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What is sudoku?

Sudoku is a kind of puzzle game that has the goal of completing the numbers
from 1 to 9 in each row and column. Usually, it is called nine X nine. There
are numbers that are already given; you only have filled the spaces with the
proper number to complete the set. The point of this game is to use all the
numbers from 1 to 9 by filling the blank spaces found in the board. It may
sound easy but it usually depends on the number given on the box. If you are
experienced enough, you can play with it easily.

Sudoku puzzle have different levels as well. Usually, it starts at level 1
where the game is easy. Then, as the game continues, the levels will increase
from 2 being moderate to 6 which is the most difficult level. Usually, the
levels of the puzzle games uses terms in martial arts, such as white belt,
brown belt, green belt and black belt. If it is your first time to play, it is
preferable to play with the easiest level first. You cannot start from the
difficult level because it is very complicated. Better make use of the easy
level to practice your brain first.

The best part about sudoku is that it contains numbers but it does not require
mathematical thinking. You do not have to be an expert to mathematics in order
to play with it. It only requires logical thinking and that alone. Although it
contains numbers, you will not perform mathematical solutions such as adding,
dividing, subtracting or even multiplying. Sudoku is all about reasoning and
how you manage to complete the box with the necessary numbers. And in between
10 to 30 minutes, you can finish the puzzle depending on the intensity of its
difficulty. It is a good way to spend your free time as well.

Sudoku has become very popular and have reached a very enormous amount of
player these past years. If you are going to play with it every time, you will
have an idea why people love to play with it. If you are one among the people
who have not played with it yet, you should ask yourself, what have you been
doing? With the rest of the people who made it an expertise, why don't you grab
a pencil and start playing with it. But where are you going to get it?

There are some many sources of sudoku games. The best sources of sudoku are
newspapers, magazines and sudoku books of course. In newspapers, you can get
free sudoku games everyday. Usually, people buy newspapers to play with sudoku
games. Magazines also contain sudoku games. Most of these magazines offer a
prize in every sudoku puzzle that is completed. This is included in the
printings because it can pull many readers and game players as well.

The Internet has a lot of loads in terms of sudoku games. Internet has made
some sudoku games printable. Usually, you have to copy it from the net and
paste it so you can print it and play with it afterwards. You can always find
it in websites that give away free sudoku printable downloads. Search engines
can give you assistance when it comes to the search. In just a few clicks away,
you will be in touched with the different enjoyable and fun sudoku puzzle games.
So finding one is never a hassle.

If you will try playing with it, you will know why people love to play with it.
This is probably the most addictive and the hottest puzzle game today. With the
millions of sudoku games available on the net and also made printable for your
convenience, you can play with it as long and as many as you want. Grab a
pencil now and let the puzzle game sudoku begin.

What is sudoku? How is it being played?

Sudoku is a kind of puzzle game which is composed of nine squares in every
cube. The nine cubes are combined together forming nine column and nine rows.
It is a puzzle that is sometimes called nine X nine. The mina goal is very
simple; it is to complete the puzzle. You only have to use numbers from 1 to 9
in every cube. Numbers must only be used once in every row and ones in every
column as well.

You will notice that the puzzle contains numbers already. Each number given is
entered in the puzzle and you will fill the puzzle with the numbers missing.
The difficulty of the puzzle games depends on the numbers that are pre-entered
and placements of these numbers.

The ratings of difficulty depends is rated as well. It starts with 1 being the
easiest level and 6 being the most difficult level. Some of the puzzle makers
are usually refers to it as most difficult, hard, moderately hard, moderate,
easy, and light. Some also uses some martial arts terms such as white belt,
brown belt, green belt and black belt.

You should always start at the light level before you try to venture on other
higher levels. It will sure to practice you reasoning power and strategic
planning. People who are indulging to these games often exercise their brain
and are able to think rationally.

But where are you going to find sudoku puzzles?

Sudoku puzzles are everywhere. You can find sudoku puzzles in everywhere you
go. Usually, you can buy sudoku books that contain loads and loads of sudoku
games ranging from the light levels to the difficult levels. You can play with
at as long as you can. It is available in all the books stores around you
place; however, you will have to pay for it.

You can also play it for free. There are many sources of free sudoku puzzles
games. You can play with it without spending even a single cent. Here are some
of the sources where you can play free sudoku puzzles:

One among the most famous source of sudoku puzzles are newspapers. Newspapers
will give you new sudoku games everyday. Usually, people buy newspapers to get
free sudoku games.

Magazines are also giving away free sudoku games. Usually, these magazines will
give you sudoku puzzles and if you are able to finish the game they will give
you prize as long as you send the finished puzzle to them. They use it as a

Online sudoku games which are printable are also available. You can copy and
print it to play on it. With the loads of games available online, you will
never find any source anymore. Enjoy playing with sudoku.

Sudokus: Give your Brain a Mind Twisting Puzzle Game

Games are not just for kids, adults can play games as well. With the very busy
life of most of adults today, they do not have much time to go to entertainment
centers to play with arcade games, fun filled and enjoyable activities. However,
these activities are boring; it only requires physical activities taking for
granted the importance of logical thinking.

You can use your leisure time by playing games. You do not need to go to
entertainment centers to enjoy. You can just sit around your office, grab a
pencil and enjoy playing with some of the puzzle games around. There are so
many fun filled puzzle games that will make use of your extra time. You do not
need to spend money to enjoy it. Empower your neurons and improve your logical
thinking by playing with it.

One among the best sought after puzzle games is called sudoku. Have you heard
of sudoku? Have you experienced the one of a kind satisfaction you can get over
playing with it? If you have not yet played with it, you are missing half of
your life. Do you want to know about it? Read on and learn all about sudoku.

Sudoku is the hottest most enjoyable puzzle game today. Most of the people
prefer playing with it because of the unexplainable pleasure it brings. In
fact, it is one among the most discussed topics on the World Wide Web. Even
people who belong to highest society love playing sudoku. What is sudoku? How
is it played?

Sudoku is a puzzle games that requires only 9 numbers. It only requires numbers
from 1 to 9. There are nine rows and nine columns as well. The main goal of this
puzzle game is to complete the box with the appropriate numbers corresponding to
the numbers needed in the box. The puzzle is pre-entered with numbers and your
job is to put the missing numbers on the blank. You might think it's easy but
is quite challenging than difficult.

It has different intensity that depends on the given numbers. The more numbers
are given the more it becomes difficult. The different levels of intensity are
identified as light, easy, moderate, heavy, difficult and very difficult. It is
better if you start on the light level first before venturing to higher levels.

Sudoku has different kinds and types. You can choose from the different types
according to your preference. There are many types as well. However, the
directions of playing them are just the same. They have the same mode of
playing the games and all are enjoyable.

Once you get hold of the pencil and start playing with it, it is really
impossible for you to stop. With its grabbing way of playing it, it is hard to
stop. If you are into crossword and puzzles, you will like sudoku as well. You
can play with it within 10 to 30 minutes depending on your expertise. With the
different types available, you can enjoy playing with it.

You can always find sudoku into almost anywhere around the world. Usually,
there books loaded with different sudoku puzzle game plays. All you need is
pencil and you can start thinking how you are going to complete the box.

Newspapers and magazines are also great source of sudoku. Newspapers can give
you new puzzle game plays everyday. Most of the people buy newspapers because
of the sudoku puzzles. Magazines also grab readers because of including sudoku
on the pages of their magazines. The one who finishes the games will receive a
price. This is a very effective way to gain more people ton patronize the
magazine. What a clever idea.

You can also find it over the very useful internet. The World Wide Web will
give you more than millions of printable sudokus. You just have to choose which
website can give you the best sudoku game plays. There are many website
available for you online. Search engines are very useful in terms of your
search. Just type "sudoku free" and the rest will be the search engine's job.

Start indulging yourself now to playing with sudoku puzzle games. Giving your
mind an exercise, empower your brain cells and practice your logical thinking
by playing with sudokus. Enjoy and have fun playing with it.

How to Play Sudoku: Play the Puzzle that Takes the World by Storm

Do you know anything about the Rubik's Cube? Who haven't heard about it? Have
you ever played with it? If you did and you are trying to go for a bigger
challenge, try Sudoku. Sudoku is a number placement puzzle game that needs
careful thought and intense patience.

Sudoku is a great puzzle that can be found anywhere from newspapers, magazines,
textbooks, and on the internet. It consists of a series of grids. The grids
usually involve one big 9 x 9 grid that holds, 9 3 x 3 tiny grids.

The main objective of this game is to put the numbers 1 to 9 into each of the
grid units. In Sudoku, you do not have to add the numbers and look for the sum
of the rows and columns. Though it is a game number, definitely there will be
no addition included.

