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So You Want Small Remote Control Helicopters?

If you are trying to learn more about small remote control helicopters, perhaps
for yourself or for a gift, then you've come to the right place. I am not
personally an expert in small remote control helicopters, but I know many
people who are, and I was able to get some insider information about purchasing
them and caring for them.

Most of the people that I speak with about small remote control helicopters
recommend being very careful when you purchase one, because so many of the tiny
parts in these helicopters can crack or break apart even before you get them
home, and you'll never be able to fly them. So the number one thing that people
recommend when you are thinking about purchasing a small remote control
helicopter is to see if you can get a manufacturer's warranty on parts for at
least five years. Such a warranty may be hard to come by, but even if it costs
a bit extra to get one, the piece of mind associated with such a warranty is

You can play as hard as you want with your small remote control helicopters and
if you have warranties for parts you can rest assured that if anything breaks,
you are covered and you don't have to go out and purchase an entire new
helicopter. I have even heard of people getting lifetime warranties for their
helicopters, but these are few and far between, and are often not available in
the market of small remote control helicopters.

That said, five year warranties are not unheard of, and you can have five
wonderful carefree years with your small remote control helicopters and the
knowledge that you don't have to worry about every bump and bruise. Many people
choose small remote control helicopters over their larger counterparts because
they are useful when you don't have much space for storage -- perhaps you're in
your twenties and still live in a studio apartment -- but you still want to
pursue the challenge and the fun of having an flying small remote control
helicopters. If this sounds like you, then small remote control helicopters are
the best bet. If on the other hand, you are more interested in larger
helicopters, and you have the space, the time, and the muscles to carry them
around and live near a large open expanse where you can fly them, then a larger
model might better suit you. I generally find that people are more impressed by
larger models, just because it seems less likely that they will be capable of
flying, because they seem like such large and cumbersome contraptions.

So, when they are up in the air and flying gracefully, people are very
impressed. But the smaller models are still very nice, and they're often a
great starter helicopter to learn on before you make the investment in a larger
model. You could also get a large one second hand and see whether you think they
are worth the investment, and then perhaps purchase a large helicopter new at a
later date.

All About RTF Remote Control Helicopters

If you are interested in purchasing rtf remote control helicopters, then you've
come to the right place. I personally recommend any type of rtf remote control
helicopters because I have found them to be uniformly well made and durable.
When I was recently out with a friend flying our rtf remote control
helicopters, she mentioned that she was upset because she had also purchased a
non-rtf remote control helicopters, and simply did not get the same type of
quality, and it actually crashed and broke into a thousand pieces on the second
day she owned it!

I'm happy to say that she was able to return it the next day and get her money
back, but it was still an upsetting experience for her, and she'll always
remember from now on that she only should purchase rtf remote control

Mine is blue with white stripes, and the propeller is really beautiful -- gold
and red glitter, so it really sparkles when it's flying. I love flashy rtf
remote control helicopters, but if you're more into the utilitarian version,
then you will be happy to know that there are many models out there, and you
could probably even find one in all black or all white. Actually I think it
might be fun to get one in black and one in white and fight them until one
crashes and breaks. Of course, you'd have to purchase them wholesale, or at
least on a good deal, because you know you'll be breaking one of them
completely, and the other one might never be the same. But it would certainly
be a cool game to play once, and you could even video tape it and upload it to
one of the video sites, such as You Tube.

Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy your rtf remote control helicopters when you
finally decide to purchase them, and I would certainly recommend, as always
doing a few hours of comparison shopping before making the purchase. This is
especially important for rtf remote control helicopters, and I cannot stress it
enough, because I have talked to people who have purchased the exact same models
for wildly different prices. When I talked to two people, one of which paid
twice as much as the other one for the same model, my jaw dropped, and it was
then that I was sure of the importance of comparison shopping. And the funniest
thing was, the person who spent twice as much ended up crashing her helicopter
after only having it for one year! I felt so bad for her, but it was really the
definition of irony.

Anyway, I hope that you'll heed this advice before you purchase a rtf remote
control helicopters, even though they are universally well made and durable,
you can still pay hugely variable prices for the same degree of quality. No
matter how much money you have, you should always try to make the most educated
purchases, to retain your hard earned cash.

How to Best Operate Your Indoor Remote Control Helicopters

This article is meant to educate the reader about indoor remote control
helicopters, including the pleasure of owning them, but also the danger of
flying indoor remote control helicopters in homes with lots of glass windows. I
must say that although these helicopters is a pleasure to own, I personally have
broken quite a few windows with helicopters that claimed to be indoor remote
control helicopters, but ultimately turned out to be typical outdoor
helicopters that were not meant to be flown indoors.

You see, the indoor remote control helicopters are usually made of a foam
rubber or other soft, cushiony substance that allows them to bump into
furniture, walls, or windows without harming the home or the helicopter. In
contrast, helicopters that are meant for the outdoors are usually made of
plastic or metal and are used to fly at fast speeds in large, open areas where
the worst thing they could do is bump into a tree (and in this case, one also
must be careful that they don't fly their helicopter near a power line).

I personally have had more fun with outdoor helicopters, but the main benefit
of an indoor helicopter is that you can play with them even if you live in an
area with frequent inclement weather, or with snowstorms. Of course, if your
home has lots of knick knacks and breakables, you need to be careful even with
indoor remote control helicopters because even though they may not break items
outright, they can knock them down so that they break when they hit the floor.
But in any case, it's always best to purchase a helicopter that you feel
comfortable working with and that you feel adept at flying. Don't purchase
indoor remote control helicopters because you think you can just fly them into
anything and not have to worry about the consequences. This is not the case
with any model of helicopter you buy. You even need to consider the fact that
some helicopters generate lots of wind energy when they fly, and you might
knock papers around and create quite a mess.

Just make sure that wherever you fly indoor remote control helicopters -- and
the same is true for the outdoor versions -- that you check with the owner of
the home and make sure that they know the potential consequences of bumping
your helicopter into one of their items. That said, indoor remote control
helicopters are often the safest, and unless you are a real daredevil, you can
usually have a good time with them and not break anything. Plus, they are often
cheaper than the classic plastic or metal outdoor helicopters because they are
made of cheaper materials and do not really require the manufacturer to be
adept at creating them -- lots of the fabrics of indoor remote control
helicopters can be stretched and manipulated without the possibility of them
breaking. There are all things to consider.

But certainly, if you are thinking about purchasing a helicopter, know that you
are in good company.

he Best Place to Find Remote Control Helicopters

Where is the best place to find remote control helicopters? I can tell you for
sure that you'll first want to look in an electronics store, such as Radio
Shack, Best Buy, or Circuit City. There you could find remote control
helicopters for a pretty reasonable price and you will probably get durable
model. My recommendation for finding remote control helicopters would be to
first go to your preferred company's online site and look through the models
they have for sale.

