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Sports Nutrition

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What is Sports Nutrition?

Almost all of the people, occupying this world, dream of being a sports
superstar. You long for that feeling when thousands of fans scream your name
when you are about to win a game. But unfortunately, only those with extreme
discipline, hardwork and talent get to experience that.

Talent is not the only secret of being a sports icon, it is also the way they
get their nutrition. You see, sports nutrition is different from normal
nutrition because with sports nutrition, the athletes require more nutrients to
keep their energy up during their various activities. Athletes perform strenuous
activities, that is why more nutrients are needed to keep them running.

Athletes lose a lot of fluids during their game. And like everyone knows,
dehydration is one of the biggest problems in the athletic world. Getting tired
and thirsty will affect an athlete's performance, just as it affects anyone
else's, except that it makes the life of an athlete a lot more difficult to

Everyone knows that an athlete's performance is the reason why they get paid,
seriously. So basically, if you are an athlete and you want to have that
winning edge, then you better get that right nutrition. When you drink enough
water and eat a balanced diet and also get the right sports nutrition, your
body can utilize energy efficiently and also fuel top performance.

You can make the most of your athletic talents and have more strength, power
and endurance when you get the right sports nutrition. These are not just for
boasting purposes, however, athletes do have their own way of boasting the
above mentioned attributes.

Your diet should be based on different factors and this should involve your
age, size, physical condition and the type of sports you are engaging yourself

You should first consult your doctor about your diet and not just decide one
for yourself. They have the license and they are extremely professional at it,
which is why they can give you the right advice on your proper diet and
nutrition that you should have.

You lose a lot of fluids everytime you exercise. Just imagine the gallons of
sweat you lose when you are pumping that body of yours. That is why water is
the most important factor in sports nutrition. It is not the only factor, but
in truth, it is the most important.

It makes up about sixty percent of your body weight and is involved in almost
all of your bodily processes.

As you probably already know, your body cannot produce and store water, this
serves as the main reason why you should replace all fluids that you eliminate
while doing your exercise, or else you will have to suffer being dehydrated.
With athletes, they require more water than the normal eight glasses a day.

Drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after any kind of sports activity to
prevent over-heating and dehydration. At least try to drink the same amount of
water you lose due to sweat. There are also various sports drinks that are good
for longer events. Getting hydrated will definitely help boost your energy.

Eating a balanced diet is another key to sports nutrition. The right
combination of calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats gives you more
energy for top performance. These nutrients perform certain actions that will
help your body as you perform strenuous kinds of sports.

Carbohydrates are the most important fuel source. It provides a minimum of
sixty to a maximum of seventy percent of our calories. Carbohydrates are found
on almost all of the food you consume. Food rich in carbohydrates are fruits,
vegetables, pastas, breads, cereals, rice and many more that are too many to

Your body converts sugar and starches from carbohydrates to glucose, which is
the main source of energy of the body. Your body also stores the glucose into
your liver and muscles giving your body a reservoir of energy. The more
carbohydrates you have, the more energy you can give out. If you run out of
carbohydrates, you can also get energy form proteins and fats.

You can get your proteins from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, dairy
products and other foods. Proteins provide a minimun of fifteen to a maximum of
twenty percent of your daily calories. They are used in tissue and muscle build

Sports Nutrition Information

If you have definitely no idea on what sports nutrition is all about, then this
article on sports nutrition information might enlighten you.

It is good to know about sports nutrition, not only because you are an athlete
or thinking of being one, but it can also help in your nutritional status. This
kind of nutrition does not just apply to athletes, though you would first
perceive that upon reading its name. Sports nutrition actually applies to
everyone, only that it is concentrated on athletes.

Good sports nutrition is not only about what you eat, assuming you are an
athlete or would want to become one. It is also about the degree of importance
of the food that you eat.

Researchers have come up with sports nutrition information saying that what
athletes consume before and after a session of training makes a very big
difference on the recovery and performance.

Diets that contain ideal nutrient combinations enhance your performance and
also your recovery, at the same time improves the integrity of your muscles. So
diets that have an exaggerated amount or excessive amount of a certain vitamin
or mineral, or lacking otherwise, do not help your body at all. In fact, it
makes your health worse, if what you have left after following this kind of
diet from quite some time can actually still be considered as 'health'.

Carbohydrates and proteins can do wonders for your stance. However, you must
not neglect pieces of sports nutrition information saying that for a better
training and workout to occur, the carbohydrates and proteings must be combined
at the right time. Why? It is because nutrient timing is one of the many
strategies that can deem to be very beneficial for those who exercise daily.

Sports nutrition information will also tell you that if you want to fight the
obesity epidemic face to face, then you must first increase your daily intake
of calcium in your diets. Calcium can't only help your bones and also help you
avoid bone diseases or illnesses, but it can also do a big thing in fighting

When taking in carbohydrates, you have to know if these carbohydrates are
needed by your system. If you take certain carbohydrates that are not essential
for your health, then there is a big tendency that your health will be

So, as mentioned, you must take in adequte amounts only. You also have to be
aware of which carbohydrates are good or which are bad. Bad carbohydrates are
carbohydrates that will have an adverse effect on you. So who would want bad
carbohydrates in their system? Most definitely not you.

Everyday, athletes are faced, and sometimes even ambushed, with an abundance of
very delicious foods that are very accessible for them. Sometimes even too
accessible, which becomes a reason why some, or rather most of the athletes,
find it hard to say no to consuming them. But if good performance or success is
the goal then health must come first, and say no to those foods that are very

Everyone knows that self-control is part of being an athlete, but this
self-control does not just apply to the performance or temper but also to the
food that is being consumed.

For the majority of the human population, eating is the only part of the day
that can be considered pleasurable; it is like saying that life without
strawberries can be grim.

The only explanation to this is that many people have learned to depend on food
for comfort when you are feeling lonely, isolated or stressed. It is a horrible
coping stress mechanism. Yeah, it could undermine your stress for a few minutes
as you eat, but when you are done with that, you will feel a lot worse when you
look at your fat self in the mirror.

There are numerous approaches to dieting and many empty claims for fake
successes with fad diets. There are the calories restriction, high protein and
fat or low carbohydrates, low fat or high fiber. There are pieces of evidence
that strongly suggest that people may have different kinds of responses to
specific diets depending on whether their weight is too much distributed
towards their abdomen or not.

Sports nutrition information is not so hard to understand at all. There are no
complications, only contraindications. So basically, sports nutrition
information will tell you what to eat, what not to eat, why and why not and
what are the effects of all of the options that have been mentioned.

The Best Sports Nutrition A Day Or Hours Before An Endurance Sports Competition

What is the best sports nutrition for an athlete? There is no definitive answer
to this. No athlete has the same need. It all depends on the physique of an
athlete and the kind of sports that he or she is into.

So, if you are contemplating on joining an endurance sports competition, the
best sports nutrition for you is the nutritional table fit for an athlete that
expects long hours of vigorous physical activity and mental alertness even when

Endurance sports test the physical and mental fortitude of an athlete; if you
are not well fed for this kind of competition, it would be better for you if
you would back off from the competition.

Best Sports Nutrition for Endurance Sports Athletes

- Best sports nutrition a day before the event

Do not overwork yourself on the day before the event. It would be wise if you
would only do stretching and a few kilometers of jogging, eat protein rich
food, hydrate yourself (a lot!) and rest for the rest of the evening because
you need to get up early, as early as four hours before the game.

The best sports nutrition in endurance sports is hydration. You should be
hydrating yourself even a week before the game. This is to keep your body
cleansed, fueled and watered for the coming event.

If you only hydrate yourself on the day of the event, you won't hold too much
water. Most of the liquid that you intake will only seep out through sweat. So,
if you want to go to the game in full tank, drink lots of water beforehand.

Another best sports nutrition tip that you must learn by heart is to eat food
rich in protein, to keep your muscles in shape, and carbohydrates so that your
glycogen stores would be at their best. You can hydrate yourself well with
sports drink that contains minerals to balance your electrolytes level.

- Best sports nutrition hours before the event

Eat a meal before you run. This is the best sports nutrition advice that you
should keep in mind. You need glucose to keep your blood sugar in normal
levels. Glucose fuels the brain and the muscles during an activity.

If you lack glucose in your body, you cannot think properly because your brain
does not have enough fuel that it needs. Worse, you might faint even before the
race begins of hypoglycemia.

Having enough stores of glucose in your body will keep you alert and going even
for long hours of physical activity. So, don't forget to eat a light to moderate
meal before you race.

Long hours of running, swimming and bicycling will definitely deplete your
glycogen stores in your liver. So, a carbohydrate rich meal will be your best
choice of pre-race meal. It can quickly restore your reserves of glycogen in
your liver and put the fulcrum back to normal. You can bring with you
carbohydrates bar which you can munch while running, and drain it down with
water or sports drink.

According to health experts, best sports nutrition tip to get the carbohydrate
you need is to eat food that you know won't make your stomach upset. Stress can
induce diarrhea. Add up food that your digestive system hates and you will see
yourself sitting on the throne while your competitors have started running
after hearing the gun fire.

When to eat your pre-race meal? The sports nutrition experts recommend one to
four hours before the assembly time and then nibble 50 grams of carbohydrate
every hour before the game starts.

Instant oatmeal, bananas, low fat milk and energy bars are good sources of
carbohydrates. Always follow a meal with water or sports drink. Never drink
soda or caffeinated beverages because they will work of you as diuretics.
According to the best sports nutrition magazines in the country, caffeine
drains the body of fluid.

Add up salty foods to your meal. Salt will help you retain more water in your

The World of Sports Nutrition

Advancements in medicine and an increase in capitalism in the world as well as
other factors all contributed to the development of the field of sports

As scientists learned more and more about our bodies and the optimum level of
strength and physical fitness they can harbor, businessmen jumped the gun and
manufactured products and services that actually help athletes meet these
optimum levels. The media joined in the ruckus and published materials leading
to the promotion of both the scientific and the commercial side of the field.

Sports nutrition has been changing through the years around the world. It's not
just that the topics are different -- the emphasis and approach have also

Peak Performance, a sports magazine carried an article on dehydration in
runners on October 1990, its maiden issue. This article compared the benefits
of plain water with those of dilute glucose solutions, which are more isotonic
and therefore absorbed more rapidly.

Today, go into almost any supermarket, convenience stores and even school
cafeterias and you'll find a ready supply of sports drinks aimed at maintaining
hydration just like glucose solutions.

The difference is that by using soluble long-chain glucose polymers instead of
simple glucose, it's now possible to create an isotonic hydrating drink which
also supplies significant amounts of carbohydrate to working muscles. And, the
good thing is, sports drinks also taste better.

More than 10 years ago, it was made public that muscle damage brought about by
free-radicals may be reduced by having supplements of antioxidant vitamins A, C
and E. Years after, antioxidant supplementation became a norm in the world of
sports nutrition.

Now, researchers are also beginning to understand that muscle damage is a more
complex subject. It is difficult to assess free radical damage in athletes and
it has been found out that large amounts of antioxidant nutrients may actually
cause cellular damage and impair performance.

The "Carbo loading" technique has been widely used over the years by athletes
all over the world. A carbohydrate-rich diet is important in maintaining muscle
glycogen stores thus ensuring high endurance levels. However, in the 1990's it
became clear that the 'glycaemic index' and release rate of different
carbohydrates had important influence on when they should best be consumed in
relation to physical activity.

The relationship of carbohydrates and proteins were also discovered namely that
carbohydrates promote protein-sparing in the body. It was also discovered
recently that consuming carbohydrates before and during prolonged bouts of
strenuous exercise can help protect the immune system.

One of the most exciting recent developments in sports nutrition has been the
rise of creatine supplementation. The use of creatine is now very common.
Creatine renews the muscles essential energy source, ATP or adenosine
triphosphate. Increased levels in muscles optimizes energy turnover meaning
you'll more energy for high power exercise and faster recovery during and after
workouts. Creatine also increases the athlete's maximum effort, delays fatigue
and therefore prolongs endurance.

New wisdom and therefore new products have definitely enabled athletes to fuel
themselves better, work harder, train longer and recover more rapidly. However,
as in any kind of innovation there will always be downsides.

Nutritional supplements available to most athletes in the 80's were very
straightforward. Some athletes took drugs but the boundaries between
nutritional supplements and drugs clear. Today, the race to find new formulas
to boost performance has resulted to the availability of sports nutrition
supplements which do not really occur naturally. The result is that the
distinction between a nutrient and a performance-enhancing substance has become
increasingly blurred.

Some of these supplements contain ingredients that can cause athletes to
violate the rules and regulations governing their sport because of
unintentional contamination by other, 'exotic', substances present in the
supplement manufacturing environment.

More developments will be created in the world of sports nutrition and these
will definitely spawn ethical questions. "Nutrigenomics" -- the relationship
between genetics and nutrition -- will be more researched upon.

As scientists become more skilled at discovering the processes of our genes, it
will be possible that rather than adopting a general approach for sports
nutrition, athletes around the world will be genetically tested to help them
determine precise individual requirements for optimum health.

The next years will predictably be more exciting for the world of sports

Sports Nutrition: Energy Levels and High-vitamin Diets.

Good nutrition is very important regardless of which sport you do. A variety of
nutrients are needed in your daily diet to keep fit and healthy.

A balanced diet should provide the right proportions of carbohydrate, fat,
protein, vitamins and minerals, water and dietary fiber.

Energy is the most important nutritional factor for any form of physical
activity. Carbohydrate and fat are the main fuels used by exercising muscles.
Vitamins and minerals are also crucial in energy metabolism. A diet deficient
in vitamin and minerals can compromise sporting performance.

The importance of a high-vitamin diet

In order to obtain vitamins and minerals, athletes need to eat a wide
assortment of nutrient-dense foods in amounts that will maintain energy
balance. This means that a person must consume 1,200 to1,500 kilo-calories a

Meeting vitamin and mineral requirements when energy intake is 3,000 kcal/day
or higher (as is among male and female ice hockey and cross country skiers) is
actually easy. Even athletes whose energy intakes may be about 2,000 kcal/day
can meet their vitamin and mineral needs from food alone.

As long as a wide variety of foods are eaten, vitamin and mineral intake is
adequate. Supplementation therefore is not necessary.

High in vitamins are fruits and vegetables. Many of these are good antioxidants
sources as well. High-color food choices mean high vitamin content thus high
energy storage. Look for yellow-orange, red, deep green, and blue in your food.
For athletes, five to nine fruit and vegetable servings are recommended each
day. Grains also contain both vitamins and minerals.

Is more better?

Athletes usually meet two-thirds or more of the Recommended Dietary Allowances
(RDAs) for vitamins and minerals. Athletes who have high calorie intakes of
about 5,000 to 6,000 kcal/day may achieve 200% or more of the RDA for some
vitamins and minerals just from foods they eat.

Despite this fact, most of the athletes who are concerned with sports nutrition
take supplements to boost performance. While vitamin and mineral deficiencies
impair physical performance, research indicates that supplementation of a
nutritionally adequate sports diet does not improve physical work capacity,
endurance, oxygen consumption, cardiovascular function, muscle strength, or
resistance to fatigue.

For example, because B-vitamins release energy from nutrients, athletes with
high energy expenditures have increased requirements for B-vitamins. However,
eating more food provides the needed extra B-vitamins.

When are vitamin supplements needed?

Vitamin supplements are commonly used if an athlete's diet is not enough for
his energy requirements. Vitamin supplements provide "health insurance," as
sort of back-up to ensure optimal sports nutrition.

Multivitamin supplements with no more than 100% of the Daily Value (DV.)
provide a safe and adequate balance of vitamins. However, it should not be
forgotten that the goal is still to eat a wide variety of foods. Food contains
fiber and a multitude of phytochemicals that provide many health benefits.

Supplements should never be replacements for food. While many sports
supplements contain the antioxidant beta carotene, at least 450 carotenoids are
only found in food. Antioxidant value exists in other carotenoids as well.

Minerals for injury prevention

Minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc are especially important for athletes.

Recommendations of calcium intake are based on levels than can promote calcium
retention, maximize bone mineral density, and inhibit bone loss. Lower calcium
intake subjects the athlete to increased risk of stress fracture. Food that
provide good calcium stores are the following: dairy products, fish with bones,
broccoli, and fortified cereals and juices.

Iron makes up hemoglobin, myoglobin and oxidative enzymes and affects oxygen
transport and aerobic metabolism. To achieve optimal aereobic endurance,
consuming adequate amounts is a must. Iron depletion, the first stage of iron
deficiency is the most common type of iron deficiency among athletes. Lean red
meats, dark poultry, fortified cereals, whole grains, and legumes are good iron

Zinc, which is found in meat, poultry, seafood, and whole grains, is essential
for protein synthesis, healing, and immune function. Zinc is also found in
antioxidant enzymes and enzymes involved in energy metabolism.

Although minerals are needed to work hand-in-hand with vitamins to ensure good
sports nutrition, we must remember that consuming any mineral excessively can
interfere with digestion and the absorption of other minerals. This may lead to
mineral imbalances. Also, all minerals can be toxic in large doses.

Sports Nutrition Protein For Your Exercise Regimen

Let's be honest about this. Every athlete wants to be considered as somebody in
his or her chosen field. And this is true with every single athlete. This is
true about you.

But if you want to be recognized as an athlete, you've got to have the right
nutrients in your regular food intake, specifically sports nutrition protein.
While it is true that drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet is
enough for the regular guy, sports people -- you included -- need additional
nourishment, for the efficient production of energy and fuel.

Your rigorous training must be accompanied by the right amount of sports
nutrition protein. This will help you maximize your athletic talents and in the
process gain more power, strength, and endurance as you train.

The dynamic of these factors is simple: you've got the talent and are properly
driven so you are into sports and need rigorous training. To endure the
training, you need sports nutrition protein. And to prepare your self for the
next training, the more will be your need for a sustaining formula, like sports
nutrition protein.

The benefits of sports nutrition protein

Let us start with proteins. Proteins come in animal products such as poultry,
meats, fish, eggs, dairy products and plant based stuff like beans, nuts, and
other foods. These foods should provide 12-15 percent of your daily calorie
intake. And this is where the challenge lies -- how to extract the needed
percentage from this food without consuming the excess bulk becomes a problem.
This is exactly the reason why sports nutrition protein was formulated.

The reason behind this is very much like what you have with vitamins. You take
vitamin C in its elemental form because, in order to obtain the needed amount
of vitamin C, you have to eat lots and lots of oranges and guavas daily. Same
with sports nutrition protein. You don't need to consume kilos of meats and
beans on a daily basis.

But why take protein? Because protein is the guy who gives your body the power
to create new tissues. But since your body can only take so much, extra protein
is either burned for energy or converted into fat. For this reason, a right
amount of protein, particularly present in sports nutrition protein is needed.

Other factors to consider

The amount of protein you will need depends on your fitness level, work
regimen, and the intensity and duration of your exercise. Total calorie intake,
which includes carbohydrate, also plays an important role in your protein
intake. But bear in mind that protein, is not only a source of energy, but
exactly gives your body the power build new muscle tissues.

When is reconstituting new tissues needed? When tissues undergo a bit of
"destruction" during heavy exercise. But don't worry about this destruction. It
is needed by the body to exercise its immune system (hey, your own immune system
also needs an exercise, just come to think of it).

Also during exercise, the entire array of your body's healing power is
summoned. This dynamic of the human body is lost to many, specifically for
those who do not believe on the necessity of involving into sports, or even
simple physical activity.

In terms of the nature of your exercise, you will need sports nutrition protein
as deemed necessary. If you're a starting athlete, you will need much more
protein compared with what you need before you embarked on this journey. And if
the type of sports that you are in is an endurance type, you will often burn
protein for fuel. The need for sports nutrition protein is more pronounced.

You should also consider that you body burns more protein if you do not consume
enough calories for this is your body's way of compensating to maintain ideal.
Not enough food and nutrients coupled with too much exercise causes this to

On the other hand, your body may also use protein for energy if you exercise
with low levels of muscle glycogen (a stored form of glucose, yes, sugar) or if
you are doing sustained exercise without consuming enough carbohydrates. This is
the reason why specially formulated nutrition, like sports nutrition protein, is

Sports Nutrition Programs

A carefully designed sports nutrition program must be in place to be able to
achieve desired results.

