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Sports Memorabilia

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Sports Memorabilia Covers A Wide Area

Most people associate sports memorabilia with sports such as baseball and
football. However, there are many other areas of sports that provide an avenue
for collectibles. Nascar racing, for instance, is a sport with thousands of
fans to say the least. Fans from all over the world enjoy the thrill of the
race and the items associated with it. Then there are sports like wrestling,
fishing, motorcycling, biking, Olympic sports, hockey, tennis, boxing,
baseball, and many more.

People fight for and fight over things an important sports figure may have
signed, touched, used, thrown into a crowd, sold, or donated. There have been
greedy and ruthless adults who have such an obsession they would beat a child
out of their moment of glory by trying to shove them out of the way when
something would be thrown into a crowd.

Children can be avid collectors of sports memorabilia. What might begin as a
gift from a loved one, a chance to actually meet a player in person at a game,
or a child seeing how much a parent idolized a famous sports figure could start
a lifelong adventure into collecting. Sometimes a collection is a shared passion
between parent and child, a bonding point that they both cherish.

For those new to the indulgement of collecting sports memorabilia, there is a
book called 'Sports Memorabilia for Dummies' which might be a big help. Pete
Williams and Gary Carter are the authors. There is probably even someone who
collects the series of books written for so-called 'dummies', which was meant
to put a comical spin on things for someone who needed a more down-to-earth
explanation of how something works.

The largest private collection known of baseball artifacts was one held by New
York Yankees fan Barry Halper. He was a minority owner of the Yankees. He began
to sell off his collection in the late 1990's. One of the more valuable items in
his collection was a glove used by Lou Gehrig in his last game which brought
$387,500! Another item owned by Halper was a glove used in 1960 by Mickey
Mantle, which brought $239,000.

A collection of sports memorabilia often overlooked by the majority of fans is
that of postage stamps. These delight stamp collectors and sports fans alike. A
friend of my husband once had a girlfriend who collected stamps. I naively
offered to help, knowing nothing of stamp collecting. I began pulling stamps
off envelopes to mail to her. She wrote back upon receipt, thanking me but
advising that the stamps be cut out of the envelope was I to continue to
'help'. I'd sent useless items by ruining their condition. Even though the
stamps were used, there was still a certain guideline to keeping them valuable.

Just the amount of sports memorabilia sold during the Olympics alone is
phenomenal. People who attend these events buy for themselves as well as for
loved ones who were unable to attend. Of course, the towns or cities where the
events are held make their own fortune off their local souvenirs, so joy of
financial gain is spread into yet another area.

How to Determine the Value of Sports Memorabilia

Perhaps the most important factor in determining the value of sports
memorabilia is the athlete or the sportsman. If you have a real popular and
well-known sports hero's merchandise with his name on it the value may be more.
A name like Tiger Woods for an example would increase the value of sports
memorabilia overnight. In fact the value of sports memorabilia in the area of
golf has increased tremendously since Tiger Woods has been on the circuit.

There have been many other athletes who have made and left their mark on a
particular sport. But even with that popularity marketers use their skills and
know-how to create something for everyone even if it's no more than a keychain.
When a person is in the headlines every day or every week in newspapers and
magazines on TV and the Internet you naturally desire some kind of bonding with
that person. After all every one has the insatiable need to be connected to
something. All across the country there are sports clubs and organizations that
engage in various kinds of activities that will enhance the value of sports
memorabilia. Another factor you have to take into consideration when you think
of the value of sports memorabilia is the availability. Supply and demand
factors into the value of sports memorabilia.

But what ever reason the value is more when there are not very many. If you see
an abundance of mementos such as flags, caps, buttons, signature sunglasses and
so on the price is cheaper. The value in these items comes when you keep them
for long periods of time and there are very few in circulation. These are the
kinds of things that auctioned off as fundraisers and promotions in years to
come. Take into consideration also the popularity of the sport. Research has
shown that football, basketball, stock car racing and golf are the most popular
sports. This is not to say that the other sports are not popular and well
attended in season. But when you think in terms of the value of sports
memorabilia you have to consider how the general public feels about the sport.
Each sport has its own history.

In other words some sports have been around longer than others. There are
sports like skiing and other winter sports that are more territorial than
widely known. Unless one moves from a winter sports area there may be little or
no interest in winter sports memorabilia. So when you think in terms of the
value of sports memorabilia you have to consider all facets of the particular
sport. There are very few people who show enthusiasm for every sport. So the
value is highly dependent upon the sport, the athlete, the availability, the
supply and demand and where the item is located. Once you have factor in all of
these variables the value can be determined based on the interests of the person.

Also if you are buying sports memorabilia as an investment the value may be
different from a person who is in retail and plans to sell immediately. So
actually you are in a better position to determine the value of sports
memorabilia to you, based on your need and purpose.

About the Value of Sports Memorabilia

Anything that is worth collecting will differ in value because of many
different factors. For instance, a Dallas cowboy's jersey may not be of any
value whatsoever to a New York Yankees fan.

To maintain the value of many sports memorabilia, the items must have no
imperfections whatsoever. No stains, no tears, no wear around the edges, no
fading color, no chips, and no missing parts. On the flip side, there are items
that are considered of greater value because they were used by the athlete. Avid
fans will often go to great lengths to gain access to something an icon touched,
wiped their sweat on, inserted their smelly feet into, or got grass stains on
during a game.

Plenty of people who aren't sports fans often think the value placed on
memorabilia is outrageous and silly. After all, the players are just people and
the items are just stuff. However, any small town coach who has seen a player
evolve into greatness will beg to differ. This coach will see a person with
special talent who deserves a claim to fame and will honor any memorabilia
connected to this person. Of course, there are also coaches who try to ride on
the coattails who barely knew the person. Those type people will often try to
grab some of the spotlight themselves in hopes of building their own worth.
Players make more than just themselves famous. They make items famous that they
use on a daily basis, items they special order, companies associated with
products they use (even if they don't personally endorse these items).
Everything they use, touch, or buy for themselves becomes of interest to the
public. Their camping equipment, lawn maintenance equipment, toothbrushes,
socks, and so on, will now be of value to someone somewhere.

Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters Tournament with Titleist golf balls, drivers,
irons, and wedges. He wore shoes by Foot Joys, so this brings business to them
as well. Now these products will be important to sports enthusiasts.

Of course, there is a downside. Collectors must beware of the dreaded forgeries
and fakes. These can be devastating to those who saved their pennies for years
and finally reach their goal of owning that special piece to their collection,
only to find they'd been duped by some con artist. Fake memorabilia can be
extremely profitable as they are hard to spot. A really good con artist can
sometimes pass off something to even a seasoned collector as being an original.
They have become professionals, perfecting the art, so to speak, of the scam.

An experienced collector can recognize the fake memorabilia upon close scrutiny
most of the time. They research and educate themselves, becoming familiar with
the signs. They learn how to find the value of an object before they spend
their hard-earned money on it. They also learn the value of authentication and

Remember as well that sports memorabilia value can change with the times and
the importance to the public of the famous person it is associated with. Just
because you had something appraised 10 years ago does not mean it will retain
that same value today.