Since you probably won't be able to use the helicopters in the actual store,
it's sometimes better to just read about them online and then order them
through the company. Yes, you may need to pay a bit extra for shipping, but I
think it's worth it. Then when you receive the remote control helicopter, you
can immediately take it out to your back yard and see how it performs.

Save the box in case it ends up not being as durable as the company promised it
would be. You should always make sure you get a warranty for your remote control
helicopter because you might end up needing to send it back in exchange for a
different one. I would suggest getting one with welded sides or even a
continuous plastic sheath so you don't have to worry about it cracking or
rusting. Whatever you do, make sure you research it well and buy your
helicopter from a reputable company, because you certainly don't want to have
to return it soon after you purchase it. Your best bet would probably be Radio
Shack if you want to get a good deal, but you could also try the Discovery
Store or even Brookstone if you're looking for a model that will really impress

You need to think about your motivation ahead of time: would you rather a model
that looks flashy in the air, or one that doesn't break if you end up crashing
it into the ground? These are things you need to consider before you make a
purchase, because you might have to compromise quality for beauty or vice
versa. My recommendation is to get a remote control helicopter that can
withstand the test of time and crashes, because just choosing the one that
looks best to you isn't really the best way to go about it. If it's pretty and
you crash it, the remote control helicopter will quickly become ugly, and you
should not have to deal with that.

In either case, a remote control helicopter is a great idea for fun on a bright
sunny weekend, and as long as you do your research and know what you're looking
for ahead of time, you'll be sure to get the remote control helicopter that
best suits you and you can really get years of enjoyment out of it. And if it
so happens that the first one you choose turns out to be poor quality and you
have to purchase another one in a short time, just know that you learned how
durable they need to be, and next time you purchase a remote control
helicopter, you can be a more informed consumer.

Caution When Using Gas or Nitro Powered Remote Control Helicopters

In contrast to electric helicopters, there also exist gas or nitro powered
remote control helicopters that you should really check out, if you think you
have it in you. Of course, the gas powered helicopters can be more work
intensive, but they can also be more rewarding. You see, it is the gas or nitro
powered remote control helicopters that are capable of really showcasing the
best agility level and the highest, fastest flying capabilities.

At least that's what I've typically found with my helicopter purchases. Either
way, you can really have a ton of fun with gas or nitro powered remote control
helicopters and if you don't mind replacing their fuel when it runs out and
working carefully to avoid fire when you're setting them up for flight, you can
really have a wonderful time.

I remember once helping another shopper with a gas or nitro powered remote
control helicopter purchase, and they really found that they could have much
more fun with this type of helicopter than the electric helicopter that they
were using before then, because the electric one just didn't respond as well to
the remote control. I don't know for sure if this is the case universally, or if
this particular customer found that gas or nitro powered remote control
helicopters were better than electric helicopters based on a single, isolated
incident, but I do know that when I discuss which helicopter is better with
other professional fliers, I typically get the same answer. Gas or nitro
powered remote control helicopters are indeed more work, but they are also
unparalleled in their ability to fly well.

For instance, let's say you want to fly your helicopter further backwards than
any other person and make it to the Guiness Book of World Records. Well, I have
typically heard that people find the gas helicopters to last longer -- the
electrical charge in electric helicopters runs out before the fuel does. That
said, the gas or nitro powered remote control helicopters are also much more
expensive, and you do need to know that you have to restore the gas whenever it
runs out, and cleaning the apparatus also takes more ingenuity and work. But of
course, if you're up for the challenge, the rewards are well worth it. Just
make sure that when you purchase gas or nitro powered remote control
helicopters, as with any large transaction, that you are buying from a
reputable independent or commercial dealer, and you have researched the price
trends in your area, so you know you're getting the best deal you possibly can
for your money.

There is little more frustrating that purchasing your first real gas or nitro
powered remote control helicopter and finding out that your next door neighbor
got a similar one for a lot cheaper, and is happier with it because they had
money left over to take a trip out to the country and really fly it around. The
choice is up to you, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the gas
helicopter over the electric one!

Writing Reviews About Remote Control Electric Helicopters

As a professional helicopter flier, I often find myself writing reviews for
remove control helicopters, and this includes electric helicopters. The
electric ones are often the ones with the most agility, which is very important
to many consumers, but you can probably imagine that these helicopters are also
the ones that can be dangerous if you try to fly them in the rain or near power
lines. So whenever I write reviews for remote control electric helicopters, I
make sure to emphasize the potential pitfalls and I test each one carefully.

I am not like some of the other reviewers that just writes an endorsement for
any old remote control electric helicopters just because they are getting paid
to do so. In fact, sometimes, I will actually turn down the opportunity to
promote remote control electric helicopters of a certain brand because I deem
them dangerous for the typical consumers, and I worry that people will read my
review, go out and purchase a specific brand of remote control electric
helicopters and end up getting really injured. One occasion of this happening
with a colleague really hit home with me, and I'd like to elaborate on it a bit.

This friend wrote a gleaming review for remote control electric helicopters,
and I had warned him that the brand he was writing about was not always the
most reliable, and sometimes they used cheaper materials to cut corners. Well,
he was too entranced by the amount of money offered for this short review, so
he wrote one that was just brilliant, and he posted it online and in print for
everyone to see. Lo and behold, sales in that helicopter skyrocketed, and
people for the most part were happy with them after the first few weeks of
purchase. Then bad things began to happen. People reported the remote control
electric helicopters shorting out and a few peoples' helicopters even caught
fire because of faulty wiring.

One person had to go to the hospital because they tried to put the fire out in
their remote control electric helicopter and they couldn't put it out fast
enough. And a small explosion was enough for one consumer to lose a finger. As
you can imagine, the reviewer just felt horrible about giving this company such
a great review for their remote control electric helicopters when he had never
even checked them out. The saddest thing was that this reviewer then left the
helicopter business because he felt so shamed about leaving an un-researched
review and hurting his trusting readers. I tried to get him to come back to the
helicopter company after he was away for a few years, because I knew that flying
helicopters was his passion, and I just felt so bad that he had deserted it.

It was obvious that he was depressed by the entire incident, and he ultimately
did go back to flying in recreational meets, but he never regained his great
name or reputation, and he was demoted to the ranks of recreational fliers from
them on.

Big Remote Control Helicopters Require Skill

If space is not an issue for you, then you might be able to consider purchasing
some of the new big remote control helicopters that recently were introduced
from multiple brands. These helicopters, which can sometimes be as large as ten
feet long, rival real helicopters in agility and of course, in price. They can
run you up to 3 thousand dollars, or so I have heard.

But like many crazes, some people think that they just have to own one of their
own. So now, if you go out to a long, open plain, you might see some of these
big remote control helicopters flying around, and at first you'll probably
think they are real helicopters that are simply further away then you first
think. But then you'll probably see someone else controlling the helicopter
through their equally big remote control, and then you'll know the truth.

