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Silver Pendants

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How are Silver Pendants Made?

There's something about the cool white glow of a silver pendant, which has
captivated our senses throughout human history. Since ancient times silver has
been used to make coins, decorative items, and silver pendant jewelry, from
this precious metal. It has maintained its popularity throughout the ages with
artisans, due to its pliability as well as because of its strength.

There's a lot that goes into the making silver pendants, from the time that it
is brought up from the mine, to the time the silver pendant is sold on the
general market. The silver pendant that is gracefully resting around your neck
has gone through many transformations. In most cases by the time the silver
arrives to the artist, it is ready to be utilized in crafting jewelry according
to what method he or she may choose. The artist has a variety of options as to
what form of silver he or she would like to work with. Often the artist is able
to purchase pre -rolled sheets of silver in a variety of thickness or rolled
wire in several different gauges and shapes, as well as silver blocks or scrap
pieces of silver, that the artist uses to melt down and then pour into a mold,
which is called casting.

Silver pendants can be made using different techniques, and can often represent
the artist's unique style. One of the older forms of working with silver,
because it is so soft, is to roll the silver out and then a rough shape, which
will become the silver pendant, is cut out. Often the cut piece would be then
pounded out with a mallet to flatten the silver and to temper it. Silver pieces
were also sometimes pounded over some kind form, which would give it shape and
definition to the silver pendant. Pounded silver often has a very unique look
to it because of the marks left by the mallet, it also ensures that each piece
is one of a kind, and no one will have a silver pendant just like yours.

Another method, which is also very old, is called casting. Casting is when
pieces of silver are melted down and then poured into a mold and allowed then
to harden. The process of making the mold is an art form in itself and is
commonly referred to as the lost wax method. The artist takes softened wax and
basically sculpts the wax into the desired shape he/she wishes the finished
silver pendant to be.

This is then placed into another mold, and plaster of Paris is then used to
encase the wax sculpture, leaving an opening at the top. Once the plaster has
dried it is then heated up enough to melt the wax within the plaster, leaving
the shape of what will be the silver pendant inside. The artist next melts the
silver, until it becomes liquid than pours into the mold. Once the silver has
solidified, the mold is then broken open and the silver pendant is then removed
once it is cool enough to be handled.

The silver pendant is now ready to be finished with hand tools, such as filing
down any burrs along its edges and then buffed and polished to the shining
gleam we have come to expect with silver jewelry. Once completed the silver
pendant is then ready to be packaged and sold on the market.

Sterling Silver Pendants

The use of silver to make jewelry has been around for centuries, and although
the silversmith techniques have changed somewhat throughout the years, the
attention to quality and detail has not. Sterling silver, at one time was
reserved only for those who were wealthy, and few could afford it.

Thankfully, in the modern world Sterling silver has become much more affordable
and one does not need to be wealthy in order to have a Sterling silver pendant
within their jewelry wardrobe. In today's market it is relatively easy to
choose a quality Sterling silver pendant, if you keep your eyes open to the
little details.

Sterling silver is made from silver ore, which is then combined with other
metal alloys in order to give silver strength. 100% pure silver ore is very
pliable and tends not to remain as it is formed and quickly loses its shape.
The most common alloy used is copper and this is added to the silver, as this
does not alter the color, but does provide it with the necessary strength to
hold its shape, ensuring that your Sterling silver pendant will maintain its
designed under normal use.

However, all jewelry that is claiming to be Sterling silver is required to be
stamped or have some sort of recognized hallmark. Often it is simply marked.
.925 or with a 9.25 and that refers to the minimum amount of pure silver needed
in its composition in order to be called Sterling silver. If the Sterling silver
pendant that you are considering, is from another country it may be stamped with
a symbol or a company mark and any jeweler can identify it for you if needed.

When you are shopping for a Sterling silver pendant, you will notice that the
prices can fluctuate from day to day or from even store-to-store, as silver is
considered a precious metal and tends to fluctuate as the market does. Keeping
an eye on the average rate of silver in the market, can give you a general idea
as for price. However if the price is too low, it usually indicates that either
the piece is not genuine or that it may be Silver-plated. Usually if you turn
it over and the Sterling silver pendant has a .925 you can be assured that it
is genuine.

Keeping your Sterling silver pendant beautiful for many years to come requires
very little effort. There are a few precautions that you should take in caring
for your Sterling silver Pendant, the most damaging is exposing it to certain
chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and acetone which can damage it beyond

Using commercial jewelry cleaners should be fine if nothing mentioned above is
listed in the ingredients. Natural oxidation or tarnish often occurs on all
silver, which can make your Sterling silver pendant look dull, using a jewelers
cloth, sometimes also called a silver cloth, will often removed the tarnish by
simply using a gentle rubbing motion. Storing your Sterling silver pendant in a
tarnish proof cloth when you will not be wearing it will help protect it from
scratching against other pieces and reduce oxidation. Sterling silver pendants
are timeless additions to your jewelry collection and are meant to last a
lifetime and they will with proper care and storage.

Silver Sandal Pendants

Imagine if you will for a moment in the gloom and doom that generally accompany
a winter day spent at home. The sky is gray. The ground, covered with snow, has
lost its luster and is also gray. Everyone around is lamenting the snow, and
their moods are gray. All in all, winter can be a very gray, dull time. So how
can you spice up your mood and propel your way through winter with a smile?

Now imagine for a moment that it was summertime all year-round. The birds in
the trees. The flowers blooming bright. The waves crashing on the beach as you
dance barefoot through the sand in the moonlight. While there is no way that
you can be certain to make the sun's hot rays shine all year round you can
carry a reminder of those precious hours of freedom spent enjoying the heat and
the atmosphere of the beach with you all throughout the winter with a silver
sandal pendant.

Imagine walking around through the whole of the winter with a flip-flop hanging
from a rope around your neck. Probably not the fashion statement you were going
for in order to impress your boss, right? (If it was, make sure that you never
quit that job. You will never find a boss that cool again.) Even though a
flip-flop or a sandal immediately brings back all of the happy feelings you had
when you were enjoying fun in the sun throughout the months of July and August
it is generally considered rather tacky to carry a shoe around with you any
place other than on your foot. Modern jewelers have changed this. They have
created the type of sandal that was designed to be worn around your neck, so
that when you find yourself stuck in the middle of the winter doldrums with no
chance of escape you can touch your necklace, turn your thoughts inward and
find the strength to get through until this hideous season is over and you can
once again find happiness in the simple things in life; a smooth seashell, a
colorful fish or that summer tan that will make you look and feel as though you
just spent a holiday in the Bahamas.

Be careful! Wearing a sandal pendant does not mean that you are pining away for
summer (even though you probably are), nor does it only represent the fact that
you have an "X" slashed through each day and the little Christmas countdown
clock counting down the days until Memorial Day when the pool opens up. Wearing
a sandal pendant says a lot about your personality. It says, "I will not be a
slave to conventional fashion. I will go my own way. I will find satisfaction
in every aspect of my appearance, right down to something as small as my
necklace" and, perhaps most importantly, a sandal pendant declares to the
entire rest of the world slogging through dreary winter weather, "You can take
the girl out of the beach but you can't take the beach out of the girl."

All about Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant Jewelry

What makes tanzanite such an extraordinary gemstone? It could be it's unusual
blue aura that seems to cause it to change in different light or perhaps it is
because it is so rare that you don't have to worry about everyone having a
Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant.