Who's Selling Sports Memorabilia?

Selling sports memorabilia is a booming business, because there are so many
sports enthusiast and collectors everywhere. Let's face it everybody is looking
for a hero. If you are into sports more than likely you have a favorite player.
Connecting you to that person is why selling sports memorabilia has become such
a large market. This market covers all of the sports. Whether it is football,
basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, race car driving, of whatever there
are always heroes. That player who is better than the rest and wins
championships increases the demand for something that represents him. Some
collectors choose to collect in a specific area, and collect a specific person.

No matter how you do it selling sports memorabilia continues to grow with each
winning and each championship season. Some marketing gurus say it's a no lose
situation. True high performers aren't defined by what they do to reach the top
but what they do to stay there. Most players can have a lucky day here and
there, but can they maintain their status as a winner. After a big win like the
Super Bowl, or after the NCAA tournament, hordes of people line up to buy
something to remember the event. That's what makes selling sports memorabilia
such a big business today. The news media increases the exposure of these
superheroes and helps to sell their items. We see a great number of companies
stepping up to take a broader look at this market. Sales creativity has run
rampant in an effort to provide something for all socioeconomic groups. This
kind of ingenuity has helped to grow the market into billion businesses.

So whose selling sports memorabilia? There are all kinds of sellers out there
in the market. Some of these sports heroes have set up centers and museums to
promote their area of interests. In today's highly competitive environment many
of today's vendors travel to some of the special sports events and set up retail
shops on the premise. This kind of selling is sometimes done by a family
structure are in an organizational structure. The proceeds go in many different
With so many kinds of things to sell if you have just a little bit of interest
you are sure to find something you would like to buy. In today's sophisticated
world you are surrounded by marketing strategies. When you go to the mall you
will find retail shops exclusively for selling sports memorabilia. Some of
these shops are geared to a specific entity such as a special University, a
special sport, or special period of time in the history of the sport.

Think of it Americans are living longer and spending more therefore it becomes
necessary for the retail market to present an array of choices to you the
consumer. That is why you will find sports memorabilia for all sports so that
there will be something for all interest groups. Selling sports memorabilia is
done by anyone whether you are in retail, wholesale are not. If you have
something you wish to sell you may do so whether you are in business or not.
Sometimes your interests change and you may wish to get rid of the old and
start something new.

Where Are Sports Memorabilia Stores Located?

Sports memorabilia stores are not very hard to find. In just about every
shopping center or shopping strip you will find some sports memorabilia stores.
They may very in size, quality and quantity of merchandise but they are there.
Some of these specialty shops sell merchandise that represents only one entity.

For an example it may be a store owned and operated by the local college or
university in the area. This is especially true if it is a big college with a
nationally known reputation for having a quality athletic program. In these
stores only merchandise representing that college and other sports memorabilia
are found in the inventory. Sometimes the specialty stores represent a
particular athletic conference. If this is the case then all the schools in
that conference will have sports memorabilia on display and for sale. You will
be able to buy a shirt with the athlete's number on the back in school's colors
and even some times the athlete's name written on the shirt.

These stores do very well when some one of these teams wins a national
championship or even if it is just the conference championship. Such stores are
scattered throughout the conference area so that small communities will have an
opportunity to buy their favorite sports item. In addition you will find in
some of the larger malls other sports memorabilia stores that sell a variety of
merchandise. Sometimes there is a lot of merchandise representing just about
every sport that is of primary interest to the local community. You will see
merchandise representing NBA stars, national football stars, the national
baseball league, and an abundance of stock car paraphernalia will be in the
inventory also. What ever the hot sellers are these stores are sure to be the
first to receive merchandise.

You would be remiss to overlook large department stores with a sporting goods
section. These stores carry most of the popular items that the general public
would look for in addition to the mall there are freestanding sports
memorabilia stores in some of the larger cities owned and operated by some of
the sports heroes themselves. Don't forget your local flea markets that will
have and sell baseball cards, racing cards and all kinds of sports cards,
flags, blankets and other sports memorabilia. Almost any shopping area that
caters to the general public will have on display some bits and pieces of
sports memorabilia to sell. It is safe to say that you will find sports
memorabilia stores scattered around in every shopping area where there is a
likable traffic. Even hotels and resort areas some times have spaces provided
for retail shopping. Let us remember that some of our sports heroes owned
properties that will promote the sale of sports memorabilia. If these hotels
are in a sports minded community more than likely there will be a few sports
memorabilia stores either located in the hotel complex or very close by.

Even some of the welcome centers have retail outlets in them. After all states
tried to generate as much cash as possible. What better way to generate this
cash than to have sports memorabilia stores in the centers?

What Do You Know about Sports Memorabilia?

Sports memorabilia includes collectibles of all types. Although some
immediately think football or baseball when sports collectibles come to mind,
there are many more types of sports that have valuable collectibles.

The world of sports is a vast and varied world. Sports all over the globe bring
value to the items associated with the sports and famous players. There is the
sport of figure skating, horseracing, rugby, soccer, hockey, basketball,
wrestling, swimming, track and field, tennis, diving, gymnastics, fencing,
cycling, archery, weightlifting, sled dog racing, motorcycle racing, martial
arts, lacrosse, boxing, golf, bobsledding, auto racing, and events associated
with a rodeo, just to name a few!

For many sports items to be valuable as collectibles, they must be kept in
flawless condition. The older and less flawed an item is, the more money it
will be worth in the future. Many people will invest in this memorabilia for
the sake of their children and grandchildren and guard it as though it were
priceless. Not only is it an honor to receive something of such magnitude, it
is a matter of personal pride for the person who originally obtained the item.

Sports memorabilia are a wide range, including everything from the traditional
trading cards to items owned and often worn by the sports figure that became
famous. An often overlooked area of interest is that of books. Many sports
figures have written books about their lives, private and public. Many books
are valuable just because of the person's popularity with the public, even if
the person was known for being ruthless or rude.

A few books that may be of interest include: Skate by Steve Milton, A Year in
Figure Skating by Beverly Smith, A Golfer's Life by Arnold Palmer with James
Dodson, Kareem by Kareem Abdul Jabbar with Mignon McCarthy, Baseball Card Price
Guide by Dr. James Beckett and Grant Sandground, and Baseball Desk Reference by
Lawrence Lorimer.

Figure skating is an area that offers interesting collectibles. The first
female skater to achieve fame was the German Professional 'Charlotte'. A
magazine called 'Women's Home Companion' featured a spread on her in 1916.

Product endorsements also provide worthy collectible items. Timex featured
Barbara Ann Scott, another female skater and a Canadian. She achieved an
Olympic victory in 1948. That prompted a sale of thousands of dolls of her
likeness. Another early female skater in demand as a doll was Karen Magnussen.

Of course, the most widespread collectibles in sports memorabilia seems to be
cards. It's fairly low cost to get a child started with a baseball card
collection. Although it can become a high cost ordeal as the child becomes an
avid die-hard fan and learns to recognize the value of card collecting, a
collection is something that may take years to obtain and may never be
considered complete. This type of interest will help teach the child
responsibility among other things. They must keep the cards from curious
friends who haven't learned the value of collecting and greedy adults who may
try to talk the child out of a precious possession.

