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Personal Development

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What is Personal Development?

There are many people in our society today that are very unhappy with their
lives for one reason or another. Whatever reason they have for being unhappy,
there is undoubtedly a way to change it. Sometimes it requires a change in
career, or situation. Other times it is simply a change in the way that people
think. Sometimes, it is both. This is what personal development is all about.

Personal development is a path that you take to better your family situation,
career, spirituality, emotional health, and every other aspect of your life.
Essentially, personal development is about making conscious decisions about
everything that you do, the way that you think, and the way that you react to
situations. Personal development can help you obtain everything that you always
dreamed of, and more, with the simple application of a few simple mind sets and

One of the biggest steps toward personal development is a change of mind set.
If you think that you can do better, you will. If you think that you are stuck
in a dead end job, without family or friends to support you, and no prospects
of a better future, you will ultimately be very unhappy. When you change your
mind set to positive thinking, you will find that you put forth more effort
into everything that you do, and you will have much better results.

Another one of the important steps toward personal development is to set
obtainable goals. This is not to say that your dream is not obtainable. But if
you constantly think about the goal of being a millionaire with a successful
family, you will feel pretty hopeless as that goal seems so far out of reach.
Setting obtainable goals simply means that you set goals that lead to the
ultimate goal.

It is really about taking steps. When you decide that you need food in your
refrigerator, it does not automatically appear. You must make a grocery list,
go to the grocery store, shop for items, purchase them, bring them home, and
put them in the fridge. Obtaining a large goal is much the same way. You will
not get there overnight. It takes going through a series of steps, or smaller
goals, to find your way.

Smaller goals also help you to see the bigger picture. Instead of thinking that
you are never going to reach your final goal, you will see the progress that you
are making as you complete each smaller, more obtainable goal. This will give
you a sense of accomplishment, as well as help you to change your thinking to a
more positive mind set.

For some, personal development is also a matter of moving beyond past failures
and misfortune to see what is possible in the future. Often the negative
comments made by friends and family over a life time can be difficult to
overcome. Past failures, or just the feeling that one is a failure, are another
major obstacle. There are ways to move beyond these obstacles.

Personal development is really about making changes. Finding resources to make
changes, move past obstacles, set goals, and find happiness is not always easy.
But with all of the personal development books, articles, websites, and other
resources available, personal development and happiness can be obtained. For
those who need additional help moving past obstacles and making those changes,
a counselor or personal development coach can also be of great worth.

What is Your Personal Development Growth I.Q.?

Have you done a personal growth checklist on your life lately? Many goals are
never reached due to lack of self-assessments. It is frightening and
overwhelming to sit down and have to face yourself. Yet, in order for personal
development to happen, it is exactly what you must do.

Get yourself a small notebook to be used for all thoughts concerning you.
Inside these pages you will keep notes, to-do lists, inspirations and
basically, everything about you. When you put yourself on paper consistently,
it becomes a life management bible. Seeing who we are in written form is magic
to personal growth. There is value contained here about your purpose in living.
By privately writing down your daily to-do's, aspirations, or even 5 year plans,
these pages outline where your life is going. Where your life has been. The
notebook becomes your intimate novel to personal development growth. It makes
you self-aware of your behaviors and habits. It puts your dreams in your face
to encourage self-actualization. No matter how terrifying the pen gets, you
have opportunity to change your life on the very next page.

Getting your personal development growth I.Q. involves mastering the pages
you've written about yourself into new pages of re-inventing yourself and your
circumstances. It is through doing a consistent assessment of your life, and
bravely finding new ways to approach setbacks. Questions about who you are and
where you are going are constant within these pages. You have made yourself
accountable for your life by writing everything down. It is easier to take
personal responsibility for what happens to you if you acknowledge it with a
pen. You cannot grow if you do not know. So much happens to us in the course of
a day and can easily be missed as an opportunity for growth. By keeping notes,
it can be measured and evaluated. Days can melt into months, and years, leaving
us in the exact same spot as we began. And then the moment comes where we wonder
why our life didn't turn out the way we planned. It is because time moves
forward, and so should we.

Consider this self bible your life instructions. Critique yourself honestly.
Applaud the little successes you see, because had you not wrote them down you
probably would have missed them entirely. Life is a continual process of
renewal and opportunity. To measure your personal development growth I.Q., look
back on the pages of yesterday and see if you have climbed ladders or fell steps
down. What can be learned? What is within your power to change? How will you
recreate yourself in small ways tomorrow? Even one step different than the one
before begins a new path. By writing all of you down on paper you have made
yourself aware of you. Awareness acknowledges our existence in this world.

An added bonus to purging your thoughts on paper is the release. What is inside
you should come out to keep a healthy mind and attitude. This is why journals
exist. This is a reason people have day timers and diaries. Humans can take in
so much information daily, and then swirl it around into a feeling or opinion,
even a stressor. It is imperative to good mental health to release all this
somewhere else--preferably to paper and not another person.

Encourage good things to happen in your life. Help the process through timely
self-assessments. Re-invent yourself through writing. Face the written words
and change them.

What is Personal Development Coaching?

To understand what a personal development coach does, you must first understand
what personal development means. Personal development is a path towards well
being through behavior modification and self improvement techniques. Simply
put, it is being able to enjoy your life in a conscious way by improving
yourself and circumstances. It can be improving yourself in one area or a
complete overhaul of your life. Typically, personal growth is a consistent
intention done purposely daily. For many people, self improvement is a
continual necessary process. By improving ourselves, we dramatically improve
our outcomes and opportunities. But for many wishing to change, they lack the
knowledge or tools to do so. This is where personal development coaches came

Personal development coaching was created especially to educate and motivate
individuals who desired a positive vision for their life. Called "Life
Coaches", these teachers embrace powerful strategies for self management and
personal growth. There are different categories of life coaches. Each life
coach has his specialty area and unique approach. Some teach how to change
habits, while some embrace more spiritual design platforms. Personal
development coaching can include anything from how to improve your
relationships to overcoming public speaking. Whatever weak areas exist
in your life, a life coach can be called in to strengthen and encourage.

A life coach can help you redefine your purpose for living. They have the skill
and resources needed to re-direct your life into a more meaningful existence.
Everybody needs a strong support system and reinforcing positive feedback. It
is the food necessary for good mental health, and for personal growth. Not
everybody has access to a quality support system. Just as a personal body
trainer whips a person into physical shape, a life coach whips a person's life
into shape.

Life can layer setbacks easily. Confidence can wash in and out in a moment.
There are those stuck patterns in living which make it seem near impossible to
move forward. In personal development coaching these patterns are tackled head

It is with the help of a life coach self-actualization happens. The right life
coach will teach you how to be an over-comer. The message is delivered through
positive tools you can use to restructure problem areas. Many large companies
schedule professional and executive seminars to help their employees with
career objectives. Motivational speakers and life coaches aim hard with their
messages. The seminars are said to increase productivity and round out the work

Not everybody needs a life coach. Ascertaining whether or not you need one
depends on your needs. If you just cannot work through the setbacks, or if you
need to learn new behaviors, then you probably want to consider seeking out a
life coach.

Everybody is doing it, so never feel you have to struggle alone. You owe it to
yourself to maximize your human potential. The first step to self improvement
is acknowledging your weaknesses. The second step is to find the help you need.
A life coach could be your saving grace.

What is a Personal Development Consultant?

A personal development consultant is basically a coach that helps you help
yourself. The personal development consultant will guide you through a process
that will help you to develop an action plan for personal development, whether
it be in your career, starting a business, or just picking up the pieces of
your life after a major event such as divorce.

While you can certainly handle these activities on your own, a personal
development consultant can assist you in many ways. The personal development
consultant can help you by walking you through a step by step process of
discovering your strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills, interests, and
personality type. The personal development consultant can also help you to
identify your obstacles and determine ways to overcome those obstacles.
Finally, the personal development consultant can help you by providing you with
additional information and resources that you may not have realized existed.

Typically, the first step that your personal development consultant will take
you through is assessments. These assessments will tell both your consultant
and you a lot about you-your strengths, hopes, dreams, fears, weaknesses,
talents, skills, interests, and needs. All of these things are important when
determining the proper path for personal development. While you may think that
you know the answers to all of these questions, you may be surprised at what
you learn about yourself.

After this important step, your personal development consultant will walk you
through the processes of deciding what you want in the way of personal or
career growth, and how you will get there. This will involve setting goals,
deciding what needs to be done to meet those goals, identifying obstacles, and
identifying ways to remove those obstacles. Once you have your goals, timeline,
and resources in hand, your personal development consultant will be there to
support you and help you every step of the way to your ultimate goal.

Everything that you do with a personal development consultant will be about
setting goals, determining how to meet them, and setting a timeline for
success. Your consultant will also be there to help you achieve those goals
through support and resources. One of the most important roles of the personal
development consultant is as a support system. Especially for those with no
family or little contact with family, the support and motivation offered by the
consultant can drastically effect the amount of success you have in obtaining
personal growth.

When you work with a personal development consultant, you will meet with your
consultant for coaching, homework, discussion, and/or assessments. These
meeting can take place in an office, over the telephone, through email, in a
chat room, or through an instant messenger. The meetings will typically be two
to four times per week, lasting around an hour. If additional help is needed,
however, the personal development consultant is usually available by phone or
email for immediate needs that cannot wait until the next meeting.

Again, you could do all of these things without a personal development
consultant. But is it not easier to accomplish great things when you have
someone to assist you? Of course it is! That is the purpose of the personal
development consultant. The consultant is your partner, and works for you. He,
or she, is there to help you realize your dreams, and for no other reason or
purpose. With no hidden agendas, there is not a better way to get the help and
support you need to succeed.

The Thieves of Personal Development

Nothing is worse than having a dream for yourself and entities getting in the
way to keep you from it. The sad truth is those barriers to your dreams are
usually self-created. Personal development is hindered by four main thieves
operating on a daily basis within your life.

- Attitude 
- Motivation 
- Habits 
- Time

Everything you do is a choice. With you choices is always an outcome. On
another level, you could call it taking a personal responsibility for yourself.
If your life isn't flowing in the direction you wish, then perhaps it is time to
dissect these four areas in a self-evaluation.

Attitude: Accomplishing great things in your life is impossible if your
thoughts and words are contrary to it. When you wake in the morning are you
happy to have the new day? Has your mind closed down to the potential each day
brings? Doing an attitude self-check is essential to personal growth. Without
maintenance on our attitude daily, it is near impossible to embrace
opportunities which bring dreams closer to reality. If you take a good look
around you, you will see people stuck on auto pilot, caught up in stoic
repetition. An indifferent attitude is almost worse than a bad attitude. As you
grow older, it becomes even more necessary to feed your mind, wash your belief
systems and do daily maintenance checks on your attitude. Being unaware of poor
thoughts is a poor excuse for not being able to reach out for your dreams.
Attitude accountability is reaching out for resources and self-help tools
purposely. By not doing so, this thief surely will steal your joy of

Motivation: Simply put, motivation is having an "iron will". If you do not mean
to do something, you won't. You might dance around thoughts of doing something
while melting away on your couch, but until you actually initiate your will
through actions, it is only fluff. The hard truth is you are the biggest poser
in your own life if you have no motivation to accomplish a wanted dream or
goal. No one said finding motivation would be easy either. Every single person
has or has had difficulties with motivation. It remains a number one challenge
in personal development. There will always be the little voice inside you
telling you to get motivated later. Until you make up your mind to exercise
your will now, motivation will elude you, keeping it thief number two in
personal growth.

Habits: Habits keep you in your comfort zone. Habits provide security. They
feel safe, whether they are good habits or bad ones. They can also keep you
from moving on into new and uncharted areas of growth. Which habits do you
possess? Are they a part of your problem or part of your solution? Sometimes
poor habits become so ingrained into who you are, you don't
even notice how they rob your dreams. Developing new habits that are in sync
with your goals, is the key to personal development. You must emit behavior
which supports the results you want. The reason they are called habits is
because you do them over and over and over. To keep this thief robbing your
life, you must find ways to eliminate unproductive habits.

Time: The word speaks for itself. It is a universal container for holding all
of our life meaning. Finding time, not enough time, out of time: and to each
and every human is a lifetime. This is your food for thought: at the end of
your life, how will you have defined your journey in regards to time? Did you
make time work for you or did you do time? Each moment belongs solely to you,
to your choices and to your dreams. Respect the value of each moment life gives
you for all things meaningful.

The Path to Personal and Professional Development

The path to personal and professional development is different for everyone.
Depending on what your interests, dreams, and goals have become, your path to
personal and professional development will be different than anyone else.
Personal development and professional development are undoubtedly linked.
Without professional development and success, you cannot achieve personal
development and your personal dream. Because of this, there are some typical
similarities on the path to personal and professional development.

The first step on the path to personal and professional development is to
decide what exactly you want to do with your life and your career. To do this,
you must examine your strengths, weaknesses, interests, skills, and talents.
Discovering more about yourself and what you want from life will help you to
find your way to a rewarding and fulfilling career that will take you where you
most want to go.

Once you have decided what career path you want to take, you have to figure out
how to get there, and how you will obtain your ultimate dream. Most personal and
professional development requires some kind of furthering education beyond high
school. If your career can be started without education, you may want to start
your career and continue your education while working.

