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Paper Shredders

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Paper Shredders Are for Everyone!

There is a huge variety of shredders on the market for almost every shredding
purpose one could think of. There are household small shredders for the
occasional pieces of paper and receipts or junk mail. There are cardboard
shredders, medium duty shredders, heavy duty shredders, shredders that
separate, shredders that have conveyor belts, shredders for casino chips,
shredders for government documents, and shredders for pharmaceutical use.

There is one type of industrial paper shredder that costs $33,000, has a 10
horse power motor, and can shred up to 450 sheets per pass at 50 feet per
minute! Not your average everyday household volume of paper! Pharmaceutical
shredders can cost as much as $30,000 and have a 5.5kw motor. The bigger
shredders, of course, have bigger uses for their massive power. They're capable
of shredding hard drives, floppy disks, zip disks, pharmacy bottles, and phone
books. We're not talking about one phone book; we're talking about stacks of
phone books. While some of these huge shredders are capable of shredding 24
hours a day, 5 days a week, the average household shredder is capable of
shredding only a few sheets of paper and might have a run time of only a few

Who makes paper shredders? Fellowes is a well-known brand of paper shredder.
Some other names in the business are Dahle, Aurora, Staples, and Kobra. You can
find a paper shredder at any home office supply store, but make sure you know
what questions to ask before you purchase one.

What type of results will you want from your paper shredder? Will you be using
it for crafts purposes or just to get rid of the occasional overload of old
paperwork from your files or your junk mail? Will you want to carry it with you
when you travel? What size shredder do you need? Where will you place your
shredder after purchase? Can you store your shredder safely away from small
children? Buying a shredder doesn't have to be a complicated process, just one
that is well thought out.

Remember that your shredder does have its limitations. It may be tempting to
buy the cheapest, smallest shredder on the market; but if it doesn't suit your
needs, it's just a waste of time and money. Small shredders must have time to
cool their motors between uses. They have shorter run times and some won't
handle the staples in your papers.

If you'll be allowing your older children to use the shredder, please make sure
they know the safety rules and the limitations of the equipment before use. They
may need to know how to oil it and how long it can operate before it must be
shut off, and how long it must be shut off to cool. They'll need to know how
much paper can be fed at once, too.

How wide must your shredder opening be to allow for the type of papers you'll
want to shred? Does color matter? Will you need to shred more than just paper?
Not all shredders can handle cds and paper clips, etc. Make sure, even if you
get a shredder just for paper that you check into its performance history. A
shredder that is known to have frequent jams will only cause frustration.

How Is A Paper Shredder Important?

Trash is no longer considered disposable garbage that no one is interest in. It
has become a valuable commodity to identity thieves. What was once wadded into a
ball and tossed into the garbage can is now seen as a goldmine for those who
have less to no morals. Society has become paranoid, and rightly so, about
protecting their personal information.

Our mothers used to teach us that it was wrong to snoop, to dig through other
people's belongings, to use that which did not belong to us without permission.
There were dire consequences for the child who disobeyed. The paper shredder was
an unknown object, unless you count the little brother or sister or perhaps the
family dog, who would get blamed for shredding homework!

Unfortunately for the general public, the younger sibling or family dog is the
least of our worries when it comes to the disposal of our personal information.
Now we worry about people who can cause much more damage with very little
information. Crooks are getting smarter along with technology! Therefore, paper
shredding has become not only more popular, but almost a necessity to protect
that which we do not wish to share. Businesses are not the only ones who must
be responsible for the proper disposal of sensitive information. We must take
as much caution as possible at home as well.

Sometimes we need to shred personal information to protect us from ourselves!
Is it too tempting to fill out that credit card application with the
irresistible low rate that seems to come in the mail too often to be ignored?
If you know you already have several cards in your wallet that take care of all
your needs, your shredder should receive the attention of that particular tidbit
of mail. Just throwing it away is not considered safe anymore. Save yourself the
stress and let your shredder save the day!

Psychiatrists and counselors will sometimes recommend that when you are mad at
someone, you should first write a letter to vent your frustrations, throw it
away, and move on. This technique is supposed to help you deal with your stress
in a positive, safe way. But what happens when you throw it away, and wandering
eyes of curious visitors just can't resist the one time you truly don't need
them sifting through your trash? Using a paper shredder can eliminate this
worry and keep your source of relieving stress safely private. If they can't
piece it together to make sense of it, no harm is done. Your emotions are
safely vented and nothing you should not have said after all is spread to cause

Maybe you're forced to share your living space with someone else, like in a
college dorm. The cost of a paper shredder may be well worth the money spent to
save you from the worries of your personal information getting into the wrong
hands. Maybe your housemates are safe with your information, but what about
their company? It just doesn't pay to be careless or too trusting when it comes
to protecting your identity, or even just to prevent unnecessary gossip.

Who Makes Good Paper Shredders?

Paper shredders are more complicated than one would think at first glance. Many
people probably don't put much thought into the handy little machines that have
such an important job to do. Many companies are out there selling paper
shredders, many different brands, and many different sizes are available. But
whose brand is the best?

Paper shredders are used by everyone from the average housewife to the business
executive in a large organization. Fellowes offers a variety in all types,
sizes, and price ranges to meet the needs of each person or business. Though
they offer more than just shredders, their range of shredders is impressive.
Their products have appealing designs and colors to help your shredder have a
professional look for your office.

With a range of security levels to choose from, on a scale of one to six, it's
important to know which level of Fellowes shredder you'll feel most comfortable
with. The first security level takes care of general record and other documents
that have expired yet still need to be destroyed. The highest security level,
which is six, is backed by the government standards and provides the ultimate
shredding to keep prying eyes away from sensitive information.

Although security level 2 is among the lower levels, Fellowes shredders at this
level can still cost in the range above $1000. Fellowes offers light duty to
heavy duty shredders. Their medium duty shredders can be found for $55 with
confetti-cut results. A light duty shredder can sell for $10 and has a fairly
good user rating. However, remember that you'll want to get the most out of
your shredder regardless of how much or how little you spend, so operating it
within its boundaries is recommended.

A light duty shredder is made only for an occasional use with short run time
and is meant for the smallest and thinnest of papers, such as receipts---never
heavy cardboard or stapled stacks. If you overwork your shredder, it can burn
up the motor. The Fellowes shredders that sell in the low thousands have
thermally protected 1.9 horsepower motors.

Do you want to see the level of the waste basket on your shredder as it fills?
Or would you prefer an indicator that lets you know it's time to empty?
Fellowes offers this feature with many of their shredders as well.

Fellowes paper shredders are sold all over the country in many different office
supply stores. You can buy new or you can buy refurbished. A Fellowes shredder
that retails for $3400 can be found refurbished at half the cost and still have
a 2 year machine warranty and a 20 year cutter warranty. The cost of shredders
can vary greatly from one store to the next, so be sure you shop around and
choose wisely. There is, of course, an almost endless supply of stores to
choose from on the internet to order a Fellowes shredder.

Fellowes does offer other brands of products, such as Body Glove, NeatO, and
Bankers Box. But they definitely stand out as a popular brand in the shredder

Can You Trust Paper Shredder Ratings?

It has become more popular for web sites to offer places for customer feedback
on the products they either like or dislike after purchase. While this may
discourage sales of some products, it is better to have the customer ratings to
weed out the less than worthy products than to have a higher volume of unhappy
customers and a long line at the customer service desk! Complaints about
customer service in general have risen because of the tendency to hire people
who have only been trained to keep the dissatisfied at bay rather than
providing quality service to aid the customers and promote a more positive
environment for all involved.

