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Paintball Anyone?

People who love to play war games will surely enjoy the game of Paintball. This
game which has been around for more than 20 years involves a lot of running,
crawling and shooting that makes a person feel as though it is the real thing.

The only thing difference is that instead of using live ammunition to kill the
opponent, paint in the form of balls exits the weapon and hits the opponent.
The bullet used for each shot is a .68 caliber gelatin capsule. It comes in
various colors so both teams can distinguish the shots fired from the other.

Anyone who is hit in any part of the body is automatically out of the game.
There are other ways that the team can win. Both teams are given one flag and
the team who captures the enemy flag wins.

In another game, a single flag is positioned in the center of the field.
Whoever is able to capture it wins the match. The other way of winning would be
to eliminate all the players of the opposing team.

The game can be played either on a small scale or large scale. Small scale can
be the size of a basketball court with barrels and other obstructions to give
cover for the player. This is usually called recreational. Each team should
have five to ten players in order to play.

When there is game that could involve more than a hundred participants, this is
called a scenario. The largest ever recorded scenario was in 2005 on 700 acres
of land and with 3000 participants.

This growing sport has a regulating body that sanctions such events.
Competitions that are held by various leagues are called tournaments. Teams can
comprise from 3 to 10 players each. Rules during such events vary so people
should check before joining the match.

Since safety is the primary concern of this game, players are required to wear
protective gear at all times. These consist of a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and
knee and elbow pads. The guns maximum firing speed is 300 feet per second.

Paintball is ranked as the third most popular extreme game in the world. It is
also considered a safe sport with only a few reported minor injuries. This will
continue as long as the players abide by the rules. Those who are interested can
sign up at their local club and join in the fun.

Why Everyone Loves Paintball

Today, many people from all over the world are playing or at least have tried
playing paintball. It is becoming one of the most popular outdoor sports in the
world, an alternative to classic favorites such as basketball and football. It
is the kind of game where everyone can play; a competition where things such as
gender, social status, age or race does not bring about discrimination or
disadvantage of any kind. All that matters is the ability to think and act
quickly. Intelligence and decisiveness are the primary factors that can make a
person a paintball expert.

The objective of the game is simple enough: To capture the flag of the enemy
while protecting his or her own.

Here are several reasons why paintball is a sport well-loved by many people:

1. Physical contact is not really needed. People can dispense fears of being
physically injured, or worse, death. Players do not need to hurt their
opponents to have them ejected from the game. You only need to mark them with
paintballs, and the deed is already done. No fuss, no "black eyes"!.

2. Equality exists among the players. It is the game where a man has no edge
over a woman, or the young can take advantage of the old. The only thing that
can give a player have an advantage over the other is experience.

3. Even amateurs can enjoy the game. Chances are that a first time player can
eliminate an experienced player.

4. One does not need to be an athlete, since the game can be played with
minimal physical contact.

5. Paintball players use a lot of gadgets. Everyone loves the sense of
childhood one gets when using intricate toys.

6. The fact that one can just eliminate players is a thrill in itself.
Eliminating one's opponent is even encouraged, while protecting the team's flag.

7. There is a foreboding sense of danger. It stems from the awareness that one
can be removed from the game in just one blink of the eye, and no one is
invincible. The fear is enough to arouse a little bit of anxiety in a player,
but not enough to make him so nervous he cannot perform his tasks.

There is no doubt that paintball is one of the most exciting sports ever
conceived. It is the kind of game where people can experience the stimulation
that other strenuous sports provide, and paintball can develop teamwork and
camaraderie among its players.

All about Paintball

War games have been around for a long time. These are used to prepare an army
for battle or the beginning of a surprise attack. Since people are not able to
use real guns in this game, Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel, Charles Gaines and nine
others decided to play this game by using markers that were originally used to
tag cattle and trees. This game originated in 1981.

Later on, markers were used to shoot paintballs at other players. The bullets
used for each shot is a .68 caliber gelatin capsule which comes in various
colors so that one team can distinguish the shots they fire from those of the
opposition. Anyone that gets hit is out of the game.

Paintball has evolved and through the years and can be played in different
ways. In one version of the game teams can one flag each and the other team
must capture that flag in order to win. Another game has the same objective as
the first will except there is only one flag that is situated in the center of
the field and each team tries to be the first to capture the flag. The other
way of winning (other than capturing the flag) would be to eliminate all of the
players of the opposing team with paintball hits.

The game can be played on a small scale which is called recreational paintball.
This is the original way it was played in a wooded area and can be played in an
area the size of a basketball court.

If there are many people who want to play and the field is a large area the
game is called a scenario. The largest scenario ever was in 2005 on a 700 acre
parcel of land and with 3,000 participants.

When a player who participates in a competition sanctioned by a governing body,
that competition is called a tournament. Teams can be comprised of 3 to 10
players each. Rules during such events vary so people should check before
entering the tournament.

For the safety of those who participate in these events, protective gear is
required for each player. It consists of a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and knee
and elbow pads. The guns used are only allowed to fire a maximum of 300 feet
per second.

Paintball is one game that is gaining ground in the sports world. According to
a study done in 2005, it is ranked as the third most popular extreme game in
the world. It is considered a safe sport as long as proper equipment is used
and people comply with the rules. People who are interested can sign up at the
local club and join in the fun.

Paintball: it is not a game, it is a cool war

Paintball is a game where there are two groups (teams) of players and each
group's aim is to eliminate the opposite team via shooting paint balls at each

The following are the basic rules in playing paintball.

Follow the referee:

Paintball should have only one referee for each game. This referee who will
start and end the game as well as stop it (in order to check for paint) and be
the decision maker should any problems or game issues arise. Fortunately or
unfortunately, any verdict issued by the referee -- as in any other game -- is
final and cannot be repealed.

You are out:

A player is no longer in the game if he or she is shot by a paintball marker
that cracks or splatters on him or her. This applies when the marker or pellet
breaks anywhere on the player's clothes, equipment or gun. Take note that
whether the shot came from a fellow teammate or from an enemy, the marked
player is required to call out "DEADMAN" or to yell "OUT" in reference to
themselves. They are required to immediately leave the field using the route
that is the safest as well as shortest, all the while calling him self out.

You are in:

If a player is hit by a paintball marker and the marker does not crack or
break, that player is still in the game. A player is also considered in the
game if he or she is accidentally splattered by a paintball marker, especially
if the splatter is caused by the paintball marker hitting a rock, a bush or
tree. But this rule no longer applies if the player calls him or her self "OUT"
or "DEADMAN" even if they have mistakenly thought that they were hit only
discover that they were not. The rule says that they are still required to
leave the field using the safest as well as shortest route.

Safety is the best policy

All players are required to wear protective clothing that covers the arms, neck
and legs. "T" shirts are not allowed to be worn during the game. All players
must have goggles as well and these cannot in any way, be removed during play.

Paintball is a game of strategy as well as quick thinking. But just like any
other game, there are rules that need to be observed to make the game not only
more challenging, fun, exciting, but most importantly fair.

Paintball Basics

Paintball is a safe, simple yet challenging and strategic sport that is played
usually by two teams, each with at least two players. Adults and kids alike
enjoy this sport as they often refer to it as an advanced or improvised game of

Tournaments attract many spectators of all ages, as it is a very exciting game
to watch.

Paintball games are of various types, however, the most popular game often
played is called "capture the flag". The object or the goal of this game is for
teams to advance to the opponent's base, move the other team's flag to its
destined location, at the same time guarding your own flag.

The paintball field has many obstacles such as tires, forts, old cars, hay and
the newest are "inflatables" that are constructed as refuge for team players;
making the game all the more exciting, as if participating in an actual game of
war in videos.

When one is hit, it can hurt briefly and at times give players bruises. Players
are typically required to be in long sleeves shirt and pants, making sure that
the color is not be identical as that of the judge and complete paintball gear
such as mask, helmet and goggles for safety.

The sport of paintball has a distinct and accurate set of rules that are
strictly followed. The producer of the tournament is the absolute authority in
regard to either an alteration or addition to the rules; marshals oversee the
event, and their decision is always final. No dispute on the paintball field is
accommodated or entertained.

A military approach to paintball is useless, as that knowledge is recognized
and understood by the teams. A team's tactic should be carefully planned; your
team's line of attack will not be known by the opposing team, and there should
be a quick switch of plans in case something goes wrong.

There must be a lot of team work involved, as everyone moves through the field.
As a team member moves, there should be others to guard and keep watch and give
off covering shots when necessary. A team that moves together with a common
objective will have a great chance of succeeding in this game.

Communication in the field is also very important. A team-mate can shout the
position of the opponent. The moment that a player is seen, the game for that
player is up; so there is no reason for you to keep quite; instead, inform the
others the location of the enemy.

The excitement of this game concludes when you are seen and eliminated -- a
situation that all team players struggle to avoid.

Popular Paintball Games

As paintball improved and became popular, many individuals tried their
abilities at it; giving rise to the assortment and diversity of paintball
tournaments and games.

Recreational or Capture the Flag

Played by two teams, where each team has a flag and the objective of both teams
is to capture or seize the opponent's flag and carry it to your team's starting
point. This is one way for your team to win and another way is by eliminating
the opposing team entirely.

Each team has to defend their base and simultaneously dispatch team players to
eliminate the opponent and capture their flag.

These games are usually played in the forest; bunkers and structures can be put
up throughout the area.

Scenario Paintball

This is a paintball game with a theme set up behind it: there are an endless
number of themes that can be created making the game feel and look very
realistic. There are a number of players; in many cases as many as a hundred
are involved in each team.

Each team gets the theme (storyline) a day before the start of the game. There
are usually two teams participating, having the "general" as a team's leader.

Each player is given a role and they should work together as a team in order to
carry out and win an assigned mission. Props in accordance with the theme are
introduced and distributed throughout the field. There are questions asked in
connection with the theme and points are awarded for correct answers.

These points are totaled at the conclusion of the game and the team having the
most number of points wins.


This can be played right at your own backyard, a friend's empty property or at
times any property but you must as you get permission first. You gather your
friends to form a group and then conceptualize your own game which typically is
"capture the flag".


Also called "Center Flag", the speedball field is designed with many huge
bunkers; usually "inflatables" filled with air that are shaped similar to big
snakes, soda cans, water tanks etc.

Here, a team can be composed of between three to ten players in a game. There
is only one flag that is involved and it is located at the center of a field.
The two teams start at each end of the field and attempt to gain possession of
the flag at the center and carry it to their bunker. The team that does this
successfully wins.

Paintball can surely challenge the "soldier" in you. Give it a shot!

What Is A Good Paintball Mask?

The face mask is the most significant protective gear in playing the sport of
paintball. It mainly shields the eyes from balls with a traveling speed of up
to three hundred "feet per second". Most completely cover the face and the
ears, but there are those who prefer to wear goggles, protecting only the eyes.

Paintball masks are designed to absorb any direct shot, from any distance or
range. An ordinary pair of goggles will supply only a false sense of security
and put one at great risk since it they are not constructed to block a
paintball. All paintball mask manufactures measure up to DOT safety criteria
and safety standards.

