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What Is Snoring?

There have been over 300 anti snoring devices invented since the first 
innovative "tennis-ball-in-a-sock" cure which by the way primarily helps 
prevent patients from sleeping on their backs. Other devices however, initiate 
unpleasant stimuli everytime a person snores. However, it must be noted that 
snoring is not subjected to our voluntary faculties. If one device really does 
stop you from snoring, then it might be credited to the fact that you were kept 
awake all night: without one sweet dream.

It all lies in the abnormality of the air passage. Free flow of air is needed
to facilitate regular breathing. With problem snoring, it is likely that any
part of the area at the back of the mouth and the nose strike constantly. Thus,
the vibration in breathing.

It may be that some people consider snoring as a non-serious condition but in
fact, the opposite is true. People who suffer from snoring normally have
disrupted sleep that deprives them of having normal and comfortable sleep. And
when the condition gets aggravated, the snorer normally will have long-term
health problems including obstructive sleep apnea. And besides, this actually
causes patients embarrassment and oftentimes affects another person's sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea, on the other hand, is the condition by which snoring
is constantly interrupted with total obstruction of breathing. This occurs at
an average of ten seconds long and may happen at around 7 times in an hour.
Thus, the patient may suffer from 30 episodes up to 300 episodes in one night

Such episodes will reduce the level of oxygen in the blood, which drives the
heart to pump harder.

Immediate effects include a forced light sleep so that he may keep his muscles
in tensed state. This will help facilitate a regular flow of air in the lungs.
This then results to unrelaxed rest. Thus, throughout the day he will become
sleepy which causes him not to function well. This then will contribute largely
to the enlargement of the heart and raised blood pressure.

There are various contributors on the severity of snoring. These include:

Mouth anatomy - Snoring usually concerns the tissues involved in breathing. There
are a couple of reasons why the air passage is narrow, which is itself, a good
contributor to problem snoring. This may be due to enlarged tonsils, elongated
soft palate and thick soft palate, and abnormality in the tissues at the back
of the throat. These can all cause obstruction in the air passage.

Alcohol consumption - Any factor that can help relax the muscles of the throat
more are effective causes of snoring. Due to the fact that alcohol is a
sedative substance, it acts upon the muscles in the throat as a relaxant. Thus,
regular intake of alcohol during near bedtime can cause disruptive snoring.

Sleep apnea - More often than not, snoring is associated with obstructive sleep
apnea. It is best that you are well diagnosed so that due treatment can be

Nasal problems - It may also be that biological factors can intrude to the normal
passage of air in your throat. The underlying part of the nose, termed to as the
bridge is the nasal septum. When this partition is quite crooked or there is any
nasal congestion due to this, snoring would occur.

As we have earlier mentioned, there are so many attempts to set off snoring.
However, one of the most effective is the surgery in which permanent treatment
is applied.

If you are a sufferer from snoring, it is best that you get early diagnosis.
While it may not be a life-threatening condition, it is still very likely that
your condition gets severe.

The Culprits: Causes of Snoring

So what truly cause snoring? This may be quite a hard-to-answer question when
were talking of only one cause. For in fact, there are many basic contributors
that all funnel into the greater source of the problem.

Medically, snoring is defined as a noise caused by vibration from the airways
of the respiratory tract that only appears during sleep.

The big question here is that, why, of all state, do we only experience snoring
during restful moments?

Well, while we breathe 24/7, the likelihood that one snores during waking hours
is very slim. This is due to the factor that only relaxed muscles can result to

During sleep, all our voluntary muscles are relaxed. The throat, in the same
way as the triceps are relaxed is also resting while we sleep. The fact that
tissues in the throat are soft, adds to the eventual output of vibrating sounds.

Once this tissue eases out, the passage of air will turn into a narrower
passage. As you can see, narrowed passages causes louder noise because there is
more room for friction, thus the vibration.

These same factors are also pointed as the reasons why there are differences in
the loudness, pitch and tone of snores.

The loudness of snore is affected by the force of the wind that comes through
the air passages. Therefore, when the speed of wind is faster, the snore, in
general, is louder and more resonant. This answers why babies are capable of
snoring too. However, theirs is not typically considered as snoring but only as
mild noises created by the respiratory tract. This must never be ignored though
since it may be the early sign that something is jammed in your child's
respiration tunnel.

But while it may appear to both genders at any age, men are more often affected
by this condition than women and middle-aged men are most likely to be the

This is due to the reason that men have more fleshy necks since theirs are a
bit wider than women's. This factor combined with the speed of air, the result
is most likely to be snoring.

Meanwhile, women by nature produce progesterone hormones. This is known to
inhibit snoring, thus they are less susceptible towards the irritable sounds.
Because this actual hormone helps in relieving a person from this nighttime
dilemma, some anti-snoring devices are known to use progesterone as their basic

Lifestyle and health factors are also thought of as culprits of snoring. These

* Allergies that cause clogs in the air paths.

* Drying of the nasal cavities due to several elements including allergy

* Cold and flu, this explains why some people only experience snoring when they
  are sick.

* Excessive intake of alcohol.

* Thickening of the tissues along the nasal passage. Often, surgeries done on
  conditions not directly related to snoring can also contribute to the 
  frequency and intensity of the snores.

* Abnormally large belly or guts.

* Irritation of the air passages due to overuse of nasal sprays.

* Abnormal enlargement of the tonsils or the adenoids.

* Smoking which causes inflammation in the air passages.

* Swelling of the thyroid gland or goiter.

* Blockage of the airflow due to large tongue.

* Medications that initiate relaxation

* Obesity

* Inefficient neural control on the nasal membranes.

Snoring Cures: What are they?

People who snore can be funny but when you get to sleep with someone who snores
loudly every night, it becomes annoying. That is why, it is important to know
the ways to cure snoring.

Here are the following ways and methods to cure snoring:

Breathing exercise -- Snoring happens when there is a blockage happening in the
breathing passage, particularly at the throat area. And this blockage might be
because of a tensed throat, wrong positioned jaw, or stuffed nose. Take several
deep breaths in order to relax the throat and make breathing normal again.

Decongestants -- There are instances wherein the cause of snoring is nasal
congestion. Here, the person tends to breathe through his mouth which may
trigger snoring. Taking decongestants will free any blockage and relieve the
person from snoring.

Anti-allergy medications -- There are some allergies that result to the
enlargement of adenoids. Once the allergy is cured, the snoring usually stops.

Exercise and proper diet -- If the person is obese, he probably snores. This is
because there is fat concentration on the airways that limits the air to go in
and out freely. Also, fat formation on the stomach restricts the diaphragm to
perform properly. Thus, snoring occurs. In fact, around 40% of the obese
population snores. Taking regular exercise and proper diet can reduce the weigh
and stop snoring, not to mention other health risks associated with obesity.

Change of bed position -- There are occasions wherein snoring is the result of
wrong sleeping position. Sometimes, sleeping with too many pillows can stretch
and narrow the air passage. Use one pillow to avoid it. Also, lying on the back
can cause snoring. So, a change in sleeping position can be a good help.

Change of lifestyle -- Smoking and alcohol can contribute to the onset of
snoring. Snoring may be a result of other medical conditions caused by these
two. So, to maintain a good and healthy life, the person should stop or reduce
smoking and alcohol intake, which in turn can cure snoring.

Review medications -- Antihistamines, sleeping pills, and other types of
medications can worsen snoring.

Regular sleeping habits -- There are two periods of sleep: the REM sleep where
the person experiences frequent dreaming and deep sleep, and the Stage 1 sleep
which should only be experienced during falling asleep but can also be
experienced several times if the person is sleeping poorly. Both can trigger
the development of unstable breathing that can cause snoring. Irregular
sleeping can also cause respiratory instability that result to unstable
breathing during sleep.

Saltwater nasal droops -- Nasal congestion caused by mucus can disrupt sleep
and can cause snoring. To prevent this, saltwater nasal drops can be used to
flush out the mucus. There are over the counter saltwater nasal drops available
in drugstores. However, you can also make it on your own. Dissolve 1/2" teaspoon of
salt in 8 ounces of sterilized water. Let the water cool down to body
temperature and place it to a nose dropper.

However, if snoring is caused by other serious condition such as sleep apnea
and enlargement of adenoids and/or tonsils, some surgical procedures like Laser
Assisted Uvula Palatoplasty (LAUP) and radio frequency tissue ablation (RFTA) or
Somnoplasty can be applied. It is important therefore to know the exact cause of
snoring before taking any action.

Advice on Snoring Prevention

Knowing what causes snoring can greatly help you both to find relief if you are
already suffering from its effects or to find ways of preventing yourself from
becoming a poor victim.

Though not regularly the cause of aggravated problems (except for social
embarrassment and potential risks of discontented relationship), it is still
best if you are not a sufferer yourself.

Many fall victim in this noisy nighttime dilemma. While some are not aware that
they have the condition, many are known to seek ways to get around the troubles
that it causes.

Like most other conditions, snoring can be prevented. If you are close to
becoming a snorer yourself or if you know one who shows initial signs of
developing this condition, you can find good use in the advises that we have in
this article. Please read on.

Snoring occurs when the collapsible part of the throat meets. Coupled with the
passage of air into the throat, these dangling parts are likely to produce
vibrations that create the noisy sounds. Why this condition occurs at night is
not a mystery.

While it is true that we breathe 24 hours a day, we only snore when our body is
totally relaxed. Thus, it is often advised that snorers maintain a tensed
sleeping position until the body gets used to this state.

If you do not like the idea, however, you can prevent snoring through
practicing a sideward sleeping position to widen the passage through which air
may run through. This passage is congested when we sleep on our backs since our
heads are forced to fall back. Additionally, our lower jaw is encouraged to
open, therefore creating a space wherein the tongue can droop back. When this
occurs, the normal air passage will be obstructed by these components.

We all know that when a passage narrows, the pressure that regularly runs
through it will increase. This principle occurs in the throat which explains
why there are people who snore and there are those who don't, and why snores
come in different intensity and sounds.

Obesity is known to induce snoring. This is due to the fact that heavier people
are more likely to have extra (and often unnecessary tissues). The neck of an
overweight person is known to have more muscles and adipose tissues that hamper
the normal delivery of breathing.

Thus, to prevent the possibility of producing nighttime respiratory vibration,
one is advised to refrain from gaining too much weight. Not only would you
escape from major health threats such as general unhealthiness of the body or
coronary diseases, you can also save yourself from distracting your bed
partner's sleep and your own.

Some people practice mouth breathing. Add to the fact that this is generally
not a healthy practice, mouth breathing can also raise one's susceptibility
towards snoring. It may seem awkward to switch back to nasal breathing
initially though, but in time you would learn to breathe naturally using your
nose while sleeping. In the end, you would be thankful that you took time and
learned patience in eliminating this habit.

If you would notice, most advises in preventing snoring concern
lifestyle-changing practices. This is because snoring, as a whole, don't
necessarily have to root from biological causes while we may find sufferers who
are actually bothered by nasal deformities or extra large adenoids and tonsils.

Causes and Cures for Snoring

The sounds of snoring are possible since there are collapsible parts at the
back of our mouth that relaxes when we sleep. Once these are at their relaxed
states, the air flow will drive them to flip since they are dangling loose
nearest to the throat. These structures will then strike each other as air
passes which then cause them to vibrate and create sounds.

Persons bothered by this condition are affected by one of these following

Excess fleshy structure in the throat- With more tissues that collide, it is
more likely that snoring can occur. This explains why people snore when they
have abnormal tonsils or adenoids. Overweight individuals, on the other hand,
have larger necks that narrow the air passage while adding more obstructions
due to the presence of excess tissues. Although rare, cysts and tumors can also
directly cause snoring.

Some people have extra long uvula and soft palate. These muscles can dangle as
a person breathes. These act as flutter valves that impede the normal air
passage through the throat.

Obstruction in the nasal passage can also inhibit the movement of air from nose
to lungs- If the person has stuffy nose, he is encouraged to breathe extra hard
which then creates the vacuum in the throat. The parts that dangle loosely in
this section of the respiratory tract are then subject to excessive movements.
While a person doesn't normally snore, the possibility that he would during hay
fever season is high. Thus, many reports of snoring only when they have colds.

Problems with the nose construction- The nasal septum, the underlying bone of
the nosal bridge that separates one nostril from the other, can also have
deformities that may cause obstruction in the air flow.

Mouth breathing can also directly result to snores- Once the jaws drop during
our sleep, a space will be created that would allow the tongue to fall back
towards the throat. Again, this would create the obstruction that will
encourage vibration, thus creating snores.

Having said all these, we then suggest that cures can be initiated when any of
these results are directly counter acted.

Say for the excess tissues in the throat, the best possible cure is to remove
the tissues that cause the blockage. This can be done through surgeries or
through loosing weight.

There are many techniques used to surgically eliminate unwanted tissues. Some
actually scrape these tissues while other allow electrically-induced
disintegration of such muscles which will then be reabsorbed by the body. As
for weight loss, there are also various methods of loosing pounds. Only, the
person has to follow a comprehensive exercise or diet plan that will best fit
his condition. Surgery is also used when the main cause of snoring is deviated
nasal septum. This choice of cure will of course require careful examination
and determined decision.

Mouth breathing, on the other hand, is best cured by shifting to nasal
breathing. Many exercises had been devised to actualize this as much as there
are a number of stop snoring devices that encourage the shift of breathing.

Problems on nasal passage are a bit less complicated to resolve. There are
various stop snoring aids that aim to maximize the size of the nostrils through
the use of clips and straps to facilitate better breathing.

Causes of Snoring in Children

Occasional snoring may be normal to children. Recent studies show that 3 to 12
percent of children between the age of 1 and 9 snore. But frequency doesn't
mean normality. Habitual snoring can be a cause of a more serious medical
condition called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) or simply, sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by loud snoring with periods of
breathing interruptions. Interruptions may be short or prolonged, usually
between 5 to 30 seconds. During this period, the child's could not get straight
sleep. He rouses and moves to another sleeping position, then resumes sleep.
After a while he will once again begin snoring. This activity often happens
several times during the night, each night. Although this condition rarely
appears on children, it is very important that parents should watch out for
symptoms that come along with it.

Symptoms of sleep apnea include:

* Poor speech habits -- talking that sounds like words over a mouthful of hot

* Reduced growth rate. Children suffering from sleep apnea use more
  energy in breathing during the night. During meals, they tend to eat slowly
  since it is hard for them to breathe and chew at the same time. The result 
  is, they have insufficient nutrients to support their growth. 

* Hyperactivity. Lack of sleep can cause drowsiness on children during the 
  day. To stay awake, children act frantically. 

* Poor performance in school. Since children do not get the right sleep during 
  the night, they tend to appear tired and lack the concentration to focus at 
  school, thus, having a poor performance.

When these symptoms are visible, it is imperative for parents to bring their
child to a pediatrician and have him examined. A child can be happy and smiling
when he is brought to the doctor and therefore, it is difficult to diagnose if
he really has sleep apnea. Parents are advised to record their child's snoring
so that the doctor can analyze the situation in actually.

Meanwhile, sleep apnea is not the sole reason why children snore. Other reasons
include allergy attack, obesity, asthma, and enlargement of adenoids and/or
tonsils caused by cold or tonsillitis.

Some allergy attacks can cause swelling on the linings of the nose that can
direct to the enlargement of adenoids. This keeps the child from breathing
normally. This causes the child to snore. After the allergy attack, the snoring

Obesity can also lead to snoring. In fact, 20% and 40% of the obese children
snore. This is because fats can form around the throat that can cause
constriction and makes the limited airways. Also, fats in the stomach can cause
the diaphragm to function irregularly

Asthma is said to be another cause why children snore. A study revealed that
40% of the children diagnosed with asthma snore.

