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Sex After 60

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Why Sex is Different for those over 60

Sex has a way of making relationships difficult when we are younger. Many young
people struggle with the issue of when it is the right time for them to start
having sex. They may feel they have found the right person and then down the
road wish they had waited for someone else to share that experience with.

Many people will tell you that having sex at a young age can certainly lead to
some difficulties with relationships. One party may want it to be very casual
while the other has fallen in love. There are hurt feelings and even unwanted
pregnancies that have to be dealt with. Some may say that they don't want to
think about sex and being older, but those over 60 will tell you it is
different -- and the love it.

They don't have to deal with all the same struggles as they once did. Most
women over 60 will tell you that they don't have to worry about looks. They
know that the partner they are with wants to be with them for more than just
the hot body they have. They have accepted that their body has changed with
time and they still enjoy having sex.

Men over the age of 60 will also tell you that the burden is off them to have
the big muscles. They also don't have to try to perform all night long like
they did in their younger years. With all of the stress off the issue of having
sex, the couple can focus on making each other feel good. It is a completely
different feeling than what they experienced before.

Both sexes will agree that sex at this age is about much more than just the
physical side of things. It is a way to connect with someone they love,
respect, and desire on a deeper level. Sex doesn't have to be the central theme
of the relationship so there isn't any pressure for it to start taking place.
They can take their time to get to know each other before they move on to that

For couples who have been together for a very long time, they often find as
they move into their 60's that they have more time to spend with each other.
This allows them to rekindle their love for each other that may have been
pushed aside for many of the past years in their relationship.

You will definitely find these types of relationships to be built on great
communication. They two people will really enjoy being around each other. They
love to talk and to spend time together. Having sex is just an added benefit of
them spending that time with each other. They can bring that level of
communication that they value into the sexual relationship as well.

For those over 60, still having sex means that someone finds you to be
desirable. This is very important to both men and women. It allows them to feel
loved and cared for. It also allows them to have a level of intimacy that goes
beyond just sitting close or holding hands with someone. That can help them to
feel young and revitalized.

You will also find that as people get older they value their relationships
more. Even though young couples may be in love, they may not fully realize the
importance of their choices. Older individuals are able to see the connection
of a good relationship both outside of the bedroom and inside of it. That is
what keeps their passion for each other alive.

If you fit into the category of individuals who think it isn't going to be much
fun having sex one you are 60, think again. Re-evaluate your attitude about it
once you have read the material online for those who are in that age group and
loving their sex life. Things are going to change but having sex in your 60's
and beyond can be a completely new experience. It can be more rewarding in many
ways then what you experienced at earlier times in your life.

Having Sex into your 60's and Beyond can help you Feel Younger

When we are young we often proudly tell people just how old we are. That all
changes though when a person gets older. However, you are only truly as old as
you feel. Skip the skin cream if you want to feel younger as one of the best
ways to do so is to have a good sex life. Some will argue that this isn't
always possible due to not having a partner, but even masturbating when you are
60 or older will help you to feel younger.

Sexual activity helps to relieve tension in both the mind and the body. It is
agreed that all adults can certainly benefit from that. A healthy sex life also
helps you to feel good about who you are. There are few things in life that are
as intimate between two individuals as having sexual relations. If you are true
to the meaning behind your feelings then sex can only get better for you as you
get older.

It may be hard for younger generations to understand how sex can get better
with age. It has to do with the emotional connection that is found in the older
years. We often take our relationships for granted when we are younger even if
we truly do love those we are with. The physical as well as the emotional
connect that can be made is what makes it that much more special.

You can feel younger having sex when you are past your 60th birthday and have
some additional perks. For example you often don't have to worry about work
schedules, taking care of children, or many other types of interruptions that
can get into your way. There is also no longer a risk of getting pregnant and
that can allow many couples to feel very free.

When you are young, you often can't imagine being over 60 and still having sex.
It may seem like you are going to be so old. It really depends on your age when
you start having such thoughts though. Keep in mind that your physical
condition is going to affect how old you feel. Some 40 year olds physically
feel older than many 60 years old. Staying active is going to be key to being
able to still enjoy sex at an older age.

You may not have experimented much with sex when you were younger but still
have the desire to do so. You are never too old to have fun with sex so let
your partner know what your desires are. Chances are they will be very willing
to comply with what you want to be fulfilled. Make sure you find out what they
need as well so both of you can enjoy the activities and feel younger in the

Sex is an activity that people can really enjoy for their entire adult life. It
doesn't have to stop just because of the number of candles on your birthday
cake. While it is true that you won't hear as many 60 something people talking
about sex, they are still enjoying it. There are plenty of statistics out there
that reflect this. You can feel good about yourself as well as feel years
younger if you are actively enjoying sex at this age and beyond.

Will you Still have an Active Sex Life in your 60's?

Sex is a very important part of life for most people, and very natural as well.
It seems that it is more of a big deal for younger individuals than those who
are older. Maybe it is because they have learned what a relationship is all
about by then, and sex is just a small portion of it. Still, it is important
and something that you will want to still be a part of.

One of the biggest problems though is that people aren't comfortable with their
bodies as they get older. It is true that things may not be where they used to
be, and wrinkles may be in place. Yet if you are able to love your body for
what it is, sex in your 60's can still be very enjoyable.

Some individuals around this age have been with the same partner for decades.
They are very comfortable with them. They are still able to have a satisfying
sexual relationship because they know what their partner finds enjoyable. It is
never too late to start experimenting either!

Others around this age group are with a new partner for a variety of reasons.
They may have been divorced and focused on their career or children. Now they
are ready to focus on their own personal happiness. A new love interest in your
60's can be very exciting for someone. It can be something for you to appreciate
if companionship and love is something you are looking for in your life.

Part of being able to enjoy an active sex life in your 60's has to do with your
health as well. It is important to have regular check ups so that your doctor
can assess any problems you may be experiencing. You also need to stay active
because that going to increase your level of energy and endurance for sexual

You may find you have more time to exercise on a regular basis at this time in
your life. You likely don't have children to care for at home and you may be
very close to retirement. There are plenty of walking clubs and exercise groups
for older individuals where you can make some great friends too. This may help
you to look forward to exercising when you saw it as a burden before.

Not everyone finds that sex is that important when they are in their 60's
though. It is important for you and your partner to be able to communicate what
your sexual needs and interests are. If you are both content with it only
happening once in a while that is fine. If you both would like it to take place
regularly then that is fine too.

Should you discover that your sexual needs and desires are very different from
each other though it could pose problems for your relationship. If you are open
and honest about your needs and feelings though you can find it to be something
you can work out as a couple. Both individuals should be looking forward to the
sexual activity rather than one feeling pressured into participating.

Sex can be a wonderful experience at any age. If you enjoy it and you are
healthy enough for it, there is no reason why you can't continue it into your
60's and beyond. If you find you don't enjoy it as much as you once did, there
may be some things you can do about that. Talk to your doctor and you can come
up with some solutions together.

Common Issues to Consider if you want to have a Great Sex Life after 60

Some individuals really have a fear of getting older. They don't want to be
viewed by society as a has been. They aren't really sure what their future
holds so they tend to dwell on it. They may have memories of their own parents
or grandparents with difficulties as they got older. It is only natural not to
want to follow along that same path.

If you want to have a great sex life after the age of 60 then you need to
really think about it now. What is your current sex life like? Do you enjoy the
activity or do you just go through the motions? Are you in a serious and
committed relationship that you would definitely like to still be involved in
when that time comes?

