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Mobility Scooters

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An Introduction To Medical Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is similar to an electric scooter or motor scooter in
function and construction. However, additional power wheelchair type features
and options make mobility scooters an excellent form of transportation for
anyone who has good arm strength and upper body balance but needs occasional

Elderly people, and those who have progressive conditions that challenge their
ability to walk, appreciate and benefit from the aid and convenience of a
mobility scooter. Users of the mobility scooter can usually walk to some
degree, but have greater difficulty with slopes and longer distances.

The first mobility scooter was built in 1968 by a Mr. Alan Thieme in
Bridgeport, Michigan. Mr. Thieme created this front wheel drive scooter to
assist a family member with multiple sclerosis regain some of their independent

The basic components of today's mobility scooters are two rear wheels with a
seat above them, a flat area upon which to put the feet that also holds the
seat and power source, and a steering column with handlebars to steer either
one or two front wheels. There are gasoline powered mobility scooters, though
the majority of those manufactured are electric. The more popular electric
mobility scooter runs with one or two batteries onboard the scooter. If you
need more power to overcome steep hills and slopes, you will be better served
with two batteries which will deliver more power than one. These batteries are
charged with a standard charger that connects to a typical electrical outlet.

The steering column, located centrally at the front of the scooter, is referred
to as the tiller. The tiller controls forward, reverse and speed controls with
finger controls, a thumb paddle or a switch. Mobility scooters are available in
front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. In general, front wheel drive mobility
scooters will accommodate a rider up to 250 lbs. and are more convenient for
indoor use due to their smaller size. Rear wheel drive mobility scooters can be
used indoors and outdoors and will accommodate a weight of up to 350 lbs. There
are also heavy duty rear wheel drive mobility scooters, which differs from the
regular rear wheel drive mobility scooters in that it can accommodate riders up
to 500 lbs.

Because scooters usually have automatic braking, coasting is not an option. You
must use the finger, thumb or switch style controls to be in command of all
movement. You will need to press and release the controls gently to gradually
increase and decrease speed. There is usually a control that will allow you set
the maximum speed for the scooter as well.

A mobility scooter will not be difficult to operate and control as long as you
have adequate upper body strength and control and they can be broken down into
parts quite easily making them convenient to pack into the trunk of a car for
an outing with friends and family. Anyone with systemic or disabling body
conditions that is still able to stand and walk a few steps, control the
steering tiller and sit in an upright position without torso support will
appreciate the assistance of a mobility scooter and the sense of independence
it can provide.

Electric Mobility Scooters Present A Viable Solution To Physical Challenges

Electric mobility scooters can provide the elderly, disabled, and seriously ill
freedom of movement. Mobility is a critical to just about every aspect of
everyday living. Having some freedom of movement enhances a person's capability
to learn, earn a living and interact with friends, family and community. A large
percentage of people with mobility limitations have permanent disabilities. Many
people suffer from conditions that make walking an extremely difficult and
painful task including arthritis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.
These individuals benefit from a variety of mobility aids and devices to assist
them in lead fulfilling and active lives. The most popular forms of
independently operated mobility equipment are electric mobility scooters and
motorized wheelchairs.

A motorized wheelchair is a form of personal transportation that typically has
six wheels and is steered using a "joystick" type control mechanism. Other
names for the motorized wheelchair include, electric chair, power wheelchair
and power chair. A motorized wheelchair is usually equipped with outstanding
maneuverability features that make them perfect for use in the home and will
generally fit just about anywhere. Motorized wheelchairs are typically for
in-door use.

The power mobility provided by electric wheelchairs has made a dramatic
difference in many people's lives. The development of new technology in the
industry has made it possible for people to obtain smaller, more lightweight
and maneuverable motorized wheelchairs for use inside the home allowing people
to move about in small places and complete their activities of daily living
without being bed-ridden or sent to nursing homes.

In comparison, electric mobility scooters have either three or four wheels and
steer much like a bicycle, using a set of handlebars and hand operated control
mechanisms. Electric mobility scooters are ideal for indoor and outdoor
activities, as they glide smoothly and easily over a variety of surfaces. There
are even portable electric mobility scooters that will fit easily in the trunk
of a car. Electric mobility scooters are reliable, easy to operate,
comfortable, safe and do not have the more obvious medical appearance of a
motorized wheelchair.

Today's electric mobility scooters have three or four wheels, a steering
column-known as a tiller-with handlebars and hand operated control mechanisms
and a platform that supports the seat, battery and the riders feet. Electric
mobility scooters are much less physically strenuous than a walker or manual
wheelchair. Although the rider of a mobility scooter must be physically able to
walk a few steps and have adequate upper body strength and dexterity, they do
not require the more substantial amount of strength and dexterity necessary to
operate a walker or manual wheelchair. The swiveling captain's style seat of an
electric mobility scooter is typically easier than moving the foot supports of a
manual or motorized wheelchair. In addition, Electric mobility scooters are
simple to maintain and easily recharged using a standard electrical outlet and

Physical impairments need not prevent someone from participating in daily
activities as well as special occasions with family and friends. Electric
mobility scooters restore independence and freedom of mobility to help promote
an active lifestyle.

How Can I Find Used Electric Mobility Scooters?

There are a number of different types of mobility scooters. Each has their own
advantages and disadvantages, which can be looked at objectively by individual
parties and those who are interested in purchasing the items. However, they
often can be very expensive. Most people that have looked into purchasing these
types of items have noticed that they can be quite an investment. While there
are some situations in which an individual's insurance company will either pay
for or help the individual pay for such an apparatus, there are many people
that are required to pay for the item on their own if they wish to use one or
feel like they are needing such an item in their home in order to help them get
around and go from one place to another with a sense of ease and convenience.

Because of the cost, many people will actually be able to benefit from
purchasing used electric mobility scooters. These are scooters, powered by
electricity which is typically charged for a period of time before the scooter
is used to transport the owner, that have been handled before by previous
owners. They are discounted in price because they have been used. In most
cases, these scooters are still in very good condition and will meet all the
requirements that the individual has as for why they need such a device, but
the used electric mobility scooters will actually cost much less for the
individual. Not unlike the degradation in the value of cars, a used scooter is
simply cheaper than a new scooter, and the reason for this is typically not
because the scooter works any less effectively than the new model works.

Upon learning this, many people become more interested in the models of used
electric mobility scooters that they can purchase, but they may not readily
know where they can go in order to purchase one. After all, these devices are
seen in public quite often but there are very few scooter stores to which an
individual can go and make their purchase. Instead, individuals need to be a
little more creative when it comes to trying to find such items.

