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Alternative Technology: Subliminals

When people are physically sick, they usually go to the doctor and have their
bodies assessed for whatever pain or sickness they have. When people are
mentally or emotionally disturbed, they usually go to a counsellor,
psychiatrist or psychological to alleviate their emotional anguish and
psychological distress.

However, there is an alternative technology that offers both healing and
improvement of physical, emotional and mental health. This alternative
technology is better known as subliminals.

What Are Subliminals?

The theory behind the utilization of subliminals is that the messages which are
under a person's visual level or audio level will be received directly by the
"unconscious" mind, thus by-passing conscious detection and evaluation. People
who listen to subliminal tapes just hear music or sounds from nature, such as
waves, waterfalls, chirping birds, rustling leaves, dolphin calls, etc on the

Underneath these music or nature sounds are subliminal verbal messages and
affirmation that are inaudible to cognisant perception. According to this
theory, the "subconscious" mind can and will tell apart the inaudible verbal
messages from the audible sound messages, react to them, and act upon them.

The concept of receiving messages unconsciously through finer discerning
mechanisms unavailable to the conscious mind is founded on Sigmund Freud's
theory of the unconscious.

Freud proposed that the driving force behind human behavior is the unconscious
mind. He described the mind as being like an iceberg. The mass below the
surface is referred to the unconscious mind and the conscious mind is referred
to as the "tip" of the iceberg. Freud emphasized that the unconscious mind
makes up most of the human brain, what is obvious and conscious is only a small
part of the wholeness of a person. Hence, the promoters of the alternative
technology of subliminals are fundamentally Freudian.

What Do Subliminals Offer?

Through the use of subliminal messages and recordings, the supposed power of
the Freudian-invented unconscious is said to be at work. Individuals are told
that they can be able to lose weight, stop smoking, improve their sleep,
improve their sex life, overcome phobias and fears, relieve and totally
eliminate stress, reduce migraines, etc.

Some subliminals even suggest cures for cancer, as well as liberation from
physiological problems. Although such promises seem to be a rip-off to some
people, there are actually some individuals who are willing to testify about
the effectiveness of subliminals. There is an ongoing debate on whether
subliminals are really effective or not.

In spite of the partial deficiency of scientific evidence supporting the
effectiveness of subliminals, they have grown to be quite accepted among
Christians. There are now available "Christian" subliminal tapes distributed by
a number of Christian "ministries."

Instead of using the customary Drink Coke or Eat Popcorn advertising subliminal
messages, the Scripture is used along with, or in place of, other messages.
These Christian subliminal promoters guarantee about the same things as their
secular counterparts, with one exception; unlike their secular counterparts,
they assert Christian rootedness and Christian spiritual aid for the listeners.

To conclude, alternative technologies subliminals are not 100% proven to be
effective. People are divided whenever the issue of subliminal messages arise.
Some would say that subliminal messages are just rip-offs and may be referred
to as "placebos".

However, some people would also say that subliminal messages are effective;
they are not only believable because they don't really target the conscious
mind of individuals.

Alternative Technologies Subliminals

Thanks to the fast-paced technology of the world today, more and more ways to
improve, maintain and enhance the well-being of individuals are available. For
people who want to take care of their mental and physical health sans the
medicines and other drugs, perhaps alternative technologies subliminals may
just be the perfect method for them.

Brain Wave Subliminals

From the name itself, brain wave subliminals focus and target the brain waves
of individuals. What's great about brain waves subliminals is that the people
can participate in the process of making themselves become better through a
method called "self-talk". With proper motivation and perspective, individuals
can change their brain programming and eventually, their lives.

How Do Brain Waves Subliminals Work?

The word "subliminal" pertains to a threshold below the conscious perception of
human beings. Since you are not aware of the existing subliminal programming
underlying the music or sounds of nature (birds chirping, ocean waves, rustling
leaves, etc.), you are simply receiving the subliminal repetitive positive
suggestions without any force of resistance from your mind.

Because your conscious mind is not the main target of subliminal messages, you
can't really put up any barriers or walls against the messages. Eventually, you
will learn to accept and integrate the unconscious messages given to you and you
will notice positive changes in your behaviour, performance, and outlook in life.

The reprogramming of the mind and attitude aims to get rid of negative
thoughts, ideas and feelings that hinder an individual from performing
successfully. By ridding an individual of all the pent-up negative feelings in
his or her system, self-esteem and self-confidence will increase which will
result to a higher sense of self-efficacy.

The Power Of Subliminal Messages

Information that is processed in the subconscious part of the brain -- also
known as subliminal messages -- can actually influence a person's attitude and
behavior. This finding was revealed in a recent study conducted about the
subject. The results also suggests that some subliminal messages may produce
effects that are opposite than expected. For instance, subliminal exposure to
the image of a flag tones down instead of intensifying political attitudes.

Researchers from the Psychology Department of the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem state that the studies they have conducted indicate that subliminal
messages indeed have a large influence on attitudes and political behavior.
This finding was a significant addition to what is already known about the
outcomes of subconscious processes.

The studies, spearheaded by Dr. Ran Hassin -- a cognitive scientist, reveal
that the subliminal image of the national symbol affected not only the
political attitudes of the citizens, but also the voting intents and actual
casting of votes in the general elections.

In the article entitled "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences",
which was published in the U.S. Journal, Hassin's team gave a detailed account
about a set of experimentations that analyzed the consequences of the
subliminal presentation of their national flag. The research involved more than
300 participants recruited from Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus.

In the initial trial, the Israeli participants were randomly split up into two
groups. They were questioned about their thoughts and feelings regarding the
main issues of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Before responding to the
queries, half of the participants were exposed to subconscious images of the
national flag flashed on a screen and the other half was not. Based on the
results, the exposed group had a propensity to veer to the political core.

A brief exposure to the image of Israel's flag -- so fleeting that people did
not even have time to take it in -- was enough to cause people to embrace more
modest views. Another experiment, carried out weeks before the Israelis pulled
out from Gaza, produced the same results and displayed centrist views with
respect to the retraction and the presence of Jewish settlers in Gaza and the
West Bank.

The third experiment, conducted just before the country's most recent general
elections, demonstrated the same results. The subliminal image of Israel's
national symbol -- the flag -- attracted left wing, as well as right wing,
Israelis to the political hub. Significantly, the participants who were
subconsciously exposed to the national flag stated that they meant to opt for
more predominant parties than those who were not intentionally exposed to the
subliminal image.

The research proponents then summoned the participants after the general
elections and discovered that the subliminally exposed group actually voted
more moderately. The subliminal exposure to the national flag demonstrated what
appears to be an astonishing effect that is yet to be probed and analayzed.

According to Dr. Hassin, the outcomes were interesting for two basic reasons.
First, the results provided reliable empirical proof for the non-conscious
means in which national ideas ingeniously affect a person's behaviors and
thoughts. Dr. Hassin's research team is now expanding the study to investigate
what other dogmas can do so, as well as the ways they are expressed.

Secondly, the outcomes considerably extend the experimental knowledge with
regard to the nature of the subconscious processes, as well as the influences
of subliminal message. At present, Dr. Hassin and his team are exploring the
psychological mechanisms that cause this phenomenon.

The Power Of The Unconscious: Do Subliminals Work?

Subliminal messages are said to be messages or signals that surpass the
conscious mind and directly goes to the unconscious mind of human beings. What
makes some people doubt the effectiveness of subliminals is that they don't
really "feel" or "experience" the detection and interpretation of the

But what can they expect from messages that are meant to target the
unconscious, right? Do subliminals work? What are the proofs that they do or
they don't?

Several debates and controversies have risen in lieu of the power of
subliminals messages. Some would say that they were just duped by subliminal
messages and nothing really happened to them when they listened to the
subliminals. Some would even go to the extent of saying that subliminals are
one of the greatest rip-offs of all time.

On the other hand, a number of people also claim that subliminals have played a
big part in their success in life and that they wouldn't mind receiving future
subliminal "treatments" for further success and increased optimum performance.

Subliminal Suggestions: More Powerful Than Ordinary Suggestions?

Subliminal messages expand their latent power/influence from the belief that
they may be able to get round the crucial functions of the conscious psyche. It
has also been repeatedly discussed and argued that subliminal suggestions are
generally more influential than common suggestions.