Some people in their 30's and even their 40's put sex on the back burner. That
is understandable with all of the various commitments we often have in our
lives. People are on the fast track and over committed. There are family
issues, career, and trying to find some time for yourself. It can leave a
person drained and with two people on different schedules it is even more

Many researchers will tell you that the type of sex life you have in your
younger years will influence how it is for you after 60. So if you aren't happy
with what you have now you need to make some changes. Finding ways to be very
happy with your own sexuality is very important. The number of people who
aren't sexually happy is very high, yet very few of them are willing to express
what needs to change to their partners.

Part of the problem though is the attitude that earlier generations had about
sex. Many women still feel that it is their duty to please their man. Therefore
they don't talk openly about wanting more or less sex. They don't express their
desires of what they want to see happen. Since no one is bringing it up, their
partners just assume they are pleasing them.

If you find that your life is one I mentioned about being too full for sex,
then you need to cut back. Make a commitment to make sex something that is
important in your relationship. It shouldn't be the only thing you have going,
but certainly a perk. If you and your partner are having to pencil each other
in for sexual activities then changes need to be made sooner than later.

Some individuals over the age of 60 find that their living conditions can
become an issue as well. You may be ready to go to some type of assisted living
facility rather than to live on your own. Are they going to approve of sexual
activities taking place there? It is important to know what those guidelines
are. Some places such as nursing homes don't allow it and there certainly is
very little privacy.

Even if you end up living with your adult children in your older years, are you
going to be comfortable with sexual activities? Many adults don't want their
children to know about it even though they aren't little kids any more. The
issue is further compounded when the parent living with them is dating instead
of actually married.

There are many common issues to consider if you want to have a great sex life
after 60. The main focus needs to be on what is going to make you and your
partner very happy. There is no reason though not to enjoy sex if it is
something you find to be important. You may have some barriers to deal with
along the way, but with some accurate information and openness you can find
solutions to them that will work well for you.

Health Issues for Men that can Make Sex over 60 Difficult

By the time a man is 60 years of age, his normal level of sexual intercourse
has dropped by half. This is based on the average peak from around 18 to 25
years of age for a normal male. There are a variety of different health issues
for men that can make engaging in sex after they are 60 years of age difficult.

There are both physical and mental problems for men that can make it difficult
to get or maintain an erection. Even if the problems starts out being physical
in nature, it can soon turn into a psychological issue as well. This is because
a man can feel inadequate when he can no longer fulfill this role. He may become
angry, upset, and even emotionally withdrawn because of it.

Even during sexual excitement, he may be thinking about it in the back of his
mind. The anxiety of previously not being able to get or maintain an erection
can certainly affect a man. The fear of it happening again can actually cause
it to happen to the point where a man will avoid engaging in any type of
intimacy that could lead to the woman wanting sexual intercourse to take place.

A male may find that various medications that have to be taken for medical
problems can result in erectile dysfunction. The is can be frustrating because
in order to take care of a certain medical need they have to give up something
that is giving them a great deal of pleasure. Taking the medication may only be
temporary but if it is to be an ongoing need then it is more of a concern.

Sometimes the erectile dysfunction from the medications is a side effect that
goes away as the body adjusts to it. Other times the doctor is going to need to
adjust the dosage or even try out new medications. Many males don't want to
share this problem with their doctor though so they just stop taking their
medication. That is certainly not a good solution for any male who is having
problems with sex due to medication conditions as well as their age.

There are some healthy issues for men that make sex after the age of 60
difficult that are more on the mental level than anything else. They may find
they don't have the same defined look in their arms or abs that they once had.
They may find it hard to believe a woman still wants to be with them sexually
when they look like that.

Low self esteem is a major problem for men with their overall physical
appearance as they get older. The development of a beer gut or even the onset
of going bald can all affect them. Do your best to remind yourself of your best
qualities so you can focus on having a great time during sex and not your

Not all males over the age of 60 will have health issues that prevent them from
having a happy sex life. However, since so many well it is a very important
issue to address. They can become frustrated when they can no longer perform
sexually as they once did. It can create issues in their relationship too if
their partner no longer feels desired or their sexual needs aren't being

Statistics Regarding Sexual Activity for those Over 60

You may be surprised by the statistics for those over 60 enjoying sex. Women
aren't just sitting at home knitting while their men are out on the golf
course. Instead they are enjoying each other physically and that is good news.
More than half of all individuals who are at least 60 years of age are engaging
in sexual intercourse.

You may be curious about how often this is taking place. 22% say that they
engage in sexual activity at least one a week. 28% of them say that they engage
in sexual activity at least one a month. When you consider how many people in
our society fall into that age group then we have something great to look
forward to.

Even with more than half of all people over 60 engaging in sexual activity,
approximately 39% will tell you they want more. It could be that they aren't
involved in a relationship right now that is going anywhere. Others may be
looking for the right person to be intimate with but it just hasn't happened
yet. You will find casual sexual encounters among those over 60 don't often
happen as they do for those in their 20's and 30's.

Almost 95% of adults over 60 will admit in surveys to participating in the act
of masturbating. Many believe this is something that older people don't do. Yet
that isn't the truth of the matter at all. More males engage in masturbating
over the age of 60 than women though. Many men say it helps them to be able to
stay healthy and to get an erection when they do want to have sex with their

However, approximately 75% of those that fit into this category will tell you
that they are enjoying the sex they are having. They feel aroused, they feel
desired, and they definitely are benefiting from the activity. Both men and
women continue to be able to achieve an orgasm at this age. It may take longer
to become aroused but the end result doesn't seem to have changed.

Almost all women who are over 60 will tell you that sex today is better than it
was for them twenty years ago. Many of them are still with the same partner.
They just find that they have more freedom in their life now when it comes to
sex. They also have learned to better communicate to their partner what it
takes to arouse and satisfy them.

Men are five times more likely than women to not be able to perform sexually
due to medical problems. Heart disease is a problem that can affect both men
and women in this age group. Yet men can also suffer from erectile dysfunction
due to their various medical problems.

Both men and women in this age group may find that they don't seem to feel as
attractive as they once did. 16% of them will tell you they don't have sex as
often as they would like to because of it. They may wait until the conditions
are right such as it being completely dark.

The statistics regarding sexual activity for those over 60 can be viewed as
quite accurate. These days more people that fall into that age group are proud
of their sexual activities. They are very willing to share that information
with others who ask. They also take parent in online surveys where they can
share opinions but still maintain their anonymity.

Based on this information, those getting older shouldn't be too worried about
their sexual lifestyle. In fact, many people over 60 will tell you that they
have a better sex life now than they did just 10 years ago. It may be due to
how they now feel about their body or just a change in their routine.
Regardless, sex over 60 is definitely something you can look forward to.

Tips for Enjoying a Healthy and Happy Sex Life into your 60's

The issue of older individuals having sex is becoming more common. Many believe
this has to do with baby boomers out there that are more open to the topic. They
don't find it to be as taboo as it once was. Also, women feel there is more
equality in today's society than in the past. They are more open to talk about
their sexual relationships instead of hiding them as they once did.

There is no reason to think you won't be able to enjoy a very healthy and happy
sex life into your 60's as well. Keeping yourself feeling good now is very
important regardless of what age you currently are at. If you aren't enjoying
sex now in your 30's or 40's you need to be asking yourself why not. You need
to be facing those issues so you can get better results from the activity.

It is important to have a commitment to your partner too. Both of you want to
be able to continue enjoying sex into your 60's and beyond. It can be difficult
when one of the people in the relationship isn't able to enjoy it or to perform.
By looking out for the health of each other it is going to make it possible

You need to feel your very best if you want to enjoy sex at that age though.
Getting enough rest and enough exercise is very important. Walking as a couple
can allow you to have to time to visit and communicate. At the same time you
will be promoting your health and a better sex life into the future.