First, there is the internet. Many people are able to utilize this resource and
find a used scooter that they can purchase and have shipped to them. While the
internet is a great resource, this is not the only way in which a person can
purchase such an item. Instead, they can also look through newspaper classified
ads or even place a classified ad informing other readers that they are looking
for such an item. If a reader has a scooter that they are willing to sell, they
can contact the individual and set up the exchange. Without reading the ad,
individuals may have not been thinking about selling the items, but upon
reading the ad and knowing that there is a specific need for their item they
may be more willing to part with their used electric mobility scooters if they
are not longer needed and being used.

How to Find Used Mobility Scooters

There are many times in a person's life where they will for one reason or
another be unable to move around in the ways that they want to. However, in
some cases this inability is more severe and permanent than in other
situations. When a person comes to the point that they need help moving around
and they have some money to invest, they would likely highly benefit from using
mobility scooters as a means of getting from one place to another when they need
to. Sometimes, the amount of money that the individual has to invest in this
venture is limited.

This does not mean that the individual needs to wait until they have more money
to get help. Rather, they can choose to invest in used mobility scooters as
opposed to a brand new mobility scooter. There are many reasons as to why this
would be beneficial, including the fact that it obviously saves the individual
money. Many people will also find that they are able to get the used mobility
scooters more quickly as compared to ordering a new scooter simply because they
do not need to save up more money. They have to save for a more limited amount
of time because they will need to save up less overall, for a product that is
most likely in just as good condition, or near it, as a new mobility scooter.

Many people may realize these advantages, but then be very curious as to where
exactly they should be looking in order to find acceptable used mobility
scooters. The simple truth is that there are practically limitless places that
a person can search in order to find the used mobility scooters of their
choice. Choosing a used scooter over a new one will not limit the selection
that a person will be able to consider to as high a degree as most people
think. There are plenty of online sites and online auctions that hinge on the
sale of used mobility scooters. These are very popular since the access to the
World Wide Web allows individuals to consider options for purchase outside of
their own original sphere of comfort when it comes to their geographical

If an individual does want to stay local, however, and not examine the options
that are available to them on the internet, there are still a number of places
that can be utilized in order to find used mobility scooters. Thrift stores are
a good place to start, despite the fact that they are not guaranteed to be
there. Occasionally, there will be one located there and the price is typically
much lower than it would otherwise be. Individuals can also inquire of the
owners whether or not there has been mobility scooters brought in, and how
often this typically occurs. Using the newspapers and magazines that are
published in the area can also be browsed in order to determine if anyone is
trying to sell their used mobility scooters, and if none are listed the
individual can publish an add themselves stating that they are looking for one
and to contact them if anyone is interested in selling their used mobility

Reliable Mobility Scooters Begin At The Bottom

If you are on a limited budget in the market for a mobility scooter, you may
want to dedicate a little bit of time to comparing prices. Mobility scooters
are available from many different manufacturers and in various styles. Just a
few of the features and options you will find enhancing mobility scooters are 
specialty base plates or platforms, wheels or tires, and seats. The options and 
features that differentiate one mobility scooter from the next should be 
selected according to your particular needs and intended usage.

The base plate, or platform, supports your feet, the seat, the tiller, or
steering column, and the battery. The base plate determines the comfort and
safety of the user and whether or not the scooter is designed for indoor or
outdoor use. The frames and support platforms of the base plates on
mobility scooters are typically constructed of steel, aluminum or composite 
materials. Mobility scooter base plates are customized by manufacturers and then 
identified by different model and style names presented to the consumer. A 
mobility scooter intended for indoor use only will typically have a composite 
base plate to which adjustments have been made to the minimize the size of the 
wheelbase and amount of ground clearance as well as more precise maneuverability 
features to better accommodate the size and floor plan associated with a typical 
home. Some models of mobility scooters have a longer length or an extendable base 
that can accommodate longer legs. An increased base length will increase the 
turning cycle of the scooter; however a well constructed mobility scooter will 
not tip easily during sharp turns or inclines and will provide a smooth, stable 

The size of the wheels on a mobility scooter determines the ability of the
scooter to surmount obstacles and affects its stability. Mobility scooters
usually have six, eight or ten inch wheels, and these are usually of equal
diameter in the front and the back. Smaller wheels are generally found on
front-wheel drive mobility scooters intended for indoor use. The larger the
wheels, the more stable the ride and the larger and wider the tires the greater
the ability of the mobility scooter to manage climbing curbs and maneuver over
rough terrain.

Mobility scooters are available with either three or four wheels. Four wheeled 
mobility scooters tend to be more stable than those with three wheels, especially 
for curb climbing and turning sharp corners. Three wheeled scooters have a smaller 
turning circle and tend to be easier to maneuver. The most common types of tires 
are solid, pneumatic, puncture proof and deep tread tires. Solid tires do not 
puncture or ever need inflating. Pneumatic tires need to be inflated regularly to 
maintain air pressure and checked frequently as they can puncture. They do provide 
a more comfortable and smooth ride than solid rubber tires and punctures can be 
repaired with a relatively simple at home repair kit or by a local cycle shop or
mobility scooter repair center. Puncture proof tires are a compromise between solid 
and pneumatic tires. They are made of an open cell rubber compound to help with the
shock absorption. Deep tread tires are available with different levels of tread.
The deeper the tread, the greater the ability of the mobility scooter to provide
increased grip and stability on curbs as well as on slopes, muddy grass and
rough or uneven ground.

What Are Standing Mobility Scooters?

By looking at the phrase mobility scooters, many people are able to conclude
that the device is an apparatus which is able to move the individual from one
location to another, with limited, if any, strain and stress on the body of the
individual. Upon consideration, many people may then go on to realize that they
have been able to observe these apparatuses in their every day life, even if
they did not realize it at the time.

There are many stores that will offer mobility scooters with baskets attached
in order to make shopping at the store easier for individuals that would need
that type of support and help. However, the new phrase that is standing
mobility scooters may cause some individuals to pause and reflect on what this
could be. The words standing and mobility would initially seem to contradict
themselves, which could be confusing for someone to come to terms with when
they are trying to come up with an acceptable conclusion as to what this device
could be. In the end, however, individuals will understand that the words do not
contradict each other, but rather that each of the terms refers to something
more specific about the scooter in general, and that they in fact merely go on
to help describe the scooter in more detail. The attention to detail helps
individuals to more accurately and easily locate and research the types of
scooters that would be most applicable to them and their situation.

While some mobility scooters will move the individual from one place to another
while they are seated on the scooter, standing mobility scooters provide the
same function, but with the individual in a different position. Instead of
sitting, these scooters allow the individual to stand up on them and be
transported in this manner and fashion.

There are actually many reasons as to why this type of scooter may be
considered to be more attractive to the individual as opposed to the different
types of mobility scooters that can be provided to individuals. Some people do
not need to be seated which they move about. For example, an individual with
one broken foot may be able to benefit from using a mobility scooter, but these
can be expensive and help the individual to put on some weight as a result of
not being as active. Instead, a standing mobility scooter may be used, enabling
the individual to stand up and be more comfortable, but still move around much
faster than if they had been on crutches. In most cases, they are also much
less expensive since they are smaller. In contrast, an individual with two
broken feet would not be able to use a standing mobility scooter, simply
because then they would have to put pressure on their feet which cannot safely
be done when the bones in the feet are broken. The individual with two broken
feet would then be limited to the mobility scooter that allows them to sit down
on the scooter and still be moved from one location to another location.

