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Self-Identity & Society

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Identifying Self in Society

We have options for developing our identity. These options follow a pattern,
which move us through the processes of developing higher consciousness and
self-development. It will help you feel like someone new living in the same
body. There are many options you can use for building development skills.

When you develop new skills it makes you feel like a new person. When you find
options for changing the way you think, feel and act you see someone new
standing in the mirror, this person is the real you. You'll feel great when you
start finding options that will give you guidance and motivation to succeed.

You can use any options you want as long as it works for you. When looking for
the right options to succeed in self-development know what works for you.
Stress is the primary reason people lose interest in life and give up trying.

When we are stressed and feel like we are a lost cause in society we can become
depressed and sick both mentally and physically. We must reframe this state of
mind to correct the problem.

Start practicing the different options that are available today to help regain
control of your life by relieving stress. Learn to cultivate a positive
attitude and try to stay focused. When you have stress build up, it often
interferes with your progress and it demands your full attention. How can
anyone expect to make a good decision when the mind is full of clutter?

Relieving stress is difficult at times. When you are stressed from trying to
solve your problems and another stressful situations drops in; stop right
there. Focus and decide which one needs attention first. Let the other set
aside until one is done and than try working of the second one. Don't be the
next person saying, "When it rains, it pours." While this is true, you still
have a measure of control.

As you focus on making good decisions you'll feel like a new person while you
continue to work through the self-development stage. Focus for success to
relieve unwanted stress that is controlling your life.

Use meditation as an option to relieve stress to enhance better development
skills. Meditation will help direct you to relaxation for a more restful night
of sleep. Making good decisions depends on you getting plenty of recuperative
rest. When we feel tired and stressed it makes it difficult to accomplish
simple tasks, such as climbing out of the bed. If your body and mind feels
rested making decisions will become easy.

Learn the skill of mediation by joining Yoga classes to get the full effect of
meditation and meet new friends at the same time. When you begin to feel
better, you will focus, make constructive changes, and have sufficient energy.
Why not share this added energy you have developed by communicating and
relaxing with new people in society.

As you learn to use options for relaxation and relieving stress your
communication skills will increase because you will develop enough energy and
motivation to sit and talk.

You don't have to join a group to learn Yoga skills. Check on the Internet and
learn new options that allow you to enjoy yoga practices right from your own
home. The Internet is here for use and is available for anyone with a server

Libraries offer public services and books to the community. Check out books at
your library that will help you discover your identity and develop self in
society. You have many options so take time now to find what works best for you.

Solutions for Self Identity of Self in Society

Unearthing Solutions of the Self Identity -- identifying the inner worth

Self identity is realizing your true self and actual worth. It is an important
part of self growth. It is in fact the first step towards the evolution process
of an individual. World over millions of people devote their time and money to
improve their looks and maintain their physique. Everyday new studies and
researches are being undertaken to develop a product that provides a glowing
effect to the skin. Anti-aging creams have been developed so that wrinkles can
be postponed. Liposuction, botox injections and others methods are used to
provide glow to the skin.

Nevertheless, how many of you have taken time to recognize or heal the inner
self? People get so busy in their jobs and other social responsibilities that
they forget the existence of their souls. They take all decisions keeping in
mind social rules and regulations. As per the society's standards money and
social standing is the yardstick of a successful person. Anybody who posses a
latest gadget, flashy cars and wears designer clothes is considered an ideal
figure. He becomes an enviable figure for everybody strives hard to accumulate
these goods.

Nevertheless, they are not happy. It's ironical that they work hard to buy
latest things so that they can be satisfied. The problem is that people are
running so fast that they do not realize the direction in which they are
moving. They want to be famous so that they are known by everybody.
Nevertheless, they do not have time to know and realize their true worth. Since
they are not aware of the direction of their life, they suffer from negative
feelings, such as depression, fear and anxiety.

Only people who have analyzed and understood themselves can have a serene mind.
As a result they remain happy. It is this everlasting happiness that is the
source of their glowing skin. Their face has a very attractive look. This is
because they accept all situations in life with courage. Such kinds of people
know the source of their happiness. They listen to their inner voice and follow
their instinct.

It is quite possible that you may find true happiness in the world of colors.
The profession you may choose considering your interest may be painting, artist
or drawing. However, under society's pressure you may have taken finance as your
profession. You may earn well but you will always be a frustrated person. As a
result you suffer from stress and eventually from health disorders, such as
diabetes and ulcers. It is important to control yourself rather than
controlling other people. This is because unless you conquer yourself, how can
you make other to follow you. The key to your everlasting happiness lies not in
your bank balance or job but within you. It's your distinct individuality that
provides you your identity. It is very essential to know your true worth and
the purpose of your existence.

It is very essential that you recognize your true worth and live accordingly.
In the midst of job and other responsibilities we lose the actual purpose of
our existence. You can know yourself by following certain techniques, such as
meditation. Meditation is the art that can be done at your home and sit there
cross legged with eyes closed. Remain quiet for some time and then ask yourself
questions about the reason of your existence in the world. Ask yourself what are
the thing gives you everlasting happiness. Practice this art regularly and soon
you will see the positive change in your life. The negative emotions such as
fear, insecurities or worries will have no place in your life.

Methods to identify self in Society

Are you happy with the kind of life you are living? Do you want the things to
go on the way they are going? If you are not happy with your life, then what is
holding you back? We all go through highs and lows in life. Nevertheless, how
many of us accept all the circumstances with same attitude? Probably majority
of us are frustrated in our tough times and get carried away in our happier
phase. Such an attitude is because we have no control on our lives. We are in
actual terms only existing and not living. Every morning when we get up we have
stress of reaching our workplace on time, then we work like donkeys and by the
time when our work gets wrapped up, we are too exhausted. Once when we reach
home, we sit before television. This is not the story of a particular busy day
in our lives but we spend years practicing this ritual. As a result we are
unaware of our true identity and inner self. Inner self is defined as the voice
of god. It provides us direction that leads us to true happiness. Nevertheless,
often in the fast pace of life the inner voice gets suppressed.

We are running rapidly to materialize our ambitions. In addition, are too busy
to introspect and ponder upon our lives. In the midst of hustle bustle of life
we seem to have lost our identity. Identity is the true reflection of an
individual. An individual works hard all day to make currency and improve his
standard of living.

Ironically, it is the society's judgment of him that is most valuable to him.
Everything he does is valued from the society's point of view. The opinion of
people around him overshadows his inner voice. In other words his life's
choices are a result of the society's viewpoint of him. He may find real
happiness while painting but because of the fear that he may be ridiculed for
taking an insecure career as his profession, he won't take it as profession.

Think for a moment and ask yourself that are you really glad leading the life
as per the society's benchmarks? Does your reputation, bank balance or job
define you? If not then what defines you? What is your true identity? Possibly
introspection and a little thinking will provide you answer. Normally, bank
balance, property hold or one's reputation in the society is considered
parallel with individuality. Nevertheless, the fact is that your self is more
than your accumulations in life. Thus, it is imperative that you realize your
true worth and work towards your real happiness.

There are various techniques to attain serenity of mind. All the techniques lie
within you. You have to make efforts to connect with your inner voice.
Meditation is one method that has been used for ages to understand yourself.
The art can be performed at any serene corner of your home and sit there cross
legged with eyes closed. You are required to remain calm for about 20 minutes.
When you are able to concentrate within yourself, ask yourself questions about
the cause of your survival in the world. Ask yourself what the activities that
provide you eternal happiness are. Eternal happiness means that you are always
glad and contented irrespective of the circumstances of life. Practice this art
regularly and soon you will see the positive change in your life. The
pessimistic emotions, such as anxieties, fear, insecurities or worries will
have no place in your life and will be replaced by feelings of kindness, love
and affection.

Self Identity of Self in Society

The word 'society' refers to a collection of individuals who generally have
common interests. However, they may have different culture or belong to diverse
national identities. Therefore, a society may mean just a particular group of
people of a specific nation or a wider term that includes many nations such as
'western society'. It may also be a group of individuals that are bound
together due to some cause. It can be religious, political cultural or many
other thing.

It is the society that gives identity to an individual. An individual from his
or her tender years is trained to accept the norms that have been laid by the
society without raising any voice against it.

Otherwise, this may be a threat to the prevailing standards that has been laid
long back by the ancestors. Even the toys that are offered to a child are
biased according to the gender. A boy is always given toys like that of an
airplane and a girl is always made to play with a doll or a kitchen set.
Therefore, even the toys that are given to a child are the replica of their
roles that they have to fulfill as adults in a society. Thus, we can say that
society moulds an individual for its benefits.

Moreover, to make an identity for himself, an individual has to struggle hard
to prove his worth in the society, so as to be respected by other people around
him. Though the prevailing cut-throat competition and this desire to prove
oneself has made people selfish enough to neglect the happiness of others at
their own cost, but this shows the degradation in the inner self of an

The individualism of a person makes him work for his own personal motives. The
ego and the selfishness of a person stand above everything else in the society.
No one at that time cares to think in the interest of the society as a whole.
The increase in bribery and corruption in the world is a live example in front
of us. For instance, nowadays a person would prefer it better to pay an amount
than stand in a long queue to pay a telephone bill.

There is a need for man to establish his own identity but at the same time it
is necessary that the growth of the inner self of a human being should not be
hampered by it. The self should develop with experience and not be ruined by
it. An individual should never compensate on his values and ethics to make his
identity. In fact, it is these values that should guide one's actions and
behavior to achieve his or her aims in life. It is these concepts of the self
that determine the ways of life of an individual. Thus, the 'self' is actually
a construct that affects the behavior, motivation and self-esteem of an

The criticism or appreciation that we gain from society for our deeds directly
affects our inner self. It either soars up our confidence, or can also create
depression and anxiety in the mind of an individual. It is this society that
tells us where we stand and helps us recognize our talents and weaknesses. No
doubt, society is judgmental in nature but in some way it is beneficial for the
overall development of an individual.

The reaction of the society towards an individual sometimes takes him to the
heights of success. On the other hand, it can also ill treat and bring him back
to the ground reality the other moment. Thus, there is a need for an individual
to maintain a balance between his individual self and society.

Effectiveness in Self Identity of Self in Society

Self-development is best when using solutions that allow you to become more
effective and successful in your progress. We all can find the right solutions
that allow us to use helpers or self to developing our personality. Understand
that our personality makes up our personal individuality and these distinctive
traits we develop lead us directly to the self. The self is our nature,
identity and characteristics that give us this distinction, or sets us apart
from others.

We must build this personality with a winning attitude for developing and
maintaining new skills. We lose our growing strength when we become stressed
because our energy starts to weaken. Thus, the progress of self-development
leads us to see that we must reduce stress.

When stress builds up we lose the aptitude to function properly in society or
anywhere else in life. We have guides and solutions that will direct us to
building a positive attitude so that we can change the way we feel and think.
The global computer network is a channel that links us to other networks all
over the universe and connects us with other users and databases that links us
to new age information.

You will find plenty of articles geared to assist you with self-development.
Find new solutions in the new age arena online to help you conquer any problems
you may face. Look for the latest strategies and techniques that have proven
results of helping others develop their identity.

Developing a positive attitude is one way to find the right guides. With a
positive attitude one can achieve more by making decisions that help them
develop skills.

A negative attitude will not lead you to success. When one has a negative
attitude it hinders them from seeing the true light. Thus, when you read some
of the latest solutions make sure you see the effectiveness in the reviews.

Change your attitude by thinking positive when making changes to help you get
the most of the self-development process. One solution you may find helpful is
to write your negative thoughts on paper and reread to see how you can change
them. Make each change positive. Each time you read the list it will ultimately
overshadow the mind to reprogram its thinking.

Learn to focus when making changes to help you make constructive changes. When
you focus on more than one thought at a time it is hard to decide on what 
solution works best for you. Learn steps in redirecting your mind so that you 
can take control and make better decisions.

Focusing is another way to meditate and relaxing. Try Yoga techniques for
relaxing and learning to meditate and breathe naturally. We can focus better by
standing in a relaxing position or sitting straight in a chair. Resting in the
bed is even better.

Mind puzzles are another effective strategy that will help relieve stress as
well as build effective consciousness in self-development. When we are solving
mind puzzles we use our focusing skills, which expands our memory and awareness
Relaxing with a mind puzzle will help guide you in expanding the memory and mind.

Mind puzzles, meditation and yoga will increase your knowledge, as well as
build vocabulary skills to give the brain exercise that will lessen memory loss.

Physical exercise is a good solution not only for body building but for
relieving stress and to grow on. Relieve stress by focusing exercising weekly
to lose some pounds by the end of next month. When you take off a few pounds,
you relieve 5 pounds of stress to give your energy a boost.

Understanding Self Identity of Self in Society

An entity must be willing to laugh at his faults or mistakes. Life is too short
to take every little thing to heart. Just remember that we are all only human.
Another skill an entity should possess is the aptitude truly to understand
their limitations and strengths. Someone who is knowledgeable in has a higher
measure of self-awareness and is also capable of accepting feedback from self
and others. Many of us disintegrate when we receive negative feedback. It is
important however to accept negative feedback and fundamentally turn this
negative into a positive. This will allow an individual to lead a more positive
and successful life.

The problem is despite that many people fall short of accepting feedback; many
others also fall short of providing constructive feedback. The way a person
addresses an issue is partially responsibility for the reactions that return.
For instance, if someone tells you that you are ugly, this is a putdown that
ultimately will make you retaliate, or else belittle self privately. This is
unhealthy feedback. One of the positive ways to deliver feedback is to tell the
truth while considering the person's feelings. For instance, you have some
qualities that make you a very unique person, only some of the flaws you
possess, I feel hinders you from becoming more successful. This is constructive
feedback. Still, many people will not accept this type of feedback.

There are two steps that an individual can take when working on developing
skills that assist them with making constructive changes that ultimately helps
them to understand self. When an individual is searching to develop new skills,
the individual may want to ask for constructive criticism or feedback from
people that the individual is at ease with. Seek pointers and positive comments
about explicit behaviors and actions. This allows an entity to realize their
personal emotions that affect their strengths and limitations.

In addition, an individual should create a personal inventory of their
individual strengths. After this list is created, then compare and contrast the
strengths with lists that others have made. This allows room for new
perspectives and self-assessment. Remember that it is always a good thing to
receive a second opinion. Usually a second opinion allows us to step back from
ourselves and revaluate a situation.

Keep in mind, just because someone provides you feedback it doesn't necessary
mean that you have to agree every time. We all know ourselves better than
others do, so we all have answers that define who we are buried inside the
subconscious mind. Still, we want to consider all positive and even some
negative feedback to help us grow.

We mentioned the importance of self-assessment. When we develop self-assessment
skills, it enables us to examine self-closer. This gives us the power to analyze
self with a higher vigilance than average.

When we develop a higher plane of consciousness, it takes us above the average
and over the limits of understanding self in a fuller light. This is because we
have established a higher grade of self-identity and how the self reacts in

Speaking of consciousness, we also develop self-realization by taking notice of
our actions and thoughts. Our perceptions are keen, which helps us to reshape
misconceptions that lead to most of our problems in the first place. We
recommend that you learn more information about how the conceptions of human
beings play a large role in misguiding entities away from self-identity.

Learning is a part of life that only makes you stronger. Yet, one of the best
forms of learning is known as observational learning.

True Worth in Self Identity of Self in Society

In the pace of life, we seem to have lost our selves. 'Self' is described as
the understanding of ones self. It means recognizing of ones soul and inner
voice. Often, in the course of fulfilling responsibilities we ignore our true
identity. In addition, our inner voice is suppressed. Inner voice is the voice
of god. It gives direction to the life. As ship is controlled by a rudder,
inner voice directs the soul. We are running rapidly to materialize our aims.
In addition, are too busy to introspect and ponder upon our lives. In the midst
of hustle bustle of life we seem to have lost our identity. Identity is the true
reflection of an individual. An individual works hard all day to make currency
and improve his standard of living.

In the technological age, world has become globalize. You can reach anybody at
any time in the world. Moreover, interacting with people can be done at
reasonable costs. Technology, such as VOIP or voice over internet protocol,
Internet, web camera and low cost flights has enabled people to interact with
their loved ones at low costs. The number of people traveling to far off places
has been continuously increasing. Not only people but even businesses are being
outsourced as a result of these cutting edge technologies. Businesses of
developed countries are being done by third world nations at very low costs.
Billions of dollars are being invested on research and development so that
people can land on moon. Scientists are working hard to make space a tourist
destination. In addition, within a decade's time this will be a possibility.