This road to persuasion or influence would be similar to hypnosis or
auto-suggestion wherein the subject is suggested or somehow encouraged to be
calm and relaxed so that suggestions can be aimed to deeper parts of the human
mind. Some observers have proposed that the unconscious mind is unable of
critical rejection of subliminal or hypnotic suggestions. Numerous studies and
research findings do not maintain the conclusion that subliminal messages are
markedly influential.

Some researchers even contend that several psychological studies on subliminal
influence and suggestions may be inadequate or flawed due to certain
limitations brought about by inevitable internal and external factors.
Researchers don't really approve of studies or experiments which only make use
of a short period of time; they give subliminal influence or suggestions to
subjects and then go on with the experiment immediately after.

What researchers would like to happen is that the subjects be given more time
to absorb the subliminal messages and suggestions and maybe come back after
several weeks or months.

Proponents of the power of subliminal influence and suggestions have repeatedly
stated that the effect of the subliminals may require some time before it can
generate specific, desired behaviours or changes.

Why Use Subliminals If It's Possible That They Don't Work?

As of now, there has been no certain research that can prove the effectiveness
or ineffectiveness of subliminal messages and suggestions. We are only left
with puzzle pieces that would somehow and eventually lead us to a conclusion on
the future whether subliminals work or not.

Although we know that there are some things that can actually circumvent the
conscious mind of human beings and go directly to the unconscious, we still
have no hard proof that they really go to the unconscious and bring forth
certain effects and changes to the behaviours of humans.

It is quite hard to measure the unconscious mind, since from its name itself,
it is unconscious. It is quite difficult for humans to blurt out what is going
on in their unconscious mind, right?

We are left with the question "do subliminals work?" but perhaps in the future,
we will get some real and concrete answers to our question.

"Do Subliminals Work?" And Other Frequently Asked Questions

People who hear the words "subliminal messages" for the first time would most
probably be confused as to what kind of messages they are. Well, to put it
simply, subliminal messages are actually signals that are sent to the brain by
registering in the unconscious mind of an individual. If you are one of the
many people who are asking "do subliminals really work?", then you'd better
read on with the article.

What Are The Subliminals Telling People To Do?

The subliminals are not saying anything to people directly. As mentioned
earlier, they target the unconscious that's why they only act as emphasizers
and getters. They aim to grab the attention of the unconscious mind and give
significance to conscious messages that are composed of suggestions such as
those in hypnotism.

Are Subliminal Suggestions More Effective Than Conscious Suggestions?

In most cases, subliminal suggestions are not as effective as suggestions given
consciously. It is because the subconscious part of the mind may have the
tendency to be not completely responsive to subliminal commands or complex

There are only very limited and specific messages that are effective when given
subliminally to individuals. Subliminals have the power to tweak the
unsconscious mind and make it pay attention the signals. The difference between
regular suggestions and subliminal suggestions can be seen by the way they
affect the individual's state of mind.

Regular suggestions are made of complete and very specific statement while
subliminal suggestions are only composed of very short and bried one or two
word phrases.

To put simply, subliminal messages tell or alert the brain that there is an
important message that is about to be received. In return, the brain would then
be more alert and would interpret the incoming message more comprehensively.
However, keep in mind that the subliminal signals do not have the power to
change the essence of the suggestion in any way.

Can Subliminals Make People Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Get Over Their Fears,

This question is quite related to the question discussed above and the answer
is still similar as above. Subliminals cannot directly make or command people
to lose weight, stop smoking, free people from their fears, etc.

Realistically speaking, a suggestion presented consciously such as "Stop
smoking" would most probably have a greater effect and impact to an individual
rather than having the message "Stop smoking" embedded subliminally.

The point here is that not all statements, commands or affirmations can
guarantee to be successful subliminal messages. There are actually a set of
proper subliminals that are only said to be effective in infiltrating the
unconscious mind of human beings. These proper subliminals were a result of
numerous painstaking clinical and laboratory research.

Are Subliminals Really Effective In Media?

Although there has been no reported media vessel that has blatantly admitted of
using subliminal messages and signals to advertise or to hook viewers, readers
or consumers, there have been lots of hearsay that the media is really using
subliminal messages to further enhance their production or business.

However, keep in mind that subliminal messages are not the only techniques used
(if ever they are being used) by the media. It is obvious that advertisements
that are overt and target the conscious mind of people are still widely used by
the media. Do subliminals really work?

Do you think they can change your life, beliefs and attitudes? You be the judge.

Fight Hair Loss Using Subliminals

Hair loss typically develops at a gradual yet steady pace. It may appear
diffuse or patchy -- depending on the degree of the condition and the
underlying problem. The demand for quick and effective solutions have made it
possible for people to use subliminals to fight hair loss.

The average scalp normally contains around 100,000 strands of hair. In
addition, approximately one hundred pieces of hair fall from a person's head
each day. Every strand of hair lives on for about 4 1/2 years, at which point it
grows approximately one-half inch per month.

For the fifth year, the hair strand usually falls out and a replacement emerges
within the next six months. Contrary to common belief, genetic baldness is
triggered by the failure to generate new hair growth and not by extreme hair

With age, men and women have a tendency to lose hair volume and thickness.
Statistics, however, shows that men are more affected by "pattern baldness"
compared to women. More or less 25% of the male population starts to lose hair
by the time they reach the age of 30. Aside from that, roughly two-thirds can
either be bald or demonstrate patterns of baldness by 60 years old.

Reasons of Hair Loss

Hair loss or baldness is not typically caused by a medical condition. Instead,
it is associated with the aging process, heredity, and the level of
testosterone in the body. On top of that, other possible reasons for hair loss
also exist.

Certain diseases may be linked with hair loss problems. Some of these medical
conditions include autoimmune disorders (i.e. systemic lupus erythematous),
several infectious diseases, hormonal imbalance, Tinea capitis, ovarian tumor,
endocrine disorders (i.e. thyroid problem), and tumor of the adrenal glands.

Hair loss may also be connected with the use of certain medications. The most
common and obvious cause would probably be the administration of
chemotherapeutic drugs. Aside from that, radiation therapy can also affect hair
cell growth and ultimately lead to baldness.

Apart from all the external factors, it is also possible for a person's
emotions and way of thinking to influence the condition. People who tend to
worry a lot and who are constantly under a great deal of stress have a higher
tendency of becoming bald. In addition, nervous habits like incessant scalp
rubbing or hair pulling can also be damaging to the hair and scalp.

Common Treatment and Home Care

Temporary hair loss from childbirth or menopause often goes back to normal
after six months to two years. On the other hand, if it were associated with a
disease or the use of medications, treatment is usually not necessary. The hair
will just grow back when the underlying cause is taken away. A hat, a wig, or
any head covering may be used just until the hair resurfaces.

Subliminal Programming

The use of subliminals for hair loss has definitely become popular these days.
Not only is the method non-invasive, it also offers a quick and easy way to
solve problems related to a person's "crowning glory", which is the hair. Using
the concept of subliminal programming, positive messages are recorded in high
frequencies and embedded in a recording. You can make use of the masked format
or the ultrasonic -- whichever you prefer.

The positive messages recorded in the track are meant to revitalize the blood
flow in the scalp and incite the hair cells to regenerate. As a result, new
hair growths are observed within several days of exposure to the subliminal

Basically, you need to listen to the audio recording repeatedly. You may do
this at least an hour everyday or longer. The more you expose yourself to the
affirmations embedded in the track, the better.

Maximum effect will usually show after a few weeks of listening to the
subliminal messages. So before you seek out drastic methods, try using
subliminals to fight hair loss. You may be surprised with the amazing outcome.

Alternative Technologies Subliminals And Their Growing Popularity

A lot of people are already being open to new changes and technologies in the
field of healing of mental, physical and emotional problems. One of the new
innovations that seem to be getting more popular nowadays is the alternative
technologies subliminals.

Subliminal messages are inaudible or invisible messages that are displayed for
a very brief span of time. The time that subliminal messages are presented are
so short that your mind does not consciously detect the message. Your
unconscious mind is the one who can detect and interpret the message.

In short, there is no overt and conscious registration of the message. Your
unconscious mind is the one who will interpret and integrate the message into
your system. This means that your conscious mind cannot develop arguments
against the ideas brought about by subliminals and so you are more vulnerable
to the subliminal suggestion.

Admittedly, there are a lot of controversial issues pertaining to the
effectiveness of subliminals. One of the most popular issues concerning
subliminals is the one that involves advertisements that use subliminals and
applying or spreading subliminal messages to unwilling subjects.

