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Office Chairs

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The Perfect Office Chair

An office chair will come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Ergonomics means
that a chair has a healthy design. Chairs may come with adjustable parts. All
the while, the human body comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Some may be tall, other short. Some require a large chair, while others prefer
a smaller width. As much as we may want it to, the human body isn't as flexible
as an ergonomic chair. Even though it isn't possible to find the perfect office
chair for everyone, it's quite possible to get adjusted to all types of seating.

Even if you aren't able to find the perfect office chair, you can always use
techniques to make the most of the situation. They can help make proper use of
the body and even enhance your coordination as well. The idea here, is to hold
your neck in such a way that the length of your spine and neck aren't shortened
or curved in any way.

There is no ergonomically designed office chair that can force your body into
the correct position it should be in. It's up to your body and mind to sit in a
a healthy manner.

When it comes right down to it, finding the perfect office chair is all a
matter of what's best for you. Office chairs come in all different shapes and
sizes, such as human body's. If you try out several chairs, you'll find the
perfect chair for your particular body size.

Once you've found your perfect office chair, you can relax like never before.
At the office, finding the perfect chair for yourself is something you must do.
Finding your perfect office chair isn't that hard -- all you have to do is look

The Importance Of An Office Chair

Employers and employees truly value their office chairs, and for good reason.
Even though office chairs are valued, many employees value their desks much
more. Both are inanimate objects, yet the purpose of a desk is to simply keep
your computer, paperwork, and other things.

The value behind a desk is 90% aesthetic, while the value of a chair is simply
amazing when it comes to your health. Ergonomic chairs will help your back
while you sit at your desk, even keep your legs, shoulders, and neck
comfortable while you work. If you sit at your desk for extended periods of
time, an office chair is very important in your life.

You work at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year. Therefore, if
you sit at your desk at least 5 hours a day, you spend around 1,200 hours
sitting in your chair. To put it in other terms, 1,200 hours is equal to 50
days and nights sitting down.

At work, you can sit on budget chairs, which are available for a little of
nothing. Even though they are made of solid construction and guaranteed for up
to 5 years, they aren't ergonomically made for prolonged usage.

To get the most out of your office chair, you need one that offers you plenty
of ergonomic benefits. This way, you'll be able to protect yourself while you
work -- knowing that your chair has your back and upper torso well taken care

When it comes to the office, nothing is as important as your office chair.
You'll spend a lot of time sitting in your chair, which makes it something you
want to have the best of.

How To Buy An Office Chair

Everyone knows that people come in many different shapes and sizes. Before
buying an office chair, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself.
You should decide how you plan to use the chair, as this will be the determining
factor for true comfort. Almost all office ahirs come with a variety of
mechanisms that will control the tilting angle, tension tightness, and a
mixture of other controls as well.

Heavy use chair These types of chairs are for those who plan to sitti ng at
their desk for long periods of time. If this is your profession, you should
look for a chair with a tilting mechanism and also a fatigue reducing device on
the bottom of the chair seat. Because of this device, moving forward or backward
will enable the chair move with you in order to provide support. This will help
to support your back at all times.

Moderate use chair If you are a typical assistant manager or run back and forth
between your desk and other areas throughout the day, you should consider
getting an office chair with a knee-tilt mechanism. This allows you to lean
back in the chair, yet still keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.
Chairs that don't have this will typically lift your feet when you lean back
and fort, which can ultimately lead to discomfort over time. Best of all, these
chairs are normally more stylish than the average task chair.

Executive office chair These types of office chairs normally have the same
types of mechanical features as moderate use chairs, although they are normally
larger, more comfortable, and offer more style for the executive. They are
designed for the average executive who is busy running about and spends a good
deal of time either on the phone or on a computer. Comfort, style, and status
are the key features when buying one of these types of office chairs.

For the average security, an office chair that offers the ultimate in comfort
is an ideal purchase. You can purchase a heavy use chair, as you'll probably
spend a good amount of time at a desk. If you move around a bit, you may want
to go with a moderate use chair, as it will provide the comfort you need when
you return back to your desk.

General rules of the office chair. 

1. You should make sure your feet rest comfortably on the floor, and your 
   thighs should be fully supported and placed square on the floor. 

2. Your back should be supported comfortably. The angle that's formed by your 
   upper legs and torso should be between 90 and 105 degrees. 

3. When you tilt back it should be easy, although it shouldn't be too easy. 

4. The desk chair should be customized to permit frequent changes in posture.

Truth About Office Chairs

An office chair is easily the most important furniture found in an office. Not
only for the look of the office, but also for the health and well being of the
entire staff. Over the last several years, office chairs have come a long way.

Office chairs of today are designed to promote health, ergonomical design, and
even improve your posture while you work. Even those with bad backs will find
the office chairs of today to be quite relaxing.

Below, you will find some types of new office chairs that are available for
your office:

1. Kneeling office chairs -- Kneeling office chairs have no type of back
support. They incline forward and therefore allow the hips to slide forward.
Kneeling chairs will naturally align the neck, shoulders, and even the spine.

