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Offshore Banking

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What Is Offshore Banking And Bank Account?

If you want to invest in property, save some money tax-free, or form a
corporation, protecting your assets with an offshore bank account is a great
idea. You have a choice of which offshore bank you want to open an account
with. Your offshore banking and bank account should include an account package
that is tailored for your business needs.

There are hundreds of offshore banks in many different countries around the
world offering your choice when it comes to banking, corporate structures, and
help moving your assets. When choosing an offshore bank, you may want to get
references from satisfied customers, but you will definitely want to do your
homework and find out how many clients they have and how much they are worth
before you open a bank account with them.

When looking for an offshore bank, you want to find one that offers you more
than one jurisdiction and a wide range of multicurrency bank accounts. Some
clients prefer an anonymous ATM card that does not have their name printed on
it. They are able to withdraw money anonymously anytime they feel the need.

An offshore bank, bank account is usually in a low tax jurisdiction that
provides legal and financial advantage over banks in the US. The advantages of
having an offshore bank, bank account are: Strong privacy and secrecy, easy
access to deposits, less restrictive legal regulation, protection against local
financial instability, and low or no taxation.

Offshore banking has been linked with underground economy and organized crime,
by way of tax evasion and organized crime. However, offshore banking does not
prevent ones assets from being subject to personal income tax on accrued
interest. Certain people who meet complex requirements, and the personal income
tax of certain countries. If you are a US citizen and are subject to income tax
you are required to declare income on or be penalized. Offshore banks may
decide not to report income to other tax authorities and are not legally bound
to do so because they are protected by bank secrecy. The taxpayer is legally
bound to report all taxable income. There has been a demand for more regulation
on international finance concerning offshore banks, tax havens and clearing
houses, being accused of being a haven for the flow of illegal money.

Those who defend offshore banking claim the process is prompted by the desire
of regular banks and tax agencies to have access to the money in offshore
accounts, and not by security and financial concerns. They feel the domestic
banks are threatened by offshore banks and are trying to get rid of the

Offshore banks give a person access to politically and economically stable
jurisdictions. Those in areas where there is a risk of political turmoil who
fear they will have their assets frozen or seized. Some offshore banking bank
accounts operate with a lower cost base and can offer higher interest rates,
due to a lack of government intervention. Offshore finance is one of the few
industries, beside tourism, that remote island nations can engage in. This
could help developing countries create growth in their economies.

Interest is usually paid by offshore banks without tax deduction. This is an
advantage to individuals who do not pay tax on worldwide income. Some offshore
banks offer different services than domestic banks. Higher interest rates, and
anonymous bank accounts are a couple of the services offered by offshore banks.

What Is Lloyds TSB Offshore Internet Banking?

Lloyds TSB Bank has been in Dubai since 1977. They are a branch of Lloyds based
in the UK, and are a part of one of the most successful and largest banking
groups the world over. This is a trusted bank with a solid foundation and

Lloyds TSB offshore internet banking offers convenient ways to:

- View your statements 

- Transfer money to other banks or accounts 

- Check your balances and transactions 

- Pay bills online

When you register with Lloyds TSB offshore bank, it will be secure and take
just a few minutes to complete. You will:

- Complete the online application 

- Verify your signature by completing the Lloyds TSB Dubai Application and 
  return it to their branch. 

- Download it online. 

- Use the form sent to you as part of the application package. 

- Visit the bank yourself.

Once the signed documents are received, you will be sent your activated member

Some precautions to take to keep your bank account secure:

- Do not write down or store your internet banking password or important
  information about your account on your computer.

- Do not give your password or other information on your internet bank account.
  The bank will never contact you for this information, so anyone who asks for 
  it is up to no good.

- If you think your password has been accessed by someone you need to change
  the password immediately.

- Use a 6 to 15 character password and change it at regular intervals. Use a
  mix of letters and numbers that you can memorize without writing them down.
  Avoid passwords that would be easy for others to guess.

- Do not access your offshore internet bank account on a public computer where
  others may be able to access your password.

- Do not change your password on a public computer.

- If you must access your account on a public computer, make sure there is
  nobody watching you type in your information.

- This way you will be able to see any suspicious transactions.

- Make sure the first characters of the web address in your address bar is
  changed from http to https -- the S means secure.

- Look for a small padlock icon, in the locked position, at the bottom right
  side of your screen. This means a secure site.

- Make sure you always log off of your account when you are finished and close
  your browser.

If you follow the above guidelines you will cut down the threat of identity
theft, and breathe easier about your internet banking accounts. As long as you
check your accounts often and remain diligent you should be able to steer clear
of internet fraud.

How Can I Take Advantage Of Offshore Banking?

If you are looking for:

- Offshore services 

- An offshore company 

- Offshore banking 

- Offshore trusts

- Offshore investing

You need to look into internet offshore banking.

Offshore banking or offshore bank refer to the many investment and banking
institutions available in other countries and jurisdictions other than where
the depositor lives. The term offshore bank is for those banks located in
low-regulation, or low-taxation jurisdictions.

While you may find a few internet offshore banks that are unscrupulous. For the
most part these banks are sophisticated and stable with regulations tailored
toward the needs of their clients. Many of these jurisdictions depend on
foreign capital held in their banks as a primary economic factor.

One of the benefits of having an offshore banking account is that they are
located in tax havens that provide asset protection and confidentiality. These
jurisdictions also allow a looser restrictive rules when it comes to the types
of internet offshore accounts available. Offshore banking will usually allow a
reduction in tax regulations.

You will need to be sure the proper jurisdiction is selected for your personal
and business needs. Each depositor will have different needs when it comes to
offshore accounts. If you do your homework, it will be apparent that some
unscrupulous banks would not be right for you and your business dealings.
Anyone who knows anything about offshore banks, already knows that banks can
safeguard their money from civil, economic or political strife. They are also
confident that an offshore banking account will be an effective haven for
assets and funds to be safe, secure, and kept confidential.

Internet offshore banking will also allow you to check your transactions and
banking account balances online. This will also allow you to arrange for money
transfers online. You will have the same privileges that you would with any
regular internet banking site.

Not only are internet offshore banks a way to invest and protect your money,
there are also plenty of exchange companies out there. These companies usually
give better rates than the banks do. They offer different transfer systems and
the speed of transfer is what you will mainly need to pay for. These methods
are postal, bank to bank, telex, and telegraphic. Banks and exchange houses are
usually in competition. Both are speedy, accurate and reliable, but the
efficiency of a transaction also depends on the speed of the institution on the
receiving or sending end.

Electronic transfer is undoubtedly the quickest method to send or receive
money, though there will be delays if you are sending a currency that the other
institution does not normally deal with. It is simpler and quicker to send money
between banks that are affiliated. Many depositors have benefited from the safe,
confidential, and the low taxation environment of an internet offshore banking

Is Offshore Banking Legal?

This is one of the frequently asked questions about offshore banking, and in
short, YES, offshore banking is legal. Offshore banking is so legal that, it's
always going to remain legal. Offshore banking is a benefit to all of society
and is indispensible. Using offshore banking for tax evasion purposes is what
is not legal, and that is usually what is associated with offshore banking in
general and is the cause of the misconception. Offshore banking is also
associated with criminal activities such as money laundering. This article will
clarify the distinction and examine why offshore banking will remain legal.