What Are Self-help Subliminals

If you want to try subliminals on yourself, you can lessen the chances of you
being susceptible to unnecessary information and messages by opting to have
self-help subliminals. Self-help subliminals usually give the clients the
privilege to customize the messages. You can decide what subliminal messages
and recordings you feed your unconscious mind. You can be sure that the ideas
behind the subliminal messages are significant to you and can address your

Self-help subliminals is an extraordinary computer program that enables you to
present your own subliminal messages and apply them to modify your life. You
use the subliminal program to present your personal constructive affirmations
subliminally in visual or verbal form. You are in total control of how the
messages are displayed and how the messages are displayed.

This kind of self-help subliminals can be referred to as customized subliminals
since you are the one in-charge for the messages that you receive. You can make
use of the subliminal messages while at relaxing or while you are working.

Subliminal Self-help Computer Technology

Although there are loads of subliminal tapes and CDs available in the market
today, another genre of subliminal messages is beginning to be more preferred
than the traditional tapes and CDs. Subliminal computer programs are now
beginning to catch the attention of the public, especially those people who
spend a lot of time facing their computer screens.

Another point why subliminal computer programs are becoming more popular is
because compared to traditional audio tapes or CDs, subliminal computer
programs can greatly assure people that there is really a message inside. It's
quite hard to detect if a so-called subliminal tape really has a subliminal
message in it, right? For all you know, you could have purchased a blank tape,
without any subliminal message at all! That would be a perfectly horrible
rip-off, right?

If you get yourself alternative technologies subliminal such as self-help
subliminal computer program, you can be sure that the messages are tailored-fit
for you and you get what you deserve from your money. Perhaps the only thing
that would hinder you from not being able to fully enjoy subliminal computer
programs is when you don't have a computer of your own.

Changing Your Man Through Subliminal Messages

For women, there are some issues about men that are just too hard to handle.
But what if you can actually be able to get rid of those unwanted behaviors of
your man and get yourself a brand new reborn man? That would be every woman's
dream and gladly it is now possible with Mephisto Subliminals.

Subliminal messaging can help get rid of unwanted behaviors and can also make a
man practice positive behaviors. Mephisto Subliminals have been producing
scripts that are able to help women change their man for the better. There's a
variety of ways on how it can help.

Get Him To Talk

A huge number of arguments come from the issue that guys won't tell or talk to
their partners about what's on their minds. Whether your relationship is at
marital level or not, this is the most common problem. Communication is vital
in every relationship, thus you need your man to communicate, whatever it
takes, to keep the relationship going.

Through subliminal messaging, your questions like "What's on your mind?", "Is
something wrong?" and the likes that are usually left unanswered can be for
once given real attention to and actually answered by your man. Use of the
messaging can make him talk, explain and be somewhat reasonable and

Trust Is The Key

Trust is one vital factor in a relationship. If there is no trust then you
might as well say goodbye. Thus, if your man has been hurt before by his past
relationships and he finds it hard to invest on that trust on your present
relationship, subliminal messaging could just be the right thing to give him
that trusting heart again.

The messaging can tell him not to be afraid. With it, he can forget his past
and actually move on and live in the present. This ensures you that you are his
present and there will be no more doubting your relationship. You and your man
will be on your way to that assured trusting future.

Abuse Be Gone

If your man is the type who has some anger management issues and has little or
no control over his emotions, then this is the message for him. Lack of control
can lead to actions that can be unintentional or intentional. Either way, it
could still hurt you and even your family or children.

Through this messaging, you can actually tell your man to stop the abuse that
he does. In a way his anger management can be controlled. You wouldn't have to
worry of getting intentionally or unintentionally hit by him. Much more, if you
have children, you need not have to worry of them getting hurt at all.

Cheaters Never Win

Having a third party in a relationship can be tough. Most men are inclined to
cheat whether it because of falling in love to some one else or just plainly
having sexual relations to others. This is when breakups start or divorces are
filed, and a broken family is of by product, children suffering the

Now you can subliminally tell your man to stop the cheating or even don't dare
to start the cheating. With this, you will be the only woman in his life and
that's an assurance that you actually have him wrapped around your fingers.

Relationships are very complicated especially if there's a lack of effort from
the other. Thus, you should remember that subliminal messaging your man isn't
enough. You too should put effort into the relationship for it to be a happy

Black or White Manipulation

There are a lot of movies, stories and news today about alien abductions and
other paranormal happenings. Telekinesis, mind reading and other skills are
said to exist. Sometimes topics like these are laugh trips for you. But what if
you just learned that you are actually being subjected into something that just
sounds as hocus-pocus as those mentioned above?

A Driving Force

How would you feel if you find out that you are being manipulated to do a
certain action or behave in a certain way without you knowing it or without
even your consent? You may think that it would be pretty scary and indeed it
is. But there's more to it than that.

Subliminal Usage

The use of hidden messages has increased the past years. People are much more
open to the so-called science than before. Many companies are selling
subliminals as self-helping instruments. They say that by subliminally telling
your self to change your behavior, like having low self-esteem, you can
actually do so!

However, subliminal messaging is not restricted only for private use. There had
been lots of issues of this type of messaging system being used in public places
and commercial advertisements of companies. Due to the believed effects, even
large companies use this kind of system.

Proofs Of Purchase

There had been reports of subliminal messages being used for advertising. Once,
it was used in a cinema where a message was flashed to buy Coke and popcorn. The
results was said to be that there was an increase in the popcorn and Coke sales
that night. It was a really an amazing out come.

There was one instance too that a shopping mall used a subliminal message that
conveyed the message 'if you steal, you go to jail'. The outcome was remarkably
the same as with the cinema incident. There was a significant drop of cases
regarding shoplifting in the mall.

You can also browse the Internet for posters or ads that use subliminals. There
are even logos of famous companies where the sublime messages are explained.
These images all convey a sense of pleasure to the viewer enticing them to buy
or come in the establishment. The question however is, is it right to use
subliminals to the public?

Black Side Of The Market

A lot of people would probably be enraged if they found out that this kind of
advertising is true. Wouldn't you think that it is unfair for your part that
you are made to buy a product because you were subconsciously manipulated to do
so? Remember, you have nothing to fight against it at all.

It is very much unfair that the public, including you, is subjected to this
kind of manipulation without them knowing it. It can be a form of invasion of
privacy for some. Manipulating your actions through this kind of media without
your consent can be really frustrating on your part.

White Side Of The Market

However, there can be a good side too. Like the shopping mall incident stated
above, subliminal messaging could be for the good too. If it's true, there can
be less crime committed, and safety can be assured.

Whether, subliminals, really work or not, it is inevitable that there is an
issue regarding its public usage and you as a consumer, should be consciously
aware of this.

Be In Charge Of Your Life Now!

One good way of gaining control back in your life is by subliminal messages.
This kind of messaging system works by putting a secret message within another
message. The subconscious mind is said to be able to pick up these subconscious
messages and in effect you are able to do what ever the message tells you to do.

It can help you alter unwanted behaviors. For example, you want to stop smoking
and have a much healthier life style. You can get a message that helps you stop
smoking, or that you get an active lifestyle. Other behaviors too like anger
management can be controlled as you get to control your emotions effectively.

Choose A Form

You can get these in various forms. They come in audio, video, and other visual
forms. They can be in tapes, CD's, prints, or just in the desktop of your
computer. Often times there are companies that makes these subliminals and
sells them for a price worth the changes. But unknown to most, there are also a
lot of free subliminals available online.

These free subliminals can come in the form of audio tracks. They are easily
downloadable and transferable. You can play it in your computer, burn it on a
CD, ortransfer it to your MP3 player. One thing to remember is that you can't
compress the audio file because compression will take the effect away.

There are also free downloadable subliminal generating programs. You can
install one of these programs and play it on your computer. These are
customizable where you can put what behaviors you want to acquire. These are in
visual forms most of the time, where the subliminal messages are flashed on your
desktop for a very brief period of time.

Sublimely Manual -- Doing It The Primitive Way

If you don't have the budget to buy customized subliminals or if you can't find
a free audio subliminal that would best answer your need or if you don't have
your own device to be able to have every day access with your subliminal media,
there is another way of sending subliminal messages to your mind without the
need of technology yet absolutely free!

First off you need to have white flash cards and a black marker pen. You should
have goals that you want to achieve. Then you write down in the flash card the
word/s of the attitude/s of the goal that you are aiming for. An example would
be you want to control your anger, thus you write it down clearly on the card.