Enlargement of adenoids and/or tonsils caused by cold or tonsillitis also
results to snoring. While cold or tonsillitis can be cured by decongestant and
antibiotics, adenoid enlargement is treated by surgical procedure to remove
adenoids and tonsils.

Underdevelopment of the jaw inside the womb can cause snoring as well. There is
also the possibility that the nerves and the muscles cannot control the airway
properly and cause that child to snore.

Follow These Tips and Stop Snoring Now!

You have to stop believing that snoring is a sign of a good night sleep. It's
not! And it will never be. It may be cute in the first few minutes. After a
while, it starts to sound as if woodworking is happening in your room in the
middle of the night. And this is annoying. But if you have been snoring for
days and your whole family cannot sleep, then you have to act now. Try these
tips to put an end to their misery.

Stop drinking and smoking -- These two can cause you to snore and wake up the
whole block. The reason? Alcohol causes a partial collapse on your airways
which can immediate start snoring. Smoking on the other hand causes blockage on
the small vessels of the lungs and swelling on the tissue in the throat and
mucus membrane in the nose. Smoking can result to sleep apnea. Take note that
if you stop drinking and smoking, you are stopping other health risks as well.

Sleep regularly -- Sleeping for few hours each night can cause snoring. Why?
Unbalanced sleeping patterns develop into respiratory instability while asleep.
And there is nothing good about respiratory instability because it can lead to
unstable breathing. Hence, you need to regulate your sleeping patterns. Set a
specific time of sleeping. Wake up in the morning on the same time, every day.
Sometimes, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is all you need.

Use anti snoring devices -- There are many of them in the market. You can get
homeopathic throat sprays and tablets, throat sprays, sleeping pillows, or
nasal strips and dilators. These devices help your air passage to relax and
take in and out the right amount of air needed for a silent sleep.

Cure nasal congestion and allergies -- If there is an inflammation on your of
adenoids and/or tonsils which are caused by nasal congestion (cold) or
allergies, you have to take decongestant or antibiotics. It is simple: treat
nasal congestion or allergies and you will stop snoring.

Find a better sleeping position -- Some people find it relaxing to sleep on the
back while others are comfortable sleeping at the side. However, if the position
you are comfortable sleeping in causes you to snore, better find another one.
Sometimes, all you need to do is to change your sleeping position to open your
airways and stop snoring.

Lose some weight -- There is nothing good about being an obese. It causes
several health risks and of course, it causes that load noise you create while
asleep. Lose some weight by getting regular exercise and taking, eating the
right diet, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Steer away from snore-triggers -- If you are taking sleeping pills and products
that contain antihistamines, then you are most likely a snorer. These are
sedating medicines that relax the muscles and nerves. As a result, the muscle
tone in the tissues of the throat relaxes and collapses. This triggers snoring
just like the effect of cigarette smoking.

Consult a doctor -- Mild snorers can easily be cured. But there are cases in
which snoring is a sign of other serious medical condition such as
hypothyroidism or diabetes that requires surgical procedures. If you are
snoring for some time this is the right time to consult a doctor.

The Easy Way to Stop Snoring

When the sound inside your room during the night can cause your partner or the
whole neighborhood to stay awake all night, then you need to take the right
action. You need to find ways to stop your snoring problem. However, before you
can stop snoring, there is one thing you need to know: the cause of snoring.
Here are the ways to stop snoring with respect to its causes.

How do I stop snoring caused by nasal congestion and allergies?

Snoring occurs when there is an enlargement of adenoids and/or tonsils. And,
this is usually the result of nasal congestion and allergies.

Snoring caused by nasal congestion can be stopped by taking decongestants. You
may want to consult your doctor to know the particular decongestant that is
right for your condition. Saltwater nose drops are also effective to remove
nasal congestion. There are commercial saltwater solutions that can be bought
at drugstores but you can also make one for you. Mix 1/2" teaspoon of salt to 8
ounces of sterilized water to flush out the congestion from your nose.

Meanwhile, snoring caused by allergies can be stopped with antibiotics.
Normally, when the nasal congestion or allergies stop, snoring stops too.

How do I stop snoring caused by obesity, poor healthy lifestyle, and irregular

Obesity can cause snoring by blocking your air passage with fat concentration.
Also, excess fat can develop at your stomach that causes your diaphragm to work
irregularly. So, the best way to stop snoring that is caused by obesity is
losing weight through regular exercise and proper diet.

Poor healthy lifestyle such as excessive drinking and smoking can trigger
snoring. Alcohol causes a partial collage on your airways (from lungs all the
way up to your nose) which can immediately start snoring. Cigarette smoking on
the other hand causes blockage on the small vessels of the lungs and swelling
on the tissue in the throat and mucus membrane in the nose. Both can cause
sleep apnea. Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and excessive cigarette smoking
before sleeping.

Irregular sleeping can result to instability in breathing during asleep. So, it
is important that you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours during the night.

How do I stop snoring caused by sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by loud snoring with periods of
breathing interruptions. These interruptions are caused by irregular breathing
patterns. This results to snoring and poor sleep.

To stop sleep apnea and snoring altogether, you should quit smoking (if you
smoke), lose weight (if you are either obese or overweight), stop using
sleeping pills and medications with antihistamines, and stop sleeping on your
back instead, sleep on your side.

Other ways to stop snoring are the use of commercially available anti snoring
products such as homeopathic throat sprays and tablets, throat sprays, sleeping
pillows, nasal strips and dilators.

These products may or may not stop your snoring. This is obviously because
there are certain reasons as to why you snore that may not be stopped from the
outside. Reasons such as obesity and sleep apnea can be cured differently (as
mentioned above).

If you snore and would like to try any of these products, evaluate first the
reason why you snore. Only go for these products if you think they can help you.

Stop Snoring: Ways to Treat the Nighttime Dilemma

The most often question raised to any condition is -- can it be cured? Well,
that actually depends on the nature of the disease, disorder, or syndrome and
what knowledge do the medical and scientific communities have with regards to
the problem.

Luckily, snoring is not much of a difficult condition to treat. The nature of
which is also well-known that most consider it normal. So normal that many tend
not to get bothered of its effects, especially when mild.

Treatments for snoring depend on the diagnosis gathered. While snoring may
appear to have no types, it must be understood that there are certain kinds of
snoring that excessively disrupts sleep and there are those that do not cause
any harm at all.

Examination of the physiology and anatomy of the throat and the underlying
tissues will reveal where the problems root. Usually, snoring stems from loose
muscles that flaps back and forth when air runs through the throat. However,
this is not always the case. Sometimes, snoring can also be due to allergies,
deformities, infections and abnormal enlargement of adenoids and tonsils. All
of which, if carefully examined, will lead us back to the obstruction of air

Normally, prevention of the main causes can treat snoring. This includes
abstinence from smoking, drinking alcohol and other relaxants, and maintenance
of an ideal weight. All these have adverse effects not only on the body but can
directly cause loose muscles to vibrate abnormally.

Treatments to stop snoring can include lifestyle-changing habits, use of stop
snoring aids and more intensive surgeries. The choice is normally set for the
snorer to take, depending on the aggravation of the condition.

As we have mentioned earlier, simple measures can contribute largely to the
treatment of the condition. Stop snoring aids, on the other hand, would require
patience to find what fits for you.

The market offers a great variety of snoring aids including nasal breathing
devices, adjustable beds, oral and dental appliances and pressurized masks.

Nasal breathing devices normally aim to keep your nasal passages open or your
jaws from dropping. You may find nasal strips, nasal clips, chin up strips and
chin straps under this category. These products normally require you to breathe
using your nose rather than your mouth since mouth breathing typically ends up
to snoring. It has been observed that a switch from mouth to nasal breathing
can eliminate a number of snoring types.

Mouth pieces or oral devices aim to position the tongue away from blocking the
air passage. You should seek dental specialist if you are considering the use
of such devices as solutions to nighttime dilemma.

Surgery, on the other hand, is an irreversible decision. Therefore, you should
be careful if you truly are considering this option. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
or UPPP is known to be the traditional method of trimming excess tissues in the
throat. A more modern approach uses laser thus the name Laser-Assisted
Uvulopalatoplasty or LAUP.

Removal of unnecessary tissues in the throat enlarges the air passage which
helps reduce the collapse of the muscles.

Approaches to be used in line with your condition vary according to your
personal preference and the immediate need to cure your condition. It is best
to seek medical help first or get yourself educated with your options before
running under the knife or strapping your mouth with some device.

Top Anti Snoring Devices You Can Avail Yourself Of

Hearing a person who snores can be amusing, it can even be funny. But if you
are living with someone who snores, a relative or a family member perhaps, then
the sound might become very disturbing. If you cannot get a good night sleep and
always wake up several times in the middle of the night by a sound that can be
as loud as a lawnmower or a jet engine in action, then you should be thinking
of anti snoring devices as a solution to the problem.

Here are popular anti snoring devices you can buy for your family member and
stop him from disturbing your sleep:

* Anti snoring pillow

One of the reasons why people snore is because they have an improper sleeping
position. This causes the air passage to stretch and tighten making it more
difficult for air to come in and out. To solve this, there are anti snoring
pillows that relax your airways and maintain the right sleeping position to
prevent a person from snoring throughout the night.

* Throat spray

One natural remedy to stop snoring is the snoring spray. Formulated with
natural ingredients, snoring spray contains essential oils that when sprayed on
the throat, provide a lubrication that reduces that amount of vibration, hence
effectively reduce snoring. However, it is ironic that when throat spray is
used frequently, it can lead to more snoring.

Before using throat spray, the doctor's evaluation on the patient is necessary
to avoid any other complication.

* Nasal dilators

Usually made of stainless steel coil or plastic, nasal dilators help keep the
air passage open which cut down the throat's vibration which leads to snoring.
Nasal dilators are used by inserting it into the nostrils.

* Nasal strips

Like nasal dilators, nasal strips are used to open the airways on the nose and
keep the right amount of airflow during sleep. Nasal strips are often made of
plastic. This is one of the more popular anti snoring devices since it is
cheap, safe, and effective. In fact, nasal strips are used by athletes for
better airflow and respiratory efficiency while playing.

* Sleep Position Monitor

This device emits a beeping noise to alert the snorer when he shifts to a
position where snoring usually occur (sleeping on their back). However, if you
are a relative of a snorer and would want his snoring to stop, then this device
may become a whole new problem. But, the aim of this device is not to replace
the snorer from keeping you a wake in the middle of the night. Instead, it is
there to create a brand new sleeping habit.

Once the snorer starts to sleep on his side, the sleep position monitor can be

* Snore ball

Snore ball is placed at the back of the snorer (inside his pajama). When he
changes his sleeping position from side to back, the snore ball emits
discomfort, a.k.a. pain. In other words, it prevents the snorer from sleeping
on his back. It might not be the device a person wants to feel in the middle of
the night but some really need it in order to change his sleeping position for
good. Some people use golf balls, baseballs or tennis balls as snore balls.

All these anti snoring devices can prevent a person from snoring, however,
snoring can be caused by other medical condition that may need medical
attention. To be safe, have your relative or family member be checked by a
doctor to know exactly what treatment does he need.

Tips to Help Stop Snoring

Snoring has already become a laughing matter for most people. But what we do
not often realize is that many conflicts have rooted from snoring and there are
more that's rising even as we speak today.

Almost half of normal adults suffer from occasional snoring while an estimated
25% of them are known to snore habitually. It is good to point out that these
figures did not choose to have fallen as victim to this nighttime dilemma.
Instead, they just happened to be less lucky than most of us.

Driven by the need to resolve the disturbances caused by snoring, patients
often seek relief from various stop snoring products such as devices, pills and
sprays. It must be realized though that there is still no sufficient data to
back the claims of these products.

To help find relief for those people who only want to have restful sleeps, we
have gathered some tips that can surely let you find some ways to stop snoring.

Change of sleeping position is not only comfortable, it eases your snores.

Most people find it intriguing that a change in sleeping position can actually
produce some sort of "magic" when it comes to snores. We are not talking of
miracle cure here, this change of habit has logical explanations.

During sleep, our air passages must have room enough to avoid the collision of
certain parts involved for breathing. If one is to sleep flat on his back, it
is likely that the throat will be constricted in a way that the air passage is
obstructed. However, when we sleep on our sideward position, these same
passages will be released from possible intrusion of the dangling tissues.
Additionally, the likelihood that the jaw will drop to cause obstruction will
be lessened.

So there is a basic reason why one of the first remedies thought for resolving
the condition is by sewing tennis balls on pajama tops.

Eventually, though, snoring aggravates with age. So regardless of your bed
position, you might still be subjected to snores. Thus, it may become present
throughout the night no matter what form of control you would use. By then, you
have to find more permanent solutions.

Lose Weight -- Not only would you benefit from the various consequences of 
losing off some pounds, you would also get around from the risk of snoring. 
Overweight individuals tend to have bulky necks, which create more possibilities of

Change Your Lifestyle in General -- Vices such as alcohol and smokes are often
conceived as banes to proper living, which for most parts is certainly true.
These are good ways to encourage smoking since both have effects that can
immediately affect the tissues used in breathing.

Alcohol has relaxant effects that contribute greatly to uncontrollability of
throat muscles. Cigarettes, on the other hand, have the effects of changing the
cells lining the esophagus. This change can create reactions suitable for
encouraging snores.

Establish a Good Sleeping Pattern -- Sleeping at the same time every night can
help induce a more-or-less fixed sleeping pattern. This does not cure snore but
it can help in making the rest you want, even when you snore so loudly at night.
Once your body get used to the same habit each night, simple grunts and frequent
noises coming from your own mouth would no longer cause you disturbances, enough
to keep you awake all night.

What are My Choices of Snoring Devices?

Sleep is said to consume a third of our lives. The other two-thirds is spent on
busy waking hours.

While we all hope for having regular restful sleep, a number of sleep disorders
impede us from doing so. Among the most common culprits of our deprived sleep is

Snoring is the sound created during sleep. While we literally breathe during
the whole day, this sound can only be produced once the body is at its restful
position. The sounds are products of the collapsible parts in the throat that
collides as air runs through them. Depending on the speed of the wind, the
intensity of collision and the bulk of tissues dangling on this passage, the
frequency and quality of snores vary.

Sleep is the only state where we can actually feel peaceful about ourselves. If
some dangling muscles would prevent us from having rest, then we must find ways
to eliminate the factors that lead to our sleep deprivation.

There are about three hundred anti snoring devices patented at the present.
However, the varieties and the number of individual manufacturers using the
ideas of these devices are innumerable. Thus, it is impossible for you not to
find one that would suit your preferences.

Some of the most typical stop snoring devices are discussed here. We would
provide you brief information on each product.

The first products at hand are adjustable beds. Sleep would never be
comfortable without a bed to lay your body on. And what bed is more comfortable
for snorers but the one especially designed for them? Most adjustable beds have
an elevation of 30 degrees from the ground. It has been studied that this
elevation would keep your tongue from sliding towards the throat and your jaw
from dropping inappropriately. Thus, eliminating the possibilities of creating
blockages in the air passage.

Dental appliances are also commonly advised to provide relief. There are
various types of dental appliances that a snorer can use. However, there are
too few that truly work for most users. Mandibular Advancement Appliances
provides more comfort, durability and adaptability to one's jaw since they are
custom made. Nevertheless, such products can also be bought over-the-counter.
Other dental appliances such as tongue-retaining flange and tongue retaining
devices do not allow snorers to swallow comfortably. Therefore, these are not
usually reported to work at their best.

