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RC Cars

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Getting You Started With Gas Powered RC Car Or Truck

There are many ways on how to start with gas-powered RC car or truck. There are
many realistic features offered by these remote-controlled cars and trucks. They
come in a variety of styles and types in the industry. In choosing one, there
are many considerations you should take before eventually owning one.

Radio-controlled cars and trucks lack the power and running time. But if you
want to consider, you can convert them into gas powered RC cars, with the use
of nitromethane-based fuel. This fuel provides RC cars a level or realism or
performance, which are absent on other battery-powered vehicles. Aside from
this, they are also highly customizable making it possible for you to integrate
RC car accessories and personalize them. There are options of engines and
transmitters available to allow you to choose one depending on how you'd want
the RC car works.

To help you begin in finding the right gas-powered RC car, the following are
the factors you should consider:

1.  Engines. The most important aspect in a gas RC car, you can choose from the
variety of engine models available to choose from. Generally, most RC cars use a
specific type, which is commonly called as "glow" engine. It is a 2-cycle
combustion engine, which creates power to the RC car preparing it for realism
that also produces exhaust in the process. In replacement of spark plugs
utilized by automotive engines, a "glow plug" is used for this engine. It is
being heated in turn by a "glow starter." The heat will be held by the "glow
plug" to which this is now used to fire engine strokes for rest of the running

2.  Fuel. Just like the actual gasoline used in automobiles, the
nitromethane-based gas fuel the RC cars. The fuel mixture is formulated with
special lubricants so that it protects the engine from the excessive heat
produced by the combustion process. The lubricants are the same with the
gas-oil you use with your small engine equipments or some chainsaws.
Accessories such as a special bottle pump may be needed to get nitro-fuel into
your fuel tank of the RC car. Filters are also used on these cars and the same
with your automobile they require replacement at a proper time interval.

3.  Radio. Radio controller is used to control the RC car and could be same
type used on electrically-powered RC cars. It is radio controller operates on
2-channel system that needs batteries to make it work. Additional batteries
would be needed to power the receiver though there are other receivers that are
fed from the motor itself.

4.  Sport or competition. This is an aspect you most considered when choosing
body style. There are different options for you; you have choices from sedans,
trucks, buggies, stock cars, and other popular car models. These are basically
available in two versions: sports, and competition version. Sports RC cars
typically cost less than the car you intend to race, which of course would need
more power and higher speeds. Ball bearings and oil shocks are some of the
advanced options included for the competition RC car version.

Depending on the type you need, RC car kits and ready-to-car or RTR kits are
available. If you are a beginner, RTR kits are what you need as this comes out
of the box ready for the fuel. RC car kit, on the other hand, requires heavy
work but allows you to decide how they would be put together.

Tips and Tricks in Building a RC Car

If you have a heart of a kid and are fond of playing RC cars and don't mind
getting dirty, then this article if you.

Yes. You definitely should engage in building your personal radio controlled
vehicle for on-road car racing or off-road car game. This is fun, though it
needs a little effort especially when you have to assemble you car.

They say assembling your own RC car is complex but when it comes to maintenance
and repair nothing compares knowing what you had place inside your car.

If you like to cut your expenses, try to construct your own toy car. Building
your personal car is more practical since you can always decide yourself the
parts you will use. In addition, you can also show your creativity in building
your own model car. You can also purchase the best parts or accessories in
definitely lower cost. Other costs like fuel and batteries are just similar
whether you assembled your own car or buy a car package.

Building your RC car may consume longer time. But it will still depend on the
manufacturer of the car, the type of car, and your knowledge in building a
radio controlled car.

The trick is to always follow and read the instructions carefully. Never expect
finishing your own kit in just a matter of time. It is advisable to have a break
from time to time because it can help you think better plus you'll get new ideas
on how to reassemble your kit easily.

Here are some more tips to consider before you start building your own car.

1. The Car instruction booklet. Read first all the contents of the manual
before building your RC car. Understand properly the guidelines to get ahead
complicated steps and be able to prevent it not wasting your time. Check from
time to time if you are on the right track and careful not to skip steps so
that you won't keep on starting all over gain.

2. Always have a Pencil and notepad. Aside from taking key notes in your guide
booklet, you should also concentrate on the screw setting and positions. Focus
your attention to rights and lefts, rears and fronts. Although it is usually
marked on it spots, it is still important to make supplementary notes so that
you'll understand them correctly.

3. An organized building space. It must have a dry and clean hand towel to
avoid car parts from rolling and bouncing and will suck up any fluid you spill
or tip out. Be careful to construct your pit where you would not be disturbed.
Be sure to cover up the car you made with a towel or cloth when you're not
there to avoid lost of pieces. And lastly, put an ample light like a desk lamp
for you to see the tiny parts and inside of your car.

4. Containers. It is advisable to store your mini parts in hardware trays, use
empty containers, muffin tins, and medium sized boxes are some propositions to
make things organized. Be sure to keep everything separated and sorted when
you're building your kit.

5. Set of tools. You'll need to have good basic tools such as Philips-head
screwdrivers, a series of jeweler's screwdrivers and a 11/2" 4-inch flat blade
screwdriver are considered sufficient. A pair of slip-joint and needle nose
pliers and nitro models requires control-lock pliers that will be used for
grasping flywheels. Flush cutter is also needed for oil lines and parts that
need to be close and clean cut.

If you're a beginner in building RC car you must have patience because it is
difficult to build one if you do not have experience on it. Keep in mind that
building your personal RC car can also be fun and rewarding.

The Rugged and Wild Sensation of Racing is in RC Cars

If you are into RC racing hobby, just the mention of RC cars will encourage a
thrilling sensation. The excitement of racing RC cars is no less than elation.
The risks are worth taking and the thrills are enthralling. Nonetheless, if you
are among the individuals who have the faintest idea of the exhilaration brought
by RC cars, it is never too late for you to experience it.

RC or radio controlled cars are powered model vehicles that use radio control
system to make them function from afar. Joysticks on a transmitter are
maneuvered to send to the RC car onboard receiver inputs for it to carry out.
These vehicles can be categorized into the simple 'stop and go' cars and the
high-performance racing vehicles. The latter are made from sophisticated parts
to deliver adjustability, flexibility and functionality that their full size
models are offering.

RC racing hobby is so popular that it has hooked the young and the old. Aside
from that, RC racing does not only invade the world of men. As a fact, there is
an increasing number of women who are addicted to RC racing. The fact that you
are only an amateur and not a veteran is of no moment. This is for the reason
that the rugged and wild sensation of racing is always in RC cars. It is always
around and it intends to stay to give you an exciting escapade every time you
start to move the joysticks.

If you desire to purchase an RC car and start a thrilling racing escapade, be
sure to purchase a high-quality RC car that can satisfy your racing fantasies.
RC cars are for sale everywhere. You can even purchase it nearby. Nonetheless,
if you opt to purchase online, be sure to weigh your options. Ask around. You
can ask an RC racing expert to guide you in choosing an RC car shop. You can
also ask him about the RC car that is suited for you.

Settle on a budget. It is better to fix your limit so as not to damage your
finances. Further, you can also search for sales and rebates on RC cars and
trucks. You can slash a considerable sum if you consider this option.

Another factor to consider is your RC car source of power. It is essential to
know if you should go for an electric powered or gas powered RC car. Know their
advantages and disadvantages for better evaluation.

Never forget to inquire about the proper way of maintaining RC cars. This will
prolong the life of your hobby car. Also, know where to have them repaired,
where to get spare parts in case they are needed.

Reliable RC car shops are offering superb assistance -- from the date of
purchase, to the tuning up and finally to the break in. Most purchasers go for
assembled RC car. This is because they simply do not have spare time to
assemble the toy car.

If you are into customization, there are RC car shops that offer customized
assembly to make your RC cars and trucks breath-taking, amazing and superior to
the rest of its brethren. Customization is oftentimes chosen by the veterans in
the field.

RC racing becomes increasingly prominent in the field of hobby racing. But it
does not stop there. It is also famed as a family pastime. Age and gender are
not considered barriers in racing RC cars. In fact, it can be very well enjoyed
by a 60-year-old man as much as a 5-year-old kid.