These programs will work best if they are based on scientific research and
feedback from various competitive and recreational athletes through the years.
This fact should be confirmed first before fully engaging oneself in any type
of program.

Adherence to what sports nutrition programs advise will significantly bring in
positive results.

However, just the same, one should be attuned to his body and to the
information that it conveys to further bring in positive outcomes. The
suggestions in the programs must be in synchrony to what is actually and
currently happening in the body.

Moreover, one must take careful note that any sports nutrition program does not
intend to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses. There has to be a
consultation with a physician first. This should be the case most especially if
the program includes very strenuous physical activities or exercise routines.

Sports nutrition programs vary depending on the needs and targets of an
individual. For a very active person intending to maintain general fitness, for
example, there is a specific program for him.

Intake of a recovery drink after workouts containing carbohydrates and protein
may be essential for those working out at least seven hours in a single week.
Drinks such as Ultragen and Endurox R4 are recommended. The protein will help
the muscles recover faster from workouts, enhance the immune system, and elicit
a positive response in spite of stress during training.

Intake of multivitamins and antioxidants is likewise essential as such will
fight the cellular damage that may take place as an effect of free radical
activities induced by exercise.

Moreover, supplements such as Endurox Capsules not only help the body cope with
stress during training, they also decrease body fat levels. This is just an
example of a sports nutrition program for those who are geared at maintaining
general fitness.

On the other hand, for a competitive athlete, there might be some differences
in his own sports nutrition program which appears to be stricter.

Energy drinks or energy gels must contain carbohydrates which are known to
sustain energy in spite of regular stressful and tiring trainings.
Carbohydrates also replenish reduced muscle and liver glycogen and prevent

Supplemental protein must be taken in as well as it promotes muscle recovery,
enhances the immune system, and makes one stronger in spite of stress. Both
carbohydrates and protein must be taken in during or in-between heavy workouts.
Multivitamins and antioxidants are equally essential as well as high performance

HMB supplements are mostly recommended as they have been proven to
significantly improve aerobic endurance, hasten recovery from stress, and
reduce levels of fat in the body. Furthermore, fats in the body are further
reduced if the supplements are coupled with Carnitine.

A lot of factors are common in both sports nutrition programs. However, the
difference lies in the amount, timing, and regularity of intake of the
above-mentioned factors. Thus, it is indeed very important to identify how
strenuous the exercise or physical activity will be before starting with any
program. Also, one must be completely aware of the current condition of the

These sports nutrition programs aim to bring out the best in all workouts and
gear up the body for future activities, whether for competition purposes or for
overall maintenance of fitness.

Whatever the case may be, it remains very important to choose the most
appropriate program. Otherwise, positive results may not be expected and may
even bring in the extreme opposite. Careful examination should be done early on.

Sports nutrition products -- a need or just a marketing invention?

Even if you are into sports, you'll only need your regular diet plus plenty of
water. Thus, you do not need a sport nutrition product. Right? Wrong.

The need for sports and sport nutrition product

Records of antiquities show that athletics has been an integral part of
earliest man's life. Athletic life was originally meant for survival through
gathering food or for self protection. Later, it developed into a contest for
strength, speed, skill, and mental sharpness. With the passage of time, these
activities evolved into what we now know as different forms of exercises, or

Our ancestors even then, fully understand the need of our body for exercise and
other forms of physical activities. They instinctively know that in order to
maintain their health and further developed their physical whole being, they
need to have some activities. And from this early, they understand the need for
a special food, the modern version of which is our sport nutrition product.

Basic dietary patterns of our ancestors

Evidences about prehistoric people's diets can be glimpsed from the artifacts
used in food preparation such as milling, baking, and ultimately cooking. From
these bits of information, we are informed that the basic diet of early Greeks
and Romans for instance was a perfect combination of plant and animal products.
They ate several variety of cereals, vegetables, fruits (fresh and dried), and
lots of wine (usually diluted with water in varying degree).

Early Greeks' main meat source is that of goats. In Italy it was pork meat
products specially bacon. Beef was occasionally eaten, particularly after
sacrifices in numerous temples. Milk, and perhaps milk product, was a very
popular food. Fish and poultry were also part of the regular diet. The slight
difference of these early people with our modern diet is that olive oil was
consumed in greater volume than butter. The oil was also a main source for
household lighting.

Combined with good sport nutrition product, this diet, a formula made thousands
of years ago, is a perfect dietary program for a modern sports man. Our
ancestors knew then, that although foods abound in nature, there are several
nutritional sources that fit better a healthy lifestyle.

Sports nutrition product

Fast forward into our modern setting. It is important for athletes to have good
nutrition for maximum strength, optimum agility, endurance, and improved overall
performance. The foundation for any successful athletic program is a good
combination of a well-thought based on whole foods (veggies, fruits, whole
grains, and proteins, remember the Greeks?) supplemented with a special sport
nutrition product, and course a good regimen of exercise.

While it is true that dedication, good training techniques, and genetics are
still the main element in an athlete's effectiveness, the lack of a proper
nutrition coupled with the absence of nutritional supplement like sport
nutrition product can inhibit an athlete's performance in any other forms of

Without a good eating habits combined with sport nutrition product, pre-games
and competitions proper may end disastrously. Optimal nutrition is only
attainable with perfect dietary practice, combined with sport nutrition product
as important element. It is only thru a sustained adherence to this good
combination of regimen and sport nutrition product that a stellar performance
is assured.

Sports nutrition product sales increasing

In 2003, it was reported that overall retail market for sports nutrition
products, reached the value of $3.1 billion. Beverages accounted for 63 percent
of sales, according to a new report Packaged Facts. However, these drinks have
been marketed more for general nutrition, rather than sports benefits. Packaged
Facts confirmed that physically active adults were only 10-percent more likely
to use sports beverages than the general adult population.

But at least this is a start. It would still take a while before people
realized that a good and sound body is never possible only by eating
traditional foods, but by following a particular sports, combined with healthy
food, and of course, with sport nutrition product.

We should learn from the early Greeks and Romans. By experience, they have
learned that involving in a regular physical activities and consuming a
well-balanced nutrition can result in a long and fruitful life.

Nature And Nurture: Sports Nutrition Jobs

There are different kinds of sports nutrition jobs that you can apply for. But,
you must be applying for these jobs because you are truly interested in helping
others, primarily athletes, and also interested in sports nutrition in general,
and not just because you are desperately need of a job.

If you are great with personal relations and always has a smile on your face,
then you can use that smile in facing your customers as a sales representative.

This sports nutrition job is an opportunity for you that makes you responsible
for looking for buyers for your company's product line of products that are
mainly prescription for adults and oral nutrition. But it would be best to do
so in your company's territory hospitals, long term care facilities and
companies that regard home care.

If you really want this sports nutrition job so bad, then you can try to be an
ideal candidate. Being an ideal candidate does not mean that they will be the
only ones that can be accepted, but if you are an ideal candidate, then you are
advantaged to have an edge, compared to others who have none.

You can be an ideal candidate if you have a four year degree in nutrition, so
what is preferred is a registered dietitian. But still, you can have a minimum
of a one year of experience in a field clinic and also to some outside sales
experience that are prior to your application.

You can also be a full time clinical dietitian. To be one, you must be
interdisciplinary, inviting and involved. Why? It is because this is the kind
of environment you will experience as you serve a nutritionist, a mentor or as
a counselor to the patient's families and to the patients themselves.

As a full time clinical dietitian, you will be ensuring your patient that his
or her nutritional needs are being met. So you have to assure your patient that
there is nothing to worry about.

You must also document the nutritional status of each of the patient that is
under your observation. Also provide your patient and his or her family with
counseling or education about that certain patient's status and the various
operations or assessments that will take place.

To be able to have this sports nutrition job, you must serve as one of the
members of that hospital's interdisciplinary health care team. And also, you
should also lead in nutrition in-services.

To be able to be more successful in this sports nutrition job in your bag, you
can be a registered dietitian with the commission on dietetic registration. You
should also have the ability to work independently, without any supervision, but
if supervision is needed, then at least only in seldom situations.

You should also have skills in prioritization and communication. Also, as much
as possible, you should be bilingual so that patients will not have a hard time
understanding you. And also, you will be much more preferred for this sports
nutrition job if you have already had two years of acute care experience.

If you cannot offer yourself to being a clinical dietitian for twenty four
hours, then you can be a part time clinical dietitian.

You have to join the hospital's interdisciplinary team environment because this
kind of environment will connect you with the patients and also with their
families. You also have to be registered and a licensed clinical dietitian to
be able to avail of this sports nutrition job, ranging from ventilator or
pulmonary, long term intravenous antibiotic or wound care and rehabilitation
and neurological recovery.

So basically, this sports nutrition job requires strong nutrition support

Sports nutrition jobs also offer a clinical nutrition manager. With this sports
nutrition job, you will have to manage a team of three diet technicians and also
one diet clerk, and all of you belong to a one hundred eight bed nursing

You will also complete clinical activities that include querterlies,
assessments, annuals, MDS, RAPS and care plan meetings. Not only that, but a
clinical nutrition manager also participates as an active member of the
management team regarding food service development.

These are only few of the sports nutrition jobs that you can apply for. Having
a sports nutrition job is not all about meeting the bigwigs, or taking care of
the superstars, but it is about helping other people recover, or if not that,
help speed up the recovery.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Have The Body And Endurance Of An Athlete

We envy athletes for their trimmed physique and endurance to long hours of
physical activities. They achieve the body and endurance that we envy because
of regular exercise, body training, proper diet and sports nutrition

Sports nutrition supplements may be in a form of capsule, powdered shakes,
liquid food and candy-like bars. What are sports nutrition supplements and what
they can do to your body are the things that you should know first before you
head to your local health stores for gallons of protein shakes, carbohydrates
bar, and amino acid capsules.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Vitamins and Minerals

Some people think that sports nutrition supplements such as vitamins or
minerals help enhance their performance in the field. According to many
experts, however, extra intakes of vitamins and minerals don't add up to
improvement in performance, unless of course the athlete is suffering from
vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

A well-balanced diet can meet most of the daily vitamin and mineral needs of an

You should remember to avoid sports nutrition supplements that promise
'megadoses' of vitamins and minerals to achieve a bodybuilding body, strength
of a weightlifter and speed of a basketball player. Many athletes pop these
sports nutrition supplements without question. Don't be like them. They are the
type of athletes who are most likely to suffer from bursting veins and even
arteries because of these super supplements.

Also, avoid sports nutrition supplements that claim to be 'herbal' in nature.
Don't self-prescribe vitamin oil supplements or 'herbal' muscle grower without
asking your physician first. Usually, these 'herbal' supplements go in the
guise of herbal supplement, when in fact they are capsules of steroids.

If you want to help your immune system, you can take megadoses of vitamin C.
Vitamin C is water soluble and excess of which is easily discharged through
sweat and urine.

To avoid sports anemia, especially to females who lose blood every month due to
menstruation, the mineral iron should be part of an athlete's list of sports
nutrition supplements. Iron, in blood, is responsible for carrying clean oxygen
to healthy body cells and removing carbon dioxide from them.

Athletes who have sports anemia have low hemoglobin level. You can easily spot
an anemic athlete: he is always exhausted and seems to be in fatigue.

Taking iron supplements should be done with caution. There is such a thing as
iron overdose. Consult your physician first before you take iron as part of
your sports nutrition supplement.

Sports Nutrition Supplements: Proteins and Carbohydrates

Protein and carbohydrate are two of the most important sports nutrition
supplements. Protein help the muscle grow and gain strength while carbohydrates
fuel the body for long hours of exercise ahead.

Although an athlete can get protein and carbohydrates through his daily diet,
he can get the large amount he needs by drinking protein shakes or eating a
protein bar. There are also carbohydrates supplements in powder and bar form.

These sports nutrition supplements may be added to an athlete's daily meal.
Powdered proteins and carbohydrates are delicious ingredients to a glassful of
smoothies or fruit punch.

If you love to bake your own pastries, you can add a tablespoon of these
delicious sports nutrition supplements to your flour mixture. A vanilla
flavored powdered protein may work for you. It is considered as the best
tasting flavor of a powdered protein.

These sports nutrition supplements are also good for people who are on the go.
They are good meal replacements for those who want to lose weight or meal
addition for those who want to gain weight.

Nonetheless, anyone who has decided to add these sports nutrition supplements
in their daily diet, they should also make it a point to exercise regularly to
synthesize and burn out those protein and carbohydrates in the body.

What Keeps The Athletes Going

If you are one of those ill-witted who perceive athletes as gods who don't need
to stop to take in air, or to relax when there is need for relaxation, then
perhaps it would be much of a disappointment to you to find out that athletes
are not so different from those who are not athletes for they also make use of
supplements to get them going.

It is part of their diet to take in supplements to have an enhancement of their
endurance, and also to increase or, if not increase, maintain the appropriate
muscle mass to be able to improve size and strength.

Protein supplements are part of sports nutrition, without these said sports
nutrition supplements; athletes would not be the way they are at present.
However, contrary to what most people think, diets jampacked with protein do
not necessarily build up muscle strength.

Building up muscle strength would be the job of regular physical activity. So
if you want those big muscles you have to do exercises, not necessarily at gyms
but could be also at your residences, daily. Doing so not by the day would not
be producing the same result if you do so daily.

Sports nutrition supplements need high levels of protein, which you can get
from protein-rich foods and enumerating all will be a total waste of space in
this article.

But to enlighten you, here are a few of the foods that are rich in protein.
There is fish, poultry and dairy products,and these are the foods you usually
get your protein from because some sources of protein are high in fat and also
in calories. So basically, you must take note which sources are high in fat and
which are not.

Yeah, sports nutrition supplements sound so good but they can also put a strain
on your liver and kidneys, which is the main reason why sports nutrition experts
discourage taking them.

Some other sports nutrition supplements also have high amounts of nitrogen,
which will only be excreted from your body as urea. But it is not as easy nor
is it as safe as it sounds for this said exretion oftenly causes fluid
imbalance, which will then lead to dehydration.

There is also a higher risk of heart disease due to the high fat intake
associated with sports nutrition supplements that have high amounts of protein
from animal sources.

Another disadvantage of sports nutrition supplements is that there is a huge
tendency that you will ingest amino acids that are capable of interfering with
other amino acids, which will have a result of a metabolic imbalance.

Sports nutrition supplements that have high amounts of amino aids can also
cause gout; diarrhea and stomach cramping that can rank from mild to severe

Even if sports nutrition supplements are being discouraged by sports nutrition
experts, Bricker Labs, a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer, still do a
lot of advertising and manufacturing as well.

Bricker Labs has over thirty years to blame for their success in their
provision of sports nutrition supplements. They do not apply to sports
nutrition only too, but also to weight loss, diet, health and other nutritional

So if you have plans to take any kind of sports nutrition supplements, then
Bricker Labs is probably the sports nutrition supplement manufacturer to trust.
Why? It is because they use ingredients that are safer than what other sports
nutrition supplements contain. What kind of ingredients, you ask?

They make us of the L-Carnitine, which is mainly there for weight loss, energy
and also for having a healthy heart function; Colostrum, which gives your body
a healthy immune system function and also gives your body an improved stamina
and also for an easier recovery in almost all cases; Vandayl Sulfate, which is
capable of growing your muscles and also has the ability to define your
muscles; Protein, everyone knows what protein is for and that is for sports
nutrition, and also for health and muscle growth.

Another is the Creatine, which is also for sports nutrition and muscle growth
but it also involves bodybuilding this time; HCA or Garcinia Cambogia, for
losing weight and suppressing your appetite; and last but certainly not the
least, Vitamin B-12, this one is for overall health and nutrition.

So what more could you ask for? Sports nutrition supplements give you what you
need, what your body needs and boosts your ego all the same time.

Sports Nutrition Supplements

If one wants excellent performance, he must train well and fill himself with
good nutrition. This must be clear to all athletes and health buffs. One cannot
cope with mere exercise.

A healthy diet and good nutrition must be the springboard of all activities. If
that is the case, optimum performance will come almost automatically and

Unfortunately, though, not all essential nutrients are available in food. At
times, also, some people have certain limitations when it comes to food intake.
With this, sports nutrition supplements are very important as they effectively
fill in the gaps.

Sports nutrition supplements need not be complicated. In the first place,
health must be within reach and never difficult.

However, it should not be seen as mere swallowing of pills or tablets. Sports
nutrition supplements are simple in a way that they generally mean three things.

First, smart training must be done in whatever sport one is in. Second, one
must be sure that most of the nutrients that he is taking in come from healthy
food. Third, sports nutrition supplements must be taken to fine tune

To identify what one needs to take sports nutrition supplements for, he must
watch what he eats. He must record what he craves for before, during, and after
the workout.

From there, he will see the trend of what nutrients he normally gets because of
the food he eats and what he does not get at all. He will then be able to
identify what needs sports nutrition supplements.

Indeed, both healthy eating and workout must be practiced well to eventually be
incorporated in one's daily routine. If one happens to lack the discipline, a
strict diet plan including both regular foods and sports nutrition supplements
must be laid down well.

This should be based on certain nutritional information that are
well-considered and that are incorporated to a workout routine that is most
favourable to the person. One must think of ways to make the routine likeable
as much as possible to ensure sustenance.

Setting clear cut goals at the very start will also help one identify and
decide on which food and sports nutritional supplements he must take in.

He might want to take into consideration target body fat composition, body
type, presence of good and bad fats, frequency of meals, cardio training, and
weight training. Such targets may likewise be good forms of motivation.

In the market, there have already been lots of sports nutritional supplements

In spite of such diversity, they may still be classified into the following
major categories: protein supplements, vitamin supplements, weight loss
products, creatine, glutamine, and protein bars. Popular brand names are as
follows: Xendadrine EFX, Hydroxycut, Muscletech, EAS, Twinlab, Optimum

Indeed, it may be confusing to choose as each brand would normally have unique
promises but one has to remain focused on the nutritional value of each and its
relevance to one's routine and needs.

The bottom line here is awareness of one's needs, practices, and goals in terms
of health. Without it, no matter how good the market of sports nutrition
supplements is, not one product will match well.

It is true that certain nutrients have been found to be commonly beneficial for
all but in some cases, there happens to be enough already in the body as they
are regularly taken in through food. This will obviously be not evident without
proper awareness and information gathering as well.

One must remember that these nutrition supplements are intended to fill in the
nutrition gap and not cause an excess that will only be harmful to the body.

Optimum Sports Nutrition

Majority of athletes and health buffs are very much concerned about sports
nutrition and they want to make it as optimum as possible, which is just right.
Sports and other physical activities can indeed be quite strenuous and stressful
for the body.

If not backed up by proper nutrition, these activities will adversely affect
the entire body. Thus, it is just best to always aim for an optimum sports

There is not one standard that will clearly identify what an optimum sports
nutrition is. Yes, there are several products in the market that are literally
labelled as such but they cannot automatically guarantee best results.

This is mainly because the results are not purely dependent on the product
itself. Instead, great consideration must also be given on the condition of
one's body. Only after identifying the body's current status will one be able
to know what sports nutrition is optimum.

The basics, though, of a sports nutrition that is optimum lie on three major

First, there has to be an intake of enough liquid which may or may not contain
additional components that are equally beneficial. Second, a suitable diet must
provide the body with appropriate nutrients. Third, certain supplements and
vitamins must come hand in hand with the first two to further boost their
impact on the body. Everything must then spring from these three fundamental

Indeed, an optimum sports nutrition for one person may not be considered
similarly by another. This is primarily because every person has unique needs
and goals, and is in unique circumstances. These should be considered carefully
at the very start.

The nutrients that are usually beneficial for any athlete are carbohydrates and
protein. These two play a major role in making the body cope with the extreme
stress that comes with the activities. They also boost one's immune system.
Most of the time, these are included in sports drinks. Also, the foods that
athletes eat are usually rich in these.

Generally, a physician is the best person to tell what the optimum sports
nutrition is for a certain person. This is so because he has a broad
understanding of the functions of the human body and its reaction to
environmental stimulators.