The term offshore was originated from the British Channel Islands, tax havens
located literally offshore from the United Kingdom. Now the term is used to
refer to all tax havens whether islands or not. Technically, just moving your
money from an account in your country of residence to another jurisdiction is
considered offshore banking, even if it's not a tax haven. This is the main
reason why offshore banking will always be legal. How can it be illegal to move
money from one country to another?

Individuals and businesses, large or small, and even governments all have the
need to move money around the world. If moving money from one country to
another was illegal, our global economy would have serious problems and i don't
see how we could make it. We are constantly ordering items from eBay and some do
so from other countries. People use Paypal accounts to transfer funds when
ordering online. Governments are involved in import export activity and have to
pay for it somehow. So again, no one can stop you from taking your money to
another country; it is a legal and everyday process that will remain that way.

The thing that is NOT legal is banking offshore for tax evasion. Depending on
which country you reside in, it is usually illegal to take money out of the
country or making money overseas and never submitting it to your country of
residence or declaring it. as stated, this depends on your tax status and
country of residence. For instance, in the United States, the federal
government requires all citizens to declare all taxable assets regardless of
where they are located in the world. Failing to do so is committing a criminal
offense. There are ways around this though, such as expatriating for certain
amount of time to save on taxes. International companies can also reduce their
tax burden through using a slick network of offshore bank accounts and IBCs.
And another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of countries don't charge
income tax on money earned out of the country and brought in. They also don't
tax interest earned on accounts. So, if US citizens and UK and European
citizens can't even save tax through offshore banking, how can it be
beneficial? Saving on taxes is not the only advantage of using offshore banking
accounts. There are many other benefits, including but not limited to:

- Optimized account Privacy -- Protection from aggressive litigations 

- More competitive account structures ad interest rates -- Global access to your 

- Ability to bank in multiple currencies

- Access to global business opportunities

And not to forget that those who reside in countries with corrupt or unstable
economic systems have the opportunity to bank in an economically and
politically stable jurisdiction.

Some Advice On Offshore Banking

I'm sure we have all heard about online offshore banking. You still pay your
bills by mail and make deposits at your local bank. You may have shopped online
for a loan or a home mortgage, but you still would rather do business face to
face at a bank you trust.

With online banking you will still be dealing with your own bank, you are just
taking advantage of the convenience of banking without leaving home. You will
not have to write checks and send them through the mail. You can automate your
bill paying and have more time to enjoy your life.

Banks have used computer networks to automate their transactions for years. As
we know with our checking accounts, we receive a monthly statement instead of
the canceled checks. This is a record of our transactions without the time
consuming action and expense of getting all of the canceled checks together and
sending them. Banks have taken that automation a step further by offering you an
alternative to paper and postage.

Online offshore banking is becoming a popular alternative for those who have a
great deal of money and are looking for a tax shelter. Secure internet shopping
sites offer protection through a single password. This is not secure enough for
online offshore banking. Online banking offers secure sites and the sending of
information. Any information exchanged on an online offshore banking site,
including your password-is encrypted. This makes it impossible for a third
party to get or modify this information after it is sent.

Encryption, alone, will not safeguard against hackers gaining access to home
PCs and obtaining your password. A user must be very careful not to give out
their password or leave it laying around so that an unscrupulous party may be
able to get their hands on. Most online offshore banks add another layer of
security. The most widely used method is the use of transaction numbers, (TANs)
that are used only once. Another way to add a bit of security, is to use two
passwords which are entered at the beginning of every banking transactions, in
a random pattern. European countries provides the customer with a unique token,
a two factor authentication. Some banks offer digital certificates to
authenticate the transactions. Many European banks offer online banking to pay
a merchant directly from your account.

Many people steer clear of online offshore banking because they feel they would
be too vulnerable to fraud. No security measure is completely safe, but the
number of fraud cases is small. This could be because there are not a great
deal of internet bankers. The truth is, the number of fraud cases in
conventional banking are more widespread. A person who uses online banking must
be diligent about not giving out passwords or information about their accounts.
You need to be extra cautious when you are dealing with banks on the internet.
The most widely known instance of internet fraud is called phishing. This is
when an online banker is persuaded to give out their password to an unethical

One must really be cautious when using online banking, but it is much more
convenient than regular banking methods.

How Can I Get In On Offshore Banking Investments?

Legislative amendments to allow for the formation of Private Trust Companies
has recently been introduced in the Bahamas. This demonstrates the government's
commitment to the delivery of superior financial services to all clients.

The government is talking with stockholders including International Banks and
Trust Companies, The Bahamas Financial Services Board among other financial
institutions. A recent seminar was held to discuss the use and review of
legislation as it pertains to Private Trust Companies.

A private trust company is formed for the purpose of acting as trustee of a
single trust. Most of the world's wealth is held by private individuals and
their families. The preservation of that wealth is what Private Wealth
Management is about. PWM for families involves the creation of programs to
generate wealth, protect wealth from predators, and control the transfer of
wealth from one generation to the next. These services are usually geared to
those individuals with a high net worth.

In 2003 the money owned by these individuals was around $29 Trillion and
expected to jump to $41 Trillion by 2008. When you are talking about someone
who will be interested in offshore banking investment it would most likely be
someone with an amount of $100,000 to $5 million. If an investor has less than
$100,000 to invest it is likely that offshore investing is right for them.

Nearly every bank with an inkling of being international offers a special rate
of interest to wealthier private depositors and name it private banking.
Minimums have fallen to under $10,000 in many instances. Many institutions are
catering to the customer with $20,000 to invest in the hope that they will have
$200,000 or $2 Million to invest in the future.

Offshore banking investment or private investment, usually means investment
management offered on a personalized level by the individual or company with
disposable wealth of over $100,000. You should exercise care when you are
thinking of opening a private banking account. You need to be sure it is the
type of bank you want to do business with. Private banking is not the same as 
offshore banking. You will need to know the difference. Find out what any bank 
hopes to gain from your business before you open any type of an account.

Private banking does not necessarily mean investment. Banks like to lend money
to rich people. If you deposit money with a private bank that is not
accompanied by lending or borrowing is usually going to charge you a fee. Many
times these banks are hoping for more involvement from wealthy depositors in
the future.

If you are a wealthy individual, you will undoubtedly be bombarded by offers
from many different banks who want you to deposit your money in their
institution. Whether you will choose an offshore or conventional bank will
depend on your residential status. If you plan to have residence in a low tax
area, or plan to do so in the near future, than you will probably want to do
business with an offshore bank.

You will need to know everything about the bank you choose before you become
involved with it. You will be able to choose the right bank for your particular
needs once you have looked into what they are able to offer you.

What Are The Offshore Banking Secrets To Make Huge Amounts Of Money?

In investigating offshore banking secrets to make huge amounts of money, I ran
across several articles that warned the information may be inaccurate. I am
reporting to you what I have gleaned from this information. It will be up to
you to check out the accuracy of this information before you make any major
decisions about your money and how to invest or bank it.