Nevertheless, isn't it ironical that people are dreaming to tour space while
they have no time to discover themselves? They have the latest gadgets, such as
blackberry and I-phone but have no time to interact with their loved ones. In
addition, by the time people realize the important of their inner selves and
family, a generation goes by. Thus, it is important that you understand your
true worth and the purpose of your living.

Your real worth should be based on your understanding of your self and not as
per society's rules and regulations. Everybody has a distinct identity of
oneself, what is required is to realize your actual worth. Your bank balance,
gadgets and accessories do not define your. The self is above the materialistic
accumulations. Once you become aware of your self, the life becomes meaningful
and happier. In addition, you have a peace of mind, which are the most prized
possessions in the stressful world. You become more positive and start
accepting everything around you as a part of life. As a result you accept your
personal existence.

The journey from self-ignorance to understanding your self involves techniques,
such as meditation, yoga and spending time with nature. Meditating regularly can
help you know your true worth. Decide on a place at your home and sit there in a
cross-legged position with eyes closed. Remain silent for some time and then ask
yourself questions about the reason of your existence in the world. Initially it
may be difficult as well, as you may be distracted but practice the art of
meditating for around 20 minutes everyday. Ask yourself what the thing gives
you actual happiness. Soon you will change the positive difference in your
life. The negative emotions such as fear, anxieties, insecurities or worries
will be replaced with feelings of love, affection and mental serenity.

Spend time with nature and exercise regularly. Colorful flowers, chirping birds
and grass-studded dewdrops are a great stress buster. As a result you have a
calm mind and are in more control of your self.

The Scents for Self Identity from Society Stress

We can relieve our pain by learning the benefits of relaxation. Finding self
and your identity will become easier as you learn to practice stress reduction
techniques daily. Healthy practices will guide you to a healthier life so that
you become stronger and happier with your life by relieving stress.

Aromatherapy is the nice scented oils that are used in massage therapy or as
home treatments. These oils have proven to assist with self-healing and
development. The oils can help you relax. You have a choice of using oils,
lotions or crystals. Aromatherapy can be inhaled or you can use it in massage

Aromatherapy can do many things. Some oils will open your pores, while other
oils will relax your mind and body. Massage therapy has proven to act as a
self-healing agent by allowing the blood to flow through the body and mind with
more ease.

When you use oils as massage treatment, your system releases stress and tension
as well as pain to help guide you to relaxing. When you inhale the oils
self-healing comes from the brain.

Chamomile Roman oil is employed to relieve pain and muscle tension to help
reduce insomnia. Geranium oil is used for relaxing the body and mind of tension
and can be employed as lubricate for dry skin.

Jasmine Obsolete is known for soothing and relaxing you self-confidence with
relaxation. Soften your dry skin with the soothing smell of Jasmine as well.
You can use Lavender for tired muscles; putting a drop of lavender on a
pillowcase will guide you to a better night of sleep Use oils to cook with like
Peppermint oil for the body and mind. Use the oils for self-healing and
development. Rose is great for healing the central nervous system to keep it in
good health.

Rose oils can be utilized as anti-aging agents or to lubricate dry skin. By
reducing aging symptoms and rejuvenating dry skin, you will expand your
confidence and self-esteem. The expansion of confidence and self-esteem is
essential for discovering the self-identity.

Sandalwood is effective for guiding you to relaxation with meditating. You'll
find that Sandalwood oil will help keep you immune system healthy as well.

Be sure to read all labels before using aromatherapy as a guide in self-healing
and development. Oils are very strong and can be dangerous if not used as
instructed. If you are not sure or feel confused, consult your physician and
your doctor will advise you on how to use aromatherapy oils.

Using aromatherapy will give you freedom from pain by relieving stress. Take
over and be in control to become stronger by relieving stress as you work
through the self-healing and development process. By relieving stress, you
begin to notice a new you. Your confidence will help you develop new skills to
gain strength and power.

You will find a list of scented oils online. Still, you must take other steps
to develop your identity and self. For instance, you must retrain your mind to
take control of your life, rather than allow society and others to form you as
a person. This is the largest problem in our world today. Many people follow
others, which shapes their identity and they fall short of recognizing who they
truly are.

To reshape your frame of mind, you must use other practices, such as meditation
and guided relaxation. The combined strategies will enable you to expand your
mind and discover hidden messages within the mind that controls your life.
Learn some additional practices, such as subliminal learning, which also helps
you to discover who you are.

Social Self and Identity in Society

The development of the social self in socialization is very important for all
of us to be successful. It doesn't matter what you want to do with your life;
whatever you do, you need social skills to be successful with your life.

Without social skills, we can become depressed and fall short of seeing where
society plays a big role in programming our mind. Socialization is a way to
relax and stay healthy for developing skills. Relaxation is required in order
to obtain extra energy for making good constructive decisions, focusing, and
maintaining the way we live.

The development of the social self may require that you make some changes with
your attitude, activities, by reducing stress that could be interfering. Stress
is the main cause for us to fail and make us feel worthless, or helpless.

We need to like who we are to achieve a sense of gratification and balance. If
we don't like who we are how can, we expect others to like us. One of the best
ways to advance skills is by setting goals, establishing plans, exercise,
meditation, yoga, and so forth. It helps you to advance your social skills by
relating better with you.

We all can make constructive changes to better our life. Be prepared to make
constructive changes by accepting change so that you can adapt in any situation.

Work on setting positive goals to reach success by focusing on what changes you
are planning to make. As you focus on being successful, you gain strength of
mind and character.

Each goal will increase your energy and your attitude will change to positive.
Have a winning attitude increases you staying power so that you can advance
further in development of social self.

As you begin to notice your achieved goals, add new ones to the bottom of the
list to help keep your energy and motivation up. Do not stop working to reach
goals just look back and see what you have achieved and how you managed to
accomplish each goal. Use what you can and reframe decisions that you made that
hindered you from accomplishing your goal sooner.

As you develop a winning attitude, you'll be able to focus on one thing at a
time. When you are able to focus on one task, it progresses you. If you're
trying to socialize and thinking about something that went on at work or home;
your friends will notice that you're mind is not where your body is. Thus, the
key to success is heightening your awareness.

Stress will cause you to fail. Don't allow stress to take control when
socializing with others, rather stay focused on having fun and enjoying your
activities. Meditation will help you relieve stress so you can leave it where
it belongs when you are out.

There is no way you can eliminate all stress from your life. Nevertheless, with
meditation for relaxation, you can focus and have fun. Relieve your stress
before it takes over and control you and your social self. Staying attuned to
social behavior patterns will assist you with creating self-identity for self,
rather than allowing others to create you.

The development of social self in socialization take times so don't expect to
see a change right away. Remember we learn by making mistakes and practicing
meditation to gain growth in our development of the social self. Your identity
is just beneath the surface, so pull all your inner strengths together so that
they work in union. Exercise the mind and body daily. Eat healthy. Stay focused
and look at the here and now to find you.

Shape Self in Society for Self Identity

Our self identity has a special place in our lives. Our self identity forms an
intrinsic part of our identity and is an important area of study when studying
about the intricacies of human nature. Each and every individual needs to
acknowledge his self identity in order to make sense of the purpose of his life
and for his own well being.

Realizing our self identity helps us to realize the main purpose of our lives
and determine the kind of person we'll like to be in our future. Self identity
plays a very important part in determining the goals of our lives and greatly
influences a person's mind and shaping his general school of thought. The way a
person perceives his inner self also plays a very important part in determining
the course of action taken by an individual to achieve a particular goal and to
constantly monitor, evaluate and redirect his pursuits. The inner self is
responsible for shaping a person's behavior, self-esteem, motivation and
experience. It is responsible for building interpersonal relationships as well.

The society in which we live also has an important part to play in shaping up
our inner self. The self of the society and the self-environment are connected
with each other. Most of the people tend to neglect their inner self relating
to the society and their immediate surroundings. They need to realize that self
identity is an important part of our inner self, which allows an individual to
understand his relationship with the world and himself in a better manner. Even
if some individual refuses to acknowledge his inner self, he cannot possibly
deny its existence as well. Inner self is present in every individual whether
he acknowledges it or not.

A person can acknowledge his inner self by indulging in meditation and yoga.
These exercises help an individual to calm his senses and realize his hidden
powers and inner identity. It is very important for a person to realize his
inner self and latent strengths and weaknesses in order to trigger the process
of self-development.

A lot of people nowadays suffer from the problem of identity crisis.
Individuals are so entangled in their hectic professional and personal work
front that they get absolutely no time to discover themselves and acknowledge
what they are truly capable of.

It will not be wrong to say that materialistic elements, such as individualism
and egoism have made people wary of humanitarian traits, such as compassion and
kindness. They tend to think only for their own vested interests. Philosophers
believe that people are fast forgetting the fact that our self-identity and
self-environment are intimately connected with each other. If a person becomes
too self-obsessed with himself and starts neglecting the well-being of
environment around him, it is impossible for him to successfully accomplish the
process of self-development and find his self identity amidst the identity of
the society and self-environment.

Our self-environment has also been suffering a setback as the number of crimes
has been increasing steadily. People find it extremely difficult to trust the
security and other social organizations, which delay the growth of society and
self-environment all the more.

A person can even look around his environment and several elements in the
society and try to seek inspiration for the purpose of development of his inner
self and self environment. Seeking inspiration from our environment can help us
to create awareness about ourselves and our inner weaknesses and how to
overcome them. It helps us to gain self confidence and build faith over
ourselves. Self identity of the society and self-environment share a very deep
bond which can be only understand when an individual tries to accept himself
for what he is, with all his faults and strengths.

Self Identity of the Self and Society

Living in a high-rise environment whereas industrial leaders take some control
of our environment is often difficult to maintain. In a world were government
leaders determine our faith to a large degree, it is difficult to manage daily
tasks, let alone cultivate our identity. The fact is most people are created by
society, government influences, academic influences and various others.

In order for us to develop our own unique identity to discover self, we have to
develop a higher grade of independency, or autonomous attitude. Only then can we
rebel when influences attempt to create who we are.

We cannot work toward developing self-identity for self by depending on
guidance from society. Instead, one must probe within self to discover his own
identity. We all must build spiritual strengths, which allow us to take control
and tread the way to the self-healing process. When the body and mind is healed,
it makes our path clear, which moves us to self-identity.

One must continue to keep the facts in mind that there is a greater authority
above us, which supervises all our actions and processes of thinking. This
power gave us freewill and expects us to do what is right.

Free will is an innate gift from this supreme power, yet it depends on us to
use our will correctly. Most of the people take advantage of this free will,
employing it to indulge in any negative activities. Knowledgeable philosophers
believe that this free will was created within us to allow each individual to
develop his own individual personality or self-identity. For this reason, it is
our duty to employ our willpower to free self from all the negative influences
and tread on the process of development and success.

Some of the ways one could use his free will is noted in stress reduction
tactics for self-healing and development. Stress reduction is a guide to
self-development and is important for each of us. Despite that, we all are
challenged by daily stress that sometimes seems out of our control, we must
find the way to minimize this stress to make it easier to discover self.

Society places great stress on us from its influences. We must recognize this
pattern and work to relieve stress by not allowing society take over our mind.
One must decide what stressors are building up to the point it exhausts our
body and mind.

One of the best ways to self-discovery is writing down your thoughts and
feelings and then using what you learn to relieve the mind and body of stress.
By writing down your feelings and thoughts, it should move you to take steps to
make constructive changes.

If you find it difficult to make such changes, use the repetitive learning
strategy to assist you. Merely repeat three times that you are going to make
constructive changes to better your life. This is affirmatives in action, which
will make it easier for you to see why you need to make these changes.

We must take control of stress to give us strength and make the growth phase
easier so that we develop a new attitude in life. By repeating affirmatives,
you will reprogram your mind to think positive and soon you will be doing
things without even trying. Making decisions will become easier when you take
charge of your stress and move to self-development.

Reducing stress some times, causes more stress but when you practice, using
different strategies as guides to reduce the stress, you will feel better,
since you will have more energy. When the body and mind is stressed, our energy
level will decline and we become depressed and feel like a failure. As you begin
to reduce your stress, your energy will increase and success will follow.

Practices for Self Identity and Self

Set constructive goals and check off each goal when you succeed. Do not worry
if you fail with a goal; just go back and do it differently. We learn when we
make mistakes. So use your mistakes as a learning tool to avoid making the same
mistake again. Come up with another strategy on how to change the goal around to
be successful next time.

Some practices to use: Use meditation to train your mind to focus on one goal
at a time to reduce stress. When you practice meditation your awareness will
expand, which keeps you focused on the bigger picture. Focusing is another
technique of meditation that will help you keep your mind where it belongs in
order to make the right decisions.

When we have more than one thing stressing us, we tend to make the wrong
decisions. Yet, we can get results by focusing on stress reduction through
meditative practices. If you are having a hard time focusing on something, step
back and look things over. When you return it will be easier to handle by
looking at it from another view.

Use your goals as a guide to make it easier and more constructive. Goals help
us to keep the bigger picture in sight as well. By creating a list of goals,
you can monitor self and your actions to see how far you have come. Looking
back at the achieved goals will give you the confidence and motivation to go
on. With each goal, it expands motivation, moving us closer to identifying self
through the self-development and healing process.

An entity will become stronger throughout the growth phase by continuing
through the self-healing and development process while reducing stress. With
practice, you will grow and feel like the person you really want to be in the
future, since you identify with you.

Other practices that have proven beneficial are the aromatherapy treatments.
Aromatherapy will promote self-healing and development, since it is a great way
to relieve stress and suffering. We all go through stressful days that we just
cannot seem to let go of the agony it causes. Using aromatherapy for
self-healing and development will help you feel relief. This practice
encourages guided relaxation, which is essentially needed for us all.

One can use aromatherapy, meditation and set goals for a higher grade of
self-advancement. When you combine the three agents, you get the most of
relaxation through stress reduction, which makes it easier for you to keep an
open mind.

The world is turning faster and faster each day adding more stress with each
movement. Learn to control stress so that you work through the self-healing and
development stages by relieving stress. Stress can cause us to indulge in sleep,
or lose sleep. Stress can also lead to pain and suffering both mentally and
physically. Stress will drain our energy, causing us to feel depressed, which
could lead to harm to our self, body and mind.

We must consider what causes our stress by examining stressors, which come from
society, actions, thinking, and so forth. If you discover what is causing your
stress after using meditation, aromatherapy and setting goals take great
measures to abolish these stressors. Sometimes you have to let go of influences
in society so that you can discover you.

Learn to relieve stress by letting go of influences that interfere with your
time to relax and loosen the tension that is causing us pain and distractions.
With aromatherapy, you can relieve stress and the pain at the same time to make
better decisions of your life. Don't let stress take power and control you by
using aromatherapy as a guide in self-healing and development.

Performance in Self Identity

Watching someone else perform the task that you've tried and couldn't quite get
there, as you want has probably made you feel frustrated. Some people let it get
to them to the point they start thinking that some people are better than other
does people. This is not true. We all have the ability to advance our
performance, but it takes practice, skill and effort.

We need to keep thinking positive so that we can perform better. Because
someone has advanced skills, it doesn't mean that we cannot perform any task we
put our minds to. The reason that these people enjoy advanced performance is
because they have a degree of self-identity established.

These understand a few steps in relating to inner thoughts that reveal messages
from the subconscious. Our subconscious mind self talks to us over 50,000 times
each day. The brain and mind has heard people in society tell them many lies
and truths. We need to reprogram our brain to think positive by repeating in a
positive way that we have power over our thoughts. This can be accomplished by
learning some subliminal practices. By practicing often, you can expand your

To change these thoughts, start repeating to yourself, "I will perform and
challenge the task with great efforts until I succeed." Affirm your actions
repeatedly and reprogram your brain until it listens and believes you can do
it. Soon your subconscious will start to work in harmony with the conscious
mind. This means your awareness expands.

Start today to reprogram your brain by making a list. Remember to stay focused
on the positive and use your self-talk tools to set your goals. Goals are
important to us all.