There are many ways that you can do this. There are part time and nigh classes
available through most community colleges and small universities. One great way
to continue your personal and professional development is through online
colleges and universities. These learning institutions allow you to advance in
personal and professional development on a flexible schedule that allows you to
work around your career.

Another part of personal and professional development is recognizing your
obstacles, and how you need to overcome them. For example, resources such as
Federal Financial Aid or your local community college financial aid department
will be able to assist you in overcoming obstacles such as payment of high
tuition and book costs for college courses. Another example of overcoming
obstacles might be surrounding yourself with a positive and motivating support
system, while removing yourself from negative comments of current family and

A large section of your path to personal and professional development is
setting goals and a timeline for achieving them. Having a dream is great. But
that dream will be much easier to achieve if you set obtainable, periodic
goals, rather than focusing on the larger goal of your dream. Setting goals and
creating a timeline for success is a great way to advance your personal and
professional development.

Once you have set your goals, created a timeline for success, and made those
first steps toward achieving your first minor goal, you will be well on your
way down the path to personal and professional development. There are many
books, websites, and magazines that will help you on your way. For additional
help and information, you may wish to look into hiring a personal and
professional development coach, trainer, or consultant. These professionals can
greatly help you in your self assessments, as well as goal setting and finding
resources to help you meet your goals for success.

The Importance of Personal Development Seminars

Personal development seminars exist for many reasons. Primarily, because in
today's world there is such a calling for them. The world is culpable in
draining hope from the human spirit, leaving one gasping for renewal. What the
world takes away, these seminars can restore in better form. They are a place
for others to connect, to receive a universal message through learning.

Knowledge is the key to change. Vital educational tools for advancement in life
can be collected by attending personal development seminars. Strong associations
can be established for support in accomplishing goals. Positive support systems
are necessary for feedback. Seminars unify people in ways most day to day
situations cannot. The collective energy found in seminars is amazing. Where
else can you find so many others searching out the same feeding as you are?
These seminars for change are meant to be life altering. For many it is good
medicine for the soul. Gaining valuable knowledge you can apply in your own
life is equivalent to being reborn.

Renewed purpose is self-discovery at its best. Personal development seminars
are designed to teach you a new way to see your life. The possibilities for
success in areas such as business or personal relationships become endless. The
point of seminars is to empower you. To give you a new vision of life. To help
you get the life you want. To help you restore balance to your life. To change

Balance is delicate, unspoken force operating in our world. So much meaning in
our lives is dependent on how balanced our lives are. If one area is weak, it
can affect all other areas as well. On top of that, balance affects mental
health and physical health. Poor choices result from a life off kilter.
Dysfunctional behavior can be right behind. Being proactive in restoring
balance can begin with attending a personal development seminar. Identifying
the sources of imbalance and creating a self-improvement plan is one of the
many offerings of seminars.

The instructors at these seminars are a well of information. Not enough could
be said to applaud the amount of inspiration they bring to the wanting soul.
They are able to transform lives with words. Few people can exit a personal
development seminar without feeling invigorated and blessed by the experience.
Between the knowledge learned and the delivery of it by the instructors,
everyone walks away with new aspirations.

Growth is necessary for opportunities to flourish in life. Life balance can be
a friend or a foe, and must be checked through regular maintenance. No one else
determines the outcomes in your life but you. Insight can be found through
seminars. So can renewal in life purpose. Passion for one's life can be
returned. Valuable tools for change are gained at personal development
seminars. Support systems and lifetime relationships are created. The world is
hungry for what is good insides you. It is when this happens, you must know how
to put the good back in. It is for this, personal development seminars exist.

The Importance of Personal Career Development for Students

For several decades, high schools across the United States have instituted a
Career Day for seniors. This is a day when local area business professionals
visit the high school and introduce career options to high school students.
However, these Career Days are not enough to truly assist the high school
student in making plans for the future. This is the reason that many young and
middle aged adults are now seeking the guidance of personal career development

While personal career development coaches offer a much needed service to those
who did not plan for their future at an early stage, more should be done to
assist the younger generations in personal career development. When high school
students have a clear understanding of the best career choices for them, the end
result is better planning, more college enrollments, and a more productive
society for the future.

Many high schools now offer a Career Week to address these personal career
development issues. The Career Week is a continuation of the Career Day. One or
two days of the week are dedicated to introducing seniors to career options by
seasoned professionals in the community. The rest of the career week is
dedicated to assessments much like those offered by personal career development

The personal career development assessments allow the high school students to
explore their interests, values, strengths, and weaknesses. These personal
career development assessments are then run through a computer system, which
produces a report that outlines the best career choices for that high school
student. The high school students then take the personal career development
further by going through the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is one of the best personal career
development tools in the high school arsenal. This publication is put out both
in book and electronic form by the United States Department of Labor Bureau of
Labor Statistics. The Occupational Outlook Handbook allows students to explore
personal career development options by providing information about career
details, job and industry outlooks for the future, average salaries, and
required education.

Once the high school students have completed the personal career development
assessments and explored career options, each high school student engages in a
personal career development interview with a high school counselor or personal
career development coach. This interview allows the student to more fully
explore and discuss career options, and make a decision about the path that
they want their career to take. The counselor or personal career development
coach then provides the high school student with several resources to help them
start on their path to personal career development.

Another part of the personal career development activities is a visit by the
counselor or the personal career development coach to senior classrooms. In
these sessions, information is provided about the importance of goal setting in
personal career development. The students are given resources for practical goal
setting, and begin to lay out their personal career development plan on paper.

The importance of personal career development for high school students is not a
new concept. However, schools are just now starting to really put the plans for
education in personal career development into place. With these initiatives,
more high school students will be prepared to begin education or careers soon
after high school, thereby creating a much more productive society for our

The Importance of Personal and Social Development in Business

Many people wonder why they do not have the success that they want in business.
Most of the time, the reason will be right under their nose; they are just
unable to see it. The first thing that someone who is not successful in
business should ask is, "Am I successful in my personal life and
relationships?" If the answer is no, then you now have your answer as to why
you are not successful in business. You cannot have a successful career if you
do not have adequate personal and social development.

The business world is not your entire life, as much as it may seem to be. Your
career is but one aspect of your life that also includes friends, family, and
personal needs and issues. The only way to have success in your career is by
having success in personal and social development. A balance must be struck.
True success cannot be had in one area of your life and not another. This is
how personal development, social development, and business development are all
linked together.

Personal development is about how you handle your life, thoughts, feelings,
emotions, and reactions. Personal development techniques include goal setting,
changing to a positive mind set, and learning to deal with all situations in a
positive manner. These skills will transfer to the workplace in business
development. Without goal setting, time management skills, and positive
thinking, a successful career is not possible.

Social development is about how you deal with other people. Obviously, people
skills and social development are necessary for business development and a
successful career. How you interact with your co-workers, your boss, and your
customers, clients, or prospects is just as important as your actual work
performance. Social development skills include situation management, stress
management, problem solving, dispute resolution, and communication skills.
Without proper social development, you cannot have a successful career.

Besides helping with your business development, personal and social development
will help you to realize how successful you truly are in your career. Through
personal development skills such as time management and organization, you will
be able to better manage your finances and household. This will allow you to
better see and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Social development will also
help you realize your success as you develop stronger relationships with your
friends and family, and gain more support from these groups than you ever have
before through improved communication skills.

There are some obstacles to personal and social development, just as there are
obstacles to business development. But all in all, by developing your personal,
social, and business skills, one will undoubtedly resolve the others. For
example, if your business development is hindered by a lack of support, working
on social development skills like communication can gain you the support you
need from friends and family. If you have trouble developing social skills due
to hindrance by past events or criticisms, then you can focus on personal
development by changing your mind set.

Overall, happiness and success in all areas of your life are dependent upon a
balance between personal and social development. Whether your ultimate goal is
to become a successful professional or an efficient housewife, personal and
social development will work for you to help you realize your goals and become
successful in every aspect of your life.

Finding Help From An Internet Personal Development Business

You have decided to make changes in your life, so where do you begin? The
internet is an excellent resource for personal development. Online you will
discover a multitude of options. There are life courses, life coaches and
online tutoring. There is free information on self improvement, and there is
access to paid courses and e-books.

As the world grows more interested in taking control of their lives, wealth has
become more than a word to describe financial success. Wealth now includes the
life of overall "well being." We want to get the most joy from our lives as we
can possibly can. Our momentum for personal development is gaining at light
speeds. Truth and awareness prevail over our thoughts in a day. No longer are
we content to just be.

If you have come to a crossroad in your life, then it is time to identify
problem areas that are holding you back. If you crave balance and harmony, then
seek out internet personal development businesses and the website guru's who
make a difference. Steve is an excellent online source for gaining
valuable tools and information. This site is the personal development hub. On
it, you will be able to access his articles and guest interviews. There are pod
casts as well as leads to other internet personal development businesses. He has
managed to provide good resources to e-books and online courses.

One of the hottest personal developments books to hit the markets lately is
"The Secret". In the book, "The Law of Attraction" is unfolded. It is explained
as a powerful tool to learn to create what you want in life. The book addresses
thoughts, feelings, and actions working together as a creative force in your
life. It further addresses intention and visualization as tools to encourage
positive outcomes. "The Secret" represents a new wave in unique self-help
genres using knowledge which is centuries old.

Also consider spiritual sources and guidance. Finding ourselves can mean
turning it all over to a higher power. Understanding what spiritually mean to
you, and how it operates within your life is key to maintaining hope. Never let
it be said that faith is not a good thing. Spiritual feedings can be good
medicine for the soul. People are notorious for keeping daily affirmations a
part of their routine, giving the heart and head a cleansing. In cyber world,
these sites are plentiful. Spiritual evangelists are many, and offering a
different kind of self improvement.

No matter what station you are at in life, challenges are by the wheelbarrow.
They are presented daily to teach us to be over comers. Many people do not have
the proper knowledge or tools to do such a thing on a continual basis. Internet
personal development businesses are a godsend for the thirsty spirit. There is
promise in the words these sites deliver. Above that, they restore hope and
offer inspiration. An investment in yourself is the number one focus of
personal development.

Easy to Create Adobe Business Development Documents

When working to develop or grow a business, many companies both large and small
use business development practices, coaching, and documents to put their
management on the same page. Business development practices and ideas are the
cornerstone of growth and success for any business. Business development refers
to activities of idea formation, goal setting, and overcoming obstacles for the
common good of the company. One of the best ways to promote business
development practices and ideas is through adobe business development documents.

There are many advantages to using adobe business development documents. One of
the most notable advantages to using adobe business development documents is the
ability to lock some areas of the form, while allowing managers and leaders who
use the adobe business development documents to manipulate, or input
information, into other areas of the forms. Another advantage to using adobe
business development documents is that they can be used online, on a server, or
via another document sharing system. This allows for tighter security of
confidential information that may exist on the adobe business development

Another advantage to using adobe business development documents is the ease
with which you can create adobe business development documents to suit any
needs of your company or organization. With adobe, you can easily create
assessments for business development activities using check boxes, radio
buttons, fill in the blank, and other elements of traditional forms. These form
features can be locked so that they cannot be altered, but answers can be given.

When you create an adobe business development document, you can do so using a
document template or a scanned image of previous business development
documents. You can easily add text, radio buttons, check boxes, and fill in the
blank spaces. You can also easily manipulate the adobe business development
documents for easy updating in order to keep up with current business
development techniques.

Adobe document software now has additional features available. With the new
adobe intelligent documents, a combination of pdf and xml is used to allow for
more possibilities. This new intelligent document also allows your adobe
business development documents to be filled out and utilized online, with no
copies needed to be saved to individual computers. This gives added security to
your adobe business development documents.

Creating adobe business development documents can be fairly simple. If you are
not sure how to create adobe business development documents, simple classes in
the use of the full Adobe package are available. Users of the adobe business
development documents will not need this training, and will only need the
newest adobe acrobat reader to view and fill out the adobe business development

Additionally, security is easily added to adobe business development documents
through password protection. The password can easily be set on the adobe
business development document itself, or through the document sharing online
service or server. This will prevent confidential information such as business
plans, development ideas, and new product line ideas from entering the hands of
competitors, or being lost to computer hackers and viruses.

About A Personal Development Home Based Business

There is really a need for personal development home based businesses. Self
improvement is a top priority for people today. In business, employees who
improve their skills improve their chances of promotion. In relationships,
people are trying to connect with each by acquiring better communication
skills. On a deeper level, we are all trying to take the reins of the future
ourselves and control our destiny. It is not enough anymore to just be content
with what is in our lives when we know knowledge is power. Today's collective
momentum is born out of a choice to live consciously. Life fulfillment can be
found in being aware of the choices we make and the accountability we take
towards those choices.