Ratings about paper shredders can be found on store sites, office supply sites,
manufacturer sites, blogs and more. The lower ratings on paper shredders seemed
to be primarily from the personal type shredders. For the most part, the
complaints seem to be that the shredders are listed to have a higher capacity
input than they are actually capable of. This is poor advertisement on the part
of the company who makes or sells the shredders and makes the consumer shy about
buying future products of the same brand.

Ratings from the public can be a valuable tool for the consumer. If you do
decide to voice your opinion to rate a paper shredder, please make it as
detailed as possible to help the person understand exactly why this product was
not up to par. It can also help the company that made the product see where the
major flaws are so that improvements can be made in the future to provide a
better quality product.

Poor ratings include everything from paper jams, lower capacity input, to
overheated motors and waste receptacles that crack easily. A few complained
about the power switches, but only a few. The negative ratings did seem to
focus more on the regular household personal paper shredders, which are meant
only for light use and low volume shredding. While it is a good idea to check
the ratings and feedback, keep in mind that these small machines were meant for
small volumes and short run times. If you neglect to read the instructions and
try to overload the capabilities of the shredder or run it too long for the
small motor to handle, there is certain to be trouble. Is it really fair to
blame the manufacturer and call in a warranty complaint because of your own
neglect? Unfortunately, there are people who will try to blame the company
instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. But for the most part,
checking the ratings of any home appliance, including the paper shredders is a
great idea. It is better to be forewarned than to be shocked and disappointed
after your purchase.

One complaint about personal, inexpensive shredders is that they break easier.
They tend to be made with plastic gears, which is why they are inexpensive. So
it is more important to treat them gently. Above all, remember that gears need
lubrication to continue to operate smoothly.

What Should I Look For In An Office Paper Shredder?

In recent times business owner's have been forced to become pro active in
protecting personal information of employees and clients. The office paper
shredder has become the number one line of defense against thieves who rummage
through disposed documents looking for personal information. There are a
variety of office shredders of various capacities, type of cut, daily usage,
and security levels available. This article will take a close look at the
importance of office shredders, different types, and some of the features

First of all why is there such a big interest in office shredders all of a
sudden? The "Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act" (FACTA) of 2005
requires that companies make arrangements for proper document disposal
eliminating chances for identity theft. Obviously this makes the office paper
shredder an even more important business tool that could prevent hefty fines
and legal consequences.

One of the first considerations with office paper shredders is the level of
security required. The security level is designated in the form of DIN numbers
ranging from 1 to 6 with 6 being the higher level of security. It is a good
practice to know what level of security is required by your business and shop
with that rating in mind. The prices actually increase as the security level

Closely related to security is the type of cuts made by the shredder blades.
The main two types of cuts are straight cut, and cross cut shredding. The
straight cut which is most common and usually 1/4" wide would work for most
applications. The cross cut would work when higher levels of security is needed.

Other factors would determine the proper shredder would be how it will be used.
Prepare and estimate the number and size of pages to be shred. Will the unit
have continuous use? Because the demands on office shredders can be rigorous
they are designed to shred high volumes for long periods of time without

Ease of operation would be another consideration. Office paper shredders are
equipped with features that add to safety and ease of operation and
convenience. One popular feature is the start stop senser that checks for the
presence of paper and activates the shredder motor. Many shredders also provide
a signal and an alert light when a paper jam occurs. When paper jams occur, a
reverse feed switch comes in handy that reverses the motor and releases the
jammed items.

The area where the paper enters the shredder is called the feed opening. Since
the size of this opening varies between models you may want to analyze the
documents you will be shredding to insure they will fit. On most shredders this
opening ranges in sizes between 8 to 18 inches. A 12 inch opening is adequate
for most documents but with continuous feed shredders the larger 18 inch
opening may reduce frequent paper jams.

Disposing of documents properly is a measure of protection against identity
theft, and business espionage. Certainly by using a quality office shredder
that measures up to your office's security needs you will be one step ahead of
identity thieves.

Fellows paper shredder -- Number one in the World

Home and office shredders have proved to be the best protection against
Identity theft. Fellowes paper shredders have proved to be number one in paper
shredders in the world. In this article we are going to look at what Fellowes
offers in the way of home and office shredders, variety of cuts, security, and
a few other great features.

Fellowes offers a wide selection of paper shredders for home and business use.
From light to medium to heavy duty you can find a model from their array of
models to get the job done. They offer a variety of strip cut and crosscut
shredders at competitive prices. Fellowes has a wide selection of shredders,
for your home or office.

Fellowes shredders are of quality design and easy to empty and operate. These
shredders are able to enhance the office security of any home or business.
Their shredders for large offices are industrial strength, heavy-duty use
shredders. They have a reputation of building some of the toughest paper
shredders obviously is well earned..

Fellowes shredders are easy to use. That means protecting your company's
clients and employees from identity theft will be easier too. A Fellowes
Shredder will help guard your identity against criminals by destroying
documents containing private information, such as names, addresses, birth
dates, social security numbers, bank and financial information, and credit card

With the variety of work settings in which shredders are used Fellowes has a
variety of shredders that will fit almost any situation.

Some models are of sufficient power to complete your job but are small enough
to fit in offices and next to desks. Some of the upright models work well along
side filing cabinets, copiers, printers, computer tables and office desks.

Working from a small home or business office the Powershred series is has many
unique features for safety and shred waste removal. This series is designed to
give the perfect fit for the small office.

The Powershred series consists of 10 tough shredders designed for safety, quiet
operation, and the power to muscle through almost any job. The Powershred C-420C
can shred almost 25 sheets per pass. The commercial shredders feature a turbo
jam key that power releases tough paper jams

When higher security measure shredding is called for Fellowes has some
inexpensive solutions, with the strip cut and crosscut shredders. Shred
selection actually ranges from crosscut to confetti shredders. Strip cut models
provide traditional, practical security by shredding paper into unreadable
strips. Going a step further cross cut models shred paper into smaller confetti
like pieces, providing higher security and greatly reducing the bulk waste many
times. Confetti cuts over ten thousand sheets a day..

Since Fellowes shredders are designed tough and dependable they come highly
recommended for both home and office use. They do well in settings that demand
heavy use. The shredders main purpose is to destroy documents that contain
vital private identity data that is sought after by thieves and criminals. The
assortment of Fellowes shredders have proved to be more than efficient in
handling the tough jobs.

What Do You Consider To Be The Best Paper Shredders?

The rage about identity theft is continuing to grow and everyone is talking
about it now. No doubt the concerns are well founded. It is becoming more
important for businesses and individuals to dispose of documents containing
personal information to be disposed of properly.

Shredding is obviously an important job so you want to have a reliable machine
to handle this task. With so many choices available it is only natural to want
to compare brands and models to see which are the best paper shredders. Let's
take a look and see what is available in the market place.

Obviously shredders are not the prettiest machines as they resemble glorified
waste paper baskets but that's okay. It's the design, and the quality built in,
and the job that they do that counts. The best paper shredders would have
quality cutters and would at this time be nothing less than the cross cutting
style of cut. This would make for secure shredding waste that would be next to
impossible to re-assemble.

The cross cutting shredders are gradually becoming the standard and the prices
on these are already very competitive so price may not be an issue. You would
avoid the strip cutting models as they are not the best for security reasons.
Your smart and motivated identity thief may be an expert at re-assembly of the
3/16" or 1/4" strips of documents. With a bag full of your strip cut documents
including credit cards, bank statements, and some spare time, he may have your
personal data despite the insecure shred method you used.