If you get a chance to see one of these in flight, consider yourself lucky.
With the tremendous expense of owning one of these beauties, comes their
rarity. Of course, being an avid collector myself, I have considered purchasing
one of these big remote control helicopters, and I even put a bid on one in
Ebay, but I ended up not getting it and instead deciding to wait until the
price goes down a little bit.

Like with any other huge commodity, big remote control helicopters are the it
factor now, but in a few years, I am sure they will overcome the demand with a
bigger supply, and then I'll be ready and waiting to purchase. Until then, I
have a very generous and rich friend who owns one, and I will practice flying
it on his. I have already taken it out once, and it's so much more powerful
than the typical small remote control helicopters that you may be used to. When
you first turn it on, the big remote control helicopter's blade spins with such
ferocity, you may worry that you're going to blow away. When it lifts off the
ground, you will probably feel a huge sense of accomplishment, knowing that you
are the one that is controlling it.

And if you're able to nail the landing, then you can consider yourself a true
helicopter connoisseur, because even those very well versed in small remote
control helicopters would be impressed to see someone land a big remote control
helicopters -- it's a whole different ball game, really. So if you happen to be
lucky, rich, or determined enough to purchase one of your own, or if you're
able to practice on a friend's helicopter like me, enjoy your time with your
large helicopter.

I guarantee it'll be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. For
me, the entire process was unreal, and when it was all over, I had to call
everyone I knew and tell them how I flew a 10 foot helicopter and prevented it
from crashing. I bet that's how pilots feel the first time they fly a fighter
jet. It's just incomprehensible unless you try it for yourself.

Daredevils and Remote Control Gasoline Powered Helicopters

I wouldn't recommend you purchase a remote control gasoline powered helicopter
unless you are really an experienced helicopter flyer and have a bit of
daredevil quality to you. Basically, these machines are dangerous, dirty, and
difficult to fly, and you can really get hurt if you don't know what you're
doing with them.

My recommendation is to stick with the lower priced electric models, and only
fly them in good weather, unless you find yourself really growing bored with
them. It might be all right to purchase one of these gasoline powered models,
but you should keep in mind that you need to get a permit to operate them, and
they can only be operated during a specific time of day and a specific weather

These restrictions are placed on helicopter flyers because there have been
reports of accidents with remote control gasoline powered helicopters crashing
and burning because a spark ignited the gasoline. As in any case, when you are
working with a machine that runs on gasoline, you really need to be cautious,
and the problem is that most people that are naturally cautious are just not as
likely to want to purchase a remote control gasoline powered helicopter. So you
end up with these daredevils that are out flying their gasoline powered
helicopters, and when one of them crashes, everyone has to look out because the
person that crashed it would probably just think it was funny. It can really
grow to be a dangerous situation if not controlled. I know about this
personally, not because I was the daredevil in the situation, but rather
because I was one of the people standing nearby when a daredevil crashed his
remote control gasoline powered helicopters into each other one fall day.

Not only did they both burst into flames, but there were dried leaves nearby,
and these leaves also ignited. Ultimately, it turned into quite a scary
conflagration, and I really am happy that I happened to be playing in the sand
near a water source with my son, because I was able to grab one of the pails we
were using for sand castles and fill it with water to put out the fire. That was
one of the very few instances in which I saw the dark side of helicopter flying,
but I'm so glad I was there to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. Of course,
the person flying it didn't care whether he had almost hurt someone, nor did he
care about all the money he had lost by destroying two very nice remote control
gasoline powered helicopters. Al he cared about was that he was able to get the
humongous crash on video and use it on his website showing that he was the
ultimate champion in helicopter flying.

If you are interested in that side of remote control gasoline powered
helicopters, then I just hope that you will fly your helicopters in an isolated
area, specifically away from children. I would never want little, innocent
children to be hurt by a daredevils carelessness.

Information about Vortex Remote Control Helicopters

When I was purchasing my third helicopter, I remember hearing about vortex
remote control helicopters, but having no idea what type they were. For
instance, what exactly is a vortex, anyway? In essence, a vortex is an
instrument that spins something to create a vortex of wind or liquid, which is
basically in the shape of a tornado. If you've ever done the hurricane
experiment with a two liter bottle of soda, then you've made a vortex.

With vortex remote control helicopters, the vortex is created in the air such
that there is an invisible stream that basically is in the same shape as a
tornado. Anyway, I usually advise people to make a list of all their
requirements in a remote control helicopter, before going into the store to
make a purchase. The reason for this is that people will often chose a
helicopter based on attraction to superficial things like color, or because the
helicopter has a good price and they thing helicopters are all the
same. But they are truly not, and it is very important to make sure that you
know what you are looking for and that you go into the helicopter purchase with
a level head and a clear mind. Don't just look for the flashiest colors. That
said, people often ask me then, what should I be looking for in a helicopter,

Well, essentially, it's really a toss up which is the best helicopter to buy,
and you need to be introspective and consider the things that you need when
purchasing your helicopter. Either way, best of luck with your helicopter
purchase. But if I could offer some advice, I would recommend that people go
with durability and not outward appearance, unless money is a non-issue, in
which case they can look into purchasing a top of the line helicopter in every
way imaginable, which will be both well made and durable.

This is often the case with vortex remote control helicopters. They are well
made and the manufacturers of vortex remote control helicopters often pay close
attention to detail and are capable of making helicopters that are really
pleasing to the eye. But they really are expensive, and you need to consider
that. For instance, are you planning on using the vortex remote control
helicopters in a nationwide contest that could win you a lot of money?

Such contests exist, and if you enter in one, you really should consider buying
a top of the line helicopter because anything less would never win you any
money. Plus, in that case, the helicopter could probably pay for itself! But if
you are looking into purchasing a helicopter for purely recreational reasons,
then maybe it is better to just get the best one you can in your price range,
and be careful with it so you don't break it. As a careful planner and
purchaser, you can usually get a helicopter that will last you many years of
enjoyable playtime and that you can proudly show off to others.

Finally! A Website for Remote Control Helicopters

Now that we are well into the information age, it's obvious that helicopter
enthusiasts become more computer literate, and that has begun with the
induction of a new website for remote control helicopters. This website has
everything you could ever want and it's really quite awesome, because it has a
separate section for people who know nothing about remote control helicopters
and need a primer before getting into the real meat of the website, but once
people complete that primer, they become certified to go further into the
website, and they can even contribute their own stories about their best flight
altitudes and speeds while flying their own remote control helicopters. I
recently was able to contribute my own story of my first remote control
helicopter, which I purchased when I was only eleven years old.

It was something that I really wanted, and although my parents said that they
would get it for me for my birthday, I couldn't wait the six months until that
was to happen, so I asked if I could do extra chores around the house and save
up my money to buy one on my own. Since my parents also had three other kids,
they were more than happy to finally have one of their kids offer to do some
chores around the house, and they really put me to work.