Personal development home base businesses have been around for awhile. However,
the boom for these services have jumped since the success of the book and movie
called "The Secret". In this popular book "The laws of attraction" became a new
catalyst for getting what you want out of life. It is this ideology which is
responsible for a new breath of air into the personal development arena. "The
Secret" is a outspoken reminder to aspire to all things possible within our

Should you consider a personal development home based business? If you are
passionate about being a mentor to others, or have a good knowledge base of
personal development skills or resources, then perhaps this is for you. You may
embrace a special area of focus or have particular strengths which are desired
in teaching others. The worse reason for getting into personal development is
just to make money. Too many people exist that are seeking genuine help with
their life, that it would be a disservice to the whole personal development

When embarking on this career choice, evaluate your purpose and what you will
specialize in. Do you hold a special ability to motivate people? Then perhaps a
motivational speaker is for you. You could focus your area around public
speaking seminars. Once you identify your purpose in the personal development
field, you can design a plan for success. If the idea of going alone scares
you, then consider joining a legitimate personal development franchise with
home businesses. Many organizations of this kind are always looking for healthy
additions to their businesses.

The future looks positive for growth in the personal development field. Our
world is increasingly hungry for change, for growth and for complete control of
our lives. We want spiritual enlightenment, physical and emotional well-being,
and financial freedom. Humans are craving to feel complete in their lives. We
are living new truths about ourselves. We are examining with a microscope our
co-existence with others. Hungry for new information, people are actively
seeking out personal development avenues. The demand for knowledge on
self-improvement is insatiable. It is this field which provides those seeking
with not only tools for change, but with inspiration and confidence. No other
field exists today which can provide spirit renewal like personal development.

Finding the Right Personal Trainer for Business Development

A personal trainer for business development is a coach that will help you to
realize your dreams, goals, and achieve success through careful step by step
planning and processes. The personal trainer for business development is there
to help you with resources, support, motivation, and planning of your business
venture. You can find a personal trainer for business development in a number
of different ways, and in many places. The key is to find the right personal
trainer for business development for you.

There are several things to consider when looking for a personal trainer for 
business development. The first thing that you will be likely to consider is 
cost. To that end, you will want to shop around for the lowest price for a 
personal trainer. There are many personal trainers available at various costs. 
The least expensive and most qualified personal trainers for business development 
are available through government and community agencies.

One such agency is S.C.O.R.E., which is affiliated with the Small Business
Administration. This group of business professionals and personal trainers are
available to you with inside information about legal matters, tax matters,
registration requirements, and the best structure options for your business
venture. This type of information is important, and likely one of the reasons
that you are looking for a personal trainer for business development in the
first place. S.C.O.R.E., like other personal trainers, will also have
information available to you about resources for funding, grants, loans, and
other financial resources that you may be unaware of.

You also want to make sure that the personal trainer that you choose
specializes in business development. There are many different types of personal
trainers for different types of personal and professional development. Finding a
personal trainer that specializes in business development is the best way to get
the support and resources that you need to be successful in your business

There are several steps that your personal trainer for business development
will lead you through to help you create a successful business. First, your
personal trainer will make sure that the business that you want to develop is a
sound business venture. To do this, the personal trainer will take your skills,
talents, experience, and resources into consideration. Once these assessments
are completed, the personal trainer will help you with your business
development by walking you through the steps of a marketing and business plan.

When you are ready, the personal trainer will help you to develop your business
by implementing the plans that you made while under their care and tutelage. If
any problems arise or you begin to have doubts, your personal trainer for
business development will be there for support, guidance, and resources.

While you can certainly handle these matters on your own, it can be very
helpful to have the assistance and the advice of someone who really knows the
ins and outs of starting a business venture. The personal trainer for business
development will be your best and most valuable asset in your professional
arsenal. He or she will be able to assist you with funding, planning,
implementing, marketing, infrastructure, technology issues and decisions,
patent or copyright protection, and other areas of business development and
business law.

Finding Personal Development Coaching Resources in Essex

The sudden interest in and popularity of personal development coaching has not
escaped Essex, where finding personal development coaching resources is easier
than ever before. There are many organizations, online communities, and online
directories available that will help you to find personal development coaching
resources in Essex. Best of all, many of the places to find personal
development coaching resources in Essex are free to use and browse.

One of the best places to find personal development coaching resources in Essex
is through the United Kingdom Life Coaching Directory. This website allows for
individuals to search through a directory of accredited life and personal
development coaching resources in Essex. You will also find many informational
resources here, free to the internet surfer. These free personal development
coaching resources in the Essex Directory are great tools to learn if personal
development coaching is right for you.

Another great resource for personal development coaching in Essex is The
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. This website has many
articles available about personal development coaching in Essex, the benefits
of personal development coaching in Essex, and whether or not personal
development coaching is right for you. There is also a directory available to
find personal development coaching in Essex.

The Essex Coaching Community is another great resource for personal development
coaching resources in Essex. This group of personal development coaches in Essex
work together to stay up to date on personal development techniques. They are
also accredited, and a phone call to their home office will get you information
about which personal development coaching resources are accredited and
registered with the group. You can also get information about average prices
for personal development coaching in Essex.

The Essex Group is another group of accredited personal development coaching in
Essex. One of the best personal development coaching resources at the Essex
Group website is the online assessment tools. Assessment of personal values,
strengths, weaknesses, skills, and talents are a necessary first step in any
personal development coaching plan. The Essex group makes this element of
personal development coaching easy with online tools, available with a
purchased password. The Essex Group also offers many helpful personal
development coaching links, as well as a question and answer forum. The Essex
Group also provides business development coaching resources and personal
development coaching seminars in Essex.

Other directories such as Healthy Pages, as well as general online business
directories can also help you find personal development coaching resources in
Essex. These directories will likely yield less expensive solutions. However,
keep in mind that the above mentioned organizations and associations are filled
with screened and accredited personal development coaching resources in Essex.
With general directories and less prestigious health directories, you will not
have this type of guarantee about the personal development coaching resources
that you receive from these Essex sites.

With all of the interest and popularity, and the recognition of importance that
personal development coaching is receiving in Essex today, finding appropriate
personal development coaching resources in Essex should be fairly simple. Look
around and discover the options, then make an informed decision on which
personal development coaching services in Essex are right for you or your

Benefits of Using Business Development Adobe Documents

Business development can be a daunting and challenging venture. Business
development refers to the development of or growth of businesses. Most often,
business development coaches are hired by individuals who would like to start a
business. These individuals must often choose from unaccredited business
development coaches, or less effective and inexpensive business development
training packages due to a lack of funds as they start their business. One way
that business development coaches can lower their fees for these individuals
and make business development more accessible is by cutting their own costs of
the business development training, such as documents and worksheets.

The best way to cut your costs as a business development coach is through
business development adobe documents. There are many assessments, worksheets,
and homework assignments that must be completed by the individual seeking
business development training. Using business development adobe documents can
save your business money on this document production. Then, the business
development coach can pass those savings on to their newer clients.

There are many advantages to using business development adobe documents. First,
you save money on document production. By using an inexpensive document server,
you can share your business development adobe documents with your clients
without the cost of printing or copying many worksheets, assessments, and
homework assignments for each client. The business development adobe documents
are placed on the document server by the business development coach. Then, the
client can access these business development adobe documents by a given
username and password, given upon payment. The client can print the business
development adobe documents on their own, without the need for you to email the
files individually, or the need to make copies for in house consulting.

One of the great advantages to using business development adobe documents is
that the client will be aware of what is coming in their business development
training by viewing the available business development adobe documents on the
document server. This prepares the client for the next business development
training session. By being prepared to discuss the topic, with the adobe
documents completed and ready, the sessions can be shortened and more

Another one of the advantages to using business development adobe documents
over word processing documents is the ability to lock various portions of the
document, while leaving other portions to be manipulated. In other words, the
business development adobe documents can be created as forms that can be filled
out, while the forms themselves cannot be changed. Also, you can easily create
assessments as business development adobe documents, through the effective use
of check boxes and radio buttons.

In a society where training most often happens over the internet rather than
face to face, the use of business development adobe documents is a great way to
maintain streamlined training with ease. With a document server, the business
development adobe documents can be shared with clients to save time and money
on document production. The up to date business development coach should
seriously consider using business development adobe documents.

Begin a Personal Development Entrepreneur Business

Do you have the passion or ambition to help others? Are you diligent in your
pursuit of self-improvement? Have you transformed your life and now want to
teach others your secret? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a
personal development entrepreneur business is probably your calling in life.

Taking on the personal development industry isn't as hard as it appears. What
is needed first and foremost is the knowledge and skills to teach others. Maybe
you have collected years worth of methods which have worked for you that you can
share. Establishing a clear purpose is essential. Your focus should represent
your strengths as well as your abilities. If you are a natural at public
speaking, then consider something along the lines of a motivational speaker.
There is a high demand for people who enjoy public speaking. Being a
motivational speaker embraces giving people confidence to reach their
potential. If you have a unique style to present your self-help methods
verbally than develop that skill.

Maybe you are better at the written word. If that is the case, then begin a
personal development entrepreneur business online. Creating a website is easier
than ever now, and it is relatively low cost. There are website design companies
eager to have your business. They compete to offer design packages which will
ensure success with your website. Once you have outlined your initial goals for
the website, maintenance and upkeep on current subjects becomes easy. All you
require for online services is a diligent attitude and being able to provide a
value. Not enough can be said about value. Content on your website should be
top notch. Too many sites exist which do nothing but lead somewhere else.
Research other personal development sites and take notes on what works for you.

If you want to inspire people but feel shy about the prospect of going it
alone, then opt for those personal development entrepreneur businesses already
operating. Many have franchises or training programs. Some can teach you the
business end of operations, while others may groom you to be a life coach.
Always research the company that you are interested in. There are good,
legitimate companies available to get involved with. On the flip side, there
are also scams and empty promises running amuck in cyber world. Seek out
companies with solid reputations.

The personal development entrepreneur business world is flourishing. There is
always room for one more because people are starved for new information. New
approaches are always needed. As the world evolves and changes constantly, so
does the individual operating within it. Self improvement skills and life
strategies delivered by powerful leaders restore hope. It is a feel-good arena
measured through individual successes.

Take your passion and fly, by beginning your own self transformation to a new
career If you love people and making a difference in their life, the personal
development industry is for you. There may be something special you offer to
others which will make you the next big thing in the personal development

Do You Need A Life Coach For Personal Development?

There comes a point in everyone's life where we are stuck. Our lives need a
serious makeover. Some define it as 'being in a rut' or 'caught in a funk'.
Some don't even bother to put a voice behind it, just hoping it will go away.
The lucky ones find a path to shore, while many of us are still treading in
deep waters. So how do you know when to call for help?

The first indication you might need help is if your life is not producing the
desired outcomes you want. There are signs all around you telling you something
is wrong. Usually it begins with your inner monologue. Humans have an uncanny
ability to create thought patterns which are self-defeating. When things are
not going well in our external environment, it is turned internally as a
repetitive voice for failure. These thoughts become validated when something
else goes wrong. At some point in the pattern, giving up hope seems a viable
option. This is when you call for a little help. When you can recognize you
can't do it alone.

A life coach restores hope with learning tools and resources you may have never
considered. The defining ability a life coach offers for personal development is
an optimal support system. Having someone to guide you back into the right lane
can be a saving grace in your life.

Another reason to have a life coach is help you do a self-inventory. A life
coach can sit down with you and identify problem areas in your life. They have
the professional qualifications to assist in developing a realistic plan for
your personal development. It is with encouragement and a total dissection of
every part of your world a life coach makes impact.

Over time our behaviors become learned and some behaviors need to be unlearned.
Especially behaviors which have scooted our lives into wrong directions.
Sometimes we are not aware of the self-defeating behaviors which hinder our
personal growth. A life coach knows techniques for positive reinforcement in
learned processes. They help you with a self-assessment and follow up with a
self-help plan. Every life coach has different approaches to their
instructions. Some life coaches focus on certain areas, such as business
coaching or financial plans. There are others who help you to find your life
purpose or spiritual destiny.

It is okay to reach out for help when you find yourself lost in the tides. The
first step is acknowledging the need. The second step you must take is to find
a life coach who is applicable to your individual situation. You must keep
seeking avenues for personal development. Your mind and your life patterns
should always be renewed. Learning new ways of doing things, or new ways to
think about yourself is essential for personal growth. A life coach can throw
you a lifeline. Better yet, a life coach can restore a vital part of yourself
you forgot all about through your strife: a vision for your life.

Common Barriers to Personal Growth and Development

Do you find yourself striving to move forward, but getting nowhere? You likely
have barriers to personal growth and development that you may not even be aware
of. Many people have barriers to personal growth and development that hold them
back from achieving their personal or career goals in life. However, regardless
of the nature of your barriers to personal growth and development, you can
overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals with a few lifestyle and mindset

The most common barrier to personal growth and development is your own
imagination. How much a person can accomplish is only limited by the vision and
determination of the person. If you think that you cannot accomplish something,
then you will fail. If you think that you can accomplish something, and you put
in the effort, you will succeed. Often, personal growth and development is often
that simple.

Another common barrier to personal growth and development is past failures or
events. Often our past failures or bad events in our lives get in the way of
personal growth and development. It is natural for our minds to dwell on such
events, but only by moving past them can we truly grow as people and in our
careers. These incidents must be put aside so that we can accomplish our goals.