There are two types of high yield investment programs available. The first has
to do with offshore banking, secret international financial rules approved by
the US Federal Bank, or Treasury department. The second involves small
investments and trading in gold, currency, or futures.

If you are contacted about participation in the first program, it will usually
involve an offshore bank or investment house. The person who is trying to get
you to buy in will claim there is a legal loophole in income taxes or
international lending. You will be solicited to buy into this program, being
told you will make huge profits within 30 to 90 days. When the 90 days passes
and you have seen no money, the person who got you involved will tell you to be
patient that the money is coming. This person will also ask you to sign up other
people, claiming the more people you can bring into the deal will help him to
pay you what you are owed. You need to realize there is no loophole in income
tax rules, nor are there any secret rules involving international lending. This
is fraud plain and simple, and if you participate in this scheme You may be
charged with attempted fraud. You need to steer clear of this scheme and notify
the authorities immediately.

The second investment program is about smaller amounts of money. These programs
say they will pay out 1-10% a day. Even up to 100% per month. It is important to
know that while a great deal of these programs are scams, some of them may be
legal. This usually involves day trading in the stock market, on futures, gold,
and currency. You could put in as little as $20 in the program and earn a
percent or so every business day. You will be allowed to withdraw the funds at
any time, although by leaving the money in, your earnings would grow and give
larger payoffs.

Experienced day traders actually do make anywhere from 1-20% each day. This
average is more like 2% a day. The money you pay into the program would be put
together with the money of other participants and invested by the day trader
using 50% margins, the trader could pay 1% daily to the investors and still
make money on the deal. If the trader is good at what he does, he could be
right about 80% of the time and never lose more than 3% of the investment on
bad trades. This program is workable and is not a scam, unless the day trader
does not plan on giving back any of the proceeds. You will have no way of
knowing which is true.

Another type of high yield investment program involves the selling of ebooks
and software. Invested money is put together and spent on advertising for the
sale of ebooks and other software that can be downloaded. It is run on the
principle that for every $100 spent in advertising, a return of $300 in revenue
will be realized. A payout of 50% a month can be realized for the investors.
This program can work, but there is a limit to how long it will last. The
market for the product will soon be saturated and the sales will decline. The
profits would wane and the program would have to be shut down. Those who got in
at the beginning will be the winners here.

These are a few of the many offshore banking secrets to make huge amounts of
money. Others can be found on the internet. Use caution when something sounds
too good to be true, as it probably is.

All About Offshore Banking

Offshore banking can be defined as using the services of a bank located in a
different jurisdiction or country than the depositor resides in. Offshore banks
are usually located in places considered as tax havens and also provide
additional confidentiality and security for the depositor.

The term offshore was originated from the British Channel Islands, tax havens
located literally offshore from the United Kingdom. These were the original tax
havens and they started the usage of the term offshore for describing the
industry. Those islands became major international banking centers because of
those tax benefits and regulations. They were optimal places to hold assets
abroad or save and invest.

Offshore bank accounts are often less regulated than domestic banks due to
fewer restrictions from their governments. This allows for more types of
offshore banking accounts and ways in which they can be manipulated.

Offshore banking has become a major worldwide business that circulates $2
Trillion every day. That's a far shot from just a few decades ago where there
was a very limited number of offshore financial centers, which were usually
surrounded by myths of drug money and illegal activity.

What services are available?

Just like with your regular domestic banks, you can obtain a full spectrum of
services can be obtained from your offshore banking center.

These services include personal and corporate checking and savings accounts.
These offshore financial centers also offer secure internet banking facilities
that allow for wire and electronic funds transfers, debit and ATM cards which
are accepted worldwide, credit cards, Loans and mortgages. Some even go so far
as offer Anonymous numbered accounts to provide for extra confidentiality.

Investment management and custody is also provided by some banks. They also
have Corporate Administration services, trustee services, fund management and
foreign exchange. Banks tend to specialize between retail and private banking,
so all the listed services might not be available at every bank. retail banks
tend to be more economical and offer standard services. Private banking
services, while more costly than their retail counterparts, tend to offer more
personalized services for their clients.


Privacy is the first to come to mind, considering that offshore entities have
no obligation to release any of your personal or business information. Unless
evidence can be shown proving your involvement in criminal activity, your
information will not be given to any governing body or tax authority. Pretty
much, they can't sue for or seize things which they don't know exist.

Because of offshore banking centers usually being located in Tax havens, your
assets can grow almost free from any form of taxation. Thus, tax efficiency is
another important benefit of holding assets overseas. This does not mean that
you can avoid taxes altogether. There may be tax liability when trying to
retrieve your assets to your country of residence.

Asset Protection is another one of the main benefits offered by offshore
banking services. Holding offshore accounts gives you protection from Invasive
bureaucracy, lawsuits, and it also protects your assets from seizures.

Why Should I Consider Lloyds Offshore Banking?

When you invest with Lloyds Offshore Private Banking, you will receive personal
service from a dedicated relationship manager. Lloyds experienced investment
team is based in the Channel Islands. This offshore bank uses a disciplined
approach to ensure that their portfolios have a balanced selection of
investments at all times.

Lloyds has an excellent network of accounts, and legal framework with an
assortment of financial and legal advisors. With offices in Jersey and
Guernsey, we operate from two of the leading offshore centers in the world.

The offshore banking services Lloyds offshore bank provides are of the highest
levels of discretion. They have an understanding of a clients special banking
needs and are committed to delivering the best in personal service. Lloyds also
have offshore banks in the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, with offices in
Dubai, Hong Kong, and Miami.

You will have the support of a professional team experienced in helping Lloyds
offshore banking customers, make the most of financial opportunities available.
With a Lloyds offshore banking account, you will be able to:

- View your banking and loan accounts. 

- Join 98% of customers who say internet banking saves time. 

- Pay bills online.

Banking online is a convenient way to check your balances and transactions,
view your statements, and transfer money between accounts.

Lloyds offshore banking has employees who specialize in servicing the needs of
private customers who are not residents of the UK, and who will benefit most
from Lloyds offshore banking and investment services.

Lloyds offshore is also able to assist with financial service requirements of
those who are residents in the Cannel Islands or the Isle of Man, but most
services of their offshore bank do not apply to UK residents. If other
international citizens who want access to one of the premier British bank,
Lloyds offshore banking division is a great option to explore.

Each Lloyds offshore banking client is assigned an advisor who will get to know
the customer and their needs. They will do everything possible to assure that
their needs are carried out to the letter. This assures the highest quality of
personalized customer service. Private banking is wonderful for customers who
don't have time or the inclination to manage investment assets or would rather
have an expert guide their decisions.

Lloyds offshore banking also has a range of offshore funds including, gilt
funds, income generating funds, money funds, money market accounts. The latter
fall into categories, fixed term, and instant access, are two of the types of
money market accounts available.

Finally, Lloyds offshore banking offers, expert financial services, and wealth
and portfolio management. Lloyds offshore division has unlimited access to the
service and advantages of the whole of Lloyds.