The way you write it should be in a positive way like 'I have control with my
emotions.' not 'I can't be angry.' Because the subconscious mind can't process
words like 'can't' and 'don't' and the like. Then put the flashcards with a
flashlight beside your bed, put your alarm on at 3 AM, turn off the lights and
off you go to sleep.

At 3AM when the alarm sets off, get the flashlight and turn it on and off
focusing the light to the flashcards. Flick the light on and of for a dozen
times at each of the card and stare at the cards while doing this. When
finished, you can go back to sleep. The rationale behind this is because your
subliminal mind is most receptive at this hour and in the middle of deep sleep.

You may think that the process can be inconvenient; however this is one
effective way to send free subliminals and change your life for good!

A Subconsciously Complex World

There is a cliche that goes as 'to see is to believe', which is much true in
this world where most people are visually inclined and proofs of existence is
vital to live. Having faith into something that's unseen is often questionable
by society. So would you believe someone if he tells you that you can change
your life by listening to a message that you can't even hear?

What Message? Louder Please!

Subliminal messages are messages that are embedded into another media for it to
be conveyed. Such subliminals are said to be able to affect your behavior or
actions. It is said that it can induce you to do something, depending what the
message tells you and not knowing you are being influenced by the message.

These messages can come in the form of music where the subliminal message can
be embedded in your favorite band's CD or with in your favorite song. The trick
is, that you can't hear the subliminal message but instead, you only hear your
favorite song. Thus, you won't even know if you are being influenced.

Today's Trends

With high technology just a stone throw's away, self-helping subliminals are
distributed much easily through different medias like audio or videos. It can
be ordered through the Internet and with just one click from your mouse with
payments settled, you get what you ordered for in an instant. The question
however is does it really work?

Two Sides of The Coin

There are two schools of thoughts regarding those self-helping subliminal
messages. First are the people who say that subliminals really work, while the
other say that's it's just simply a product of your imagination. Before
purchasing a product like this, it is important for you to know both sides
before you decide.

Go For It!

There are a lot of studies claiming that subliminal messaging is highly
effective. There was one incidence in a movie house that a subliminal message
was flashed in the screen telling the people to drink coke and eat popcorn, the
results were actually astounding since the sales of coke and popcorn that night
went sky high.

Of course those in the business in subliminal messaging would advertise their
products the best that they can. Thus, there are a lot of testimonials of those
said satisfied customers in the websites of those companies selling these
products. However, it is subjective on whether you are going to believe them or

It's Just Your Imagination

There are people on the other hand that say, since you're the one that bought
your own customized subliminal product, you already know what message you put
in it. It can be a product of your imagination, or a psychological
conditioning, that you do a certain action when you listen to that message.

An example is you bought a message that would help you stop smoking. Because
you set your mind that what you bought is actually effective, your cravings for
smoking is lessened because you tell your self that you're under the spell of a
subliminal message and that you don't want to smoke. It's like it's all in the
mind since you know what behavior you are being conditioned to.

In the end, the decision is still yours on whether you would opt to use
subliminal messaging or not. Just remember that there's no greater motivator
than believing in you.

Ultrasonic Subliminals And How They Work

The emerging trend of using ultrasonic subliminals to get rid of bad habits
(i.e. smoking) or to boost positive behaviors has left a lot of people
wondering if it actually works. To end the speculations, read on to know
whether or not this method will indeed be appropriate for you and your specific

Subliminal Messages

The human brain is made up of the conscious mind and the subconscious. The
conscious aspect is responsible for logical thought, while the subconscious
mind is typically beyond one's control. However, with the use of ultrasonic
subliminals you can somehow effect change in the way your subconscious thoughts
influence your thinking, as well as your behavior.

The subconscious mind is, in fact, very responsive to both negative and
positive suggestions. It easily accepts as true any information it is presented
with. This is because it has no discrimination or capacity for rational
thinking. Its function can be likened to a camera that takes snapshots of a
person's mind states. Emotions and thoughts are fused for future use. In
addition, experiences are captured at face value devoid of analytical judgment.

Basically, the subconscious mind cannot make distinctions between right and
wrong. It merely perceives and puts information in storage. When viewed this
way, it makes a lot of sense to aggressively program this aspect of the mind by
means of exposing it to a number of positive suggestions. In addition, modifying
it with meta-programs can be extremely beneficial.

Since the subconscious is shaped by previous experiences, it is capable of
storing everything that has taken place in a person's life may it be good/right
or bad/wrong. In view of that, it can help you in some cases and it can restrict
you in others by responding to certain circumstances based on outdated and/or
faulty information.

For instance, not talking to strangers may have been beneficial when you were
younger, yet the same conduct may also present itself as a setback in
adulthood. In other words, that behavior could get in the way of your
interaction with other people -- especially at work. The fear to speak in
public is another consequence of that early conditioning.

In the language of computer programming, you may utilize subliminal message to
write over a bad code. So if there are any out-of-date programs, you can simply
use repetition, emotion, and relaxation to generate astonishing results. By
showering your subconscious with affirmations, it will be compelled to
overwrite the former beliefs.

Silent Programming

You can play a recording of ultrasonic subliminals repetitively while working,
reading a book, watching TV, or doing any activity that you prefer to
accomplish in silence. Of course, you will not hear the messages consciously
since they have been adjusted to exceedingly high frequencies.

Nonetheless, your brain will still sense and process the audio stimuli. The
subliminal messages will immediately find a way around your mind's critical
faculties, therefore generating long-term positive results within the shortest
span of time.

To validate the presence of ultrasonic messages in a recording, you can make
use of sound editing programs -- or any media player that is equipped with
spectral or frequency analysis, or a visualization utility like WinAmp or
Windows Media Player. Simply enable the visualization options and play the
ultrasonic track. You will be able to observe the visualizer oscillating in
response to the muted high frequency subliminal stimuli.

You can use the repeat option of any CD or media player for personalized
playback of the ultrasonic subliminals. On top of that, you can play the track
anytime and anywhere you like. The more frequent you expose your mind to the
silent programming, the better and more lasting the outcome will be.

Ultrasonic Subliminals: Do They Really Work?

Ultrasonic subliminals are widely available on the market these days. But
people are still wondering whether they work or not. To better understand how
they effect change in a person's mind, take a look at how ultrasonic
subliminals are made.

A Quick Inside Look

Ultrasonic subliminals are vocalizations or other sounds that have been made
with such high pitch that they block off vibrations in the eardrum. Instead,
they tend to shudder some portions of the inner ear. Because of this mechanism,
the conscious audible range is incapable of detecting the sound. The
subconscious, on the other hand, perceives the stimulus, deciphers it and then
understands the message.

Unlike masked subliminals that are normally covered or masked with other sounds
(i.e. sound of water), ultrasonic subliminals may be recorded without the
masking sounds. As a result, the recording gives the impression of a blank CD.
Then again, a visualizer will typically reveal the existence of the
high-pitched sounds.

Without a doubt, ultrasonic subliminals have a number of advantages over the
masked variety; and vice-versa. However, the majority of commercially sold
subliminals are in the masked format as this layout is easier to make and has
an extensive history of success -- given that it is correctly made and
utilized. The ultrasonic type is more difficult to create yet it is generally
more effective for the reason that the subliminal message is considerably

The Mechanism of Action

In essence, ultrasonic subliminals function the same way as hypnosis but with
no alteration of the awareness. The recordings usually require repetitive usage
over a number of days, weeks, or even months to achieve full effect. Sorry to
say, but anyone who is marketing "instant results" with ultrasonic subliminals
is selling falsehood.

Although they can generate positive outcome after one exposure, this likelihood
is very rare and typically occurs when the goal is strongly desired within a
short span of time.

More often than not, ultrasonic subliminals require three to four weeks of
exposure before it begins to show results. You need to at least expose yourself
to the recording for one hour each day. Then again, for better outcome, you can
play it all night long. Some people who are willing to take the extra mile may
even get the desired effect in less than one week or as quick as three whole
nights of exposure.

The Subliminal Message

The subconscious aspect of the mind is extremely childlike. It soaks everything
up literally. Therefore, the sentences used in subliminal messages need to be
brief, simple and straightforward. They need to steer clear of negative
statements since the words "not" and "don't" are generally not recognized by
the subconscious. For instance, the phrase "I am healthy because I don't smoke"
may be perceived as "I am healthy because I smoke".

