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Senior Golf

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The Mental Focus For A Senior Golf Player

Senior golf is not only physical, but also it is a mental game. You have to
have the ability to stay focused, concentrate on the game, and forget the
distractions around you. This is very import when playing golf and as you get
older, your mental ability to contrite fully on the game could result in a few
mistakes in the game. The game is said to e ninety percent mental focus and ten
percent physical. If this is the case, then a senior golfer needs to concentrate
on the game and leave the world behind.

Senior golf is for relaxing. Even thought you are playing to win, you need to
relax and focus solely on your game. If you have a cell phone ringing or to
many people around the tee box, you could lose your focus, miss that possible
hole in one shot and come in above par. You want golf to be relaxing and
enjoyable, but you also need to play to win. It is a matter on mind over matter
when you golf. Not everyone can have this type of discipline. Some golfers work
hard at focusing while others work at the physical aspects of the game. You
need to keep your attention on both the physical and mental aspects of the game.

There was a senior golf pro named Ben Hogan who was very quiet and subdued on
the green. This was his way of concentrating and playing the game. Many people
thought he was rude or unsociable, but he may have been focused on his came and
had the discipline to keep his mind on the game. You see many senior golf
players on the golf courses laughing it up and having fun. These golfers play
for the fun and excitement but do not care if they make it to the PGA.

Tommy Bolt was a loud player as he was verbal when he played and he had a bad
habit of throwing his clubs. He lost many games because of his actions, but he
may have had focus, but could not match that focus with his physical ability.
It was often wondered how he managed to win some majors in his career. He must
have had a reason for getting upset with himself. He knew he could do better,
but some people just cannot concentrate with so much distraction around them.
When all was said and done, he did come to grip with his anger and won in the
senior golf with the PGA.

Senior golf is harder to start at an older age if you have not been doing it a
while. You have to condition the body to do the physical side of golf and you
need to train your mind to focus and refrain from noticing distractions going
on around you. If you are serious about senior golf, you can learn a few tips
from the pros on how to improve your game and how to stay focused when on the

Starting Young to Become A Senior Golf Pro

To become a senior golf pro, you need to start early. If you have a good start
when you are younger, you have a better chance of making it to the pros. You
need dedication, focus, concentration and physical ability to become a senior
golf pro. You can practice on the driving range and take a lesson to better
your game. As you grow and continue playing, you learn more about your own
abilities. As you gain more experience you can adjust your swing and equipment
to give you more distance.

Senior golf is just as relaxing if you play the game right. As you learn over
the years what your game is like, you can shift your concentration to the
fairway and the greens. You can work your way into some mini tours that will
give you even more experience before you make your way to the PGA. If this is
your goal, you want to be your best and shoot the game like a pro. Keep up with
your game and you can play with the pros someday. The best way to keep your game
going forward is to practice weekly.

Once you know that golf is for you, before reaching your senior golf years, you
want to maintain a healthy and fit you. Stretching and some type of physical
fitness is necessary to stay fit and keep the body limber and flexible to play
the game. If you start noticing you are feeling aches and pains, you might need
to adjust your physical routine a little. As men and women reach their senior
years, the body does experience changes. If these changes affect your game, you
can adjust the way you golf or change your equipment to better the game. By
changing equipment, you will give yourself more of an advantage with your swing.

The senior golf pro does from time to time have to adjust their swing and by
doing this, you might need to invest in a new set of clubs that have more flex
in the shaft. This will help you get more distance and cause you less stress on
the body. The seniors that golf are always changing their clubs to keep with
their changing bodies. You can take the time to try new golf clubs and if you
use a range finder, you can actually judge which club gives you the greater

When playing senior golf keep in mind some important tips from the pros. Relax,
concentrate, and always focus on your game. Use the right equipment that will
give you the edge on your opponent and stay on par or under. If you go over par
on one hole, make it up with the next hole. If you keep these simple tips in
mind, you can succeed in having a great game of senior golf. After all, this is
what you need and want from a good game of golf, something to talk about with
your golfing friends and family.

Something New For Golfers- The Senior Golf Guild

A new site to the Internet is the Senior Golf Guild where senior golfers review
golf courses and they report their findings. This a new adventure that started
back in 2004. The idea of the Senior Golf Guild is to report if the golf
courses are friendly to the senior golfer and what they offer as far services
and easy of using the golf course. For seniors starting their retirement years
and want a good game of golf, this site will be a benefit when looking for golf
courses that are senior friendly. Golfers just you can review golf courses and
help others choose a course that is just right for them.

The idea behind this rating system is show golfers good courses to play at, but
also to address issues with golf courses that seniors might want to play, but
they are not senior friendly. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is a
matter of personal opinion. If you are a golfer and happen to be a senior, you
might want to experience courses the way they are instead of having
improvements. Not all courses are designed the same and there are reasons for
this, the top one being different playing fields allows the senior golfer to
practice different techniques.

As a golfer, you need to try different golf courses to have a variety in your
game. If all the golf courses were exactly the same with all the same services
and amenities, you might not experience different techniques for golfing. If a
course is different, you have to adjust for that and continue with the game.
This is what makes a true golfer a pro at what they do. Yes, some courses may
not be as well groomed as others, but this is part of golfing. As long as you
play the game, the way you need to, you can play anywhere no matter if they are
senior friendly or not.

The Senior Golf Guild does seem like a good idea, but maybe someone will see a
golf course differently than another golfer does. Just because the course seems
to be at fault for a bad game, it may be the person behind the game. Using
opinions, that other have about senior golf courses should be taken with some
thought. You might like the course or find the difficulty of the course more
challenging than another senior golf player finds.

Avid senior golf players will play at courses they like or even dislike as long
as they find a challenge. What better way to find a challenge than to play at
golf courses that might be up to the standards of other golfers. Yes, the
condition of the course is important, but it also depends what the condition is
and if it affects the overall game. Some people may think that rugged terrain is
not for senior golfers, but then if you never try a course like this because of
what someone else says, you may miss out on something exciting and you will
never know how your game could have been.

Working Up To Be a Senior Golf Pro

Some interesting facts about the senior golfer might have some people amazed.
There are three classifications that some believe in strongly. The top
golfers/pros, the good amateurs and the hackers. It is said that to become a
pro you will need to start early in life and hit over three hundred and sixty
thousand golf balls by the time you reach twenty. Now this may be an
exaggeration, but it is possible to hit a hundred balls a day if you do not
work or have any other hobbies or obligations.

For a top golfer or a pro it is said that they started as kids, had a mentor or
a coach, were natural at athletics, hit thousands of balls and spent hours
perfecting the game. It is also said they have belong to some sort of golf club
and play eighteen holes of golf regularly. The younger they start the more they
have learned and have hit many balls to lead them on their way to becoming a

Now for the amateur senior golf player, they may have started as a kid, but
usually start as a young adult. For the most part, they have some type of
lesson whether professional or by someone, more experienced. They are also
naturals as athletes and can say they have hit thousands of balls in their
game. This is someone who also plays eighteen holes more often than not.