There are simpler snoring devices such as stop snoring pillows and nasal
breathing equipments.

Stop snoring pillows normally have mechanisms that encourage a person to sleep
on his side. Sleeping on one's back is known to induce snoring since the lower
jaw is allowed to drop while creating a space where the tongue can fall back.
This can also constrict the air passage, which narrows the canal through which
the air can flow.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Appliances (CPAP) is known to be one of the
well-recognized devices in the industry. This is a specialized mask connected to
the pump that produces pressure so that the throat would be kept from
collapsing. This is normally the choice of those suffering from Obstructive
Sleep Apnea.

There are some not-so-often recommended devices available such as stop snoring
sprays. Most comment of using it at your own risk. However, it must be
understood that such products are reported to work on some cases but may not
necessarily be effective for some.

In the end, you alone can choose the actual device that you will use. Please
bear in mind though that you must follow strictly your physician's counsel.

Stop Snoring Remedies: From Nasal Sprays to Surgeries

Snoring would have been nothing if all people sleep alone in their solo beds,
away from anyone that could hear. But as we all know, most of us have bed
partners who are often get annoyed with sleep-disturbing noises.

Good thing, there is already a wide spectrum of stop snoring remedies that may
find yours (or your partner's) relief.

Nasal sprays are normally used by mild snorers who would not want to get
bothered with attaching nasal strips and clips at night or of taking the
permanence of nasal surgeries.

While reports on the use of nasal sprays vary, it still shows that some snorers
find good use in them.

Nasal sprays work by tightening and lubricating the muscles surrounding the
throat and the mouth. This way, the vibration caused by excess muscles would be
set off, thus the production of sounds can be prevented. There are no definite
claims on the lasting effects of such sprays so they would only be effective so
long as the use is continued.

Nasal sprays are not only helpful for mild snorers. Snoring may also occur due
to change of weather, diet or any factor that can trigger its causes. Such
cases can be resolved through using nasal sprays.

While most stop snoring remedies focus on the obstructive tissues that cause
the blockages in the air passages, there are those that resolve things through
keeping the outside mechanisms from triggering the snores.

Chin cushions and chinstraps will keep your mouth in place. But how does
keeping one's mouth close helps against snoring?

Well, there are types of snorers who breathe on their mouths. Mouth breathing
is known to be one of the many causes of the vibrating sounds during sleep. It
has been observed that once breathing is shifted towards nasal processes, some
types of snoring can be helped.

When one's mouth is open, the jaw will drop. Thus, creating space where the
tongue may fall back towards the throat. When this occurs, vibration is
possible. If one's tongue is kept from collapsing, it is less likely that the
throat would produce snores.

The chinstrap works by holding the jaws together which prevent them from
falling apart. Chin cushions, on the other hand, have the added benefits of
preventing the head from dropping forward. This way, easier breathing can be
facilitated since the airways are wider when the head is kept back.

Taping the mouth can often be awkward but this does not necessarily mean that
the technique is ineffective.

Chin up strips are tapes worn beneath the mouth to help redirect mouth
breathing towards nasal breathing. The advantage of which is that it does not
prevent the mouth from moving freely through covering it but it lays its
support at the bottom of the lip. Thus, one can sneeze, cough and breathe in
the mouth at will. The disadvantage though is that when this occurs, the
effectivity of the chin up strip is lessened.

All stop snoring remedies mentioned here are just aids to relieve you from the
troubles of snoring. They can't exactly cure your condition. If you want
permanent solution, the best option you may run to is surgery. Be careful
though that long term effects (and possible damage) go with this decision.
Careful examination of your condition must be delivered and thoughtful decision
making must be made.

Resolve Snoring Through Natural Remedies

Apart from dreaming and frequent movements during the night, snoring is one of
the activities that human body creates even when in deep sleep. It is a
dysfunction in the body that is caused by certain mechanisms that seem to
collide when the body is at its most relaxed state.

The muscles in the throat may partially close the air passage when they have
become too relaxed. This obstruction coupled with the drive of wind that runs
through this passage will result to vibrations we commonly know as snores.

Natural remedies for snoring are effective means of finding solutions. However,
it must be considered that not all remedies can be very effective for all sorts
of snoring causes. Thus, careful evaluation must be done before any assumption
is made.

Weight loss and exercise issues

The general population is advised to maintain an ideal weight and body size.
This is not simply to restrict us from enjoying the habits that we got so used
to. But because this measure can greatly improve our health. One of the many
benefits of maintaining an ideal weight is that it makes you less susceptible
to risks involved in snoring.

Heavier individuals have heavier body mass. Thus, they have bulkier necks that
contain excess muscles often causing obstructions during breathing. The throat
can no longer accommodate extra tissues that may cause the blockages for the
facilitation of normal breathing.

Improve your general lifestyle

Smokers and frequent drinkers are often more vulnerable to producing snores
since the substances that they take encourage various body reactions that are
well-suited for snoring.

Cigarettes can possibly modify the tissues of the respiratory tract in a way
that the system is stripped off its protection from the harm of the chemicals
found in cigars, tobaccos and cigarettes. Some studies say that the esophagus
is lined with a specific type of cell that changes into another form once smoke
from cigarettes pass through it. This will then induce the abnormal production
of mucus that can add up to the obstructions.

Alcohol, on the other hand, can bring about relaxation on the muscles that
further aggravate the condition. The muscles of the throat during sleep relax
due to lack of control. This then creates the possibility that the muscles will
interfere with the normal flow of air in and out of the lungs. Thus, the
vibration that results to snores.

Change of sleep posture

The earliest method of reducing snores is by stitching a tennis ball on the
pajama tops. This encourages the snorer to sleep on his side even when
unconscious since the tennis ball is enough to remind him that sleeping on his
back wont do any good. Realigning your body will help decrease the possibility
of snoring since the tongue and the jaw will be kept from dropping back that
cause blockages on the narrow air passage.

Most people advise of sleeping in a sideward posture to prevent the relaxed
muscles to collapse. For snorers who can tolerate sleeping on their stomachs
are much less susceptible to the likelihood of snoring since this posture is
ideal for reducing the pressure on the airways.

Also, it is often advised that the your bed is elevated to 30 degrees since
this height is known to lessen collapse of the tissues in the throat.

Go for the Natural Snoring Remedy

After a long day's work, you're most awaited moment comes when it is time to go
to sleep. People need to sleep to get some rest, regain strength, and energy.
Without it, you can't go through your every day life the normal way, for
insufficient sleep can cause many disorders and illnesses in the long run.

Are you one those people who snores at night? Or one of your family membes
does? The sound made through snoring can be very irritating, especially when
you need to get some sleep. Snoring can cause you and your family members long
sleepless nights.

But worry no more, for there are a lot of natural snoring remedies available
for someone who snores. There is still no known cure for snoring. What the
market has to offer are just remedies which can lessen or temporarily relieve
the snoring.

You must be aware that snoring can cause sleep disturbances, and oftentimes it
can lead to insomnia and other disorders. It can also be a symptom in having
sleep apnea. If you snore, or a family member does, it is time for you to visit
a doctor. Seek medical attention to prevent any complications in occurring.
Before using any anti-snoring product, do check with your doctor because he
alone has proper knowledge of your health condition.

There are quite a number of snoring remedies available to the snorer. Other
remedies to prevent or stop snoring are dental implants and medicines that has
to be taken regularly. Medicines on the other hand, can probably cause certain
side effects. But most people use natural remedies. And this is because they
don't want to undergo any surgery and avoid the possible undesirable effects of
taking too much medicine. The natural way is still recognized by most people,
especially now that a more holistic approach is given to almost any condition.

Going back to the natural ways of curing certain illnesses is what many doctors
call for today's changing environment. It seems that no matter how advance
technology is, people still can't live without the basics, as with healing the
natural way.

One product available is a natural spray made from herbs which lubricates the
palate, throat, and uvula. The spray works immediately after you use it, and it
can prevent snoring for up to 8 hours.

Another natural way to prevent snoring is doing special exercises at certain
minutes every day. Breathing exercises are good, because it helps in the normal
function of the passages associated in breathing.

Medicines which are not considered as all natural oftentimes relieves snoring,
but later on, after a period of using such, the effect wears of.

But how does snoring occur?

When you snore, you breathe abnormally. When you breathe, air travels through
your lungs. But when there isn't enough space, the soft tissues found in your
throat touches each other making vibrating sounds which is popularly known as
snoring. The natural remedies, like the spray, keep your throat moisturized, so
that air can pass through without any difficulty.

Nothing can compare to the natural way. Natural remedies don't contain harmful
chemicals, and as with exercising, you can find many resources in the internet.
Snoring remedies are available in traditional stores and in online stores.
Whichever store you choose, you are sure to get a good natural product which
can give you a good night's sleep.

Factors Which Contribute to Snoring and Some Natural Remedies

Snoring is normal. This is a very wrong belief by almost every individual. Not
all people who snore are free from any disorder or illness. Excessive snoring
is a major symptom of sleep apnea, or you might have other health problems.

If you're a snorer, the first thing that you should do is to seek medical help
from professionals. They can assess the underlying cause or causes of why you
snore. Snoring is a terrible sleeping habit, it accounts for the many sleepless
nights to the one who hears it.

There are a lot of natural snoring remedies available in stores in almost any
part of the world. But before using any of these products, ask your doctor
first hand. There are factors which can add to the frequent snoring that
bothers you every night. Some of these factors are:

1. A room full of dust and fur; it is best if your bedroom is well-ventilated,
   free from dust, and the beddings are always kept clean

2. Health problems like obesity; if you're obese, you'll experience breathing
   problems especially when you're lying down

3. Milk and wheat allergies; these types of allergies can lead to phlegm build
   up when you don't do something to resolve the condition, which interferes 
   proper breathing

4. Smoking; after a long period of time you can develop lung problems

5. Excessive alcohol intake; alcohol is good for the body when taken in
   minimal amounts (in longer intervals), but excessive drinking slows down 
   the processes inside the body and also hinders proper breathing

Think about the five factors; take note which one affects or adds up to your
snoring. But no matter what natural remedy you use, the snoring will not go
away, why? If you want to relieve or remove snoring entirely, you should also
make adjustments in your unhealthy lifestyle.

Blocked nasal passages cause snoring, and if you use natural remedies for
snoring, what it does is break down obstructive substances like mucus. Natural
snoring remedies consist of herbs like bromelein, undeveloped bitter orange,
and other herbs which maximize the air flow. Natural remedies can be in pill
form, nose drops or it can also be a spray.

Some natural remedies make use of enzymes from different plants like protease,
lipase, amylase, and cellulose. These enzymes open your sinuses which can
actually resolve snoring.

The effectivityof these natural snoring remedies are not guaranteed because
most of them are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. But still, a
lot of consumers claim that these remedies are highly effective in eliminating
or reducing snoring.

More often than not, you should experiment with different natural snoring
remedies before you can actually find one which suits you best. This step is
ideal, although a bit time consuming, but once you find the right remedy, all
you have to do is to continue using that remedy.

If after some time of using natural snoring remedies proves to be a failure,
you must again talk with your doctor. Tell him all your concerns, as well as
what remedies you have used for the last few weeks or months.

Your doctor is the only person who can assess you condition. Consider him/her
as a best friend. Never hesitate to seek for help. Snoring is one disorder that
you should not be disregarded. It needs attention and proper medication or

Jaw exercise -- A natural remedy to snoring troubles!

How does a night in front of a favorite tv show, relaxing and massaging your
jaw and muscles with a throat exercise sounds? Soothing and rejuvenating,
right? And to add to its advantage, why not do an exercise that, in the same
manner, will cure your snoring troubles? If your snoring had moved your mate
out of your room, this is the chance to win him/her back!

Then you can hit three birds in one sitting-you relax yourself, and you get to
exercise your muscles as you cure the troubles of snoring.

The benefit of exercising the jaw is that it gets stronger and when you sleep,
the palate doesn't drop in your throat, thus, there would be no hindrance to
the air passage. There would be no involuntary vibration of the soft palate and
say goodbye to snoring.

How does a morning with a fully charged energy to get through the tasks of the
day sounds? Then your spouse will tell you how peaceful and quiet the past
night was. A sprightly morning kiss perhaps will inspire you more to accomplish
another great day. This will be the gift of jaw exercise that you can benefit
without spending a single amount.

The most common hindrance to breathing is a tensed jaw. Because it blocks the
airway, the soft palate vibrates at the back part of the throat. So the
annoying sound called snoring is created. With this exercise, the jaw is opened
up as it strengthens the muscles concerned for respiration.

To start with, put the upper molar and the lower molar together. Slowly, feel
your lips touching each other in a very light manner. Then open your mouth as
wide as you can without stressing it. Repeat this procedure for how many counts
with the only focus on your molars. Like the hinges of the door, your molars
should be put together and your jaw lowered. By doing this, you will feel the
muscles of your jaw strengthened and the back part of the mouth seemed to be
opening. This tissue which you feel at the back of your mouth is the one
hindering your air passage. It is normal to feel like the muscle is contracting
at the back of the throat. And continuous repetition of the exercise puts that
muscle on its proper position while clearing your breathing.

This exercise is surely effective because it hits right to the root of the
problem. For all you know, the obstruction to the air passage gives a hard time
for air to get to your lungs. This causes the drop off in the area of airways.
And as the area is decreased, the velocity of the air increases, creating that
flapping sound which annoys your spouse at night.

Strengthening the jaw is a major step to prevent and cure snoring. In case your
problem wasn't resolved by this exercise, that could mean another thing. Snoring
can be a symptom of a severe disease especially those linking to the heart. To
avoid sudden death or heart attack, consult your doctor for other possible
remedies. This exercise is a natural remedy which you can try in your own
homes. All it requires is a little effort and diligence and the effect is
instantaneous. Its time you enjoy sleeping without that snoring problem.

Reshape your lifestyle! - the natural remedy to counteract snoring

Approximately, 45% of the American population snores. A snoring person may not
awaken the whole world, but surely enough, he can contribute to the alarming
numbers of troubled couples. For this reason, snoring could be counted as one
of the factors of society disorder. And if snoring alone cannot be resolved,
how much more are the wrecked marriages due to partners not sharing a room?

It may sound overstated but it's true that bed partners move out of their room
because of the unwanted noise when sleeping. The consequences are not as simple
as they may sound. Aside from the effects to the relationships and society,
snoring can also be a symptom of a severe disease. Often, this is a sign of the
sleeping disorder called "obstructive sleep apnea". Apnea disease consumes the
person by reducing the flow of oxygen to the brain, by increasing the blood
pressure and worse, it can result to sudden death.

Snoring occurs because of the obstruction in the airways. When this happens,
the muscles responsible for respiration had to work harder in order to deliver
the oxygen to the lungs and the carbon dioxide out of the body. As people age,
muscles and tissues in the body deteriorate such that they are easily strained.
This defines the proportionality of the age to the severity of snoring. Tensed
muscles and jaw decrease the area of the airway resulting to the annoying
sound. If the area is clear, the flow of the air is easy and there would be no
sleeping noise such as snoring.

So how can snoring be naturally treated? A simple answer but quite complicated
action is the solution-reshaping the lifestyle.

This is spelled out as proper diet, clean living, avoiding cigarettes and
minimizing the intake of alcohol. Obviously, toxins should be taken out of the
body and "too much" of anything should be avoided.