However, one must also take into consideration that a significant part of a
physician's diagnosis or recommendation depends on what one tells him, as not
everything is observable. Providing him with one's activity plans will indeed
help a lot.

Moreover, mere identification of the optimum sports nutrition is not enough as
religious adherence to it is what creates a significant effect. One must commit
himself to it no matter what. It has to be in constant partnership with one's
physical efforts.

An irregular nutrition program is not at all beneficial and may even cause
adverse effects since the body is getting confused with the nutrients that
sometimes do come in the body and at times do not.

This is also one of the reasons why one is discouraged to start with it if the
motivation is mainly just peer or societal pressure.

In such cases, more often than not, the nutrition program is not sustained and
is just put to waste no matter how optimum it was supposed to be. There has to
be a better motivation other than mere imitation of other people.

Sports nutrition must be optimum in any case. This is what every person
engaging in such should aim for at all times. The body is at stake so there
must not be a room for compromises. The best should remain one's target no
matter what.

Extreme Sports Nutrition for the Motorcyle Rider

The subject of sports nutrition has become unquestionably important nowadays
now that the whole concept of sports has become evolved and has been receiving
immense media attention. Athletes and spectators alike are now comprehending
the weight of the status that professional sportsmen now carries.

This realization has pushed lots of initiatives to produce the latest and most
effective in sports nutrition and training, not excluding those for extreme
sports. During the old days, athletes have relied steadily on the carefree
formula of fastfood fare and energy drinks.

Now that competition is growing more and more intense each day, athletes are
now acquiring the expertise of sports science experts to make sure that they
can maximize their physical and mental potentials to its outmost limits.

To have a better understanding of the efficacy and significance of extreme
sports nutrition, one can look at the training regimen in motorcycle sports,
one of the most popular extreme sports around.

A motorcycle rider takes in a lot of punishment in his body. Because of this, a
rider must consider his overall physical fitness as much as his technical skills
in competitions. He needs to establish hydration and stamina in his physique in
order to keep up with the rigors of the motorcycle events.

It is not really easy to survive, let alone win, in a 20-30 minute contest
under the most brutal of conditions such as extreme heat. It IS one of the most
difficult factors that should be overcome in any kind of sport.

If one would monitor the vital signs the athletes during these contests, one
could easily see that their heart-rates are performing at the most maximum

Sports nutrition is a major concern for motorcycling, since this sport involves
competing in adverse surroundings under very extreme temperatures.
Thermoregulation and hydration naturally are vital concerns.

Riders are faced with almost no time to hydrate themselves because an typical
motocycle event lasts about only 20-45 minutes. It is very important then that
motorcycle riders monitor their consumption of fluids closely days before the
competition, paying close attention to those days when practices are held up to
the qualifying rounds during the weekend before the main event.

Days before the competition itself, riders must take fluid, especially water,
consistently in order to achieve and maintain a steady hydration level prior to
the main event.

Aside from water, sports drinks must come in handy and must be ready in stock
all thoroughout the race weekend. Sports drinks with electrolytes like sodium
and with carbohydrates are particularly recommended. Carnohydrates will aid
greatly in putting off the occurence of a rider's fatigue.

The amount of sodium present in the drinks is a very important element for the
regimen. Sports drinks will high amounts of sodium can give back the sodium
that will be lost with the rider's sweat during the competition. Also, the
sodium will enhance the thirst of the body in order to make the cyclist drink
more water during the course of the competition.

Motorcycle riders involved in heavy competition to strive to consume 20-40
ounces of liquid every hour during his time at the racetrack and must continue
drinking about 20 ounces per hour after the track session. To effectively
monitor hydration levels of a rider, he can weigh himself on the scales every
morning and do so again after every session.

Two percent of the total body weight, and not more than that, should be
eliminated, and it muse be replaced with 150 percent of the water reduced on
that day in order to achieve maximum performance for tommorow's session.

The human body is composed of up to sixty percent with water. A slight decrease
in fluids can already have an effect on an athlete's performance, specifically
on the force capability of the muscles.

When the stamina and hydration levels is very well taken-care off, one can
pruduce a powerful motocross champion who can manipulate and maneuver his bike
at very high levels at the most stessful of situations.

So its extremely important that people, especially athletes, should not
overlook the importance of drinking water and other fluids. This is very vital
when it comes to competitions. It can be the factor that can make or break a
rider's road to victory.

Sports Nutrition All Over The World

It can be clearly noticed in the market that sports nutrition products come
from different parts of the world. The interest in such has indeed become
worldwide. Initially, people had the impression that it is only for those
coming from first world countries.

However, recently, people have come to realize that being concerned about
sports nutrition reveals one's attitude towards health in general. They seem to
have also realized that everyone is entitled to great health. Thus, a lot of
people appear to have started working hard for it.

Sports nutrition has indeed become worldwide. People from all walks of life
have become more and more concerned about it. Before, they were not that
conscious about the food that they eat, the nutrients that they get from it.
Now, however, the nutrition labels in almost all types of commodities prove
that people's curiosity for nutrition should indeed be addressed.

The incorporation of nutrition programs in several fitness centers and sports
facilities also support the worldwide concern for sports nutrition.

Before, fitness in terms of sports and exercise in general is seen as an
independent aspect and has nothing to do with diet and nutrition.

Now, however, people seem to recognize the fact that both are interrelated and
that each one would not yield positive results if taken individually. It
appears now that people are open to the idea that without a healthy diet,
performance may not be expected to be excellent.

Several campaigns and sales efforts in support of sports nutrition have
likewise been circulating worldwide.

In almost any country, one would hear of the availability of supplements,
sports nutrition programs, training on nutrition and health, nutrition
verification for athletes, and many others. Indeed, sports nutrition is not
anymore considered as for the First World countries only, but for worldwide
benefit as well.

Aligning targets in terms of sports to targets in terms of nutrition is indeed
very sound. In the first place, the body controls all activities.

A poor control system would definitely not bring in positive results. Sports
can be very stressful if not properly supported by the right nutrition.

The worldwide prevalence of sports nutrition also creates more vigilance in
terms of sustaining efforts which have started already. It somehow creates a
sense of pressure that yields favourable responses. Some people are indeed
becoming good role models in terms of sports nutrition.

The release of several books and other learning materials regarding sports
nutrition has further caused worldwide awareness. Not only are people given
concrete examples of successes of the past, they are also made aware that doing
so is not so difficult.

It only requires commitment and good motivation on the part of the person
interested. If before, a good balance between fitness and nutrition was very
complex to achieve, now, because of the practical tips coming from previous
experiences, it feels a lot easier to do.

Indeed, the coming years show more promise of worldwide sports nutrition
because of heightened awareness and interest in it. This is a very advantageous
thing for all as it somehow guarantees a healthier generation in the future.
Sports is not just about competition or making one's body look good
aesthetically, it also tackles the entire aspect of health.

As sports nutrition becomes worldwide, sustenance of previous efforts and
motivation should remain a concern. Sometimes, although societal pressure can
be a good point of motivation, some efforts simply falter after a while.

Both the dissemination of the idea as well as maintenance of established ones
should be taken good care of as health is a very essential aspect of life.

Sports nutrition is now a worldwide need

Physical fitness is a universal phenomenon. People from all walks of life
around the world are now more aware about the need to engage in any physical
activity to maintain their health. They are also more aware now that exercise,
as a discipline, needs a particular dietary program to go with it.

Collaboration among sports scientists from America, Europe, Africa, Australia
and Asia resulted in the development of world wide sports nutrition. There is a
growing efforts of collaboration among different sports nutrition, to share
among themselves, the latest findings in the world wide sports nutrition

One of the most interesting findings from this research, if not latest, is the
attitude of the peoples from every region or country engaged in physical
fitness. They seem to follow a pattern of "universality" with their attitude
towards sports and fitness.

1. Number one in the list is the preoccupation with "winning" aspect of sports
competition. This mindset had made athletes, coaches, and sports managers,
victims of sports and sports nutrients misinformation.

Many are convinced that their regular sports nutrition is not enough succumbed
to several drastic measures. Some have restricted their fluid intake,
frequented saunas, while others used laxatives. Some even reportedly went too
far as fasting. If you would ask me how in the world your body would develop
muscles while fasting-I have no idea. Base on this, a world wide sports
nutrition is in tall order.

2. Second from the list of findings is the overwhelming belief in excessive
training. While it is true that gradually raising your training or exercise
into a higher level each time as needed, overworking your body will do you no

You need to allow your body to heal or repair itself. There is a wide consensus
among sports experts that a full day is what your body needs to recover its lost
energy level after a strenuous exercise.

3. A more stringent exercise can make up for poor nutrition program. Here's
another argument why world wide sports nutrition is so important.

The findings talks about testimonials from several respondents, admitting to
regular visit with their favorite fast-food chain, while enrolled in a sports
program. The logic behind this attitude seems to be the belief of these
respondents that their "poor diet" will be burned out once they enter the gym.

This is a clear indication that there is still a need for a sports nutrition
awareness program wider in scoop. This prompted one respondent to comment that
perhaps, a website containing lots of information on world wide sports
nutrition would help.

Related to this problem is the amount and quality of food intake that is so
essential in every fitness or sports program. Many people still consider sports
nutrition as non-essential part of their fitness program. They seem to think
that food intake has little relation with their health program.

4. Another common widely held belief in relation to world wide sports nutrition
concept is the idea behind muscle growth. A lot of people believe that it is
during workout or exercise that muscles develop.

This directly runs counter the fact that during exercise, our muscles are
literally being destroyed and needed enough rest after exercise. But this
"destruction" should not be avoided because our immune systems depends much on
this destruction to recalibrate its defense mechanisms by stimulating its
arsenal of antibodies.

During the "healing process", i.e., rest period, the human body is flooded with
natural chemicals to help the muscles heal it's own system. This body chemicals,
was found out, to stimulate the slowdown switch of cell ageing.

In simple terms, the more people work out, the more their cells age slowly. But
again nutrition is central to this, because human body depends on the food
intake as basic energy. World wide nutrition then, becomes an important concept
for the understanding of this phenomenon worldwide.

And this amazing process does not happen during the exercise regimen. This
healing process happens during the night, while a body is at rest. It seems
that evolution had really decreed that it needs mammals, particularly humans,
to be at rest, while it do wonders.

This is the reason why we will never outgrow the need for sleep. The human
body, an incredible machine as it is, needs rest, and sustenance, as evidenced
by worldwide sports nutrition.

Worldwide Sports Nutrition Pure Protein Drink Fruit Punch

Pure protein drink fruit punch is one of the most popular sports nutrition
worldwide next to pure protein drink in vanilla and chocolate. This protein
drink fruit punch helps athletes improve their physical endurance, game
performance, increate energy and mental alertness.

This sports nutrition known worldwide contains a large dose of protein, which
an athlete needs to build more muscles. It is also packed with vitamins,
minerals and other necessary elements to boost energy and strength for your

These great tasting, pure protein drink fruit punch are convenient meal
replacements for those who are in a high protein, less fat diet or as a meal
addition for those who are in high protein and carbohydrates diet. For busy
people this sports nutrition is a great alternative meal whenever you are on
the go. You can buy a canister of pure protein drink fruit punch in any health
stores, worldwide.

Pure protein drink fruit punch is available in a variety of fruity flavors such
as strawberry, orange, grape and apple. Athletes and bodybuilders love this
sports nutrition because they lactose free, therefore well-suited for their
adult digestive systems. This pure protein drink fruit punch is low in sugar,
calories and carbohydrates.

The protein in pure protein drink fruit punch may come from whey, egg protein,
soy protein, milk protein, or calcium caseinate protein, or a combination of
all. Choose which protein will be good for your digestive system. If you are
lactose intolerant, avoid pure protein drink fruit punch made from milk
protein. It may cause you irritable bowel or even diarrhea.

To get the necessary or sufficient daily intake of protein in your body, you
can add pure protein drink fruit punch to your baking dishes. You can add it to
your low-fat, low-sugar cake, oatmeal cookie or carrot cake.

You will get all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your
body needs while drinking or eating (through your pastries) your pure protein
drink fruit punch. It is a delicious way to help keep your immune system at its

Worldwide Sports Nutrition: Adding Up Pure Protein Drink Fruit Punch To Your
Daily Diet

Contrary to the belief of many, including a glassful of pure protein drink
fruit punch in your daily diet will make an athlete fat. It is wrong. Protein
helps in adding more muscles to physically active people. Foods that turn into
fat when not consumed are those that are rich in carbohydrates.

So if you have an active lifestyle (even if you are not an athlete) your body
will greatly benefit with a glassful of pure protein drink fruit punch in the
morning or during lunch. This is a practice in worldwide sports nutrition which
you can integrate into your own personal diet and nutrition.

In the morning, your pure protein drink fruit punch may be added to two freshly
squeezed orange juices and half a glass of water. To mix the powdered protein
drink fruit punch with these ingredients, it is best to use a blender for that
perfect fruit shake effect. You can add some crushed eyes while blending for a
more refreshing morning drink.

Others mix it with other fresh fruits as a smoothie drink. Bananas,
blueberries, peaches or mangoes are mixed with three tablespoons of pure
protein, water or milk.

Worldwide, this sports nutrition is gaining popularity because of its simple
preparation for athletes and people on the go. In less than five minutes, with
the help of a blender, they can produce a nutritious fruit punch or smoothies
that are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are good for the body

This pure protein drink fruit punch is available in liquid or powder form.
Worldwide, however, the most popular form is in powder because a sports
nutrition drink in powder is fast and easy to prepare and do not turn sour fast
unlike the liquid form. Powdered pure protein drink fruit punch is pack in
gallon-like containers.

Sports Nutrition International

Sports Nutrition International is a leading manufacturer of quality dietary
supplements for athletes who put priority on strength-training and endurance.
Products by Sports Nutrition International are created through reliable,
peer-reviewed, published scientific research in muscle physiology vis--vis
athletic performance and nutritional science in the field of strength &
conditioning performance.

Sports Nutrition International offers a gamut of premium quality sport
supplements and specializes in thermogenics, energy powder, weight loss pills,
glutamine powder, creatine, weight gainers and energy pills. Ingredients are of
best quality.

The following nutrients are essential to most of Sports Nutrition
International's products:


This is the most abundant amino acid in the body. High concentrations are found
in skeletal muscles, lung, liver, brain, and stomach tissue. Intracellular
concentration of l-glutamine in the skeletal system makes up to 60 percent of
total body glutamine stocks.

L-glutamine is small in size and because of this it moves easily into muscles
thus preventing muscle-breakdown and supporting muscle growth. L-Glutamine also
helps the production of plasma arginine and glutamate--amino acids linked to

L-glutamine should be taken on an empty stomach to improve competition for

The body's tissues need more glutamine than the amount supplied by diet and
biosynthesis under certain pathological circumstances. During catabolic stress
intracellular glutamine levels can drop more than 50 percent. This is when
supplemental glutamine becomes necessary. In times of metabolic stress,
supplemental glutamine is released into the bloodstream, where it is
transported to the tissue in need.

Glutamine supplements may provide immune enhancement in endurance athletes.


Glutamine peptide is a kind of glutamine that supplies critical building blocks
for larger muscle mass. Peptide-bond amino acids are easier to absorb than
L-glutamine. Sports Nutrition International has added glutamine peptide to
Xtreme Pro Whey to enhance recovery and growth.


Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular and most effective bodybuilding
supplements today. This is because of its quick results in terms of size and
strength gains. Within 2 to 3 weeks of use a person can gain 5 to 10 pounds
with noticeably larger muscles.

This nutrient is naturally produced in the body and stored in muscle cells as
energy. It is found in lean red meats and green leafy vegetables. However as
people cannot eat voluminous amounts of these each day, supplementation is
necessary to saturate the muscle cells.

Creatine renews the muscles essential energy source, ATP or adenosine
triphosphate. Increased levels in muscles optimizes energy turnover meaning
you'll more energy for high power exercise and faster recovery during and after
workouts. Creatine also increases the athlete's maximum effort, delays fatigue
and therefore prolongs endurance.



Xtreme Methoxy Rx is a superior anabolic formula that uses a combination of
supplements to help you gain incredible amounts of lean body mass.

Xtreme Methoxy Rx contains large doses of these potent legal anabolic
compounds: Methoxyflavone, Ipriflavone and Ecdysone. These compounds increase
nitrogen retention through working in different pathways.

Sports Nutrition International's customized Protein Rx blend, which includes a
combination of Whey Isolate, Whey Peptides and micro/ultra filtered Whey
Concentrate. Protein Rx obtains Glutamine Peptides, Taurine and Arginine to
boost protein synthesis, multiply recovery times, stimulate glucose uptake and
increase the release of GH.

The mixture also includes Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate plus vitamin B6, the
mixture of which enhances testosterone levels, helping you obtain an anabolic
effect and increase strength gains.


This contains pure whey protein and glutamine peptides.

Xtreme Pro Mass provides a delicious high carbohydrate-protein ratio (2:1) to
stimulate muscular growth after workout. This is an easy-mix, low-fat drink
with high and low glycemic carbohydrates which provides a sustained release of
energy to hard working muscle.


Xtreme Pro Pump is a creatine transport system that combines nutrients to
facilitate faster absorption into muscle cells.

Xtreme Pro Pump is made of quadruple stack of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vanadyl
sulfate, Chromium peptide, and d-pinitol. This formula helps improve insulin
response when blended with dextrose. This is vital for increasing muscle mass.
Ipriflavone, methoxyflavone, and zinc and magnesium aspartate as additions make
this formula a complete anabolic supplement.


This is made up of 100% pure whey concentrate, isolate and whey peptides.
Natural digestive enzyme complex is added to improve digestibility and
assimilation, thus reducing bloating commonly linked with protein ingestion.

Xtreme Pro Whey can be mixed easily with water or nonfat milk.

Nutritional Health in Sports

Nutritional health is very important. The nutrients that we take in are
practically the reasons why we are healthy or why we are not. It could also be
a grid to determine if we can eventually become sports superstars or not.
Nutritional health may be the main reason why you are tall, strong and have the
skills to be good in sports. This is also vital for having a strong mind and a
healthy body because of the fact that these nutrients fuel almost all bodily

In reality, many people fail to achieve a high level of nutritional health.
Some reasons why they are not adequately nourished is because of their lack of
information. Some people do not even know that what they are eating is bad for
them. Some food also lack nutritional facts that they should have on their
labels. And some just do not care at all.

People also have this misconception that what is tasty is good for your health.
It is really hard to resist unhealthy food because of their availability on the
market. Media also advertise more on unhealthy junk foods rather than healthy
ones. Unhealthy food may be a reason for us to be fat. If you want to keep
healthy, you must first get rid of unwanted fats and be fit as possible.

Some athletes also have low nutritional levels because of certain factors. One
is poor understanding of sports nutrition principles. They think that eating
many will make the healthy.

Nutritional requirements also differ among people depending on their training
program and personal characteristics like age, sex and body type. Their failure
to recognize these may also cause malnourishment as they may take too much or
less of their nutrients required.

Some athletes also diet too much compromising their nutritional needs. Their
lack of knowledge on nutritional facts also contributes to it. Their lack of
time and opportunity to eat and the tendency to skip meals is also one reason.
Overeating is also a factor of malnourishment because you might eat and take in
a lot of fats and unwanted chemicals that may be unhealthy.

The sports nutritional health can be broken down into the foundation of what
food is basically made of namely proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We should
get optimum amounts of these types for more energy and more muscle gains. You
can only lose more than one pound of fat per week if you exercise properly and
eat the right food instead of starving yourself. Starving will only bring you

If you are losing fat quickly by starving yourself, over dieting and doing too
much exercise, you may be at a risk of slowing down your metabolism and your
body might start using the glucose found in your muscles as a source for
energy. That is why losing weight bit by bit for a long period of time instead
of losing weight quickly is much more preferable.

There are toxins found in our fatty tissues and when we loose fat, these toxins
are released back into our body. Losing too much fat in a short period of time
means that you are releasing more amounts of toxins into the body causing us to
be sick.

On your diet, try to avoid eating food with too much saturated fat because they
are bad fats and will make you gain more weight. What you should do is to ingest
unsaturated fats of the good fat because it will help you lose weight.