The choice of the mask's material is of significance. There are masks made of
different material from rubber, plastic to foam. It is a wise idea to buy your
own face mask rather then renting one. It should be the first equipment
purchased before playing paintball. Be sure to properly test the fit of the
mask to your face and make sure that you can see clearly so you can well and
enjoy your game. The lens is the mask's most significant quality, so check it
carefully; then examine the foam and see if it is comfortable to wear and the
design is attractive

1. Typically, paintball masks will have either non-thermal or thermal lens or
be anti-fog for fog resistance: these do not need an anti for agent applied to
the lens to perform their function. These thermal lenses will cost more but
they are a good choice because they just won't fog up.

2. The foam in a paint ball mask is an important factor to consider, as it can
determine your level of comfort. For instance, a "Vforce Armor" is a neoprene
type of foam -- a type of foam that is considered a good foam, but it is
uncomfortable. The "Vforce Shield" and "Vforce Profiler" is and open cell and
two layer foam which is very comfortable to wear. The open cell foam can be
compared to a memory foam that is used in pillows.

3. Style is another factor. There are masks that are more expensive even when
the foam and lens are the same quality as cheaper models, but the difference is
in the style of the mask.

Choose wisely and never sacrifice cost over quality; your safety should always
come first!

Best Weather to Play Paintball: In the Rain?

People play in the rain for the love of paintball and the rain adds so much
interest and challenge to the game.

When playing in the rain, everything will be muddy and slippery: consequently
running, stopping and crouching will be harder than normal; visibility will be
lower; and wind can make paintball courses more difficult. All of these make
playing paintball challenging which is exactly shat paintball fanatics look
for; the action and the thrill!

Here are guidelines so you can enjoy your paintball game on a rainy day:

1. Put on something that keeps water off of your body, such as a raincoat,
"slicker", waterproof clothing or even plastic garbage bags. It is very
important that you stay dry so you don't shiver as this will affect your
mobility, accuracy and can be very uncomfortable.

Remember to cover your head too. Wear any waterproof covering but make certain
that water will not be sliding down your face and cause fog to form on your
goggles. Wiping the fog from your goggles each time you pause behind a tree or
a bunker can distract from your concentration on the game.

2. Take paper towels with you. The lens on your mask, even if it is a thermal
type of lens, will fog up and paper towels come in handy; you can just wipe off
the fog. Do keep in mind that you should turn away from the action -- in a
"sitting duck" (crouch) position -- before you wipe the fog from your mask.

3. Wear boots or cleats instead of sneakers to keep your feet from getting wet.

4. Wear gloves to prevent cold and wet hands.

5. Having a soaked paintball can be really frustrating. You should pack extra
garbage bags for use as spare coverings. These can be used to cover your gear
and function as a raincoat in emergencies. Huge plastic transparent bags also
are great for covering the head, hoppers and the gun. You can effectively turn
your gun into a waterproof weapon by simply covering it with plastic and
securing it with rubber bands.

6. Shooting on a rainy day is much more different than the typical "hose down".
Consider the amount of barrel smoke that will be produced even when using HPA.
Bring along an "unported barrel" if you happen to have one. Porting allows
water to get into the barrel resulting in twisting shots.

There are really so many ways to add thrill to your paintball game: just allow
your imagination to run wild and experiment with things. Have fun in the rain!

Where to Play Paintball?

There are various types of paintball fields that offer a challenge and
excitement to players. Paintball fields add to the overall enjoyment of the


"Woodsball" as it is referred to by a lot of paintball players is the "purest"
type of setting where paintball is played. On this type of field, players get
the feel of the real war game.

Basically, the field is a secluded area in the woods which has an open area.
Players "hare", learn stealth or how to advance the field in a very sneaky

Concept Fields

The concept field is often created outdoors, with many objects that have been
set up for players to take refuge in or seek protection from. Usually concept
fields have a theme, the most common of which is the urban city setting with
cars, buildings and many other city elements.

There are some fields that are very creative with their themes, such as
medieval themes with castles which have towers, wagons and cutouts of people.
Concept fields are interesting and fun: players are able to adjust the skill
level of the group by removing or adding obstacles.

Speedball Fields

According to paintball fanatics the most exciting and challenging of all fields
are the speedball fields. They are made up of equally spaced and equally sized

The challenge here is that a player can not see past the huge barriers and can
bump into or encounter anyone at any time. With the smaller barriers a player
can be concealed one way, yet revealed to another player.

Indoor Fields

These fields offer a much different approach and encounter from an outdoor
field. The first and major thing that new players encounter is that here
paintball guns are very loud: some find that the sound hurts their ears so they
wear earplugs; but this is not necessary most of the time.

Indoor fields are generally found in cities where there is a lack of open areas
to play the game. Similar to outdoor fields, indoor arenas also offer a variety
of themes and set ups. The range is considered to be the major difference.

A team with great team effort is the key to the game of paintball regardless of
where you play -- the basic paintball idea remains the same. The option is up to
you: select a field that fits your interests and your performance level the
best. Paintball fields are as diverse as one's imagination.

Tips on How to Play the Paintball Sport

Playing paintball is so much fun. The main goal of the game is to capture the
opponent's flag and make them surrender by aggressively attacking their
defenses. What excites many people is the fast pace and action-packed scenery
that a person will experience. Most paintball games are played in a place where
players can move freely. Outdoor venues like fields or improvised camps provide
complete facilities for everyone who wants to experience this sport. There are
also indoor venues that are available during various seasons when people are
unable to go outside because of the cold weather or rainy seasons.

A person is provided with a paintball gun that is primarily air pressured. The
group is generally composed of ten or more persons divided into two teams. Each
team must have an equal number of persons and they will battle like two opposing
armed groups on a battlefield.

Each group will be provided colored armbands to mark each member so that their
teammates are and opponents are not confused. The main goal is to reach the
opponents' flag and hit every opponent -- when doing so -- using their
paintball guns. The team that captures the flag will bring it to their base to
ensure they have won the game.

A person will know that he is eliminated when he is hit by the paintball. It is
determined by the splat of a paintball that will break and mark the gear. A
referee will determine if he may continue or to be eliminated from the game.
The paintballs are about the size of marbles; but they are spherical in shape
with hard shell layers that enables the paintball to go a long distance and
speed up the launch when fired at the target.

Paintball guns appear similar to a real gun but it has a barrel container that
stores and launch the paintball. It has a trigger that will activate the
release and a reservoir that will store more paintballs. The propulsion is
powered by pressurized gas.

The execution will depend on the style the player thinks will be effective for

The thrill and excitement is what really makes people love this sport. Others
consider it an activity that can be enjoyed with their friends and families. It
will give a person a worthwhile experience with the adventure-like setting and
the excitement of the game.

The Secrets to Winning at Paintball

Most team sports require teamwork, skill and planning. This can be seen in the
winning teams of sports like basketball, football and hockey. The same approach
can be taken to make a very good paintball team.

The best way to become a championship team is to know how to play both as a
team and individually. It starts at practice where the team will learn to play
both offense and in defense.

War games are simulated to emulate the real thing. A fort can be made and some
members selected to protect it while the other group attacks. After each game,
an assessment must be made so that any mistakes made can be corrected to make
the team more efficient.

Aside from conducting some exercises within the group, other teams can be
invited to participate in a practice to sharpen the skills before a tournament.

There are several ways that the exercise can end: by capturing the flag,
eliminating all the members of the other group or waiting until the time
expires. A good way to train the participants to move swiftly during an
offensive is by agreeing to a time limit before the exercise begins...

The members should rotate the roles of offense and defense during training
exercise as both will have to be used in a real game.

Marksmanship should also be part of training. The members must be able to hit
both stationary and moving targets since both are necessary in an actual game
where both sides have limited ammunition.

Since the exercise usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, the team should
make every shot count. The players should only fire when there is a clear shot
available rather than not being able to fire when it matters the most.

Stealth is another element needed to win the game of paintball. By being able
to sneak up on the enemy first, the team can attack the enemy position before
the opposing forces can mount a counterattack.

Learning to communicate using hand signals and sounds will prevent the other
team from knowing what the team's plans are. By practicing all of these drills
and scenarios in practice, the group will be ready to take on anyone in the

The secret to winning at paintball is not rocket science; it just takes a lot
of practice so that each person knows what to do which will pay off during

Paintball 101: The Importance of Stealth

Paintball is a war game. Firepower and manpower do matter. Firepower is the
ability of a paintball gun to inflict a lot of paint on your opponents and the
ammunition it can carry. However firepower is useless in the wrong hands. It is
still manpower that will win teams their games.

Manpower is the ability of a player not to only play harder but to also play
smarter in the field. This article tackles about stealth and how it can win
games for you.

Stealth is the ability to blend with your surroundings. Using different
techniques to achieve this, stealth will usually indicate who the "newbie" is
in a paintball environment.

Stealth is about moving the right way. When you have to make a quick dash, it
is best to just stick to paths where there are no twigs. Twigs are the worst
things to step on as they will snap, break, and make noise. It is recommended
that you take your time (when you still have it) and move slowly when going
through a cluttered area.

Stealth is best accomplished when using the proper equipment. Shoes and
clothing will help tremendously in minimizing the sound you create when moving.
Shoes with soft soles are recommended as they make less noise than army combat
boots because they have a natural sound absorption property that helps limit
the sounds made while stepping.

Soft clothing will also be an advantage as coarse fabrics will create a lot of
noise when brushing against branches and the foliage. It is great for crawling
quietly to go to a desired place with a minimal amount of noise created.

Other things must also fit snug or tightly on your body. This includes
harnesses and holsters. You should also avoid putting anything in the leg area
since walking and running will cause it to make noise -- this includes your
reloads and ammunition.

There are also several techniques such as using colors that match the foliage
of the battlefield: this will hide you and makes you virtually unseen (when not
moving) by your enemies.

When you have to move, it is recommended that you learn how to crawl the proper
way (and with the ability to still fire when needed).

Stealth takes a lot of time to learn properly. Even experienced players will
make mistakes and with these mistakes they learn how not to do it!

5 Paintball Playing Tips on How to Win the Battle

Among the many sports that bring about solidarity and sportsmanship in various
competitive activities, paintball ranks third among the most popular and highly
stimulating games in the world.

According to the 2005 statistics of Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association
International, paintball ranks third, next to inline skating and skateboarding.

This paintball hype is based on the premise that people who love "extreme
sports" would most likely use activities that will stimulate adrenaline rush.
Because every players aim is to win the game, they would most likely try to
obtain all of the possible pointers and suggestions available just to achieve
their goal.

Here is a list of some tips on how to play the game well and prevail in the

1. Establish an optimistic approach

Paintball is, basically, a war game, where players can either win or loose; so
there are instances where things may not always conform to the plans of the
players. What must be observed is that each player must look at the results in
a very optimistic way.

For instance, if a player was not able to win the game, he must accept the fact
and identify the areas where he failed to perform, which contributed to his

Remember that there is always another opportunity to win the game.

