, they have a sweet taste, which
is unique. They carry many vitamins and minerals. People eat them by themselves,
or add them to dishes such as chutney, and fruit salads. They can also be made
into dried pieces, juice, glaze, puree, and preserves.

Papaya is another fruit found in Mexico. It is believed to have originated
there. It can grow as large as 12 feet in height. Hawaii also has papaya fruits
that are known to taste sweeter than the Mexican grown papayas. A ripened papaya
will taste sweet and juicy. It contains vitamins and fiber and is good for the
digestive system. Even the seeds that are found inside the fruit are edible.
They taste similar to black pepper. Papaya is also considered when dealing with
herbal medicine. It claims to help with the properties of: laxative,
hypertensive, antibacterial, and more.

Mexico is one of the top producers when it comes to Pineapples. Pineapples are
the second most popular tropical fruit, with bananas being the first.
Pineapples take 18 months to grow from a seed into a ripe fruit. The fruit has
to be harvested at the right time, because it softens while it ripens and does
not get any sweeter after it is picked. Pineapples carry many vitamins,
minerals, fiber and enzymes that are a plus for the digestive system. It is
healthy and tasty. Experts believe that pineapples hold micro-nutrients that
can protect against cancer, and also prevent blood-clots. It is also said to be
good for the heart. It is also believed that pineapple juice triggers the
kidneys and helps remove the toxic elements that are in our bodies.

Although avocados are in many dishes with vegetables, they are a fruit.
Avocados are native to Mexico and Central America. They grow on trees in
tropical climates. Avocadoes are extremely good for your health. They are
packed with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is a must-have fruit
for people of all ages, including babies and children. Avocadoes can be mixed
with other fruits such as in a salad, made into a dip, and much more!

Fruits in Mexico are healthy and unique. They can be found at grocery stores
and food markets in America. Are you tired of the same old oranges and bananas?
Need new fruits in your life? If you have not ever tried these Mexican fruits
before, purchase a few to sample. Check that the fruit is ripened and enjoy the
new flavors!

What is the Holiday Food Rosca de Reyes?

Rosca de Reyes started as a tradition in France. They would offer gifts to the
baby Jesus around the holiday season, usually in the beginning of January on
the three kings day. These gifts consisted of fruits, eggs, nuts, and more.
Some of these gifts were baked into a sweet roll that was made into a crown
shape, which was to remember the kings that went looking for Jesus. In recent
times, the Rosca holds miniature statues of the baby Jesus which people are
supposed to look for in the bread.

The event is for the whole family. People gather and have a great time. Once
they are informed that there are dolls in the bread they can start cutting the
cake. The cutting represents the danger that Jesus was in. Whoever finds the
doll first has to put on a party in February for Candlemass Day. That is a
celebration of the nativity scene being put away, with some of it being given
to the person who found the doll in the rosca. The person is responsible for
making a gown for the baby Jesus on that day. Afterwards, there is usually a
dinner with tamales and atole being served. Atole is a drink that is served
around the holiday season. It contains masa, which is also found in tortillas,
water, vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate or fruit if wanted.

Rosca comes in different sizes. Some are enough to feed two to three people,
while others can be large enough for twenty people. Many types of rosca have
fruit on the top. Local Mexican grocery stores carry the bread around the
holidays, with Mexicans having an extended holiday season until February. There
are also many recipes to make your own at home.

Rosca de Reyes is the day when children in Mexico, Spain, and other Latin
countries receive majority of their holiday gifts, instead of from Santa at
Christmas. Before the children go to sleep, they set out their shoes, or a box
that is filled with grass for the kings' camels. They also have a wish list
placed where the gifts should go. The next morning, the shoes and boxes are
filled with toys and candies that the three kings left for the children.

In other countries, three kings day is also celebrated. In Germany they make a
cake that is called dreikonigskuchen. It consists of fruits and pecans. In
France the cake is called galette des rois which is typically a puffy pastry
that is filled with an almond cream and has icing made from syrup. In Mexico
the cake is flavored with lemon and orange, brandy, and almonds giving it, it's
unique flavor. The United States is also familiar with the type of cake that is
common in Mexico.

Join in this Mexican tradition. This is a great celebration in honor of baby
Jesus and the Kings. If you never have celebrated this before, try it this
upcoming holiday season. Your guests will learn a new tradition from centuries
ago and have fun while doing it.

What Are Some Mexican Soups?

If you love soup and you love Mexican food you are in luck. There are many
different Mexican soups to discover and try. These would be perfect for special
occasions such as Christmas dinners, and also anytime of the year. Some are
sweet, while others are hot and spicy. Some are for dinner, while others are
deserts. There is a soup that will please anyone!