Each day you need to work through your list. It will help you reprogram your
mind so that it starts to work in union with the body. You need to encourage
your mind to continue focusing in the here and now instead of in the future or

Mediation is something we can use to discover hidden messages and reveal our
identity. While practicing meditation, find someplace where you can feel
comfortable. You can sit erect, or recline in a comfortable area. Focus on your
body and mind to make it relax by closing your eyes and let yourself go to
another realm. Focus on relaxation and start repeating out loud what you want
to accomplish. Repeat each one on the list 4 or 5 times each. This needs to be
done everyday in order for the brain to learn your new way of thinking.

When we communicate with self, we expand our memory. Remember your brain
learned the negative things from what someone has said in the past so now it
needs to learn the positive attitude in order to reprogram. You need to rely on
your understanding, instead of those in society.

Exhibit some patients and self-control during the process of reprogramming your
subconscious and mind to work in harmony; It took some learning and time that
lead to the way you think now, so it will take time and some changes to
reprogram the way you think.

Once you've worked at changing your attitude to think positive you'll begin to
notice people around you. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will improve
largely. To discover you it takes time and effort, as well as plenty of

Our performance is based on how your brain thinks and reacts when it using the
techniques. You can perform the way you want when you learn to practice
positive thinking and self-talk skills.

Optimistic Views of Self Identity

An entity must continue maintaining an optimistic view even in the most
demanding situations. An optimistic attitude facilitates an entity to think
more openly and not to feel panicky in a catastrophe situation. A positive view
allows an entity to remain in control. A self-motivated entity must be dedicated
to his or her personal goals. It is exceedingly relevant for each entity to
inscribe down a personal inventory of future goals. Once an entity has made his
personal list then the individual must remain dedicated to attaining those
goals. It is also accommodating if an entity writes down his plan, bit by bit,
in order to attain those goals. Initiative it is an essential characteristic
one must possess to discover self in society. An entity must be enthusiastic to
take initiative, the step frontward to gain control. Once an entity takes
possession of the three characteristics of self-motivation, such as;
commitment, initiative and optimism, then that entity is considered to be
self-motivated and closer to discover his own self-identity.

Self-motivation enables us to take power of our actions, thoughts and emotions.
When we strive to attain emotional competency, first we must keep a journal of
our thoughts and feelings. By reading this chronicle, an entity will expand
new-fangled perspectives of his strengths and limitations. The diary will
assist an entity with seeing what areas he might improve. Expanding your
emotional competency is merely a few steps away. Still, one must take the
initiative to expand this quality of all human beings.

What we must do is learn to relax and focus. We can express ourselves in a
different way by learning to relax and focus. Others will take notice of our
changes. The benefits are that we cultivate new friends and succeed from
growing effectively toward identifying self. With added strength in your
effective conscious and self-development skills success with thriving on stress
will be easier.

Some of the strategies and techniques we can use to learn steps in relaxing and
focusing include meditation. Meditation opens the mind to deliberation, debate,
et cetera, since you learn to reflect on your inner being to discover the self.
Meditation is a great start that moves you to self-analyze and examining the
self. Looking internally inside your mind and body will create a connection
that allows you to move toward discovering your

Self-examine will move you to self-fertilizing, which is ultimately the step
that helps you to describe you. Throughout this process, you will move to
self-confession, which you will notice self-confessing in accord to your own
admissions. It will become easier to admit freely to particular qualities and
behaviors that cause you stress or failure.

Upon your level of learning throughout this process, you will discover patterns
of thinking and behavior that you must change. This action moves you to
self-congratulation, which allows you to mention often your personal
accomplishments and of the smug satisfaction, you gained.

Self-examine allows you to address ill at ease feelings that acutely make you
feel uncomfortable. When you become aware of these shortcomings and failings
and the things that accompany them, you move to address the issues. You may
notice that one of your problems is excessive concern of your appearances. In
this area, you may note that you have a higher conscious of impressions made by
others, which pushes your tendencies to react in a way that reinforces these
impressions. This is a common trait for people that have not advanced and moved
closer to their self-identity. The society affects often creates painful stress
that leads to many other problems. When you self-analyze you, by examining your
inner feelings and thoughts, you can correct each problem along the way.

Opens Doors for Self Identity in Society: Accepting your inner being to
discover your identity

Who are you? Why have come on this earth or what is your identity? Are these
the set of questions that's revolving in your mind? If yes then this is the
time when you need to understand your inner self and open doors for your self
identity. As such there is no grand definition of self identity that can be
explained. Self identity in fact forms the basis of your existence or in other
words it is the reality on which your true existence is based. In today's world
of rockets and jets no one has time for themselves. In this rat race against
time people don't even realize that they are leaving behind their own identity.
The main elements of self identity comprises of social, psychological and mental
traits in a human being.

Your identity is not only based on your concept of self but it's also the way
the others see you or the way the society perceives you. For opening doors to
self identity initially you should try to analyze and observe yourself so that
you can prioritize yourself accordingly and for that you need to compare
yourself with others. By comparing your self with others you will be able to
identify or discover your positive and negative traits. As no one in this world
is perfect thus it is very important that you should question yourself so as to
open doors for understanding your self or your identity. Foremost always try to
have an optimistic attitude in your life. A positive approach towards life will
not only build up your confidence but at the same time it will also sent
positive vibes among the people around you. A positive approach towards life
will definitely help you to live life in a more healthy and enriching way.
Nevertheless, developing a positive attitude doesn't mean that you should
neglect your dark side. This statement might sound like a paradox to you but in
fact it contains the truth.

Every human being in this world has some dark side or negative aspects that he
or she tries to avoid but such people forget that if they want to discover
their self identity then firstly it's very important for them to accept their
dark side. Dark side is something that we all have it in us and in a way we all
neglect our dark side. It is our anger, desire, avenges hatred and lust that
sometimes overshadows our identity. Nevertheless, as in a dark room lightness
fades away all the darkness similarly the light of wisdom and knowledge can
fade up all the darkness in your life so that you can achieve the light of
enlightenment. To understand it more clearly let's take an example a man has a
very optimistic attitude towards life but still he has trouble in his
relationship with his wife. Therefore, instead of talking to her he tries to
suppress his anger thus, repressing his negative attributers.

Some other ways through which you can discover your true identity is through
self meditation that is concentrating on some thought or focusing on your inner
self. This will in turn lead you to the way of self enlightenment and develop
your personality in the society. As ultimately it is the society in which you
have to live and perform various actions. A society in fact is a reflection of
your true self and your self identity as it expresses you the way you really
are. Thus it's very important that you understand your hidden self in context
of the society and the culture that exists around you because then only you can
identify yourself.

Observational Learning for Self Identity

Observational learning is one of the most effective ways to reach a higher
grade of accuracy. Observational learning helps us to acquire accurate
knowledge. It also helps us to acquire a higher grade of development of the
abilities to execute new behaviors. We learn to manage events, thoughts,
feelings and more through observational learning.

Self-analyzing and examining as well as testing will back observational
learning and enhance our experiences further. When we put to test what we
learn, it gives us a richer meaning. Moreover, we build emotional skills that
take us to higher planes of learning.

The competency of emotions gives us a personal inventory of the human
components that provide us the framework to make sound decisions while putting
the self together as a whole. Many people fail to realize that it is our
current emotions that dictate the decisions we make in life. The emotions are
pushed by the subliminal mind, which forms that basis that is initiated by our
past experiences. More and more people have failed to realize this action,
which deprives them of knowing the self-identity.

To achieve a higher level of emotional strength that entity essentially must
take actions. Taking action will help one make better decisions, which allows
one to realize their hopes, dreams and goals. In order to reach success in life
that entity must have goals. Goals are our motivation that allows us to
accomplish even the hardest goals.

Emotional strength allows us to keep success, building tools in hand while
using them to advance toward our self-identity. When an entity is able to
assess his emotional strength, it allows him to analyze self and his personal
responses under stressful situations.

This moves one to see the importance of reducing stress. By learning from
observation, one can become highly aware of his behaviors, actions, decisions,
emotions, et cetera and take notice when his choices or actions cause stress.
For instance, if you are watching a television program often that increases
your stress, you will notice through observation and can find the strength to
cease your actions. This will relieve stress.

We all encounter stressful situations that come from external forces, yet we
also encounter some stress from internal sources. This is because we all have
learned from experiences, and information from external factors. Therefore,
despite that, we have stressors that create stress internally; it all comes
from external forces.

In some instances, poor health and mental challenges cause us stress, which
come from internal forces. In this instance, we must learn to observe the
physiological responses and symptoms in order to discover a resolve. For
instance, if you are coughing heavily during the morning or night hours, you
will notice your reactions and what causes the symptoms to emerge. Perhaps you
smoke tobacco. If you notice that your coughing is resulted from smoking, and
then uses your observational learning ability, put your self to the test and
find a way to cease your habit.

Habits form from observational learning. This is because external influences
factor into our way of conceptually seeing things. We either see things in
black or white or on a grey scale. Through observational learning, we can see
the misconceptions that formed throughout our life and work to reform this
pattern. Think of someone in your life that has followed the direction of
someone else. We see this all the time. Peer pressure has pushed many children
in the wrong direction, which has lead them down a path of confusion. Thus,
learn to observe closer and listen to your inner self instead of letting others
influence your identity.

New Age in Self Identity: Society is made up of self

With change in environment the actions and gestures of an individual tend to be
influenced. The change in the surroundings means a change in the society or the
habitat of an individual. As the individual is a part of the society therefore,
any change in the environment is bound to make a difference in the life of an
individual. When an individual exits in a society it is must for an individual
to behave in accordance with the society. The individualism should not affect
the attitude, as it is the biggest hindrance in the development of the self.
The actions of an individual get easily affected by the role an individual
plays in the society and attitude of others towards an individual. The conduct
of an individual is guided by the society and one needs to mind his or her
actions accordingly. When an individual sees a lot of negativity around him
then his actions and thinking even tends to be the same. If an individual
harbor the feeling of unrest, hatred, jealousy, disgust, lust, sloth or
indolence then the actions of the individual would be negative. Rape, homicide
and suicide are the common outcome of some of the negative feelings of the
self. In addition, if the surroundings of an individual have a positive energy
flowing then an individual is bound to feel happy and contended. In addition,
charity, love, care, affection, generosity and kinship are sure to be the
outcome of it.

An individual should be considerate and selfless as it can be a possibility
that the actions of an individual influence the other people. At times the
conversation and gestures of an individual has the power to make an individual
come under your awe and follow your guidelines. Attitude of an individual can
act like a stimulus towards others and may alter their behavior. The
development of the self of an individual is affected by the society. An
individual should try and overcome the negativity or weaknesses, but this
process can be hindered by the surroundings. Development of the self can lead
to the exploration of the hidden self of the people. Once an individual
realizes his potentials and limitations then he or she should target all his
energy and oomph for the achievement of the goals of the life. An individual's
action speaks about his self as actions are guided by the subconscious part of
the mind. In addition, the subconscious mind accounts for our hidden desires
and latent emotions. An individual should try and make out on which part an
individual wants to progress and then can accordingly work towards its

The self and society are closely knit and one cannot do without the other.
Society is nothing but a group of people living together to satisfy their needs
and have certain kind of company. As it is human nature that an individual
cannot survive alone society and self has to work in unity. An individual
should try and make adjustments with other beings of the society and have
certain kind of peace in life. Once an individual is well adjusted in the
society and is respected by others he or she is sure to feel good and this feel
good factor would be reflected in the gestures or actions of an individual.
Nevertheless, if an individual feels reckless and is not satisfied with his or
her position in the society then the discontentment would even be reflected and
would surely make a negative impact on the society. Thus, an individual should
realize the importance of making a position in the society and should never let
individualism or ego influence their actions and behavior in the society.

Motivation for Self Identity

Self-motivation comes from our efforts to strive to improve or meet standards
of excellence. Many people today have lost hope, which they fall short of
developing self-motivation. This action only pushes them further back from
identifying self. Many people tend to develop a degree of human characteristics
however, which they have the power to expand on them to make them stronger. An
entity that expands these human qualities will feel develop an intense drive,
which helps them to meet their personal standards and goals.

All humans have a measure of self-motivation. What is strong self-motivation?
An entity that sets out to meet challenging aims and is enthusiastic to take
planned risks; this type of entity pursues information in order to trim down
any ambiguity; a self motivated entity is constantly learning how to expand his
personal performance. An additional attribute of a self-motivated entity is that
he is constantly seeking better ways in which to do things. Certainly one can
see that a strong, self-motivated entity has developed other characteristics,
such as his creative mind, critical, judge, parent, and other sides that made
him strong.

Self-motivation is an extremely essential constituent of the expansion of
emotional competency. Emotional competency is an entity's individual response
to daily stresses and events. Emotional aptitude can also be described as an
entity's reaction. This response could be applied to an easy every day event in
life or an occurrence that transpires seldom.

We all face regular stressful situations, such as maneuvering through rush hour
traffic to get to work. By expanding your emotional competency, you will find it
easier to discover self in society and in all areas of your life. The progress
moves you to self-discovery of your identity.

Many studies were conducted in the past, which some proved that entities could
become more successful by learning to cope better during stressful situations.
This is the progress of developing a stronger conscious mind and emotional
strength. When awareness and the emotions are strengthened it allows us to
manage various stressful situations, including getting through rush hour, and
more extreme challenges, such as working through self-development.

During rush hour, perhaps listening to your favorite tune will give you the
opening to organize your thoughts. We must develop a positive attitude.
Negative attitudes can excessively lead us to danger. For instance, in rush
hour traffic, one might repeatedly change lanes, or pound on his steering
wheel, which adds burden to burden. At one area in our life, we all have played
the role of each of these entities.

We must understand that our individual and present emotions are what control
the decisions we make in life. It is extremely essential for us to understand
our present emotional state in order to make constructive decisions that guide
us in the right direction. When one adjusts his attitude, he can without
difficulty attain a higher level of emotional competency. By developing an
optimistic attitude, an entity can direct self to a more successful area in
life. More often than not, it is a negative attitude that keeps an entity
trapped in an objectionable situation.

Self-motivation is an essential personality quality to acquire. It is from
self-motivation that an entity can move ahead in life. The chief class of
self-motivation has more than a few subcategories. The subcategories of
self-motivation are -- obligation, initiative and hopefulness or optimism.
Without possessing these attributes, one will fail often and fall further
behind from discover his self-identity and self in society. Learn some
relaxation techniques to assist you with developing self-motivation and
building emotional strength.

Mental Talk and Self Identity

In order to function on a daily basis we all need a measure of relaxation. We
need to think positive in order to relax. Because the world is full of
problems, we often face many challenges from society and world leaders. At times
when we feel distressed, our mind often drifts into negative patterns that
cause the muscles to tense as well as many other problems. This is hard on the
body and mind. Using mental talk, one can reprogram the mind to think positive
by telling self that it is ok.

The subconscious mind often stores hidden messages that surface throughout our
life. In this area of the mind, we can find answers too many problems. You can
change your thought patterns by reflecting on discovering what is in this mind.
By using mental talk, you can learn to think positive and learn to practice

Taking time out for yourself will help you to relax. Tell yourself that
everyday you are going to walk or do something healthy for the body and mind.
Make a note on your calendar as a remainder to complete your daily routines.
Use mental talk to encourage positive thinking.

You want to continue focusing on positive and learn relaxation techniques like
walking, or taking time out for you. While you are relaxation, spending time
with self, tell yourself that you intend to discover you through relaxation.
Picture yourself floating on a cloud and it is quiet, listen for the birds or
smell the flowers. Let nature sweep over your body.

Learn to slow down and take deep breathes. Talk positive to yourself by
thinking out loud. Listen to the birds chirp. It takes practice to learn to
relax but it will come the more you practice mental talk.

During the nighttime or afternoon, light some candles in the bathroom and soak
in a tub of hot water. Turn the music on low and tell yourself that this is
your time only. Stay positive and talk yourself into relaxation while watching
the candles burn down. Turn off the lights and watch the flames burn while you
are soaking in the bath and listening to soft music.

Some people have a hard time at night sleeping or getting a recuperative night
of sleep. They may sleep but it is not such a deep sleep that they wake up
after a couple of hours or in the morning feeling like that never went to bed.
When you go to bed thinking positive about how your day went or about the next
day, you'll feel better. Thinking positive and talking to yourself will help
you go to sleep with sweet dreams not nightmares. Just relax your mind and
allow sleep to sweep over you.

Thinking positive will take you a long way in achieving your goals and
relaxation. Start today by making changes so you can relieve stress to relax.
Things will be easier and it will bring you comfort.