Now the hacker is said to be someone who starts out later in life and some have
even had lessons or are just learning as they go along. This might just be a new
hobby that they discovered and are probably not very athletic by nature. The
hacker also usually only has a couple thousand hits and a few games to such as
ten to twenty or so a year.

Some senior golfers believe you have to hit so many balls before the age of
thirty to become a scratch golfer, which is someone that plays at par. This
might not always be true since some golfers are just naturals at the game. Some
pro golfers have the opinion that it is how you learn the game and how you
achieve the distance needed to play the game. Whether you are a pro, amateur or
a hacker, you can still come in at par or even under par if you have the god
given talent at any age.

For the most part, if you start out young, you have a better chance of becoming
a senior golf pro. The idea of giving up your childhood is not for everyone, but
you can still make your way in life as a golfer by enjoying life as well. Most
players that play the game still like to live a little and do have active
family and social lives. Becoming a senior golf pro boils down to dedication
and the ability to take guidance and run with it. As your game improves so does
your recognition.

What Senior Golf Pros Still Give Lessons

Many senior golf pros have given lessons and have made a difference in the
world of golf for many people. One woman who offers lessons is Michelle Dube in
Tijeras Creek. Michelle uses computerized equipment that enhances the student's
ability to further perfect their swing and create more distance with the ball
and the club. The lessons focus on putting, pitching, chipping and the full
swing. The classes also include the mental golf workshop to get your mind fit
for playing golf as well as your body. If you need lesson, she does have a
website for finding out more information about her lessons and dates.

Kylee Naffziger and Mark Holiday who are PGA professionals give lessons on the
full swing, chipping and putting. They are located in Bridger Creek. They offer
group lessons, ladies lessons, peewee lessons, turf mites, and a Nike full day
camp to learn all about golf. You can also request private lessons with either
one when your schedule works better. They are there for the young players to
the senior golf player and teach you the art of golfing to win. If you opt for
private lessons, they run about forty-five minutes and then you also have
playing time.

If you want to play senior golf like the pros, you are going to want a pro to
give you some lessons. Phil Mickelson needed some help from coach Butch Harmon
to get his swing back. He was lacking in form and posture and not doing real
well in his game. Nevertheless, with the help of someone who has been there and
done that he is back in form and riding on top. If you want to learn how to play
like a pro, who better to teach you than a pro who has experience and can watch
your every move and help in areas you need help with.

You might even want to take some lessons from the PGA association professionals
as well. Imagine having someone teach you how to play golf according to how the
senior golf pros play. Not only do you benefit from this type of lesson, but
also you do receive the finest training around. The PGA offers lessons by
different age groups and can offer more ways to benefit from your swing. They
have a website that gives more information about training and lessons for young
and senior golf players.

Many pros and organizations offer golf lessons where you will actually learn
what you need to know before heading out on the fairway. Something's you also
learn is proper golf etiquette, which is very important in any golf setting.
Between lessons and manners and the rules of golf, you will be on your way to
becoming a scratch senior golf player in no time. The amount of time you spend
with lessons and the practice will also account for what type of a senior
golfer you will become. Once you learn the sport, you will want to learn some
new techniques that that pro's know about already.

Three Popular Women Senior Golf Courses

For years, women have been playing golf and the senior golf pros prefer courses
that are not as long as the men's courses. They prefer courses that are
considered "linked". There are three popular courses for women, although there
more these three are the top of the list. The Chisholm Trail, Bandon Dunes and
the Royal Links are the three top golf courses, which have shorter distances
and are not as tricky as what the men play. One golf course the women want to
stay away from is Whistling Straits. They do not feel this is a friendly course
to play.

The Royal Links in Las Vegas is friendly golf course for women. The course is
shorter and if the women senior golf player can avoid the sand bunkers, you can
actually have a scoring game. The Royal Links is a walking course only, you will
want a caddie to help you along the way. Every hole has a different theme, while
the course is designed and styled after the golf courses from Scotland, Ireland
and England. On the eighteenth hole, you will find no water at the Royal links,
which is rare for a golf course. This course is definitely a ladies senior golf
friendly course.

The Bandon Dunes in Oregon look out over the Pacific Ocean and have a
spectacular view. This golf course has gained recognition for being the best
links golf course in the United States. The course has a bounce and roll
reputation, which the women like. There are however some high winds will have
you playing more of a ground game. The wide fairways also make it easier to
stay out of trouble. The course is also a walk only course as the Royal Links
and you will want a caddie to take care of your equipment.

The Chisholm Trail gained popularity as a mom and pop golf course when an
optometrist retired and used a farm tractor to make the course. The sand hills
in Kansas are the hot spot for this golf course. Many senior golf players would
rather play this course than any other. You will not see any water surrounding
the course, but you will see sand dunes and firm fairways and grasses that are
native to Kansas. If you need some experience with low shots and some rough
grass, this is a golf course to play. Sometimes the winds are as much as
thirty-five miles an hour, but it is not uncommon to have consistent winds of
about fifteen miles an hour.

You can other popular courses around for a good game of senior golf as everyone
differs and has a favorite course different from someone else. The entire idea
about golf is to find courses that require a little creativity to play. This is
how the golfers prepare themselves for the trickier golf courses that the PGA
and LPGA play throughout the year. The courses played by the pros are usually
more or less groomed and designed to attract the tours that are nationally

The Top 5 Senior Golf Champion Tour Winners With More Than Twenty Wins

Senior golf pros have made a name for themselves. The top five leaders in first
place wins include Hale Irwin, Lee Trevino, Gil Morgan, Miller Barber and Bob
Charles. All but one, Miller Barber continues to play in 2007. They stay fit
and in shape to keep up the pace of playing on the senior golf circuit.

Hale Irwin won the Champion Tour forty-five times. Hale turned pro in 1968
followed by an incredible career in the senior golf circle that ranks him
higher then any other senior pro. In his career as a pro golfer, Hale not only
holds first place in wins, but he has had forty-three second place wins and
twenty-two third places wins as well. As of September 28, 2007, Hale has played
two hundred and ninety events with eighteen this year so far.

Lee Trevino won the Champion Tour twenty-nine times. Turning pro in 1960,
Trevino has played in three hundred and eighty events as of September 28, 2007,
and has a record in second place with twenty-six wins and third place with
fifteen wins. So far this year Lee has played only five events.

Gil Morgan won the Champion Tour twenty-five times. Morgan turned pro in 1972,
which lead to his third place standing in wins. In second place Gil won
twenty-seven times and twenty-four times, he came in third place. These stats
are calculated up to September 28, 2007. Morgan has played two hundred and
seventy-nine events with twenty-three this year.