I spent the next two weeks running around doing errands for my mom and helping
with yardwork for my dad. By the time I had scraped together the sixty dollars
for my first helicopter, I was so tired out that I couldn't walk to the store
to pick it up.

I was actually planning to wait until the next day to go buy it, but much to my
surprise, my dad came home from work with the helicopter in his hands -- and he
said that he was so proud of me for working toward a goal, that he got the more
expensive one and said that he would cover the difference. Having that first
helicopter really solidified my interest in remote control helicopters, and I
was so happy to contribute my story to the brand new remote control helicopters

I can only hope that someday my story will inspire someone else who is
considering purchasing a remote control helicopter to do so as soon as possible.

Yes they are expensive, but if you ask me, they are one of the best investments
you can possibly get, especially if you do your homework and get a really nice
one. That being said, if you are not trained to operate a remote control
helicopter, then make sure you do so before taking yours out for the first
time, because crashing your hard earned helicopter can be heart breaking.
That's why the helicopter website is really so great, because it's got an in
depth article about how to fly your remote control helicopter the first time
you pick it up, and I've asked people who read that article, and they agree
it's the best place to get information about flying remote control helicopters.

How to Avoid Scamming When You Purchase Remote Control Helicopters for Sale

A bad place to get remote control helicopters for sale is your local newspaper,
or at least that has been my experience. When I was younger and just discovering
the Classifieds section in the evening newspaper, I used to look through every
article, even though I really didn't need any of those things. Well, I ended up
falling in love with a set of remote control helicopters for sale in the
newspaper that I just had to have. They were still quite expensive, but I saved
my money for them, and I called the person who had run the ad, and they promised
to save them for me.

After two days of lots of chores and saving my money, I walked to the seller's
home to get my remote control helicopters for sale. And much to my surprise,
the seller had grossly misrepresented the helicopters.

Not only were they nonfunctional, but they didn't even look like helicopters
anymore! It turns out that the seller's home burned down, and one of the things
that he was able to salvage was the set of helicopters, and he was hoping that
he could sell them along with a bunch of other wares to pay for a new house or
at least rent for an apartment. You see, he didn't have any insurance, so when
the house burned down, he lost everything. Well, that story really tugged at my
heartstrings, and since I was a young child, I didn't know about scam artists,
so I ended up giving him my hard earned money for two pieces of trash that I
knew would never fly and that I couldn't even use. I ended up throwing them
away on the walk home, but at least feeling good about myself.

The worst part of the day was when I finally told my dad all about it, and he
explained that the person who sold me the helicopters had probably found them
in the garbage and thought he'd be able to sell them to an unsuspecting,
foolish, person. Unfortunately I was that person, although I never did find out
how he scraped up the money to run an ad in the newspaper, I hear they are quite
pricey. The real moral of this story, though, is to tell you never to purchase
remote control helicopters for sale unless you know for sure that you're
getting good, quality items, and you often cannot do that through an
independent seller.

Go to an established place, like Radio Shack. The story does have a funny
ending, though. The person that sold me the helicopters must have seen me throw
them away on my way out, because he picked them out of the garbage, and sold
them again.

They were in the evening newspaper the next week. Of course, he wasn't going to
fool me again, but I wonder if anyone else fell prey to his scams: ? Hopefully
after reading this vignette, you'll realize how important -- crucial in fact --
it is to be a shrewd consumer, in every sense of the word. And never settle for
poor quality.

Great Information about Remote Control Gas Helicopters

You may already know that sometimes the best helicopters are the ones that you
really put a lot of work into. For instance, the remote control gas
helicopters, which require constant attention and care to their every detail --
be it cleaning, preparing to fly, flying, and taking down and cleaning before
storage -- are often the type of helicopter that people are most likely to
purchase again.

This might seem counterintuitive to our culture which thinks that anything
is best when you can put the least amount of work into and it supposedly get
the most return from your investment, but you need to consider helicopter
flying not as a business venture or hobby but as a way of life. I have seen
many a helicopter flyer become disillusioned by others because they purchase
the cheapest helicopter and don't take the time to clean it properly after
flying it.

This really frustrates people because those of us who really put time into our
flying see it as a joy, and don't want others who don't really care about
helicopters to be clogging the air with their poorly maintained and poorly
flown remote control gas helicopters.

That said, when people are genuinely interested in learning more about my
helicopters, I am always happy to show them, and to explain why I spent a
certain amount on one helicopter that might seem exorbitant. The way I see it,
remote control gas helicopters, and really any type of helicopter is a true
investment, and one that you might even have as an heirloom for years to come.
Because when it comes down to it, remote control gas helicopters will always be
the classic helicopter that people think of when you mention helicopters, and
children will always be amazed by how graceful a remote control gas helicopter
can fly, when it is paired with a good pilot. One of the things I look forward
to most, is sharing my helicopter collection with my children someday, because
I think that I'll really pass down my love of helicopters, and they'll have an
innate sense that these instruments are beautiful and majestic.

I think that helicopters are one of the most amazing manmade creation in the
world, and the fact that they mimic nature -- for instance, think of the
hummingbird -- it's obvious that they are going to last forever. Anyone who is
interested in beginning a collection of some sort should consider collecting
helicopters. They can focus on model helicopters that are unable to fly and are
just purchased for decoration, or they can go full force and purchase remote
control gas helicopters that are more expensive but that you get a lifetime of
enjoyment out of.

It's your decision, but either way, helicopters are bound to bring excitement
and happiness to anyone who purchases them. Who knows? Someday you might become
like me: a well known helicopter enthusiast and professional flyer with years of
experience and tons of training and who will always have a special place in
their heart for every helicopter I have ever owned.

Remote Control Turbo Helicopters: The Very Best Kind

Some people are so worried about getting a helicopter at the right price, that
they never even visit the possibility of getting a remote control turbo
helicopter. The turbo helicopter is really a great new technology -- it goes
higher and faster and has more agility than comparable helicopter that cannot
boast the turbo aspect. Of course, you might come across a friend or neighbor
that says they were able to get a remote control turbo helicopter for the price
of a regular helicopter, and this might really bum you out.

But keep this in mind: if you feel you made a great purchase, and you know how
wonderful your new remote control helicopter is, it doesn't really matter what
other people paid, and maybe they are just making up a price anyway! That's
what I usually tell myself, because as a professional helicopter flyer that
specializes in remote control helicopters, I have seen my share of competition,
and that's not just in the ability to fly a helicopter well.

For some reason, the people that really get excited about helicopters are cut
throat when it comes to buying the best model at the best price, and since
turbo helicopters are known to be more high quality and therefore more
expensive, the well-priced turbo helicopter is often the most highly sought
after. I can tell you this from personal experience: even if you're a wonderful
helicopter flyer, if you are not a shrewd buyer, other professional helicopter
flyers won't take you seriously. I had to learn this the hard way, and since
then I've just wanted to make sure that everyone else I talk to is well
educated about the subject, because the remote control turbo helicopter group
is tight knit, and once they exile you, it's hard to get back in.

