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Security Cameras

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How Does A Security Camera Work?

Basically, a camera set into position with the help of what is known as a video
transmitter running to a receiver allows the view from a security camera in a
specific place or aimed in a certain direction, such as in a parking lot or
door entrance. The security camera whether it is wireless or not, then makes it
possible for the surveillance of anyone or anything through sending visual
signals through the lenses back to a security monitor which is connected
directly to the system.

In some cases security cameras are remotely operated, while others rely on the
actual surveillance of a person sitting in front of the security monitor at all
times in a separate area. Another form of security camera, simply records the
surveillance and it can be viewed at another point and time. Security cameras
all have to have power of some kind in order to work however.

Additionally security cameras work on frequencies as well as range. Different
concepts are taken into consideration when a security camera is installed.
Therefore, there are many security cameras on the market today. Some are better
than others, while some security cameras are basic and simple, to those security
cameras that are very complex.

One of the worst materials a security camera would have to go through would be
metal, these types of security cameras are high frequency cameras and are very
expensive. Most wireless cameras are limited to four different frequencies
while others that must have hidden video lines such as in ceilings or walls can
have additional frequencies. The range of reception on security cameras vary.

Security cameras provide the initial perception that the issue is safety, while
the second of course is protection, from theft or vandalism of property. The
security cameras come in many different designs as well as types. Some security
cameras help assist authorities when trying to apprehend suspects in crimes or
other acts of violence, or vandalism.

You want to have a good reception especially if the security camera that is in
use, is the type that simply records surveillance. As opposed to a security
camera that has a person monitoring at all times. In this case you want good
reception as well but it doesn't have to be nearly as clear. Security cameras
can be as small as a button on a shirt, while others can be the size of an
average camcorder. The size of a security camera varies as well.

Price doesn't necessarily mean better, depending on what the security camera
will be used for. If the camera is going to be for personal use then one that
isn't that expensive will probably do what you need it for. Security cameras
are made to work for the security of people, places, and things of value, as
well as keeping places safe and protected. In some cases security cameras are
used to give people the peace of mind of feeling safer than they normally would
without one.

Some security cameras work on batteries while others require an alternate power

To Believe, Or Not To Believe

Many convenience stores and different stores and restaurants are now placing
signs on the entrance door or in the window somewhere specifying that security
cameras are in use. A person cannot go into the establishment without seeing
the sign unless you were blind. So, do these places actually have security
cameras or not? Security cameras are common in most places now, and in a lot of
circumstances, different designs of security cameras can easily installed to
where they are hidden.

This raises a big question to those coming and going into these places.
Although, in most cases the establishment probably does in fact have security
cameras. While in others you actually do see the security cameras. In places
like at the entrance or near the cash registers, and it is obvious in some
convenient stores simply due to the fact that you can actually see the security
cameras at gas pumps and in the parking lot area. In all fairness, it makes
people wonder, and it will definitely tend to warn off any one intending to
commit a crime at that location. With the use of security cameras they will
think differently. This protects the establishment, the employees, as well as
others who are in the establishment.

However, this could be a problem if the one intending to commit a crime sees
the sign yet after viewing the establishment or looking it over sees no
cameras, might continue on to commit the crime anyway. Therefore, if there are
in fact no security cameras in use, the individual will ultimately succeed on
his or her mission of committing a crime.

So are these signs on the doors or windows of the establishments that state
security cameras in use effective? That would depend on if they actually in use
in all reality. The crime rate is high and unfortunately in some cases those who
intend to commit a crime, don't really care one way or the other. And if you do
in fact have security cameras in use, there's a chance the individual that
committed the crime can in fact be caught. If not, the establishment is the one
that suffers. Regardless, you still see more and more of these signs letting you
know there are security cameras in use on the premises.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, the idea of crime just simply going away, isn't
going to happen. Therefore more signs are being placed everywhere. Department
stores, gas stations. Restaurants, and even more places. You never know if the
security cameras are indeed in use, and in some cases I am sure it does defer
potential predators from actually attempting to rob these places.

However I don't feel like these signs should be in place at a home, unless in
fact there are security cameras in place. To me, it is too risky for the
family, as well as their belongings and property are concerned. Security
cameras whether out in the open or hidden are a good way to protect your family
and yourself. I can see using these signs in establishments that are considered
public places because people are all over, however in the homes it is a
different situation all together.

Security Cameras Checking Luggage Before Placed on Airplanes

Security cameras have checked people's luggage before they got onto an airplane
for a long time but in the past decade, this process has been literally
upgraded. Stronger security cameras with better technology are used now.
Security cameras are in airline terminals as well. The security cameras are
carefully monitored at all times.

The security cameras used on luggage can see through all types of material. And
they are in the process of designing security cameras capable of actually being
able to view objects through metal. This as of now, is the hardest material for
security cameras to see through. Security cameras that check the luggage are
designed to detect anything that might be a threat to the passengers on the
airplane. Some people think this is a violation of their privacy, while others
believe it just takes time out of their lives, if they have to wait for their

It is important that all luggage goes through these security cameras however,
for the protection of the passengers as well as those who argue about the use
of the security cameras, these people obviously don't see this point. I know it
is something that is done as a precaution, but by the use of security cameras
the airlines are just showing people, you can never be too cautious in today's
violent and uncertain society.

Some people agree with the security camera idea while others say airline
associates should come up with other means of protecting their passengers,
however airline sales have declined. This only shows that passengers are in
fear of taking an airplane to alternate destinations, and airline officials
don't understand why the use of security cameras on airplanes would concern
them, unless they have something to hide.

The airlines are only trying to avoid any further tragedies that could result
in flying, as well as being able to help the proper authorities apprehend those
who had initial plans to cause mayhem on airplanes. Since the tragedy of 9-11
security has definitely stepped up, and with the use of security cameras it 
could step up even more. For the airlines, as well as for the passengers going 
from one destination to another. I believe security cameras should check all 
luggage that will go onto the airplanes before they take off. This can actually 
prevent potential tragedy from happening. If security cameras were not used 
items that would cause a lot of damage or perhaps even the loss of life would 
unfortunately take place.

The security cameras need to stay in airline terminals, and continue checking
luggage as a form of security. For the safety of everyone. Security cameras are
also in the walk ways entering the airplanes. People don't complain about these
security cameras. Believe me, when I say I don't think using security cameras
to check luggage before it is transferred onto an airplane is not a bad thing.
And, for those who believe it is a waste of time or an invasion of privacy. You
should step back and look at the statistics and every thing about the real
reason security cameras are used to check your luggage.