Another common barrier to personal growth and development is our support
systems, or lack of support. Negative messages from family, friends, and
co-workers will only serve to bring us down, not lift us up. Surrounding
yourself with people who are like minded and striving for success in their
careers and their life will help you to do the same. Whether you get support
from an organized group, your friends, or your family makes no difference. The
support that you get, the motivational pep talks and the shoulder to cry on
when things go wrong, will help you to realize all of your goals and overcome
your barriers to personal growth and development.

One of the less common barriers to personal growth and development is the basic
lack of planning. Many people go through life taking what is handed to them,
without ever setting down goals and striving to exceed expectations. Setting
goals, figuring out how to reach those goals, and making a timeline for success
is a vitally important and often ignored barrier to personal growth and

Remember, whatever your personal barriers to personal growth and development,
you can overcome your obstacles. Any person who sets goals, creates a timeline
for success, has adequate support, and strives for excellence can overcome
these barriers to personal growth and development and achieve the success that
all people deserve.

If you need further assistance in personal growth and development, you can find
a lot of information on the internet or in books through your local library or
your favorite online book store. Personal development coaches, career
development profiles, and other personal growth and development tools can also
help you to overcome obstacles and achieve what seemed like the impossible.

How to Create a Personal Leadership Development Plan

Many people think that management and leadership go hand in hand automatically.
But just because you are a manager does not mean that you are a leader. Many
management techniques are being thrown out the window in favor of leadership
skills. But making the transition between manager and leader can be difficult
for some. The best way to become an effective leader is by creating a personal
leadership development plan.

The first thing that you need to do to create a personal leadership development
plan is to understand the difference between management and leadership. While
some do not see the difference, others cannot explain it. Quite simply,
management is something that you do. It is a career. Leadership is having
strength and courage in your convictions, and the ability to see those
convictions manifest in reality.

So what are your convictions? You may think that you know what you believe in,
but it is important to take a step back and actually list your beliefs and
values. There are many assessments available that can help you do this. This
important step in creating a personal leadership development plan will likely
teach you things about yourself that you yourself did not realize were true. It
may seem like a waste of time, but until you know what your convictions are, you
cannot manifest them in reality through effective leadership.

Once you have a clear understanding of your convictions, you need to apply them
to your organization. Do not look at numbers and people. Look at the overall
purpose and mission of the company. Then, narrow your view to your team, and
finally yourself. If you do not see your values and beliefs reflected in your
actions, the actions of your team, and the actions of the company, then your
work is cut out for you.

When creating your personal leadership development plan, first outline your
beliefs, ethics, and values. Then, outline the ways that those beliefs, ethics,
and values show in your actions within the organization. Are there ways that you
need to improve? What support does your team need to obtain personal and
organizational success that you have failed to give them? After all, their
success is your success. Write down all of your thoughts and ideas for
manifesting your convictions in the reality of your team and organization. This
is the bare bones of your personal leadership development plan.

Next, do your homework. Talk to your employees, team members, customers, and
suppliers to learn what more you can do or be that will assist you in
manifesting your convictions and your personal leadership development plan. Sit
back and listen to the ideas and feelings of others. This is the only way that
you can learn from other perspectives what is needed for organizational or team
success. Until you are aware of the changes that need to be made, you will not
be able to make any changes for the common good of the organization and your

Remember that while you may be able to affect change in your own small part of
the world, the organization as a whole may not reflect your convictions any
time soon. Change within large corporations is either very slow or nonexistent.
Watch for signs that your personal leadership development plan is making a
difference in your immediate environment.

How To Begin A Personal Development Plan

Recreate your life with a personal development plan. Devising a solid map to
improving your life requires taking an honest look at your life. If you wish to
re-invent yourself, each area of your life must be dissected .Knowing what it is
you wish to change is how to begin the process. You must have a focus for
learning a new set of behaviors. Think about where you are now and where you
see yourself upon completing a goal. A goal is like a finish line, you run
forward for the accomplishment. You aim for the prize.

Setting goals is top priority in a personal development plan. It requires a
specific and clear intention followed by action. Once you have established your
goal, it should be followed with consistent behaviors which are conducive to
reaching that goal. How do you learn new behaviors? By educating yourself.
Seeking knowledge on your specific area of focus is crucial for replacing old
behaviors or habits with new ones. Plenty of resources exist today for
self-help. On any level, you can find information to teach you how to identify
problem areas in your life. If in the process you find yourself overwhelmed,
frustrated or just plain stuck, consider using a life coach.

Life coaches are a wonderful resource for success with a personal development
plan. They can provide a strong support system. They have knowledge of
self-improvement tools and skills to teach them to you. A life coach will give
you positive feedback and encourage you to persevere. Not everyone can do it
alone, that is why life coaches exist. There is a lot to be said about someone
cheering you on as go for it. They can help monitor your successes and setbacks.

Whether or not you choose to use a life coach or go it alone, be sure to zero
in on your strengths. It is easy to fall prey to loss of confidence from not
focusing on strengths. Learn new skills to complement your strengths and
confidence. It is amazing how learning affects over-all well being.

When you create your personal development plan, realize magic doesn't happen
overnight. It is becoming conscious of your world and how you operate within
it. Daily you must make choices that benefit your goals. By doing so,
eventually the prize does appear. You must also realize that personal
development is a life choice. Some people appear content to meander in their
world, oblivious to needed changes. However, life is meant for change. If you
do the same things over and over, you will get the same results. Self
improvement in life settings and circumstances should always be considered
relevant and necessary.

You can recreate your life with a good personal development plan.
Self-assessment of problem areas of your life is the first step. Set realistic
goals. Choose actions and behaviors which benefit the goals. Maintain a
positive support system. And most of all, applaud yourself for wanting
something different for your life.

How Personal Development Training Assists Management

Most management professionals today enter their first management position
straight out of college. These management professionals think that they are
prepared for anything after four or six years of schooling and higher
education. But when they begin to encounter real life scenarios on the job,
they are at a loss. Why? They lack the basic personal development skills that
are required for good management practices.

This is main reason that companies and corporations are paying big bucks to put
their management through personal development training. Business schools teach
management theory and practices, but do not provide practical applications.
And, while time management and organizational skills may be stressed, personal
development is not really focused on during this schooling.

Personal development training assists management in many ways. First, personal
development training incorporates assessments that allow management to discover
their weaknesses and strengths, and learn how to strengthen weak areas. This
assessment and correction may involve many aspects of personal development, but
is an important first step toward more effective management.

One of the important ways that personal development can assist management is
through learning how to set obtainable goals that lead to an ultimate goal.
This is helpful not only in planning goals for personal purposes, but in
planning goals and a timeline for an ultimate goal when managing a team of

Time management and goal planning are important aspects of management. Without
these skills, deadlines cannot be met. Another important aspect of time
management is delegation. Management must learn to delegate tasks so that more
work gets accomplished in the end. Additionally, management should be able to
assist employees with time management and goal planning skills for the benefit
of the team, management, and the company.

Another way that personal development training assists management is through
the development of social skills. This aspect of personal development training
will assist management in dealing with and communicating with their employees.
This type of personal development management training typically focuses on
dispute resolution and problem solving abilities.

Much of how management deals with others has to do with mind set. If management
treats the employees like they are underlings rather than equals and refuses to
listen to new ideas, it is an indication of a superior mind set. The best way
to resolve this issue is to learn that as a manager you do not know everything,
and listening to the ideas of others is a worthwhile venture. These skills can
be developed through personal development management training.

Personal development training also assists management through stress management
techniques. Stress management is important when trying to meet deadlines, and
work a team through helping to meet deadlines. This is also part of social
development, as management learns how stress affects the way that they deal
with their employees and clients. Changing how management deals with stress
will improve office relationships and communication.

Personal development training assists management in many other, more subtle
ways. Leadership skills, motivational techniques, and customer management
skills can all be improved through personal development training.

Personal Trainer Ideas for Business Development

Taking on the role as personal trainer for business development, especially in
a large company or corporation, can be quite a daunting task. Where most people
who involve themselves in personal development or small business development,
those who are meeting with a personal trainer for business development probably
do not really want to be there. These people are only meeting with the personal
trainer because it is being required by the company or corporation.

The challenge in these situations is to make the personal training fun and
interesting so that business development is possible, even when working with
unwilling trainees. Ideas for business development training that are
innovative, interesting, and captivating for your reluctant audience is the
solution. Here are some tips for personal trainer ideas for business
development that can help you overcome the challenge.

1. Use acronyms. If you do not have an acronym for a phrase, make one up with
your imagination. Funny acronyms are a great way to hold attention and get
points across. This is also a great way for the personal trainer to make
business development ideas stick in the memory of the reluctant listener.

2. Use games to break the ice and create a fun atmosphere for learning. This is
an old but reliable idea that the personal trainer for business development
could and should take advantage of, especially when working in groups that are

3. Keep topics as brief as possible. One website offers an explanation of
negotiation techniques in less than six hundred words. Making complex topics
like negotiation into short explanations will keep your audience interested,
and more information and techniques will seep into their memories for
application in business development.

4. Play games to reinforce key points. After explaining a series of techniques,
the personal trainer can use buzz word bingo or a similar game to keep the ideas
flowing for business development.

5. Use ridiculous scenarios to prove a point. The personal trainer can use
funny hypothetical situations as demonstrations of what not to do for business
development. This is a great idea that will lead to more ideas and more
participation from the members of the group.

6. Use role playing to improve skills. The personal trainer who uses this idea
will be very successful in business development aspects such as management
techniques, interviewing processes, and workplace social issues. By getting
your participants to actually participate, you will be more likely to promote
actual business development instead of bored and inactive listeners.

7. Use funny stories to show the importance of time management. There are many
funny stories and analogies available for use for this idea for this aspect of
business development. You can find them in books, articles, and on personal
trainer websites.

8. Introduce fun team building games and activities. An important aspect of
business development is learning to work together as a team. The personal
trainer can introduce fun games as an idea for team building as a weekly Friday
office ritual. These activities will promote the continuation of business
development after the personal trainer and ideas are long gone.

Personal Growth and Development Systems

Personal growth and development systems exist for those wishing transformation
in their lives. There are individual platforms of self improvement available.
Resources such as life coaches and internet personal growth systems are
abundant for those seeking change.

Life planning: This area of expertise provides skills and strategies for
encompassing your life through total awareness. Coaches or mentors outline
specific weak areas needed for improvement and help to develop an individual
plan for success. It could involve setting goals, motivation, or time
management. The realm of life planning may also involve physical or mental
self-help, or even financial. Also included in life planning systems is
resource management guidance.

Executive or Professional systems: Many companies offer personal growth and
development systems seminars to give their employees better tools for success.
They understand the employees need for better strategies in effective
communications and time management. This area specifically focuses on career
potential. It is said that those who attend the seminars have a higher
self-esteem and are more confident in their career interactions.

Financial/Legal systems: Debt consolidation and financial planning companies
remain a booming industry. They are created solely to help people get control
of their finances and manage their money better. Debt reduction and negotiation
companies have structured systems to help their clients reduce their debt ratio.

Mental/Medical self-help systems: These systems are more complex, and require
educated professionals. Assessments, evaluations and diagnosis are the defining
techniques used in this area. There are often situations such as depression, or
anxiety disorders, which must be handled by professionals. Physical limitations
or problems must also be handled by those trained to do so.

Religious/spiritual systems: Over the two decades, this personal growth and
development system has exploded. People no longer content with what the world
means have returned to spiritual ways to feel better. They seek renewal,
cleansing and support from surrendering to a higher source. This is a highly
successful arena for personal change. It becomes a moral and personal
responsibility for improving your life. It provides faith and hope delivered
from religious leaders or spiritual content. The message is eternal.

Self improvement/personal transformation systems: Next to religious and
spiritual systems, this platform for life change is undeniably meaningful.
Resources exist in numbers for self-improvement. Life coaches, seminars, and
internet sites are just a few ideas to consider when seeking a personal
transformation. Any area of your life you need help on exist in self
improvement systems. Tools for successful living can be learned and a support
system can be developed. It is an invigorating and powerful source for self

There are many systems available for those needing help with their lives. No
longer does one have to settle for the hand life dealt. Just by reaching out,
comes the answers. Human potential is not limited to circumstance. Optimism
comes back to your life by taking the upper hand on weak areas. Through
diligence and persistence, you can reclaim and recreate your life circumstance.
Do not fear asking for help from any of these personal growth and development
systems. They are specifically created with you in mind.

How to Find the Best Personal Development Coach

A personal development coach is a great asset to the person who really wants to
work on their personal development skills. The personal development coach can
help you to recognize aspects of yourself that you have never noticed before.
The personal development coach can also help you to set goals and overcome
obstacles using resources that you may not have been aware of previously.

But how do you find the best personal development coach for you? There are many
ways that you can find a personal development coach. You can simply search the
internet using your typical search engines, or you can search directories that
are made available specifically for personal development. Finding just any
personal development coach is actually pretty easy with these tools.

But you don't want to find just any personal development coach. You want to
find the best personal development coach for you and your needs. This will take
a little bit more time and effort, but will be well worth it as you see the
difference in your results. There are many things that you should take into
consideration when trying to find the best personal development coach for you
and your needs.