Tanzanite as a gem has only been around for about 41 years as it was discovered
in 1967. The scientific name for Tanzanite is Blue Zoisite, and the only place
in the world that this deep blue crystal occurs is in the Merelani Hills of
Tanzania, Africa. The mining of Tanzanite is only done on a very small scale
and very rarely do they find large deposits, normally only small grains are
commonly found, which are then used to make Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant

The jewelry company Tiffany, around 1967, came up with the trade name of
Tanzanite for this gem and within a short period of time was one of the first
companies to present tanzanite jewelry to the general public. Since then the
popularity of Tanzanite never waned and only grew as it captivated the public
with its unusual beauty. The universal appeal of Sterling Silver Tanzanite
Pendant Jewelry enchants both the young and independent as well as the
discerning and mature, with its deep blue and purple tinged hue.

Only very few licensed Tanzanite merchants handle the Tanzanite trade and over
90% of all Tanzanite merchants are members of the International Colored
Gemstone Association- ICA. Assuring that Tanzanite is only passed along
reputable trade routes and into the hands of major reputable jewelers around
the globe. You can rest assured that your captivating Sterling Silver Tanzanite
Pendant was not subject to trade via dubious channels.

Couple this with purchasing your Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant from a
reputable dealer and you should not have to worry about buying a counterfeit
piece. To be even more confident about your choice, it's always a good idea to
talk to several jewelers as well prior to purchasing your Sterling Silver
Tanzanite pendant.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of pertaining to the care of
your Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant. One of the most important is that you
should never use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner on your Silver Tanzanite Pendant
as it can damage the stones. It is also best to avoid allowing your Sterling
Silver Tanzanite Pendant to come in contact with acids of any kind. It is often
recommended that you take a Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant into a jeweler and
have it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

The Tanzanite within your Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant is a relatively
fragile gem having only a value of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, compared to a
diamond that is rated as 10 on Moh's hardness scale. This makes Tanzanite not a
particularly hard gem, and one that will not stand up to a lot of abuse but with
a little extra care your Sterling Silver Tanzanite Pendant will last many years
and provide you with long-term pleasure.

All about Silver Baltic Amber Pendants

The ageless beauty of a Silver Baltic Amber Pendant, timeless in the sense of
fashion, as for centuries artisans have utilized Baltic Amber in jewelry,
highly prized for its clarity and its ease to be able to fashion it into
timeless pieces.

The Baltic Amber, such as what is in your Sliver Baltic Amber Pendant, is
around the age range of 30 to 90 million years old. Although it is often
classified as a gem, with a hardness rating on the Mohs's scale of a 2-2.5, it
is actually a fossilized tree resin and this accounts for the varying ranges of
colors within the amber, but the majority of Baltic Amber come from pine tree
resins, often prized because of the inclusions of insects contained in the
resin, although this can be rare.

90% of the world's extractable amber is located in the Kaliningrad region of
Russia along the Baltic Sea, where raw Amber is simply cast up from the sea
floor by the waves and then collected at the ebb tide. True Amber is only
slightly denser then salt water and was often caught in nets along the Baltic

There are about 250 varying shades and colors in Baltic amber. The most common
range from transparent honey yellow through warm orange, but also red on up to
brown, so when choosing your Silver Baltic Amber Pendant you will have a
variety of colors to choose from. All Amber is highly valued and it is just a
matter of personal preference as to your taste in color, shape, and design,
when choosing your Silver Baltic Amber pendant.

It is difficult to make sure that you are buying a real Silver Baltic Amber
Pendant and not counterfeit amber pendant. There are several tests that one
could do to determine if amber is genuine although in the case of finished
jewelry it is not recommended, as it would damage the piece. The majority of
tests involve heat and the use of salt water but this is usually only done with
raw amber. It is sad but there are a lot of counterfeit Baltic Amber silver
pendants on the market and using price as a gauge is of no use in most cases.
Purchasing your Silver Baltic Amber Pendant from a reputable jeweler or dealer
will ensure that your piece is genuine.

Caring for your Silver Baltic Amber Pendant properly will assure that you are
able to enjoy your beautiful piece for many years to come. Amber in general can
change as time goes on, if exposed to the elements and common chemicals. To help
stabilize its color and finish, Amber is often coated with a protective resin
when used in jewelry. You will still want to take precautions with your piece.

Your Silver Baltic Amber pendant should not be stored or displayed in direct
sunlight, this can over time change its color. It is also a good idea not to
expose it to chemicals such as hairspray and perfumes as this can dull the
finish and eventually damage your pendant. When storing your Silver Baltic
Amber pendant, keep in mind that other pieces of jewelry with sharp edges can
scratch and ding the Amber. Putting it into a separate area of your jewelry box
or inside a pouch will help protect it. If you need to clean your piece, simply
use a soft jewelry cloth.

There is nothing like the warm glow of a beautiful Silver Baltic Amber Pendant
as an addition to your jewelry wardrobe. If you use care and precaution, your
piece will last a lifetime.

Mother of Pearl Silver Pendants

Mother of pearl, also called nacre, is an iridescent layer of material, which
forms in the shell lining of many mollusks. Mollusks create mother of pearl
lining, in order to protect themselves and insulate them from getting a
bacterial infection. Mother of pearl is most commonly taken from the pearly
lining inside of oysters and abalone. Many early cultures used mother of pearl
extensively in jewelry and it became highly prized due to its iridescent
quality and was often seen as a sign of wealth in some cultures. From the
modern women's point of view, having a unique mother of pearl silver pendant
provides an elegant alternative or addition to traditional pearls.

Mother of pearl silver pendants are often crafted by taking the first few
iridescent layers that are inside the mollusk, these are then cut and sanded
into the desired shape needed for the silver setting. Often the jeweler will
use a bit of jewelers cement in the base of the setting to secure the mother of
pearl before closing the setting. Mother of pearl is a fairly soft material and
on the Mohs hardness scale it is only rated at a 3.5. This makes it relatively
easy to cut and carve, but it also makes it rather delicate and care should be
taken not to wear away its iridescent layer, as it could cause your mother of
pearl silver pendant to lose its luster.

While shopping for your mother of pearl silver pendant, you will notice that
there is a wide selection of colors and hue's to choose from, colors range from
a natural white, cream and varying shades of brown. Sometimes mother of pearl is
either bleached and/or dyed various colors in order to enhance the iridescent
qualities present.

When you are shopping for mother of pearl silver pendants, it is a good idea to
check and make sure that the mother of pearl inlay is snug within the setting.
Check for gaps between the mother of pearl and the silver and avoid those that
do have a gap. If a setting is too loose you will risk losing the mother of
pearl from its setting. All mother of pearl silver pendants will have a silver
hallmark stamped usually on the back of piece, the most common is a .925 mark.

Counterfeit mother of pearl is not common but does happen. Plastic or a
combination of plastic and mother of pearl has been used, and usually the price
is a good indicator. Counterfeit mother of pearl also does not reflect light as
well as genuine mother of pearl and will tend to look dull.

When you have chosen your mother of pearl silver pendant, it is important to
take some steps to ensure your piece will last a lifetime. Storing your mother
of pearl silver pendant away from other jewelry will ensure that it will not be
scratched and wear away the delicate luminous layers. You may want to keep it in
a separate compartment of your jewelry box or wrapped in a pouch to provide some

To clean your mother of pearl silver pendant, using a soft Jewelers cloth
should remove any tarnish but never submerge the piece into jewelry cleaner, as
this can dissolve the cement used in the setting. A trip to the jeweler to have
it professionally cleaned once a year is a good idea because at that time, the
jeweler will also check the setting.