In addition to using positive statements, the subliminal messages also need to
be in the present tense. The subconscious mind only recognizes the present. For
this reason, the script -- in order to be considered a good one -- should avoid
using future tense.

The focus of the messages in ultrasonic subliminals should be in the "here and
now" and not in the "yet to come". For example, the phrase "I will be
successful" is not an excellent affirmation because it actually gives the
subconscious an idea that you are not doing well right now. It somehow suspends
the belief into a future that never takes place.

The Basics Of Ultrasonic Subliminals

People all over the world are discovering the benefits of using ultrasonic
subliminals to effect change in their lives. In fact, numerous audio products
have been developed and sold on the market to be of assistance to folks who
want to turn their life and careers around -- obviously, for the better.

However, a lot of individuals are still skeptical about the effectiveness of
ultrasonic subliminals. To get a better understanding of what it is all about,
you need to take the two concepts apart and be familiar with how they work.
After that, you may determine for yourself whether it does work or not.

What is Ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic is actually the adjective of the term "ultrasound", which is sound
with frequencies greater than the maximum threshold of human hearing.
Technically, a person can hear sounds between the range of 20 Hz and 20,0000
Hz. This upper limit has a tendency to diminish with age. For that reason, most
adults have become incapable of hearing sounds beyond 16 kHz (16,000 Hz).

The human ear itself doesn't really react to frequencies of less than 20 Hz.
However, these can be felt through the sense of touch. Some recent studies had
also revealed a "hypersonic effect" -- a term that describes the phenomenon
that demonstrates a quantifiable outcome on a person's psychological reaction
with respect to the absence or the presence of frequencies beyond 20,000 Hz.
You may not consciously perceive the sound but it can definitely have an effect
on you.

What is Subliminal?

In Latin, the term "subliminal" stands for "beneath the threshold". It
represents information that is exceedingly faint for a person to perceive
consciously. Nevertheless, it is recorded in the subconscious area of the mind.
At times, the word subliminal can also stand for the pieces of information that
the conscious mind has chosen to pay no attention to in favor of more
interesting or more obvious details.

Subliminals are helpful in making modifications to the subconscious portion of
a person's brain, which basically guides one's actions. Since this aspect of
the mind is not equipped with the capacity for rational thinking, it will
unerringly believe whatever it is told, for as long as it is done with enough
repetitions or a sufficient amount of emotions.

You must wonder if it is possible for the two aspects of the mind -- the
conscious and the subconscious -- to argue. The answer is a big "YES". Of
course they disagree. And whenever this occurs, the subconscious mind would win
the squabble all the time.

To get a better image of how the conscious and the subconscious aspects of the
mind struggle against each other, try to picture this out: the conscious mind
is usually left powerless when conflicting subconscious ideas -- thoughts that
could not be controlled by logical thinking -- linger in a person's brain. In
essence, the conscious mind is largely responsible for your "waking life",
while the subconscious mind reigns in the "world of the dreaming".

How Does Ultrasonic Subliminals Work?

Ultrasonic subliminals make the most of the fact that the conscious side of
your brain is intended to concentrate only on a few things, while the
subconscious aspect makes a note of everything that is registered by any of
your five senses.

By making use of subliminals to repetitively expose the subconscious mind to
certain messages, you can make it believe and consequently accept those ideas
as newfound programming. Once it has accomplished that, it starts manifesting
the recently encoded ideas and the changes occur.

Suggestions And Affirmations That Target The Unconscious: Do Subliminals Work?

Ever since the "Drink Coke and Eat Popcorn" craze started, the issue of using
subliminal messages and suggestions have never died down. Although the
advancements and developments of subliminal suggestions can be likened to a
rollercoaster ride due to its numerous ups and downs, people still haven't lost
hope and interest in finding out whether subliminals are really effective or not.

Many people still ask their friends, colleagues, and even doctors and
psychologists "do subliminals work?".

Modern And Simplified Meaning Of The Word "Subliminal"

Subliminal discernment takes place whenever certain stimulus or stimuli are
induced lower than the threshold or brink of awareness of the human mind. These
subliminals are said to influence actions, thoughts, and feelings. Originally,
the word "subliminal" was coined to refer to situations that involve very weak
stimuli that are targeted to be perceived by the unconscious mind.

Currently, the word subliminal refers to any condition wherein unnoticeable
and/or weak stimuli are detected and interpreted by the unconscious mind.

Psychological Studies Pertaining To Subliminals And Their Effectiveness

The theory of subliminal awareness is very interesting due to the fact that
individuals' feelings, actions and thoughts are greatly manipulated, influenced
and affected by stimuli that are received without any trace of conscious
detection and interpretation. The great interest in subliminal suggestions can
be traced back to psychological studies that date back to the late 1800s and
early 1900s.

In the psychological studies conducted in earlier times, the subjects were
plainly asked whether they are aware that they are perceiving certain kinds of
stimulus or not. The subjects were presented with different kinds of stimuli
such as visual stimuli (digits, geometric figures, letters) and auditory
stimuli (whispers, voice recordings over music or other sounds). The visual
stimuli were presented at a certain distance from the subjects that make it
hard or quite difficult for them to discern its shape, color or figure.

Some participants of the study claimed that they only saw dots and blurred
figures while some claimed not to have seen anything at all. Similarly, the
auditory stimuli were also presented to the subjects as faintly and weakly as

As mentioned earlier, whispers were used as well as playing of music or
recordings in the lowest volume possible. In short, the purpose of the study
was to give certain auditory and visual stimulus vaguely and then find out
whether the participants unconscious mind dominated over the conscious

After the presentation of the stimuli, the participants were asked to give
their guesses as to what kind of stimuli they received. For example, the
participants would be asked to guess whether the visual stimuli were pictures,
letters or number. As for the auditory stimuli, the participants may have been
asked what they thought they heard, amidst the vagueness or weakness of the
auditory stimuli presented.

The astounding result of early studies stated that the guesses of the observers
who were presented with vague stimuli were greatly more correct than normal
guesses (without any stimuli at all). In other words, the results of the study
may support the belief that the unconscious mind can comprehend or perceive
what the conscious mind cannot.

As years passed by, more studies pertaining to subliminal messages have been
conducted; some have been clearly patterned from the early studies conducted
while some have been slightly modified.

At present, there are still no hard facts that can prove or disprove the
effectiveness of subliminals but hopefully, people can get a concrete answer
when they ask the question "do subliminals work?".

Subliminals For Hair Loss

Normally, hair loss is an issue that only adults need to be anxious of. But in
some cases, teenagers are at risk of losing their hair too. When this happens,
it definitely signifies that something is wrong.

Hair loss at this point in a person's life can mean that he or she is perhaps
not getting enough nutrition or is suffering from an illness. Because of this,
more and more people have turned to subliminals in treating hair loss problems.

Hair Essentials

Hair is made of keratin -- a form of protein. A single strand is composed of a
hair shaft (the exterior), a root beneath the skin, and a follicle from which
the root develops. The lower end of the hair follicle is known as the hair
bulb, which produces the color pigment called melanin.

Most folks lose around 50-100 strands of hair each day. These hair strands are
subsequently replaced as they grow back in the hair follicles. This quantity of
hair loss is completely normal and should not be viewed as a reason for worry.

If you notice that you're losing more hair than what is considered natural,
then something must be wrong. The appropriate medical term for this is
alopecia. It is a condition wherein the degree of hair loss is enough to create
balding patches on a person's head.

To properly diagnose and treat alopecia, it is an excellent idea to consult a
doctor. He or she can help you identify the underlying problem and correct the
condition as necessary.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

1. Medications

Medications usually produce various side effects, and one of them is hair loss.
These drugs may include anti-acne medicines (i.e. isotretinoin), lithium, diet
pills containing amphetamines, and chemotherapeutic agents.

2. Medical Conditions

Certain diseases can get in the way of normal hair growth. As a consequence,
hair loss could come about. These medical conditions may include endocrine
disorders (i.e. thyroid disease, uncontrolled diabetes), kidney and liver
disorders, and systemic lupus erythematous (SLE). The hormonal imbalance that
results from polycystic ovary syndrome can also trigger hair loss in teenage
girls and adult women.

3. Hair Treatments and Styling

Chemicals contained in hair treatments and styling products can damage the hair
and cause them to temporarily fall out or break off. Then again, if you're not
too careful, the condition may become permanent. This condition is dubbed as
traction alopecia. It results from pulling hair so forcefully in an extended
period of time that it puts tension on your scalp.