RC cars can be maneuvered on a sidewalk, race tracks, or just through the
alley. RC race tracks are available in almost all major cities around the
globe. No wonder RC racing hobby is internationally popular.

How Fast Your RC Car Can Go?

The best way to get started with RC cars is getting a simpler and slower
vehicle. It may not be your dream RC car but it will prepare you to boost its
speed and power. Getting help through other enthusiasts will make it easier for
you to get going in the RC car world. There are accessories and tools available
for RC cars that you can employ to tune it and prepare it for the tracks.

The Pre-built RC car

But before you can do that, the electric RC car may be for you. This is a
popular choice for the starters in the RC car world. It is equipped with a
rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack, which comes with a quick
charger when the power runs out. A full-charged battery may typically bring
your RC car running for hours. This already comes pre-assembled with typically
a 2-channel RTR (ready-to-run), radio system. This is pre-assembled to fit
needs of new modelers and/or backyard drivers.

When you are done with the electric-powered RC car and have finished learning
with all the basics, you may start considering getting a gas RC car, powered by
nitromethane-based fuel. If you prefer otherwise and you think you have improved
your skills, you can instead upgrade your car's speed and operations. A new
engine or hotter motor can be added. You can start getting rid of the bushings
and replace them with ball bearings. There are many RC car accessories you will
find most essential in upgrading your car so check out the store.

RC car kit

The RC car kit will be most ideal for you if you want more fun and consider
yourself professional enough to the assembling job. A kit comes with all
necessary parts, such as the body, engine, electronic or motor speed control,
plus owner's manual for the instructions. In building your model, trimmings of
excess material may be required from the clear Lexan plastic material of the
body. With a special polycarbonate, you can paint the body with the color of
your choice.

Along with the chassis that comes with the kit, you get some tools needed for
the building of your model such as nut drivers, screwdrivers, pliers, and
others. One edge of building a kit over a pre-built car is that it will make
you understand how the machine works. This comes in handy when there are needs
of tuning and during maintenance of the car.

Ready for the competition

Preparing your car for the competition would require lots of works. Sometimes,
when getting a competition-version RC car does not include the engine as it is
typically left to the hands of the driver the kind that he prefers. In other
cases, the kit is sold with the chassis only so the rest of the parts would
still be left at your judgment. Your work with the car should allow for a
competition car that will have more aggressive power and higher speeds.

How fast you want your car would go depends on your work. If this were meant
for the competition, you would not want it to be left behind the track so you
better get all the necessary details and works done.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner you better not expect the best
results. It is natural for beginners to get mistakes on the first scenarios of
the competition. As you move along with the track, you will find yourself going

Mingling with the rest of the competitors would offer you tips and tricks with
the works. For additional information, you can research everything you need to
build the fastest RC car by visiting websites and reading books.

RC Car Kit -- Building Your Own

RC cars are the cars of all ages; it doesn't matter if you are eighty or
sixteen, there is simply the kind of radio-controlled car that you would enjoy.
If you know how to take fun with these vehicles, you certainly will cherish the
endless excitement brought about by them.

If you are getting your first radio-controlled car, you might consider the
three most important things:

Ready-to-run (RTR) car or a kit

The RTR cars are most ideal for the beginners and those who do not have the
skills for assembling the car. These cars will let you automatically enjoy
their features and start them running through electricity-powered batteries.
RTR cars tend to be a little inexpensive than building the car.

On the other hand, the kit will let you do the assembly works. For the
enthusiasts, this has more advantages, as it will allow you to maintain it
easily. If there are alterations and repair jobs needed, you would find these
yet another easy task as you know how the chassis, engine, and other parts were
put together.

On-road or off-road

On-road cars are designed for such speed needed in a smooth, paved surface.
Also, if you intend to get into the race competitions, these are clearly your

Off-road vehicles are those trucks and buggies that have the ability to
negotiate rough terrains, jumps, and obstacle courses. Naturally, these are not
intended for racing events.

Electric or nitro-powered car

Simpler and slower vehicles are the choices for the beginners. As mentioned,
rechargeable batteries are used to power the cars. Though they are clean and
quiet, one disadvantage is they do not exude realism for radio-controlled car

Nitro- or gas-powered cars are those intended for racing and higher-level of
performance and power. In the recent years, the quality of these cars has much
improved in terms of performance, safety, reliability, and aesthetics.

Having all these factors answered, you are now ready for your visit to the
store. If you prefer building your own car, you will have the kit.

After getting the kit, you will need your red tool box and make sure every
necessary tool is included. Specifically, the things you would need are:
screwdrivers, flat blade screwdrivers, pliers, slip-joint, hobby knife (no. 11
blades), flush cutter, and needle-nose varieties. Adding soap could be used as
a dry lubricant for the tight parts.

RC car kits cost a few hundred dollars but if you want higher performance and
power you may add another bit of expenses. You can elect to acquire few pieces
of RC car accessories or necessary parts for the upgrade. You can also finish
the car with your own design you have in mind. Accessories and add-on parts are
offered through local stores or online stores and you can check out their
availability through them

To avoid getting mistakes along the process, study well the owner's manual.
Familiarizing with every step and process will make it easy for you to finish
the job. Completion of the process will not finish in one sitting, so you
better prepare yourself for this task. It would be wise to work in a clear,
well-lit, and with an uncluttered area to avoid mistakes.

Get relevant information on how to start with your RC car kit

There are books, e-books, and other materials containing information and ideas
about building cars from a kit that you can use for additional help.
Accordingly, obtaining wisdom from experienced RC car racers would be very
beneficial for you. Once you get all those things and information needed, you
can build the fastest RC car in no time at all.

Car Motor - The Most Important Part of a RC Car

Today the kids and adults are alike in terms of their past time. Both are
engaged in radio controlled cars. They purchase these cars at the toy stores.
RC cars provide an endless amount of thrill and excitement and serve as their

Radio controlled cars are consist of two units which is the car itself and the
radio controller. Some radio controlled cars are powered by rechargeable
batteries and some were powered by batteries with actual gas-powered engines.
Gas powered engines are more expensive than electric powered engines.

RC cars are of different types. There's the off-road and on-road vehicles,
touring and racing cars, trucks and buggies. Aside from this, you can also
choose on the size, color, type of car like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and
Porsches. You also have an option to choose from gas powered or electric engine
and if it's a car or truck type.

The four main parts of radio controlled vehicles are the motor(s), transmitter,
receiver and the power source.

Transmitter is the radio controller that you hold in your hand and usually
powered by battery. The radio frequency let's the transmitter relays the
steering and controls the command you give to the receiver. Its receiver has
two parts, the antenna and a circuit board inside the car. It receives the
radio frequencies sent by the transmitter and relayed to the appropriate part
of the vehicle.

Radio controlled vehicles features different type of engines. The motor is said
to be the heart of the cars and is the most complex part of assembling your own
RC car.

The nitro powered radio controlled motors has a 2-stroke or the less
conventional 4-stroke version. The most popular is the 2-stroke motor because
of its amazing 2.5 hp of output it produces. RC racers love the high speed and
acceleration of this 2-stroke motor.

The 2-stroke motor is the 23cc displacement engine and it requires a fuel oil
mixture. It is more suitable in car racing and has the advantage of producing
higher rpm's. On the other hand, 4-stroke motor can run on straight fuel and
has an oil reservoir on it. It is better for off-road use and has more power
and torque. It is more applicable in a truck that runs on dirt or rough tracks.

The electric car runs quietly and is better suited in your neighborhood while
the nitro powered motors lets you feel the real car on racetracks. Electric
radio controlled cars and trucks uses rechargeable batteries to run or power
the motor and steering, which is usually runs for about 5-10 minutes. In terms
of speed, electric motor vehicles have a great deal of pickup though not as
much as nitro powered motors.

At first, electric RC cars can be much less expensive than a nitro powered
vehicle. But there are other costs like additional battery packs, battery
charger and other accessory the will add to the cost. Still, it depends on the
kind of car you purchase and the battery pack that it requires. Of course for a
good performance, you will purchase the good battery packs and good charger to
save replacing cheaper batteries.

