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Pet Grooming

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Why is Pet Grooming Important

Why is pet grooming important? Whether you have a cat of dog, pet grooming is
an important part of the hygiene and emotional well being of your animal.
Doesn't feel good when you get your hair cut or nails done? Imagine not having
the luxury of choosing how and when you clean yourself. Your pets don't have
that advantage. Sure they groom themselves with their tongue and paws, but
without an opposing thumb they cannot grab a scrub brush and wash their back or
the ability to reach hard to get at places. They need the care and love of their
caregivers and pet grooming lets them know that they are getting their needs met.

Even when you get a new puppy or kitten, pet grooming is important way to
develop the bonding practices. As you brush or wash your pet, the constant
touching and soothing gives the young animal a sense of well being. The
relationship between caregiver and animal becomes stronger as more attention is
given to the pet. The early interaction of pet grooming also prepares the animal
for a professional pet groomer as hair or nails become to unmanageable for the
untrained owner. The pet will have a more of a sense of security as they are
left at a pet groomer for a day and will deal with less stress as they are
touched and groomed by a stranger.

Pet grooming at a young age also allows the animal to get used to the tools and
apparatus used in the pet grooming experience. Scissors and brushes can be scary
things to a novice puppy or kitten. Initial reaction of the animal is to bite or
claw at the brush. They have a strange tool pulling and brushing their hair and
their natural reaction is to defend themselves. By going slow and using
soothing sounds, the owner can slowly introduce the new animal to the process.
As the grooming goes on and the animal feels more comfortable, stronger strokes
can be applied. As confidence and bonding builds the entire pet grooming process
can be utilized.

Another aspect of pet grooming is cutting or trimming the nails of your animal.
Especially for inside pets, if the nails are not trimmed properly they will have
a tendency to grow around within themselves and be painful for the animal to
walk upon. Also the nails will split easier if left unattended leaving
unsightly cracks and an irritating feeling in their paws. If proper pet
grooming is initiated early enough, the pet will grow in emotional maturity and
you will have a stable animal that will have the benefits of good hygiene and
good health. Pet grooming will become a habit that both the pet and the owner
will anticipate their time together on a daily basis. The importance of pet
grooming will spread to be a family experience as spouses and siblings will
pick up brush and spend time with the family pet. The emotional security will
spread throughout the family and pet and family will become one.

Why Good Pet Grooming Experts Are Hard To Find

Pet grooming is essential to pet ownership. Grooming will ensure the pet's
emotional and physical health. A dog or cat must be groomed to ensure that not
only do they look good, but they are made safe by having their nails and hair
cut properly. Most people do not want to go through the hassle of home pet
grooming. This process is a mess and can cause serious injury to the animal if
it is done by unprofessional means. Expert pet grooming is expensive, but with
the right groomer your pet will look good and feel good. Some professional pet
groomers, though trained professionally, do not do a good job and there has
been some instances of pet groomers hurting or mistreating animals.

When you go to a professional pet groomer for the first time carefully inspect
your pet after the grooming is done. When you pick them up from the service
most animals will be shaken from the experience, but if your animal is
extremely shy when they'd first get back from the groomer, there may be some
circumstances that you need to look into. Carefully inspect your pet. Look for
cuts, scratches or razor burn, which will appear to be like a red rash on the
skin. That grooming professionals have been known to accidentally cut off dew
claws or to split the nails when trimming them.

If you think that your pet has been mistreated during pet grooming talk to the
groomer. Show them the reason of your concern, and let them explain what has
happened the best they can. If you are not satisfied with the answer that be
groomer gives you, there are several options in which you can follow. You could
report them to the state board that issued their license. They are you can file
a grievance or ask for advice on what to do next. You can also call the Better
Business Bureau to file a complaint. This will be publicly displayed if other
customers wish to use the same groomer and want to investigate first.

A pet grooming license is similar to a cosmetologist license. The pet groomer
has to be board certified from the state and adhere to the standards and
practices of that state issue. If a pet groomer is out of compliance with the
state standards, they can have their license removed or be put on probation. If
severe mistreatment of your pet is observed, you should call the local
authorities. You should both call the police or the animal control officer in
your town and report the mistreatment of the animal. As with all businesses
there are black sheets to the pet grooming profession.

Sometimes you may have to try several pet groomers to get your pet grooming
needs met. Some groomers are not qualified to cut the hair of specific breeds.
If your long-haired cat needs to be groomed, be sure you take him to a cat
groomer. Cats are hard to groomand a special expertise is needed to ensure
safety of the cat. Choose your pet grooming professionals carefully and report
anything that you might perceive as unsavory. Once a proper pet groomer has
been identified by you, stick with that person and advertise for them with
word-of-mouth. The safety of your animal is more important than cost. A good
pet grooming professional is hard to find, but it is worth it for the safety,
health, and well-being of your pet.

Where to Find Pet Grooming Supplies

So Fido is getting a little scruffy. Pet grooming professionals are very
expensive and sometimes you will not get the desired results that you wish and
first place. Home pet grooming has become a fad in the last 10 years. The
question asked most by the novice pet groomer is exactly where do you get pet
grooming supplies? You'll need a variety of clippers, scissors, brushes, and
combs. The supplies you need vary with the type of dog you have and whether
that dog has long or short hair. The thickness of the coat is important because
some clippers may cause pain or irritation to your animal.

Pet grooming supplies can be found at your local but veterinarian. Here you can
find clippers, nail clippers, and even small, little clippers that can cut ear
hair. This is not your best bet in respect to expense. The veterinarian usually
has a high markup in all their pet grooming supplies. The advantage is that you
will find but veterinarian close to your home and will not have to mail order
or order the supplies off the Internet. You might want to call ahead to make
sure that your but veterinarian has the proper pet grooming supplies for your
breed of dog. Different breed sometimes require different supplies, and if you
have a rare breed for that area of the country in which you live, it may be
hard to find the proper grooming equipment.

If you're looking for more value, and a larger selection, many online pet
grooming supply companies exist. Some offer next day air and though the
shipping cost might be expensive, the quality of the product and the assurance
that the product specifically meets your pet grooming needs is worth the cost.
Online pet grooming sites offer tips on how to groom your pet, and they also
offer ways that you may try different styles and cuts. The online pet grooming
sites also offer a variety of products like shampoos, conditioners, and
products that remove major animal infestations like fleas, ticks, our other
vermin. Be careful if you're animal has sensitive skin. Some products may have
an acidic quality than may leave rashes or irritating marks on your animals

If you live in a large urban center, they are large pet outlet stores that
carry pet grooming supplies as well as other supplies your pets might need.
These stores also have professional groomers in which you can make an
appointment. Some have a walk-in policy and why others need an appointment well
in advance. The store personnel will offer advice on pet grooming tips that are
physically fit your dogs breed, size, and an air quality. They will also have a
large assortment of shampoos, brushes, clippers, and scissors.

No matter what venue you've you wish to buy your pet grooming supplies from,
make sure that they are tailored fit for your pet. A wrong clipper attachment
can cut the hair too short. This will leave your pet scan in danger of sunburn
or when burn. With proper grooming your pet will lead a longe,r healthy and
more emotionally safe life.

The Proper Way to Bath Your House Pet

One of the keys to successfully bathing your pet is to make sure that you are
in a safe enviroment. If you are putting your dog or cat in a tub or sink while
you bath them make sure that they aren't going to slip. Placing a rubber mat in
the tub or sink will give your pet a sense of security, rubber door mats work
really well for this purpose. Also make sure that you aren't going to slip if
water gets splashed on the floor. If you are using a hose to bath your dog
outside, make sure you are in an area where they feel secure, and that, if they
pull away from you grasp, they wont be able to run out into traffic.