There are really so many reasons you should open a Lloyds offshore banking
account. If you are thinking of opening an offshore account at all, make sure
you include Lloyds offshore banks in your research. You will see Lloyds is
among the finest offshore banks you will find.

Tell Me About Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking?

When you are thinking about offshore stock trading and online banking you might
consider The Commonwealth of Dominica. Dominica offers one of the best tax
havens, and offer offshore banking and asset protection in total secrecy.
Dominica has some of the newest offshore legislation in the world and is more
advanced than most other jurisdictions, technologically.

All offshore bank accounts will be opened in the name of your offshore company,
with help from their law offices and Dominica's new company formation process.
Your International Business Company will be incorporated with the documents
sent back to you by courier within a few days. You may have bearer shares with
only one director of your company for incorporation.

You will also have your choice of offshore banks in 5 jurisdictions, including
Dominica, for offshore stock trading and online banking. You will have internet
access to your account from anywhere in the world. You will also receive free
brokerage account documents as part of your account package.

Why should you choose an offshore stock trading, online banking, offshore
company in Dominica? You will need only one director and one shareholder to get
you registered as a company, director and shareholder can be the same person. A
company secretary is not required by law. Bearer shares and non par value
shares are allowed. There is no limitation to the value of Share Capitol and
incorporation and annual fees are not dependant upon the Share Capital amount.
The annual fee is due on the day the company was incorporated. Share capital
can be in any currency, and the State guarantees tax exemption for a minimum of
20 years. Annual shareholder meetings can be held in any country in the world
and there is no need to come to Dominica to incorporate your company or conduct

You should choose Offshore Company in Dominica because there are no taxation
treaties with other countries so there is no need to exchange information with
other tax authorities. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of names
for your new company. Dominica offers the lowest prices on the market for IBC
incorporations and offshore services. Significant discounts are available for
clients who buy package services. You can incorporate online and pay online
with Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express; if you want to remain
anonymous, you can pay by Western Union, Wire Transfer, or Money Gram. There is
also an option to pay by wire transfer.

The process of incorporation with Dominica will not take more than 24 hours.
Your company will be incorporated with the Government Agent with years of
experience in offshore services. You will incorporate a company from the
country of origin, there will be no middle man. This will save you money and
make all of your business activities confidential. If you are serious about
becoming incorporated in Dominica, you will be able to choose from many
packages they offer for offshore stock trading and online banking.

Tell Me About Mauritus Offshore Banking

The HSBC Bank located in Mauritius offer offshore multi-currency accounts, high
yielding personal and fixed term accounts in all major currencies including the
US dollar, UK Pound Sterling, the Euro, and the South African Rand. Accrued
interest is free of withholding tax. Tiered interest rate schedule with rates
adjusted periodically. The HSBC electronic banking system delivers the highest
quality international money transmission services. The latest banking
technology is implemented and includes communications and payment systems
allowing for fast identification and credit of remittances in all major

HSBC offers a comprehensive range of trade finance facilities and services.
These services cater to the needs of offshore trading companies (see the
website for details). Mauritius offshore banking offers a wide range of
multicurrency corporate lending services, including bills discounting,
syndicated and cross-border loans, project and capital finance, and short to
medium term finance.

Barclays Offshore Banking Unit in Mauritius is a full branch of Barclays Bank
Plc, United Kingdom. Barclays Mauritius, maintains about 2500 corporate and
personal accounts. Bank services include international inward and outward
payments, interest bearing call accounts, structured investments, currency,
multi-currency check books, foreign exchange and custody services.

The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation offshore banking unit, in Mauritius,
operates as a branch of the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Limited and as a member
of the HSBC group. Services include personal banking, trade finance, corporate
and investment banking, electronic banking, cash management, treasury and
foreign exchange and securities custody and clearing services.

These Mauritius Offshore Banking Units have departments with people who are
familiar with all of your personal and professional banking needs. They will
take away some of the confusion by helping you choose the account package that
is right for you. There are fees for these services but they are usually
modest. Mauritius also has affiliates in the Seychelles. Their partners are
Barclays and Nouvobang. Many of their clients bank with Barclays in the Isle of
Man, and in London. The Barclays group has been in commercial banking for over
300 years and have a strong credit rating and a worldwide reputation for its
vast range of services. In Luxembourg they work with Dexia Banque
Internationale a Luxembourg SA. This is a full service bank started in 1865
with a multi-national staff. They specialize in the needs of businesses for
confidential banking. In Switzerland they work with many banks, including Union
Bank of Switzerland.

The fact is that you will be able to choose which bank you want to work with.
You can research each bank and what they have to offer in the way of offshore
banking accounts. When you choose the right offshore bank you may be able to
customize the perfect offshore bank account package for your situation. A
Mauritius offshore banking account may be just the account you have been
looking for to serve all of your personal and professional needs. As you can
see, there are many Mauritius banks to choose from so you will have an array of
bank account packages to choose from.

What IsS Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking?

When you think of making an investment, you want the best return possible. You
might find an investment that does well for a while and then takes a drastic
down-turn. Investments can be a bit risky, but who ever got anywhere by not
taking a chance. There are investments available that regularly return between
30% and more than 100%.

Where can you find these investments and be sure they are not scams. You may
want to seek out an investment advisor that has a proven track record. Trident
Press is one of the best. Trident Press publishes information on the 150 best
investments in the world. Many of these investments allow you to invest as
little as $1000.

Hundreds of hours are spent tracking down the best investments in the world.
Information is gleaned from top brokers and analysts. Only the best investments
are included in the information from Trident press. Many of these investments
have to do with offshore stock trading.

Here are a few of the tips you will find in the High Yield Investment
Books -- volumes 1 and 2.

- The best investment fund in the world -- well over 100% pa. 

- Over 40 fund investments with returns of over 50%. 

- Offshore Brokers who will protect your privacy. 

- Hong Kong fund returning over 100% pa. 

- Private Swiss Annuities. 

- Buying Real Estate at a big discount.

These books are also available as an e-book.

Offshore stock trading and online banking would be a great asset to your
finances. Foreign countries that are favorable for investment have certain laws
that will give an advantage to an investor. These laws take the form of local
no-tax or low-tax on investment income, no matter the investors place of

Everyone wants a good return on their investment, one such investment is the
Momentum Assetmaster Fund. This London hedge fund was started in 1991 and has
averaged 12.54% yearly upturn since it started. Cuttyhunk Fund Ltd. was started
in 1997, and has never had a loss, returns have been 21% annually. These are
only two of the many offshore stock trading and online banking investment.

Offshore stock trading and online banking has many benefits. Tax planning and
estate planning are a couple of positive benefits. You can invest offshore and
onshore, the choice is yours. Many offshore banks offer stock portfolios for
your investment needs, online.

The Dominican Republic offers fixed income and growth investments. You will not
need to travel there to invest. You can use your home computer or phone the
online banks. Do not use your home phone, use a public phone and a calling card
to prevent theft.

The main reasons to having offshore stock investments are: 

Asset Protection -- Protects against claims from bankruptcy creditors, and other 
people having an interest in your money. 

Estate planning -- Saving investment income and long term benefits on a 
favorable tax basis.

There are so many reasons you should invest in offshore stock trading and
online banking.