The good thing in electric motors is it doesn't need much maintenance and
tuning of its engine compare to nitro powered motor. It is more suitable for
beginners because it only needs proper conditioning and proper storage of
battery packs that will keep your RC cars running smoothly for years.

In addition, the motors come with or without a pull start. Those with pull
start are cheaper, but you still need a starter box.

Gas RC Car: Cheap Race Car Alternative

Are you a long-time fan of those racing events and each time you get to see
that parade of fully-loaded professional race cars, there is nothing you can do
except stare jealously at them? Wondering when can you ever get yourself
experience that special kind of feeling of having fun and excitement by racing
with those high-end models of Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes, or perhaps that BMW
car? All you can do is wonder now because you simply cannot afford them, right?

Now, how about an alternative? How about getting the same extreme fun and
excitement, but without you getting too financially drained?

You may think this is impossible. After all, those full-geared race cars would
cost you at least several thousands of dollars. But, the truth is, there are
remote control (RC) cars you can utilize for the same racing spirit.

Now, thinking it is another impossible thing? As you remember, RC cars are
those you played with when you were growing up. You remember the same cars
attached to the control pad via wires and when you set it in motion, you would
get the fun at a few mph.

Those RC cars are still in existence but not so small time for big boys. With
the advanced technology always surprising us with things we never think would
be possible now, there are now RC cars you can actually use for your favorite
pastime. RC cars were produced with the exact replicas of those cars you
desired most. And now, with the racing activities always seen as the automotive 
industry's cream of the crop, gas RC cars are the cheap version. At a fraction 
of the cost, you can get the same exhilarating experience.

RC cars have been in popularity ever since and because of the many followers,
there are clubs and associations formed that have led them to dedicate to RC
car racing. Unbelievable still? Now, there are RC cars that participate to
speedways and racetracks. If you have been longing to become a participant in a
race, you can do so now without worries of money. Popular RC cars cost only a
few hundred dollars. That makes sense for you, is it now?

Gas RC cars look exactly the same with those favorite racers. For the price of
less than US$600, you get a RC car equipped with the same features and one that
also reaches amazing speeds of over 70mph. If you like more, Dragsters are also
out there for you. They accelerate a whopping 0 to 60mph in less than three
seconds. A gas-powered RC car may take you just over US$300, but it would be
sweeter to customize it with a fully functional spoiler, plus a custom paint
job with additional little expenses on those.

If you want something more sensible, you can get one of those off-road remote
control trucks. A family activity would be great with your RC car. Yes, just
like with various options offered by the automotive industry, there are endless
options for gas RC car enthusiasts. They attract all personalities and ages,
because gas RC cars are the creations that all would surely appreciate.

RC cars are the well-loved gas-powered gas wonder. If you cannot wait to get a
hold on those gas-powered race cars, you may start looking for one that would
suit your need. You can get acquainted with someone who is into RC car racing
for tips and tricks. You can also visit the website for endless information and
update about these remote control cars.

Get into the Game! Race Your RC Car

The most exciting part of having RC car is by joining a car racing game. Kids
and Adults enjoy playing RC car racing game on off-road or on-road tracks. But
before you join the race there are steps you need to take to prepare for that
competitive car game.

First, select for the best RC car racing tire wisely. Choose the tire that is
matched to the surface that you will use in car racing game. Also choose the
best type of motor, maintenance and size that you will use to win the game.

The touring and racing cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches are the
best and popular choices for on-road use. Your car must be run in smooth
surface tracks for best performance. Conversely, trucks and buggies are not
good in racing game because it is not as fast as the touring and racing cars.
But they can be run anywhere and can even jump on hump tracks.

The on-road vehicles are the most popular type of radio controlled cars. It is
the best choice if you want to hook up in car racing. It runs in paved
surfaces, built-in smooth race tracks and even in streets with an amazing
speed. On the other hand, off-road vehicles can run anywhere. These are the
sturdy and truck type RC vehicles that can handle jumps, hills, and uneven
terrain, even sand. Off-road vehicles come in two or four wheel drive and a
variety of electric and nitro trucks and cars from which to choose.

The radio controlled car has two popular sizes -- the 1/8 and 1/10 scale. The
1/10th scale is the standard size for the on-road users and is best in car
racing game while the 1/8th scale is more popular for off-road use like trucks
and buggies.

When it comes to motor, the best type to use is the nitro powered engine. It
can produce higher rpm's that is suitable for racing. It can run up to 70 mph
which is the fastest speed in RC car racing game. The resulting high speed and
acceleration is what the car racers want in this type of engine.

Two wheel drive car is less expensive and much easier to work on. But if you
want a better handling and traction, pick the 4 wheel drive. This would make an
ideal choice for car racing game.

Still, maintenance is the most important in having a RC car. It is a definite
requirement especially when using nitro powered motor. Always maintain car
parts such as Air filter, Clutch, Header, Differential and Pull start cord.
Keep the parts and tools properly for long last use.

So now you already have the best radio controlled car for car racing game. You
are now ready to face the challenge in RC car racing. Joining car racing game
would not just give you excitement but also you'll gain more friends and
different ideas on how to keep your car running in its best performance. You
will learn some tips from RC car enthusiasts by hanging out with them but be
careful who you listen to because some of them might just fool you.

You can also see the latest radio controlled cars in action when you're in
tracks. The best combinations of RC cars are competing and you will see which
the best of all. Goodluck!

Some Traxxas RC Car Models

If there's one thing that Traxxas RC cars are designed for, it would be speed.
Each car is designed to dominate its category. You don't believe it? Here are
some models:

1) Jato 3.3 RTR Nitro- This is one stadium truck that is sure to catch
everyone's attention when it revves into action. This Traxxas RC car is able to
take on any other RC car on pavement and it doesn't stop there! When the
pavement ends, some RC cars have trouble getting a good grip on other types of
terrain but not his Traxxas RC car! This model features Anaconda tire treads,
enabling it to maintain a good grip on off-road courses. This means that you
can other RC cars can say bye-bye to this Traxxas RC car as it leaves a dust
trail in their headlights.

2) TMaxx 3.3 RTR Nitro- This is one monster RC truck that's truly a monster!
This Traxxas RC car is able to go faster than 55 MPH! Isn't that amazing? This
Traxxas RC car carries the well-known label of the Tmaxx to new levels of
excellence. This is because this Traxxas RC car carries with it the same
perfect combination of balance, size, speed and power but the new TRX 3.3
engine brings this combination to new heights of power. People who know about
real monster trucks know that bottom-end torque is the key to dominating every
type of terrain. This is also the key to this Traxxas RC car's success in the

3) Spirit Truck- This Traxxas RC car embodies a "going back to the roots" of RC
car driving. It is easy to drive, adventurous and most of all, it is fun! Many
RC car models available today are too competitive. Drivers who used to relax
through RC car racing experience even more stress when they compete. Why go for
all of that? This Traxxas RC car reminds people of why RC car racing was
established in the first place -because it's fun!

This Traxxas RC car also comes pre-assembled. So you don't have to do anything
but take it out of the box and start driving. And before you start thinking
that it's a toy-grade RC car, you should know that this Traxxas RC car is
filled with technology specifically designed for hobby-class racing.

4) Nitro 4-tec 3.3- "Blink and you'll miss it" is the phrase used by
enthusiasts to describe this Traxxas RC car. This is because it is designed for
speed. The TRX- 3.3 engine is quite possibly the most powerful small block
engine available today. With it, this Traxxas RC car can have speeds of up to
70 MPH! That's even faster than what some state laws allow! This Traxxas RC car
is made for experienced players who have the reflexes necessary to drive at top
speeds. A person using this Traxxas RC car is faced with the mental challenge
of remaining in control while at speeds where you are nearly out of control.
Can you handle the rush?

5) Bandit- This Traxxas RC car is what every enthusiast needs to fulfill his or
her need for entertainment and speed at a very affordable price. First of all,
this Traxxas RC car runs on electricity, which means you don't have to spend
additional cash on fuel. It is also very durable, which means you can spend
less time maintaining it and more time showing other RC car enthusiasts your
dust trail.