Before you start bathing your pet make sure that the shampoo you are using is
very mild. Shampoos that are specially formulated for your pet's species are
best because they wont strip your pets coat of the oils that they need for
healthy skin. If you have to use a human shampoo try to use one that is meant
for infant children. Make sure that the shampoo you are using to wash your pet
is unscented. Washing your dog with shampoo that smells like lilacs is only
going to encourage him to find a dead fish to use to cover the scent. Perfumed
shampoos can also dry out your pets sensitive skin.

Before you begin bathing your pet, sit down and throughly brush its coat. This
serves two purposes. First it helps relax your pet, and you. More importantly
running a brush through your pets coat will rid it off all dead and loose hair.
This is hair that will no longer be around to clog your plumbing system.

Try to use luke warm water. Hot water can burn your pet's sensitive skin. Cold
water can chill your pet. Both situations can make the bathing experince
miserable. If you are bathing your pet in a tub, do not fill the tub full of
water. To much water will make your pet nervous, and increase the amount of
water that gets splashed on the floor and on you. Use a minimal amount of water
when bathing your house pet.

When using a hose or sprayer to spray water over your pet be very careful not
to spray water into thier ears. Also try to avoid spraying water in thier noses
and mouths. Getting water in the ears, nose, and mouth will not give your pet
pleasent memories of the bathing experince.

When rubbing the shampoo into your pet's coat start just behind your pet's ears
and work your way towards the pet's tail. Use a circular motion to rub the
shampoo into the pet's coat. When you are done massaging the shampoo into your
pet's coat use the sprayer or hose to rinse your pet. Make sure that you get
all the soap out of your pets hair. Soap that doesn't get rinsed off will
irritate your pet's skin and cause them to rub and scratch at thier skin. If
the soap irritates the pet enough you could find yourself treating your pet for
hot spots.

When you are done bathing your pet, use a large towel to dry them off.

After bath time is finsihed take some time to play with and cuddle with your
pet. This will ensure them that you still love them, and confirm in both your
minds that bath time doesn't have to be a traumatic experince.

Why You Should Use a Muzzle During Pet Grooming

Home pet grooming can be an experience for both animal and owner. The activity
stresses out some dogs and cats and they behave differently when they are
getting a bath or having their nails clipped. They may snip or bite at the pet
groomer even if they are the ones they love. A loving, docile pet can become
all teeth and nails if they do not want to be there. The best, most humane way
to protect both human and animal during pet grooming is to use a muzzle. Though
some people think that a muzzle is cruel, it can keep the animal restrained and
stop them from possible doing harm.

A muzzle fits around the dog's mouth and is secured around the back of the head
with ties or straps. Pet grooming experts agree that the animal feels no
discomfort when wearing the muzzle. It leaves enough room for the pet to
breather and at the same time restricts the animal from biting. Muzzles are
made in all different sizes. Even small dogs with tiny mouths can inflict a
nasty wound. There are no muzzles for cats but there is a head bag that fits
over the entire head that restricts biting. Pet grooming experts say that the
bag is thin enough for the cat to breathe, but will restrict the movement of
the head and keep the animal from biting the groomer.

There are many styles of muzzles the home pet groomer or pet grooming expert
can use. The most popular one is called the softie. The softie is made of a
pliable, soft, but resistant material that gives your dog the ultimate comfort
as they are being groomed. The DuPont fabric is known not to tear or wear
during the pet grooming experience. It is stain resistant and can be machine
washed. If you are grooming several dogs in succession, it is wise to wash the
softie between dogs or to use another muzzle so diseases or bacteria will not
be passed.

There are several sizes of softies even for little breeds like Yorkies or
Chihuahuas. Pet grooming experts do emphasize to not keep the muzzle on for an
extended period of time. The muzzle could interfere with the animal's natural
cooling system.

The softie should not be used with overly aggressive dogs. When pet grooming an
animal known to bite or attack, a leather muzzle is best. The leather will have
enough strength to retrain the dog's jaws and keep the groomer from getting
bit. The leather muzzles have adequate space for the dog to pant and to cool
down. Besides pet grooming, these muzzles can be used during walks. They will
warn passer bys that the dog is not friendly and they will avoid contact. The
fall back of the muzzle is that if your animal is attacked by another, it will
have no way to defend their selves.

Whether you are pet grooming or just worried about the disposition of your
animal, the muzzle will protect you and your pet. Without such a device, your
pet grooming experience can be a bad one.

Pet Grooming to Prevent Hairballs

Cat owners know that where there are cats there are also hairballs. Cats oral
grooming habits involve swallowing large quantities of hair. Most of the
swallowed hair passes harmlessly through the cat's digestive system. Problems
occur when instead of passing through the cat's digestive system the hair
remains in the cat's digestive system. As time passes the undigested hair
collects with other undigested hair, these hairs stick together, until a
hairball forms in the cat's stomach. The larger the hair ball becomes, the
greater a risk it poses to the cat's health and well being.

A vast majority of cats are able to rid themselves of a hairball by hacking it
up. The sound they make when trying to bring up a hairball is similar to a
person suffering from dry heaves, although the noise is slightly higher
pitched. Most cat owners also report that the best time of day to extract a
troublesome hairball is in the middle of the night so that sound can keep the
cat's entire family up all night. Cat owners also find that their cat is very
clever at depositing the hairball in places where it's humans frequently walk
barefoot, like on the bathroom floor, directly next to the shower.

As unhappy as cat owners might be about having balls of half digested hair
littering their house, they are even less happy about large hairballs that
remain in their house cat's stomach. When the enormous hairball makes its way
into the cat's intestine it can create a blockage that frequently means a hasty
trip to the vet for an emergency surgery. This surgery can cost several hundred

Signs that your cat is suffering from a hairball are; your cat ignoring their
personal grooming regime and allowing their coat to become dirty and matted,
constant coughing and hacking, loss of appetite, constipation, and depression.
Long haired cats, because of the length of their coat, are more prone to
hairballs then their short haired contemporaries.

Pet grooming is a wonderful way for cat owners to prevent the unpleasantness of
hairballs. Brushing your cat once a day will remove dead hairs from the cat's
coat. These dead hairs wont be around to stick to the cat's tongue and later be
swallowed to form a hair ball. Although any brush can be used to groom your pet
cat, a cat brush purchased from pet store has bristles that are specially
designed for cat hair. Daily grooming routines will strengthen the bond between
you and your cat.

If you have a long haired cat, or even a short haired cat that seems prone to
hairballs, you may want to consider clipping your cat to remove excess hair.
Hair that is no longer on the cat's body can not wreck havoc on their digestive

Another thing that cat owners can do to prevent hairball is to purchase cat
foods that are specially designed to prevent hairballs from forming in the
cat's digestive system. If your budget wont extend to purchasing expensive
anti-hairball foods, you may want to consider other commercial hairball

Cat owners should consult their veterinarian for additional methods of hairball

Pet Grooming Professionals -- How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Pet grooming is a necessity that any pet owner can testify to. You can have
your pet groomed by a pet grooming professional or you can attempt to do it
yourself. If you take your dog to a pet grooming expert, be careful who you
take them to. There are plenty of horror stories out there that will make any
responsible pet owner shutter. You must know and trust your pet groomer or
disastrous results may occur. This article is a helpful guide to watching for
red flags when you visit your local pet grooming expert whether you have used
them for a long time or it is a first time visit.