The Building Blocks For Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are designed to assist those who have difficulty walking with
the tasks and opportunities associated with daily living. They can be designed
for indoor or outdoor use, with some models being middle of the road and
designed to accommodate both indoor and outdoor use. However, there are
particular construction and user needs that have to be met in order for a
mobility scooter to perform outdoors at optimum levels. A good portion of what
is necessary for mobility scooters to be more effective and comfortable for the
rider outdoors lies within the construction and design of the base unit. Base
units are the bodies of mobility scooters and are often referred to as a
platform or base plate. Typically, base units consist of a frame constructed of
aluminum, steel or composite materials with a composite or fiberglass floor to
support the seat, feet, battery and tiller, also known as the steering column.
Base units also include the mobility scooter's drive train. The mobility
scooter's maneuverability and its suitability for indoor or outdoor use in
large part depends upon the characteristics of the base unit such as its
turning radius, the size of its wheelbase, its ground clearance, and its
overall dimensions.

It is important to evaluate the base for safety features, including its overall
stability. A scooter should not tip easily during sharp turns or while climbing
a curb. Anti-tip wheels should be included as part of the frame to help support
and stabilize the scooter. Most rear wheel drive mobility scooters are intended
to negotiate more rugged terrain and are usually equipped with rear anti-tips
to support the scooter on hills.

The drive train is a critical part of the base unit and provides either front
or rear wheel drive for the mobility scooter. Front-wheel drive is usually
found on smaller scooters designed primarily to be used indoors or outdoors on
flat, paved surfaces. The motor of the front wheel drive scooter is located
over the front wheels and drives only those wheels. Because of the motor and
wheel configuration, front wheel drive mobility scooters usually do not have
chains or belts and are powered by smaller motors. The front wheels pull the
weight of the rider and the scooter making them less capable of handling steep
inclines, climbing curbs and managing rough terrain.

Rear wheel drive mobility scooters are powered by motors connected to the rear
axle, either via a chain, a belt, a transaxle unit, or a combination of these
components. Because the mobility scooter is driven by the rear wheels, they
push the combined weight of the unit and the rider, rather than pull it like
the front wheel drive models. The combined weight of the rider, the motor, and
the batteries over the rear wheels, generally create better traction than that
is usually provided by front-wheel drive models. The increased traction
combined with the more powerful motors used on rear-wheel drive scooters
results in better climbing ability. Rear-wheel-drive scooters also have a
greater maximum speed, a longer traveling range between battery charges, and a
larger rider weight capacity. These mobility scooters have a wider wheel base
and a greater overall length, making some models less maneuverable and
unsuitable for indoor use.

Finding Cheap And Reliable Mobility Scooters

Many people who have difficulty walking take advantage of the generous
availability of mobility scooters that are made available for use at several
public facilities such as amusement parks, grocery stores and department
stores. They can keep up with friends and family without overexerting
themselves or go in their own direction without assistance from another
individual. Many of these people do not possess a personal mobility scooter of
their own because they have a limited budget, although they would appreciate
and gain so much from the physical assistance and the psychological benefits
associated with maintaining their independence. A cheap mobility scooter may be
the affordable bridge that helps an individual cross over from a walk restricted
lifestyle to a self-assisted and more independent lifestyle.

The mobility scooters available for use at public facilities are generally four
wheeled and built for durability more than comfort and convenience. Although
comfort and convenience are typically adequately provided for, reliability and
durability are the most important characteristics of any type of equipment that
is made available for public use. These mobility scooters are not cheap and
would most likely be an over exaggerated version of a three or four wheeled
model that would be more appropriate for a personal ownership.

A little bit of online research on the topic of medical mobility scooters
should help you become more familiar with the different makes, models,
features, advantages and limitations of mobility scooters. As a general
guideline, brand new mobility scooters range from just under $500 to well over
$3000. A mobility scooter with tons of options and features and a more powerful
motor is not going to be one of the cheap models. In addition to particular
specifications that may be provided, a clue as to the power of the motor is the
number of batteries the mobility scooter has. A model that has two onboard
batteries is likely to have a more powerful motor. The more powerful motor
makes conquering hills and steep slopes quicker and easier. A smaller motor
will still conquer those hills but you just have to be a little more patient if
you want to ride cheap. Trading a little time may still be better than being
physically limited and assisted by others or not participating in an activity.

A walker is a relatively cheap piece of equipment that is designed to assist
those who have trouble walking. Although effective at accomplishing their
purpose, the individual using a walker must have a good amount of upper body
strength and dexterity and enough energy and lung capacity to maneuver with a
walker. If the individual is this fortunate, they will be over utilizing these
healthy body conditions to compensate for their inability to use their affected
limbs. A mobility scooter does require that the individual have an adequate
amount of upper body strength in order to operate and manage the steering
column and hand operated controls. However, the amount of strength and effort
necessary is minimal with a cheap mobility scooter in comparison to a walker. A
manual wheel chair presents some of the same disadvantages as a walker.

A motorized wheel chair is another option for those who have difficulty walking
and they do not require the individual to have much upper body strength.
However, they are not cheap and some find them to be too large and cumbersome
for every day activities in many places. If you take the time to investigate
the various mobility scooters available you may find a cheap yet valuable
solution to a challenging physical and emotional problem.

Secondhand Mobility Scooters For Sale And Purchase

If a mobility scooter would make a positive difference in your life or the life
of a loved one but the cost of a scooter is the obstacle that is preventing you
from purchasing one, you may want to consider purchasing a used or secondhand
mobility scooter. It is possible to regain some of the independence that an
individual may have once enjoyed prior to their walking becoming a difficult
task with the help of a mobility scooter.

Brand new mobility scooters range in price from hundreds to thousands of
dollars depending on the make and model of the scooter. Most are powered by
electricity via one or two onboard rechargeable batteries. More expensive
models usually have two batteries onboard to accommodate a more powerful motor,
which is helpful when climbing hills and steep slopes. Convenient features and
optional accessories will also increase the price of a new mobility scooter.
However, purchasing a secondhand scooter can save hundreds of dollars without
sacrificing quality. In addition, purchasing a secondhand scooter from an
individual, secondhand specialty store or online auction may allow you the
opportunity to purchase a mobility scooter already equipped by the previous
owner with many of the accessories that will add to your comfort and
convenience without your having to incur additional costs.

Before you start exploring the landscape in search of a secondhand mobility
scooter, you should research the makes and models currently available at a
medical supply or similar specialty store or online. Many scooter manufacturers
and distributors have websites that include detailed descriptions and articles
to help you determine which type of mobility scooter would be best to
accommodate the individual needs of the rider.