Security Cameras On The Statue Of Liberty

After the tragedy of 9-11 when homeland security was first set into place
authorities took security up to another level. For tourists visiting the Statue
of Liberty there were already security cameras that were apparent for them to
see. These cameras of course were there for the protection of all the visitors
that traveled to see the Statue of Liberty. And, to protect against any
vandalism that might come to the Statue of Liberty itself. And many of these
security cameras were within the Statue Of Liberty and just outside the

However, after the 9-11 tragedy more measures were taken. Homeland security
took the offensive and the "lady of liberty" was their assistant. Now, more
security cameras are on the Statue of Liberty however in places that the
tourists cannot see. Up high and out of sight. Some not even in the Statue Of
Liberty at all. These security cameras are not set to view the inside at all,
but instead the area around the Statue of Liberty. High frequency and high
resolution with long range security cameras face out away from American
borders. These security cameras are part of the homeland security program.
Another way to prevent any kind of attack on the United States. This is only
one area where these security cameras can be found on America's borders.

These type of security cameras won't be found for sale in companies. The range
and viewing distance on these security cameras exceed any of the other security
cameras sold to consumers. The frequency they are set on, are their own as well.
They are remotely operated and very "high tech."

There are those who keep up with these security cameras and that they are
working properly. The high frequency enables the security cameras to distribute
images and display from long distances and they don't interfere with other items
that might use frequencies. Other frequencies don't interfere with them either.
In all reality the statue of liberty is a very good spot to put high range and
reception security cameras. Especially as high tech as they are. The idea of
being able to handle the elements of the weather as well as change angles is

And there's a chance that more security cameras are in different areas of the
border as a part of homeland security as well. However, just where cannot be
confirmed. Some people seem to think there are security cameras on almost all
of the tallest buildings in major cities although it's uncertain. And to some,
they wonder if the security cameras can even be seen. Security cameras are
equipped even as smaller devices to have high range and reception just as the
big ones as well.

The security cameras are there and in other places for the security of America.
It just lets you know that we are safe. I personally have no problem with the
idea that security cameras like this, that we cannot see are out there, and are
providing a job of helping secure the livelihood of our country.

Security Cameras In Schools And Colleges

Security cameras being placed in schools and colleges have become a big issue
as far as whether they need to be installed or not. Some school officials in
different areas say they don't belong in schools and colleges while in other
areas the idea of security cameras in the schools and colleges are welcomed. By
placing security cameras in schools and colleges people feel the students may
feel safer while at the same time ward off anyone who might want to commit an
act of violence.

The use of security cameras in schools could also prevent threats and acts of
violence from actually happening. The problem of security cameras in some of
the smaller schools and colleges is the expense. The up keep on the security
cameras and keeping them in operating condition. Security cameras are already
in use in some schools and in some places on campus's of colleges. Such as
security cameras in parking lots and in stadiums where sports are played. The
security cameras allow monitoring of the areas they are placed and are not
meant to invade any one's privacy but to provide protection to the students and
faculty as well.

Security cameras on college campus's are on a higher rate of being installed
because of previous tragedies and circumstances. Students knowing that security
cameras exist would definitely feel safer. There have been several tragedies
already on college and school campuses, leaving authorities to search through
the aftermath. Trying to find witnesses to question and of course the list goes
on. With the aid of more security cameras in place at college campuses and
schools, perhaps authorities would have a better outlook on the tragedy and the
issue could be resolved much quicker.

Families and students get traumatized by tragedies that occur on school
campuses and college campuses. And some agree these could have been avoided if
security cameras were present. In other cases, they feel even if security
cameras were in place and a tragedy was unfortunate enough to happen,
authorities could resolve the issue much faster without having to question so
many already traumatized by the event that occurred.

This is the reason why some schools are considering the use of security cameras
too. Many high schools are going through the process of rearranging their
spending budget in order to install these security cameras in their high
schools for added security and protection. Most schools as of now, have
different forms of security such as monitoring patrols and assistants who
patrol the hallways in between classes, however it seems there are just not
enough to go around, in the bigger high schools. This is where the idea of
security cameras need to come into existence within our schools.

Security cameras would not be placed in bathrooms or locker rooms, this would
be an invasion of the student and faculties privacy, however the concept of
having the security cameras in cafeterias and hallways, as well as the school
office and possibly the parking lots would be considered a good thing.

Security Cameras In Truck Stops Around The United States

Truck stops all over the United States have security cameras installed all over
the parking lots. And there are also security cameras within the store and the
restaurant where the truck drivers come in to dine. Many of these truck stops
realize that truck drivers pull into these places to sleep and shower among
other things. The use of security cameras in these places are more in the area
of where the truck drivers actually park their trucks. This might sound like it
is a waste of security camera use, that the security cameras should be focused
more on say the gas and diesel fuel pumping areas. However, there are security
places in these areas also.

The reason for so many security cameras in the areas where the trucks actually
park to allow the drivers to sleep, is in all honesty a good one. This is the
area of high solicitation believe it or not, and most truck stops do not allow
solicitation on the truck stop premises. There is also the high rate of female
solicitation to the truck drivers, and this being a growing offense, truck stop
owners are trying to take extra measures in order to intervene and have the
actual prevention of this occurring on the premises.

Another problem in this area is people coming up to the truck drivers wanting
rides to different locations. To some of the truck drivers they don't like it
and consider it harassment, so the next trip through they might not stop at
this particular truck stop and this causes the truck stops to lose money as
well. While to other truck drivers solicitation and being asked for a ride
doesn't bother them. However, with the use of security cameras and the parking
lots being well lit, this problem is ceasing to some point. The security
cameras that the truck stops use are in plain view, and on purpose. They want
people and drivers to see the security cameras in the attempt to prevent so
much solicitation. These security cameras are also designed to withstand the
elements of the weather.

In any case, for truck stop owners most will say initially that the security
cameras are an asset in the areas of the gas pumps as well as in the store and
restaurant itself. But they will also admit that by placing security cameras in
the areas where the trucks actually park for drivers to sleep have lowered the
act of solicitors and hitch hikers looking for a ride.

Different problems that truck stops have been enduring have slowed if not
stopped completely, through the use of more of the security cameras being
placed in the positions around the truck stop. Therefore creating a better and
safer atmosphere.

More truck drivers are willing to stop to sleep well they feel there is less of
a chance of being robbed or having to be hassled by those wanting a ride or for
other reasons mentioned in the article, allowing truck stops to make a bigger
profit in the end,

Security Cameras Are Placed At Some Intersections.

In some areas, security cameras can be seen as a driver or pedestrian
approaches an intersection. Most often times the intersection is considered a
high traffic intersection or a dangerous intersection. By placing the security
cameras at these intersections, it is easy for authorities to determine
specifics on traffic related accidents, or injuries. In some cases, the
security cameras actually slow drivers down.