For me, I was so excited about purchasing my first remote control turbo
helicopter that I didn't really worry too much about the price. I had worked
really hard for about a year and saved up my money like you wouldn't believe,
and I was ready to purchase the best helicopter on the market. And even though
I got it, it turns out that I purchased my remote control turbo helicopter for
more than one hundred dollars over the market value. Apparently, there is the
equivalent of a Kelly Blue Book for helicopters, and people really make sure
they know the value of a helicopter before they go into a sale. Well, since
then, it's been really hard to get myself back into their group, and I
ultimately sold my first remote control turbo helicopter and bought a different
model at a great price.

You see, the other people that consider themselves professional helicopter
fliers think of themselves as really smart people, so they don't understand why
anyone would purchase a helicopter at the wrong price. If you can show them that
you are a shrewd buyer, they'll take you under their wing, and then you'll be
good as gold.

Mini Remote Control Helicopters are a Great Gift

My aunt recently had triplets, and when thinking about what to buy them for
their first birthday, I came across an ad for mini remote control helicopters,
and I thought it was a wonderful idea. Since there are three babies, three mini
remote helicopters would be just perfect. I was really excited with the idea,
but since the helicopters would be so small, it might not be a good idea until
the triplets are a little older.

Either way, I started looking into prices for mini remote control helicopters,
so I could be an educated consumer whenever the time came to purchase them.
Well, I was quite surprised with the price. They were almost as expensive as
standard sized remote control helicopters, and I couldn't understand why.
Apparently, according to the salesman, they are so expensive because it takes a
long time and lots of patience to assemble all the tiny parts of mini remote
control helicopters. I had no idea it was such an intensive process.

Apparently, these people seemed to think that it takes even more attention to
detail and talent to assemble mini remote control helicopters than it does to
assemble regularly sized helicopters. I understood what they meant when they
reminded me that mini remote control helicopters also have more fragile parts,
so they often snap unless you have light, nimble fingers.

With all this said, I was much more informed about mini remote control
helicopters, and I knew for sure that they weren't a good gift idea for triplet
babies -- maybe when they are 10 or 11 years old it will be a good idea, but for
now, I think the best thing to get them would be large helicopter stuffed
animals -- something that they cannot swallow or shatter, and something that
isn't too expensive in case they drool all over it or stain it. This was a good
experience for me, thought, because I am often poor at finding gifts, and this
was another example of that. Unfortunately, I don't really know what people
would like most, and when I think I have a good idea, I'm usually wrong. The
difficulty is, it takes a long time to speak with sales associates about an
item, especially if you ultimately decide that it is not a good gift idea.

Often the better thing to do is read testimonials online and see what other
people are thinking about a certain product, in this case mini remote control
helicopters (but other things apply here as well), and then go from there. You
can do that quickly, and you don't have to pay for gas that way! I hope this
little article helped you in your search for mini remote control helicopters,
and I hope you ultimately settle on a helicopter model that makes you happy for
years to come. Mini remote control helicopters can be a wonderful gift for
someone else, or for you. My recommendation is that you just need to make sure
they are age appropriate before you commit to a purchase.

Take Care when Reading Reviews about Remote Control Helicopters

I have read tons of reviews for remote control helicopters, because I am the
editor of a helicopter aficionado magazine that talks about all the types of
helicopters on the market and recommends the best one to buy if you are a first
time owner or a remote control helicopter veteran. The magazine is great, and it
helps me see what other helicopter owners think about different models and
brands of helicopters, and I really must say that people's opinions vary
widely, which is why it's probably always best to just do your own research and
get what best suits you, rather than getting what you think best suits you based
on some stranger's opinion. That said, many people who are buying their first
remote control helicopters don't really know what they are looking for, and it
is these people that these reviews are written for.

But they are not meant to be taken literally, but rather as a framework to find
what other people consider valuable aspects of helicopter buying. Then you need
to think for yourself whether you care, for instance, whether the helicopter
blades are made of paper or platinum (although your choices would most likely
be more like metal or plastic, but I just meant that as an example). All in
all, I like this magazine because it considers people from all walks of life,
and it understands that even if you are interested in purchasing a helicopter,
you may not be a rich and bored millionaire with any amount of money and no
consideration for finding the best deal.

We all know that these days money is hard to come by, and consumers are
becoming more and more knowledgeable about their purchases, which is a
wonderful thing in my opinion. Of course, there are other people who just want
to get the most money they can for themselves, so they mark up helicopter
prices to exorbitant amounts and hope they'll get a few foolish customers that
didn't do their homework.

And they probably do get a few of those customers, because they stay in
business somehow, and I regularly hear horror stories about people who paid way
too much for their remote control helicopter, and when I ask them why they
didn't take the time to read the reviews in my magazine, they usually say that
they didn't know about the magazine, or worse, that they didn't have enough
time. So they had enough time to work their butts off for that money, but then
not enough time to read a measly magazine review? I think not. Hopefully,
consumers in the future will just continue to become more and more careful
about their purchases, because I hate to see people in debt.

It's such a sad thing. If you happen to be a new helicopter enthusiast, or you
know someone who is, please make sure you read the remote control helicopters
reviews before making your purchase. It can literally save you hundreds of your
hard earned dollars.

6 Channel Remote Control Helicopters: Does It Get Any Better?

If you are really looking for some fun, then you should check out 6 channel
remote control helicopters, which seem to be becoming the great new pastime.
You can purchase these really strong and powerful helicopters from your local
helicopter and other electronics shop, or from a trades store, and you can use
them outdoors or indoors.

They are extremely versatile, and any helicopter flyer will tell you that they
are some of the most impressive technologies in helicopters out on the market
today. Specifically, the 6 channels allow you to control multiple facets of the
helicopter's flight patterns. For instance, you can make the helicopter fly
straight up, straight down, forward, backwards, and some models even let you
tumble them in tight circles in the air.

Yes, this technology tends to be a little more pricey than your typical
fly-straight-forward helicopter, but at the same time, these helicopters are so
much more true to life. Helicopters that are actually flown by people in
cockpits, rather than people holding remotes on the ground, have many different
channels -- sometimes a lot more than six, even, but at least getting closer to
the number of channels in a real helicopter is truly a feat. I remember reading
a little bit about these 6 channel remote control helicopters, and they were
even more impressive than I had initially thought. In addition to the control
you have over all the different flight patterns, you also can customize the
types of blades, the body of the helicopter, and even have a custom paint job
done. Of course, these amenities all run into more money, but the pleasure of
having a 6 channel remote control helicopter that is truly original and unique
to their collection sometimes outweighs the price for many helicopter

So I was really surprised when own of my closest friends and a fellow
helicopter flyer said that he'd had a bad experience with his 6 channel remote
control helicopter. I asked exactly what happened, and it turned out that he
had left his helicopter unattended, and some young school children had found it
in his backyard and taken it to a park.