Miller Barber won the Champion Tour twenty-four times. After turning pro,
Miller has played in six hundred and three events taking second place sixteen
times and twenty-one times for third place. As of September 28, 2007, Miller
stills holds his fourth place standing in total career wins.

Bob Charles won the Champion Tour twenty-three times. After turning pro in
1960, Charles went on to not only hold fifth in first place wins, he has
twenty-nine second place wins and twenty-two third place wins. His overall
performance includes four hundred and eighty-six events played as of September
28, 2007 with six being played this year.

Although these senior golf pros continue to play the circuit, they do hold
different rankings for monetary awards. Charles in ranked eighteenth in
championship money awards while Lee comes in twelfth. They continue to play and
heat up the Champion Tour wherever they go including the PGA circuit.

These top five senior golf pros take golfing to a new level and help to
encourage other seniors to continue golfing even if they are not with the pros.
Senior golfing is a great way to stay in shape and the pros have definitely
shown us this as they continue to play some the hardest golf courses around the
country. Some of the courses they play are harder than others and the skill
level changes from course to course. Still they continue to play and delight
crowds that travel great distances to see them match wits with other senior
golf pros.

The Senior Golf Tour Spectator Rules and Amateur Qualifying To Play

If you are following your favorite player and want an autograph, you can do
this whenever he player is not playing a round. It is strongly enforced that no
senior golf player be bothered when trying to play the game. All their attention
is dedicated to the play. Volunteer's watch over the crowds to make sure all the
rules are followed. Security is at it strongest during the all the days leading
up to the final few days when things heat up. You can bring cameras onto the
golf courses in the days leading up to the Championship days. Cameras are
forbidden during the Championship rounds as well as workers are forbidden to
have cell phones on the greens.

Senior golf, which is for those fifty and older also, has vendors set up around
the course where you can purchase food and drinks. They do have bleachers at
some holes where you can rest for a while before moving onto the next hole.
These do fill up quickly, so you should plan to stand the entire time. This can
be of some concerns to the many senior golf followers. The do provide some
handicap services such as scooters for mobility around the course. The Senior
Open is set up to allow everyone to participate as the audience. Many people
from everywhere head to the tournaments to see what all the excitement is about
during the year.

Qualifying To Play The Senior Golf Open

If you have a Senior Golf Open coming to your city, you can jump up to the tee
and try your hand at qualifying to play in the tour. Many times the tours need
to fill some open spots and they have qualifying times for any senior golf
player over the age of fifty. To even consider qualifying you need to an USGA
handicap index of fewer than 3.4. You can apply to qualify and if you meet the
requirements, you can be the next senior golf your participant. You will then
play a few full rounds of golf and if you succeed, you can play with the pros.

For an amateur senior golf player, this is a dream come true. Many people do
however apply to qualify but they usually only need a couple of people for each
location. You can find more information about qualifying on the PGA website that
gives you all the information you need to know about dates and times of
qualifying. This is a stiff competition because there are so many entries and
only a handful of openings.

Whether you are a spectator or interested in qualifying, you will enjoy your
time. You have a chance to meet the senior gold pros and learn more about them
and their techniques. It is after all a great way to learn a few tips about
golfing. Keep in mind the rules that are in place and you should enjoy a great
day of watching some of the best senior golfers around from around the country.

Some Spectacular Senior Golf Courses In Alabama

Senior golf can be played anywhere but some of the golf courses in Alabama have
their fair share of visitors. If you want a great golfing experience and you
happen to be a senior golfer, some these golf courses will intrigue you. The
Appalachian Mountains are beautiful anytime of year. When you play a round of
golf and look off to the distance, you will know you have experienced a great
golfing experience. The Senior PGA Tour was played in Birmingham was just one
of the major golf tournaments played in Alabama.

Many golf courses attract the senior golfer. Some are the Cotton Creek, which
Arnold Palmer designed, The Kiva Dunes, which was designed by Jerry Pate. Both
of these are located around the Gulf Coast area. Many hotels in these areas
provide hotel accommodations and golf packages for anyone wanting a golfing
vacation. The state of Alabama is truly a unique area to golf with all the
spectacular courses they have. You would never be disappointed with any of the
Alabama golf courses. They are some of the finest courses around. The designs
are extraordinary and the skill levels of each golfer are tested each time you
tee off.

Jones Golf Trail by Robert Trent Jones is unique in the design and development
of the course. Jones was responsible for designing over six hundred courses and
the senior golf players see these courses as a challenge of the game. The Jones
Golf Course Trail will not be found anywhere in the world other than Alabama.
The course is designed to be played along the trails. Completed in 1993,
Alabama now has seven courses throughout the area.

Hampton Cove is a fantastic setting with three differently designed courses.
The three courses are the Highlands, The River Course and a Short Course. The
River Course is completely free of sand, you have no bunkers to watch for when
golfing. Senior golf can be exciting at any one of these three courses. Other
courses in the area are just as spectacular to play a round of golf.

There is Silver Lake, Oxmoor Valley, Grand National, Cambrian Ridge, Highland
Oaks and Magnolia Grove. These are some of the finest golf courses around. The
senior golf experience is wonderful and exciting when you play a game at these
courses. If you want to try your game around the wetlands, rolling terrain or
dense forests, you will want to play a round of golf in Alabama. Do as other
senior golfers do and play a new one every day.

Senior golf in Alabama has become very popular with the uniquely designed golf
courses. With the added attraction of the Senior PGA Tour, Alabama has become
known for their spectacular golf courses. Nowhere can you find such unique and
specially designed courses by Arnold Palmer and Robert Trent Jones. They have
truly captured the hearts of golfers from everywhere. What a great way to enjoy
a game of golf and meet people of all ages and skills.

Some Interesting PGA Senior Golf Knowledge

The 28th annual Senior Open for senior golf pros was held at Whistling Straits
in Haven, Wisconsin. The course opened in 1998 and was designed by Pete Dye for
Herbert Kohler of the Kohler Company. Before the Senior Open, the 2004 PGA
Championship was held at Whistling Straits. The golf course proved to be the
second longest course for senior golf pros with seven thousand and sixty-eight
yards. The leader is Bellerive Country Club. The U.S. Women's Open was held at
Blackriver Run, which has two courses, which are also owned by Herb Kohler.
These two golf courses are located in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Miller Barber won two Senior Opens in a row during the years 1984 and 1985.
Jack Nicklaus has won the Senior Open three years in a row from 1991 to 1993.
Alan Doyle has won two years in a row as well as Gary Player. When Doyle won
the Prairie Dunes U.S. Senior Open in 2006, he was the oldest win at the age of
fifty-seven beating Roberto De Vicenzo who had the title back in 1980.