The best paper shredders would have features that make easy operation a
convenience. Features such as auto start and auto reverse switches, basket full
alerts, a paper jam release button would be convenient.

The best shredders would also have a motor that could handle any job you could
throw at it. The throat or paper intake should be of sufficient size to handle
your job without being stuffed resulting in a paper jam. The wastebasket should
be of sufficient size to handle your shredded waste easily. Waste product should
be easy to bag and remove.

There are numerous brands and models that fulfill all of these features for
reasonable prices. The best models would have to be some of the lines that are
proven, tough and durable.

The Fellowes Powershred series, consisting of 10 models, would have to be near
the top of the list. The choice of any of these 10 shredders would satisfy all
of the needs of a home or small office shredder. Although you would have to
choose a model that fits your needs they all are tough, powerful, and can get
the job done thoroughly and safely.

Another line that is considered one of the best is Royal shredders. They also
have a rather interesting mix of shredder models that go beyond satisfying the
basics features. The quality of these machines have made them a long time

Other brands that feature the best in paper shredders are DestroyIt, Dahle, and
Clary to mention a few. It's best to know how your shredder is to be used and
the quality, speed, capacity you are expecting and then shop accordingly. A
good start would be to check out some the best brands we just discussed. We are
sure you will find the best shredder to handle the job you have perfectly.

Why Cross Cut Paper Shredders Are So Popular

Since security has become a quality of service issue even shredding methods
have come under closer scrutiny. Shredders dispose of confidential documents by
shredding them into tiny particles that are useless. A cross cut paper shredder
does this job efficiently especially where sensitive documents such as credit
card statements, personnel records, bank statements and security issues are

Although strip cut shredders are ideal for most common shred jobs where
critical security levels are not an issue. A cross-cut shredder is preferred
for higher levels of security since thieves have been known to paste together
single-shred documents to obtain information.

Cross cut shredders are designed with a pair of rotating shafts that rotate in
parallel to each other. The sets of cutter disks are mounted on each shaft, and
mutually mesh. This design is very efficient in reducing the waste into tiny
particles, and offering a higher level of security and protection that the
strip cutter method.

According to reviewers strip cut shredders aren't really any cheaper than cross
cutters, so the choice of a cross cutter can be a step up in added security
protection making it a wise choice. When reading the reviews most reviewers
determined cross cutting shredders to be the best selection because of quality
of cut, size of waste particles, and price.

Actually cross cutting shredders are more secure than strip cutting shredders
because the cuts are more effective. As a result of the complete job that they
perform these types of shredders are very popular with the government,
military, and other companies that have sensitive and secure data stored on
CDs, and floppy disks.

The waste product produced by the cross cut paper shredder is not only very
secure but takes up less space than strip cutting models. This makes disposal
simple and impossible for identity theft thieves to re-assemble usable
documents. Although

cross cut paper shredders don't shred the same volume as strip cutting
shredders, the results are much more secure.

When shopping for cross cutting shredders you may find them called confetti cut
shredders also. Whatever they are called they are the most popular shredders on
the market. Of course the end result of unreadable pieces of paper that are
impossible to restore is the most important thing.

This class of shredders also save on the cost of shredder bags and time used to
change the bags frequently. Cross cut paper shredders also require more regular
lubrication than strip cutting models. Also from time to time running the
shredder in reverse can remove some of the waste that can accumulate in the

As identity theft and company espionage becomes more of an issue, closer
attention will be directed at methods of document disposal. Remember even
papers found in the trash are not legally protected so they are targeted by
individuals looking to find out more information about you or your business.
The cross cut paper shredder has the ability to render sensitive documents
unreadable and impossible to reassemble. They come highly recommended by
reviewers and are perfect for personal, home use and for any size business.

What Should I Look For In A Good Home Office Paper Shredder?

As identity theft continues to rise consumers are making home office paper
shredders a standard part of their home office equipment. Analysts see the
increase in sales of paper shredders continuing to grow into the years to come.
What features should you look for in a good home office paper shredder. Some
basic considerations are the style of the cut, quality, security, safety, price
and size. Let's take a look at some at some of these features.

Although in years past most shredders were equipped with strip cutting blades
cross cutting is more secure. Cutting your documents into strips may work to a
degree, but some identity thieves with a little time and motivation could
reassemble those strips like a jig saw puzzle. The cross cut shredder creating
smaller particles provides greater security.

The crosscut shredders are great for personal information such as credit card
data, bank statements, and employee records. The crosscut shredder needs to be
oiled periodically to protect the cutting shafts but fewer bags will be needed
as the waste will be in smaller sized shred.

Many people are now shredding everything with names, addresses, phone numbers,
social security numbers, or any personal information on it More and more home
users are purchasing higher security paper shredders as these are made
available at reasonable prices. In time identity theft will become a greater
threat to the financial security of more and more households. Because it shreds
documents into smaller pieces the cross cutting shredder provides better

Paper shredders were originally designed for use in the office as a result
safety features for use around children were lacking. Consumer safety experts
concluded that many of these designs were hazardous as children's small fingers
could come in contact with the blades. Over time and with further monitoring by
consumer safety groups safety standards have improved. By locating blades
further away from openings, and changing slot sizes many of these machines have
become safe enough for home use. Safety locks prevent the shredder from being
turned on by mistake.

Home shredders are designed with size in mind so they can be placed next to a
table or desk. Size and budget are a consideration when choosing a home office
paper shredder. Shredder security levels are graded from 1 to 6 with the higher
the number the more secure the shredder, and the smaller the shred size.

Most home shredders are designed to shred up to 10 sheets of paper at once.
This will accommodate the modest shredding needs of two people. Forwards and
reverse switches have been added to release paper jams also.

The primary purpose of the shredder is reduce documents into small bits of
paper that are impossible to reassemble. Today, shredder manufacturers are
making high quality, reasonably priced paper shredders to accommodate the home
user. Buying a high quality shredder is easier now as ever. It seems like the
days of just tossing out the trash are gone forever. Responsible people
everywhere are taking the necessary steps to improve their personal security by
using a good home office paper shredder to shred regularly.

What Should I Know About Shredder Parts?

Most home use paper shredders won't have extra parts beyond the lubricating oil
and the waste bags, if yours even comes with the waste bin. The lubricating oil
can be found in any office supply store and costs about $9 per 16 oz bottle.
The waste bags can be found at $34 for 100 bags. Fellowes offer waste bags
specifically for their brands of shredders, from the personal models to the
large 39 gallon models. They also sell the lubricating oil. Many shredders will
use the same type of oil and work just as well. If your personal home shredder
does come with a waste bin or basket of some sort, be aware that some of the
plastic do tend to crack and break easily upon removal. Take extra care with
your equipment for it to last.

Fellowes offers the choice of buying their oil and waste bags from dealers,
retailers, or online and clearly list which shredder models each set of bags is
for. They offer automatic oilers with some of their larger volume shredders. The
caster wheels can be replaced if necessary, although, usually a service
repairman can take care of such as this when you call it in on your warranty
period. If not, caster wheels can be found at hardware stores and the price
depends on what size you'll need and from which store you make the purchase.

Shredder accessories can include paper shelves, bag bars, support bars, shred
boxes, desk mounts, and forms racks. The shred boxes and desk mounts are the
most expensive parts on this list, costing almost $200 each.

Industrial shredder parts are, of course, a bit more involved. Usually when you
run into the necessity for an industrial shredder, you'll be able to take
advantage of a warranty and service from the company that sold it. There are
many shredder repair services, though, and places that offer parts. Komar
Industries, Marathon Equipment, Steel America, Industrial Paper Shredders,
Ameri-Shred, and Columbia Steel Casting are some of them.