Purchasing a secondhand mobility scooter from an individual will almost
definitely always be an 'as-is' sales transaction, meaning you get exactly what
you see, exactly as it is at that moment with no implied or expressed guarantee
or warranty. Most people seek to sell a used mobility scooter if the previous
owner no longer has a need for the scooter or if the previous owner has
upgraded to a more sophisticated model. Be prepared to ask the seller the
reason for the sale, the original date of purchase and length of the original
warranty. You should also ask if there have been any mechanical difficulties
with the scooter in the past. Tires and batteries are considered consumable
items that need occasional replacement, so be sure to ask if these items are
still original or if they had previously been replaced, and if so when.

Online auctions provide a popular and convenient method of purchasing a
secondhand mobility scooter. EBay is the most popular internet auction site,
bringing buyers and sellers of a vast multitude of products together. Simply
typing 'mobility scooter' in the search bar on EBay will bring you a listing of
secondhand scooters for sale. Each of the mobility scooters listed will include
a detailed description of the scooter and the seller's payment, shipping and
warranty policies. Most of the listings will also include photographs and you
can always contact the seller directly for more information or photographs. The
bid will have an ending time, and the buyer who has submitted the highest bid
will win the item for the bid price at the end of the auction. In cases where
the seller will accept a certain pre-determined price you will see a 'buy it
now' icon, which indicates you can purchase the scooter at that price and avoid
the bidding process. The buy it now price will most likely still be much lower
than purchasing the same scooter brand new, enabling you to reap the benefits
of a mobility scooter without draining your bank account.

Mobility Scooters Seniors Can Enjoy

All over the country, there are individuals that would benefit from the
implementation of scooters, used for mobility purposes, in their lives. Some of
these people are already aware of the fact that they need such items, and other
people have not been exposed to the reality of the situation at the present
time. However, whether an individual is aware that they currently need such an
item, or they feel that they may at some point need such a device, even if they
do not currently need it now, it can be helpful to know where they can purchase
such items.

When a person is confined to a specific area, and there are no scooter stores
to supply the individual with what they need, a person may begin to feel lost
and concerned. Hopelessness may set in if they are unable to come up with a way
to locate or finance a mobility scooter if they need one. For example, Lady
Lake, Florida does not house any specific mobility stores. But this does not
mean that all is lost for the individuals that live in that area and need
mobility scooters.

Senior citizens can enjoy will simply need to come from another place in order 
to be supplied to these particular individuals when they need them to be. If 
someone overlooks a great way to find such items, they will be missing out on 
a powerful resource. Today, the internet is one of the most powerful resources 
made available to individuals, and it can be utilized by anyone that owns or 
has access to a computer with an internet connection. When this is used by 
individuals seeking mobility scooters, the availability for the individual it 
expanded to the rest of the world.

There are a number of online stores that will provide these types of items to
the individuals, and they can purchase them new and have their mobility
scooters shipped to their home. However, a person is not limited to just being 
required to purchase new scooters, which can be very expensive. Instead, they 
are also able to purchase old or used models of mobility scooters, which most 
stores will not be able to provide.

Seniors can enjoy would be both new or used depending on how much money an 
individual has to invest in the purchase, how quickly they need the item and 
how long they will need to have the item in use or, in total. Once these 
questions are answered, an individual can easily decide which type of mobility 
scooter would be best for them and how they can go about purchasing the ideal 
mobility scooter for them. Most companies and online retail stores can easily 
ship these items to their customers, as can individuals that are offering to 
sell their mobility scooters on online auction sites. Individuals can also try 
to find their ideal mobility scooters in their local newspaper classified ads. 
But the truth is that individuals will likely have more of a selection when 
they search online for the items they need.

Mobility Scooters Make For Easy Travel

Mobility scooters make short distance travel easier for someone in need of
assistance. Independent travel and daily life become a little easier and
enjoyable for the elderly or people with a condition that makes it difficult
for them to walk or who may tire easily when walking. For people in need, this
motorized scooter not only makes travel easy, it decreases their reliance on
others and promotes the continuation of an independent lifestyle. These people
may be suffering from the typical symptoms that affect the ability to walk due
to the natural process of aging or from a variety of conditions that can make
walking challenging and uncomfortable including Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis
and Muscular Dystrophy. As long as the rider has some ability to walk a few
steps and has adequate upper body strength and dexterity to operate and control
the scooter, a mobility scooter can make all kinds of limited travel easy for
those once limited to wheelchairs or dependent upon others.

Although manual chairs or walkers also assist those who have difficulty
walking, they also put a lot of strain on the upper body, especially the arms
and shoulders. Not only can this strain can be eliminated with a mobility
scooter, but the individual is much less likely to fall down from a scooter or
fall off the seat of the scooter.

Some of the activities those who use a mobility scooter may once again enjoy,
even with their afflictions, are exploring shopping malls, department stores,
and grocery stores. By alleviating the physical exertion required to walk, a
mobility scooter enables the rider to advance through stores and shops without
tiring and with the ability to steer their own course. A nice walk down the
main street of a village or down a walkway at the park with family and friends
need not be missed with the help of a mobility scooter. Sometimes just getting
around the house can be difficult, and a mobility scooter can be a valuable
source of independence. Those who have difficulty walking but still perform
work from a desk at home will find that a mobility scooter serves well as a
stationary seat that swivels from side to front to easily accommodate and
transport the rider to and from desks, file cabinets and office equipment
without absorbing the physical strength needed to walk.

In addition, mobility scooters make travel easy for themselves! The majority of
mobility scooters can be disassembled into a few component parts and be stowed
easily in the trunk of a car. This makes the mobility scooter especially
helpful for outings with friends and family. Breaking down the scooter is not
difficult and quite manageable if approached by one or two people with average
physical strength and agility. Mobility scooters can be gasoline powered, but
you will find the majority are powered by electricity. Electric mobility
scooters will either have one or two batteries. These batteries sit onboard the
base platform, which also supports the feet and the seat. The batteries are
charged with a standard charger using a standard electrical outlet, making
recharging easy-and continued travel enjoyable!

Mobility Scooters That Make It In The Fast Lane

Mobility scooters have made a tremendously positive impact on the ability of
those with physical challenges to perform their daily activities and
participate in social events. Although mobility scooters are intended to be of
physical assistance and are not manufactured or designed essentially for speed,
many experienced riders already know and enjoy the benefits they receive from
their mobility scooter, but they may wish they could move just a little bit
quicker. There are a few mobility scooters that are faster than others. Fast
mobility scooters might be appreciated by those who use their scooter to run
local errands or for those who visit parks, golf courses, playgrounds and other
outdoor attractions where a good amount of territory is generally covered at a
moderate pace throughout the course of the visit. A fast mobility scooter will
allow the user to keep up with friends and family and enjoy many of the same

When we are considering fast as it relates to electric mobility scooters, it is
important to note that electric mobility scooters range in power and speed from
approximately 5 mph to about 13 mph. The faster models are generally intended
for outdoor use as opposed to indoor use, where traveling speed is usually not
a very high concern.