You'll be healthier, happier, and everyone will enjoy being around you when you
become a new person by thinking positive in self-talk. Self-talk or mental
talking will open your eyes to new discoveries, which allows you to take
interest in you. When you take interest in you, it advances you in the
self-development process that allows you to discover your identity.

You will begin to see where society and other influences come in and how they
play a role in your hindrance of self-growth. Take time to practice today,
since putting off self-growth only puts you further behind progress.

Managing for Self and Society Identity

Learning to manage your emotions takes skills and practice. By changing the
mind to thinking, positive one can work through any situation nearly. We all
need management skills one time or another in order to make good decisions to
perform our daily tasks.

Thinking positive and learning new management skills is possible by learning a
few natural techniques. We cannot depend on unnatural resources to help us to
take charge of our life and find self.

Sure, we can ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from
others when we need it, but we must learn to depend on self. We need to control
negative thinking and actions to take charge of our life.

Get started by reducing negative actions and thoughts by telling self that you
are tired of the way things are being done. Be positive and change by taking
control and learning how to manage these negative thoughts and actions.

Whenever you commence to thinking negative thoughts, stop and listen to what
they are saying. Next, take a deep breath and talk out loud to self while
allowing your inner thoughts to express feelings and emotions. Speak soft and
low so it isn't a shock to your system and just say, "I am weary of listening
to this noise and I'm going to think positive. Affirm that you will manage self
in the proper way.

It will take awhile to learn how to manage your life. Just stay positive
because your brain is already programming from residue in society and life to
thinking negative things. We all must reprogram our mind and adapt to ways that
make us feel more at ease to live happier and healthier life's.

You've come along way in realizing that you need to learn new management skills
with how you think. Now it's time to use your new learning skills by knowing
when and how to use them.

Practice each day on changing your thoughts to be positive by repeating and
affirming that you are in control. Don't expect to see a difference in your
attitude or how you handle things right away. It will take time and effort on
your part, but you know that you can do it.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes as you try new things. We all make mistakes
but we can learn from the mistakes we make. Making mistakes tells us to rethink
our decisions the next time to make it go right.

No one is perfect. So do not expect perfection from you. We all need to learn
new skills everyday to keep our brains active and motivated in order to learn
new things.

If you want, do some research on positive thinking and self-talk. Just take
sometime out for yourself and go to the library or get online. Online or at
your local library, you will find many self-help guides that will direct you to
the path of discovering you.

Reading will give you more ideas and information on how to make your life
change around and move in a positive direction. Learn some tips on practicing
yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, subliminal learning and so forth. Each
practice will assist you with developing your self-identity for finding self.

Life is too short to continue to push back our emotions and refuse them of
expressing self. Take time to learn the benefits of emotional releasing as
well. When you release emotions, it will help you take control of your life.
Take control today as well by expanding your mind further so that you stay well

Environment in Society and Self Identity

The Expansion of the Social Self in Environment learning

The development of the social self takes practice and skills to succeed. The
development of self in environment learning can be done in due time using
meditation, exercises or anything else that will help guide you in development
skills. Focusing on this type of learning, since environment and society can
shape our attitude. We want to shape our own attitude toward life. Still, we
must keep positive.

Everyone needs social skills to give their best wherever they may be. School
age children need to social skills to be able to make friends. As we age, we
need to be able to socialize in the workplace, our homes, etc so that we
continue creating helpful relationships with self and others.

Development of the social self in environment learning starts from the day we
are born. Newborns learn to socialize in their environment surroundings by
observing and listening. The happier they are as a baby the easier it is to
socialize and fit in with whatever the environment they are in.

In order to be happy around others you need to be happy with yourself. When you
do not like self, it is difficult to socialize with people and the environment.
This means we need to advance various skills, such as communication,
self-awareness, self-control, self-esteem, and more.

Some of the best practices to develop these skills include environment
learning, meditation, exercise, yoga, and other natural activities. Setting
goals will help increase your development skills in the environment that
surrounds you.

Meditation helps you to relax and enjoy your self. It makes it easier to make
better decisions and expand your confidence in yourself. Everyone needs to
relax in order to feel happy and feel like a free person. When we are tired, we
lose interest in what is going on around us. Being tired makes focusing on what
is happening hard to do. This means you lose a connection with reality.

The development of self through environment learning may mean that you need to
make some changes to like you as a real person as well as your surroundings.
Practice relaxing with meditation. It will give you a boost of energy so that
you can enjoy life and your environment.

Learn to practice yoga to help you expand communication skills, self-awareness,
and confidence and so forth so that you manage well in your environment. Joining
a Yoga class will help you relax and boost your communication skills by being
around other people. You will meet new friends while you are working toward
developing your self-identity.

When we exercise, we increase our energy. Combining exercise and goals will
help you meet new people and give you confidence that you can succeed. Each
goal you reach will give you more confidence to build stronger skills.

Development of social self and environment is a learning process. Practicing
meditation, Yoga and exercising will increase your self-esteem and confidence.
Therefore, consider what things help you to find you. Learn some proven
techniques and use them. Instead of relying on others to shape your identity,
learn to shape your own identity.

Environmental learning involves taking control of your awareness, actions,
thoughts and so forth. Instead of learning like other people do by examining
all the external factors that affect our person without giving too much notice,
you will push forward with expanded awareness. Take control of your life today
by developing your identity without allowing others to reflect on who you are,
thus converting you to who they want you to become.

Fronting Problems for Self Identity in Society: Problems related to

The theoretical and mental understanding of one's own existence is known as
'self-identity'. It is like a total of an individual's understanding and
awareness of his or her own inner self. People sometimes get confused between
the concept of self-consciousness and self-identity but in actuality
self-consciousness is like awareness of one's self and self-identity includes
the psychological, physical and social qualities of an individual. These
attributes get reflected through an individual's beliefs, habits and ideas.

In today's hectic and mechanical world, we neglect or simply forget who they
are and what position they hold in society. There are many people who often ask
themselves about their own identity and fail to get an answer to their query.
Therefore, one should understand their value and place in the society and then
only he or she will be able to know his or her real identity. Self-identity is
not discovered by vaguely asking oneself but by self-awareness. If a person
will not know his or her true nature, he or she can never know their real
identity and this may become as an obstacle in their path to achieve

As man is a social animal, he needs the company of other creatures so that he
can share his sorrows and joys with them. Therefore, society is regarded as an
important ingredient in everyone's life. What our true identity is gets
reflected in the standing and reputation we have in the society. Nevertheless,
as there is cutthroat competition in every walk of life these days, the society
has become corrupt and people have grown the feelings of hatred and jealousy in
their heart towards other fellow creatures.

The most prominent problem that a large number of people face today is the
anxiety or tension. This anxiety gets cropped up in an individual through
various sources, such as from his or her own self or from the notions of the
society. A person cannot lead the life of a recluse and therefore he or she has
to interact and relate themselves with the others around them. The society in
which we live follows age-old traditions and thinking and this hampers the
overall development of an individual's self. Thus, to overcome the tensions of
everyday life, it is important to believe in yourself and try to overhear the
taunts and negative thinking of other people in the society.

There are various methods to overcome the stress that is due to the problems of
self-identity and place in the society. The most striking of them is to read
motivational and inspirational things so that the negative thinking can be
replaced with the positive one and thereby reducing the level of anxiety. The
second way is to take guidance or help from a counselor or a therapist so that
the cause of your anxiety can be detected and then accordingly one can work to
overcome this monstrous stress.

One can also relax and rejuvenate oneself by meditation, yoga, aromatherapy or
other natural treatments that has no side effects on the human mind and body
and they help in overcoming the tensions that damage the rational faculty of an
individual. Exercising also contributes a lot in solving the problems of
self-identity and other societal differences.

Last but not the least, self-awareness and self-control are very important
factors that proves beneficial in knowing oneself of his or her strengths and
weaknesses so that the external threats can be faced with great courage and
zeal. Go online to find other help with cultivating your zeal for the
self-identity in society.

Feelings for Self Identity

So many people fail to see why they have so many problems. They fail to see
that their emotions play a large response in the way their life turns out. Many
people react when the emotions are charged or triggered by some external force.
They may say or do things uncommon of them and sit down later wondering why?

So many people have lacked the ability to develop emotional competency, which
helps them to understand their feelings. Emotional competency can be
characterized as the plane at which an entity reacts emotionally in a stressful
situation. The situation may be of little importance or significant, but they
still react in the same way each time.

Each day we all go through stressful events. We are forced to pay high bills,
pay for outrageous cost of gas, groceries and so forth. Then we have family
issues, job related problems and other stressors that add weight on our

By developing a higher plane of emotional competency an individual can
ultimately handle stress better and to make more effective decisions. Our
decisions evolve from our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our emotions will
dictate what career we accept or where we want to reside. Ultimately, emotions
even dictate who we choose to marry. These are all major decisions we make in
life. For this reason, it is essential that we understand our personal feelings
and thoughts.

By developing a richer understanding of emotions, one can make better
decisions. One of the major problems many people face is understanding what
motivates them. In most instances, the answer is simple. Most people are
commonly motivated by the emotions. Yet, the emotions are enforced by the
subliminal mind where hidden messages reside that gives us answers when
explored to solve many problems.

We have many components of emotional skills. When an entity possesses these
mechanisms and has developed the necessary skills then that individual will
reach a higher plane of emotional strength. These procedures of development are
very important for growth and self-identity.

Some of these human mechanisms include the ability accurately to assess self.
Accurate self-assessment gives us competency from inner resources, abilities
and limits. Self-assessment permits one to stay alert to their personal
strengths and limits. We must be willing to comply with development practices
that allow us to cultivate innovative perspectives and accept feedback in order
to reach a higher plane of mental and emotional growth.

One must involve self by assessing his motivation and by constantly accepting
his learning processes to work toward self-development of the identity. An
entity in the process of an accurate self-assessment will be clever to see
clearly the areas that need further to develop for positive personal change.

Competency develops from self-assessment. This enables one to develop a sense
of humor and see things in positive light. It even helps one to assess his own
personality and actions and find some humor in his own patterns.

We all have faults and make mistakes. Many people however see mistakes they
make or that other people make as blunders, or stupidity. However, mistakes are
made from failure to appreciate something, misjudging, misinterpreting, and more
often than not, it occurs from confusion. This means that the mind has housed
many misconceptions, doubts, fears, and other negative stuff that lead to these
problems. The fact is we are all-imperfect and will make mistakes, but we can
minimize these mistakes by continuing to grow and learn. Some of the best ways
to reform repeated mistakes is to continue to ask self, why I make this mistake.

Evils of the Self Identity

Because humankind was lead to believe that they evolved from apes, the average
person that failed to verify, clarify and learn more about his creation stays
stuck in one frame of mind. That mind has lead to many animalistic traits that
has caused major havoc in our society.

Today, many people struggling with self-identity and what it means to them.
They often swing from vine to vine trying to understand these animalistic ways.
Because they lack knowledge and truth, they often wander through life coming
face to face with unwanted criticism that causes them many difficulties. Rather
than accept that they are created they would prefer to believe the many lies
told them, which makes it harder for them to establish a natural identity.

Most people will adopt positive approaches to manage in life, yet still they
are presented with chaos due to the fact that they have not established truth.
Some people do well by taking positive approaches toward self-identity in
society and will overcome external threats that could hold them back from

We all face challenges each day and undue and due criticism. In any instance,
we must stand strong and face the challenges by recognizing the truth. In
society, we live around people full of animosity, animalistic ways, and all of
these responses come from feelings of hatred, jealousy, etc, but primarily they
come from misconceptions and lies told to them.

We need to develop higher grades of self-awareness and consciousness to survive
in this animalistic society. Self-awareness and consciousness is one of the
chief ingredients, since when we expand our awareness it becomes the biggest
factor in our progress of self-development.

When we have a clutter mind, it steals our awareness to a large degree. The
results lead to negative thinking that affects us in many ways. One of these
ways is that it becomes difficult for us to face challenge successfully in

Self-awareness and a higher consciousness of your surroundings is an important
component of any human being. When we are able to develop these components we
are keen of others behaviors, but we also are keen, noticing our own behaviors
and thoughts. This helps us to acknowledge our shortcomings and strengths.

In society, we are challenged often. Everyone has their own views and opinions,
which reflect on us indirectly or directly. We must stay on our toes in order to
slow people that try to persuade us into doing something we regret later. This
means we need to develop a positive outlook on life as well. Of course,
building self-awareness and consciousness will give you a greater measure of
optimistic views.

We expand as humans every day. Each day we expand, we move closer to our
identity. The problem is because many people lack the higher plane of
consciousness and self-awareness, they often find themselves following others
despite how they behave, rather than taking their own lead. What occurs is
these people develop a small measure of their own identity and a large measure
of various others identity.

The old saying, "You are what you eat," expands further than just nutritional
foods. It also expands to the mind, since what you observe, hear, and listen
to; etc all takes a toll on deciding your direction. We have to keep looking at
the world in a positive light; otherwise, it will cause us more distresses than
we already face from daily living.

Some of the best ways to expand human components, such as higher consciousness,
self-awareness and so on is by meditating daily. Yoga and other natural remedies
will also assist us with growing stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.
Our evils must be addressed however, which include doubt, fears, wrongful
behaviors and so on.

Both Sides of Self Identity in Society: Self and individual -- two sides of a

Man is a social animal and he cannot survive in isolation. For his development
and well-being it is necessary to have a healthy self and have an integrated
approach. For the development of the self of an individual it is a prerequisite
that man learns to adjust and accept the society as it is. Human being is a
product of the society and his or her attitude or actions are all guided by the
society. The societal elements influence the behavior of an individual. Self of
an individual is made up of various elements.

Though society has been made up of individuals, the biggest threat to the
society is that if individualism. Individualism compels people to work for
their personal motives neglecting the well-being of the society. When the ego
of an individual becomes important and he or she values the personal interests
more than the collective well-being. One always wonder though there are many
people who pay their taxes on time and a lot of revenue is generated by the
government, yet there has been no improvement in the law and order of the
society. With the growing rate of crime and people growing reckless the need of
developing self restrain and self-esteem is very important. The reason for its
failure is that the outcome is treated and not the motives which force a man to
behave in such a weird manner. People in this unsympathetic world fail to value
the feelings and emotions of the people.

How an individual is treated in the society and what is the level of respect an
individual demands and what he actually gets make him or mar him. If the person
is ill treated in the society then he is bound to harbor negative feelings and
his actions are sure to reflect negative affects in society. If one is not able
to deal with his or her emotions then the outcome would be depression, anxiety,
stress, child abuse, rape, homicide or many such types. Nevertheless, if an
individual can handle his or her emotions well then an individual then he or
she can develop self-esteem and positive outlook. It is necessary for an
individual to develop a two way process with the society so that the
development of an individual can be initiated.

Self of an individual depends on the society as what a person sees or
experience at large he or she tends to get influenced and adopt unthinkingly
the same attitude. This heedless behavior can make an individual suffer at the
cost of the self. In the competitive world an individual has to encounter many
ups and downs daily, which hurt his self-esteem making him more susceptible to
the negativities. As the self of an individual can be developed only when an
individual has the spark within therefore, one must try and develop that zeal
and enthusiasm. For the process of self development one has to overcome all his
weaknesses and negativities, which mar his or her personality. Once the
individual come face to face with the latent strengths and weaknesses then half
of the battle is won and the person would find himself or her self better
adjusted in the society.

For developing the self of an individual to develop there are several ways,
which include, meditation, yoga, color therapy, breathing therapy, long walks
and naturopathy. These therapies aid in the self healing of an individual and
make him or her more resistant to the criticism which one has to face every now
and then in the society. Thus, individual self and society are interrelated and
one cannot exist without the other.

Life and Self Identity: Develop identity of the self and society for a good life

A child is given learning about how to behave and live be in the society and by
this they develop a notion that they have to be perfect in front of others so as
to show one's status and position. This mentality of the people is very harmful
as one should remain what he or she is and not pretend to be someone great. The
more real you will be, the more you will be admired by all. Nevertheless, at the
same time if you adopt negative approach to win the hearts of your fellow mates,
this will not contribute in making your self-identity.