The security cameras at different intersections, allow the determination of how
an accident occurred, who was at fault, or what happened prior to the accident,
as well as if the accident involves a hit and run situation, often times the
tag number is recorded.

To some people, they don't feel as if security cameras should be placed at
intersections. However, what should it matter if they are not breaking the law
or doing something wrong? Then they should have nothing to be concerned about.
Yet, with this in mind, these same people could be involved in a traffic
accident where a security camera is located and it be determined as not being
their fault.

In any case, these people can't have it both ways. Security cameras are put at
these intersections for a reason. Not only to protect drivers and pedestrians,
but to also obtain information on vehicles involved in traffic accidents and
then leave the scene. These security cameras appear at intersections with a
high volume of traffic and can become congested during certain hours of the day.

This could also reduce the number of 911 calls that would initially flood the
security boards at the local police departments when an accident does occur at
specific intersections. If the security cameras are set into place police and
emergency vehicles can be dispatched to the intersection in many cases a lot

Security cameras at intersections can also prove effective if police officials
are in pursuit of someone who has broken the law, and they are picked up on the
security cameras, this allows dispatchers to possibly aid in the pursuit and the
stopping of the vehicle. However, this is still in a very new process and in a
lot of smaller towns and cities there are no security cameras at intersections.
They are being seen in bigger towns and cities across the United States. But it
is a concept that is catching on quickly, and I believe we will see security
cameras at intersections in more places as time goes on.

Authorities agree it is easier to determine the true fault of an accident, as
to having to chase down witnesses and others who were at the intersection where
the accident occurred. In fact, a lot of people won't come forth and say what
they seen. They don't want to be witnesses, therefore making it even more
difficult for authorities.

With these security cameras in place at intersections, they often times can get
tag numbers as well as see the actual accident through recorded images and still
images from the security cameras. It can only help traffic and the accidents
that occur at the intersections.

Security Camera being Installed In Parks

Some bigger parks are installing security cameras in their parks where people
come to enjoy a day outing. People feel safer and can enjoy more recreation and
time with their family and friends. The only problem with security cameras in
local parks, is the expense and some towns and cities cannot afford the extra
cost. However, in areas where the security cameras are installed the crime rate
and acts of violence are going down. So, this is obviously the right thing a
city can do.

Security cameras sometimes are seen within the park while other parks have
security cameras now the public is simply unable to see them. Basic security
cameras are going down in expense so, it is becoming easier for purchasing
them, however, the security cameras also require maintenance at certain times.

Another problem with security cameras in parks is the fact that during evening
hours most of the security cameras will not pick up much. Unless they are
designed for night viewing and this is another expense that some cities and
towns just cannot afford. Although there are several parks across the United
States now, that do in fact have security cameras in different areas of the
park. Most of these parks are the bigger ones of course, and the parks that
have possibly important features.

National parks also have installed security cameras in some areas of the United
States. Providing extra precaution to the preservation of wildlife as well as to
the visitors that go to the parks for recreation and fun. Unfortunately the
parks that suffer are those now without the use of security cameras. People are
afraid to go somewhere that could lead to potential danger. In these cases, if
families want to enjoy recreation; often times they can call the courthouse or
city administration and find out where the closest park, if any has security
cameras, and they will be able to assist you. In some cases, like small towns
there are just no funds for security cameras therefore you will probably not
find any parks in that area with security cameras.

However in bigger cities you are more than likely going to see security cameras
in the parks, Central park in New York was considering putting in security
cameras and as a matter a fact if they did, they could be hidden security

Among other parks is the national park of Yosemite. These security cameras
however, have been in place for some time. Security cameras in parks are a good
idea for big cities and little towns alike. They have taken measures to light
these parks at night in a lot of areas, so why not also include security

Some people claim there will soon be no where that people won't be seen,
unfortunately this could be true, however if it were a matter of your safety
wouldn't you rather be seen, before something terrible at a park happened to
you or someone loved.

If you weigh the circumstances, society, and the acts of violence against
others, the answer would be clear, You would want the security cameras placed
in the local parks if it is at all possible,

New Concept of Remote Security Cameras

With all the new and latest technology today, of course they have now come out
with security cameras that can be operated by remote. You can use the remote
security cameras for many things, just as if you are using a regular style
security camera of some kind. Remote operated security cameras are not really
expensive. In fact, some types are actually cheaper to purchase than some
security cameras that are not remote. Some remote operated security cameras are
capable of capturing motion while others will trigger an alarm of some kind.

When this happens such as a trigger alarm from a security camera goes off, this
will tend to run off any intruder if the security camera is remotely on a home.
However, in some cases the intruder or the potential intruder is still caught
on surveillance and can be eventually identified in some instances.

Remote security cameras often use video streaming to relay images from the
remote site. This enables the owner of the property to be in a completely
different area and still see images from his remote security cameras. Such as
on vacation or at work. Some remote security cameras also record and are
capable of analyzing still images too. This comes in handy if someone actually
does break into your home or business. With the footage from the remote
security camera, often times authorities can process the recording or still
images and get some form of ID on the suspect in the security camera system.

Another possibility with remote security cameras is the ability to actually
network remote security cameras and receive images from several different
places, back to you wherever you might be. The remote security cameras are also
in color, not black and white. The security cameras in some cases, depending on
the type can also pan a room and keep a good clear reception, because it is in
fact remote, and the images are sent to you through video streaming. They are
also able to tilt to different angles if you need them too

This is a great advantage compared to some security cameras that are not
remote. They have wireless however, they are nothing like the remote security
camera systems. The biggest disadvantage of security cameras that are not
remote still need technical monitoring, in order to see what is actually being
shown by the security cameras. This is often the type of security systems
department stores and smaller stores use. It depends on what type of security
cameras are installed.

Remote security cameras can also be used as part of a network. This enables
several remote security cameras to be viewed in one area at a time. If anything
is amiss among the security cameras within the network the proper authorities
can be sent to the specific location where the security camera is sending
images of unusual movement, or unusual suspects.

This is effective in the security camera remote community. As well as the
technology in the security camera world.

The Use Of Security Cameras In Banks

Everyone that has ever been into a bank knows there are security cameras and
surveillance cameras all over the place. And yet, some people still make an
attempt to take money from the tellers. Even if they managed to get the money,
with the use of the technology in security cameras and the fact that most of
them also record as well. Security cameras at the least should let these people
know they won't get away with it.

Eventually, they will get caught. That's partly the reason for the security
cameras in the first place. Security cameras are getting higher in the
technical field and are able to zoom in or out, and even make the still images
focus better if the reception isn't as clear as one would want it. Most of the
security cameras in a bank are all working together and can be alternated from
one spot to another. This is called panning a room. They are designed after a
few minutes or seconds to turn and continue their surveillance of the bank, the
tellers, as well as the outside ATM's and the drive thru.