Specifically, excess weight contributes to snoring since the fats accumulated
in at the back of the mouth serve as hindrance. Thus, a well nourished diet
should be followed to keep your weight within the range of being healthy. In
two to three hours before going to bed, eating should already be avoided.
Certain fatty foods should be kept away such as those which enhance mucous
production. In effect, these foods can result to severe snoring.

Part of the toxins that we put into our bodies is drugs. Medications must be
necessary for they relieve some illnesses, but as much as possible, they must
be avoided. Almost every drug leaves side effects to the patient making him
feel not too well at all. Distinctively, sedatives are not advisable because
they can worsen or cause snoring.

Enough exercise should be a part of every day. It tones the body and amplifies
the spirit. Exercise stretches and contracts the muscles making them flexible.

Good sleeping habits should also be established. Sleeping by your side will
prevent you from snoring. Also, avoid elevating your head with the use of

Following these steps can heal yourself from snoring and other health related
problems. The only hard part is that it requires so much self discipline. But
once you had started them out, making them a habit is no sweat. A good system
of living will not only cure your health troubles, more so, your relationship
with others.

Using Natural remedies for Stopping the Snorezzzzzzzz

You've probably spent a sleepless night because of someone else's snoring.
You've tossed and turned in your bed; you've put on earplugs and listened to
Beethoven instead; you've tried moving the person around and shaking him to get
him to stop -- but to no avail.

Snoring is caused usually by a disruption in the passageway of air. Normally,
air passes from the nose and throat to the lungs unhindered. But for the
snorers, the soft tissue in the upper palate or throat usually gets in the way
and starts vibrating, thus explaining that Zzzzzzzzzz sound you hear when
you're asleep.

So you think it's hopeless? No, it's not. Like any physical condition, snoring
has many remedies, ranging from the natural to more complex types like surgery
and the use of technology and other devices and aides.

So here are a few solutions you might want to try for that peaceful, good
night's sleep:

Alcohol, caffeine, smoking, overeating, the lack of physical activity and too
much stress are some of the identified causes of snoring. So the easiest way to
start is to change your lifestyle. Steer clear of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine
as they suppress breathing drive. Don't go to sleep yet while the stomach's
full. And take a moment to rest after a hard day's work or if under stress
before hitting the sheets. Likewise, overweight people have a greater tendency
to snore because of the bulky neck tissue. To solve this, try shedding off even
at least 10% of your body weight.

Most snorers sleep on their back. Snoring happens when the soft palate, uvula,
tongue, tonsils and muscles in the back of the throat come in contact, creating
a vibrating sound. Learn to vary your sleeping positions. Try sleeping your
side. Proper sleeping posture should also be maintained. Make sure that the
head is properly supported by a nice, comfortable pillow. Raise the head of
your bed at least four inches higher. You can place a book or a wedge under
your mattress.

Inhale steam before going to bed. Nasal congestion is one of the reasons for
snoring. To reduce congestion, deeply breathe in steam through your nose before
going to bed.

And as snoring is largely a breathing problem, make sure to correct your
breathing. Learn to breathe through the nose. Loud snores are aggravated when
we breath through our open mouth. To start, make sure that your mouth is closed
when you're asleep so that the air would pass only through your nose.

You can also try nasal strips that provide relief from congestion. These nasal
strips hold open the nostrils, helping you to breathe through your nose. There
are also throat sprays that coat the soft tissue of the throat, allowing the
air to move freely. Of course, for more serious cases of snoring, there are
more complex, technology-assisted remedies such as the CPAP, a machinery that
blows air through the nose via a mask; surgery which removes the palate and the
throat tissue for easier breathing.

Try these remedies and see what works. One remedy may not work for you so make
sure that you know the cause of the problem. It may be lifestyle or a physical
condition like a breathing problem. Unless it's a serious case, these natural
remedies are workable and easy to follow. In no time at all, there's no more
tossing and turning in bed or plugging your ears with Beethoven's Symphony.

Snore Your Way to a Good Night Sleep with natural remedies -- without side

Believe me, relationships are not ruined by irreconcilable differences, third
parties or simply falling out of love. Some relationships are ruined by yep,
snoring. Studies show that 23% of couples suffer from snoring problems. In
fact, 80% of couples usually end up sleeping in different rooms because they
can't stand, once again yes: their partner's snoring.

But more than the danger of ruined relationships, snoring can also lead to a
serious case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition common among the depressed
and those who are always exhausted. Sleep apnea can increase blood pressure,
reducing the flow of oxygen to the brain and eventually, leading to stroke,
heart attack or even worse, death.

Other studies further show that it can lead to diabetes. Since snoring reduces
the intake of oxygen, the body produces more catecholamines, which leads to
insulin resistance and ultimately, diabetes.

So, what's the answer? There are a hundred and one natural remedies, plus other
technology-aided remedies even involving surgeries. But another way out of this
problem are through anti-snore exercises.

Of course, it's important to identify first the cause of snoring. Normally, as
most snoring cases go, it's a problem with breathing. There are throat
exercises that open up your throat, preventing it from closing when you sleep.
Such exercises strengthen and lift up the soft palate, so it won't flap and rub
against the tongue. With tongue exercises, you can strengthen it and prevent it
from dropping into your throat when you sleep, which usually happens when you
sleep on your back. It's also important to loosen up the jaw as tense jaw
muscles puts pressure on the breathing passages.

Try this exercise to loosen the jaw.

Start by putting the upper and lower molars together very lightly. Once done,
open your mouth and press the molars as wide as you can. Do not stretch. Do ten
to twenty repetitions. Focus on the molars -- out them together and then lower
your jaw. After several repetitions, you should feel your jaw muscles
strengthening and the back of your mouth opening up. Feel the muscles
contracting at the back of your throat? If you feel them opening up, then
you're doing a good job relaxing and strengthening them.

This simple exercise doesn't even take you an hour. You can do twenty
repetitions of this exercise in a minute or two a day.

For more anti-snoring exercises, check out sites on the Web offering
cure-snoring programs. These exercises are simple, easy do-it-yourself,
no-need-for-complicated-machinery-or-device activities you can try any time.

So, start those exercises and no-snore your way to a good night's sleep. Yeah,
sure, you might feel crazy opening your mouth and exercising your jaw, but it
sure will be worth it. There's nothing wrong with trying, afterall, especially
when it's an answer to your sleepless nights.

Natural Remedy to Stop Snoring

Finding a natural remedy for snoring is not that easy. You need to first find
out what are the underlying causes. Take note, snoring is an affliction not
similar to a common cold. Common colds can easily inflict you; however, snoring
is something which normally and slowly arrives over time. Most people cannot
even remember the time when they have started to snore. For most people, it
happens during their mid 30's where a vague description has been given to such

The approach on the lifestyle of a person can be used to remedy your snoring
naturally. Snoring is not treated as a disease or a condition rather as a
warning or a symptom indicating that your body in not anymore balanced.

Some people might consider snoring as a proximity ground alarm within a modern
aircraft. It serves as a warning to pull the aircraft up when it gets too close
on the ground when it is not supposed to. You will be thankful to hear such
alarm if you are the aircraft's pilot. It can automatically save you and all
your passengers aboard before terrible consequences arrive. The siren can be
very annoying once it has been activated but much less painful compared to
accidents. Likewise snoring is also very annoying but it is only a sign posted
to a person that something might be wrong.

The projected results of snoring can be very alarming. But you must learn that
recent studies and research have associated snoring to various serious health
conditions which include coronary disease and hypertension.

Remember, your body is an amazing machine. It is capable of regulating complex
arrays of electrical processes and interacting chemicals within good
tolerances. Homeostasis of the body has the ability to balance your internal
system including acid-base balancing, body temperature, and blood pressure
despite the changes on your external environment.

But if your body has been subjected to a persistent extreme condition outside
its normal bounds of functioning then it can possibly fail to rectify such
situation without any help. Take for example, every time your body feels cold,
it will start to shiver so that your body temperature is maintained. However,
when your body is exposed to sub zero temperatures with no external heating,
shivering alone cannot help you in stopping an expected deadly conclusion.
Nevertheless, your shivering act is a warning itself telling you to do
something to fight the coldness, like putting on warmer clothes.

There are several causes why people tend to snore. It includes your sleeping
position where it is more likely to activate a person's snoring when he or she
is sleeping on his or her back. Another is the food as well as the drinks they
intake. Alcohol in particular can relax your throat muscles; however it can
cause you to snore. In addition, food allergies also increase the production of
mucus in your nasal passages and throat. The most common contributor is excess
weight. People who are obese are carrying extra weigh on the neck putting
pressures on their airways causing snoring.

Snoring is the result of various balance upsets including your breathing,
levels of stress, diets, as well as the physical environment. If you naturally
work on these contributing factors then two essential things can happen. You
are going to put an end with your snoring problems and acquire a more healthy

Home remedy to stop the nuisance-snoring spray

Fact: 90 million of the American population snore when asleep. And over three
fourths of this had to spend solitary slumber because they either cannot take
the complaints of their mates or the complainants can no longer take their
noise. In either way, snoring indeed has contributed to some people's misery.

Snoring pesters the best part of the day-relaxation, as it occurs during sleep.
Sound is produced by vibration of an object, and so does the noise. Snoring
occurs when the palate muscle or the uvula at the back of the throat vibrates
or a physical obstruction affects breathing process when asleep. Another cause
could be excessive fat at the back of throat which narrows the airways.

Some people snore almost every night, some snore occasionally or when they fall
asleep on their back while others snore when they take medicines and when they
are sick. But no matter what, snoring surely is a nuisance to others aside from
yourself. And when you can't find a remedy to this, you'll end up sleeping alone
for all your life.

The troubles brought about by snoring are not only true among men. Yes, even
women snore! This could be quite embarrassing, though snoring could be
adversely affected by age and not by sex. Interestingly, the percentage of men
who snore is twice that of women.

Modern science had been finding ways to solve the problem on snoring. Products
such as sprays, cream or mouth apparatus had been designed to stop the noise.
These products could be used at home, although a medical advice should be
sought before trying any of these. In cases where snoring can no longer be
cured by simple home remedies, a complicated medical procedure could be tried.

The most popular snore remedies are the sprays. It's because sprays are
convenient and easy to use. They could be made of herbal oils, plant extracts
or a preparation of chemical ingredients. The common herbals added to sprays
are olive, almond, and sunflower oils. Along with other vitamins, they could
work effectively. Plus, there are flavors added to the sprays to provide fresh
breath when you wake up in the morning. So it can as well function as breath

The effect of sprays could last for up to eight hours. At least after the
duration, you would already be awake.

The precautions when using the sprays should be followed. Normally, the spray
is applied after brushing the teeth and when about to sleep already. Drinking
another glass of water before spraying is advisable. But it must be noted that
sprays are prohibited to be used after taking liquids which have high acid
concentrations such as orange juice. If done so, the throat must be cleared
first by drinking a lot of water.

Snoring is not just a mere nuisance, it can at worse aggravate health problems
such as hypertension and heart troubles. It can lead to stroke, and if not
given the proper attention, it can increase the risk of sudden death. So
finding home remedies against your snoring will not only help your sleeping
mates, more so, it saves you from serious health problems.

Sleep well, and sleep with a snoring spray that will work for you. It will take
care of you while you're in the voyage of dreams.

Stop snoring! Snoring home remedies will give you a silent night

When sleeping, the muscles and tissues in the throat tend to relax which
results to the breathing airways becoming smaller than normal. The shrinkage of
the air passage in the throat increases the speed of the air when breathing.
When the space is constricted, the increased velocity triggers a vibration in
the throat such as of the soft palate and the uvula. This is the way the noise
is created when snoring.

There could be numerous roots of snoring. As concluded in sleep studies, too
much drinking of alcohol, excessive fats especially in the area of the throat
and taking sedatives worsen snoring. Although not all people snore when they
sleep, everyone must have experienced this in one way or another. Some people
snore only when they have colds or when sleeping in their backs.

To treat the snoring trouble, surgical procedures could be done. These involved
the trimming of respiration obstructions such as impaired uvula, part of the
enlarged tonsils and adenoids. The use of radio frequency apparatus is used to
correct the deviated tissues. However, surgical processes have shown little
success in terminating the snoring noise.

To avoid snoring, weight lost is recommended to those who have gained excess
body fats. According to studies, a 20% excess to the normal weight can cause
snoring. The next thing to avoid before sleeping is taking alcohol. It is
because alcohol can relax the muscles of the body including the throat more
than the customary. Sedatives can greatly contribute to snoring. Besides,
becoming accustomed to sedatives is bad not only to snoring but for the health
in general. Smoking can also cause the mucous membranes to bulge that it
narrows the passage of the air. This increases the velocity of the air inhaled
that triggers the vibration of the muscles in the throat.

The position in sleeping can help reduce snoring. Sleeping on your side is
advisable so that you can breathe easily. As much good can be the effect of not
using pillows when sleeping. Pillows tense the neck so they can worsen the
snoring intensity.

For cases of snoring where the patient may need immediate attention but is not
amendable to surgical operations, snoring devices are applicable. These oral
devices are placed inside the mouth to keep the airways open and thus, make
breathing easier. The appliances are prescribed by dentists in place of surgery
and can treat even the acute snorers. These are safe appliances and can by far
be used even at your own homes! They have easy to follows procedures and can be
removed the next morning when you wake up. They're no hassle. You can sleep as
soundly as if you are wearing no apparatus at all.

Oral snoring appliances help a lot of snorers with the efficiency of 85%-90%.
With the combination of the other tips stated above, snoring can be resolved
and totally wiped out. And by conditioning the muscles, who knows, you may not
need the oral snoring appliance anymore the next time you lie in your bed.

Snoring is a dilemma that causes more trouble in the relationships of sleepers.
Why? If your mate can't take the nuisance of your snoring, the friction of that
night can last up to the following mornings!

A home remedy to stop snoring -- throat and tongue exercise!

Recent reports on health relate snoring to chronic daily headache. It is
because people who snore are either deeply bothered by it or is bothering other
people. When a person snores, he could experience getting up in the middle of
the night because of his own noise. And since sleep is the only time when the
body recharges for new energy, sleepless nights can cause a lousy next day.
Unable to rest well can also result to chronic headaches.

Because snoring already affects the health, it must be given remedy before its
effects worsen. There are simple and easy to follow exercises which can help
reduce or eradicate snoring. In view of the fact that snoring is an involuntary
motion of the muscles in the throat, conditioning of these muscles while still
awake will control its movement when already asleep. This practice could be
done in place of medications and other treatments.

The tongue and throat exercises must be practiced regularly for a period of
time until snoring is totally wiped out in your system. The exercises that will
be revealed should be repeated for up to five times, twice in every day.

The first step should be opening and closing the mouth. This must be done to
the full extent like when you're shouting to the utmost and closing the mouth
with lips tightly meeting each other.

The next mouth position is crease your lips as if you are about to kiss or when
pointing at something else without utterance. Hold on to this position for about
ten counts and then relax.

And then extend your lips into that big, big smile. Exaggerate it to as much as
your lips can reach. Hold on to that position for another ten counts. Again,

Repeat the procedures 2 and 3. Pucker, hold, smile and hold. Do this for
another set of ten counts.

With your mouth wide open, pucker without closing your jaws. Hold on to that
position and relax after ten counts.

To counteract that, press your lips tightly together. For the same counts, hold.

Follow that step by making a slurping sound just like when you are sipping your
juice. Firmly, stay on that position with your lips closed.

