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MP4 Players
by: Tom

MP4 players, also called personal video players or multimedia players, are portable devices that play MP4 video files. They play movies using the mp4 file format/standard. Could they become the next big consumer gadget?

For a long time now, MP3 players have been one of the hottest selling portable music players on the market. They have changed the way we make, listen to and store music. These players use the mp3 file format (mpeg 1 layer 111).

MP4 has been heralded by some as the next big thing. This is because of the versatility and quality of the MP4 file. MP4 stands for MPEG 4. This format can be used for video and audio and it produces a very high quality sound and picture. It can be used with many wireless devices.

MP4 players play video using this file format. Many can record from a tv or dvd player or even from the internet and then play back the video or movie at the users convenience. Some can store pictures as well. A good mp4 player will come with a decent amount of memory to store the sometimes large mp4 files. They are priced around $200-300.


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