Cream of Jalapeño soup is perfect for a cold day. It includes ingredients such
as avocados, tomatoes, garlic, and of course jalapenos. Even though it calls
for jalapenos, the soup isn't extremely spicy. Another popular Mexican style
soup is the Tortilla soup. There are different recipes for the soup, some
making the soup creamy. Tortilla soup is a favorite, which is not a surprise.
It contains many tasty ingredients. You will find the soup filled with
different vegetables, chicken, and of course strips of corn tortillas.

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup. It is usually full and spice and tripe.
Long ago, poverty among the campesinos was common. This meant that when it came
to food, they were not picky about what they had. They used just about
everything from the cattle. This meant internal organs, brains, tails, hooves,
and so on. The stomachs happened to be the lengthiest part of sheep and cattle
so was used for the soup. Other foods that are added to this soup include
onions, lime juice, oregano, and fresh cilantro.

It takes a long time to cook tripe in order for it to be good enough to eat, so
typically Menudo is cooked in large batches and sold on certain days. In the
Mexican state of Chihuahua, a soup called Pozole similar to Menudo is made, but
uses a meat that is easier to cook. Menudo is so popular in Mexico, that the
country gets shipments of tripe from the United States and Canada. This soup is
often helps when someone is battling a hangover. It can also be seen served at
special occasions.

Vegetables are throughout most of the soups. Pozole soup calls for traditional
corn called maiz blanco. It is a large kernelled corn found throughout Mexico.
The corn is soaked in a special solution of lime. The soup also includes pork,
chilies, onions, and a variety of spices and seasonings. This soup is eaten in
both Mexico and also the Southwestern United States, especially the state
of New Mexico.

Mexican soups are also for dessert. Atole de Fresa is a strawberry desert soup.
It includes milk, masa, cinnamon, and of course strawberries. The soup is
usually served warm. Atole de Fresa can be found in Mexican restaurants.

There are so many more soups in Mexican cooking. Some include pumpkins, others
include coconut. Before trying to make your own bowl, try a few different types
at your local Mexican restaurants. Once you find one that you enjoy, try to make
it at home for your family and friends to enjoy. It would be a crowd pleaser at
your next party celebration.

What Are Some Types of Candy in Mexico?

Children in Mexico have a huge selection of candies to choose from. The candies
are abundant. Anyone is sure to please their sweet tooth. The candies are not
just sweet, though. Many of the candies pack heat! That is right, chili.
Mexican's like to include chili in many of their foods, so it is natural to
find candy with it. There are also chocolate candies, gummy candies, and
chewing gum. It is obvious that Mexicans have different preferences when it
comes to candy. The hotter, the better!

A newer item in Mexican candy is called Salsaghetti. The package has straws of
watermelon that look like pasta. They are spicy and come with a sauce to pour
over it. The sauce is called Gusano Tamarind. Tamarind is a fruit that is
typical in Asia, but widely grown in Mexico. Many candy items contain Tamarind.
Salsaghetti looks like a pasta meal, but unfortunately there is no candy meat
balls included.

Lollipops are a lot different than what you would taste in other countries. In
Mexico they can come very hot. The candies are Jalapeño hot. Americans are used
to spicy candies that are full of cinnamon, but children from Mexico love the
lollipops with chili powder on the outside. The inside can be different
flavors. Mango is a big hit because it offers a different taste than the chili.
There are also flavored chili-peppered lollipops. Other flavors include
pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, cherry, and more.

You would expect since Mexico gave the world chocolate, back when the Aztecs
shared with the Spaniards that Mexicans would eat a lot of candy bars and other
chocolate candies, but in Mexico these types of candies are rare to even
purchase. Instead, Mexicans enjoy chocolate in their drinks or in traditional
dishes such as mole poblano. Sometimes you might find someone enjoying a
chocolate pattie candy that may include cinnamon, grounded almonds, and sugar.

A popular candy throughout Mexico is known as Dulce de leche. It means "milk
candy". It is milk-based syrup that is similar to caramel by how it looks and
tastes. It can be as a sauce, or as a caramel-like candy. It is simple to make,
simply by boiling milk and sugar. Besides being in candy, it is also used in
cakes, cookies, and ice cream. People even spread it on toast. It is very
popular in other countries besides Mexico. Even Starbucks have recently started
selling lattes with the flavor of dulce de leche which is making it popular
amongst Americans. Even dulce de leche ice cream is sold in grocery stores
throughout the Southwestern states of America.