Then, stick out the tongue the way kids do. But hold it straight out to your
mouth, restricting it from moving to sides. Hold and relax. While pointing
straight ahead, try to reach a farther distance each try. Repeat this step
several times.

Try to reach the corners of your mouth by sticking out your tongue. Hold it in
each corner and relax. Repeat for several times.

Using the tip of your tongue, try to reach your chin to the farthest extension
that you can get. Hold.

Stick out your tongue, in and out of your mouth repeatedly and as fast as

Flick out your tongue to the corners of your mouth. Then repeat this with more

Finally, move your tongue in a circling manner. Make sure that your tongue is
in contact with the lips.

This throat and tongue exercises will stretch and contract the tissues and
palate in the throat. Thus, you can be relieved from snoring. The exercise can
last from ten to fifteen minutes. It's good to try it at home and can be as
effective as the chemical medications! A diligent practice can help you get rid
of headaches.

Stop Snoring Device: Temporary Measures to Avoid Sleepless Nights

Sometimes, the best help we can get are those that do not exceed temporary
cures. We may find good use with reforming our anatomy yet many would rather
choose the simpler methods than take "unnecessary" risks.

In this article, we will give you ideas of how to provide treatments for your
often-irksome snoring.

You must understand though that if you do not wish to avail of the many
technologically advanced methods, you can always set off snoring through
natural and less intensive cures.

You may find that many of the innovative treatments for snoring are only
variations of the sock-and-tennis-ball method, which intended to keep the
snorer sleep on his side.

Snoring is the condition wherein the respiratory system creates resonating
sounds during sleep. While we literally breathe 24 hours without skip, snoring
is only possible when someone is at his most restful state.

The muscles of the throat only vibrates when they are relaxed, thus producing
snores. This then will be driven with the regular airflow which creates the
sounds. Most treatments for snoring include the control of these muscles.

However, there is also a certain type of snoring that causes the person to
temporarily skip breathing (an average of 10 seconds for each episode). With
proper diagnosis, well-adopted treatment plans can be conceived.

While there may not be available products for permanently cure snoring, there
are wide options for relief.

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Appliance is among the most
recommended stop snoring device. This is a special mask connected to a pump
that keeps the throat from vibrating through causing pressure. This is best
used for short term application since most patients report of inconvenience
after a year of use. The product costs around $1,000 up to $3,000.

The head of the snorer must be kept elevated to keep him from making loud,
disturbing sounds. This will relieve the diaphragm from pressure to help keep
an open air passage. While adjustable beds may not be as often advertised as
other products, they are considered helpful in providing immediate treatment.
Products such as these cost around $800 to $1000.

Anti-snoring pillows are also available to keep you from sleeping head flat.
Prices range from $20 to $75, depending on the manufacturer.

Nasal Valve Dilators, on the other hand, are made specifically for mild
snorers. There are two basic types: the adhesive strip that is attached on the
nasal bridge and the plastic strip that is inserted in the nostrils.

The latter is often reported of leaving the snorer with uncomfortable sleep and
requires annual replacement while the adhesive strip normally falls off during
sleep and can possibly cause skin irritation.

Stop snoring sprays are also available for those who's snoring is due to
clogged nasal passages due to mucous or swelling. Be careful though not to go
for the "softening tissue sprays" since these products can cause advert side
effects with long term use. And besides, snoring either roots from dry throat
or tough tissues in the respiratory tract so most people see stop snoring spray
as the most ineffective means of giving you comfortable sleep.

A great number of stop snoring products are available for immediate treatment.
Consider them as good help but refrain from relying on them to give you the
permanent cure against uncomfortable sleep.

Want a Free Cure for Snoring? Try This Snoring Remedy

Snoring stresses. It can be the source of your embarrassment while you sleep in
somebody else's house, even if it is your own friend or family. It may both
create a disturbance to your companion in sleeping, and it can make you the
center of their amusement -- too shameful.

Although snoring is not an ailment, it is only a disproportion on the human
body system. So, it is not impossible for you to cure snoring. If snoring can
be completely eliminated, then societal peace can be achieved, especially
inside the bedroom.

Nowadays, there are already medicines and devices available in the market to
cure snoring. However, this requires a bit of amount of money, and creating
further stress.

Nevertheless, if these kind of cure is not included in your budget, there is
still another option that will not be heavy in your purse -- home remedies.

First, try to change your position in sleeping. Elevate the head of your bed by
a few inches, or try to add some more pillows. This will lessen the jamming of
the air passage in your throat muscle. Avoid sleeping on your back too; the
tendency if you do this is to give more chances on the occurrence of snoring,
the reason for this is the draw back of soft palate and tongue, thus,
constricting the air passage.

Next, you can try to modify your lifestyle. Your present lifestyle may
contribute in aggravating your snoring, for instance, excessive eating,
excessive drinking of alcohol, and too much intake of cigarette.

Modifying lifestyle is what the doctors' called "conservative therapy." Truth
is the doctors stated that this is the advisable primary step in curing snoring
before attempting to use other harsh treatments.

Try to motivate yourself to conduct a regular physical exercise to lessen your
weight. Avoid excessive intake of alcohol and cigarettes, the effect of not
preventing both of these will add to the obstruction to the airway. Likewise,
avoid excessive intake of sleeping pills and tranquilizers, these medicines
also worsen snoring.

If you will also notice, some of the medicines that are being offered in the
drugstore can be classified as home remedies. Examples of these are the nasal
strips, nose sprays, and anti-snoring pills. The ingredients contained by these
medicines are basically herbs, and plant enzymes, these can manage the swelling
of nose and throat tissues. Additionally, these offset snoring by evening the

Generally, a home remedy is almost alike to the drug free medication. The
procedures of such prescriptions are founded in the inventions' experience.

There is the drug free snoring "mandibular advancement splint" for instance;
the function of this is to maintain your jaw in a pressed onward position. This
helps to widen the air passage, and according to the report this helps in more
than 80 percent in impeding snoring cases.

If you are really determined and will exert further efforts to the suggested
home remedies above, it is not impossible to cure your snoring all by yourself.

The process for these is simple. Distinguish first the problem, ponder. Then,
work on it everyday. Following this will award you a good outcome. And the days
of disgraceful nights will come to an end. This may possibly happen earlier than
you anticipated.

So good luck on your self-medication!

Get Free Snoring Home Remedy: Stopping That Awful Music

Snoring may be music to your ears but you have to admit that it isn't for your
sleeping partner. Snoring will cause your social relationship with your
sleeping partner to deteriorate and is also a sign that you have a serious
medical condition.

You may not know it but studies suggest that snoring is a sign that you will
have a higher chance of having cardiovascular disease, suffer from stroke and
diabetes. Snoring may not really sound to be a serious problem but you have to
consider that it is.

Aside from affecting you socially, it will also affect your health. If you
snore, the chances of you getting a good night's sleep are very slim. When you
start snoring, you will wake up from deep sleep and will try to move in your
bed in order to stop it. You may not know it but you actually wake up when you

This will cause you to feel lightheaded when you wake up in the morning, and
you will also feel very tired. As you know, sleep is supposed to relax you and
upon waking up, you should feel refreshed. If you don't feel refreshed, you
didn't get enough sleep because of snoring.

Even if you sleep about 8 hours a day or more, it will not be enough and you
will feel very unrefreshed when you wake up in the morning. However, you don't
have to suffer from this very common condition. All you need is a little
discipline and you will find that snoring has a cure.

First of all, you need to know about the different causes of snoring in order
for you to have an idea on what to do in order to stop it.

Snoring is caused by over relaxed throat muscles or has excess fat in your
throat. One of the main causes of snoring is overeating before going to sleep.
Eating causes your throat muscles to relax and therefore, will cause you to
snore. Another cause of snoring is by drinking alcoholic beverages before you
go to sleep. Drinking alcoholic beverages also causes your throat muscles to

So, in order to stop snoring, you have to stop eating excessively before going
to sleep and also stop drinking alcoholic beverages or stop drinking "night
caps" before you go to sleep. Smoking before going to sleep also causes the
throat muscles to relax therefore, it is wise to abstain yourself from smoking
before you go to sleep in order to stop snoring.

Another cause of snoring is by being fat or by being overweight. Fatty tissues
in your throat may develop if you are fat. Therefore, exercising is another way
to stop snoring. These are some of the home remedies that you can try in order
for you to stop that music you are making when you sleep.

Snoring can also be caused by your sleeping position. If you are still
overweight but on the process of slimming down, try to sleep on your side.
Studies have found that laying flat on your back when you sleep causes snoring.
Try sleeping on your side.

If you stop snoring, you will be able to have a healthier body and also have a
healthier relationship with your sleeping partner. Keep all these simple home
remedies in mind and you will eventually stop snoring.

Free Yourself from Snoring: Simple Home Remedies to Stop Snoring

If you notice your spouse is sleeping more frequently on a different room,
you're probably making disastrous music while you're asleep. This music may be
keeping you asleep but this kind of music will drive your spouse nuts.

This music you're making while you're asleep is called snoring. The musical
instrument you play with this kind of music with is your throat muscles.
Snoring can ruin your relationship with your spouse. It is a fact that some
people in the United States have filed divorce cases on the grounds that their
sleeping partner is always snoring.

Not only will snoring ruin your relationship with your sleeping partner, but it
can be a sign that your body is malfunctioning. Studies have found that snoring
is a sign that you have diabetes, you are obese, and you may also have
undiagnosed serious heart condition.

Another complication of snoring is that aside from not letting your sleeping
partner sleep soundly, you will also wake up and shift your bed position in
order to stop snoring. You may not know it but snoring may wake you up from
deep sleep. The human brain needs enough oxygen to function and also to prevent
brain damage. Since snoring will obstruct your airway, your brain will go on
full alert and wake your body up from deep sleep and make it shift to another
sleeping position in order to open the blocked or partially blocked airway. You
may not know that you wake up but your sleep-deprived sleeping partner will be a
witness to the events that you will always wake up from your sleep and shift
sleeping positions.

Snoring will result to lack of sleep, morning headaches, lightheadedness, and
also irritability throughout the rest of your day.

These are the reasons why you should take all the necessary steps to stop
snoring or at least minimize it. Today, there are various ways on how you can
prevent snoring.

However, you have to know what causes snoring first. As mentioned before,
snoring is caused by your throat muscles. If the throat muscles are too relax
when you are sleeping, or if it is full of fatty tissues, then the throat
muscles will obstruct your airways. The air coming in and out of your airway
will cause the relaxed muscles to vibrate and will cause the sound that you
will call snoring.

Now that you know why people snore, you now have to know how to stop yourself
from snoring.

The primary cause of snoring is being overweight or being obese. Fat tissues
will build up around your throat and will cause your throat muscle tissues to
sag. So, in order to prevent yourself from snoring is to go on a diet. Exercise
and tone those throat muscles down.

By losing weight, you will eventually stop snoring or at least minimize it to a
level that will be tolerable to your sleeping partner.

Here are other home remedies that you can consider in order for you to free
yourself from snoring:

* Stop smoking -- Smoking before going to bed causes your throat muscles to

* Stop drinking alcoholic beverages -- As with smoking it will also cause your 
  throat muscles to relax. 

* Stop eating heavy meals before bedtime -- It will also cause your throat 
  muscles to relax. 

* Stop taking sedatives -- Also relaxes your throat muscles. 

* Sleep on your side -- Light to moderate snorers will be more silent when 
  sleeping on their side. 

* Get rid of large pillows -- It's comfortable but it's a snore contributor. 

* Raise your bed -- Elevating your bed from the upper torso will stop snoring. 
  Get an old book and elevate the legs of the head of the bed with it.

These are the simple yet effective home remedies that can free yourself from
snoring. By following these simple steps you can be sure that you and your
sleeping partner will have a good night sleep and you as well.

Contributing Factors and Subsequent Snoring Remedies

Snoring is the noise produced through vibrating throat components. This occurs
only during sleep since this is when our muscles are most relaxed. Relaxation
of the muscles can inhibit the passage of normal airflow since the muscles fall
back to cause blockage, narrowing the passage itself.

Remedies for snoring require careful studies on the related factors that either
aggravate the condition or cause the condition itself. Once the roots are known,
the growth of the problems can then be stopped.

Weight - Because of sedentary life, physiological problems and too rich foods,
people are more susceptible to developing conditions that lead to snores. It
has been a common knowledge that overweight people are most likely to snore
than the healthier ones. This is because their throats tend to be fleshier.
Thus, there are more blockages that can narrow the air passages. To reverse
this, overweight sufferers are advised to reduce some weights, this does not
only add to the comfort but will also reduce the likelihood of snoring more

Alcohol - The collapse of the throat muscles due to relaxation can be an
immediate cause of problem snoring. It is advisable not take any alcoholic
substances right before bedtime to avoid adding up to the abnormalities in the

Smoking - Among the many undesirable effects of smoking in the body is the
modification of the throat cells. This change will cause mucus build up to
accommodate the smoke and nicotine passing through the tract without causing
inflammation. However, due to the abnormal release of mucus, the mucous
membranes in the throat and the esophagus will swell, causing blockages in the
small vessels in the lungs.

Sleep pattern - There are two crucial stages of sleep that can affect your
general breathing during the night. The Stage 1 is considered to be the stage
when one has just fallen to sleep. This will repeat when sleep is disturbed by
any stimuli. The other stage is the REM Sleep or the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep
wherein dreams occur.

A person who snores is most likely to have unbalanced breathing during
sleeping. This may be due to the noise or the frequent grunts coming from his
or her bed partner.

It is best to establish a good sleeping habit so that breathing can be
regulated. All you need is 8 hours of sleep, therefore create the best possible
environment so that you might get everything your body requires.

Sleeping habits - It is a common knowledge that those who sleep on their backs
usually have more episodes of snoring than those who sleep on their sides.
Coupled with the pull of gravity on the tongue and throat muscles, sleeping on
the back creates more restful positions for the throat. Thus, if there were any
floppy flesh hanging around, it is likely that the air that passes through the
tract would push the relaxed muscles upward.

Sleeping at an elevated position would also provide you some relief. 30 degrees
must be the elevation so that the diaphragm would be relaxed and that the tongue
would be kept from falling back.

Medical Problems - Any cause of throat blockage can be a threat to your peaceful
sleep. Allergies and other irritation on its tissues can cause swelling or
inflammation. Large adenoids, large tonsils, excess mass on the throat and
changes in the construction of the cells can clog the air passage. For these,
surgery is normally advised.

Causes of Snoring and Finding Treatment through Surgery

Snoring is among the most common sleep problems. While it is neither a
delibitating nor death threatening condition, it still causes some grave
problems that may or may not directly root from its effects.

Most middle-aged men are the victims and there is high risk towards obese
persons. This is true since fleshy necks are most likely to have more muscles
that would collapse during relaxed breathing.

Snoring roots from narrowed air passage in between the throat and the nose.
When we sleep, this passage narrows due to relaxation of the tissues. This
explains why we only snore when we are at our most restful position.

With a narrowed passage, the pressure of the air from the mouth and back are
highly increased. Thus, this will drive the flapping muscles to vibrate more,
which in turn create the snoring sounds.

Anything that helps narrow the air passage and the muscles to relax will most
likely initiate the vibrations. Say, substances that promote muscle relaxation
will encourage the tongue to fall back or the throat muscles to be relived from

Stuffy nose can also be considered as a culprit since it limits the space in
which air can pass through. Thus, there are specific cases of snoring that only
occur when one has colds or inflamed sinuses.