Why Buy And Sell Sports Memorabilia on Ebay?

There are many reasons to buy and sell sports memorabilia on eBay* The main
reason is the exposure that your products will receive on the worldwide web.
You will have an unlimited number of potential buyers or if you are looking for
something to buy, you will have a vast array of items to pick from. Whatever
your goals are you are certain to find some satisfaction from someone of the
many sports enthusiasts that search the worldwide web nightly or at least
weekly. In the sports memorabilia section there is so much to pick from that
items have been categorized to save you time in your search. If you are listing
items to be sold you will find many areas that you may list you items.

If you are looking for authentic merchandise be sure that you are given a
certificate to verify the authenticity. You can almost be sure that what ever
you are looking for you will find but maybe not at the price you are willing to
pay. The good thing about eBay is that when you buy and sell sports memorabilia
on eBay some items are listed with a one-time price and there is no need to
bid. Nevertheless there are other items that you must bid on. No matter the
case you have the option of using a charge card to pay for your merchandise. On
the reverse side if you are the seller your highest bidder has the same option
of using a charge card to finalize the purchase. You do not have to use a
charge card you may pay by other methods as designated by the vendor. When
making certain purchases on the Internet it is sometimes safer to use your
charge card. Sometimes a charge card provides some protection that other forms
and methods of payment will not provide. Yes there are scams when you buy and
sell sports memorabilia on eBay.

But on a whole it is a safe place to shop especially when you are looking for
hard to find items. EBay is a perfect place to look when you have looked
everywhere else and have not been able to find that one piece of sports
memorabilia that you have always long for. When you finally find that long sort
after ball, glove, shirt, or whatever it may be it is hard to describe the
wonderful feeling that comes over you. This is especially true when you buy and
sell sports memorabilia on eBay and you find the item at a very reasonable
price. If this is an investment for you some years later you may very well be
able to receive a profitable return when you decide to sell. If you are selling
a product on eBay and you choose to go the auction route you just may get more
by using the bidding process than you would have gotten selling the item
outright. There are many variables to consider when you buy and sell sports
memorabilia on eBay in the bidding game.

Perhaps the most important one is how many bidders are bidding on the same
item. If you have an item with limited availability you stand a chance of
receiving a very good bid. It is for these reasons that you buy and sell sports
memorabilia on eBay.

Authentic Sports Memorabilia

Will you want to choose only one category to begin collecting your sports
memorabilia? If so, learn it, research it, and invest in it wisely. Did you
know that trading cards have to be graded? It's one of the important facts you
would do well to know as a potential collector of authentic, valuable sports

Collectibles fraud is a terrible thing for someone to endure. If you've been
saving a special item or items for years, waiting on just the right moment to
cash in on your investment, and one day you are forced to sell because life
threw you a hard ball, you don't want to suffer the devastation of a fake

Educate yourself, arm yourself with knowledge. Become a collector who doesn't
just pretend to know the art of recognizing authentic sports memorabilia.

If you encounter a dealer who doesn't answer your questions to your
satisfaction, it's best to follow your instincts and go elsewhere. Dealer
confidence is key, but don't confuse confidence with a con's suave evasions.

Find out the worth of your items. It's not fair to you or to the dealer to
purchase an item, then discover it's not quite as valuable as you had first
thought, and try to hassle the dealer about a return. Do your homework before
purchasing. An honest dealer will want you to be happy with your purchase so
you can be proud to do business with them and spread their good name to build
their reputation. A dishonest dealer just wants you to hurry up and spend your
money and won't want to stand behind the authentication of their sports
memorabilia. But by the same token, it's unfair to the dealer to go on with an
attitude of "If I don't like it, I'll just return it." They want people who are
serious about their sports memorabilia just as much as you want authenticity.
It's best to leave, think it over, and return than to buy in haste. You may
want to return to the same dealer in the future and should build a good
interaction with him or her.

Make sure you are clear on how rare an item is. Limited edition does not
necessarily mean the same as limited production. Limited edition means one of a
kind, limited production means only produced for a short period of time.

A certificate of authenticity does not assure that you're in good hands with a
dealer. Neither do the words 'mint condition'. There is such a thing as 'dealer
bias'. It's one of the negative aspects of the business. You may later try to
return to the same dealer and sell back the card they sold for a high price in
'mint condition' only to find they reduce the worth. They won't want to pay you
what they said it was worth, even though they are the ones who set the price

You shouldn't have to allow the dealer to dictate which authentication service
you can use. A reputable dealer will be fine with your choice. But do
understand that authenticators may not specialize in the item you are having
checked. If they don't excel in this area, you may be disappointed.

Why Buy and Sell Auction Sports Memorabilia?

Auction sports memorabilia can generate plenty of good sales when the right
bidders are in place. First of all it is a great way for you to generate funds
for just about any cause you can think. Attending auctions for many is a very
pleasant pastime. For many organizations it is their only means for fund
raising. It is not uncommon for civic organizations in large and small
communities to sponsor various groups in the community that sell auction sports
memorabilia. Some of these organizations work towards this common goal all year
long because it is their major fund raiser for the year.

In some of the larger communities there are established auction houses that
sell auction sports memorabilia as a day to day retail activity. There are many
charity organizations that will work in conjunction with communitywide projects
that offer auction sports memorabilia. Many people who are in high income tax
brackets use this venue as a tax write-off for the year. When this is the goal
for the donation you need documentation as to the authentic value of the item.
It is not good enough for you to just write an estimation of its value. You
need documented proof in the event that your taxes are audited. Amid the video
footage on the nightly news in the magazine headlines and the checkout aisle of
the grocery chain there are enough heroes to go around.

If you have a favorite sports hero more than likely you keep up with the stats
and daily happenings surrounding your hero. So when you go to an auction and
find an auction sports memorabilia it is sometimes a greater find than you
anticipated. And it may be a much better price than any other place. On the
other hand if you are the seller you may generate more for your auction sports
memorabilia then you would have selling directly. A large number of collectors
who have items to sell choose to sell online with eBay and other Internet
auction sites. This is a great way to connect you to the whole world wide world
in your bid for the highest price possible. Auctions are especially popular in
the spring and summer months. This is due to the fact that many auctions are
held outdoors and can be cheaply done without a great deal of overhead
expenses. The size of the facility where the auction is to be held dependents
upon what kind of auction and the clientele it is expected to draw. Auction
sports memorabilia sometimes draw high prices and sometimes not.

The price is determined by many variables such as how many bidders want the
same item, the demand and supply, the age, and the sport. Needless to say the
sports hero is also a major factor in the bidding. Some sports heroes draw more
than others. But don't count it all lost because sometimes you may get a steal
because your competitors are not present at the time. The gamble pays off some
times at live auctions. Eventually it all boils down to who is bidding and
when. Auction sports memorabilia more than likely will be a good deal.