They then proceeded to have a great time with it, only later returning it, in a
much banged- up condition, to its rightful owner. At first my friend didn't even
realize it had been used and just thought that the scratches and dents that he
had discovered were there all along and just went unnoticed by him. It was only
after he took it to the manufacturer to inquire about the warranty that he
learned the truth. Luckily the children had some conscience and they eventually
paid him back and apologized, but he has a bad opinion of 6 channel remote
control helicopters since then, and the sad thing is that it's really not the
helicopter's fault, it was just a bad experience.

Hopefully, he'll come around someday soon, because the 6 channel remote control
helicopters are really some of the best, most controllable helicopters you can
buy in the world today.

Different Blade Types for Your Remote Control Helicopters

As a world renowned helicopter flyer with tons of medals, plaques, and rewards,
I know a lot about blades on remote control helicopters, and the problems that
they can sometimes cause. Apparently, like the man who left a good review for a
company that he didn't really know enough about to write an educated review,
there are also stories about people who left poor reviews and the product was
actually quite good, and then they were never asked to write a review for any
company ever again, and this cost them money as well.

So the moral of the story is, always make sure that your reviews are well
researched and that you don't put your name on anything unless you really trust
that it is a quality product, but at the same time, it's very easy to just write
poorly about something, but you should also avoid that if you ever want to be
sanctioned for another review again. As far as the remote control helicopter
blades go, I was very lucky to take part in a detailed remote control
helicopter blade testing session, so I could see what are important things to
check when you're looking into purchasing another remote control helicopter for
your collection, and especially when you're getting ready to purchase your very
first remote control helicopter.

Essentially, the blades are very important. They need to be durable, in case
you are not a very good flyer, because it is the blades that will often run
into things and become damaged. At the same time, you don't want the blades to
be too sharp, because you don't want them to damage any of your other things,
especially if you're flying the helicopter in your home (which I try to
discourage in every situation, but people still do it). So all in all, you're
best off going with a helicopter that has strong metal or plastic blades --
although the plastic blades tend to be lighter, so they are sometimes the
better bet, but the metal blades tend to be more durable, so it's really
anyone's guess. And you also want to look for blades that are rounded at the
edges. This is no only good because rounded edges are more aerodynamic, it's
also good because you can protect yourself and your loved ones from cutting
themselves on the helicopter blades when they are, for instance, taking a
helicopter down from a high shelf.

I know of a friend who had a helicopter on a high shelf, and she didn't know to
get rounded blades, and when she reached to take it down, she dropped it, and
actually cut her hands pretty badly. She didn't need stitches, but it was still
a scary incident for her that she could have avoided by just getting a
helicopter with rounded edges. In other cases, I hear about people that got
metal blades on their helicopters, and the rest of the helicopter wasn't built
powerfully enough to support the heavy metal blades, and these helicopters
never fly properly.

Purchasing Mini Remote Control Helicopter for Indoor Use? Read This...

I cannot tell you enough the fun that I have had with mini indoor remote
control helicopters. And the people that own mini indoor remote control
helicopters are often the nicest, most fun people in the entire world. When I
was recently touring with a group of helicopter flyers, it was the mini indoor
remote control helicopter owners that invite all the other helicopter owners
over their houses, and that allow them to bring their helicopters for a free
for all helicopter fight. I couldn't believe the hospitality of this group of
people, and I had so much fun at their house. Luckily, before the first mini
indoor remote control helicopter party I went to, I purchased a great set of
mini indoor helicopters, so I was well equipped to participate in their fun. I
had such a great time, and we had such great food, drink, and conversation,
that I knew I wanted to spend more time with these people. That is the reason
that I began touring with this group. We travel around the nation, flying our
helicopters in fields and in schools or for private parties, such as birthday

We had the most fun at a 3 year old's birthday party where we brought all of
our most brightly colored helicopters for a great helicopter party, and all the
children were laughing and clapping, and we all had a really great time. We even
did a helicopter piņata which the kids thought was really awesome. They hit the
piņata with pretend helicopter blades, and when the piņata broke apart, the
helicopter was filled with helicopter candies! Another party we went to was for
a ninety-two year old retired fighter pilot, and all his pilot buddies. He was
still very good at flying our helicopters, even though he was so old.

It was very impressive, and he really enjoyed himself. So, in general, this
helicopter touring club is a wonderful thing that brings me much joy. Of
course, there are times when our parties go wrong, like once we were hired for
a bachelorette party, and they thought we were something that we were not. I
had no idea that could even happen, but apparently it does all the time. My
guess is the party planners were drunk or something when they hired us, because
we never advertised ourselves as anything but helicopter fliers. And that's what
we still are today. After about 14 years of hard work, I can now say that my
helicopter touring company is off the ground and flying high. And I am really
proud of my hard work, and of all the work that my colleagues put into getting
the helicopter touring company from an idea on paper to something that was
really tangible. The original group of 5 that started the helicopter touring
company has since grown to 200, but we are still as close as ever, and we often
get together for dinners and fly our mini indoor remote control helicopters all
around. What a wonderful experience.

So you Want to Fly Dragonfly tt487 Remote Control Helicopters

When people ask me about what type of helicopters I most often recommend, I
usually reply that it's a difficult question, because people have different
interests and reasons for buying their helicopter, and it's difficult to choose
what they should like for them.

But in some cases, if I recommend anything, it's the dragonfly tt487 remote
control helicopters. Now, the dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters are
among the best kinds of helicopters out there, and if you have ever seen one
fly, then you would know what I mean. They fly so high you would think they are
more minature than they actually are.

I even once saw another helicopter enthusiast with dragonfly tt487 remote
control helicopters who was able to fly them to such an altitude that I could
no longer even see them! It was amazing then to have the helicopter fall from
the sky at a tremendous speed and see as it came into the limit of resolution
of my eyes and then became larger and larger. And just as quickly as he had
made it fly downward, my friend then sent the dragonfly tt487 remote control
helicopter right back up into the air again. It was really an amazing showcase.
All in all, I have only heard good things about the dragonfly tt487 remote
control helicopters, and that's the reason why these are the only helicopters
that I will recommend to others, although I do also mention that they are
pricey, so if you're only interested in using them as a casual pastime, then
this is probably not the best model for you. When I purchased my first
dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters (I now have eight different ones), I
remember it like it was yesterday.

I was so excited because it was the first really expensive one that I had ever
owned, and I thought I was really ready to fly a bona fide, expensive dragonfly
tt487 remote control helicopter. I was wrong, because I quickly crashed it, but
luckily I was able to get a good warranty, and the shop owner took pity on me
and replaced the helicopter, but said I better be more careful next time. I
certainly was, and since then, I have done very well with my dragonfly tt487
remote control helicopters, and people routinely say that they are among the
most impressive of my entire remote control helicopter collection.

And they are typically the helicopters that I value most, because this type is
made by very skillful craftsmen that spend long and painful hours working their
hardest to make the dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters just perfect.
They usually succeed.