Don't underestimate the value of eating right either. It can be great to try
out new recipes that are good for you. Cooking as a couple can be fun and make
it less of a chore. You will also find this keeps both of you healthy enough to
continue enjoying sex as you are getting older.

If you don't have a partner when you enter your 60's you should be more
receptive to the idea. Some individuals of that age group continue to be old
fashioned. They aren't willing to have sex with someone until they are married.
That is a different look than what today's society promotes. There is also the
issue of protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases too when you
are with a new partner.

Everyone should be seeing a doctor annually for a full check up. These
appointments are essential as early intervention can help to prevent problems
that lead to not enjoying sex. If you have any problems enjoying it before that
annual exam is due then schedule another appointment. Your doctor can assist you
with getting your sex life back to a place where you are happy with it once

It can take some patience in order to deal with problems along the way. There
are many that affect both men and women. Being aware of the changes in your
sexual behaviors is important. Be willing to talk about them with your partner
so they know what you need. During the times when you can't enjoy sex, you can
still enjoy other levels of intimacy with each other. This will help keep the
passion alive and encourage the partner to seek the assistance they need.

Do your part to ensure you are able to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life into
your 60's. There is no reason why that part of your life should stop because of
your age. Staying active physically, staying connected emotionally, and even
being social will all help you to really get the most out of it. Sex is a great
way to share yourself with another person and you will likely want to continue
doing so as you get older. Make sure you take measures now to ensure it is
going to be a possibility for you.

Tips for Adults over 60 with Heart Disease to still Enjoy Sex

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of both men and women in our
society. It is very important to take care of it. One fear that many people
over the age of 60 have is that their heart disease will put a damper on their
sex life. There are ways to effectively control your heart disease though and
still be able to enjoy a very active and fulfilling sex life.

Heart disease can result in a person having to take medications for the
duration of their life. Many of these medications have proven to be successful
but not without a cost. There can be various side effects with them such as
erectile dysfunction. This means a male can't maintain an erection. Most
doctors won't prescribe various types of medication to help with it such as
Viagra or Cialis though if you don't have a healthy enough heart to be engaging
in sex in the first place.

Of course there is the common fear in our society that anyone who has heart
disease could die due to the excitement of sex. There have been reports of
heart attacks and other issues occurring during sex for those with heart
disease. While these instances do occur, they are often very few and far
between. Still, if your doctor tells you to change your habits and that you
can't engage in various types of sexual activities you need to listen.

In most instances though your sex life doesn't have to come to a screeching
halt. Instead you may find there are some modifications to be made. You need to
be open to the suggestions and the changes though as they may prove to be more
satisfying to you than you thought. Remember that your overall health is very
crucial and so you need to be disciplined about sticking to the set boundaries
by your health car professionals.

Make sure you are following all of the orders like you should. This means
taking daily medications on time. Eat meals that are healthy for you so that
you can keep up your energy. Pay attention to signs from your body that
something just isn't right. If you get dizzy or short of breath during sexual
activities then you may need to stop what you are doing.

Having a loving and caring partner though all of this is extremely important.
That can help to reduce your level of stress and anxiety. They should be
willing to forego various types of sexual activity in order to help you stay as
healthy as possible. You may find that making various changes to your lifestyle
though helps. You may be able to resume old forms of lovemaking in the future
if you are willing to stick to such necessary changes.

Heart disease is a very serious issue and you should do all you can at a young
age to prevent it from occurring. You want to be as healthy as you can when you
get into your 60's and beyond. It will ensure you have a happier lifestyle that
also includes being able to enjoy various types of sexual activities.

Should you end up with heart disease though due to poor lifestyle choices or
due to heredity, you can still find ways to enjoy sex. It is important to
discuss the issue with your doctor though. You certainly don't want to be
engaging in any types of behavior that aren't in your best interest.

Individuals 60 and Older are Very Happy with their Sex Lives

Some individuals feel that getting older isn't going to be very much fun. They
believe that everything on their body is going to start to move in directions
that aren't very appealing. It is this ideal that they have that makes them
think that older individuals much must not take part in having sex. They also
believe those that do don't get very much pleasure out of it. Yet they are very
wrong in their thinking based on what is really taking place out there.

Most people over the age of 60 are definitely having sex and they are very
happy about it. They take part in the activity at least one a week with a
regular partner that they have been with for some period of time. They are past
the time in their lives when they have to be everything to everyone. It is now
time to really focus on their own needs, and that applies to their sexual
desires as well.

Some individuals who are over the age of 60 grew up in a very different world.
Men were mainly dominant and women were submissive. They stayed at home and
took care of the house and the children. Today, there is much more equality
among men and women in society. That means women can be more assertive in
regards to sexual activities they wish to engage in.

Contrary to popular belief, men really like this. They don't want to be the one
to always initiate sexual activities. They want to know they are needed and that
they are desired. They want to be sure their partner is having sex because it
feels good to them, not just because they feel obligated to keep their partner

Some may think that sex for those over 60 would be boring. After all they
should enough experience under their belt to have tried it all. Yet many people
in this age group will tell you they are still learning. They are finally
following what they wanted to try long ago. Also, as they have gotten older
their sexual needs and desires have changed from what they once were.

Communication about sex seems to be more of a standard for people over the age
of 60 They feel a connection that goes much deeper now than they did earlier in
their lives. While they realize sex isn't what the relationship is all about, it
is definitely a very important part of it. They want to become more intimate
with their partner and having a great sexual relationship allows that to take

For those who have been with the same partner for a very long time, many of the
tensions that were once there are gone. With the children grown and retirement
in place the struggles over child rearing, money, and even time that were once
there aren't anymore. This means that the couple can focus their attention on
the needs of each other emotionally and sexually instead of it being consumed
by day to day needs.

The sexual behaviors of those over the age of 60 may not be of interest to
younger generations. In fact, they find it hard to swallow that their parents
or grandparents are taking part in such activities. Yet it should be reassuring
to younger generations that such a big part of their life now can continue on as
they reach that age themselves down the road before they know it.

While most people you likely know who are over the age of 60 don't go around
discussing their sex life in public, you can be sure there is plenty of action
still taking place. It is evident from various surveys and questionnaires. The
reports from medical offices around the world tell the same story. A great deal
of information about those over 60 enjoying sex is also found online where
people can share it without disclosing their identity.

How Happy are those in their 60's with their Sex Life?

It may surprise you to find out how happy many people in their 60's are with
their sex life. This is due to people living longer lives than ever before due
to effective health care. We also know how important it is to take care of our
bodies. Sex isn't something that has to go out the window just because you have
aged. In fact, more people that are 60 years of age or older are having a great
time with it than you might think.

The act of those over 60 enjoying sex isn't something new though like many
people think. What has changed though is that there is more freedom to talk
about it and to express information about it. You can even find places online
where these people are talking about their sexual feelings and experiences.
There are also many people in this age group still dating.

Since they are on the dating scene, it is reasonable to expect that they will
one day take those relationships to another level. They can have a very
satisfying sexual lifestyle that helps keep them both young and vibrant. In
fact, there is information to suggest that the more sexually active individuals
are as they get older the happier they will be.

Not everyone in this age group is happy with their sex life though. Women tend
to have more problems with it then men. This is because there are more women in
those older age groups than men. Not all of them are comfortable being with
younger men due to how they feel society is going to see it. Yet there is
really nothing wrong with it if both parties are happy with the relationship.