However, there are three rules that must be strictly followed. And they are:

1. Each of the numbers from 1 to 9 should come out only once in each column. 2.
Each number from 1 to 9 must appear once in each row. 3. Each should appear once
in each small 3 x 3 grid

These rules should be followed significantly to make sure that each 3 x 3 grid
has the numbers from 1 to 9 to show in the series only once. In this way, it is
assured that it increases the challenge and difficulty in playing the game.

Sudoku game puzzle comes in different levels of complexity. The total of
numbers provided in the first level in the 9 x 9 matrix differs. Many people
think that the game would be easy if there are more numbers given at the first
level. However, this is not so true because the assignment of the each number
has an intense effect in making the puzzle difficult to solve.

Now, how will you play the puzzle game?

As mentioned above, you have to follow the three rules. Once you have put that
in your mind, you may start playing the game. The following are steps which you
can use in playing the sudoku.

* You do not have to guess everything when playing. The Sudoku puzzle can be
solved sensibly. All you have to do is to think about it carefully. The best
way to begin the puzzle is by searching for the clues. Majority of the players
begin by looking for the numbers that often appear in the first puzzle. For
instance you have many 4's in the first puzzle. Look in the 3 x 3 box if the
number 4 is also there. Now, can you find out other places where there is also
the number 4? Start looking for the no. 4 in the rows and columns. These can
help you locate where the other 4's are. Remember, the number 4 must appear
only once in each of the 3 x 3 box, rows or columns. If there is already a 4 in
the columns 1 and 3, then there's should be no other 4 in any of those 2
columns. Thus, the missing 4 should be replaced in column 2. If you are able to
remove all the potentials in the box, you will have a bigger chance of solving
it correctly.

* At the time that you are done looking at all the 3 x 3 boxes, you must ensure
to fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the rows and columns that hold most of the
numbers. If only two numbers are not in the row or column you can always do the
elimination method to know where to place the last two numbers. Check the rows
and the columns to locate the missing numbers. If you have eliminated one of
the possibilities on each row or column, there is a chance to fill the line you
are playing.

* The two steps above will help you solve the simplest or the easy Sudoku. On
the other hand, difficult puzzles need players who know how to look for the
possibilities of the puzzle. The possibilities basically need someone who will
solve and win the puzzle with all the given different choices in every square.
There may be times that there is no way to remove a possibility, so a player
will have to choose any of the numbers. When this happens, it is necessary to
remember where you have chosen a number and think if your first choice was

Sudoku is game of wits. Sometimes, you will feel that you are only playing a
non-stop game. But, following the steps and practicing it will help you know
the techniques that are helpful and will lead you to victory.

How to make a winning sudoku strategy

Sudoku is known as a logic-based placement puzzle which aims to come into a
numerical digit which is from 1 through 9 which is in a cell of 9X9 grid. The
first sudoku puzzle was made available in the U.S. it did not get the kind of
popularity it had until the year 2005 came.

Solving puzzles of sudoku normally involves a lot of combination of the
processes. The three processes are scanning, marking up and analyzing. You can
always come up with a good sudoku strategy if you are keen and observant and if
you follow the strategies that will be shown top you.

Sudoku is the Japanese word meaning "placement puzzle". It became well-known in
Japan in the 1980's. But before that, there was a puzzle maker in the United
States by the name of Howard Garnes who formed the very first puzzle which is
comparable to it. It was formerly called "number place" as an option of Sodoku.
After that, it was made available and then featured in Logic problems and math

The first useful sudoku strategy is scanning. Scanning usually takes place not
only at the beginning but also all the way through the solution and it consists
of two basic and important techniques. First is the cross-hatching which engages
scanning of the different rows or columns in order to classify which among the
lines in a specific region may include a certain numeral by a procedure of

The other sudoku strategy is by counting 1-9 in regions, rows and by columns in
order to categorize all the missing numerals. Counting the numerals is based
upon the last numeral that is revealed may help to speed up the search.

The is second is the marking-up. When the puzzle has no additional numerals
that can be discovered, sudoku players over and over again find it compulsory
to mark the potential numerals included in the blank cells. This can be
completed by essentially writing in the numerals or dots that will represent
the potential numerals.

Last is the analysis. This sudoku strategy has a lot of approaches which
include "what if" and the "candidate elimination". The game includes
consecutively eliminating the candidate numerals from one or more cells to run
off with just one choice. After each of the answers has been completed, an
additional scan may be performed, this is done usually to check and see the
effect of the possibility.

In this kind of move, the player should use his best sudoku strategy and skill
to come up with a good combination that will make him win the game.

If at all possible, one wishes to find a combination of sudoku strategy which
keeps away from some of the drawbacks of the above mentioned elements. The
counting of the different regions, rows and columns can make a player feel
bored. on the other hand, sudoku is a fun and engaging game but requires sudoku
strategy that can help a player to sharpen the mind and keep one entertained for
quite a long time.

Sudoku is one of the most up-to-date trends in games and leisure. The
concentration in this Japanese number crossword puzzle is extremely at a fever
playing field. Playing Sudoku is always a fun game and it provides the users an
equal ground for everyone to play. Some of the elderly adults and even four year
old kids can play the same game. It does not require proficiency in English.

The game has a variety of difficulty levels and you can get the best
satisfaction from it. When played with a good Sudoku strategy, one can enjoy
playing the game and one can simply experience a level of satisfaction which no
other games can.

Now that you have learned the best sudoku strategies that most players apply,
you can be ready to apply it on your own. Remember that you can have your own
strategy. You will learn it as you play the game over and over again. You will
realize that the game you have been eyeing for is not that difficult to play.
You only need to be observant and you need to concentrate to make the smartest

Sudoku Strategies for a Sure Success

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game in Britain and the United States. The word
Sudoku means a "single number" in Japanese. It is consists of a 9 x 9 grid with
an about 81 boxes to be filled in with the numbers.

The challenge for this game is to fill all 1 to 9 numbers in the box. However,
there is a basic rule that is sometimes irritating for most players who find it
hard to complete the box. The rule is: the number 1 to 9 must come out only once
in each row and column.

To avoid being trapped by this rule, what should a player do? The players must
have strategies, which they can use to solve the puzzle correctly and

How can they start? Everybody has his or her own ways of solving the game.
However, the following strategies are arranged from the easiest to the most
difficult to prepare yourself unlock even the most deceptive puzzle ever made.

1. Use a pencil

Pens are for the professional players. Thought the puzzle may seem to be very
easy, you will still need a little of scratch work which you can be able to
erase anytime after solving the squares.

2. Guessing will not help you get the correct answer. Instead, think!

Most Sudokus have only one solution. This means that they can be answered using
your logic. Never place any number if you are not sure that it should be the
number to go in the square. Trial and error is not a good technique in Sudoku.

3. Begin with the common numbers

Examine the puzzle to know which of the numbers come out frequently. Choose of
these numbers and know if you can put any of them. As you begin to try this,
draw light lines cutting every row and column that holds the numbers. Look at
each box that does not have the number yet. If you find the box with a single
empty space that is crossed out, put the number on that space.

4. Then go on to the nearly filled box

As you begin putting the numbers, watch out for the rows, columns, or the 3 x 3
block that are nearly filled in. Once you have found one, decide which of the
numbers should remain to be placed in that box. Know the numbers that are not
yet placed then, check if there is a suitable position in the box. If there is
at least one, place the number.

5. Are you puzzled? Start making notes

The easy numbers have already placed in. Your eyes are focused on the page and
you realized that you are not using your pencil again. This means, you are
puzzled by the puzzle.

What should you do? Work out again each square. Make small notes of the
probable answers within each square. Choose a square and record in small print
any of the numbers from one to nine that do not appear in each row, column or 3
x 3 grid. In this way, you will realize that a square has a single possible
answer only. Place in the number. Then, remove the possibility from other

6. Search for other options

There will be times that you will have to reach the point where all the empty
boxes have many probable solutions. If this happens, the puzzle becomes more

Now, your plan is to look for the several boxes in a row, column or box that
have similar options. For example, if you can locate two boxes that have same
two options, the two numbers should be placed in those two boxes. It should not
be placed somewhere else within the row, column or box. This should cut down the
options in the remaining boxes to a point where you can answer other else.

This strategy will surely work if the options overlap in two boxes or more. If
the total number of different options along with the connected group of boxes
does not does not go beyond the number of boxes included, you can presume that
each of those numbers is placed anywhere within that group.

7. Start again if you duplicate

Lastly, if you find an illegal duplicate, stop, and know the reason behind it.
If you still cannot find the reason, it would be better start the puzzle again.

By following the seven strategies given above, you are assured of a victory in
the end of each game -- may it be the easy level or the most difficult level of
the Sudoku.