Different Types of RC Car Bodies

The term "RC car body" usually refers to the shell or outer covering of the RC
car. This gives the general appearance of the RC car. There are some things you
should know about RC car bodies:

Two classifications -- there are two general classifications of RC car bodies.
These are based on how you get them:

a) Pre-built- This is the type of RC car body that comes with pre-assembled
cars. This type of RC car body usually has a look that's more or less similar
to other bodies that a company builds. It is often the case that people buy
this type of RC car body in order to showcase the craftsmanship. Many pre-built
RC car bodies are based on real cars. This means that you can buy almost any
type of car you can dream of.

b) Customized- There are people who choose to shun the uniform look of
pre-built RC car bodies and prefer instead to add their personal touches to its
look. Customized RC car bodies are often made use of by long time enthusiasts
who want to accomplish one of two objectives:

1) Aesthetical enhancement- People who want to make their RC cars look better
than what's conventional often try to customize their own RC car bodies. There
are many who succeed in this endeavor, but there are also a lot of people who
just end up buying a new pre-built RC car body.

2) Performance enhancement- There are those who design RC car bodies to achieve
the objective of enhancing a car's performance. Many people who customize RC car
bodies often do so in order to improve the aerodynamics of their vehicle. This
helps them speed up the RC car.

There are also certain recognizable types of RC car bodies available today:

1) Realistic- This, of course, refers to the various types of RC car bodies
which are modeled after real cars. It is often the case that this RC car body
type is based on a winner of a competition such as the World Rally
Championships. It could also be based on "cool" cars such as the Hummer.

This RC car body type is often judged by its faithfulness to the original. It
is also highly regarded for the craftsmanship. People who own this type of RC
car body often make use of it in "on-road" races as it minimizes the potential
for damage.

2) Monster Truck- This type of RC car body is made for one thing: bashing. It
is often the case that people who have this type of RC car body make use of
their RC cars to leap ramps, "off-road" races, and generally to have as much
fun with their vehicles as possible. The monster truck RC car body is often
made to be durable which means that it can survive most of the maneuvers that
owners put it through. This is the undisputed king of RC car bodies.

3) Racing buggy- These are vehicles made to race. Whether it's off-road or on,
it is definitely made for speed. This type of RC car body is made to conquer
every type of terrain you put it in. It has a distinctive triangular shape
meant to make this RC car body more aerodynamic as you use it to dominate every

The Hobby: RC Cars

The race is long and you do not want to be left behind, do you? Have you any
clue of RC cars and RC racing? Your answer may be on the affirmative. This is
because RC racing is now becoming a prominent hobby around the world.

RC racing gets into your system like an addicting cigar. You savor, you puff --
and enjoy the sensation. But the sensation is addicting that you want to do it
to a greater extent. Satisfy your craving for adventure -- you can do it by
telling your hands to move those joysticks and experience an overwhelming
racing escapade.

There are two types of RC cars available in the market these days -- the
electric and the gasoline powered RC cars. Electric powered RC cars are easy to
run and maintain. They are also made quieter. If you feel like racing, you can
simply plug in the batteries and run the RC car. As long as the parts are
assembled, all you have to do just turn it on and enjoy the show. This is the
reason why these RC cars are good for the amateurs.

However, if you wanted a car that spells performance and fun, you can go for RC
cars that run on gas. These RC cars are faster and more functional than electric
powered RC cars. Nonetheless, they are complex. They require hard work and
maintenance. But they are more exciting, nonetheless.

Gas powered RC cars are adored by veteran racers because of their more
realistic drive feel. In fact, if you run said models, you can actually hear
the engine and feel the heart-thumping power. Another advantage of gas powered
RC cars is that you need not wait for batteries to recharge, you just refill
the fuel and your back on the thrilling race once again. However, compared to
electric RC car, this type of RC car is costly.

Electric and gas powered RC cars both have their sets of advantages and
disadvantages. You just have to weigh which of the two is most appealing to
you. Be sure that your choice of RC car will not drain your finances.
Purchasing and maintaining an RC car that is fueled by gas is expensive. Be
certain that you can bear the expenses without drilling a hole in your pocket.

If you have visited an RC car shop, you might have wondered why a RC car hobby
would cost more than a toy RC. In addition, the difference in the price is over
a hundred dollars -- that's quite a sum!

When you go to a hobby store that is specializing in RC cars, one purchase
could cause a grave dent in your pocket. This is because most hobby stores are
of a professional grade. The hobby RC cars they are selling are designed to
perform like the real thing -- real cars, trucks, boats and airplanes.

Some of the hobby-grade RC cars are unassembled while others come in partially
assembled RC car kit. However, if you want to break free from the hassle of
assembly or if you know nothing about the thing, never dare to do it by
yourself. Instead, you can opt for an assembled version of the RC car. They are
offered by RC car shops. Remember that it is better to let the experts do the
assembly for you rather that having it your way and destroy your precious RC

If you want your kids to enjoy the adrenaline rush of RC's, you can purchase RC
toy cars for them. The latter are designed for children and amateurs alike.

RC Cars Trigger the Racing Euphoria in the Air

The cheering of the crowd, the adrenaline rush of the players and the mounting
excitement overwhelming the scene say it all. Indeed, when it comes to racing,
RC cars are pretty fascinating!

RC cars, otherwise known as remote control or radio control cars, are gathering
the smoke in the hobby racing arena. It grabs the spotlight like a newly
launched rocket. As a fact, RC racing is swiftly attracting both the young and
the old to savor the excitement and nerve-racking thrill brought about by RC

If you are not yet hooked by this new racing phenomenon, brace yourself and
discover the pleasure of this hobby. RC cars are famed at a hobby level. The
hobby becomes more and more addicting. The sight of both men and women in
various age groups racing RC cars is no longer novel to the eyes. Nowadays, RC
racing is introduced to a higher level of racing involvement. With fine tuning
and professional RC racers around, RC racing can be deemed to be more than just
an ordinary hobby.

RC cars can be purchased unassembled in a kit, in a completely assembled, or in
ready to run (rtr) condition. RC cars are now offered with a wide-variety of
options. They come in different styles, colors, built, and features.

If you are planning to purchase RC cars, be sure that you are getting the best
that you can have. Options include electric or gas powered RC cars, on-road and
off-road models, assembled or unassembled, and car or truck models.

You may ask, which between gas powered and electric RC car is the best choice?
Well, the most influential factor in choosing RC car is the source of power.
There are pros and cons in possessing both models.

A nitro powered RC car, as its name implies, run on nitro gasoline. This type
of RC car is the most popular in the arena. It is also the fastest growing
segment in RC cars. Nitro RC vehicles boast their power and speed. They can
actually jump at high speed and smoothly drive on the roads without staggering.

nitro powered RC cars run faster than their electric counterparts. In addition,
there are some that can run as fast as 70 mph. Moreover, high-speed driving
thrills you, a nitro powered RC car is the best for you.

Gas powered RC cars run on specially formulated fuel. Most of them employ a
pull start engine that can be likened to a lawnmower. However, one drawback of
this RC car type is that it can be complicated. You have to carefully follow
the instructions to make it function well. Nonetheless, nitro cars are not good
for beginners.

Electric RC cars, on the other hand, are user-friendly. They run on batteries.
Most of these batteries are made rechargeable. They are easy to operate and
care for. Electric RC cars are inexpensive. If your finances are precluding you
from buying expensive RC cars, electric RC cars can be your most feasible
solution. Indeed, electric RC cars are great for beginners in the RC car arena.

An electric RC car can serve as your first RC car. You can practice on it to
perfect your driving skills without wasting hefty money. In fact, you can buy
electric RC car for any budget. The drawback of this type is that it is slower
compared to nitro powered car.

If you plan to purchase an electric RC car, be sure to slowly break in the
motor. This is to done to extend the life of the motor and to attain its full

Don't Blink: The Different Types of RC Race Cars

RC cars are made to have fun. However, there are some people who take their
"fun" very seriously. These are the people who build serious RC race cars and
actually pit their skills against each other. This is actually not a new trend.
People have started racing model cars even in the early 1940's. However, the
technology during that time was insufficient to properly control the models.
These cars were control using a tether and thus, could only run around in
circles. True RC race cars were introduced in the late 1960's. These RC race
cars could be controlled from a separate unit and be raced around a track.

