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Pocket PC

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Pocket PC: An Informative Overview

With the world's technological advances, a lot of problems are given
appropriate solutions. Information is widely needed therefore, information
granted. The fad of getting into the waves of gaining power to achieve minute
by minute communication and information combined. A computer is just the tool
for that but for the inventors of Pocket PC, a computer is not enough to always
be online, there is a need for portability.

Pocket PC Defined

A PPC or Pocket PC is a kind of hardware specification that is made like a
handheld-sized personal computer. It is a computer's scaled down version that
can be used in offices and in homes. With its size, people can mistake it as a
small diary or an ordinary mobile phone. Although, PPCs have almost all the
commands and applications your local personal computer can have. PPCs have the
capability to run software applications that is most likely to be
sophisticated. Usually, a Pocket PC weighs for just about 110-170 grams or
around 4-6 ounces which can be a perfect fit for your pocket.

Aside from the permanent Microsoft operating system, Pocket PCs can have the
ability to run other alternatives like Linux, NetBSD, Android and other forms.
Currently, more than a thousand applications are adhered by the Pocket PC, most
of which are known as freeware. Pocket PCs compliant to Microsoft can also be
used together with numerous add-ons like barcode and RFID readers, cameras, and
GPS receivers.

Brief History

Pocket PC is the evolution of computers which are considered as calculator
sized. Calculators that are keystroke-programmable and can do scientific
applications and simple businesses that became available during the 1970s. It
was during the 1990s when the origination of an earlier version of PPC was
formed. This device was small and handheld that had organizer facilities and is
known as Palm Pilot. When 2000 came in, Microsoft introduced a more
sophisticated pocket-sized version of the Windows operating system.

What's in a Pocket PC?

Sophistication of commands made possible at the palm of your hands -- this is
what PPC is all about. It functions as an extension of your desktop PC where
you can use Microsoft software applications even if you're far away from your
home PC. It's accessibility ranges from all updates of data that may include
appointments and emails. Pocket PCs are very much available. You can purchase
it in different designs and features with various memory sizes. Upgrades like
increasing the memory size are possible with the purchase of add-on memory

With regards to the lives of batteries, it can last for 4 -- 8 hours or even
more. When the battery is down, charging can be easily done. Sizes of screens
also differ depending on the preference of the person purchasing the PPC. The
normal variety of PPC screen sizes ranges from nine to ten centimeters if
measured diagonally. Majority of PPCs are touch screens.

The ability to connect via the Internet is also possible through Bluetooth or
WiFi that gives you the opportunity to browse in web pages to compose, send or
read emails no matter where you are.

With the Pocket PC at hand, you can go anywhere you want and still be able to
communicate, do work or simply do whatever it is you have to do. Conducting
business matters can be made possible even if you're still on your way to work
or is stuck in heavy traffic.

Pocket PC -- The Best Ones

Do you know what a PPC is? It is short for pocket personal computer or pocket
PC and it's just like the ordinary personal computer. You can carry the mobile
device in your hands or you can keep it inside your pocket when not in use. You
can customize a pocket pc according to your personal needs since it is equipped
with the operating system of Windows CE. Aside from that, the device already
has additional programs in it.

The pocket pc's have capabilities like the desktop computers such as email,
multimedia players, appointment reminders, text messaging, gaming, web
browsing, touch screen, and word processing. The device also has add-ons like
barcode readers, cameras, cradles, Bluetooth capability, docking stations, GPS
receiver, and a lot more features. Most of the pocket pc's are like mobile
phones and are also WIFI capable.

With the various pocket pc's available in the market, you can surely find an
appropriate pocket pc that can meet your individual needs. Each of the pocket
pc have diverse features so before purchasing, you must first identify your
needs. Here are some of the most popular pocket pc sold in the market:

1. Series of IPAQ hx2000 makes use of the operating system Windows Mobile 2003
2nd edition. Its battery is replaceable and it is also compatible with Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth. Business users will surely like this device because it is loaded
with Image Zone, mobile media, iTask utilities, and a lot more.

2. Series of Garmin X51 also use the operating system Windows Mobile 2003 2nd
edition. It also includes QueFind, QueMap, QueRoute, System manager, and other
programs. The device also boasts of a built-in antenna or GPS receiver and so
it is capable of GPS applications. When you purchase the unit, it already
includes a carrying case and a docking cradle. If you're a frequent traveler,
you will love this device. However, this is not Wi-Fi capable or has Bluetooth.

3. Dell pocket pc makes use of the operating system Windows Mobile 5.0. The
battery is replaceable and unlike the Garmin X51, it is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
capable. Preloaded programs include Toy Golf, Picture Viewer (Resco), WLAN
utility, and Media Player. The device comes with a cradle and USB cable upon
purchase. Students will definitely like this pocket pc.

There are still other models of pocket pc out there. You just need to study the
various features of each pocket pc and consider some other factors like budget
and you're on the way of owning a versatile pocket pc.

Are you a student, professional, or a business traveler? You can easily
identify your needs if you know where you're standing and if you have enough
money to buy the pocket pc. Start surfing the internet now and discover other
models of pocket PCs. As said earlier, you should compare their various
features before you can choose which you think is best. Take advantage of
today's advanced technology by purchasing gadgets like the pocket pc.

Although the device may seem like a luxury to some people, businesspersons view
it as a necessity because it aids them in keeping track of all their business
activities. For as long as you can afford to buy a pocket pc, no one is
stopping you from enjoying its versatile features. Start making comparisons now.

Knowing the Pocket PC

Today's technology is highly advanced and because of this, many devices and
gadgets are sold in the market. One of these mobile devices is the pocket PC.
This device can be used when you're working and if you want to play.

It runs on a platform supported by a wide variety of multimedia capacities. The
multimedia capabilities of the pocket pc are exceptional and so the games are
graphically advanced as compared to Palm. The device is small and this is
probably the main reason why a lot of people want it.

Pocket PCs are lightweight, sleek, and some of its features can't be found on
the Palm Pilot. For those who make use of the web most of the time, it is
advisable to get Pocket PCs because the device allow s users to browse the
internet. It's truly enjoyable if you have a pocket pc because everything is
made simple for you.

The mobile device continues to shine because there are new programs being
introduced. There are already future applications waiting to be released in the
coming months. Some of the applications can cover voice recognition, mobile
surveillance, pocket bible, pocket TV, and a lot more. If you're looking for a
versatile device that you can take anywhere, make sure you purchase your very
own Pocket PC.

No matter what your profession is, your every need can be met by Pocket PCs.
Those in the medical industry can make use of the handy software provided by
the Pocket PC which can enable them to access medical encyclopedias, tools for
time management, and contact tools. If you still want to avail of extra
software, you won't encounter any problems in finding one because the new
applications released in the market can be easily downloaded. If you can't find
your desired software online, you can try searching in the local entertainment

The Pocket PC is a revolutionary computing device that you can take with you.
Every businessperson dreams of having one because with the Pocket PC, they can
run their businesses with ease regardless of their location. When you're
searching for compatible applications, always consider your career. Think of
the tools that you will need in the future connected to your job or career and
then surf the internet.

Pocket PCs can definitely give you the convenience that you're looking for in
every situation that you may find yourself in. So what are you waiting for?
Take advantage of the internet and look for the Pocket PC of your dreams. Since
the mobile device is one of the highly advanced gadgets in the market, expect to
spend a considerable amount of money on the purchase.

While you still have time, save money for your Pocket PC. It's a worthy
investment and you can use it even when you're working. All the necessary tools
can be found on your mobile device. If you want to play games during your vacant
time or when you're already at home, you can also do so because the Pocket PC
also features games. The latest games can also be downloaded from the net.

Surf the net now and find an online store that you can purchase your Pocket PC
from. Make sure that you're buying a genuine Pocket PC and beware of
imitations. The internet is also full of scammers and unscrupulous individuals;
so deal only with reputable stores.