The eight dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters that I have purchased have
uniformly had the utmost quality assurance and I have always come away from each
sale happier than I had from the previous one, because I love adding more
dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters to my collection. They are truly the
best helicopters you can get on the market.

The Remote Control Helicopters Training Club

Did you know that there is actually a remote control helicopters training club?
It's true! They actually take people out to a field, and show them the best way
to fly their remote control helicopter. I was so surprised when I heard this,
and I couldn't believe it was a lucrative business, but here's how they do it.
The team leader tells all his students that they first need to go out and get a
remote control helicopter.

Of course, he also tells them that there is a specific brand and model that
they need to purchase, and the students dutifully go out and purchase it. Lucky
for the instructor, the remote control helicopter seller has agreed to give him
a commission for every helicopter he helps to sell, so he makes money there.
Next, of course, there are fees for the remote control helicopters training
itself. The funny thing is, the students are usually very happy with the
training, and they often say that it saves them money in the long run, because
they learn the way to handle their helicopter, how to clean it, the best way to
store it, and of course, how not to crash it -- all essential helicopter
knowledge that is so important to maintaining a functional remote control

Many students, especially those who have recently bought their first remote
control helicopter, have no idea how to fly it or how to take care of it, and
they run the risk of crashing it or letting it rust. Any of these mishaps can
lead to hundreds of dollars lost, because the student didn't know how to care
for their helicopter in the first place.

So, in that sense, the remote control helicopters training club is a good idea,
but I just think there has to be an easier way that doesn't lead to the students
shelling out so much money. Well, I wasn't the only person who thought that, the
remote control helicopters club instructor came up with a second idea, just as
lucrative as the first, to make a DVD of himself training the student, so they
can learn to handle their helicopter from home. Moreover, he also made a book,
in case the student prefers to read along, rather than watch on the television.
Both of these ventures were great ideas, because once the instructor made the
product, he just had to market it. This was in stark contrast to the remote
control helicopters training club which had a new crop of students each week,
all eager to make sure they didn't ruin their helicopters on the first day. So
all in all, this instructor did very well for himself, and he didn't even need
to worry about money after awhile, all because he knew his way around a remote
control helicopter.

And that's not something that they teach you in high school. Since then, this
instructor has also started doing motivational talks about how to go into
business for yourself much like he did, and last I heard, he was worth over 7
million dollars. How's that for success? And it all started with a remote
control helicopter.

Dragonfly tt487 Remote Control Helicopters and My Grandfather's Story

My grandfather told me a very interesting story that inspired me to get a
dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopter, and I'd like to share that story
with you.

So, when my grandfather was a little boy, he lived in the rural parts of
Pennsylvania. His nearest neighbor was six miles away, so you can imagine that
there weren't many kids his age to hang around with. He told me that to kill
time during the afternoons, he would go down to a little swamp in the back of
his house and catch dragonflies all day. One summer, his cousin was visiting
from New Jersey.

My grandfather thought that he would show him what he does each day and took
him down to that old pond. Well, my grandfather's cousin, being from a suburb
of New York City, was not was not accustomed to playing with bugs. His favorite
hobbies were matchbox cars, so when my grandfather's cousin saw the big
dragonfly that my grandfather was trying to catch, he screamed and ran inside
the house and didn't come out for the rest of the summer. Years later, my
grandfather enlisted in the armed forces and was actually one of the first
trained US soldiers to fly a helicopter during combat.

Between my grandfather's hilarious dragon fly story (that he must have told me
fifteen or twenty times) to honoring his career and bravery defending out
country in the air force, when I discovered that there were dragonfly tt487
remote control helicopters out in the market, I simply could not pass up the
chance to purchase one. Besides being a great tribute to my grandfather (who
about four years ago, passed away from prostate cancer at the age of seventy
nine), the dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters are a great flying
device. My son never really got to know my grandfather, who would be his
great-grandfather, so I always take the opportunity to tell my son about the
great man my grandfather was when we're flying our dragonfly tt487 remote
control helicopters in the large dewy meadow behind our house.

My son even makes fun of me because just as my grandfather told me that old
dragon fly story fifteen or twenty times, I have already told my son the dragon
fly story at least ten times, maybe more. Hopefully, this helps him realize the
importance of family and how our ancestors are to be thanked for the blessings
and good fortune that we have in our lives today. I can only hope that my son
will grow up and have a family of his own to love and provide for and that he
will tell that same old dragon fly story to his son or daughter as they're
flying their dragonfly tt487 remote control helicopters.

That is, of course, assuming that I don't get to them first and tell my
grandkids the story of the man who I admire the most and who has shaped my life
and given me the strength to succeed in my everyday endeavors.

Bringing My Remote Control Helicopters to Gaithersburg, MD

I recently took a job located in Gaithersburg, MD, and with that comes a pretty
sizeable move. I need to basically move across the country, and when I realized
that this job offer was finalized, I almost had a panic attack, because I
didn't know how I would best transport my collection of remote control

What ended up happening was a great story that I love to tell other helicopter
enthusiasts or even other potential helicopter enthusiasts. Anyway, I called a
few of my friends in the area, who are also remote control helicopter
enthusiasts. Although none of them lived anywhere near Gaithersburg, MD, they
were all ready and willing to help me in my move. They showed up a week in
advance and helped me pack up my collection of about 7549 remote control
helicopters, which ended up being a painstaking amount of wrapping, checking,
and rewrapping of each helicopter and then placing them into a box and making
sure that they won't bump against each other or break during transport. I had
to make sure that when I arrived in Gaithersburg, MD that my helicopters would
still be intact, because I had a competition in the near future, and I didn't
want to lose even one of the helicopters in my large collection.

Luckily, my friends were extremely careful and considerate and made sure that
they packaged each one carefully and when I finally arrived in Gaitherburg, by
car, they were there to help with unloading as well. I just couldn't believe
that they took the time and the money for me. I never realized how helpful
other helicopter enthusiasts could be, and I'll never forget how wonderful they
were during my move to my new job in Gaithersburg.

I am really now excited about my new job, and now that I've begun I am really
thinking that this is the job for me, and someday when I find that someone else
has to make a large move and they are worried about what they'll do about
packing up their own remote control helicopter collection, I will be right
there to help them out. I am so happy that the helicopter enthusiasts in my
community have such a "pay it forward" attitude, and I know that someday if I
ever need them again, they'll still be there for me. This is also something to
consider when you purchase a remote control helicopter -- are the people in the
area going to be available to fly it with you? Because it's often the most
rewarding experience to teach someone else how to really master the flight of a
helicopter, and without someone else there, you don't get the same enjoyment out
of flying.

Of course, if you're the kind of person that really likes solitude, then maybe
you would actually prefer to purchase you remote control helicopter in an area
where there is a dearth of other helicopter enthusiasts, but these people are
rare in the helicopter community. Believe me, I know a lot of them!