For males, the inability to maintain an erection is the number one reason why
they aren't happy with their sex life in their 60's. Yet there are many ways in
which this problem can be resolved. Most doctors can help men get to the core of
the issue and then let them know what options they have. Just because a person
is older and things aren't working on their own like they one did doesn't mean
you have to let it continue to be that way.

Being sexually intimate is a great way to for older individuals to feel that
they are loved and appreciated. They certainly don't want to be lonely as they
get older. Even if they do have friends and family, nothing can make you feel
as wonderful as the respect and admiration from someone else. It is a good
feeling to know someone desires you sexually as well.

Don't under estimate the power of having a sex life you are happy with at any
age. It can only become more rewarding as an individual gets older. If you are
over 60 and not happy with your sex life, then you do have the power to change
it. Take an honest look at what you are happy with and what you aren't.

Once you have done this, evaluate what can be done to change it. These factors
will fall into one of three categories -- what you can do on your own, what you
can do with your partner, and what you can change with the help of your doctor.
Those things you can change on your own include your attitude towards sex, your
feelings towards your body, and getting into touch with your feelings.

You can make sex more rewarding when you are older by asking your partner to
tell you what they need to make it more pleasurable. At the same time, express
what the do that turns you on and what you need more of. If you find you don't
enjoy sex like you used to then you should speak to your doctor about what can
be done.

How Menopause can Decrease Sexual Desire for Women over 60

There are some significant changes that take place in a woman's life. One of
them is menopause. This marks the end of her ability to conceive a child. There
will be no more menstrual cycles once the woman is in complete menopause. Yet it
can take years to go from the start of menopause to completely finishing it.
Most women start the process around 45 and finish around 60. It can be sooner
or later though as each woman is different.

There is a common misconception that women who have gone through menopause no
longer have any sexual desire. They may continue to engage in the activity to
keep their partner happy, but they don't get any pleasure out of it. This is
certainly not the truth though.

Many women over the age of 60 are involved in very fulfilling sexual
relationships. They love not having to worry about their period. They also
don't have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy very late in life. This new
found freedom for them means they are able to fully focus on the act of sexual
activity and not the various repercussions of it.

Some women do experience a drop in their sexual desire though after menopause.
Many women experience problems with the vagina being dry after menopause. This
can make it hard for them to get pleasure out of sexual activity. There are
some great products on the market though that will allow you to moisturize the
vagina without any negative side effects.

It is a good idea for a woman with such issues to see a gynecologist for a
complete evaluation though. They may be able to help come up with a natural
remedy that can prevent ongoing issues having to be addressed with it. For many
women, dealing with vaginal dryness can cause a mental block with sexual

They may connect it with being undesirable now that they are in their 60's.
This low self confidence can cause women to shy away from sexual intercourse as
well. Being able to really enjoy your body and your sexual desires when you are
over 60 is very important. It will encourage you to do what you can to be able
to bring back a high level of sexual desire to your life.

Sometimes something over the counter though isn't enough for a woman to get
back the sexual desire she once had. Your doctor may offer you supplements of
hormones in the form of estrogen. Since the level of it in the body drops
dramatically due to menopause, replacing it definitely can be helpful.

Menopause doesn't have to hinder your sex life though for women over 60 years
of age. If you enjoy sex and you want to continue doing so, there are remedies
out there that can help. Don't be embarrassed to discuss the issue with your
doctor either. They deal with such issues all the time. They will know how to
help you get back to where you want to be sexually. For many older couples,
menopause can throw a wrench into what was once a very enjoyable part of their
intimate relationship. It is important to discuss what has taken place. A woman
doesn't want her partner to assume the lack of sexual responsiveness has
anything to do with them not being attractive anymore. Find a good solution
that works for you so that menopause won't stop you from engaging your sexual

Feel Free to Experiment with Sex even if you are More than 60 Years of Age

There is a great deal of controversy in various societies around the world as
to the age when a person should start engaging in sexual intercourse. It can be
crazy to know in some cultures it is as young as eleven years old. Others have
them waiting until they are in their twenties. What is also strange is that
many people have an idea of when they feel someone should stop having sex.

Yet it is important for people to realize that is a very personal decision to
make. It is fine to continue having sex into your 60's and beyond. There is no
reason to stop doing it simply because of how many birthdays you have compiled
over the years. In fact, many individuals in this age group are no where near
getting ready to stop. They are enjoying a new found freedom due to retirement
and other changes in their lives.

They now have both the time and the desire to experiment with their feelings
about their own sexuality. They may finally understand that it is all about
what makes them and their partner feel the best. They may feel more relaxed now
that they don't have to worry about making a baby. They can just engage in sex
for the pure fun and satisfaction that comes with it.

Mentally, a person get themselves into a mode where they never stop to question
having sex. They may have really enjoyed it as a younger person and so they
continue to do so. It never really crosses their mind that society may see them
as being too old to be a part of such activities. People are living longer and
healthier lives now than ever before so that is helping to shift the mindset
about the topic as well.

For those that aren't as confident as they once were about their own sexual
desires, now is the time to do something about it. Work to develop your self
esteem by accepting your body for what it is. While it may not be perfect
chances are you still have plenty to desire. Make sure your spouse knows you
love how their body is too. This is just as important for those over 60 as it
is for younger individuals. It is also important for men as well as women.

Having sex when you are over 60 can be a very different experience though. You
may feel more relaxed and have more time on your hands for it. You may find you
really want to connect with your partner in this way. That means both of you are
committed to having a very satisfying sex life.

Feel free to experiment with sex even if you are more than 60 years of age. As
long as you are having a great time then that is what matters. If you are
struggling with it then see a professional. There can be an array of factors
preventing you from having the sex life you long for. Address them now so you
can have more time to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. It doesn't have to stop
until you want it to, and for most people that is well beyond the age of 60.

Are Prescription Medications a good Option For Enjoying Sex when you are in
your 60's?

While a person's mind may still want to have a strong and active sex life the
body may not always be able to comply. There are some prescription medications
out there that have proven to offer those over 60 help with such issues. For
example those with diabetes or arthritis may find that they are in too much
pain or don't have enough energy for sex.

However, with medication to control their diabetes and a good diet their energy
levels increase. There are medications for arthritis too that can prevent the
joints from swelling up. This means a person can go about activities including
sex and not be in constant pain. It may be something that younger generations
take for granted, but when you are physically in pain it can be almost
impossible to enjoy the pleasures of sex.

One of the most common types of prescription drugs that men use to help them
enjoy sex is Viagra. This is a type of pill that a man takes when he is
mentally excited to have sex but the penis isn't getting or maintaining an
erection. Many men have found Viagra and similar products have allowed them to
have a very enjoyable sex life once again. Their age hasn't been able to stop
them from making this important element part of their normal lifestyle.

The pill known as Cialis has also become very popular. This is because a man
can take it and then be able to maintain erections when he is ready over the
course of the next 36 hours. This means you don't have to plan the act of
lovemaking such as you do with Viagra and similar types of prescription
medications. It allows the process to be more natural and many men really enjoy
having that control over their sexual activities.

There are similar types of prescription medication for women as well. One huge
problem for them after menopause is a decrease in the hormone estrogen. As a
result they may find they have very little interest in sex. Even if they engage
in the act, they just aren't getting the level of pleasure out of it as they
once did. Estrogen pills can be prescribed to help a woman gain her libido back.

Prescription medications may be a good option for you if you are older and you
really want to improve your sex life. You will need to talk to your doctor
about it so a complete assessment can be performed. Identifying the true
reasons why you struggle to get an erection or why you aren't enjoying sexual
activity is important so be honest with your answers.