High quality Mother of pearl silver pendants, will give you many years of joy
and beauty with minimal care and will be a welcome addition to any jewelry

Marcasite Silver Pendants

The term Marcasite is actually a jewelry trade name because of the confusion
between marcasite and white iron pyrite, and the term is applied to the small
and faceted stones that are inlayed in Sterling silver. The bright metallic
luster of this opaque crystal, once faceted is a nice complement when paired
with silver.

In the Victorian era, marcasite silver pendants, as well as other marcasite
jewelry was very popular. Marcasite was prized due to its smoky black hue, as
marcasite having a sparkle similar to that of diamonds. The classic Victorian
design has stood the test of time and should be a standard addition to every
modern woman's jewelry wardrobe.

A professional gem cutter facets the marcasite in order to catch the light.
Often marcasite is set with a bit of jewelers cement in the setting base, prior
to being placed in the silver setting in order to keep it securely in place.
With a good setting however you will never see the glue and this is something
to look out for while shopping for a quality Marcasite Silver pendant. If you
do come across this, the craftsmanship is sub-par and best to be avoided.

You may notice while shopping for marcasite silver pendants, that similar
pieces may have slight colored differences, that can range from a brassy yellow
with a greenish tint, a deep smoky Silver -- black, with a unique multicolor
hue, which is most common and is actually a form of tarnish caused by oxidation.

When you're choosing a marcasite silver pendant, it is a good idea to check the
setting, to see if the stones are loose. Most modern marcasite pieces are made
to look as though they are antique, so it can be difficult to judge if the
marcasite is set in real silver.

To make sure that your marcasite silver pendant is genuine, turn the piece over
and look for the silver stamp. A genuine silver setting will have some kind of
"hallmark "stamped somewhere on the setting. Most reputable jewelers will point
this out for you or will not have a problem with you asking where it is. What
you're looking for is, a stamp that says either .925 or some form of the word
Sterling silver.

Some jewelry manufacturing companies have their own unique imprint and this may
be the only stamp visible. Marcasite silver pendants that may come from other
countries, such as England, the hallmark may be a picture or a symbol and this
is an acceptable mark for genuine Sterling silver that your jeweler can verify.

Once you have chosen your marcasite silver pendant, keeping it beautiful is
relatively simple but there are a few precautions to take in order to protect
your piece. A random occurrence with marcasite is a condition known as "pyrite
decay "and although it only affects certain pyrite specimens, it is something
to keep an eye out for. Pyrite decay is when the stone slowly disintegrates
into a white powder over time. Although it is not that common in faceted
stones, if this does occur, it is best to take the piece to a jeweler and have
the affected stone removed, to prevent it from spreading to surrounding stones.

If your piece needs to be cleaned, it is best to use a soft jewelers cloth,
instead of immersing your marcasite silver pendant into commercial cleaners, as
this can damage not only the marcasite, but could act as a solvent to the
jewelry cement and you could lose a stone. If your marcasite silver pendant
needs a deep cleaning, it is best to take it into the jewelers. Ensuring that
your beautiful marcasite silver pendant will last a lifetime.

Silver Scarab Pendants

A very popular silver pendant amongst people, who are drawn to the Egyptian
mythology, is the silver scarab pendant. Most people don't know the mythology
behind their silver scarab pendant even though the scarab is a prominent symbol
in Egyptology. Having an idea as to where the concept comes from for your silver
scarab pendant helps deepen the symbolism and the meaning attached to it.

The ancient Egyptians have long held the scarab as sacred. They believed the
scarab was the symbol of a sun god called Khepera, one of the aspects,
attributed to this deity, was the ability to transform inert matter into active
life. The symbolism associated with the scarab was derived from a dung beetle
that lays their eggs within a ball of clay. From within this ball of clay the
beetle would hatch and symbolized the creation of new life. So a silver scarab
pendant most often symbolizes creation or life.

The majority of amulets that the Egyptians made were mostly from carved soapstone 
and then glazed with crushed stones, sand, and gems, these were then worn or 
carried as a protective amulet. Egyptian style silver scarab pendants may seem 
like a common form of jewelry today, in ancient Egypt master Smith's would 
fashion elaborate neck pieces of silver or gold which often included a scarab in 
its motif which were worn not only for adornment but for protection, in both this 
life and in the afterlife, as well.

Many of the silver scarab pendants that are on the market are imported directly
from Egypt. The majority of silver scarab pendants are crafted using the casting
method, which silver is turned to liquid under high heat and poured into a mold.
And although they can make several at a time, each silver scarab pendant still
needs to be finished by hand.

In the United States we are used to the standard of our fine silver being about
90% silver and 10% metal alloy, usually copper, to increase the silver's
strength. Egyptian silver is generally 80% silver and 20% metal alloy.
Generally if it comes from Egypt it is not considered to be fine sterling
silver. Although in Egypt the 80/20 mixture is considered to be fine silver by
their standards.

This is something to keep in mind when you are purchasing a silver scarab
pendant and is not meant to deter you if you choose to purchase your silver
scarab pendant made from Egyptian silver, and this is for informational
purposes only. You should be aware that because Egyptian silver is made with a
20 % metal alloy, you may notice that your piece will need more frequent
cleanings to keep your silver scarab pendant looking like new.

Normally, if they are crafted and stamped on the back, they are domestically
crafted and your silver scarab pendant will in general need the same amount of
care as any other pieces of silver jewelry may need. With either domestic or
foreign silver, caring for your piece is generally the same.

Using a soft jewelers cloth and a bit of polish, you would clean your silver
scarab pendant with a gentle circular motion. Although nowadays they have
silver polishing cloths that do not need silver polish in order to remove any
tarnish that may have accumulated on your silver scarab pendant.

How to Use Tanzanite to Make Sterling Silver Jewelry

Even in today's fast-paced world there are some things which never change.
Women love their jewelry, and the more exotic and unique that jewelry can be
the better. In this day and age it seems as though diamonds have become
redundant. Other more colorful and difficult to acquire gems have become the
jewels of choice.

Among these is the gem tanzanite. Found only in the East African country
Tanzania took the world by storm in the 60's and 70's following its discovery
and subsequent introduction to the New York City jeweler Tiffany's. Its color,
dark blue surrounded by just a hint of purple, presented a stark, fiery and
contrast to the cold fašade of the diamond, previously the gem chosen to grace
the figure of the elite.

Part of the intrigue surrounding the use of tanzanite is its ability to appear
to be a different color depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The raw
form of tanzanite contains a not so aesthetically pleasing yellowish brown
color. An experienced jeweler can rid themselves of this unfortunate color by
placing the stone in an oven heater to 500░F and removing it as soon as the
stone begins to turn blue. Unlike the diamond tanzanite is not a particularly
hard gem, rating only 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. For this reason, it is
important to take special care when working with this gem. It must never be
exposed to acid and should never be washed in an ultrasonic bath.

Tanzanite possesses the ability to be cut into almost any imaginable shape and
form, although it may be very difficult for even the most experienced jeweler
to work with because the cleavage of this gem tends to be very pronounced in
one direction. While its unique color allows it to blend with any type of metal
the hints of yellow and brown found in the unheated gem may result in an
unfortunate clash of setting the stone in gold. Sterling silver, on the other
hand, presents a striking contrast to tanzanite in all of its forms.