Sudoku tips and killer moves

Have you ever played a Sudoku game? Playing a sudoku is simple. Even if you
have not yet played the game, you can learn it easily and fast. You just need
the help of sudoku tips and strategies so that you can score in the game.
Sudoku tips are most important especially if you have no way or no chance of

You just have to put the numbers from 1 to 9 into the spaces of the blank grid.
In every column and every row, there must be 3X3 boxes that contain the digits
from 1 to 9.The rules are uncomplicated -- you just need to fill in the squares
so that all numbers are represented simply once per row.

Simple rules are not difficult to tag along. What makes Sudoku almost
interesting and addicting to players is the dependable face up of finding the
accurate match. The trial and error can have a match and it can match with a
pre-determined line of attack which is based on the clues that you are shown
and provided that make victory probable for everyone.

And of course it aims to help the user with the different game levels that are
made available. With this, you can start with, or have a choice to always go
back to, the lowest or simplest stage in order to expand a perceptive of how
the game make use mechanism and what sudoku tips and strategies will work best
for you throughout the game.

Compared to the crossword puzzles, which are well-liked in their own right,
following Sudoku tips does not have need of a never-ending knowledge of
language or vocabulary or a long-term obligation to form the puzzle out. And
the disturbance level stays low down for the reason that one can for all times
go back to the most part of the basic level and focus on an individual player's
speed slightly than mere completion.

In just a 5-30 minute time duration, one can simply play a game or a few, can
be challenged mentally and academically, get the fulfillment out of finishing a
puzzle, and walk away rejuvenated to go use their brain in a different level.
With all the free Sudoku online games, one can perfectly master their skill and
intelligence by playing it from time to time.

Since sudoku games are offered for free, one can play it at any time when they
feel like playing it. Mastering your newly learned sudoku tips can be applied
successfully and you can simply gain more sudoku tips as you go through the
game. Sudoku tips do not only let you play the game but you get the chance to
practice your skills and reasoning ability.

Having plenty of sudoku tips will help you win the game effortlessly. You may
ask where you can get these sudoku tips. There are a lot of places to learn
sudoku tips. One is the internet. You can bump into a lot of resources that are
helpful in playing the game wisely.

These resources include articles and forums. You can get into a forum where
people talk about sudoku. Mostly, members who are in that forum are enthusiasts
and game lovers. You don't necessarily have to be a pro if you want to play the
game. People who have blank ideas about the game can simply learn the easiest
sudoku tips that are helpful as you go along the game.

If you want to master the game, you will need to learn more sudoku tips like
looking for cues, eliminating the numbers of the rows in the box and looking
for the right matches of numbers. You need to understand the columns and the
rows that consist the game. Learning how to eliminate the possibilities in the
boxes is your starting point and after learning that, all will follow. Learning
from the basics will always be a good training.

Probably the best sudoku tips that you can best benefit from is the planning
strategy that a user can apply throughout the game. When you plan your moves,
it is expected that you will come into the best matches for the rows and the

The Easiest Way to Play the Easy Sudoku

Playing a puzzle is one of the most popular pastimes in all parts of the world.
During breaks or idle hours you can oftentimes see a person busy solving puzzles
from newspapers, magazine or books. These are personal moments that can help
idle time away and sharpen ones mind.

One of the best played puzzles is the Sudoku. It is an addictive number puzzle
game that is taking the United States and the whole world by storm. It has
become one of the most famous puzzle games ever created.

It is played using a 9 x 9 grid that is divided into nine equal squares. The
objective of the puzzle is to place the numbers from 1 to 9. Each number must
appear only once in every row, column and in 3 x 3 squares.

A Sudoku puzzle game usually begins with a set of numbers already given in the
puzzle. Depending on the given numbers and the placement of the numbers, this
determines the complexity level of this puzzle. The puzzle normally differs
from the simple or easy down to the difficult level of play. Sudoku puzzle is
solved using logical skills.

If you haven't tried playing a Sudoku puzzle yet, it is suggested that you
begin with the easiest one available. If you want to purchase a puzzle book,
the different levels are labeled -- whether it is easy, moderately hard or very

If you want to look for the game in a newspaper, you will usually find the
easiest Sudoku puzzle at the start of the week (Monday). By starting with the
easy Sudoku, it will help you improve the strategies and techniques you have.
In addition, it is not as frustrating as the difficult Sudoku.

How to play the Easy Sudoku?

For beginners, here are steps which can be helpful in solving the easy sudoku.
Be sure to follow each step carefully and correctly to have a better chance of
solving the puzzle.

1. Upon Solving, think carefully and cleverly. Once you already know that you
cannot have two same numbers in each row, column or 3 x 3 boxes, it will be a
good help or hint which you can use to get another number in the series.
Remember the more difficult the Sudoku is, the lesser chance to start the game

2. In solving an easy Sudoku, the first thing you must keep in mind is to look
for the possibilities. Possibilities are the numbers that are possibly just
around. Beginning at 1, make an imaginary line on the boxes in the 1's row and
column. When you see that only one box is left in the nine-square block, you
will know that it is a possibility.

3. Carefully work on the numbers until the number 9. Since you already placed
some of the numbers, this must help you to get other numbers which has more

4. If you are trapped, go back but ensure to look at the other numbers. Once
that happens, it is assured that you had missed something on the puzzle. That
thing is normally where you need to be active again. If on the process you
still cannot find the "missing number", begin by labeling each block with
everything which has a chance to be on the box.

5. It would be advisable that you begin a game in the newspaper. Most of the
newspapers in the country already have Sudoku puzzle games. Most of the easy
puzzle games are out during Monday and Tuesday. While the difficult puzzles are
out on the following days.

The basic technique most players use in playing the Easy Sudoku is by going
through every number and by trying to place as many numbers as the puzzle
permits. You have to observe the numbers on the rows and columns to make sure
that there are no same numbers present.

If you are working your way on the numbers 1 to 9, ensure to think about going
through the same process again. Then, look at the squares to know the numbers
you can use to prevent other numbers from filling in.

Try to train your mind well in looking at the numbers in all 3 x 3 boxes,
columns or rows. In this way, you can easily spot the missing numbers which you
need in each 3 x 3 boxes, columns or rows.

Lastly, if it is your first time to play the game, be patient. It may be an
easy Sudoku but it is not as simple as what you may think. It still requires
great logical skills and careful thinking in order to win and complete the

Daily Sodoku

Sources of daily Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku is one of the most addictive puzzle games to hit the US, Japan, Europe,
and the rest of the world! Though it was invented in 1979, Sudoku gained
popularity in
Japan in the mid 1980's, the early 1990's in the US, the middle of 2004 in
Britain, and last year all over Europe. Now, the rest of the world is catching
onto this very addictive puzzle game due to the diversity of sources that offer
Sudoku puzzles, from newspapers and magazines, to TV shows and the Internet. For
those who prefer solving only one Sudoku puzzle a day, check out these sources
of daily Sudoku puzzles.


As the website URL suggests, this site offers users a different Sudoku puzzle
everyday for free. There are 4 levels of difficulty here: Easy, Medium, Hard,
and Fiendish. Each level has its own daily Sudoku puzzle that users can solve
and have their times posted on the site. No need to register! Instructions on
how to play Sudoku are available as a 1-minute animation. You can see the
solutions to the previous day's grids, and see old Sudoku puzzles in the site's
archive. A simple, yet Oriental -- flavored grid is used for all Sudoku puzzles.
Other features are also available. A nice site to check out!


The Daily Sudoku offers users different Sudoku puzzles on a daily basis. These
puzzles are printable and are available for use offline. The site also shows
the solution to the day's puzzle. Larger 12X12 and 16X16 puzzles are also
available for download. Various links to Sudoku resources can also be found
here. Feel free to download your Sudoku puzzles now!

* offers free online mini games for users. Its Sudoku game can be
played online and against a clock. Post your time on the player board and see
how you fared against others. Playing the game is easy just by using the mouse.
Though the puzzle's graphics look very simple, users will find this game very
addictive once they get the hang of it. If you don't like your solution, just
reset the game and time and solve the puzzle in record time! Other features
like viewing puzzle archives and solutions to the previous day's puzzle are
available here.


This site is a competitive Sudoku site that offers a different Sudoku puzzle
daily. Difficulty levels per day are set by the site. Gentle (Easy) level is
available only during Monday. Moderate level is offered on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Tough level is available on Thursdays, and
Diabolical level is offered on Fridays and Sundays. Download the day's puzzle,
solve it, then submit your solution along with some basic personal information
like name, email address etc. and get a chance to win a prize! Common features
are also available here like links to resources, tips, purchasable Sudoku games


Yahoo! Games -- UK offers Yahoo! fanatics its version of Sudoku. Daily online
versions are available, and different puzzles are available for Easy, Medium,
and Hard levels. You can instantly view the solution to the day's puzzle. You
can also download the Ancient Sudoku Game, that has good graphics, making it
look like a Mayan stone tablet.