Reasons Why You Will Purchase a Pocket PC

For once, it makes you hip and trendy. But then again, that's not all there is.
A Pocket PC has features that one can only imagine. If you're still having
second thoughts why or why not should you buy a PPC, here are some of the most
basic reasons why people wanted to buy a PPC.

Some people who are too ignorant of modern devices will make fun of PDAs. Why?
Most probably because they keep on thinking that devices like these are just
filled with games and senseless materials. Well, in fact, no.

We'll start this one-sided conversation by telling you what's a PDA.

PDA is an acronym for Personal Digital Assistant that's basically just the size
of your hand. It can be brought around town and use it everywhere you could
possibly go. PDAs are considered as very powerful devices, oftentimes equalling
the capabilities of desktop computers. With an impressive timetable of PDAs,
there is now a mass purchase of these devices which can be solely used or for
the intention of many.

No matter what kind of operating system that's used, their features are quite
the same. One of the many features that a PDA offers are:

1. Address Book -- this holds all your contact's addresses, phone numbers and
even their home or office addresses. It keeps you in track of all the important
people in your life.

2. Keyboard on Screen -- makes your clicking and typing life easier by letting
you encode things right on the screen or if you don't want such brutality made
to your newly bought PPC, a stylus is readily available and is more appropriate
to write with.

3. Backlight -- mobile phones have it, why not PDAs? This increases your
chances to see in darker places. Backlights can also be customized based on
your choice of color.

4. To-do-list -- are your reminders and to-dos stuck somewhere in your head
that you can't seem to remember where you have put it and ended up forgetting
an important task like a rendezvous at the laundry shop? This can help you
remember them.

5.  Email -- this is one of the most favorite parts of a PPC owner. It enables
them to stay connected with the internet world without struggling to get into
their office and send or read a very important electronic message.

6. Datebook -- for professionals who are always on the verge of every lunch and
dinner meetings, the datebook feature is one of the most important aspects of a
PPC. It covers your important dates like meetings with the big boss or other
companies, appointments with your team, a date with your girlfriend. This has
the same format as those bulky daily planners.

7. Note Pad -- just because you don't have a pen and paper doesn't mean that
meeting's over. With the note pad, you can jot down important details of your
life, even ones that seems unimportant.

8. Character Organizer -- instead of typing, you can use the stylus and write
it down on the screen yourself.

9. Calculator -- a device is never complete without a calculating program. Even
engineers and medical practitioners are thankful for the calculator.

Aside from the basic features that were just mentioned, which also makes more
reason why people buy such a fad, there are also factors of entertainment that
is involved. You can play music and even watch your favorite videos. If your
bored with the same old thing, you can relax yourself through your Pocket PC by
playing a game or look at your pictures every once in a while.

Software for Pocket PC

Pocket PCs have caught the attention of a lot of people. Despite its slightly
high price, many businesspersons have already purchased the mobile device. The
device is sleek and lightweight and so many businesspersons find it easy to
carry anywhere they go. Regardless of what business undertaking you're in, you
will surely benefit from the Pocket PCs because you can use helpful tools or
applications installed in it. Aside from the applications that you can use at
work, you can also download games software so that you can have fun anywhere
you go whenever you get bored and pressured. You can find a lot of software for
the Pocket PC on the net.

Here is a list of some of the most popular software you can find online for
Pocket PCs:

1. FlashAssist by Ant Mobile. Visit their official site and you can get the
product in order to view the Micromedia Flash on the Pocket PC. The Flash
Player will allow you to directly open your SWF files without using scroll
bars. The software can cost you $15.

2. Odigo Messenger by Ruksun Software. This software will allow you to send
instant messages and you can even connect with other IM networks like MSN
Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and the AOL. The software can be obtained at

3. ASV by Olive Tree is a pocket bible exclusively designed for the 351e015
Pocket PC. The software supports personal highlighting, bookmarks,
hyper-linking, eBook, etc.

4. Mobile Administrator by River Solutions allows you to control computers
anywhere through the use of Pocket PC that is connected to the internet. Tasks
like rebooting start/stop services monitoring, and free memory can be completed
on the Pocket PC. This software is available online for free.

5. Cresotech Convert -- this software is available in trial versions and after
paying the registration fee of $15, you can already completely download it from
their official website. This application is mainly used for conversion of units
of measuring system.

These are the five most popular software that you can get for your Pocket PC;
as you can see, only one is available for free download while the rest can be
obtained for a certain fee. Even the paid software are worthy investments
because you can use them at work or when you're traveling to other places.

Aside from the software applications, you can also download games so that you
can have fun anywhere you go. All work and no play can make you dull and so try
to have some fun through the Pocket PC games. There are old game versions that
you can download and even the latest games. You just need to visit the freeware
websites and find the games you like. After that, you can download the games and
save it to your Pocket PC or in a memory card.

You have to choose the software that you can use everyday. You should consider
you current job or career before you purchase the software. That way, you can
be sure that you will be using it frequently. You see, it is not advisable to
save programs or software in your Pocket PC which is unused since it takes up
memory space. Uninstall the unused programs or software and install only the
ones you're using. The same goes with the games.

Steps on Connecting a Pocket PC to Your Computer

There will be times that you have to connect to your personal computer to
update or download and upload files. Occasionally, your notebook or desktop
computer will serve as the power source to be able to charge your battery in
your Pocket PC. Connection to your personal computer is also crucial for the
synchronization of changes or update that you have made via your Pocket PC.

In this activity, you'll just need your Pocket PC, your personal computer and a
specialized cable wire that is included when you bought your Pocket PC. Oh yes,
and a whole lot of patience because a task like this sometimes need sufficient

Before plugging anything into the cradles or ports, be sure that you have the
appropriate tools first. You have to be familiar with the user guide or the
manual for your Pocket PC. This in this way, you'll become more acquainted with
the important matters regarding your Pocket PC connections and specifications.

Organize the different accessories and parts which include the USB cradle and
connector cable, AC adapter, and finally, the software installation CD. You
need all of these just in case something comes up.

Place the software installation CD in you personal computer's CD-ROM drive.
This is the first step to be able to connect your Pocket PC in your computer.
Follow these instructions clearly so that you won't encounter any kind of
problem while doing your processing.

Upon entering the CD, locate the link wherein it will show you how to install
the Pocket PC software in your desktop. To help you through the entire process,
an installation wizard will pop up. In some cases, you may have to restart your
computer to be able to complete installation. This usually happens when your
desktop computer differs from its operating system.

Plug your USB cradle into your USB port to be able to connect your Pocket PC in
your computer. Next, plug the compatible end of the AC adapter in the slot of
the USB cradle and one correct end of into the electrical outlet found in the

Once you have done this, place your Pocket PC in the USB cradle. You can now
start charging your Pocket PC's main battery or either synchronizes it into
your personal computer. Aside from charging, you can start uploading and
downloading files to or fro.

Other Pocket PCs came in with Bluetooth. Connecting to a Bluetooth-enable
computer is possible if your Pocket PC is capable for Bluetooth.

Once you have set up a connection between your personal computer and Pocket PC,
you can have the opportunity to perform various commands and process through and
infrared sensor. This only applies if both your personal computer and Pocket PC
is enabled with infrared. Always read your user's guide to become more familiar
with the environment of connecting and synchronizing.

If you're having problems with opening the installation wizard, click "start".
Select the "run" and then click on the "browse" button to be able to locate the
CD-ROM drive. Choose the exe. file to start the software installation process.

Pins are considered as very fragile and sensitive. Therefore, it is a must that
the contracts are properly aligned before securing your Pocket PC by pushing it
down to the USB cradle.

Pocket Pc Tutorial on How to Stream Internet Radio

Is it all possible? With the Pocket PC, yes it is. You just have to follow
these simple rules then you're all set to listen to your favorite tunes with
your internet radio. This time, you have to push your PDA limits to the test
and hopefully, the limit will produce a very impressive result.