Due to its unique coloring it is often most prudent to make tanzanite jewelry
in sets rather than in individual pieces; it can be all but impossible to find
other jewelry to coordinate with an unmatched piece. The most sought after
jewelry sets include necklaces with jeweled pendants, rings and earrings. While
the traditional round, square and marquis cuts serve to accent the hidden beauty
of the tanzanite other, more original cuts have been created with a great deal
of success. A jeweler choosing to use a bit of ingenuity can use tanzanite to
create incredible, one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

Tanzanite strikingly accentuates the looks of men, women and children of any
age and will bring in a sizable profit out on the open jewelry market. The very
nature of this stone's exclusivity and the difficulty encountered by those
attempting to obtain it make it one of the most sought after gems in the

How to Make Your Very Own Initial Pendant

Monogrammed items are becoming all the rage when it comes to gift giving in
today's world. It seems as though every time you turn around there is someone
offering to put your name on a towel, a cup, a washcloth, a place setting, a
set of dishes, a brush, a mirror, a Christmas Tree ornament, a body part-you
get the idea. Why is this so popular? Monograms are in vogue because it gives
people a thrill to look at an object and have it proudly declaring for the
world to see that it is theirs. It's an alpha male thing going back to the days
when humans were little more than animals.

With jewelry the monogram often serves two purposes. It can proclaim to the
world the owner of the jewelry or it can proclaim the man or woman to whom the
owner belongs. (Generally this is a man-most men do not choose to walk around
with a piece of jewelry with a woman's name or initial hanging around their
neck unless it was given to them as a gift, and even then not willingly and not
when she isn't looking.) Either way, creating one of these pendants is fun and
easy, and is an activity enjoyed by many. Remember, it does not have to
necessarily be worn by you. Jewelry makes a great gift, and having some of it
stockpiled aside when Christmas rolls around can go a long way towards making
the stress of the holidays a little bit easier.

There are two ways you can make your own pendant. For those who are ambitious
jewelers you can choose to purchase the silver yourself and shape it. There are
many methods by which you can do this. The easiest method for the beginning
silversmith is probably to purchase a mold, melt the silver down to its liquid
form over a safe heat source (this is probably not something you want to
attempt over your kitchen stove) and pour the silver into the mold. A ceramic
crucible (remember your high school chemistry class?) and a torch is generally
considered the safest and most effective method of melting down silver. While
the silver is still hot, make a loop on the top that you can string a chain
through. The chain you will probably want to purchase from a store unless you
have a great deal of experience in jewelry making; small links are very

For those who are less inspired it is possible to simply buy an already
finished charm from any craft store (or department store that has a craft
section) and purchase a chain. These can be found in such retail establishments
as Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics or WalMart. This is much easier and safer than
melting down the silver but does not afford the wearer nearly as much choice as
if they had made their own.

How to Carve Opal into a Pendant

Admit it ladies, there is nothing better in life than the feeling of finding
the perfect piece of jewelry. This will be the piece that makes your heart
lighter, your appearance flawless and will finally attract the attention of the
handsome bachelor two cubicles down who hasn't even glanced your way since he
started working with you a year ago. While it is unlikely that a piece of
jewelry can solve all of these issues for you there is something comforting and
confidence inspiring about wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry.

There is something even more inspiring about knowing that you shaped that piece
of jewelry with your own hand. Those who have already learned how to turn their
love of jewelry into a career will understand. At no other time will you be
able to find a pendant, bracelet or earring set that suit you so perfectly than
when you have created it yourself. It can be difficult, however, to learn the
trade and, taking the theory, put it into practice.

Opal is one of the most sought after items for jewelry making due to its serene
appearance and multiple facets of color. It appears as the ocean-as though the
smooth appearance of its exterior is simply masking the other world underneath.
Opal can be very difficult to work with. It is necessary to first have the
proper tools. The easiest way to shape an opal is to use a flat lap machine
with a polisher that will allow you to adjust the speed; opal is a soft stone,
and excessive force will cause it to crack. This will ruin your masterpiece
before you have even begun. A decent flat lap machine can be purchased for
around five hundred dollars.

The purpose of the flat lap machine is to allow you to shape, smooth and polish
your stone in one easy step. All you have to do is use the machine to shape your
raw material into whatever shape you would like your pendant charm to be. The
possibilities are endless; feel free to experiment. It may be wise to start
your practicing on other, less expensive and less difficult stones to get the
hang of it before you start using your opal. You can use these other stones for
other projects later. Be sure that you take the proper safety measures when
using your machine; the last thing that you want is to have an errant piece of
opal go flying into your eye and ruining your vision so that you cannot focus
on your masterpiece.

Once the stone is shaped it is time to turn it into a pendant. The easiest way
to apply your charm to a chain is probably going to be to purchase a silver
head pin, attach it to a loop and put it on a silver chain. There are hundreds
of ways to finish a pendant, however; feel free to experiment!

About Sterling Silver CZ Journey Pendants

It is a very elegant statement when one is seen wearing a Sterling silver CZ
journey pendant. The clean lines, although simple in design, is reminiscent of
other classic jewelry pieces, throughout modern society. A Sterling silver CZ
journey pendant has become a standard in most women's fine jewelry wardrobe.

A Sterling silver CZ journey pendant is more then just a simple necklace; it
represents the journey of love that a couple takes throughout their lives
together. Each graduating stone increases in size and represents growing love
between each of you. A Sterling silver CZ journey pendant expresses this
growing love and the journey it takes to get there.

Traditionally Sterling silver CZ journey pendants are often given at holidays
and on anniversaries and although most women, can appreciate the meaning
attached to a Sterling silver CZ journey pendant, receiving one as a gift is
appropriate at any time.

When buying a Sterling silver CZ journey pendant knowing as much as possible
and having a general understanding about cubic zirconia will help you make the
best choice about quality. Knowing a little history about its composition and
how it compares to the diamond is one of the best ways to ensure that you're
purchasing a high quality Sterling silver CZ journey pendant.

Cubic zirconia is one of the only lab created synthetic gems, which has been so
widely accepted as a substitute for a diamond by the general public, that they
are now even making bridal sets because of the demand. Cubic zirconia has a
brilliant fire and is durable, with a Moh's hardness rating of 8.5, and with a
diamond coming in at a 10, cubic zirconia isn't far behind it.

You should be aware that there are grades of quality within cubic zirconia,
just as there are with other gemstones. A higher grade CZ of course will cost
you more them the medium to lower grades, but as with most gemstones, you get
what you pay for and it is always best to go with the higher grades when
choosing your Sterling silver CZ journey pendant.

There is no need to do anything special as to cleaning you're Sterling Silver
CZ Journey pendant and you can clean it as you would any other of your fine
Sterling Silver jewelry. A once the year cleaning by a professional jeweler is
always a good idea as they could check the setting for any needed repairs as
there's nothing worse than losing a stone.

One of the reasons a Sterling Silver CZ Journey Pendant is so attractive is
because of its affordability, as it puts some of life's little luxuries a bit
closer, enabling everyone who wants to put some quality sparkle into there
lives do so and not break the budget. A high quality Sterling Silver CZ Journey
Pendant even though it is set in Sterling Silver is an affordable luxury and is
a statement of your love.

Your Sterling silver CZ journey pendant is not only breathtakingly beautiful,
with a deep fire; your pendant also will stand up to the test of time. A high
quality grade of cubic zirconia within your Sterling silver CZ journey pendant
is going to give you a lifetime of pleasure, at a fraction of the cost, and
having this classic piece within your jewelry collection, is priceless.