2. Learn by experience

Every failure is a learning experience: view it constructively as a learning
experience. Work on the things that need more consideration and improvement.

3. Never play solo

In order to win the battle, it is better for a player to play on a team rather
than playing solo. The concept that there are other players ready to cover up
for you is a good indication that you will last throughout the game.

4. Do not hide forever

If you are trying to win the game by avoiding being seen and hit by your
opponents, you will also have fewer chances of hitting the opponents. You will
never learn the correct strategies needed to win the game unless you come out
in the open and take action.

5. Never surrender

Just as in real battle, it is best not to surrender even if the odds of winning
the game are probably higher. The point here is to stay in the game as long as
you continue to be a "hard target."

Winning a paintball game is not so much about how you stay in the game but
about how you played the game.

Paintball defense system is a good strategy to win the game

A team may apply various defensive strategies during the course of a paintball
game. When it comes to the game of paintball, members of the team must be
oriented with good defensive tactics to protect themselves from being hit as
well as protecting their flags from the opponent's aggressive attacks.

Although there could be some instances when the team is more cautious in
protecting their flag and becomes more tentative to attacking aggressively may
become a problem if the other team advances nearer to the base. A good
defensive stand may just be enough to save them from losing the game. Here are
some strategic defense systems that a team may apply to win a paintball game.

1.  It is important for a person to cover himself safely from attackers firing
paintballs from every direction. It is important that a person be good in
concealing himself from possible close range attackers.

2.  Look for concealment first, before finding a safe place where a person can
hide. The best attack to execute is by catching the opponent by surprise. The
attacker may think that he is firing on anything that he thinks would be a
threat to his possible elimination.

3.  As a team, the leader should assign each member a different position. They
must not be grouped in the same position as that cause multiple elimination
since the members could be attacked in a single round of fire without any
effort from the opponents: that would be an easy way for them to win the game.

4.  He must exert an effort to act as a back up for his other teammates. They
must be within sight all the times so that they may ask for a counter attack if
they are surprised with a firefight.

5.  He should know how to control his firepower. Concentrate on a specific
target so that no effort is wasted. It is not advisable to be firing at a sure
target unless a teammate asks for a cover from his launches.

When it comes to this sport, a good offensive attack is supported by a strong
defensive tactic. When a person aims and hits a target, it actually means that
he is playing with good defense because he is aware of the positioning and
movements of his opponents. When he hits and eliminates a target that will
advance him to the next flank for more possible targets. This is one good
method for the team to win the game with a good defense system and a strategic
offensive attack.

What are paintball markers?

Mark! You are it!

Paintball is a game where markers or guns are filled with non-lethal paint put
in gel-like capsules which basically are used to shoot opponents. These markers
are propelled by compressed gas.

Markers used in paintball evolved through the years -- their use now is not the
reason they were created years ago.

Markers for trails, trees and cows:

Believe it or not, the use of these markers started in the 70's when farmers
and members of forest groups used them to mark trees as well as trails, and
cattle. The guns used then were powered by gas. Then -- whether by inspiration
or boredom
-- the users of these guns began playing around and instead of aiming them at
other objects, decided to use the guns on each other.

And then there was paintball:

It was in 1981 that a group of friends decided to play their own unique version
of paintball. They were using same guns they were using to mark trees when they
talked among themselves and decided to buy into a tree-gun manufacturing
business. The guns were then modified to control the speed as well as the power
of the marker.

They promoted the guns and markers to the public and "viola", the game of
paintball officially began at a field near Rochester, New York, in 1982.

The first paintball marker:

Ironically, the first ever paintball marker was not called a paintball marker
and was not even used for paintball. It was called a paint-pellet and was
created by the Nelson Paint Company originally for the forest industry. It was
invented by James Hale and the patent was approved on January 29,1974.

The first paintball gun:

The first and only gun designed especially for paintball was called Splatmaster
was invented by a man named Robert Shepherd who was issued a patent on July
3,1985. Later on, markers know as electro-pneumatic guns were developed.

The first paintball marker that is washable:

A specially designed marker with a washable fluid placed inside of soft gelatin
capsules was invented by a man named George Skogg: the patent was officially
granted on January 6,1987. This special marker fluid is more precise when shot:
when it hits something, it is brighter and more visible. It is easily washable
with regular soap and water or detergent.

Paintball markers have become user and player friendly through the years. Who
could imagine that what was used originally for cattle and trees could be
enjoyed by many people as a game? Hooray for paintball!

Why Paintball is Popular

Paintball is fast becoming one of the most popular games around. It has become
an alternative past time from the usual athletic games being played; and it has
become one of the most exciting outdoor sports in the world. Anybody can play
paintball, regardless of race, sex, age and social status. It is a game for
people who have taste for competition and adventure.

The game combines two of the most popular childhood past times: tag and
hide-and-seek, the objective being to capture the flag of the enemy while
protecting one's own.

There are several reasons for the popularity of paintball:

1. It is the team sport that enables one to remove an opponent from the game
without being penalized for it. In fact, removing one's opponent is very much
part of the game. It is the survival of the smartest and the quickest.

2. There is a strong sense of danger, not necessarily a physical one. The
threat of being removed from the game makes it more exciting for the
participants. But since it is only a game, the fear is not enough to make one
mentally-incapacitated. With the right safety gear, no one is really in any
real danger. It is all in the mind.

3. All players are equal. Experience is the only basis of one's edge over the
other player. Factors such as race, gender and age do not put one ahead of the

4. There is a total absence of physical contact. There is no need for a player
to manhandle his opponent so that he can be eliminated from the game. One only
needs to shoot the opponent, which can be done from a relatively safe distance.
Very few injuries and no deaths have resulted from playing paintball.

5. There is no need to be an athlete. Playing paintball does not require
extreme physical strength. In fact, the game can be played with very few
physical movements.

6.No one really needs to be experienced to enjoy the game. Though it matters, a
lot of old-time players find themselves surprisingly eliminated by first-time
participants. It is anybody's game.

7. It is gadget-crazy. Everybody likes gadgets. Paintball requires a lot of

Paintball is a very stimulating and exciting sport. Playing the game gives one
the chance to renew the inner child in people. It enables one to maximize his
sense of adventure, without risking life and limb for that sought-after rush.

Paintball Markers: For Some Gun Down Actions

If you enjoy playing war games on your personal computers or play stations,
then you would probably love playing paintball.

Just like the computer-generated war games, paintball is one kind of sport that
is worth fighting for. It may sound like a cliche but the fact that paintball
generates the same kind of adrenaline rush as fighters; it is the kind of
stimulation everybody could have.

No wonder people who are so enjoy the action and adventure of exploratory
activities like hunting will enjoy paintball.

The game of paintball would never be complete if it were not for the paintball
markers because these markers are the primary tool used to get the game started.

Paintball markers or paintball guns are the tools used by the players to hit
each other: but unlike real guns or toy guns, paintball guns make use of paint
balls. These are small balls are known as "gelatin capsules" that contain paint.

The primary purpose is to shoot the paintball, which travels at a high speed,
so that when ball hits the opponent, the gelatin capsule explodes and splatters
the paint all over the hit mark (opponent).

Paintball markers are regulated so that the speed and the compression inside
are safe enough to play with. This means that in order to avoid serious injury
or problems, paintball markers should fire a paintball at an average speed of
91 meters per second.

At this rate of speed, injuries or serious damage will be avoided. Too much
speed on paintball markers and paintballs can cause grave injuries to the eyes
or the ears. Even with the use of safety measures it is still absolutely
necessary for the players to wear helmets or any "head protection".

When choosing paintball markers, it is important to consider the level of
expertise of the player. If the player is a newbie, it is important to use a
paintball marker fit for basic operations; then as the player advances in his
skills he can choose markers that are appropriate for higher level of action.

It is also important to consider the kind of position the player performs in
the game. For instance, front line players should use paintball markers that
have a "remote air hose." These guns are lighter so they increase the player's
pace in the game.

Yes, paintball markers can trigger a good game especially if used by good

Ten Ways to Master the Art of Playing Paintball

Since the paintball game was discovered, many enthusiasts have found that this
game is a stress reliever and some have even made a career out of it. But funds
are usually short for average players and this keeps them from taking their
skill to the next level. Mastering paintball can be accomplished in ten ways:

1.  Playing paintball requires vigorous physical activities: running, jumping,
crawling, etc. Eating right, brisk walking, running and eliminating vices such
as drinking, smoking, and drugs should be attained to get into shape.

2.  Be well informed: books, magazines, and online information are always
available for players who want to play or master the game. More of the skills
must be learned during the actual playing of the game; but tips and suggestions
are important too.

3.  Visual practice. Assess the environment where the game will be played.
Paintball is a real world scenario for the player. It may sound silly but try
developing your instincts in a supermarket. Visualize the routes of escape,
where the other shoppers are and what your next step will be.

4.  Prepare all of the equipment and accessories that are needed prior to the
game. Pack the batteries, towels, pads, etc. and save time looking for an item
once the game has started.

5.  Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the paintball game. Look
for comfortable camouflaged items that are loose so that movements are easily
made. Do not wear clothes that make sounds when moving as this will lead the
other shooters to you.

6.  Before the game, if there is time use it to get the feel of the field. By
doing this a player can visualize the field itself, especially during daytime.
Look for hiding places and the places where you anticipate the opponents might

7.  Attitude plays an important role in playing the game. Know your role in the
paintball game so you can derive strategies not only for yourself but for the
whole team.

8.  Be flexible by changing tactics in every game. Opponents can see the
pattern of a player and can be use it against him if he does the same thing
every time.

9.  Review past mistakes and try not to make them again. The best tips that a
player can get are from his last game.

10.  Upgrade the gadgets: some accessories have inexpensive ways to upgrade. It
not only increases your efficiency but also your confidence.

Mastering the game of paintball will take some time. Be patient, practice and
time is more important than expensive equipment. Playing paintball is habit

Requisites of a Paintball Leader

It takes a lot of guts and character to be a leader in any sport. Even in
paintball, where there is minimal physical contact and it can be played by
everybody from all walks of life, there are certain qualities needed to be a
leader of a paintball team.

First, he has to achieve that certain level of respect; the kind where other
paintball players, some of them close friends, are willing to follow his
orders. This is a feat to achieve since not everyone can bear to take orders
from just anyone. He should be a master strategist. In this case, flexibility
is a must since he must make the initial battle plan suitable for any kind of
battlefield. He must also be courageous, the type of player that will never
hesitate to go into the frontline, even if he is protected by his men. He must
be a well-liked character, someone who has the ability to communicate clearly
and effectively with all types of people.

What are the attributes that a paintball commander should have?

1. Experience and quick-wit:

Experience is one thing that is not gained easily: it takes a lot of time and
patience to achieve the kind of experience suitable for a leader.

2. Physical fitness:

He must be able to get into the thick of things, and to be able to get into any
areas that his men can go. Mobility is a necessity for a paintball commander

3. Respected aura

Respect is needed to convince all of the members of a team to follow whatever
orders that are needed, dispensed, and carried out. No team player will follow
someone he does not like and/or respect.