Mexican candies can be found at local Mexican grocers. Let your taste buds try
some new treats. If you cannot find any stores close to where you live, many
online stores sell Mexican candies. If hot is not that type of candy you would
enjoy, there is also different chocolate, and caramel candies. Give it a try
today! You might just enjoy a new sensation.

What Are Some Mexican Chilies?

Chilies are popular in many countries, but Mexico enjoys them the most. Chilies
have been used for thousands of years as an ingredient in Mexican dishes. There
are about 140 different types of chilies grown in Mexico. People tend to shy
away from chilies because of their powerful heat when eaten, but not all
chilies are unbearable to many.

Chile peppers are known as being a vegetable, but they are actually a fruit.
They contain high amounts of vitamins as well as iron and fiber. There are many
types of flavors available. Since regions in Mexico vary, so does the chile
peppers and food dishes. Chile peppers come in many different colors, shapes,
and sizes. They also come in different amounts of hotness. A good way to tell
the strength of the heat is by the size of the chile pepper. The smaller the
pepper, the more it will pack a punch of heat.

Chiles are the main ingredients for salsa. The salsa will vary in hotness
depending on which peppers are used. Chile peppers also can be used as a meat
rub to add flavor. With so many peppers to choose from, do some research before
adding them to your meals. Some types of peppers include Jalapeño. They turn
from green to dark purple, and finally to red when they are ripe. They are very
hot and a good choice for salsa. They are the most well known pepper. Habanero
peppers are the hottest of all. They are orange in color, but look similar to
sweet green peppers, only smaller. They are also used in salsa. Poblano peppers
are the biggest peppers used in Mexican food. They can be mild or hot and are
often used in a sauce. Ancho peppers are dried Poblano peppers. They carry a
mild flavor and are reddish-brown in color. Ancho peppers are the most common
chile peppers used and commonly found in sauces.

Another pepper that is found in Mexican cuisine is the Fresno pepper. It looks
like a smaller version of a sweet green pepper. You can find them in guacamole
and also in dishes that include black beans. Chipotle peppers are another
pepper found in Mexico. It is gaining popularity in the United States. It is
actually Jalapeno peppers that are dried by being smoked. They add a smoky
flavor to dishes. One other pepper is the Serrano. They are bright green in
color with a very spicy hot taste. They are often used in salsa.

You can find dishes using different chiles such as chilate. Chilate is a drink
that includes chile peppers, chocolate, and toasted ground corn with water.
Another food is Chilis en nogada. It consists of green peppers that are stuffed
and fried and covered with cream and pomegranate seeds.

You will be able to find many recipes which include chile peppers. Remember
that when handling and cutting the peppers, use gloves because the heat of the
pepper can bother your skin and throat. Also try all you can to not rub your
eyes. Enjoy experimenting with different Mexican cuisine and have fun while
doing it!

What Are Some Popular Mexican Desserts?

When it comes to Mexican deserts there are many to choose from. Flan is a
common and popular dessert. It is caramel custard. The dessert includes rich
custard with a layer of soft caramel on top. The dish is known as flan in most
of the world, even though it is a French word. Flan is simple to make and
usually consists of vanilla flavored custard. You may be able to find them made
in other flavors such as coconut, lemon, and other fruits.

Empanadas are another dessert found in Mexico. It is a stuffed pastry that
contains different sweetened fillings depending on the country. Some fillings
you can find in Mexico are cream, pumpkin, and a variety of fruits. In some
states in Mexico, the empanadas are filled with different meats. Empanadas can
be served as a dessert and also a breakfast food.

Chocolate has a rich history in Mexico. The Aztecs adopted the use of chocolate
from earlier Mayan culture. Chocolate played an important role for the Aztecs.
They used it both as a food and as currency. One of the items that the
Spaniards acquired from the Aztecs was chocolate. The Spaniards took the
chocolate back to Spain where it became the King's official drink. The Aztecs
made a variety of drinks with the chocolate which also included nuts, seeds,
and honey. Champurrado is a chocolate drink that is very popular at breakfast
time in Mexico. It is warm and thick. You can find people in the morning buying
a cup by street vendors. It is also considered a dessert which can be served
with Churros.

A dessert found in the Yucatan is called sapotes dulces. Sapotes are a fruit
grown in Mexico. It is very rare to find the fruit in the United States.
Sapotes have an orange flesh that has a unique flavor of being juicy, creamy
and can often be said simmiliar to the flavor of coconuts, and vanilla. Sapotes
dulces is a dessert using the fruit and mixing it with orange juice, rum, and
sugar and served chilled. It is easy to make and has a great flavor.