Of course you already have your MP3 playing on your desktop that is downloaded
to your PDA. Now, it's a challenge on how to stream an internet radio right on
the palm of your hands and inside the device. What you need is a software
that'll make it all possible. So here it is the tips and a quick tutorial on
how to stream internet radio.

Wait, hold on. Before that, we'll define what radio streaming means. Radio
streaming means that a radio station is played via a web server. The music is
streamed by companies, individuals and radio stations.

Clear? Down to business.

You would need to assemble a couple of things like: your Pocket PC, GSplayer (a
freeware that you can find in the "elsewhere on the web" area where links are
being routed to the developer's homepage), and wireless internet connection.

Including Shoutcast and Ogg Vorbis playlists, GSplayer is the kind of player
that is easy to manipulate and uses minimal resources but has massive options.
There is just one downside in all of this: lack of documentation, the more
reason why you want to reconfigure your player according to your options. The
following discussion will focus more on setting up your GSplayer to choose to
play Shoutcast stations.

Download the GSplayer first. The direct download will get you versions for all
Windows and PPCs. While the other download lets you choose the program that'll
process your PPC. Unzip the downloaded files in your desktop. There are about
two to three files in the unzipped file. Copy and paste the entire file in you
Pocket PC. To make it look more organized, put it inside a personalized folder.


1. On your GSplayer, you'll see the "Tool" button. Click it.

2. Upon clicking the "Tool", an array of different words will be displayed.
There will be effects, playlist, volume up, volume down, display off and
options. Select the "Options" bar.

3. A preference page will appear and give you a list of different choices.
Under "Preferences", you can choose to mark everything or leave "add list to
existing files" empty. After which click on "Resume" and "Load Previous
Playlist" You can also select other areas if you like.

4. At the bottom of your screen, you'll find "Associations", choose it then
select every option.

5. It's time to find some favorite tunes! Upon entering the Shoutcast email
address, put

a check on the "Open file after download" then click "Change"

6. From your PDA's Internet Explorer, approach the homepage of Shoutcast. You
can select top stations or better yet, find for your favorite music type. The
moment you have found the station, choose the "Tune In" icon.

7. Then you can name the station that you have chosen base on your preference.

8. Once you have heard it playing, your task is done.

There you have it. Now you can start grooving and moving to your favorite
station and music. You can also choose to drop and drag your files to your
personal computer. In cases of Pocket PC troubles, try to check the firewall

Watching DVD movies in Pocket PC, it's Possible

If you're the type of person who loves watching movies via the DVD or in movie
houses and can't go on living without your Pocket PC, it's time to combine both
ideals in one specification. In this article, you will learn how to watch a
digital versatile disc movie by just using your Pocket PC. Interesting? Get
ready to work.

Step # 1 Click the button which states "open" directly. This will be found on
the right side. Load the video or the DVD file that you wanted to convert and
then begin the process.

Step # 2 Within the "open" menu, click on the "set output file or location".

Step # 3 Looking for the "options" menu, you can set the starting and stop
point of the video file or the DVD movie that you are loading using the range
bar for conversion. This can also made possible by clicking the "set start and
stop times".

Step # 4 Wait for the output settings to be completed. The key step is this,
because the particular options are very crucial and essential for you will know
if you your encoded video will compatibly work if put on an iPod.

Step # 5 To finally finish the "output setting", click the "more options". You
can also click on the "options" that'll be found at the top to be able to
customize the "output settings" or what is also known as "DVD settings". With
this, you can record you video file or DVD movie later.

Step # 6 It's time to convert the input video file or DVD movie. First, click
on the "record it" button to be able to start the process of converting your
file. If you have to stop or pause the recording process because something just
came up, just press the "stop or pause" button. To be able to convert video
files in batches, go to the "open" field and click on the "batch convert video
files" menu.

Step # 7 After all the conversions, add your converted file by choosing the
"add file to library" that can be found in the iTunes menu. Then whenever you
like to view the file, just select the output file to the PPC's playlist.

That's it. You're done. Now you can enjoy your favorite videos at the palm of
your hands. Although, there are some warnings and tips that you have to take
note of when watching DVD movies through your Pocket PC, here are some:

1. Are you aware of the fps? It's also known as the frame rate which means that
this is the number of images or frames that is displayed or projected every
second a video is played.

2. Aware you aware of bitrate? Bitrate is the number of bits that is taken per
second devotedly stored in the final product. When the bitrate becomes high,
the audio resolution becomes greater for the final product or outcome. For
MPEG-4, a bitrate below 2500 is required while in H.264, a bitrate of below 760
is needed.

Just for the sake of safety, the software PQ DVD recommended using a
lower-than-maximum number. If you're the type whose choosy with his video
quality, you'll have to test some clips first to be able to determine what
works and looks better.

3. Choosing the Codec of video, just select MPEG-4 that goes for a larger file
size and for fast conversion or H.264 made for half the size and entails slower
conversion for the quality that you like.

Using the Flash Player on Pocket PC or Not?

The pocket pc has revolutionized the way people use the personal computer. For
one, personal computers are heavy and you can't carry it with you wherever you
go. On the other hand, the smaller version which is the laptop is much more
convenient because you can carry it with you. However, if you will be given a
chance to carry a tiny computer like the pocket pc, which will you choose -a
personal computer, a laptop, or a pocket pc?

Most people will definitely choose the pocket pc. As the name suggests, it is a
personal computer that can fit right inside your pockets. Advanced technology is
creating wondrous things and one is the pocket pc. The personal computer has
gone a long way ever since it was first introduced in the market.

Pocket PCs offer features that you can usually find in ordinary personal
computers. You can access the internet and browse for as long as you like. Now,
no matter where you are, you can already check your emails. The mobile device
also allows the user to save suitable applications that can be used at work or
at home.

Those who want to enjoy, relax, and unwind can play with the games installed in
the pocket pc. You can even download additional games if you like. Most pocket
PCs are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible. The latest technologies in the
communication industry can now be enjoyed through the pocket pc.

The flash player is also now available for pocket pc users. The Ant Mobile
Software offers FlashAssist that is designed for pocket PCs. You can download
this software after paying for it and its current price in the market is only
$14.95. Should you use the flash player or not? The decision is entirely yours.
For those who browse the net frequently, they may find the flash player very

However, some pocket pc users who have no use for it can just download other
more important software. Besides, if you can't afford it, then there's no way
for you to get it in the first place. Try to search the internet for cheaper
deals on the FlashAssist. The price is almost the same in online stores and so
if you think you will need the software, purchase it next time you have the
right amount of budget.

Through the flash player, you can view the flash contents on your new pocket
pc. Aside from that, it would be possible to open .swf files without the scroll
bars. Flash contents are now possible to view in 3 different windows.

Do you think you will need the flash player for your pocket pc? Only can you
can answer that question. If there is a great need for the flash player,
install it in your pocket pc. But if you're just going to save it to show other
users that you have the technology but you're not using it, then it's a waste of
money; besides, it would just consume a lot of memory space which you can still
use for other more important software applications.

Pocket PCs are great and are suitable to various individuals. College students,
career people, and businesspersons will benefit a lot from having the pocket pc.
This is a good investment that you can benefit from because of its amazing
features and capabilities.

Top Freeware Programs of Pocket PC

The Pocket PC has become very convenient for the sake of business and
individual means. Therefore, it is only right to give way to the top freeware
programs that are very functional which, the people can take advantage of.

1. Microsoft Reader

Considered as one of the most versatile eBook reader, Microsoft Reader is
preferred by many who wanted more out of the usual eBook styles. This freeware
program version of the Pocket PC version 2.4.1 is rightfully compatible with:
Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 2003, and Windows Mobile 2003 Second
Edition. Although this is not made compatible with Smartphone devices that are
Windows-mobile based.