What Is Online Offshore Banking?

There are many offshore banks in many countries. It would be your choice as to
which country you want to set up your offshore online banking account. In this
article we will take a look at Latvian offshore online banking.

There are 22 banks in Latvia, you will need to choose whether you need the
services of a big bank or a smaller bank that will offer a specialized service.
Latvian banks offer:

- Multicurrency facilities 

- Full-featured internet banking 

- Maestro or VISA debit card 

- Master Card and Visa credit cards 

- Able to deposit funds via wire transfer, check or cash 

- Customer service in English, German, Latvian, and Russian 

- All banking information is protected by Latvian law

Opening a Latvian Bank Account:

- Find a bank that offers the features you desire 

- It would be best to hire an agent -- costs between $100 and $200 US. The agent
  knows about the banks in Latvia and will help you with your needs 

- You will need to either visit or open an account by mail

To manage your account online:

- Client-Bank software allows communication with the bank by secure modem

- You will be given a user ID and password that will allow you to access your 

- Code tables will be allow you to use a different password each time you use 
  Fax to contact the bank. 

- You will be offered the list of credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards.

To open an account you will need:

- A notarized copy of your valid driver's license. 

- Your signature on the Specimen Signature Card. 

- A street address where your papers on your account will be delivered by 

- Certificate of Registration of your company. 

- Memorandum, articles, by-laws from your company. 

- Power of Attorney.

Each bank has it's own regulations, in some of the banks the passport copy does
not need to be certified but the signature card does. Certification is by
notary, Latvian embassy, bank solicitor or government official. Latvian bank
privacy policy for offshore online banking says, information and transactions
will never be disclosed to anyone other than the corporate owners or
appropriate officials of the corporation. Criminal proceedings will be brought
against any person who has disclosed information on the accounts and financial
services of customers.

There is a difference between Latvian and Swiss banking secrecy, however, in
both countries at least one person in the bank should know the identity of the
customer for authorization purposes. Both countries have due diligence
requirements and anti money laundering laws. Both countries are able to open
Numbered accounts, where a number replaces your name on all accounts.

Tell Me About Banking In Offshore Philippine Unit

The Philippines have many offshore banks. One such offshore Philippine unit is
Maybank (Malayan Banking Berhad). Maybank is the largest bank in Malaysia with
over 300 domestic branches and over 30 international branches. Maybank gained
its license in the Philippines and has offshore banks in Southeast Asian
markets, including Brunei, New Guinea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. You will also
find Maybank in New York and London.

Maybank was the first Malaysian bank to open a branch office in China. Maybank
operates quite a few specialized subsidiaries in finance sectors. These
subsidiaries include Mayban Life Assurance, Mayban General Assurance, and
Mayban Takaful, which is involved in developing insurance products in tune with
Muslim law, Mayban Discount, Mayban Investment Management, Aseam Credit, Aseam
Unit Trust, Mayban International Trust, Aseam Group, and Aseambankers Malaysia
Bhd. As of December 2006 Maybank had total assets worth over $66 billion. This
placed them in the top 120 banks in the world.

The Deutsche Bank appointed Enrico Cruz as Chief Country Officer in the
Philippines in July 2003. Mr Cruz is also Senior Vice President at CityTrust
Banking Corpotation in the Philippines. Mr. Cruz has a strong market
understanding and an approach that puts the client first. He will lead the
expansion of the Deutsche Bank in the Philippines.

The Deutsche Bank has over 758 billion in assets (Euros), has 13 million
clients, serves 76 countries throughout the world generating exceptional value
for its shareholders. The Deutsche Bank is among global leaders in banking,
transaction banking, private wealth management, asset management, and private
and business banking franchise in Germany and other countries in Continental
Europe. The Deutsche Bank has more than 30 offices in 15 countries, and has a
full commercial banking license in the Philippines. This bank operates as an
offshore banking unit in Manila.

Lancaster Condotels is another banking in offshore Philippine unit. PLC
International Marketing Networks based in Manilla, recently employed the
internet based with offices in London as their marketing partner in
the UK for Philippine Condotel Investments. Several private investors and
investment trusts in Europe and the UK, have turned to Condotel developments in
Metro Manila and Cebu.

The Philippines offers World Class Investment Opportunities in Real Estate for
offshore investors from the UK and Europe who want to buy investment real
estate properties. Pacific Concord Properties has introduced a new easy payment
plan for the Lancaster Artium Manila Condotel Suites. A studio unit can be
bought with no down payment, and 67% of the price is payable over a 60 month
span, interest free, and the remaining 33% balance is payable when the unit is
turned over or extended for another 60 months.

These offshore banks, Philippine units are seeing a huge growth in investment
banking. They offer quite a few options for those who want to invest in
offshore banks.

What About Offshore Banking And Sector Statistics?

Sector listings give you an instant fix on a company in relation to the market
and other members of comparable groups. At a glance you will see how the
prospective growth rate compares with the market and the sector.

To the left of each table there are market-related statistics, with the
exception of twelve month highs and lows which have been deleted to make space
for more important statistics. To the right of the company names are the usual
financial measures, such as 5 year EPS growth rate, prospective EPS growth
rate, and prospective dividend yield.

Above the figures for each company, you will find the market average and market
median with the sector weighted average and the sector median. The weighted
average is the product of weighing each statistic by the market capitalization
of the company. The median is the statistic in the middle of a table ranking of
all the companies in the market or the sector by that same statistic. The sector
weighted average and the sector median tell a different story.

Other columns are: Price to sales ratio, profit margin, and return on capital

Growth companies usually have high profit margins and high returns on capital
employed. Because of their high share prices, these companies are more open to
takeover or a management change. A more open minded chief executive will work
wonders with such companies. Shares that satisfy a stockholders investment
needs are hard to find. Opportunities often depend on one statistic, which can
be identified by a study of the sector listings. The sector listings for
Merchant Banks, Insurance, Banks, Life Assurance, Property and Other financial
Institutions have little room to spare when it comes to the sector listings.

In layman's terms offshore banking sectors statistics means what it says. The
'sector' stands for financial sector, and the statistics are an explanation of
the business the bank has done in the past -- week, month, quarter, or year. You
are able to access these statistics by contacting the bank of your choice.
While they will not tell you who owns the accounts, taken out a loan, or has a
stock portfolio, you will be able to view how much money the bank has worked
with in the past. This should help you to see how successful a bank is. Before
you open an offshore banking account you should really do your homework to find
out if that particular bank will give you the account package that is best for
your needs. Will you be able to protect your money from litigation and taxes?
Does it offer stock options for your corporation and does it offer you a way to
incorporate as an offshore company? You will definitely need to sit down by
yourself or with other members you plan on including in your corporation, and
make a solid plan for the future of your corporation.

Most offshore banks will be able to help you with your needs. You will want to
look for an offshore bank that will give you all of the options you want. Don't
settle for anything else, you can find an offshore bank to take care of all of
your needs in one account package. Of course you will be paying the bank for
these services but you will receive privacy second to none, and you will be
assured that your money will be in safe hands.