By eating good oils like deep-water fish oil, flax seed oil and linseed oils,
you are actually aiding yourself as it rids your body of fatty deposits helping
you lose more fat. This weight loss program actually takes a lot of time so only
take measurements every two months to give you a better look on how your are
progressing on keeping fit and sexy and how much fat you are actually losing.

I discourage you on taking those commercial diets because they will only set
you up for failure and disappointment. These diets make you lose fat so quickly
that when you try to start eating again more than you did while on diet, you
will gain weight very fast. You should look for a way to lose weight in a slow
and realistic rate.

Here are some tips: First is to stay away from white sugar and all other
natural sweetener. You should also stay away from simple sugars and take in
slowly digested complex carbohydrates. Eat food high in fiber in order to
detoxify. And lastly, exercise. The right combination of exercise and nutrients
will give you a high level of sports nutritional health.

Sports Nutrition And Athletic Health

To those who do not know, it is quite a pleasure to announce that sports
nutrition health is extremely detrimental to an athlete's performance. Why
detrimental? This is what drives athletes to prioritize their health and
maintain a healthy lifestyle to be able to excel in their sport. How can you
play your sport well if you do not have the energy nor do you have the muscle
strength to run fast or to jump high?

However, there are certain factors that can prevent you from attaining that
sports nutrition health that is deemed to appropriate for your status.

You, assuming that you are an athlete or thinking of becoming one, must, first
and foremost, understand the principles of sports nutrition completely. What is
the point of staying healthy when you do not even know what being healthy is all

You must also avoid engaging yourself in false beliefs and misconceptions.
Myths are completely different from facts, and your sports nutrition health is
indeed a fact so do not, under any circumstances, mix unreal and unproven
principles with facts. Doing so will do a great deal in compromising your
health, thus, your career as an athlete.

You must also take note of nutrition requirements that are related to your
training program. Failure to recognize these said requirements would bring bad
effects to your health status. Why? You might be taking carbohydrates all right
but not in the right amount or in the amount that is appropriate for you. So
there will either be an excess or a lack, and neither is helpful for your
health status.

There is a fine line between having a good sports nutrition health and dieting
to lose fat. In fact, it is not just a fine line but a huge line. Do not
mistake them to be the same thing or else your health will be compromised.

You may have an extremely busy schedule, being an athlete and all, but you must
still consume appropriate amount of food. So you must manage your time well to
have an adequate time for eating. Time management is definitely the key.

For starters, you may not be financially stable right away, but that is how it
always is when you are just beginning. However, this scarcity of finances might
be a factor for you not to be able to attain adequate food supplies.

For those who are already making it big, your sports nutrition health should
always come first. This means you have to manage your money efficiently so that
you can have the appropriate supply of food, and still have enough to spend on
those blings.

Frequent travelling might also be a factor to a faltering sports nutrition
health. Aside from the fact that it is expensive, there is also a huge tendency
that you will be taking your food on the road.

This will then minimize the selection of your food to those that are portable,
which will leave out the food that are difficult for you to carry but important
for your sports nutrition health. The time for eating shoud also not be modified.

Sports nutrition health experts break sports nutrition health down to what food
is basically made up of, that would be protein, carbohydrates and fats. These
compononents are very important but an excess would be a cause of a nutritional

Fats are the things that you should be more concerned about since these are the
ones that "decide" what kind of figure to give your body. You must not lose more
than one half pound of fat in a week because if this happens, your body will
individually think that you are undergoing a fasting, trying to starve
yourself. If this is the case, your metabolism slows down since there is a need
to conserve calories that have been used and also since your muscles will be
used as sources of energy.

So listen to these tips and you will be on your way to stardom as a successful
athlete, but still keep your sports nutrition health very much intact. Why? It
is because without proper sports nutrition health, you will not have a chance
or an opportunity to be a successful athlete. An athlete yes, but a successful
one? Think again.

The Feminine Side of Sports Nutrition

Women have an entirely different body system compared to males. That is why
your, assuming you are a woman with interest in sports, nutritional needs are
different too. And like men, women are also capable of involving themselves in

Sports nutrition for women is also different. Women involved in sports and
regular exercise have some special nutritional needs. Although the basic
principles of sports nutrition for you and men are similar, you, and the other
women, involved in regular sports activities do have some increased needs for
certain nutrients.

This is because you are prone and at risk of dietary deficiencies. This does
not mean to say that men are completely immune, only that since women have
ongoing cycles inside their body, it is highly imperative for them to keep
nutrients up to be able to prevent disorders.

The key nutritional issues in sports nutrition for women include calcium and
iron. Weight control and eating disorders are also concerns of sports nutrition
for women. You need these nutrients for their body to perform properly.

There still has been no scientific explanation for this, but it is in truth
that women are very conscious of weight. So having a normal weight will give
you a healthy psychological system.

Calcium is a mineral that plays an essential role in growth. In sports, muscle
and mind coordination is important. It also helps in muscle contraction and
transmission of nerve impulses.

Another area where it is very helpful is in the development and maintenance of
strong bones. It will really play a big part in the sports nutrition for women.

Having adequate amounts of calcium during your childhood and adolescence is
important for deveoping an optimal peak in bone mass by your mid twenty's to
your early thirty's. This will then help you reduce your risk of acquiring
osteoporosis or the thinning of your bones.

Some women who are into sports are at risk of inadequate calcium intake, while
some are at risk of early osteoporosis due to the absence of appropriate amount
of calcium, or an irregularity of their menstrual cycle. So conclusively, sports
nutrition for women should have higher intakes of calcium.

There is a list of recommended dietary intakes of calcium for sports women
according to their ages. For girls with ages twelve to fifteen, they must have
at least one thousand milligrams of calcium per day. For teenagers with ages
sixteen to eighteen, on the other hand, should have a normal calcium intake per
day, which is eight hundred milligrams. For women who are having their menstrual
periods, they should also take eight hundred milligrams of calcium a day.

Post menopausal women should have at least one thousand milligrams per day of
calcium, while women who are pregnant and who are also breastfeeding should
have one thousand two hundred milligrams per day.

And, not to be the least, sportswomen who have an absent or an irregular
menstrual cycle, they should have at least one thousand to one thousand five
hundred milligrams in a day. It is detrimental for women to meet their required
calcium intake for normal functioning.

The mineral iron is used in forming hemoglobin, which is essential in holding
the oxygen in the blood as they are being transported to various parts of the
body. It is also an essential nutrient for energy production and immunity.

Athletes are more prone to iron deficiencies than anyone else in the world.
Women are at a bigger risk because they continually lose blood as they undergo
the cyclical process of menstruation. Plus, strenuous exercises contribute to
the loss of iron through the destruction of red blood cells. Inadequate iron
intake are associated with reduced athletic performance. Sports nutrition for
women require iron in big amounts.

Keeping your body's fat levels low is the aim of many female athletes. Excess
fats may be detrimental to performance. However, less fat or no fat at all
compromises the energy level of a female athlete. Low energy also affects your
performance, so it is really important that you keep the nutrients in your body
and follow sports nutrition for women for a performance of a superstar that you
have long been searching to experience.

Proper Education On Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is not that straightforward as it seems. To achieve desired
results, there has to be some form of an education about the functions and
processes of the human body, its reaction to the environment, its requirements
for certain nutrients, and many others.

The bottom line here is that there has to be an appropriate sports nutrition
education before anything is done to the body.

A good sports nutrition education program must lay down the basics. First, it
must advice the intake of the right amount of fluids at the right time.

Also, it must suggest a good diet that includes the right variety and amount of
food taken at a specific time.

Another basic info is the fact that only safe, appropriate, and effective
nutrition supplements must be taken at the right time. These information should
be the core or foundation of all other details presented in a sports nutrition
education program.

This education on sports nutrition has to be as updated as possible. As the
years go by, more and more products are being introduced in the market that are
said to advocate nutrition for athletes and those engaged in body fitness.

Before being lured by such products, it is essential that there has to be a
clear understanding of the components first. Moreover, the legitimacy of the
claims must be initially confirmed as well. Otherwise, instead of getting
better results, the opposite might take place.

Enough research and observations of previous experiences and circumstances must
likewise be available to an education about sports nutrition. There should be
facts but these have to be somehow supported by concrete incidents and

When buying a product, this explains why one has to survey first and avoid
being impulsive as previous positive or negative feedback says a lot about a
product. However, one need not be a plain imitator thinking that what works to
other people will similarly work for him. An assessment of individual
characteristics is also very important.

Sports nutrition education may come in several forms. A lot of institutions
have already been conducting seminars and other awareness programs to educate
people. Some sports and health facilities offer such seminars in-house while
some outsource for resource people.

Oftentimes, certain campaigns are purely aimed at providing education about
sports nutrition but there are others which launch such programs in support of
a sales and marketing strategy.

One should be careful with these types as the efforts may be too sales-oriented
and may take for granted individual needs and concerns.

At times, instead of looking at creating a more informed and educated society
about sports nutrition, companies are just too focused on achieving their sales
targets. With this, the real benefits of the products are usually not realized
since they were taken not in line with the actual needs of the body.

In several instances, it appears to be always best to consult a physician first
and foremost. They are the people most knowledgeable of bodily functions and
processes. They may be able to easily identify if intake of a certain
supplement or product is adverse or not.

All in all, one must take note that sports nutrition is no joke and that proper
education is really essential. It involves the entire body and may significantly
cause negative effects if not properly administered and controlled.

Health is greatly dependent thus, one should indeed be cautious. Sports is
generally positive and healthy but at times, it is coupled with improper
nutrition that significantly depletes its favourable effects. Awareness and a
clear understanding of the field and of one's body should be a prerequisite.

Sports Nutrition Education

As people realize that there is a dearth of information in the world to study,
the study of the world becomes more specialized in order for information to be
manageably processed for particular purposes. The study of medicine, for
example, brought forth a specialization in sports medicine. The study of sports
and also of nutrition was further compartmentalized into sports nutrition.

Sports nutrition as a higher education course has been attracting interest
among younger generations. As the world population turns to sports for physical
health as well as entertainment, sports nutrition attracts a lot of attention
and revenues and people specializing in increasing sports performance are very
much in demand.

Sports Nutrition education focuses on understanding how the body functions
during exercise and sport. Maximizing athletic potential and minimizing health
risks associated with sporting activity are two of the main topics of study in
Sports Nutrition Education.

Students of this course will consider the role of exercise in healthy
lifestyles, and in the treatment of various diseases, with emphasis on
interaction between nutrition (diet) and physical performance.

Sports Nutrition education also provides the scientific background, specific
knowledge and skills to address concepts and controversies relating to sports
nutrition, sports physiology and to explore the links between nutrition,
physiology, performance and health outcomes through the life cycle.

Sports nutrition education integrates principles of nutrition and exercise
physiology and application to exercising individuals. Common topics for
discussion include energy expenditure, fuel substrate metabolism, specific
nutrient needs, ergogenic aids, hydration, and weight issues for exercising
individuals and athletes.

In personal sports and fitness training, for example, the optimum way to get
the most out of their workouts and feel their best is by designing an
energizing, performance-enhancing nutrition plan, tailored specific needs of
their bodies.

Sport Nutrition education includes learning how to enhance clients' workouts
and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports
supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals.This is a sample module from
a university that offers Sports Nutrition in the collegiate level:

Level 1

Studies include an introduction to learning and assessment in higher education
and the wider context of your subject. 

*  Basic Sports Science 
*  Science for Sport 
*  Human Physiology 
*  Data Analysis 
*  Introduction to Nutrition 
*  Professional Studies 
*  Functional Anatomy

Level 2

This level addresses issues related to hire-ability and professional practice.

*  Exercise Physiology I
*  Nutritional Physiology and Biochemistry I
*  Human Nutrition
*  Research Methods
*  Nutritional Physiology and Biochemistry II
*  Biomechanics, Sport Psychology, Physical Performance Assessment

Level 3

Level 3 further develops your skills in independent problem identification and

*  Exercise Physiology II
*  Applied and Environmental Physiology
*  Energy Metabolism
*  Muscle Structure and Function
*  Sensory and Motor Physiology
*  Sports Nutrition

In practical terms, students of sports nutrition education learn:

*  How nutrients are taken in and how foods are digested and metabolized to
   provide necessary energy to fuel muscular activity.

*  Dietary patterns that maximize performance and prevent disease.

*  Research advancements in ergogenic aids.

*  Supplementation and the pros and cons of popular diet techniques.

*  Sample eating plans showing how to fuel for specific workouts.

*  How to distinguish among food, diet, and supplement options and understand
   which are best and why.

*  How to overcome food and weight obsessions.

*  How to lose undesired body fat while maintaining energy for exercise.

*  Strategies to boost energy, reduce stress, control weight, improve health &
   enhance workouts.

Employment opportunities

While enrolled in a Sports Nutrition Education program, it is still possible to
have relevant employment. Work placement can also be advantageous as it also
provides you with the benefits of industry experience.

The degree is excellent preparation for anyone planning a career in the sports
and fitness industries such as corporate health and fitness. The program is
also good for those particularly considering a specialization in the
nutritional aspects of performance enhancement.

The graduate of this course can penetrate family and community services, local
or state government agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, institutes of
sports, universities and colleges and also personal training. However, the
graduate of Sport Nutrition is not qualified to be a dietitian.

Sports Nutrition education also provides a systematic, general, scientific
training suitable for a wide assortment of careers. Many students also continue
onto a PGCE or Masters course in a related area.

Find more value for your money at sports nutrition depot

Let's face it. Sports nutritional supplements nowadays are as many as the
number of athletes themselves. And these do not include new products in their
early stages of manufacture, or marketing.

But is this bad? On the contrary, this can be a blessing. To appreciate this
fact, all we have to do is remember that in a free market, products are
competing against each other, forcing the manufacturers to lower the prices,
i.e., to be more competitive. This market, in practical terms, is the place
where you can find the sports nutrition of your choice. For the athletes, this
market is the sports nutrition depot.

Ok, so you want to go shopping for your sports supplement. But of course you
want to be prepared on what to expect with a certain depot. What should you be
looking for in this depot?

Carbohydrate specific products

Enough servings of carbohydrates before or during exercise r competition, be it
in solid or liquid form, will help you in during intense physical regimen.
Carbohydrates can also maintain blood glucose levels and increase muscle
glycogen, during intense exercise. Sports nutrition experts suggest that
athletes should consume up to 350 ml of a sports drink containing carbohydrate
every 20 minutes during exercise.

With solid carbs, the National Association of Sports Nutrition (NASN) suggests
that athletes engaged in regular physical activities should consume up to 10 gm
of carbohydrate/kg in a day. Typical American diet supplies about 5 gm of
carbohydrate/kg in a day, so this will give you an idea how much do you need
for consumption. But during exercise, it is suggested that athletes consume
from 30 to 60 gm of carbohydrate every hour to improve performance. Sports
nutrition depot displays almost all known carbo products in the fitness world.

Protein for your exercise recovery

Speed recovery is important to your regular exercise regimen. Nutritional
supplement with high quality protein is will aid muscle growth and repair.
Protein works with carbohydrate by producing enzymes to help carbohydrates
maintain energy levels. Sports nutrition depot abounds with protein enforced

Vitamin C for immune improvement

We all know that vitamin C assists us in fighting disease. Current research
also points to the role f vitamin C in restoring t-cell damage resulting from
physical activities, and even during extreme emotional stress. But the problem
is that several thousands of milligrams of vitamin is are needed to restore
t-cell function. This automatically rules out the dependence on the vitamin C
available at ordinary medicine stores.

Sports nutritionist also suggests that vitamin C should be consumed together
with other micronutrients, such as vitamin E, and Glutathione. If taken
together, the three micronutrients will help strengthen each other's
properties. Wide array of vitamin C and other micronutrients can be found in
sports nutrition depot.

Bee Honey for sustained exercise regimen

Ever wonder why the bees seem to be tireless? Studies after studies prove that
taking honey before and during exercise or any competitive activity improves
performance. Among weight disciplined athletes, only bee honey was proved
capable of maintaining blood sugar in consistent levels, even two hours after a
heavy exercise. Honey is also unique in sustaining restoration of muscle energy,
after the exercise. So don't be surprised to find bee honey products inside the
sports nutrition depot.

Glutamine for performance recovery

If somehow you've heard about glutamine before, the reason is inside your body.
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body. Your skeletal muscle and
plasma contains the most concentrated supply of glutamine. Glutamine is
important in the transfer of nitrogen between the internal organs. It also
plays an important role in detoxifying ammonia.

The discovery of the role of Glutamine is a recent one. But for more than a
decade before this discovery or confirmation form medical research, sports
scientists have known that this amino acid increases muscle recovery. Glutamine
products are also available in sports nutrition depot.

But before you troop to the nearest sports nutrition depot in your place and
buy everything that you need, be aware that dosages differ in everyone. The
rule of thumb is that dosage is different with everyone. The dosage that works
for you should be validated with inputs from your trainer or sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition and Quick Food Fixes

Athletes are busy people. They try to balance training with work, school,
family and other activities. With all these responsibilities, athletes consume
a lot of energy each day. Food preparation can become a challenge but it is a
challenge that athletes need to face since good sports nutrition help to
adequately fuel work-outs and improve performance and recovery.

Eating well should be a part of an athlete's overall training plan. But buying
well is a requirement for eating well.

Nutritious meals begin at the grocery store. If you purchase the right
ingredients, it's a cinch to whip up a nutritious and flavorful meal. Stocking
up with healthy staples is critical to good sports nutrition and will give you
many options when you get home from a workout. Here are some foods busy
athletes must be armed with.

Freeze Health

*  Frozen foods are time-savers. Many prepackaged frozen items let you use the
exact amount you need thus cutting cleaning up time. Leftovers are also instant
meals on a busy night.

*  Freezing is an important method of preserving most nutrients. Frozen
vegetables are a lot of help because they require no washing, chopping, or
peeling. Serve vegetables as a side dish, or incorporate into soups, sauces, or
pasta dishes.

*  Frozen fruit has longer shelf-life and are easily available if supply of
fresh ones is low. Frozen blueberries, mixed berries, and mangoes can be
blended into a smoothie with fruit juice and milk or yogurt or used as cereal

*  Chicken breasts or fish fillets that are frozen in individual packing are a
good protein source for your meals. Frozen meatballs provide variation and can
be easily mixed with pasta.

Pantry Staples

Canned products don't compromise nutrition. Upon being harvested fruits and
vegetables are processed to keep nutrients locked in.

*  Beans that are canned are nutrient dense, and will load you with the
important fuel for maximum growth and sports performance.

*  Canned tuna and salmon are rich in protein and omega-3 fats, which have been
shown to help conditions of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and mental health.
Pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches can be given another character by including
these in the recipe.

Peanut Butter is a good source of calories, and for busy athletes, an easy
fill. Use this as sandwich spread and top with a banana or enjoy with carrot
strips. Peanut butter is packed with healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats and
vitamin E.

Popular among athletes is the use of tomato sauce. Processed tomatoes are
concentrated with protective compounds. One half-cup of tomato sauce, for
instance, contains six times more of the antioxidant lycopene than a medium
fresh tomato.

Tomato sauce is usually cooked with pasta which is a staple of many athletes'
sports nutrition diet. If available, use the whole grain variety because
refined pasta has been stripped off of its vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.
Frozen bell peppers and tuna can boost protein content of meals with tomato

A wide variety of whole grains must be explored, examples of which are brown
rice and red rice. Whole grains take a little longer to cook so cook in medium
batches just enough to have leftovers for the next day.

In the Fridge

Fridge wonders include prewashed and ready-to-eat salad greens and carrots,
cheese, eggs, milk, and yogurt.

Soup: A melange of quick-fix ingredients

Soups combine the textures and flavors of the different ingredients mentioned
previously. Soups are not only satisfying but can contain the wide range of
nutrients available in its ingredients. Soups are easy to concoct and make
great leftovers.

Nutritious soups do not need endless chopping or toiling over a hot oven.
Canned or frozen vegetables can make up your soup and they can be fixed on a
microwave or stovetop.

To make minestrone in minutes, combine canned crushed tomatoes with chicken or
vegetables broth, canned beans, and frozen vegetables. Let simmer and enjoy.