Snoring can also be attributed to the position by which the patient sleeps.
Sleeping on one's back will cause your tongue and throat muscles to be pulled
back by gravity. Therefore, patients are advised to get used with a sideward
sleep position.

Since the only problem here is the unwanted relaxation of the muscles and
tissues lining the respiratory tract, specifically the throat and the nasal
passages, the most possible cure is to repair any excess muscles.

An otolaryngologist will help determine what truly causes your snoring problem.
He is a specialist in conditions that are directly linked with ear, nose and
throat problems. He is the only authority that can create a thorough
examination of your condition.

The traditional method of surgery for snoring is the uvulopalatoharyngoplasty
or UPPP, which aims to widen the air passages. This process normally removes
excess tissues that cause the narrowing of the throat, including uvula tissue,
adenoids, tonsils and those that are covered by the pharynx.

The more intensive version of this method called laser-assisted
uvulopalatoplasty or LAUP uses laser in the removal of the muscles that inhibit
normal air passage.

Both methods normally work best for mild snorers and don't necessarily work for
those who are suffering from sleep apnea or disruptive snoring.

Nasal surgery, on the other hand, is recommended for patients whose snoring is
caused by unnecessary blockage in the nasal septum.

Tongue Suspension Procedure is a method that aims to keep the tongue from
falling back. This is done by inserting a small screw in the lower jaw to which
the tongue is stitched below.

Shrinking of throat tissue is also a common method of creating solutions.
Somnoplasty is a method that uses an electrode needle that release energy to
shrink the excess tissue. This then will be reabsorbed by the body.

Surgery may not be a simple way of fixing your floppy throat muscles. But this
procedure creates the ultimate solutions. Remember though that there are
specific methods for specific causes. Be careful that you first discuss all
concerns with your physician so that proper treatment is delivered to you.

Snoring Remedy for a Good night's Sleep

The day has ended and the moon shines the dark velvet night. You gently close
your eyes slowly drifting to sleep when suddenly, Zzzzzzzzzzzz. That sound is
definitely not music to the ears, and much worse, you have to bear with that
irritating noise until morning.

Snoring itself can be harmful to a person, and so is lack of sleep. So before
you reach this point, get an early start.

Persons who snore are not much bothered with the noise that they make, but
their companions are, that is why the remedy for snoring is much sought by
these people. Snoring can be harmful to ones health in the long run, which is
why many individuals are looking for the best snoring remedy that is available.

Snoring can affect the whole family, because the annoying sound reverberates
all throughout the household especially during the night when all things are
pretty quiet. Depriving your family with their night's sleep is not a very good
thing to do; and the least you can do is to stop snoring, but how?

There are many snoring remedies out in stores. Snoring aids and sleep aids are
available at a reasonable price.

If you've been snoring for a long period of time, perhaps it is time to seek
professional attention. What most people don't know is that snoring is a major
symptom of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition which needs considerable professional
attention. Many people die from this condition because breathing stops suddenly
while a person is asleep. Persons with sleep apnea should seek medical advice
immediately; you can observe that the person struggles momentarily, catching
their breath after snoring stops for a few seconds.

Some snoring remedies include:

 1. nose strips 
 2. special pillows 
 3. dental appliances 
 4. acupuncture 
 5. hypnotism

The causes of snoring vary from one individual to another. Others snore because
they are overweight, while others claim that they snore because of certain food
intake. If you're overweight, perhaps it's high time that you reduce weight.
You can start by getting a daily exercise, or you can work out in a gym. If you
eat foods which trigger snoring, start monitoring all the food you've eaten for
the day. A change in lifestyle is the best solution if these are the causes,
although it might be difficult at first, you will get used to it after some

The sleeping position also triggers snoring. Sleeping while the mouth is open,
or lying on the back causes snoring as well. There are sleeping devices which
you can use at night to support the jaw and will keep your mouth closed. Others
lie on their side to avoid snoring.

You can also inhale steam before you go to sleep. Your nasal passages will open
up, and you will find it easier to breathe on the nose. You can also use a
system of air filtration, to be rid of allergens like pet hair, dust, and
cigarette smoke.

People are always looking for the best way to stop snoring. To completely stop
snoring is quite impossible, but remedies can lessen the 'snoring scenario'
every night. There is no best among the best; all you can do is to find the
best remedy that will work for you. Consult your doctor first before you use
any special device. Seeking medical help is the best way to deal with snoring.

Remedy to Snoring Within the Four Corners of Your Home

Snoring is known to be a condition where you breathe through your open mouth
and your nose when you sleep and afterwards producing a disturbing noise from
the vibration of your soft palate.

Since snoring occurs whenever you are asleep and sleep is commonly done within
the comfort of your home, then expect that there are ways to fight against
snoring even if you are home.

Snoring is not a deadly disease wherein you have to take expensive medications,
regular check-up with a physician or perhaps countless hospital visits. Within
the four corners of your home, you can do something with a family member who

Trouble-free remedy for snoring is to establish a good sleeping habit. Studies
show that sleeping on your back increases the chances for you to heavily snore.
Hence it is suggested that you sleep on your side. By doing so, you allow your
soft palate and your tongue to descend thus causing constriction to your air
passage. If you are uncomfortable sleeping on your side, you can also try
sleeping on your stomach. Let someone observe your sleeping patterns and let
him monitor which side you sleep well and snore less.

Another sleeping habit you must bear in mind is the height of your pillow.
Sleeping without a pillow or on a flat bed worsens snoring, for this reason;
experts recommend that people who snore should sleep on a thick pillow.
Additionally, it is also good if the head of your bed is lifted up. Make sure
though that you lift the head of your bed within four to six inches only.
Improper use of pillow and head bed elevation aggravates snoring.

If the above-mentioned measures where undertaken and still you have not
successfully resolved your snoring dilemma whenever you are home, then try
other options which you can practice at home such as the following:

* Breathing steam. Mucus clogs the air passage but once you breathe in steam
  your mucus will loosen up and unblock your air passageway.

* Let honey be available in your home. A number of studies have shown that
  honey relieves snoring by making the air passageway clear. What you can do 
  is mix honey on your favorite tea. You can also dip your favorite fruit on 
  the honey.

* Nasal strips -- with the use of this product you are relieving nasal
  congestion. Take note that you can easily breathe if your nostrils are 
  kept wide open.

* Throat sprays -- this kind of snoring remedy will aid you since the spray
  material covers the soft tissues of your throat. By doing so, the air you
  breathe can easily move around your air passageway and reduce the 
  bothersome noise snoring produces.

* Anti-snoring pills -- due to its plant enzyme and herb ingredients anti-
  snoring pills are believed to hinder the throat and nose tissue from
  engorgement which makes way for an unblocked and efficient air passageway.

Nasal strips, throat sprays and anti-snoring pills can be most helpful to
alleviate your snoring problems. However, it is best to consult your physician
before you even purchase it and store it inside your medicine box.

It is not always a must to run to a doctor or rush into a hospital when you
have available cure inside your home. You can at least try and make the
sufferer endure temporary relief.

Lifestyle Check: Simple Snoring Remedy

Sleep is a condition where an individual's consciousness temporarily ceases. It
is where that the fatigue you have gone through the day will shift into
tranquility. It is where you may feel temporary relief or momentary peace.

The presence of a snore however, will change the true essence of sleep -- to
cater rest. It is more destructive to your sleeping partner if you happen to
snore or the other way around.

To experience the real purpose of sleep, you have to combat snoring. The most
important thing to do is have a careful look on your lifestyle.

Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Keep in mind that you are within the
parameter of a healthy lifestyle by having a closer look into the following:

* You follow and maintain the proper diet suited for you. It is best to eat a
variety of foods and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid fatty cuts of meat products,
saturated fats, and foods which contains high amount of sugar. Go easy with
shellfish, milk, egg yolks, nuts, breads, and homemade snacks with unsaturated
oil. Eat with utmost freedom lean cuts of meat products, low-fat milk and milk
products, egg whites, most breads, fresh fruits and vegetables. While milk is
recommended, it is suggested that you try to trim down your milk intake to
prevent mucus from clogging your nasal and throat passages. Furthermore,
avoidance of foods rich in caffeine is a good start to cut your snoring

* Apart from a proper diet, you should also look into your eating patterns.
Make sure to properly chew and swallow the foods you eat for easier digestion.
Once food is properly digested, you are more likely to prevent snoring.
Sleeping with a full stomach triggers snoring.

* If you allot appropriate time for exercise then you give way to curing your
snoring. Make it a habit to exercise at least three times a week. You can start
with the most common form of exercise -- walking. If you have the means to
enroll in an exercise program in a gym, then you can do so. Your exercises
regime can be well-monitored in an exercise program.

Studies show that doing exercises is one of the many snoring remedies; this is
most factual to obese people since losing unwanted fats will most likely give
them the good and undisturbed sleep they need.

* Avoidance of cigarette and alcoholic drinks is another parameter to a healthy
lifestyle so your snoring problem will be remedied. Cigarette causes obstruction
to the air passage which can make your breathing difficult, which later on
increases the possibility to snore. Alcoholic drinks, on the other hand have
the capability to loosen your muscles, including the muscles in your throat
which heightens snoring.

* Do not ignore your need to have sufficient rest. Snoring is most common to
people who have inadequate rest yet involved in rigorous activities. Make sure
to sleep well. It does not have to be a complete eight-hour sleep, just make it
a point that you wake up well-rested. In addition, it is recommended that you
begin to be seriously creating your own sleeping pattern. Ask yourself -- can I
sleep better with lights off or on? Is my sleep worthy if I sleep with music
playing? You are more likely to achieve a non-snoring sleep environment by
having your own sleeping pattern.

Sleep is a necessity. Hence, we should eliminate any sleep obstruction such as
snoring, for you to be able to get the sleep you ought to have. Start with a
healthy lifestyle.

Nasal Breathing Solutions to Snoring

Snoring is often not a delibitating condition. But this does not negate the
fact that its effects can range from keeping you or your bed partner awake
during the night up to causing you daytime irritation. Not much of a trouble
right? Yes, for the mean time.

If you would not want to take the risks of letting the effects of snoring
distract you both on your waking and sleeping hours, you can avail of the
various snoring solutions that are sure to provide some relief.

Since the simplest sock-covered tennis ball stitched on a snorer's pajama top,
many snoring devices has already emerged. In fact, there are some 300 patented
devices for which the number of variations is unknown. Thus, you are sure to
find one solution that will fit your preferences.

In this article, we will site some of the basic snoring solutions. You will
find that some are quite simplistic in creating solutions but many are rather
intensive and would require careful decisions.

One basic product that you would find under a number of manufacturers' names
are the nasal breathing aids.

These snoring solutions aim to facilitate better breathing through the nose.
Thus, such products only target problems that are directly linked with nasal
difficulties. However, if you are breathing well enough with your nose, then
you might find your luck with other devices. Nevertheless, we will try to
discuss here some of the varieties and their uses.

Nasal breathing devices can best help those who breathe using their mouths.
This is specially helpful when you are just starting with shifting your
breathing from nasal to mouth both at night and day time.

Remember that these nasal breathing devices would not give you the final cure
nor would they provide the all-in-one package solution. You will need to make
some changes that would help deliver better treatment. You may need to practice
yourself with exercises in breathing or create ways to keep your jaw from
falling while sleeping.

The most common nasal breathing aids are the nasal strips. These are patterned
on band-aid designs only differing with two flat plastic bands. These are worn
across the nose which then create a pulling effect on the nostrils to keep them
wide. You may have seen devices like these used by athletes to help them breathe
freer during competitions.

Nasal braces, on the other hand, are breathing devices that are inserted into
the nose to help create wider air passages. The advantage of these is that they
dontt fall off more easily than nasal strips.

A number of nose clips have mechanisms that can facilitate better blood flow
and can energize nasal tissues to help in keeping the passages open.

If you would not want the inconvenience of these devices, you can go for an
air-blower like solution. This is known as Continuous Positive Air Pressure or
CPAP. More refined products using its principle are the AutoPAP and the BiPAP
for which attachments and settings can create breathing possible after you have
stopped breathing yourself (these are most effective for sleep apnea sufferers).

Some nasal breathing products are especially engineered for specific snorers.
Be careful not to go for anything that you find pleasing or convenient, careful
analysis must be done or you may seek guidance first from your physician.

What Truly Creates Snoring and Relief

It is not unusual if you have already tried a couple of stop snoring devices
and products to no avail. This does not point out that such products don't
work, its just that "misdiagnosis" of the root cause may qualify us to certain
solutions that were not fit for the condition in the first place.

We most commonly go for easy solutions, forgetting that oaks don't grow
overnight. In the same way, we have to initiate efforts that are often
life-changing. It may feel awkward to breathe through your nostrils during the
night when for long time, you have been practicing mouth breathing. Or you may
not find lifestyle changes if you have already learned to love smoking or
alcohol. But you see, nothing comes out easy. We often have to toil for things
to come into their own places before we expect some things to happen.

You may have already considered taking surgeries, medications and dental
implants. Well, it will always be a matter of preference and no one should
restrict you from getting the benefits in the process. However, these options
often let you spend big time. Add to this the fact that surgeries are often
elective and not covered by insurance policies.

There is no fixed way of dealing with snoring though. It is more or less a
matter of trial and error before you can actually arrive to a possible
treatment or cure of your condition. However, if we are to look at the bigger
picture of things, applying the various tips that we often hear from snorers
who have found relief all work in ways that benefit us.

You may have been advised somewhere to stop smoking and alcohol intake. Well,
even if stopping from using these two substances haven't doled you out yet from
the effects of snoring then rest assured that somehow, you are helped in ways
you can't have first imagined. (But believe us, once you stop taking these two
substances, you are already one step closer to reducing the frequency of your

Snoring is caused by any sort of blockages in the throat, mouth and the nose.
So basically, the relief would come from resolving the blockages on these
parts. While this is the basic idea you would find it hard to find a specific
cure for your condition since there are various contributing factors that may
also be considered as the root cause of the vibration in the throat.

But you see, the end cure is always to get rid of the blockage or to add space
in the throat.

Say for example, snoring surgeries are often aimed at removing these blockages
by either cutting off some tissues around the throat and the mouth that are
believed to cause the hindrance. Pills, on the other hand, are made to open up
the air passages. Be careful though in using medications since most can cause
side effects. Please always seek medical advice before attempting to use
over-the-counter pills so that danger is reduced.

There are also a number of stop snoring devices and products that are designed
specifically to induce relief from snoring. They may come with funny names but
using them would certainly be a plus on your side.

Nasal strips, chin straps, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Appliances,
dental and oral appliances, adjustable beds, and stop snoring sprays are only
some of the many choices you may take. These all aim at either keeping your
tongue from falling back or to widening the air passages so as to avoid the
collapse of certain muscles.

Be patient though in finding the right product for you. It may take some real
trial-and-error, research, evaluation and practice before you can truly come up
with a product that suits you best.

Types of Surgeries as Treatments for Snoring

Snoring is known to be the end result of the vibration happening in the upper
airway which includes parts such as the throat, mouth and the nose. Due to
blockages, turbulence is caused during respiration. While we breathe virtually
the whole day, we only snore at night because our muscle tone is very much
reduced at sleeping which encourages the collapse of these tissues. Plus, the
relaxed muscles are incapable of preventing themselves from collision.

Snoring can basically originate anywhere from the nose down to the vocal
chords. Recently, researchers found out that the tongue plays certain roles in
causing and aggravating one's snores.

Snoring is involuntary, so there's no use of trying to control it at will. It
cant also be cured using simple measures. However, it can be controlled by
means of various devices and techniques.