There are different classifications of RC race cars according to fuel use and
terrain. This is because of the fact that different types of RC race cars may
be called superior in different conditions. Here are some classifications:

According to power source:

1) Electric- Electric RC race cars are generally lighter than gas-powered
models. They also have the advantage of having more torque. Another advantage
to electric RC race cars is the fact that these models are generally more
responsive to the controls. This means that a person using an electric RC car
will be able to react faster to different conditions on the track. There is
also the fact that electric RC cars are generally cleaner in terms of fuel and
in terms of the accumulated dirt during races. This means that electric RC race
cars are easier to maintain than gas-powered models.

One disadvantage to electric RC race cars is the fact that it can take a long
time for people to recharge the batteries. There is also the issue of speed:
although electric RC race cars accelerate faster, they generally reach lower
top speeds than gas-powered models.

2) Nitro- Nitro RC race cars are powered with a miniature engine that uses a
mixture of Nitromethane and lubricant as fuel. Nitro RC race cars are known to
reach record-breaking top speeds -much faster than what electric models are
capable of. They can also run for longer times and are easier to refuel, which
means that they can be enjoyed longer.

The disadvantages to this type of RC car are rooted in the fact that combustion
is the process that makes it work. Combustion produces smoke and a lot of noise,
which means it can't be used indoors. It also produces a lot of dirt, which
means that Nitro RC race cars generally require more effort to clean. A nitro
RC race car also requires regular tuning and maintenance in order to remain in
top form.

According to terrain:

1) On-road- Some types of RC race cars are used to compete in paved race
tracks. These RC race cars are specially designed to achieve tops speeds and
maintain them during races. The wheels of these RC race cars are often designed
for maximum speed and minimum friction.

2) Off-road- These RC race cars are made to accelerate and maintain control
even when the race track is not paved. These RC race cars are specially
designed to grip the ground and maintain top speed. The key to off-road racing
is high bottom end torque. This allows off-road RC race cars to dominate the
competition when encountering tricky obstacles such as mounds.

Know the Different Tamiya RC Cars

Tamiya is a company known for producing excellent miniatures of automobiles.
They are famous today for introducing the world to competitive mini 4WD racing.
What many people do not know is that Tamiya also introduced the world to RC
cars. The Tamiya RC car line has a lot of models that show the excellence of
the company in model design.

Here are some Tamiya RC car models available today:

1) Nitro Crusher- This Tamiya RC car boasts of a powerful FS-15S engine that
features a large diameter slide carburetor to fulfill your need for speed. The
engine also has a precision brake system that ensures operation safety. This
Tamiya RC car can also fulfill your need for power because it comes in the form
of a monster truck.

Drive through all types of terrain as easy as if you were driving on pavement.
This Tamiya RC car has various features that allow it to coast through
different types of terrain. It has extra-large tires that are perfect for
dominating mud, sand or rocks. It also features a frontal impact control system
that allows you to have stable running no matter what obstacles you encounter.

2) Mini cooper- If you have no idea what a mini cooper is, think about Mr.
Bean's beloved car. This Tamiya RC car is based on that small-but-terrible car
of the 1960's. The mini cooper is renowned for its small size and powerful
performance. In fact, the mini cooper has even been known to perform extremely
well on competitions like the world rally championships.

This Tamiya RC car features an M-03 chassis that's specially designed to be as
fast as possible. The double wishbone suspension also ensures the stability of
your vehicle and excellent handling. This is an electric RC car, which means
that the batteries can add a lot of weight. However, a special hole cut into
the chassis ensures that despite the weight, this Tamiya RC car can still run
its best.

3) Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo- This Tamiya RC car is designed for the new
kind of racing. Yes, this Tamiya RC car is designed to drift. The chassis of
this Tamiya RC car, TT-01D, is built from lightweight materials and
specifically designed to have a low center of gravity. This means that this
Tamiya RC car will not turn over if you try to "drift" it.

What are the advantages of drift racing? Well, during normal turns, there is a
tendency for cars to lose speed. By drifting, the car can maintain optimum
speed and precision controls. However, there is always the tendency of
something going wrong. This is the reason why this Tamiya RC car is engineered
to precision.

4) XBG Nitro Force- Capable of unbelievable top speeds, this Tamiya RC car is
definitely a force to be reckoned with. Powered with a precision FR-S glow
engine, this Tamiya RC car employs a recoil starter for clean starting every
time. This Tamiya RC car also boasts of a reinforced resin frame chassis with a
low center of gravity, making it stable during driving.

This Tamiya RC car also features a very aerodynamic frame, making sure that the
wind will not slow down your need for speed. All in all, if you want a Tamiya RC
car that quenches your desire to defy gravity, this is the car that you should
be getting.

Stuffs to Think About: Two Types of RC Cars

Do you feel the need for speed? Do you find underground racing a bit too
dangerous for your taste? Do you think that playing the latest racing game on
your PC is just too boring for you? If this is the case, then you need to get
into RC car racing. RC car racing is one of the fastest growing hobbies today.
This is because it appeals to the kid within people while challenging them to
hone their skills. If you think that RC car is just about getting the most
expensive model out there, you are on the wrong track. Here are the basics of
RC cars:


There are two general classifications of RC cars according to the power source:

1) Electric- This RC car type is the most common type in the market today. This
might be because of the fact that most toy companies make this type of RC car
for children or beginner RC car enthusiasts. Some advantages of the electric RC
car are: . a) Noiseless- This means that an electric-powered RC car can be used
without causing a lot of disturbance (excluding, of course, the number of
people who will unwittingly trip over your machine).This also mean that you can
use it stealthily. Countless movies have featured the use of electric RC cars in
recording conversations or taking hidden videos. Make your spy dreams come true!

b) Smokeless- Since this type of RC car makes use of electricity to power it,
there is no smoke output when the engine is running. This is because no
combustion happens within the engine of the RC car.


a) Limited running time- An electric RC car runs on batteries. Because of this,
the power it can use to run is limited to the capacity of the battery. A user
who goes for this type of RC car has to cope with the delay of charging
batteries or replacing them every time that they run out of power.

b) Limited power- The power of electric RC cars is limited not only in terms of
time, but also in terms of intensity. Put plainly, electric-powered RC cars just
don't run as fast as gas powered models. If you are looking for speed, this is
not the RC car for you.

2) Gas powered- There's one thing that needs to be said about gas powered RC
cars: you cannot put gasoline in it. Gas powered RC cars make use of a special
mixture of fuel in order to run.

Advantages: a) Speed- Many people are opting for gas powered RC cars mainly
because of the fact that they are much faster than electric RC cars.

b) Longevity- Gas powered RC cars can run for long times before they need to be
refueled. This means that you get to use your RC car for a longer time. Thus,
you get to have more fun.


a) Smoke- Since gas powered RC cars run because of combustion; it is natural
that there would be smoke coming out of the car. This means that you won't be
able to use your RC car indoors.

b) Noise- Gas powered RC cars make a lot of noise. This can either be a
positive or a negative, depending on your attitude. For some people, the noise
that this type of RC car can help them get attention from other people (Hey,
some people do buy RC cars to get noticed).

Facts About XMODS RC Cars

There are generally two types of RC cars: toy-grade and hobby grade.

Toy grade RC cars are made to be played with until they expire. This is because
there are no parts available to repair them or do anything to extend their
useful life.

Hobby grade RC cars, on the other hand, can be repaired using kits brought in
different hobby shops. It is commonly the case that people would experiment
with the kits and create their own customized RC car. However, this can take a
lot of effort to pull off. People who are virtual newbies in the world of RC
cars may have to settle for kits with not-so-original features. This perception
of customization, however, has been changed with the introduction of XMODS RC

What are XMODS RC cars? Well, they are often advertised as giving the most
authentic tuner experience to RC fans. This is because XMODS RC cars are fully
customizable. The problem with other hobby RC car kits is the fact that the
choices of parts are limited. This is because most RC car companies wish to
monopolize customers. By making sure that no other parts fit with their RC
cars, they can be sure to maintain a client base.