Because recycling has become such a big business, the need for parts and
repairs of the equipment has grown. Parts for industrial shredders might
include roof covers, kick out doors, feed rolls, rotor caps, grates, or
shredder hammers. Of course, the motors require a more extensive list of parts
that you'd most likely be glad to hand over to a professional for repairs! Oil
for these big shredders is sold by the gallon bottles. A 4 pack would cost
around $125. Bags can cost as much as $165 for 50 at a size of 40x40x68.

A locked document container is another accessory you may come across in the
industrial shredder line of equipment and parts. These keep your information
private until you're ready to shred. These containers can cost $250 and hold 36
gallons of documents.

If you do choose to work on your shredder on your own, please take care to
avoid being cut by the blades and make sure the shredder is disconnected from
the electrical source before beginning to disassemble any parts.

Why Choose Royal Paper Shredders For The Home Office?

Royal Consumer Information Products is related to the original Royal Typewriter
Company dating back to 1906. The makers of royal paper shredders set high
standards in the industry and are best sellers. These shredders are known for
their style, durability, and performance production, Royal paper shredders are
designed deal with existing security and identity theft problems. Royal
manufactures a variety of shredders let's take a look at some of the features
and models available.

Royal 15MX paper shredders are real durable workhorses. They have no problems
shredding CDs, credit cards and stapled documents. The Royal 15MX can shred 15
sheets at a time and it has a large wastebasket. It features auto reverse and
auto start stop with a full basket alert. This cross cut paper shredder is
excellent for destroying security sensitive documents to small bits of paper.

The Royal Paper Shredder JS55 is a light weight, low cost shredder that can
shred five pages at once. Although it weighs five pounds it is only recommended
for light intensity occasional shredding. For a price around $20 this unit works
well for some home users.

The Royal Paper Shredder 85mx is a light duty model that can shred up to 5
pages at a time. It costs around $60 and is designed for occasional use in the
home. It can handle shredding staples and even CD's successfully.

The royal 7 sheet paper shredder effectively destroys personal information
documents protecting you from identity thieves who scan trash. It capably
shreds 7 sheets in a pass. With it's cross cutting design it easily chews up
credit cards, and staples. It weighs 14 pounds and can fit comfortably anywhere
in a small home office.

Royal makes a series of cross cutting paper shredders that feature various
sheet cutting capacities. 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 sheet paper shredders. The Royal
15 cross cutting shredder is a heavy duty machine that is capable of munching up
CDs, floppy disks, staples and other such items. A little pricey at over $300
but most users are very happy with this machine as it come highly recommended.

Royal also has the 150mx and 160mx which grinds 15, or 16 respectively and has
no problem with CD's and floppy disks.

Royal paper shredders are can be purchase with strip cut and the more secure
cross cutting ability. These products are excellent choices for small

The growing list of shredders is huge. Although the best paper shredder for
your home or business should be an informed decision there are certain key
elements in making your decision.

1. estimated level of security 2. frequency of use 3. capacity of shredding
during each session 4. difficulty of items to shred .... all paper or added
CDs, staples, heavier construction paper etc 5. service options 6. price

To effectively deal with the rising threat of identity theft shredding is one
of the main protections available. Royal Consumer Products the maker of royal
paper shredders has a model to handle almost any paper shredding job. They have
set industry standards for a long time and come highly recommended.

What Do You Know About the Fellowes Paper Shredder Line?

Fellowes is a company that began in 1917 by Harry Fellowes. He didn't even
start out selling shredders. Bankers boxes were his first offered products.
Beginning in Illinois, this well-known company now operates globally. They
reach out as far as Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland,
to name a few.

This company gives back in more ways than just providing reliable paper
shredders. They also support the efforts of the City of Hope, which is a
research, treatment, and education institution for life-threatening illnesses.
The company honors its employees with team awards. They also make the effort to
accommodate the public with as much information as necessary when choosing their
products. They offer shredder supplies, a shredder selector guide, information
on Identity Theft, warranties, and other office products. They make their site
user-friendly and even give a list of the stores where you are to find a
Fellowes paper shredder. Places like Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Amazon,
CompUSA, Costco, Fryes, Kmart, Radio Shack, Wal Mart, Sam's Club, Sears,
Shoplet, Target, Tiger Direct, and Micro Center. Their dealers include
Corporate Express, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Quill, CDW, My Office
Products, and WB Mason.

It should be easy to find a Fellowes paper shredder with handy features such as
stopping the paper should it be touched after entry. How many of us have almost
thrown away or shredded something important, trying to jerk it back at the last
minute upon realizing our mistake, only to find that it's too late? This feature
also saves your hand should it get too close to the opening. Safety features are
especially important on equipment that can cause accidents.

One of their lowest capacity personal light shredders is the Powershred P-45C,
which sells for $80 and has a 6 sheet capacity, but only runs 7 minutes max.
(Keep in mind that light duty may have different meanings for different people.
How long do you expect your shredder to be able to run? This is a consideration
you'll want to check when you buy a shredder.) This personal Fellowes paper
shredder has confetti cut results and a 9 inch paper entry width. Even this
Fellowes shredder offers safety features and paper jam prevention.

Moving on up with shredding Fellowes paper shredder can
handle material up to 16 inches wide, which is very helpful in businesses that
use all sorts of paper sizes on a regular basis. The shredder with the 16 inch
wide paper entry can shred up to 38 sheets at one time continuously! Now that's
impressive! If you have a large office and more than 10 office employees to
accommodate on any given workday, you'll like the jam release option and heavy
duty performance. The 37.5 gallon wastebasket allows for less emptying, which
means less frustration for your office workers. There's also a holder in the
door for the supplies that go with the shredder. At $2800, you should get your
money's worth with the power this machine offers. It has a speed of 20 feet per

Whatever your shredding needs, don't overlook the lubricant. It is essential to
keep your shredder properly oiled for maximum performance. If you let your car
run out of oil, it burns up the motor. If you let your shredder run out of oil,
there will be significant damage as well. A 12 ounce bottle of Fellowes
lubricant costs $17. Small household shredders that are run only occasionally
need oiling at least twice a month. Your office shredder would require more

Why Use an Industrial Paper Shredder

In this day and age of recycling and reusing, industrial paper shredders have
come to their own level of importance. Many recycling businesses have been
using machines that are industrial size for years to shred paper and other
things that must be cut into small pieces once discarded. Because of the fear
of terrorism and identity theft, businesses have further realized the worth of
a good industrial size shredder for their vital information disposal. Although
computers have certainly come into their own worth over the ages, becoming more
and more advanced, so has the need to protect the information that still must be
kept secret on hard copy material such as paper, hard drives, cds, etc.

There are now businesses that will come to your rescue and charge a fee for
disposing of your private information. Mobile shredders, on-site shredders,
off-site shredders....yet these are more expensive in the long run. If they are
the only answer to your problem for the time being, make sure you check into
their background before you turn over your property for shredding. These
companies use industrial paper shredders and should offer the satisfaction of
making you feel comfortable to trust in their services. Their employees should
be fingerprinted, drug screened, background checked, and give you the security
of allowing you to supervise the disposal of your materials. Their services
would allow you to avoid having to invest in your own industrial paper
shredder, the space to store one, the maintenance one would require, and the
way to get rid of the paper and other materials once they are shredded.

Many industrial paper shredder services recycle the paper, so it can go back
into the environment in a safe and reusable manner, protecting your information
and still helping the recycling efforts of the planet. However, there is still
the fact that you are trusting complete strangers to your private and
confidential information.