Some banks have monitors where the cameras are actually all connected into a
network system showing each individual security camera view. While others have
security services, either way the security cameras are always closely monitored
for surveillance. It amazes me how ignorant these people can be. Usually the
security cameras are reset every evening if I have understood the way security
cameras work in banks and financial institutions. These security cameras have
tapes that are dated. Then a new tape is set for the evening hours, and the
process is repeated once again in the morning hours before opening. There is
also a security camera around the atm's available at the bank, and of course
still more security cameras in the drive thru area.

Some banks use security cameras as people are leaving as well. It is actually
on the outside area of the entrance, so either way one of the security camera
is going to get a shot of you. There's no way around it. If a bank or financial
establishment is in fact actually robbed, the first thing authorities ask for is
a copy of any security camera tapes or footage the bank or financial institution
might have. They then take these tapes or footage and review them to see if they
can get a good image of the suspect. And in most cases, there is enough footage
caught on the security camera to make a positive ID on someone or those who
committed the crime if there were in fact more than one individual robbing the
bank or financial instiution.

Some security cameras cannot even be seen. These security cameras are around
the area where actual funds are kept. And they are also in different places
that were not revealed to the public at all.

Banks don't "overdo" it with security cameras for surveillance, however I can
tell you there are many more of these security cameras in a bank than we are
actually aware of.

Where Are Security Cameras Prohibited?

Its obvious that security cameras in the United States are on the rise. People
and owners of establishments want extra protection and safety. And for most
Americans the idea of security cameras is not an issue to them. However, there
are places where security cameras cannot be placed and establishments are
prohibited to placing the security cameras in these areas.

Public restrooms for one, no matter where it may be, a convenient store to a
large sports stadium, they cannot be placed in the restrooms. The security
camera can be outside the entrance, but no where in public restrooms. The
security cameras cannot even be placed in rest area restrooms along the
highways and interstates. Schools cannot place them in restrooms either, though
I am sure some would like too. People have a right to privacy, and even security
camera owners cannot cross that line no matter what. That is, unless they want a
hefty law suit on their hands, or other criminal charges brought up against
them. Either way where ever the security cameras are prohibited well then
security cameras should not be found don't you agree?

Another place that security cameras are not allowed is in locker rooms such as
in gyms, schools and once again sports stadiums. Security cameras invade
personal privacy if they are placed in these areas. This of course, is a
punishable offense if it is found that security cameras are in fact located in
these areas of certain establishments.

Security cameras are not supposed to be placed in hotel rooms or rental
property either. One place in particular that security cameras are not allowed
is in department store or clothing store dressing rooms. This is definitely a
violation of privacy. And, as an extra precaution store owners who have
security cameras all over the store especially the bigger stores have now
started putting devices on clothing specially designed to prevent theft of the
clothing. I'm sure this is due to the fact that they are not allowed to place
security cameras in the dressing rooms. By using the devices they hopefully
keep clothing thefts down. Without being able to place security cameras in the
dressing rooms. Laws are laws and the store owners must go by them. There are
not many places that do not comply with the laws of where security cameras can
be placed.

Before the use of these clothing devices were placed on the clothes, it was
much easier for the theft of clothing by simply going into the dressing rooms
and putting the new clothing on under the other clothing, taken into
consideration that security cameras are not allowed in dressing rooms and
people knew this. Now things are different, and store owners are seeing a
difference as well.

Extra measures have been taken in the clothing departments in almost every
store that sells clothing. You can't blame these people for doing this.
Considering that security cameras are not allowed in certain places, helps
those who need to keep track of their inventory come up with other means of
watching over their products.

Security Camera In Amusement Parks

Almost every amusement park in the United States have security cameras all over
different areas of the park. From the parking lot, to the ticket stands, and in
the bigger amusement parks, literally on almost every ride! This is a form of
safety for the visitors. Although many of the amusement parks don't use the
remote design there is a security center located somewhere in the amusement
park where all the security cameras can and are monitored continuously. Some
amusement parks are able to switch views on specific cameras so the security
camera will actually turn into a different direction or angle.

Security officials at the amusement park believe that is people don't feel safe
or see security cameras around the amusement parks they won't feel as safe, and
there are chances they won't go to amusement parks. And, this is where families
can get together to have good clean fun. This is only part of the reason for the
security cameras. Although security officers are hired for the amusement parks
it makes it entirely easier to watch the park if the security cameras. This way
families will continue to go to amusement parks and enjoy their day with their
families. If there is a problem near a security camera and one of the
monitoring security officials see it, they are able to radio the on grounds
security patrol and the problem can be taken care of. In most cases, quietly
and without much of a disturbance/

With the use of security cameras in amusement parks, monitoring security guards
can see when people enter the amusement park and if they look suspicious or a
threat. Also if they are carrying anything into a park that doesn't look quite
right. Once that person gets out of view of one security camera the monitoring
guards can switch to a different security camera located in the amusement park
and once again, pick up the person that looks like he or she could be a threat.
Believe it or not this is done several times a day as well as other monitoring
guards are watching different views of the amusement parks by the use of the
many security cameras in the amusement park.

Also, if the individual is presumed a potential threat, an image can be taken
of the individual that is somewhat like a photo. These security cameras in most
amusement parks are expensive, able to resist the elements of the weather as
well. The amusements take every precaution they can to protect those who are
there to enjoy the amusement park, the rides and the attractions.

Some of the smaller amusement parks in the United States don't have as many
security cameras, however they have those security cameras designed to move
into a different direction or angle and they can also resist the elements of
the weather. Security cameras at amusement parks have been in use for a long
time, however over the past decade more security cameras have been installed
while other security cameras have been upgraded.

Security Cameras That Are Actually Fake

A complete security camera system can get expensive, and some people cannot
afford them. However, they want that sense of protection. So what can they do?
Buy a fake security camera system! Is this really possible? Absolutely. Often
times as a form of protection people will place stickers in their windows
advertising a security company in an attempt to avoid potential intruders, and
a lot of times it works. Well, did you know you can do the same thing with
security cameras? Fake security cameras actually do exist and you can buy them.

Often times these fake security cameras sell for under twenty dollars. And they
do look real or similar to the realistic design of a real security camera. Some
are equipped with motion sensors so if someone passes by the security camera
which is actually a fake, a red light will start blinking making the ordinary
criminal think it is real. All they have really done is activate the motion

These fake security cameras look so much in design as real ones, people are
easily confused as to whether or not they are actually the real thing. However,
by confusing people into not knowing if the security camera watching them is
real or not, they are put at some peace of mind, while others are just in awe
wondering about the entire issue of the security cameras.