Self-identity is a state in which a person knows well about him and knows what
his or her position is in the society. This self-identity is achieved when an
individual tries to work on the areas to know about his or her inner self. A
person is able to listen to his or her inner voice of the mind and soul when he
or she is meditating in solace. Meditation has been a widely accepted practice
in which a person is able to link his or her inner self and know what the
strengths and weaknesses are. The development of the self-identity is possible
when the person works towards shaping their personality so that the potentials
and strengths of an individual can be used in shaping the society and thereby
developing the identity of the society as a whole.

People often live authentically and feel embarrassed to give their opinions and
views to other people, as they fear that others might make fun of their views.
Therefore, they keep their ideas deep inside the mind and heart, which in turn
hampers their overall development of the self. In addition, it further hinders
them in society as if a person will not work towards making his or her society
a successful one, the society will automatically be given the tag of 'backward
or orthodox' and that would be the biggest shame pr threat. Therefore, people
should understand that their self-identity and abilities are related directly
or indirectly to the identity of the society in which they reside.

To maintain the true identity of a society, it is important the people should
adopt a positive and normal behavior that is free from lies, deception and
fakeness. A true behavior does not mean that people should always live under
the spell of ethics and values. Nevertheless, they should be what they are and
give your views openly so that these ideas can be useful in the development of
the societal identity.

A society's identity is dependant upon what its position is in the world. Like
if a society adopts some notions and strictly follows them though they may be
harmful for others, the society will be regarded as a selfish one, which thinks
of catering to the needs of only their people and to others. Thus, a true
identity of the self and society has to be maintained so that development can
be done in the true sense.

Identity of the self and society can also be developed when the society starts
appreciating its people of their contributions. People gets support from their
fellow mates and this is turn increase their morale and they start working
seriously towards the betterment of the society.

People should be confident enough so that the threats from the external factors
should be faced with confidence. Individualism and ego are the two main threats
that an individual and society faces. Therefore, ego should be kept aside as it
will not contribute in maintaining the identity of the self and society.

Last but not the least, to attain social identity; it is important that one
should be well acquainted with the self-identity. Discover you.

Isolation in Self Identity of Self in Society

How to isolate problems:

We all need friends. If we do not have friends we often isolate self, which
leads to depression, stress and finally we start to make bad choices. Some
people result to alcohol to relieve tension, while others choose drugs. These
unhealthy practices only cause us to isolate the problem more so.

We need to stay in control of our feelings so that it will help us grow
stronger in the development of the social self and making friends. Yet, there
is more to isolating problems that we must recognize.

Sure, it is bad to isolate problems, suppressing these problems so that we fail
to seek answers, but it could also work in our favor. How so?

Sometimes we must isolate problems, pinpointing the issues so that we can find
answers. When a problem crops up, sometimes it is in our best interest to cut
off the problem ahead of time. In short, we can stop some of our problems from
developing by taking action and staying focused. When we segregate our
problems, it moves us closer to discovering self. We can connect with others
when we have a closer relationship with self.

We need to have a positive attitude to find self. We can do this by searching
the inner thoughts. In the subliminal mind, we can cut off problems before they
develop into bigger problems by taking notice of the issues right off.

The development of the self is a long, drawn out process. It takes practice,
effort, willingness and some insight. When you work through the process of
self-development, it boosts the strength of mind. This keeps you versed. Yet,
you want to become well versed. Becoming well versed will help you to notice
potential risks that could lead to major problems. For instance, if you see
that your friend(s) are behaving inappropriately, committing wrong acts, you
will stay on guard and avoid the same behaviors that will definitely lead to
major chaos in your future.

Staying on your toes takes practice. You will need to learn a few tips and
practices for expanding your self-awareness, consciousness, and so on. This
will help you stay on your toes and prepare ahead so you can cut problems off
in their track.

Some of the best practices for developing higher planes of consciousness and
self-consciousness include meditation, yoga, Reiki, and other stress reductive
techniques. Try to stay with natural techniques, instead of relying on
fabricated drugs made by man. Keeping it natural will keep you healthy, alert,
and strong.

Note the differences in isolating problems and isolating self from society.
When you isolate self from society your performance falls short of expectation
at home, work and at school. You feel lonely, segregated and often feel left
out. On the other hand, when you isolate problems you take charge of your life
by keeping aware to what is going on in your surrounding, as well as in your

Learn some self-analysis and self-examining tactics to help you become
self-aware. When you are aware of your thinking, actions, et cetera, it puts
you in control. You can also discover the hidden self and develop your
self-identity naturally. As I said, we all need friends to feel happy, but what
brings us true happiness is being in connection with our self and identity. This
is the ultimate happiness, which comes from being friends with you. It comes
from within. Therefore, take some more time to discover tactics, such as
subliminal learning. This strategy has proven worthy of assisting many with
finding self.

Ideology of Self Identity

According to some philosophical ideas, an entities internal sense of self makes
up his esteem as well. According to ideology, ultimately when one relates to
self-esteem and internal sense of self, can he determine his attitude, which
relates to his role in life, identity, aspirations, destiny and his functions.
Of course, by relating to this structural pattern of developing self-identity,
come the overtones of ideological perspectives, which one can detect upon
discovering self.

Apparently, to some ideologist self-esteem is the most important factor that
determines how one relates with his identity and abilities. Some of the choice
practices to build self-esteem derive from stress reduction techniques, such as
meditation, learning, yoga and so forth.

According to some ideologist, we pave our own destiny. Despite that these
ideologist believes this notion, evidence says otherwise. If we created our own
destiny, thus most of us would benefit from material gain. The fact is our
destiny is predetermined to a large degree, yet we can thread the way to a
brighter future by establishing our identity to discover self.

Ideologists may have some points in some areas, but some of the misconceptions
has lead many off course, which is why despite millions of students attend
college each day will jump track somewhere in life. They lack true knowledge of
self and their own identity. That is this is often the case.

To develop self-identity for self and to work through society effectively,
sometimes we have to develop a degree of self-governing qualities. Instead of
relying on others to tell us how to find our identity, we must develop
independency or autonomous traits that allow us to self-govern self throughout
the process of self-development. We are not to become unruly in society, but
rather someone that is on a mission to establish his convictions in order to
back down any one in society that attempts to throw us off course, including
professional ideologists.

Other ideologist, such as Herbert Mead claimed that we recognize our destiny
from our own creation. He claimed that our identity is distinctively created to
stand out from others. He claimed that it was not a "static" mystery, yet it
stands fast to interactions of society, i.e. the people we associate with play
a large part in the establishment of our identity.

While Mead has some good points, he is by far off track, since not everyone
develops their identity from influential society. In short, some people are
autonomous and govern their own cultivating of the personality, rather than
allow influences to reflect on them, making them who they are. Sadly, the vast
majority of people are created by social influences, which makes Mead right in
this aspect.

Some people have suffered immensely from allowing others to create their
self-identity. According to some studies, one company placed excessively
emphasis on its employs to integrate values, philosophy, organizational goals,
etc with expressions to incorporate it into one's own identity. This action
caused major issues, including emotional scarring for some.

You see that we all need to learn ways to train the body and mind without
relying on others to assist us. This allows us to create our own unique
identity, rather than allowing society to create who we are.

We have choices. We can choose to follow others or we can develop autonomous
traits that lead us to independency. When the mind and body is liberated, it
often relaxes, which mean your awareness will expand. Online you may find some
other assistance for self-identity, self and society, but be sure to think with
vigilant while reading, since some authors may unintentionally lead you off
course. This is part of developing self-governing state of mind.

Society in Self Identity of Self: Society -- a creator and destroyer!

An individual self is an intricate part of the society. So many individual self
together make up a community and when they have common social goals it becomes a
society. A society is an organized structure, which has basic units like family,
schools and workplaces, which work in collaboration for the betterment of the

When an individual is born family takes care of the innocent baby in its
initial years and inculcates in him/her the basic etiquettes. These basic
etiquettes are the genuine behavioral codes, like how to eat and how to respect
elders and veterans. When he grows older, the school is the next institution,
which makes him/her a well bred human being. School actually is the first
introduction of an individual to the outer world. He/she learns how to live in
coherence with other individuals of his age group. He/she learns what his /her
responsibilities are, towards the society are and how to fulfill them
effectively. Here in school he also gets accustomed to the bound schedule of
the school and becomes a disciplined individual. During his educational
training he also becomes trained in attributes like, self restrain and self

As he grows older his work scenario changes and so does the level of
perception. With increased responsibility he/she becomes the consciousness of
an individual broadens itself. With broad perception levels his judgment also
polishes. With logical judgments he analyses his actions and thoughts more
effectively to reach a prudent decisions. Nevertheless, implementations of
these decisions also require great courage because one can put a full stop to
others activities but when it comes to oneself it can be really a challenging
job. Self regulation is a self controlling process, which an individual can
only conduct on his own. It requires perseverance and strong will power to put
an end to all those desires, which can trap you in their shackles.

Though self regulation process is an essential attribute in an individual it
can be quite meaningless if a person is blind to his mistakes. Therefore, one
need to take care that one judges one's actions according to the intentions on
the scale of morality.

Morality refers to individuals own set of rules and regulations which may be or
may not be in coherence with the social moral structure. It might be affected
with various factors, which led to its formulation. There are numerous
incidents in a person's life, which together make up the whole ideology a human
being and his individual self as well.

Self regulation would so include many transforming processes, for instance if a
person has been a victim of child abuse then it is likely that he might have
social phobia. He might also loose confidence in himself and have pessimistic
attitude towards life, in such a case if a person is well aware of his or her
problem then it will require him to change his attitude towards life as well as
other people. Or else he will never be able to come out of that social phobia
and will remain restricted and isolated.

Society and individual have always been on loggerheads with each other as
society overlooks the individual interest and prefers the betterment of the
large community. Such a structural goal of the society makes it blind to people
who are insane and mentally ill. Sometimes a loss of sanity occurs due to deep
emotion stress. In such a case an individual might loose his rationality and
can even become violent. At that juncture of the problem, such a person
requires more care and attention but the approved scientific structure of the
society tags them as insane and mad. Its rational structure sweeps the
irrational and hysterical out to places like mental asylums.

Therefore, society is the dominant structure, which can create as well as ruin
an individual self.

Society and Self Identity

We see all of these wicked people in the world advancing toward a brighter
future, which often makes us feel angered. We watch as some of the people in
society commit crimes, welfare fraud, abuse, and other bad behaviors and at the
same time, we watch them walk out of the courtroom with less than minimal
punishment. The things that go on in society will bring us down. Worse, the
things that go on in society shape the vast majority of people's personality.
We must stop this from occurring by taking control of our life.

Just take the bull by its horn. Take action so that you can shape your
personality and become the person you were created to be. Of course, all the
things that we see in society affect our lives, but we can stop allowing them
to influence us by taking control of self. Self-governing is sometimes that
best practices, since it helps us to govern what is right and wrong.

We remove examples and influences from our life, so that the path to
self-identity becomes clearer. Still, we need to put some practices and
techniques to good use, since it offers us aids that benefit us in many ways.
Since it is all in the technique that determines our results, we want to make
sure that we choose what works best for us.

Some of the practices and techniques you can consider are meditation, yoga,
subliminal learning, guided relaxation, Reiki, acupuncture, massage therapy,
and other naturopathy practices. You can also benefit from accelerated learning
courses, or you can use techniques at home to train self.

In the new age, we all have a wide range of products and techniques we can
benefit from, but again we need what works best for us. If you have extensive
pain, then certain tactics may not work for you. In this case, seek answers
from the biofeedback and Neurofeedback solutions. You can visit the Internet to
learn more about the latest solutions on the new age market.

Society reflects on us in many ways. Thus, we must move closer to self so that
we shape our personality devoid of external influences. For instance, if you
continue to notice these wicked people getting away with wrong behaviors, you
might start to think that you should also do wrong so that you will reap
superficial rewards. Remember, these people reap many rewards, but they are
only getting these rewards from stealing from others.

We must keep the bigger picture in sight at all times. We must remain focused,
observing closely the things around us so that we don't become someone else,
instead of ourselves. This will put us on the road to self-identity in which we
have shaped ourselves.

Self-identity is established by doing what is right. Instead of following the
people that engage in illicit behaviors, activities, entertainment, et cetera,
we all must take the bull by the horn and guide our own path. Of course, we
should never lean upon our own understanding. Instead, we should acquaint self
with our creator, discover the truth in the bible, ask for wisdom to find this
truth, and then move to let the truth set us free.

Our creator is the sole entity that can assist us with shaping our own identity
that is not influenced by other people in society. Take time today to read your
bible, and get a richer meaning to the truth that will help reduce the stress
of taking the bull on by yourself. Seek additional information online to help
you work toward a brighter future.

Establishing Convictions for Self Identity

By establishing convictions we develop confidence in self so that we can speak
with clarity on any topic we have learned whilst knowing that we are stressing
the facts. Convictions once cultivated create a sincere person that is full of
unwavering passion to express truth. Convictions are our assurance that helps
us to abandon negative thoughts that appear from doubt.

When one establishes his convictions, it gives him a richer understanding of
self and he can move through society with fewer problems. Convictions gives us
confidence when we express our beliefs, faith, opinions, and one can persuade
others to follow him when convictions are strong. This means that the person
becomes a leader in society rather than someone that follows others path. We
become acquainted with self.

How to build or expand convictions:

First, if you have already established a measure of convictions you can expand
this by researching your subject. If you believe that the sky is blue,
research, take notes, and discover evidence that clarifies that the sky is blue.

When you build such confidence, it cultivates self-belief, which creates
ultimately a meek person that can talk to anyone. Convictions give us support,
since we develop humane traits, such as the ability to assert self, trust,
faith, beliefs, loyalty, and so forth. Once more, establishing convictions
removes doubt, which makes it easier to develop our self-identity if full color.

We build poise from establishing convictions; such our confidence escalates
while our security deepens. We don't feel that timidity when in society; rather
we learn to express ourselves effectively.

When a person feels insecure, it makes it difficult to acknowledge self and
often the mind is cluttered, which makes it difficult to comprehend others or
while reading. We can enhance our experiences at school by developing
confidence through established convictions. In short, it heightens the
awareness, which takes you to higher planes of consciousness.

If you have never experienced a higher plane of conscious awareness, then you
are in for a big surprise when you reach this point. Instead of using 10% of
your brain as the common people do, you will enhance the percentage by 30 or
even 50%. Some people can expand their knowledge and experiences further. It
depends on the willingness to cultivate the entire self-identity and self.

Einstein was one of the people in the world that expanded his consciousness
well above normal standards. Of course, he was targeted for persecution, but
ultimately Einstein proved many points that common scientists did not see.

This is because his heightened awareness took him beyond common logic. Einstein
realized that sometimes-illogical conceptions held more truth than logical
conceptions. He set out to show the world better than tell them that this was
true and ultimately, he not only proved his point, he became famous. Today,
Einstein is recognized by his actions and way of thinking and noted as a
Mastermind of science. His intellectual mind took him beyond what he could

We can benefit by following Einstein's example. Since, Einstein set out prove
his convictions, which made him a remarkable man that left his mark for
centuries, paving the path for us to follow pursuit in establishing
convictions. Einstein was born in 1879 and left us in 1955. He died at the age
of 76, which back in this time that was uncommon. Perhaps his endeavors
expanded his life expectancy by at least 15%. Therefore, we can see other
benefits streaming from established convections. Moreover, Einstein was a
German-Born American physicist that creator many theories that continue to
benefit us today.

Effective Conscious in Self Identity

We can expand our conscious mind to ensure that we are capable of finding our
self-identity and self in society. When our conscious and developmental skills
are underdeveloped, we often fall short of discovering who we are.

Some of the best ways to advance our consciousness is to probe into the
subliminal mind by practicing meditation daily. This area of the mind houses
secreted messages that could disclose truths to you. We tend to fall short of
expectations, but we can correct this problem by considering self-growth.

Instead of letting stress get in the way of self-growth, we all must learn to
thrive on stress. Stress can be harmful and affect our performance and success
in life. In order to reduce stress, thus clearing up space for self-growth one
must probe into the mind to find negative patterns that cause stress and then
move to reprogram the thoughts to positive.

Reprogramming your mind to positive, you can grow successfully, thus finding
your self-identity. Use meditation practices to expand your ability to focus.
Start probing into your mind and begin cleaning up the negative thoughts. Each
time you find a piece of the puzzle from exploring self, thus write down what
you learn. Write down your feelings and thoughts. This will help you advance
faster. Don't let these thoughts control your progress.