Cajeta is syrup made in Mexico that's main ingredient is caramelized milk. The
process of making the syrup consists of slowly cooking down the sweetened
liquid until it is thick. Sweetened milk is the most common ingredient of the
syrup. Cajeta is eaten by itself, on pastries, and even as a topping on ice
cream. The Hershey Company introduced their own cajeta targeted for Mexican
food lovers that live in the United States.

There are many more Mexican desserts to please your sweet tooth. There is a
wide variety of chocolates, cakes, cookies, candies, just to name a few.
Recipes can allow you to experiment and discover new sweets. If you would like
to sample them before making your own, some local authentic Mexican restaurants
include these desserts. You may also have luck finding them at a Mexican grocer
in your area. It will be easy for you to get hooked on these tasty and
enjoyable treats.

What Are Some Mexican Spices?

Mexican spices are used in many dishes found in Mexico. Some are spices you
kind find anywhere, such as Garlic. Others give unique flavors. Epazote is a
spice that is not as common. It is also known as "Mexican tea". It is used to
flavor beans and other foods, but should be used sparingly because it can be
poisonous in large amounts. Even though it is strong, it is said to be good for
intestinal discomfort.

Chile powder is a popular spice in Mexican foods. It is used to add flavor to
vegetables, and meats. Another Chile powder that is popular is Chipotle. It is
made from Jalapenos that have been dried and smoked. The flavor is one of a
kind and goes well with many dishes. It is gaining popularity outside of
Mexico. One other type of chile pepper is Ancho. It is different from the other
peppers because it has a sweet flavor similar to dried fruit.

Common spices used in Mexico are Cumin, and Oregano. Mexican dishes that
include tomatoes are perfect with oregano. It gives the dish an earthy flavor.
Cumin gives Mexican dishes a taste that cannot be matched. Cumin takes three to
four months of a long summer to grow. Cumin is a dry seed from the herb Cuminum
Cyminum which is a member of the parsley family. This spice is the key
component in curry power and chili powder. Cumin can also be boiled and served
as a tea which is called "cumin cider". Cumin is a spice that has been used for
many centuries and will continue to be used by the people of Mexico.

Recado rojo is a special blend of spices that are from Mexico. It was used as
long ago as the Mayans. It the spice mixture is red because of the added
annatto seeds, which give food a red look to them when added. The blend
contains spices such as cinnamon, clove, cumin, oregano garlic, and more. This
blend is associated Mexican foods found in the Yucatan. It would be very easy
to make this from your own home.

Achiote is the shrub that the annatto seeds come from which is added to the
recado rojo mixture. This shrub is grown in Southeast Asia and was introduced
to the Spanish in the 17th century. It is consider an inedible fruit that is
used for its seeds. Long ago American Indians used the seeds to make body
paints. Parts of the shrub can be used in medical remedies for health problems
such as headaches and burns.

If you want to try these spices from your home, they are available at major
grocery stores. You can even make your own blend of Mexican spices. Gather a
few of the mentioned spices in this article, along with paprika and salt, and
blend them together for a sensational burst of flavor. This is a great blend in
chili. It can be added to foods that are baked, broiled and barbequed. It is
perfect on chicken and pork. It is an excellent addition for your next
barbeque. Let the grilling begin!

How Healthy is Mexican Food?

If you ask majority of Americans on when the last time they ate Mexican food,
usually it is within the last week. Mexican foods have become very popular in
the United States. The problem is that the Mexican foods in America are not the
same as they are in Mexico. Americans have added super fat and super sized the
meals. If you go down to Mexico, you may not even find the same dishes because
the dishes were created in America. Authentic Mexican food is rich in fresh
vegetables, protein, and nutritious vitamins and spices.

Taco Bell comes to mind as a popular food chain that serves Mexican foods. You
will find tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. People in Mexico usually do not eat
big platters of tortilla chips in their everyday meals. Because of the food sold
in the United States, it is not very healthy. The Mexican foods in America are
not as rich in nutrients. It contains high fat, sodium, and calories. It also
does not include as many fresh vegetables.

Most traditional Mexican dishes have less fat and calories. This doesn't mean
you cannot enjoy the foods served in American restaurants. You can add more
healthy foods to the dish. Tomatoes are high in vitamins and have lycopene
which has cancer-fighting properties. Tomatoes can be added to many Mexican
dishes. Beans carry high protein and fiber. Instead of eating the beans
refried, try getting them whole. It cuts back on the fat. Corn is another
vegetable that is healthy in Mexican foods. It is high in vitamins and contains
fiber. Adding these to your Mexican dishes will make them healthier than what
you are served at Taco Bell.