They are not against the law, in fact some places where financially the city is
in distress, some of the security cameras, although not all, are not even real
in some of their local city offices. Bigger communities obviously don't have
this problem, however who is to say a few of their security cameras aren't in
fact decoys and replicas of the real security cameras too.

With this in mind, some people will use these designs of security cameras
simply because you can't tell the difference, and your personal property may be
protected. Many security services sell these imitation security cameras. And
they will also assist you on where to place the security camera. Most use
regular batteries and this would be the only draw back, making sure the battery
was good. Otherwise, the security camera would confuse someone, unless they
actually specialized in security camera types and designs.

The fake security cameras also come in different designs too, Just as the real
ones. It is so amazing what people come up with in the ideas of safety and
protection. These decoys or replicas of the security cameras installed,
actually look like the real thing and in most cases unless touched or looked
over at a close distance, cannot be determined as not being real or decoys.

And considering they don't cost all that much. People have the ability to
actually buy more than one and put the security cameras in different areas. Not
to mention, still not spending what they would initially on a real security
camera system.

So many acts of violence occur in the United States today, this is a good way
to warn intruders, they won't know if the security camera is real or not.

Security Cameras That Can Be Hidden

There are security cameras now with the help of technology that are so small
they can literally go undetected. Some security cameras being so small they can
be built or installed into common household appliance. However, it depends on
what you need the security camera for.

Some Wi life compatible security cameras cab be plugged into a wall outlet and
they will record video to your computer, with the use of additional software
you install on your computer. Some people use security cameras in the aid of
watching their infants or small children playing while they are occupied with
something else. While there are others that will put the security cameras in
their yards, to see if anyone uses their back yard as a shorter route to get to
where they are going.

With so many tragedies happening security companies as well as other officials
are implementing the use of security cameras. Just because you can not see them
does not mean they are not there. These security cameras allow even more safety
to the American people. Although, some people do not agree with the hidden
security cameras, there is not much of a debate because in all reality everyone
would like to know they are safe. Or know that if something does happen the
suspect involved can be easily caught if he or she is on a security camera that
no one knows was even working.

Security cameras are virtually all over today, and if you think about it, its
almost as if someone somewhere has always got their eyes on you. In a way, this
is an eerie feeling. On the other hand, it can give you a sense of protection at
the same time.

Security cameras are not just for surveillance any longer, they are a means of
feeling that sense of protection while in your home, or being sure your
children are safe, not to mention the idea that if you are not in the room, it
also aids on knowing whether your employees are actually working or wasting
time, if you are an employer. Many accessories can be sold with security
cameras now as well. Some of these accessories might include, motion detection,
and alarms that sound off if someone or something has gotten into the visual
path of the security camera. Most security cameras are sold with high
resolution today and are adequate for even printing still images if you need to.

If you choose to wait on purchasing accessories for your security camera, you
want to make sure you have the model number as well as the design or type of
security camera you have so you are sure to get the right accessories. Made
especially for your security camera. If you don't the security camera will not
function properly.

People installing them in their homes have every right. Those who enter their
homes such as friends or relatives might want to be told, however if its an
intruder, they will be caught and charged much easier if a security camera is
in use on the property. Home owners are getting just as safety aware and
cautious as business establishments as well as the banks and financial
institutions and this is a good thing. There will be less break ins, as well as
less harm done to families in individual homes across the United States.

Security Cameras In Daycare Centers

Recently, daycare centers have started to put security cameras in their
facilities in and attempt to give parents a better peace of mind. All the
parents of the child in daycare has to do is use the URL that is given to them
when they enroll their child, then they have access to the security camera that
is set up within the facility

Unfortunately by doing this, some daycares are now charging more for
enrollment, but parents say it is worth it if, they can use the means to the
security camera to view their child. Security cameras also provide evidence,
whether the daycare staff is abusing or neglecting the children. Knowing the
security cameras are on them changes their attitude as well.

So, with the use of security cameras in daycares the facilities around the
United States are catching on, and many are following step by installing them
as well. With the use of security cameras daycare centers hope their
enrollments will rise as they were declining at the beginning of last year.
Hopefully the use of security cameras the enrollment will increase once again,
because parents will be able to view their children. Security cameras are kept
well out of the reach of the children however, also with the use of security
cameras, the managers and owners of the daycare centers can see that their
staff are treating the children the proper way as well.

In the past daycare centers' staff have mistreated children, so with the use of
these security cameras it will now be easier to control. And to know which
daycare centers are up to know good. With the use of security camera parents
and guardians of children in daycare centers have the option of going to a
website and actually viewing their children at the daycare at any given time of
the day. This puts parents as well as guardians at rest in their minds knowing
their children are safe and are not being mistreated.

It also allows them to find out if they are and bring charges against the
daycare center or take other action. One thing they definitely would do
obviously, is take their child out of the daycare center. However, if employees
know the security cameras are in place and that the parents are able to view the
actions of the employees they are less apt to mistreat or neglect any of the
children at the daycare. So, this in fact works both ways.

In a way those daycare centers that decide not to go with security cameras in
my opinion, will be the ones to avoid. It makes them look as though they are
hiding something. Something they would rather other people not see. Security
cameras installed in daycare centers have also attracted the use of security
cameras in preschool facilities as well. Although there aren't nearly as many
preschool facilities installing the security cameras as there are day care

Everyone knows this idea of security cameras actually cane about as an idea
when all the grief on the news aired about neglected children in day care
centers. Security cameras in daycare centers; that is a good idea.

Security Cameras in Bus terminals, But not on Buses

There's been a lot of controversy over the issue that most bus terminals in the
United States have security cameras in them, however the greyhounds and buses
don't have security cameras on them. There are also no security cameras on city
buses either. This is causing a disagreement within those agencies as far as
people traveling from one destination to another by the means of taking a bus
of some type.

The point is argued that some public school buses now carry security cameras on
them, yet bus lines in most cases do not. The concept of having security cameras
in the bus terminals is a good thing. No one disputes this fact, by having
security cameras in the bus terminals there is less of a chance of acts of
violence or theft or personal property.

However, on the buses going from one destination to another, there are stops at
times. Without having security cameras on the bus, most people will not leave
the bus due to the fact that they have carry on cases, and do not want them to
get stolen. Without security cameras in order for a passenger to get off of the
bus without the worry of theft they must take the cases with them. This is not
easy for some to do. Another problem is, if there is some act of violence,
without a security camera it cannot be determined who or what started the
conflict or actually was initially responsible for the act of violence.

This debate continues, although some bus lines are listening to the public and
taking measures to install security cameras on buses. While in fact, other bus
lines say they have already installed the security cameras they just cannot be
seen. So, in many cases this does confuse the passengers, wondering if they are
safe from theft and protected or not.

