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Relationship Advice: Follow Your Gut!
by: Justin C Luyt

"When people seek relationship advice from a trusted friend or family member, it is most likely a waste of time," says relationship author Justin Luyt.

"We ask for relationship advice often when we feel we do not have the answers to our relationship challenges," Luyt says. "We grasp for external wisdom, with the false belief that we do not know the answers, but if we are being authentic to ourselves, we have those answers."

Luyt is the author of The Spirit of Romance, a book that offers readers practical relationship advice and uses interactive planning tools to not just change thoughts, but feelings and behavior, too. Using the term "Spirit", Luyt defines the inner source people must acknowledge before looking honestly inside themselves instead of seeking relationship advice from others.

"We know why we are where we are in the relationship," Luyt says, "but often avoid our own internal introspection. Spirit challenges us to grow and learn."

He insists that by strengthening relationship with Spirit, people can truly grow and move past the challenges at hand.

"When we ask for help from a friend, it is for an ear... not guidance," he summarizes.

Throughout his book, Luyt offers a look at self-reflective relationship advice, all based on Spirit, which allows people to see others in their true light, as people filled with desires, dreams and vulnerabilities.

Luyt writes people seek mutual personal and spiritual growth as the basis for any relationship. His ideas of Spirit inspire people too look within their core being to experience something they can understand and feel completely. This acceptance of Spirit negates the need for outside relationship advice when people can answer the crucial questions with knowledge from within.

When a relationship changes form or course, people have it within their Spirit to redirect their energies from sensitivity and vulnerability to spiritual strength. This strength gives people the ability to become their own relationship advisors because they have gained the insight necessary to overcome false doubts.

Luyt writes, "People are here to grow; and spiritual growth occurs in a space of love, not fear."

Justin Luyt has been doing Coaching and Consulting for several years and facilitates numerous seminars.


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