As a general guideline, rear wheel drive mobility scooters will tend to be
faster than front wheel drive models. Front wheel drive models tend to have a
less powerful motor providing power to the front wheel or wheels which pull the
rider and the scooter. Whereas a rear wheel drive mobility scooter is driven by
the rear wheels which push, as opposed to pull, the combined weight of the
scooter and the rider. This motor and wheel configuration also permits the use
of a larger motor and therefore distributes more power.

Pride Mobility Products Corporation knows a little bit about speed. This fast
growing company was founded in 1986 and has taken the fast track to over $76
million in annual sales!

Their brand name is almost synonymous with mobility scooters. Pride Mobility
produces a wide variety of mobility scooters that can be used on just about any
terrain. Amongst those who have purchased Pride's brand of mobility scooters are
the elderly and disabled including well known celebrities like scientist Stephen
Hawking and actor Verne Troyer of 'Austin Powers' fame.

Pride Mobility offers a fast mobility scooter introduced as the Wrangler PMV.
For approximately $3500 you can be traveling at 10 mph. The Wrangler is a
rugged mobility scooter intended for outdoor use. Thirteen inch deep tread
tires help to make the Wrangler reliable and fast even on the roughest terrain.
It uses two 100AH batteries and has two motors for ultimate traction. The seven
inch ground clearance will help to ensure that you don't get stuck in a tough
spot. The rugged construction of the Pride Mobility Wrangler line of mobility
scooters does not compromise the comfort and convenience that are incorporated
into all of Pride's designs. The Wrangler comes standard with a high back seat
that is available in your choice of size and color and with flip back arm rests
and a head rest for comfort. For those who still enjoy golfing but not the
travel on the course, additional options available for the Wrangler include a
golf bag holder that will turn your mobility scooter into the ultimate golf
cart making the Wrangler a fast, convenient and personalized way to get to the
18th hole!

Electric Mobility Scooters And What To Look For

Electric mobility scooters are designed to assist those who have physical
conditions that make walking difficult enjoy the sense of independence and
freedom that comes from mobility. When selecting the appropriate make and model
of an electric scooter the individual rider's overall physical condition and
personal preferences need to be considered in relation to the basic
construction of the scooter.

The basic construction should combine a backrest, seat and foot support to
provide a comfortable and stable seating base. This enables riders to expend
their energy on the essential activities, such as operating the vehicle and
accomplishing tasks from within the mobility scooter rather than wasting effort
trying to maintain a comfortable, upright position. The seat unit should have an
anatomically contoured seat base and backrest and be wide enough to accommodate
outdoor clothing if necessary. However, it should not be so wide that the user
is forced to sit asymmetrically to feel properly supported. If the seat is too
narrow it will become uncomfortable and increase the risk of pressure sores.

Try to choose an electric mobility scooter that has a seat and backrest which
can be adjusted to meet individual comfort levels. Additionally, a seat with
fold up armrests adds to the comfort of the rider, make transferring on and off
the seat easier and will reduce the amount of physical strain on the upper body.
A stable seating posture is essential in order to manage the vehicle's controls
which are located on the tiller, or steering column and handlebars.

The tiller is the control and steering mechanism for the mobility scooter and
has the controls to drive the scooter forward or in reverse, as well as
steering the front wheels. Some tillers feature height and angle adjustability
to ensure that the rider can comfortably reach the tiller and therefore has
maximum control over the scooter. A console, centrally located on the tiller,
has the supplementary controls for lights, indicators, horn and to power the
unit on and off. Two hands are typically required to manage the tiller steering
component of an electric mobility scooter. Some models can be controlled by only
one hand if the model is equipped with one level for acceleration that switches
for forward and reverse mode, however operating supplementary controls at the
same time as steering can be difficult.

If the intended rider is interested in an electric mobility scooter that will
travel as well as provide travel you will want to investigate transportable
electric mobility scooters. Transportable mobility scooters can be dismantled
for transport and storage. On larger scooters or those intended for rugged
outdoor use, you may want to check the weight of the largest individual piece
in order to be properly prepared to disassemble as individual components can
still be quite heavy. Although a convenient feature, when you consider
transporting a mobility scooter you will have to keep in mind that transporting
the scooter will require it to be broken down before the next destination,
assembled upon arrival, disassembled upon return and once again assembled for
use at home. This may not seem very convenient, but when it comes to being able
to join family and friends on a special outing or having to choose to not
participate due to physical limitations, the break down and set up of the
mobility scooter is a more than worthwhile small chore in comparison to the
benefits it brings to the rider and their ability to interact independently
with family and friends.

Finding Mobility Scooters At A Discount

Mobility scooters can be of great assistance to anyone who has difficulty
walking, but still has adequate upper body strength. People can have difficulty
walking for many reasons including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscular
dystrophy and age related conditions. People with these conditions are often on
a limited budget and have many health related expenses. So, a mobility scooter
is often considered a luxury that simply cannot be afforded. However, there are
a variety of ways to purchase a mobility scooter at a discount price that will
allow the rider to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of a scooter
without spending a fortune.

Mobility scooters alleviate the stresses that a manual chair or walker put on
the upper body, as well as enable the rider to enjoy many activities that they
might not otherwise have been able to participate in. Although the rider of a
mobility scooter must have enough strength and dexterity in the upper body to
operate and manage the steering and hand operated controls of a mobility
scooter, they need not have the additional strength and coordination required
to operate a manual chair or walker. This makes mobility scooters a viable and
beneficial alternative for someone whose only other options might have been to
refrain from activity or to purchase a more costly motorized wheel chair.

Mobility scooters are available worldwide at medical supply stores, specialty
shops and from a multitude of online distributors. Your chances of getting a
greater discount will most likely come from online distributors. Shopping for a
mobility scooter at a discount site online will enable you to research the
various makes and models and comparison shop between distributor sites at your
leisure. This will help you determine which make and model will suit your needs
and also help to ensure you obtain the lowest discount price available.

There are several discount mobility scooter recommended websites where you will
find terrific discount pricing as well as excellent customer service focused
policies and procedures. One of those sites is operated by, LLC at , which allows us to browse through the many mobility scooters
they have available at a discount. With a variety of makes and models and
limited or full featured versions, certainly offers a great
selection to choose from and discounts range up to 50% off list price -- but
that's not all. They have what they refer to as a 110% lowest price guarantee.
This guarantee means that if they verify that you found the identical item
online at a lower price, they will discount their price by 110% of the price
difference -- talk about a great discount! also provides helpful
insurance eligibility information, free shipping and a fair and flexible return

Another way to purchase a mobility scooter at a deep discount is to buy a
secondhand or used mobility scooter. If you are willing to do without the most
recent model, the newly enhanced features and a the manufacturers warranty
associated with a brand new mobility scooter, you may be able to locate a good
quality mobility scooter locally or on EBay.