2. Saddle chairs -- These chairs are aptly named as sitting on them is almost
like sitting on a horse. They can help to solve lower back problems quite well,
with the height being easily adjustable. This chair will work great as a desk or
even a computer chair.

3. Exercise ball chairs -- Ball chairs almost resemble a ball. They are very
difficult to slouch in, as they demand you to keep an upright position. They
also encourage movement as they tend to be a bit bouncy. The bouncing is a good
thing, as it helps to keep the blood circulating and your muscles in constant

4. Recliner chairs -- A reclining office chair will help you work in a
reclining position. For those will spinal injuries these types of chairs can be
a blessing. You can even attach a small table to the chair as well for working.

5. Balans chairs -- These office chairs will keep your legs at the right angle.
They will help your lower back as well, all while keeping your spine nice and

The office chair you select should be the one that best fits your needs and
requirements. No matter which type you end up getting, it should offer
ergonomic benefits as well as support for your back and spine. If your sitting
at your desk for long periods of time you want a chair that will keep you

At different times throughout the day, always remember to change your sitting
position. You should also sit for a period of time without back support as
well, to keep the blood circulating. Even though office chairs with back
support are great to have, you need some time away from them as well.

Where To Buy Office Chairs

There are numerous places that you can buy office chairs from. You can buy from
a dealer, direct, or even from a superstore. There are however, a few things
that you should know.

Buying from a dealer Many companies that purchase mid to high end furniture
will go through a dealer to furnish their office. Dealers will normally sell
chairs from one of the t hree largest vendors, then compliment with a number of
smaller lines.

The advantages of buying from dealers include their ability to obtain many
designs. Businesses that plan to order many office chairs will be able to bring
a few models into the office for evaluation purposes.

Buying chairs direct Buying your chair direct is an option for companies that
are interested in purchasing budget or middle ranged office chairs. Because
direct vendors don't have the high costs of maintaining showrooms, you'll find
office chairs to be priced 20 -- 40 percent lower than the actual retail price.
When you purchase multiple chairs, the price will get even better.

Keep in mind that buying direct means you won't be able to try the chairs out
before you make the purchase. If you plan to purchase office chairs through a
vendor direct, be sure that you try out at least one chair before you purchase

Buying from superstores A superstore will offer many advantages for companies
that buy office chairs. They buy in bulk, which allows them to sell their
chairs at extremely low prices. In addition to this, chair models are available
right there on the floor, which allows you to try before you buy. A superstore
will often times provide free and immediate delivery.

Despite everything they offer, superstores tend to be a poor choice for many
companies. The furniture that's on display is normally designed for a home
office, and therefore doesn't offer the comfort and durability of the better
designs and models. In addition to this, the selection often tends to be

If you happen to be looking for office chairs, any of the above is great. You
can even look on auction sites such as Ebay, or local trading newspapers as
well. Office chairs are popular these days, with some being more well known
than others. With new chairs coming out all the time, the perfect chair for you
is out there and waiting.

All you need to do is decide which method of buying is best for you company and
your needs. There are many available methods, all you have to do is find which
one has the best quality office chairs for the price.

Features Of A Good Office Chair

Below you will find the features that good office chairs provide you with.
Before you buy an office chair, you should make sure that the chair has these

1. Backrest Adjustment: A backrest adjustment can help to prevent or even
alleviate the discomfort that's associated with sitting for long periods of
time. The features of a backrest adjustment include:

   Backrest height -- This allows you to find the backrest height which will
   provide support for the lumbar portion of your lower back.

   Backrest tilt -- this feature will allow someone to adopt different 
   postures while still keeping good support for the lower back. You can also 
   adjust the feature as you wish.

   Horizontal backrest movement -- this feature isn't the same as the tilt.
   Instead, the horizontal will move side to side, making the chair a little
   deeper for those who need it.

2. Chair Height Adjustment: Every office chair must have a height adjustment.
With most chairs, a pneumatic lever is the most common way, as it allows you to
readily adjust the height of your office chair from a seated position. Office
chairs of the past require you to place a foot on the base of the chair then
spin it around and around to raise or even lower the height.

3. Seat Pan Characteristics: With a chair's seat pan, you should look for the
following characteristics:

   a. Rounded edge -- found at the front of the seat pan, this will prevent
      uncomfortable pressure at the back of the legs or behind the knees.

   b. Seat pan depth -- Between the back of the knee and front of the chair 
      there should be a space about the size of a clenched fist. For the legs, 
      this will help maintain proper circulation.

   c. Seat pan tilt -- This will allow room for posture changes and also help 
      to alleviate pressure on the back of the thighs.

   d. Fabric -- Be on the lookout for durable and permeable material that will
      dissipate moisture and heat.