If it is a first time visit, ask the groomer to look at the grooming area. Make
sure the equipment used is right for your pet. Look in the kennel area to see if
there is fresh water and the cages are clean. If your pet is put into a soiled
kennel, they have a high chance of catching a transmittable disease. Make sure
there is a soft area for the animal to lie on like a blanket or towel. A red
flag should go up if you see multiple colors of hair on the floor. This means
that the pet grooming professional is not sanitizing between animals. Look at
the clippers. Be assured that they are sanitized. If the clippers have dried
blood or hair on them, you need to find another groomer.

The personal appearance of the pet grooming expert is also important. Look for
stains or blood on their clothing. If the groomer is not clean, you can be
assured that your pet will not be handled in a sanitary manner. Also watch how
the groomer interacts with your animal. If they are abrasive in either manner
or speech, you might want to redirect your business. If they are not conscious
of their negative approach to your pet while you are there, think about how
more negative are harmful the pet grooming professional will be if you are not

The first thing a pet owner should look for is the animal's attitude when
returning from a groomer. Of course most pets will be shaken, but if an animal
acts extremely shy or skittish after the appointment a further look in the pet
groomer's practices may need to be explored. Look for cuts or abrasions on your
animal, especially in hard to find places like under the neck or beneath legs.
The pet groomer should talk to you about concerns they find on your pet and
detail any wounds or scratches your pet received during the session.

Any unprofessional pet grooming behavior that you witness or discover should be
reported to the either the state board that issued the certification or a
veterinarian who can contact the proper authorities. Your pet's welfare is
important and the proper pet grooming professional needs to be obtained to
ensure the physical and emotional safety. Watch closely, and pay attention to
both your pet and the groomer.

Pet Grooming Options for Cats

When considering pet grooming options, one must decide which pet groomer will
be best. There are many dog groomers out there, but very few cat groomers. If
you have a cat you should look carefully at what specific facilities offer cat
grooming expertise. Cats are finicky animals and they can be very hard to
groom, putting the groomer at risk for bites or scratches. Choosing a
professional cat groomer is a important decision the pet owner must make to
ensure the health and happiness of their cat. As with all animals a bad pet
groomer can make mistakes and unintentionally hurt the animal destroying
confidence in making the cat emotionally distraught.

Cat pet grooming is a difficult job and not many people are up to the task.
Some of the best dog groomers refuse to groom cats due to the fact of the
danger to both themselves and the animal. Most cats do not like water and
bathing them can be a adventure as both cat and human fight for dominance. Most
cats become emotionally distraught when immersed in water, and it takes a
experience pet groomer to calm the cat and at the same time protect both
parties involved.

Pet grooming techniques have been designed to keep the animal safe and give the
animal confidence in the person doing the bathing. A good cat groomer will use
the necessary gloves and other equipment to make bathing a more pleasant
experience for the feline.

The most difficult job for the cat pet grooming expert is to cut mats off
long-haired cats. Breeds such as Persians, and Blue Hairs are notorious for
having big mats several inches in diameter which are tightly packed against the
skin. Pet grooming with these types of animals needs to be particularly diligent
in finding these mats and cut them short enough to brush out without actually
shaving the hair off the skin. For long-haired cats to have no hair on their
body opens them up for infection and disease. Serious skin infections can
result which is constantly in both time and money. As with other animals having
the hair shaved completely off and living in an outside environment can lead to
skin cancer and other deadly skin diseases.

The choice of a cat pet groomer is a serious one for the pet owner. Sometimes
in rural areas a pet grooming expert may be some distance away. The owner must
be prepared to drive a cat to the groomer, leave them overnight, and pick them
up the next day. Before leaving the groomer, inspect your animal and make sure
there are no serious cuts or abrasions. Also run your fingers through the
animal's coat to make sure that all mats are taken off properly.

If you're happy with the services of the pet grooming experience, it is
customary to tip the professional at least 15% of the total charges. To ensure
less frequent trips to the grooming expert, it is advisable to brush your cat
out daily and avoid the unsightly mats as they appear.

Pet Grooming Is A Responsibility

Many pets purchased today are purebred. The elaborate care required for
maintaining health and value should be known and the responsible owner will
follow these guidelines. A large amount of households, however, still follow
tradition and have chosen a mixed-breed house pet. These individuals may feel
that the responsibilities for pet ownership are limited to veterinarian care,
food, toys and accessories, but the family who is gifted with a "free" puppy or
kitten must also consider the necessity of pet grooming when compiling the
expenses and responsibilities for the newest family member.

The family, who chooses a short-haired pet, may feel that this will alleviate
the obligation for daily grooming; this is however, a mistaken thought process.
The shorter haired pet will still require regular brushing to stimulate a
healthy coat and reduce loose pet hair. The indoor pet will invariably leave
hair throughout their environment, so brushing is essential for a cleaner home.
In addition, indoor pets are subjected to the same environmental influences as
their human family. Dry, hot, furnace heat and artificial cooling systems
dehydrate the skin causing it to flake and slough off. Although perhaps more
apparent amongst darker-toned breeds, this same process is occurring in the
family pet. Dandruff-like flaking will appear on the dog or cat's coat when
stimulated either by hand or brush, indicating dry skin.

Supplements or vitamins may need to be included into the pet's diet for
complete relief, but the inclusion of regular baths into the pet grooming
routine will provide the greatest improvement. Some individuals may choose to
do this themselves, however the local pet groomer will also perform this for a
reasonable fee.

Proper pet grooming does not end with the animal's skin and coat, as other
needs will require regular attention as well. The home that now includes a
domestic cat will need its members to be diligent in training the animal to use
a scratching post. Failing this, the decision to de-claw the feline used to be
the only option; however, today's pet grooming advances have made it possible
to live with the offending talons. A pet groomer can be enlisted to clip the
tips of the front claws or soft pads can be applied to the claw, thus keeping
the nails from damaging inappropriate surfaces. If started at a young age, the
adult cat will readily submit to either of these procedures, however the
responsible pet owner should speak to their veterinarian about which options
would be the best for the animal and the expense that will be included in the
pet's regular grooming routine.

The family, who has chosen to bring a dog into the home, must also realize
their responsibilities in regards to nail care. Regardless of size, a dog's
nails can be damaging if not kept to a proper length. This damage does not just
include the family home and property, but can also extend to the animal itself.
Nails that are not clipped may cause the pet to walk awkwardly or lead to other
foot problems; therefore this is a maintenance necessity. Some dogs are
submissive and do not require any assistance; however, this is not often the
case. The veterinarian may be needed to perform this grooming necessity. This
could become quite expensive; however, many pet professionals will eagerly
train the pet owner to do this job themselves. The pet owner should be aware,
though that this is a procedure that is best begun as soon as possible and at
regular intervals, as the normally docile family dog may react very adversely
to the nail clipping regimen.

Regardless of the initial cost in procuring a family pet, the family needs to
be aware and understand the responsibilities that they have now chosen to
undertake. The animal's health must be maintained and this will require the
procurement of a good medical professional. In addition, though, the family
must understand the obligations for regular pet grooming to assure a long and
happy life for this family member.

Pet Grooming as a Career

A pet grooming career can be an exciting vocation which offers adventure and
profitability. A pet grooming vocation requires standards that even
veterinarians and breeders do not have to follow. You will fill a very
important niche in the pet market and will become an important person to the
animals you serve as well as their owners. You will have to use hands on
techniques towards the animals, and at the same time you'll have to observe
their behaviors and physical traits. You will actually have to spend quality
time with the animal.

This is an activity that many veterinarians and breeders do not do. During this
quality time, you must be able to judge the mental and physical characteristics
of the animal and report to the owner. You are almost a reporting agency due to
the fact that if you see that the animal has been mistreated by the owner it is
required for you to call the veterinarian immediately.