There are certainly plenty of prescription medications offered today to help
those over 60 be able to continue with a healthy and satisfying sex life. Keep
in mind that some of them are a quite expensive though. There are also some
side effects associated with each of them to be ready for. You may have to
experiment with a variety of different types of prescription medications before
you find the one that helps you get to the level of sexual activity you want in
your life.

Prescription medications aren't the answer for everyone though. There many be
too many health issues for you to consider using them. You may also find that
the various side effects also make it difficult for you to enjoy sex. Never use
prescription medications for someone else because you are too embarrassed to
talk to your doctor about it.

You do owe it to yourself though to see if there is medication that can
significantly improve your sex life into your 60's and beyond. There are plenty
of people out there in this age group and beyond that find sex more enjoyable
now than any other time in their life. Being able to continue engaging in the
activity helps to keep them both healthy and happy.

Dealing with Changes in your Sexual Relationship when you are 60 or Older

There are going to be some changes in a person's life as they get older, there
is nothing that can be done about it. One of them is that your sexual
relationship is going to change. For some people it is for the better and for
others it leaves them wishing for their younger days. Those that seem to enjoy
sex more as they get older often find that with the reduction of stress in
their life they can get more out of it.

They may find they aren't exhausted anymore too because life has slowed down
for them. They may be retired now so the daily grind of work isn't causing them
to go to bed so tired they can't even think about sex. They have plenty of time
to spend looking and feeling good. This means they can also spend more time
with their partner.

As many individuals know, having a quality relationship on other levels with
your partner leads to better sex. You may find that now that you have time to
spend with each other on fun activities instead of just household chores you
enjoy each other more. It can bring an entirely new level of intimacy to the
bedroom for you as well.

Many people over 60 that are retired also travel. The excitement of seeing new
places with someone you have a sexual relationship with can rejuvenate your sex
drive as well. You may find new locations for the activity to take place is
quite a turn on. Where you are and what activities you are enjoying can also
play a role in that.

Not everyone will have such an increase in their sexual behavior though as they
get older. Some people may really want to have sex more often but their body
isn't cooperating. They may find it harder to get or maintain an erection for
the act to take place. This can lead to a great deal of embarrassment as well
as anxiety.

The body may just simply start to feel older and more worn down too. This can
result in a person having less sexual activity than they did before. It can be
frustrating when a person isn't ready for these issues to take place. Sometimes
you can get results if you take to a doctor. Other times you will have to be
able to come to terms with some changes in your sexual behavior that are the
result of aging.

Talking to a counselor about it can be very helpful as well. Some older
individuals become depressed when they find their sexual relationship isn't
what it once was. They may blame themselves for it and need help to cope.
Others may become angry at their spouse due to their changed feelings towards
sexual activity. It is very important for the relationship to be open enough to
discuss such matters.

Dealing with changes in your sexual relationship when you are 60 or older may
not be your cup of tea, but you may find you have no choice. You may be
pleasantly surprised to find that sex gets better for you as you get older. You
may also find that the best is behind you. Yet you can still have a good time
with it if you are willing to make some adjustments.

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction for Males Older than 60

Erectile dysfunction can definitely hurt a man's physical and mental ability to
enjoy sex. Even if he is turned on by a woman and wants to complete the act, the
body simply isn't going to comply. This is an event that just about every single
man out there will experience at least once in their life, especially as they
get older. It isn't a big deal unless it is happening on a regular basis.

The key to getting past it though is to realize that you aren't alone. Too many
men hide their issue with erectile dysfunction from everyone. They are too
embarrassed to tell their partner so they may look for reasons to avoid sexual
activity. They can pick fights, become distant, and even make the partner feel
bad about their appearance to cast blame in another direction.

For those not in a serious relationship, erectile dysfunction can prevent it
from occurring. They know that eventually a new relationship will get to the
point where sex should be taking place They don't want any women to find out
they can't perform so they withdraw from women in a social setting all together.

It is important for men to realize that there are many common causes for
erectile dysfunction. Therefore there is no reason to feel inadequate about the
process taking place. It is going to be a natural part of getting older for many
men. A doctor can often help to identify what the cause of the problem is though
and help a man get his sex life back.

Vascular disease accounts for more than half of all the erectile dysfunction
cases in males over the age of 60. This has to do with the arteries to the
penis getting blocked and so not enough blood can get to it for a full
erection. This is a condition that can often be treated though.

Smoking is a common issue that can lead to it as well. Males who smoke more
than a pack of cigarettes per day are at the highest risk. Stopping to smoke
can make a huge difference for the individual in just a month or two.

There are a variety of medical problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction
for men. The biggest one though is diabetes. The nerved and blood vessels to
the penis may be damaged and so there isn't enough blood that is allowed to
flow into it for an erection to take place.

When we hear about hormone problems and sexual behavior for those over 60, it
is mostly associated with women. Yet approximately 5% of all males suffer from
some type of hormone problem. That is what is responsible for their problems
with getting an erection. They may have a problem with their kidneys or liver
due to hereditary illnesses or excessive alcohol use.

Some men fail to product enough testosterone as they get older so they need a
supplement to help with their sex drive. There are also times when traumatic
experiences can affect the normal ability to get an erection. It could be due
to an injury that harms the spine or even due to the onset of various diseases
that affect the central nervous system.

Doctors have to be careful about prescribing medications for various ailments
as well. All prescription drugs have side effects and hundreds of them have
impotency as one of them. Since many of these drugs have to be taken on a daily
basis it is a huge concern. These various medications may be to treat heart
disease, diabetes, depression, or anxiety. It is important for a doctor to try
to find a good medication that works but doesn't affect the ability to obtain
and maintain a natural erection.

With all the technology available today, that is no reason for a man over 60 to
suffer from no sex life. There are simply too many ways in which they can be
helped. However, this help can't be offered unless they are open and willing to
discuss their sexual problems with professionals.

Some Common Problems for Women Older than 60 that can Make Sex Uncomfortable

Sex can continue for women at any age, but there are some common problems that
can affect those over 60 and make it uncomfortable. If you aren't feeling good
during the activity of course it is going to be something you avoid being a
part of. That can really make you feel less attractive and even older than you
really are. Sex is a big part of who we are even though it isn't the most
important attribute.

Too many women just sum up these common problems as the end of a very happy sex
life. Others never really enjoyed it anyway so now it is just one more issue to
prevent them from considering sex as something wonderful or rewarding. Yet you
don't have to let problems prevent you from enjoying sex after age 60. There
are many things you can do to make yourself feel better.

Stress can be a huge factor that affects enjoying sex. Some women that are
older find that they have things taking place in their life that overwhelm
them. Dealing with that stress is very important though to help move on from
it. Talking to friends or a professional counselor can certainly be helpful.

A change of partners can be difficult for women as well. Most women are very
loyal to their partner and so it can be hard to become intimate with someone
else. They may have gotten divorced later in life and just now came back onto
the dating scene. Some women have lost their spouse due to death. After being
with the same person for decades it is certainly a new experience to have sex
with someone different.

Many women will find that it does take longer to become sexually aroused when
they are in their 60's. Instead of being frustrated by this a woman just needs
to find ways to work with it. Having a relaxing bath with a partner, a nice
romantic dinner, or just cuddling for a while can help. A woman needs to make
sure her partner understands what will arouse her as well.

The ability to naturally lubricate the vagina can be an issue as well. This is
important to address because it can result in sexual stimulation as well as
intercourse being painful. There is no reason for a woman to have to deal with
this but many suffer in silence. They try to avoid the atmosphere for sex to
take place so they don't have to discuss this with their partner.