4WD Mobility Scooters Keep You Going

Mobility scooters can offer a lot of convenience to individuals that are
injured or obese, and need help when it comes to getting from one place to
another. Whether a person is trying to reduce the stress and strain that they
put on the bones of their body in order to reduce the risk of an injury, or the
individual is simply to frail to get from place to place as quickly as they need
to or would like to be able to, mobility scooters can provide a welcome relief
to these individuals in that they are then able to accomplish their specific
individualized goals when it comes to moving around or from one place to
another. However, these people also want to be able to rely on the safety and
reliability of these scooters.

This is essential, since otherwise the individual is not being helped any more
than they would be without the scooter. To invest in an item built to move one
around, and then not be able to move around in it from time to time would
easily be considered by most people to be a waste of money. This is why many
people should look at the specifics of their mobility scooters before they
purchase them. There are many things that can make one type of mobility scooter
better than another type of mobility scooter simply because the difference
between the two can enable one to be relied on more often than the other one
would be.

Prices and characterizations of each mobility scooter need to be considered
carefully by consumers in order to ensure that they are making the right
decision when it comes to their investment in mobility scooters. The winter
time is not only a time in which people are more likely to get hurt on account
of the weather conditions, but it is also a time in which individuals need to
be able to rely on their mobility scooters outside. Because of this, many
companies have begun to offer 4wd mobility scooters. These work in similar ways
to 4 wheel drive vehicles.

4wd mobility scooters allow the individual to have more control over their
movements, even on slick or slippery services. Where less effective mobility
scooters may become stuck, mobility scooters with 4wd are able to get through
the difficult elemental effects of the weather and keep the individual safe and
secure while they are transported from one area to another. While they are often
more expensive, they also offer more by way of convenience and effective
capabilities. Some people will need to be careful, though. If a person is
living in Arizona, they will probably not need to purchase a 4wd mobility
scooter simply because they are not exposed to the need for such an item.
Rather, this type of purchase needs to be thought about carefully, logically
and rationally by the consumer prior to their commitment in purchasing a 4wd
mobility scooter from a manufacturer or other retail outlet, Pennysaver ad or
another individual that is parting with their 4wd mobility scooters.

The Benefits Of 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

In stores, we will often come across experiences wherein we observe an
individual that is sitting down in a scooter and going about their shopping
process. Sometimes there is a basket attached to the scooter and other times
there are not. We will see them move up and down the aisles, and for the safety
of themselves and others they will often beep when they are backing up in order
to alert others. The 4 wheel mobility scooters enable a person to ride along on
the scooter much in the manner or a small and personalized car.

The four wheels provide a comfortable situation for the individual to be in,
and they easily allow the person to go backwards, forwards, left and right.
This is very beneficial for individuals that are hurt, and still need to go
grocery shopping. For example, if a person breaks one or both of their legs,
this will have no effect on their eating schedule. Even while their legs heal,
they will likely still need to eat, play and work. Having an injury should not
prevent a person from performing any of these processes. The application of a 4
wheel mobility scooter will enable the individual to focus on just these
necessary things. There are different types of scooters that exist on the
market today, and 4 wheel mobility scooters were some of the first ones that
were produced and put on the market for individuals to invest in when it comes
to personalized transportation and assistance. Not only are they reliable and
durable, but they have been around long enough for the manufacturers to
understand what is and is not helpful in designing these items.

There are more places than individuals may know exist when it comes to outlets
for purchasing these types of mobility scooters. Some of us may have observed
the commercials on television late at night talking about these mobility
scooters, but we are not just limited to purchasing these devices from late
night infomercials. The truth is that there are a number of companies that make
these available new to individuals, but there are even more places from which a
person can purchase a used mobility scooter with 4 wheels, including from a
newspaper's classified ads section, an online auction site or item forum, or
from an online store that is selling 4 wheel mobility scooters.

The reasons for individuals wanting to purchase these items vary, but for the
most part they are purchased by individuals that are caused pain when they are
on their feet for a long period of time. For example, individuals that have any
broken bones in their body from the waist down and are trying to heal can
benefit. So, too, can individuals that are considered to be overweight, since
in some situations this can cause stress and strain on the body, doing more
harm than good when it comes to walking around grocery shopping, for example.
The advantages that this type of device can provide to the individual can vary
from person to person, but there are many advantages to discover.

Benefits Of 3 Wheel Mobility Scooters

One of the most common types of mobility scooters are those that were
manufactured and produced with four wheels. They are able to go forwards,
backwards and of course left and right. For quite a while they were considered
to be very useful and helpful, and many people appreciated the efficiency and
convenience that devices like them offered to the individuals that needed the
assistance. However, over time, as technology advanced, individuals began to
start expecting more of all their technologically backed items, including
mobility scooters.

And so, as companies began to make more changes on their mobility scooters, in
order to make them more appealing to consumers, eventually some companies came
up with the idea o design mobility scooters that would be able to function with
fewer wheels, and offer even more to the individual by way of efficiency,
convenience and style. This is part of what makes them so appealing and
attractive to consumers and individuals that are thinking about purchasing such
items, if they find that they have begun to need something to help them move
around from one place to another. Sometimes this happens when a person succumbs
to an injury, and in other instances these devices are used by individuals that
would otherwise feel pain when moving about at such a steady pace or for such a
lengthy period of time.

Most people would not think so, but mobility scooters are not like an
individual's car. They want items and devices that will help them to feel good
about themselves. They want items that will look nice and sharp. 3 wheel
mobility scooters offer not only cutting edge technology and convenience, but
they are also able to offer a new look to individuals that are considering
investing in such items. They are designed to look more streamlined and
aerodynamic, not unlike a car. The rounded edges and sturdy design help to make
3 wheel mobility scooters popular, but this is not what clenches it for these
types of scooters. Rather, it is the different things that an individual can do
with the 3 wheel mobility scooters that help to put them ahead when it comes to
the benefits and advantages that come with the scooter.

Not limited to rough turns or three point turns, the one singular wheel in the
front of three wheel mobility scooters allows the individual to move around in
a much more fluid motion. People no longer need to go forward, then back, and
then forward again in order to complete a sharp turn. Instead, the new more
subtle look of the scooter and the unassuming design help the individual in
charge of the 3 wheel mobility scooter to move in a more simple and steady
form. This makes these types of mobility scooters more appealing to consumers
because they offer efficiency, and extended convenience in addition to style
and sleek designs which can help to make a person feel better about admitting
that they may need help moving around from time to time. No one likes to feel
helpless, and a mobility scooter such as this can add an exciting edge to the

Form, Function And Style With Pride Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility Products Corporation is the manufacturer of the number one
selling brand of mobility scooters in the United States. Putting a tremendous
amount of effort into designing and manufacturing high quality mobility
scooters is just one of the reasons Pride Mobility has risen above the
competition. Their innovative designs and durable product lines help
individuals who have difficulty walking participate in activities and events
they might otherwise have to avoid. A Pride Mobility Scooter helps an
individual who is having some trouble getting around on their own to easily
move themselves around the house, shopping mall, or village streets while
allowing them to maintain their independence.