Where Do You Find Appraisals Sports Memorabilia

Some marketing gurus say it's a no lose situation when you are able to find
appraisals sports memorabilia. Everyone wants a fair deal for their investment.
Whether you are shopping for resale or shopping for an investment you want what
you pay for. Appraisals sports memorabilia with the letter or seal of
authenticity is a sure way of verifying your purchase. In the larger
communities there are houses known as appraisal houses.

There are a number of reasons to use these institutions when you want to make
sure you get what you have paid for. The professionals in these appraisal
institutions usually know what they are looking at. Their experience over the
years dealing with a specific area of the sports memorabilia market sometimes
helps them to recognize the real thing. As in any other area there are special
teams within the appraisal arena. So make sure when you solicit such service
you get someone who knows about the specialty that you want appraise. Even
though a person may be in the sports arena it does not necessarily mean that
you can depend on accuracy in the appraisal if the person is in baseball and
you want an appraisal on an item in football. Sometimes you need a specialized
appraisal because of the nature of the item being appraise. Appraisals sports
memorabilia is part of the high end market and these items are sometimes sold
at special events.

Sometimes you must have an invitation to attend the event. It just may be a
celebrity function if so you know there is a great deal of money involved.
These are sometimes known as charity events. Whether it is a high end function
are not if it is an investment you will save yourself a lot of time if you have
a certificate of authenticity for your appraisals sports memorabilia. Some
auction houses have consignment sections for authentic sports and entertainment
memorabilia. These auction houses some times have silent auctions to sell items
that have been appraised. In many instances service is offered to charitable
organizations for the expressed purpose of raising funds. When you sell your
appraisals sports memorabilia this way you have to know something about the

The professional auctioneers will consult with you to find out about some of
the important happenings surrounding the sports memorabilia. Let's say for
example it once belonged to your grandfather, if a write up is given wouldn't
this be a great tidbit to include. The high end sales are usually written up in
newspapers and other print matters to generate interest. So you want to pull out
all the stops you have if you put appraisals sports memorabilia on the market.
There is no need to tell the family history but it would be an interesting
piece to use if it is a family heirloom. The more recognizable the former owner
is the more likely you will get a very good price for it in spite of the
appraised value.

Appraisals for Sports Memorabilia

When you invest in sports memorabilia, you often don't realize how much the
value can climb by the time you choose to sell. Likewise, it could decrease in
value as well.

Appraisal is a must for the serious sports collector. People have been sorely
disappointed because they didn't get their items appraised for value and then
sold them for a fraction of their worth.

Some places to check for appraisals for sports memorabilia include:

1.) AllAuthentic Sports Memorabilia - professionals who can provide references
and offer instant appraisals

2.) Vintage Sports Memorabilia Appraisals - has a sports artifacts library for
thousands of vintage sports items, prefers email requests limited to two items,
nothing newer than 1980.

3.) Krause Standard Catalog of Sports Memorabilia Price Guide

4.) Robert Connelly - He does clinics on appraisals. He's a member of the
American Society of Appraisers and was honored by the Royal Institution of
Chartered Surveyors.

5.) American Legends - Provides paid appraisals, founded in 1992.

6.) Sports Memorabilia Appraisal Expert Witness - Provides an 800 #, volunteers
background information to help give reference to its value as an appraisal

Besides the importance of appraisals for resale value, you may want to
seriously consider having your valuable insured. Insurance companies also may
not recognize the value unless you've had an appraisal done. Make sure you have
documented proof.

There is a Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice which is
recognized in courts and acceptable to banks, insurance companies, auction
houses, and the IRS. Don't just depend on a local sports shop or whatever
available appraisal you come across. Also, consider that paying for more than
one opinion is worthwhile if a lot of money is involved and if it gives you
peace of mind. Prices will change, so you'll want an updated value before
decided to sell. Retired players hold their value better because their status
won't change.

Make sure you sell to the right person or business. Just because an item is
listed as one amount doesn't mean the dealer will agree to pay that amount.

Sweat stains don't necessarily make a jersey authentic. Anyone can wear a
jersey long enough to sweat in it and try to pass it off as the real thing.
Watch for smudged autographs, dog-eared pages in books, worn edges on cards. An
appraiser should be trained to notice small details that would decrease the
value of your collector's item. There is a system with trading cards called
grading. A graded card has a more reasonable guarantee of authenticity. Graded
cards are sealed to discourage card switching, a low tactic of some sellers.
The appraiser should know to recognize graded cards and their value.

When my daughter was involved in card collecting and bought a box of cards that
seemed like a great deal to her, she was soon sorely disappointed. The only
authentic card was the one in the display on the front of the box. All the rest
were fakes, worthless. It was a waste of her hard-earned and long saved
allowance. So beware of this type of scam when you buy a group of items. The
appraisal value will be zero!

Vintage Sports Memorabilia

Finding authentic vintage sports memorabilia is a challenging undertaking. Yet
there are those who seek out certain old items from years past to add to their
collection. Many of these items have specific and fond memories for the
collectors. While the sports hero might have even been a relative that has long
been laid to rest he is much remembered in the world of sports today. Just think
what it would be like to research and look for vintage sports memorabilia of
your own grandfather. Some of today's athletes are off springs of outstanding
fathers, uncles and grandparents.

If they are deceased, it is no wonder that they are still looking for reminders
and memories of years gone by. These people have a special interest and desire
to learn as much about them as possible. As years passed some of these people
may have become increasingly more important to sports history. Several years
and a few starts later it seems that some of these people may have become
belated heroes. Because of the availability of the Internet and the vast
improvements in technology more exposure to past achievements has been made
available. As new tidbits of information are known sometimes the relativity of
a person's achievements becomes more important and interesting. To appreciate
the role that a sports hero of yesteryear played it is sometimes necessary to
compare those achievements with what is being done today.

When you look at some of these pass conditions, a little-known person becomes
bigger on the pages of history. We have reached a moment in history when
vintage sports memorabilia has become of varied interests among collectors. You
always have a history buffs that enjoy finding things from the past and learning
more about them. Sometimes a common yard sale will offer you a rare chance at
history when you least expect it. How many times have you heard of someone
attending a yard sale and finding a valuable vintage sports memorabilia? At the
time they were not sure of the value but decided to pay the $.25 of $.50 or
whatever the cost for this item of interest. You can be sure and abundantly
sure when this happens the find was well worth the effort. This is very common
around old homes when the last member of the family dies. What was worth
nothing in yesteryears becomes increasingly more valuable as the years roll by.

Sometimes a person may have a $.10 baseball in the house that is 70 years old
or more and has no idea how it got there. All they know is that grandpa brought
it home. Vintage sports memorabilia may be found in many instances just this
way. If you are looking for this kind of merchandise take care that you don't
pass by what could be your best find at a yard sale. There are other places to
look for vintage sports memorabilia other than yard sales. If you devote the
requisite time and attention you will be able to find items on the Internet,
and catalogs. You may also go to museums, however some of these items you may
not be able to purchase.

Who Are The Sports Memorabilia Show Promoters?