The problem with this technique is that it leaves enthusiasts with virtually no
freedom to make a car that's unique. The limited choices in parts means that
duplication is not only possible, it's inevitable.

There is also the question of quality. People know that different companies
have different specialties. This is the reason why sticking with one company in
terms of RC car parts is not really advisable for an enthusiast. In order to
build the perfect RC car, an enthusiast should be able to combine different
parts according to his or her preference. Sticking with parts that come from
one company would mean sticking with only one quality. This means that you
would end up with a car that may be good in terms of one factor, but bad in

One of the main advantages of XMODS RC cars is the fact that many companies are
involved in making parts for it. This means that a person availing of a kit is
faced with limitless possibilities of tuning and customization. Because of
this, a person can create the RC car that's best according to him or her.

Another advantage with XMODS RC cars is their look. XMODS RC cars come in the
form of the choicest cars available today. Now while this may be offered by
other types of RC companies, XMODS RC cars are actually designed by the makers
of the cars themselves. This means that you get exquisite craftsmanship every
time you buy an XMODS RC car kit.

If you think that XMODS RC cars are all about the looks, you would be very
mistaken. XMODS RC cars are made to race. After all, people do not engage in
the RC car hobby just to tinker around, do they? When all the work is done, you
get the opportunity to enjoy it by racing your XMODS RC car using a home made
track or you could choose to enter your car in tournaments sponsored by
radioshack. Whatever your choice, you are sure to enjoy the enhanced RC
experience brought to you by XMODS RC cars.

What RC Car Accessory You Should Get for a Well-Maintained Car

One of the hottest hobbies on the road today, RC cars and trucks will let you
experience the real world of road race tracks and events but no red lights and
speed limits for you. You simply drive that RC car or truck of yours and decide
on yourself how fast you can go.

You also got options to choose from. Just like the real automotive world, the
radio controlled world of cars and trucks provide the same choices of
futuristic concept cars, on-road and off-road cars, entry-level buggy, and
monster trucks, and, nitro-powered cars, even mini-cars.

There are endless options for everyone and RC cars and trucks are for all
personalities and ages. The choice is yours; it solely depends on your
preference. On the other hand, if you need more information you can get advices
from different fellow enthusiasts.

Again, just like with the "real" on-road and off-road vehicles, radio
controlled ones require the same kind of maintenance and care from you. This is
to ensure you keep your vehicle in top condition so to avoid failures.

Maintaining them would include everything from keeping them powered, whether
through electricity or nitromethane-based fuel, to replacing parts and
accessory. You also must have a certain stock of standard RC car/truck
equipment for the maintenance.

In addition, there is a plethora of accessories that are available for you,
which you can get for your RC car. If you want to keep your vehicle always
aesthetically pleasing and aggressive, or want a higher level of experience on
the road, RC car accessories will allow you to attain these.

Accordingly, the following top RC accessories are amongst the components that
your car should not go without:

1.  Starter boxes. Starting your new vehicle will include break-in of its new
engine, which could be tough process at first. With the starter box, though,
this is made easier by eliminating the need to pull-start the RC car. It gives
the boost needed by the engine's break-in; thus your car gets you going in no

2.  Fuel. Of course, without the fuel, you won't go anywhere with this car.
There are specially formulated fuel kinds for RC cars, and you can get one,
which is recommended by the owner's manual provided.

And since, you will probably do the re-fueling job, you might as well include
in your purchase a fuel filler bottle, which will fit your car's need. There
are several sizes available, with long, angled tips to allow for speedy process
as well as to prevent spills.

In addition, a fuel cleaner and rags will be handy accessories in cases there
are spills and drips.

3.  Glow plugs. Instead of ending your fun in driving because of glow plug
failures, with spare glow plugs you can change bad plugs along the course. In
addition, a small kit stashed in your box will be best idea. This is usually
included with the spare glow plugs, glow plug igniter, glow plug wrench, and

4.  RC tools. These are the specialized tools to keep your vehicle going. A
standard RC tool kit usually includes: magnetic balancer, gear puller,
temperature gauge, tool pouch, and glow plug wrench.

5.  Air Filter Oil. Replacement of the air filter at an interval is a must. At
this case, it will always be better if you got special air filter oil with you
to improve the function of air filter and keep the life of the engine longer.

How to Choose RC Car Parts

First of all, you should be informed that there are no available toy-grade RC
car parts available today. The reason for this is the fact that toy-grade RC
cars are pre-assembled and made to be enjoyed while they last. Although they
are excellent for teaching the basics of vehicle control, they are not made to
be tinkered with. Hobby-grade RC cars, however, may be tinkered with a lot. A
lot of RC car parts are available in order to enable people to fully customize
their driving experience.

Many people are confused as to the standards of choosing RC car parts. This is
because of the fact that manufacturers today always claim that they have the
best parts or the cheapest parts around. So how should a person choose RC car
parts to use?

1) Compatibility- Some RC car brands or models can only be used with specific
RC car parts. This may be because the company who made the RC cars is trying to
corner their market, or maybe companies are just ensuring the high performance
of their cars. Before you buy any brand of RC car parts, you should see if
those parts are compatible with your RC kit. If you are just beginning in the
hobby, you should strictly follow this rule in order to avoid damaging your car.

Advanced hobbyists sometimes disobey this rule and try to custom fit different
RC car parts to make improvements on their vehicles. However, you should be
careful when doing this and you should always make sure that you have the
skills necessary to pull this off.

2) Price- Of course, you should realize by now that this hobby will cost you
some cash. This means that you should definitely budget your money when you are
selecting RC car parts to buy. One tip you can follow is to stick to a certain
price range. You can then select the best RC car part that comes within the
price range that you have in mind.

If you really want to buy something top-of-the-line, you should try and save
your cash. Do not be impulsive when buying RC car parts. Remember that
something better will always come along and that costs go down all the time.

However, if you really love RC car racing, then maybe you can sacrifice a bit
in order to buy the RC car part you want.

3) Quality- As said before, many advanced users try to mix and match different
RC car parts in order to improve the performance of their vehicles. This is
because of the fact that different manufacturers have different
specializations. Some companies may excel in making engines while others may
have high quality chassis: etc. If you can, try to get RC car parts that will
improve the performance of your car.

In this case, try not to be too restricted by your budget. Remember that if you
buy cheap but low quality RC car parts, you might as well be throwing your money
away. By buying high quality RC car parts, you will be able to make sure that
you enjoy your investment for a long time.

These are just some of the tips you should follow when buying RC car parts.
Remember that the final decision will always be yours. It is your money and
your enjoyment on the line, so carefully choose the RC car part to buy.

Getting Hooked with RC Cars

Radio controlled car or RC car is one of the most played toy car by kids and
even teens. RC car lovers spend much of their time playing car racing with this
radio controlled cars. It offers an endless amount of thrill and excitement of
race and the speed of each type of car.

RC car consists of two units -- the car and the remote control or radio. Radio
control consists of two sets of joysticks. One is to control the backward and
forward movement and the other is for side-to-side movements. Less expensive
radio controllers are powered by a number of rechargeable batteries. The other
type of radio controller is also powered by batteries but with actual
gas-powered engines.

With the growing popularity of RC cars, manufacturers offer different kinds of
models and types to fit with every buyer or user. Some makers offer RC cars for
kids in low cost and some were modeled after the real-life counterpart such as
Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis.

There are different kinds of RC cars that you can select, from its body type,
model, style, color or in any size. On the other hand, there are some
distinctions you need to consider in choosing RC car.

First, you will choose between electric RC and gas powered cars. Then you'll
choose for road racing or off-road racing models. Also if it is assembled or
non-assembled as you purchase it and lastly, if you want to have it a car type
or a truck type.

Car racers usually choose the RC cars that run on nitro gasoline or the
so-called Petrol RC cars. It is the most popular and the fastest growing piece
of the RC cars. Using petrol vehicles, you now can purchase the popular RC
trucks that can jump at high speed and go off the road driving. And if speed or
velocity is more of your concern, acquire the race cars that are inevitable in
prepared tracks or along pavements.