Note: If you have Microsoft Reader's old version installed in your device, you
have to uninstall it then install the newer version. This program is basically
offered in five separate languages wherein all maintained the same requirements
although, download sizes differ. Always ensure that the program is working
properly prior to the device.

2. Engineering Calculator -- Calc98

Calc98 is a modern scientific calculator that has extensive engineering or
scientific financial functions and statistics. Furthermore, Calc98 has a
comprehension range of properties, physical constants, and unit conversions.
Over millions have already downloaded the Calc98 which can run for a period of
90 days that'll serve as your free trial, after that, you would have to
register and buy the product. Calc98 is becoming quite popular in the field of
financial services and education, even healthcare.

3. PocketMusic

PocketMusic is an MP3 Player that beats the way on how Windows Media Player
play its music. If you love music, this has got to be included in your device.
Another reason why this is becoming popular is because it's totally free. It's
compatibility ranges from Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1, and Pocket PC 2003
and its Second Edition. It features multilingual interface namely French,
German, Spanish and English.

PocketMusic Player features a lot of favorites like: a) Winamp skins support
that has over 9500 skins which are readily available in the Internet, b)
Interface that can be customized, c) Quality spectrum analyzer, d) 10-band
quality equalizer, e) Numerous sound presets for the equalizer, f) Outstanding
Playlist editor.

4. VBirthday 2.0

VBirthday is a very simple application that is meant for those frail-minded who
keeps on forgetting important things like birthdays but, that's not all. It is a
reminder of every single occasion that you have to attend or remember. It keeps
you up-to-date and on-track for everyday. VBirthday initiates the scanning of
every contacts that you have and sorts out important reminders by age, name or
event. VBirthday has features that are highly optimized when it is accessed via
database. It is also easy to use and has highly selectable items for special

5. Pocket Translator

This is a freeware that's easy to use, and can translate words in a jiffy. It
has the capacity to support nine various languages. System requirements include
SH3, ARM processor, MIPS and Pocket PC. Languages are detailed as Swedish,
Portuguese, Latin, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English.

6. PocketTV

Entertainment not enough for your viewing and listening pleasures? PocketTV
fits your craving to take advantage of all features that Windows Mobile 6.1, 6
and 5 devices all in one freeware. PocketTV is a VCD and MPEG Player. This is
one of the most popular freeware made for Pocket PC.

Tips on Buying Your First Pocket PC

Haven't got a Pocket PC yet? But do you have intentions in getting one? Then
read. This article is designed to give you exact tips on how to buy your very
first PPC. It's not that hard.

Tip # 1 -- Smart Decision

First, decide why in the world would you want a PDA? If it's just for fun,
that'll be fine. Before anything else, you have to realize your reasons why you
wanted to own a PDA because if not, then you won't enjoy it once the package has
arrived. Your decisions must require smart thinking. If you think a PPC can help
you throughout your daily routine or in business, it's worth owning.

Tip # 2 -- Educate Yourself

It is of major importance to know the different things about the device that
you wanted to buy. You can't just purchase it because it's cool and looks
fancy. You're better than that. Read articles about the different capabilities
of the operating systems. This will help you better understand the importance
of your PDA. Furthermore, educate yourself with things about PPC. Remember, an
informed consumer is a smart consumer.

Tip # 3 -- Communicate With Others

Communication is important to better understand and appreciate things. Ask
questions using the company's forum page in order to be informed of the
different aspects about your choice product. You can make an intelligent
conversation with PDA manufacturers and ask about the goodness of their product
and how it can contribute to your living. You can also ask other PPC users on
how the device is working. You are still educating yourself with these tasks.

Tip # 4 -- Visit Websites

Usually, websites have all the answers. If you're not sure about how PPCs are
bugging you, visit review websites and categories of their top pick. This will
give you a better chance of identifying the different kinds of hardware that's
available in the market today. Reviews can also give you ideas on how a
particular device is doing in the industry. Websites like these can also give
you information on the things that you ought to do and not to do.

Tip # 5 -- Go Out Shopping

Nothing beats walking around town looking for a PPC. Go inside PPC shops and
ask the attendant to assist you on the ideal device. If this doesn't satisfy
you, you can ask the attendant to let you play with at least three to four
models to be able to give you the feeling on how it is to hold one apart the
other. Holding the models and working them will also give you ideas on the
differences of one another.

Tip # 6 -- Before a Purchase

Once you have found the right item for your purchase, don't buy it just yet.
Roam around and look for similar models first. This will save you from a couple
of bucks if in case you have found something similar and cheaper than the first
one. Compare prices intelligently. Be sure that the unit doesn't have any
packaging marks or bruises.

Tip # 7 -- Enjoy

Now that you have your very first Pocket PC, turn it on and let the browsing
begin. It doesn't end there though, with your PDA, you can do numerous things
aside from the usual activities.

The Essential Guide to Pocket PC

When you have a new device or gadget, you will often feel excited to use it.
It's just like when you were a child and your parents gave you a new toy. You
feel overjoyed and you're excited to play with it as soon as you're home. In
the case of Pocket PCs, the excitement is always there but some of the new
owners of the mobile device are a bit disappointed when they encounter speed
and stability issues.

If you don't want to experience any problems in using your Pocket PC, make sure
that you use a guide to maintain your device's slickness. Just like in the case
of registry tweaks or system, you have to backup some of your important files
because you can never tell when something goes wrong. Use this guide so that
you can use your new Pocket PC with ease:

* Disable the menu animation (Windows)

If you want to keep your Pocket PC zippy, try switching off the eye candies
such as the animation. You can modify through a good registry editor. Change
the 'AniType' value from 6 to 0. By doing so, menu animation is disabled. Some
owners of Pocket PC may find this task a bit daunting and if you feel the same
way, you can just use the RegKing freeware. This freeware will allow you to
toggle the task easily and it also offers some tweaks.

* Increase the display cache

By increasing the glyph value, you can speed up the Pocket PC display. Remember
that this step will consume a lot of system memory. You have to change the
'limit' value from the default 8192 to 16384 or 32768. By launching the
registry editor, you can browse in order to find
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMMGDIGLYPHCACHE. Again, meddling with the registry may
be unnerving to some and so you can just use the RegKing instead.

* Don't minimize, close it.

By tapping on the 'x' (close button), the current program is simply minimized.
If you frequently do this, the programs you've used earlier will continue
running which takes up huge valuable memory. You can take advantage of task
managers, particularly the freeware, so that you can manage the resources of
your device much better.

* Remove the unused programs

The system performance gives importance to the processor speed and so there
should be sufficient available memory. Pocket PCs function better if there is
more available memory. If you still have programs installed that are not being
used, uninstall them as soon as possible. You can do this by going to the
Start/Settings/System/Remove Programs and then uninstall them.

* Keep your big files in storage cards

Don't keep the big files in the main memory; instead, you can move them to
storage cards. This task is simply because you just need to cut the files and
then paste them to the storage cards. Move the data files only and not the
executables because your programs might be broken.

* To free memory, install large programs into an external storage.

Again, whenever possible, large programs should be installed in memory cards or
even in non-volatile memory so that the main memory is free to run programs.

You can follow these guides so that you can use your Pocket PC with ease. New
owners of Pocket PCs will enjoy using their mobile devices more with the use of
the guides.

Safety and Security Tips on using Your Pocket PC

Pocket PCs are small devices but is very powerful that it holds almost all of
your activities, personal information, and business matters inside its bin. For
executives and aficionados, Pocket PCs are already part of their lives. They
can't leave the house without their most priced Pocket PCs. Connecting to the
web or checking an email are just one of the many wonders of Pocket PCs. With
all these, have you ever considered the security of your Pocket PC?