4. Armrests: An armrest shouldn't interfere with the task at hand and always
provide you room to move. Armrests aren't normally needed for keyboard use,
although they can be used with reading, editing, or even doing work on a desk.
If you have to have them, look for those with an adjustable height, adjustable
width, and adequate padding.

5. Stability: A great office chair will have a five pronged base with the
appropriate casters (soft for hard surfaces and hard for soft surfaces). Chairs
with four prongs are less stable and prone to tipping sideways or backwards when
the users leans in any direction.

Office Chair Anatomy

The office chair is something you see in every part of the office -- cubicles,
CEO's room, conference rooms, even in the cafeteria. Wherever the area may be,
an office chair has one purpose -- to allow you to sit down in a comfortable
and healthy manner.

Contrary to what many may think, the office chair is no longer a piece of
furniture. Behind each and every office chair, there are a lot of thought and
science being implemented. The reason for this, is because an office chair can
be harmful to your health and also your body.

The principles of ergonomics are used with office chairs to give you comfort
and safety. Below, you'll find some key points to look for in an office chair.

1. Chair height The height of an office chair should always be easy to adjust.
In order to do this, the chair must be equipped with a pneumatic adjustment
lever. This lever should be able to move your chair between 16 and 21 inches
off the floor.

This is important simply because the person sitting in the chair needs to sit
according to the height of the table or desk. The chair shouldn't be too high
or too low, so the user doesn't slouch or strain at their desk.

The important thing to remember is that the knees should be at a lower height
than your hips. This will encourage the natural "double C" of the spine and
help to provide upright support for your body.

2. Chair width and depth An office chair should always be wide enough to
support users of all shapes and sizes. Normally, the width will vary between 17
and 20 inches. The chair depth area is the area found from the front of the seat
to the back of the chair.

The depth of the office chair should be big enough for you to lean back against
the backrest with 2 to 4 inches difference between your knees and the seat of
the chair.

3. Armrests Armrests are adjustable and will allow you to rest your elbows,
arms, and shoulders in a comfortable manner.

4. Backrest The backrest on an office chair will vary from 12 to 19 inches.
Like all other parts of office chairs, the backrest should be adjustable enough
to move either forwards of backwards.

5. Swivel Working in an office requires you moving about, from one computer to
another or even to a file cabinet. Therefore, an office chair should provide a
swivel at the bottom to allow you to move around your area freely.

Choosing An Executive Office Chair

An executive type office chair is usually the top of the line. Normally, they
are used in corporate offices by top executives and are also found in waiting
rooms of upper level management. It's very important that an executive office
chair present a professional image while at the same time being comfortable to
sit in.

Normally, office chairs are made of leather and fine wood. Many come with an
ergonomically correct design that will help reduce the pains that are often
associated with sitting for long periods of time. By using the adjustment
mechanisms you'll be able to fine tune the chair to accommodate body types and
the various conditions around the office.

When compared to standard office chairs, the executive chairs tend to cost a
lot more. Rather than being made of the typical plastic frame and cloth covered
cushion, executive chairs are made of much finer materials. A lot of retailers
out there deal solely in executive office furniture and executive office
chairs, allowing you to customize your chair if you wish.

Almost all executive office chairs offer a design that contributes to the best
in comfort. Even the standard chairs will come with a padded seat, pneumatic
seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension, adjustable arm rests, lumbar
support, and even dual wheel castors as well. You can even get an extended
warranty with most chairs.

No matter what body type you have, there are executive office chairs out there
for you. Even big and tall have their own chairs as well. Executive office
chairs are very comfortable and offer you comfort whenever you sit down.
Offering you plenty of padding for your back, these chairs are ideal when it
comes to professionalism with a dash of quality and comfort.

How To Adjust An Office Chair

Office chairs are essential to have around an office, yet they offer so many
features. For people of all sizes, adjusting an office chair is something we
all should know.

You should adjust the height of the chair so that your feet are able to rest
comfortably on the floor, with your thighs horizontal. If your feet cannot rest
on the floor, you'll need a footrest.

If your office chair has a pneumatic level, height adjustment can be
accomplished from a seated position. In order to raise or lower the height of
older office chairs, you'll need to stand in front and rotate the seat
clockwise or counter clockwise. You'll know the height is right when the height
of the seat pan is just below the height of your knee caps.

You should always avoid situations where your feet dangle, as this will
compress the tissue on the back of your thighs and behind your knees, also
leading to aches and discomfort in the lower legs. There should be a space
about the width of a clenched fist between the back of the knees and front of
the chair.

If there isn't, lower the chair slightly. If the chair has the ability, tilt
the seat pan forward to slightly relieve the pressure. You may need a foot
rest. The rounded edge on many office chairs will also help to prevent
uncomfortable pressure behind the knees.

At your desk, your office chair should be adjusted to accomodate the working
surface. What this means, is that your chair should be raised high enough to
keep your sitting comfortably at your desk.

Adjusting the backrest You should adjust the backrest so that it supports the
lumbar area of your lower back. As this is the most important contact point,
taking care of your lower back is very important.