Those are just some of the websites that offer users daily Sudoku puzzles. Feel
free to search the net for a lot more of these websites. The following are some
of the newspapers all over the world also offer daily Sudoku puzzles.

* Clarin (Argentina)
* Diario Perfil (Argentina)
* The Australian
* The Courier Mail (Australia)
* Daily Telegraph (Australia)
* Sydney Morning
* The Age (Australia)
* Le Soir (Belgium)
* Het Belang van Limburg (Belgium)
* De Standaard (Belgium)
* O Estado de Sao Paulo (Brazil)
* Toronto Star
* El Tiempo (Colombia)
* El Colombiano
* B.T. (Denmark)
* Nordjyske Stiftstidende (Denmark)
* Ekstra Bladet (Denmark)
* Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)
* Le Parisien (France)
* Handelsblatt (Germany)
* Die Welt – Kompakt (Germany)
* Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
* Elefthrotypia (Greece)
* Ta Nea (Greece)
* Apple Daily (Hong Kong)
* am730 (Hong Kong)
* The Standard (Hong Kong)
* Frettablaeie (Iceland)
* Irish Independent
* Irish Times
* The Jerusalem Post
* Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel)
* Ma'ariv (Israel)
* Haaretz (Israel)
* Il Secolo XIX (Italy)
* La Republica (Italy)
* Dagens Nœringsliv (Norway)
* Adresseavisen (Norway)
* Correio da Manhã (Portugal)
* Metro (Portugal)
* Destak (Portugal)
* Slovenske novice (Slovenia)
* Beeld (South Africa)
* La Vanguardia (Spain)
* Le Temps (Switzerland)
* Le Matin (Switzerland)
* Berner Zeitung (Switzerland)
* Bangkok Post
* Newark Star–Ledger (USA)
* The Buffalo News (USA)
* Chicago Red Eye (USA)
* Los Angeles Times (USA)
* The Washington Post (USA)
* USA Today
* The Boston Globe (USA)
* San Francisco Chronicle (USA)
* Seattle Times (USA)

There are tons of other US newspapers that offer daily Sudoku puzzles. Be sure
to check your country's national and local papers if they offer daily Sudoku

Sudoku Solutions: Helpful for Some, Boring for Others

Many players of the Sudoku find this puzzle game very difficult to solve.
However, because of the clever minds of most players, they have created
techniques, strategies and solutions to make the game simple.

The following are some of those solutions the players have made in solving any
levels of the Sudoku puzzle game.

1. Scanning

This solution is executed at the start and all throughout the game. Scans
should be done for many times in the middle of studying the puzzle. There are
actually two basic techniques involved in scanning they are:

* Cross-hatching -- This is scanning of rows and columns to know which line
holds a numbers that should be removed. The process is repeated in rows and
columns. For an accurate result, the numbers should be scanned based on their
frequency. It is very necessary to do this process in order to check all the 1
to 9 numbers.

* Counting -- This technique is performed to know what the missing numbers are.
In order to have a fast result, counting should be done based on the last number

While the scanning is performed, advanced solvers are searching for
possibilities. They do it by narrowing the location of each number in a row or

Most challenging puzzle games have many possibilities that need to be
discovered. These possibilities might be in many directions or intersections.
The puzzles that need only the solution for scanning in order to be solved are
categorized as the easy puzzle. On the contrary, difficult puzzle can also be
solved by using scanning but still, it requires the discovery of possibilities.

2. Marking Up

Scanning is usually stopped when there are no numbers that can be detected.
From this, it is important to use some logical analysis. Most players find it
helpful to lead the analysis by marking up the possible numbers in the empty
boxes. There are two famous notations in marking up, they are:

* Subscript -- The possible numbers are written in subscript in the box. The
disadvantage to this is that Sudoku puzzle found in newspapers or magazines are
normally too small to contain the subscripts. Therefore, it is suggested that if
you are going to use this notation, you should make a bigger copy of the puzzle
or use a finely pointed pencil.

* Dots -- the advantage of this is that it can be used on original puzzles.
When using the notation, you need to have dexterity in order to put the dots.
Misplaced or unintended dots may lead the player to confusion.

3. Analyzing

The following are the two basic approaches for analyzing:

* Elimination -- This is the way of eliminating possible numbers from one box
or more to have only one option. After getting each answer, it would be good to
perform another scan. This is made to know the effect of the last number placed
in. There are several elimination tactics. The commonly used among these
tactics is the unmatched candidate removal. Boxes with similar sets of possible
numbers are a match if the number of the possible numbers is equal to the
numbers of boxes having them.

* What if -- In this approach, a box containing only two possible numbers is
chosen and a guess is completed. The steps already mentioned are repeated
except if a same number is found in the same box. If duplication happens, the
alternative candidate number is the solution. In logical expressions, this is
what called as the reduction ad absurdum. This kind of approach requires a
pencil and an eraser. Logical perfectionist may frown about this approach
because of its many trial and error test. However, this approach can draw out
solutions faster.

It is not necessary to combine techniques in order to solve the Sudoku. These
may prevent the drawbacks of the above solutions, which for most players can be
very uninteresting. The counting of the rows and columns can also bore the
seasoned Sudoku players. Writing down the possible numbers in an empty box can
also consume more time. In addition, the what-if approach can be very puzzling
unless the players know how to organize.

The best solution for solving the Sudoku is to search for techniques that do
not require more counting, marking out and analyzing.

What's In with Sudoku Shack?

Many people are asking "What's so interesting about the Sudoku game?" Imagine,
this is simply a logic game in a form of puzzle but it has vastly gained

This is a game for people who find satisfaction every time they use their logic
in playing. Sudoku is incomparable to other forms of puzzle game because it is
not only an interesting pastime for anyone but as well as being brain draining.
You enjoy the game at the same time you learn and exercise your mind.

Moreover, according to surveys there are two main reasons why people became
inclined in playing Sudoku. First, it is challenging because it can be played
from ridiculously easy to fiendishly difficult levels. Secondly, it is only
composed of the numeral digits from 1 to 9 so it won't require you to do any
mathematical solutions. You just need to use your logical skill.

Typically, for beginners, they follow a few pointers in playing Sudoku not to
win the puzzle game easily but to learn more techniques. In Sudoku, one must
resist the temptation of guessing because it will not help at all times.
Rather, a player should always utilize his logic.

Besides the excitement brought by a Sudoku game for the enthusiasts, they are
also patronizing products that feature various Sudoku stuff. Some are the
SudokuShack shirts and caps that are made from the United States. Other
products can be purchased in the leading stores in your place while you can
also have your shopping online.

Sudoku game is not only available in your magazines and printed materials it is
likewise accessible online. Sudoku shack for instance is one of the websites
offering everything about the puzzle game. It serves as a Sudoku solver or you
can also download your Sudoku games here.

Both teens and adults are getting pleasure in playing Sudoku. It offers simple
rules that can easily be learned by beginners. With a simple roll or click on
your mouse, you can reveal the solution that you need most.

Another interesting fact about playing the puzzle game in Sudoku shack is that
it provides Sudoku tutorials. This is especially designed for people who are
just starting to explore the game. This is one way to ensure that they are
keeping track of the basic rules and strategies they need to learn about the
Sudoku game.

Sudoku game usually lasts for 10 to 30 minutes. It depends on the speed and the
capability of the player. Typically, if you are a beginner it will take you
quite a longer time but if you are an experienced Sudoku player you can finish
the game even beyond the allotted time.

Sudoku Shack is also uploaded with the latest features of Sudoku games that
will surely provide the player with more challenging puzzle games. One is the
Super Sudoku that is considered as a new version of Sudoku. It is different
from the archetypal Sudoku because it uses the computer number based
hexadecimal using letters instead of numbers.

Along with Sudoku games that can be seen on the website are varieties of puzzle
games such as the Crystal Power and the Brick Shooter. Those are both puzzle
games but these differ in the manner of playing.

Sudoku is a known game not only for people who has the capacity to think and
move fast but it is for everybody who enjoys puzzle game and taking their most
precious time in doing them. This is indeed a game for children and even up to
the grand masters.

More and more subscribers are patronizing Sudoku Shack because of the favorable
services they offer for the players of Sudoku puzzle. The players' cannot ask
for more once they are subscribed to the website because they can already find
there everything from the problem to the solution. They do not have a hard time
anymore in searching for a solver.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to experience fun in playing the
Sudoku game, you can always visit Sudoku Shack. This is a home for all your
inquiries about Sudoku game. This is where you can begin your passion for
becoming a Sudoku enthusiast. Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced
player, Sudoku Shack is there.

Rules in Playing Sudoku

If you're fond of playing puzzles, solving math problems, and think logic
reasoning you can actually combine them all in playing the Sudoku puzzle.