Convenience equates to risk. Admit it. A Pocket PC is one very convenient way
of connecting to the world without just a click of a button. It offers more
possibilities attached with convenience. Although, these added conveniences
puts an owner at risk. In addition to security problems and threats that you
have to face regarding your desktop computer, you can have the same problem
with your wireless device through networking.

The smaller the size of your device, the easier it is for your Pocket PC to
become more vulnerable to the naked eye -- stealing it or file corruption. You
have to protect your device in three security levels namely: network, data and

Network security refers to the assurance that the device will not fall into the
wrong hands and other people won't be able to use it to tap into your network.
To avoid such internal problems, you have to take some steps in protecting your
entire network by considering some of the factors below.

* Disabling WiFi and Bluetooth connection when not in use. This is helpful in
saving your device from unwanted outside connections, increasing the life of
the battery and stabilizes further security.

* Use notification and monitoring programs to track and detect hidden
activities done in your Pocket PC.

* Administrators must establish a governed policy for the handheld device that
will connect to the network.

* Always update your LAN driver in order to use the WPA or WiFi Protected
Access instead of using WEP.

* Use private networking virtually to be able to connect to your company

Data security refers to the assurance of the device to be safe in case it falls
to the wrong, prying hands. Even if the OS is accessed, you'll have the feeling
that your business and personal data will not be accessed. Managing this can be
easy by doing the following:

* Store your sensitive data on your memory card then remove it when not in use.
Make sure that the memory card itself doesn't get lost.

* Don't allow any access to applications that might be used to read important
data. Use a software like PDA Defense.

* Always see to it that sensitive data are encrypted wherever it is stored.

Physical security refers to the protection of the device from theft or loss and
prevents OS accessibility in cases of the device falling into other people's
hands. This is also considered as your first line of defense.

* Store and carry the device securely. Never let your handheld device just hang
around your pocket or kept inside a shoulder bag. It's better to keep it very
close to the body as possible or if not, put it in a briefcase that's also
secured with a pin number or attach a PDA case to your belt.

* Prevent OS accessibility. You can at least put on a password or security pin
code before opening the device. Use a very strong supported password.

Pocket PC Television

If the personal computers can already be carried inside the pockets, why not
televisions as well? The advanced technology of today's times is spectacular
and people are amazed at the wide range of new products that seems
'futuristic'. Pocket PCs are small versions of the personal computer and it's
just like the traditional computer. You can do almost the same tasks using your
PPC. And now, it is also possible to watch television through your pocket pc.

Now, it is not only a computer that you can take with you anywhere you go
because you can also bring your TV along. If you like to watch television, then
you can get specialized software that can make your pocket pc function like
universal remotes. By downloading the appropriate software, you can now control
your TV, VCR, and even other video or office audio equipments. iPAQ pocket PCs
are now capable of offering such feature.

If you can install in your pocket PC the Windows Media Player and MPEG, you can
now play audio flicks as well as video flicks on Sony CLIE, Palm, and iPAQ. You
can also convert your PDA handset into a full mobile TV by transferring or
downloading from your personal computer your most-loved TV programs, films,
music videos, film trailers, and a lot more.

Pocket PC mobile devices get their software from VITO Remote, UEI Nevo, and TV
Remote Controller. These software are also compatible with Dell Axim, Acer,
Fujitsu Siemens, HP Jordana, Toshiba, HP iPAQ, etc.

Palm-based mobile devices such as Visor, Handspring, and Palm Pilot can use the
OMNI Remote software. The remote controlled pocket PCs can be used between
television sets and PDA devices with the infrared engines. You can use it
within ten meters distance from the television although sometimes the
particular model of iPAQ mobile device affects the signal's strength. Make sure
that you point the signal to your TV for better results.

That's all about turning your pocket pc into a remote control for TV and other
audio/video equipments. If you simply want to take your TV wherever you go
because you want to watch your favorite TV shows, you can download the TV
software and install it in your pocket pc. Now, it would be possible to watch
television wherever you are. If you want to relax a bit at work during break
time, just choose the TV software and you can already start watching. The
pocket pc is very easy to use and you will not encounter any difficulty in
operating the device.

There is a wide range of TV software for pocket PCs. You just have to make sure
first that the software is compatible with your current pocket pc. This is a
very important consideration that you have to look into. Don't be hasty in
downloading any software that you come across. Take your time and see the
possible advantages that you can derive from it especially if you're going for
paid downloads.

Look for the best and the latest TV software in the market. You can check
online forums and see if there are postings about TV software for the pocket
pc. You can also check customer testimonials and product reviews to determine
if the software is god or not. Make use of all the available resources online
so that you can get a good TV software.

Pocket Pc Fit for Your Enterprise

The use of Pocket PC in enterprises is one of the major milestones that are
currently applied. Several characteristics must come in with the consideration
of the types of peripherals to different shapes and sizes that are featured in
your Pocket PC in order to support your equipment manufacturer. This article
will indicate pointers on how to choose the Pocket PC meant for individual or
enterprise use.

The Plan

For the implementation of Pocket PCs in your company, the best suggestion is to
purchase a handful of units. These units will be helpful in giving you an idea
on how efficient is the specificity of Pocket PC can meet user's needs. This
will help you further in having ideas on support issues that you may come
across. Reviewing the peripheral vendor support and OEM including the websites
must also be made.

The Right Hardware

You can take your chances through comparisons of Pocket PC reviews in various
magazines or in the internet. Tables and opinions will be your data for judging
the particular weight and size of the Pocket PC and further provide effective
types of peripherals.

If you want to have the largest variety of peripherals, you can choose a Pocket
PC that has a Compact Flash slot. For smaller peripherals, advertisements like
Pocket PC supporting SDIO cards can be considered. SDIO cards are the newest
standard meant for smaller peripherals of Pocket PCs. Visiting local stores
like Circuit City or Comp USA is also advisable to give you some idea on the
specifics that you want your Pocket PC to become. It is better to touch and
feel the device to know how well it will fit your preference.

Hardware Testing

If you want to consider a Pocket PC that can meet your needs, you have to test
the hardware first before purchasing it. Regrets are made after realizing that
the Pocket PC is just not your type. Testing also wakes you up to some
possibilities of mistakes or incompatibilities. Make sure that the product will
work well with other components. To be able to have a very successful rollout,
early testing is a must. Interoperability problems may come into occurrence
with peripherals. If things like these happen, ask your peripheral manufacturer
for added assistance.

In Sync with Desktops

Stability of active sync is important. This will give your pc time to get along
with the new software that is introduced. They must go along well. Connecting
the Pocket Pc through a desktop computer via ActiveSync is becoming quite a
popular problem. First establish an amount of minimum time for your Pocket PC
to sync in. You can go on considering an hour or two that will allow you
complete backup of all your data in you Pocket PC to your ROM upgrade. Some
users are being impatient to get things synchronized within a day. If you're
still having difficulties, contact your OEM for further updates or for problem

Don't hesitate to get help whenever it is needed. Once you have realized that
the Pocket PC is compatible to your enterprise or individual needs, you can
fulfill the confident purchase of handful units. Purchase at least two spare
units and peripherals. The first set is intended for Helpdesk to help you
better understand the problems and have the ability to appropriately resolve
them. The other unit will serve as a spare to be able to get your user up and
running in cases of hardware failure.

Pocket PC and Nursing Software

There is an increasing number of nurses all over the world. It seems that a lot
of college students are attracted to this profession. You can even find online
nursing degree courses for those who want to study and earn a diploma at home.
If you're a nursing student or if you're already a full-pledged nurse, you can
benefit a lot from the nursing software that you can get for your pocket pc.

Pocket PCs are among the coolest gadgets offered in the market. A lot of people
are already purchasing it because it can meet their individual needs. For the
nurses who own a pocket pc, this is good news for you. There is now nursing
software being offered in the market.