Typically, petrol RC cars operate fast unlike the electric cars. Some of the
nitro cars run in 70 to 90 mph. This electric or gas powered RC cars run on a
special fuel made just for radio controlled cars.

The most popular sizes of nitro RC cars are 1/8 and 1/10 scale. 1/8th scale is
popular for off-road trucks and buggies while the 1/10th scale is the industry
standard for on-road racers. The 1/8th scale come with a 2 or 3 speed

Most of the petrol RC cars or nitro cars have a pull engine that is similar to
a lawnmower for easy operation. It is very important to follow instruction in
running the nitro vehicles because it is more complicated than electric cars.

Nitro vehicles are available in the 2-stroke motor or the less conventional
4-stroke version. The 2-stroke motor requires a fuel oil mixture and the
4-stroke motor has a reservoir of oil and can run on straight fuel. The
2-stroke is more suitable in racing because it has the advantage of producing
the higher rpm or the revs up faster. On the other hand, the 4-stroke engine is
much better for off-road use because it has more power and torque.

It is necessary to regularly maintain and check your nitro vehicle for long
last usage and also for better performance. Some loves on tuning and tweaking
their cars. Always check the car parts such as header, pull start cord,
differential, air filter and the clutch.

What You Need to Know About Nitro RC Cars

Because of the movie "The Fast and the Furious" many people today think that
the word "nitro" means having something extra on your car that boosts its
speed. Thus, many people who encounter the term "Nitro RC Car" think that it
refers to an RC car that's been upgraded.

This thinking could also be due to the fact that many people think that gas
powered RC cars actually run on gasoline. This is a very wrong assumption. The
term "Nitro RC Car" is actually synonymous with "gas powered RC car" because of
the fact that this type of RC car uses a specialized mixture of nitromethane and
lubricant to run.

So what do you need to get started with Nitro RC cars?

1) Experience- Before you go ahead and get a Nitro RC car, you need to have
sufficient experience with an electric RC car. This is because of the fact that
Nitro RC cars can be too much to handle if you are a noob in RC car usage. This
is the reason why people who want to get into the hobby of RC cars are advised
to get electric RC cars before they move on to Nitro RC cars.

2) Interest- Without the right interest to drive you, why would you get into
Nitro RC cars? You need to have some reason in order to truly get something
from the hobby of Nitro RC cars. This is because Nitro RC cars will cost you
some money and nobody spends money on something that they will not profit from
in some way. The "profit" in this case does not refer to financial gain

3) Information- You need to know different things before you get started with
Nitro RC cars. This is because Nitro RC car racing can be a very complicated
business. Having the right information can help you a lot in getting the car
that you want and taking care of it. In fact, having the right information
about Nitro RC cars can help you profit from the hobby financially.

4) The right materials- Many people wonder exactly what tools and materials you
need to get into the Nitro RC car hobby. Here are just some of the things you
are going to need:

a) Nitro RC car kit- This pretty much contains everything you are going to need
to build yourself a "basic" Nitro RC car. This is a kit containing what you need
to build the car itself including the engine, the chassis and the whole
enchilada. Beginners are advised to stick to the specifications found in the
manual included with Nitro RC car kits. As you progress in the hobby, you may
want to divert from the basic look of your car and start customizing your

b) Fuel- The nitromethane-castor oil mixture used in powering Nitro RC cars can
be found in various hobby shops and stores. Remember: you must never attempt to
use gasoline to run your Nitro RC car. The fuel used to run Nitro RC cars is
less volatile than gasoline for the reason that the engine may explode if used
with gasoline. This means that if you want to enjoy the Nitro RC car hobby for
a long time, use only the type of fuel recommended. By doing so, you will
ensure that Nitro RC car racing will grow with you.

Some Facts about Electric RC Cars

Electric RC cars are the most popular types of RC cars today. This might be
because of the fact that every RC car hobbyist begins with this type of
vehicle. The operation of an electric RC car is simple enough to be understood
even by children. This makes it ideal for the beginner RC car enthusiast.

Electric RC cars have a lot of advantages. These advantages are what make them
appealing to the general public. RC cars, which started as toys, have now
become accepted as hobby items for adults. Here are some advantages of electric
RC cars:

1) Ease of use- as said before, electric RC cars are very simple machines to
operate. This is the reason why many parents opt to buy these vehicles for
their children during Christmas. Unlike Nitro RC cars which require some
complicated procedures in order to ensure correct operation, electric RC cars
only require you to put on the batteries and you're off!

This can be very important especially because of the fact that most people who
buy electric RC cars are beginners in the hobby. It is often the fact that
people who buy electric RC cars are buying their very first RC car kit.
Although very few actually go on to become serious RC car hobbyists, the
electric RC car can introduce them to the concept that RC car racing is fun.

2) Cheaper- Electric RC cars generally cost less than their gas-powered
counterparts. This is the reason why they are more accessible to the general
public. Electric RC cars can come as pre-assembled toys or can be bought in
kits. Either way, electric RC cars can cost you so much less than Nitro models.

Economics can be very important to many people when they are looking for items
to acquire. Let's face it: not all of us can afford everything that we want in
life. Some people go for electric RC cars because they provide a much more
economical alternative to gas-powered ones.

They are also cheaper in terms of fuel. Contrary to popular belief, gas powered
RC cars cannot be fueled with gasoline. The fuel that is used in nitro RC cars
is a mixture of Nitromethane and castor oil which can be bought at various
specialty shops. Electric RC cars, on the other hand, only need batteries or
the regular recharge in order to run. This means that you don't have to spend
additional cash on fuel.

3) Indoor use- People are attracted to electric RC cars mainly because of the
fact that it can be used indoors. This means that people are able to make use
of their RC cars even if outdoor conditions are unfavorable.

What makes electric RC cars so different from Nitro RC cars? Well, it is a
combination of two factors:

1) Noise- Electric RC cars run quietly. This makes them ideal for usage
indoors. Nitro RC cars rely on combustion to run, which means that they can
make a lot of noise. This is especially true if someone tried to operate a
Nitro RC car indoors. The sound would reverberate off the walls and cause quite
a racket.

2) Smoke- Since Electricity produces clean energy, there are no undesirable
byproducts of running an electric RC car. However, electric RC cars need to be
charged regularly which means that you might not be able to enjoy them for as
long a time as you would enjoy a Nitro RC car.

What You Must Know about Electric RC Cars

If you are an amateur in the RC racing world, you might complain that it is
pretty hard to choose the most suitable electric powered RC car that can serve
as a worthy rival to other cars of the same type. Truly, you need some vital
information before you push your purchase button.

Electric RC cars run on electric batteries that are made into battery packs.
They are sold in two options -- the 'ready to run' (rtr) and the built it
yourself. If you know nothing about RC cars, it is best for you to choose the
former. With it, you just have to turn it on and off it will go.

RC cars, which are fueled by battery packs are easy to purchase and maintain
compared to the popular nitro RC cars. They are especially designed for
beginners. Nonetheless, there are experienced RC car fanatics that use said
cars for comparison and variety purposes.

One advantage of an electric RC car other than its user-friendly character is
that it is inexpensive. The difference in price between a gasoline powered and
an electric powered RC car may amount to a hundred dollars. Hence, if you are
after practicality, and easily-operated and maintained RC's, go for a fast
electric RC car.

How to Choose an Electric RC Car?

In choosing electric RC cars, you have to consider a lot of things -- budget,
capability, maintenance and condition of the RC car. Electric RC cars come in
different prices. Choose the one that will not be heavy on your finances.

There are electric RC car kits for both on-road and off-road performance. They
come in varying sizes, styles, and colors. Manufacturers offer different
electric RC car features. Better choose a car that suits your budget, needs,
capabilities and desires.

Also, 'ready to run' kits are ideal for amateurs. They are built with
everything in it. No need to worry about the assembly and other parts. Servo,
receiver, radio, motor, and the electronic speed control -- it's all there in
the package -- no worries.

However, if building RC cars is your thing, you can purchase the build it
yourself kit. You can make sure that the parts are in your kit or you can buy
them separately.

Where to purchase?