The first thing that you will want to keep in mind when looking for a personal
development coach is accreditation. There are many people out there calling
themselves personal development coaches without having the training necessary
to do so. This is an unregulated profession, so it is very easy for someone to
take their own experiences and use them to sound professional and train others.
While this experience is important and enables you to relate to the coach, the
best personal development coach will also have a degree or some other type of
certification that lets you know that they are qualified to be your personal
development coach.

The next thing that you will want to look for when finding a personal
development coach is specialization. Many coaches are trained in the general
skills relating to personal development. However, the best personal development
coach will be thoroughly trained on one specific aspect of personal development.
This specialization might be in business planning, social skills, time
management, managing others, professional or career development, or other
personal development issues.

You should also look for a personal development coach that you can get along
with. Taking a trial run or initial meeting will allow you to determine if you
can actually work with and learn from the coach that you have found. If the
coach you find is not willing to do this, then you probably need to find
another coach. You will not be able to get anywhere if you are more focused on
how much you dislike your coach than you are on your personal development.

Finally, you will want to consider price. The cost of a personal development
coach will be based on several factors: amount of experience, type of
certification or accreditation, specialty, and coaching schedule. If you are
unsure how much coaching you can afford, the best thing to do is to call around
and ask what the cheapest plan is with that coach. Sometimes you can convince a
personal development coach to work with you on payments, or to lower the phone
time and up the email time in your coaching plan to limit costs.

How to Develop Your Personal Career Development Profile

A personal career development profile is best described as you personal plan
for a successful life. The personal career development profile enables you to
discover your strengths, weaknesses, skills, talents, and interests. Armed with
this information, you further develop your personal career development profile
by determining the best career choice for you, what goals you have for your
successful career, and how you will get there. The personal career development
profile also helps you to discover what resources you have to help you get

The first step in developing a career development profile is to discover your
strengths, weaknesses, skills, talents, and interests. This can be done through
a number of ways. You can find books, workbooks, and websites with
questionnaires that will help you discover these things about yourself. You can
also enlist the assistance of a personal career development profile software or
online service that will provide questions for you to answer then analyze the
information and tell you about yourself.

The next step in developing a career development profile is to investigate what
careers suit your personality, strengths, talents, skills, and interests. If you
have chosen to enlist the assistance of a personal career development profile
software or online service, this step will automatically be completed for you.
If not, you can discover careers that fit your interests by searching using key
words and phrases at the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Occupational Outlook Handbook Online.

You can also use the Occupational Outlook Handbook Online to find out more
detailed information about careers chosen for you by personal career
development profile software and online services. This can be a great help
during your next step, which is to narrow down your choices to one career that
you decide to pursue.

Once you have decided on a career that is right for you, you will need to
determine what has to be done to get there. This can be discovered by visiting
professional association websites related to the career that you are most
interested in. This information, too, can be found at the Occupational Outlook
Handbook Online. Once you know what you have to do to get there, it is time to
set your goals.

When you set goals for steps to get into your chosen career, keep a few
important things in mind. First, you will want to lay out not just the steps,
but when you will complete that step and what resources you have to help you
reach the goal. You will also need to remember that you are not just trying to
get into the door of your chosen career. If you are happy staying in an entry
level position for the rest of your life, feel free to stop there. But most of
us want more success than that.

When you are outlining the goals for your personal career development profile,
you want to include all of your goals for reaching the top most level of your
chosen career field. These goals will act as your timeline for your career.
Outline what degrees you will need, how you will get them, and how many years
you anticipate between promotions based on your growing level of education.
Keep the goals reasonable, but don't make them so easily attainable that you
become lazy.

Now that you have your goals, you are finished with the development of your
personal career development profile. Keep this important tool as you work your
way into and up in your chosen career. If you ever find yourself doubting your
position in your career or your career choice, revisit your personal career
development profile to get yourself back on track.

Failure Doesn't Exist

Have you ever held back on doing something because you were afraid of failure?
Most people have! Let's face it; no one likes to fail. None of us likes to feel
like we're ineffective, weak or lacking in any way, and that's exactly how
failure makes us feel.

However, you may be surprised to know that failure doesn't exist -- until YOU
say it does. In the dictionary, failure has several definitions:

1) a failing to do or perform

2) a state of inability to perform a normal function adequately

3) a fracturing or giving way under stress

4) a lack of success.

Look carefully at those definitions and you'll probably realize they have one
thing in common when it comes to goal achievement: failure is a PERCEPTION.

If you believe you have failed, then you have. If you believe you don't have
the ability to succeed, then you don't. If you believe you can't handle the
pressure of achieving your goals, you can't. If you believe you're not
successful, you aren't. Failure only exists in your own mind! The moment you
decide to give up or stop working toward your goals, failure is born.

But what if you never do that? What if you continue working toward your goals,
one step at a time for as long as it takes? There's no failure then, is there?

This insight should be very encouraging if you've been working toward goals and
not yet seeing positive results. Simply keep going and you cannot fail!

Here are three tips to help you stay strong and focused on your goals:

1)  Never give yourself an out. Most people do this without even realizing it.
They are willing to work hard on achieving their goals, until the going gets
too rough or their motivation dwindles. Don't do that! Commit to making your
goals happen, no matter what! Never quit, never contemplate admitting failure,
and never lose your inner determination.

2)  Don't get hooked on a specific timeframe for completion. It's okay to set a
general timeline, but be aware that some circumstances will be beyond your
control, so you can't say for sure when your goal will be achieved. If you do
that, you're just setting yourself up for failure! Instead, get a general idea
of when you'd like your goal to be completed, but then take it a day at a time
and focus on making progress, not reaching the finish line in as little time as

3)  Finally, be sure that you don't view obstacles and setbacks as failures.
The two are completely different. An obstacle, setback or delay means only one
thing: it's not time for your goal to be completed yet. That's it! It doesn't
mean you failed; it doesn't mean you're weak; it doesn't mean you'll never
achieve your goals. It simply means you're not done yet. You've got to keep
moving forward and find a way around or through the obstacle.

Everyday Simplicity

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we can often find ourselves
yearning for a quieter, simpler way of living. If your life has come to
resemble an endless race to the finish line, take a look at the suggestions
below to bring a greater sense of calm and simplicity back into your life.

1)  Less is more. It's amazing how much "stuff" we can accumulate in our homes
because we think they'll contribute to our lives. It's true that we gain
enjoyment from material possessions, but the more we accumulate the more
burdened we often feel. Eventually we find ourselves living under a constant
cloud of confusion, scattered thoughts and stress.

Begin immediately to clear out the material possessions you no longer need or
want, and donate them to a local charitable organization. This will accomplish
two things: first, you'll feel lighter and less cramped in your home; and
you'll also feel good about giving these items to people who can actually use

2)  Pare down your activities. An active life is good for you, but not if it
leaves you feeling stressed and fatigued! Most of us take on much more than
necessary as far as obligations and even recreational activities are concerned.

Take a few minutes to think about the things you do on a daily, weekly and
monthly basis. Do you really need to do all of them? Have you taken on
responsibilities that really aren't yours? Are you spending time on activities
you no longer enjoy? Make a list of at least a few activities or obligations
that you can eliminate, and then go ahead and do so -- even if you have to pare
them down gradually.

3)  Spend time in silence. A deceptively simple way to live a life of
simplicity and ease is to shut out the mental and physical "noise" of your busy
life on a regular basis. Sitting in silence for just a few minutes can
drastically reduce your stress levels and leave you feeling calm, centered and

If you live near a park or natural setting, you can even boost the
effectiveness of this activity by spending time in nature. While not completely
silent, natural settings have soothing sounds like running water, singing birds
and wind sighing through trees -- which automatically trigger feelings of peace
and well-being.

When it comes right down to it, living a simpler life is about learning how to
slow down and connect more deeply with your inner self. Whether you do that by
simplifying your surroundings, calming your schedule or enjoying a quiet
respite each day, the result is the same -- a happier and more peaceful you!

Empowerment in Action

If you've ever been stuck in a rut of inertia before, you probably know the
sense of helpless futility that takes over your life. You want your life to
change, but you feel powerless to do anything about it yourself. You may find
yourself constantly making plans to improve your life, but never quite getting
around to taking action because it seems so intimidating.

Though taking action can intimidate and frighten you, it can also empower you!
If you learn to use it effectively, it can provide the fuel to keep you moving
forward toward more fulfilling life circumstances. When you do this, you
realize that there was never anything to fear in the first place, and you'll
never get stuck again!

Below are three simple steps that show you how to get started:

1)  First, be sure you understand that your life is the way it is right now
because of your hesitation in taking action! This is important, because you'll
understand the importance of moving forward no matter how anxious it makes you
feel at first.

Then, decide on one action to take to get the ball rolling. Think about your 
life right now, and ask yourself which situations you want to change first. You 
might choose your career, relationships, health, financial situation, or 
anything else that makes you feel powerless and stuck. Then think about one 
simple action you can take to inspire some positive change. It doesn't have to 
be a huge action, just SOMETHING to start building momentum.

2)  Once you've decided on your action step, you'll have to push yourself to
take it no matter what! This may seem incredibly difficult or even scary, but
remember that most often the things you fear are not going to happen. In fact,
you may not even have a clear reason for feeling scared -- you're just afraid
of the "unknown". Give yourself a pep talk or push yourself in any way you have
to in order to move forward at least a little bit. After you take that first
step, be sure to let go of any expectations of the things that will happen
because of it, and allow yourself to feel great simply because you did
something about it!

3)  Repeat with the same step, and/or others. Once you've taken one step
forward, you'll need to keep pushing yourself to take others. Consider this:
Even if you take a hundred small steps in a month, you'll be putting forth
positive effort to make changes in your life, which cannot help but bring about
better circumstances!

The good news is that taking action quickly begins to build momentum. Just as
chronic non-action can create a cycle of negativity and stagnation over time,
being proactive can create a positive cycle that continues to grow! It gets
easier the more you do it, which eventually makes it seem almost effortless --
and you continue to empower and strengthen yourself with every step you take.

Affirmations That Attract Prosperity

Do you have a hard time focusing on prosperity? Do you find yourself struggling
with negative thought habits that only seem to attract more lack and difficulty
into your life? Affirmations are one simple tool you can use to turn it around.

Affirmations work by delivering new messages to your subconscious mind. Most
often, this involves replacing old, limiting messages with new, empowering

However, the way you word your affirmations will usually determine how
effective they are.

If I asked you to recite this affirmation: "I am a millionaire," how effective
do you think it would be? Would you turn into an overnight millionaire? Would
money start falling out of the sky to land in your lap? Probably not. Why?
Simply because you know the statement isn't true. If you try to feed your
subconscious mind a belief that you are a millionaire, it creates a conflict
with your current set of beliefs. Your subconscious mind does not like
conflict, and it doesn't like change -- so nothing in your life changes either!

In order for affirmations to work, you MUST word them in a way that your
subconscious mind won't resist. In other words, make them believable.

Compare the above affirmation to one like this: "I am becoming more prosperous
every day."

That one feels better, doesn't it? Your mind doesn't try to resist it because
you can actually imagine it happening (even if it hasn't begun to happen yet).

Another power-boost for affirmations is to word them in a way that places more
responsibility on you. For example, instead of affirming, "I am becoming more
prosperous every day," you could say, "I am open to the best opportunities to
make money quickly and easily." The wording of such an affirmation makes you
feel more in control of your circumstances. Rather than waiting anxiously for
money to fall out of the sky, you send a message to your subconscious mind that
you can control how much money you have by being alert to great opportunities.

Affirmations can vary in the length of time required to firmly "take root" in
your mind. For the most part, it depends on the intensity of your opposing
beliefs and the level of effort you put forth in turning those beliefs around.
If your focus on lack is very strong, you'll probably have to expend a fair
amount of energy and effort to train your mind to focus on prosperity.

However, it is time and effort well spent because the more you focus on
positive thoughts and prosperous beliefs, the more you'll find yourself
attracting good things into your life.

Here are a few good affirmations to help get you started on the road to

* I use my thoughts and emotions to attract abundance effortlessly.

* I am becoming more prosperous and successful every day.

* I know I have what it takes to be as successful as I want to be.

* I am talented and resourceful.

* I create a better life one positive thought at a time.

Committing to Your Goals

Have you ever set a goal and not achieved it? Most people have. In fact, it's
quite common for people to get stuck in an endless cycle of setting goals and
then quitting them shortly afterwards -- and accomplishing nothing at all.

Why do people do this? One of the biggest reasons is a lack of commitment to
their goal. Without commitment a goal will gradually shrink in importance, and
the temptation to quit will seem much more attractive, especially when
obstacles cause setbacks and delays.

On the other hand, if you make a serious commitment and then continually remind
yourself of it, you'll be much more likely to persevere and achieve the goal.

Here's how to commit to your goals:

1)  First and foremost, you have to make sure that every goal you set is of
VITAL importance to you. This can be tricky because we so often fool ourselves
into thinking we want one thing when we want something entirely different. Take
some time with this part of the process, and be sure that you get to the heart
of what you really want. Why do you want it? What will it do for you? What
positive things will it bring to your life? How will it help you? How will it
make you feel when it's accomplished?