In most situations, and especially where your job requires you to sit in your
chair for an extended period of time, your backrest will need to have an
adjustable height so that you can get the maximum amount of support for your
back. There are some backrests that can even be moved forward or backwards.

If the seat pan is deep, these features can be even more useful. Whatever you
do, never sit in a chair for a long period of time without back support. You
should adjust the chair instead, as this will protect your back while you work.

Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs

In today's office setting, ergonomic office chairs are very important. At work, 
many office employees are sitting more than eight hours per day. During this 
time, it's important that ergonomic chairs be used, as they will help reduce 
shoulder, back, and neck strain. Even though they may cost more than the 
standard office chair, they are a wise investment simply because they increase 
productivity and can help prevent serious injury.

When you select the proper ergonomic offer chair, there are several factors you
should consider. You'll want chairs with an adjustable seat, the proper lumbar
support, backrest, adequate seat depth and width, arm rests, and the ability to
swivel. You should also read the instruction manual as well and ensure that all
of the adjustment mechanisms function properly. If you find a chair to be
defective in any way, it should be returned immediately.

Keep in mind when selecting your chairs that there is really no "one size fits
all" for every body type. What is best for one individual may not be the best
choice for another. Before buying a chair you should give it a try and see what
you think. If it isn't possible to test out the chair, you should make sure that
you can get a refund if something goes wrong.

Before you purchase or use an ergonomic chair it's best to fully understand
proper posture and ergonomics while at work or at home. One of the basics to
ergonomics is making sure that a chair's seat height will allow the user's feet
to stay firmly planted on the floor. It's also good if the chair provides a
lumbar support, which will fit the inward curve of the lower back area.

With the traditional ergonomic office chair, there are a lot of new and
emerging alternatives. Depending on the chair, you may find yourself in new
positions. Even though they may take a bit of getting used to, these chairs are
great for someone who experiences a bit of discomfort or chronic back pain.

Those who sit at their desks for extended periods of time would greatly benefit
from ergonomic chairs. While sitting at a desk, you put your back and upper
torso in a cramped position, making yourself a target for back pain later on in
life. With ergonmic chairs, your back gets the support it needs. This way you
can sit at your desk all day long and know that your back and the rest of your
body is very comfortable.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs should help you to increase back and neck support and
also help to improve your posture and help prevent slouching. Many employees of
the office often experience back pain because they sit in their chair for
extended periods of time. Doing this will increase stress in the spine, neck,
arms, shoulders, and even the legs. By getting a chair that isn't ergonomically
friendly, you could end up aggravating any existing conditions you may have.

The ergonomic chair you select should be an inch wider or more than your hips
or thighs on both sides of the chair. The seat pan on the chair should be
contoured for equal weight distribution and also to provide maximum comfort.
You should also make sure that your back arches against the chair, as this will
help to prevent slumping.

A helpful feature to ergonomic office chairs is the adjustable height
mechanism. This can be a great essential for busy office meeting rooms or
conference rooms where different people use the same chairs. Most chairs that
offer teh height mechanism will also allow you to fine tune the back rest of
the chair in all directions. If your chair doesn't have a back rest, you can
simply use a pillow or cushion to support your lower back.

All in all, ergonomic office chairs are ideal for those who are at their desk
extended periods of time. These chairs don't cost a lot of money either, yet
they will provide you a lot in terms of comfort and support. If your office is
in need of office chairs, the ergonomic chairs are definitely worth adding to
your office.

Leather Low Back Office Chair

Instead of waiting for that promotion, a leather low back office chair will
move you up the corporate ladder like never before. With most offices, these
types of chairs are found with upper level management or those with corporate
type positions.

The leather low back office chair is designed with genuine black leather on the
seating areas. The chair also features an adjustable swivel and tilt mechanism
with lockout feature, which is ideal for changing the chair's settings on the
fly. For sitting, the chair makes 8 hours no problem at all.

The pneumatic adjustment on the chair will allow you to change height, while
the five star base with dual wheel castors will allow you to move around with
the greatest of ease. The armrests are full looping, giving your arms and
shoulders the best in comfort.

Although leather low back office chairs can tend to get high in price, they are
more than well worth it. The chairs provide comfort for your back, arms,
shoulders, and legs throughout the day. If you've had any type of back problems
in the past, these chairs are exactly what you need.

Often times, you can find these chairs in home offices as well. They allow you
move around your office or space with the greatest of ease, even on carpet. No
matter what type of flooring you have, the leather low back office chair is a
great way move around.

Ideal for a home office or around your office, these chairs will provide the
best in comfort and design. They are very professional in appearance as well,
making them suitable for any business, even those that are top of the line.

Office Chair Back Support Products

Aches and pains in the back have became a natural aspect of life for many
people, especially those who work in an office and sit for extended periods of
time in their office chair. Over the last several years, there have been an
increasing amount of people going to the chiropractors for back problems.