Beginners can bank on reputable RC car shops. Seek advice from expert RC
racers. For sure, they know the right track. If you want to buy online, be sure
that you are transacting with a trustworthy pro. Online prices are usually
lower. In addition, in online purchasing, you can choose from a wide-variety of
cars and parts.

In buying, you must compare price and quality. Aside from that, you can also
take advantage of discounts to reduce your expenses.

Tuning and Racing

Tuning is essential to achieve more speed or power. Moreover, it should be
coupled with proper break in to yield the best performance. The proper way of
break in produces less heat and reduces premature wear and tear. To break-in,
just run the motor with the wheels off the ground. Then, draw the radio control
by 1/2" of the way. This should be done for about five minutes. If you change the
brushes, you also need to do the break in. It is also necessary to replace the
motor after 5 or more substitutions of brushes.

What You Need to Get Started with Cheap Nitro RC Cars

Whether as a gift or a fetish, nitro RC cars will suit your purpose. If
choosing a nitro RC car is your dilemma, wipe those worries away because you
can transform the dilemma into something fun and exciting.

To start, better be illuminated by the basics of nitro RC cars. These cars are
powered by nitro gas fuel. They are the fastest and the most popular segment of
the RC car hobby. The thing is that, the smaller the RC car gets the more
expensive it becomes.

Nitro RC cars can be divided into two categories -- the off-road and the
on-road vehicles. The former are designed to conquer rough, bumpy and hard
terrains. They can jump at high speed and back on the ground without
staggering. These vehicles combine power, speed, durability and performance to
perfect their appeal. On-road nitro RC cars, on the other hand, are designed to
race on the streets, race tracks, or practically any prepared surfaces.

Some cars are electric powered while others are fueled by gasoline.
Subsequently, nitro RC cars are powered by gasoline. One exciting version of
nitro RC cars is called awesome nitro buggies. They offer the most thrilling
race escapade. This is because they combine acceleration, speed, durability and
handling to generate a car that is worth your money.

After deciding on the type of nitro RC car, you can ponder on choosing either
the ready to run kit or the build it yourself kit. The ready to run kit is an
assembled version of RC car. It has everything that the RC car needs in order
to run. You just have to hit the button to make it run. Then, you can enjoy a
whole new racing adventure with loads of fun.

The build it yourself kit is an unassembled kit. Sometimes all the parts are in
the kit. Nonetheless, there are times when you need to purchase additional
equipment separately. It may require purchasing of a radio, nitro engine,
motor, and other additional equipment for the RC car.

For beginners, it is best to start with the ready to run kit. You need not
worry about the hustle and bustle of RC car assembly. You are just to enjoy the
adrenaline rush. On the other hand, if you find assembly fun and exciting, or if
you are an expert in building RC cars, better get the build it yourself kit.

In purchasing, choose an RC car shop in good standing. You can ask an RC car
enthusiast for valuable advice. You can also purchase online. Online buying can
give you a wide-variety of options. You can even take advantage of the discounts
and sales that RC car online companies are offering. A cheap nitro RC car can be
had if you are considering all available options around you.

In order to run your nitro RC car, you need a radio, receiver, nitro engine,
two servos, and a way to start the engine. You will also need nitro fuel to
make the car run. Moreover, be sure to have the right fuel for your RC car.

Nitro starter kits are specially made for these cars. Most of the RC hobby
shops these days are equipped with a complete nitro starter kit. Just look for
the suitable kit for you.

Finally, you are ready for the ultimate racing adventure brought to you by RC
cars. Brace yourself and enjoy the adrenaline all over you.

Why People Love to Watch RC Car Videos

A lot of different videos can be found on the internet. Some can be silly.
Other videos can be touching. Some videos can be eye-opening. There are videos
which can be enraging to watch. There are videos that some people may find
amazing. There are videos that some people may find fascinating. RC car videos
may be among the last category. Why exactly do people find RC car videos so

a) Bashing- Many people love watching RC car videos because these videos show
them what can potentially happen to a car if it goes through various types of
"experiments" and miniature disasters. Most people just enjoy watching RC car
videos because they are able to see different miniature cars going through just
about every type of abuse. While some people may just take pleasure at watching
various RC cars getting bashed, others are impressed with just how durable
certain RC cars are.

Some people just like to watch RC car videos because of the fact that they see
a sort of metaphor in it. In RC car videos, they might see their ability to
survive any type of obstacle in their lives.

b) Similar interests- Some people might watch RC car videos because of the fact
that they are also interested in the hobby. Some people might want to get into
the hobby and thus, watch RC car videos to help them get started. There are
also those people who are already into the hobby but they wish to improve their
skills in handling RC cars. These people may watch RC car videos in order to see
if a certain maneuver is possible.

Other people may also like to watch RC car videos because they are looking for
something new to try. These people often watch RC car videos in order to study
new maneuvers and to try and hone their RC skills.

There are also people who study RC car videos of competitors. Yes, there are
competitive RC car races held all over the world. A participant may study an RC
car video of an adversary in order to prepare for a race. People often try to
anticipate a person's moves in order to prepare defenses for anything that an
adversary could try. By watching RC car videos, people can study different
maneuvers in detail and learn how to counteract them.

c) Imitation of life- Many people watch RC car videos because they just want to
see the different maneuvers that may not be possible with real cars. RC cars can
do so much more than just run around a track. RC car videos feature different
cars jumping ramps, insane aerial flips, gravity-defying stunts, and other
types of maneuvers that people could only dream about doing with a real car and

The reason that we love items such as RC cars is the fact that these give us an
opportunity to actually reach the unreachable. It allows us to do the different
types of stunts that we could only see on movies. And we are able to do all
these without actually damaging anything expensive like an actual car.

People watch RC car videos for different reasons. If you ask a person why he or
she likes to watch RC car videos, however, the answer you would likely get is
this: "it is just so cool".

The Advantages of RC Car Forums

The popularity of the World Wide Web spawned areas where individuals can list
or join in discussions of whatever topics they wish. These are public message
centers. Forums are vast source of information of any topic to inform, discuss,
and inquire or anything in particular. In this case, we will take a look on
typical remote controlled car forums.

You can see a lot of discussions about modding your favorite models to your
content as there are endless sites that will cater to your needs. There will
likely be topics which you can actively join or participate in any given time,
suggest anything or simply post your own topics and share them all over the

The best thing on forums is convenience and a very nice support of the whole
community of RC car lovers. You can even trade items to your hearts content.
Considering the enormous people that are viewing your views and needs, the
response can be as quick as minutes or just a few days, you can even get the
information instantaneously as there will be a messaging system on the forum
system so you can post your preferred Instant messaging system I.D. let help
come directly to your desktop.

Radio controlled cars are categorized as toy or hobby grade. Toy grades are
electricity powered while the hobby grade uses either fuel or electricity.
Whatever your grades are, they are also supported in the forum to which u post
your questions for the masses to find the best suitable answer. Mostly many
people will likely have a clash of ideas resulting in debates and discussions
ranging from shorts to numerous pages of information.

Let me review some of the most used topic headers or discussions in a typical
forum for remote controlled cars. There will likely be a polling station which
you can vote for anything that is related or usually not related to RC cars.
Another one is more likely about the Electric types, On and Off-road types as
well as Nitro boosted vehicles section. There will be also a part where you can
post paint and detailing of your vehicle and the sorts. The threads will have
the support for micro, mini cars, monster trucks.

What better reason to go to the forums is to see the ongoing projects of people
that will inspire and motivate you in making your very own kits and parts
upgrade. From there you can also see the best records, stats to date and the
stories that come along with them.

Likely, there will be a tuning section of your desired models. Extensive help
can be no problem as they are the culmination of mostly the best in the essence
of the topic itself. There will be posts that will monitor the stats of every
vehicle for comparison and reference purposes.

Whatever your RC car forum needs, there will likely be a nice junction of help
and information as well as friends on the forums that you chose. The virtual
niche can always have vast quality information, feel free to try one forum
yourself, it wont hurt to see your opinions posted all over the world and share
some ideas which can help the overall community of enthusiasts. There is always
a nice feeling of belonging when people share ideas and get the best out of
your set of wheels. Enjoy!

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