4. Ability and willingness to communicate

A commander talks with authority and conviction -- he can make people listen
and take action.

A paintball commander must be able to put aside his personal performance for a
while to analyze the performance of his team. He should survive almost every
battle. He should be able to dissect and identify the flaws of his team and the
battle plan whenever things go wrong and have the "smarts" to come up with a
better plan the next time around.

Like all other participation sports, a paintball leader must be able to inspire
other people to perform the best they can. Once this is done, the whole team,
not only the paintball commander, will achieve victory.

Paintball: A Sport for Everyone

Paintball is one of the most popular outdoor participation sports around. The
good thing about paintball is that everyone or anyone can play. There are no
special requirements needed. Players can partake of the thrill paintball
brings, regardless of race, age, gender and social status. The only requirement
is a competitive spirit and the desire for adventure.

Paintball combines the elements of two childhood games, tag and hide-and-seek.
Given the nature of those two games, paintball is for people who want to
experience the unique rush that participation sports gives, minus physical
contact. The objective of paintball is to capture the flag of the opponent
while protecting his or her own. At the same time, players aim to eliminate
their opponent from the game by shooting them and marking them with paintballs
coming from paint guns. There are almost no limitations when it comes to the
number of players, the limitation will only stem from the size of the playing

The game can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life, whatever lifestyle or
profession. There are no discriminations when it comes to paintball. It is a
competition where the quickest and smartest survive. The chances of winning for
each person are very fair, since old timers can find themselves being eliminated
by neophytes. Men and women are equal in the game, and it is where the young do
not necessarily have advantage over the old. To be an expert in paintball, a
player must be able to think quickly, with precision. Victory is not at all
dependent on strength and agility.

What can paintball bring to its players? Primarily, it builds character.
Through paintball, one can garner skills on teamwork, leadership and
self-confidence. The sport provides fun and relief from everyday stress,
without the danger of injuries and death. This is a big plus for companies, and
paintball is fast becoming a recommended activity for employees. Paintball gives
the following benefits for the staff and management: morale boost, improved
camaraderie, removal of the barrier between employer and employee, and enhanced
group dynamics.

Paintball is available to everyone, and serves as an alternative activity for
several events. Groups from college sororities, fraternities, athletic teams
and company staff and management all grab at the chance of playing paintball.
It is featured as a central theme during birthday bashes, bachelor parties, or
just simple gatherings. It is an activity that everyone can truly enjoy.

Supplies Needed for the Game of Paintball

Paintball is a growing game not only in the United States but also in the
world. A survey conducted in 2005 has shown that this is the third most popular
game in the world.

The use of equipment to protect the players has earned it a reputation as a
safe sport -- this is better than football or hockey which have a reputation
for causing injuries.

For people to play this game, it is required that a player wear safety gear at
all times. This consists of a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and knee and elbow
pads. The guns used are only allowed to have a maximum firing speed of 300 feet
per second.

Anyone who wants to try this game should first buy the necessary equipment
which can be purchased at the local sports store or online. A helmet may
$20-$90. Since it fogs up due to perspiration, dirt, or paint it would be a
good idea to buy a cleaning solution and anti-fog spray as well.

Protective gear for the chest can be bought for less than $30. These come in
different colors and will protect the individual should a direct shot hit the
body. Pads for the knees and elbows can also be purchased for less than $40

The most important thing needed for battle is the player's firearm. This can be
handguns to assault rifles. The price of these guns run from $100 to more than a
$1,000 depending on the features of the gun. Most of these are semi-automatic
and can hold several paintballs before being reloaded.

A crucial part of the game is ammunition. This also comes in different colors
and ranges in price from $24- $60. A box contains 2000 rounds -- more than
enough for one game. The player can also buy grenades to be used against the
opponent for almost the same price. It is a good idea to buy a loader that will
save time when it is time to reload.

Paintball as some would say is "better than the real thing". This thrilling
sport keeps the heart pounding and the adrenaline going. Should the person be
interested in this game, the first thing that needs to be done is getting the
right equipment from the shop and learning the rules.

After briefing, it is time to suit up, lock and load, and get ready to be in
the combat zone.

Paintball Home Videos

Homemade videos capture a moment in history. They were filmed in black and
white more than 40 years ago and they are still used today to capture
interesting moments. The person who records them does not have to a
professional; but can film a video as long as they know how to use a camera.

Sports enthusiasts record many events for fun or entertainment purposes. Videos
such as these can't be bought at the local video store but can be found at a
sports venue or on the internet.

Paintball videos can be used to educate and invite others to participate in the
sport. A local club could rent a booth/stall with a television and paintball
player to feature the game. Passerby's who are interested will come, stop, and
look at what is being featured and those who are interested could then be
invited to sign up to receive further information or a trial game.

These videos can also be used as an instructional tool for those who are new to
the game. The briefing could explain the rules, proper techniques of playing and
other information that "newbies" need to know about the game.

Paintball videos can also prepare a team for an upcoming match. Paintball
competitions occur in the same places nearly every year so a video could
provide information about the opposing team, the layout of the venue and the
strengths and weaknesses of an opponent that the team might use to its

Videos cost money so just in case the person does not know if one is worth
buying or not, consider watching the trailer. Another idea is to ask those who
have seen the video if it is worth the price of purchase.

After purchasing or making a video of an event; take it home and invite friends
to watch the highlights of the event with you. Perhaps lessons can be learned to
prevent mistakes from occurring in future matches. Aside from watching the video
and just admiring how the filming was done done, another idea would be to create
a personal paintball video which could highlight tournaments, dos and don'ts
about this sport as well as others, or perhaps feature bloopers that were
caught on film.

This video could then be sold which might be better than a video from someone

This will save money for a person since it was he who took the shots and knows
that the video is worth watching.

Watching Paintball Videos Away from the Field

People buy videos since they are considered to be classics: chances are such
films will never be made again which makes them works of art. Sports lovers
feel the same and buy them as memorabilia.

There are some people that would rather watch an event at home than play the
game. Many do this with sports videos about basketball, wrestling and the
ultimate fighting championships that consider memorabilia. Collectors who love
to borrow or buy such videos claim that they are better than the real thing.

Videos are not only there to entertain, they can be used to teach new players
how to play the extreme sport of paintball. The event venues are often the same
year after year and many times an upcoming event will played in the same venue
which could help prepare a team for an upcoming match. It may also show how
other teams performed in that venue and what weaknesses can be exploited to
assist in winning a particular game.

Since videos of paintball are usually not found at the local store, searching
the web is a useful alternative. With the growing number of people who are
interested in this sport as well as the number of organizations that sponsor
such events, it is easier for sports enthusiasts to buy a video during

The videos made about this extreme sport feature not only the rules but they
show actual competitions that occurred in different parts of the country and
bloopers that are caught on film.

Choosing a video about this sport may be a bit challenging if you not sure
which video is worth buying so asking for recommendations from those who have
seen it can be helpful. Friends and family members who share the same interest
can also help in picking one for you to purchase...

Videos cost money so before getting one determine if it's really worth the
price by first watching the trailer. Invite friends over to watch it with you
will make it more enjoyable than watching it alone!

There are some movies that people will never get tired of watching no matter
how many times they have seen it. By finding something interesting like the
greatest paintball tournaments ever played or a video of the craziest events
ever caught on film: watch and enjoy it and maybe even learn a few new tricks!

Paintball Playing Techniques in Developing a Good Game

Paintball is an exciting game, but unless you know the right techniques in
playing the game you can never win the battle.

Paintball is an example of a war and chasing game. Because of its tremendous
impact on people who love highly stimulating games, its popularity continues to
grow. In fact, according to the 2005 statistical reports of the Sporting Goods
Manufacturers International, paintball currently ranks third among the most
well liked intense and ultimate sports.

The Concept

Paintball is a kind of stimulation game in which the players are engaged in a
battle. The object of the game is based on "survival of the fittest." Using
paintball guns or markers loaded with "gelatin capsules filled with paint,"
every player will try to eliminate his opponents. Once the player is hit by the
paintball marker, he is automatically removed from the game; therefore, he can
no longer participate.

The Playing Techniques

Since paintball is focused on letting an individual or a team obtain an
advantage over the other players, it is important to know some of the playing
techniques that will enable the player to succeed in winning the game.

Like any stimulation or war games, techniques are important in establishing the
right position, the right plan, and the right approach in order to win the game.

Here is a list of some of the playing techniques that every player must know:

1. Invisibility

This is an important technique when playing paintball because as long as the
player remains invisible to his opponents, the more chances he will have of
winning the game.

The main concepts of invisibility are: a) motivate the players to play well in
the game because they feel good when they are invisible; b) achieve the goal of
winning the game because an invisible player is a "tough target" to catch spot ;
and c) invisibility initiates comradeship among teammates.

Besides, once a player remains invisible, the longer he can stay in the game.

2. Vision

It is not enough that a player has good camouflage so that he will remain
invisible throughout the game. It is also important to obtain tools and devices
that would mislead the other players by letting them believe that they have
spotted their opponent, but in reality, it was just a ploy.

3. Development

Try to employ movements that would initiate security and clearance from other
players that lurk in the area. Stop running or walking every 30 seconds and
check to see if the area is clear.

Using these techniques will definitely ensure the player of winning the game.

Finding a New Way to Workout? Try Paintball!

There are a growing number of paintball players in the America alone; the
number has increased to more than 10 million according to a recent survey taken
by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association in 2005. The National Xball
League was developed in 2003 and many people became interested. The interest
spread to other countries when the NXL celebrity games were televised.

Doctors began noticing the game too and started studying its effects on a
person's health. Dr. Brian Jacobs, a sports medicine expert from South Bend,
Indiana commented in an interview that paintball is a source of cardiovascular
exercise and is really good for the heart. He tried to play the game twice and
observe how injuries were acquired and the trauma it could cause to a paintball
player. Codes were developed to categorize the injuries caused by the paintball
game such as: E922.5 which is an accidental injury caused by a paintball gun;
E985.7, a paintball gun injury which was inflicted on purpose or by accident;
and E955.7, is a self-inflicted paintball gun injury.

Regardless of the previous observations, the paintball game provides aerobic
benefits and creates a workout option for people who are not always physically
active. Some doctors advise patients to try the basics of the game because of
its health effects.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine rules, the paintball game
provides substantial benefits to the body. This observation was based on a
study that was conducted by Tara Kammel, a fitness expert from Maplewood,
Minnesota, who attached heart monitors to fifteen paintball players. During the
paintball game, players reached the maximum level of adrenaline as the heart
rate surged up to 69 -- 74 per cent and a CO2max level of 57 to 65 per cent.

It might at times be dangerous to play paintball, but if the players follow
their physicians' advice then everyone can enjoy the game.

Play the game where there are safety rules to follow and first aid is
available. Do not play without protective gear for the eyes and neck. Wear
loose fitting clothes for flexibility. Get in shape with exercise and eat a
balanced diet when preparing to play the game.