Sports memorabilia show promoters represent all socioeconomic groups all over
the world. Who will promote a sports show depends primarily on interests and
benefits. The question becomes what is in it for me or what good will the show
do for the community? There are all kinds of groups sponsoring sports
memorabilia shows. Some of these promoters are professional and will promote
only one sport. These promoters are hired by various civic organizations, clubs
and charity groups to help generate funds for budgeted needs. Just as in any
other occupation some of these promoters are full-time business people. In
other words they make a living promoting the shows.

When they are professional operators a great deal of travel is sometimes
involved. Every year on the west coast and every year on the east coast sports
memorabilia show promoters are involved in huge displays showcasing the latest
in the world of sports memorabilia. People all over the world flock to these
shows to see what is new on the market. This in most instances is an annual
event and people look forward to these shows with great anticipation. You will
find that most of these people are retail dealers in the hunt for something
new. Sports memorabilia show promoters advertise the shows several months in
advance so that interested parties can mark the dates on their calendars.
Usually these shows take place every year about the same time of year.
Brochures are sent out to interested parties letting them know of the package
deals that have been made with various hotels. These travel packages are
designed to cut the cost of living and travel expenses. Some of these packages
may also include a few meals and even family deals.

Sports memorabilia show promoters who workout big deals like this are
professionals at what they do. If you are planning to attend and are interested
in sports you may even want to use this time as part of your vacation. When you
do you will be able to take part of it as a tax write off. While at the show
expect to find just about everything imaginable for each sport. A large number
of the shows are held during the early spring and summer months. There are
several reasons to have a show this time of year. As you know this is vacation
time for a large number of people and as they say there is a"break" in the
weather". So for convenience in travel a large number of vendors and dealers
are able to attend these shows. Another reason is that retailers tend to plan
months ahead for Christmas sales. Some of the sports memorabilia show promoters
will have merchandise that fans want for the fall sports season.

There are many fundraisers during the fall season also. Sororities,
fraternities, civic organizations and social clubs hired these promoters to
help them generate funds for scholarships and other community-based projects
before the winter set in. When you use sports memorabilia show promoters come
prepared to work with them on a percentage basis. Whether they are working
full-time or part-time will not matter so far as percentage is concern.

Where Are Sports Memorabilia Displays Located

When you think of sports memorabilia displays it is natural to think of
museums. You know how captivating and enthralling an interesting display can be
for you. Every other person has an interest to some degree in one sport or
another. There are designated museums that display nothing but sports
memorabilia. Each community has its own interest when it comes to sports. If
you are in stock car country then you will find an abundance of stock-car
memorabilia. Every crook and crummy will promote one or more of the stock-car
drivers. As you drive along the countryside in these communities you will find
billboards telling you where to stop to see and find sports memorabilia

In many instances these are not just displays but an opportunity for the vendor
or the organizers to sell and to promote the sport. Some of these billboards are
large enough to provide a calendar of events. A week or so before a big event of
perhaps a month before the big event you will find sports memorabilia displays
as an added venue for promoting the event. These displays may be found in
service stations, the malls, and some restaurants. It all boils down to who
owns the facility. When you go to one of these sporting events you feel like
you are at a festival.

Amid the loud speaker, the popcorn selling, cotton candy, hotdogs, and all the
other food vending you will see sports memorabilia displays scattered
throughout the area. You are sure to find just about what ever you are looking
for to add to your collection. These displays help to make the event fun and
provide food for conversation. How many times have you stopped to look at a
display of any sort and bumped into an old friend? The two of you no doubt
visited for a while. More than likely this is a familiar scenario to you. In
the sports arena many ideas are exchanged in these conversations and it helps
to promote the sale of items in the sports memorabilia displays. The type of
items displayed has much to do with where the display is located. If you are in
a collectible shop you no doubt will find a potpourri of items on display. In a
display of this nature the general public is the target.

On the other hand if you are on a college campus more than likely you will find
sports memorabilia displays geared to the activities of that college and maybe a
handful representing the conference of which the college is a member. Let's face
it there is no need to display items that the immediate environment has no
interests. Traveling sports memorabilia displays are usually geared to the
general public or perhaps a specific event. Some of these displays will be on
the road for several events before returning to headquarters. Therefore a very
large inventory will be on display to promote whatever event is taking place.
Some sports memorabilia displays are just displays. There is no selling but a
chance for the general public to see and appreciate items representing a
certain phase of history in the sports world.

All About the Sports Memorabilia Display Case

Just about every sport has a sports memorabilia display case. These cases in
many instances are custom made for a particular kind of merchandise. This is
understandable because as you know merchandise come in various sizes and cannot
fit in a display case where one size fits all. Each case is designed for a
particular item or items so that all or most of the item can be seen through a
glass display. There are usually lights built into the case so that the
merchandise can be seen in the minutest of details. If you have a customer that
cannot see what is in the display case it becomes necessary for you to take it
out of the case for a good view. This should not be a problem since the sports
memorabilia display case is for showing. These cases can be locked for safety
and security.

As in any other kind of business there are always those items that can become
missing if not secured under lock and key. With the popularity of sports
memorabilia these dealers are especially vulnerable in a crowded situation.
Let's remember that many dealers travel with the various teams and to sporting
events. Therefore they are not using a land-based operation to sell these
sports items. The sports memorabilia display case provides them with some
security in an unprotected environment. The larger the crowd the more likely
some thief will take place.

All attendees are not there for the sport itself but some are there for
freebies and what can be taken. When you are looking at items on display it is
to your advantage to ask for a close-up look. Because there are always look a
likes at these major events and they are in display cases also. It pays to know
your merchandise before you buy. Licensed merchandise will have a code on it
somewhere that will differentiate it from copies. Look at all of the details so
that you will know a copy from the real thing. Usually you can tell a copy from
the real thing by the workmanship. There is no need to pay full price for an
item when it is not authentic even though it may look like a deal.

You must have patience when you are looking at items in a sports memorabilia
display case because the average dealer will help only one person at a time.
Most dealers know that if they take something out of the showcase and turned
their backs they may be asking for trouble. That is why any sports memorabilia
display case is used in the first place. In other words the display case gives
the customer a chance to look at the merchandise before buying it. When a
person shows additional interests in something in the show case and request to
see it out of the case, you should expect a sale. It is important that you keep
the case lock at all times. After all sports items are hot commodities and even
when there is no interested in the sport these items have great resale value.

Sports Memorabilia Collectors

Devoted fans have been known to donate whole rooms of their homes to items
they've collected in connection with sports figures. These people will spend
years searching, investing, and perfecting the displays of precious sports
memorabilia. Anyone who knows a serious sports collector knows that even a tiny
fingerprint on a valuable piece could bring a gasp of disapproval from the
owner. They can truly possess an obsessive protection of their belongings. To
disrespect their passion is to insult them. Something broken, chipped, or
smudged can spell disaster.

There are some unusual sports events that prompt people to become collectors of
sports memorabilia. Archery, badminton, canoeing, equestrian sports, judo,
aerobatics, rowing, shooting, table tennis, and yachting are names of a few.

Archery would prompt a person to collect things like bows, arrows, targets,
photos of their favorite archers, or score cards. One famous archer is Justin
Huish, who won two gold medals at the 1996 Olympics.