A True Classic Never Dies

It is an inarguable fact that today's society has happily thrown its former
opinions and values to the wind in favor of a more flamboyant lifestyle. This
can be seen by the popular manner of clothing, hairstyle, music, activities
and, perhaps most noticeably, its popular jewelry. Once kept small and sedate
jewelry is now making its own debut in the more popular at Eastern and tribal
styles found in Africa and Asia.

There are, however, some classics which remain untouched. The purity and beauty
of plain silver jewelry has not lost its appeal in the current craze for the
unusual; in fact, with the return to several of the classic styles of dress and
mannerisms plain silver jewelry is more popular than ever before.

The trend in plain silver pendants dates back to the dark ages, when men and
women wore silver crosses in an attempt to protect themselves from those things
that went bump in the night. While the effectiveness of these dubious charms and
pendants was never proven, they remain an integral part of the foundation of
jewelry design for the rest of history. There are very few individuals today
who can say that they have never owned or worn a simple cross necklace at some
point in their youth. From the necklace of the cross spraying various other,
more complex designs; however, the principle of simplicity and purity remain
the same.

Plain silver pendants got their next big boost with the advent of the charm
bracelet. A charm bracelet is a bracelet made of many links put together upon
which small charms can be hung. These charms range from the classic cross (take
note of how the Christian religion continues to influence people's mannerisms
and style of dress throughout history) to be more flamboyant red high-heeled
shoes and four leaf clovers. These were incredibly popular in the late 20th
century, and remained a popular fashion item among children and young teenagers
today. Most of these charms are alike in that they are not incredibly complex;
however, it is their simplicity that in many ways makes them more appealing.
Charm bracelets bring to mind hot summer nights and childish wishes upon a star.

The latest trends in silver jewelry are the Italian charm bracelets. Introduced
to Americans by the Italian nation in the 21st century, these innovative
versions of an old classic have set the fashion industry on its ear. Italian
charm bracelets consist of links which link together overtop of a core frame;
however, unlike the traditional charm bracelet there is nothing dangling off
these bracelets. They present a clean, smooth line that serves to greatly
reduce the risk of the charms being broken or damaged due to normal wear and

Regardless of what the fashion industry considers to be hot and in vogue today,
plain silver pendants will never go out of style. These can be found at any
local jewelry store or designed by any clever designer

A Touch of Africa in the Taste of the West

The jewelry that is in vogue changes from year to year as designers attempt to
out-do each other in a game of one-upmanship. In the western world jewelry
styles have undergone a complete makeover. Where once before jewelry was
expected to be sedate and inconspicuous men and women of the west are learning
what the men and women of the African countries have known for years; there is
more to life than being sedate.

African-themed designs, particularly those from regions in South Africa, are
all the rage in silver jewelry these days. With their flamboyant designs and
brilliant colors the African nations have introduced a new era in silver
jewelry. African jewelry draws heavily on nature; both the nature of the world
around them and the nature of the human body. It is important when considering
African pendants to recall that most of the citizens in South Africa do not
share the same self-consciousness with regards to their bodies as the men and
women of the Western nation. This is exemplified by their clothing; traditional
African clothing is nowhere near as constrictive as traditional western wear. As
a result of this lack of self-consciousness the African people draw heavily on
the human body for inspiration in creating their jewelry. This is especially
true of women; fertility icons and various other symbols of fertility are
created from the unclothed image of the female body. While this may seem
shocking to the women of the west, who are taught to view their bodies as
something which must be hidden from view, the use of the female body in jewelry
as a symbol of love and fertility is becoming more widely accepted.

The world around them also contributes heavily to African inspiration when it
comes to designing their jewelry, a trend that is also working its way west as
jewelry trends turn from the sedate and Christian to the outrageous and
worldly. Suns, moons, stars and animals factor heavily in South African
jewelry, drawing the wearer back to the days when the inhabitants of Africa
lived beneath the sun with nothing but their wits between themselves and the
elements. This jewelry often contains a raw quality despite the skill of its
artistry designed to appeal to the heart of the wearer.

Perhaps the most popular of all of the South African jewelry designs,
particularly pendants, are those created from ancient tribal symbols. Prior to
the advent of the religion of technology African tribes paid homage to the
forces of nature. This homage was reflected in the symbols painted by their
tribe. Unlike many western designs, African tribal symbols all carry with them
a deeper meaning. They were designed to speak to the gods and goddesses, mark
an individual with their station in life and grant to the bearer of the symbol
various new strengths and abilities not previously possessed. Their exotic
nature and possible metaphysical properties are drawing those who wish to step
outside the boundaries of their own narrow upbringing to them like a moth to
the flame.

What to look for when choosing Silver Gemstone Pendants

With all of the different styles and varieties of silver gemstone pendants, you
could basically have a different jewelry look every day for a year and never
have to wear the same silver gemstone pendant twice.

Knowing what to look for can be more of a challenge, especially when you are
trying to get the most for your money when shopping for a silver gemstone
pendant. The quality of gemstones can vary greatly, but the taking the time to
research characteristics and look of the gemstone, will helped to make sure
that you know what to look out for, while shopping for a silver gemstone

In choosing a silver gemstone pendant, one of the first things you need to look
at is the color. Sometimes gemstones are enhanced, usually with a dye, to darken
the color of the stone. This is fine especially if you're looking for a certain
hue, and are made aware that it is enhanced and you made a conscious choice to 
purchase it. It is not however acceptable to be told its color is natural and 
then the next day you're blouse becomes streaked with red stripes.

If you pick up a silver gemstone pendant and the color of the stone is a little
bit too perfect and only $6.00, it is best to put it back down. Most natural
gemstones have variations, color fluctuations, natural veining within its
formation, such as with turquoise. This adds to the unique beauty of the
gemstone, but extremely cheap but seemingly perfect gem stones are usually
either fakes or enhanced to the point of perfection with the use of plastic
resins. By you knowing what a stone is supposed to look like, it's going to be
one of your best defenses in making sure that the gemstone in your silver
gemstone necklace is genuine.

Checking on the setting is the next thing you need to do, making sure that the
gemstone is not loose within the setting. Sometimes it takes a bit more than
just wiggling the stone in the setting, so by giving it a little shake, you
should be able to hear if it's rattling around in the setting. The last thing
you want to do is lose a stone from your beautiful silver gemstone pendant. In
most cases the silver will be stamped with the mark somewhere on the back of
the pendant, normally with a .925 and is a good indication that your silver
gemstone pendant is one of quality.

Higher end quality silver gemstone pendants, with an excellent quality
gemstone, can also vary in price, depending on the size, cut, and the weight of
the silver or the rarity of the gemstone. Generally this ensures you that have a
silver gemstone pendant of genuine quality and will provide you with many years
of enjoyment.

Purchasing a high quality silver gemstone pendant with confidence is easy and
relatively pain free. Taking the time to be aware of the market, and by being
an informed shopper will make sure that you were happy and satisfied with your

What is the Significance of a Silver Christ Pendant?

Since the beginning of time man has chosen his own path to follow when it comes
to religion, and he has chosen his way of displaying his religious preferences.
In some countries men shave their heads and women cover their faces before they
go out into public. Catholic nuns cover themselves from head to toe in order to
show their resistance to temptation. In Islam the men are willing to die for
the cause of spreading their religion around the world and removing those who
would challenge Allah. In Tibet there are men who have devoted their lives to
the study and meditation of their religion, cloistering themselves off from the
outside world.