You may be wondering if people in Mexico eat healthier foods. In America we
have the choice to go to health food stores where we can find organic foods and
foods not as fattening. The only drawback is that not everyone can afford to buy
these foods whenever they grocery shop. In Mexico, healthier choices are
available. Each year the health food market in Mexico makes over $500 Million.
The consumers make up 5 percent of Mexico's population. Their age range is from
20 to 50 years old. They usually live in metropolitan areas and can afford to
buy these types of healthier foods. If they cannot afford it, they still are
not getting all the fats and calories that we find in American foods,
especially fast-foods. Authentic Mexican foods still carry many vegetables and
ingredients that are good for your body, and also the way the food is cooked is

You are probably wondering again, is Mexican food healthy for me. Authentic
Mexican dishes are, because they carry many vitamins and are generally low in
fat. America has fattened up the Mexican dishes making them not a good choice.
If you want to go out to eat, try avoiding the major Mexican food chain
restaurants. Find a restaurant that serves authentic dishes. It is healthier
and will taste even better knowing you are giving your body good foods.

The Beginning of Nachos And What They Have Become!

Nachos are one of the most popular snack foods. They can be found at home,
festivals, and sporting events. They do not take much effort to prepare. People
add different toppings and enjoy the warm cheese. It may be a surprise to know
that nachos came about less than 100 years ago. It all started in 1943 at the
military base, Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass, Texas. A few military wives decided
to take a visit to Mexico, which was not far away at all. The wives grew
hungry, so they stopped by a restaurant, demanding food and drinks. The only
employee available, who was nicknamed "nacho", brought out tortilla chips. He
melted Wisconsin cheese over it and cut jalapenos for a topping. The women
enjoyed the snack so much that they went back to Texas and it spread like

Texas was the only area that knew about this special dish. It was not until
1977 when a man named Frank Liberto decided to sell nachos at his concession
stand. He found a way to keep the cheese soft and served it with tortilla
chips. One day when it was Monday night football, a few of the hosts tried the
nachos and fell in love with the new snack. Whenever the hosts were on the air,
they would talk about nachos any chance they got, which spread the word all over
the United States.

These days' people all over the United States enjoy this snack. There is a
never ending variety of toppings that can be served on the nachos. Some include
guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, and ground beef. Some people enjoy the
nacho cheese so much that they put it on other foods. Have you ever tried nacho
cheese on ice cream? How about on sausage, and fish? Maybe these people enjoy
the cheese a bit too much.

Different parts of the United States serve nachos differently. In the south,
you can usually find nachos at barbeque restaurants. The toppings include
barbequed beef with the sauce on top of the rest of the toppings. Restaurants
in other parts of the country refer to some nacho platters as "loaded nachos".
It is usually an appetizer. Loaded nachos are abundant in toppings. You can
find these at bars and restaurants. Outside of America also enjoy nachos. If
you go to Ireland you will find "Irish nachos". Instead of tortilla chips, they
use French fries or potato wedges. The rest of the toppings are the same as
regular nachos.

Nachos are simple to make from your own home. There are many different recipes
available. Some include chicken instead of beef. Others have many different
vegetables with a dab of sour cream on top. Let your imagination go wild. If
you would prefer to have it already made, some grocery stores have the nachos
pre packed with the nacho cheese in a separate container next to the chips. A
great way to have authentic nachos is by having lunch or dinner at a local
Mexican restaurant. The nachos can come really big and piled with many
toppings. It may be messy, but it is worth it!

What Are Some Types of Mexican Bread?

There is a wide variety of breads found in Mexico. Wheat was first introduced
by the Spaniards. The cereal was cultivated throughout all of Mexico. Nowadays,
wheat is abundant. Some bread is for special occasions such as Day of the Dead,
and Christmas. Other breads are made especially for breakfast. Some of the
breads originate from many centuries ago. People in Mexico bake their own
breads from scratch, or purchase them at food markets.

Bolillo is salty bread that is originally from Mexico, El Salvador, and other
Latin American countries. The bread is shaped like an oval and baked to about 6
inches. The crust is crunchy with the inside being soft. Bolillo is the main
ingredient in different kinds of tortas. Molletes is bread found in Spain and
also Mexico. It consists of bolillo by it being cut in half and covered with
cheese, beans, cream, and salsa. The bread can be eaten with eggs, and beans.
Some people drink milk and chocolate milk with it. Torta ahogada is a sandwich
that includes bolillo bread.