For you to know, sudoku was first seen in a magazine published in New York in
the late 70's by specialist puzzle publisher Dell Magazines under the name of
Number Place. "Su" means number in Japanese, and "doku" means the single place
on the puzzle board so that each numeral can be fitted into. Although its name
sounds like Japanese, its origins came from Europe and America in which the
game shows the very best in thinking and reasoning. Sudoku initially caught
Japan in 1986 and gained international prominence in 2005. Unlike many other
games that were known within the span of time, nothing can beat Sudoku's

Sudoku, commonly known as the Number Place, is a logic type placement puzzle.
The aim of the puzzle is to place numerical digits from 1 to 9 in each cell of
a 9x9 grids that is made up of 3x3 subgrids or regions. To start playing the
game, you are given in some empty cells numerals which are called "givens". The
goal of the puzzle is to put the numbers 1-9 to which it must contain only once
in each subgrids, rows, and columns.

Basic rules

Rules in playing the game are very simple:

* Sudoku is played over a 9x9 grid, divided in 3x3 subgrid.
* Begins the play with some given numerals from 1-9 that are placed in grid
* A number can only appear once on each row.
* A numeral can only appear once on each column.
* Digit can only appear once on each region.

Now you finally know the basic rules in playing the game, but you're really
just starting the process of making solutions to how finish the game. There are
some solutions methods that can help you and these are:

* Scanning- it can be performed from the very beginning and throughout the
solution process. Scanning basically has two techniques, first the
cross-hatching. Cross-hatching technique can identify which line in a
particular region may contain a digit that can be eliminated. The second is
counting the region, columns and rows in identifying missing numbers. Counting
based upon the last digit discovered may actually speed up the corresponding

* Marking Up- the candidate numbers are simply written in subscript in the
cell. The disadvantage of this is that some first puzzles are printed in
magazines and newspapers which are usually small to accommodate many preferred
numbers. Unlike to some newly designed Sudoku game board, all inputs are done
electronically. You can also use a pattern of dots within the cell, wherein the
position of the dot corresponds a number from 1-9. Dot notation can be an
advantage to a sudoku that is printed in paper. In playing sudoku in print,
using a sharp pencil with an eraser is highly recommended.

* By Analysis- you can approach the game by either "candidate elimination or
"what if". In candidate elimination, numerals from one or more cells are
eliminated and leaving just one choice. After each answer is placed, another
scan can be done. You can check to see the effect of the contingencies. In
"what if" approach, a cell can be placed with two candidate numbers then a
guess should be made.

Difficulty ratings

Published Sudoku puzzles are ranked depending of rate of difficulty. For you to
understand, the numbers that are given has nothing to do on a puzzle's
difficulty. A sudoku puzzle with less number of givens may be very easy for you
to solve. A sudoku puzzle with more number of givens can still be very difficult
for you to solve as the difficulty rate of the puzzle depends on the relevance
and positioning of the given numerals rather than the number of given placed in
the grids.

Computer solvers find the range of difficulties for a human to find a certain
solution, based on the complexity of the techniques needed. For in this kind of
estimation allows publishers to take Sudoku puzzles to be very demanding. Some
sort of publications rate their Sudoku puzzles into four levels are "easy",
"intermediate", "hard", and "challenging" are set.

So, by playing the "fastest growing puzzle in the world", you can be sure to
challenge your way of thinking and have fun in the process.

Tricks and Tips for Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku puzzle is available in all forms of media, like in newspapers,
magazines, books and in the internet world. This is how fast Sudoku achieves
its popularity for a short period of time.

It is a fact that from the time that the game came into existence, Sudoku
became vastly well-known to people in all walks of life. Even the history of
Sudoku can tell that most of the individuals with a high rank in the ancient
hierarchy of the society were hooked to the pleasure of playing Sudoku.

What makes people so fond about Sudoku? Is it really different from all other
types of puzzle games?

Sudoku puzzle according to the expert players of the game does not involve any
mathematical concept. Yes, there is of course the use of numbers but you will
not utilize any operation. Simply, you are going to solve the puzzle with the
use of your reasoning skill and your logical way of thinking. Isn't it

The three words people use to describe the game are fun, challenging and
addictive. Remember the time that play station and some computer games were
introduced, you see how people respond to its demand because both the young
individuals and the professionals enjoy the pleasure of the game. With Sudoku,
you will exactly feel the same.

Typically, Sudoku puzzle will take you to thirty minutes for you to solve the
game and that is already the maximum time. However, if you are just beginner
with Sudoku puzzle, you cannot expect yourself to finish that game within the
given period. There are times that it will take you an hour in solving the

There are four important pointers that you need to put in your mind when you
try Sudoku puzzle. If you will follow the said tips, rest assured that you will
totally enjoy the game. This is most particularly for starters who is aiming for
winning Sudoku puzzle with their first attempt.

1. Getting started.

It is just natural for a beginner to commit some faults. In all kinds of games,
there is no proper or wrong move for a starter. Nevertheless, as much as
possible if you can hit the right one then better do so because it will help
you to end up winning. As you play the game, you will find that you will
understand the concept behind it and how it is played.

Be sure that you always consider every move that you take. All the columns and
the rows are treated as important factors of the puzzle. You should not be
bothered if the numbers started to rumble, always be optimistic that there is
always a way for you to arrange the number into its proper places.

Just learn to focus on each of the numbers that you are moving because your
turn on the right will affect the number on the left. On the other hand when
you move upward, it will have an effect on the number downward.

2. Make progress

After being able to learn gradually your initial mistakes during your first
attempt, this is now the right time for you to correct the false moves that you
have committed. Notice that the ordering of every number in the boxes is very
important. Likewise, arranging it orderly is a factor. Seeing that there are
only three boxes left, do not be too much confident because it serves no
guarantee that you will now win the game. Your focus is still a very vital
aspect that you have to bear in mind.

3. Reaching out.

On the third pointer, you are now nearly approaching your goal. Almost all of
the boxes are filled in and only few numbers are also not on its proper order.
This is now the point that you need to make an extra effort, because one false
move can disrupt the entire cells. The interaction and interplay that will take
place are endless. So, as you go with the flow of the game you will discover the
right things for you to do.

4. Take your success where you can.

In Sudoku, it does not matter where you start as long as you know where you are
supposed to end. You will be the one to determine your success.

Remember that playing sudoku has no time pressure at all. Make use of your
brain and you will surely win it. Besides, it is a puzzle and it's supposed to
stimulate your brain. What's the point of being a puzzle if it's too easy to

The History of the Sudoku Number Puzzle Game

Sudoku is one of the most addictive number puzzle games to hit the puzzle
world. Millions of people from all walks of like have caught up with the Sudoku
puzzle game in every form and version that exists today. People can play this by
themselves, or against another person in a timed game.

So you have to ask: what is this Sudoku game anyway?

Sudoku was invented in 1979 by a 74 -- year old retired architect named Howard
Garnes, who was also a freelance puzzle maker. It was a puzzle that had a grid
that was partially filled with numbers. The solver had to fill in the rest of
the squares with the right combination of numbers. The game first appeared on
the New York publication Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games under the name
Number Place.

Number Place was introduced in Japan in April 1984 by the Nikoli company in its
paper, the Monthly Nikolist. Kaji Maki, Nikoli's president, named the game
"Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru", meaning the number must be single, or the number
must occur only once. Later, the name was abbreviated to Sudoku. In 1986, two
innovations to the game were introduced by Nikoli: a) a maximum of 32 numbers
will be given in each puzzle; and b) the numbers were distributed in
rotationally balanced squares.

These innovations made Sudoku very popular with puzzle solvers. Though Sudoku
is currently published in almost all mainstream publications in Japan, like the
Asahi Shimbun, Nikoli has the copyright to the name Sudoku.

Due to the similarity of the logic behind Sudoku and the legendary Rubik's
Cube, Sudoku was dubbed as "The 21st Century Rubik's Cube".

The first computer version of Sudoku was Digit Hunt, created by
Loadstar/Softdisk Publishing and released on the Commodore 64 console platform
in 1989.

Another running version that still exists is Single Number, which was created
by Yoshimitsu Kanai. Single Number is a computerized puzzle generator that
first appeared in 1995 for the Apple Macintosh PC platform. A PDA version
appeared in 1996, and the most recent version for the Mac OS -- X appeared just
last 2005.

Dell Magazines still publishes Number Place. But it has added two new Sudoku
magazines, Original Sudoku, which highlights the original version of Number
Place, and Extreme Sudoku, which is a more difficult version of the original
game. Kappa publications prints the Nikoli Sudoku as Squared Away in GAMES
Magazine. Various American newspapers like The Boston Globe, The Examiner, The
New York Post, and USA Today also print daily puzzles of Squared Away.