By delving into the mind, you will expand the conscious mind while you are
making changes to make your life easier. When you write down your discoveries
it is brings the negative thoughts out, which makes the process of
reprogramming easier. Once you've began probing the mind you will find answers
too many questions.

Use what you put on paper to your advantage. Reread your thoughts often to help
keep your mind focused and thinking positive. Each time something negative slips
in while making your changes, stop and focus so that you can rethink the
problem. By reminding yourself often of the goals you've decided to reach,
you'll be able to reprogram your mind to act in a positive way.

Reprogramming your mind to think positive will help you, since it strengthens
the mind, thus moving you toward effective conscious and self-growth. By
relieving stress, your conscious mind will expand. You will begin focusing on
each goal separately. You grow stronger by making better decisions with a
winning attitude.

Using meditation skills to relax will give you power from excelled development
skills you have accomplished. As you begin to notice things are, looking up in
your world you'll have more confidence in yourself.

Meditation will help you relax. It will also boost your energy. You will
develop healthy skills, such as self-control, which gives you power in the way
you live and perform. Meditation will help you to breathe slow and deep for
relaxing when making difficult decision with stress. As you relax, you'll find
focusing is easier and more successful in the end.

Don't expect a miracle overnight when practicing meditation for growing in
effective conscious and self-development skills. It takes time to learn.
Practice will make you stronger and the skills of meditating for success will
encourage you to make constructive changes.

You probably won't notice any changes in your performance right way. Other
people will notice and like the new person in you however. As you learn to
focus and relax, your communication skills will increase letting you carry on
conservation with skill and confidence. Don't be afraid to say how you feel by
giving your opinions with ease.

Your vocabulary will increase letting you say new things in a way that is
interesting for others to listen to.

Discover Self Identity

Human beings are complex individuals and no one can understand this thing much
better than we, humans ourselves. Humans have always been termed as social
animals and it is very true indeed.

People need a society, which they can live in, find their place in the society
and develop meaningful relations with other fellow human beings. People keep
trying to understand other individuals all through their lives but
surprisingly, they often fail to understand their inner selves, the purpose of
their lives and their relation with their inner selves and identity of the

Every individual has three distinctive sides to his personality. His outer self
which he presents to the world, his private self which is mostly deep seated
somewhere in his personality and forms the core of his inner self. The third
side of an individual's personality is his mirror or perceived self. This is
that aspect of a person as the world at large and he himself believes him to be

Among these three selves, remains lost our self-identity and identity of the
society, which needs to be acknowledged well in time in order to progress and
tread on the path of self-development. A person's public self, which he
exhibits to the world, can often be the most deceiving one. If a person is
quite extrovert and is considered very outgoing by his peers, he is expected to
be highly optimistic, high energy and motivated in life. Nevertheless, in
reality, it may be possible that an individual may be quite its opposite. In
such cases, the concerned person always feels the need to mask his inner self
and present an identity of what the world perceives him to be. In the process
of constantly putting up with a fake exterior, he may lose touch with his inner
self and his real identity.

Our inner self will remain hidden by rest of the world most of the times. It
will only surface itself when an individual is faced by problems and uphill
challenges in his life. The obstacles and difficulties faced by an individual
can reveal a person to the best. In such situations, he forgets all about his
fake exterior and his inner persona is what takes over. Thus, it will not be an
exaggeration to say that our self-identity is best revealed to ourselves and the
society, when we are faced with troubles and difficult situations in life.
Several people are often confused between the concepts of self-image and inner

Self-image can be best defined as what we perceive of ourselves to be. It could
be wrong or right depending upon how accurately a person is able to perceive
himself. However, our inner self is free from all such misappropriations. It is
dependent on the way our conscience works and is gradually shaped up after being
influenced by a lot of factors. These factors include an individual's past
experiences and the expectations of other people from him.

However, people often tend to ignore the lessons learnt from their past
experiences and tend to give much more importance to what society thinks and
expects out of them. This is one of the main factors, which prevent them from
progressing further in life, and they fail to figure out any meaningful
relationship between themselves and the society.

Several psychologists and experienced philosophers are of the belief that
people who are able to understand themselves and their relation with the
society in the better manner, are generally the ones who are hailed by the
society for their accomplishments in life and are considered as role model by
their fellow members in the society.

Development of Self identity through society

A person's self identity is really important to exist in society. People work
hard to maintain their self-esteem and self-dignity. Both these elements are
required in the development of self-identity. There are so many people who work
hard to achieve their goals and ambitions. So, that they can maintain or develop
their self-identity. The self identity of self is built in society surroundings
only. It is the society, which helps a person to develop his self identity.

Self-discipline in a person's surroundings solves the purpose of self to act
and think to a large extent that is a part of self-identity. It is very
important in life as Self-discipline helps a person to achieve his goals and
ambitions. If a person follows the path of Self-discipline, he will never have
any problems at the time of reaching his destiny. He does not have to
compromise in his life. Self-discipline is a key to success. It is a cultivated
process; it will connect a person's past to present and further to future.

Planning is very necessary when a person is thinking about his goals and
ambitions. Planning comes under self-discipline. Self-discipline helps a person
to build his confidence level. Without any fear a person can follow his self and
move ahead in life. Self-discipline solves the purpose of emotional self-hostage
by making aware of the cause and effects of negative emotions.

If a person wants any guidance regarding his problems then he can take help
from a psychologist. He will really get help in solving his problems. A person
should always maintain a balance when it comes to his problems in life.

When it comes to achieving goals a person should be aware of his deeds. A
person should think on a wider perspective on what is needed in society. That
is self identity needs to be expanded as it will include all the things a
person plans to achieve. If a person thinks about his goals according to the
society's perspective, he will definitely be successful. A person's identity
changes according to time and surroundings. This process of self identity is
quick and steady. Self identity also fluctuates due to circumstances.

Self identity of a person is reality of his life. An individual self is to act
and think governs the self identity of that individual. The inner and outer
self both govern the self identity of a person. If a person compares his own
self to another person he will realize the difference. This means that a
renowned person has more fame in the society as compared to a normal employ.

The self identity of a renowned person will be more appealing as compared to
the normal employ. Both pf their frequency will never match. It will only match
when a normal employ reaches the level of the other person. A person desires
also frame self identity. When a person will start fulfilling his desires he
reaches the point of equilibrium. This point will further enhance his self
identity in society. Emotions, feelings help a lot in development of self.
People who have good feelings for other person are always accepted by the
society. People make society that is they form society.

The key to self identity is success. A person has to shift his awareness level
and has to focus specifically on it. An individual just has to do a little hard
work by keeping a quick pace. Confidence ability in a person is very important
to achieve self identity. A person will achieve the confidence level from self
identity in his surroundings. He will now feel confident while talking,
thinking and acting. Therefore, confidence level will help in the development
of self identity in society surroundings.

Decisions in Self Identity of Self: How to relate to Self and Society

Thinking positive can get a person a long way in this world. We can feel
healthier and succeed at anything we want when you think positive. This is
because we start to form our identity quicker, which helps us better understand
the self in society.

When making decisions you need to think positive before you answer or decide
how to handle the problem. People make decisions all the time and wonder why in
the world they said or did something one way or another when it doesn't work out.

We hear negative things and our mind pick them up and store them for further
use in the subliminal compartment. Our subconscious mind thinks negative
thoughts using self-talk to send them to us. We do what is being sent whether
it is the wrong answer or not.

In order to make a good decision we need to think positive to overshadow the
negative thoughts. Think positive and keep the bigger picture in view. Take
some time to learn self-talk and subliminal learning practices to help you

If we are thinking and doing negative things we will never get anywhere in this
world. Our health is affected when we make poor choices. Because you won't be
motivated to get out and exercise or to cook a healthy meal from thinking
negative, thus it takes a toll on the body and mind. Negative thoughts will
take over and you will lose control.

Don't let negative thoughts ruin your life. Take control and start thinking
positive by using innate abilities and tools, such as self-talk. Learn
self-management skills and gain confidence that you will not let negative
things control you.

Make something of yourself and be healthier by relating better with self. Tell
yourself that you are going to start an exercise program today by setting some
goals. Plan to keep the body healthy so that you have a healthy mind.

Know what you want before you set out in the develop process. If you are unsure
then allow your subliminal mind to reveal messages that help you see what you
need. Exercise each day to maintain weight, stress, and to strengthen your
muscles. You can do these things and more by thinking positive.

Set a goal and write it down on paper. Setting goals will help you to focus on
the positive. Writing helps to relieve stress and setting goals will give you
something positive to work toward. As you reach, your goals check them off.
This will help you see where you can go when thinking positive.

Reward your self as you reach each goal. Self-assurance is the ticket to
expanding higher levels of positive thinking. Buy yourself a new outfit, Put a
note on the refrigerator when you lose that weight and buy a new bike when your
muscles get stronger. Start biking riding, laugh and have fun to relieve stress.
Be proud of your success when you reach each goal.

Don't stop thinking positive once you begin to check off your goals. Create new
ones to go further in success. Continue to look back and note your progress.

Being healthier and happier will help to prevent many diseases and you will
feel like a new person as you begin to see how much better you feel from
thinking positive.

Enjoy your new health and happiness with positive thinking and self-talk you've
come a long ways and keep going ahead to succeed. All your endeavors will pay
off and you will find the greatest reward of all, i.e. knowing yourself.

Confidence in Self Identity

When we fail to give forethought before making our decisions, it often causes
us to make poor decisions. We all must stop and look further into the options
in order to realize and make better decisions.

We can build confidence when we give forethought before making decisions. The
benefits of giving forethought lead us to higher awareness. We are better able
to consider ideas or propositions effectively by expanding our awareness.
Moreover, when one has foresight it is a prudence of having the aptitude to
develop constructive plans. We start planning and anticipating a better life
because one takes precaution before opening his mouthpiece to speak.

Taking precaution provides us a safety measure. This preventative measure will
insure that we are safeguarded while providing us provisions that expand

We all make decisions daily. For instance, when we wake up we must choose what
to wear for the day. We must chose our hairstyle, what to have for breakfast,
what route to take to work, what to do first while at work and the list goes on
and on. An entity almost certainly makes around ten or twenty choices before the
clock strikes 9 a.m. Most of these decisions are made without a second thought.

If the person had given forethought to the decisions he had to make prior to
the timeframe that he had to get moving, thus he would reduce time and stress.
How so, well, if this entity would have prepared during the night hours, he'd
have his clothes ready in the morning, choice of breakfast, hairstyle, and
route to take to work, and so much more ready before he woke up. In the
morning, he'd merely would have to fix his breakfast, put on his clothes and do
his hair. He could cut back more time by keeping things simple. A simple
hairstyle and casual or business wear is all he needs.

Since an entity must make so many decisions it is critical for that individual
to understand what guides his/her especially in the decision making process.

Part of the problem is learned patterns. The major part of the problem however
is the fact that many people fall short of completely developing self, thus
establishing their own self-identity.

Decisions are often made based on the entity's present emotions, thoughts and
feelings. One's emotional competency is based on the way in which an entity
reacts under stressful situations. We can develop emotional competency, which
leads us to self-discovery. It is the way in which an entity establishes the
capacity to manage particular events and daily activities. Each of us reacts
differently when the emotions are interrupted.

When an entity has the desire to achieve a higher plane of emotional strength
of mind that individual is striving towards a more positive life, a life that
is more satisfying and flourishing.

Consider what would occur if we all made better choices in life. We would all
have the aptitude to accomplish our innermost hopes and dreams. An entity must
not fear the process of evaluating his or her personal emotional strengths. At
some point in time, we must be willing to step back and look at the emotions
that determine how we make decisions.

The choices we make dictate our life in many ways. In order to establish
self-identity and understand the way the self behaves in society we must
cultivate human qualities, such as higher awareness, confidence, self-esteem,
and move to give forethought before making any decision. While self-development
to establish an identity takes great effort, practice and skill, it is a process
we can all complete by taking action today and giving forethought to our

Components of Self Identity

Some of the human components of emotional strength comes from is
self-confidence. Self-confidence one's belief in his ability to complete any
task he sets out to master. This type of emotional strength gives the entity
the ability to recognize that they are the right person for the job.
Self-confidence is also enables one to convey ideas and opinions to others
without feeling emotionally challenged. This entity can express his feelings
and thoughts in a manner that is self-assured. An entity that is self-confident
will produce a positive and enduring impact on other people life.

Most people have envied others that have developed with self-confidence at one
point in their life. Instead of envying these people, one should work hard to
develop self-confidence of self. This moves that entity closer to his identity.

An entity that is self-assured has three unique skills. An entity who is sure
of self will present self in an unreserved and self-assured manner. This is
because this person has established convictions that back his confidence.

When an individual has self-assurance, that person usually stands out in a
group. Self-confident individuals believe that he or she is the best person,
the most competent entity for any specific task. Once an entity possesses the
three major skills, he acquires stronger feelings. In this event, that entity
can be verified as a self-confident soul.

We must consider three steps that an individual can take in order to develop a
higher plane of self-confidence. In order for an entity to learn these steps in
developing self-confidence, the person cultivates a willingness to change his or
her behavior and thinking. An entity must be willing to modify his or her
thinking to adapt to someone else's self-confidence. Once this individual has
committed to cultivating self-confidence that person must learn to act more
determinedly and decisively and with a confident approach. In order to develop
self-confidence we must recognize the need of all humans to accept and need
help. A friend or mentor, someone who you can trust, to assist you in analyzing
your confidence ability is all you need to help you establish your identity.
Nevertheless, you must not allow these people to deter you from developing
self-identity that clearly identifies you. In other words, you must seek help,
yet decide what you need in order to establish your identity. This will
allocate an entity to see themselves through someone else's eyes, yet set a
limit. The step in self-development is essential in order to develop new
perspectives on life.

When an entity is ready to accomplish developing self-confidence that entity
should seek a career in which that individual qualifies for personally. Ask
someone you trust or assign a mentor to help you measure what you need to do in
order to amplify your qualifications.

By probing for a better career, a job you qualify for, you are approaching the
highest treads of success and consciousness. Ultimately, you will take charge
of your emotions. When you take charge of your emotions, you often see clearly
the final steps that lead you to self-identity.

Humans are made up of many components. In addition to the components outlined
in the article, one must also seek self-awareness of his physiological response
and actions. Take time now to find articles that inform you of the benefits of
using biofeedback and Neurofeedback programs. Don't forget to look for
assistance from Radionics. As well, discover the benefits of meditation, yoga
and other practices that point you to guided relaxation. You have many options
that will assist you in the new age arena.

Competency of Self Identity in Society

When an entity develops emotional and mental competency it makes him stronger
since he moves closer to his identity. Competency is an entity's ability to
manage particular events and stress on an emotional level. Emotions dictate how
we react in stressful situations under stress. This competency is based on our
strength of mind and determines the results from our past experiences. Current
feelings and thoughts also has something to do with how we will react
emotionally or how we make decisions. It is vital to evaluate one's own
emotional responses in order to work toward mental-emotional competency.
Developing a higher level of emotional skill one will be able to make decisions
and to handle most events he encounters.

Competency of mental-emotional has components we all must expand, which
includes self-awareness. Self-awareness enables us to recognize our own
emotions and the effects. What this means is that the entity is capable of
recognizing the way in which he reacts to environmental changes. Self-awareness
is the measure of how an entity's emotions agree with the individual's job

Self-awareness cultivates self-control. Usually, when a person develops a
higher grade of competency they are aware of their own feelings. This helps
them to understand better, why meticulous feelings come to mind. One can relate
better to the implications of their own emotions. This is the stepping-stones of
achieving emotional social consciousness.

We have several ways in which we can work toward developing a higher grade of
self-awareness. Once a person has developed this higher plane, the entity is on
the voyage of developing emotional skill.

We must learn to pay closer attention to the corporeal signs that come up when
a stressful situation emerges. The physical symptoms may involve sweaty palms,
elevated blood pressure and rapid successions of breathing. When one is aware
of the physical symptoms, the entity can learn how to control or how to
acclimatize to them.

Self-identity of self in society and other areas of life involve reaching for a
higher plane of emotional self-awareness. This helps one to keep records of your
individual behaviors that are awaken when coming face-to-face with a stressful
situation in society.

A stressful situation may crop up daily. Some folks find it taxing to
communicate successfully with their employer or people in society. On this
note, one must learn to jot down his reactions and his physical symptoms during
communication by taking notice when the feelings or responses develop. Next, the
entity must assess his personal reactions and move to discover how the person
can act in response better in the situation.