Pride Mobility Scooters are well respected in their industry for being more
than just a means of transportation. Their scooters are designed with the
reliability needs, comfort and convenience of the user being highly accounted
for in their designs. Pride Mobility Scooters are carefully constructed to be
smooth riding, quiet and easy to operate.

The individual is never forgotten during the design of a Pride Mobility Scooter
and personal style and taste preferences are also taken into consideration
during the design process. A large selection of models that accommodate
different individual needs and budgets are available in a wide array of colors.
Convenient features and accessories help to ensure the rider is able to move
about with the least amount of physical exertion and at a more than adequate
level of personal comfort.

Pride Mobility Products Corporation has several authorized sales and
distribution centers throughout the United States. These distributors represent
the world leader in mobility equipment and represent the Pride Mobility Scooter
product line and also provide service when necessary. These authorized
distributors are knowledgeable and experienced at answering questions and
making recommendations that will help you select the Pride Mobility Scooter
that is best for the individual. Some distributors will even allow a potential
buyer to take the mobility scooter out for on-site trials for a specific period
of time. A trial period allows the individual to more accurately determine the
scooters performance, and whether the controls, seating, and leg room are
sufficiently comfortable for long-term use.

The combination of style, solid performance and exceptional value found with
Pride Mobility Scooters is consistent throughout their various models. For many
people who have conditions that adversely affect their mobility, a Pride
Mobility Scooter can be a cost effective and attractive alternative to a
motorized wheel chair. For some a more attractive, less "medical" appearance is
an important factor. For others, greater flexibility is a primary consideration.
For those not requiring the sophisticated electronics or seating systems of a
powered wheelchair, the smaller price tag is attractive. Whatever the reason
for considering a scooter, models should be carefully evaluated for their
capability to accommodate a person's disability and meet the requirements of
the intended use. In addition to gathering information from a Pride Mobility
Scooter distributor, those who are purchasing their first Pride Mobility
Scooter should consult with their physician, therapist, or other rehabilitation
professional to determine whether a mobility scooter is the best option and what
functional features are required to suit their individual needs.

Where To Find Service And Parts List For Pride Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility Products Corporation is the privately owned company that
manufacturers a very popular and respected line of mobility scooters. This very
successful company was founded in 1986 and has consistently grown, now exceeding
$76 million dollars in annual sales. It is obvious that many people are
purchasing Pride Mobility's line of mobility scooters and for good reason --
they are available in a wide variety of models and styles, moderately priced,
feature rich and durable. But even the most reliable motor scooters need
routine maintenance and care in order to operate at optimum levels at all
times. So, if you own a Pride Mobility scooter and want to keep it in optimum
operating conditions, you will need to have a list of the parts applicable to
your particular model mobility scooter and a reliable source from which to
obtain Pride Mobility replacement parts, a price list, and, if necessary,
access to an authorized service technician.

The operator's manual for a Pride Mobility scooter is provided at the time of
purchase and includes a list of parts specific to the model purchased. If by
chance this manual has been lost, you can download a copy from Pride Mobility's
website at . The manual also supplies
information on routine maintenance procedures, parts lists, repair options and
troubleshooting advice. The web site also provides a lot of useful information
including their contact information so you can contact them directly for
information regarding parts lists and repairs.

Most distributors of Pride mobility scooters carry many of the consumable parts
most often purchased such as batteries, tires and chargers. Many carry
convenient accessories such as cane or walking stick holders, oxygen holders,
cup holders, baskets and canopies. However, should you been in need of a
mechanical repair you will need to know where to obtain the appropriate
replacement parts and possibly some help from an authorized service center.

Pride Mobility has authorized sales and service distribution arms throughout
the United States. Each authorized service center has parts lists for all Pride
Mobility scooter models. Should you be mechanically inclined and have already
identified the parts you need, contacting one of Pride Mobility's authorized
sales and service centers should be all you need to do to purchase the parts
you need to do.

These authorized service centers also have technicians that have completed the
required Pride Mobility repair training program to efficiently repair your
mobility scooter with genuine high quality Pride Mobility parts. Drop off and
repair service is usually available should a distribution center be within a
short distance for you, and even house calls within a limited local area are an
option from some providers., LLC, is an authorized Pride Mobility
sales and service distributor. Their expert technical staff is well qualified
to repair your mobility scooter using genuine parts from the manufacturer's
recommendation list. They also commit to finding someone who can help you with
parts and repairs should they be unable to do so themselves. You can find out
more about Pride Mobility Scooters and LLC at

Exploring Bruno Mobility Scooters

When it comes to the world of mobility scooters, there are a fair number of
manufacturers that are considered to be reliable, durable and dependable. These
more elite brands are easily relied on by the individual because they have been
able to prove their worth over the period of time that they have been in
existence and established. Bruno mobility scooters are some of the most
reliable scooters that have been available for purchase on the open market and
they are designed for particular reasons and purposes. Like almost all mobility
scooters, they are intended to be used for individuals that would need
assistance moving around.

Sometimes this is caused when a person suffers an injury. For example, if an
individual has broken both of their feet in an accident, they will need
something like a Bruno mobility scooter simply because they will not be able to
put any pressure on their feet while they are healing. Instead, they will need
to be transported. Wheelchairs are an option, but for individuals waiting for
the bones in their feet to heal, this may not be a good loan term solution to
the problem. Bruno mobility scooters will allow the individual to be easily
transported to and from destinations, but at the same time they will be
comfortable and able to relax. The last thing anyone needs is more stress and
strain put on them, especially when it comes to individuals that are attempting
to heal.

By ensuring that the individual is kept in a comfortable and strain-free
position, they are able to focus more on healing and stay in more positive
spirits, instead of sinking into a possible depression as a result of not being
able to move around as easily as they once were able to do.

Another example of individuals that would be able to benefit from the use of
Bruno mobility scooters would be those who are overweight. Being overweight can
put a lot of stress and strain on the body when it is being moved around. Rather
than put stress and strain on the bones, effectively increasing the odds of
injury or accident, it can be easier and more convenient for the individuals to
use Bruno mobility scooters until such a time that the individual is able to
reduce their weight. Since this can sometimes be a lengthy process, many people
would benefit in the meantime from utilizing the Bruno mobility scooters that
are available for purchase, both in new and used conditions. By being able to
rely on a device that will allow the individual to move about easily and
conveniently, it is more likely that these individuals would open themselves up
to new experiences since they no longer have to worry about putting their body
in a potentially dangerous position. Despite the fact that it seems like the
person would be less active, the truth is that be finding something to benefit
them when it comes to being able to go out and do things, they will actually be
increasing their activity levels.