Write all of this down and keep it handy so you can refer to it as often as
necessary if you feel your commitment beginning to slip.

Also ask yourself if your goal is worth the effort and sacrifice that will be
needed to achieve it. If you can honestly answer yes, you are on the way!

2)  Think about what will happen if you don't follow through. Would nothing
much happen if you don't achieve your goal? If not, then you need to raise the
stakes! You have to make your goal the most important thing in the world, and
if you don't do it, you'll deal with negative consequences. Even if you have to
indulge in a bit of "make believe" in order to do this, do it. For example, play
up the fact that you'll lose respect for yourself if you don't follow through;
or you might agree to give up something you love if you don't make it happen.

3)  Then, each and every day, renew your commitment. It's easy to be committed
you're your goal is new and your motivation is high, but you need to be able to
STAY committed -- no matter what! Each day when you awaken, read through the
goal you wrote down on the first day, and stress again how vitally important it
is to you. Promise yourself that you're going to do as much as you can to work
on your goal that day, and every day until you achieve it.

When it comes right down to it, no one can achieve your goals for you. If you
want to achieve them, you'll have to find the determination necessary to keep
going. Inactivity and procrastination are usually nothing more than bad habits.
Turning those habits into something more positive and productive is as simple as
taking it a day at a time and working your hardest to change your life. The more
committed and determined you are to making your goal happen, the more likely
you'll do just that.

Boosting Self-Esteem With Affirmations

When you consider that low self-esteem is usually the result of negative
messages being absorbed by the subconscious, it makes sense that feeding your
mind more positive messages can make a powerful difference!

What stops most people is the uncertainty of what to say, and how to word
affirmations for optimal effectiveness. Below you'll find some simple tips to
help you write effective affirmations for improving your self-esteem.

1)  Present tense. First, it's helpful to word affirmations in present tense,
not future. You wouldn't want to say, "I will learn to love myself" because
that makes it sound like you'll get around to it "someday." Instead you could
say, "I choose to love myself." The wording of that affirmation does two
things: it empowers you with the addition of the words "choose to," and it puts
the timeframe in the present moment.

2)  Believable. At the same time, your affirmations should be believable to
you. If you tried to say, "I am a wonderful person with a lot to offer the
world," you may not really believe that, so your subconscious mind might reject
it. Instead, try to focus on a process rather than an end result in your
affirmations. Say something like, "I am learning to embrace my uniqueness and
share it confidently with others."

3)  Use the right tone. When you recite affirmations, you can do so aloud or
just mentally, but you should focus heavily on the TONE you use. Rather than
saying the words without emotion like you were reading a newspaper -- really
inject an element of love and tenderness into them. Your subconscious mind
picks up on the emotional aspect of what you're saying more than the actual
words. Imagine the difference between saying the words, "I really love myself"
with a tone of love and compassion, or sarcasm. Which do you think would have a
greater impact on your subconscious mind?

4)  Repetition. Once you've got some affirmations formed to work on your
self-esteem, try saying them several times a day. Remember, your subconscious
mind is constantly playing back old, negative messages -- so you want to
counteract those as much as possible. Keep reciting your more positive thoughts
on a regular basis -- especially when you become aware that you're thinking
negatively about yourself.

5)  Give it time. Finally, remember that it will take time to change those old,
negative messages in your mind to something more positive. It may take a few
weeks or even months before you'll notice an obvious difference in how you
feel, and you may be tempted to think it isn't working. Keep with it, and you
will begin to see a difference eventually! Most likely it will be a gradual
change. Little by little you'll start feeling more positive, and notice that
you're feeling a bit happier and lighter. That's your signal that it's working!

Be Happy Now

Are you still waiting for your circumstances to change before you'll allow
yourself to be happy? Most of us have preconceived ideas of what would make us
happy, and we refuse to be satisfied until those things happen.

The problem is that even once specific things happen in our lives, we're rarely
satisfied with them! Instead, we shift our focus to something even bigger and
better, believing "it" will make us happy (or happier). We never allow
ourselves to reach a point of contentment. Have you done the same thing to

The good news is that you can decide to be happy NOW -- even if not everything
in your life is perfect. Below you'll find 3 easy ways to do so:

1)  Be grateful. Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind that you
can adopt. Not only does it make you feel good, it shifts your focus from what
you don't have to what you DO have, and keeps it there! As you focus more on
what you are grateful to have in your life (even the really small blessings!),
you worry less about anything that may be lacking. The result? A more pervasive
sense of happiness!

2)  Take time to smell the roses. If you spend most of your days feeling rushed
and scattered, it's hard to feel happy and content. In order to be truly happy,
you need to make time for yourself to relax, dream, and take pleasure in life's
simpler moments. Beginning today, make sure to spend time doing things you love
on a regular basis. Read books that stimulate your imagination; listen to great
music; take long walks, and generally make an effort to enjoy your life as it is
right now.

3)  Love the journey. Many of us make the mistake of pinning all of our
expectations on some vague, far-off result, like the completion of goals. We
believe that once we "get there" everything will be perfect and we'll finally
be happy. However, there is much to be gained from enjoying the journey TO your
destination! Make it your mission to revel in every moment that you're working
toward higher goals. Enjoy the sense of self-mastery and accomplishment you
gain with every goal you achieve. Make it a worthwhile journey and you'll savor
the end result that much more!

The most important thing to understand about happiness is that it is largely a
CHOICE you make from moment to moment. Though certain serious situations make
it difficult to feel happy at times, most often we allow the little things to
bother us and block any happiness we would otherwise feel. Embrace happiness,
and it will grow to monstrous proportions in your life!

Create Your Day

Do you tend to let your outer circumstances set the tone for each day? Do you
allow other people and events to trigger feelings of anger, frustration,
impatience and more?

When you do this, you are not using the power you have available to you! By
using the Law of Attraction, you can turn every day into a great day. One way
to do that is by using intentions and visualization to create your day.

When you first wake up in the morning, spend 10 minutes or so thinking about
the types of things you'd like to experience that day. How would you like your
workday to go? What kind of people would you like to meet? Would you like to
receive some great opportunities to advance your career or financial situation?
How would you like to feel for the majority of your day?

Grab a blank journal or notebook and jot these details down! Once you've gotten
all the details written down, spend a few minutes vividly imagining each
scenario in your mind, exactly as you would like it to happen. Pretend you're
watching a movie in your mind, seeing it all play out exactly as you'd like it

Most importantly, allow yourself to feel as if they were actually happening
now. Immerse yourself in feelings of excitement, joy, happiness and gratitude
as you enjoy one great experience after another. Use this same process for
every experience you'd like to have that day.

By the time you're finished you should be feeling fantastic; buzzing with good
spirits and high expectations!

Then continue with your normal routine, taking special care not to be
"attached" to any specific events or experiences, just simply staying open to
whatever comes. Keep affirming that great things are going to happen to you
that day, and you feel great about all of the blessings and abundance in your

At the same time, avoid getting entangled in feelings of worry, anxiety,
frustration, and anger as much as possible throughout the day because those
feelings will interfere with the positive energy you've already put out.

As often as you can remember, call to mind images of the things you visualized
earlier and allow good feelings to flow over you again. Affirm and know that
wonderful things are happening, even if you don't see them quite yet.

By using this process on a daily basis, you'll eventually start to notice that
good things are starting to happen. You'll find yourself being in the "right
place at the right time" and generally enjoying greater opportunities and

How to Develop a Positive Attitude

When it comes to your quality of life, attitude is everything! In fact, it
could even be said that whatever you focus on the most, you tend to bring into
your life, whether by choice or circumstance. Have you ever known someone who
had a terrible attitude? Perhaps they were extremely negative and pessimistic
and not much fun to be around; or they complained non-stop about how terrible
their life was. Did you find it draining to be in their presence?

A negative attitude will not only make you miserable, but everyone around you

A positive attitude, on the other hand, turns you into a person that everyone
wants to be with; a person that constantly experiences great things, and a
person who loves their life! Do you want to be that kind of person? If so, read
on for some easy ways to develop a positive attitude.

1)  Do what you love. This applies to hobbies and fun activities, but it also
pertains to one of the biggest parts of your life -- your work! Do you enjoy
your job? Are you spending most of your time on something that makes you feel
purposeful and fulfilled? If not, consider exploring other career options and
moving toward a job you'll love. When you regularly do things that make you
happy, you can't help but feel better about yourself and your life, which
fosters a positive attitude.

2)  Expect the best, always. It's easy to get into the habit of seeing doom and
gloom in every situation, but doing so keeps you forever focused on the
negative. Instead, make a conscious decision to expect the best, even if your
first impulse is to think negatively. Affirm as often as you can, "This is
going to work out great! Wonderful things are going to happen today!" The more
you do it the more you'll begin to believe it, and the more you'll begin to
experience just that.

3)  Build yourself up. Think and speak positively to and about yourself every
day. Most of us are in the habit of talking down to ourselves, which leaves us
feeling hopeless, frustrated and pessimistic. Get into the habit of building
yourself up with positive self-talk and positive thoughts. Affirm your good
qualities and downplay your negative qualities. Affirm that you are a work in
progress; not perfect but great nonetheless!

4)  Build others up. As often as you can, make an effort to encourage, support
and compliment the people you encounter each day. That goes for people you know
as well as strangers you meet in your daily travels. The more you focus on
emphasizing the positive in others the more likeable you're going to be, and
the better you're going to feel about yourself too!

5)  Think strength. The more you worry about your weaknesses and "failures" the
more pessimistic and negative you're going to feel. Instead, consistently affirm
your strengths, talents and capabilities. You'll end up feeling empowered and in
control of your circumstances, which cannot help but improve your attitude!

Have You Checked Your Self-Talk Lately?

Did you know that you talk to yourself all day long? No, not the mental chatter
about activities and chores that you need to remember throughout the day. That's
a form of self-talk too, but I'm referring more to the things you say to
yourself on a regular basis; and more importantly, the tone in which you say

When you make a mistake, do you berate yourself angrily? Do you put yourself
down or call yourself derogatory names? When you have a hard time making
positive changes in your life, do you bemoan what a "worthless" person you are
and conclude that you'll never do anything right?

Negative self-talk can be incredibly damaging to your self-esteem, especially
if it's a big part of your daily life. When you keep saying things like that to
yourself, eventually you begin to believe them!

Most often these messages begin as statements uttered by the adults in your
life when you were a child. They may have said something negative about you
when your actions displeased them, or perhaps they had a habit of saying unkind
things even when you didn't deserve it. As painful as these experiences can be,
even worse is when you pick up where they left off and keep repeating the same
negative messages to yourself over and over!

The good news is that you can change your self-talk any time you want. You just
have to know how to become aware of the tone of your messages and consciously
replace them with more encouraging ones.

Try these simple steps for starters:

1)  Develop awareness of your self-talk. It may take practice, but if you keep
"listening" in to your inner voice, you'll begin to notice when you talk
negatively to yourself.

2)  Challenge the negative messages. When you notice yourself saying something
negative such as, "You're such a screw-up, you can't do anything right" -- stop
yourself and challenge that belief. Is that really true? Maybe you mess up
sometimes, but do you ALWAYS mess up? Probably not.

3)  Replace the negative messages with positive messages. When you realize
you're saying unkind and untrue things to yourself, simply turn it around in
your mind. Using the above example, you might say, "Wow, that's not true at
all! I do plenty of things right. It's true I make mistakes, but so does
everyone. I'm a good person and I try my best. That's good enough for me."

Over time, your efforts will pay off in the form of stronger self-esteem and
respect for yourself and your capabilities. It probably won't happen overnight,
but the more you work at turning your self-talk in a more positive direction,
the better you'll feel about yourself.

Organizing for a Peaceful Atmosphere

There are many physical benefits to organization, but did you know that
organizing your space can also have positive mental and spiritual benefits?

Purging your home and workplace of clutter and unnecessary items can symbolize
a deeper process of cleansing and purification. As you toss old, useless
clutter and better organize what's left, you are in effect creating a sensation
of lightness and freedom that can benefit you both mentally and spiritually.

On an energetic level, the effects of cleaning and de-cluttering can be even
more profound because the process clears stagnation and calls in a flow of
fresh, invigorating energy (also called "chi," "ki," or "qi" -- which means
"universal life energy").

What does this mean for you and your space? More peace, prosperity, harmony and

Below you'll find some quick tips on how to organize for a more serene

1)  First and foremost, clearing away clutter is crucial. Clutter drains your
energy, scatters your focus and leaves you feeling overwhelmed and restricted.
Take as much time as necessary to remove items that are no longer needed and
put away items to be kept. However, don't toss them carelessly into drawers and
closets; be sure to organize and place them neatly where they belong. Clutter is
clutter, and you'll experience the same negative effects even if it's hidden

2)  Once your surroundings are ordered, it's time to do a physical cleaning
job. Grab a vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, dusting cloths, glass cleaner and
any other supplies you'll need, and clean like you've never cleaned before!
It's important to do a thorough job because you are not just cleaning away
visible dirt -- you are also removing any residue left by stagnant, negative
energy. You may not be able to see it, but you can still be affected by it on
some level if you don't remove it completely.