If the game is played for sport, it is a sure way of keeping physically active.
It does not only contribute to the physical well being but to a player's
emotional and intellectual abilities as well. One recent finding by American
researchers says that paintball decreased violence since it is a way to release
tension. Hey workaholics! There's a new sport in town.

Where to Play Paintball

Paintball is usually played in neighborhood backyards, somewhere in the woods,
or on abandoned or empty lots. Though it is usually alright to hold paintball
games at these places, there are safer venues for having paintball competitions.

Many fields specially designed for paintball games are being developed in the
U.S. These organized fields allow paintball players to have their games in a
safe environment.

It is recommended that paintball games be held in commercial fields rather than
backyards and empty lots. Commercial fields have referees who know how to play
the game in a safe manner. In addition, commercial fields offer several choices
when it comes to types of field, making the games more interesting and
challenging for the players. Most importantly, these fields have insurance, and
are in the proper zone.

If one decides to play in the woods, make sure permission is granted to play
there. No one wants to have a game interrupted by an angry landowner because
his or her property is being trespassed upon.

The scope of the playing arena should be determined, and the boundaries marked
with neon tape so that players will know where and/or where not to go.

What are the factors to consider when scouting for a field to hold the games?

First, there is the price. The going rates for field rentals range from $15-20,
plus the fees for gun rentals and paintballs. Secondly, one should inquire if
the place serves food and drinks to customers. Lastly, one should inquire about
their playing hours.

One of the best fields in the country for playing paintball is Robinhood
Paintball located in Havre de Grace, Maryland. They provide different kinds of
paintball games, such as recreational and tournament style plays. Robinhood
Paintball has a total of six playing fields that give new gaming experiences
for users because of its constant rearrangement. Considering the experience of
the staff, their willingness to ensure that players will have a good time while
staying on the premises, and the prices that Robinhood Paintball charge are fair
enough. They will also guarantee the safety of the equipment that the players
will use.

Aside from Robinhood, there are other fields in Maryland that offer good
services to players. There is Maryland Paintball on Route 40 and Outdoor
Adventures in Bowie.

When engaging in paintball games, just make sure to take all the necessary
precautions in order to have a good AND safe time. Always remember to check the
fields for potential danger, and to observe all the rules so that nobody gets

Do you know where to shop for paintball gear?

There are many online shops as well as retail stores all over the country that
sell and offer paintball guns, markers, as well as anything and everything that
relates to the game of paintball.

One shop that can be accessed online is This online store is
unique in its own way because this shop is operated, built and run by players
of paintball.

They have solid as well valid ideas what paintball players need and/or want to
have. They also have a number of years of experience in the paintball industry.

Usually, items ordered thru are shipped immediately -- in as
little as twenty four to forty eight hours.

Believe it or not, offers a thirty day guarantee so that you
can get your money back if you are in any way dissatisfied with their product.
Just make sure that all merchandise purchased, whether new or used, is returned
using the same packaging in which it was originally received.

A one year warranty is provided to all and /or any parts of items purchased, as
well as an extended warranty on all guns purchased.

The catalogues they provide are also available online. This is one of the
reasons they are able to keep their prices low since printing is expensive and
takes longer than posting item details on the net. Also, their prices are
updated online and they try -- as much as possible -- to lower their prices for

Currently, any items purchased through their online store can be paid for using
credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, Amex and Discover.

They also accept checks and are also utilizing the online service of Paypal.
All items purchased from are one hundred percent insured. Just
make sure that you keep on record the number of the invoice, the tracking number
and any damage the item might have incurred during shipping when you call the
department that handles claims at

Another online shop that sells paintballs is Xtremez Wholesale. They are the
source of most items found in paintball shops that are found across the
country. However, their focus is on special paintball as well as Airsoft retail

Their trade shows are a perfect venue to display their products, making it
easier for you or anyone to directly make that one essential purchase in one
shop, conveniently and easily, rather than going to many others.

There are many paintball stores but it may be easier to locate and purchase
goods online thru the internet. All one has to do is seek and surely you will
definitely find!

Make Retreating in a Paintball Game an Advantage

To realize a common goal, teammates in a paintball game should take two
important roles: one is to suppress and the other to invade.

Suppression is a way of distracting the opponent so that they fall short by not
seeing the other team that is already starting to invade. Suppression's goal is
not to get rid of enemies. Control and concentration are needed to keep a team
member from shooting.

A team who uses suppression as a tactic should consist of three or more
players. Each member must know that their main objective is not to eliminate
the other team's members; although that could be true in other events.
Movements during this game should be accurate and targets must be aligned in
order to make sure that the opposing team is unaware of the suppression. A
steady target and aiming of fire from the suppression players must not be in
unison to leave the enemies with a puzzled feeling.

When making an assault, two or more of the paintball players who are making the
suppression constantly distract one of the opponent's players in order to
disguise the players who are about to invade and attack the opposing team.
Suppression often conceals the other players and if done well, would eventually
destroy the enemies who would have to retreat and could soon be eliminated when

The other role that is played by the rest of the team is invading. The players
that are involved in the invasion must try very hard to hide themselves from
the opponents while the suppression team is doing their job. This requires
patience, control, and discipline to keep from firing in order to save the
position. Make sure that with one shot severe damage to the opposing team is
incurred rather than firing at one enemy player that did not realize the
invader was there.

The invasion players target at least the majority of the opposing team's
players. Once they are in position to capture the flag, they must fire with
great power and with full force. Since paintball guns are really loud, as soon
as players start hitting target it must be accurate as there is no turning
back. Enemies will know where the guns are firing from so the invasion team
will have to incur damage all at once to keep the opponent from counter
attacking. This will be shown by the amount of paint that is shot at the other

Fair Play in the Game of Paintball

Paintball is an extreme game that is gaining in popularity. Though the
inventors of this game did it for fun, it has evolved into the third most
popular game in the world.

For those who want to play, there are rules to be followed. The first is having
the proper gear which will protect the person from paint balls.

Guns should be checked before being used in the matches because the maximum
velocity allowed is only 300 feet per second. Anything above that can cause
serious injury to the players. As a precaution, barrel plugs should be used to
avoid any misfiring incidents for the safety of the gun owner and the people
who are present during the event.

Protective equipment must be worn at all times inside the playing field. This
consists of a face mask, gloves, and pads for the chest, knees and elbows. When
hit, the player must stand up with both hands in the air to inform everyone that
he has been eliminated. If the person is not sure of being hit, then ask the
referee and he will confirm or deny the hit.

The facemask may fog due to sweat, paint or dirt. When this happens, the player
should inform the referee so that he can be escorted away from the field before
returning to the game. In case the facemask falls off, the same rule applies.
During such instances, the opposing team is not allowed to fire at that person.

Paintball is a sport where a player can only be eliminated by shooting the
other person. Should a player wipe the paint off and continue playing the game
but is caught by the referee, that player is automatically ejected from the
game. This is a form of cheating that is never tolerated.

Players are not allowed to curse or hit the other players. This game is about
fun and anyone caught will also be taken out of the game.

There is another way of taking out the opposing player and that is by asking
the person to surrender. Should the player show any form of hostile action,
then you have no choice but to shoot the opponent.

Rules are made to protect the participants in the game. By knowing the basic
rules and checking how the game is played, everyone will have fun and enjoy a
good game.

Make use of paintball squads to win the game!

Paintball is a rough sport but it is not always a physical game; more often, it
is a mind game. While physical fitness and strength matters, a good strategy
will also make or break your game.

One of the most effective ways of playing paintball is to make use of squads;
achieve this by dividing the paintball players into squads. A squad is a group
playing to achieve a common objective and preferably made up of not more than
six members. It is best if the squad members are disciplined and are quick in
their physical movements. If possible, each squad member should be briefed on
the team's specific objective and must be advised how each member can help
achieve this goal.

Each squad member must realize that their movements are important to the team.
Slow movement can be an asset when the enemy is near. Learning how to hide is
also important to avoid getting hit by paintballs. However, what is more
important about learning how to hide is that by doing it, the chances that you
will be seen or fired upon by the enemy is diminished. A relative distance of
at least five yards between squad members will make it more difficult for the
enemy to see you.

One of the most important traits in playing paintball is patience. Members of
the paintball squad must not only use their physical agility to win the game,
but more importantly their minds to make use of strategies that will help them
win over their opponents. They must also learn to coordinate with each member
to avoid being detected by their enemies. The team must be informed that it is
best for the squad to fire as a group, making sure that each member is in the
right position before firing.

Squad members should support the other members who are being fired at by firing
back; especially when they are in a better and more strategic position to do so.

The most important thing is that the squad knows that they are playing for the
team and that coordination and team work will be a deciding factor in winning
the game. Remember, more heads, rather guns that are firing as one, are better
-- especially in paintball.

Whatever you do, play as a team and you will certainly have the advantage over
your enemies. .

Paintball Gears and Accessories

In any sport, proper gear, outfitting and other accessories are always
necessary. Gear and accessories not only ensure the safety of players but they
also allow the player to be comfortable. Gear is needed to perform a safely and
effectively. In paintball, some gear and accessories should be considered before
you actually play the game.

1.  The most important gear needed to play paintball is the paintball gun which
is used to fire paintball at opponents. There are many paintball guns to choose
from. They come in various sizes depending on the needs of any player.

2.  A player must have a paintball masks as they are required in playing since
they ensure the safety of players. Paintball masks are not just ordinary masks
but are masks are specifically designed for paintball games. An extra mask
would serve as a replacement should you need it.

3.  Proper clothing is needed when playing paintball. The clothes need to be
heavy-duty and the colors are usually those known as "camouflage". Players are
also required to use shoes intended for running since paintball requires a lot
of running but heavy-duty boots may be used as an alternative.

4.  Squeegees are also recommended equipment for players when out on the
paintball field: but cotton rags may also be used to wipe off any paintball
hits on the body.

5.  First-aid kits must also be part of the equipment. Accidents and injuries
are sometimes unavoidable and it is better to be safe than sorry.

6.  Other tools and gear may be beneficial once a player gets used to the game.
He may find that screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers, and even cotton swabs would
come in handy. Spare batteries for the guns should also be considered.

This gear and accessories are necessities for paintball players. Some fields do
not allow players to play the game if they are not wearing the proper clothing,
shoes, etc. Players must always consider their own safety as well as the safety
of other players. Protection of the eyes is a priority when playing paintball.
All players must observe the safety rules and policies set by the field to
allow them to have an enjoyable and danger-free game.

Paintball Sneak Attack Tactics: The Devious Ploy

Since its inception, paintball has remarkably developed into a global
spectacle. Nearly 9.6 million players have participated in the game since 2004.

Its popularity continues to proliferate thereby making it the third place
overall "Most Popular Extreme Sport in the World" list. This is based on the
statistical reports of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association
International in 2005.

Along with its growing popularity are the various tactics that every player
must learn in order to win the game. This is so important because, by nature,
paintball is a conglomeration of strategy, techniques, skills, and ability to
stimulate the mind to think fast and accurate.