So, besides saving hundreds of dollars, investing in your own industrial
shredder will also give you the peace of mind that doing your own shredding
would allow. The industrial paper shredder is meant for hard, ongoing, regular
use by large institutions. They can shred as much as 1,000 pounds of paper per
hour, so having one for your home would be impractical. But prisons, hospitals,
factories, colleges, businesses with several large departments, warehouses, and
others benefit greatly from an industrial paper shredder.

These large machines are often capable of shredding things like magazines,
binders, folders with metal closings, thick books, etc. While a personal home
shredder might shred a small stack of papers in a week's time, these large
shredders are meant for heavy volumes and must stand up to the hard work
required of them. The biggest industrial paper shredders can separate the metal
waste from the paper waste, have in-feed conveyors, pre-shredders, fine
shredders, exit conveyors, and more features. They can weigh as much as 9900
pounds. Some offer reusable blades that can be sharpened, electronic overload
protection, reversing circuits, and automatic restart.

About The Crosscut Paper Shredder

Have you considered buying a paper shredder? In this age of information
swapping, it's much more important to protect your vital personal, client, or
business information than ever before. Pharmacies, doctor's offices, post
offices, institutions, colleges, and many more important places have to dispose
of paperwork in a safe and secure manner.

All paper shredders are not alike. They do require the person shop around and
compare prices and features, security levels, size, and power. If you are just
an individual wishing to shred your incoming junk mail and old records, you
wouldn't need an industrial size shredder. If you are a business with more than
one or two employees, you might want to consider an industrial size shredder
depending on the volume of your discarded papers.

There are paper shredders that cut up the paper in different manners. This may
seem like an unnecessary feature to the average person, but it would matter to
the office that has strictly confidential and private information that
absolutely must not be deciphered once destroyed. Prisons, hospitals,
government offices, and security firms---even Hollywood stars and starlets must
have a higher security level when it comes to disposing of their unwanted

Paper shredders can cut the material into confetti, thin strips, or criss-cross
fashion. Many crosscut shredders can also take on harder material besides paper.
Cardboard, thick stacks of paper bound together with metal spirals, cds, dvds,
credit cards, old driver licenses, ID cards, old calendars, signs, and
posterboard are some of the important materials that must be shredded as well
for maximum security purposes.

There are food processors, garbage disposals, ice choppers, vegetable choppers,
meat grinders, wood chippers, and then there are paper shredders. The crosscut
shredder is a formidable opponent in the world of shredders. It's a tough
shredder to compete with and there are many varieties of it available all over
the world. Of course, the modern day movement cries for equipment and machinery
to be multi-function to be acceptable in many households and businesses. One of
the benefits of the crosscut paper shredder is that many of them are capable of
shredding more than one type of material of different thicknesses and strengths.

The cutting action of the crosscut paper shredder is what gives it popularity.
They do work a little slower than strip-cut shredders, but only because they
have more cutting work to accomplish. You can, of course, buy new or used, and
even refurbished if you choose. If you buy a used shredder, just remember that
the warranty that comes with a new one may well be worth the extra dollars.

There are crosscut shredders that work with manual feed or those that allow
automatic feeding. A busy office would fare better with an automatic feeder. A
small home would fare just as well with a manual feed, light duty shredder.
Crosscut shredders come in all shapes and sizes and can range in price from $18
up to $3900! The higher priced shredder is able to handle 40 sheets at a time,
produces unreadable results, has a 15.8" throat, and can cut through solid
materials including paper clips and staples; plus it offers an electronic
keypad for control and a large 33 gallon waste bag! If you buy the automatic
oiler you get more of a warranty. That's another need you must remember to keep
your shredder in top form and to get your true dollar's worth out of one----keep
it lubricated for top performance no matter how large or small.

Do You Own A Paper Shredder Home Appliance?

If you haven't made the paper shredder a part of your home appliance yet, it
may be time to consider this handy little device to protect your personal and
private information. Disposal of things you don't need to share with the wrong
person, things you don't want someone else to find out because of your personal
safety or the personal safety of your family has become more and more important
in today's society. Leaking out sensitive information, whether you mean to do
so or not, can be severely damaging to you and your family and will wreak havoc
in your lives.

Businesses have long had to determine the best way to dispose of their
sensitive files, cds, hard drives, floppy disks, folders, and other media.
Sending such things to the dump is no longer the best way to go. Now security
on all levels is a must, including the level of trash!

Much of our television shows meant to educate the public on protecting
themselves against crime can also educate criminals on how to better their
techniques for committing crimes. A lot can be learned about a person by going
through the trash.
Even discarded health records from your home files can be revealing to crooks.

Home appliances have become more intelligent. Home security systems have become
more widespread and older ones are easy for many crooks to use for illegal
access. As technology grows to aid our personal safety, it also grows to
include the paper shredder as a home appliance necessity.

There are still people lucky enough to live in the country-sides who are
allowed to burn any revealing papers in their backyard burn barrels. This
certainly reduces the threat of information falling into the wrong hands. But
there are also many times when even burning in the country can't be done
because of drought conditions and safety issues. A paper shredder, therefore,
has become an essential home appliance in country life as well as city life.
Even if you still prefer to burn your important papers, you could shred them
for safety until you are able to burn them.

Your paper shredder home appliance can be as simple or as complex as your money
and your needs allow. A pair of scissors is as basic as you can get for
shredding paper. But even something as simple as a pair of scissors has been
improved for shredding purposes! There is a handy little device that resembles
a pair of scissors, but it has more blades connected together for shredding.

The next step up in shredders would be the hand crank type, which have an
extremely small capacity meant only for the lightest of use. Moving on up the
shredder ladder, we come to the compact, battery-operated shredder. Again, this
is only for the lightest of uses. If you don't need the power of a bigger
shredder, this is fine for occasional use. The type of shredder that would be
more likely to be considered a home appliance would be the kind that has an
electric motor. Whatever your needs are, you can bet there is a shredder made
to fit!

Commercial paper shredders -- Fll A Growing Need

As identity theft becomes more of a modern problem, commercial paper shredders
begin to fill a growing need with businesses of all sizes. Businesses use paper
shredders of all sizes to protect themselves from corporate espionage and
information theft. Rugged commercial paper shredders are available that can
pulverize almost any documents. And of course Investing in a commercial paper
shredder is a lot cheaper than paying fines.

Commercial paper shredders are the most rugged and durable of all paper
shredders currently on the market. Shredder manufacturers are meeting the needs
of businesses needing solutions to shred large amounts of documents is a timely
and cost effective manner. Shredders shred papers and other materials into the
required sizes for disposal of materials.

These type of heavy duty commercial paper shredders are capable of shredding,
not only documents, but also industrial style paper clips and staples that are
often left in huge bundles of documents/

Due to the complexity of these commercial paper shredders there will be a need
for maintenance. It is highly advisable that you take this as repairs can be
extremely expensive and leave you without a commercial paper shredder while
they are being carried out. To protect your machine from dust, lubricating oil
must be applied. Before buying your commercial paper shredders, check whether
the shredding shafts are constructed with steel to prevent damage caused by
paper clips and staples.

Commercial paper shredder vary in size, styles, and brands. So that speed of
material can be fed into the shredder the throat should have ample room for
incoming paper. Commercial shredders with throat sizes up to 18" wide are
available. Most commercial paper shredders also have a reverse feed function to
enable any jams that do occur to be corrected quickly and not slow the shredding
process greatly.