This sandwich is popular in all of Mexico. The sandwich is covered with a very
spicy sauce made from dried chili peppers. Since it is so spicy, only people
that are used to eating very hot chili peppers are able to eat this sandwich.
There are less-spicy versions of this sandwich available which uses a tomato
sauce. Fillings of the sandwich include pork, chicken, beans, and cheese. It
comes with a side of onion rings, avocados, or chili peppers.

If you crave something sweeter, there is Pan Dulce. It is also known as Mexican
sweet bread. Pan Dulce is dome-shaped sweet rolls. They have a sugar topping
with the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and sometimes strawberry. Traditional
flavorings include cinnamon, anise, and dried fruit. Some of the rolls have
designs on the shell. Pan Dulce is made year-round in Mexico, and can be found
in Mexican bakeries. These rolls can be eaten as a desert or snack.

Another food that involves bread and your sweet tooth is Capirotada, Mexican
bread pudding. The pudding is popular at the Lenten season in Mexico. It is
typically made with small bread rolls, or the bread mentioned in this article,
bolillos. It also includes fruits and raisons. Cinnamon and anise add spice to
the dessert. The pudding is simple to make and is known for being a desert.
Some people add roasted peanuts and aged cheese, making the pudding a great
breakfast or brunch addition. Capirotada would make a great dish for the
Christmas holidays because of its rich, elegant taste.

There are many types of breads, with unique names. Some are named after horns,
bald ladies, policemen, keys, and pigs. Whatever type of bread you prefer, they
will have in Mexico. If you would like to try the breads fresh, find a local
Mexican grocer to purchase a loaf, or a few rolls. You will be able to find the
type of bread you enjoy, either for lunch, dinner, dessert, or a snack.

Favorite Drinks of Mexico

Mexico offers quite a few unique drinks. Some include fruits, and nuts while
others include milk. Some are served warm, while others are chilled. These
drinks have become a favorite in Mexico. There are traditional drinks, some of
which originate from Spain.

Horchata is a drink that originates from Spain. It is very popular in Mexico.
It is perfect for hot days. Nuts are used for this drink. They are ground and
mixed with water, sugar and sometimes lemon juice. The mixture is then put
through a filter process. The drink is served ice cold. It refreshes and cools
down the drinker. Horchata is also popular with rice added. It can be found at
Mexican restaurants in the United States along with Mexican grocery stores.

Aguas Frescas are another popular drink found in Mexico. It consists of water,
fruit juices and sugar. Many vendors in Mexico sell Aguas Frescas. Flavors you
may find are Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberry. These types of
drinks are also made in other countries under different names.

In Mexico you will still find brands for soft drinks that are familiar in
America, such as Coca Cola, Sprite, and Pepsi. They also have their own brands,
on being Sidral, which is apple-flavored. Coffee is also another popular drink
in Mexico. You will be able to find Espresso and cappuccino in the cafes. For
something more exotic there is the drink, cafe de olla. It is made by being
stewed for hours with the ingredients being cinnamon and sugar, which gives it
a sweet and rich flavor. Outside of the cafes, it is common to find people
making instant coffee. Mexicans also enjoy tea. The tea of choice is usually
mint or chamomile.

Mexico also offers many drinks of alcohol. One that is much known in America is
the Margarita. Tequila is the alcohol in the drink. Margaritas come in a variety
of flavors and colors. It is served with ice, or blended with ice making it a
frozen drink. There are a few tales on who is the original maker of the
margarita. It is known that people in the 1930s were enjoying these drinks.
This drink is still popular to this day. Mexico also drinks beer. They have
several brands, the biggest being Cerveza. Mexican-made brands that are popular
in the United States include Corona and Sol. Pulque is a milky style beer that
is popular amongst the poor. It is made from sap and is thick. It usually takes
some time to get used to drinking. A drink that makes people think of Mexico is
Tequila. It consists of agave cactus and is produced mainly in the Mexican
state of Jalisco. It is served with a side of lime and salt.

There are many more drinks that are found in Mexico. There are recipe books
that can help you create new drinks. Next time you are planning a backyard
fiesta, try adding some new flavor. Your guests will not be disappointed to
quench their thirst with south of the border drinks.

What Are Some Mexican Frozen Treats?

It can get very hot in Mexico. Mexicans have a variety of cool treats to enjoy.
From ice cream sandwiches to popsicles, they have many to choose from. The
treats consist of chocolate, cinnamon, and different fruits. Some men even sell
the treats up and down the streets similar to in America where you will see ice
cream trucks in the summer selling cold snacks.