Peter Jacobsen, Don Pooley, Larry Laoretti, Lee Trevino, Dale Douglass, Arnold
Palmer and Roberto De Vicenzo won the U.S. Senior Open their first time out.
The years were 2004, 2002, 1992, 1990, 1986, 1981 and 1980 respectfully.

The U.S Senior is number two out of five major championships held for the 2007
season. The other tours are Constellation Energy Senior Players in October, The
JELD-WEN Tradition was in August, Senior British Open Championship in July.

Alan Doyle holds the title for having the lowest final score in the Senior PGA
and the U.S. Senior Open. His all time low back in 1999 when he had an eight
under par 64 in the PGA Nationals remains the lowest Sunday score in history of
the Senior PGA.

There are only three players that hold the title for bouncing back after a
runner up finish the prior year, they are Bruce Fleisher, Jack Nicklaus and
Gary Player. The largest margin for a win was by six strokes done by Gary
Player who defeated Doug Sanders in 1987. Senior golf does have some
interesting facts from over the years.

Many of the senior golf pros will move onto next years U.S Senior open, which
will see some more breaking records if this year was anything to judge the tour
by when it was played. The U.S. Senior Open in 2008 will be held in Colorado
Springs from July 31 to August 3. The 2009 U.S. Senior Open is planned for
Carmel, Indiana. The next two years will see the newest members who are nearing
the age of joining the senior golf circuit compete for the next title while we
will see the regulars come back to set a new record on the PGA circuit.

There are many sponsors for the PGA U.S. Senior Open and they remain true to
the game. Companies that manufacturer the golf clubs and the senior golf pros
that use them make sure everyone knows their clubs of choice.

Senior Golf- The Senior Open History

The very first Senior Golf Open was played in New York in June of 1980 at the
Winged Foot Golf Club on the East Course. It was established because of the
interest of senior golfers who wanted to compete on an amateur and professional
level. The very first Senior Open had six hundred and thirty-one entries. At
this time, the senior golfer had to be at least fifty-five years of age the day
of the tournament. Some of the former champions competed in the first Senior
Golf Open such as William Campbell, Tommy Bolt, Jack Fleck, Ed Furgol and Lew

The winner of the first Senior Golf Open was Roberto De Vicenzo while William
Campbell was in second place. The age limit was lowered to fifty just one year
later to allow for more participants in the tournament. Arnold Palmer went onto
win the second Senior Open at the age of fifty-one in Michigan. Miller Barber
won the Senior Open in 1982, which was just one of his three wins for a Senior
Open. The other two wins were for 1984 and 1985. As of 2002, there were a
little over three thousand entries for the Senior Golf Open.

In 2006, Allen Doyle became the new oldest winner of the Senior Open at the age
of fifty-seven, eleven months, seventeen days. The oldest winner before that was
De Vicenzo at the age of fifty-seven years, two months and fifteen days. Don
Pooley won his way into the Senior Golf Open by qualifying and went onto win
the tournament in 2002.

Today, you will see only a three or four hole playoff if needed were in the
past it used to be four playoffs of eighteen holes. There have only been a few
times in the Senior Open history of a playoff occurring, once in 1981, 1983,
1988 and 1991 with the winners being Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Gary Player
and Jack Nicholas respectfully.

In 2007, the Senior Open was played at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin
where senior golf player Brad Bryant won the Championship. He had winnings of
four hundred and seventy thousand dollars to take home with him. He did share
his revenue with his caddies Tony Smith. The golf course designed Pete Dye was
designed to attract PGA tournaments in the future. It proved to be a tricky
course that is considered rugged terrain that does not have golf cart abilities.

If you want a chance to watch the U.S. Senior Open when it comes to your town,
you can buy advance tickets, walk around with your favorite players, and see
how they fair in the tournament. Some of the courses they play are set up
according to the guidelines established for the tours. This is just another way
to see how the pros do it and how they apply different stances and what clubs
they use to get distance and win the game. It is always a spectacular event for
any city and golf course when the Senior Open comes to town.

Senior Golf Vacation Packages

If you are looking for a senior golf package where you can have golf lessons, a
friendly game of golf or watch a PGA Tour, you might look on the Internet to see
where the best places would be. You might travel to Arizona, Hawaii, Bermuda or
Myrtle Beach. You can have some exciting rounds of golf when you book a senior
golf package that includes accommodations, airfare and a day or two of golf.
You will not only enjoy a day of golf, but the many attractions in the area as
well. Vacation packages are great and when they include golf at one of the most
prestigious clubs, you will have a better time.

Myrtle Beach alone has some of the most prestigious packages with different
adventures with each one. You can play the Big Cats and even have a lesson or
two from a former Senior Golf Tour player Gary Cowan. Cowan was the winner of
two majors and made eight appearances in other majors. You might want the Big
Cat package, the Fanatic golfer package or the four rounds and three-night
package. The later is for the true golfer in everyone. Four days of golf and
only three-nights in the hotel is what you get with this package.

In Maui, you can play one of the courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, enjoy
a day in the warm sun and experience a golf course that you have never
experienced before. You can stay at the Kaanapali Beach hotel and take the
short walk to the golf course. The two courses are a senior golfer's delight.
The South Course has an executive style, but with little difficulty where as
the North Course runs through the foothills and along the beach and is
considered a challenging golf course, which is home to the PGA Tour.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, you might try the senior
golf package to Bermuda. With nine golf courses spread out on twenty-one areas
of land, you will find this is one of the most extraordinary experiences of a
lifetime. You can choose from fourteen hotels and resorts that offer the senior
golf packages. With ocean all around, you will feel the warm breeze and smell
the ocean as you enjoy a good game of golf. Many of packages include at least
one day of golf, but you can find the deals with more days as well.

Senior golf packages do not stop there, you might enjoy a trip to Arizona where
you find some of the leading golfing schools. The golf courses in the area host
the PGA and the LPGA. The Scottsdale area is filled with many senior friendly
golf courses that will intrigue even the skilled golfer. Not only do you have
the game of golf, but some of the finest entertainment is offered in the area
as well. You can plan a senior golf outing anywhere you find some great package
deals and even professional lessons.

Senior Golf Strategies That Work

As a senior golf player, you want to keep up with the younger players and keep
your handicaps right where they are or better. To do this you need to have a
few tips on the strategies that other senior golfers use. The first one is the
club. The club is important for distance as well as how the ball sails down the
fairway. If you have the right club with the proper amount of flex, you are
going to keep with your game. If you do not make adjustments, as you get older,
you may see your game and handicap slip away.

The next strategy that senior golf players need to consider is the stance. If
you are a little older, the way you present yourself to the ball will have a
big impact on the game. You are going to stand differently as well as move
differently when you swing. You should always keep this in mind when you are
trying new clubs. If you have back problems, you will probably stand and move
your body differently, which will great affect the distance you get with the
ball as well as how you use the golf club.