However when snoring becomes too difficult for a commonly applied method to
handle, it could be the right idea to check on surgical methods to deal with
it. There are various surgical procedures to correct this sleeping problem. But
not all may be used in all cases.

Sometimes, thorough evaluation of the physical and physiological factors must
be rendered before an otolaryngologist would come up with the most effective
measures. Otolaryngologists are the specialists on problems directly related
with the throat, mouth and the nose.

Another known treatment for snoring is the Tongue Suspension Procedure or
Repose. This works by inserting a small screw under the tongue into the jaw.
This way, the tongue will be prevented from falling back during sleep. While
many report of its effectivity in controlling the cause of snores, most
physicians agrees that this is an irreversible option so careful thinking is

For snorers whose main cause of snoring is the nose, nasal surgery is most
likely to find the solution. While it is considered, in general, as a cosmetic
type of surgery too few can deny that it actually works for problematic snoring.

This method is also used for patients who are suffering from deviated nasal
septum. This doesn't only help the snorer during his sleep but can also add
comfort in breathing during the day.

The LAUP or Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty is the advanced modification of
the traditional treatment called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or UPPP. This
procedure works by cutting the uvula (which is the dangling part that most
often than not causes the obstruction of the air passage) that is located at
the rear part of the roof of the mouth. This procedure works best when the
persistent problem lies on the uvula.

Radio Frequency Tissue Ablation, also known as Samnoplasty, is a relatively new
technique approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This also basically
removes parts of the uvula.

While there is not much data published in relation with Coblation-Channeling,
we are for certain that this method employs the principle of removing any
tissue that obstructs the air passage by means of radio frequency. On some
cases, tissues are fully removed when the need arises.

Surgery as treatment for snoring must be taken as the last resort when
everything else you've tried failed. Before diving into an option, be sure that
you are completely evaluated of the actual causes of your condition. Ensure
yourself also that you have the best doctor in your spectrum of choices.

Exercise, a Remedy to Stop Snoring

Are you tired of those restless nights caused by your snoring? Does snoring
problems cost you too much anxiety already whenever your partner prefers to
leave the room when both of you are supposed to sleep together? Or do you feel 
the same anxiety whenever you wake up exhausted in the morning? Or worse, does 
snoring give you too much shame during overnight holiday trips?

If your answer is a sounding YES, then you are not alone.

Snoring does not solely give people shame; this unhealthy breathing habit also
gives risks to the health.

Now if you worry that you might have to undertake expensive surgical
procedures, worry no more because there are lots of natural ways to cure
snoring problems without having to squeeze the pocket dry.

If you love watching T.V. shows, you can try exercising your jaw, tongue and
throat at the same time while watching your shows. Then, while yawning, yawn in
a special way instead of doing it in the occasional yawn, a yawn that would
completely treat your snoring.

Probably you get the gist now, a simple exercise can eventually treat your
snoring problem; you just have to know the specifics to successfully stop it.
Every blockage, which is the main reason of snoring, will eventually be gone
through exercise.

The primary aim of this exercise is to open up your throat and wipe out the
usual block that causes snoring: A tense jaw.

The exercise:

You begin by putting together your upper and lower molars, do this in a light

Then, you release your mouth pressing the molars as broad as you can, do this
without stretching it. Do this again for 10 to 20 times.

Be certain that you focus on the molars while joining them together, and while
lowering the jaw like door's hinges.

Now, after doing it for 5 to 10 times, you will feel some strengthening in your
jaw muscles and there will be an opening at the upper side of back of your mouth.

Through this exercise, the weak tissues are being contracted, leaving you with
the feeling of an opening in your airways.

Many people might never think that a simple exercise will free them from the
scourge and slavery of snoring.

Truth is, you should not even have to wonder. This exercise actually works
because this goes directly to the main problem -- the block in the airway.

Basically, the block in the airway causes the air to find trouble in getting
into the lungs. Now, as the air enters through the narrow tissue, it then
creates a to and fro flapping, hence, producing a sound which is now the loud
snoring. You just try to imagine the flag the flaps in the wind, the course is
merely alike.

To sum it up, this exercise will benefit you in:

* Strengthening your tongue so it won't fall in your throat. This is actually
  the usual cause of snoring. And this mode of breathing brings risks in your

* It provides instruction in opening up a contracted throat.

So, why stress yourself with the dilemma brought by snoring, work out this
exercise and feel the result by yourself. Through this exercise you can
possibly treat your own snoring problem and live a healthier and happier life.

A Change in Lifestyle is A Good Remedy to Stop Snoring

Approximately 45 percent of the American population snores irregularly.
However, there are also an approximate 80 percent of couples who sleep in
separate rooms all because of snoring. Have you ever imagined a couple having a
divorce due to snoring problem? That could really be terrible.

Really, snoring problems do not just stress the relationship of partners, the
problem is also applicable to all sorts of people being struck by it, for
instance a beautiful maiden despite of her beauty will really look awful in her
sleep if she will produce irritating loud snores.

Do you think the prince who kissed sleeping beauty will be tempted to kiss her
if she had a piercing snore? Surely, you too would doubt it.

But think of this, the social consequences brought by snoring are not that
funny. A simple snore might eventually lead to sleep apnea, a disorder in
sleeping where a person stops breathing for about 60 seconds, a
life-threatening disease. Therefore, simple snoring should not be ignored.

Not that alone, according to recent researches snoring can also lead to
diabetes. This is because snoring lessens the amount of oxygen intake, thus,
the body is activated to produce more catecholamines, which could also lead to
the known symptom of diabetes, insulin resistance.

Now, before we proceed to the possible treatments of snoring, it will be more
effective if we will trace the root of snoring first.

Have you ever questioned yourself or other people on why do people snore?

When we are asleep, the air passes through our nose, throat and lungs
naturally, noiselessly and unimpeded. Though, for millions of people, a
disruption in the flow of air naturally occurs. Several reasons for this are a
clogged nose, or maybe, the bottom of the tongue is hampering the breathing.

The usual reason for snoring is caused by the soft tissue in the throat or
upper palate which vibrates. When the airway is blocked as it passes to the
lungs, troubles come in. Basically, loud snoring is a product of the air that
passes through the narrow tissue.

Now, we will attempt to answer your question, how will you stop this snoring?

Honestly, there is no specific universal answer for this, but do not get
disheartened, several solutions were made to exist to help people who are
suffering from this predicament, probably, like yours.

Practically, let's focus on your lifestyle and how it will worsen your snoring,
likewise, how it will cure the same problem.

Excessive eating, excessive drinking of alcohol and too much intake of
cigarettes can make snoring worse. Now, the so-called "conservative therapy" of
the doctors which directly pertains to the change in lifestyle, is a good
primary step to cure snoring before attempting other harsh and extreme
treatments, such as surgery.

A healthy lifestyle to prevent snoring is to:

* Avoid large meals before sleeping, have at least three hours rest after
  taking your last meal.

* Maintain a healthy balanced diet to keep your weight in accordance with your
  age, height and body type.

* Conduct a regular physical exercise to burn excess fats.

* If you are prone to allergies, lessen bedroom allergens to avoid nasal

* Avoid sleeping with open windows.

* Sleep on your side.

* Avoid overtiredness and set up a normal sleeping pattern.

Stop Snoring in Children; Know the Remedies before its Too Late

For a mother, nothing can be sweeter than to hear her child's mumbling gentle
sounds in his/her sleep, but if the sound is the minor version of the adults'
snores, it might mean something else.

Take note of this, for infants and children, snoring will always be a strange
and deadly predicament. Usually, the typical causes of this are sinusitis or
adenoid enlargement. Sinusitis can be cured by simple decongestants and
antibiotics. Adenoid enlargement meanwhile will require surgery, wherein the
tonsils and adenoids will be removed.

Snoring for children on the other hand, can possibly be an indication of
obstructive sleep apnea, where breathing stops for 60 seconds at most, and
usually followed with a snort or gasp. And the truth is that sleep apnea is
more delicate for children than for adults, parents should really pay attention
to the possible sleeping disorder of their kids.

The common effect of snoring for young children is that they could possibly
suffer from nighttime and cough asthma. So if adults are recommended not to
disregard their snoring, then how much more for children.

There are also findings which claims that when a child in middle school shows
lower academic performance, they are more likely snoring during this period.

All of these presented facts are enough to convince the parents to take the
necessary actions the moment their children show such symptoms.

However, do not panic when such a situation happens. You can consult a
physician first to ensure if the child has caught an illness related to snoring
already. Meanwhile, if your child produces mild snoring, which is affected by
certain allergy or illness, experts states that it can possibly be treated at
home. More likely, the way you treat your cold.

The following are suggested methods:

* Saltwater, this is good to eradicate the blockage problems caused by the
mucus. Though saltwater nasal drops are available in drugstores, however, one
can do a formula at home. Just melt 1/2" teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of
water. Sterilize the water by boiling it. You can place it in a nose dropper as
soon as it cools down.

* You can also try to take oral decongestant intended for children. According
to some doctors, decongestants doesn't actually cure an allergy or cold, but it
relieves the symptoms. It may reduce the snoring since it helps the children
enhance their breathing. When using this medication, be sure to have the right
dosage for the child's age.

* Avoid products that include antihistamines, this can trigger snoring since
this is identified to be a sedating medicine. Sedating medicines cut down the
muscle tone of the throat's tissues since it tends to relax muscles and nerves,
when the muscle tone falls down, the tendency is that it will trigger snoring.

* Observe your child as he sleeps, then seek for the best position where he can
keep his airway open, through this he will be able to breathe comfortably. M.D.,
Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative
Sciences and the Department of Pediatrics at the Medical University of South
Carolina in Charleston, Lucinda Halstead, said that there are some children who
are comfortable in lying on their sides while their heads support a little on
the headrest.

Keeping your children safe is one of your priorities as a parent. Taking the
time out to observe them now would greatly diminish the chances of having
bigger problems in the future.

Want to Quit Snoring? Know What Causes the Problem

It is undeniable that snoring actually causes major problems, if not in general
health then maybe with relationships. There is no wonder then why too many
people want to quit snoring. Add to it the fact that everyone deserves some
rest after a day of tiring work.

The sad part though is that snoring is not a voluntary act. Most snorers are
not even aware that they snore unless someone tells them so. And they can
either control muscles from dangling or initiate the actual snoring.

It is quite hard to isolate the actual causes of snoring from the contributing
factors. Nevertheless, there are various methods of knowing which are the
culprits. In the medical community, it is well known that knowledge of the
causes can drive the cure to arise. Thus, it is crucial that one is able to
pinpoint which among the factors aggravates the condition.

Once any root cause is properly identified, it would now be easier to find a
cure that will leave everyone worry-free. By then, it would be much easier to
quit snoring, it may take lots of trials and investigations though.

It all stream down from self-realization. Knowing yourself can create ways to
eliminate the factors that help result to the problem. Thus, if you know that
you are presently subjected to specific stimuli that create the channel for the
causes then you will be able to find some ways to get around the stimulant.

Say, if you are a smoker, you are likely at a higher risk towards snoring.
Smoking has been associated with too many conditions that are not only
considered generally threatening but fatal. While snoring may not be a life-
threatening condition, it still can affect various aspects of lifestyles that
can deprive you of specific pleasures.

When a person smokes, the substance and the smoke itself cause the cells of the
esophagus to react. Once this occurs, the chain reaction would result to the
development of excess mucus to help the lining of the esophagus adopt to the
new and harsher condition. Thus, when there are unwanted substances in the air
passage, these may cause the obstruction, which then helps in the aggravation
of snoring.

If this seems to be your problem, you can easily find your way out from snoring
once you begin to quit smoking.

The case is different though with drinking alcohol right before bed time.
Alcohol is known to induce relaxation. The fact is, once the muscles in the
throat are overly relaxed, they tend to fall back from their positions towards
the spaces in the throat that may obstruct the normal passage of air

Overweight individuals are also more susceptible to snoring than most
individuals. It has been observed that the bigger one gets, the more likely he
is to produce the annoying sounds during the night. This condition is not
exactly because the person is obese but because if one is heavier then he must
have more tissues lining in his neck.

These can potentially cause the problems that lead to snoring since more
tissues can obstruct normal breathing.

Some people, on the other hand, suffer from various forms of allergies that can
eventually lead to snores.

There are other possibilities as to what might actually cause your snores. You
just have to find ways to know them. Your physician can be the best source of
help as well as consultation and evaluation properly given by an
otolaryngologist, a specialist in problems concerning the throat, mouth and the

Snoring Help: Cures against the Nocturnal Dilemma

Half of human life is consumed only through sleep. All that's left are used for
waking hours. Some people achieve this bar, others exceed. But there are those
who don't and who simply cant.

These are the snorers. People with obstructed sleep that often deprives them of
restful dreams and normal waking hours.

Even when these people hope for rested bedtimes, snoring will continue to
linger until they are left with no choice but find treatments.

But you see, there are literally so many ways to temporarily or permanently
eliminate this loud, disturbing noise. Only, you have to find them and be
willing to exchange risks if needed.

The first step you would like to follow is to evaluate what type of snorer you
are. Knowledge of the cause is, in general, helpful in facilitating the cures.
This is better illustrated with health conditions for which the root causes are
unidentifiable. Often, these don't have immediate cures which tend to exacerbate
the condition first until everything else is left to fate.

If you are overweight, try reducing some pounds. Most obese persons seem to
have developed snoring. This is because they have highly decreased space in
their respiratory tracts. Thus, more vibration is likely to occur. Add to this
the fact that their air passages are fleshier which elevates the likelihood of
creating further resonance in the sound.

Avoid taking relaxant substances immediately before sleep. Too much relaxation
in the muscle of the throat is known to cause the blockages since the muscles
can possibly flip-flap better when relaxed. This also explains why we only
experience snoring when sleeping since the muscles at this state are relaxed.
People with this condition are often advised to sleep lightly while keeping a
tensed state so muscles are put into proper order.

Refrain from eating dairy products right before you sleep, these can help build
up mucus in your air passages.

A classic knowledge among snorers is that sleeping on the back further initiate
snoring. It is advisable that one keeps a side sleep position.

While it may not directly cure snoring, following a strict and regular sleep
routine will help regulate your sleep. If you lack sleep from the other night's
snoring accounts, this can be compensated by forming a more regular sleep

Minimize the softness of your pillows. This would contribute to the non-relaxed
state of your neck during sleep. Remember that snoring roots from too relaxed
throat muscles.

By all means, moisturize your throat and lessen the congestion.

Smoking does not only kill the lungs, it also causes the cells lining the
tissue of your throat to develop into a form not fit for accommodating further
nuisance. This then leads to irritation that is a contributing factor to
snoring. Smoking also causes inflammation and swelling in the respiratory tract.

Nasal strips are effective in reducing snoring since these products create
wider airflow by opening up nostrils. Anti-snoring sprays and pills might also
be effective too.

There are hundreds of snoring devices available both online and offline. This
type of treatment range from adjustable beds to nasal valve dilators.

Don't be surprised if some products wont work for you. But you see, in general
they always do. After all, they were created and patented to fit your exact
needs to facilitate treatment of your nocturnal dilemma.

Slip Away From Snoring By Using Herbal Remedy

The market offers several medicines and manufactured devices which could
alleviate, if not totally cure snoring. And if these treatments fail, the last
recourse suggested by the doctors is surgery, and this could be too extreme.

What if you hate medicines, and you have a phobia towards blades, will you just
take the disgrace brought by snoring throughout your lifetime?