Offshore Banking On The Internet

Offshore banking is generally accepted as using banks and financial services
located outside of the jurisdiction of your country of residence. People choose
to use offshore banking services for extra privacy, tax efficiency, or asset
protection. Offshore Banking services also tend to be less regulated than
domestic banks, depending on where one resides. They suffer fewer restrictions
from governments because they are often located in countries where the laws are
more lax.

Since these banks are less regulated and tend to be in different jurisdictions
that tend to be easier on taxes, it's obvious the financial benefit of moving
assets offshore. These banks also offer confidentiality and privacy because
they usually have no obligation to divulge information to any body of
government or tax authority. It follow then that people cannot sue you for
something they don't know you have, thus offshore banks provide a good way of
protecting assets. Some companies even provide anonymous account numbers so it
becomes extremely difficult to locate assets.

Offshore banking on the internet was traditionally offered by the more
innovative and forward thinking institutions, up until a few years ago. Smaller
companies didn't feel the need to move online, so they didn't offer this service
to their customers. As we know, the times change and the world is getting
smaller every day. Online services are essential in the banking industry due to
the availability of the technology. We want our financial information right now!
This service is even more crucial when we consider an offshore account. Who has
time to wait for a letter from a bank in Belize or the Cayman Islands? That's
why we have the internet. Offshore banking on the internet has been growing
rapidly and has provided many benefits to customers.

HSBC Offshore and Lloyds TSB were among the first to start using online banking
services to meet the needs of their international customer base. It's now become
a standard service offered by offshore banking providers due to the realization
that those who work sporadic schedules or live in different time zones who have
to make several transactions or transactions in multiple currencies will need
instant access to information and support that can only be afforded by internet

As stated before the technology is currently changing and the world is getting
smaller as time goes by. Information can be transferred across the world
instantly and physically getting around doesn't take that much longer anymore.
This also means that things in this day and change are also changing at an
accelerating pace. This can be seen not only in the business environment, but
also in many areas of modern life. Things need to be constantly updated because
nothing stays still. This is especially crucial in financial matters. Foreign
exchange markets require instant data to make the best investment decisions.
people who work in international business need this service too to remain
competitive. Thankfully offshore banking centers are improving to match their
capabilities to those needs. The competition helps make it nice and cheap for
the common folk.

Offshore Banking Interest Rates

There's a wide misconception that on current accounts, offshore accounts yield
higher interest rates than their onshore counterparts. Sadly, this is not
usually true and both onshore and offshore banks offer the same low interest
rates on current accounts. There are usually fees associated with constantly
accessing funds except on checking's or current accounts, which have poor
interest rates most of the time, just like any other bank.

Offshore Banking Was usually considered as being for the rich and famous, but
International banking institutions are competitive and need to reach more
customers. This resulted in offshore banking services putting together more
attractive packages and reducing fees while increasing interest rates to draw
in more business. They can remain flexible while offering advantages just
because of the laws in the countries they are located. Those countries are
usually less regulated and permit for higher levls of privacy and
confidentiality. They usually have no obligation to report any client activity
to governing bodies or tax authorities, but they opt to do so most of the time.
There are interest rate benefits though, just in a different account type.

Savings interest rates are a whole other topic. Offshore banks usually do offer
higher rates for savings accounts than their onshore competitors. This interest
rate also gets better the larger the lump sum or frequency of contribution the
client can commit. Longer amounts of time also increase the potential for
higher interest rates. One should thread carefully and under best conditions
should get qualified help when comparing offshore banking providers and looking
for the best solution. That is of course after it has been established that an
offshore banking account is the best option.

A lot of times, offshore banks don't pay interest on savings accounts in months
when money was withdrawn. It's important therefore to take this into
consideration, and if you plan on constantly withdrawing from your Offshore
Account, make sure it's on that doesn't penalize for withdrawals.

It is suggested to use a combination of offshore banking accounts for the
optimal returns and flexibility. Truly high interest rate offshore bank
accounts are not too easy to come by, and they don't offer the flexibility of
lower interest current accounts. A combination of high interest savings
accounts, for long term returns, and a low interest rate current account for,
accessibility to your money is probably one of the best investment package
strategies for maximized profit from offshore accounts.

In jurisdictions that are not carefully regulated, high interest offshore bank
accounts should be approached with caution and should be considered very risky.
It's always important to carry out due diligence on offshore banking providers
before committing because new companies usually offer higher rates to attract
more customers.

Aside from that, it's worth window shopping for a higher interest rate because
although some are risky, with the proper professional help and research, some
good companies can be found. Some of the larger banking institutions offer
customized account packages that combine higher rates with the customer's
flexibility need.

What Are Offshore Banking Accounts?

Offshore Banking Accounts refer to opening an account in one of the many
banking or investment institutions in another country or jurisdiction. Any bank
can be considered an offshore bank if it is located in a low-regulation,
low-taxation, haven, jurisdictions.

Since they began, offshore banks have had a bad reputation. They have been
accused of being involved in everything from tax evasion, to money laundering.
The careful examination of where illicit funds are really held shows the truth
of the situation. Other false accusations about offshore banks are unsafe
environments and poor regulation are untrue. Most Offshore Bank account
jurisdictions are very sophisticated, with stable banking regulations. It is in
their best interest to attract depositors. The regulations are bent toward
meeting the needs of a depositor.

One of the benefits of having an offshore banking account is the fact that they
are usually located in tax havens that provide great asset protection and
confidentiality to the bank holder. This often allows for relaxed restrictions
with regard to the types of accounts available to depositors and investors,
there is generally a decreased tax liability. Offshore banks can be located in
actual island states like, the Caymans or Channel Islands, or landlocked
countries such as Switzerland. It is not imperative that the land is surrounded
by water.

There are still a number of misconceptions associated with offshore banking
accounts, but as a would be offshore bank account owner, you will need to take
many of these statements with a grain of salt. You should also do a bit of
homework on any offshore bank you are thinking of opening an account in. Most
offshore banking accounts offer a confidential and secure environments. While
there are a few offshore jurisdictions that do a poor job of managing and
regulating their banking institutions, if you are informed you will know these
offshore banks are unsuitable for you.

Europeans have always been subject to heavy tax burdens. In the British Isles,
as well as on the continent, they were faced with the burden of huge tax bills.
The solution came when the small, island nation known as the Channel Islands
convinced the European depositors that opening a banking account in their banks
would make their deposits free from the heavy handed taxation. The European
taxpayers agreed and soon the idea of offshore banking accounts became quite
popular. Other jurisdictions became aware of this idea and they began changing
their banking institutions, adopting banking rules and regulations that eased
the concerns of investors and depositors. This was the start of the offshore

Soon Offshore banking institutions were started in smaller, haven jurisdictions
that offered safe, secure, practical and confidential banking regulations. Soon
the rest of the world got the word and began looking into these havens as
solutions to their banking needs. Unlike conventional banks, are not subjected
to economic or political strife. In the past few years they have a greater use
and more visibility, it has become widely known that offshore banks can be
havens for funds and assets in need of secure, safe, confidential keeping.

What About Offshore Banking In Dubai?