Almost all back problems can be stopped by ensuring the proper back support.
There are many different back support products available, which offer you
support for your back and at the same time do away with the need for medical

Some examples of back support products include:

1. Inflated back supports You can inflate these back support devices and use
them with your current office chair.

2. Ergonomic office chairs These types of office chairs are ideal for
preventing back problems and giving you the required back support while you sit
in your chair. Simply switching to an ergonomic chair at home or at work can
help you prevent back problems.

3. Back support cushions Those who don't want to spend a lot of money on an
ergonomic office chair will be happy with the many support cushions and
pillows, which can also give you the proper support needed for your back.

4. Back support mattress There are many different mattresses out there, which
are firm and offer you support for you back -- even while you sleep.

Taking chances with your health or your back is something you never want to do.
Therefore, you should always use the proper back support products while you sit
in your office chair or go to sleep. When you use these products, you'll feel
better than you ever have and you'll literally feel aches and pains in your
back disappear!

Discount Office Chairs

If you're just starting a new office or renovating your current office, you'll
require a lot of office chairs, for your employees as well as for yourself.
While top of the line executive office chairs are great for your top level
executives, it's certainly not within your budget to buy these chairs for all
of your workers.

When your trying to keep costs to a minimum, buying hundreds of executive
office chairs is simply out of the question. Therefore, in this type of
situation, your perfect solution is to buy discount office chairs.

With discount office chairs you can buy a large volume without having to
sacrifice on the quality of your office chairs. Being available at a great
price, discount office chairs also provide the right amount of back support for
your employees.

Several online vendors and local merchants are there to give you great bargains
when looking for discount chairs at large volumes. When looking, you should shop
around to see who offers the best deals. You may be able to get a reduced rate
reduced even further if the salesman is looking to build a long term
relationship with his customers.

There are numerous places you can get discount office chairs, all you have to
do is look around. You can find them online, in local shops, even on auction
sites such as Ebay. Discount chairs are something business owners are always on
the lookout for, as they offer you quality and comfort for a price you really
can't beat.

When shopping around for a discount office chair it's important to check that
good quality chairs are being sold at reduced rates. You should always make
sure that you aren't getting a cheap chair made with inferior materials and a
bad design, with the name of a discount office chair.

Cheap Prices and Buying Tips

Being in the office business, you should expect to pay around 250 -- 350 for a
good office chair. Even though top of the line office chairs can cost thousands
of dollars, they usually aren't more comfortable than a 300 dollar chair.
Instead of paying thousands for the chair, you're normally paying thousands for
the brand name instead.

For those on a budget who don't want to spend a lot of money on office chairs,
less expensive chairs are available for around 100 dollars per model. Global
and Wallace are among the best in low budget office chairs.

Ask about repairs Whenever repairs are required for your ofice chairs, you
should ask if parts can be replaced. If the parts have to be shipped to your
office, you should find out who is responsible for shipping charges, as they
can tend be quite expensive. If shipping isn't required, you should find out
about delivery.

Discounts Discounting is very rampant in the channel of dealers. Even if you
are only buying one office chair, you can still get up to a 30 percent discount
off the suggested price of retail. As you buy more and more office chairs, the
discount will keep getting bigger and bigger.

Therefore, it's always a smart decision to buy your office chairs in bulk. If
you have a lot of employees, you'll save hundreds and maybe even thousands of
dollars. Saving money is something everyone likes to do, especially when it
comes to your office.

Trials If you plan to buy a lot of chairs at a time, you should ask for a few
trial chairs to be brought to your office. Then, you can let your employees
vote for the chairs they like best. Even though a standard chair will be
sufficient for most people, it may be necessary to purchase other chairs as

For example, taller people will need special chairs, as well as those with a
lot of weight. No one chair will work for everyone, as the human body comes in
different shapes and sizes.

Making your decision You can purchase your chairs either locally, or online if
you prefer. Even though they may be cheaper online, you still have to worry
about shipping charges. Buying locally is the best way, especially if you are
buying many different office chairs.

Those planning on getting the most from their office and employees, should look
into the most comfortable office chairs for the money. Your employees will feel
and work much better with comfortable chairs, which is reason enough to make
the investment and go that extra mile.

Reduce Back Pain With Office Chairs

When you sit in an office chair for a long period of time, you run the risk of
causing low back pain or even causing more damage to an already existing back
or neck problem. The reason for this is because sitting in a static position
will increase pain in the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and even more so, add
pressure to the back and spinal discs.

When you sit in an office chair for a long period of time, most people tend to
slouch over or down in the chair, stretching the spinal ligaments and straining
the discs in the spinal column. Sitting in these positions over time can further
damage the spinal structures and cause you major problems in your lower back.

If you sit at your desk for long periods of time, an ergonomic chair is
something you must have. These chairs can help you maximize support for your
back and help you maintain the proper posture while you sit in the chair.
Simply owning the chair is not enough, as its crucial to adjust the chair to
the proportions of your individual body structure.

