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White Water Rafting on Scotland's River Tummel
by: Blair Thorne

One of the main reasons that white water rafting is such a popular adventure sport is because it is a highly exhilarating experience that can be shared with friends and colleagues alike.

Up to eight people can be crammed like sardines into a single raft, making it an ideal way to for groups of friends to share an adventure together. The social aspect of white water Rafting lends itself perfectly well to stag and hen parties that flock to locations all over the UK, with the rugged landscapes of Scotland and Wales providing particularly hair-raising rides.

This gregarious nature of the sport also makes it a big draw for companies seeking to get their staff working together as a cohesive team unit. Indeed many corporate organisations seeking effective team building activities are looking into white water rafting.

Scotland offers the full spectrum of white water rafting experiences ranging from the tame to the extremely dangerous! Depending on the time a year, the same stretch of river can be classed anywhere within six categories from Grade I smooth flowing water, to Grade VI - impassable with likelihood of injury or death!

The River Tummel for example is dam-release, guaranteeing water levels every weekend from June to September. It is a narrow, technical and exciting river, offering almost continuous rapids to Grade IV, culminating in the descent of a double-drop waterfall!

So what are you waiting for, organise a group of friends or colleagues and experience a thrilling ride together -- one you'll all be talking about for a very long time to come.


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