Many people in the United States use bus lines now rather than flying simply
out of fear. However, now they also have the fear of riding buses because this
form of transportation from one destination to other has gotten so popular.
This being the case, many believe that security cameras should indeed be in
plain view of the passengers, equipped with motion sensors as well. This way
when passengers get on or off the bus they can have the assurance that the
security camera is doing its job. Not to mention possibly letting those who
would initially cause problem on these buses traveling over roads in the United
States to stay away from the buses all together and cause their problems
somewhere else. In fact, theft and harm on these buses could go down. And the
busing companies would profit as well, as more people would ride them.

Should the bus lines place security cameras in view to be seen? There are many
issues in this area, however the main issue remains the same, buses
transporting passengers from one destination to another should have security
cameras on the buses as well as in the bus terminals.

Security Cameras Implemented On Vehicles and Package Delivery Companies

Newer model vehicles are being sold with built in security cameras that
actually allow you to see if anyone or anything is behind you. By being able to
view what is behind you it allows you to start backing up, or wait until your
path is clear. This is a unique way of looking behind you, however some people
disagree with the concept of having a security camera in your vehicle as a
source of knowing if anything or anyone is behind you. Debating the issue that
some cameras are up too high and small children cannot be seen. While others
stipulate that turning your head over your shoulder regardless of new
technology is the only way to be sure that someone is not behind you.

Either way this has not deterred companies from installing security cameras for
backing up vehicles. Packaging companies that deliver packages to homes and
businesses across the United States have started putting the security cameras
on their delivery trucks and vans. They feel the security cameras are an asset,
as they are unable to turn over their shoulder and see, they only have rear view
mirrors to rely on.

Therefore, to them the security cameras on the back of their delivery trucks
and vans are essential. Especially in residential areas. A lot of drivers
actually admit that thanks to the use of the security cameras being on the back
of their delivery trucks or vans, have actually helped them avoid accidents.

If the drivers are ok with the idea of having the security cameras installed on
the back of their delivery trucks and vans, then what can they hurt? As far as
the dilemma on whether security cameras need to be in newer model cars, I would
have to say that is up to the owner. If you are a person that does not want a
security camera in your car and you are in the market for purchasing a new car,
it would be in your best interest to buy a car that simply didn't have this
feature. Buy a vehicle without the use of security cameras if this is your

However, in the future it is believed that most vehicles that are sold will all
be equipped with the security cameras placed on the back of the vehicles. They
are not unsightly and actually sleek looking. The problem is the price or
having the security camera replaced, should the vehicle get rear ended or in a
collision of some kind. The security camera of course would then have to be

This does cause a concern among consumers who do not have the funding to
replace the security cameras, and to them it is obvious that these security
cameras though effective are very delicate and will probably malfunction in the
easiest ways.

Although consumers all agree it is a good source of protection and safety for
anyone behind the vehicle as it is backing up, still, the value and cost of
these vehicles are not going to be cheap once they are all equipped with these
backing security cameras.

In Some States Security Cameras Are Being Put Into School Buses

Some states now have security cameras located on the front of the bus, either
above the school bus driver or in the center of the windshield, out of the
drivers view of course, so it doesn't hinder the driving. Many states are
following the idea and realizing the benefits. So why are they putting security
cameras on school buses now? For the simple reason that there are so many
students that ride public school buses now, some states feel it is necessary in
order to keep the violence among students riding the bus down.

The threat of vandalism is an issue too. There are some students who have no
respect for the school bus, and in some cases the seats have been slashed or
written on with permanent markers. This is of course, easily resolved with the
use of security cameras on board the school buses. If the student knows they
are there, they are less apt to cause trouble or damage to school buses. And
those who are rebellious and know the security cameras are on the school buses
but yet have no respect for anything, can be picked out and dealt with
accordingly without incident saying they were not the one that committed the
crime the proof is on the taping of the security camera. Therefore, the truth
cannot be disputed and the parents are usually held liable for the students

Also, by the use of security cameras on the school bus and a fight breaks out
where no one seems to know just who started the altercation, the tape can be
reviewed from the security camera on the school bus and once again, the truth
is revealed. Those who are on the wrong side can be dealt with such as being
suspended from the bus, so as not to risk the safety of other students riding
the bus, or interfere with the bus driver's driving ability. There are some
parents who disagree with the idea of having a security camera they feel it
distracts the driver. Unfortunately, the bigger distraction to a driver one
would think, would be a fight breaking out in the back of the bus.

With the use of a security camera if a fight does break out the offenders can
then be dealt with accordingly. While not all school buses have security
cameras on board, the number is rising throughout the United States. And, there
have been accounts that security cameras are being placed on board those buses
that have older aged students on board as too the elementary levels.

Children deserve to be protected, as do young adults. Today, there are too many
acts of violence happening, so the idea does come to mind as parents, how can we
afford not to allow security cameras on school buses if it will curb or
essentially stop disruption and vandalism all together?

Security cameras do not hinder the driver in any way, they are placed in a
position that views the riders and also records so this can't possibly be a bad

The Use Of Security Cameras Along Assembly Lines

Some companies across the United States have security cameras along different
assembly lines, that put together different products for distribution. The
employers use the security cameras, to ensure proper safety while products are
being assembled. Another reason for the security cameras along the assembly
line is to ensure employees work quality as well as effectiveness.

These security cameras also allow the monitoring technician of the security
cameras to view those pieces being assembled and ensure that no defective part
is assembled into a product. This of course improves productivity. This is
Something that no company loves to lose. If this happens, then the company has
no choice but to start laying off those on the assembly lines. With the
technology and the help of security cameras this doesn't happen as often, and
no problems like this occur.

Although companies that assemble products for distribution have had security
cameras for quite some time, they are becoming increasingly valuable in
employee production, as well as lower loss of time wasted. When defective parts
are detected they can be taken off the line, and save time in other areas of the
line, where someone else would notice the defective part. In some cases if the
part is not detected the product could be packaged and shipped being defective.

Security cameras are also used to ensure that the employees heed the safety
rules while on the assembly line, depending what products are being assembled
for distribution. Say for instance, the use of wearing hard hats, or if welding
is an issue, the face shields;

With the use of these security cameras the employer is aware of an employee
that is disregarding these safety measures and can take the appropriate
measures, before someone gets hurt. Or yet in some cases, before someone else
gets hurt due to the negligence of another employee. The company can also get
into different areas of trouble if the safety procedures are not followed to
the letter. The security cameras aid in also the prevention of these problems
within the company as well.