The most important thing to remember about strategies is the course you are
playing. Not all golf courses are created equally. Many courses are going to
require you to adjust your swing and distance. Some of the best golf courses
are the ones that require some degree of thinking and planning your drive. If
you are playing against a wind, or on a drizzly day, you are going to have
problems no matter how good you are in the game. Plying against the wind might
require a different flex shaft because the wind is going to push the ball

The entire game is going to depend on how you tee off. As you age, you will
have to change the way you position yourself over the ball. You may need to
continually change this as the years go by. You can play golf for years after
reaching fifty, you just have to realize when you need a change in your stance
and positioning. Your distance not only comes from the club, but also from your
presentation to the ball. Hit the draw is a term many golfers use to describe
how you stand over the ball and how you will hit that ball

The best strategy is the tactical and practical strategies rather the
mechanics. This is the thinking of many of the senior golf pros including Jim
Hartley, who wrote a book about just that way of thinking. Golfers also have to
have the mental image of the course in their minds in order to play more
efficiently and know how many hits they need to make the putt easier and
closer. Keeping all this mind should allow you to play the game and keep your
handicap the same or better as you enter into your senior golf years.

Senior Golf Resorts In Orlando

Many senior golf resorts offer golfing every day along with a stay at the
golfing resort. One place that has accommodations and golfing is down in
Florida by Walt Disney World. The villas and resorts are beautifully decorated
and the golf courses are within seven miles from where you stay. There are five
golf courses in that area such as Highlands Reserve Golf Club, Champions Gate
Golf Resort, Ridgewood Lakes Golf Club, Mystic Dunes and Celebration Golf Club.
You could spend a week and play a different course every day. These golf courses
have been home to some of the best-known senior golf tournaments.

The Celebration Golf Club has a half a day senior golf school where you can
receive some tips and pointers on your swing and how to obtain the distance you
need. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones in the wetlands and has
terrain that evolves around many lakes and vegetation. It has been the home to
the U.S. Senior Open in 2002 and the 2006 and 2007 drive, chip and putt finals.
This golf course has been rated highly by many senior golf [layers in recent
years and will allow you to experience one the renowned golf courses designed
by Jones and his dad.

The Mystic Dunes Golf Club is considered number two as far the golf courses in
Orlando go. This golf course is part of the Mystic Dunes Resort and is situated
in the wetlands of Orlando. Senior golf is seen as a relaxing way to spend your
time at the resort. Gary Koch who is a Champion Tour player designed the golf
course. There are different tee boxes that provide an exceptional golfing
experience for everyone. Some senior golf amateurs have said the course is the
best in the area of Orlando.

Ridgewood Lakes Golf Course and Highlands Reserve Golf Club are also two of the
finest golf courses in the area. You can play a round of golf and find some
tricky areas that challenge the senior golf player. They have a par four and
five advantage. They are both close to accommodations and offer a great day of
golf. Yu will find that the courses are designed to intrigue you as you
maneuver around the courses.

The top rated golf course in Orlando is Champion Gate Golf Resort. This is a
thirty-six hole golf course and resort that was designed by Greg Norman. There
is the links course and the American styled course. You could play the morning
on the links course and the afternoon on the American styled course. You have
two different golf courses to choose when you play and stay at the Champion
Gate Resort.

Florida and the warm weather they have br9ngs senior golf enthusiasts to the
area all year round and if golf is your game, you will find that these golf
courses offer you something you do not see everywhere. Some of the pros
vacation in the area to keep up with their game when not traveling the senior
golf circuit.

Senior Golf Pros Retired

Arnold Palmer who was born in 1929 is a well-known golf pro who had gone on to
turn pro in 1954 now has built many golf courses and a children's hospital.
Arnold has an overall performance record of ten first place holdings in the
Champion Tour and sixty-two first place holdings in the PGA Tour. He played
three hundred and nineteen events in the Champion Tour and seven hundred and
thirty-four PGA events. He still continues to talk about his days of golf and
is one of the senior golf pros that are still making a name for themselves.

Jack Nicklaus born in 1940, turned pro in 1961 and tied Arnold Palmer with ten
first place wins in the Champion Tour with eighty-four events played and
seventy-three first place wins in the PGA Tour with five hundred and
ninety-four events played. Jack also played two Nationwide Tours, which he made
the cut just once. He has gone onto providing lessons to golfers who need a few
lessons in the game of beginning, amateur and senior golf.

Seve Ballesteros retired just recently in 2007, after having years of back pain
the preventing him from playing many years. He held fifty European Tour
victories and five other championships. At the age of fifty, he did try the
Champion Tour and finished last. He did not have the attitude that most senior
golf players need, he was telling himself he needed to retire and that helped
his game drop to nothing. In 1979, Seve won his first major and is now playing
golf leisurely.

When they turn a certain age, most of the senior golf players start playing
more than what they did before. Golf is the choice of sports for baby boomers
nearing retirement. The retire pros retire from the spotlight but they never
really retire from the game. Golf is the top rated sport as you age. Tennis and
skiing are not far behind, but you are going have more fitness problems with
these two sports. Golfing is soothing and a great way to spend a day. Even
retirement from the limelight does not mean they never touch a golf club.

If you play about twenty-five games a year, you are considered an avid golfer.
The senior golf player will have more time to play, which accounts for more
games played. Because of the handicap system in golf, more players can stay
competitive with the younger golfers. To play as a senior golf player, you need
flexibility, endurance and some strength to keep playing.

Many of the retired pros can offer some of the new senior golf pros some tips
that they have learned. Arnold Palmer still watches the rounds and does speak
out about what he sees, but it mostly the distance he sees that needs
improvement. As you get older, most avid golf players know you need to adjust
your swing and your equipment to get the same or more distance when playing
professional or amateur golf on the golf course.

Senior Golf Mini Tours

Did you know that many senior golf pros started their careers with senior golf
mini tours? These tours are for the amateurs and the professionals alike. Both
men and women stat their careers with mini tours, which in some cases have
payouts up to twenty-five thousand dollars. This is not a bad purse for a mini
tour. If you are considering joining the ranks of the PGA or the LPGA, you
might consider gaining some experience with a few mini tours to see how you
stand up the rest. This is a fascinating way to life the life of a pro without
all the hype right away.

You might sign up for the Cadillac Classic Series or the Sunbelt Senior Golf
Tour. You can participate just as the pros do, but with less stress in winning.
You can gain pointers on how to make the grade as you travel on your way to the
PGA or LPGA. This is great experience for senior golf amateurs trying their
hand at joining the ranks of Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. You compete for a
title, but without the pressure of the PGA. You can use the min tours as a way
to brush up on your swing, chipping, long drives and short games as well as
your putt.