3)  Finally, take a breather and look at your surroundings. Notice that they
look better, but also notice the difference in the way the environment feels.
Does it feel lighter and calmer? Most people can feel the difference right away.

You're not done yet, however! Now you're going to call in some beneficial
energy to take the place of what you just cleared out. There are many ways to
do this, and none of them are better or more effective than the others. Choose
one or more that appeal to you.

One of the most common techniques is to "smudge" the area using a bundle of
dried sage leaves. (These can be purchased in herb shops or online.) Light the
end of the sage stick and blow out the flame so the leaves smolder and release
fragrant smoke. Walk through the rooms of your home and waft the scented smoke
into the air. As you do, state aloud that you are removing negative energy and
inviting a flow of fresh, beneficial energy to take its place.

Another technique is to simply light scented incense and candles in every room.
The scents don't really matter except that they are pleasing to you, but some
popular choices include: lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, sage, sandalwood,
myrrh, frankincense and rose.

Finally, you can use meditation and visualization to call in positive energy.
Simply sit comfortably and perform deep-breathing exercises to bring yourself
into a meditative state. Then imagine brilliant white light infusing every room
of your home. Imagine that it fairly hums and crackles with an electrical
charge, zapping any negativity that still lingers and replacing it with peace
and harmony.

Doing this process just once can create quite an impressive change in the
atmosphere of your home, but doing it on a regular basis can be even more
effective. Try it once every 3 months for starters, but do it as often as you
need to if you sense the atmosphere becoming heavy and sluggish again.

Motivation and Momentum

One of the most difficult parts of goal achievement is simply getting started.
It's easy enough to dream and plan, but many people get stuck in this phase
indefinitely and avoid taking action. Planning and dreaming might make you feel
like you're doing something about your goals, but if you never actually take a
step forward you'll never achieve them. In order to see measurable progress,
you have to step out of your comfort zones and take action.

When you finally do gather your courage and begin moving forward, what usually
happens? You realize it's WAY harder than you thought it would be, right? It
feels like you're trying to run uphill. You keep tripping over obstacles,
facing setbacks and delays, dealing with fear and anxiety, and fighting a daily
battle to stay motivated.

It's during this difficult phase that most people give up. They decide that "it
isn't meant to be" right now, so they set their dream aside and vow to try again
later. Or worse, they resign themselves to a mediocre life because they don't
believe they have what it takes to succeed. They've "failed," so they're not
going to try any more.

Have you done this? Most people have!

However, this doesn't have to be the end of the story. You can pick up your
dreams, dust them off and try again. But this time you should know about a
little something called Momentum.

You see, the difficult phase I just described is what happens at the beginning
when you're trying to gain momentum. Most people quit during this phase because
they think it's ALWAYS going to be this hard. What they don't realize is that
every effort they put toward the achievement of their goals will build on the
previous efforts. With every step forward the process gets easier and easier.
Finally, they've put so much energy and effort into the process that momentum
begins to take over. Suddenly they realize that they don't have to push so hard
to keep moving forward. It becomes fun...even easy to achieve their goal.

This same experience can be yours! All you have to do is keep moving forward.
Keep working toward your dreams and never quit. Momentum WILL take over

If you want to get momentum working even more quickly for you there are a few
ways to do it, but they can be summed up in one sentence:

Be willing to work harder, faster and take bigger risks than you have in the

The reason why momentum can be delayed sometimes is because many people take
very tentative steps toward their goals. They're afraid to really give it their
all, so they hold back much of the energy and power they could be devoting
toward their goal. Even if they're not aware of it, they may feel more
comfortable working at a slower pace, so they avoid taking big risks and
instead take baby steps.

There's not a thing wrong with this approach if it suits you! However, if you
want to make faster progress and build momentum quickly, think about taking
bigger steps and giving your full energy and focus toward making it happen. By
doing so, you'll push through the difficult beginning and find yourself
coasting before you know it.

Learning to Love Yourself

Loving yourself can be difficult when you have limiting and derogatory messages
playing in your subconscious mind. Most of these messages are recorded during
childhood, but their effects can be far reaching! Did you know that you're
still being influenced by the things your parents and others said to you
decades ago?

When someone told you that you were no good, you believed them. When someone
told you that you'd never amount to anything, you believed them. When someone
told you that you were stupid or learning disabled or weird, you believed them.
And you still believe them to this day -- even if you're not consciously aware
of these underlying beliefs.

Is it possible to overcome old messages and replace them with new, empowering
messages? Yes! Here are three good ways to start:

1)  Romance yourself. Think about the last love affair you had. At the
beginning you and your partner probably devoted a lot of time, attention and
affection to each other, right? You felt passionate and swept away by the
beauty of your partner and he/she probably felt the same about you. One of the
best ways to learn to love yourself is to enter into a similar process -- with
yourself! Treat yourself like royalty! Do things that make you feel happy. Hug
yourself. Sweet-talk yourself. Buy yourself nice things. Spend quality time
with yourself simply because you deserve it.

2)  Explore your existing beliefs. You may suspect you have old, limiting
messages rattling around in your head but still be unsure about what they are
exactly. In order to discover the beliefs that are holding you back, you may
need to go on an expedition. Begin exploring your existing beliefs by writing
in a journal. Give yourself prompts or questions like these: "My earliest
memory of feeling stupid was..." "My mother always made me feel..." "My
father always treated me like..." and so on. The idea is to think back to an
earlier time in your life and see if you can discover when and where your
limiting beliefs got started. Then, challenge those beliefs. Are they still
true? Were they ever true? Decide what you WANT to be true, and begin to
replace the old belief by focusing more on your new and improved beliefs.

3)  Emphasize your good qualities! When you have low self-esteem, you tend to
keep focusing on the things that are "wrong with you," and dismissing the
things that you have going for you. Start to turn this around by praising and
encouraging yourself in your self-talk. When you accomplish something,
congratulate yourself! Say things like, "Wow, I'm really proud of myself for
doing that. It wasn't easy, but I pushed through the rough spots and gave it my
best shot." You can also make a point of simply giving yourself positive
self-talk daily. Recite affirmations like these: "I am a valuable person. I
have a lot to offer the world. I'm talented and successful." The more you do
it, the more you'll come to believe it!

How to Make Wise Decisions

Have you ever felt nervous about making a decision that could affect the rest
of your life? Sometimes even seemingly minor decisions can send you into a fit
of anxiety when you begin thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

It's fairly common for people to vacillate back and forth between several
choices, whether they are related to career, money, business, opportunities, or
even relationships. How do you know which choice is the best one for you in any
given situation? Sometimes the best choice is obvious, but other times they all
seem to hold a glimmer of possibility -- and the threat of regret.

The good news is that making wise decisions is a matter of weighing the
potential pros and cons of every available outcome. Below you'll find a simple
3-step process to help you make wise decisions no matter what part of your life
they may affect.

1) What Do You Stand to Gain?

When you've got more than one option to choose from, a great first question to
ask of each one is, "What do I stand to gain from choosing this option?" If the
rewards are big, you might be willing to withstand a bit of risk in order to
benefit from the opportunity. Conversely, if the payoff would be small, you
might not feel so confident about taking a chance right now.

2) What Do You Stand to Lose?

The next question to ask is, "What do I stand to lose if this option doesn't
work out?" No one likes to think of the negatives in a potential opportunity,
but you could save yourself a lot of heartache with a bit of foresight! If your
losses could be huge with a particular option, you might decide to hold off for
awhile to see if the odds improve over time.

3) What's the Worst Thing that Could Happen?

Finally, take it one step further and ask, "What is the worst thing that could
happen if I choose this option, and would I be willing to accept those
consequences?" It may seem like a very pessimistic question, but it's extremely
effective at clarifying the situation! If you couldn't handle the consequences
of making such a choice, then you know immediately that it's not the right
choice for you at this time. If, on the other hand, the consequences wouldn't
be so bad, you know it's a viable option for you.

What do you do if all of your options hold the same potential rewards and
consequences? Go with your gut! Take a few minutes to think carefully about
each possibility, and then choose the one you feel strongest about.

When it comes right down to it, there are no guarantees in decision-making. You
simply weigh the pros and cons, listen to your intuition, and do the best you
can. In the end, there really isn't any such thing as a "bad" decision, because
you do learn something from each one you make. If you keep that in mind you
should grow more confident with each choice you make, which will help you make
even better decisions in the future.

How to Expect the Best

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in negative thought patterns and
expecting the worst possible outcome in every situation? It's a common mind-set
that proves difficult to change when you finally decide you've had enough.
Unfortunately, negative thoughts tend to breed and multiply on their own --
even when you're not consciously trying to think negatively.

The good news is that turning a negative outlook into a positive one just takes
a bit of patience and persistence until the positive thoughts begin to take over.

Below you'll find three simple steps to begin forming positive expectations on
a daily basis:

1)  Develop self-awareness to recognize negative expectations. One problem with
negative thoughts is that they often form below your conscious level of
awareness, and you get so used to them being in your head that you hardly
notice anymore. To turn the tide of negativity, you'll have to develop a
stronger level of self-awareness. One good way to start is by performing
self-checks several times a day. Pay attention first to how you feel. If you're
feeling positive and productive, most likely you've been thinking positive

However, if you notice that you're feeling irritable, pessimistic or stressed,
you're probably focusing more on negative thoughts. When that happens:

2)  Challenge and change the negative thoughts. Believe it or not, it's fairly
easy to challenge and change negative thoughts with a little willpower and
concentration. For example, if you find yourself feeling doubtful about your
ability to finish your work on time, you might engage in a bit of self-talk
like this: "Okay, so I'm feeling a bit worried right now, but really everything
is okay. I'm strong, I'm smart and I'm capable of finishing my work on time.
I'll do my best and everything will work out fine." Even though nothing has
changed in your outer circumstances, this type of self-talk can get you
thinking and feeling more positive.

3)  At the same time, while you're changing negative thoughts to positive, work
daily on developing a general positive expectation habit. Each day when you wake
up, affirm confidently, "Today is going to be a great day! Everything will go my
way and I'll enjoy plenty of lucrative opportunities and fun!"

When you encounter obstacles or problems, see them as opportunities to learn,
grow and strengthen yourself. Perception is 99% of the game! If you simply work
on shifting the way you look at the experiences of your life, you can easily
conquer your negative thought habits.

The more you focus on changing your perspective to emphasize the positive,
you'll empower yourself to create better circumstances in your life. Before you
know it, you'll be enjoying better and more frequent opportunities and
attracting other likeminded, successful people to connect with.

How to Conquer Your Fears

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by fear -- so much so that it prevented you from
doing something you wanted to do? Believe it or not, this is a common problem
faced by many people daily.

Fear has the power to hold you back from taking risks, following your dreams,
or becoming successful at anything you attempt to do. If you allow it to
control you for long enough, it can eventually erode your quality of life and
keep you locked in a prison of inactivity.

What many people fail to realize is that fear is nothing more than a
conditioned response. It's a natural reaction to a frightening or unfamiliar
situation. While it is usually automatic, there are things you can do to
overcome it.

1) Check your expectations.

One major contributor of fear is the prevalence of negative expectations. Do
you usually find yourself expecting the worst in every situation? Do you worry
obsessively about what could go wrong, rather than focusing on your strengths
and capabilities?

If you make a conscious effort to expect the best, see the positive side of
each situation and keep reminding yourself that you can handle more than you
often think, you'll find yourself with much less fear to deal with. Even if
feelings of fear do manage to creep into your consciousness, you'll still be
able to keep them in perspective and balance them against an underlying sense
of confidence.

2) Discredit your fears.

Experts will tell you that the majority of things you fear will never come to
pass anyway. While this may be true, it sure doesn't feel that way when fear
has a chokehold on you! However, if you look a little more closely at your
fears when they arise, you may be able to dismiss at least a few.

For example, if you have a fear of public speaking and your boss wants you to
give a presentation at work, you might feel like your life (and perhaps your
livelihood) is on the line. You may fear getting fired, or worry that your
colleagues will lose respect for you if you don't do a good job.

But is any of this likely to happen? In most cases, no. Rather than worrying
about what "might" happen if you don't give a solid presentation, you might
brainstorm ways to help improve your performance, such as being well prepared,
practicing your delivery on friends and family members, writing notes to
yourself and so on.

3) Do the very thing you fear.

When you remember that fear is simply a feeling, it loses much of its power. It
can't harm you and except in truly threatening situations you can choose to
ignore it and move forward anyway.

If you weigh the pros and cons in any situation, you may decide that the
possibility of negative consequences is minimal so there's nothing to stop you
from ignoring your fear and going for it! This will be determined by you on a
case by case basis, of course. The point isn't to become reckless with your
decision-making but rather to empower yourself to know when a fear is
groundless and easily overcome.

How to Attract Money

One of the most common goals people set when first learning about the Law of
Attraction is to attract more money into their lives. They're sick of
struggling, sick of not having enough, and they're eager to find relief.
Unfortunately, attracting money is often one of the most difficult objectives,
simply because money carries such heavy emotional weight in our lives. There's
a lot riding on the success (or failure) of our goal to attract more money!
Namely, our peace of mind, happiness, security -- and much more.