Taking control of your emotions and feelings is important. Most people fail to
take responsibility of their actions. Many people commonly use the same excuse,
"this is how I am, and I can't change now." This is not an answer to resolve
poor reactions; instead, it is just an excuse. In order for a person to attain
his dreams and goals, he must be willing to take responsibility for all areas
of his life.

Emotions can without difficulty dictate how an entity reacts in a significant
moment. Thus, one must grow and make changes so that he can manage stressful
situations that make that person feel uncomfortable. There are limitless
possibilities in life when an individual is in control. One can accomplish this
by expanding his emotional skills, which is essentially the first step to
achieve his goals. Keep in mind that writing a journal allows you to express
your personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Writing your feelings and
thoughts is one of the most effective ways to identify self.

Clearly Seeing Self and Identity in Society

It is these very thoughts, feelings and emotions that dictates the path and
decisions we choose in life. Free yourself from emotional drudgery and allow
yourself to sit in the driver's seat. Emotional competency is much closer then
you may think.

We must see clearly through each problem we face in order to discover
self-identity and self in society. The way we react is generally inspired by
the emotions. Despite that, people will always trigger our emotions, causing us
distress along the way; we must gain strength of mind to take control of our
reactions. Instead of letting people in society get us down, we must learn to
make better choices.

You have the choice to choose your friends, job, and the way you handle
interruptive situations. If you choose associations that causes you stress,
thus you have made a bad choice that will cause many emotional challenges to
develop along the way. Good association builds character and strength of mind.

If you decide to work at a job were as your employees or employers causes you
distress, don't feel depressed when you find yourself angry often. It is how
you react however, that will lead to good results. Sometimes you must show meek
character in order to subdue others and assist them with working in union with
you. If this is not possible, then it is time to seek a better job. If you lack
skills to get a better job, then it is time to reconsider education.

The way we handle things can determine our fate. If we are quick to react in
anger, likely you will develop a violent nature that will lead to serious
complications in the future. We must learn to control this anger despite those
others will trigger our emotions.

By taking charge of your emotions, you can move mountains and sit down people
that trigger your emotions. For example, if someone pushes the wrong button per
se, the button that makes you angered, thus if you respond with a meek attitude,
keeping it positive, most times that person will walk away feeling bad. Keep in
mind however, that there are many people in society that could care less about
hurting another person's feelings. Many people have pushed aside humane
qualities that make them unique. They roam the world with a mind full of
clutter and rarely will they become acquainted with the self-identity.

Instead of reacting negatively to this type of pattern, we must realize that
these people are ignorant. We do not want to become ignorant and childish like
them, instead we want to push ahead toward self-developing our characters and
skills. We can grow into our being successfully by not allowing influences of
any sort dictate our direction.

Most people are influentially created from others in society and in the
leadership world. Political leaders, religion, teachers, and many in society
often create their state of mind and identity. This is why we have so many
problems today. Instead of allowing these influences to reflect on us, and
create who we are, we must take charge now and dictate our own self-growth.

We all have innate abilities to cultivate our personality and identity. Yet, we
must learn to listen to the signals that brush before us. Many people ignore
these signals because we as people have been seriously dehumanized, demoralized
and desensitized in society and life. We must re-establish our identity by
re-humanizing, re-moralizing and re-sensitizing our character. Only then can we
advance toward a brighter future by identifying self, as self and not what
someone else created.

Analyze Self in Society for Self Identity

Self identity refers to the psychosomatic and hypothetical insightful of an
individual and the concern, which he has for his very survival in this world.
The self identity of an individual can also be regarded as the consciousness
and consideration about the individual self. In other words, self identity of a
person is entirely different from self perception.

Every individual has certain peculiar way of reacting to the situation and this
reaction changes with change in circumstances. The gestures of a person are
constantly changed in accordance with other's action, the attitude of other
people are also greatly influenced by one's reaction. This has also accounted
for modification and evolution in the process of society. This has been
responsible for constant variations in the gestures and reaction of each and
every individual. The thinking process that is going within the mind of a
person brings about different situations in the society of which he forms an
essential aspect and by doing this we are putting forth our own views. This
often leads to sometimes accepting and sometimes rejecting the esteemed opinion
of others.

Sometimes failure and success also leads to bring about severe modification in
the attitude of a person. With increasing competition in this world, everybody
is striving in order to make a niche for himself. In order to survive in this
competitive world, an individual is ruining his relationships with hiss near
and dear ones. The only thing that matters to him is money. In order to have
all the luxuries in life, he is blindly following the footsteps that will in
future lead to destruction. This has lead to gaps between his individual
personality and the society of which he forms a part. The reasons that are
actually responsible for acquiring this sort of outlook is the ignorance of the
society towards the causes that have lead to the development of this attitude
and over emphasis on the failure symptoms. Due to failure in life the downbeat
energy becomes prevalent in him. That further gives rise to the thoughts of
envy, sloth, lust and gluttony. The prevalence of these sins in an individual
further hampers his growth and prosperity. These thoughts then further
deteriorate his relationships. This way he looses his actual worth and the
process of his self healing is also hindered. Self healing promotes the self
development of an individual. For the process of self development it is very
essential to inculcate the positive feelings of generosity, love, and care for
the people around him.

Optimistic and positive thoughts can be inculcated in an individual through the
process of meditation, yoga, naturopathy, aromatherapy, color therapy among the
others. These process are non invasive and do not require and intensive
surgeries and drugs for the healing. They are extremely rejuvenating and
refreshing. They aid in soothing the mind, soul and body of an organism. These
processes have been in existence since time in memorial. Aromatherapy, has also
gained tremendous importance over the time period as it serves as a calming
process. The aromatherapy massages, oils and incense have aided in relaxing a
person. It also induces positive energy with in the person that further helps
him to liberate positivistic energy around him. It helps a person to develop
his constructive thoughts at the same time hindering the growth of
unconstructive thoughts. This will enable in the process of self healing that
ultimately leads in development of the self. Therefore, a person should
incorporate these methods in his daily life, as this will free him from the
pessimistic and unenthusiastic thoughts. The scrutiny of the inner self will
definitely help in making this society a better place to live in.

Self Identity Development

The development of the social self enhances our communication skills so that we
feel confident in self when we express our emotions. It is important that
everyone has friends to stay strong and feel in control of self, but it much
more important for us to develop a relationship with self-first.

When we do not have an established relationship with self, we may become
depressed, stressed, make poor decisions, and so on. Staying in control of our
feelings will help us grow stronger in the development of the social self so
that we connect with who we are.

There are things that we can do to take control of our life. Stress is the
chief reason we all fall short when managing daily duties, so we need a stress
reduction strategy. Stress will make us feel like we fail all the time, we
don't seem to make good decisions that cause us not to like ourselves. When we
don't like ourselves, others don't like us either.

We need a positive attitude and find our self by searching our inner thoughts
to find the reason why you're not happy with your life. Ask yourself; what
don't you like and how can you change these things for the better?

The development of the social self will boost your energy and positive
thinking. When you learn to make constructive changes, it encourages good
things to come to you. It takes some time, but people will notice the changes.
It may take a little longer for you to notice the changes.

Meditation is one of the guides you can use to learn to relax. This is build
your human skills. When you learn to relax the body and mind, it makes it
easier to remove interferences from your life. On the other hand, when are
stressed you often fail and feel unhappy. Failure often makes us feel depressed
and down in the dumps even though we don't realize it.

When a person is unhappy and depressed it causes them additional frustration,
especially since some of the people in society will add to the pressure.
Depression lowers our self-confidence; causes us anxiety when talking to
someone and will cause us to make poor decisions. Practice meditation for
relaxation in the development of social self so that you can reduce stress.

Meditation is a great technique that will assist you with guiding the body and
mind into relaxation. It enhances your mind strength, body strength,
communication skills and much more when practiced often. Meditation will help
us to speak with confidence while focusing becomes more effective.

It is important that when making friends and communicating we relax and focus
on what is in our surroundings. When communicating with friends and focusing on
something else it often leads to confusion. Practice meditation to focus in the
development of social self so that you can expand your communication and focus

Setting goals will assist an entity with expanding new development social
skills as well. When we have goals it changes our position at the workplace, or
anything else that we really want to succeed at, we will become stronger with
development skills.

Each goal the entity reaches leads them to higher benefits, success and it
builds his self-esteem and confidence. This is an important part of the
development stage.

The development of the social self-means that one needs to have communication
skills and be confident in them. It is important that everyone has friends to
stay strong and in control of themselves. Isolation is not healthy, but you
still want to isolate your self on a balanced schedule to make time for you.

Self Identity and Posing Challenges

Posing a challenge -- agreat way to gain self and social identity

Man is a social animal and needs company of people around him. When an
individual be in company of others there are times when he or she has to face
criticism and difficulties. Therefore, people should adopt a positive approach
and self-identity in the society so as to overcome external threats.

To face criticism, it is vital to be strong and have the capacity of taking
challenges, as it will contribute in development of the self. The society we
live in is full of people who have feelings of hatred and jealousy and they
plan one or the other way to insult or make fun of other people so as to gain

Self-awareness is the main ingredient that builds up the confidence and thereby
contributing in the development of the self. If a person is unaware of his or
her positive and negative attributes, he or she can never face the challenges
posed by the society. Awareness of the self is important as it opens one's mind
about the various aspects of a person's personality and behavior. When an
individual comes to know his or her shortcomings, he or she can work on those
areas so that self-development can be achieved.

Challenging one's own self and society contributes a lot in gaining confidence
about one's own perspective and outlook. The first thing that has to be adopted
is to widen one's perspective and thinking and be open. There may be a case when
you might have put in your best efforts to achieve some goal but might have
failed. In this situation, it is obvious that people in the society will
criticize you and pass remarks and comments that might be depressing.
Therefore, people should adopt open approach towards life and does not take
their failure as the ultimate destiny. They should try to console themselves
that they will perform even harder the next time and come before the world with
true colors.

Moreover, a person should be focused on whatever challenge they have taken and
not change their mind according to different people's viewpoint. If you will be
focused on you're the work you are doing, you will observe that even the
difficult tasks will be completed without much problems.

Having a positive outlook towards one's identity also contributes a lot in
development of the self and society as if a person will not be confident about
his or her strengths, he or she will never take up any activity and that will
in turn hamper the growth of the society physically and financially. In
addition, one should be clear about his or her views and issues as when a
person is not confident of what he or she is doing, it will create confusion
and the society will not be able to gain identity and place of its own. A
person should maintain thinking that he or she is unique. Nevertheless, at the
same time it should not be so strong that might become over confidence and an
obstacle in attaining your self-identity. In addition, if an individual draws a
line of limit, he or she can never prosper as success is achieved when there is
a huge wealth of knowledge about one's own self and the society in which we
live in.

There are various threats that a person faces from the society in which he or
she lives. For this, people should be strong enough both mentally and
physically so as to have a place and standing in society and that would in turn
maintaining reputation. Thus, it is important for an individual to have an
identity of its own but also of the society around.

Sections of self identity of the self and society

Self identity is the creation of self image, which a person creates for
himself. Often people create images for themselves and try to transform
themselves according to that image that resides their mind.

Every human being needs some admiration for his or her life. These admirations
are actually inspiration and encouragement for a person's life and drive him to
move on life. Apart from inspirations, morality also plays its part in forming
the person's identity. Morality is the universal consciousness, which lays down
rules demarcating the spaces for wrong and right. It consists of dos and don'ts,
which are, age old and are being followed since the time immemorial. Initially
morality was associated with religion. When morality was bound with religion it
was stringent and strict. It was orthodox as well. Actually when it broke of the
religious shackles it became more rational. Morality states that one must have
logical and rational approach towards life. It guides human beings not to
divert to a path of evils and its sole motto is welfare of the society.

Inspirations are a result of the self-perception process of person about other
people. Basically this inspiration and admiration for others arises because of
observant attitude of a human being. Human mind is perceptive and sensitive to
events taking place around it. It is responsive as well to the changes taking
place in social, cultural and political milieu. Therefore, it can be said that
a person's identity is a lucid self formed of reactions to all the sections of
society. It is due to the rational and emotional perception of the human race.
God has made both these faculties in each of human being which simultaneously
work together to form a person's opinion.

On the sentient level the self identity consists of physical and psychological
attributes whereas the social self consists of the moral, cultural and
political consciousness of a person. Cultural consciousness is the awareness
about one's origin. Cultural structure also has its deep effects on a human
beings psyche. It builds human beings ideology according to the rules
regulation laid by one's community. Ideas and attitudes of a human being are
built by these cultural and moral structures.

Political consciousness also has an eminent role in building up an individual's
consciousness. Politics is the word, which concerns power. Every individual
living in society can feel the authority of power structure running the
society. If one will analyze, he will find that power has a role to play in his
life right from the time he was born. Power can exploit as well as can lead to
prosperity. Avery individual wishes to acquire power in his life. Powerful
individual has concession to fulfill all his wishes. He can make others bow
down on his feet. Every individual's actions are devoted to the motto of
acquiring power. Nevertheless, one must take care that if one acquires a
powerful status in society then he must not abuse his authority for his/her own
selfish interest.

Often individuals are unaware of all these factors, which have built his
consciousness as what it appears in his mature state. As he grows, each
additional year of his life bring new experiences for him, which add his
knowledge and make him more mature.

Self identity is actually the coherent self, which constitutes, one's habits
attitudes, likes, dislikes and one's perception levels. Likes and dislikes
cannot be considered as unique but they do make an individual different.
Identity of an individual is unique yet similar. God has made human beings with
different but when they stand together they are considered as human race. The
conglomeration of human race is bound to have some common qualities, which make
it different.

Reprogramming in Self Identity of Self

Reprogramming the mind assists you with discovering self-identity through a
self-development process. You begin to see the roles that society and others
play in your life. Some of the best practices to reprogram the mind are
repetitive learning, which allows you to use affirmatives to reduce negative
thinking and behaviors. You can develop a positive mind.

The key to finding self is practicing relaxation. You will notice any
difference in self each day you practice. Your patients will expand, which
makes daily functioning easier. Your friends and family will probably notice
the changes before you will, but in time you will see the new you. Yoga is
another great way to reprogram the mind.

Each day we go through stress, which blinds us from discovering who we are.
Yoga helps by allowing us to reprogram the mind, thus focusing more. Because we
make many mistakes that often push us toward resentment, anger, hate, et cetera
the mind builds up residue, which we feel trapped.

This can completely hinder us in the process of self-development. We must free
the mind by reprogramming it so that we can purge into positive thinking that
leads us to self-discovery. Practicing yoga daily is a great way to maneuver
through this process. Yoga has proven to assist one with prosperity and growth
of self.

Self-discovery helps us to develop self-control. Through self-inductance, we
abandon self-destructive patterns and actions, which cause harm to self. Some
of these destructive behaviors are self-willful that lead to unintended
consequences or else it are because of physiological causes.

By developing self-control, we have the capability to manage our actions,
emotions and desires. We move to self-governing, which enables us to exercise
powers without routine involvement of society or other outside authorities.

Through this process moves us to the self-healing stage. Yoga is a great
practice, since it backs the perennial prostate herb notion of self-healing.
This is from the mint family. Therefore, you may want to add some herbs into
your yoga routines. The self-healing practices will assist with healing

Throughout the process of self-healing, one moves closer to self. We develop
self-discipline through yoga practices, which guides us to self-identity.
Self-discipline encourages us to keep up regular routines that lead us to
discovery. We all need refinement. This comes from practice. Practice will make
us proficient.

Society comes into mind. To identify self, we must realize that a person's
confidence is not truly established by external factors. We establish
confidence by reflecting on our actions, attitude and learning from our
mistakes. This gives us motivation and convictions that establish our beliefs.

Our willpower plays a part in building confidence for self-discovery. Yoga
works effortlessly to assist us with establishing what we need to identify
self. Yoga will train us to adjust to various circumstances. It empowers us to
abandon disillusionments that lead us off course. Once self-discovery through
self-healing starts to develop, we manage through difficult and frustrating
actions easier. This gives us self-control.

We all face many disappointments in life that throw us off course. By
practicing yoga for reprogramming the mind however, we can advance toward a
brighter future. We have the capacity to advance and take control of our life
despite that society and many others try to take this control.