The auto racing industry has a huge fan base allowing for an immense amount of
sports memorabilia. Hawthorne Village created a train called 'Dale Earnhardt
Intimidator Express'. It's a relatively new creation and costs around $80.
Motorsports artist Sam Bass placed paint schemes of Dale's cars and his
signature logo on each car. There are collectibles that don't need a signature
to be valuable.

Instant conversation can be obtained through the subject of sports memorabilia.
Most collectors are happy to share what they've gained, how they got it, the
story that goes along with it. It gives them a few minutes of their own glory
and admiration just by their association with the sought after items they may

Sometimes a rare piece of memorabilia can be discovered at a garage sale. This
brings a thrill to the avid collector. Maybe its part of an estate sale of an
uncle who never told about his special treasures, passed them onto a relative
who had no interest in sports, and were thrown into the sale as silly old junk.
This can seem like gold to someone who recognizes its worth.

Some people even treasure what they wore to an event themselves as part of
their sports memorabilia collection. They may keep the tickets to the event,
their menu of the day or night, and so on.

In many ways, sports figures enjoy the same fame as actors and actresses of
Hollywood. They may suffer the same privacy issues, the same stalking fears,
the same crazed fans grabbing for any piece of their clothing. Even a used
package from the peanuts on an airplane flight can't escape if a famous sports
figure ate from it. An unscrupulous care giver may also try to capitalize on
someone's fame. Dentals have access to dental impressions and x-rays,
housekeepers have access to private belongings, gardeners have access to the
tools and flowers. Even the belongings of their children aren't safe from
scrutiny. Care has to be taken with disposal of their belongings. Their trash
is even subject for collecting!

All About Sports Memorabilia Auctions

Sports memorabilia auctions are highly attended functions. Some of these
auctions are designated functions for a specific community cause. But no matter
the cause or purpose if you are a collector it is a chance for you to add to
your collection. We have reached a moment in our history where it is necessary
for you to take advantage of opportunities when they become available. Auctions
may come and go but when there is a chance to find the specifics that you have
been looking for don't let it pass you by. No matter what season of the year,
auctions are usually well attended.

These functions are attended by individuals, retailers, wholesalers and just
plain curiosity seekers. In the smaller communities sports memorabilia auctions
are the highlight of specific seasons. It is something the hometown folks look
forward to year after year after year. Other entities in the community plan
events to complement and to feed off of these special auctions. Sometimes a
celebrity is invited to help boost the attendance. When this is the case a
small fee may be charged at the door. This fee helps to provide ample security
and other safeguards and overhead expenses during the event. What we are
finding is that schools churches and community organizations sponsor some of
these auctions as fundraisers. Proceeds from these auctions sometimes provide
additional help for social and community endeavors such as scholarship funds,
extra resources for hospitals, and special needs for the local schools.

In fact much of the merchandise that is sold at these auctions has been donated
by members of the community. These donations in many instances can be tax
write-offs for the businesses or individuals who give to the cause. These
sports memorabilia auctions provide ways to pay for new sporting equipment for
the local football teams, and other athletic needs in the schools. A twofold
purpose is served the first is to provide for the need that has been designated
and the second is to give you the chance to buy merchandise that may have been
hard for you to find. Some of these auctions generate additional money by
charging a small fee to participate. You are given a number so that you will
have a vehicle that you can use to bid. Believe it or not some of the more
sophisticated sports memorabilia auctions are by invitation only. You will find
the most expensive, sort after and least available merchandise at these
auctions. You must register for these auctions and provide assurance that you
are able to pay for the merchandise if you are the winning bidder.

There are specific qualifications such as having good credit, monies available
and appropriate financial resources to get into these kinds of auctions. Things
so that these auctions may be a one-of-a-kind portrait of a sports hero, a cap
that a sports hero wore or any number of other things such issue, goals, socks
and so on. These are not general public auctions but are geared to the upper
echelon. Some of these auctions have specific purposes such as raising money
for certain health issues and research. If you take a closer look at the whole
sports arena a lot of good is done for a great number of people using various
facets of the sports world. The sports memorabilia auctions are just one of the
avenues used for the common cause.

The Importance of Auctions

Sports memorabilia can be found in many places, whether the items are used or
new. They aren't limited to the items sold at a game, the Olympics, sports
stores, or hobby shops. Nowadays online auctions have jumped onto the bandwagon
of importance, achieving more popularity because of easy access to the auctions.
No wasting gas, standing in line, fighting the crowd. Many are accessible
twenty-four hours a day with a simple click of your mouse.

There are some towns, such as Paris, Texas, that have been known to host
television auctions for their local citizens. Anyone able to tune in to their
channel could bid on their items for sale. If you win the bid, you are
contacted; you drive down to the office and pick up your newly acquired
treasures. No worries about anything getting lost in the mail.

Of course, some people prefer the regular walk-in auctions for the excitement,
the chance to get out of the house, and the opportunity to meet other sports
fans and discuss memorabilia in person with other enthusiasts.

It is possible to find sports memorabilia at any type auction that offers
miscellaneous merchandise, including estate auctions, it could be a hit and
miss effort. To be assured of sports-related items, it's a less risky venture
to attend a sports auction or charity auction featuring sports memorabilia.

Charity auctions can charge a handling fee for each bid you submit, also asking
each bidder to answer a special question before being allowed to bid on a
particular item of interest to them. This may protect them from less serious
bidders or someone who doesn't recognize the value of an item upon which they
choose to bid. If you wish to submit an item to an auction, you may be charged
a consignment fee.

If the auction is a legitimate, honest one with a solid reputation, you can
eliminate or limit third party authentication. Make sure you do your research
in this area as well. Check the reputation of the auction house. Find out how
it handles any disputes or questionable sales or merchandise. See if there are
any complaints against it or against someone who may be a regular seller who is
involved with it.

Guests who bid on an imposter item and discover this sad fact can bring
negativity to auctions, so it is to the benefit of more than just the guest
that the items be authentic. Not to mention that the guest may be furious,
vowing never to return, and spreading the word against the reputation of the
auction house.

Word of mouth is a great reference for reputable auction houses. Join groups of
other sports collectors. Ask coaches, players, sports enthusiasts, teachers,
doctors, and other parents for their input on any nearby auctions. Check out
magazines or books that may contain information on auctions.

Anything touted as authentic and sold cheap is questionable. Even at charity
auctions, just because an item is donated to the charity doesn't mean it should
sell cheap. Charities are especially attempting to bring in as much money as
possible to benefit their cause. They don't want fake merchandise either.

The Area of Direct Sports Memorabilia

One could say that direct sports memorabilia would be items used directly by a
famous sports figure. Items such as their own personal dinner plates, watches,
jerseys, mugs key chains, jewelry, or videos. It could also involve things such
as worn sports jerseys, game balls, game gloves, game bats, photos of a
particular athlete, or even a jock strap (You don't get much more direct than
that!). Perhaps it includes items produced en masse at a factory and signed by
the athlete, or a promotional item the athlete is personally endorsing. Direct
sports memorabilia also refers to items an athlete signs as a part of a
contract directly between the athlete and a particular company.