Unfortunately, placing such strong emphasis on the outcome of money attraction
only creates more blockages. The more you think you desperately "need" more
money; the more you believe you can't be happy without it; the more frustrated
you get when it isn't showing up -- the longer it's going to take to attract it.

The good news is that there are a few simple things you can do to make the
process easier:

1) Lighten up!

The more tense and serious you are about attracting money, the harder it's
going to be. If you instead look at it like a fun game, you'll be devoting a
perfect mixture of light, positive energy to the process -- which is a natural
prosperity attractor! In fact, make it your mission to be lighthearted and
easygoing about money and everything else in your life from now on. Not only
will you end up attracting more money, but also more love, joy, peace, fun and
passion in all areas of your life.

2) Be what you want to attract.

Another common blockage is the perception of "here and there." You believe you
are HERE, in the midst of lack and struggle, and you are trying to get over
THERE, where there is peace and abundance aplenty. What you'll eventually
realize is that there is no "here or there." There is only right now, and
whatever you are communicating to the universe right now is what you are
creating in your physical reality. Rather than focusing on trying to ATTRACT
more money, BECOME a person who has all the money they could ever need.
Think, feel and act as if your goal is already achieved, and the universe will
make it so! Focus daily on feeling happy, abundant, peaceful, secure, and
grateful and you will attract life circumstances that correspond with those

3) Let go.

Don't worry about "how" your money will come. Don't focus obsessively on
winning the lottery, receiving an inheritance or anything else specific. Let
the universe decide how it will come. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to
receive more money and act on them if you see them, but otherwise detach and
know that it's on the way! This is easier said than done, but the more you try
to control "how" your abundance comes, the more blockages you create.

Additionally, be sure to let go of WHEN money comes into your life. You might
be tempted to set a deadline, but the universe has its own timing and wisdom.
Be willing to trust and let go, and you open a gateway for immense blessings to
flow into your life.

Why You Need a Success Mindset

You hear it all the time: "success is a state of mind." There are people who
would argue that success is a natural result of proper planning, preparation
and focused action, and that viewpoint certainly holds a grain of truth -- but
there are also many exceptions to disprove that "rule." Have you ever wondered
how two people can attempt the same objective in the same way and only one of
them succeed? Is it sheer luck? Timing? Tenacity? More often than not, it's a
person's mind-set that determines whether they fail or succeed.

What is a mind-set, anyway? Typically a mind-set refers to your predominant
state of mind day to day. It's what you think about, focus on, and expect from
your daily experiences. Think negatively, expect the worst, feel pessimistic
about your options and that's exactly what you'll seem to draw into your life.
Likewise, think positively, expect the best and focus on a successful outcome
and you get it most of the time.

Makes sense, right? But how exactly does this work? Why is a success mind-set
so important? There are three big reasons:

1) A success mind-set boosts your confidence and self-belief.

A lack of belief in yourself usually comes along with a sense of powerlessness
and futility, which is the exact opposite of a success mind-set. Lack of
confidence means you see no point in trying to be successful because it won't
happen anyway. Obviously, this type of mind-set is a recipe for failure in any

Having a true success mind-set, on the other hand, means you believe in
yourself and your capabilities. You believe you can succeed at nearly anything
you try, and you're willing to give it your best shot. Even better, the more
you do try, the more confidence and self-belief you build -- until you're
virtually unstoppable!

2) A success mind-set strengthens your determination.

Without a success mind-set, one failure is enough to convince you that pursuing
your goals is a waste of time. Tenacity and determination don't exist in your
world. If you don't become a raging success the first time you try, you surmise
that it simply wasn't meant to be. Unfortunately, few things worth having are
obtained so easily!

A success mind-set, however, strengthens your awareness that a failure is not
the end of the story -- it's just one more way that didn't work out the way you
planned. In fact, a true success mind-set makes it obvious that the only true
failure occurs when you stop trying.

3) A success mind-set encourages fruitful actions.

Have you ever found yourself wandering in circles because you didn't know the
best way to approach a specific goal? Perhaps you had an idea of the best
course of action but you felt intimidated by some of the action steps required.
As a result, you may have kept sabotaging your efforts as you searched in vain
for an easier or less frightening way to your goal.

With a true success mind-set, you'll always know the most effective action
steps that will lead directly to your goal. As already discussed, you'll also
have the inner confidence and determination to pursue them -- which is a sure
recipe for... you guessed it; success!

If I had to sum up how to develop a success mind-set into as few words as
possible, I'd say this:

- Go for your dreams. 

- Think positively. 

- Believe in yourself. 

- Believe you can do better. 

- Learn, grow and develop yourself. 

- Be willing to take chances. 

- Give it your all. 

- Expect the best in every situation. 

- Be willing to fail. 

- When you fall down, get back up and try again.

Keep doing that and you can't help but become successful, from the inside out.

Three Ways to Balance Your Life

When your life seems out of control and you've got endless demands tugging at
you from all directions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, fatigued -- and just
plain stressed!

Believe it or not, balancing your life does not require massive changes. You
don't have to quit your job, abandon your family and escape to a remote retreat
in order to feel peaceful and happy. In fact, true balance is something that
starts WITHIN YOU first and foremost -- no matter what else is happening in
your outer life circumstances.

Below you'll find three simple ways to begin building a greater sense of inner
peace and harmony:

1) Quiet time.

One of the first things we tend to sacrifice when we're busy is our personal
time. Instead we devote all of our energy and attention to caring for others,
multi-tasking, meeting responsibilities and "being productive." Over time this
depletes our energy and we begin to feel more and more burdened by our

To live a more balanced life, quiet time to yourself is CRUCIAL. You may
believe that you don't have any time available for yourself, but something
amazing happens when you consistently MAKE time; you find yourself feeling
happier and more energetic, your focus improves -- and you still get plenty
done! Just a few minutes spent sitting quietly in meditation or reading a book
can do wonders in transforming stress into peace and happiness.

2) Self-care.

Beyond making time for things you enjoy, there are other ways to nurture and
love yourself on a daily basis. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep (or as much as
you personally need) is a great start, as well as eating nutritious food,
exercising daily and speaking kindly to yourself.

Have you ever noticed that when you're really tired or stressed, even the
smallest problem can seem like a nightmare? On the other hand, when you're
feeling well-rested and centered, you're much better able to handle upsets.
Caring for yourself is one sure way to consistently replenish your energy,
inner peace and joy -- which means you'll have the strength to handle whatever
comes your way.

3) Flexibility.

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of stress is rigid expectations? We
all do it from time to time; get a mental picture of how our lives "should be"
-- and get really annoyed when our outer circumstances don't cooperate! One of
the biggest gifts you can give yourself is a flexible state of mind. In other
words, learn how to detach from unrealistic expectations and go with the flow.

When you have a flexible mind-set, you're able to deal with crises and problems
much more easily because you're not working against a preconceived notion of how
things "should be". You're able to tap into your creative problem-solving skills
and move through challenges without all the drama and frustration. Be like the
tree that bends with the breeze -- and you're much less likely to break!

These inner changes can make a dramatic difference in your state of well-being,
but you may also want to examine your outer life circumstances and see if there
are other small changes you can make to help support your inner work.

For example, you might choose to let go of certain obligations that are no
longer meaningful or enjoyable to you. Just because you agreed to host weekly
meetings for a support group three years ago doesn't mean you have to keep
doing it forever -- especially if it's become a drain on your time and energy!

Be willing to let go of activities that no longer complement
the lifestyle you desire, and you'll create a space for greater fulfillment,
joy and peace.

101 Helpful Affirmations

Affirmations are great tools that can help you overcome fear, build your
confidence, develop an abundance mind-set and more. The problem is that many
people aren't sure exactly how to write effective affirmations. Do they always
have to be in present tense? Can they contain "negative" words like can't,
won't, not, and so on?

There are plenty of differing opinions on the right and wrong ways to write
effective affirmations, but the bottom line is that an affirmation can be
considered effective if it works for YOU! The whole point of affirmations is to
shift your thoughts and emotions to a more positive place so you feel more
confident, happy, secure, abundant, or anything else you're trying to

Take a look at the sample affirmations below for starters and feel free to use
them if they resonate with you. If not, try altering them slightly until they
trigger the mind-set and emotional state you're trying to attain.

Affirmations for Healthy Weight and Body Image:

- Today I love my body fully, deeply and joyfully. 

- My body has its own wisdom and I trust that wisdom completely. 

- My body is simply a projection of my beliefs about myself. 

- I am growing more beautiful and luminous day by day. 

- I choose to see the divine perfection in every cell of my body. 

- As I love myself, I allow others to love me too. 

- Flaws are transformed by love and acceptance. 

- Today I choose to honor my beauty, my strength and my uniqueness.

- I love the way I feel when I take good care of myself. 

- Today my own well-being is my top priority.

Affirmations for Self-Confidence and Self-Belief:

- Fear is only a feeling; it cannot hold me back. 

- I know that I can master anything if I do it enough times. 

- Today I am willing to fail in order to succeed. 

- I believe that I have the strength to make my dreams come true. 

- I'm going to relax and have fun with this, no matter what the outcome may be. 

- I'm proud of myself for even daring to try; many people won't even do that! 

- Today I put my full trust in my inner guidance. 

- I grow in strength with every forward step I take. 

- I release my hesitation and make room for victory!
- With a solid plan and a belief in myself, there's nothing I can't do.

Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity:

- I open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of my life. 

- I always have more than enough of everything I need. 

- Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

- Today I expand my awareness of the abundance all around me. 

- I allow the universe to bless me in surprising and joyful ways. 

- My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire. 

- Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity fills me, prosperity flows to me and 
  through me. 

- I exude passion, purpose and prosperity. 

- I am always led to the people who need what I have to offer. 

- As my commitment to help others grows, so does my wealth. 

- My day is filled with limitless potential in joy, abundance and love.

Affirmations for Life Purpose:

- The better I know myself, the clearer my purpose becomes. 

- My unique skills and talents can make a profound difference in the world. 

- Today I follow my heart and discover my destiny. 

- I am meant to do great things. 

- I am limited only by my vision of what is possible. 

- My purpose is to develop and share the best parts of myself with others. 

- Today I present my love, passion, talent and joy as a gift to the world.

- I need not know the entire journey in order to take one step. 

- I fulfill my life purpose by starting here, right now. 

- My life purpose can be whatever I decide to make it.

Affirmations for Inner Peace:

- All is well, right here, right now. 

- Peace begins with a conscious choice. 

- Today I embrace simplicity, peace and solace. 

- A peaceful heart makes for a peaceful life. 

- I trust the universe to deliver my highest good in every situation. 

- By becoming peace, I create peace in every experience. 

- I am filled with the light of love, peace and joy. 

- Peace comes when I let go of trying to control every tiny detail. 

- Where peace dwells, fear cannot. 

- Today my mission is to surrender and release.

Affirmations for Opportunity:

- Today I open my mind to the endless opportunities surrounding me. 

- Opportunities are everywhere, if I choose to see them. 

- I boldly act on great opportunities when I see them. 

- My intuition leads me to the most lucrative opportunities. 

- An opportunity is simply a possibility until I act on it. 

- Some of the best opportunities are made, not found. 

- Today I see each moment as a new opportunity to express my greatness. 

- I expand my awareness of the hidden potential in each experience. 

- Let each of my experiences today be a gateway to something even better. 

- Each decision I make creates new opportunities.

Affirmations for Love:

- I am ready for a healthy, loving relationship. 

- All of my relationships are meaningful and fulfilling. 

- As I share my love with others the universe mirrors love back to me. 

- I see everyone I meet as a soul mate. 

- I trust the universe to know the type of partner who is perfect for me. 

- Today I release fear and open my heart to true love. 

- I am grateful for the people in my life.

- I am the perfect partner for my perfect partner. 

- I deserve a loving, healthy relationship. 

- I deserve to be loved and I allow myself to be loved.

Affirmations for Healing:

- I am strong and healthy. 

- My energy and vitality are increasing every day. 

- I open to the natural flow of wellness now. 

- My inner guidance leads me to the right healing modalities for me. 

- Abundant health and wellness are my birthright. 

- Thank you for my strength, my health and my vitality. 

- I am feeling stronger and better now. 

- I love taking good care of myself. 

- Today nurturing myself is my highest priority. 

- Thank you for the opportunity to balance my mind, body and spirit.

Affirmations for Inner Clarity:

- Today I awaken to my higher wisdom. 

- My inner voice guides me in every moment. 

- I am centered, calm and clear. 

- I always know the right actions to achieve my goals. 

- When I know where I'm going, getting there is a cinch! 

- Today I am completely tuned in to my inner wisdom. 

- Harmony is always a sign that I am balanced from within. 

- Thank you for showing me the way to my dreams. 

- I trust my feelings and insights. 

- I am detached and open to divine guidance.

Affirmations for Self-Love:

- I am filled with light, love and peace. 

- I treat myself with kindness and respect. 

- I don't have to be perfect; I just have to be me. 

- I give myself permission to shine. 

- I honor the best parts of myself and share them with others. 

- I'm proud of all I have accomplished. 

- Today I give myself permission to be greater than my fears. 

- I love myself no matter what. 

- I am my own best friend and cheerleader. 

- Thank you for the qualities, traits and talents that make me so unique.

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