No matter how comfortable you may be in your office chair, prolonged static
posture isn't good for your back and also happens to be a contributo to muscle
strain and back problems. Every half hour, you should get out of your chair to
walk, stand, or even stretch for a few minutes. Even walking to the bathroom or
to get something to drink is great for your body.

Walking for several minutes will help you even more, as it gets your blood
circulating. Although many office chairs are designed to reduce back pain,
moving around throughout the day when you can is always the best thing you can
do for your back.

Even though many people have standard office chairs, there are many different
other styles available for you to purchase. Traditional or standard office
chairs may be great for the money, although they won't help you that much when
it comes to preventing back pain.

The more expensive chairs or those with ergonomic benefits are your best
purchase. They will help your body while you sit at your desk, even help those
with current back problems. If you have to sit at your desk for long periods of
time, make sure you choose your office chair wisely. You'll be sitting in your
chair while you work, therefore you want it to be both comfortable and safe.

Folding Chairs

If you are in a business that requires quick seating with little to no notice,
folding chairs may be the answer you've been looking for. Folding chairs are
inexpensive yet brilliant solutions for a variety of indoor or outdoor events
such as meetings, conferences, and even performances.

To use the chairs, you simply open them up and they will lock firmly in place.
Folding chairs also make great space savers as well, as you can stack several
on top of each other then put them on a chair caddy to transport several at a
time the put them away quickly when they aren't in use.

Manufacturers and vendors offer a variety of folding chairs, made from either
stainless steel or polypropylene plastic. You'll also have the option to select
from different colors as well, or even request padded seats on the backs of the
chairs for extra comfort.

Almost all folding chairs are alike in terms of structural features. For
durability, the chairs are designed with double riveted 18-gauge steel tubing
frames. You chairs are very lightweight so you can move them around easily, and
the seats and backs are contoured to accommodate persons of all shapes and sizes.

The chairs will also last a very long time, as the materials they are made from
won't rust or fade. Since they are waterproof and stain resistant as well, they
won't get damaged when left in the weather or subjected to accidental spills.

You can also find a wide variety of different folding chairs, although here is
the most common:

Standard -- These chairs are economical and durable, with steel throughout.

Plastic -- These chairs are made from polypropylene plastic with similiar
design to steel, although they are very lightweight and neutral to temperature.

Padded -- Padded folding chairs feature vinyl upholstered seats with backs
being different colors. 

Reinforced -- These chairs feature an additional rear leg brace for times they 
are in frequent use. 

Desktop -- These chairs include foldable tablet arms for classrooms or seminars 
with a limited amount of space.

Although these chairs aren't the best for being used at a desk, they will serve
your office better if you use them during meetings or when you need extra
chairs. They aren't that expensive either, so you can store them in a closet or
other area until you need them. For outdoor seminars, they are easily the best
types of chairs.

Lightweight and durable, folding chairs offer you plenty of features for on the
go chairs. You can't beat their prices or designs, especially for outdoor
functions. You don't have to worry about them in the weather either, as rain or
snow can't damage them in any way.

Wooden Office Chairs

Along with the many chairs you can get for your office, there are the wooden
office chairs. These chairs are yet another choice, offering ergonomic
adjustments and many upholstery options for you to choose from.

All wooden office chairs are yet another option for you to consider. Also
referred to as banker's chairs, the biggest problem to wooden chairs are that
there are few adj ustment available; with height sometimes being the only
adjustment to the chair.

When you look at a wooden office chair, make sure that it fits your body style.
Unless you plan on using a cushioned seat pad, the contour of the seat edge
shouldn't be too hard. If it is, you'll need a seat pad to avoid sitting on a
hard surface.

All wooden chairs tend to be very durable, as there is no padding to compress
or upholstery to wear out. With minimum care a wooden office chair can last for
many years.

Below, you will find some helpful tips for prolonging the life and quality of
your wooden office chair:

- Never place your chair close to sources of heat as the heat will dry out the
wood. Keep it out of the way of heat.

- Never leave your wooden office chair in direct sunlight for extended periods
of time, as the sun may damage the finish of the wood.

- You should dust your chair frequently with a soft cloth, then clean it
according to the manufacturers directions.

- On occasion, wax or polish your wooden office chair. Never wax urethane
finished woods, as it will increase the amount of dust that the chair will

By taking care of your wooden office chairs, they'll be around for years. These
chairs add mystique to an office, making them an ideal choice for offices that
desire to be creative.

Stack Chairs

Offices and businesses with a limited amount of storage and a knack for
frequent quick meeting areas will benefit greatly from stack chairs. Stack
chairs are multi purpose chairs that can be found in restaurants, hotels,
churches, waiting rooms, and even sport facilities. And because they are
durable, you can save a lot of money by using them over and over again.

With a number of different options, you can customize your stack chairs in
numerous ways. A vendor can design them using a variety of different materials
such as wood, metal, and even molded plastic. If you want your chairs to have a
particular look or logo, you can pick from a variety of different fabrics and
paint colors.