Offshore banking in Dubai, is allowed as long as you hold a residence visa.
Once you have opened a bank account in Dubai, you can import and export funds.
You will not need to declare currency when entering the territories, so you
will be able to move funds in any form you choose.

International bank transfers are an area where these banks are expert. Outflow
of money has been very lucrative in Dubai for quite some time. There have been
quite a few clients who move into the region and export most of their earnings
to their home country. Many people have opened bank accounts to get out of
paying taxes in their own country.

As well as offshore banks, there are many exchange companies in Dubai. These
companies are owned by major trading families who have a great deal of
experience in the business and have better rates than the offshore banks.
Several transfer systems are available, including, telex, postal, bank to bank,
telegraphic, and SWIFT. Exchange houses and banks are very competitive,
accurate, speedy and reliable. The result of the transaction depends a great
deal on the institution on the receiving end. The fastest method of transfer is
normally electronic transfer. Delays can occur if you are sending a different
currency than the recipient bank deals with as there is normally a reduction or
addition to the amount. It is more efficient to send funds between branches of
the same bank .

If you plan on visiting Dubai, you probably should have a bit of local currency
to cover your room and other smaller expenses. Currency exchanges are available
at major airports, many are open 24 hours. You should not exchange money at
your hotel, as the rates will be unfavorable.

There are no restrictions on sending or depositing of currency in and out of
Dubai. You will be able to transfer money anywhere and in any currency. Many
find it easy to use their own bank to transfer money to offshore banks, but
there are plenty of institutions that will offer this service. Your best bet is
to do a little homework and get the best deal. The main thing to look for is the
best exchange
rate and how much the commission charges will be. They may quote you a good
rate but you will need to look at all of the charges put together and decide
from there. You need to remember your bank will charge you a fee to transfer
your money.

Offshore banking in Dubai offers Tax Haven Services, such as:

- Private Bank Accounts 

- Asset Protection 

- Portfolio Managers 

- Wealth Management 

- Asset Management 

- Tax Consultation 

- Personal Financial Strategies 

- Account Managers 

- Inheritance Planning

- Company Formation

These are some of the services offered by offshore banks in Dubai. You will
need to check out the different offshore banks and exchange houses to see which
of them will give you the best bank account package to fit your needs. You
should always shop around so you are able to make an informed decision when it
comes to your banking needs.

Why Offshore In Latvia Is A Good Idea

If a good offshore bank that has no bank reference requirements and that
provides confidential, multi-currency accounts with 24/7 online access to your
account information and support is what you're looking for, then offshore
banking in Latvia may be a good idea.

Latvia is the most stable country in the Baltic States and has the largest
banking centers of Eastern Europe. The bank secrecy laws are strictly enforced
in Latvia providing customers with complete and anonymous banking services.
this is an added bonus to the previously mentioned fact that no banking
references are required. This helps keep offshore banking accounts in Latvia
highly secretive.

Banks in Latvia also offer high tech services and excellent online banking.
They even allow you to hold multi-currency offshore accounts enabling you to
exchange currencies in real time usually. Visa, MasterCard, and secured debit
cards are also available through Latvia's Banks. Special Forex Broker accounts
can be set up and many options are made available to investors who make money
exchanging currencies on a daily basis.

The country of Latvia has more than 20 large and stable banks that allow
individuals, companies and governments from other countries to open accounts.
Opening accounts with these banks usually require very little paperwork. to
open an account through a Latvian Banking Institution, the only documents
required are notarized copies of a passport. Certain institutions require an
extra apostil on the notarizations or a signature card for the bank account
application both signed and notarized. Corporate bank accounts of course must
have all the corporate documents including the articles of Incorporation and
Certificates of Incorporation. Power of attorney is also required to grant
power to the person whose signature is on the account.

Latvia's Banking sector is one of the country's most successful and
controversial industries. This is because of a large number of major banks
entering the country due to its liberal banking laws from the early 90s.

The main advantage to Latvian banks is the level of secrecy that surpasses most
other offshore banking centers.

Article 64 of the law on credit institutions passed in October 1995 states the

"Criminal proceedings in due course of law shall be instigated against any
person who has deliberately or inadvertently disclosed, to the public or to
unauthorized persons, information on the accounts of and financial services
rendered to customers which has been entrusted or has become known to such a
person as a result of his/her holding shares or stocks of a credit institution,
being a chairperson or member of the board, executive board, or audit commission
or in the capacity of their proxy, an employee of a credit institution, the Bank
of Latvia or some other state institution, or a representative of external
auditors. "

This and the Fact that the country is a tax haven and is one of the leading
offshore banking centers in the world make Latvia a good place to look into for
offshore banking services.

Offshore Investment Banking

Governments and onshore financial institutions are constantly trying to
misinform us about the legitimate nature of offshore investment banking. A lot
of people are now taking to time to research and are finding out the many
benefits of the offshore world. Of course it's worth mention before I get ahead
of myself that offshore banking is not for everyone and experienced financial
advisers should be consulted before actually investing offshore. Like any other
financial decision due diligence should be performed before any cash is spent.

It's usually believed that just the famous and the rich can benefit from
investing offshore, but that is changing now. Regular everyday people like you
and I can start enjoying offshore profits too, and best of all, it's not even
that hard to do. With the internet and innovative offshore investment banking
services, an individual can remotely manage funds without ever needing to
travel to the jurisdiction or having to meet face to face with representatives
of the investment company managing the funds. The confidentiality and asset
protection of assets in offshore investments is effortless due to the majority
of jurisdictions imposing strong anti-disclosure regulations on the financial
institutions operation within their borders. you don't have to do much to keep
your investments under wraps.

due to the recent money laundering clampdown, those who select investment
vehicles that provide added flexibility and the ability to invest online or
over the phone will now be required to prove identity and show that the funds
backing the investments are legit, but these should be the only requirements
and the jurisdiction shouldn't have any other requests. Even the initial
requirements can be done by public notaries.

Another strategy is to expatriate or take up residence in another jurisdiction,
thus changing who you have to report to. This can land you in a place where
reporting regulations are far less strict therefore allowing you to enjoy all
the offshore advantages and tax-saving benefits possible.

International business is the new trend and large financial institutions that
need to expand their clientele base focus on making it easier for international
customers to access their services. This is a good thing, because a lot of these
offshore investment banking services offer highly competitive investment
vehicles and a lot of times generate greater returns on investments than
domestic investments. Another added bonus is the tax havens that the offshore
investments banks are located in allow for tax free growth of the investment
until maturity. These institutions also make it easier on the remote investor.

Investment banking abroad has proved to be profitable if approached properly.
The higher interest rates and looser regulations and restrictions on what one
can do with an account allow for greater opportunities for success. One other
benefit of investing online is that newer business opportunities that you
wouldn't usually come across in your country become within your grasp because
the international markets have many more participants and players. The chance
to come across interesting investments that could realize unusual profits also
keep investing and banking offshore interesting.