4. Poor Nutrition

Poor eating habits can actually be a factor to hair loss. Because of this fact,
some people who suffer from eating disorders (i.e. bulimia or anorexia) also
lose a significant amount of hair. The body basically lacks vitamins, minerals
and proteins -- all of which are necessary to maintain hair growth.

Vegetarians also face the possibility of hair loss -- that is if they don't
consume enough amounts of proteins from non-meat sources. On the other hand,
athletes have an elevated risk of developing the condition since they have a
greater tendency to be iron-deficient.

How Do Subliminals Work?

Studies have shown that hair loss can be overturned with the help of special
stimuli applied to the brain -- also known as subliminals. An audio recording
that contains subliminal messages is designed to stimulate blood circulation to
the scalp and trigger the hair cells to multiply. As a result, hair will start
to re-emerge and thicken within just several days of exposure to the stimuli.

Nevertheless, you need to be patient since the maximum effect of subliminals in
treating hair loss would usually take longer to produce. If you've been
suffering from the condition for a couple of years or so, it would typically
require a much lengthier time to revitalize blood circulation and cell
reproduction inside the scalp.

Subconsciously Evolving

Would you believe if you were told that your actions could be controlled by
simply listening to a song, looking at a picture or by simply watching a video?
As crazy and scary as it sounds, there have been a lot of studies through the
years on conveying messages in a covertly manner that we are unaware of.

The Science

This is the field of subliminals, or properly called as the process of
subliminal messaging. These are messages that you can call as 'secret messages'
or those that has hidden meanings. They are signals that are hidden within
another message so that your overt senses could not perceive them a single bit.

It is said that even though your overt senses like vision, and hearing can't
detect these messages, your subliminal mind however is able to perceive them.
That's why you can be influenced by the message. In turn, this results to
actions that you do. However when you do these actions, it can be in a
conscious or unconscious level.

Branching From A Theory

The theory of having the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind was
proposed by Sigmund Freud. According to him, our consciousness is like an
iceberg, where only ten percent is afloat the water and the rest is deeply
below the water. The conscious part is the only one afloat and the subconscious
is the level in between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Through this theory, a lot of studies and research has been done in regards
through the subconscious mind. There are school of thoughts that believe that
the subconscious mind when stimulated can lead you to do actions or it may
influence your behaviors.


It was in 1898 when a book containing the basic principles of subliminal
messaging was published. The book was 'New Psychology' by E.W. Scripture. Then
in 1900, the Müller-Lyer illusion came out. Where it was claimed that the
illusion was due to the subconscious mind.

Then there was Harry Hollingworth, an American Psychologist that published an
advertising book that said subliminal messages can be used by advertisers to
sell their products. From then on, further studies on the said messaging system
have been done.

More Development

During the World War II, a tachitoscope was developed that used the method of
subconscious imaging. It's an instrument that flashes a picture for a very
short time. This was used to train the soldiers to be able to recognize the
planes of their enemies. Now days, it is used to train people to read faster
and test their sighting skills.

Technology has improved and subliminal messages are in different forms already.
Now days, it is not only available to scientists and the government but also for
public use. It can be purchased by anyone in the public either for his or her
own private use or not. Acquiring subliminal media is very easy now and
accessible to everyone.

A lot of people believe in it, and sometimes-even use it to, as they say
'improve their lives'. They offer messages to help modify certain behaviors
such as smoking, lack of confidence, being too lazy and much more. Many see it
as the answer to the tantamount of problems they have.

Truly, as time passed by, the field of subliminal messaging has subconsciously
evolved in the midst of this overly conscious world!

Silent Subliminals: Too Good To Be True?

Silent subliminal messages are made silent because they are recorded at very
high frequencies that are not really masked by music, noise, or any other
sound. The amazing thing about silent subliminals is that even though they
can't be heard, they have a great effect on the minds of people who are able to
hear them. The subliminals infiltrate individuals' minds unconsciously and all
information are also encoded in the unconscious mind of a person.

Subliminal messages have gathered a lot of sceptics because a lot of people
find it hard to believe that an inaudible sound can greatly and effectively
affect one's unconscious mind. Some people think that subliminal messages are
just made and distributed by "quack" doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists
but in reality, these inaudible messages that target the unconscious minds of
the individuals are really effective.

Convenient And Effective

People who choose to listen to subliminal messages to help them change their
perspective, achieve their goals or boost their self-esteem enjoy the privilege
of having the option to listen to the messages whenever they want and wherever
they are. They can listen to eat while eating breakfast, watching TV, driving
through traffic, taking a bath, etc. Silent subliminal messages can even be
played before and during sleeping!

How Are Silent Subliminal Messages Recorded?

Subliminal voice affirmations are recorded on an inaudible, powerful, super
high-audio frequency carrier in a format that can be easily detected and
decoded by the human ear. The subliminal voice affirmations vibrate the
tympanic membrane of the ear at the strongest yet safest level.

Better Than Masked Recordings

With extensive research and study, silent subliminal messages are said to be
way better than masked affirmation recordings because they infiltrate and
affect both the conscious and unconscious mind better. The signal strength of
subliminal voice recordings are 10 billion times more than the strength of
masked recordings that is why the human brain can better detect and decode the
subliminal messages in the brain rather than the masked recordings.

Even Deaf People Can Hear The Ultra High Frequency Vibrations

If you think that deaf people can't enjoy the good effects of subliminal voice
recordings, think again. Thanks to the innovative technology, the ultra high
frequency vibrations of subliminal messages can also cater to the hearing
disability of deaf people. A study held at the Medical College of Virginia held
on July 5, 1991 confirmed that not only people who have normal and healthy
hearing capabilities can enjoy the effects of subliminal messages. Deaf people
can also hear and understand the subliminal recordings because they are
transmitted at high-frequency levels.

Think about this, if even deaf people can hear and understand the subliminal
messages, then it must really be effective to humans who have healthy hearing

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic of the effectiveness of silent
subliminal messages, you can never really come to a valid conclusion unless you
yourself have tried to listen to these subliminal recordings. There have been no
reported cases of subliminal messages causing great harm or damage to the
auditory senses of individuals as well as the brain functioning.

Individuals must also remember that the effect of subliminal messages vary per 
person because of the individual differences bestowed upon human beings.

Silent Subliminals: How Effective Are They?

Subliminal messages are said to be effective in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a
psychological therapy in which words are said to have an impact on people's
thinking and internal images.

Ericksonian Hypnosis, on the other hand, is a very tender yet very effective
form of hypnosis. It creates supportive and affirming messages that are
designed to provide both unconscious and conscious experiences of reflective
and philosophical change.

A lot of people are still doubtful about the effectiveness of subliminal
messages. The most common question of sceptics is "how would one know if its
effective or not?". The answer is quite simple, if we look at subliminal
messages scientifically and psychologically. All human beings have so-called
"mental programs" that consist of beliefs and thoughts which determine the
behaviour of an individual. The beliefs and thoughts present in an individual's
mind may be positive, negative or both.

Silent Subliminals Can Change One's Life

If you want to have a whole new outlook on life, or if you simply want to get
rid of your negative thoughts and feelings to be able to cultivate and develop
your positive behaviour and actions, you can use silent subliminals to achieve
your goal. Subliminal audio programs can change your "mental programs" and
generally change your life. With the use of subliminal messages, your mind can
undergo a re-education process which will truly be advantageous for you.

Studies And Research

There have been many studies pertaining to the effectiveness of subliminals on
people's mind. A Congressional Report in 1984 submitted by the House Committee
on Science and Technology concluded that subliminal messages can be picked up
by the brain, recorded and then called upon later, as needed.

Another study pertaining to subliminal messages was conducted at Boston
University in October, 2001. Los Angeles Times reported that the study held at
Boston confirmed that subliminal messages are really powerful and effective
tools in altering, improving and enhancing the mindset of individuals.

Subliminal messages are said to be silent sculptors of the mind because they
basically target the unconscious mind and they also try to infiltrate the mind
of a person without any sound or warning at all. Researchers at Duke and
Harvard University have also been involved in studying the effectiveness of
subliminal messages and they all came up with quite the same conclusions with
the previous researches conducted.

Do Doctors Approve Of Using Subliminals For Patients?

Although not all doctors seem to believe the power of subliminals, there are
still a good number of doctors and psychologists that recommend subliminal
treatment for their patients. One particular doctor who is known for his strong
confidence and belief in subliminal messages is Dr. Bernie Siegel.