Companies who install these security cameras should be commended; although it
is obvious they are thinking of their productivity on their products, they are
initially concerned about the safety of their employees as well. Security
cameras are also in the parking lots of major distribution companies.
Specifically for the safety of their employees who often times may work at
night. These companies often run more than one shift. The security cameras
enable the monitoring technician to also see the parking lot. And in many cases
there are more than two monitoring technicians working a shift and watching the
security cameras.

If for some reason there is someone who is not supposed to be in the parking
lot at this hour can be identified or confronted and asked what he or she is
doing in the parking lot at that specific time.

The security cameras in companies and especially on assembly lines help those 
companies keep consumer prices down as well. Because with less problems 
occurring the factory, the products ship efficiently and on time.

Security Cameras Can Provide Safety

For some home owners who want the idea of feeling safer have security cameras
installed over their garages aimed at the driveway or street, and possibly
another one over their door entrance. Or at the back door entrance of the home.
Often times these security cameras are basic, and some simply record
surveillance, while others can show real time viewing. The idea of having a
security camera allows the home owners to feel at peace knowing the camera is

Most of the time if an intruder sees the security camera he or she will do
everything possible to avoid the camera, and in essence feel as though there
are other additional security measures taken on the house. Such as door alarms
or window alarms. In this case an intruder would initially leave the premises
trying to avoid being seen on the security camera.

Another reason home owners have security cameras installed might be if they
travel a lot , the security cameras video the surroundings while they are away
and if any type of vandalism or break in does occur, the appropriate measures
can be taken.

Some apartment complexes have security cameras at the entrance of the
establishments for safety reasons as well. Each time a vehicle or person goes
through the entrance the security camera oversees, and often times the security
cameras can be set to move after a few minutes then move again. At least at one
point of a camera's movement in such an area like an apartment complex, the
security camera will aim for the tags of vehicles. This is often successful for
safety precautions when vehicles that don't belong in the complex are recorded
or viewed on the security camera.

Security cameras are used in several different areas for safety purposes.
Although in some cases, the cameras are out of view of the public eye. Security
cameras are a good source of watching what is going on exactly and no one can
lie about incidents that might occur. Especially in heavily populated areas.
Security cameras have increased in use by almost 60% over the last decade. By
retailers as well as private use.

So the fact remains obvious that security cameras being used do provide safety
measures for a lot of people, even those who don't really like the idea of
security cameras being in use. They feel although in some ways it does
interfere with their right to privacy they realize the increase of the acts of
violence in the United States today. Therefore, they are not going to complain.

If a security camera is in a parking lot and their car is stolen in most cases
it can be retrieved, not to mention they have that peace of mind of walking to
their cars under surveillance and know that there is a lower risk of being
attacked or abducted by someone intending to harm them or hurt them in order to
gain access to their belongings or their vehicle. There's just too much crime to
not have security cameras in most places today.

Security Cameras You Don't See

Did you know that the malls we shop in everyday have security cameras hidden
all over the place? And, not necessarily in the individual stores. However,
some of the small stores within the malls do have security cameras too, and
these in some cases you can see.

So where are all the security cameras? You would be surprised. I know I would
be. But, seriously, you don't think these security "keepers" are actually going
to say where the security cameras are. Security cameras are so small now, they
can be placed and mounted in many areas,some even in water.

Security cameras can also be disguised to where it is virtually impossible to
know where the security cameras are. It amazes me because I had no idea just
how many malls have placed so many security cameras within the malls. The
bigger malls have even more security cameras. Most of the stores have security
cameras; some of course you can see, while there are others that are not
obvious to you.

The crime rate is so high security cameras are on the rise so loss prevention
will not effect the cost of the selling of merchandise. Every time some
shoplifts and gets away with it, then not only does the store dealers suffer,
but in a sense consumers suffer the loss as well. Simply put, in order to
compensate for theft, the prices for their merchandise would certainly go up.

For this purpose, security cameras are being placed in positions and areas
where they will blend in with the surroundings as well as the buildings or
lighting fixtures. These security cameras can be placed almost anywhere. Some
are small and some may be somewhat bigger in size, however they will most
likely be out of sight. In one mall, at a toy store a display stuffed teddy
bear was where a security camera was actually placed. It seemed that in that
one part of the store in the mall, the security cameras that were being used
had somewhat of a blind spot and this made it an opportunity for those who were
apparently trying to shop lift during the holiday season, get their task
accomplished. However, with the security camera in place where it was, many
shoplifters were actually stopped by security at the entrance of the store.
This store can't be thankful enough for the use of security cameras.

However with the use of security cameras, the shoplifting in malls is getting
increasingly harder to do. Shoplifting in the malls have gone down a lot,
however smaller stores are still feeling the effects, some just don't have
enough security cameras in the right places of the store.

Some store owners with the mall believe its wise to show the security cameras,
basically letting shoppers know they are under surveillance. This can be a
positive conception, especially to those who feel they can get away with

This being the case, more shoppers will be able to enjoy savings, while the
security cameras will hopefully continue to defer those who would like to
shoplift and not pay for items.

Specific Security Companies Will Provide Security Cameras

In the United states security companies that are professionals will offer
security packages that sometimes include the use of security cameras. These
companies can be expensive, but most of them also offer monthly maintenance but
this is for a monthly fee as well. However if you have a large establishment or
home assets, it could be considered worth it and a small price to pay.

These security cameras are not monitored by the owner either. Instead the
security company you are going through monitors them for you. If a problem
arises, they alert you and the proper authorities to assist you as part of
their service. These security companies have many types and many different
designs of security cameras. Some that even are capable of picking up things at
night. To some this might be a bit extreme, while to others they simply feel

Some home owners also employ the services of these security companies to gain
access of security cameras for their homes, to these people they don't have the
worry of keeping the security cameras in operating condition, or if for some
reason something goes wrong with the security camera the company you have
chosen to go with will come out and service the security cameras to get them up
and running again.

Through the use of these security companies and the security cameras they
install into a home, there is a sense of personal protection. In most cases,
the cameras are not watched by real people, instead they are recorded.
Preserving the individuals right to privacy. And the security cameras cannot be
placed in bedrooms or restrooms in the house unless they are equipped with on
board switches that will turn them on and off by the owner of the home.
Security cameras are placed mainly in driveways, garage areas, door entrance
areas, and such.

In some larger homes security cameras have been placed aiming towards sides of
the home facing windows or sliding glass doors. Security cameras can be
installed just about anywhere, some to be seen, and some hidden. Depending on
the preference of the homeowner. In certain cases, they might be aimed at
driveways or automobiles in the driveway, while other security companies set
the security cameras up at the perimeter of the homes, or around outside pool
areas. This is also a safety mechanism as well.