Thus, we must reprogram the mind to have the capability to deal with each
circumstance we encounter. Coping skills from self-control will help a person
to attain his goal to discover self. Practice the art of yoga often to enhance
the mind and body and move toward a brighter future.

Relaxation in Self Identity

Let's face it, society, our government and many others take a toll on our life.
For this reason, we all must learn relaxation steps to heal the body and mind in
order to establish our identity. Relaxation practices move us to
self-development. There is always some kind of stress popping up at the wrong
time to deracinate our lives, thus causing a disturbance. This disturbance
deters our direction. Relaxation practices can help you by allowing you to use
different strategies to give you guidance in growing new developmental skills.

Stress is the primarily reason for people losing control and falling short of
expanding their self-developing skills. Whenever stress gets a chance, they
will try to control how we live and function in our daily life. You can grow
stronger by becoming a new person by using relaxation practices.

When people feel stressed they begin to show it by feeling angry, depressed,
and lazy. Making good decisions becomes a stressful task, since the person
feels tired and stressed due to lack of relaxation. Relaxation practices assist
us with self-development of the person and allow us to develop a winning

Relaxation practices include meditation and subliminal learning, but still we
need to take care of the body as well. Exercise is a great strategy for
practicing relaxation skills. With exercise, we become energetic, happy, and
make better decisions. The mind and body grow stronger as the two start to work
in harmony. Exercise also expands our energy and motivation

Exercise isn't just for building body strength for looking better. Exercise
builds energy, which allows us to restore our youth. Exercise builds
confidence, coordination, relaxation and developmental skills. When we exercise
on a daily basis, it will relieve unwanted stress by giving us a new outlook on
life and self. You will forget about the stressful day you just had or things
that happened yesterday while you are exercising. It relieves the mind of this
stress. Taking time out to exercise will help you look at things from another
view to help guide you in making the right decisions to eliminate or thrive on
stress. Instead of letting stress get you down, you take charge and advance
toward the self-identity.

Exercise helps you to look forward to a brighter future and will tone and build
the body as well as the mind. Still, we need more. We also need to exercise the
mind daily. Reading and writing are some of the greatest choices, since it
keeps us informed.

Writing is a good way to encourage relaxation. Practicing relaxation skills by
writing will let you blow off steam for eliminating stress. As stress, builds
up it will drain you of energy causing you to fail at many things. Writing
allows you to release your mind of negative emotions that build up over the
course of your life. Once you have relieved some stress you can go back later
and reread what you have written. You often discover new things and ideas that
help you move closer to you. Reading and writing will build strength of mind,
which assists you with growing stronger.

Practice thinking positive to reprogram the mind. Write down what you feel may
be causing you to feel so stressed and thinking negative. By writing your
negative thoughts on paper, you can keep rereading to make decisions on how to
handle them.

As you reprogram your mind, it gives you a frequent remainder of what you must
do to identify self. You start to see where society comes into the picture and
as you reprogram your mind, you produce healthier habits and behaviors that
stand out from the rest.

Recognition of Self Identity: Realizing your true self in Society

In the fast pace of life people are running very fast to materialize their
aims. They hardly have time to introspect and ponder upon their lives. Their
day starts thinking about their responsibilities and at the end of the day they
are too tired. In the midst of hustle bustle of life they seem to have lost
their identity. Identity can be described as the individuality of the person.
It is the true reflection of the personality of a person. An individual works
hard all day to earn money and raise his standard of living. The society's
opinion of him matters most to him. Everything he does is valued from the
society's point of view. He may enjoy playing music instruments but since he
may not make much money in this field, he won't take it as profession. In other
words his life's decisions depend on the society.

Think for a moment and question yourself that are you really happy leading the
life according to society's standards? What is your true identity? Does your
reputation, bank balance or job define you? Probably a little thinking and
introspection will give you very answer. Very often bank balance, property hold
or standing in the society is considered synonymously with individuality.
Whenever you meet people at a gathering, their introduction features their name
and position they hold in jobs. However, this means that your individuality
exists as long as you have a social standing or money. Nevertheless, the fact
is that nothing remains forever. After a point of time you may lose your bank
balance or social standing due to some unforeseen factors.

The key to your everlasting happiness lies not in your bank balance or job but
within you. It's your distinct individuality that provides you your identity.
It is very essential to know your true worth and the purpose of your existence.
Always follow your heart and do what your instinct suggests. Your intuition is
the voice of god; you need not go to religious sites to seek solutions to your
problems. There is god inside every one of us guiding us ways to lead our life.
However, in the madness of tough schedule, the voice of instinct or intuition is
often suppressed.

The voice of your intuition may be neglected but it is the guide to your true
identity. Following your inner voice will provide you everlasting happiness.
Possessing a new gadget, car or designer wear will definitely provide you
happiness but the joy will be superficial. You will still have fear, worries of
anxieties. You may smile but will not have peace of mind. It is ironical that
you work hard to accumulate money so that you can buy things as per the
requirement and live a satisfied life. Nevertheless, money does not buy you
happiness. These very people suffer from depression and stress related
problems. They find ways to overcome this depression but are not very
successful at doing this. The interiors of their homes and offices are changed
from time to time so that their mood remains good and energy levels high. The
need of the hour is that you meditate regularly to know your true worth. Select
a place at your home and sit there cross legged with eyes closed. Remain silent
for some time and then ask yourself questions about the reason of your
existence in the world. Ask yourself what the thing gives you true happiness.
Do this practice regularly and soon you will change the difference in your
life. The negative emotions such as fear, insecurities or worries will have no
place in your life.

Striving for Self Identity in Society: Working towards self for a better life
in society

Self-identity refers to the psychological and theoretical perceptive of a
person and the constant regard that he holds for his very subsistence.
Self-identity of a person can also be seen as the awareness and thoughtfulness
of his own self. The concept of self-identity is completely different from that
of self-consciousness, which refers to concern about one's self. Self-identity
of a person comprises physical, psychosomatic, and social facets that are
persuaded by the habits, ideas, attitudes and belief of a person.

In this world where competition is increasing at a tremendous speed, each and
every human being is trying hard in order to carve out a forte for himself. In
order to straighten his means an individual is trampling the relationships that
at one point of time were of great importance to him. It is only money that is
of great importance to him. In this way he has deliberately formed a void
between the society and his own self.

The possible reason that has made this sort of attitude prevalent in the
society is that society is constantly ignoring the causes and is laying stress
on the symptoms of the failure. This way an individual allows the growth of
various pessimistic feelings that comprises lust, jealousy, sloth and gluttony.
These features are incorporated within his identity and serve to explain the
kind of human being he is. The growing competition makes him devoid of all the
feelings of humanity and constantly pushes him to the negative aspect. Man who
is regarded as a social animal has completely lost his values in the ongoing
rat race for success and prosperity. In this he has even lost his true and
accurate worth. As a person mainly focuses on the mind and often ignores the
thoughts and feelings. It is often seen that its effect on the society is
drastic and painful.

This attitude of a person often calls for a need to determine the positive and
constructive side of your self and work towards in its development. The
positive thoughts will lead to the emission of harmonious vibrations around
you. This will hinder the growth of the downbeat energy that has been hampering
an individual from adorning pleasant and blissful thoughts. In order to develop
healthy relationship with the society and to relieve oneself from the pressure,
a person needs to change his living style. This can be done by incorporating
self-healing process that comprise yoga, meditation, naturopathy, aromatherapy,
color therapy in his daily routine. They are non-invasive processes that do not
require any surgeries and drugs. They aid a person in relaxing and rejuvenating
from the stresses and anxiety. Yoga and meditation have been practiced by people
since ancient times, so their reliability cannot be doubted. It is a soothing
and calming process that enhances the concentration of a person. It helps a
person to raise oneself from the measures of the world.

Aromatherapy massages and oils have also been in practice from time in
memorial. It also enhances the process of self-healing that forte helps a
person in acquainting with the self that he had lost due to his excessive
indulgence in the selfish means. The aromatherapy oils can also be mixed in the
water for a stress beating experience. It also enables a person to be
indifferent to the people surrounding him. This will also help him to overcome
his materialistic advancement to life. These ways will definitely ensure
success and advancement in life by banking on the positive facets and
minimizing the unconstructive aspects.

Stressed for Self Identity: Self and Society

We all deal with stressful situations that come about on a daily basis. For
instance, some people feel nervous when talking with their boss. This
individual will want to assess self to learn why he has this problem. It will
help him relieve stress. This allows an individual to figure out what behavior
needs changed in order to achieve a high plane of emotional competency. When an
entity develops his communication skills, it helps him to interact with his
employees, employers and people in society more effectively. It builds and
opening that moves one to innovative channels of self-discovering. These
channels lead towards better communications and may be even a job promotion.

One component of emotional competency is self-regulation. Self-regulation is
another component of self-control, which is defined as "managing disruptive
emotions and impulses." When an entity is competent and has developed
self-regulation skills, it enables him effectively to manage distressing
emotions, as well as impulses that inspire his feelings. An individual who is
has self-control is clever to uphold a positive attitude, remain collected and
levelheaded during the most stressful of moments. Another beneficial skill that
an entity that is in self-control possesses is the capacity to remain focused
and to think without a doubt while under an enormous amount of pressure.

Some subcategories of self-regulation are trustworthiness, conscientiousness,
adaptability and innovativeness. These are also necessary skills that direct
one towards a path of higher emotional strength of mind. An individual must be
innovative when meant head on with stressful situations or deadlines. This
means that an individual is creative or innovative in their decision making
process. An entity who is has self-control must be dependable and trustworthy.
A self-controlled entity is someone who others may come to for advice and
counseling. A malleable or adaptable entity is much like a chameleon. A
chameleon has the aptitude to change colors to fit in any environment. Like
chameleons, people also change colors when they feel uncomfortable or
frightened. We see this coloration change when someone is angered.

In order to take advantage of the most out of life and our experiences we must
be malleable or flexible. An inflexible entity is one who is stuck in quicksand
and quickly sinking. This is because this person harbors unhealthy and
unbalanced traits, such as stubbornness. The person may be fixed and unyielding
to change his way of thinking in order to adapt in society.

There are many skills to acquire when trying to improve your individual
emotional competency. When an individual decides to change their emotional
competency this means that the individual is moving from the passenger seat to
the driver's seat. In order to accomplish your goals and dreams you must be
willing to sit in the driver's seat. When working on one's own emotional
competency it is important to make lists of individual strengths and
weaknesses. This allows an individual to see clearly, what areas might need

When an entity is striving towards emotional development, that individual must
also work on self-regulation. Many of us have envied an individual who always
seems to be so self possessed or self controlled. This is a skill that we can
all achieve by making little adjustments to our behaviors and attitudes. Permit
your life to reach new and constructive heights through the journey of emotional

Self-regulation will help us when we feel stressed. This is because when one
regulates his own actions and thoughts he expands awareness. We learn to
regulate our state of affairs better, which helps us to develop healthy
patterns of behaviors that make us capable of regulating our functions

Gaining of Self Identity in Society Gaining identity of self and identity is
very important

Self-identity refers to the awareness of one's true inner self through various
natural procedures like meditation, yoga and naturopathy. Knowing about oneself
is very necessary as one comes to know about hidden secrets that might be
becoming an obstacle in your way to achieve success. Therefore, it is crucial
to have self-identity so as to carry on the process of self-development.

Identity crisis is a major problem that is faced by various people these days
as due to hectic schedules people are not able to concentrate on knowing their
own strengths and weaknesses. Self-identity can be achieved when one starts
taking criticism from the society but take it in a positive sense. Every
society has some or the other shortcomings and therefore they criticize people,
which hamper the development of the self.

Individualism has made the lives of people more self-centered and they often
neglect the well being of the society. When people value their ego more than
the well being of their fellows it stands as a threat to the process of
self-development. Therefore, it is necessary for an individual to know one's
value and place in society so as to shape up his or her personality in the true
sense. Moreover, as self-identity is important, self-control, self-awareness and
self-consciousness are also very crucial to achieve the development of the self
and society.

As the number of crimes is increasing, people have lost trust in institutions
and other organizations and that result in slow growth of the society
physically, emotionally and financially. The position of an individual in a
society is revealed by a person's character and behavior. For example if an
individual is not aware of his or her own vices and virtues, he or she will be
easily defeated or even threatened by the external factors. Therefore, to face
the society, it is necessary to first know about one's own identity and then
face others.

There are cases when people do not find a right place in the society and his or
her identity seems to be lost somewhere in the hustle and bustle of hectic life.
If an individual is badly treated by others in the society, he or she develops
negative or evil feelings towards them and revenge is the only thing that comes
to his or her mind. Moreover, if this revenge is not taken, it results in
anxiety, abuse, depression and various other severe conditions. Nevertheless,
if an individual is able to handle these types of feelings with great ease, he
or she gains confidence and the result is development of the self and of the
society as a whole. The most important thing for an individual is to develop a
link or two-way process with others around them so that they can easily share
their burdens and joys and thereby developing the self in the most possible

Inspiration also contributes a lot in gaining awareness and confidence.
Nevertheless, inspiration should be a positive one as when a person is highly
influenced by a person; he or she should take the positive attributes so that
the development of the self can be achieved easily. Experiences also play an
important function in attaining self-identity. There are some conditions when
an individual has sorrowful past experiences. In this case, people should try
to come out of the emotional trauma and face the present situations with
courage so that self and societal development can be done properly.

Thus, one should not regret about the past or ill treatment from the society
but should try to find and adopt ways to know the true identity of the self and

Fruits of the Self Identity of Self in Society

There are various aspects of life that govern self-identity. The various
elements, which help in the development of self-identity of an individual, are
confidence, self-discipline, feelings, emotions and thoughts. There is a
difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings are measured to a restricted
area whereas emotions are on a wider perspective. Emotions include feelings and
thoughts. The other things such as attitudes, behaviors of a person play a
vital role in the growth of self-identity. We must learn and understand this to
succeed at establishing our identity.

Self of a soul governs self-identity of a person. The self of a person helps to
act and think. This means that a person's action develops his self-identity. For
developing self-identity leadership qualities are required such as honesty,
values, vision, knowledge and persistence. Self-leadership qualities of a
person include self-identity, personal growth and self-regulation. When a
person starts analyzing himself, he comes across his positive and negative
aspects. This needs self-understanding of your own self. The other thing
required for understanding yourself, self-awareness plays an important role.
Self-understanding of the soul also includes recognizing about person's
weakness, strengths, needs and emotions.

Self-awareness, self-understanding is both interlinked. Self-confidence also
governs self-identity. Self-awareness also helps in bringing about the nature
of a person and how can he be perceived by others.

When a person plans to achieve his goals and ambitions, self-assessment of the
soul is required. This means by self-assessing your self and soul, a person
comes across his capabilities and abilities. For the fulfillment of goals and
ambitions of a person, self-confidence is required. Self-confidence will help a
person to cultivate his abilities to bring a positive outcome. The last feature
comes as self-consciousness, which makes a person
know about his behaviors and feelings. These leadership qualities help a person
in cultivating his self-identity. These are the fruits sown in a human soul and

Self-identity of a person should be impressive because then only the person is
accepted by the society. Evil people are not accepted by the society. It is the
people who form society. Human beings are a part of society. They play a vital
role in the formation of society. That is without them the society cannot be
formed. A person's self, which consists of envy, sloth, pride, lust, anger,
gluttony and lechery, are thrown out of the society. This is their
self-identity. An individual's self should spread happiness, joy, love,
affection in other's life.

In this way a person's self-identity is tested. Self-improvement of soul is
very necessary for a strong and efficient self-identity.

Self-discipline helps in building a person's will power and further enhances
him for motivation in life. Self-discipline is a tool that connects a person's
past with the present and then to his future. It is sowed first and then
reaped. A person who is self-disciplined in his life can easily achieve goals
and ambitions. It becomes a habit. Self-discipline is a key to success. A
person, who is not disciplined and serious in life, leads to serious
implications. Planning in life can lead to self-discipline. A person's
priorities should be set to face challenges.

Self-discipline should be passionate. A person can exercise self-discipline in
his life by working out various exercises such as meditation, yoga and aerobics.

A person's mind should be stable and balanced. If a person is facing any
problem in life, he can refer to a psychologist. A psychologist will solve all
the problems of a person. A person will soon see a change in his life and will
feel relax. The fruits will immediately ripe and are ready for consuming.

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