Houston: The Best Place for Remote Control Helicopters

If you are a resident of Texas, particularly Houston, and if you are interested
in remote control helicopters, then this is the article for you. As you know,
there are many types of different remote control helicopter enthusiasts in
Houston, and if you're one of them, then you're in good company. These people
are some of the most hospitable people in the nation -- maybe even in the
entire world -- and they really know their stuff when it comes to helicopter
flying, maintenance, and general enjoyment.

Even if you know nothing about helicopter flying, if you are at all interested
in learning more, then these people will be incredibly helpful in your search
to learn as much as possible about remote control helicopters. You can be
assured that you're in good hands. I am from the Houston area, and if it
weren't for my fantastic exposure to remote control helicopters as a child, I
don't know if I would have been able to truly cultivate my own innate interest
in remote control helicopters.

It would have been very different, because my parents really didn't know very
much about helicopters, and although they supported me in my remote control
helicopter flying ventures, it was the other residents of Houston -- helicopter
shopowners, maintenance crews, and the like -- that were really instrumental in
showing me the true joy that is remote control helicopter flying. I was so
thrilled when I first decided to start a collection, and it was in Houston that
this decision was born. I was walking along one summer afternoon when I was
about fifteen, browsing the shops and generally window shopping with no intent
to purchase.

At that time, I had two helicopters, both of which I loved, but I didn't think
that I would need more right away; plus, I didn't know where I would put any
more of them, and they can be a lot of work to maintain, lots of dusting and
oiling, etc. Anyway, I walked past this amazing shop that was just full of
helicopters of all shapes and sizes, from the very smallest to helicopters so
large that they could barely be called model helicopters, except for that fact
that they were still remote controlled. It was after seeing this remarkable
collection, that I realized that I wanted to start a collection of my own. And
that's how it all started.

I ultimately walked into the helicopter shop and explained to the shop owner
how impressed I was by his collection and how much I desperately wanted to
start my own. And he was kind enough to offer me one of his, on the house, as a
gift of friendship from one helicopter collector to another. I never forgot his
generosity, and when I was older and had more helicopters of my own, I walked
back to his shop, which was still in the very same place, and donated one of my
best helicopters to him. He remembered me, and was so proud that I had kept with
my collection.

It is experiences like that that keep a person coming back to Houston, where
the remote control helicopter collectors are better than anywhere else!

Some of the Best Remote Control Helicopters are Made by People in Toronto

This may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best place to get remote
control helicopters is not in the Unites States where there are the most
helicopter enthusiasts, but rather in Toronto, where there are a lot, but not
nearly as many, people actually interested in flying them. The reason for this
is because the people in Toronto have amazing skills at helicopter creation,
and they are the most innovative group of people you will probably ever find
when it comes to ability to make really beautiful helicopters.

I was so impressed by the helicopters I saw advertised in Toronto that I drove
to Canada from Texas to purchase some for myself. Normally, I would advocate
doing an online order, but in this case, it was really better to just go there
on my own, because the online inventory was much less impressive, plus the cost
of shipping was outrageous. Anyway, I took the time and drove to Toronto and
used that little vacation to make a special trip to Niagara Falls as well,
because I just cannot go to Canada without getting a glimpse of the Falls.

Anyway, it was so wonderful to see a bona fide helicopter shop where you knew
the owners were also the manufacturers and they would know everything there was
to know about helicopters. And of course, the wonderful Canadian hospitality
cannot be beaten, and the people selling remote control helicopters in Toronto
and in surrounding areas are always happy to help with your purchase and to
lend their knowledge to people who are new to the helicopter world and just
want to learn as much as possible before they go forward with their first
helicopter purchase. Although I already consider myself a helicopter
aficionado, I still know that I have a lot more to learn, and I am always
interested in hearing as much as possible from these helicopter gurus. It turns
out that the day I got there they had just gotten a brand new shipment of their
best brands and I got first dibs at looking at what they had to sell.

I was so thrilled with their selection and their true attention to detail, that
I bought two remote control helicopters, even though I had initially planned to
only buy one. I brought the helicopters home and can happily say that I got
back to the United States with a better knowledge of the newest trends in
helicopter purchasing as well as a great idea of the type of warranty I could
get in Canada. It turns out that Toronto has a great warranty plan for their
remote control helicopters; one that the United States has not yet been able to

And the thing I like best about buying remote control helicopters in Canada is
the unassuming elegance of the helicopters these Canadians craft -- perfect
reflections of these people as a nation. I still regularly use the two
helicopters I purchased there, and I am looking forward to the next helicopter
racing competition, when I can really see how well they handle.

The Remote Control Helicopters in Toronto

As you know, helicopters are not just a commodity in the United States, but
rather they are well known throughout the world for being one of the best ways
to get around. And if you are hoping to own a helicopter on a smaller level,
then you should check out remote control helicopters.

In fact, if you are Canadian, or just love the Canadian landscape and are
willing to travel, then you should think about applying for the remote control
helicopters training and aficionado club in Toronto. This Canadian city is
known among other helicopter fliers to be a hotspot for helicopter purchases,
and it seems like there is always a helicopter in the air in this area. But the
real purpose of the remote control helicopters in Toronto club is their attempt
to get a remote control helicopter to fly over the beautiful Niagara Falls.

If you have ever been to Canada, or if you are lucky enough to reside there,
then you know that the Niagara Falls are one of the most magnificent sights to
be beheld in the entire world. I have had the opportunity to see the Falls both
in the summer when the weather is warm and they plummet to the bottom of the
water, and in the winter, when the entire falls freeze over in the cold
Canadian climate. Both sights were breathtaking, and that's why I was so
thrilled to learn about the remote control helicopters in Toronto club's
initiative to fly their remote control helicopters over the falls in both the
summer and the winter. Apparently, each year, they have two day-long
competitions, much like the summer and winter Olympics, which they train for
all year long. People come from all over the world, not just from Toronto, with
their beautifully crafted helicopters, and many of the people actually make the
helicopters themselves rather than purchase them from a store. Anyway, they get
together and fly these beautiful things over the falls, and they go in various
"heats" which are basically like qualifying rounds, and then the best two at
the end challenge each other for a battle of speed across the falls.

The winner gets $50,000 and a vacation to, you guessed it, Niagara Falls for
next year's competition. This has been going on for years, and people get
really excited about it! I am gearing up to go to Toronto next year to see some
of the training trials, and then I'm going to go to Niagara itself the following
year to see one of the actual competitions. I don't believe I am good enough yet
to actually compete, but I'm still young, so hopefully in a few years I'll be
ready. I can tell you that I am training like you wouldn't believe, and I am
really looking forward to the day when I can craft my own helicopter and watch
it sail majestically over the Niagara Falls. If you are interested, maybe
someday this can be your dream as well.

My advice would be to start flying your own remote control helicopters as soon
as possible, and sign up for the club in Toronto right away.

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