One of the skills of a pet grooming expert is to be able to look at the
individual breed and decide what type of coat that dog might have. For example,
the Labrador retriever has two coats. Its first coat is a fine down fur that is
close to the skin and provides warmth during the winter and water activities.
The second coat is a long, thin, fine hair that is used as a water repellent.
This allows the dog to dry off quickly and to protect the inner coat. The skill
that the grooming expert needs to proficient in is to know how short to trim or
to trim at all. To cut the hair too short would leave the under coating hair
and the skin open to dangerous situations. These situations could be exposure
to the sun, which would cause skin irritation or skin cancer.

If you think that you have these skills, you may be able to be a pet grooming
professional. There are several options in which to train for your vocation.
There are many pet grooming schools in the United States. Some are the
brick-and-mortar variety where you will attend daily classes. Other pet
grooming courses are offered online, and this would allow the student to
partake in the classes at their own leisure. Once the program is completed a
certificate will be issued. This certificate can be taken to the state board
responsible for certification. Some states do not require certification, but
the certificate is a symbol of professionalism in the field of pet grooming.

The pet grooming profession is a lucrative field in which the owners have the
opportunity to choose what kind animals to groom and what fees they may charge.
There is a shortage of cat groomers and this could be a niche in which the
groomer could be prosperous. There is also a shortage of groomers of all types
in rural areas. Moving to an area without pet grooming experts could be the
start of a very profitable career.

Pet Grooming and the Mental Health of Your Pet

How is pet grooming important to the mental health of your animal? Whether you
own a cat, dog, our gerbil the mental health of your animal reflects the
physical condition of that animal and the relationship between pet and owners.
Having your pet properly groomed is essential to maintaining a healthy balance
of cleanliness and mental health. The dog whose hair is too long for the summer
or a cat whose nails are too long and need to be clipped are animals that are in
dire need of care. Proper pet grooming can provide an emotional symbol that you
care for your pet andthe pet will respect the owner more when the quality time
at the grooming is applied.

The simple bonding that is demonstrated between an animal and their owner
during grooming is the most important aspect of the mental health of your
animal. while grooming, you are constantly hands-on, stroking your animal and
pulling out mats and snags in their hair that may have been a source of
discomfort. As you groom your animal, the animal becomes more placid and at
ease. Your pets grooming method may include using brushes, clippers or variety
of other instruments. Let your pet smell, the instrument before you start
applying it to their hair or skin. The more familiar they are with the tools
that you use, the less they will feel stressed having an unknown object
structure near and on their body.

If you are using clippers that make a noise, turn them on a good distance from
your gut. Turn them off again and woke toward your pet, turning them on and
gently putting the vibration next to the body. When they realize that the
clippers will not hurt them, they will be more susceptible in allowing you to
cut their hair.

Any pet grooming must start with gentle words and soothing sounds. After
awhile, when grooming becomes a daily routine, your pet will be more
appreciative inletting you groom them, plus they will become interested in
wanting daily attention. With the dual purpose of both grooming and bonding,
the grooming session will produce a animal that has sharper instincts and
better mental-health. They will feel more secure in their home and will have
trust in their owner as they find out that this new experience will not hurt
them. If you happen to cut the cuticle of the nail to short or cause any other
kind of discomfort to your animal, make a big deal over it by giving them extra
hugs and more attention.

They will realize that it was only a mistake, and the love and trust will come
back. Pet grooming to your animal is like receiving that gentle hug from a
loved one. You feel better after it and you wish that it would stop and happen
more often. As your confidence in the pet grooming process grows so will the
confidence grow in your animal. They will know that you will protect them and
keep them as healthy as possible.

Pet Groomers that Come to You

Dog owners have all been there. You turn your dog loose to run for just a few
minutes and the next thing you know man's best friend is scratching at your
door, there once gleaming coat caked with dirt and debris, and emitting an
incredibly foul odor. You now have two options. You can lock your dog outside
and hope that it rains hard enough in the near future to wash them clean, or
you can take valuable time out of your day and drag them to your local pet

There is another, less time consuming way to remove the embarrassing odor from
your dog's fur. You might consider enlisting the aid of a mobile pet grooming

Never heard of a mobile pet grooming service? Think of it as a canine day spa
that has been condensed and put on wheels. Most mobile pet grooming companies
have built their pet grooming stations into the back of large vans or cargo

Pet owners who enlist the aid of a mobile pet grooming service will be stunned
by the luxury their pets can enjoy without ever leaving their familiar
surroundings. One mobile pet service company that operates in the United States
has vans that are outfitted with blow dryers, and heated hydro baths, in
addition to the pet groomers regular grooming tools and supplies. Some of the
groomers that operate mobile pet units offer the pets they groom a vast
selection of gourmet pet treats.

Pet owners who regularly use mobile pet units like the fact they are able to
arrange the groomers around their work and personal commitments. Mobile pet
groomers are willing to groom a person's pets on weekends or after regular
working hours when regular pet groomers close their shops and go home to spend
time with their own pets.

Using a mobile pet grooming service means that pet owners do not have to
arrange time to drive their pets into town and then drive them back home again.
The mobile pet service saves them time and money. The time and money they save
becomes something they can enjoy with the rest of their family/

It sounds strange, but using a mobile pet service could actually improve your
dog's overall health. Some dogs don't like to leave their home. The act of
getting into a car and driving into town for a scheduled appointment with a pet
groomer gives them anxiety attacks. The experience is stressful for everybody
involved, the pet owner, the professional groomer. and most importantly the
dog. Pet owners who have dogs that don't like traveling generally avoid having
their dog groomed. That leads to the second way a mobile pet grooming service
can improve your dog's health. A professional dog groomer will notice changes
in your dogs hair coat and skin that could indicate health problems if not
dealt with immediately.

Many mobile pet groomers start out as a small hobby for a pet groomer,
something they might do to start attracting a clientele, or a way to nurse a
passion for pets. It is not unusual for these pet groomers to find that the
business is so lucrative that their business expands so much they arrange for
another mobile unit and hire extra professional groomers to drive it from one
client to the next.

Pet Bathing as Part of the Pet Grooming Experience

A house without a pet just isn't complete. Whether the ideal animal companion
is a cat or dog, proper pet grooming is essential. Purebred or mutt, exotic or
domestic, eventually that same constant sidekick will need to be bathed. The
responsible pet owner will now need to determine if it is time to bring in the
pet grooming professionals or to attempt this project under their own

If the house pet happens to be a cat, many individuals feel that bathing is an
unnecessary undertaking. True, a cat will commonly clean themselves to the best
of their ability, however environmental and household conditions can determine
the need for a full bath. Store-brand cat litter can often hold odor more
discerningly than that of premium quality. This litter box odor eventually
begins to permeate the general smell of the family pet. Upon noticing this
condition, the cat owner will need to "freshen" the feline. This can be best
achieved by pouring baking soda under lukewarm running water into a large sink
or washtub. Once the baking soda has dissolved, carefully grasp two of the
cat's paws in one hand, while doing the same with the other paws. Slowly lower
the feline into the waiting water. The owner must take care in their own
demeanor and remain calm and soothing during this process.

Most cats will not take kindly to this treatment, especially if it is a new pet
grooming experience, and some may holler about the indignity of the situation.
Contrary to the cat's belief, the experience should not be too upsetting and
fortunately, upon becoming dry, most cats will eventually forgive their
offending owner. If, however, the cat has been exposed to other items such as
grease, or tree sap, the owner will need to perform a full bath complete with
mild shampoo. If kitty has not had the experience of the "freshening" or other
assisted bathing, this may be the time to contact a pet grooming expert as
their facilities are better equipped to accommodate the angry and easily
antagonized feline.