Popsicles are popular in Mexico. Paletas which mean "little shovels" in Spanish
can be found in Mexican grocery stores. They come in regular shapes, but their
flavors are what differs them from American popsicles. Some paletas include
milk and tropical fruits, while others are full of more ice and more tart
flavors. Some flavors that are not very common in America are chili, and
cucumber. The chili one is a bit spicy, so pepper lovers would enjoy this
flavor. Paletas are easy to make at home and carry little fat. If you would
prefer to buy them, paletas are sold at many street vendors in Hispanic
neighborhoods. A California-based company named Palapa Azul makes paletas to
sell to a much wider market, not just for Hispanics. You might even be able to
purchase paletas at Walmart!

Mexican fried ice cream is another mouth watering treat. It is somewhat
Americanized. You can find fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants in the United
States and also at festivals. The ice cream used is more frozen than majority of
ice creams. The ball of ice cream is rolled with different items such as cookie
crumbs and then cooked in the deep fryer at a very low temperature. This allows
the ice cream not to melt. Once it is fried, toppings can be added. Cinnamon is
a common topping. Fried ice cream has become so common that it is also served
in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. They add different flavors to the ice
cream. You might find it green tea flavored.

If in the mood for just regular vanilla ice cream, cajeta would be a great
topping. Cajeta is a Mexican confection of syrup most commonly made from
caramelized milk that is sweetened. The syrup is made by the sweetened liquid
being cooked slowly and breaking down until it is very thick. Some people use
different liquids instead of sweetened milk. You might find cajeta made with
juice or a different sweetened liquid. Different parts of Mexico may know the
milk candy by different names such as leche quemada and dulce de leche. It is
topped on ice cream. Even the Hershey Company produces cajeta which is targeted
for Mexican food lovers. Cajeta is a great addition to ice cream, especially on
a hot day in Mexico.

These cool treats are easy to make from your own home. Do some research on the
different flavors and try to make a few. If you have a child, have some fun and
both make them together and of course eat the finished treat. These are perfect
on a warm day, but can still be enjoyable anytime of the year.

What Are Some Mexican Cookies?

Special occasions call for special treats. There is quite a variety of Mexican
cookies. Some are for anytime, while others are made at celebrations. Some are
served at holidays while others are found at weddings. Whatever the time, they
are sure to make anyone's mouth water with the sweet aromas and delicious

Wedding Cake cookies are traditional Mexican cookies. They are made out of
shortbread. Some of the ingredients include different nuts such as walnuts,
almonds, and pecans that are ground. These cookies are very popular. They are
served around Christmas, but also at Mexican weddings and anniversaries.
Throughout the world, there are different variations of these cookies. Russia
and Sweden refer to the cookie as Tea Cakes.

Biscochitos is another popular cookie in Mexico. It originated in Spain. When
the Spaniards came to Mexico, they also brought the cookie. They are made with
anise seeds and sprinkled with cinnamon. Depending on the maker, some of these
cookies include different ingredients. You might find some biscochitos with
orange juice and wine taste for added flavor. The cookies are cut with cookie
cutters or made into diamond shapes. Some people even drink wine while eating

Marranitos is a cookie with different names. It is also called cochinos or
puerquitos in different Mexican-American communities. It is known as
"gingerbread pigs" even though there is no ginger in the cookie. The cookie is
shaped like a pig. Traditional marranitos get their spicy flavor from molasses.
In Mexico, the bakers make their own molasses syrup by taking brown sugar and
placing it into cones. It is then boiled with the right amount of water. Once
it has turned into the syrup it is then added to the dough for the little pigs.
The cookie is very moist and rich in taste with a flaky top.

Originating from Spain, Churros are tasty fried cookies that are seen in both
Mexico and other countries. It is made from a light paste that is sweetened.
The paste is piped into oil and fried until golden brown. Cinnamon is added to
make it taste even sweeter. Churros are best when eaten warm. It is typical to
find street vendors selling Churros. They can make them fresh right on the
street. Year ago, it used to be hard to find Churros outside of Hispanic areas,
it used to be only sold at carnivals, and sporting events, but with the
popularity of Latin food, it is now easy to find Churros in local restaurants
and Mexican grocery stores. Some companies even offer the Churros that have an
inner filling. You can find different flavors such as strawberry, apple, and
chocolate. Churros are enjoyed in the United States by consumers of all

There are many types of Mexican cookie recipes. If you are new to these types,
you might want to visit a local Mexican grocery store and try a few that are
fresh from their bakery. Once you enjoy them, you will want to include them for
your own celebrations. These cookies would be a hit at any party!

Foods Eaten Around Easter in Mexico

Mexico has many Easter customs. Many of these customs derived from Spain. These
customs vary throughout the different regions and cities. Catholics are
forbidden to eat red meat on certain days during Lent, so meals that exclude it
are consumed during these times. Dishes that involve fish become popular. The
Nopal is also a popular food eaten during this time.