Once have tried your hand at the senior golf mini tours, have succeeded in
obtaining a good score, and are confident about your overall golf ranking, you
might think about moving onto the PGA or LPGA. You must of course, qualify to
join the PGA, but there are people to help you with every step needed to be
taken to join the circuit. The min tours are just a step in the right
direction. Your winning games could even add up to pocket change if you play
the game well.

Many senior golf mini tour players stay with the mini tours for their entire
golfing career. They like the mini tours because they are affordable and they
can travel less then what you do with the PGA. When you join the PGA, you
travel away from home for long periods of time where as a mini tour is
scheduled a few times a year and you do not have to participate in everyone if
you do not wish. You gain experience, but at your own speed. You have no
commitment to any other tours if you do not feel it is the time.

A senior golf mini tour can benefit anyone who is an amateur golfer trying to
gain recognition into the golfing circuit. Although you are playing for a
purse, you so not have all the expenses that come with being in the PGA or
LPGA. Men and women both participate in mini tours as a way of enhancing their
experience and never move up into the rankings of the PGA. There many
organizations that can help you register for the min tours and will give you
all the information you need to get started.

Senior Golf Injuries Are Common

Senior golf does have advantages and some disadvantages. The most common
disadvantage is the injury rate. Seniors over fifty have more of a chance of
injury than a golfer who is younger. To understand and treat your injury is
important. Preventing an injury is even more important. Sometimes no matter how
careful you are, you can sustain an injury. The most common injury is tendonitis
of the wrist as well as the hamate fracture. Back and ankle injuries are also
seen with senior golfers. Prevention is the key to a successful season of golf.

Sometimes preventing the hamate fracture condition is not easy. The symptoms of
a hamate fracture are pain around the wrist area and the heel of the hand. You
might also have no feeling in your fingers, mostly the little finger. For the
most part, an x-ray will not reveal the fracture, but a MRI will show the
hamate fracture. As you may know already, the MRI is very expensive. Early
detection is crucial for a senior golfer. If it is left untreated, it will
hinder your performance on the course and cause more pain than you can tolerate.

If you think you have a hamate fracture, you should see a doctor for treatment.
The treatment is a simple process where the hook is removed and the wrist is
then able to have blood flow to it again. The surgery works better than just
simple immobilizing the wrist. It could take weeks to recover when and the
golfer will need to refrain from golf.

You can prevent a wrist problem by changing the way you grip and hold your
club. A different club design and style may also prevent the wrist problem. If
you have a tight hold on the golf club, you are more prone to a hamate
fracture. Adjust your grip will help prevent a hamate fracture and prevent
tendonitis as well. Senior golf does also affect your overall body. Staying fit
will help prevent injuries and allow you to keep with the game.

Some senior golf players experience back pain. This is common if you put your
entire body into the swing. Some golfers will wear a back brace to keep the
back straighter when completing the swing. They make braces that are more
comfortable than the old styled braces that were bulky and stiff. Another
complaint is ankle injuries. As you swing, you are not only twisting the back,
but also the ankle. This can cause a sprain, which will hurt more so than if
you would break your ankle and may take longer to heal.

Senior golf pros are just as prone to injury as the seasoned players. If you
keep your body limber, take precautions with your grip, swing, and follow
through, you can prevent injury. Use the right equipment as well. You can enjoy
playing senior golf up to any age as long as you adjust your game as you age.
Preventing back, wrist and ankle injuries are important so you can keep playing
the game.

Senior Golf Championships Recognized

There are now five major senior golf championships played including the Senior
PGA, U.S. Senior Open, Senior British Open, The Tradition and the Senior
Players Championship. The oldest of the five being the PGA Senior Championship,
which started in 1937 followed by the U.S Senior Open, The Tradition and the
Senior players in the 1980's. The Senior British received recognition in 2003.
Senior golf amateurs and pros from all over the world compete in these events
to see who will come out on top, win the championship, and take home the

The women or the LPGA recognizes four annual championships, which are Kraft
Nabisco, McDonald's U.S. LPGA presented by Coco-Cola, U.S. Women's Open and the
Ricoh Women's British Open. In 1969, the first player from outside the United
States was introduced to the tour card. Her name was Vivien Saunders from the
United Kingdom. Today, there are currently participants from twenty-six
different countries playing the LPGA. The Women's Senior Golf Tour was
established in 2003, which then became known as the Legends Tour. Women who are
forty-five years or older play the LPGA Legend Tour. This well-publicized event
draws attention from the media everywhere.

Senior golf is not just for men, many women compete professionally just as well
as the men do. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, golf does not have
a gender set as to who can golf and who cannot. Many women have come to prove
that they can complete and ensure the even the toughest golf courses just like
the men. Some of the top leaders in the LPGA have won some pretty impressive
purses and have gone on to become professional senior golf players who also
offer lessons to beginners and those wanting to improve their game. In 2006,
Lorena Ochoa from Canada won the player of the year and Vare trophy while Seon
Hwa Lee of Korea won the Rookie of the Year.

Before 1994, the majority of the trophy winners were from the United States.
From 1994 until today, the majority of winners are from other countries this
goes for the leading money winners as well. Although at the end of the 2006
season, the third place career money winner was Juli Inkster with Karrie Webb
from Australia in second and Annika Sorenstam of Sweden in first place. Women
senior golf is not as large as the men's senior golf, but it is fast becoming
something more women are taking an interest in today and becoming successful.

Because many more women are taking an interest in senior golf and golf in
general, you may see more women tournaments then the scheduled ones they have
to date. The LPGA and the PGA are both highly published events that are watched
by millions either on television or in person when the events are being played.
The women senior golf pros bring in just as much revenue during the tours and
can keep the audiences attention just as well as the men's tour do.

Popular Senior Golf Equipment

If you happen to be a senior golf player then you might enjoy a few toys that
just help enhance the game a little more. Golf Cow Online has some great gifts
and accessories to give that special golf or just buy the things yourself. The
first thing on your list might be the Skycaddie. This is a handy gadget that
will tell you were the bunkers are located and some other areas of the course
to avoid. This handy rangefinder is something that will have you playing like a
pro in no time. It is approved by the USGA and the R&A.

Senior golf enthusiasts will want a Speed cart to make things easier on those
walk only golf courses. Since you cannot have a golf cart, the motorized Speed
Cart starts up and away it goes. You can set it to go by itself for up to sixty
yards without you behind it to control the buttons. You can sue it as a manual
cart or as a self-powered cart that will make your day even more enjoyable.
Save your energy for the golf swing, let the Speed Cart do all the heavy work.
You will never need a caddie again.

If you have a few problems finding the golf ball, you might like the Ball
Finder Scout. It can help you find them hard to balls that seem to disappear
out of sight when you least expect it to. Never worry about losing sight of
another ball. If you happen to hit the ball in water or into a wooded area, the
little gadget might not work, but if the ball is even one to two percent
visible, it should find the golf ball. For a senior golf player this might come
in handy.