These shredders come in strip cutting and cross cutting models. Reviewers don't
recommend strip cutting shredders as some feel this type is not secure. Some
thieves even try to reassemble 1/4" shredded pieces. So the cross cutting
commercial shredders are said to be more secure and maybe a little more

The waste product from cross cut shredders is smaller and clearly these tiny
particles remove any possibility of reassembly. This easily qualifies them for
the higher security levels that are required by governmental agencies, banks,
and many other business where security is an issue.

Commercial shredders feature a lot of extras that help with ease of operation
of large shred job. Most models feature hoppers with conveyor belt feed
systems. These conveyor belts can be added to help the operator with feeding
continuous product to the shredder and can also can add to the safety of the

Since businesses are more pro active in protecting the personal information of
employees and clients commercial paper shredders will continue to play an
important role in destroying documents efficiently. It's by far cheaper to
protect personal information than to pay hefty fines by failing to do so.

How Paper Shredding Can Keep You From Breaking The Law

Identity theft has become a concern of everyone as more people become victims
of this vicious crime. Shredding documents containing personal information is
now mandatory by law. Failure to shred properly could lead to hefty fines and
penalties. In 2005 the disposal rule which is a part of the Fair and Accurate
Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) came into effect which discusses responsible
disposal of documents containing private information. Let's take a look at some
of the issues surrounding paper shredding laws and how they could impact you.

The FACTA ruling basically says that if you maintain or possess personal
information of anyone, it is mandatory that you take reasonable measures to
prevent unauthorized use of the discarded information. So irresponsibly
throwing documents containing personal information of anyone in the trash
giving easy access to information thieves could make you a law breaker.

As an example you may hire a professional baby sitter and would have personal
information about her, such as name, phone number, and social security number.
You would be held responsible as to how you use that information as well as,
disposing of any related documentation.

By failing to observe this law resulting in an employee's stolen identity as a
result of your negligence, he could recover damages of up to $1,000. Multiply
that per employee if there are more than one. When a group of employes are
involved they could form a class action suit against you. The fines can be
pricey for both state and federal offenses as federal fines could be up to
$2,500 per incident.

By taking reasonable steps to shred documents properly it would be easy to
comply with the new law. After all that is the object of the whole anti
identity theft movement is for each one to take the proper steps to prevent
identity theft.

Other means of destroying documents may work well, but may not be practical.
You could burn or pulverize the documents but shredding has emerged as the most
practical way to comply with this security issue.

When considering a shredder you would need to consider the most effective and
affordable way this could be accomplished. Paper shredders for home or small
offices come with different features.

Since security is the issue when considering a paper shredder you may want to
get the machine that provides the best protection for the price. Shredding
technology is constantly improving and one such improvement has been with the
cutting styles, The strip cutting techniques are not as secure as the cross
cutting or confetti shredders. Shrewd thieves have been known to reconstruct
documents from shreds so that would certainly be a security threat.

If you are budget minded you may find a capable shredder at Wal Mart that would
satisfy your needs. One of the most popular shredder brands Fellowes is sold
there. Fellowes Powershred series consists of 10 models that offer the confetti
or cross cut shredder style of cuts. These machines are highly recommended by
reviewers. There are many other comparable brands to consider at reasonable

Complying with these new shredding laws will help the home user and small
business owner avoid fines and legal complications. Your employees and friends
will have their personal information protected. Today having good shredding
habits just makes good sense.

Why Would You Want A Hand-held Paper Shredder?

Most paper shredders that come to mind are electrical, about the size of a
small bathroom trash can. If you don't want something that size because of your
limited amount of storage space, yet still want the security of destroying
personal mail or other data you'd prefer not to share with others, maybe a
hand-held paper shredder is for you.

One such hand-held shredder is called the shredder hand and resembles a mutated
pair of scissors! It does indeed bring to mind something that would surface in a
horror movie, but it is the most basic of paper shredders and would be wonderful
for the traveler who has limited storage in their luggage. No batteries are
needed, no electrical outlet, just your own ability to operate a pair of
scissors! It would be a great addition to your arts and crafts tools. Even for
someone living in a tiny space, like a boarding room or a studio apartment, a
hand-held paper shredder could be a good idea to protect their valuable
paperwork that needs to be destroyed. An Aihon shredder has 9 connected blades,
sells for $17, and is certainly something you'd want to keep out of reach of

If batteries are not a concern or a bother, you may want to move up to the next
type of hand-held paper shredder. Also handheld, it's still small enough to
store in a desk drawer or a suitcase. Priced at around $13, you could purchase
several to avoid having to carry it to other locations. Just place one in your
desk, your car, or your kitchen.

Although it may be stretching it a bit, another type of shredder that might be
considered hand-held is the type that does not come with an accompanying waste
bin. The JS55 strip cut shredder by Royal is priced at $16.50. It does have
automatic off and on with a 5 sheet capability.

What will you do with your waste once your papers are destroyed? With only the
need for a hand-held shredder, you shouldn't have to worry about answering that
question. Once destroyed, the material can be safely deposited into any
available trash receptacle.

You could consider making shredding a game for your children, or a way to
"help" Mom or Dad get their work done. It is still important to supervise so
that unnecessary shredding does not occur! You wouldn't want the cat's tail to
become an experiment. Which brings to mind another great point about owning a
hand-held shredder: it's much easier to store out of reach of those tiny and
curious hands.

There are hand-held shredders that bring a smile and would make good gift
ideas. These cute little inventions would perk up any office or desk. Sold at
around $13, they come in shapes like cows, elephants, hippos, frogs, and
pandas. These operate
with a hand crank, so their capacity is only as good as your hand strength.
They double as pencil sharpeners, so they would make a fun and useful gift for
the college graduate.

Why A Paper Shredder Keeps You Safe From Identity Theft

Research has shown how criminals are turning to identity theft, as it has
quickly becoming the fastest growing crime in the United States. The key target
of identity thieves is to get your name, address, phone number, social security
number and any other account numbers possible. This information can then be
used to open up other credit accounts in your good name after which these
accounts are exploited in various ways. You are left with major bills and
ruined credit.

To keep from falling into such a situation you can take pro active steps in
safe guarding your documents containing personal information. You can start by
carefully shredding documents that normally go into your trash. Let's look
consider some of the facts, concerns, statistics, and methods that show that a
paper shredder can keep you safe from identity theft. Did you know that it is
perfectly legal for individuals to go through your garbage? Dumpster diving,
and curbside trash rummaging is quite legal. So throwing away any important
papers with your name and address or any other info that can be linked to you
should be shredded.

The cheaper shredders use the strip cutting method of shredding. This method
will allow some of the more determined identity thieves to try to re-assemble
these documents, and then retrieve the personal data. This method is so easy as
sometime neatly bagged trash can be a treasure trove for a motivated thief. The
more secure cross cut shredder reduces the shred waste to confetti which is
nearly impossible to re-assemble. The next step would be to actually burn the
documents and reduce them to ashes. But you don't have to go that far!

Paper shredders are on the front line of defense against identity theft.
Identity thieves easily obtain personal paperwork discarded innocently into a
trash dumpsters. However by using a security rated paper shredder even if the
thief takes your trash bag it would be next to impossible for him to reassemble
and make your document usable. This is a problem not only for consumers but has
become an increasing menace to businesses of all sizes.

Some surveys state the incidence of identity theft now affects about one in
four households. Although the average loss per victim is around $500 plus the
valuable time loss trying to track down accounts and resolve problems caused by
the crime.