The family dog will also need bathing, although on a more regular basis than
the feline family members. A small dog may be cleaned easily in the kitchen
sink as the spray attachment is a perfect tool for rinsing. Thoroughly wet the
animal's coat, and apply a liberal amount of mild pet shampoo. Quality shampoos
are available in many discount stores and a full-line pet store can provide
additional choices for specific problems such as fleas, ticks, or dry skin
problems. After lathering the coat, it is essential to remove all residue of
the shampoo.

The animal must be rinsed with clean water numerous times to ensure that no
soap is left on the skin. A longer haired animal might now benefit from the use
of a conditioner. The use of this product will leave the coat silky, shiny, and
smelling pleasant, in addition, conditioner provides another avenue for
insuring that all shampoo residues has been removed. After bathing, the pet
owner will find that brushing will be must easier when facilitated with this

If the pet is of the short or wire-haired variety, the owner will find that a
final rinse with a mixture of one-half gallon of water with two tablespoons of
cider vinegar will effectively remove any residual soap and give the coat a
healthy glow. If bathing is part of your pet grooming regime, be confident with
your skills or call a pet grooming expert.

Nail Trimming An Important Part Of Pet Grooming

An essential part of pet grooming is the trimming of your pet's nails. If you
live in a house with wooden floors, the click, click, click of your pet's nails
when they walk on that floor can drive you crazy. Not only is it irritating for
the members of your family, it is an indication that your animal's nails need
to be cut. This is important because long nails can cause pain to your animal's
feet and they can be used as a weapon whether on purpose or by accident. The
nails can also cause damage to furniture or carpet.

Pet grooming experts use special precautions when clipping the nails of a dog
or cat. The nail trimmers must be able to securely go over the diameter of the
nail and not angled at all. To try this task at home, one must know where to
cut and how deep down the nail to clip. The trick is to locate the cuticle and
not to cut into it. There is a vein that runs part way up the nail starting at
the base. Within this vein there are blood vessels and nerve endings. If you
should happen to cut into this vein, the nail will begin to bleed and there
will certainly be pain involved. If your pet shows any sign of pain stop, what
you're doing and comfort the animal..

Most animals do not like pet grooming and the ordeal of nail trimming can be a
very a stressful time for them. The best method is to sit down beside your dog
or cat, and began to brush their coat. Once they are calm and comfortable place
their paw into your hand. Do not show them the clippers at first, but massage
their feet like you would if you were playing with them. Gently put the nail
into the opening of the nail trimmers and slowly but firmly clip the nail.

Professional pet groomers are a little more experienced and they clip the nails
at a faster rate than the novice. Take your time and be aware of how your pet
reacts to having their nails clipped. If you do happen to cut the blood vessel
in the center the nail, grab a clean cloth or sanitary paper towel to put
pressure on the nail until the bleeding stops. If you are cutting the nails
inside of your house the animal may track blood upon your carpet or floor. The
pet grooming expert uses different tactics when it comes to trimming nails.
They will sometimes restrain your dog using straps or placing them into a small
enclosed area. Here they can pull the dogs paw through a hole in the containment
box and clip at will. This method it's very stressful upon the animal, and
sometimes your animal might be better served by you clipping their nails at

Nail clipping for some animals is a horrible experience. Your pet may try to
bite you or try to get away from you, putting both the owner and the animal at
serious injury. If you in any way feel nervous about clipping nails, it is
better not to even attempt it. Let a pet grooming expert clip your animal nails
or have it done the next time you visit the veterinarian.

Making Sure Your Pet Guinea Pig is Properly Groomed

The site of a guinea pig nosing around in a pile of fresh shavings is an image
that brings a smile to both parent's and children alike.

A large population of adults have fond memories of the guinea pig they raised
as a child. It doesn't take a lot of encouragement before they are describing
the way it looked and recounting the adventures they shared. Most parents who
had guinea pigs during their childhood are normally quick to make sure that
their children have a pet guinea pig to call their own.

Parents like the idea of guinea pigs as a child's first gift for a variety of
reasons. Compared to cats and dogs, guinea pigs are a cheap pet. Even rescuing
a kitten from an animal shelter can cost more then fifty dollars, a young, well
cared for guinea pig can be purchased for fifteen dollars. The average guinea
pig doesn't need as much veterinary care as a dog or cat. A guinea pig can be
kept in the child's bedroom, it doesn't run around the house, disrupting the
entire household. In short a guinea pig is a smart choice to teach a child
about the responsibility needed to care for a pet.

One of the skills that children will develop when they are raising a guinea pig
is pet grooming. Despite their diminutive size, guinea pigs, like dogs and cats,
need to be groomed on a regular basis.

Parents who are concerned that their child will be lax about grooming their pet
guinea pig should make sure that they purchase a short haired breed of guinea
pig. The short hair will not tangle and mat like their long haired
counterparts. Brushes that have soft bristles are the best for brushing guinea
pigs, the soft bristles wont hurt the guinea pig's skin.

When you guinea pig comes home, teach your child how to examine its eyes and
ears and nose, to make sure that they are clean and free of debris. Show them
how to use a warm slightly wet washcloth to gently wipe any mucus that might be
accumulating in the corners of their eyes.

Guinea pigs don't require a great deal of of brushing, and they shouldn't be
bathed. They do need to have their nails clipped. This is an activity that the
parent needs to supervise. Explain to your child that they are not suppose to
remove the guinea pigs entire nail, that the only thing that is going to be
removed with the nail clippers is the sharp tip of the nail. On a guinea pig
that has white nails you should be able to see the tiny blood vessels that run
through the nails, explain to your child that the blood vessels represent a
living part of the nail, that the goal is to trim the nail with hurting the
tiny blood vessels. If your pet guinea pig has dark nails your probably wont be
able to see the blood vessels, on dark nailed guinea pigs the rule of thumb is
to trim approximately 1/4 of an inch of the guinea pigs nail.

The biggest problem with guinea pigs is that they stink. The scent of an
unclean guinea pig cage can quickly drive the entire family from the house. It
is important to make sure that your child understand that it is extremely
important to clean the guinea pigs cage every day. Explain that the health of
their guinea pig as well as the family harmony depends on them keeping the cage
clean and the bedding fresh.

Home Pet Grooming Tips

Pet grooming can be performed by the owner or from a professional who has gone
to school to learn the craft. If you are a do-it-your-self type person there
are several safety tips you might want to keep in mind. The animal you are
grooming is special to you and you will want to keep the animal safe and calm
during the pet grooming experience. Any undue pain or injury caused by unsafe
practices can cause emotional stress to your animal and damage to the trust
level the pet may have with you. The following tips will ensure a safe and
pleasurable pet grooming experience.

Most pets do not like this, but the excess hair that forms in the ears must be
clipped. Excess hair can build moisture that will trap bacteria and cause ear
infections or be a breeding ground for ear mites. These types of afflictions
can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort. Infections cause the animal to
scratch and shake their head. Mites can actually cause the animal to do damage
to their inner canal as they stick their nails inside trying to scratch. Large
eared dogs already have a predisposition for ear problems and the shaking of
their ears back in forth can rupture blood vessels. Professional pet groomers
have specialized equipment to remove ear hair, but the novice may use nose hair
trimmers to get the same effect. The noise of the clippers may scare the pet, so
stroke him with the other hand and offer soothing words to calm them.

Another novice mistake is to shave the animal all the way. Pet grooming experts
will do this at the request of the owner, but it is ill advised if the animal is
an outside pet. The coat protects the animal from the cold and also from the
sun. Both elements can cause serious skin damage to your pet which could lead
to expensive veterinarian bills. The lack of hair on the body can cause rashes.
The hair in some breeds secrete essential oils that protect and lubricate the
skin, while others such as Labradors have two coats that serve different
functions for the animals safety. Try to shave mats as close as possible until
you are able to work them out with a brush. Even shaving mat patches to the
skin will leave your pet in danger of the sun and wind.