Another little compact gadget for the senior golf player is the Zelocity Pure
Contact Launch and Flight Monitor. How it works is amazing, how to use it is
easy. This is something that can help you improve your swing for distance and
tells you how you hit with the club you are using. This is nice for making over
that bunker coming around. If you know how many yards you get with that one
club, you can accurately choose the right club for that specific shot. This
works great for conditioning yourself and teaches you how your swing is
decreasing or improving as well.

As a senior golf player, you might also want some little gadgets that have your
name on them, such as golf tees, spot markers, golf balls and a hand towel with
your name or initial. There are so many different accessories that can help
enhance your game and some that just make you feel good about yourself. It is
every golfers desire to hit the ball and play like a pro and with some help you
can accomplish everything you want to as a senior golf player. Golfing is fun
and some minor accessories only enhance the game you might say.

Planning A Senior Golf Vacation

Many senior golf players enjoy getting away by planning a golfing vacation.
Whether you play golf regularly or just once and awhile, a golf vacation is a
great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors just like the pros. The senior golf
pros play golf for many of the same reasons the amateurs do, they love the game
and enjoy traveling to new golf courses. The more you play and learn, the better
you become at playing. Understanding what clubs to use and when is also

A travel agent or an online travel site will be a good place to start if you
are planning a senior golf vacation. You want to find a course that offers a
challenge as well as some great people to meet. You might even consider playing
a game at some the courses where the pros give lessons or play a leisurely round
of golf just like you. You can look through brochures or websites to see exactly
where to plan your next golfing vacation.

When you plan a golfing vacation, you usually find a package deal that includes
hotel accommodations, golfing and other related rewards to your vacation. You
might even enjoy a day of lessons from some pros. Senior golf is an enjoyable
sport that sees no age limit as with other sports. This sport is for all ages,
the more you play, and with a few good tips, you gradually improve your game.

If you plan your senior golf outing at the right time, you might even find that
the weather is just right for playing. After all that is why the pros use these
courses to stay in the game. You could find yourself right in front or behind
some of the most reputable players in the world. This sure would enhance the
golfing vacation. You can choose where and when to travel, but if it happens to
be in an area where the Senior Open is going on, you could also spend a day
watching how they perform.

Some golf courses even have there own resort hotels, which makes tee time no
problem. If you plan your golf vacation, make sure to schedule a tee time so
you do not miss out on the experience of playing golf away from home on a new
course. This is the most exciting part about planning a golf vacation.

You might consider a senior golf outing to the Jack Nicholas Golf Course down
in Florida. This course is considered a prime golf course that offers a
challenge for any player. If you find yourself intrigued with the course and
need more time, you might even consider a condominium right by the course so
your vacation can become permanent. You are going to see many different courses
you can plan a vacation around looking for information about the top courses is
found on the Internet. Start your search with "Championship Golf Courses" and
see where the pros keep up with their game and stay in shape.

Meet Senior Golf Pro Tommy Bolt And More

Tommy Bolt also known as "Thunder" or "Terrible Tommy" got his nicknames
because on the green he had quite a temper. Tommy had fifteen tour wins and one
major win in a championship game back in 1958. Tommy was born in 1918 and made
it into the World Golf Hall of fame and was a member of the Ryder Cup team
twice. His senior golf years were spent winning the PGA Seniors Golf
Championship in 1969 after which he became a key player in the creation of the
Champion Tour formerly the Senior PGA. He had a temper and through his clubs,
but he knew the game. At the age of eighty, Bolt was still playing senior golf.

Gene Littler was born in 1930 and became pro golfer. Gene had twenty-nine tour
wins with the PGA and eight wins with the Senior PGA. In 1961, he gained one
win in the U.S. Open. He also took a win in the Amateur in 1953. He was a
member of the World Golf Hall of fame, Walker Cup Team as well as eight Ryder
Cup teams. He was voted Comeback Player of the Year in 1973. After taking a
break from senior golf in 1972, Gene came back and won in Saint Louis. He did
have a great career in the golfing circle.

Cary Middlecoff was born in 1921 and died in 1998. Cary had forty tour wins and
three major wins. He was a member of the World Hall of Fame, the Tennessee
Sports Hall of Fame and in 1956 he won the Vardon Trophy. Cary was a great
senior golf pro and was dentist before joining the PGA. He wrote a book called
the "Golf Swing" as well as did some broadcasting before he died. He was known
as slow paced senior golf pro.

Harry Cooper was born in 1904 and died in 2000. He Cooper took thirty-one tour
wins, but had no championship wins
in the majors. In 1937, he won the Vardon trophy and was a leader in money win
with the PGA. He was a member of the World Hall of Fame. Cooper went on to
teach golfing lessons in New York for twenty-six years. He then moved to the
Westchester Country Club were he continued teaching until he was ninety-three
years old. This shows you that you can be a senior golfer for as long as you

Ben Hogan was another great senior golf pro who was born in 1912 and died in
1997. Hogan had sixty-four tour wins and nine major championship wins. Hogan
was also a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and won the Vardon Trophy in
1940, 1948 and 1941. Ben Hogan played his first tour event in 1932 and won the
money purse of $8.50. In 1927, Hogan turned pro at the age of seventeen. Hogan
also had golf clubs that bore his name and were considered some of the best
clubs one could buy for many years.

Increase Your Distance With Tips For Senior Golf Players

Just because you play senior golf does mean you lose that distance. If you have
been playing regularly, you may have already adjusted your fitness and your
clubs and other equipment. If you continue to play, you always make adjustment
for age. You never have to stop playing golf. Golfing is probably one of the
most popular recreational games an older person can play without hurting
himself or herself. You might need some instructions or tips on how to maintain
that distance that every golfer wants.

While your body changes as you get older, you want to stay fit. This is the
reasoning behind doing some strengthening exercises and some flexibility
training. Keeping your body strong and flexible will only enhance the game and
help you achieve the distance you need. Maybe a little weight lifting to keep
the upper body in shape is needed as you get older. Stretching the legs daily
will help to keep you flexible for a natural string, which helps with the
distance you get from your swing. The more flexible you keep the body, the
better you will be in you swing. Fitness is also necessary to walk the
distances between holes as well. If you are not use to walking, you could tire
easily. Not all golf courses will have golf cart for you.

Having the right equipment also makes a difference in your swing and the
distance you get on the ball. As a person ages, they need different clubs that
can help you swing better and drive the ball farther. The thing to look for is
the club shaft flex, the length of the club and of course the lie angle. These
are important factors in a golf club. Sometimes the senior golfer may take a
lesson or two from a pro. This just enhances the game and you can learn some
techniques that the pros use.

The clubs you use do make a difference when you participate in senior golf.
Even the pros change golf clubs as their body and age changes. The more flex
you have in a club should give you more distance. This is seen by seasoned
players as well as the pros. If you are just starting out, you will probably
want to take a few lessons and practice on the driving range to get the most
distance on the ball before trying the greens.