To make gazpacho, in a blender or food processor, mix vegetable juice, canned
tomatoes, minced garlic, red onion, cucumber chunks, bell pepper chunks, splash
of red wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Vitamin C and
other important nutrients load this combination. Gazpacho can even help
decrease inflammation and oxidative stress.

Sports nutrition and exercise in the ancient times

Believe it or not, sports nutrition and exercise have been part of man's life
and his culture since the earliest time. Of course, sports during this time was
known as athletics. Earliest forms of athletics, however, were part of man's
basic need for survival, either to gather food or protect his family from
physical harm.

To a simple cave man who knows nothing about martial arts, a sturdy bone from
his last dinner may serve as a weapon against wild animals. This bone remnant,
coupled with some sharpened stone chips from his cave, is used for hunting.
Eventually, his regular hunting activities had developed into some form of
physical acts, without so much need to hunt.

Athletics was thus born. Athletics eventually developed into a contest of
strength, speed, and other skills. Sports would later developed out of this,
with the simple contest developing into a more complicated form of physical
activity, and with it the need for sustenance, completing the equation of
sports nutrition and exercise.

But even during the earliest time, athletics or sports was never a monopoly of
the male sex. In the Heraen Games for instance, women raced in honor of the
goddess Hera. The Egyptians had their acrobatic gymnastics for their temple
related activities. And, of course, the sports dance had evolved from religious
related dance performed in every major temple in antiquity.

To the early Greeks however, belongs the honor of elevating the sports into an
art form. The Olympic Games is the strongest argument for this. Also, the
Greeks, apparently knows that sports nutrition and exercise are two important
factors in any physical exercise. Even during this time, the Greeks had special
set of foods for their athletes.

Nutrition patterns of the early Greeks

In the Mediterranean world, Greeks particularly, goats is the most common
source of meat, and occasionally, beef from sacrificed cattle. Just like in the
modern day, milk was also considered as a must for a good meal, especially for
the athletes. Sports nutrition and exercise among the early Greeks meant also
the inclusion of other source of protein, fish for instance, which the seas of
Mediterranean is known for in the ancient times. Poultry was also part of the
early Greeks' diet.

Vegetables and carbohydrates were also considered as important element of
sports nutrition and exercise among the ancient people. Even among the soldiers
of the Roman Empire, a balance diet is important to maintain their strength,
both in the battlefield and during exercise.

Alexander the Great was known to have discovered the nutritional value of
onions that from Egypt, he brought some specimens and had these planted and
later cultivated in other parts of his empire. The Romans, just like the
Greeks, used cabbage not only as food, but also as antidote for their drunken
soldiers. Beets, turnips, artichokes, and radishes also form the long list of
edible vegetables cultivated and used during this period.

The ancient athlete's diet

Just like today's coaches, trainers during the ancient times occupied an exalted 
place among their people, and also among the athletes themselves. They not only 
provide exercise regimen for their athletes but also directly involve in the 
preparation of foods for their charges. Sports nutrition and exercise apparently, 
is a concept not lost to the early coaches and athletes.

From the foods that consisted the regular diet of the ancient athletes, such as
cheese, figs, and meal cakes, the attempt of the ancient trainers to developed
special meal for their athletes were apparent.

Though meat was not consumed in large quantities by the athletes during
originally, it was observed later that athletes who are given regular dosage of
meat for protein source, had more long lasting strength. It was in the fifth
century BC, when meat became a craze among the ancient athletes.

During this time, Slymphalos, an Olympic champion in the in the long-distance
race, introduced the meat diet to help athletes in their exercises. It was the
earliest attempt of a professional athlete to come up with a systematized
sports nutrition and exercise. Milo of Croton, won five Olympic awards from 536
to 520 B.C., was reputed to have consumed 9 kilogram of meat during his training

Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition

Feeling used up and impossibly exhausted even before the end of your physical
activity? If you are taking nutritional supplements and still feel the
exhaustion, chances are you're not taking enough of the elements your body
needs to function properly. Or, worse, you're not taking nutrition supplements
in the right amount.

And why do you need to take dietary supplements? Because your regular food
sources do not provide the right amount of nutrition elements needed by our
body. This need is obvious from the countless scientific studies and from our
practical experiences.

This is the reason why a nutrition supplement is a regular feature of the
American diet. And this is where Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition conveniently
sets in.

The people behind Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition are also mindful of the
special need of individuals who are into sports. In sports, nutrition
supplements become even more important.

Sports mimic the activities we humans used to have from the dawn of our
existence. From the simple gathering of edible fruits and roots from the
forest, to the more physically challenging activity of hunting, our ancestors
have faithfully relived the way the human body was created: to engage in
physical activity.

Deciding on what sports nutrition to take

Taking nutrition supplements, particularly sports nutrition is getting more and
more complicated. Dizzying names and brands are crowding onto grocery shelves
side by side with traditional ones like vitamin C, calcium, B-complex and iron.
They may take the form of capsules, pills, powders or liquids. How do we sort
through it all?

But before finally buying your Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition product,
consider the following bits of information usually used by many people before
taking a nutritional supplement.

1. Settle for a single effective nutritional brand. If you are into sports,
decide what brand of sports nutrition you think is effective.

Some supplements that we have taken before, even a whole nutrition program we
have subscribed into, may have helped us. This may lead us into thinking that
taking more would be better. This will cost us a lot, without providing the
expected benefit. This can also be risky since some vitamins or minerals work
to cancel each other's effectiveness.

The manufacturer of Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition made sure that a perfect
balance of these minerals is present in every capsule, or bottle of Rocky
Mountain Sports Nutrition that you buy.

In terms of dosage or concentration, Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition is
designed to complement what authorities generally agree are tolerable upper
intake levels or the maximum amount one has to take in a day. Amounts higher
than what is considered a standard level can be toxic,and Rocky Mountain Sports
Nutrition was manufactured exactly for this concern.

2. Harmonize your regular whole-food diet with the particular sports nutrition
brand you are taking. What you are taking for breakfast, cereals for instance,
may be fortified with vitamins and minerals. Choose between these numerous
fortified products that would go along with Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition.

3. Consistency. Once you've decided with what nutritional supplement brand to
take, be consistent on taking it regularly. Be patient, and have faith with
what you're doing. Some results may be observable immediately, while some may
take a little while. The secret is on the regularity of taking your chosen
sports nutrition brand. So, needless to say, don't leave your Rocky Mountain
Sports Nutrition supplement just lying in your fridge's vitamin shelf.

Your sport nutrition and your performance

In sports, even in any other activity, nothing is more important than
nutrition. If you want to develop your body, deciding on what particular sports
nutrition to take is very important. If your sports nutrition lacks with what it
should have, all of your training will be wasted.

Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition was specifically designed for all sports
activities, whether you're into running, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, or
mountain climbing. Your Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition will be the foundation
of your regimen.

Your overall performance in sports is largely a byproduct of your nutrition
habits. If you failed in choosing the right sport nutrition, your talent
notwithstanding, your performance will suffer.

It is true that a well balanced traditional nutrition is enough to support your
body's need on a daily basis. And Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition was not
created to challenge this age old adage. But life is more than breathing,
blinking, and sleeping. There is a life that fulfills the evolutionary design
of your body. Your Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition however, can take your body
into a higher level.

Whenever you are involved in physical activity, it is only natural to loose
some of your nutrients in your body. It is in this case that a good nutrition
supplement steps in.

Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition, when taken with a well chosen regular diet,
will give you the right amount of nutritional requirements needed by your body.
In many cases, nutrition supplements also serve as a buffer against nutrient
depletion during heavy activities or exercise.

Pinnacle Sports Nutrition

Pinnacle leads the nutraceutical industry by making sports nutrition
supplements and formulas for different sporting needs.

Alpha Dopa Growth Poppers

Pinnacle Alpha Dopa is a human growth hormone (HGH) which supports protein
synthesis, enhances lean body mass and reduces body fat.

It contains natural secretagogues which stimulates the natural release of
growth hormone in the body. Increased HGH levels stimulate muscle growth
through amino acid release, amino acid transport into muscle cells and burning
fat from fat cells. Pinnacle Alpha Dopa comes from soy.

Anabolx Plus 180 Caps

While non-androgenic and non-hormonal, Pinnacle AnabolX contains the most
powerful substances that capacitates testosterone.

If the bodybuilder is looking for non-hormonal substances for optimizing the
body's natural production of testosterone then the AnabolX is it. It can also
be used safely by women.

Estrerfied Creatine 400

This is the world's first and only fat burning creatine. CrEPSma2, which is
contained in this is not only by far the world's most anabolic creatine, it is
unequivocally, the world's first and only creatine that burns fat. Fat loss is
not just substantial, but it also occurs without exercise.

This is an Insuloregulatory Creatine because it dramatically increases insulin
sensitivity. It is also the first Anti-Catabolic Creatine because CrEPSma2
delays on muscle protein breakdown and adds new muscle.

Esterfiew Creatine 400 is the most stable form of creatine ever created.
CrEPSma2's pharmaceutical-grade structure protects creatine in the acidic
environment of the stomach, minimizing conversion to useless creatinine, thus
allowing for near perfect absorption in the small intestine. In a word, far
less creatine is needed to accomplish maximum muscle penetration.

EstroLean Caps

Aside from working on a hormonal level, Pinnacle EstroLean Fat Burner Supreme
works on a mental and nutritional level as well. Lessening estrogen levels
usually lead to weight gain in females.

One dose of EstroLean Caps contains natural phyto-estrogens which balances
critical hormones and optimizes your ability to burn fat, stay lean and
maintain a more positive emotional state. EstroLean also contains "heat-seeking
herbal metabogenics" to burn fat, curb appetite and provide extra energy. You
can actually feel a little warm.

This Pinnacale Sports nutrition product also has plant-based enzymes that
replace those lost while we eat processed food. These "super enzymes" helps you
absorb more key food nutrients and eat less.

Isomer E Softgels

Vitamin E searches the body for harmful free radicals and exterminates them.
Free radicals destroy cell membranes and are responsible for a variety of
health problems including Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, cancer,
diabetes, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Vitamin E defends all cell membranes in the body promoting better health and
immunity from illness and increasing virility.

NOX2 Tabs

Nitric Oxide in the body causes vasodilatation, an expansion of the internal
diameter of blood vessels. Vasolidation leads to increased blood flow, oxygen
transport, delivery of nutrients to skeletal muscle and a reduction in blood

An amino acid compound called arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG) and
arginine-ketoisocaproate (A-KIC) can boost short term Nitric Oxide levels thus
increasing strength and improving stamina.

Pinnacle utilizes the exclusive Advanced delivery system in NoX2 which eases
absorption of the active compound and helps sustain vasodilation effects around
the clock.

Rhodax Caps

Pinnacle Rhodax Caps help relieve everyday stress, anxiety, and mood changes.
It provides high quality Rhodiola rosea root extract, with a wide range of
adaptogenic functions which means it has normalizing actions on the body and
helps it adapt to stress.

Rhodiola performs stimulates the release of norepinephrine, dopamine and
serotonin, all modd-modulators. It also helps increase beta-endorphins for pain

Shredded Mass 622GM

Pinnacle Shredded Mass 622 GM stimulates lean muscle growth and reduces body
fat. This is the first and only fat burning creatine. This Pinnacle Sports
Nutrition product combines energy and mental focus agents helping even the most
serious athletes have the best workout of their life.

Shredded Mass 622GM decreases ATP activity thus slowing down muscle breakdown.
It also increases insulin sensitivity thus allowing for muscle production.

Work it 4 Week Body Toning Kit

The Pinnacle Work It total body sculpting and toning kit is a nutritional and
training system designed for the person aiming to enhance his/her physique,
energy, and overall performance. The kit contains 4 revolutionary dietary
supplements, a step by step training video featuring and a diet and exercise

9 Reasons Why You Should Use Optimum Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition plays a central role in any exercise regimen. Even if you're
born with natural physical prowess, this won't sustain you in your workouts. A
diet with enough nutrition will not only help you during exercise but will
stimulate the feeling well-being, inspiring you to continue with your regimen.

1. During workout, your body undergoes a tremendous activity unmatched by any
man-made machine. It is during this exercise that your manifest the genius of
its design. But it comes with a great price. Your body uses all of the strength
it can use, depleting in the process the energy reserves in your body. This is
the reason why you need optimum sports nutrition.

2. The harder you exercise, the faster the reserve energy depletion is. It
follows that during this heavy physical activity, you will be exhausted
tremendously. Worst, you wouldn't have enough reserve energy to sustain you
during the exercise. If you are using optimum sports nutrition, your body will
sustain itself, and will help to stabilize the sugar level in your body to help
it recover faster after the exercise.

3. Hours after a workout, it is natural to feel a lingering fatigue,
particularly if you are not taking optimum sports nutrition. This not only
slows your muscles' recovery but also will affect you psychologically. When
this happens, your entire body is affected, whose care is the very reason why
you're into sports in the first place.

4. Optimum sports nutrition was designed and formulated specifically to suit
your need before and during the workout. Optimum sports nutrition, aside from
giving you sustenance during the workout, will also give you "extra" nutrients
left for you to work with as the body heals itself.

But why engage in heavy workout and optimum sports nutrition in the first
place? Because your body will "learn" from this activities, boosting your
immune system in the process. Optimum sports nutrition also means optimal
capacity for your body to heal itself faster, bringing your body into next
level higher each time.

5. Optimum sports nutrition contains complex and simple carbohydrates blended
into maximum amount to give an exhaustible nutrients source. This perfect blend
carbs will help your body utilize energy without depleting your reserve energy
necessary for recovery. Many commercial sports nutrition uses calories for
their formula using simple carbohydrates that easily results in unstable flow
of blood sugar in your body.

If the sugar content in your blood is at the optimal level, oxygen consumption
assured, helping your body to sustain during intense exercise. Oxygen
consumption also helps in preserving the tissues, which need doubled amount of
oxygen during your regimen

Optimum sports nutrition after exercise

6. Optimal recovery is just as important as optimum energy during exercise.
Your fast and efficient recovery will help your body to heal faster and prepare
itself fort he next schedule. This is where optimum sports nutrition comes in
after your exercise.

7. After the heavy regimen, your body will automatically use all available
energy it can utilize. A nutritional supplement high in quality protein is
important to give your body the raw materials for muscle growth and repair.

8. Remember the early Greek athletes? They usually consume large quantities of
meat after every contest in sports. They already knew by then, that something
in the meat helps the body to recover after the unbelievably hard exercise.
This importance of the protein is not lost to our modern day bodybuilders. It
is not lost to them that protein goes a long way in maintaining health during
and after intense exercise.

This is also the right time to do away with what some sports "experts" today
proposes that high protein content in your sports nutrition will harm you. If
protein did not harm the early Greeks, so are you.

9. Last is the quality. Optimum sports nutrition gives you the highest in
quality standards, against commercially available nutrition sports. This is
your last safeguard against consuming substandard sports nutrition products,
which will put your training in jeopardy. This will also help you to realize
that quality is more important than taste. Don't look for ice-cream tasting
sports nutrients because taste is a matter of practice, just like your exercise

Nutraceutical Industry and Sports Nutrition

The role of food in total health care is not something new to mankind. The use
of food to maintain man's health is as natural as day and night. More than
2,000 years ago, Hippocrates, considered as the father of medicine, said, "Let
food be your medicine and medicine be your food." It is this principle that
eventually led to the explosion of the nutraceutical industry.

The nutraceutical industry is concerned with nutraceuticals, that is, " food or
part of a food that offers medical and/or health benefits including prevention
or treatment of disease."

All therapeutic areas such as anti arthritic, cold and cough, pain killers,
digestion, sleeping disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol, prevention of
certain cancers, osteoporosis, depression and diabetes are covered by

Products range from herbal dietary supplements, actual food components in
dosage form such as capsules or tablets to beverages fortified with vitamins
and genetically engineered designer foods, functional foods, processed foods
such as cereal, soup and beverages.

Functional foods, the most popular term among consumers are modifieds food or
food ingredients that may provide a health benefit beyond the traditional
nutrients it contains.

Nutraceuticals is widely popular in the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe and has
garnered $80 billion dollars in revenues. The demand for nutraceuticals has
been growing worldwide due to consumer awareness of the links of diet and
disease, aging population, rising health care cost and innovations in food
technology and nutrition.

Sports and Food

In the last decade, sports and fitness nutrition has emerged as one large
distinct category in the nutraceutical industry. Three main products
contributed to the market's dramatic 2004 growth:

* low carbohydrate products -- which grew by as much as 154%

* sports energy beverages -- which grew by 18%;

* sports supplements -- which grew by 6%.

Now, the $2 billion-worth sports nutrition industry has moved away from the
plain-tasting protein powders into a bigger pool of choices for customers.
Available in almost any drug stores or supermarkets are energy bars, meal
replacement products, protein powders, individual items (e.g., creatine,
L-carnitine), amino acids, herbs, prohormones (hormone precursors); vitamins;
minerals; and combination products. Because of this the sports nutrition
nutraceutical industry is considered a 'niche' market and an offshoot of the
mainstream food industry.

Competition factors for the Sports Nutrition Market

Product/brand differentiation

Because of greater saturation and competition in the marketplace sports
nutrition products look alike and sound the same. Maintaining a brand that
stands apart from the rest is difficult but a thing to strive for.
Research-substantiated claims.

Consumers' ability to make intelligent choices should never be underestimated.
People place more faith endorsements by university professors and doctors and
claims backed by independent research than by endorsements by celebrities.

Core products and strategies

A good strategy now is to focus development of core products or integrating
with large food and pharmaceutical concerns (e.g., Powerbar, BalanceBar).


For small companies that cannot or will not rely on strong distribution
relationships, e-commerce is an increasingly attractive option.

Basis for marketing strategy

The factors for competition stated above have been gleaned from researches of
what consumers are willing to pay for. Overall, customers want:

Something New

Retailers and consumers clamor for "new," whether it means new forms of
delivery (gels, effervescent tablets, functional beverages), new applications
of or combinations with existing products, or all-natural sports nutrition
products that are free of artificial ingredients and solvents.

Excellent Tasting All-natural productsConsumers are also looking for products
that taste good and are easy to take. Taste is a major feature that can either
make or break a product. The hunt is on for manufacturers to come up with
better and new flavors.

High quality and safe products

Regulatory agencies exist to protect the consumers. It is the responsibility of
product manufacturers to undertake sound research and prove the efficacy and
safety of their nutraceutical products. Products that are based on false or
misleading marketing should be and are banned and condemned.

Through product sales and advances in research and development, the Sports
Nutrition Nutraceutical Industry is now validating what was proven, early on,
by the fitness and nutrition pioneers -- sports nutrition products provide
easier access to a healthier way of performing and living.

Natural Sports Nutrition: Diet for Champions

They say that great artists are made, not born. The same could also be said for
athletes. Of course, genetics plays a large part in differentiating a mere
athlete from a sports champion, but to be able to attain that legendary status
in the Hall of Fame, an aspiring sportsman must go through the strictest of
diets that will help shape and strengthen the physique.

By drinking sufficient amounts of water and consuming a balanced diet, the body
can generate a lot of energy which will greatly help in boosting for top
athletic performance.

What are the factors to be considered in designing a complete and healthy
natural sports nutrition program?

1. Hydration

Obviously, the most important thing in natural sports nutrition is water. The
significance of water can never be discounted because the human body is
composed of sixty percent of it, and every bodily function cannot work without
water. The good old eight-cups-of-water-a-day recommendation is essential
because the body must replace the water it eliminates, like sweat and urine.

Here are some helpful reminders to maintain proper hydration:

- Instead of slugging humongous amounts of water in infrequent sittings, drink
  small portions in frequent durations.

- Cold beverages aid the body in cooling down body temperature, therefore
  cutting down the amount of sweating.

- One should drink 2-3 cups of water for every pound that the body losses after

2. Sources of Fuel

A balanced diet is another must for natural sports nutrition. Athletes must
acquire the perfect combination of calories that can be consumed from protein,
carbohydrates and fats, which are great sources of energy.

Carbohydrates are the most important fuel source, which can be found in foods
such as breads, pastas, rice, fruits, veggies and cereals. These foods can
supply the body about seventy percent of the needed daily calories. Carbs
provide the body the power and endurance it needs for short-duration activities
that involve maximum level of intensity. This fuel comes from the energy given
by sugar and starches that the body converts.