In spite of the many tactics that the experts create in order to help players
win the game, the sneak attack approach remains the most reliable method in
obtaining victory over the opponents. This is because the object of the "sneak
attack tactic" is to hit the opponent furtively and sneakily.

To those who want to know how this particular ploy can be executed, here is a
list of some tips:

1. Be cool:

With this kind of tactic, your basic goal is to hit the other player without
letting him know that you are even in the area. Once you have spotted your
opponent, do not immediately shoot; try to relax a little and aim with your
best shot.

Do not move. Movement can only imply presence. Do you not spot your opponent
because of his movements? If you do the same, chances are, he will be able to
see you as well.

2. Wait for the perfect timing:

In case you have seen your opponent but the distance between you and your
opponent is great, then, it is best to stay calm and quiet.

The idea here is to wait for your opponent to come into your reach; because if
you try to shoot early and miss, you might as well come out in the open and
tell your opponent to shoot you.

3. Fire at will:

If in case your opponent was able to sense that you near, do not hesitate to
start firing. You will have better chance of aiming at and hitting your target
because you were the first one to spot him.

Sneak attack works best for people who think before they act. Any madcap will
never get any further. The bottom line of this approach is to aim more
accurately in order to shoot without letting the other person know you are

How to Reach the Goal in a Paintball Game

Those who always play the paintball sport may have the experience to execute
the right strategies to capture the flag of their opponents. Those who are
beginners in playing this sport may tend to be wilder in making their
executions and movements in the battlefield. A person must determine how to
meet his objective to reach the goal of the opponent's base.

There are flags, which stand on the bases of each team. Every team must attack
and defend their bases so that their opponents will not reach their goal. If a
team captures the flag of the other team, they must bring the flag back to
their base to ensure that they have reached the goal by eliminating each member
of the other team.

A strategy must be planned before each team proceeds with their attacks. It is
up to the team leader to decide who will be assigned to attack aggressively and
who will defend their base. Their goal is to not be hit by the enemies'
paintball so that they may continue playing the game. They must eliminate every
person who blocks their attempt to reach the opponent's flag. It must be well
executed to ensure a chance of winning.

If the members of the team are cautious of being hit by the enemy, it could
make it more difficult for their team to win the game; they tend to be more
defense-minded forgetting that they must help and accompany their other
teammates in the attack.

Being too aggressive can also result in losing the game. Each member must
remember that it is important to have a plan that will back up each member in
the attack. It is not advisable to be a "Rambo" type attacker: one must
cooperate and communicate whatever plan or strategy the leader instructs.

A person cannot attack and hit a target if he is too concerned about being
eliminated. However, he may have reasons to back up because he may determine
that their flag must be protected and guarded at the same time. There is
nothing to be afraid when being hit by a paintball. This does not cause much
discomfort even though a hit may cause bruises. Protective clothing is
important in playing this game.

Every person has a different style of playing this game but what is important
is cooperation and sticking to the game plan that will lead to winning the game.

How to Buy and Select Cheap Paintball Guns

While one should never sacrifice value over the quality of paintball safety
equipment, paintball guns are available today at reasonable prices and with a
wide variety of interesting features.

When deciding which the best paintball gun is for you, be realistic and
determine your "skill level". When just beginning, and do not know the
frequency of your play, begin with an inexpensive gun.

To decide which features you need in a paintball gun, you can borrow markers
from your friends and try them on different paintball fields. After you have
decided on the features you want then start shopping for your gun.

When playing for recreation, there is really no need to spend a great deal of
money as there are many recreational guns of good quality that are not
expensive. Note that there are also several poor quality markers on the market
so you need to your research before you buy to make certain that the marker
that you purchase is dependable and can be upgraded.

When you are making plans to play in tournaments, determine what type of
tournament that you will be entering. If you are going to play in small
tournaments you may use a less expensive marker or upgrade your old one.
However, in the larger tournaments, you will need an "electro-pneumatic" or a
"blow-forward" gun, which costs a minimum of $350.

The cost of markers depends primarily on the gun's pressure system as well as
its accessories. The most popular system today is the "carbon dioxide pressure
system" normally used in the less expensive markers.

The primary disadvantage is that usually the carbon dioxide's performance is
influenced by the temperature outside, and changes from its gas state to liquid
resulting in velocity instability that affects its shooting accuracy.

Serious paintball players use the "high-pressure air and nitrogen system"
markers that are much more accurate because the nitrogen will never liquefy.
Having this characteristic, these markers are more expensive.

Extra accessories also increase the cost of your marker. A loader or hopper is
a very popular accessory. It is a container that feeds paintballs into the gun.
Hoppers are available in many varieties -- some are powered and automated. Fast
and lightweight hoppers are more expensive.

Just keep in mind that the any marker that you purchase will not be perfect and
will ultimately have flaws. So when purchasing your marker, always double check
the choices offered and purchase a gun only if you know what you really want.

Buy Cheap Paintball Masks

Paintball masks are the most important safety equipment for paintball players.
They act as protection for the eyes from the harmful chemicals that are
contained in paintballs. Since the eyes are the most sensitive parts of the
face, they must be protected when playing paintball.

If you are serious about getting on the paintball field, then you must start by
getting a paintball mask of your own. Paintball masks can be bought in many
sports shops that carry paintball supplies. These supplies are available in
different price ranges and some brands are less expensive that others. Players
can check to find the less expensive paintball masks which are on the market.

If a paintball player wants a less expensive mask he may want to check the
VForce Vantage paintball mask whose price ranges from $25 to $40. A player can
enjoy savings with this brand and the durability is not sacrificed. Aside from
being inexpensive, they are easy to clean and can be comfortable.

Or you may want to consider the Proto Switch El. This mask has been proven to
offer comfort as well as a better field of vision. However, a difficulty with
the Proto Switch El masks is that they may be bulky and are sometimes "itchy".
But even with these disadvantages, the mask is able to compete in the market at
a low price of $25.

There is also the VForce Armor, which is sold for as little as $35. Some shops
may even offer it at a lower price. The mask has proper ventilation and is free
from fog and ensures that the users get the protection they need. However, some
people who have tested the product have found that the pads are hard which
makes them uncomfortable when playing paintball.

If a player is seeking a price and style, he may consider buying the JT USA
Elite Headshield. This mask has unique features that are unlike other masks. It
covers both the front and back of the head and is priced at $30. The lens were
proven to have wider range of vision, however, the lens only come as singles.

Before buying a mask research the different brands and prices that are
available. Also consult with your friends and other paintball players to
determine what brands they recommend. Many inexpensive masks can be purchased
but you should still consider the quality, comfort and safety of these masks
and make the right decision regardless of the price.

Paintball: sports or not?

The rising popularity of paintball games also gave rise to two opposing groups;
one considering paintball as a sport while the other one dismissing it as just a
pastime and a non-sporting activity. But is paintball really a sport or just a
plain hobby?

Paintball is considered by enthusiasts as one of the most exciting sports in
Europe and in at least 40 countries worldwide and is played by both men and
women of all ages.

The reason it has been dismissed by many as a non-sport and considered a mere
hobby is because of the reality that paintball started as an activity usually
played during corporate gatherings. As a side activity of most company
gatherings, paintball served as a pastime for corporate officials who needed to
relax after tough corporate duels. However, those who have tried playing
paintball have been stuck by and hooked on the game.

The reason some people see paintball as a mere hobby or pastime is because of
ignorance or lack of knowledge about paintball.

Most dictionaries define a sport as an activity for individuals or groups which
involves physical skill and is governed by a set of rules and is engaged in
professionally. On the other hand, a pastime is seen as something participated
in for exercise or for pleasure. Paintball is both.

While a glimpse of the game gives one the idea that paintball is a macho game
and something which gives rise to the "Rambo" image of the male species, it is
important to note that paintball is an organized sport. No one can play the
game without training or without the necessary tools and accessories. Sorry to
disappoint you, but paintball is not just for macho males, but also for females
who want some "spice" in their lives.

Paintball is a rough game so safety is a prime concern. Paintball players are
required to wear protective clothing like overalls and jackets. However, like
all other sports you must follow all of the safety rules since close range
shots can cause bruises and/or hurt the victim. Some game sites minimize the
chances of close range shots to avoid injuries.

If you want to get into a sport which can really get your adrenaline flowing,
then try paintball. It is a sport which you can play with friends or with your

Paintball Accessories You Can't Play Without

Having the markers, tanks, guns, vests and other equipment complete the
excitement when you plan to play paintball. But little do others know that it
is the small and simple things that count even before the game begins.
Sometimes the little accessories that are locked in a toolbox are all that are
needed to complete a paintball game. A toolbox is the first aid kit of the
game; if anything goes wrong that is unexpected or unavoidable, there is no
reason to fret.

The gun's manual: there are instances in the game when the gun has to undergo
"intensive surgery". Guns differ from each other regardless of the physical
similarities of some. If that time comes when it needs to be disassembled, the
manual can make it easier to put it all back together. Try to find manuals with
problem solving ideas, they really help.

Reserve batteries: some guns require batteries to function. It would be such a
waste of time if in the middle of the game the batteries died and you could not
continue to play so keep new batteries available.

Allen wrench to the rescue: some players have either inherited their guns from
their friends or bought second-hand guns. If you did not get a set of Allen
wrenches when you bought the gun buy a set from a hardware store and be sure to
keep them handy.

Oil ole'! Make sure that there is a small can of oil for the paintball gun
inside the box as well. Sometimes weather dictates if the gun needs oiling; be
sure to get the specific oil type recommended by the manual for the gun.

Mask lens as spare: when worse comes to worst, mask lens' will either become
blurry or scratched. Don't hesitate to replace them if your vision is impaired
as this really affects how the game is played.

Squeegee anyone? Carrying one on the field is enough during a game, so why not
bring a replacement if anything goes wrong? It saves time for playing rather
than looking for a squeegee.

Cupseals and reserved O-rings: some players do not know that O-rings and cup
seals can be damaged easily and this will hurt the paintball gun big time so it
is a must to replace the cupseal before this happens.

And for the player, always have a neck guard around to save the neck from those
disturbing shots that hit your neck. There may be a team available to do first
aid when something goes wrong but it would make sense to carry a personal first
aid kit. Carry around spare basic safety "gadgets" like a mask, gloves, and pads
and have a worry free paintball game.

Where to buy your paintball gadgets?

Paintball is fast becoming one of the world's most exciting and popular sports.
In fact, paintball has risen from being known as just a pastime or a hobby, to a
favorite sport among men and women in over 40 countries.

Those who have tried playing paintball to pass away their time have become
smitten by the excitement of the sport. More and more people are forming their
paintball squads and clamoring for more paintball items.

If you are among those who have learned to love paintball as a sport, then you
need to check out the various paintball stores for basic and new paintball

Various shops selling paintball accessories have sprouted in the marketplace
like mushrooms, due to the high demand for them. Blame it on the rising
popularity of paintball. Visiting paintball stores is not only fun but it will
give you a firsthand feel and view of the products you are buying.