Vendors of stack chairs will even work with you to help design chairs that are
not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ergonomic for your employees and
guests. During meetings or conferences, you'll want people to sit in the chairs
comfortably without slouching, to avoid any type of neck or back pain.

One of the best benefits to using stack chairs is convenience. You can stack
several chairs on top of each other (hence the name) which allows you to use
the space around your offices more efficiently. When they aren't being used,
you can stack the chairs in the corner or even in a closet.

By using a specially designed hand truck or a dolly, you can quickly and easily
transport stack chairs from one area to another. This can be extremely helpful,
especially when you need to set up an area for a quick meeting then clear it
very quickly when finished. Then, when you need the stack chairs, you can
quickly and easily access them for meetings or any other use around your office.

Mesh Back Office Chairs

Chairs with mesh backs are quickly becoming a must have in the business world.
They are catching on quickly in many conference rooms, home offices, and
offices around the United States. The reason for their success is the
additional comfort that the mesh back provides.

When you sit at your desk all day, it can become quite tedious. Sitting in a
cubicle all day for hours and hours can leave you feeling a bit stuffy with a
cramped back and legs. A regular office chair can make this worse, as it will
cut off the airflow to your back, causing your body temperature to rise.

Mesh back office chairs prevent this by allowing your back room to breathe. The
mesh material allows for the exchange of air through the chair, making your day
at the office less stuffy. You can spend hours and hours in a mesh chair and
your back won't even know it.

Another reason for the popularity of mesh back office chairs is their design.
By offering a contemporary design, the mesh back chair lets your clients know
that you are up to speed with your office. You can even get your own design and
material, customizing your chairs the way you want.

Vendors and retailers give you the chance to customize your mesh back chairs,
allowing you to blend them in with your conference room. You can turn your
conference room or office into a work of art with mesh back office chairs.

A majority of people are concerned that mesh back chairs don't offer the
support that a normal office chair will offer. All mesh chairs have lumbar back
support built right in and are designed for support and comfort.

Ball Chair

If you are tired of the average office chair and find yourself experiencing
chronic back pain, an exercise ball chair may be the chair you've been looking
for. The standard office chair can be very cramped and hard on the back; which
is where ball chairs can really help you out.

Ball chairs are the new and alternative solutions to traditional office chairs.
A ball chair is exciting, different, and also provides your back with plenty of
support while you sit, almost making you free from any of your back problems.
Using an exercise ball as a ball chair is an excellent way to maintain the
correct posture when sitting.

When choosing the right ball chair for your needs, here are some tips to help

- The size of the chair should keep your feet on the floor while you sit, with
your arms resting comfortably on the desk. When you sit on the ball chair, you
should keep your legs forming a 90 degree angle at the knees. Any more or any
less will mean that the ball chair isn't right for you.

- Your weight is a very important factor when choosing a ball chair. If your
weight compresses the chair and flattens it, you need to get a bigger ball
chair. If you happen to be very light in weight, you can under-inflate the ball

Ball chairs will keep your back and abdominal muscles active because of the
slight bouncing it provides. Therefore, you can maintain proper posture, which
helps to prevent back problems. Even though a ball chair can be a great
alternative to a standard office chair, you should consult a doctor before you
purchase one. If you've had any back problems or surgeries, you want to get a
doctor's advice before you make that final purchase.

Reception Chairs

The quality of your reception chairs will reflect that old saying "you only get
one chance make a good impression". In your office, you'll want to make sure
that guests and clients are as comfortable as they can be while they wait for
an appointment. Reception chairs are popular outside of the office as well, as
schools and even churches use them.

Reception chairs are truly an asset to have around, as they will provide a
friendly atmosphere and leave a long lasting impression on your guests. By
using these chairs in your office, guests will feel cozy and right at home in
your dwelling. You could also place your chairs around a desk or coffee table
in the waiting area with a stack of magazines for your guests to read.

When shopping for reception chairs, one of the most important decisions will be
finding chairs that will make people of all height and weight comfortable.

What you'll want to do, is provide chairs that offer adjustable options for the
height, depth of the backrest, and even the arm rests. The average reception
chair is very durable and can last up to 15 years -- with each guest along the
way being comfortable and each and every time they sit in the chair.

Almost all reception chairs have a strong and stable frame that will offer your
back the maximum amount of ergonomic benefits. You can even get your chairs with
different options as well, including leather, vinyl, or fabric. You can also
select the colors and padding for the seats.

If you have an office with a waiting room, you shouldn't hesitate to add
reception chairs. These chairs will provide the "home away home" feeling, and
give your office the look and feel your guests will love to come back to.

Big And Tall Office Chairs

For larger employees around the office, big and tall office chairs are a must.
Sitting all day in a chair that is too small is very uncomfortable, and also
unhealthy on your posture -- which can lead to muscle strain and all kinds of
chronic health problems now and later on down the road.