Here are strategies to maximize the potential of carbs:

- Start loading up on carbs at least several days before prior to the

- Carbs should be consumed in greater amounts in the duration of activities that
  lasts more than one hour to fend off the onset of fatigue.

Another imperative factor in natural sports nutrition is proteins. Athletes
should eat lots of dairy, eggs, meats, fish and chicken, along with nuts and
beans. Protein supplies as much as fifteen percent of calories in the body. To
determine the amount of protein needed by an athlete, the following factors
should be considered: his fitness level, the type of exercise along with its
duration and intensity, and his overall carb and calorie intake.

The last fuel source that is important for natural sports nutrition is fats.
There are two kinds: saturated and unsaturated. Although it is a significant
component in nutrition, the intake of fats should be strictly monitored. Too
much consumption of fats may lead to major health problems such as cancer and
heart disease.

The road to sports excellence is not easy. Along with fostering courage and
determination, athletes have to follow the strict regimen brought on by natural
sports nutrition. But all of these will be worth the trouble once victory is

The Sports Nutrition Industry: Keywords to Success.

Every developed and developing country is teeming today with manufacturers and
distributors of nutraceutical products that cater to professional sportsmen and
women and sport-minded ones alike. Health products of every type, size and taste
have abound. Today, the nurtraceutical industry is estimated to be worth $80
billion (U.S.) Just what are the factors of success in this highly competitive
field of sports nutrition industry?

The biggest sports nutrition players have come up with keywords to success:

Keyword: Research

Company efforts to advance the field of supplement products for sports
nutrition are the backbone of any industry. By supporting clinical research and
trying to foster a relationship with science advisory boards, the field of
sports nutrition is advanced. Eventually, consumers are able to receive
innovative, scientifically-based, safe and effective products.

Advisory boards have funded research projects on nutrition and sports
performance including research on creatine, HMB, CLA and glutamine among
others. Research grants are also provided to young scientists early in their

Large-scale sports nutrition industries commit over $500,000 every year to
independent analytical analysis to ensure that sports nutrition products meet
specifications. Investigations are also warranted. There should be rigorous
vendor certification or re-certification auditing program that helps companies
adhere to industry quality standards.

Keyword: Innovation

New products and technologies should be developed to provide the best quality
on existing products.

Consumers have a preoccupation of trying out something "new,." There should
always be innovation whether it means new forms of delivery (gels, effervescent
tablets, functional beverages) or new applications of or combinations with
existing products.

Keyword: Price

For Sports Nutrition consumers, price is still everything. In the U.S. for
example, even though people were getting laid off and the economy has been
unstable after 9/11 people still wanted to work out and stay healthy. This
coupled with higher oil prices has lead people to look for deals and good

Products must be extremely competitively. Sport Nutrition giants for example
rely on increased sales volume in exchange of lesser profit margins on each
product sold.

Quality, certification and taste matter but in the final analysis, consumer
want good deals on great products.

Keyword: Variety

What should retailers do to become their customers' first choice for sports
nutrition products? Carry a variety of lines that will offer clients with
options in supplements.

Retailers often opt not to sports supplements when they carried only one line
or one brand. Sports nutrition customers are varied and are everywhere. There
are more women as well as men buying supplements and at different ages and
varied income brackets. Retail stores should therefore be able to offer a
selection products or else buyers will look elsewhere, like the internet or
shop somewhere other than these local vitamin stores or pharmacies.

Keyword: Safe

There are regulatory agencies to protect consumers. Sports nutrition companies
should engage in top of the line research and development and prove the
efficacy and safety of their nurtraceutical products. Products that are based
on false or misleading marketing should be and are banned and condemned.

It is thus the responsibility of manufacturers and marketers to provide sports
nutrition products that are safe, effective, easily used, and completely
understood by both retailers and consumers.

Today, natural product retailers can provide consumers safe alternatives to
potentially harmful chemical stimulants (fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine),
fat-chelating agents, cosmetic surgery, and a life of inactivity or painful
exercise Natural, science-based exercise nutrition products that promote
energy, fitness, and weight loss are now available.

Keyword: Information

Consumers are becoming more and more intelligent. They rely on scientific and
hard facts rather than recommendations and endorsements from celebrities and
sports personalities. Aside from vigorous research, sports nutrition companies
should invest in a sound information dissemination and product communication
strategy to stay ahead of the game.

Product information should be detailed but fairly understandable. Also,
information should be readily available on product packets, posters, print and
TV advertisements and the internet. Consumers can believe only what
manufacturers communicate well.

Everything focuses around education for the consumer -- an educated consumer is
the industry's best friend.These principles helped sports nutrition companies
boost the industry as a whole. If remembered and adhered to, these keywords
will spur more gains in the industry as large portions of the world's
population now put priority to fitness and health.

Journals related to Sports Nutrition

As sports nutrition is becoming more and more an interesting and in-demand
field in scientific study, venues to expose and encourage developments have
been established. There are several journals related to sports nutrition. The
following are some examples:

International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism

IJSNEM offers information on sports nutrition and exercise metabolism by
publishing original scientific investigations, scholarly reviews and articles
which focus on the application of the principles of biochemistry, physiology,
and nutrition to sport and exercise.

Although sport nutrition today is a distinct academic and applied field of
work, it receives input from -- and makes contributions to -- fields like
nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, psychology, clinical medicine, and the
sport and exercise sciences.

These perspectives are welcomed and encouraged in the International Journal of
Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (IJSNEM). The journal now serves as a
forum for the publication of scholarly and applied work regarding the
nutritional, biochemical, and molecular aspects of exercise science.

Original researches with human subjects are given top priority in IJSNEM but
relevant researches with experimental animals are also submitted. Case studies
showing systematic, rather than casual observation conducted with appropriate
instrumentation will be accepted. Articles with clinical application are also
included. Aside from these, editorials, digests of related articles from other
fields, research notes, and reviews of books, videos, and other media releases
are offered in the journal.

International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

IJSPP is an international peer-reviewed journal focused on sports physiology
and performance. It aims to advance the knowledge of sport and exercise
physiologists, sports-performance researchers, and other sports scientists by
examining and publishing practical and research aspects of sports physiology
and sports performance.

Articles in sport physiology and related disciplines that have connections with
enhancing sport performance, preventing decrements in performance, or enhancing
recovery of athletes are featured in IJSPP. The journal publishes original
research reports, invited reviews, commentaries, technical reports, case
studies. There is also an editorial section.

Usual topics in IJSPP include team sports, individual sports, performance
aspects of environmental physiology, applied sports nutrition, strength and
conditioning, biomedical science, and applications of sport technology.
Readership include sport scientists, sport physicians, coaches, academic
researchers, students, and related professionals.

Controlled experimental and observational researches as long as they are
comprehensive or systematic and appropriate standards of scientific methodology
and analysis are met are welcome.

Motor Control (MC)

Motor Control is an international journal has been created for information
exchange on the control of human movement through a lifespan. The journal
provides reports to keep readers abreast of current developments in the field
of motor control as well as motor disorders.

MC publishes various types of research papers: clinical experimental, modeling
and theoretical studies. Varied disciplines complement each other in this
publication: biomechanics, kinesiology, neurophysiology, neuroscience,
psychology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation. Aside from research papers,
review articles, quick communications, commentaries, target articles, and book
reviews are also featured.

Contribution to the understanding of movement control should be clearly
demonstrated in an article for it to be published.


Each issue of Quest examines critical issues facing physical educators in
secondary schools and research developments in the sport sciences and other
sub-disciplines of human movement. Theoretical explorations to applied studies
in this journal synthesize research to help advance the field of physical

Quest does not publish original research reports on professional development of
physical education but welcomes articles that are based on, complement, or
review empirical research related to it. Quest considers both theoretical and
practical articles. Readers includes academicians, teachers, and administrators

The Journal of Applied biomechanics

(JAB) is a quarterly journal dedicated to the study of human biomechanics in
sport, exercise, and rehabilitation. The reader will find research articles,
clinical studies, and other pertinent information highlighting current advances
in biomechanics in each issue.

The effect and control of forces that act on and are produced by the human body
are highlighted in JAB. Studies related to modeling and human movement
simulation and to the effects of internal and external forces like nutrition on
body structures during skill development and rehabilitation are also appropriate.

Original research reports, invited review papers, and "target" articles on
selected current issues in the field are published. Jab also contains book
reviews, technical notes, an editorial section, and other special features.

Heat stroke prevention: An important factor in Japanese sports nutrition

The continuing development of sports nutrition is not only rampant in the
United States but also in other parts of the world. Sports nutrition in also of
great importance is Japan.

Here are some developments related to Japanese sports nutrition, specifically
on heat stroke prevention, from the web site of Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

1. Pocari Sweat Junior Sports Clinic

The Japan Amateur Sports Association hosted the said sports clinic for the
promotion of sports nutrition to children in the country. The sports clinic was
held in 11 venues, and Otsuka invited star athletes as guest instructors.
Seminars are provided for the attendees, with topics such as the importance of
fluid intake and ways for the prevention of heat stroke.

2. Detective Konan on heat stroke

Japanese children were in for a special treat when the Japanese Association of
School health delivered educational videos to elementary schools featuring
popular cartoon character Detective Konan.

In the video, Konan discusses ways to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke.
Posters related to the topic were also given out to the schools. The Konan
videos have been utilized as instructional material for Japanese sports
nutrition around campuses, particularly on guidance and health activities.

3. National Junior High School General Athletics Meet

The sporting event, which was geared towards junior high students, was
celebrated in Hokkaido under the sponsorship of the Nippon Junior High School
Physical Culture Association together with other organizations.

Otsuka took advantage of the gathering to promote the significance of heat
stroke prevention. Electrolyte beverages were given out to attendees so that
they could play sports under the hot weather.

4. Otsuka Academy Public School Seminar

With the goal of spreading our information about the importance of Japanese
sports nutrition, the Otsuka Academy Public School Seminar opened for
elementary and junior high pupils.

Topics included are the latest news on dietary and nutrition habits, and the
state of the body during growth spurts. Pamphlets and videos were used by
specialists to promote the significance of fluid retention during strenuous
activities. The activity aroused encouraging reaction from the subjects.

5. Strategies to Prevent Heat Stroke in Daily Life

Otsuka produced a video with that title to educate people working in extremely
hot surroundings regarding the prevention of heat stroke.

The video was edited by the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association, and
was given out to businesses all over the country. The video expounds on the
importance of daily hydration, and the right amount of periods to be given to
employees for exercise, rest and work. Several events have already featured the
video, including the evening seminars held by the Japan Society for Occupational

6. Heat Stroke Prevention Research Team

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals is providing support for the activities of the said
research effort of the Japan Amateur Sports Association to heighten the level
of people's awareness on the hazards on heat stroke and how to prevent it while
engaging in sports or other strenuous activities.

The Otsuka Saga Nutraceuticals Research Institute is an enthusiastic partner of
JASA in the production and distribution of educational materials regarding heat
stroke prevention.

Essential Oil For Sports Nutrition: The Supplements

Fat; people on a strict diet are afraid of this word. As much as possible, they
will avoid any food that will increase fat in their diet. In fact, if you will
look at their refrigerator, all you will see are food with less fat, and
sometimes, even zero fat.

Despite all the concern of dieters about having fat in diet, our body needs
healthy oils and fats to function properly. Athletes most especially, need
essential oil for sports nutrition. These essential oils can be compared to
all-purpose machine oil that lubricates stuck and rusting metal hinges, screws
and other moveable parts of a machine.

The only problem to most people, they get the wrong kinds of fats. They lack
the good, healthy fats and essential oils for sports nutrition.

Fats carry fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K from the food we
eat to our body.

These essential oils for sports nutrition are good for athletes who need to be
in tip-top shape all the time. These life giving oils are one of the best
sources of energy and help in the production of new and healthy cell membranes
and other hormone-like compounds, the eicosanoids. These amazing compounds help
the body in regulating heart rate, blood pressure, constriction of blood vessel
and clotting, and even the nervous system.

Essential oils for sports nutrition

So, what are the essential oils for sports nutrition?

- Flaxseed oil, essential oil for sports nutrition.

Our body can't function well without the two important polyunsaturated fats:
the linoleic and the alpha-linoleic acid.

Flaxseed oil is therefore one of the essential oils for sports nutrition.
Flaxseed oil is rich in linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids that help in
maintaining good bodily functions and normal cell structure. Also, flaxseed oil
is useful for people with autoimmune diseases.

- Cod liver oil, a fish essential oil for sports nutrition.

Cod liver oil is rich in Vitamin A and D. This two-in-one essential oil is on
the list of athletes' favorite essential oil for sports nutrition.

Cod liver oil releases large amount of Vitamin A that help athletes maintain
clear eyesight.

Athletes can get vitamin D from sunlight. But because of the harmful effects of
ultraviolet rays found in sunlight, the only available time for athletes to
sunbathe and get vitamin D is during the early mornings till 9 am only. After
that, physicians don't advise athletes to expose themselves from the harmful
rays of sunlight.

So, to get the proper amount of vitamin D in their bodies, physicians prescribe
cod liver oil as a supplement to athletes. Vitamin D regulates calcium
metabolism in the body. Vitamin D is so important to calcium that there will be
loss of calcium if vitamin D is lacking in the body.

During a game, even if an athlete is fully hydrated he may suffer from weak
muscles and listlessness if he lacks calcium. So to properly store and
metabolize calcium in the body, athlete needs vitamin D. He can get large doses
of vitamin D from cod liver oil, a fish essential oil for sports nutrition.

3. Omega 3, a fish essential oil for sports nutrition

A can of tuna or the fatty parts of a fish such as the belly and the head
contain omega 3, a fatty oil that is good for the heart. Omega 3 helps the
heart to pump well and clears the arteries of bad cholesterol.

Omega 3 is a fish essential oil for sports nutrition. With omega 3, an
athlete's heart is ready for long hours of strenuous activities. Omega 3 also
helps in reducing heart rate; thus the heart releases enough oxygen to the
brain and other organs. An athlete is less tired and weak if his heart pumps
slower even when his body is at work.

Any athlete who would want to take these oils as supplement should consult
their physicians first. There are overdoses with these oils if taken in large
quantities since they are fat-soluble; the extra doses are not excreted through
urine or feces.

All About Endurance Sports Nutrition

Endurance sports nutrition gives you a nutrition advice that is just jampacked
with very useful details, together with sets of customized eating plans
specifically regarding sports, to ensure that the food that you choose will
keep you going on before, during and after various competitions.

A remarkable and very well-known author, Suzanne Girard Eberle, MS, RD, tells
those who are concerned of her background as a registered dietician who has her
specialty on sports nutrition. She also admits that she knows much and much
about endurance sports nutrition because she, herself, is an elite endurance
athlete. So she can tell you how endurance sports nutrtion works, or what is
not supposed to be done regarding endurance sports nutrition, in actual
training and situations that involve racing.

The resource that is said to be the most comprehensive of its kind, is the
prescriptive book that the said endurance athlete, slash dietician, wrote. It
includes tried and true advice and suggestions from different endurance
athletes who are at the top of their sports.

But if you would really like to know from the best persons to talk to when it
comes to endurance sports nutrition, there are various websites that you could
log on to to be able to contact, or if not contact, at least ask a few
questions to world-class athletes.

You can avail Karen Smyers's, a triathlete, assistance about endurance sports
nutrition. She is a triathlete, so she knows things about endurance thrice more
than what others do.

Another is the marathon runner Keith Brantly. Running is not as easy as it
sounds, but running is, in fact, the easy part. It is the enduring the pain
that grows in your legs that is not.

You can also try to have your questions answered by the world-known marathon
swimmer Tobie Smith. Endurance sports nutrition in swimming is very very
difficult because there are two kinds of pressures that you face, pressure
under the water and atmospheric pressure.

And last, but certainly not the least, is the cyclist Kerry Ryan. It is almost
the same as running, with the movement of the legs and the endurance of the
pain that grow in your legs.

However, you have to be a master of balance to be able to pull cycling off. All
of these world-class athletes will happily and obligingly share their knowledge,
and with absolute right because of their many years of training and competing
against the world's best.

There are many kinds of sports where endurance sports nutrition can help you
maximize your performance. Endurance sports nutrition can help you a great deal
in running. As mentioned above, running is the easy part, it is enduring the
pain that is constantly present in your lower extremeties that you need to

In triathlons, you have to take note of enduring three stages of sports. So
endurance sports nutrition is definetely handy if you want to be able to move
on to the next stage and not faint in one of the first stages.

The endurance in swimming is not like any other. Why? It is because, like told
before, there are two kinds of pressure that you need to think about. There is,
first, the pressure that you experience under the water, plus the atmospheric
water. So whether you put your face under water or you turn your head out of
the water to breathe in some air, the cramps and the pain caused by the
pressure should be endured.

In rowing, it is all about upper body strength. Yes, it also involves
coordination with your teammates and most of all mind and arm coordination, but
if you are weak with your upper body, then rowing is not the thing for you. Your
hands will probably suffer bruises from your firm grips on the oars, but you
arms are the ones that should have high endurance. Endurance sports nutrition
can definitely help you survive the boat ride.

Cycling, like mentioned, is not that much different from running. Your legs
also experience the most pain, and you have to endure the pain that is constant
on your lower extremities. But this time, there is also the balance to think of.
And for those who have a hard time balancing, enduring cycling is very hard. So
this is where endurance sports nutrition comes in.

Endurance sports nutrition can definitely make you a better athlete, if you
cannot endure whatever it is that you are doing, how can you perform well? So
if you are thinking that sports is all about performance, you are wrong for
without endurance, you can never perform a certain sport well.

Endurance Sports Nutrition: Keeping Yourself Hydrated And Fueled

What keeps a triathlon athlete going in spite of the heat and long hours of
vigorous physical activity is a properly hydrated and fueled body. In endurance
sports, nutrition is equivalent to keeping oneself hydrated at all times,
especially during the game. If you don't give yourself the proper nutrition it
needs, your game performance will suffer.

Sports that require special attention to endurance nutrition (and thus help you
level up your performance) are: running, swimming, triathlon, cycling, rowing,
mountain biking, adventure racing, cross-country skiing, mountaineering and

Let us say that you have prepared yourself for an endurance sport. Your
nutrition focuses on giving you enough fuel to last you a day of vigorous
physical activity. You eat foods rich in protein to keep your muscles fit for
the game and carbohydrates to give you enough energy and fuel your muscles to
run fast, steady, and consistently. What else can you do to perform much better
in endurance sports?

Here are some endurance sports nutrition suggested by athletes and trainers:

Endurance Sports Nutrition Tip -- Hydrate Yourself

1. Start the day with a full tank of water.

Athletes don't eat during a game. But they do drink water. Studies show, of
which common people now know, that humans can last a month without eating but
will die immediately without water for 3 days to one week. That is how
important water is to our body.

Many people die of diarrhea because of dehydration. Hydration is an important
nutrition component to humans, most especially to athletes involved in
endurance sports. So the endurance sports nutrition tip from athletes and
trainers: drink lots of water before the game.

Hydration is the key to winning endurance sports competition. And drinking
water before the game starts puts you in a great headstart.

2. Hydrate yourself regularly during the game.

Drink often during the game. Most endurance sports nutrition guide books will
tell you the same thing. Athletes in endurance sports sweat off two quarts of
water per hour especially in hot and humid weather. So, you must drink at least
four up to eight ounces of water every fifteen to twenty minutes. Sports drink
may also replace water.

Here's some tip that endurance sports nutrition guide books may not have told
you: to know when it is time to gulp on your water or sports drink bottle, set
your timer to alarm every 15 or 20 minutes within 24 hours.

Freeze your drinking bottles and then pack them up in insulated foams to keep
it cool. Even if you don't sweat still do gulp down the liquid in your drinking
bottle. You may not know it and may not notice it but you may have sweat more
than you think of.

3. Pack up extra bottles.

Carry more drinking bottles if you can. Don't be afraid to look like a camel
with extra hump at your back. You need all those liquids in your endurance
sport. It will keep you going and in shape.