Although product sales have declined somewhat due to arrogant players or
players getting negative publicity, there are still millions to be made because
of an association between a material thing and the famous athlete.

Collections from golf greats such as Tiger Woods would include scorecards, golf
balls, photos, flags, signed drivers, or signed and cancelled checks. Boxing
items that would be popular include gloves, trunks, robes, boxing shoes, and
speed bags. One famous boxer, George Foreman, went on to invent the popular
tabletop grills which make eating healthier. A wrestling icon who has filled
the stands and the pockets of those who sold memorabilia connected to him is
Hulk Hogan. Being a gracious host to one of his number one fans, he even went
so far as to invite the lucky recipient to his home for one-on-one time with
the wrestler and his family.

Some companies with strong reputations who contract direct with athletes are:
Upper Deck, Steiner Sports, Mounted Memories, ALLAuthentic, and Schwartzsports.
Athletes may have exclusive contracts with companies such as these and won't
sign for anyone else because of obligations in their contracts. These dealers
document the signings and can prove authenticity. The company will handle any
and all signing on items sold in direct relation to that athlete.

Not only do their signatures gain wealth because of their fame, the contracts
often include the nickname, initial, autograph facsimile, voice, video or film
portrayals, photo likeness and image or facsimile image of the athlete. The
athlete, though bound by these legal limitations, is also very well compensated
for their involvement. So, sometimes it will seem as though an athlete is just
being rude by not signing autographs, there may be legal limitations which
won't allow them to share that privilege without prior approval.

It is possible to buy direct from show promoters on a presale basis. You can
attend public signings, buy from a company the player owns, or even invest in a
company that deals directly with athletes. Some offer 20% returns on short-term

PSA-DNA is an authentication service that grades collectibles. You can submit
your item to them for authentication. Items such as bats, baseballs, and even
saddles can be authenticated. Saddles? Yes, saddles. Humans aren't the only
ones to enjoy the fame of sports. Horses that race are also treated like
royalty by adoring fans! I'd say a saddle is a direct collectible, wouldn't you?

When is the Best Time to Buy College Sports Memorabilia?

If you are an entering freshmen more than likely you will want buy some college
sports memorabilia shortly after you arrive on campus. You no doubt have been
waiting for this moment for years and you can hardly wait to parade around in a
T-shirt or something with the College name on it. You are finally in college and
very thrilled about it. And even more so you can hardly wait until the first
football game. There is no doubt that you will wear something with the school
colors and the school name on it. You want everyone to know that you have
finally become a part of this great school.

More than likely the upperclassmen have settled into college life. Some
upperclassmen have whole wardrobes of T-shirts and other college memorabilia.
If you look in the Dorm rooms, on the cars, the book bags, and even from the
dorm windows you will see plenty of college sports memorabilia. So just about
anytime you want to you can buy college sports memorabilia. Some will say to
you that the best time to buy college sports memorabilia is when something
spectacular happens. Take for an example if the football team happens to win
the conference championship, there is a mad rush to buy those special T-shirts,
caps and what have you with the event on it. In fact sometimes there is such a
rush that items are quickly sold out. The best time to buy college sports
memorabilia is right after the event takes place. When you do you have more
choices to pick from and you will more than likely be pleased with what you
were able to get.

The best time to buy college memorabilia is when ever there is something going
on around campus and you need to represent your school. It is not uncommon for
students to buy more than one item after a successful conference season. That
is why the best time to buy college sports memorabilia is right after the
event. There are always people back home sisters and brothers, aunts and
uncles, grandparent, parents and just plain friends who will have these items
sent to them. If you are not one of the first ones in line you will have to
wait for a reorder if the items are sold out quickly. So you will have delayed
gratification and also delayed jubilation if you want to have something
representing the most recent achievement. The other thing you must factor is 
the most valuable player of the event.

If you are looking for something with that hero's name on it the best time to
buy college sports memorabilia for you will be to camp out and stand in line so
you will get what you are looking for. This happens all of the time so be
prepared if you are looking for specific sports memorabilia. A shirt for an
athlete who is picked for the pros will sellout first. So it just depends on
what you are looking for and how soon you want it as to when you should buy
college sports memorabilia.

All About Ohio State Sports Memorabilia

If you are looking for Ohio State sports memorabilia, it is a no-brainer. You
really don't even have to look hard to find something with Ohio State on it.
When you are a large division one NCAA school with a winning athletic program,
every vendor will try and have something representing this program. The website
is full of information about the buckeye program. There are any numbers of
websites selling Ohio State sports memorabilia. It just depends on what you are
looking for and how much you want to pay for it. If this is the case then you
may very well find what you're looking for on one of the auction sites like
eBay or Yahoo. Then you will have a chance to somewhat controlled the price by
making your bid. Make sure you know what you are bidding on. Whenever you are
bidding on the web look for the dealers rating and comments made by previous
customers. This will give you some insight about the person you are dealing

In some communities there are malls with athletic shops and sporting-goods
shops. Don't fail to look in these stores, because they carry merchandise from
all of the storied programs such as Ohio State. Anytime you find a school,
college or university with a successful athletic program and always in the news
more than likely any sporting goods store you go into will have some of their
merchandise. These sporting-goods stores are licensed to sell merchandise from
these colleges and universities. Even with these stores it is necessary to look
at your merchandise closely.

One way or another copies have found their way into some of these stores. It
was not too long ago that a major store in a mall was cited for having illegal
sporting merchandise. Nevertheless it may not have been intentional but an
example of not knowing what you are buying on the wholesale market. It is a
safe bet that when you buy directly from Ohio State you have what you are
looking for. Large schools tend to have their own sporting-goods stores. These
stores generate funds for the athletic programs. Usually the conferences that
these schools represent will have a sporting goods store also. Proceeds from
the stores are shared among the member schools. The Ohio State sports
memorabilia is placed in the conference stores and sporting-goods shops along
with memorabilia from other big ten colleges. In most of these conferences this
is a shared venture even among those schools that do not have breaking news

The Ohio State buckeyes have alumni scattered all across the country. Therefore
there is always a demand for the Ohio State sports memorabilia. But even if you
have never even seen the state or the Ohio State campus you know there are
those who idolize the unseen. There are also those "would have been and should
have been" fans waiting to cheer on their favorite teams. This is especially
true among those who played the sport. So no matter where you are you will
always find some Ohio State sports memorabilia.

Who Are The Boston, Ma Sports Memorabilia Dealers?

In a wide open community where there are plenty of professional talent in the
form of professional teams and college teams Boston, Ma sports memorabilia
dealers are not hard to find. These areas provide plenty of locals to buy
sports memorabilia. When you have favorite teams like the Boston Celtics and
the Boston Red Sox it is not hard to fine dealers spread out over the
community. And don't forget Boston College and other local schools and
colleges. Throughout the summer months and before winter rolls around again
there are plenty of outdoor events with dealers selling sports memorabilia.