Modern paper shredders were born in Germany in 1935. Adolf Ehinger devised a
workable shredder after inquiries were made on him after anti Nazi documents
were found in his trash. His crude shredder was inspired by a pasta maker. In
the following years with WW II shredders continued to develop in to what we see

The value of a good home paper shredder is worth the headaches it could save
you caused by identity theft. It's value will be recouped in no time even with
average use. Also paper shredders with cross cutting blades and medium capacity
are usually cheap and affordable. The cross cutting action will insure that your
shred waste will be securely destroyed.

So if you haven't started shredding what are you waiting for? All indications
show that identity theft is going to continue to increase. Don't be the next
victim! Start shredding today!

How To Find A Paper Shredder That Is Affordable?

In an effort to prevent identity theft you can get a quality shredder that is
still inexpensive. Like many other markets the shredder market is very
competitive and if you know what to look for you can get a very good deal. If
price is your number one buying factor then let's see what features you want to
included with your new shredder and what you want do without and still have a
great machine.

One of the first considerations is security. Strip cutting shredders may work
well but they are not very secure as most produce shredded strips of 3/16" or
1/4" that could be re-assembled by a savvy identity thief. This wouldn't be the
first time these professionals have accomplished such a thing. Remember they are
professionals and will stop at no end to steal your information.

You could get a cheaper strip cutting shredder but you would be sacrificing
security. The cross cutting shredders are highly recommended and many times are
competitively priced. As we see cross cutting shredders becoming the standard
you may not have to skimp on security for price. This is just something to be
aware of when you are shopping and comparing prices.

By shopping at department stores, office supply, and some computer supply
stores you may find that affordable shredder that fits your needs. Wal Mart
would probably be your first choice as they have a considerable number of
stores that are just about everywhere these days.

A quick glance at the Wal Mart website shows two of the most popular shredders
brands in the marketplace. They sell Fellowes Powershred, and Royal shredders
which are quality products that are highly recognized in the industry. Here you
have a clear choice as a few of the Wal Mart shredders are strip cutting models
that are strip cutting shredders. Fellowes Powershred PS-60 Personal Shredder
($87.98) and the Royal Sovereign JS55 Shredder with Basket ($19.88) both of
which are strip cutting shredders. If the security concern is not an issues
they could both be considered affordable. Office Depot also offers the Fellowes
Powershred and Ativa brands. The Powershred carried by Wal Mart are quality but
again consider the security issue. Office Depot has their own brand of paper
shredder called Ativa. As some of these are made cheaply as imports from China,
and Germany.

If you are looking for a great deal on an affordable new shredder Ebay maybe
your best place to shop. Let's face it people are buying cars, hdtv's and other
high priced ticket items there why not paper shredders? There is a great
assortment of brands and models available there. If you pre shop for the exact
model with the features you want. Then head on over to and compare
features and prices. Make sure you check out the shipping price because
sometimes sellers over price the shipping fees.

Of course there are many ways that you can find affordable shredders. The main
thing is to know what security level, and shred style you can be satisfied
with. Also compare motor horsepower which will determine the strength of your
shredder and can make a difference when plowing through a stack of sheets. The
light duty shredders have a tendency to jam more.

You should have no problem finding an affordable shredder. With the identity
theft problem increasing shredder manufactures are offering competitive prices.
So you should have great success. The price of not having a shredder could be
even a bigger problem!

What Should I Look For In A Home Paper Shredder?

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation affecting millions of
people a year. As a result the use of home paper shredders has become a valuable
aid in the fight against this crime. There are manual and automatic shredders as
well as a variety of capacities, and cutting styles. This article will take a
closer look at the different types of shredders and features available.

The manual desktop shredder is probably the most basic and inexpensive model.
It maybe the perfect machine for you if you are looking for a desktop solution
and you only have a small number of documents that contain personal information
that you want to protect. It is a simple design with a convenient hand crank
that advances the paper through the cutter blades. Some models feature credit
card and CD disposal also.

Automatic shredders are equipped with features that add to safety and ease of
operation. One popular feature is the start stop senser that detects the
presence of paper and starts the shredder motor. Many shredders also provide a
buzzer and an alert light when a paper jam occurs. When paper jams do occur,
which maybe frequent when shredding too many papers at once, a reverse feed
switch is handy that reverses the motor and frees the jam.

As shredder technology advances more innovative features are being added for
ease of operation. Some of the more expensive shredders feature racks to
position plastic bags to collect waste and allow for easy disposal. Also some
units feature expandable basket sides that can be adjusted to the amount of
waste collected at the time.

Shredding needs of a home user may vary and the volume and frequency of use
should help determine the size of the shredder that will fit your needs. For
the home shredder may vary between 400 to 1000 sheets a day. All models are
rated by capacity and these are only estimates to help you decide what you will
need to get the job done.

When shopping for a shredder you will notice the description is given in shred
size, motor horse power (H.P), feed width, sheet capacity, and waste volume in

Even high security shredding operations rule of thumb is the more confidential
the information the smaller the shred size. Shred size of 1/4" is sufficient
for most high security operations although 1/8" is sometimes required as a
result an even smaller particle size.

The more advanced high tech automatic paper shredders were originally used in
business offices but are now find common use in homes. Further features as
shredding folded paper, heavier stocked paper, envelopes, CD's, and heavy gauge
paper clips are in high demand by a segment of home shredders.

A home paper shredder can give you a measure of protection against identity
theft. There are a variety of shredders available to you. By determining your
needs, shopping wisely you will find a machine that will fill your needs and
possibly protect you people who are out to steal your personal identity.

What Are The Security Ratings For Paper Shredders?

Since paper shredders are the main defense against identity theft, a way to
measure their effectiveness was determined. Strip cutting shredders have
produced waste that could be reassembled by motivated thieves and
investigators. Security is of utmost importance in protecting waste from thieve
so security ratings have been devised to measure the effectiveness of shredder
security. Let's look at these ratings as they will be helpful in having a
secure paper shredding program for any home or business user.

When setting up a shredding program consider the sensitivity and importance of
the documents you will dispose of. Although any personal information such as
name, address, phone numbers, social security number, and date of birth are
basic identity information and would be need to be fully safe guarded.

The guidelines set up by FACTA requires the disposal of documents with any
personal information of any individuals be destroyed properly and in a
reasonable way. One of the ways considered reasonable is by proper shredding.

One of the methods of grading shredder security is the Deutsche Industrial Norm
(DIN) This method that originated in Europe sets forth six levels of security.
The DIN security level descriptions are as follows:

Level 1. general to low -- general records Level 2. low to medium -- internal
documents Level 3. confidential to medium -- documents containing personal and
confidential information Level 4. sensitive to medium to high -- confidential
documents Level 5. classified to high to maximum Level 6. top secret -- the
highest level security available

The type of shredder you choose should be based on the level of security
demanded by your job. First of all strip cutting shredders present the lowest
lever of security. Information thieves have successfully reassembled these
documents and retrieved valuable information.

The confetti or cross cutting shredders offer the next level security which is
adequate for many projects. These shredders are popular among home and small
office users and does cross cutt to get the confetti type shreds as waste.

As you shop for a shredder notice the security level designation in the
description. Other items such as CD's, floppy disks, cardboard goods and other
items may need to be shred also. The sales description should give you a clue
as to what items your shredder is capable of shredding. If additional
horsepower is needed make the adjustment. Many companies store confidential
data as well as computer backups on computer disks so your shredder should be
able to shred these items with ease.

The FACTA ruling has certainly increased the responsibilities of individuals
and small and large businesses in responsibly handling personal information. By
failing to shred properly and you are negligent the victim can recover damages
from you of up to $1,000 per incident. State and local offenses could incur
fines of up to $2,500 per incident.