Though Sudoku was very popular in Japan and the USA before, Europe virtually
had no idea that the game existed. But thanks to a retired Hong Kong judge,
Wayne Gould, Europe would also catch the Sudoku fever.

Gould saw a partially completed Sudoku puzzle in a Japanese bookstore in 1997.
He bought the book, and created a computer program that could generate puzzles
quickly and easily, developing it over 6 years in Pappocom, his software
company. Then, he promoted Sudoku to the British newspaper, The Times, with
knowledge regarding its history of publishing puzzles. On November 12, 2004,
the first Su Doku puzzle was introduced to the Britons. Pappocom's puzzles are
being printed daily by The Times since that day.

Various British versions of Sudoku then started popping up. There was
Codenumber, The Daily Mail's version, which was derived from Michael Mepham's
puzzles, and first printed on January 19, 2005. 5 Sudoku puzzles were first
printed by The Daily Telegraph of Sydney last May 20, 2005. And when the
British Telegraph introduced Sudoku daily on its front pages, starting last
February 23, 2005, other British newspapers started to take real interest in
the game. Due to the popularity of the game, The Times published the first
Sudoku book to gain its edge over competitors. Due to its popularity, Sudoku
was dubbed as 2005's "fastest growing puzzle in the world".

Sudoku conquered not only the print media, but also broadcast and electronic
media! Channel 4 introduced the first TV Sudoku game last July 2005 when it
included daily Sudoku puzzles in its Teletext service. The Radio Times, BBC's
program guide, started featuring Super Sudoku, a weekly puzzle game last August
2, 2005. Dutch mobile phone company Mobile Excellence International also
released the first mobile phone version of Sudoku last September 2005 in Europe.

Sky One also produced the first Sudoku TV show, Sudoku Live, which started
airing last July 1, 2005. Hosted by Carol Vorderman, Sudoku Live featured 9
teams composed of 9 players per team, representing different geographical
regions, that had to solve the show's puzzle. Each team had a celebrity member
and 8 ordinary citizens. While the studio version was being played, home
viewers had their own interactive version to play with.

CBS started the broadcasting stories regarding Sudoku, including on the Early
Show last summer 2005, and on the CBS Evening News last October 26, 2005.

The US TV series HOUSE M.D. also showed Dr. House solving a Sudoku puzzle
during the December 13, 2005 episode. Due to its addictive nature, Sudoku was
banned on the set due to the cast constantly playing it.

Now, the Internet is teeming with millions of Sudoku versions, both online and
offline, free and purchasable. With the billions of unique puzzles generated by
computer programs, 2 to 4 websites will not bore a Sudoku addict for a quite a
long time.

Who could've thought that a simple number puzzle on paper in 1979 would conquer
the world like the common cold?

Facts you Need to Know about Having a Printable Sudoku

Sudoku is really the puzzle game that is meant for those individuals who want
to play with numbers and logic. Given puzzles with varying difficult level, you
might spend the whole day assigning the numbers 1 to 9 in the grid or you may
extend your solving activity the next day. You need to have enough patience or
else the Sudoku puzzle will make you go nuts.

A typical Sudoku puzzle game is composed of 81 cells which is the product of 9
rows and 9 columns. Furthermore, the puzzle is also divided into 9 sub-grids
which contain 3 x 3 cells for each sub-grid. The rule is very simple. At the
start of the game, 30 or more cells are initially filled up with the numbers
from 1 to 9 (initially filled-up cells varies according to the difficulty level
of the puzzle).

All you have to do is to fill up the remaining cells with numbers 1 to 9 to
complete the puzzle. However, you need to satisfy the rule that "all numbers
should only appear on each column, row, and sub-grid". For instance, if you
place the number 8 on the 4th row and 2nd column of the puzzle, such number
should not appear again on that particular row and column. At the same manner,
such number should not also appear twice on the sub-grid it is assigned to.
Such rule makes the puzzle take some time to be completed.

So how can you access Sudoku puzzles? You can get it only weekend editions of
some newspapers and magazines in your locality. If it does not satisfy you, you
can surf the Internet and look out for the sites which offers free online play
on their Sudoku puzzles.

However, since it will take time solving a single Sudoku puzzle especially if
you are just a beginner, it is quite impractical that you do your
problem-solving activity in front of your personal computer. In addition, you
also want to play the Sudoku game even there is no Internet connectivity or you
are outside of your house. In this case, all you need is a printable Sudoku

So how can you have a printable Sudoku puzzle? There are thousands of websites
which offer free printable Sudoku puzzle. All you have to do is to locate them
through search engines and presto! You will be revealed to related sites on
Sudoku. Select one, and download a Sudoku puzzle of your choice. After
downloading the selected puzzle from the site to your personal computer, you
can now print it to produce hard copy of your Sudoku puzzle.

Most of downloadable Sudoku puzzle in these sites are on PDF format so it is
important that you have an Acrobat Reader to display the puzzle correctly. In
case you do not have an Acrobat Reader, you can download one for free in the

In case downloading is not your choice yet you want to have free copy of your
Sudoku puzzle, there are daily syndication available on several Sudoku
websites. All you have to do is to subscribe to those sites free of charge, and
they will be sending straight to your e-mail inbox their Sudoku puzzle for the

However, they will just be sending you the puzzle for that certain day. In case
you want to have more Sudoku puzzles send to you, just visit the Archive section
and select the puzzle you want send on your e-mail. After retrieving its
contents from your e-mail, you can print it and have the hard copy of your
Sudoku puzzle.

Printable Sudoku is relatively advantageous compared to online Sudoku puzzles.
Since it is now in hard copy, you can now bring it anywhere you want. You do
not have to bring your laptop or have an Internet connectivity just to play
Sudoku. You can also produce more hard copies for each of the family members so
that all of you will enjoy completing the Sudoku puzzle with fun and teamwork as

Have your Sudoku puzzle printed and let everybody learn the game. Not only all
of you will have fun, but your patience and problem-solving techniques will
develop. Enjoy playing your printed Sudoku puzzle!

Remembering the History and Development of Sudoku

Ancient civilization is known for its creativity and intelligence. They also
have different forms of entertainment. Unlike today, people are dependent on
the benefit of modern technology. In every corner you will see inventions such
as radios and televisions. This is how people today make use of their spare

Sometimes, people also get bored with modern technology and turn to their mind
and formulate their own brain twister in a form of riddles. This is how people
explore their way of thinking and also their creativity. People naturally love
activities that could twist their mind and form new ideas.

History speaks that some of the recent games that mankind have today are based
on the ideas of early people, although with some innovations applied. Sudoku is
one of the games that have existed since the ancient times. Perhaps this is the
first time that you heard about the term. You might ask yourself what Sudoku is
all about and where it originated.

The other name for Sudoku is number place. As you might think, it was derived
from the Japanese language. This refers to a logic based placement. In other
words, this is a type of puzzle game. It was published first in one of the
magazines in United States in the year 1979 then followed in Japan until it
gained its popularity.

If you are going to translate the name Sudoku into English phrase, it mans that
"the digits must remain single". It gathered various manners of pronunciation in
different countries. Nevertheless, whatever the articulation is, the standards
set on the games are never altered.

According to the people who discovered Sudoku, the puzzle enhances your
critical thinking. It makes you utilize arithmetic relationship between numbers
that are not relevant with each other. There are also basic rules that are set
for you to play Sudoku puzzle.

You are probably getting interested with Sudoku as you read this article. Well,
to cut your interest first, you should first know the story behind the game.
When was it introduced?

During his late 70's, Howard Garns anonymously designed the puzzle Sudoku. He
was known to be a retired architect and indeed a freelance puzzle constructor.
Obviously, he has ideas on how to create the tricks of a puzzle because it has
been a profession for him for quite long time.

He deduced his idea from that of the Latin Square designed by Euler. Thus, he
just placed some additional alteration to the game which he called the third
dimension. He also provides the player with a partially-completed grid that
will require the solver to complete the rest of the blank grids.

However, after Garns was able to develop it and introduce it in the US
magazine, it was captured again in Japan by a person name Nikoli. That was the
time that Maiki, President of Nikoli Sudoku was named because during the time
of Garns he also has his own English translation.

Before, the game is played manually when it started to get published in the
newspaper of Japan and United States. It was in the year 1989 when a computer
version of Sudoku was made available for the users under the Loadstar
Publishing followed by the Apple Macintosh. In the year 2005, it totally came
at its peak of popularity.

Behind the popularity of the Sudoku puzzle is the acknowledgment to Rubik's
cube. This is another puzzle game that was popular during the year 1980. In
fact, some of the attributes of Sudoku was also patterned from Rubik's puzzle.

In the year 1997, the popularity of Sudoku in the media was overwhelming. Even
the Hong Kong judge named Wayne Gould also became inclined to the game up to
the point that he also developed his own version of the computerized version of

Nationwide, there was a press release that was published regularly in Japan
that took the newspaper to sell the prints very quickly. It even reached the
world media and was acknowledged as the "fastest growing puzzle in the world".