If you use a clipper, brush the hair backwards against the grain and then move
your clippers with the grain. Pet grooming experts may use a variety of length
of clipper combs that can be used in variance with the length and thickness of
the coat. The novice pet groomer may use home hair clipper systems, but they
should experiment first in one unnoticeable area before continuing the entire
job. When shaving the underbelly, beware the nipples.

Even on a male pet this can a painful experience if they are cut or cut off.
Home pet grooming is an inexpensive way to keep your pet healthy and happy, but
it is also a way for your pet to be injured or messed up so bad that only
professional pet grooming can fix the owners mistake.

Grooming Your Pet-It Doesn't Have to be Difficult

Their are pet owners who will not groom their pets because whenever they try
the experience turns into a bad experience that leaves both the pet and the
owner with strained nerves and shaken confidence. Some of these pet owners,
knowing that their pet is in desperate need of a good grooming, bring their
pets to a professional pet groomer, hoping that the groomer knows some magic
trick that will make their unruly pet behave. Most of these pet owners are
devastated when they return to the groomers to pick up their pet and find out
that the best the groomer was able to do was a partial job, they send the pet
home half clipped and uncombed, telling the owner that the pet is their

The hard truth is that some pets really don't like to be groomed. Dogs, who are
perfectly happy to splash in mud puddles and swim in rivers, develop an
unreasonable fear of water when their owner starts to unroll a hose. Cats who
are happy to spend the entire day being stroked by their human, turn into
shrieking banshees when that same owner picks up a brush.

The first thing a pet owner has to understand is that if they brush or bath
their pet at home, there is absolutely no way a pet groomer is going to be able
to. Professional groomers are people who know how to make a pet look good, they
aren't animal trainers. Pet owners shouldn't expect them to turn into trainers
when they drop their pet off at the pet groomers.

The easiest way to teach your pet that grooming is a pleasurable experience is
to start grooming them when they are very young. Sure puppies and kittens
squirm around a lot, and grooming them will be difficult, but they are still
small. They are a lot easier to hold onto know then they will be a year or two
down the road. And remember, part of the reason they are squirming and wiggling
around is because they are so happy to be with you. If you start brushing their
coats and washing their eats now, they will start to associate those activities
with one on one time.

Make sure that you spend some time handling and cleaning your pets ears. The
more their ears get handled at a young age the easier it will be for your
veterinarian to inspect and treat any ear infections your pet might develop
later in life.

Dog and cat owners all know that trimming their pets nails can be a monstrous
engagement. Although you shouldn't have to trim the nails of your new puppy or
kitten, you can make play with their feet and start getting them accustomed to
the feel of your fingers against their paws. This will make your life easier
down the road.

When your grooming process is complete reward your young pet with treats and
play time. It won't be very long before they learn that sitting still through
the grooming process means that they will get to the fun stuff faster.

If you are having a bad day, avoid grooming your pet. They will pick up on your
negative energy and be uncomfortable being trapped on your lap. Instead of
grooming, spend the time playing a game with your puppy or kitten. They won't
feel trapped and will still have your undivided attention which will make them
happy, and you will find that watching them play will have a therapeutic effect
on your mental health.

Make each and every grooming session a positive experience for both you and
your new pet.

Grooming Your Pet Rabbit

Like cats rabbits pride themselves on cleanliness, that is why it is so easy to
teach them to use the litter box. They spend several hours a day keeping
grooming themselves, maintaining the quality of their skin and coat. Just
because your pet rabbit spends a large amount of its day grooming itself that
you are absolved from pet grooming. Rabbits, like all pets rely on their owners
to set a grooming plan and then stick with it.

One of the most important things to do is to brush your rabbit at least once a
day. The time you spend brushing your pet bunny will go along way in
establishing a lifelong bond. The health benefits of brushing your pet rabbit
include the removal of any dead hairs that your rabbit might other wise
swallow. Once swallowed these hairs could form a hairball that can compromise
your rabbit's digestive system. If a hairball creates a blockage, your pet
rabbit will have to go to the veterinarian where the resulting surgery could
cost several hundred dollars. When you are brushing your rabbit bear in mind
that the average rabbit sheds its old coat approximately every three months,
during this period of time increase the frequency of your brushing, and prepare
to vacuum your house twice as often, you'll be amazed at how much hair comes off
the tiny body. Rabbits have very delicate skin so look for a brush that has soft
bristles and wont tear your pet bunnies skin. Some rabbit owners prefer a
plastic wide toothed comb for their grooming.

When properly groomed and cared for long haired rabbits, like Angora's, are
gorgeous. The problem is keeping all that hair combed, clean, and free of mats
is quite a chore. If a rabbit owner isn't showing their long haired rabbit,
they typically trim the hair so that it is only one inch long. This help keep
the rabbit's coat clean and free of mats but also keeps the rabbit more
comfortable during the hot summer months. If you have never trimmed a rabbit's
long hair before, you might want to take your rabbit to a professional pet
groomer and watch how it's done before you try it yourself. When using the
clippers or scissors, be very careful that you don't damage the rabbits skin.

If you find a spot where the rabbit's hair has become so tangled that it has
turned into a mat, refrain from using a pair of scissors to remove the mat. It
is better if you use a comb and patiently work the mat loose, a few hairs at a
time. If you find that this is to trying on your patience, you might want to
take your pet rabbit to a professional pet groomer and have them remove the
mats with a pair of electric clippers.

Every few weeks, check and make sure that your rabbit's nails haven't gotten to
long. If you think they are looking long, or notice that they are starting to
catch on your carpeting it is time to trim them. If you have never done this
before take your rabbit to a pet groomer or veterinarian and watch how it is
done first. If you are comfortable on your own be careful that you don't trim
the nails so short that they bleed and your rabbit is to uncomfortable to move

Grooming Your House Cat-The Items You'll Need

Cats are fascinating creatures. They share a history with humans that rivals
dogs. Some cultures have history's that portray cat's as good warm hearted
creatures, while other cultures have folktales that tell tales about cats being
the root of all that is evil. On one hand cat's are warm creatures that look
forward to cuddling and loving their humans, on the other hand the same cat can
go for weeks without ever looking at its human.

One of the most intriguing things about cats is their cleanliness. Cats
practically house train themselves, just show them where the litter box and
they are ready to use it, if you keep the litter box clean you cat will reward
you by never making a mess in your house, (although some do prefer potted
plants to the litter box). Most cats are happy to spend hours cleaning
themselves, using their tongues to remove the dust from their bodies and to
straighten their hair. Watching a cat bathe itself can be a hypnotic experience
for its owners.

We are so accustomed to our house cats taking care of their own hygienic needs
that we sometimes forget that they, just like dogs, need us to help with their
grooming. It is the cat owners responsibility to make sure that the cat's nails
are trimmed, that any particularly nasty mats and knots are removed from their
coats, and that their teeth are kept clean and free of tarter and decay. In
order to make sure that your cat is properly groomed you need a very basic set
of equipment, your toolbox of cat grooming supplies.

The fist item you need in your cat grooming toolbox is a brush. This brush have
bristles that are strong enough to remove mats and debris from your cats coat,
but still soft enough that they won't pull and tear at your cat's delicate
skin. If you have a cat that seems to be particularly susceptible to getting
massive knots in its coat you will want to invest in a specially designed mat

Unless you have had your house cat declawed your cat will need to have its nail
clipped. In the wild cats need their sharp claws to defend themselves and to
help them capture and kill prey, Feral cats keep their nail from becoming
overly long by walking around on hard surfaces that wear down the nail, keeping
it sharp. The only real use house cats have for their claws is scratching
furniture and occasionally swiping at their human caretakers. It is the
caretakers responsibility to make sure the cat's nail get trimmed whenever they
get long. If you have never trimmed a cat's nails watch a professional pet
groomer or your cat's veterinarian trim your cat's nail first.