It is often the result of the vaginal walls becoming thinner as a person gets
older. The younger a person is when they go through menopause the more common
it is that will occur. Women need to discuss such issues with their
gynecologist before they just reach for an over the counter product to assist
them with lubrication issues.

Even though women over 60 can end up experiencing some problems, most of them
can be overcome. There are very few women who can't end up with a very
satisfying sex life as they get older. You may have to work in order to
physically and mentally get to that point though. Let your doctor help you too
by being willing to share such issues with them. They are professionals so you
shouldn't be embarrassed turning to them for assistance.

Safe Sex is Still a Concern for those Over 60 Years of Age

Just because you get older, it doesn't mean you can be careless about your
choice of sexual partners. For those over 60 years of age, you want to do your
part to protect yourself. Both men and women need to take the responsibility
for having condoms readily available. While they risk of pregnancy is likely in
the past, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is not.

Most individuals over the age of 60 aren't out hooking up with new partners
every weekend. Yet the biggest concern should be the people they have been with
in the past. They may have been exposed to a sexually transmitted diseases such
as HIV from a partner they were once with. They aren't able to share that
information with you as they don't know it themselves. That is just too big of
a risk to take.

Should you decide to be part of a committed relationship when you are over 60
with one partner, that is great. You both should be tested for sexually
transmitted diseases though. The time frame for additional testing will depend
on how much time has passed since each of you has been with someone else. Your
medical professionals can provide all of that information for you.

Only after you get go ahead for the doctor can you stop using protection with
that partner. You need to decide on the level of trust you have with that
person though. Infidelity is a common issue in our society for people of all
ages, not just over 60. If you are worried in the least that you may be exposed
to anything due to that issue you need to continue using protection.

It is very naive to assume that because you aren't a spring chicken anymore
that you don't have to worry about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
There is no discrimination from them based upon your age. Approximately 20% of
the population that has tested positive for HIV is over 60 years of age. In at
least half of the cases it is believed that they were exposed to the virus by
engaging in unprotected sex after the age of 60.

Some individuals of this age group feel it is disrespectful to bring up the use
of condoms. They don't want to offend potential partners so they don't even
bring it up. Yet if you aren't able to discuss the issue of safe sex with
someone you plan to be intimate with then it is best to avoid such activity
with them all together.

Others simply don't realize they are still at risk at their age. There has been
a great deal of information and education offered on the topic in the last 20
years. This was implemented as the number of individuals over 60 years of age
with sexually transmitted diseases was on the rise for several years in a row.

The highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases among adults of this age
group is found in male to male relationships. However, those that involve two
females or one male and one female are also at risk too. There has been a myth
in society that doesn't seem to go away that only homosexual males are at risk
of contracting a sexually transmitted disease in their older years. Everyone is
at risk and so you should assume that anyone you are going to have sex with
could possible have such infections to pass on to you. Some of them may know
about it but others don't and you need to not take such a risk.

When you are in your 60's, you still have plenty of life ahead of you to enjoy.
A healthy sex life should be a an enjoyable part of that life. However, you do
need to be very realistic about the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. You
don't want to have something like that affect the quality of the remainder of
life you have in front of you.

Natural Ways to Rejuvenate your Sex Life for those Older that 60

If you want to have a better sex life later in life then you do now, you can
work to rejuvenate it. When was the last time you really took some time to
pamper yourself? If it has been a while then take some time to do so. Go get a
new outfit and a hair cut or color. Buy some new make up and plan a romantic
dinner for you and your partner.

Allow yourself some time to fantasize about sex during the day as well. Take a
nice warm bath before bed. You can picture what you will do with your partner
when you are done with the bath. Leave them a detailed note in the morning
about plans for the evening. It can certainly make a huge difference in the way
you see each other romantically. Keep it fresh and alive so that no one gets
bored with the sexual activity that is taking place.

Take a look at your mental well being as well. If you aren't in the best of
moods then do what you can to perk yourself up. Sometimes seeing a professional
counselor can help you out as well. Sometimes there are issues not dealt with in
the relationship that lead to tension and resentment. If you can get them on the
table and out of the way your sex life will likely improve.

Taking care of yourself physically is important as well. Don't let yourself get
lazy or overweight. Stay active and eat well so you can stay at a healthy
weight. You may need to work with a dietician to plan healthier meals. It is
never too late in life to make such lifestyle changes. It does take some
planning and commitment but your will find there are many great benefits from

Get rid of those nasty habits such as excessively drinking alcohol. In the long
run it will lower your sexual desire and performance, especially for men.
Smoking is also a factor that will become more of an issue as you get older.
Being comfortable in your own skin and with how you look is a great way to get
you in the mood to initiate sexual activity with your partner as well. They
will find it to be a tremendous turn on that you are attracted to them.

Sometimes just changing the location of where sex will take place can make it
better. If you are always doing the act at home, take a weekend vacation to
some place romantic. You can also use a different room in the house to spice it
up a bit. There are books on new positions and even on romancing your partner to
look at as well. You may find talking honestly with your partner about how to
please them can really make a difference.

There are herbal pills for both men and women on the market as well. Since you
can buy them over the counter at most health food stores people assume they are
100% safe to take. Still, you need to consult with your doctor first. You may
not be healthy enough to engage in sexual activity. You certainly don't want to
risk your health for sex so getting a full assessment from a professional is the
best place to start.

Maintaining your Sex Drive as you get Older

Maintaining your sex drive as you get older is very important to most people.
Sex is a satisfying part of their lifestyle and not one they want to lose. It
is normal for a person's sex drive to diminish some though as they get older.
Specifically those over 60 may find it is harder to get into the mood or even
to get your body to physically comply with what you want to do.

There are some things you can do though to help you maintain your sex drive as
you get older. Living a healthy lifestyle is going to make a very significant
impact for you so don't blow it off. What you choose to do today is going to
affect your health and your level of sexual desire as you get older.

Eating a well balanced diet is something you should incorporate into your life.
If you aren't doing it now, then start to make some small changes. As time goes
on you will adjust to them and they will become a second nature to you.
Consuming too much caffeine can be a problem. If you aren't getting all the
vitamins and nutrients that you need from food, make sure you take a quality

Make sure you take the time to exercise at least 30 minutes each day as well.
Walking is very common for older individuals as it is low impact but very good
for the body. Get a companion such as a friend or even a dog that you can walk
with each day. Some malls and other locations have indoor walking clubs too
which are perfect when the weather turns cold.

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important to sex drive. A combination of a
good diet with plenty of exercise will help you to be successful in this area.
It will also help you to feel great about how you look. Too many people are
inhibited about sex as their body has changed from what it once was. That is
going to be a fact of life for all of us.

Being happy with your body is also important. Too many people start to notice
all the small details as they get older. They will see every line and wrinkle
on their body so they aren't comfortable during sex. They don't have much self
confidence that they are desirable. They aren't able to let go and enjoy what
is taking place because they are too focused on such details.

Reducing the amount of stress in your life is important as you get older too.
The toll it can take on both your body and your mind is more than most of us
imagine. Not everyone can be worry free when they are older though. If your
finances or relationships aren't in the best format, it can be hard to get past
it. Do your very best though to reduce as many stressful issues from your life
as you can. It will certainly help with your sex drive because you won't be
preoccupied with other things.

If you are healthy as you get older, you will be able to maintain your sex
drive. Both men and women have the ability to be turned on sexually until a
very late age in life. They also both have the ability to continue having
orgasms into those later years as well. It all comes down to how fit a person
is though both physically and mentally.

Age is merely a number though as anyone who is over 60 can tell you. Many of
them continue to enjoy as wonderful of a sex life as others who are only in
their 40's. It is something you can strive for in your own life as well. Make
sure you are making healthy choices today though so you won't have too many
issues that reduce your sex drive as you get older.