The software is not only intended for nurses but also for the doctors as well.
The software can help them in treating their patients effectively because they
can immediately access the information of the patient. The software programs
offered very from each other and here are some of the most popular nursing
software used in the medical industry:

* NurProc -- you can find more or less 500 procedures in this software program.
The procedures are very clear because they are presented in a step-by-step
manner of instruction. The equipments needed in conducting the procedure is
also listed there. It also contains info about the preparation, the
implementation, and possible complications of the procedure.

* RNDx Tests -- if you're still a nursing student, you can greatly benefit from
this software because it's like a textbook. You can even use the software when
you're having theory classes. That way, you can easily integrate your
laboratory data and diagnostic facts. The saved info can then be used as
clinical settings reference.

* Lippincott -- nursing students undergo practices and if you're already in
this stage, make sure you have Lippincott installed in your pocket pc. The
software offers guidelines for about 150 procedures in the nursing area.
Navigation is quite easy because the all the info are arranged alphabetically
and are cross-referenced.

* Nursing Bullets (Fryer's 3000) for the NCLEX-RN -- this particular software
encompasses the areas of the NCLEX-RN. It includes metal health and psychiatric
nursing, medical and surgical nursing, maternal and neonatal nursing, and the
pediatric nursing. It will much easier for students to prepare for long exams
through the software. Key facts are randomly presented for ease of use.

Every day, week, or month, there are new drugs being introduced in the medical
market. As a nursing student, there is a need to familiarize yourself with
these new drugs, their specific side effects, and how the drugs interact. If
you have a pocket pc, it will be much easier to just scroll down the various
info's offered by the software. If you want all the nursing info to come in
handy, download nursing software and install it in your pocket pc.

Usually, this kind of software requires you to pay certain fees and so you need
to have the proper budget allocation. You can get the software even when you're
still a student because you can continue using it when you're already working.
It's quite different when you're already in the working place. You will be
dealing with actual medical situations that call for immediatttention. If you
have the software, you're always prepared.

Pocket PC and iPod Technology

A lot of business professionals now have their very own Pocket PCs. This
versatile, sleek, and lightweight mobile device offers a lot of benefits which
makes it quite attractive to professionals. The manufacturers of Pocket PCs
have nothing to fear against its brethren, the iPod.

According to Microsoft, their new hardware called 'Zune' can compete with the
iPod technology. With the extreme competition in the market, manufacturers are
trying to think of effective ways in order to capture the attention of their
target market. This is an advantage on the part of the customers because they
can get the best products that can meet their everyday communication needs.
Another thing is that with the competition, prices are much more affordable
making it easier for the public to obtain such mobile devices.

There is no need for Pocket PCs to envy iPod technology because the mobile
device offers a lot of features which the iPod doesn't. For one, you can
download several applications like voice recognition, IM, pocket television,
and a lot more. The device also allows the user to surf the internet wherever
and whenever. Since the device is sleek and lightweight, you can carry it
anywhere you go, especially to your place of work. With its multimedia
capabilities, it is definitely beyond the iPod technology.

The iPod technology is also good because the device allows the user to store a
lot of music (about 15,000 songs) as well as 25,000 pictures or photos. This
device is available in four models. It also has a USB2 port and a FireWire
cable (optional). Aside from that, it also boasts an alarm clock and it can
also be connected to the television.

With the announcement of Microsoft that it will launch the 'Zune', the Pocket
PCs can now have additional features like that of iPod. Since the Pocket PC can
download software applications, owners who wish to have iPod-like features can
now enjoy listening to music or store as many photos as they want through the

Pocket PCs surpass the basic features of the iPod technology but if Microsoft
and Apple want to remain as competitive as ever, it will always benefit the
users. If you simply want to store music or photos, you can settle with the
iPod because it is cheaper than the Pocket PCs. This mobile device is excellent
if you already have a mobile phone with advanced features.

For the ever-busy professionals who need to handle a lot of business affairs,
iPod can't possibly meet their needs especially in terms of various software
applications. Regardless of the high price of the Pocket PCs, it is definitely
a good investment because you can use it at work to check on your business
operations. By choosing industry-related applications, all your needs can be
met by the mobile device. By adding the Zune to your Pocket PC, you can now
listen to your favorite songs if you feel a lot of tension and if you want to

If you need extra help at work, the Pocket PC can provide you with the right
applications and of course, the use of the internet. Don't hesitate to invest
on it now because it's really worth it. Just look for the Zune and soon, you
will already enjoy the iPod technology by Apple.

Pocket PC and Freeware Applications or Games

Have you currently installed a freeware application or game in your Pocket PC?
If you have played on Flash or Java based game online, then you already used
freeware. With a bit of analysis, the internet is basically freeware because it
offers a massive collection of information, scripts, resources, and tools which
are totally free. Some people are motivated to offer free applications and
games to others and this is the main reason why certain misconceptions arise.
Before you download a freeware application or game for your Pocket PC, you have
to know the truth about the freeware.

* It is not true that freeware applications and game downloads are full of
Trojan horses and spy ware. Some malicious software does contain viruses but
only a little percentage. It is very important to double check the site's
background. For the beginners, you can download from reputable and well-known
websites to avoid such problems.

* It is also not true that freeware software only works for a couple of days
because they are crippled. There are software applications and games which work
this way and that is called shareware. If you don't register, you can't continue
using the said software. By paying the registration fee, you can continue
enjoying the software. Freeware is not like that. You can get the full version
of the application or games for your Pocket PC.

* Freeware is said to be of no value and that's why they are offered for free.
This is another misconception about freeware applications and games. If the
downloadable software is nothing of value, then why would other people search
for it online? True enough, you can find abysmal programs out there in some
freeware sites. If you're only diligent with your search, you can surely find
absolute gems in the freeware sites. You just have to know where to look for
the best downloadable applications and games for your Pocket PC.

It's a good thing that there are good hearted programmers out there who are
willing to share with other people what they already have. Without them, the
internet may not even exist.

So next time you want to get a new Pocket PC application or game, don't
purchase yet. Look into the different freeware sites and see what they have to
offer. With only a few hours surfing the various websites of freeware
downloads, you can already save a lot of money on the applications or games.
You can use the saved money in purchasing other more valuable things.

Now, is your mind cleared about the common misconceptions about freeware
programs? Always keep in mind that the best applications and game downloads in
the freeware sites are free of viruses and spyware. Don't believe in the wrong
things about freeware because that will only discourage you in surfing the
various websites.

Pocket PCs are gaining popularity in the recent years. Many people are
interested in owning Pocket PCs and it's worth the investment because you can
use the mobile device at home, in the office, or in any other place. You can
take the lightweight device anywhere and so you can use the freeware
applications or games conveniently. Choose only the most important applications
to download and also your favorite games since these things can take up a lot of
memory space.

Pocket PC -- iPAQ 6815

There are various models of pocket PCs and one of the most popular is the iPAQ
6815. It was manufactured in Taiwan and released in the market last 2006.
European markets are flooded with different models of pocket PCs and that
includes the iPAQ 6815.

This amazing pocket pc is WI-FI compatible and it also features an FM radio.
Despite its relatively small size, the pocket pc is equipped with a lot of
features such as the Bluetooth, camera, internet access, etc. You can even
upgrade its memory through the mini-SD. The slot will enable you to move your
photos, music, and important files from your pocket pc to other devices.

If you want to stay connected at all times, you should get this particular
model. It boasts a good connectivity and acts as your personal messenger. Here
are its other features:

* Wireless technology (GSM)

* Operating system is Windows Mobile 5.0

* Push Technology so that all your personal data and email are directed to the
  mobile device

* USB slot

* PhotoSmart Camera

* Windows Media Player

The iPAQ 6815 pocket pc resembles with the PDA phones. However, there are
certain features which make it unique. Well, it's up to you to check out PDA
phones and the pocket PCs. This mobile device attracts young adults especially
the students. Businessmen usually don't go for this model because they want
more advanced features which they can use for business purposes. Since the
device was launched last 2006, you can purchase it today at attractive offers.
You will surely get the best deal especially if you're able to find a reputable
seller online.