Most of these companies are discreet, however effective and do well on their
performance as professional installers. They also know how important it is to
their customers to have their privacy and their protection. Security cameras
haven't been the wave of the future because they have been around for quite
some time. However, they are the wave of the next generation in safety and

With the high rate of acts of violence in our country and the many robberies or
theft of personal property, more security cameras are being seen. And more
security companies are taking advantage of the aspect that crime is not going
to go away anytime soon.

The Most Popular Security Camera Among Buyers Is The X10 Series

Usually a lot of emphasis isn't put on any one type of security camera, however
when it comes to the X10 security camera it is just unbelievable. The X10
security camera has a technology level so complex that is has a communication
language that allows other products that are compatible with the X10 to
basically talk to each other by simply using the wiring that is already in your
home or business.

The X10 sounds expensive, however its not. With no extra wiring to consider,
this is where it is considered cheaper in the long term view. This security
camera has its own built in transmitter so there is no need for monitoring
technicians, as all information can be sent via the Internet to the location
where the images need to be viewed. By the use of the internet, the images can
virtually be viewed from anywhere. Even off of a certain type of cell phone.
That is technology today. That this is possible to do. Its not common as of
yet, however it will be.

The X10 security camera is very easy to install, therefore no outside
installers are usually needed and you can install the security cameras
yourself. By attaching the security camera to the wall you are basically just
about ready to set up the rest of the installation and get the security camera
operating with great performance. Just as if a professional security camera and
system company was hired to install the security camera for you. The X10 being
the most recent, hasn't actually been out long enough for many companies and
establishments to see its real potential. Also, due to expense some of the
companies and establishments will not upgrade and decide to stay with the
security cameras they already have installed on the premises. As long as the
security cameras are working properly and not requiring a lot of maintenance.

All security cameras are not the same, some have different designs, some have
farther reception pick up while still there are other security cameras in the
X10 category that are equipped with motion sensors. These security cameras are
considered very versatile and used for many different things.

For the latest reviews or experience testimonials from those who have already
purchased the system can be found online, while some security camera companies
that sell them, can also give extra information about the X10 security camera.
In addition, when you purchase a security camera of this type or design, there
is often technical support that you have access to, should you encounter a
problem or complication once your security camera is installed.

Some people believe that as time goes on the X10 series will be on the market
more, due to its extensive amount of technology and low maintenance, and the
ability of easy installation. This is figured according to the recent crime
rate in the United States today.

By using a toll free number or possibly support via the Internet. Either way,
there are those who can assist you.

Security Cameras Discreetly on Armored Trucks

Recently, companies that are moving large amounts of currency are now
installing security cameras on the trucks that have long distances to travel.
However, these security cameras are so small they cannot be seen outwardly. You
would literally have to be looking for these security cameras and even then you
could have a problem finding them.

Major companies are not willing to take the risk of anything happening to these
trucks. Considering they all carry large amounts of currency. Some of the trucks
have additional security cameras installed on the outside of the truck as well.

The trucks that leave places such as banks or financial institutions are
literally monitored by technicians in a remote location. These trucks are also
monitored when leaving places such as casinos and other establishments where
currency is transferred in large amounts. Furthermore, the drivers of the
trucks have no idea where the security cameras are actually located either.
Different numbered trucks have the security cameras positioned in different

This is a safety precaution for the drivers as well as the cargo they are
carrying. The technicians monitor the trucks until they reach their
destination. People rarely have any idea these security cameras are even on
these armored trucks. However, that is the whole idea. These security cameras
also have tracking capabilities should the armored truck stray from its route.
The security cameras also have recording capabilities as well. Drivers of the
armored trucks do know that the security cameras are on the armored trucks,
however they are not told where.

The installation for these security cameras is primarily easy. Just as removal
of these security cameras is easy as well. The reason for this is so the
security cameras can be continually moved around to different areas on the
armored truck.

Some computer trucking companies are taking advantage of these remote security
cameras also, the only real issue is the cost of having the technicians
available to monitor the security cameras as they move from one destination to
another. Though so consider the cost well worth it when the cargo they carry is
costly should something happen. It basically depends on the individual company.

However. With these new security camera systems on board the armored trucks,
the companies truly believe it will fend off those who are intending to attempt
any kind of theft or robbery. Most times the attempt causes loss of life and the
one trying to rob the truck is harmed. If they can see the security cameras on
the outside of the truck, not to mention on the inside of the truck, they may
stay away. This is what armored truck companies are hoping.

They carry large amounts of currency and with the aid of on board security
cameras they know the attempts as well as actual robberies will inevitably go
down. Hopefully these companies will not be the targets they used to be in
times past, as different acts of violence, and the crime rate has gone up so
much in the past few years.

Security Cameras are Illegal In Banks And Private Businesses In Canada

Well, in this case I just absolutely was at a loss for words. According to
research the implication of the personal information protection and electronic
documents act initiated in Canada made it illegal for banks and private
businesses to use hidden security cameras or other types of security cameras in
their establishment.

I thought I was reading wrong, however it is true. According to the act it is
against the law to collect information or photograph, which includes the use of
security cameras, without the person's written consent. This is very weird to
me. In order to use a security camera you have to have the consent of your
customers. These financial institutions and banks surely realize the risk they
are taking don't they?

Without the use of security cameras, they are forced to rely solely on
witnesses that are around. And if there are none this means that whoever
decided to break into the financial institution will be almost impossible to
find, This is also going to make it hard on authorities to investigate, the
only real leads they will be able to go on, will be witnesses as well along
with fingerprints, that is if the suspects didn't wear gloves. This act that
has been passed should be re thought on the behalf on the Canadians. They are
bound to lose money and if it is the idea to protect the privacy of the people,
then the people should speak out. I wonder just how many of them like the idea
of their money going unprotected because of this new act that has been set into

Could you imagine someone walking into a financial institution or bank in the
United States asking the bank president to shut off their security camera
because it violates the individual's privacy rights? Authorities in Canada
disagree with this new act. They say without the use of security cameras it
will hinder their efforts and compromise investigations on bank theft or
property theft, as well as shoplifters to say the least.

They also believe that without the ability to use security cameras as well as
other surveillance, the crime rate will initially rise in Canada. There is a
clause in this act however, it states that security cameras could and should be
used in public places where safety is an issue.

This is a scenario that is definitely headed for a huge downfall. Security
cameras provide assistance not only for safety situations, but also aid
authorities in their investigations. Without the use of security cameras this
allows potential thieves and criminals to go much farther than they normally
would if they knew the security cameras were present and in use.

All this is doing is sending a negative message. If a person goes into a
convenience store, they could actually ask that the security camera be turned
off while they were on the premises.

The act doesn't say security cameras aren't allowed to be installed or on the
premises, it just states that you cannot use them.

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