Dental care is an important part of your cat's overall health. It is important
to make sure that your cat's teeth are clean and free of signs of decay.
Consult your veterinarian will be able to help you select products designed for
optimal feline health.

Getting the Stink out of Your Dog

Dog owners who live near a forest, beside a river, or on a farm will be quick
to tell you that there is something about stinky, decaying, items that appeals
to dogs. It doesn't seem to matter if it is black swamp water, dead fish, or a
pile of slimy manure, if it stinks and can be rolled in, the dog is happy.
While smelling like a walking barking sewer system is a dogs idea of heaven on
earth, its owners are normally less then enthusiastic. The odor emitting from
their pet means that they have to take time out of their busy day to either
take their pet to the pet groomer and have it bathed, or they have to bath
their dog themselves. Even then there is no way that they can be sure that the
offensive odor will wash out of the dog's coat.

Dog experts believe that dogs roll in things like dead fish, road kill, and
manure in an attempt to disguise themselves. What nobody know is why they feel
the need to camouflage their scent. It could be a throwback to the days when
they hunted their dinner, if the prey couldn't smell them, they stood a better
chance of capturing something to eat. Another reason dogs might feel the need
to hide their scent is protections. They might be trying to hide from potential
predators or other packs of once feral dogs. Maybe stinking like a landfill made
it easier to be accepted into another pack. On the other hand its possible that
dogs roll in the stinkiest object they can find just because it feels good.
Nobody really knows for sure why dogs feel the need to smell.

The quickest, most efficient way to remove odor from your dog's coat is to wash
your dog. Try to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs. Human
shampoos can strip the dogs coat of its natural oils, leaving the skin
unprotected and open to rashes and infections. Dog shampoos are made to clean
the dog's coat, without stripping it of the natural oils. If the dogs stink is
especially strong, like the scent of a skunk, bathing the dog in tomato juice
is one of the quickest ways to remove the smell.

If you have dog that consistently rolls in stinky, smelly items, you may want
to consider taking him to a professional pet groomer and having his coat
clipped. The shorter coat will be more comfortable for the dog during the hot
summer months and while the shorter hair wont prevent your dog from rolling in
the smelly items, the shorter coat will be easier for you to wash, and will dry

If you have bathed you dog and still notice a strong odor whenever it is in
your presence the source of the smell might not be the dog's coat but a more
serious health problem. When they have dental issues they have breath the
smells so foul that you can smell it throughout your entire house. Strong
breath odor can also indicate more serious diseases such as kidney failure and
diabetes. Dog's are also prone to having anal sacs that become impacted and
infected, and therefore extremely stinky. If washing your dog does not seem to
take care of the odor you will want to take your dog to your veterinarian and
have the stinky problem officially diagnosed so that treatments can begin.

Flea Baths-An Important Part of Your Cat's Grooming Regime

There is very little worse for a family then living in a house with a cat that
is suffering from a flea infestation. It's bad enough that your cat is always
scratching and clawing at itself, even ripping large hunks of hair and flesh
from its body in an attempt to rid itself of the biting insects. But
unfortunately there is nothing to prevent the fleas from staying on the cat. If
the problem is left untreated, you could quickly find that your entire house is
full of fleas, and that you are being bitten nearly as often as your pet house

It is important to stop the fleas before they start to take over your home.

Preventive medicine is the best way to make sure that your pet and house stay
flea free. There are several topical medications available on today's market
that are designed to prevent fleas from feasting on your cat. Most of the
products are quite successful provided the cat owner follow the directions and
use them properly.

Flea collars are a traditional favorite of pet owners in the war against fleas.
Strapping a flea collar around you cat's neck will help prevent fleas from
sipping your pet's blood provided your cat is not adept at slipping the collar
from around its neck. If flea collars are your preferred method of flea control
make sure that the collar is not so tight that your cat has difficulty breathing
and eating but not so loose that your cat is in danger of getting caught on
objects while it plays.

If your cat already has fleas, the fastest way to get rid of them is to give it
a flea bath. Try to find a flea shampoo that is mild enough that it won't hurt
your cat or kitten. If you are unable to find a mild flea shampoo that you are
confident wont irritate your cat's skin or strip its hair of its natural oils,
try using a shampoo that is designed for infants. Kitchen sinks are a wonderful
place to give your cat a flea bath, because you can stand straight up while you
are holding your cat in the water. Kitchen sinks are typically deeper then
sinks located in other parts of the house.

When you are giving your pet cat a flea bath have plenty of towel at hand, both
to dry your freshly washed pet, and to sop any excess water that gets
inadvertently splashed on the counters and kitchen floor. If your cat is prone
to bite and scratch when it's placed in a sink full of water, you may want to
invest in a pair of thick, tall falcon gloves that will protect your hands and
arms. If you do get bitten by your cat while giving it a flea bath you will
want to get to your doctors office right away, even cats that are kept inside,
have dirty mouths and cat bites can get infected very quickly.

After your cat is clean and free of fleas, send some time cuddling it and
brushing its freshly washed hair. Let it know that you really didn't mean to
torture it and that you still love it. Eventually your feline friend will
forgive you.

Bathing your cat will be easier if it is something that you do to it on a
regular basis. If you start bathing your kitten when you first get it, the cat
will learn that baths are just a routine part of life and are nothing to stress

Dogs that Itch

It makes dog owners crazy, the dog that has skin that is so itchy and
uncomfortable that the dog is constantly scratching at itself, using paws and
teeth to worry at the area until the dog has removed all the hair from the area
and the remaining flesh is raw and bleeding. This bald area, a spot that most
dog owners call a hot spot, is an eyesore and causes some dog owners such acute
embarrassment that they are unable to take their dogs out in public. Other dog
owners are steadily driven mad by the sound of their dog constantly ripping and
tearing at its flesh, the sound of the scratching is frequently accompanied by
the dog whining and crying as they rip at their flesh.

It doesn't take very long before the dog owner is desperate for some means of
treating their dog's itchy skin.

There are several chemical treatments that can be used to help your dog with
its itchy problem. Although most of these chemical treatments work, some dogs
have severe and sometimes fatal, allergies to the chemicals. Dog owners would
be wise to turn to grooming as their first defense against their dogs
persistent itching.

The best policy for an itchy dog is to brush it on a daily basis. Most canine
itching problems are caused by pollens, dirt, mats, and dander that stay on the
dogs coat. If left on the dogs hair long enough the pollens, dirt, and dander
start irritating the dogs skin and dog start chewing and biting at the
offending spot. Brushing your dog's hair just once a day will help prevent the
build-up of items that can lead to itching problems. Not only will you be
preventing a bout of itching your dog will love the time spent with its owner.

Bathing your dog is an excellent way to prevent your dog from developing an
itching problem. But don't plan on bathing your dog on a daily basis. To much
water and shampoo will completely strip your dog of the oils that are naturally
found on the dog's skin. When these natural oils are stripped away the dog's
skin dries out and becomes more prone to infections. Dry skin in dogs is just
as painful and scratchy to a dog as it is to a human that suffers from a
similar condition, and dogs can rub lotion into themselves to correct the

When you are grooming your dog make sure you pay attention to their ears. Dogs
can get small biting insects called ear mites in their ears. When the ear mites
start to bite the dogs start scratching at their ears, and excessive amount of
clawing and pulling at the ear can lead to some potentially ear health issues.
If you notice that their is peculiar odor emanating from your dog's ears and
that the dog no longer wants you to touch his ears he is probably developing an
ear infection. Contact your local veterinarian for information about how to take
care of your dog's problematic ears.