Having an Active Sex Life into your 60's can Benefit your Overall Health

Having an active sex life into your 60's can benefit your overall health. There
are plenty of statistics to show this can help encourage a person to live a very
healthy lifestyle. They will be more concerned about their overall appearance
and so they eat better and exercise more.

Many individuals engaging in sex when they are over 60 are also more concerned
with their overall health. This means they are willing to keep their
appointments for annual check ups. They will also do what the doctor recommends
in regards to taking medications and to making changes to their daily habits.

The topic has become more of an issue in our society due to people living
longer than ever before. For many people, life doesn't end when they retire as
it is only beginning. They find they can pursue new interests and they
certainly enjoy having an active sex life. For most people in this age category
and older, there is no reason not to continue experimenting with sex and having
a great time.

It can be a time to get to know your body in new ways. You may find sex is
different at this age though. It may not occur as often and it may not last as
long from start to finish. Yet there are still plenty of ways to please your
partner to make the most of it. At the same time you can communicate what makes
you feel good so you are getting all you can out of the sexual experiences you
choose to be a part of.

Having a healthy lifestyle is very important for people of any age. As you get
older though it becomes even more important. You can do your part to make sure
sexual activity is still a great part of our life when you are in your 60's.
Eliminate the use of tobacco and alcohol from your lifestyle. You also want to
make sure you eat right, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly.

Many people in their 60's will tell you that continuing to have sex makes them
feel younger than they really are. This carries over into many other aspects of
their life as well. They feel better both physically and
mentally due to it. They are also able to maintain a very healthy and intimate
relationship with someone who is very important to them.

In our society, it has also become more socially acceptable for such behaviors
to take place. In the past it was deemed gross or even out of line for people
of such age to be thinking about sex. While many of them did, they kept their
thoughts on the subject very private. Today they are able to explore them and
share them without feeling guilty or feeling like they are being judged.

It is believed that having a positive attitude about sex and realizing that is
natural to want to continue having it when you are older plays a vital role in
this. Those that don't question their desire to continue having sexual activity
into their 60's and later will be able to relax and enjoy it. They aren't going
to be inhibited by their age or what is going on around them.

Ways for Men over 60 to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

As a man gets older the ability to get and to maintain an erection can be
harder. Some men find it just takes a bit more foreplay. They may also find
they can't get a second erection soon after like they once could. This is
normal and most couples find it to be an issue they can easily deal with. They
are still able to have a very satisfying sex life in spite of such minor issues.

However, some males end up with what is know as erectile dysfunction. This can
become a serious issue that affects the individual both mentally and
physically. At first they may only have the problem once in a while. It can be
embarrassing but couples can deal with it. The partner needs to be very
encouraging and supportive so it won't become a mental issue the next time sex
is initiated.

For other men though erectile dysfunction can end up being a very serious
problem. It can result in them becoming angry or upset. It can also lead to
depression as many men do associate their manhood with their ability to have
sexual intercourse. There are many reasons why a man may suffer from erectile
dysfunction when they are 60 or older.

Medical concerns are the number one factor. Heart disease, high blood pressure,
and even diabetes can all cause erectile dysfunction. Seeing a professional
about what is going on is very important. They can help prescribe medications
that can help with the issue. Sometimes it turns out to be the medications that
you are on that make it hard to get an erection. The doctor can help to
determine the cause and get the person back on track.

Mentally a man can prevent himself from being able to get an erection. Issues
about not being able to in the past can certainly cause a great deal of
anxiety. Not feeling attractive or worrying about being able to perform can
also be a problem. Talking to your partner about your fears can help to
alleviate them.

Changing lifestyle habits can really make a difference too. Some men over 60
aren't able to get an erection due to heavily smoking or drinking. Working to
get rid of these habits can help the issue of erectile dysfunction to take care
of itself. Likewise, changing your diet and losing weight can be helpful as well.

There are several reasons why males over 60 years of age may be experiencing
erectile dysfunction. Yet it doesn't have to mean the very end of your sexual
lifestyle. There are ways to deal with it that can get you back on track again.
Be willing to try different things in order to get to the bottom of your problem.

One of the most frustrating things for men with erectile dysfunction is that it
can take time to discover what is going to make a difference. You have to be
willing to follow the doctor's orders. You have to be open to trying a course
of action for a couple of months and then exploring another one if that one
wasn't effective for you.

Sex for men over 60 is still very important and it can be very fulfilling.
Don't be afraid to look at your lifestyle to see where you can make changes. Go
to a doctor you can trust and you are comfortable with. This way you can share
your feelings and discover what your options are for effectively dealing with
erectile dysfunction.

Some of the different treatments that a doctor can offer include various
medications. With advances in technology there are also implants that are
surgically placed inside of the penis. Counseling can be very effective when
the doctor feels there may be a mental link to the erectile dysfunction.
Exploring the various options can help you to be able to get and maintain an
erection again like you did when you were younger.

Vascular Disease can Create Complications for Men over 60 wishing to have Sex

Vascular disease is a type of problem older males can experience. It is a type
of erectile dysfunction so it can definitely affect their ability to have the
quality of sexual lifestyle they are interested in. With vascular disease, the
arteries end up hardening. This is going to prevent enough blood from being
able to flow to the penis for it to get hard at all or to get hard enough for
intercourse to take place.

Approximately 60% of all men over the age of 60 who have a type of erectile
dysfunction find that it is due to vascular disease. This is why men over the
age of 55 are encouraged to get a screening annually. Most doctors will include
it in the physical exam that they do. Yet too many males don't see a doctor for
a routine check up each year as they should. As a result, they end up with
vascular disease being a problem that isn't identified until it has already
affected their ability to maintain an erection.

The research on the cases of vascular disease that have been found find some
common factors. Males who smoke, have high cholesterol, or that are overweight
tend to be at a higher risk. Males who have been diagnosed with diabetes or
heart disease also have a higher chance of developing vascular disease as well.

In order to determine if a man is suffering from vascular disease, an
assessment is completed. Generally a blood test is done which can provide the
necessary information. The penis may be touched as well to determine how
sensitive the nerves are in it in connection with arousal.

It is also very important for the patient to give accurate information. The
assessment will ask when they last time a full erection was maintained. Many
men lie about it as they don't want to face the problem or share it with their
doctor. Yet they are there to help with such issues and not being honest can
prevent you from having a great sex life.

Once the vascular disease has been confirmed, the doctor can discuss the course
or action to remedy it. Many men who need to make lifestyle changes such as to
stop smoking or to lose weight will for sexual activity to take place. That is
how important it is to them and the life they wish to engage in.

Sometimes the physical issues of vascular disease have to be treated with
emotional needs too. For the male who has been dealing with it for a while, the
anxiety and shame of not being able to maintain an erection can be a factor.
Even if the physical issues are resolved, the mental block is still going to be
there. Dealing with both factors at once gives these men the best chance of
overcoming their erectile dysfunction.

Depending on the assessment, the man may be given a prescription for various
types of medications to help maintain an erection. Many of them have been quite
successful and they continue to improve all the time. There are also vacuum
devices given that will help to pull more blood into the penis so the erection
can take place.

Surgery is becoming more of a common way to treat vascular disease that has
lead to erectile dysfunction as well. Many men want to go this route rather
than having to use drugs or a pump to get their erections to take place. With
surgery the arteries can be cleared so that the blood can naturally flow to the
penis like it should. If there are veins that allow the blood to leak out they
can be blocked. There are also implants that can be permanently inserted to
assist a man with getting an erection.