There also are many online paintball stores that are selling paintball products
for prices lower than those offered by actual paintball shops. By doing your
shopping online, you do not only save on cost but also time. Just let your
fingers do the walking and the talking.

Some online stores have more than five thousand paintball items that can be
shipped within 24 hours. However, online stores will only offer free shipping
of products when the items purchased amount to more than $150. Online stores
also accept payments via credit cards like Master Card or American Express,
cash, or through personal or cashier's checks.

Among the important paintball accessories that a player should possess, aside
from the paintball guns and pellets of course, are the following:

1. Paintball mask -- Never play paintball without the mask! Paintball experts
are as one in saying
that new players should buy the mask before the gun because it is a safety tool.

2. Batteries -- Spare batteries for your guns will always be handy in case your
gun needs them. Why waste a good opportunity to fire upon your enemy just
because of a battery failure.

3. Oil for the paintball gun -- This tool may not top the list of items being
carried by paintball players but believe me; it makes your gun more efficient
and keeps it in tip-top shape.

4. Gun manual -- This is necessary when you have to take your gun apart and
then put it back together again. With a gun manual, you can never go wrong.

5. First aid kits -- While paintball is not a particularly dangerous sport,
carrying a first aid kit in one's pockets will not hurt -- in fact, it is
necessary for the unexpected bumps and bruises that occur while playing the

When buying your paintball items either from the actual or online paintball
stores, make sure that you have reviewed their product return policy as you
might no longer be able to return certain products depending on the paintball
store's policy.

What Paintball Can Do for one's Health

Participating in sports can really be good for a person. For those who are too
lazy to go to the gym, there is something worth trying and that is the game of
paintball. This extreme sport has been around for some time and almost anyone
can play it. All it takes is some protective gear and a gun for the person to
go out into the field.

Some people think that engaging in this type of sport is unsafe since the
bullets travel at fast speeds, and a person could get injured. Contrary to that
belief, statistics show that this is safer than other contact sports such as
basketball and football.

This physical activity burns calories as the player has to walk up on the enemy
without being detected then has to run when retreating or charging. It is better
than running on a treadmill that many find boring since the scenery does not

Paintball can be played in a small area or in a large area. With all the
running, sweating will occur which can help with weight loss. Studies have
shown that some exercise programs are not effective after a period of time. By
adding this extreme sport to the exercise regimen, some pounds could be lost

Running burns more calories per minute than any other type of cardiovascular
exercise and keeping the body active increases the metabolic rate. Playing
paintball on weekends -- such as twice a month -- can help a person burn
calories faster and that way, one will be able to eat most anything without
gaining weight.

Paintball is a team sport and nothing is better than winning a game against an
opponent. Exercise improves the mood since it releases chemicals in the brain
called endorphin: eating chocolate has a similar effect. This game helps you
sleep better since it releases energy which takes time to recuperate.

Engaging in any form of exercise can be beneficial. It is known to prevent
several diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and
various types of cancer.

Paintball is one form of exercise that can help prevent some of these high risk
diseases as well as being an enjoyable game.

Strategize the Retreat During a Heated Paintball

It hurts when the team realizes that it is time to retreat, but nevertheless
there are numerous ways to execute a successful retreat. Here's how.

Strategize a plan. The whole team must be ready to go to a safe area if it is
necessary to retreat. Find a place that provides enough cover to protect
yourself. It would be a good idea to move closer to the assist team members in
order to obtain help. The assist units are usually concealed prior to the start
of the game so the opposing team will not have any idea where the players are

Be a team: work together, run together, and fight together. The best protection
is always team power. Watching each other's back can save the whole squad as
this helps the team re-engage as soon as they're back in a safe area.

Fire back: to free your selves from the enemy, the team must fire in sync and
with great intensity to keep the enemy's heads down. This could buy time for
you to make a successful retreat. Three to four seconds of blasting can be good
preparation for retreat.

Move with a plan: to repeat, strategize! Retreating does not necessarily mean
rushing to safety. While retreating make certain that the opposing paintball
players are given a hard time. The whole squad should take turns in returning
fire for cover. In the end it is surprising to see that there were multiple
shots fired at the opposing team while retreating. They may be running after
the retreating team so is it is easy to shoot at enemy when they are in the

While there is still room for control, end the retreat: not when the whole team
can no longer be shot but when there is still a chance to fight the opponent. It
will be harder when the enemies cannot to be seen because the damage they could
inflict is much worse.

The catch! There are special occasions when a team retreats just to lure the
enemies into a trap. By keeping the paintball team together and drawing back,
it might give the opponent the feeling they are already winning and they might
be easier to attack. Once the assisting unit is behind you, utilize speed and
shoot the enemies. Ah! The winning moment.

Being fired at during a paintball game is not to be used as a reason to
retreat. It could be a good chance to change stations and use the advantage for
better cover. It might be good to retreat in order to mess up the enemy's

Stay Safe While Playing Paintball

Paintball is an extreme game that has thousands of players nationwide. There
are more than ten organizations that sponsor events throughout the country at
different venues. Though the inventors of this game created it just for fun,
this game has grown. A recent survey has shown that this is the third most
popular game in the world.

Safety is the most important concern for those who want to play this game. This
goes from the clothing that should be worn to the types of weapons that can be

Protective equipment consists of a face mask, gloves, pads for the chest, knees
and elbows. They must be worn at all times while inside the playing field. It is
advisable to wear shoes with rubber soles given the rough terrain where the game
is usually played.

Guns should be inspected before being used in any of the matches. This is
because there is a maximum velocity allowed. The paintballs should not travel
over 300 feet per second since anything greater can seriously injure the

To prevent a misfiring from occurring, barrel plugs should be used for the
safety of the gun owner and the people who are present during the event.

The facemask may fall off suddenly during the heat of the action. It can also
fog due to sweat, paint or dirt. When this happens, the player should call on
the referee so that it to be cleaned off of the field. The opponent is not
allowed to fire on the player until that person is ready to return to the
firing zone.

Since this game is about fun, players are not allowed to curse or hit other
players. The only activity allowed is shooting the opponent so that he will be

Another safety feature allowed in the game involves giving the opposing player
the opportunity to surrender; but should the player show any form of hostile
action, then one has no choice but to shoot the opponent.

Aside from protection given to the players, the organizers of such events also
put safety nets around the area and require the audience remain a certain
distance away from the action to avoid being hit by any of the balls.

Safety is a primary concern of paintball and almost every other sport: this is
why rules are set in place which the players have to abide by. This is done to
protect both the players and the fans: to prevent injuries from happening and
so that everyone can have a good time.

3 Paintball Skills to Master and Win the Game

Paintball has consistently prevailed as the fourth major unconventional sport
in the U.S. In fact, statistical reports say that there are almost 12 million
paintball players worldwide with 104 countries participating in various
paintball competitions. This shows that more and more people are enticed to
play this game.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the game is easy. Most of the
players contend that they have experienced many trials, hardships, failures,
and defeat before they were able to master the game.

Experts insist that playing paintball, just like the other kinds of sport,
needs some skills in order to win the game. These skills are the primary tools
that every paintball player must try to learn. Once they have mastered these
skills, winning the game is relatively simple.

Here is the list:

1. Basic stance

The problem with most players is that they tend to face the bunker whenever
they are standing next to it. This is such a difficult stance because it will
give the player inadequate balance and a time-consuming response.

The best way is to stand behind the bunker with the foot that is opposite with
the paintball marker or gun in lead. For instance, if a player holds the marker
with the right hand, the left foot should be in lead.

2. Trick shot

It is important for every paintball player to know the psychological aspect of
the game. This means that the player must know how to think and act
appropriately according to the possible actions of the other players.

Therefore, fire some "trick shots" in an area where the other player is
probably hiding. It does not necessarily mean that firing too many shots
creates advantage. The object of this skill is to create a ploy that will
instigate the player to respond in return if ever he is really in that area.

3. Run and Shoot and Run

Like any person in a battle, it is best to master this type of skill in order
to achieve the best action and win.

The problem with most players is that they continue to hide thinking that they
can win because they remain invisible to their opponents. The point is that a
player can never win if he does not try to eliminate his opponents.

Mastering this skill will definitely give every player an edge over the others.

In every activity, there is an equal skill to master. Mastery of these skills
will ensure that the player can win the game.

Defensive Tactics in Paintball

The best offense is having a good defense. This kind of thinking is usually
deployed in sports such as basketball or soccer where the team does its best to
prevent the other team from scoring especially in a championship match. A team
can also use the same tactics in the game of paintball by preventing the
opposing force from capturing the flag.

Games start with both sides having limited ammunition. Since the game can last
for a very long time, the team should make every shot count. The players should
only fire when there is a clear shot rather than not being able to fire when it
matters the most.

Spreading out over a certain area is a good defensive tactic. This is to cover
the enemy no matter which direction he may come from. Should the opposing team
see one of your team members, the others who have a better view should
neutralize the opponent.

If in the opening minutes of the game, the team has lost half of its members,
the best strategy is to fall back to the base and regroup. A perimeter should
be set up to prevent the other team from outflanking the group while patrols
can be sent out to search for the enemy.

If a scout has spotted the enemy, the person can take the opponent out. Should
there be a group moving towards the base, then go back and tell the others and
fight off the enemy with the same number of people. This plan could fail if any
of the members of the opposing force escapes the attack and informs the others
the location of your base.

The trick in catching the enemy off guard takes camouflage and concealment.
Since the guns have a limited range, it is best to wait until the opposing
force enters the "kill zone" before any shooting takes place.

When a firefight takes place, the player's position has been revealed. Since
the enemy will return fire, the person can still survive the enemy's bullets by
getting sufficient cover.

If this is not feasible, then transferring to a better area is a good idea. The
player should inform the others before moving so that the others can give
adequate cover.

It takes planning for the play to work. By communicating on the field, the team
has a good chance of defending the base then surging forward to kill the enemy
or capture the flag.

Paintball: It's all about the Gun, Baby!

A paintball gun (also known as paintball marker) is used to mark opposing
players with paint. It uses air (carbon dioxide) to force the paintball out of
the barrel at the speed of about 300 feet per second. This will cause
paintballs to break upon hitting somebody but will only cause mild bruising to
a person. This could blind a person, though, thus making it a necessity to wear
a face mask or eye protection such as goggles.

There are four types of paintball guns and they are classified according to
their firing modes. These are pump action guns, semi-automatic guns, fully
automatic guns and ramping-mode guns.

In the early days of paintball, all guns were pump action. Each shot would
require the person wanting to shoot to manually pull back the bolt to let a
paintball fall in front of it and then manually push forward the bolt to bring
the paintball in the position to fire. This was excruciatingly slow when
compared to other firing modes used today, but is loved by many people as it
teaches the importance of a person's skill with his gun.

Semi-automatic guns were designed so that when the trigger is pushed down, a
shot will be fired and the bolt moves back automatically to load the new
paintball in position for the next trigger pull. This allows the player to
increase firing frequency and accuracy because he will not have to manually
pump the gun.