Late last year (2007), a new series of iPAQ pocket PCs was released. The series
complemented the earlier release of the Voice Messenger iPAQ 500. The new iPAQ
series boasts a range of compact organizers, stylish handhelds, Wi-Fi
networking, complex applications, larger screens, additional connectivity,
Mobile Office applications, GPS, 3G mobile communication, digital camera,
exclusive HP software applications, and QWERTY keyboard.

The series is composed of four models and each model has its own unique
features. Since the new iPAQ series was released last year, the models are
still a bit pricey so you might want to settle with the iPAQ 6815. Well, again,
that would depend on your individual needs. Nonetheless, if you can afford the
new series of pocket PC, why not purchase it? Just go ahead and make the
purchase, after all, it's your money and it's for your convenience. You just
have to check out the online stores and see what they have in stock.

Try to compare the prices from one store to another because if you're quite
lucky, you can find good deals offered by the sellers. Just be diligent with
your search; a few hours may already be enough and in no time at all, the
pocket PC will be delivered to your doorstep.

Pocket PCs are indeed a must have these days. Having a pocket PC anywhere you
go is just like taking your personal computer with you, only it is much smaller
and more convenient. You can hand-carry it or just slip it inside your pocket.
There are even pocket PCs that have their very own carry-case. SO choose your
pocket PC well and make sure that it meets your individual needs.

Pocket PC -- Download Free Games

Do you own a Pocket PC? Perhaps you're already aware that the Pocket PC can be
used to help you with some of your tasks in the office. However, one of the
attractive features of the device is that you can play games with it. If you're
looking for free game downloads, you're one of the thousands of people out there
who are also doing the same. The internet offers a wide variety of freeware
downloads that you can choose from and all you have to do is surf the net.

All the games that you could possibly want can be found online, even the full
versions. If you want to play the games with convenience, get the specific game
downloads. Since the handhelds are available in different brands, the games were
designed to be compatible with almost all the brands. All the game downloads are
fast and simple. If you love games from your palm pilot, you will also love the
games in your Pocket PC. You can enjoy an array of levels in varying degrees,
great graphics, and other unique features.

A good thing about Pocket PCs is that you can surf the net anytime. Once you've
downloaded your favorite games, you can compete with online players if you like.
Whether you're at home or in the office, you can now play the online games with
online competitors. Pocket PCs allow you to play action or arcade games
conveniently and if you want to gamble for fun privately, you may do so with
the casino games. Sometimes, the pressure at work can really get you down but
if you have games in your Pocket PC, you can take a few minutes break.

Playing the games will depend on you. You can play offline or even online. Some
individuals prefer to play offline because they don't want to get disappointed
just in case the internet connection is disrupted. However, it is also a good
thing to play online because you can meet other players. With your new Pocket
PC, you can now play and improve your game strategies at your own preference
and convenience.

There are a lot of download sites online that you can choose from. Since there
are so many mobile devices and game gadgets used by people, you have to find
the games that are suitable for Pocket PCs. Find a game that you're interested
in and install it in your Pocket PC. If the game consumes a huge portion of
your memory, you can just save it in the memory card. This is also good because
the Pocket PC will run better if there is more free memory space. You can still
save a game or two in your Pocket PC but choose only your most-loved games; the
rest of the game downloads should be saved externally.

With so many games designed for Pocket PCs, choosing the best games may be a
bit hard. By surfing the internet, you can determine the most popular games and
the latest games as well. Since you can log on to the net at any time through
your mobile device, look for the best games during your spare time.

When you're taking your snacks or it's your coffee break, you can look for
different game downloads. By being diligent in your search, you can find the
games that you can download, even the full versions.

PDA Phones and Pocket PC

Mobile phones are gaining popularity over the years. As compared to other
products, the phones did not experience a decrease in demand. Since mobile
devices are now manufactured equipped with a lot of new features, people can't
seem to get enough of them and so they don't hesitate to replace their old
phone models.

In fact, some mobile phones are already like computers. The personal computers
on the other hand are now available in pocket pc wherein it is a small version
of the personal computer which users can carry anywhere. PDA phones and pocket
pc are quite in-demand in the market today and perhaps you need to look into
their features.

Here is a list of the popular PDA phones and pocket pc sold both in offline and
online stores:

* Palm TX -- this is a handheld device with built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
technology. If you're looking for a wireless mobile device, this may be able to
meet your demands. Now, whether you're at home, in the office, or perhaps in the
campus, cafe, restaurant, or hotel, you can check your email by browsing the
internet through the Palm TX. If you want, you can carry some of your files
like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint with you so that you can work anywhere.

Because of the larger colored screen which can rotate from portrait to
landscape mode, you can view presentations, web pages, photos, videos, and
spreadsheets. If you need to unwind after a tiring day at the office, you can
listen to your MP3 music or even read eBooks.

* Palm Z22 -- Are you among the individuals using paper planners? You can now
take advantage of today's technology by using the Palm Z22. It is an affordable
and user-friendly device. It is one of the PDA handheld phones that can help you
in keeping track of your daily schedules and your contact information. Now, you
don't need to flip through a lot of pages in order to know your tasks or

This time, you don't have to enter the planner info twice. By using the Palm
Z22, all your important info and schedule should be there and by simply
updating for a couple of minutes, it is already saved to your computer. All
data are synchronized through the Palm Z22.

* HP iPAQ Pocket PC (hx2490) -- this device is 802.11b and is integrated with
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. If you adore wireless communications, this is
the thing for you. Credent Technologies supports the ProtectTools software in
the pocket pc.

PDA phones and pocket pc have similar features but each model offers unique
features as well. So if you want to purchase PDA phones or pocket PCs, you need
to determine the unique features of the handheld devices. After doing that, that
is the only time that you can choose between a PDA phone and a pocket pc. Both
the handheld devices are priced reasonably depending on the features it offers.

Do your work in researching about the various features on the internet so that
you can arrive at an informed decision. There are various considerations in
choosing the appropriate PDA or pocket pc and it would depend on your current
status, whether you're a student, a professional, or a businessperson.

Also, don't forget about your budget because this is the biggest factor that
can affect your decision.

How to Back Up a Data in Your Pocket PC

It is rather devastating when your Pocket PC has just gone berserk then
suddenly; every single file that you've saved is lost. No matter how small your
handheld device is. It still holds part of your life that even a desktop
computer can't replace. One good thing about backing up a data is that, it
saves every important file and data that you need, otherwise preserving it for
future use and information.

It can be quite irritating and, in a manner, devastating to lose an entire data
full of important files. You can cry your hearts out and put the blame on
everyone and everything including the PPC itself, your boss, your team, the
manufacturer of the device, and even your dog. You can blame everyone but that
will not work on retrieving all your lost data. Usually, someone will think of
backing up their important files after every data gets lost.

Backing up a file is easy. But only a few does this. Why? Maybe because of
supreme faith in their device. The feeling of backing up files is not as
thrilling as bungee jumping or sky diving. It's quite boring and monotonous.
That's why this article is giving you quick tips on how to back up your files
in less than ten minutes. Please don't hesitate, it's for your own good. It's
saving you from future alienation. This won't cost you anything so try to

Instructions that were made were created using Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7, a PPC
with Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows 2000. The following instructions may
slightly differ with the abovementioned software.

Step # 1 -- PDA Connection

Open your PPC's ActiveSync. Click on the details then double-click the icon for
the green ActiveSync located at your taskbar near the clock.

Step # 2 -- Moving on to the Backup

Still within the ActiveSync, click on the "Tool" icon just above the page
within the menu bar. Select the icon which indicates "Backup/Restore". This
will route you to the page where you're supposed to activate the backup system.