He reports that when calming subliminal messages are given to the patients who
undergo surgery, they seem to recover faster than those patients who did not
receive any form of subliminal message. There is also great evidence that
patients who receive subliminal messages require less anaesthesia and feel less
anxious than patients who did not receive any kind of subliminal treatment.

Silent subliminal messages may still not be wholly acknowledged by the medical
field, but more and more medical practitioners are discovering the wonders of
subliminal messages.

For the psychiatrists and psychologists, they don't really have to be convinced
about the power of subliminal messages for they already know how powerful
subliminal messages can be in tweaking the unconscious mind of people.

Silent Subliminal Messages Can Be Customized

If you want to try silent subliminal messages, you can have them tailor-made
for your needs. By having the option of having your very own subliminal
messages, you can be able to achieve the goals that you have always wanted.

How Does It Work?

There are a lot of companies out there who are specializing in subliminal
messages and recordings. Try to get in touch with them and inquire if they are
offering customization of subliminal messages. If they are, they will usually
give you a CD containing the recorded subliminal message of your choice. There
are also companies that even let you choose what kind of music to integrate in
the CD as well as what kind of nature sounds you want to listen to.

The Power Is In Your Hands

If you are looking for the best solution to let go of addictions, phobias,
weight problems, anger, hatred, depression, angst, traumas, anxiety, stress,
and fear, customized silent subliminals may be just what you need. Silent
subliminals also work for boosting one's self esteem as well as self-confidence.

The word subliminal actually means something that exists underneath the
surface, or on the brink of consciousness. The part of your mind that really
controls your life exists just below the facade of your conscious mind. It is
the subconscious part of your mind that must be stimulated and reached in order
to make lasting, positive changes.

You can also have the power to enhance and improve interpersonal dealings and
relationships with the help of customized subliminal recordings. You can also
boost your memory, brain power, and concentration. Subliminal recordings are
also a good instrument for releasing stress and other pent up tension in your
body. Believe it or not, subliminal recordings can help you enjoy life better.

Subliminal Recordings Target The Mind

What's great about subliminal recordings is that they have the power to shape
one's mind and restructure it to make an individual perform better and increase
chances of being successful. The future of a person greatly depends on his or
her ability to think and perceive. How one interprets and takes on the
challenges of life determines his or her future.

By changing the part of your mind that controls your life, you can be able to
see and feel great changes within you. You will become more inspired, more
active and more driven to achieve your dreams and goals. With proper treatment
of subliminal messages, you will experience a refreshing feeling over your mind
and body. Your performance will eventually become better and who knows, in just
a short span of time, your family, friends and colleagues may be able to notice
how much you have improved.

Custom Subliminal Messages Are Better Than Off-The-Shelf Subliminal Systems

Custom subliminal messages are way better than standard and general subliminal
messages because they target your weaknesses easily. When the silent subliminal
messages are customized, you can be sure that the factor of specificity will be
greater. You can focus more or improving your weaknesses and you can most
probably notice favourable changes in just a short span of time, compared to
standard and general subliminal messages.

Choosing to have a customized subliminal recording will guarantee you that you
will be hearing only what is necessary and significant to you.

Russian Spies, Language and Subliminals

Over the years, numerous films have depicted Russian spies in various ways.
"James Bond" movies and other espionage flicks never lacked the attendance a
certain Russian spy working with or against the protagonist. In reality,
however, these operatives have been through a lot of rigid training just to be
called worthy of their role. Russian spies were even purported to have been
learning language through subliminals.

The Russian Spies

The Russians have two agencies involved in espionage. The SVR (Foreign
Intelligence Service) performs all the intelligence and surveillance work,
while the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) protects
Russia from espionage efforts of other countries.

The SVR is Russia's main external intelligence organization. It is the
descendant of the FCD (First Chief Directorate) of KGB ever since December of
1991. The agency's headquarters are located in Yasenevo, Moscow -- just outside
of the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.

Not like the FSB, this agency is responsible for all intelligence efforts
overseas. It functions in collaboration with the GRU, which is the country's
military intelligence organization. Nevertheless, the SVR is still more
powerful behind the scenes in comparison to the GRU particularly with regard to
identifying Russia's foreign policy.

In addition, the SVR takes part in anti-terrorism collaboration and
intelligence-sharing agreements with foreign intelligence organizations. The
service also offers analysis and provision of intelligence to the Russian

The FSB, on the other hand, is the primary domestic security agency of Russia.
It is the principal successor of the KGB, NKVD, and Soviet-era Cheka. This
organization is engaged in counter-intelligence, internal/border security,
surveillance, and counter-terrorism. The headquarters can be found on Lubyanka
Square in downtown Moscow.

At present, Russian intelligence agencies can no longer recruit individuals
purely on account of Communist ideals, which was considered the "first pillar"
of the recruitment for KGB. The secondary pillar was devotion to Russia.

Learning Language Through Subliminals

Languages are basically acquired by means of listening to a particular spoken
language -- or languages. As a matter of fact, there are places in the world
wherein it is commonplace to find multilingual people. The most amazing part is
that none of these folks learned the various tongue in formal schools.

Speaking four or five languages is actually part of some people's daily life.
Due to the constant exposure to the sounds and words, the mind starts to
spontaneously soak up the foreign tongue. After a while, the language is
ingrained into the brain. People then begin to grasp and speak the words.

The human brain is mechanically programmed to receive the words and arrange
them so that they make sense. The mechanism may differ from one language to
another, yet not as much as you would believe. Every language is engraved to
such a close pattern that some linguists consider them essentially as dialects
of one primary tongue. In other words, each of us already have a machine that
awaits the acquisition of a foreign language.

You simply need to learn the sounds and how they differ form your own language.
After that, you just have to study the words. That's basically everything you
have to know. And subliminals basically help you do all of this at a much
faster rate.

Learning language through subliminals is very effective and provides desirable
results in just a short span of time. Because of its effectiveness, Russian
spies have been alleged to be using the method all along during their training.

That is perhaps why most of them are portrayed in movies as multingual

Opting For A Different Approach

Life has too many struggles and people can get desperate at times. In face of
so many troubles you may want to quit. You can choose to be high with drugs or
you can choose to help yourself. Some choose an approach that may seem a little
too eccentric yet has no side effects. All you need is to believe and see the
effects; this is when they opt for the use of subliminal messages.

What Is It?

This is a method on which you embed a secret message within another message
that can be perceived. An example would be embedding a hidden message within a
song. When you listen to that specific song, you may not know it but your mind
is also picking up that hidden message it can actually influence you to do what
that message tells you to do.

These are called subliminal messages. More often there are a lot of companies
now selling customized subliminal media at high costs. But of course with the
Internet around there are also sites that offer free subliminals that already
has a preprogrammed message. All you have to do is pick one that suits your

Beginners' Guide

You may already have decided to get some free subliminals off the Internet. But
if it's your first time to use this kind of media, there are some things that
you should know before using it. These are just some precautions that would
ensure you the effectiveness of the message and just some safety reminders you
ought to know.

Foresee The Product

Before downloading on any of the offered messages online, you should foresee
first the product that you want. Meaning, you should think of your goal, the
end product. You should have a mindset of what is it exactly that you want to
be after using the subliminal for quite some time. Having a specific desired
outcome is very helpful for you to monitor changes.

Suits You Right

Now that you have an outcome; it's time for you to choose a subliminal audio
track that fits you the best. Choose one that can help you with the problem you
want to be solved or something that is approximate to it if you can't find a
free subliminal that answers exactly your problem.

Remember that you don't have to go on a downloading spree. Just choose one for
the mean time that you will use for about 21 days. Targeting one behavior at a
time is more effective than targeting too many behaviors because this can
clutter up your mind. So just choose one message for the meantime and listen to
it for 20 minutes in the span of 21 days.


When you are listening to your track, make sure that you are not driving or
operating a machinery. Doing such activities can lessen the effect of the
message because your mind is probably too busy with the ongoing activity. It is
best that you listen to the track while at rest or in a relaxing environment.

Moving On

Lastly, when you have already seen the results that you wanted. Then it's time
to stop listening to the track. It's time to move on and listen to other free
subliminal self-help tracks to gain more positive attitudes in life!

Mephisto Subliminals: Making Life Easier

Life is very demanding. You are given a lot of expectations from your family,
friends, co-workers and society. There are a lot of things that you want to do
or have to do, but yet you fail to do so just because of the lack of
self-discipline and the will to do it. But what if there's a way to empower
yourself and be able to accomplish your goal?