Fully automatic guns are those that will continue to fire paintballs as long as
the trigger is held down. The Tippman SMG was the first to feature a
fully-automatic gun.

Ramping-mode guns are guns that can fire up to 15 shots per second. This type
of gun prevents abuse from semi-automatic guns or fully-automatic guns that can
shoot more and can cause injury to other people.

These types of guns are used in different kinds of situations, usually to prove
who the best player in a tournament is. Pump action guns promote using stealth
and are desired by experienced players because of the challenge they present.
Semi-automatic guns are used by players hoping to improve their shooting
accuracy and since they do not have to pump every shot, they are able to
concentrate more on their targets. Fully automatic guns are used by infantry
and middle men in attacking another team's base. Ramping-mode guns are for
controlled environments where there is a specific rule to prevent injury and
other problems.

Winning Paintball as a Team

Paintball is a war game and like in real war, you are never alone. You have
your friends fighting beside you and with the same spirit -- wanting to win as
much as you do.

Paintball is a tactical game. You have to know your team's strengths and
weaknesses. As a rule, it is best to use your team's strength to win rather
than trying to cover up your weaknesses. This does not mean that you will not
care about your weaknesses: if you are disadvantaged because of it, then you
have other days to learn how to change it. What really matters now is how to
prevent the other team from exploiting your weakness and making it a turning
point in your battle.

Paintball also requires your team to have a battle plan. Who will be the
designated shooter (sniper)? Who will charge and start all the action for your
team? These are just two of the different positions and strategies that your
team will have to determine so that your team can win.

Paintball is designed to bring out the creative side in people. You have to
make sure that your battle plan allows for a contingency plan for when mistakes
happen. You are never really sure how your opponent will react when you stage a
certain part of your plan. The sign of a great "general" is knowing the
different plans that your opponent will make to counteract every thing you do.
A general should not be rattled when every plan he has made has failed. He
should be able to devise new plan in the middle of the fight.

Paintball also requires your team to be flexible. Just because you are not a
designated hitter does not mean that you cannot do that to your opponents. Your
team should understand each others job and make sure that when one of your
teammates falls, there are others who can carry on the job he was doing.

Paintball requires good communication between teammates. You should have your
own signs and you should learn to bond with your teammates so that you will
know what he wants by just a look of the eye or nod of the head.

Paintball is also not just about winning as a team, it is also about
experiencing losing as a team and experiencing all of the hardships of playing
and surviving as a team. It is in learning as a group and bonding as brothers.

Tips in Choosing a Paintball Gun

Today paintball is one of the most popular sports not only in the United States
but around the world. It is a fun and exciting game that offers adventure to its
players. When getting on the paintball field, it is very important to consider
your one important friend -- the paintball gun.

Paintball would not be paintball without the paintball gun. All paintball guns
may look the same but it is important to remember that choosing the right
paintball gun is not an easy task. Here are some tips that you may need to

1. The very first thing that needs to be considered when buying a paintball gun
is the price. It is important that the buyer determine his budget for the gun.
There are many paintball guns in the market and prices may range from $100 to
$900. The cost of the gun will depend on the brand and features that come with

2. It is recommended a person test all types of guns before buying one. He may
want to try those that he has borrowed or rented which will give him the chance
to choose which a gun that works for him. The paintball gun should provide ease
of use and comfort for the user.

3. Before buying a paintball gun, it is important that he decide on the size of
the gun, the paintball loader and the tank that he desires. Remember that the
bigger the tanks and the paintball loaders the heavier the gun becomes. A good
gun should be the right size for the user and should contain the amount of
paintball needed to fire at the opponents.

4. The buyer should shop around first before deciding on a particular paintball
gun. This will give him the chance to evaluate and compare prices. Some shops
offer lower prices than other shops, so do some research and purchase the one
that fits your needs and pocketbook.

5. Seek advice from friends who play paintball, instructors, and coaches of
paintball games who will be able to provide some tips on what paintball guns
they have used and have found effective. Paintball stores can also recommend
some good paintball guns and/or those that they most often sell to their

After choosing the right paintball gun, you must familiarize yourself with the
machine. Practicing with the paintball gun will help you move with the gun as
well as apply some strategies for using the gun.

What Gears are needed in Paintball?

In paintball games the safety of the player is the primary concern. Nobody
would like to be injured or hurt in this fast-paced and action-packed sport.
Execution and the use of air-pressured guns can be dangerous if a person is not
properly protected with clothing and other safety gear. Here is a list of safety
gear and equipment a person must have before he plays the sport.

1.  The paintball mask is essential equipment for face protection. A person may
not be allowed to play if he does not wear the protective mask.

2.  A person must also have eye protection. He may choose to invest in a set of
goggles to prevent any splat of paint from getting in his eyes.

3.  A person must have a paintball gun for his weapon to eliminate an opponent.
When he hits a specific target he is able to terminate any possible threats for
the win.

4.  A paintball is needed as is used as the bullet fired by the air-pressurized
gun. It is important to launch (or fire) when he is sure of a target. It is
important not to waste any paintball by being an aggressive attacker unless the
other members of his team ask for cover and back up.

5.  The barrel is for the storage of the paintballs. It also guides the
paintball directly at the target -- if aimed properly. He may find various
accessories that he can attach to the main body of the weapon.

6.  Brass barrels are the best buy one can get. They are less expensive and
create less friction allowing the paintballs to launch in a straight path with
great speed.

7.  The air tank is essential to activate any launch. It can be attached to the
gun or hang horizontally on the back of the players. It is advisable to position
the tank above the gun so that the liquid CO2 will raise the pressure up and out
of the gun.

8.  Other accessories like the remote, belt pack, and a gun-sight are optional
gear you may want to invest in. These accessories are useful in any paintball
game because they give extra help to the user in planning the strategy and
attacks the player wishes to use.

It is important that a person is well equipped and fully protected when he
plays paintball. He must consider the clothing and safety gear necessary for
his safety. Have fun and experience the excitement paintball sport can offer.

Paintball: the art of retreat

In cases where you encounter a situation where you or your paintball team have
to back down and retreat, the following are effective ways to make retreating
more effective, if not successful.

Always have a plan b:

When you or your squad needs to move to another position, make sure that this
area is far safer as this will be the place where you have to retreat to. Plan
ahead so that you will know the ideal place for you and your team to be.
Usually, good places to retreat are those that provide cover for the team or is
a nearer to the other squad units of your team. It is essential that this area
is known by everyone, and all know how to get there. It is also important that
all go there together, when such a need arises.

Fight together, run together:

When it is time to retreat, retreat all together, retreat as one group. "All
for one and one for all" is the best defense you can have. Your group's
combined strength is a force to reckon with when under attack.

Imagine if your team was to run off in various directions, you would be unable
to watch and protect each other. It is difficult to battle the enemy if
everyone is far apart, especially if you and your other team mates are safely
nestled in their separate areas.

Fire, fire, fire and fire:

The most effective way to break from an attack is to fire back with an enormous
amount of paintball ammunition as this will cause the opposing team to hide and
protect themselves from your fire. When the leader of your squad decides to
retreat, continue firing all together, hit everything that is moving for about
three seconds and then, retreat! Do not forget to fire back and occasionally
turn around to check on anyone who may be firing at you. Do this as a group.

Keep in mind that retreats are not an opportunity to duck and cover but to make
moves that are strategically important to the group's welfare. Therefore, it
should be quick.

Exception to the rule

There is an exception to the "fire when retreating rule." The act of retreating
and not returning any shots is when you or your squad is asked to help your
fellow team members. On this occasion, moving as a unit with speed is still
very important.

Retreating is not easy but it could be the best choice you or your group have
to keep your team from losing.

Outnumbered, outsmarted, but not outdone

There are a few things you could do when you are outnumbered during a game of
paintball. The first -- do not panic. The second, you must think -- it is just
a game. Or is it?

The first thing to do is to select a team leader. After that is done, it is the
leader that teammates must rely on when quick decisions have to be made.

The following are basic things that can be done when you or your team feels
that they have been outnumbered in paintball.

Be on the defense:

Make sure that all of your team mates are placed near the boundary of the field
so that the opposing team will have little chance to sneak up on you. Next,
designate one to three players to patrol the field (the number depends on your
team's size). Ask them to patrol around the field, specifically looking for an
enemy and taking that enemy out. In case they notice a group of the opposing
team, and this group does not notice them, this small patrol team must
immediately go back and advise the rest of the team the location of the enemy.

The squad:

Make sure that if any enemy force is notice, and this force is the size of a
squad, a similar sized squad should be dispatched to face the opposing team.

Lure them out:

The patrol should be sent out to attract the opposing team and entice them to
be defensive. However, there is a risk when doing this as there is a
possibility that a member of the opposing team could escape and be able to warn
his own team mates. It is also a possibility that it might not happen, and
victory could just as well be yours.

Ignore the enemy:

You could also make the choice to pretend that you have not seen the opposing
enemy. The idea is that, if they did not see you, you are not a threat to them.

Get together everyone:

Make sure to gather all members of your team together then carefully,
cautiously move up the side of the field that you think is less likely to be
utilized by the opposing team. When you are there, try to hunt the enemy force
and strike the opposing team from that side.

Basically, the best thing to do when outnumbered is to relax. This makes
thinking easier and the action clearer.

How to ensure that Paintball will not be bad for the Players

Many people think that playing paintball games is so risky and dangerous that a
person might be hurt or injured. There are standard rules that are applied to
the sport at this time. They ensure the safety and convenience of a person that
will try to experience the game. Before, the sport was categorized as a war game
where many people that played were injured from paintball pistols and air guns.

In the early version of the game non-powder guns were used for this type of war
game. It was in the 1970s that these powerful paintball pistols and air guns
were the weapons used to activate and launch paintballs. It was reported that
21,000 Americans were injured playing this sport when it was new to the curious

The Skirmish, one of the first paintball fields in America, called war games
"friendly games" in their slogan. Consider the War Game Products, which
introduced the paintball capsules that were launched by pressured air or CO2.
These are non-powder guns, which are safer and less dangerous for a person who
is hit by a paintball.

In the statistics of the Associated Press, there were 21,000 injuries reported
each year since it was introduced. A recent survey was conducted by American
Sports Data Inc, which reported that 8,700,000 people played the sport in 2002
and there were fewer reported injuries during that time. The reason for this is
that the safety rules governing the sport have been standardized and enforcement
is a priority. Many say that it is safer than playing basketball or baseball
where there are more reported injuries

The number of people participating in paintball games has surpassed the number
of people who try snowboarding according to the American Sports Data Inc.
survey. It is now considered the fourth largest alternative sport in America
and it is still growing because of the number of people that are interested and
curious about the sport.

There are newly developed rules and guidelines which regulate the sport. It is
now one of the safest sports played because it requires the use of new types of
safety equipment. This sport is not so bad after all! It is a great loss for
those who have not yet tried the sport so that can experience the thrill and
fun of paintball games.

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