An estimated 30 million men are affected by vascular disease right now. Finding
out if you are at risk is important as it can help you to avoid being part of
the statistics. Should you end up with vascular disease though there are very
effective ways of treating it. Rather than giving up on sex, see a doctor who
can help you find the right solution for you.

Why do So Many Women Enjoy Sex more when they are over 60?

There is often a belief in society that men enjoy sex much more than women. For
many years overall this is true. Women often worry about issues such as
pregnancy, they have their hands full with too many things, or they aren't
happy with their body. Yet they continue to engage in sexual activities as a
way to keep their partner happy. Women are very good at doing what is going to
keep others happy. It is often a part of their very giving nature.

Some women continue to engage in sex during their life as they want to be able
to enjoy it more. They may experiment with new methods as well as new partners.
All the while though it may just be something they go through the motions of.
Women often associate the act of sex with intimacy afterwards so they do it in
order to get to that part of it.

It is often said that many women enjoy sex more as they get older. There are
many researchers who will tell you it has to do with changes in the body. A
woman may find it easier to have an orgasm when she is in her 30's. She may
have come to terms with how her body looks or be with the same partner long
enough to be very comfortable communicating what it is that she wants.

This results in sex becoming something that a woman can enjoy and look forward
to when she is older. It has more to do with intimacy than with just being sexy
for someone. Since sex isn't the core of the relationship when you are older
than 60, the pressure is off a woman to look perfect and to perform perfectly.
This can help it to be something enjoyable instead of another time when she
continues to critic herself.

There is said to be a great deal of passion in the sexual aspect of things for
older couples. This is because it focuses more on the feelings involved than
just the act itself. The woman finds her partner is taking more time for
touching and caressing which is exactly what women crave when it comes to sex.

All of this pampering and personal attention for women past 60 years of age may
be something new. They may not have had such experiences with sex when they were
younger. While most men won't admit it, they often focused on their own sexual
needs when they were younger as well. Older men are known to be able to please
a woman better.

More women are opening up to tell others how much they enjoy sex into their
60's and older. This used to be a taboo subject so it was just assumed that
they didn't really participate in it or enjoy it. Yet that seems to be very far
from the truth. Researchers have found that women will open up about their
sexual activities when they are older if someone is directly asking the

There are many reasons why women find sex after 60 to be extremely gratifying.
They are able to continue to enjoy this part of their life regardless of their
age. It is exciting to have the freedom to explore their sexuality. They also
love the fact that their partner finds them interesting and wants to have sex
with them. This can really help a person who is getting older to feel very good
about themselves.

When you are Older than 60 and Sex is no Longer an Interest to you

Don't assume that just because you will one day be 60 years of age that sex
won't interest you. There isn't going to be a day when you wake up and say that
is the last time you will be engaging in such events. There is plenty of talk
about those over 60 that pursue an active and healthy sex life. Yet not
everyone falls into that category. There are some that are just no longer
interested in it.

You do owe it to yourself though to find out why you aren't interested in
having sex. For many it has to do with the loss of a partner due to death. They
may have been with that individual for a very long time. They simply can't
imagine themselves becoming intimate with anyone else. This is understandable
and not something that should be viewed as out of the ordinary.

There is no set time frame for a person to recover from such events. Eventually
you may feel like you are ready to see someone new. It may be within the year or
several years down the road. Listen to your own feelings and follow your heart.
If you are struggling to let go of the past, professional counseling may be
something you can benefit from.

There are those who never really enjoyed sex in the first place. They continued
to do it because they felt it was expected from them. They may have wanted to
have children or just to keep the peace with their spouse. They may be at a
point in their life where they just don't feel that sex is that important
anymore. They also aren't going to compromise their stand on it for anyone else
any longer.

Some individuals are very concerned about their physical appearance. They go to
great lengths as they get older to look their very best. They chose their
clothing very carefully so they can accent their good qualities and hide their
flaws. So they aren't about to show someone what they look like naked.

Medical issues are one of the main reasons why some people over the age of 60
just don't find sex to be of interest. They may be very ill and it is a fight
daily to go about their normal activities. Others find they have a very low
libido due to their medical problems or even as a side effect of their
medications. Therefore the issue of sex just isn't one that matters a great
deal to them.

Likewise, if they have a partner who is suffering from various medical problems
they may find that sex doesn't matter. They are more concerned with helping
their partner to remain as comfortable as they possibly can. It takes
tremendous strength to help someone with daily medical problems. It can be
physically and mentally draining as well. Yet at the end of the day they are
just thankful to continue having more time to share with that person.

When you are older than 60 and sex is no longer an interest to you, that is
your own concern. You need to make sure you are truly happy with that decision
though. If you find you are depressed about it or long for some type of sexual
activity you need to see a doctor. There can be many reasons why a person isn't
able to enjoy sex as they get older. There are numerous solutions that can be
offered as well. If you aren't interested in them though you can still have
wonderful and meaningful relationships.

You will just have to find a partner who isn't interested in sex either.
Otherwise that different between the two of you is going to end up creating a
great deal of tension. As long as both of you are fine with only being
companions then it can work well for you. Sex isn't something anyone should
feel pressured into at any age.

The Internet is the Perfect Place for those over 60 to Freely Discuss Sex

The generation gap is alive and well when it comes to many issues in our
society. Sex is one of them and so the older generations are turning to the
internet as the perfect place to feely talk about it. There younger co-workers,
friends, and certainly their own children don't want to discuss it with them. It
can be hard for younger generations to accept the fact the their own parents and
even grandparents are still having sex.

Yet more and more people are living a healthier lifestyle to late in life. This
means there is no reason why someone over the age of 60 can't be having the time
of their life when it comes to their sexual relationships. It doesn't matter if
they have been with the same person for years or if they are newly on the
market and seeing what it has to offer them.

Not everyone from the older generations is comfortable talking openly about
sex. They may feel guilty or embarrassed about doing so. Yet with the internet
you can talk freely to others and hide behind the screen. No one ever has to
find out your real name or what you look like. You may be talking online with
people in another country or just across town from you. The anonymous nature of
the internet though makes it safe and so people tend to open up more.

There is a great deal of information to be found online too about how sex is
for those over 60. Individuals who are experiencing low libido or a variety of
other problems that are sexual in nature can find out more about it. They can
get support because they know that they aren't alone in what they are going

In many instances, reading such information can help them come to terms with
where they are. They may be encouraged to go see a doctor or a counselor to
help them get passed the issue. They may find that they are able to rid
themselves of the guilt associated with having sex with a new partner after
their previous one died. All of these issues and more are covered in great
detail online for those that are 60 and older.

A person can simply choose to read articles that are posted online. Search
engines are a great way to be able to narrow down the topics. As you read more
articles you can jot down notes. This way you can come up with more keywords to
enter and do other searches on. You can collect the information you want from
the privacy of your home without feeling self conscious about it.

There are also plenty of forums where other people can read your posts and
respond to them. This is a great way to get personalize information that is
specific to the questions you have. You can also do your part by reading what
others need and responding. This is a great way to give back the support that
has been given to you along your road to sexual happiness at an older age.

It seems that there are more and more individuals older than 60 out there
sharing their stories of having sex. Some of them are fun while others are full
of questions. You do need to make sure that you get reliable information though.
Just because there is something written on the internet doesn't make it true.
Take the time to verify the resources. Keep in mind that a great deal of the
information you do come across will be the personal opinions of other adults
and not based on anything credible by and expert.

Still, what you do get from other people who have been through similar
experiences can give you something to think about. It can help you to overcome
personal fears as well as provide you with some comical relief from time to

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