For many individuals these methods of expressing their faith are a bit extreme.
After all, every day around the world men and women of faith are going through
their daily lives just like everyone else. The go to work and school, dress and
talk like everyone else, marry, raise a family and eventually die of natural
causes, passing on their legacy to their children. This does not mean that
these individuals do not believe in the greatness of their god, nor does it
mean that they do not walk in the path that he has established. They just do
not choose to express their faith in such a dramatic manner.

One way that almost every woman and many men of Christian faith choose to show
their beliefs is through their jewelry. Years ago the WWJD bracelet craze swept
the nation. Men, women and children with no idea of the intricacies of the
Christian religion proudly sported bracelets shouting "What Would Jesus Do?"
Prior to that, however, jewelry played a very important part in the expression
of belief in Christ. There are many who have faithfully worn their cross or
their Christ on the cross pendants every day for years. Many others have
laughed at them, asking them why they wear such a thing and why they would want
to go around with a dead man hanging around their neck.

The answer is simple. This is their way of expressing their faith. For those
unfamiliar with the history of the Christian faith it is said that a babe was
born in Bethlehem who was immaculately conceived by the Lord upon the Virgin
Mary. This baby was destined to die for the sins of all man on a cross at
Calvary so that all man had to do was go before God and ask for forgiveness of
their sins in order to be forgiven of their trespasses against God's law. After
their death, the souls of these individuals would go to heaven, a paradise where
they will reside for eternity. The wearing of a cross or a Christ on the cross
pendant serves to remind those who believe in the Christian faith of the
sacrifice that was made for them should they ever decide to stray from the
course set for them.

The Tanzanian Take on Jewelry

Up until now, it has been countries in the western part of the world who have
determined how its citizens should wear its jewelry. Now another voice is being
heard. From the wild plains of Africa a new rhythm is echoing throughout the
land. The wild tribal jewelry worn by these plainspeople is becoming
increasingly popular across the globe.

Apart from its flamboyant style, there is something else that is helping to put
the jewelry of South Africa on the map-tanzanite. Tanzanite is a precious gem
that can only be recovered from the mines of Tanzania, and its unique nature
has made it a growing fad throughout the jewelry industry. Diamonds, with their
cold cores and icy perfection, have been the jewel of choice throughout history.
They have also been the most coveted, hence the phrase, "Diamonds are a girl's
best friend." Many of the most famous jewel thefts throughout history have
involved diamonds. Remember the theft of the jewels from the world's largest
diamond cutter in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2003 that was reputed to be the biggest
jewel heist in history?

No longer is this the case. With the advent of a new society that prefers its
people free spirited as opposed to cloistered and meek has come a preference
for a new type of jewel, one that has the heat of its people down within its
core. This need has been realized through the use of Tanzanite. With its
brilliant, deep blue flecked with purple color Tanzanite seems to spring to
life as the wearer stares down into it, drawing the soul as well as the eye.

Tanzanite has become a particular favorite for use by those who work in silver.
In its purest form Tanzanite actually possesses a yellowish-brown hue rather
than the brilliant blue it is revered for. While this color can be baked out by
the use of an extremely hot oven, occasionally hints of the hue still remain.
These hints are only accented by setting the gem in gold. Silver, on the other
hand, draws forth from the stone its brilliant blue due to the contrast. Many
silversmiths favor it for use in silver pendants, bracelets, earrings and
rings, where its mysterious beauty will only serve to accentuate the beauty of
its wearer.

For those who believe in such things Tanzanite is also believed to be the
bearer of certain strong, metaphysical properties. It is used as a calming
stone for those whose life is in chaos, a characteristic that is believed to be
strengthened when it is set in silver, as silver is believed to be able to draw
forth the energies of a stone. It is also worn as a protective charm, keeping
its bearer safe; a characteristic that was particularly important to the
warring tribes of Africa, and its various powers are believed to be equally
important to those who live in today's fast-paced world.

The Mystical Properties of Stone Pendants

For centuries, man has used gems for a variety of purpose other than mere
ornamentation. Gems were used to soothe and to strengthen, to bring good luck
and to ensure a loved one a safe journey. Over time, cynicism has drawn man
away from the mystical properties that were believed to inhabit each stone;
however, with the renewal of many of the old beliefs concerning spirituality
and the ever-increasing popularity of stone pendants men, women and children
are beginning to once again learn about the hidden properties of the stones
they wear.

- Amethyst is believed to aid in addictions and alcoholism. It is also 
  believed that amethyst possesses soothing properties to aid an individual 
  in distress. It enhances psychic ability and aids in meditation.

- Topaz is believed to help lift depression. It will also help the wearer to
  find great success and true love, and opens to them their inner creativity 
  that may have previously been stifled.

- Chrysocolla will help soothe a person's allergies. It also helps purify its
  wearer's external environment and promotes inner harmony.

- Carnelian will help a person overcome their anger and achieve a cooler head.

- Copper will help to soothe the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

- Aquamarine is the choice of any who are going into a situation that will
  require them to display great courage. It also possesses certain protective
  properties and will help its wearer use their intellect.

- Azurite is excellent for clearing the psyche and increasing psychic awareness.

- Emeralds help increase the strength of the wearer's memory retention and
  helps them achieve mental clarity. This is a particularly good stone for the

- Diamonds give their wearer confidence and mental clarity. They also bring

- Obsidian is a grounding stone with protective properties. It will help reveal
  to the wearer their flaws and find the means by which to fix them.

- Jade will help to cure loneliness. It also helps the wearer to achieve a deep
  sleep and to recall any dreams which they may have had throughout the night
  which have escaped from their consciousness.

- Trilobyte will grant its wearer patience.

- Lepidolyte will help to counter the physical afflictions caused by stress and
  help the wearer overcome the outside world and attain inner peace.

- Turquoise will grant its protective powers to its wearer.

- Rubies represent love, wealth and protection for their wearer.

- Tigereyes are grounding, and allow their wearer to obtain a deeper insight
  into their inner self. This is also a stone to encourage continued optimism 
  in life.

- Sapphires bring their wearer joy and peace, as well as prosperity.

- Onyx will aid in the grieving process for those whose hearts are troubled.

The metals in which the stones are set possess metaphysical properties all
their own. Gold is well known for its reputable healing powers and its ability
to attract positive energy. Gold encourages understanding. Silver is cleansing,
providing a mirror to the soul and aiding the stones that it sets in retaining
the full strength of their metaphysical properties; for this reason, silver is
the preferred metal when creating jewelry with the various stones above.

The History of Patriotic Jewelry in the United States

America is a country that from the very moment it declared its independence
from Great Britain in 1776 has taken great pride in the fact that it is a free
nation; a unified nation, a government created by the people, for the people
and of the people. This sentiment is echoed throughout its songs, its holidays
and many of its traditions.

This patriotic feeling is also represented by the physical appearance of its
citizens, particularly following any great event at which national pride is
drawn into question. Take for example the celebration of America's Independence
Day. Anyone who has ever attended one of these feasts has had the happy occasion
to look up from eating their chili dog or barbecue (depending on which part of
the country they're in) and seeing hundreds of individuals proudly displaying
the stars and stripes. Although for many this has become more a matter of rote
than an actual expression, there are none who are willing to forget what it
took for their country to be able to declare itself fee.