Most communities are noted for having swap meets, carnivals, community fairs,
and other outdoor events that will give dealers a chance to sell their wares.
When you have professional teams in the community the home games draw plenty of
out of Towner's to the area. So it is not uncommon to find street vendors in
competition with land vendors selling all kinds of caps, buttons, flags, tote
bags, blankets, statures, and other kinds of models. Did you know that there
are Boston, sports memorabilia dealers who follow the team? Wherever there is a
demand you will always find a supplier. These dealers stay on top of things and
keep abreast of new merchandise when it becomes available on the market. Make
no mistake about it some of these dealers are very knowledgeable about the
products they sell.

If you shop around long enough you are sure to find something that you have
been looking for. It is always great to see a professional game because there
is no other way to get a taste of the game atmosphere. Watching it on TV is a
great way to see the game if the other avenues are not opened to you. But if
you are a collector of sports memorabilia there is nothing like being in the
presence of these professional players and their fans support. The added
benefit is that you will find Boston, Ma sports memorabilia dealers at these
games and it just may save you a few coins when you buy direct. Don't forget in
this area there are also well known colleges and universities with sporting
goods shops on campus selling their wares. So you can easily see that there
will be no problem in finding dealers who are selling sports memorabilia not
only for the Boston teams but other teams as well. Boston, Ma sports
memorabilia dealers are scattered all over the area. Some are located in the
mall as well as at conventions and other large gatherings.

Don't fret if you don't find what you are looking for are at one gathering if
you have the time and resources you may find what you are looking for at
another location. Remember that some dealers specialize and sell only one kind
of license sports memorabilia. Be very leery when you find street vendors
selling sports memorabilia too cheap. More than likely, this is not a licensed
merchandise and you are not getting what you think you are getting. From time
to time the counterfeit patrol will confiscate this kind of merchandise and put
the vendors temporarily out of business. When you go where the action is you are
sure to find some unusual sports memorabilia.

Las Vegas Offers Sports Memorabilia

Sports lovers can be sure to find items of interest in the ever-popular Vegas!
A partial list to get you started include: Numis Gems, The Upper Deck Store,
Field of Dreams, Gallery of Legends, Baseball Cards of Las Vegas, Hall of Fame
Sports Cards, Casey's Sports Cards, Sports Card Mania, Sports N More, A Al's
Stars, Fans Hangout, Woody's World, Starslive 365, Baseball Card Heaven, and K
& B Sportcards.

Tired of shopping and need a break? Try renting a dune buggy for some fun
before heading back to the shops to finish your search for that special sports
item. There is a place called Sun Buggie Fun that rents for around $90 an hour.

When you're done having fun in the sun, head for the wonderful restaurants that
flaunt their famous sports memorabilia for all to enjoy. If you want something
besides the run-of-the-mill sports items, remember that fishing is a sport as
well. You can enjoy the collections of this type memorabilia in the Silverton
Casino or the Village Sea Food Buffet. Don't forget the fishing shop that has
gained in popularity in just the last few years, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.
It isn't just your usual fishing supply store. It has a museum-like atmosphere
and an indoor aquarium for the enjoyment of both you and your children.

Are you interested in wrestling memorabilia? Caesar's Palace Colosseum has held
several wrestling events. It has also been a place for boxing, car races, and
Robbie Knievel. Wrestling even undertook pay-per-view events at Caesar's Palace
in 2006. Are you looking for sports memorabilia in the form of comic books?
There is no shortage of comic book collections in Las Vegas! A short list of
stores include: Kool News, Maxstuf Comics, Velvet Underground, Alternate
Reality, Dark Tower Comics, Dreamwell Comics, Black Thorne Hobbies, Heroes
Playground, I Buy Comics, Bronze Tablet, Comic Oasis, and the Silver Cactus

You can find memorabilia for the sport of racing at Race Rock Cafe. Or Nascar

Remember to watch out for forged memorabilia. As wonderful as Las Vegas can be,
there are also those who prey upon the unsuspecting collector. One store owner
was fined $25,000, a $100 assessment fee, 6 months custody, four months in a
half-way house, 200 hours community service, and is under a 2 year supervised
release. He was barred from the business of sports and celebrity memorabilia
and has to pay restitution to the victims of his crime.

One places of business that reached fame in Las Vegas was the Official All Star
Cafe, which was owned by six famous sports figures. These were Shaq, Agassi,
Montana, Seles, Woods, and Gretsky.

Maybe you would like to visit the Harley Davidson Cafe. They have plenty of
motorcycle memorabilia. They feature specialty bikes found only in this cafe.
There is a huge 28 foot high, 15,000 pound Harley replica coming out of the
building front as advertisement you just can't miss.

Besides all this, Las Vegas is known for its casinos and plenty of sports
memorabilia can be seen on display there as well.

Sports Cards and Memorabilia Stores in Houston, Tx

How do you find sports cards and memorabilia stores, Houston, Tx? This is
Longhorn country. Have you ever sat in front of the TV on a Saturday afternoon
and watch one of the Texas Longhorn games? The attendance is unbelievable. If
you are looking for sports cards memorabilia stores, Houston, Tx if you watch
the TV screen closely at these games you will see every kind of memorabilia you
can ever think of for the Texas Longhorns. This is truly a college community and
a sports minded community. You'll be able to find just about any kind of sports
card or any other kind of memorabilia that you have ever thought of. There is a
wide assortment of sports cards and memorabilia stores, Houston, Tx for your
shopping pleasure.

Don't forget now that this is a large community and vendors tend to flock to
areas where there are plenty of buyers. Don't be too busy to examine the large
quantity of sports cards that are available. You will find baseball cards,
football cards, basketball cards, golf cards and more. There are a lot of card
collectors and you just may be able to do some trading with other collectors
while you are in the area. Sports cards and memorabilia stores, Houston, Tx
will give you a wonderful opportunity to enlarge your collection. You will be
able to find memorabilia in the form of apparel, baseballs, footballs,
basketballs, helmets and masks, trophies, even replicas of Memorial Stadium.

These items are found for a variety of teams including the Houston Rockets and
local colleges in the area. But even more so these stores will provide you with
an opportunity to find memorabilia for most of the large schools and most of the
professional teams. Be prepared to take your time and shop around for the best
values and prices. On the local college campuses the assortment of items may be
greater for that particular school. These stores are usually open to the public
and you will get a chance to see the array of memorabilia that is available.
Even in the college bookstores you have many items that you will be able to add
to your memorabilia collection.

The good thing about sports cards and memorabilia stores, Houston, Tx is that
sometimes the athlete may visit the store while you are there. Just think what
it would be like for you to get a closer look of your sports hero. You just
know when the opportunity will come. You are usually simply amazed at the size
of the athlete close up. Don't forget there are other stores in the area with a
sports memorabilia inventory. Some of these stores are found in museums and
sports complexes such as the Houston Astrodome. What you cannot find in one
place you may very well be able to find it in one or more of the specialty
shops that are in the area.

The large hotel chains lease retail space in their complexes therefore you may
be able to find a sports store with in your live in zone. When you are able to
find these kinds of stores and eating facilities what a convenience it is not
to have to find your way around in a large Metropolitan area.

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