CTM Mobility Scooters

If an individual is looking for a scooter that is made by a company that is
reliable and dependable, then they may need to look no further than CTM
mobility scooters. the models that they are able to produce can be purchased by
the general public at large. The company understands that individuals need
different things. One person will need such a device for the rest of their
life, while another person may just need it for a few months.

There are so many different people with specific needs, and if a company does
not offer different models when it comes to their mobility scooters, they will
not be able to appeal to as many consumers as they would otherwise have been
able to do. As a result, companies such as CTM have been able to come up with
different designs and different models to offer their customers. However, this
does not stay limited to the way that the CTM mobility scooters are able to
look and appear. Rather, they are also different when it comes to the motors
that are offered and the power source of the individual CTM mobility scooters.
For those who do not need them, these things may seem like simple and trivial
aspects of such devices that do not really matter in the long run. But to those
that are familiar with the CTM mobility scooters and who do need one in order to
get around and be transported from one place to another, the knowledge that
these different aspects are very important and useful when it comes to making a
decision as to which type of scooter would best suit their immediate needs as
well as their financial planning procedures.

There are two different types of power sources when it comes to mobility
scooters, and the type that is best for the individual will vary from person to
person, since different things are convenient to different people. Batteries
will run some of the mobility scooters, while others will need to be charged
for a period of time before they are used. In cases that rely on the power
source as an important and vital piece to the decision making process,
individuals that do not have the time to keep their mobility scooter charged,
individuals that are constantly on the go, would likely be better off with a
battery that can be replaced as opposed to one that needs to be charged every
so often.

There are also differences when it comes to the motors of the scooters. Some
people will be much more demanding of their scooters as opposed to others. Just
for example, if a person is using their scooter all the time and they have a lot
of hills on their property, they will likely need a more powerful motor in their
scooter in order to keep them effective. By contrast, if a person is going to be
moving on flat surfaces for the most part and they will not be very demanding on
their scooter, they would be just as happy with a mobility scooter that does not
use such a strong motor, since it would effective be a waste of money if they
never need to use its extra capabilities in motor form.

QVC Scooter Store Can Provide Mobility Scooters

Purchasing a new mobility scooter requires one to analyzed and look carefully
at the different things that need to be considered and matter to the
individual. Mobility scooters scooter store QVC can provide vary in almost
every imaginable way, and this is why it is so important for individuals to go
through the specifics of each one before committing to a particular purchase.
By looking at everything and comparing the characteristics and abilities of the
scooter as compared to specifically what the individual will need from their
scooter, it will be very easy to start narrowing down the list of scooters that
could make a reasonable purchase from those that would not be able to fully
satisfy the individual consumer. These needs will vary from person to person,
but there are some specific things to think about when it comes to considering
the different types and models of mobility scooters scooter store QVC can
provide to interested parties.

First, there are many different manufacturers. They make different types and
models of scooters. While there are some who are loyal to one particular
company, there are others that do not have that type of loyalty in a particular
company at the present time. Instead, they will prefer to look at the
manufacturers objectively and look for the one that is more reliable and
dependable. This will come in terms of the mobility scooter itself and the
customer service that the company is known to provide, as well. When it comes
to these considerations, sometimes an individual can get more than enough
knowledge from the internet.

Next, it will depend what type of power source the individual wants their
mobility scooters scooter store QVC can provide to use. There is battery power
available and also electric power. Those that run on electric power will be
able to be plugged in and charged for a period of time, while those that
operate on a battery, much like a car, will simply need to be replaced from
time to time. How often an individual will need to use their scooter, and how
much down time the scooter will have, is part of what will enable an individual
to make the decision of which power source they would prefer their mobility
scooter to have. Also the individual will want to consider price. Whether the
item is being purchased in full at the time or it is being financed, it will
help the consumer to sit down and think about their budget and how much money
they have to invest in the purchase overall before they commit to buying a
particular item.

Lastly, it can help to look at the number of wheels that the scooter has, and
for the individual to think about how versatile they need their scooter to be.
In the beginning there were just 4 wheel scooters being made, but in order to
make the scooters more manageable and attractive many now also offer 3 wheeled
scooters. In many cases these are more expensive, since they offer more
convenience to the consumer and user.

Mobility Scooters Ready To Go And Available In The UK

Mobility scooters, as a form of short distance transportation and assistance to
those who have difficulty walking, have grown in popularity in recent years.
This is in large part due to the reduction in prices by many major
manufacturers and distributors of mobility scooters in the UK and worldwide.
The increased interest is also the result of the mobility scooter itself being
a more flexible and viable alternative option to a motorized wheel chair,
manual chair or walker.

Even with its less cumbersome appearance and shape, a mobility scooter does
accommodate the needs of many people who may previously had thought a
wheelchair was their only option. A mobility scooter is much less expensive
than a motorized wheelchair and has a more visually appealing design. However,
the rider must have adequate upper body strength and dexterity to operate and
manage the movement of the scooter. The movement of a mobility scooter is
managed with hand operated controls which are located on the steering column
and the steering wheel. If the rider is able to walk a few steps and has
sufficient upper body physical abilities, a mobility scooter might just be a
welcome solution to overcoming some physical limitations.

A few of the well respected manufacturers of mobility scooters that have
distribution centers in the U.K. as well as other areas include Shoprider,
Pride and Electric Mobility. All three of these manufacturers offer 3 and 4
wheel models with various features to accommodate different needs including
lightweight, midrange and large models. The larger models can go up to 8mph, as
opposed to the midrange models which top out at 4 mph.

Some of the accessories that are available for use with a mobility scooter
include baskets designed to attach to either the front or the rear of the
scooter, crutch holders and crutch holder and walking stick bags and canopies.
A canopy is especially useful outdoors and provides shade from the hot sun as
well as shelter from rain and wind. Another accessory to consider would be a
ramp. Ramps allow for a smooth transition from one surface area to another of a
different height easy and are available in many sizes. There are even ramps that
fold up to coyly imitate the appearance of a briefcase complete with user
friendly fasteners and carry handle.

Mobility scooters range in price from 700 to over 3000. The higher priced
models typically include two onboard batteries to provide power to a more
powerful motor and are built to accommodate more weight. They may also include
convenient accessory features such as baskets, crutch or walking stick holders
and cup holders.

London Mobility is a family owned business in the U.K. that distributes a
variety of mobility scooters. They are committed to providing those who are
less physically able the opportunity to own a high quality mobility scooter at
an affordable price. London Mobility also offers reliable pre and post sale
customer service and maintenance, as well as free delivery to anywhere within
the U.K. mainland.

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