Perhaps nowhere is this patriotic sentiment as evident as in the jewelry worn
by the people of the United States. Jewelry is intended to be a measure of
personal expression, with the style and colors representing the inner soul of
the individual. While in today's society that personal expression tends to take
a more large and flamboyant form, its people were in no way, shape or form the
first to use their jewels to display their patriotic pride. For as long as the
country has been able to boast its freedom men, women and children have boasted
brooches and tie tacks in various patriotic symbols. Small pins and watches have
also been popular for as long as anyone alive today can remember. Historically,
the stars and stripes, the American flag, has been the preferred form for these
symbols to take. During and following WWII a new era of patriotic jewelry
emerged as women began to allow themselves to step out of the box that dictated
how they must look and wear jewelry that displayed newfound freedom. Lady
Liberty and the American flag were still the insignia of choice, with the
American Eagle beginning to make an appearance itself.

Following the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center patriotic jewelry
again got another boost as Americans were anxious to show that the terrorists
had not diminished their national pride. American again proudly boasted the
symbols of their country on their clothing, on their wrists and hanging from
silver jeweled pendants from around their neck. Being the era that it is, this
patriotism often takes a more spectacular form (is there any part of the human
body that cannot be pierced?) and in addition to the classic venues the red,
white and blue adorns the noses, eyebrows, chests and belly buttons of
America's citizens.

Few occasions give greater cause for celebration for the citizens of the United
States than the declaration of its independence; as long as America is free its
citizens will proudly display their patriotism through the accessories they
wear, just as they have always done.

The Hidden Powers of the Silver Vial

Throughout history men and women have had to find ways to hide various objects
on their bodies in order to escape detection. This could encompass anything
from a secret messages during wartime to secret potions guaranteed to make a
man or a woman fall in love. Within these files could be hidden crystals for
protection or the ingredients for a card. The vial has lost neither its appeal
nor its mystery in today's society, and is now making a comeback as a sober
accessory item.

Vials today are worn more for aesthetic purposes than practicality. Vials come
in all shapes and sizes, from crystals to empty containers, and there is a vial
to suit every taste. A vial worn at the throat will immediately garner interest
and curiosity, as in the grand spirit of not being able to mind their own
business everyone will want to know what is hidden within the vial. This is an
excellent way to get a date!

A vial may serve a practical purpose as well, for those who find it necessary.
It may hold epinephrine pills for those who are allergic or special memoirs for
those who have had to say goodbye. (Remember the infamous lock of hair given by
women of the court to their champions (and vice versa) throughout history? A
vial hung at the throat is an infamous location for hiding the lock of hair of
a loved one.) Aside from a lock of hair a vial will hold a scroll, a small
piece of jewelry, a photo or any other small piece of memorabilia. Since they
can be purchased or created in almost any size it is simply a matter of
matching the vial with the object you wish for it to hold.

Vials may be worn for metaphysical purposes as well. Vials were particular
favorites of witches and powerful sorcerers in the fairy tales for hiding
powerful poisons and other ingredients for their charms and spells. A cailleach
may give a woman who was having difficultly conceiving a child a vial containing
a potion to wear around her neck to ward off the evil spirits of infertility. A
man going off to war may carry a crystal vial containing turquoise or obsidian
for courage and protection made by his wife. Those who were more superstitious
would often wear vials filled with holy water or garlic to ward off the
vampires that lurked in the shadows, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims.
Modern day witches will use vials for these same purposes; to keep within them
charms for protection for the wearer, or a spell to help them achieve their
heart's desire.

Doubtless the more skeptical would laugh at the possibility of a vail
containing magical spells, calling it the nonsense of an old woman (regardless
of the age of the giver.) Whether it is believed that the vial special powers
or not it is still highly in vogue in the fashion world. They can be gothic or
classic, crystal or metal. Whatever the case their appeal is as widespread now
as it was in the days of King Arthur.

The Easy Way Out on Mother's Day

Have you ever wondered what you should get your mother for Mother's Day? Ever
despaired because everything on the market was trite, and had been done to
death? Have you ever looked and looked for the perfect gift but could not find
it? This is a problem that all of us have faced at some point or another, and
one of the jewelry industry is working very hard to correct. Gone are the days
when all you could get mom for Mother's Day was a silver necklace with a little
heart at the end. The silver industry has expanded its repertoire to encompass
so much more when it introduced to the world the concept of card pendants.

In its simplest form a card pendant is a pendant that can be attached onto a
card. When used properly, however, it is so much more than that. A card pendant
can provide a unique and unforgettable gift for someone you love. Card pendants
in all shapes and sizes; therefore, it is simple to find one that is exactly
right for the person it is intended for. For example, if you were attempting to
purchase a present for your sister and she was crazy about angels you could go
out and buy her a card with an angel pendant attached. Then on, not only would
she be flattered that you had remembered her birthday that she would be
attached to the heart that you had remembered something she genuinely cared

Card pendants can be found in all of the forms a regular pendants can be found.
This includes lockets. Purchasing a locket for the woman that you love and
inserting into it a picture which holds special meaning for both of you is a
guaranteed way to bring a smile to the face of the woman in your life and to
increase the bond that you obviously already share, and you're taking the time
to attempt to find her the perfect present. Hint: this is an excellent gift for
grandparents, new or old, as it gives them the opportunity to see the faces of
their little darlings day in and day out.

One of the things that people can most treasure about a card pendant is its
versatility. The pendant is not doomed to spend the rest of its life sitting on
a card up on a shelf where it will eventually be thrown away. (Admit it, even
the most sentimental of us eventually throw our cards out after the season is
over and we are tired of having them take up space.) Instead, the pendant can
be taken down off of the shelf in introduced into everyday life. How? Very
simply. All you have to do is buy a chain to go with that card that you bought
for the woman that you love. She can then take the pendant off the card, place
it on the chain, place it around her neck and remember you and how special you
are to her any time during the day.

Shark Teeth Pendants from South Dakota

When "Jaws" first swept the nation the demand for shark's teeth pendants soared
out of control. Everyone wanted to feel as though they could carry with
themselves the power of the shark. This may seem to be a ridiculous notion to
those who believe that a tooth is simply a tooth when taken away from the
giant, muscular mouth that it belongs to. It has long been rumored, however,
that the teeth of a shark carry with them a great power of protection for those
who are fortunate enough to wear them. It is perhaps believed that in some ways
the strength and the spirit of the shark live on in these small remnants.

Every is familiar with the deadly potential of the great white shark, as well
as any of the millions of sharks swimming around in the sea. The power of the
South Dakotan prairie shark, however, is not as widely known. There are
probably about a million people who would see that sentence and immediately
reach for the Encyclopedia Brittanica to learn all that they could about the
prairie sharks from the midwestern United States. There are no prairie sharks.
Rumors of sand sharks have abounded from the Middle East, but the rolling
plains of South Dakota boast no such creature. Why, then, are shark's teeth so
associated with this landlocked state?

It was believed that during the age of the dinosaurs there was a great seaway
that spread across the United States, connecting the oceans and allowing
various marine vertebrates to find their way across the country. This accounts
for many of the strange fossil findings that scientists have located in these
areas. It should seem impossible to find the fossil of an animal that was quite
obviously a member of the marine community in a part of the country that was no
where near a body of water large enough for these creatures to survive, yet
across the midwest and up into Canada that is precisely what is occurring. It
is believed that this body of water followed a path up through the Gulf of
Mexico that spread across the midwestern United States up through Canada to the
Arctic Ocean, bisecting the United States almost completely in half. It was
through this passageway that these creatures were believed to have traveled.

During the late Cretaceous period it is believed that South Dakota was
completely covered by water. The fossil findings by scientists who are
excavating throughout the state appear to support this theory. There have been
findings of the fossils of many large marine animals who are believed to have
survived during this period buried in the hard ground beneath the plains This
includes those that were believe to be the ancestors of the modern day shark;
many fossilized teeth have been recovered, and it is these teeth that are being
either forged or sold by merchants of South Dakota.