Besides, you will drain these drinking bottles one at a time every 15 or 20
minutes. At that rate, you may not even know that your endurance sports drinks
have been drained down your esophageal pipes.

Endurance sport nutrition question: Water or sports drink?

In endurance sports nutrition, it has debated whether water or sports drink
should be consumed by an athlete competing in endurance sports.

Researches have shown that endurance sports athletes (competing under the
sweltering heat of the sun) who were provided with water as a means of
hydrating themselves replace only one and half to two thirds of fluid loss,
while those who were given with sports drink have shown hydration nearly to a
hundred percent.

The reason for this is that sports drink contains electrolytes (sodium,
potassium and magnesium) which help retain fluid in the body and balance the
presence of these minerals that are vital in normal bodily function.

We lose electrolytes when we sweat. Dizziness, muscle cramps, extreme
exhaustion, and irregular heartbeat are the symptoms of electrolytes loss in
the body.

According to endurance nutrition experts, many athletes lose endurance due to
low level of electrolytes. In fact, according to endurance sports nutrition
magazines, some athletes even die due to electrolytes loss.

What EAS Sports Nutrition Is

EAS Sports Nutrition offers a wide array of products that aim to meet
individual and unique needs. It may promote high performance, endurance,
fat-burning capacity, strength, power, and size, depending on the variant and
amount taken.

High performance athletes must be given high performance nutrition,
supplements, and other recovery products accordingly. The various lines of EAS
Sports Nutrition provide these while building and defining lean mass and
reducing the amount of fat in the body. This is specifically appropriate if one
intends not only to make the muscles fuller but also gain enough strength.

One to two servings per day of the EAS Sports Nutrition type, Muscle Armor,
support the growth of lean mass through the infusion of Juven Technology
ingredients which have already been proven to rejuvenate the muscles and
increase their overall strength.

If one is after a healthy blend of vitamins, minerals, and protein, Myoplex
Original Powder is the best choice. Two to three servings of this can already
bring in the desired effect. Another variant, called Phosphagen Elite,
heightens the impact of workouts in the body. Similar to Muscle Armor, one to
two servings would be enough.

Endurance athletes need to fight fatigue, replenish energy expended, and be
able to recover at once. The EAS Sports Nutrition type that is best for them
falls under the EAS Endurance line which significantly achieves all three while
maintaining lean mass.

An example of which is VO2 Peak which consists of a blend of essential
vitamins, beta-alanine, and rhodiola rosea. Another is Catapult which contains
tyrosine, an amino acid known to back-up the functions of the cells and
increase mental power.

Moreover, Endurathon falls under this type which is made up of ribose that is a
building block to the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate. Adding up further
to the Endurance line of EAS Sports Nutrition is Race Recovery, known to
replenish glycogen stores which are somehow depleted during exercise.

In addition to high performance and endurance, EAS Sports Nutrition can also
work hand in hand with exercises in the gym to create a cut, lean, and muscular
appearance. The products belonging to the Definition line cause muscular
development by infusing the body with protein and, at the same time, shedding
fat components.

EAS Sports Nutrition again presents a variety of products under this line
including Muscle Armor, Thermo DynamX, and Myoplex Lite Powder. As mentioned
earlier, Muscle Armor is able to produce desired results through Juven

On the other hand, Thermo DynamX speeds up the burning process of fats in the
body and heightens the rate of metabolism. Myoplex Lite Powder is a combination
of protein, vitamins, and minerals which back up heightened metabolism and lean
muscle mass.

Finally, for strength, power, and size, the Gain Line of EAS Sports Nutrition
should be in action. The products under this are very much backed up by science
and proven to be effective.

Muscle Armor, Phosphagen Elite, and Myoplex Deluxe Powder are examples. The
muscles are rejuvenated. The power of workouts is emphasized by delaying lactic
acid burn and promoting immediate muscle recovery.

These EAS Sports Nutrition products will achieve its full potential if they are
taken in line with religious exercise and workouts in the gym. Simple intake may
not really deliver desired results. Certain processes in the body need to be
activated through physical exertion before they react effectively with these
products. It is also important to identify, at the very start, the goals and
targets for doing the workouts and taking in these supplements. A program must
then be created in line with these goals and targets.

EAS Sports Nutrition Products

EAS Sports Nutrition has a wide array of products that aim to meet individual
and unique needs. Depending on their specific goal and the amount you have to
take in with each, EAS sports nutrition supplements promote high performance,
endurance, fat-burning capacity, strength, power, and size.

High performance athletes must be given high performance nutrition,
supplements, and other recovery products accordingly. The various lines of EAS
Sports Nutrition provide these while building and defining lean mass and
reducing the amount of fat in the body. This is specifically appropriate if one
intends not only to make the muscles fuller but also gain enough strength.

One to two servings per day of the EAS Sports Nutrition type, Muscle Armor,
support the growth of lean mass through the infusion of Juven Technology
ingredients which have already been proven to rejuvenate the muscles and
increase their overall strength.

If one is after a healthy blend of vitamins, minerals, and protein, Myoplex
Original Powder is the best choice. Two to three servings of this can already
bring in the desired effect. Another variant, called Phosphagen Elite,
heightens the impact of workouts in the body. Similar to Muscle Armor, one to
two servings would be enough.

An example of endurance products under the EAS lineup is VO2 Peak which
consists of a blend of essential vitamins, beta-alanine, and rhodiola rosea.
Another is Catapult which contains tyrosine, an amino acid known to back-up the
functions of the cells and increase mental power.

Another product called endurathon falls under this type which is made up of
ribose that is a building block to the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate.
Adding up further to the Endurance line of EAS Sports Nutrition is Race
Recovery, known to replenish glycogen stores which are somehow depleted during

In addition to high performance and endurance, EAS Sports Nutrition can also
work hand in hand with exercises in the gym to create a cut, lean, and muscular
appearance. The products belonging to the Definition line cause muscular
development by infusing the body with protein and, at the same time, shedding
fat components.

EAS Sports Nutrition again presents a variety of products under this line
including Muscle Armor, Thermo DynamX, and Myoplex Lite Powder. As mentioned
earlier, Muscle Armor is able to produce desired results through Juven

Meanwhile, Thermo DynamX speeds up the burning process of fats in the body and
heightens the rate of metabolism. Myoplex Lite Powder is a combination of
protein, vitamins, and minerals which back up heightened metabolism and lean
muscle mass.

Finally, for strength, power, and size, the Gain Line of EAS Sports Nutrition
should be in action. The products under this are very much backed up by science
and proven to be effective.

Muscle Armor, Phosphagen Elite, and Myoplex Deluxe Powder are examples. The
muscles are rejuvenated. The power of workouts is emphasized by delaying lactic
acid burn and promoting immediate muscle recovery.

These EAS Sports Nutrition products will achieve their full potential if they
are taken in line with religious exercise and workouts in the gym. Simple
intake may not really deliver desired results. Certain processes in the body
need to be activated through physical exertion before they react effectively
with these products.

It is also important to identify, at the very start, the goals and targets for
doing the workouts and taking in EAS sports nutrition supplements.

Understanding Sports Nutrition Supplements

The kind of sports nutrition supplements a certain athlete is supposed to take
would depend strongly on what is appropriate for the athlete's health status.
However, some of these supplements are very hard to find or are very expensive
or just too expensive for an average athlete.

Here are some of the sports nutrition supplements that you can get, with the
same amount of nutrients that you need but for extremely low prices!

Steel Edge, which you usually purchase for forty seven dollars and ninety five
cents ($47.95), you can now avail for only thirty nine dollars and ninety five
cents ($35.95).

This supplement is designed to specifically maximize the physiological
environment of your body before you perform your workout. Steel Edge primes
your body for focused, intense and energetic workouts that will most probably
give you the results you seek.

Scivation Sesamin is another form of a discount sports nutrition. This
supplement is bought for twenty four dollars and ninety five cents ($24.95),
but for you only twenty one dollars and ninety five cents ($21.95)! What are
you waiting for? There is no bargain better than what discount sports nutrition

You also do not have to worry because Scivation Sesamin has been tested in
appropriate laboratories for purity and potency. It is discovered to be
containing a high grade extracat of Sesamin, which is a lignan that occurs
naturally and is found in sesame oil.

Researchers have proven that Sesamin is perfect for discount sports nutrition
because it maximizes fat loss, supports the kidney and the liver, and keeps the
profiles of your lipids healthy.

Super Enzymes are sold at a whopping price of only seven dollars and fifty
cents ($7.50). Just because it is not as pricey as the other forms of discount
sports nutrition, that does not mean that it is not worthy of purchase.

It is scientifically engineered with essential enzymes like papain, pancreatin
and bromulain. These enzymes assist the digestion of food. Therefore, Super
Enzymes is a discount sports nutrition that aids in food digestion.

You can have Rize 2 for forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents ($49.99). It
is an herbal form of discount sports nutrition that is oftenly utilized for the
enhancement of male sexual performance. It contains a mixture high quality
ingredients extracted from nature, and these ingredients improve sexual
performance and pleasure.

This is oftenly purchased by old men who cannot perform as well as they think
younger men do, but that does not mean that younger men cannot purchase this

Another supplement is the Hi Tech Dianabol which is being sold for only thirty
nine dollars and ninety five cents ($39.99). The king has made a comeback and
has been given the new name of Dianobol due to its remarkable ability to
increase strength and muscle by using anti-proteolythic ways. This
anti-proteolythic means is deems to be more important than direct anabolic
protein synthesis.

If you have to budget thirty seven dollars and ninety five cents ($37.95) for a
discount sports nutrition, then Hi Tech Anavar is the supplement to get. It is a
catalyst that builds muscle in order to be able to increase size and strength.

What does it contain? It contains a formulation of anabolic agents that are
potent and are non-steroidal.

L-leucine-ketoisocaproic acid is the long version and hard to pronounce
version, that just makes you want to tear your hair out, of Leukic. Leukic is
also a little hard to pronounce, but definitely not as hard as its long version.

This form of discount sports nutrition activates the muscle machines so that
the body can get to transmit a powerful anabolic muscle-building signal. Nice
huh? It would be a lot better to know that with Leukic, there are no elevation
nor decrease of hormonal levels!

Discount sports nutrition is thought of many to be a dumb bargain, a bargain of
less useful supplements. Looks like who made that theory was really wrong.

Discount sports nutrition serve humanity with the best bargains, supplements
that can truly help an athlete's performance, not just an athlete's but
performance in general, for prices that not only bigwigs can obtain because
they are very much affordable.

Get your year-round supply of discount sports nutrition

Why insist on buying costly sports nutrition if you can have discount sports

Discount sports nutrition products and discount sports nutrition supplements
are logical choices. Not cheap, mind you, but, actually clever. You will find
products that are reasonably within your reach in discount sports nutrition

Whether you're into marathon, cycling, running, swimming, or weightlifting,
discount sports nutrition stores give you a wide array of products to choose
from. Discount sports nutrition offers all types of supplements, energy bar
gels, sports energy drinks and other beverages, muscle development supplements,
and other elements in the world of sports nutrition. Frankly, staying fit does
not really mean breaking the bank.

For particular nutritional products, discount sports nutrition is a best source
for the best available quality, like Amino acids, multi-nutrition content bars,
muscle enhancing milk products, carb products, endurance enhancing producsts,
whey supplements, and other specialized sports nutrient products.

Muscle-building package available at discount sports nutrition store

You can accelerate your training results by choosing the appropriate sports
nutrition available on discount. It is for no reason that sports scientists
have spent millions of dollars for research and development of supplements
specifically targeted at people with special on muscle-building.

If you're into weights or just athletically involved, you should be taking
supplements right to supports your body's particular need on building muscle
fiber. While it is true than you can have results in your body even without the
benefit of supplements, the extra works is by logic, needs extra nutrients,
i.e., supplements. Particularly after workouts, the needs extra nutrients to
repair its damaged muscle tissue, and it is here that the need for supplements
is very obvious. Of course, dramatic results are also possible only when you're
using supplements.

Human growth hormone products

Also available at discount sports nutrition store are Human growth hormone
products, better known as HGH. Bodybuilders, and other athletes that are into
strength or resistance exercise can have immense benefit from HGH based
products. There's nothing to worry about taking HGH. Human growth hormone is a
hormone that can be found naturally in our body. What HGH based products do is
nothing but add a little bit more of this hormone.

This hormone also serves as a buffer whenever our muscles undergo extreme
stress during exercise. Muscles also use this hormone to repair itself, during
rest period. This hormone also produces lean muscles, which is one of the most
coveted result in any other fitness program. Developing lean muscles will also
result in decreasing body fat percentage. Endurance, energy production, and
overall athletic performance will also improve by taking this hormone.

Protein and nitrogen products

Discount sports nutrition stores are also good sources of Glutamine products.
Glutamine products are important to support any exercise regimen. This
micronutrient enhances the ability of our muscles to recover after intense
exercise. Glutamine also increases HGH production, thus, further improving the
ability of the body recover after regimen. Glutamine also increases protein
synthesis and nitrogen retention. This retention is important for the body to
have a standby nutrient for emergency needs.

Other micronutrients in their elemental forms are also available in discount
sports nutrition stores. Some of the micronutrients that make up the long list
are vitamin C, vitamin E, bee honey and nutrients in concentrated form needed
by athletes to build their strength and endurance.

Discount sports nutrition stores normally maintain a huge selection of
bodybuilding supplements, sports nutritional supplements, general health and
fitness nutrition goods, and other nutrients such as creatine, whey protein,
weight loss supplements and weight gainers supplements. Other products with
specific role are also available.

Countless studies had proven that taking these nutrients in combination
improves absorption. Vitamins and other micronutrients are particularly known
to exhibit these properties. Latest research also points to the positive
synergy created by taking these micronutrients in combination. This synergy
type of working has been observed also in other compound nutrients containing
these micronutrients.

And because we're talking about discount sports nutrition, we're talking about
discounted products. So, whether you want to lose some of the excess weight, or
gain much needed muscle mass, you don't really need to stress over how much
their little helpers will cost you -- discount sports nutrition is your
ultimate answer.

Buying Sports Nutrition Supplements On Discount

Sport nutrition supplements are gaining much popularity nowadays because of
their many benefits that have been realized by a lot of people. People have
come to appreciate the fact that exercise needs to be backed up by a good diet,
otherwise, it will be useless and good performance may not be expected.

Due to this growing popularity, a lot of companies or even sites in the World
Wide Web actually offer the sport nutrition supplements at a discounted price.
This, in fact, makes the product increasingly affordable for most people. Thus,
more and more people are able to avail of the many benefits of taking in
supplements in addition to normal food intake and exercise.

Not all types of food are able to provide the essential nutrients needed by the
body. Likewise, there are instances wherein the person himself has limitations
when it comes to the type of food he eats. Some simply cannot take in

When engaged in any type of sport or any form of strenuous activity, the more
the body is prone to diseases. This is so because the body is exposed to too
much stress, and without proper nutrition, the body simply cannot cope well
with them.

This is why, although exercise has been known to be very good for the body,
people who constantly exercise without proper nutrition still get sick. This
makes them wonder sometimes but that is how it really works. The body needs the
proper nutrients to be fueled up further.

The existence, then, of discounted sport nutrition supplements should make
healthy living more feasible for most people. There should be no excuses
anymore as a lot of companies do their best to make their products reach a
bigger market.

However, research still remains to be an essential factor. No matter how
discounted a sport nutrition supplement is, one should still look into how it
will happen his body as a whole.

Awareness of the current condition will help one identify better which sport
nutrition supplement to take in. Discounts are of great value, but one should
not take for granted the benefits of the sport nutrition supplement itself. One
must take note that their purpose is to fill in the gaps and not cause further
trouble to the body.

Discounts on sport nutrition supplements are sometimes based on the expiration
date of the product. In many cases, those whose price falls really low have
very near expiration dates.

While these may still be consumed before the indicated date, one must make sure
that he does not take them in anymore as soon as the date has lapsed. Doing so
may be very harmful to the body.

Proper information gathering is key here. One must not take for granted the
nutritional value of the sport nutrition supplement for the sake of the
discounted price.

Health is still far more important over money. Although the intention of these
discounts is to make more people use sport nutrition supplements, one must
still look at their significance to the body. Different people have different
needs so if a certain supplement worked for another person, it does not
guarantee similar results to another.

Discounts in sport nutrition supplements are great offers since these are
usually expensive. However, in any purchasing decision, the major criterion
must be what the body really needs.

One might be taking in too much of a certain supplement because they are cheap
even though they are not really needed since they already are taking in those
nutrients through the food they eat. Self-evaluation and awareness should
remain as the first crucial steps.

Charts on sports nutrition: Guides for a healthier, sportier bod

Athletics is an endeavor that has become increasingly lucrative as time goes
by. The modern world has come up with more and more ways to expound the
potential of athletes in the most convenient ways possible. A wide variety of
exercise and diet programs have been conceived to make sure that the body
achieves its highest potential.

To aid the athletes in becoming the demi-gods of physical fitness, business
have launched many products such as vitamins and exercise gadgets. Media has
provided lots of information that can assist anyone who is into getting fit.
Resources such as books, videos and other instructional materials have
bombarded their way right into cyberspace.

As examples, here are some very helpful knowledge from several charts on sports
nutrition which disseminates information coming from some experts in physical

The web site of the University of Illinois Extension featured a food guide
system that helps in evaluating the effectiveness of one's diet. This pyramid
training table guide provided five divisions of food groups, each division
equipped with the list of major nutrients supplied by those foods included in
the group.

Here are the food groups from the chart that can help enhance a diet:

1. Milk, cheese and yogurt Group

Gives calcium, protein, riboflavin and vitamin A.

2. Vegetable Group

Sources of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C and A. Includes veggies
such as spinach, tomatoes and broccoli.

3. Meat, fish, eggs, nuts and beans Group Primary protein source. Also contains
iron, thiamin and zinc.

Another useful chart on sports nutrition gives off the main functions of the
four main nutrients needed by the body and the recommended intake for each.

Carbohydrates -- It is the primary source of energy which is especially needed
for the majority of bodily functions. Carbs are essential for high-intensity

Water -- the most important nutrient mainly because the human body is composed
of sixty percent of it. Water reduces body fat, eliminates toxins and waste,
aids in the maintenance of muscle tone and also keeps the skin moist and
healthy. It helps regulate body temperature especially during intense workouts.

Protein -- Responsible for the growth of body tissue and the creation of
hormones, enzymes and antibodies. It is also responsible for the balance of
electrolytes and fluid in the body.

Fat -- It also provides energy and also maintains body temperature. Fats
protect the organs and carries fatty acids essential to the body.

Another chart on sports nutrition gives great food alternatives for those who
want to knock off considerable amount of calories from their diet. Here are

- Have English muffins or half portion of a bagel instead of donuts for snacks
  or breakfast.

- Use 2 egg whites instead of 1 whole egg for cooking.

- Drink water in place of sodas or canned fizzy beverages.

- Opt for skinless chicken instead of the deep-fried variety.

- Put in non-fat dry milk in coffee instead of regular creamers.

- Enjoy jams in place of butter when having bagels and toasts.

- Use light dressings, oils or vinegars over regular dressings when making

- Order pizza with lots of veggies instead of the ones with loads of cheese.

Books On Sports Nutrition

Due to the increasing interest in sports nutrition and a growing number of
athletes and health buffs becoming more conscious of the nutrition they take in
to power their performance, a lot of books have already been released to
disseminate more information and further heighten people's awareness. This is,
in fact, very beneficial as awareness is most of the time the springboard of
concrete actions.

One of these books on sports nutrition is that of Nancy Clark entitled, Sports
Nutrition Guidebook. This book is a collection of solutions suggested by
different sports nutritionists.

Nancy Clark, a renowned sports nutritionist herself, shows how one can identify
well what to eat to get more energy, cope well with stress, control weight,
improve overall health, and improve the quality of workouts in the midst of a
stressful lifestyle.

She also gives suggestions on how to lose excess body fat in the body while
maintaining the energy for further exercise. She also provides several tips on
maximizing the benefits of what one person eats. This book is rich with
practical tips on sports nutrition that are easy to follow and apply in day to
day living.