Senior golf has become very popular even for beginners. It is a nice way to
spend your retirement and stay fit at the same time. Some of the pros do
suggest starting out slow if you are new to golf and before you take any
lessons or play a round of golf, you should have some type of fitness regiment
to keep the body flexible. This will help your game as well as prevent injury.
A good pair of shoes is also very important not only for walking in but also
for your stance. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you are not going to stand
correctly when hitting the golf ball.

Five Top Female Senior Golf Pros

Dorothy Campbell was born in 1883 and died in 1845. She was known as Dorothy
Howe and Dorothy Hurd as she was married and divorced a few times in her career
as a senior golf pro. Dorothy only had five major championship wins in the
amateurs. She won the British Women's and the U.S> Women's Amateur in the same
year, which was 1909. She came from a family of golfers as her sisters and
uncles play the game as well as her father. Campbell's last win was the U.S.
Senior Amateur in 1938. She died in a car accident at the young age of

Glenna Collett Vare was born in 1903 and died in 1989. She had no known tour
wins but had six major championship wins. She started playing golf at the age
of fourteen and by the time she was nineteen in 1922, she won the U.S Women's
Amateur and continued to do it five more times. She played until her late
fifties, Vare wrote two books in the 10920's. She was well respected as a woman
golfer and had a great game play when it came to making the green. She has a
trophy given out every year to junior girls, it is call the Glenna Collett Vare

Joyce Wethered was born in 1901 and died in 1991. She had four major
championship wins and was a member of the British Curtis Cup team. When
Wethered and Vare came to play together three times in their golfing history,
Wethered beat Vare all three times. Although she never competed in the senior
golf tours, she could however drive the ball two hundred and forty yards with
precision. Wethered was known more in the British circles more so than in the
United States. She married and became Lady Heathcoat-Amory.

Patty Berg was a top leader in the senior golf circle. She was born in 1918 and
died in 2006. She had sixty tour wins, which includes wins before the LPGA was
even formed. Patty also had fifteen major championship wins to add to her
golfing career. She was successful in winning the first U.S. Women's Open back
in 1946. She set a record for being the only woman to win fifteen major
championship tours. Patty turned pro in the year 1940 but joined the Navy until
1945. The "Patty Berg" award is given out every year to the woman who makes the
greatest contribution to the game of golf for women. This tradition was started
in 1978.

There are many great senior golf pros and they have been made members of the
World Golf Hall of Fame, as have these ladies. They have contributed to the
golfing circuit and have become well known by many of the men senior golf pros.
Many women still compete in the senior golf tournaments and have made a name for
themselves. Some are good at the long drive and some are famous for their short
game. These women have made way for the new generation of golfers.

Find The Right Senior Golf Clubs

When you are thinking about changing golf clubs to fit you better as you age,
you want to look for golf clubs that will give you distance as well. You may
want to have an iron that is custom made, a hybrid club or a clone wood. These
are just a few different ideas when you are thinking about golf clubs. Although
the clone clubs are slightly different from the original clubs, many golfers
find that these clubs are more suited for their changing needs. Whether you
need new irons, woods or drivers you can find some with just enough flex in the
shaft that will help you gain more distance.

There are many manufacturers of senior golf clubs such as Calloway, Wedgewood,
Adams and Nike. You need to choose a golf club that has enough flex in the
shaft, but not too much. It will depend on your ability to swing the club as
the amount of flex you need. The flex is what allows the golf club to bend as
you swing and connect with the ball. You will choose from the ladies flex,
senior flex, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex. If the flex of the shaft is
not matched with your swing, you could miscalculate your swing. A senior golf
club has a little more flex that that of a beginning golfer.

Many golf course pro shops do have golf clubs with different flex shaft ratings
that you can use out on the driving range. This allows the senior golf player to
find the right club that will give you the distance. Before you buy a club,
trying different shaft flexes will enable you to find the one you need without
mistakenly buying the wrong one. You can also find a shop that custom makes
golf clubs for senior golfers and have a set of clubs make especially to
enhance your game.

Whether you buy an expensive senior golf club or a discounted club will not
matter as long as you buy the right club with the right amount of flex. You do
however need to buy something durable, this is where it pays to be critical
with discount clubs. Just because the club gives you, the distance might not
mean it will be the best. Some discount clubs may loosen up as you use it more.
This could cause the flex to become softer than what you need.

Senior golf players have more advantages today then what they have in the past.
The clubs are designed more for their use and flexibility where as golfers in
the past usually only had a few club flexes to choose from as they gained more
experience in the game. Finding the different golf clubs and understanding the
best clubs will help your game. You can look at different websites under the
manufacturers of the clubs to see what they offer and what the ratings are
before you seek a pro shop to try the club on the greens.

8 Things To Becoming A Great Senior Golf Pro

Eight things will help make you a great senior golf player. There is attitude,
concentration and focus, recovery of the game, practice, fitness, technique and
foundation, balance and distance. Keep in mind that these are the foundation to
becoming a seasoned golf player and will help you become as good as the pros
and maybe even a pro. You need to play the game of golf with determination and
stay with what works for you the best.

Your attitude about the game has to be focused on the win. Having a positive,
"I can do it" attitude is the only way to succeed as a professional golf
player. If you want to play the senior golf tournaments, you have to work up to
it and dedicate your time to enhancing your game. Your concentration and focus,
plan your shot before you even reach the tee. Never change your mind once you
are over the ball. Second-guessing yourself does not make a pro golfer. When
you address the ball, you already know where the ball is going and how you are
going to get there without any hesitation.

Talent and recovery are what help you win the game. If you have a talent for
thinking and hitting the ball right where you need it to be, you have a better
chance of coming in with a scratch shot, however even the senior golf pros do
have an eagle or a bogy here and there. If you do have a bad hit, you need to
know how to recover from that shot and make your next play make up for the
previous bad shot. This is all apart of golfing. If you have a two over par on
the previous hole, try to go under par on the next hole. It is all in the
recovery and the planning.

To become a senior golf pro, you need to be fit and practice. Just because you
have been playing golf for years does not mean, as you get older you do not
need a little more fitness in your day. You need to stay in shape and practice
your game regularly. Keep in mind, you might need different equipment as you
get older and this is going to require plenty of practice time with the new
equipment to improve your game.

You need to learn techniques that lead to a solid foundation in your game. A
senior golf pro does not stop learning and improving their techniques. You want
to change as your age changes to get the same distance that you were getting
before you started reaching the senior age. You are going to need your balance
and your Zen for golfing to play with the pros. If you keep practicing and stay
fit, you should be able to play golf well into your nineties if you wish. Most
importantly, keep your distance or enhance your distance to stay in the game
and compete on the same level as the rest of the senior golf players.

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