While the prairie shark does not really exist, there do appear to be some forms
of marine life that were able to survive on what became the plains of South
Dakota. It is because of this that the state was given a claim to fame as a
distributor of shark teeth pendants.

Selecting the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

There is nothing in the world more stressful than attempting to complete all of
your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. After fighting through crowds to pick
through sparse leftovers in hundreds of stores for the perfect gift, eventually
settling on a gift that is "good enough", and then standing in line for an hour
in an attempt to pay for that gift even a lobotomy may seem preferable; after
all, you at least get to be knocked out for that!

With the busy schedule of the people of today, however, it is becoming
increasingly more difficult for individuals to get ahead in the holiday rush.
After all, stores have established hours which generally conveniently coincide
with the time that most of the world's population has to be at work. (More than
one individual has speculated that this is not, in fact, a coincidence.)
Deliberate or no, it is difficult for many to do their shopping in an actual
store. Because of this, virtual stores are on the rise as people enjoy the
ability to shop at any hour of the day or night from the relative comfort of
their homes.

Shopping on the internet does not, however, eliminate one of the most pressing
problems facing holiday shoppers: deciding what they should buy. For years the
jewelry industry has done their best to provide shoppers with an all in one
opportunity to select gifts for the special people in their life: a ring for
Mom, a tie tack for Dad, a necklace for baby sister Sarah. It seems as though
regardless of the individual or their personality there is something for them
in the vast network of jewelry shops.

Buying the same gifts year after year can get monotonous, however, and jewelry
stores have to constantly fight to stay on top of the market. They are
consistently coming up with popular new products to attract in the needy
consumer, and they have done it again with the advent of silver card pendants.
Silver card pendants are pendants that attach to a card and can be worn as a
necklace after they are given as a gift. Simple, right? The best thing is that
regardless of who you are shopping for there is a silver card pendant that
suits the occasion! Is your mother's birthday coming up? Buy her a pendant
sporting a birthday cake. Mother's Day right around the corner and you haven't
even started thinking about what you're going to get your mother? Buy her a
pendant that says "I love you Mom" and send it with a card. Is your
sister-in-law a new mom? Buy her a pendant that allows her to slip in a photo
of her new bundle of joy and carry him or her with her wherever she goes.

As you can see, regardless of the occasion a silver card pendant makes the
perfect gift. These can be purchased from almost any online specialty retailer;
you have only to go looking.

Where to Find Wholesale Sterling Silver Festoons and Pendants

Silver jewelry is all the rage on a jewelry market that is just beginning to
discover its uses. Whereas up until now gold has dominated the market, silver
just now beginning to show its potential. As a result, high quality sterling
silver is much in demand. This demand makes the competition for low-priced
silver great. In order to avoid paying a good deal on sterling silver it is
important that that you be alert to the loopholes in the marketplace and know
where to look to find these loopholes.

Inevitably, the prices at the jewelry store are not going to be the lowest
prices available on the market. Just as with many other endeavors the most
prudent choice when seeking to obtain a bargain price on objects with silver
festoons and or silver pendants is to look to wholesalers. A wholesaler is a
person who sells supplies to a retail outlet. How does this help you save money?

Simple. Figure that when a retailer is figuring out the price of its inventory
they do it using a set system. The retail company has to pay good money out of
their pocket to purchase the product from a wholesaler. They must then
calculate the cost of the product and the cost of the freight to ship the
product to their store. Once they have that number they will calculate how much
profit they want to make a map product and add that on to the cost. That will
give you the retail cost of your product. For example, say that Harry is buying
a flat of silver jewelry for his novelty shop from Silver Co. Inc. The flat of
jewelry cost him $100 and there are 25 pieces of jewelry in the flat. Freight
costs for the flat to be shipped to his store were $15. Therefore, the total
cost of the flat of jewelry to Harry was $115. Here he would then determine the
cost per individual piece of jewelry to himself (115 divided by 25, or $4.60 per
piece) and the amount of profit that he needs to make on each piece of jewelry
in order to keep his shop afloat. For example's sake we will say that Kerry
needs to make $100 profit from the entire flat of jewelry. This means that he
needs to make four dollars in profit for every piece of jewelry he sells.
Therefore, even though hair he only paid $4.60 for each individual piece of
silver jewelry with the consumer unwise enough to show an interest in any one
of those pieces of jewelry is going to pay $8.60 to be able to take it home.

Working with a wholesaler simply serves to cut out the middleman. Let's say
that the consumer decides to remove Harry from the equation and simply purchase
their jewelry from a wholesaler. Rather than placing four dollars in Harry's
pocket the consumer can keep their four dollars and purchase the flat of
jewelry for $100 plus freight rather than $216. That is a great deal of money
remaining in the consumer's wallet.

How can you find a repeatable wholesaler? Hopefully before you are attempting
to take the creation of jewelry and other novelties to a professional level you
will have come to know some of the other people in the business. Other jewelers
and many jewelry shops that sell sterling silver will be able to refer you to a
repeatable wholesaler.

Where to find Wholesale Silver Boy's and Girls Pendants

When you are looking to be able to buy silver boy and girl pendants sometimes
it's difficult to get the best price when paying retail. Many of us look to
finding a wholesale source in hopes of being able to save a little bit of
money. It seems though, that when you are trying to find a supplier of
wholesale silver boy and girl pendants that every site on the Internet claims
to be a wholesaler. Then you come to find out that the prices are not truly
wholesale and the term seems to be a common catch phrase.

There really are true wholesale suppliers out there but there are a few things
you may want to check into first before placing your order for wholesale silver
boy and girl pendants. Often people are unclear of what a wholesaler really is,
or how buying in wholesale works.

Wholesale by definition is someone who has access to a large quantity of goods,
generally from the manufacturer, and is able to provide items to those are
planning the reselling of them, such as a retail store. Wholesalers often have
a minimum purchase order requirement usually a minimum amount you will have to
spend or a set amount of units you'll have to buy and may require that you
provide a tax identification number proving that you are intending to resell
your silver boy and girl pendants. If you are looking for a large quantity of
the same type item, this may be the way to go, if you're planning to resell the
wholesale silver boy and girl pendants, as the majority of wholesalers work in
bulk. .

There are wholesale suppliers that will allow you to choose your wholesale
silver boy and girl pendants individually and by design sometimes for a
slightly higher rate, but usually will still have a minimum order requirement.
Shopping around for your wholesale silver boy and girl pendants are a good
idea, checking into other suppliers could reveal a cheaper minimum order

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a wholesale supplier and
depending on the nature of your business, talking to other retailers could be
your most valuable tool in locating a quality supplier for your wholesale
silver boy and girl pendants. It is hard to judge from a catalog or web site
the quality of any product, this can be even more difficult when one is trying
to buy fine jewelry. In the world of retail who has the quality products and
who does not, spreads like wildfire and by talking to other retailers you could
avoid losing a lot of potential money. Try not to rush into buying wholesale
silver boy and girl pendants from just any wholesale supplier because if
they're legitimate and sell a quality product they will be around for a very
long time.

Buying your silver boy and girl pendants wholesale, can really save you quite a
bit of money in the long run, even if you're not planning on running out and
selling your wares. In the world of retail, a good wholesale supplier could
make the difference of being able to continue to keep the doors open or having
to close them.

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