There is no doubt that until now, the history of Sudoku remains in the thoughts
of people. They owe much gratitude to the development and discovery of Sudoku
puzzle because without the people behind Sudoku they are not able to enjoy the
pleasure that have been brought to them by the puzzle.

Easy and Difficult Ways in Solving Sudoku

Sudoku is an addicting number puzzle game that is played in all parts of the
world. It is a very thrilling and exciting game. However, the Sudoku can be
very difficult and tricky.

The rule for this game is to place all the numbers from 1 to 9 in each cell in
the grid. The limitation is that the numbers should not be repeated in each
row, column and 3 x 3 block.

Now, how will you start solving the Sudoku? The following are steps from easy
to difficult Sudoku, which can be very helpful to each player of the game.

* Easy Sudoku

1. You should use careful thought in solving the puzzle. Since you already know
that duplication of the numbers is not allowed in the game, you can already use
that as a hint to consider other numbers. Remember, the more difficult the
Sudoku, the harder it is to start the puzzle.

2. In solving an easy Sudoku, you must first prioritize the search for
possibilities. These possibilities are the numbers that are possible to be
placed in the row, column or block. Therefore, if you know what the possible
numbers are, it would be easier for you to choose which number is suitable to
go there.

3. Start working from number 1 until you are already on your way to number 9.
Since you already placed in some of the numbers, this must be your clue in
searching for the other numbers.

4. If you get confused, you can always go back and be sure to look at each
number you have already filled in. This will help you know if you have missed a
number or not. Once everything is settled, you can continue the puzzle and
complete it. Now, if you still cannot find what the problem is, start labeling
each 3 x 3 box with every number that can possibly fill in the box. For
instance, there is an empty box left. Fill the box with possible numbers and
see the result.

5. It would be advisable to begin playing a Sudoku in a newspaper or magazine.
There are newspapers or magazines, which have this puzzle in their pages. The
easy puzzles are usually out during Monday and Tuesday. While the difficult
ones are found on the following days.

* Hard Sudoku

1. Begin using the number 1. Use similar logic you used in the easy puzzle to
complete each empty row, column and block with all the possible numbers. If
necessary, put possibilities. The possibilities will help you at the latter
part if you have two or three choices for each box but you cannot remember them.

2. Two cells in a block, row or column should be one of two numbers, you can
use those to remove other possibilities. For instance, in a 3 x 3 block, there
are four empty cells. From your analysis, you have established that: cell A and
B can be 1, 2, 3, 4; cell C and D can be 3 or 4. From this, you will know that
cell A and B can never be 3 or 4 since they already have 1 or 2. Cell C and D
have to be either of 3 or 4. This information can be very helpful in completing
other boxes.

3. Know that hard Sudoku can consume more time. A hard Sudoku can even take a
few days to finish, but they can give players more fun, enjoyment and
contentment after they have completed the puzzle. A hard Sudoku is just the
same as the easy Sudoku -- both will give you less clue to begin with. The best
way of solving the hard Sudoku is when you already know the possible numbers
that can go in each box. If you have two candidate numbers for a specific row,
column and 3 x 3 blocks, decide which of the two numbers should fill each
location. This may be very confusing, but when you have applied it, you will
realize that it is so simple and very useful.

4. Visit the internet. There are websites that provide Sudoku puzzles -- from
easy to hard. Practice on some the sample puzzles to prepare you to a more
complicated Sudoku.

Follow the steps in solving the Sudoku. And find out that no matter how
difficult they may seem to be, in the end, the fun and excitement that you will
feel is incomparable.

7 Careful Steps on How to Solve Sudoku

It is expected that many are familiar with the puzzle game Sudoku. It may seem
to be very hard in the first try, but many gamers that it is not as difficult
as it looks.

The objective of this game is to complete the whole grid with the numbers 1 to
9. Depending on the level of the puzzle, it can be very simple and yet be very
difficult. In order to solve the puzzle, the game requires the player to use a
little logic and intense analysis.

You must also remember the rule in solving the Sudoku: you must fill in each
cell of the 9 x 9 grid with the numbers from 1 to 9. However, each of the
numbers must only appear once in every row, every column and in every cell of
the 3 x 3 boxes.

The fastest way to solve it is to look for the possible numbers that can go in
each row, column or cell. You can simply ask yourself what numbers could
possibly take in each location. Once you place a number in a box, no other box
in that row, column or block can take that number. In this way, it lessens the
possible numbers in a box. Always keep a record that could go in every box and
eventually have a little or no choice in the end.

The following are steps used on how to solve Sudoku. Follow these steps to
easily complete the puzzle.

1. Write all the possible numbers that can be in each row, column or block in a
large piece of paper. Make a grid consisting of a 9 x 9 boxes, which has numbers
from 1 to 9.

2. One by one, add all the recognized numbers to the grid.

3. Remove all the numbers that cannot go to the cell because a recognized
number of the same value should be in the same row, column or 9 x 9 blocks.
Perhaps, there is recognized possible numbers that can go in the cell.

4. Once you already know which of the nine numbers should not be in the cell,
you can now decide what the possible numbers are. In some instances, there is
only one choice left for the player. Do the steps 2 and 4 again using that
number. While in other instances, you will need to search for possible numbers
that should appear once in each row, each column and each block.

5. There are chances that you might wind up with circumstances (such as you
have already tried everything) there is more than a single choice. If this
happens, this may become a bit difficult.

If you are fortunate enough then, you can select any of the numbers and go on
with steps 2 and 4 again. This is usually a characteristic of an easy Sudoku,
not the hard Sudoku, so be wary and alert. The best way to do is to begin by
using a soft pencil and eraser.

6. In the same style with step 3, remove all the numbers that cannot possibly
go in the cell. This is because a recognized number of similar values should be
the same row or column since it should not be placed anywhere else in the 9 x 9
grid. This may be a bit confusing so please be careful. For example, if two
cells already have 2 or 6 and both should be in the cell, other empty cells in
the row or column should not contain either of these two numbers.

If there will be an opportunity for any success, you can always return and do
step 3 again. Or else, it would be great if you again use your pencil to solve
the problem.

7. Lastly, always check for the result. When you add all the numbers of each
row, column or block the total must be 45. Add them all up and find out why you
had to use a piece of paper.

All the seven steps may seem to be very difficult to follow. However, read each
step and try to analyze what it is trying to imply and you will realize that it
is not as difficult as you may think it is.

When solving Sudoku, it requires patience and careful thinking. Remember it is
a number puzzle game, not a crossword. So, it can really be difficult:

Come and Get the Best Free Sudoku Download Online

People decades ago would be content in spending their time reading, playing
games and not rely on new-fangled past times just to pass and while the time
away. They were contented in simple things that keep their minds active. Not
like now, where people are so reliant to the things that the new technologies
could offer such as television, washing machines, radios, refrigerator and a
lot more.

Modern technology has allowed people to slack off. We are now very reliant to
modern technology with every aspect of our lives. Many people have fallen deep
into this trap and have neglected to spend worthwhile idle time to expand their
mental horizons. But there is still hope yet, technology and mind exercises can
be combined to keep ourselves sharp all the time.

Well maybe this is your first time to encounter the word sudoku. This is a
Japanese word that means "the digits must remain single". Digits or numbers are
fun to play with that is why sudoku became an enjoyable game.

Sudoku is a puzzle game that can makes your mind spin like crazy if you are not
good in thinking logically. This will make your minds twist until you reach the
final answer that you need to be looking for.

This game is already known to the whole world. There are already different
countries that play sudoku. Even though they have different pronunciation to
the name of the game, the standard rules still remains the same. The quality of
the game never changed and is always preserved.

Learning this kind of game is not that easy as what you may think. You need
lots of patience and better understanding while playing this game. And for more
enhanced understanding of the game, why don't you download the sudoku game to
find out more and at least check it out for yourself.

There now lots of different free sudoku download in the internet. Downloading
those will be a big help for you as a player of sudoku. If you play sudoku
everyday you will be enhanced a lot of lwhile earning the new strategies for
the game.

There are lots of sudoku downloads that is available in the internet and some
of those are:

1. Digit hunt soduku -- the row and the columns of the square have a number
from one to nine. Some of the squares don't have a number so it is up to you
where you want to place them. This is a fun game that makes you twist your
brain. Make sure that you place the digit on the right box in order for you to

2. Sudoku Quest -- there are four levels in here and there are hints that is
given to the players in solving the puzzle. This kind of sudoku is very
addictive that makes brains bend.

3. Elite Sudoku -- this is one of the most popular puzzle games in Japan. This
does not need calculations and the rules are very simple however, this provides
very good logic problems and situations.