Probably, the question would stress you out if you do not know that herbs could
possibly treat snoring. It is for real; you can stop snoring in the natural way.

Several schemes to stop or prevent snoring are very much available today, but
the safest of them all is the natural supplements, more than the prescribed
drugs, it is the commonly used treatment for snoring.

However, terming supplement as natural does not directly means that it can be
taken with no recommendation. A lot of natural substances can be slightly
intoxicating and may possibly hamper additional medication.

Hence, it is suggested that you consult first a medical expert's advice as much
as possible before taking natural supplements to stop snoring. If not, conduct
more researches.

Additionally, this is further appropriate if you are doing or taking additional
medication. Much more if you have sickness, allergy, or other affliction that
can probably be affected by this.

Like the medicines taken, the doses of natural supplements must also be
observed properly.

There are a few types of people who dislike taking medicines. And it is also a
fact that most of the people perceive natural supplements to be more graceful
to the humans body.

For this reason, the awareness that herbal or natural health supplements can
cure snoring, a number of people will prefer it to treat their snoring problem
than to take the recommended drugs, although there are several products that
are based on natural ingredients and are said to help in curing snoring.

You can use aromatherapy in treating your snoring. This natural supplement that
uses definite oils relaxes the airways. This is due to its anti-inflammatory
effect. You may use this in rinsing your throat or by spraying.

Though the method of application is very simple, it is discouraged to be taken
by everybody, especially those who have asthma. Also, be careful of the oil not
getting into your eyes, bear in mind that oils are inflammable.

The tablets based on natural supplements are also widely suggested to be taken.
This lessens the snoring by cleaning excessive mucus and by expanding the air
passage. The effect of mucous is the blocking of the insides of the throat and
chest. The blocking is often neglected by the person who snores, and this
produces a contraction in the airway which triggers snoring. This trouble can
be alleviated by the tablets.

If you want more information regarding the use of natural treatments to deal
with your snoring, you may try to use the search engine in your search. Use the
keyword "Stop snoring using natural treatments," and this will produce a number
of results.

You can also consult a homeopathic medicine professional; they can suggest what
is good and what is bad for you.

There are already several people who have tried herbal or natural supplements
to treat their snoring, you can also try to see the results by yourself.

Lastly, keep in mind, what can be applicable to others that may not be
applicable to you.

Apt to the Body, Apt to the Purse: the Affordable Herbal Snoring Remedy

The issue on treating snoring through the use of herbs is all the rage in most
countries. Primarily because herbal, unlike the prescribe medicines, are
seemingly more holistic to the human body.

Herbs medicines do not just relieve the snoring problem of the snorer, it also
relieves his pocket.

However, when we speak of herbal medicine, the people associate it
automatically to China, they are known to be the expert on this field -- herbs.

Snoring is primarily a common problem of nearly almost every dweller on earth;
even those who irregularly snore are troubled by it. Why would they be? The
process of wheezing through the mouth creates a sound that can really be
disturbing and of course, embarrassing.

In most cases, snoring produces anxiety not to the snorers alone, but also to
their bed mates. Some people even said sleeping that with a snorer is a
nightmare. Not only that, this also threatens the health of the snorer due to
hypertension and cardiac arrest that may occur.

If you are one of these snorers, don't panic. The fact that numerous medicines
and devices are made available in the market to cure the problem can be very
relieving, but the expenses due to herb medicines are more alleviating.

Herbal medicines reduce the snoring, employ normal nocturnal breathing and
expand the air passages. But if you are regularly taking the prescribe
medicines, it is not advisable that you immediately shift in using herbs.
Consult your physician first before you take another health regimen.

Now, we focus on the herbal treatment. Herbs regulate the immune system and
correct its imbalance. Much more, it increases the body's energy and improves
one's health. In addition, this is free from any side-effects.

But also note that using herbs as your treatment will depend according to the
symptom that happens to you. This is because each herb medicine is taken from
different sources, produces different indications, and pharmacological action.

China has been using herb medicines for hundreds of years already; thus, it is
proven to be safe. Although this is free from any side effect, it is suggested
that you consult herbalist doctors to know the proper use of herbs and its
maximum effectiveness to you.

The safety of using this is that it provides balance inside the body system.
Hence, it cures some of the other illnesses without affecting any other system.
The illnesses happen if the body's balance system is broken.

The other advantage of using a herb medicine is the way it suits the person's
specific health needs. Anyway, when buying herbal medicines select the
customary product that would apt to your needs, do not go to the normal
built-up product. There are certain companies that produce according to a
single order.

There are also several herbal medicines that do not require cooking anymore.
They come in a dosage form that is easy to take. There is the oral solution,
tablets, pills, powders, lotion, spray, liniment, tea bag, capsules and so on.
Each of these herbs contains different effectiveness.

What is more advantageous in having herbal medicines is the low price it
offers, compared to the prescribe medicines.

So, if you would like to maintain a good health it is preferable for you to use
herbal medicines. It can cure your snoring problem without giving you the
hassles of the side-effects.

Going Natural with Herbs: Some Herbal Snoring Remedies

It all begun with simple home remedies. It was escalated to over-the-counted
drugs and medications. Then you shifted to physician consultation which
suggested that you undergo medical operations. Yes, you only experience snoring
-- a simple snoring problem. You have second thoughts of getting an operation;
hence you go for alternative medicines -- herbs.

Herb is a kind of plant which has no persistent woody parts. It is believed to
have medicinal powers aside from its cuisine use as a food flavoring.

These days, there are different types of herbs which are utilized to help you
get better sleep and most probably eliminate the occurrence of snoring. Such
herbs are:

1. Catnip -- it is an aromatic plant with grayish foliage and flowers usually
bluish in color. Due to its calming effect, catnip is being utilized as an
ingredient in most insomnia medication. Catnip
can also be mixed with your favorite tea. Do not smoke catnip for it will gibe
you a splitting headache.

2. Lavender -- this type of shrub have grayish to greenish leaves with mauve
flowers which emits a sweet scent. It is widely known as an aromatic oil which
is believed to soothe a tired body and helps you get better sleep. You can pour
some lavender extracts into your bath or you can mix it with your favorite tea.

3. Hops -- it is an ornamental shrub wherein when prepared as a tea can cause
relaxation and can allow you to get soothing sleep. Like peppermint and
spearmint, it is also good to treat indigestion that will later on help you to
prevent snoring.

4. Oat Fiber -- this is known to relieve any digestive problems. Once
digestive problems have been given sufficient remedy then you have higher
chances to reduce the likelihood of snoring occurrences.

5. Peppermint -- an aromatic plant with toothed-like leaves and purple
flowers. It works two ways to alleviate your snoring dilemma. Initially, it is
a good medication for indigestion. Digestive disorder is one of the many
snoring culprits; hence a good stomach will make way for you to prevent giving
off loud and bothersome noise during sleep. Peppermint is also good to make
your sleep better.

6. Spearmint -- it is a common garden mint. Common as it may seem, spearmint
will greatly help you to cure indigestion. Indigestion is one of the many
triggers of snoring; hence the use of spearmint will not only relieve your
indigestion problem but your snoring dilemma as well. Additionally, if you want
to have a soothing sleep then you can just pour drops of spearmint on your bed
or pillow.

7. Thyme -- this is a type of aromatic shrub with small leaves and purple
flowers. Thyme is a good medication for any respiratory problems. Once
respiratory problems are cured then you can expect for the snoring to go down
or to some extent eliminated.

8. Valerian -- it is an herbaceous plant with pink or white flowers which
gives off strong-smelling scent. Many believe that this type of herb is the
most recognized cure for you to achieve the sleep you deserve.

Trying out something new, like going for herbal medicines is a risk. Risks may
be an advantage on your part; on the other hand it may be a drawback. There is
nothing wrong to try out something, just make sure that you go through a
meticulous research, you must seek different feedbacks from those who have used
them, and most importantly you discuss it with an expert.

Products to Stop Snoring

You are not alone if you are frequently awakened by midnight grunts. So many
fall victim to snores, regardless if they are the snorer or the bed partner.

Snoring is the condition simply associated with noise created during sleep.
There are various conditions that may be considered as its cause but the bottom
line is- it is all due to any blockages directly affecting the throat, mouth and

Snoring may be due to the following conditions:

Excess mass in the throat. This may be caused by extra long soft palate or
uvula and excess tissues due to bulky necks. Because the throat is limited in
space, it is often not ideal if there would be extra muscles that would be
dangling in it.

Overweight people often snore since their necks are a bit stuffier than
ordinary-built people. Some children, on the other hand, snore when they have
inflamed adenoids or large tonsils.

Poor muscle tone of the throat and the tongue. Muscles during sleep are less
tense thus those muscles found in the air passages are likely to be encouraged
to collapse or collide with each other. This collision will then cause
vibrations that we call snores.

Because of poor muscle tone, the tongue is allowed to fall back to the throat.
This then is known to cause blockages since the tongue can possibly obstruct
the passage of air.

Poor muscle tone may also be induced through taking alcohol or any substance
that causes relaxation before sleep.

To resolve snoring, one either has to find relief from these causes or
permanently erase the main source of the condition.

There are various methods of treating the causes of snoring through using stop
snoring devices. From nasal strips to adjustable beds, you are sure to find one
that will suit your preferences and convenience.

Be warned though that some products are known to induce no relief for the
snorer. However, don't jump to conclusions that such don't actually work.
Often, it may be because the products are not properly used or they simply
don't fit as remedies for a specific type of snoring.

Nasal strips for example should only be used by those people who, for the most
parts, is affected by snores rooting from problems in the nasal passages. These
nasal strips then are not suited for snorers whose primary problem comes from
the blockages found in the mouth.

While most patients are familiar with stop snoring sprays, not all people
report that these actually induce relief. Often, people comment of its
credibility. This is especially true for those types who claim of "softening
throat tissues". It is good to remember that snoring is not caused by either
soft or hardened tissues but of those that block the air passages.

Another common product for snoring are the stop snoring pillows. These are not
your-ordinary-pillows since they are constructed specifically for people who
have the need to lie on their sideward sleeping position.

Lying flat on the back while sleeping can effectively narrow the passages of
air. Add the fact that the jaw is often forced to drop to give room for the
tongue, thus adding up to the pile of problems caused by blockages.

Before buying any products to treat snoring, it is best to educate yourself
well so you can get the best of the benefits.

Ways to Prevent the Causes of Snoring

Snoring is a fairly common affliction. In fact, it's so common that many have
learned to disregard it.

It is caused by loose hanging tissues that prevent the normal air passage in
the throat. This happens when the body and the muscles surrounding the throat
are at their most restful positions. This explains why though we literally
breathe the whole day, only during sleep do we experience snores.

The tongue for example, would fall back into the throat when the jaw drops.
Thus, narrowing the air passage. The pressure then passing through the throat
would be doubled (or tripled depending on the speed of the wind that runs
through it). Thus, vibration is created.

We often hack this problem by creating states wherein the muscles would not
fall back to create blockages.

To prevent snoring, patients are often advised not to sleep on their sides.
This is because there is constraint of air passage when one sleeps on his back.
Coupled with gravity, the tongue and other loose muscles will fall back to the
throat, which then creates much less space.

This is why the first device created to keep a person from snoring is the sock
that covers a tennis ball stitched at the center of the snorer's pajama shirt.
If this is worn, the snorer will be kept from sleeping on his back due to

Among the many advert effects of carrying too much pounds, overweight
individuals are also more likely to be victims of snoring. Since their necks
are a bit more fleshy, there could be more loose muscles that would hamper the
normal passage of air. Thus, the heavier one gets, the more prone he is to have
louder and deeper resonating snores.

Obviously, the best solution to prevent the development of too fleshy throats
is not to raise the bar in the weighing scale. You would not only be saved from
a number of coronary diseases, personal impairments and lack of self confidence,
you would also get away from the loud noises your throat creates at nighttime.

There are various methods of loosing weight. From yoga to dieting, find one
that would suit you best. Be patient in waiting for the effects of weight loss
to come though. Remember that you did not gain weight overnight so you wont
lose it overnight either. It takes much painful effort when you are hastening
things to come to you. Work on it and never cease on following your diet or
exercise plan. You know that it's all worth it.

Substances that induce relaxation can also trigger snores. Therefore, you must
refrain from drinking alcohol or drugs that has this very effect right before
bedtime. Additionally, these substances can make your breathing slow. Be
careful also not to get too tired during the day so that you wont get too
relaxed during sleep.

Moreover, see to it that you go to bed at the same time each night. Creating an
established sleep plan is known to induce better sleep. Thus, even when snoring
can awaken your bed partner, you are mush less likely to wake up due to your
own grunts.

Avoid breathing using your mouth. This often is the issue when it comes to
snoring. Those who breathe through their mouths often have more aggravated
problems since their dropped jaws encourage the tongue to drop back towards the
throat. You can practice nasal breathing as early as you detect that you are
beginning to get used to mouth breathing. After all, treatment for snoring
often requires you to switch from mouth to nasal breathing. Indeed, another
proof that prevention is much better than finding ways of treating the

Causes of Snoring in Dogs

It is not unusual to see pet owners let their pets sleep with them at night. In
fact, 1/3 of pet owners have at some point, allowed their pets to sleep on their
beds. Dogs provide a companionship that can't be given by any other breed of
animals. But this doesn't mean that it is unlikely for some to let their cats
and another pets sleep with them.

Dogs have a sleep pattern that is much like ours. Dogs often resign with
complete trust on their masters, which make them a bit more relaxed during the
night. This explains why most dogs fall to sleep more easily and later on,
enter into deep sleeps where REM sleep activities can occur.

In fact, once dogs enter this stage, the owner needs to shake them heavily
before they are actually roused from sleep.

For sure, many of us have already witnessed a dog paddling during sleep or at
times, barks with eyes close. These dogs are said to be dreaming.

Breathing patterns can also be observed among dogs. There are breeds which
deliver heavier breathing while there are those who breathes very lightly. The
heavy breathers are much prone with snoring than those who do not snore as

Dogs who snore can be quite a nuisance during the night, depending on the
degree and frequency of the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Like with humans, there are various considerations why dogs snore. Most though
deals with the obstruction of air passage which cause the collision of certain
parts along the throat area that in turn, leads to collapse of these parts.

A snoring dog must be checked of various causes to determine which treatment
can be best applied. Some dogs are especially prone to specific allergic
reaction that causes the constriction in the airway. It may also be that there
are some excess tissue found in this area that inhibits proper breathing. It is
best if a veterinarian checks on various factors through careful evaluation of
the dog's anatomical features and general symptoms.

Or probably, your dog is overweight. Like with humans, obese dogs are more
likely to snore during the night. This is because they have more flesh
surrounding their throats. Thus, they have excess tissues that dangle along the
throat which can potentially cause the obstructions.

Once this problem is corrected, the risks of developing snores will be
decreased. This would not only be healthy for your dogs, you may eventually
enjoy nights of quiet tunes.

Snoring also lies with the general face features. Dogs all seem to have
pushed-in faces which narrows their air passages to certain degrees. The
construction of their nasal passages also largely contribute to the difficulty
of breathing. They are like humans who are forced to breathe using only
twenty-five percent of their actual nostrils. Dog breeds with shorter faces
need lots of effort to maximize their nostrils. It takes them more hard work to
control breathing and they are more prone to snoring.

Minor surgeries can do your dog great relief. Be sure though that before any
decision is made, you are well educated with the potential risks and
consequences of surgery for dog snoring. Most are actually irreversible so
careful analysis must be rendered. It is best to follow the guidelines provided
by your veterinarian.

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