So responsible shredding could be pretty simple as long as you are aware of the
security level you will be held responsible for. Some offices have multiple
shredders to handle the different security levels in different departments. By
complying with the shredding laws you will not only be protecting your clients,
employees and business associates from identity theft. In today's climate of
identity theft shredding today just makes good sense.

Why Confetti Paper Shredders Are Good For Scurity

Taking extra measures to insure the protection of confidential and sensitive
information is a priority with individuals and businesses alike. Only shredders
that meet security standards can really be useful in fighting identity theft and
business espionage. Confetti paper shredders destroy documents and confirms to
most security standards. Let's see why confetti paper shredders are effective.

In the past strip cutting shredders were sufficient but with the increase of
security levels this method is not adequate. This method is vulnerable as
thieves can re-assemble shred strips into useable documents and still retrieve
confidential information.

Confetti shredders are designed with two rotating shafts with attached cutter
disks that mesh in parallel. With motors of sufficient power these cutters are
very efficient in producing waste particles that are small and easy to discard
as well as more provide more adequate security protection than the strip

As technology moves forward confetti cutting shredders are becoming the
standard. With competitive pricing, reviewers agree that buying a confetti
shredder is a good choice. The security issue is the reason why you are
shredding in the first place so it is not a good idea to settle for anything
less that quality there.

Many businesses are required to shred CD's and floppy disks that contain
important data. Confetti shredders buzz right through these items as a result
they are popular with government agencies, military, and companies that have to
destroy backups periodically.

The resulting waste from a confetti shredder is smaller and makes collection to
the waste bin and removal by bags very efficient. The amount of waste particles
that are small in size makes disposal very easy and secure.

Fellowes Powershred series shredders are quality and have very convenient
features. If you are a home office or have a small business one of these models
may be perfect for you. They are available at Wal Mart and Office depot. The 10
shredders in this series vary from light duty to higher capacity office models.
They are reasonably priced and very popular.

Confetti shredders not only save costs in disposable bags but you will spend
less time changing bags because of the waste takes up a small space. As the
waste accumulates in the blades and jams periodically you may need to run the
blades in reverse to free up the jam, this is normal. Lubrication will be
required periodically, possibly once a month according to how frequently you
use your shredder. You should refer to the user manual regarding oiling

Identity theft is becoming more common and it seems like everybody is talking
about it. Having a good shredding program in place, whether you are a home user
or a small or large business only makes good sense. More concentrated efforts to
seek protection from this crime are being considered, and shredding seems to
come to the top of the list.

The confetti paper shredder really works and is recognized to render disposed
documents useless. Their popularity and satisfied customer reviews shows that
they work well. Maybe your next shredder will be a confetti paper shredder.

se HSM Shredders And Enhance Your Businesses Security

Today identity theft is an increasing problem and new levels of shredding
security are demanded by law. Various industries are trying to adjust to
increasing security regulations. This is proving to be a profitable market for
shredder manufacturers that can meet that demand. As hospitals, schools, and
similar service businesses have great responsibility in protecting their
clients from identity theft. A need for quality shredders is ongoing and HSM
shredders have been able to fill that need.

HSM of America is a company that makes all it's parts in America and has been a
shredder manufacturer for over 30 years. This company makes paper shredders of
various security levels that will work in a number of settings. Since HSM comes
so highly recommended and has been so successful let's take a closer look at
their products.

Since 1981 HSM has developed into one of the top paper shredder manufacturers
in the United States and Germany. One of the reasons for their success is their
products are of great quality and range of products to meet the needs of home
users, government and commercial users too.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals by law are required to dispose of documents
in a reasonable and effective manner. The records that contain confidential
patient information such as social security numbers, medical history,
insurance, and financial records have to be handled securely and responsibly
even when disposed. HSM shredders come in a wide range of security levels that
meet the requirements for even the highest levels of security required for
these facilities.

Currently one of HSM is presenting a line of shredders that contain unique
features. The Offis Life series of shredders Let's take a closer look at some
of the specific models and their features.

The Offis Life Profipack 400 has a low space requirement and can fit on a table
top. It even shreds heavier types of paper and even cardboard. This shredder
would be a perfect fit in industrial warehouse or shipping offices

Offis Life 2677 Strip Cut Shredder is rugged and will destroy any documents but
will also shred CD's, floppy disks, and credit cards.

The Offis Life Model 2777 Shredder has automatic start stop functions and is
mobile as it has small wheels and can be relocated very easily. Because of the
wide 12 inch throat it can easily accept big capacity jobs and not jam as
easily as the narrow throat shredders. This model works great with multiple
users in large departments.

Offis Life Model 3877 Shredder works well in continuous shredding when capacity
is a must. It's continuous shredding ability makes it a good performer when
large amounts of paper, such as forms are fed to it This shredder would be an
asset to any office department.

The Offis life 4277 is a cross cutting shredder that is durable and can shred
up to 35 sheets per pass. With the wide 16 " throat it has a fantastic through
put advantage. With the wide throat it can accept the larger shred jobs with
minimal paper jams. This heavy duty machine will complete the shredding jobs
for any office.

Your shredder security program will be enhanced by using these great products.
HSM offers a wide variety of uniquely designed shredders. We briefly looked at
a few of the models here. Check out the 60 different models and find the ones
that suit your offices needs. You should have no problem making a selection.
HSM has been making shredders for over thirty years and it's list of satisfied
customer continues to grow.

Why Dahle Paper Shredders Are World Class

Businesses of all sizes are very concerned about identity theft and business
espionage. Security is at the top of the list and shredding is now the law.
When quality and precision shredders are a priority Dahle shredders come to

When considering the top quality shredders Dahle is a world class quality
shredder. Dahle makes shredders for the desktop, home offices, and larger
offices as well. Dahle also makes, industrial, work group, and high security
shredders which have the approval of the Dept of Defense. Since Dahle makes a
full range of shredders they probably make a shredder that would fit your
needs. Let's take a closer look at Dahle shredders and see why they are so

Dahle has a worldwide reputation for it's innovations in developing shredders
with cutting cylinders with hardened steel. They use the highest quality
materials in their products, and a rigorous testing program insures the only
the best products leave their factory in Germany.

The series of small office shredders are tough and efficient. The design shred
capacity is up to 400 sheets a day. This series of shredders are designed with
a wooden cabinet and a swing open door. Behind the door is a box removeable box
that is lined with a disposable bag. A visual alert indicator tells you when to
change the bag.

The series of office shredders are designed to service a busy office with
multiple users. The design shred capacity is up to 2,000 sheets a day. As an
example this series of shredders are perfect for medical offices responsible
for destroying confidential health records. Features such as automatic shutoff,
auto reverse, bag full, and automatic on and off make these machines convenient
and easy to use.

Moving up to the next class of shredders Dahl offers high capacity shredders
that are designed to service a large volume of sensitve confidential documents.
The design shred capacity is up to 28,000 sheets a day. These shredders have a
16" throat and can shred up to 60 sheets at a time. Since the power and capcity
increases from the smallest to larger models you have your option to choose the
perfect model to fit your needs. As an example these units would work well in a
large office mail room where quantity and speed shredding would be a requirment.

Since protection from identity theft and business espionage is a high priority
for businesses and governments more rigid requirements are in place for
security shredding. Dahle has the high securtiy class of shredders that meet
that need. These shredders meet the requirements set by the Department of
Defense for top secret documents.

The departmental shredders that Dahle makes are designed for high capacity,
where multiple offices are sharing the shredding tasks. These machines are
designed for shredding up to 60,000 sheets a day.

Dahle paper shredders are world class in quality and security. Their series of
shredders from home to industial use are engineered to get the job done

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