Moreover, Susan Kleiner's book on sports nutrition entitled, High-Performance
Nutrition: The Total Eating Plan to Maximum Your Workout, presents what one
needs to eat in line with a workout plan to achieve optimum results.

She advocates the importance of a good partnership between diet and exercise in
performing excellently in sports. She shows how one can bring out the best in
any type of workout or exercise, be it aerobics, strength training, endurance
training, cross training, and other recreational sports.

Another sports nutrition book is Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
written by Monique Ryan. The author's two-decade experience in counselling
athletes about their nutritional needs and intake brought about this book.

She explains both the general principles which are applicable to endurance
athletes of any sport and specific guidelines which are for those engaged in
more specific sports like swimming, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking,
distance running, and many others.

She likewise covers the basics of nutrition as well as how to train and make
that training persist. Overall, this sports nutrition book is a detailed,
updated, but practical guide to nutrition.

Still adding up to the list of sports nutrition books is the one entitled
Eating for Endurance.

The author is a registered dietician who specializes in sports nutrition as
well as an elite endurance athlete. Strategies on improving one's diet,
maintaining a healthy and ideal weight, successfully handling extreme
environments, using sports nutrition supplements, and many other helpful
information on sports nutrition are included in the book.

This is indeed a very credible book as the author speaks from first-hand

One must indeed take the initiative to equip himself with the necessary
knowledge and information if he really wants to do well in this aspect.
Besides, putting an effort on sports nutrition will benefit no one else but

These books are there not to give false promises or misleading information.
Instead, their purpose is to show that achieving goals and targets had already
happened in the past and is therefore totally feasible in the present if only
one will commit to it.

There are still many other sports nutrition books out in the market that aim to
help in information dissemination and proper education of people. Sports
nutrition is indeed something that is not supposed to be taken for granted.

Mere exercise is not enough as it has to be coupled with the right and balanced
diet as well as the right attitude towards one's health in general.

Recovery, Body Protection and Sports Nutrition

Food gives us energy and fuels physical activity. Not eating enough can cause a
drop in energy and endurance levels and, in the world of sports, can lead to
painful losses. This is why athletes learn quickly to pack that extra energy
bar just in case.

But food is not only good as energy sources to our muscles. They also hold
substances that promote our health, boost our immunity to sicknesses, promote
tissue repair, protect cells from damage, protect against age-related cognitive
decline and increase resistance to cancers, and other illnesses, all of which
are important to maintaining good performance and longevity in sports. These
protective substances are commonly known as phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals, although not providing any energy, essential vitamins, or
minerals, still are an important component of any athlete's sport nutrition.
Phytochemicals means "chemicals from plants." Vegetables and fruits therefore
are excellent sources.

Color means protection

Colorful vegetables and fruits have high levels of phytochemicals. In most
cases, colorful skins of fruits and vegetables have the most concentrated
source of protective nutrients.

A U.S. National Cancer Institute program ( uses color categories,
highlighting the protective compounds predominant in each color of fruit or


Red fruits maintains heart health, memory function, lowers risk to some
cancers, and ensures urinary tract health. Lycopene and anthocyanins are
available in red fruits and vegetables. Lycopede reduces the risk of several
types of cancer, heart and lung disease. Anthocyanins helps protect against
heart disease by preventing blood clots. Both may slow the cell aging process.


Beta-carotene is abundant in orange and yellow substances. It is an antioxidant
that helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, maintain eyesight, help
boost the immune system, and promote repair of damaged DNA. With Vitamin C,
Bioflavonoids which are also contained in orange and yellow fruits and
vegetables, help reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen bones and teeth, heal
wounds, keep skin healthy and lower the risk of heart attacks.


Anthocyanins and Phenols make up blue and purple fruits and vegetables.
Research says they may help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and
Alzheimer's and may have anti-aging effects.


Green fruits and vegetables are among the best sources of lutein. Lutein helps
reduce the risk of cataracts and mascular degeneration, which can cause loss of
vision. Green vegetables are also rich in sulforaphane, isocyanate and indoles
which hamper the action of carcinogens.


Allicin, which are found in garlic, leeks, and onions, helps control blood
pressure and cholesterol. It looks like it also increases the body's ability to
fight infection. Cauliflower contains sulforaphane, and mushrooms contain
selenium. Both are also cancer-fighting.

Because they protect your body from injuries, diseases and untimely aging,
colorful vegetables and fruits must be first in mind when buying food to
maintain good sports nutrition.

Essentials for fast recovery

Proper recovery is also a main concern in sports nutrition. Sufficient rest and
sleep allows the body's systems to recuperate from training stress and makes you
stronger and faster. Training gains can be maximized, recovery process speeded
up and performance enhanced by correct food and liquid consumption after

Fluid replacement

Timing is everything. After cooling down at the end of each workout,
rehydration should be top priority. Drink enough to replace the fluids you
sweated out. It is right after exercise that muscles are most receptive to
replenishing glycogen stores.

These times, blood flow is on the increase and muscle membranes are more
permeable to glucose and the effects of insulin which promotes glycogen
synthesis. During this "glycogen window" (which lasts up to an hour) muscles
replenish glycogen up to three times faster than at other times.

Second carbo-loadingHigh-carb foods and beverages are best for fast recovery.
Including protein with these foods (4:1 ratio of carbs to protein) enhances
muscle repair and glycogen replacement.

The amount of food you need depends on the extent of the depletion of glycogen
stores. How much food you need depends on the extent that your activity
depleted your glycogen stores.

For a minimum of 2 hours of exercise, sports nutrition experts recommend around
1-1.5 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight within 15 minutes after
cessation of exercise and every two hours until your next complete meal. That's
around 50-120 grams or 200-480 calories of carbohydrates for most athletes.

American Sports Nutrition

The Americans usually dominate sporting events. They appear bigger, stronger
and have longer resistance. They say that the secret is through their hard work
and training. But their real secret is their diet that gives them that strong

Their diet and nutritional intake is different compared to us. So what is in
this american style of sports nutrition? I will elaborate some of their diet
and nutritional technique for you to have more strength and energy as you play
your game.

Do you want to enhance your performance and increase lean muscle? Try the
creatine that is commonly found in American sports nutrition.

This will give you more energy to work out longer and harder that will help you
get maximum results. Creatine can also help you recover quickly. This supplement
will work for any athlete who does weight lifting and any other quick burst of
activity like sprinting. You may be able to do more before you hit fatigue

Your body converts this unique powder into adenosine triphosphate, which is the
energy of our cells, and stores it into the mitichondria of each muscle cell
giving it reserved energy. Every muscle contraction is fueled by atp, so we can
do more because of the stored atp. This can enhance your performance and lean
muscle gain.

This product is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade creatinh monohydrate. You should
at least take 1000 grams per dosage. Creatine does not contain any additive and
filters. This chemical is found naturally in many foods so it is practically
safe. And it will also not affect hormonal levels.

Whether your goal is for maximum athletic performance, increased lean muscle or
prolonged endurance, creatine is the answer for you. It also has cardio
protective qualities. Creatine from American sports nutrition is the best way
to supplement a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Another one would be the American sports nutrition whey protein. It is a high
quality, lactose free and predigested protein. This nutritional supplement is a
great natural source of high potency essential amino acids.

If you want an increase in muscle strength, do it with American whey. The
ion-exchanged whey protein in this supplement is the most preferred and
bio-available for your body. This means your body can utilize the
supplementation of American whey better than other types of protein.

American whey protein is also low on calories, tastes great, and mixes easily
with rice, milk and water. It also comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

There are many more diets out there like the American sports nutrition that
offers protein as the main component of their nutritional diet. Examples of
these are the American whey creamy vanilla extreme, American whey double dutch
chocolate, and the American whey wild berry.

They just differ in the dosage as you take them but practically the same
results. Some of them require a lot of quantities for the supplement to work.
And it also has to be taken in regularly if possible you should follow the diet

You may have noticed in the American sports nutrition's that the main nutrient
they are focused on are proteins.

So what is in proteins that make it so vital in the nutrition of Americans?
Proteins are the main body builder nutrient. Protein focuses on the production
of muscle cells. Protein also participates in muscle contraction or the
movement of muscles.

If you want to have bigger, leaner and stronger muscles, there should be a
massive intake of proteins before and after your training. That is why protein
is so important not only to athletes but also to normal people as well. Protein
also contributes to the height of a person.

If you want to be as tall as the Americans, you have to have a lot of protein
in your diet or at least use the supplements that American sports nutrition

We must remember that it is not about the nutrition we get but it is about how
we get it and when we get it. There are optimal times where the nutrients we
get will enhance our performance and boost our nutritional level. American
sports nutrition targets these optimal times in order for our body to get the
most out of it and help us be healthy and build up our muscles.

American Sports Nutrition: Providing health and fitness for everybody

Since more and more people are getting interested in becoming world-class
athletes, and the area of sports is one of the most lucrative and popular forms
of entertainment and recreation, the study of sports nutrition has developed
steadily. Consumable products and instructional materials are being released in
the market endlessly in order to help athletes and ordinary people with ample
interest in physical fitness achieve their personal goals.

In this respect, American sports nutrition has indeed made very useful
discoveries on how to make the human body function to its outmost potential.

Here are some studies and opinions created by some of the most respected health
and fitness experts around.

According to a press release from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the
best kind of nutrition is only based on the type of food one eats, but also,
the time that a certain food was consumed. Research states that the food that
athletes take in on all stages of a training session, may it be prior, during
or afterwards, will make a considerable impact on their athletic prowess and

The highlights of the press release include:

- The practice of right timing for taking in nutrients also benefits ordinary
  exercisers, and not only athletes

- The consumption of nutrients in ideal combinations at the most optimal of
  frequencies will result in the enhancement of athletic performance and the
  recovery of the body. It also improves the composition and strength of 

- Obesity can be battled by simply upping the amount of calcium that one
  consumes everyday.

- The right combination of protein and carbohydrates will result in improved
  workout and training performance.

Another important discovery made in American sports nutrition deals with the
possibility of high protein diets to bring about dehydration in most people,
even professional sportsmen.

Citing a study from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental
Biology, graduate student William Forrest Martin reported on the effect of high
protein on five athletes who were made to consume various amounts in the span of
four weeks. The researchers stressed that when one takes in high amounts of
protein in their body, the amount of fluid intake should also be raised

Aside from hydration, people who drink less water are prone to catching other
health problems, such as heat illnesses. Minimal decrease of water in the body
will have a negative effect on certain bodily functions.

The importance and strategies for the recovery of the body after strenuous
activity has also been discussed in relation to American sports nutrition.

A good recovery enables one to be well-prepared for the next physical activity.
What are the goals in body recovery? they are:

- Replacement of the storage of liver glycogen and muscle in the body.

- Regaining of all those electrolytes and fluids that went down with the sweat.

- Rejuvenation of the body from the damage brought about by exercise.

It is best to consume foods rich in carbohydrates while the body recovers from
the activity.

Other tips for quick recovery include:

- Take snacks for within an hour maximum if the next activity is less than 8

- For people with poor appetite, juice and sports drinks can provide carbs and
  fluids necessary for recovery.

All in one sports nutrition for the working athlete

Why are we drawn to sports? It is because we appreciate and take pleasure in
witnessing the human spirit in motion. Athletes competing and achieving despite
difficulties inspires us all. It is a reality TV show in its best. Sometimes, we
can't help asking what sort of "all in one sports nutrition" they are taking.

It's heartwarming to us those ordinary mortals, after years of training and
hard work had triumphed against all odds. We know that these athletes had
worked hard to develop their physical skills. We can't help but be one in their
triumphs and empathize in their defeats.

But surely this privilege is only for the professional athletes who have all
the time in the world to engage in sports and sustain this with appropriate
nutrition? Not necessarily true.

For people juggling a delicate balance between their busy life and their need
for physical health, all in one sports nutrition maybe a heaven sent.

The secret of all in one sports nutrition lies in its ideal balance nutrients,
compacted in one package. This will save you so much time in just preparing and
consuming different sports nutrition when you're in hurry. This will also save
you money since you wouldn't be buying several packs of the sports nutrients
with overlapping nutrients contents.

All in one sports nutrition is also scientifically designed to include all the
necessary nutrients needed by any athlete, and specially includes you. After
long hours of workouts, all in one sports nutrition will work its wonder by
giving you sustained energy source. And since this is a complete sports
nutrition, there's no reason to worry about missing one important nutrient
during your last meal.

Some sports nutrition claims that having all nutrients in one package is not
advisable because there is the tendency that the manufacturer will limit other
vital nutrient. This maybe true for others but not with all in one sports
nutrition. All in one sports nutrition was formulated exactly to contain the
right balance, in the right amount, nutrients needed by athletes and sports
enthusiasts, including you.

All in one sports nutrition contains ingredients designed to improve athletic
performance. It is also designed to hasten the recovery of muscle fatigue every
after exercise. All in one sports nutrition contains the perfect combination of
complex and carbohydrates. This combination is at the heart of every successful
sports nutrients product for carbohydrates provide sustained energy needed in a
sustained exercise.

Balanced carbohydrates content of all in one sports nutrition

Most commercial sports nutrients product derives all of their calorie source
from simple carbohydrates. This almost always results in blood sugar swings,
making it hard for athletes in general to balance and steadied their movement
during training or competition. Slow and steady delivery of calorie during
regimen help the muscles not to deplete its supply of blood sugar. This is very
critical during your exercise because this depletion can cause too much fatigue.
This prevents also gluconeogenesis, a form of muscle cannibalism resorted to by
our to produce energy during "emergency" or regimen.

Protein content of all in one sports nutrition

Aside from carbohydrates, nutritional supplement high in quality protein, will
you're your muscle's re-growth and repair. Protein is a hard workers nutrient
that goes a long way in maintaining your health during intense exercise.
Protein produces the enzymes needed to help carbohydrates maintain energy
levels during regimen.

Benefits aside, protein intake is one the most debated issue in the fitness and
sports nutrition world. Too much intake of protein, claimed by many, harms the
body. Consensus however, among fitness professionals and sports nutritionist
suggest a different direction. Protein intakes above the RDA appears to
stimulate the loss of body fat while increasing muscle tissue.

But all in one sports nutrition follows the RDA not because it supports the
claims of anti-protein intake. All in one sports nutrition is perfect balance
of necessary nutrients, carbohydrates and protein included. Aside from these
two most important elements in any sports nutrition program, all in one sports
nutrition also contains other minerals needed by your body to sustain itself
during heavy exercise and other physical activities.

So you see, there's no reason to loose hope joining the privileged groups of
athletes. Your all in one sports nutrition will sustain you during your
regimen, and it will help your muscles recover fast enough for your work office
work tmorrow!

Advanced sports nutrition for advanced athletes

Do you somehow feel that your sports is not enough or it doesn't sustain you in
your struggle to reach the next higher step in fitness? Chances are, your
instinct is correct. It's about time for advance sports nutrition. But before
buying your advanced sports nutrition, there are few things to consider in
assessing your readiness.

Level of recovery between games

First, several questions to ask yourself. Can you still feel the results you
achieved during your off-season training? Do your muscles still feel as if
you're starting all over again whenever you attempt even a warm-up? Is the
level of your motivation so diminished that simply stopping your exercise
regimen seems to be the most logical thing to do?

If your answers to all of these are affirmative, then we've got a serious
situation. Far on the other side, however, is a solution that is very simple.
You only need to strengthen your resistance. That means improving your
supplement to accommodate the growing need of your body for a stronger
supplemental formula. You need advanced sports nutrition as part of your
regimen program.

The level of your recovery tells you many things about your preparedness to
reach into a higher level of fitness. Your feeling of inadequacy is never a
proof of your lacking in physical talent. It is a proof that your current
sports nutrition does not providing you enough nutrients for harder regimen.

The natural reaction of your body is to relax when it's getting the same
intensity of physical workout. And your body tends to resist exercise that it
doesn't have the strength to sustain. The tendency of your mind, naturally, is
to think that you can't make it so you've got to stop.

But, in a way, this is positive. Your mind is telling your body to stop and
think. Because, really, you have many things to think about. One is changing
your supplement into advanced sports nutrition supplements.

Assess the level of your commitment

Okay, so you have enough supply of advanced sports nutrition at your disposal.
Is that it? Of course, not. You need to remind yourself that being an athlete,
particularly if you decide to climb the next higher level of fitness, is a
fulltime job. What's the reason why electricity is a simple matter if you're an
electrician? Because that's what you do on a daily basis. Your mind reacts
automatically to support every work or problem that you encounter, as long at
it's a work related situation.

This is the same with your body. You need to constantly work, for your muscles
to "remember" what it should remember, that is, supporting your workout.
Remember that your muscles only assist you in achieving your goal. Your ability
to convince yourself, stay focused on what you want, and maintain a certain
level of discipline with regard to your regular exercise regimen is the
supplement for your advanced sports nutrition program.

There are interesting studies regarding improvements in exercise performance
which correlate with the degree of specific nutrients stored in the muscle
after taking particular supplements. This somehow proves that our muscles
"remember" and knows how to store the necessary elements for future use, that
is, for our next workout. But if it's not properly supplemented, where would it
take the nutrients?

It is only natural to be confused on what to eat, which supplemental nutrients
to take to allow you to sustain your daily regimen, and to let reach the
advance level of fitness.

But, don't worry. These are problems that almost every athlete or sports
enthusiast faces. What you need is to look for things that would encourage you
to reach the next level of fitness. But after finding the right reason on
reaching the next higher level of physical development, your sports supplement
should be able to meet your growing requirements.

This higher level of encouragement should be supported by a higher of
nutritional supplement. Therefore, you need advanced sports nutrition to
sustain you.

If your body does not get the right concentration or nutrients it requires for
a higher level of physical exertion, it will revert itself to a
hibernation-like refusal to work. And when the body so decides that it can no
longer work, no amount of mental discipline will suffice in overriding it.

Want that great physique? Read a sports nutrition article

Lots of people dream of becoming world-class athletes. They know that becoming
one takes lots of patience and training that can test one's physical and
emotional limits to the outmost. Since the business of sports has become more
and more lucrative, the concept of sports nutrition has grown into Herculean

It is a good thing then that those resources such as sports nutrition articles
have proliferated in cyberspace. It gives people endless amount of information
on how to make their bodies fit for competition.

Here are the summaries of some several of the sports nutrition articles that
can give Internet researchers gems of information on athletic fitness.

From one of the most authoritative web sites on anything under the sun,, columnist Elizabeth Quinn talks about the importance of when people
should take their meals.

Citing a press release from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the article
states that the timing and duration of one's eating is as important as the
content of the food itself. This holds true especially for athletes. A recent
research indicates that the kind of food athletes consume prior, after and
during the course of the training matters a lot when it comes to recovery and
general athletic performance.

The experts from IDEA shared some key information regarding the subject, such

- To enhance performance, nutrients should be ingested in ideal combinations in
  the most optimal frequencies. This also aids in improving the integrity of 
  one's muscles.

- The right timing in mixing protein and carbohydrates will result in the
  improvement of workouts and training.

- Obesity can be fought off by taking increased amounts of dietary calcium

- One should know the difference between good and bad carbohydrates on order to
  survive the latest low-carbohydrate diet trends.

Another sports nutrition article coming from the web site Rob's Home of Sports,
Diet and Nutrition, puts emphasis on the kind of foods necessary in order for
the body to bulk up. According to dietician Clare Wood, there are three
essential requirements for gaining muscles.

- Potential of one's genes, which can be usually seen from the body structure
  of one's parents.

- An exercise program that focuses mainly on building strength.

- A diet that provides the body a high amount of energy.

Bulking up can be achieved by adding the amount of one's total energy intake.
This will help in providing the body extra carbs needed to energize training.

Increasing the amount of food that one eats can be a difficult task, but here
are some tips to go about it:

- Come up with an organized eating plan and make sure to stick with it. The
  plan should include the kind of foods that should be eaten and the time they
  should be consumed.

- The frequency of meals per day should be increased, as opposed to increasing
  the size of the meals. Ideally, one should take 5-6 meals daily, which 
  includes snacks.

Athletes should be immensely responsible regarding the amount of food that they
eat and how to properly maintain their physique. For those striving to achieve a
fit body and emulate their strict fitness regimen, sports nutrition articles,
such as these, can be easily found on the web.

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