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Where To Find Free Wedding Music Downloads
by: Jeff Schuman

Do you have everything finalized for the wedding except for the music? If you're one of those people then this is the article for you to help determine where to find the music. No more worrying about what song to play for the first dance, or what song to play during the father/bride dance. There are numerous sites that have free wedding music downloads for each situation during the ceremony and reception party.

When thinking of songs to play at a reception, people often forget all of the events that occur during a reception. There are certain songs that are best for cocktail hour or group dance music and so on. It may not be the biggest deal in the world to find a certain song for each situation, but it will definitely help the party flow better if the songs coordinate with the events.

At, you will find wedding music downloads for each situation broken down into each category. As you click on a category, it then brings up a list from A-Z on all the songs and who they are by. You can watch a music video for some, download the song, or even purchase certain ones on CD.

By going to you'll find all the best wedding songs to keep the party running all night long. Also on the site, there is a wedding music checklist provided to make sure that you have a song for all the events during the ceremony and reception. The great thing about this site is that you can preview all the songs for free and decide on which songs suite you best.

Most of the sites on the internet simply try to sell you their products. There are many sites that allow you to preview various songs and compile a list of your favorite songs. Then after that, you can purchase songs individually or buy a whole CD that has some of the classic wedding songs.

At Brilliant Wedding Pages (, there is a list of approximately ten sites that offer sound clips for wedding songs. This site consists of links to the ten sites as well as a brief description of what you will find at the sites. At you can view all of these great websites and receive a list of songs to be played at the joyous occasion.

Included in the list of sites is and At you can simply type in a song or artist that you're looking for. Or you can even type in a few keywords such as wedding music, and you'll receive a list of songs. The great thing about amazon is that this site allows you to preview songs and find the ones you like, and then save them to your computer after downloading them so you can listen to them over and over. Then you can collect a list of free wedding music downloads that fulfill your needs and make a CD of your own.

Now that you have the tools to find the songs for you, start searching so that you can be at peace knowing your wedding will be filled with songs that you chose. There is no other satisfaction then knowing that your wedding is the way that you want it.


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