If, despite your best efforts, your dog does develop a hot spot that he chews
until it is raw and oozing blood, consult your veterinarian about what topical
antibiotic cream you can rub into the hot spot that will prevent infection. If
your dog has particularly nasty habit of clawing at the hot spot with their
teeth, your veterinarian might recommend that they were a large cone shaped
collar that will prevent them from scratching at the spot until it has had time
to heal.

Common Mistakes in Home Pet Grooming

When dog owners attempt pet grooming at home, there are several common mistakes
that are made. Pet grooming is a skill, but with the right equipment and
patience it can become a household duty that will save both time and money. You
have to be careful. A slip of the clippers can cause injury to your animal. This
is not only physical injury, but emotional. Trust is loss once pain is inflicted
and your pet may not treat you the same afterward.

The first common mistake is getting to close to the skin while shaving. The
clippers can leave a nasty razor burn that can open its way to later
infections. If you accidentally give your pet a burn while grooming, stop and
apply first aid. Put on some anti-bacteria salve and if possible clean the
wound. Hug you pet and let it know that you are sorry and it was an accident.
Though they might not understand the words, your pet will understand the tone
and will react accordingly. The emotional pain is just as bad as the physical.
Watch the wound carefully and if it becomes red or issues puss, contact your
veterinarian immediately. If the animal licks or otherwise irritates the wound,
you might want to get a protective plastic collar to stop the behavior.

Another mistake in novice pet grooming is getting shampoo or other chemicals in
your pet's eye. Either from your mistake or from the animal's head movement soap
can splash. This unintentional act will sting your pet's eyes and lead to an
unpleasant pet grooming experience. Wash the soap out with water or saline
solution and dab the corners of the eye with a sterile cloth. Sooth you animal
and try to take the focus off their eyes and maybe gain their attention by
showing them a favorite toy or ball. Hold the toy up so the pet can see it.
Move the toy back and forth. As your pet tracks the toy, look into their eyes
for signs of irritation.

A possible fatal mistake in pet grooming is leaving your animal unrestrained or
loose during grooming. Some animals, especially cats hate baths and will run at
any opportunity. Your dog and cat can put themselves in dangerous situations by
trying to escape the pet grooming activity. They may run out in the street and
be hit by a care or be attacked by a stray animal. Make sure your dog is at
least on a leash. You may even want to put a muzzle on your pet to protect both
you and them. If you wash your dog outside, wash it in a fenced yard so that the
temptation to run will be short lived and safe.

Pet grooming is best left to a professional. The temptation to do it yourself
may lead to a successful experience that will be cheaper. The bonding time with
the animal is another perk to grooming your pet yourself. It can be rewarding
for both parities involved if the proper safety tips are followed and you as
the owner fill comfortable in the enterprise.

Pet Grooming Uniforms for the Professional

It is essential for every pet grooming professional to be dressed in the proper
apparel. Not only does it show professionalism in the art of pet grooming, but
also they are practical uniforms with style and functionality. They should be
comfortable and stylish and have reinforcements at all the stress points for
long life and durability. The uniform should reflect the personality of the pet
groomer, and also should reflect what kind of pets he grooms. The uniform should
be easy to wash and they should be able to withstand the scratches from dogs and
cats without tearing. The uniform should be stain resistant and come out of the
dryer wrinkle free. Each piece of the uniform should be fitted for the person
intended to wear it. The uniform should be loose fitting but tight enough so
that the loose material will not hinder the pet grooming process.

A vital part of the uniform is shoes. The shoes of a pet groomer should be
comfortable because the profession requires that the groomer be on their feet
for long periods of time. Dutch shoes should be made of a material that is easy
to boorish as some animals lose the ability to control themselves and the shoes
might be stained with urine or feces. The best pet grooming shoes in industry
are crocs. The crocs are made out of rubber and if an animal had an accident,
it will not hurt them. They are easily washed. Pet grooming shoes should not be
made out of leather or canvas. These materials are easily stained and the smell
of the residue of the accidents may stay in this material for a long time.

Pet grooming professionals should always wear long pants or jeans. Excited
animals can scratch your legs if you wear shorts or a skirt. The jeans offer
real resistance towards scratches or bites. Some pet groomers opt to where a
leather apron or canvas leggings which will prevent scratches. Also if you were
shorts the chance of an infection or infestation of fleas or lice is more likely
to occur. The pet grooming specialists can shop at specialty stores or at large
pet outlet stores where expert advice can be given to which clothes to buy.

Another consideration when deciding on pet grooming apparel is the choice of
gloves. Some groomers wear just rubber gloves to protect themselves from
diseases such as mange. These diseases if contacted with the human skin can be
embarrassing and painful. Another choice of gloves that are used in the pet
grooming industry are leather gloves. These can deter small animals from
ripping up your hands by scratching our biting. For larger dogs who have a
tendency to bite, the pet groomer may use a metal mesh glove which will stop
the penetration of the teeth into the skin, but will not stop the pressure of
that by coming down upon the hand. Though the hand will not be punctured, it
may be bruised.

The pet grooming professional needs to take in all considerations when buying
apparel. They say that clothes make the man and the uniform that the pet
groomer chooses dictates professionalism and the way they are perceived by the
client. Sources for pet grooming uniforms can be found on the Internet, local
veterinarians, and large pet outlet stores.

The History of Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is a common practice in our society. People don't even think twice
of spending hundreds of dollars having their pets groomed and bathed by a pet
grooming professional. It is such a common connivance that many people forget
the history of what made this profession what it is. If you look at the
paintings of the Elizabethan era you will see pets portrayed in paintings that
are well groomed and clean. Who did the grooming? Was grooming a pet an actual
profession back then? Was the local barber responsible for pet care as well as
cutting hair and medical responsibilities? At the local Lord or Lady have their
hair cut alongside their pet There are actually paintings from that era that
depict a dog being sheared while sitting on ladies lap.

As breeds became popular in the 17th century, poodles inFrance received
recognition for being the dog of the court. This entry also records that
professional grooming parlors were open for dogs. In 1879 Shaw wrote a book
called The Book of the Dog. This book made references concerning dog grooming
in England and gave helpful hints of how to clean, groom, and keep your dog

As animals became more a part of society, pets and work animals became more 
important dictated on how they looked.. The animals were groomed, either by 
their owners or professional pet groomers. Animals such as horses were groomed 
by stable boys or their owners as a kind of the embellishing of the owners taste 
and wealth. As animal labor was replaced by automobiles and machines, the 
grooming of the animal took on a more personal reflection of the owner, 
particularly in high society. A well groomed and clean animal was a sign of 
wealth and prosperity.

In today's perception of pet grooming, the animal is considered part of the
family or something to show as a source of pride. Organizations such as 4H
incorporate pet grooming into their program so that not only the health of the
animals is displayed but also the owner's attention to the animal. Special
events are organized to present current animal grooming techniques and the
products of the pet grooming industry. Horses and other livestock are adorned
during parades and rodeos making the animals a showpiece to the event. There
are even pet grooming conventions that meet periodically around the United
States and the world to present the newest techniques and equipment used in the
pet grooming industry.

There are thousands of web pages dedicated to the art and fashion of grooming
and as with many long-standing professions a rich history of pet grooming
dictates pride and self achievement in the professional. So next time you visit
your local pet grooming expert, remember that they are not just a service, but
they have been backed with centuries of expertise, refinement, and dedication
to the art. The next time you drop off your animal to a pet grooming expert,
remember your animal will be taken care of with pride and integrity.

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