Step # 3 -- Working a Backup

On the backup page, you can select the type of backup that you would want your
PPC to do. You can choose from the incremental or full backup. Example, if you
have selected "Full backup, Back up all information", click on the "Back Up
Now", then put a mark on the statement that says "Automatically backup each
time the device connects". Then click on the backup icon now. If you have
chosen incremental backup accidentally, you can revise it or just leave it
there because all your files will still be saved.

Step # 4 -- Completing Backup

Now, you can sit down, and relax and wait for the backup process is completed.
This will take you at least five to ten minutes. The speed of backing up a file
will depend on how fast your computer can download files.

And so there it is. Once the backing up of files is finished, you can exit the
program and go on to your work. Always remember to back up all your Pocket PC
files into your desktop computer to be able to save it and store it safely.
Never compromise the importance of backing up your priceless files for these
backups may just save your day.

Full Version Pocket PC Downloadable Games

There are now so many owners of Pocket PCs ever since it was first released in
the market. The mobile device has definitely attracted millions of people
because of its unique features, sleekness, and lightweight design. The
applications found in the Pocket PCs are quite useful in the work environment
as well as for leisure. Users are able to play their favorite games through the
Pocket PC and they can download even more games of their own choice.

Did you know that the games can get very expensive especially if you've already
acquired a lot of them? Well, your heart will break if you found out that the
games can be obtained for free in full version downloads. The internet offers a
lot of free things and that includes game version for Pocket PCs. Who wouldn't
want to get free games, right? It's rare to find free things these days but
through the internet, you can take advantage of these free games for as long as
you want.

You can find older game versions as well as the latest games. The challenge is
for you to determine where these Pocket PC games can be found. There are many
games to choose from and in order to determine the best ones, you have to know
a bit of information about each particular game.

You can find freeware online. As the name suggests, it is free. There are no
registration fees or membership fees. If you can find freeware game downloads,
you don't have to worry about anything because the games are distributed
freely. By just looking in top search engines, you can already access many
freeware game downloads. With freeware, you can find two types -- the originals
and the clones.

You will find it hard to look for the originals and in case you find one, these
are old game versions which don't make money for the game makers or
manufacturers. With the clones, the popular games are copied. Creators of
clones simply change an existing popular game to avoid infringement. Clone type
games are easier to find as compared to original games but if you're looking for
old games, you may be in luck to find originals.

Aside from freeware, you can also check out shareware. From its name, there is
the word 'share' and if you choose this option, you will only get a limited
game version. Game makers often offer shareware so that the gamers can test the
games before they buy the whole game. Playing the games can be very frustrating
because some levels are blocked and other features of the games are
inaccessible unless you pay for the registration fee.

The shareware games also have nag screens wherein they will always scream at
you to register first which can be very annoying. However, a lot of Pocket PC
owners prefer shareware because they can play the game since only the higher or
advanced levels are blocked.

Full version Pocket PC downloadable games are available online. You don't have
to spend huge money just to enjoy the games. By simply doing your homework, you
can enjoy the games right after you download them. So what are your favorite
games? Make a list of the games you like and then look for them online. The
task is very easy and you just need to spend a couple of hours online.

Choosing Between Pocket PC and Phone

Mobile phones are extremely popular these days especially among professionals.
There are various handsets sold in the market and oftentimes, it is hard to
choose one that can meet all your needs. Some mobile handsets make it possible
for you to listen to your favorite music through its Mp3 player feature and
there are also handsets that allow you to explore the photographer in you
through the phones imaging qualities.

Still, other mobile phones impress phone users with their multimedia
capabilities. As you can see, smart phones can be found from the smallest to
the PDA designs that feature a keyboard like the Pocket PC. So what it's going
to be -- a mobile smart phone or the new Pocket PC?

To start with, try to look at the various features of the Pocket PC. The Pocket
PC is available in different models but most of them have standard features
which include the multimedia capabilities. Just as the name suggest, it's like
having a personal computer that fits your pocket. Now, you can take it anywhere
you go and you can use it anyway you like.

A good thing about this tiny PC is that you can use it at work or in times when
you want to play or relax. With your Pocket PC, you can browse the internet
freely. The mobile device is quite amazing due to its versatile features. The
device allows the user to save various applications and even games. Some of the
applications include voice recognitions, mobile surveillance, pocket TV, pocket
bible, and many others. There are also Pocket PCs which allows you to stay
connected with the IM features.

With so many applications offered in the market, you need to choose only the
ones that you will use at the workplace and some good games that you want to
play with during your vacant hours. You have to ensure that there is plenty of
available memory so that the programs will run smoothly. The applications or
games can be purchased online or you can also take advantage of the freeware

Now, take a look at the mobile smart phones. Ever since mobile phones were
introduced, it has definitely gone a long way. Some models of mobile phones
also allow you to surf the internet and play games. You can take pictures
because of the built in cameras in the handset and you can listen to your
favorite music anytime.

All in all, Pocket PCs and mobile handsets are somehow the same. The decision
will now depend on the individual and his needs. Before you shop, identify
first your needs. After that, you can now compare the features of Pocket PCs
and mobile phones. Once you've compared them, you can choose which mobile
device can meet most of your needs (if not all). Price is another consideration.

Pocket PCs are more expensive than the mobile handsets and if you have
budgetary constraints, you should choose the device that you can afford. If you
don't have insufficient money at the moment, you can just postpone your shopping
spree and save first or you can borrow money from friends or family.

There are various considerations when purchasing the appropriate mobile device.
Just remember to get the device which you can afford and one that can meet most
of your needs.

Casino Game in Your Pocket PC

Are you fond of gambling for fun? For the non-serious gamblers, you may find it
enjoyable to play casino games in your very own Pocket PC. Yes, that's
definitely true. Pocket PCs are not only meant for the work environment but it
is also intended to provide users an ultimate gaming experience. Casino games
are now available for Pocket PCs.

Almost all the games featured in the Pocket PCs can be obtained for free on the
internet including the casino games. By being specific in your search, you can
find the latest and the most exciting casino game for your Pocket PC.

All the casino game downloads are simple and a lot of websites support
different kinds of devices, whether you have a PDA, Palm Pilot, or an IPAQ. You
can gamble for fun with the casino games.

While you're on your search, why don't you check out freeware websites? You can
find good casino games in these sites. You have a great chance of finding your
favorite game on the site or you can discover a new and more exciting casino
game. The games are downloadable which includes keno, baccarat, craps, slots,
roulette, blackjack, and even the different poker games. Playing the game in
your Pocket PC would be just like playing in the real casinos.

There are individuals who want to play the game in private for security
reasons. Well, most of the downloading sites are encrypted to protect customers
and so you will not have problems regarding security and privacy. If you sign up
with the sites, you can even receive bonuses. Since most of the websites are
user-friendly, those who want to download the games will not experience any
difficulty even the inexperienced ones.

For all gamers out there, try to find the best casino game downloads online.
Remember that the freeware games are divided into two -- the original game
versions and the clone versions. You're quite lucky if you can find an original
casino game in the freeware sites because that's really rare.

Most of the games in the site are clones of the original popular games. Certain
game modifications are made but the games are still enjoyable. If you will go
for the clones, check the game maker. Make sure that you get a good clone
casino game and download it to your Pocket PC.

Gambling is fun but don't get carried away especially if you're playing online
with other gamers. Always remember that it's hard to earn money. You can spend
only a small portion of your paycheck for the casino games. But if you don't
want to waste money on gambling but just want to play the casino games to pass
the time, you can do it privately. Try to beat yourself by playing alone. But
in times when you feel bored, you can freely access the online games since the
mobile devices can be connected to the internet.

Do you have the casino game in your Pocket PC already? If you still don't have
them, download the games now from the freeware sites. You can also try
shareware game downloads if you like because there are good casino game
downloads there but you can't play the games at higher levels unless you

It's up to you whether you choose to download from freeware or shareware
websites. Good luck with your gambling.

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