Subliminal messaging has been used since early 1900's. It is one effective way
to achieve results of action much faster than its normal counter part. It is a
subconscious messaging system to a person's mind for him to be able to do or
integrate in his life the subliminal message that is given to him.

What Is Mephisto?

Now days, with the fast improvements of technology, there are a lot of
corporations offering subliminal messaging. It would be wise to trust the best.
The leading company now is Mephisto Subliminals Inc., which is a premier
distributor of subliminal messaging media for public or even personal use.

Since 1983 they have been making subliminal audiocassette tapes, ever since
then the company has been growing and would continue to do so. With the much
open acceptance of people regarding subliminal messaging, the market for this
kind of media has grown and is on a very steady state now.


Although Mephisto is ready to serve you with any need you may have, what makes
them different from other companies is their specialization. They are the first
to make subliminals that could actually attract a person of the opposite sex. In
this kind of media, you could romantically induce someone subconsciously.

You actually get to spice up your romantic life, which is what a lot of couples
need to do. With expert research through the years, they are now leading in this
field and the ever more growing need of people for something like this, they are
to have more customers in the future.

Forms of Messaging

The company offers a wide array of products with subliminal messaging. Due to
technological advancements, it is just not only available through audiotape
cassettes now, but even with posters, VHS video, Audio CD's, Video CD's, DVD's,
computer wall papers and screen savers!

You now have the freedom to choose in what form you would like the message be
conveyed. You can set it to whatever preference you like. Depending on the
lifestyle that you are living. If you're a music lover, you can go for the
audio CD type. If you are someone who works in front of the computer, wall
papers or screen savers would suit you the best.


This type of messaging is effective in different areas of life. It can help
with your romantic endeavors. Even in financial managing. You can message your
way to weight loss without having to take those diet pills and drugs. In every
thinkable problem, there can be a message that can actually manipulate your
unwanted behavior.

Truly now days, it can be very frustrating not to be able to do what you want
to do. A feel of guilt and lowering of self-confidence is inevitable. Thanks to
technology and with the help of Mephisto Subliminals, you can achieve that thing
that seemed like a dream!

Just Suits You Right

Since 1900's research in subliminal messaging took a great leap of improvement
and is still running the race to continue to give its growing number of
consumers the services that they ask for. Truly, the market is growing even
more through out the years.

Everyday more problems are created in your life, and that's why Mephisto
Subliminals takes great pleasure in being the top corporation to advance in
research to help you out with your undyingly increasing problems and

Subliminal Tailoring

Subliminal messaging can be used in a lot of ways. It can be either for public
or private use. It is available for you in different media like audio whether
tape or CD, video whether VHS, VCD or DVD, and in the form of computer
animations or still images too.

Depending on your need, the messages conveyed can be customized. Definitely it
is tailored for each customer's unique personal need. Here are some of the ways
that you should get to know on how subliminal messaging can help you conquer
your troubles.

No More Smoke Belching

You may have had countless attempts to break the habit of smoking but have
completely failed. Now with the help of subliminal messaging, you can actually
be able to stop your self from smoking.

The message can tell your mind to suppress that urge to smoke and with little
patience and time you are off to have that smoke free life that is just not
beneficial to your own health but even to the health of your family, people
around you and the environment.

Getting Rid Off Those Extra Flabs

This may be the most common problem of almost everybody. People of all ages
could probably relate to this or so, maybe you too have been struggling to lose
those extra pound off the scale but everything you did just resulted to the loss
of money instead.

Now here's a way where you can set your mind to achieve that waistline you
always dreamt of. Through this, you can get that self-control to not over eat
and just get the right amount of food necessary.

If every morning you tell yourself that you're going to exercise yet instead
you take extra hours dozing of in bed, now you actually get that will to get up
and sweat off those extra flabs. In no time, results would be evident and you
can even keep that healthy lifestyle as long as you please.

No Need For Cupid

Subliminal messages is not only for personal use but can also be used to
stimulate others. If you and your partner are having that down time in your
relationship, it can help bring that fire back burning to it's old warmth,
whether it be sensually or emotionally. Surely you relationship would be much
loving and stronger than before.

It can also be used to keep yourself and your partner in check. A message such
as to avoid infidelity or unfaithfulness can be encoded. This way you would
have that secured and happy relationship at hand. There is no need to worry for
divorces and third parties would not be an issue.

These are just some of the troubles that Mephisto Subliminals can help you out
with. There are a lot more other types of messages you can get and everything
is tailored for your need. In Mephisto, there's a solution for your every need!

Brain Waves Subliminals Make Use Of "Blink Moments"

"Blink moments" are what we may refer to as rapid cognitions or intuitions. The
author of the book "Blink", Malcolm Gladwell, defines rapid cognition as the
kind of thinking that occurs in just a blink of an eye.

The problem is, most people don't usually trust their "blink" moments. Some
tend to be too apprehensive and they dwell more on the objective aspects as
well as facts rather on their intuition, no matter how prevalent and strong it
may seem to be.

Brain wave subliminals can help individual to cultivate and develop their
intuition. Since these subliminal messages work on a deep inner level of the
human brain, they can simply change the programming of your brain. You can
ditch the behaviours and beliefs that you don't want and replace them with
ideas and thoughts that you would like to integrate in your mind.

You will eventually feel that your attitudes and behaviours have changed for
the better, thanks to the reprogramming of your mind. In addition, you will
also learn to trust your intuition than you did before the reprogramming.

You will have the inner power to know the right thing to do as well as have the
calmness and serenity whenever crises arises because the brain wave subliminals
have developed your intuition and programmed your mind to trust your decisions
that occur in "blink" moments. Finally, people who undergo brain wave
subliminals must also perform self-talk to support further the reprogramming of
the brain.

Alternative technologies subliminals may not be approved and accepted by
everybody, but they have already touched and improved a lot of individuals who
were brave and courageous enough to try them.

Improve Your Grades For Free!

Student life can be very taxing. Deadlines here and there, reports and papers
all lined up. You get caffeine in your veins with drinking too much coffee for
those sleepless nights as you diligently review for your exams and lessons. Too
much to do with so little time and you try your best to concentrate on whatever
you are doing, but the thing is you can't.

This is a common scenario of a student's life. Either he or she simply can't
concentrate or he or she is too lazy to study. But what if you can be able to
easily overcome these kinds of dilemmas of student life? No, you don't have to
drink any memory enhancing pills of some sort, all you have to do is listen to
music, interesting isn't it?

A Sublime Method

Research of subliminal messages has been ongoing since the 1900's. Now, it has
reached a point in which amazingly it can be of great personal help. In early
phases of its study, it was only used usually by the government to train
soldiers in spotting airplanes of the enemy. Also it was used in commercial
advertising to increase their sales of popcorn and coke.

One Click Away

Now days, subliminals can be acquired even for private use. It is available for
you in different kinds of media like audio, still visual, video and computer
animations. There are even a lot of free subliminals in the internet that are
downloadable easily. You can get it as an audio file that you can easily play
on your computer, mp3 player or CD player.

There are also free downloadable subliminal generating programs that you can
install in your computer. These ones are customizable for what ever need you
may have. These messages can help you with a lot of things regarding your
attitude especially in studying. Here are some of the problems that subliminal
messages can help you out with.

Acquiring Concentration

Do you find it hard to concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing? Maybe
'focus' is not in your vocabulary worse scenario is if you are trying to study
yet there are a lot of distractions in the environment like too much noise,
people talking etc. If you are that kind of person, then you definitely need
some help to boost up your attention span.

Through subliminal messaging, you can focus on your goals that you want to
achieve. These goals can either be short term or long term. By simply encoding
a message that would tell you to focus, concentrate and be attentive you can
get that long attention span you've been looking for especially when listening
to those hours of long boring lectures of your professor.

Memory Enhancement

Poor memory can be a big problem especially in studying for final exams. Not
only that you are to remember a lot of terms but also with the accompaniment of
high tension and fear that can cause you to have memory blocks. Of course, you
already know what the terrible consequences of this kind of problem are.

With the help of subliminal messages, you can encode a message that can help
you boost your memory. Your mind is set to be confident and not to have anxiety
attacks during examinations, thus you can think well and access that stored
knowledge in your memory easily.

Subliminal messaging is really a very powerful tool. With it you can have the
solutions for your studying attitude problems. The best thing with it is that
you get it for free!

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