Nopal is a type of cactus that has flat leaves. It is very flexible. Part of it
is considered a vegetable, while the other being a fruit. The nopal can be made
fresh, canned, or dried. There are many dishes that include nopal. Salads with
added shrimp are great when fasting during Lent. Eggs with nopal are common.
They can also be put into tacos. Nopal is rich in fiber and vitamins. Romeritos
is another vegetable eaten during Lent. It is a green leaf that resembles
rosemary. It is made with whole shrimp with a touch of chile sauce or powder.

Naturally since corn is a popular vegetable in many Mexican dishes, it is eaten
a lot during Lent. Chacales is a dish made that is dried white corn that is
broken into pieces and prepared into a soup. One other vegetable that seems to
top all other vegetables in popularity is the Italian squash. The squash is cut
and placed in a cloth which is then laid out in the sun until the squash is
fully dried. Once it is dry, the squash is fried with tomatoes and onions.
Cheese is placed on the top of the vegetables and not served until it the
cheese completely melts.

Fish is an easy way to fast from meat during this time of year. It can be
prepared in many different ways. A fish soup that is made around this time
includes lima beans with the fish in pieces. Shrimp is also eaten. Shrimp can
be served raw, or even made into shrimp patties. These patties can be covered
with a traditional Lenten sauce called Pipián. Pipián is made of different
spices, and also pumpkin seeds.

One of the most well-known desserts served around lent is known as capirotada.
Capirotada is a Mexican bread pudding. This pudding varies from home to home.
It usually consists of toasted French bread, cheese, milk, butter, peanuts, and
raisons. It is soaked in syrup that includes water, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a
variety of other ingredients. Another dessert that is popular around Easter time
in Mexico is Empanadas. They are turnovers with a flaky crust that is filled
with fruit in the middle. Some fruits inside are cherry, and strawberry. They
come in a variety of flavors, but the favorites are apricot, apple, and

Even though Lent is a time to fast, that doesn't mean the people doing the
fasting cannot enjoy what they eat. There are many more foods that are eaten
during this time. Some dishes date back from many centuries ago. It is no
surprise as to why these dishes are still popular.

Which Foods are Common for Mexico's Day of the Dead?

Mexico welcomes departed souls that come back to earth, at Day of the Dead
celebrations. This occurs every year on November 1 and 2nd. Families gather at
their homes and cemeteries to remember their relatives. Many Americans have
seen Skeletons when reading about the celebration, and automatically think it
is Mexico's version of Halloween, but it is not meant to be scary, it is a time
to reflect and honor the deceased. Many Americans have no idea of how much
effort is put into this holiday. Women spend hours organizing flowers for
gravesites. Music can be often heard, because families play the deceased
favorite songs. Food is a very important part of honoring them.

In homes, families make alters and cover them with flowers and burn incense for
the spirits to enjoy. Usually there are photos of the deceased and statues of
saints. Also on the table are fruits and vegetables along with other foods that
are later given away and eaten. The food is made to please the spirits, so
naturally the best foods to make are the ones that the deceased enjoyed the
most on earth. Families make the deceased favorite dishes. It is popular to see
Moles and Tamales made for the Day of the Dead celebration because they are hard
to make dishes and are usually for special occasions.

Breads are common in Day of the Dead celebrations. The breads are sweet and
rich with eggs, but they vary in different regions of the country. Bakeries
hire extra workers to make more bread during this time. The breads are made
into different shapes. Bread that is round shape is the most common, but they
can also be shaped as people and animals to represent the deceased.

Sugar Candy skulls are popular amongst children. It is a big treat for them
similar to Christmas and Easter candies. Sugar skulls are traditional folk art
that is from central and southern Mexico which is used every year to celebrate
Day of the Dead. Vendors sell many colorful sugar skulls the week before the
celebration. The skulls are made by the sugar being pressed into molds and then
dried. Once the skulls are dried, they are decorated with colorful icing and
even sometimes with non-edible items such as colorful feathers and sequins.
Although the skulls are popular, traditional Halloween candy is now competing
with the sugar skulls making the skulls hard to find in the South of Mexico.

Besides the sugar skulls, chocolate is another common favorite. Pumpkin candies
can also be found where there are children celebrating the day. It consists of
big green Mexican pumpkins that are grown for specifically making the candy.

It takes much planning and hard work to take part in this event. It makes the
families proud to remember and honor their family members. If ever in Mexico,
try to visit during this time of year. It is beautiful to see how much love and
respect people have for their loved ones that have passed away.

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