Even you aren't really a big and tall type of person, you can still find much
needed comfort and function in an office chair that will provide you a lot more
room. For a smaller frame, these types of office chairs provide quite a bit of
room for you to maneuver.

Every day, you work very hard. Therefore, you deserve that extra bit of comfort
that a big and tall office chair provides. Several chair vendors and salesmen
will pick only the best chairs, then pass the savings on to you. Big and tall
chairs are very popular in the office, and for very good reason.

One you try one of these chairs out, they'll quickly become a permanent fixture
in your office, conference room, or even your home office. Finding the right
chair can be a huge investment, while finding the perfect chair will be a tall

When looking for big and tall office chairs, you can shop locally or online.
There are many different types of these chairs out there, all you have to do is
find the ones you like best. For big and tall office workers, these chairs are
simply a must have.

For comfort and style, big and tall chairs are ideal to have around the office.
They'll provide the comfort bigger guys need, and also provide extra room for
the little guys. If you've been looking for the perfect chairs for your office,
big and tall is an excellent investment.

Selecting A Conference Room Chair

It can be quite challenging indeed when you select the right conference room
chairs. You may want to consider several things, such as the comfort of your
clients and guests, along with staying on a budget -- all without compromising
your professional appearance.

Seeing as how your guests and clients may be sitting for extended periods of
time, the chairs you choose should be ergonomic for all body types. The more
comfortable the chairs in your conference room are, the less likely your guests
will have to take breaks or get up during meetings.

Several conference room chairs will offer a contoured seat and back that will
allow you to adjust the height and also the angle of the chair for better
lumbar support. Most offer a swivel mechanism that will allow you to move from
side to side with little to no effort. You can also get sturdy wheels as well,
which is ideal for sliding across the floor even carpet.

If you don't want to scratch the floor, you can get rubber tipped casters on
the rollers. Conference room chairs also feature tilt tension to keep muscles
flexible during meetings. You can also add chair arms as well, which will help
to provide extra support and also help guests and clients maintain good posture.

You should also consider the look as well as the feel of your conference room
chairs. If at all possible, you should try to select designs and colors that
match the current look of your office or conference room. You'll want all the
chairs for the room to be consistent with both style and color.

A majority of chair manufacturers will allow you to customize the upholstery of
the back and the seat with leather, synthetic blends, padded foam, or even
stitched fabrics. To make the chair look a bit more professional, you can also
have the arms of the chair upholstered.

When you spend the money on a conference chair, you can't go wrong simply
because of the durability these chairs have to offer. They offer strong frames
and quality mechanics, making them last anywhere from 10 -- 15 years. In
addition to this, most manufacturers will offer limited lifetime warranties as
well on these chairs to protect your investment in the long run. These types of
warranties will cover the frame, mechanisms, and even severe rips in the

A conference room chair is a great investment for any office, as it will keep
your guests and clients very comfortable during those important meetings. A
conference room without a conference chair just doesn't make any sense at all.

The Sum Office Chair

If you work in an office, you probably sit at your desk for hours and hours.
This can get tend to get uncomfortable after a while, leading to back problems
later on in life. The standard office chairs don't offer back support, they can
be too small, or even have too many knobs and levers for you to adjust.

For office workers all over the nation, Allsteel has developed a new standard
for the office chair -- the Sum chair. The Sum chair features AutoFit
technology, which provides the best in comfort without the need for control
levers or even lumbar support.

The Sum chair features an automatic, self adjusting AutoFit system that will
provide support for the back, providing comfort like never before. The hands
free support will respond to your sitting movements, giving you support exactly
where you need it the most.

The AutoFit system means that you can't adjust the chair incorrectly -- as it
automatically adjusts to support multiple users. The result is that the chair
is ideal for virtually everyone, as it provides the best in comfort and design.

Another benefit to the Sum chair is that it offers fully adjustable arms which
quickly and easily change height, width, and even depth. This will allow you to
get closer to your working surface without having to drop your armrests off to
where they below the working surface and inaccessible.

The chair also provides balanced, weight activated control. With the Avatar 2
system, the chair provides unlimited tasking positions without any need for
manual adjustments. When you sit in the chair, it deliversa smooth balanced
support throughout each position and even responds to your style of sitting!

What this all adds up to is a key benefit -- the work targeting feature. The
unique tilt control maintains your entire line of shight throughout even full
motion. The weight activated control will allow you to keep your eyes on your
work at all times and also help to minimize eye strain, reduce fatigue, and
keep your work within arms reach.

If your interested in the Sum chair, all you need to do is look into the
company -- Allsteel. For office employees, this chair is one of the best
investments you could ever make. For employers and executives, this chair is
simply a must have.

Available for about the price of an executive chair, the Sum office chair will
easily be your favorite reason for coming to work. The chair is very
comfortable, very stylish, and offers you plenty of reasons to spend the entire
day sitting at your desk.

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