Free Offshore Banking

Offshore banking means transferring money and assets overseas to be managed by
banking institutions in jurisdictions outside of your country of residence. The
term offshore refers to the British Channel Islands just located physically
offshore from the main land. Those islands were tax havens, thus becoming very
attractive places to establish investments that can grow tax free. Banking
institutions flocked to the opportunity to take advantage of those islands.
Other countries that offer those same benefits began following suit and the
practice became widespread. Now the term has been expanded to mean just having
assets anywhere outside of your own country of residence. Usually those
jurisdictions have laws in place that favor the offshore banking industry.
Those laws usually enforce privacy and confidentiality as a requirement from
banking institutions. They also have less strict restrictions and regulations
allowing for more flexible offshore accounts that are easier to manipulate in
various ways.

There is plenty of free help and information available for anyone interested in
getting involved in the offshore banking world. It should be noted though that
before any commitment decided upon, financial help is an important factor.
Because of the lax rules and regulations that come with the international
banking industry, there are many possible risks to take into consideration
before investing.

Also, it's not free to establish an offshore banking account. They usually
require a sizable sum of money in most offshore banking accounts. This ranges
from around two thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars, depending on the
account type and period of holding. I should probably mention that the longer
you leave money in the account untouched, higher interest are possibly
achievable. Of course this depends on the offshore banking institution you
chose to do business with. That's why experienced help is indispensible before
investing any sum of money.

A few offshore banks can boast low initial deposits depending on the banking
vehicle chosen. Some range from no money to a very small deposit such as one
dollar. The documentation requirements in some jurisdictions' banks are very
few and often only one document is required. This can be seen from banks such
as HSBC, which markets itself as "the world's local bank." They also offer
superior online services that enable customers from anywhere in the world to
access their account information. HSBC has a reputation of researching and
developing some of the most flexible and customer savvy international banking
accounts available. That is why their accounts are some of the most sought
after in the industry.

Free offshore banking information can be obtained from many sources both online
and off. There is plenty of material to research for free that can help those
that are interested make educated decisions that can change your offshore
banking experience. This information is available to both corporations and
individuals, although business may need more data which may be more costly if
they want to optimize profit opportunities.

Offshore banking has become a large industry that circulates trillions of
dollars on a daily basis. The competitions has become fierce and banks are
willing to offer more for less or free to attract new customers and to inform
people that could benefit the most from their services.

HSBC Offshore Banking

HSBC, also known as "the world's local bank" offers an extensive collection of
services to expatriates that help it live up to its marketed reputation. They
market themselves as such because of affiliations and connections with banks
throughout the world, allowing them to have a strong global presence and the
ability to provide near local service to international customers. You can bank
online or over the telephone, allowing you access to your money and account
information at any time, anywhere in the world. This is made possible by their
flexible account structures and features targeted towards the needs of the
customer. They make it a point to go above and beyond to provide their
customers, no matter where they live, with top of the line banking services.

HSBC is known for its success in the development of offshore banking services
which is why the HSBC offshore bank account is one of their most exciting and
in demand products. It is highly sought after and one of the best selling
banking products available. HSBC has demonstrated its understanding of the
needs and requirements of those who utilize the services of international bank
accounts, from the expatriate to businesses trying to hold assets overseas.

HSBC offshore banking is the HSBC division that is responsible for handling
international accounts and providing information and customer support the
account holders. Its focus is on providing expatriate clients the same banking
services that could be expected of a local institution.

As far as relocating one's finances abroad is concerned, HSBC offshore banking
services has been created as the one stop shop for everything from temporary
housing and setting up local currency bank accounts to getting local currency
credit cards, loans and mortgages. They can even help you find a job wherever
you decide to live and help sort health insurance matters out. They also
provide multi-currency accounts for people who earn money in one currency and
have bills in another.

HSBC also offers international mortgage services for those trying to purchase
property abroad. They have a series of guides packed with information on 80
countries to help customers settle in their new home. This package can be of
great help to those who wish to expatriate to another country. This can be a
smart move considering that countries such as the US and the United Kingdom
consider it a crime not to report financial activity abroad and pay taxes upon
retrieving the funds. One way to circumvent this is to expatriate to a country
with different laws where more profits can be realizes. HSBC can be
instrumental in this process.

Full insurance coverage is also offered by HSBC offshore banking with a variety
of life and health insurances available. There are also saving and investment
services available from HSBC for those who want to save a little for a rainy
day while abroad. Some of these accounts come with the added benefits based on
their jurisdictions, such as the advantage of growing tax free in some places.

Other features offered by HSBC offshore banking include the regulars, such as
credit and debit cards, overseas loan facilities, foreign exchange services and
the private offshore banking for those with a "heavy purse."

HSBC Offshore Internet Banking

The world's local bank, HSBC is a leading force in the offshore banking
industry by offering a wide range of services for expatriates and people
looking to bank and invest abroad. They can live up to their boast of being the
world's local bank by forming and keeping strong ties and connections with banks
throughout the world, allowing them to maintain a global presence.

Offshore banking usually refers to using the services of banks and financial
services located outside the account holder's country of residence. Such
banking institutions are usually located in jurisdictions considered as tax
havens. Oftentimes investors and those who chose to expatriate are able to grow
investments to maturity tax free. Other benefits of offshore banking include
added confidentiality and privacy. Some offer anonymously numbered accounts and
reside in countries that impose strong secrecy enforcement laws.

Now with the advances in technology and the globalization of business
worldwide, the need to conduct business abroad is more prevalent than ever.
More and more individuals and businesses have the need for offshore banking
services such as HSBC and other major international financial centers. Not only
do we have a greater need for international bank accounts, we also require
instant access to account information and customer support, either through the
phone or the internet. HSBC and other major offshore banking services have
caught on to this and have focused on being geared towards meeting clients'

HSBC excels in providing top of the line quality products and services that
anticipate customer needs and improve the offshore banking experience. HSBC
offshore banking service is the division of HSBC that handles international
accounts. They offer everything from aiding in providing temporary housing to
establishing local and multi-currency bank accounts. Health insurance services
are also provided.

Online offshore banking services have become a must and HSBC offers instant
access to financial information and customer support on the internet or over
the phone. The new innovations and advances in software have also enabled HSBC
and other online financial service providers to upgrade their security systems.
That's part of the reason offshore banking services are known for privacy. Asset
protection is also a major issue among individuals and corporations alike.
Holding assets overseas offers an extra layer of protection from lawsuits and
malicious litigations. Although governments have started cracking down on those
laws, with an attempt to tighten the regulations on these banks, these companies
are still able to maintain a high level of discretion and are still worth your

A frequently asked question is whether offshore banking is legal or not. This
is due to the fact that offshore banks have usually been associated with the
wealthy and famous, and have been surrounded by illegal activities, such as
money laundering and drug money. The fact is offshore bank accounts are legal
and will remain that way for the simple fact that holding an offshore account
just means transferring assets to another country. The international economy
depends on the ability to move funds in and out of countries, even governments
have this need. Offshore bank accounts are legal and will remain that way.

Not only that, they are now beneficial to the common person. It's no longer the
way it was when offshore accounts were reserved for the seven figure group. now
you and I can take advantage of these banks and we can have access to it all
instantly on the internet. HSBC offers some of the most exciting and dynamic
financial vehicles in the offshore banking industry. It's definitely worth
checking to see if you can benefit from a HSBC offshore account.

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