4. Ace Sudoku -- this is a bit harder form of the puzzle. It will take you a
lot of time to solve it. This also provides hints to the problem and the
solution to every problem.

5. Cross sums number crosswords -- this is just an easy puzzle game for those
people who can add two numbers. This is based from the crossword puzzle game.
Instead of using words, they made use of the numbers and the sum of digits of
the numbers will be their clues.

These games that have been mentioned above are just some of the tempting forms
of the sudoku game. Despite from the fact that they are very enjoyable to play
because you cannot win by cheating, this is also one of the best games where
you can release your tension quietly and by your self.

In view of this, the great thing about downloading the sudoku is its free.
Therefore you can download as many sudoku games that you wanted to play. Each
puzzle game has a different problem that you need to solve. You may never know
that one day you will become the number the one player of the sudoku game.

Puzzle the Whole World with Sudoku Daily

What are you into during your break time? Do you spend it with a game? Do you
know that majority of people around the world are addicted to the puzzle game
named the Sudoku. It is because they believed that it is one of the best stress
relievers since it can make them relax and exhilirated at the same time.

Most of the players of these puzzle games are the persons who are finding a way
out from the busy world. According to them, Sudoku may be very difficult but it
greatly helps to maintain the activeness of their minds while relaxing. Because
of their fondness to Sudoku, they make always sure that they get a copy of their
Sudoku daily.

How did the Sudoku Daily start?

The Sudoku was at first a Japanese puzzle game but others said that it was a
Chinese game. It came into existence at the 18th century, which is about 200
years ago. The puzzle has just recently swept the world by storm and is being
played almost everywhere.

It is actually a puzzle of numbers but it is not Math as what others would
think. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you were only getting 75 percent
on your Math grade when you were still in high school. Sudoku does not even
require a player to have a basic knowledge of the game. This means that anybody
can play it.

Sudoku can be played daily wherever you like at any time. It can even become a
great "time consuming" game. This is just the same as waiting for a cab,
spending vacation on a resort and/or having a doctor's appointment.

It is a puzzle but a complicated one which can trick you for a long period of
time. Patience, concentration and enough time is what you needed to complete
the puzzle.

There are actually four types/versions of puzzle, which is presented in the
Sudoku Daily, they are the:

* Classic Daily -- this Sudoku has 200,000 exclusive and addicting puzzles. It
features different levels of complexity, hints and strategies, timer and a
personalized background. You can play it on your computer or just print if you

* Monster Daily -- this Sudoku puzzle is different from the usual Sudoku you
get daily. It consists of a 16 x 16 grid, 4 x 4 blocks and each block has 16
cells. Sounds confusing, doesn't it? It can be, especially if you did not try
to find out the mechanics of the game. In a standard Sudoku, only the numbers
from 1 to 9 are placed in but in Monster, numbers from 1 to 16 and letters from
A to F are place in each row, cell and 4 x 4 blocks. However, it has the same
rule as the standard Sudoku.

* Kids Sudoku Daily -- this has become a huge trend for growing up kids. This
puzzle is the best way to develop their logical skills while they are having
fun. Kids' ages from seven above can start playing the puzzle. Parents do not
have to worry if their children do not know how to count yet since this puzzle
do not really require a player to have extensive knowledge in Math.

* Squiggly Sudoku Daily -- this Sudoku game is different from the standard
Sudoku. It is because the 9 x 9 grid is divided into 9 different shapes.
However, each shape still contains nine cells. It also applies the same rule
with the standard Sudoku -- numbers must only appear once in each row, column
and shape. This puzzle can be very difficult especially to most beginners
because it looks more complicated and hard to solve.

With all these four version of the Sudoku Daily, you will not have a hard time
solving it. Why? Because each of the puzzle, has its own feature or
characteristics, which may help you, decide for the one you will choose to play
everyday. However, since all of these puzzles are given on a daily basis over
the internet, it would be good if you choose one today, the other tomorrow and
so on.

Lastly, always follow the rule when playing the Sudoku Daily to avoid confusion
and starting again.

A Number Game Guide! Sudoku Answers

Are you bored?

Do you wish to be entertained?

One way to divert you from boredom is to take up a hobby. A good suggestion is
to try answering puzzles. It does not just keep you from word-weariness; it
also sharpens your mind.

A puzzle is a problem-solving game to challenge the different mind strategies
that you know of. There are different kinds of puzzle -- some are easy to deal
with, however others are highly crucial as if you are solving Math or Logic

An example of a puzzle that is more likely related to logic is Number Place or
sometimes referred to as Sudoku.

Sudoku has the aim to complete a nine by nine (9 x 9) grid from three by three
(3 x 3) regions by entering the numbers 1 to 9 in each cell of the grid. The
tricky part is that no single number should be repeated in the 9 x 9 grid.

At first glance, the Number Place seems to be a fun and easy game. However in
the long run it requires the player to be in deep thought of what strategies to
formulate to solve the puzzle.

There are three suggested ways to answer Sudoku. One can choose to use scanning
as his method of solving the puzzle. Others can prefer marking up to come up
with a solved puzzle. For some they can be comfortable with the analysis method
of puzzle solving.

Scanning is a method wherein the process of elimination reigns. Under the
scanning method, one can either choose cross-hatching or counting.
Cross-hatching requires a systematic course of action wherein to scan rows or
columns in a particular region can give you hints of the possibility where
numbers can or cannot be repeated. On the other hand, counting requires the
basic counting where the player would count numerals 1 to 9 in rows, columns,
and regions to find the missing numeral.

To answer your next Sudoku game, try the marking up method. This method is
normally used when you exhaust all the possibilities of solving the puzzle from
scanning. To mark, you should be able to use notations. Commonly, what is being
used as notation to mark-up are dots and subscript. However, it is best to use
notation wherein you will be comfortable using such as lines, shapes or other
codes. It is also good to assign which notation would be used for candidate
numerals that are most likely to repeat and notation that is likely to be in
the said grid. One drawback of using notations is when Sudoku is being played
from newspaper or magazine pages where grids are usually small to note into.

Third suggested way to solve Sudoku puzzles is through analysis. There are two
main tactics to use the analysis method -- the candidate elimination and
what-if method. Through the word itself, candidate elimination method does away
with candidate numerals from the grids to set aside just one option. Scanning
can also be utilized together with the candidate elimination. Another way to
answer Number Place with the analysis method is the what-if technique. With the
use of this approach the player will guess which is which from the two remaining

If for instance, you will be seeking answers of Sudoku via a computer program
there are also recommended ways to finish the puzzle.

First, try to act and be like a human when solving. You can still use the
suggested solving procedures given above. Additionally, with the use of a
computer program you will be able to devise the level of difficulty for each
puzzle game.

Secondly, plan or search for a good computation that will help you solve the
puzzle more rapidly.

You as the player can use a combination of the methods or can even formulate
new solutions that will work best for you and other people. Take things one
step at a time. Learn the basics of the game. Let go of line of attacks that
are boggling your mind. Pick the pieces of information where you think you
succeed, learn from where you fall apart. It is a game; you must learn to take

Just thinking of how Sudoku will work, boredom just fades.

Challenge Yourself with Sudoku Games

Japan is a country well known for its advance and high technology in fact it
has been able to surpass most of its neighboring countries. This is not
surprising since Japan at present is one of the world's best producers of
high-tech equipment and machines. In addition Japan is also well known for
creating some of the best pc games and online games. And once again they have
proven their ability to create games that will transcend all other games
available when they have introduced sudoku to the world.

Sudoku is a number placing game invented and popularized in Japan. It was later
launched in the internet and became one of the most popular games in the world
today. The concept behind sudoku was taken from another puzzle game which is
the crossword puzzle.

The only difference between these two puzzle games is the fact that sudoku
makes use of numbers instead of letters. The numbers used ranges from 1 to 9.
These numbers are to be placed correctly on the rows and columns that are
located on a 3x3 square. The numbers should appear on their correct orders and
that is where the challenge sets in. If you are one of those people that love
brain teasers then sudoku is the game for you.

I just want to point out that sudoku games although deals with number puzzles
but is not considered a math game. For the very simple reason that it does not
involved the use of any mathematical formulas or concept, sudoku games calls
for lateral thinking and this is also one of the reasons why it has created
such a big impact around the globe.

Sudoku games are very simple to play. There are no complicated instructions
involved and the best thing about this game is that you can compete with other
sudoku players around the world. How? Well all you need is to have a computer,
an internet connection and don't forget to register to a sudoku game provider

The registration is entirely for free so it's all fun and games for you. You
will be able to compete with other registered players from every part of the
globe. Isn't that cool or what? Aside from that all the winners on the
competition are going to be posted on the leader board of the web site. And
before I forget the winner of the sudoku game is chosen based on the speed of
solving the puzzle.

There is no age limit in playing sudoku games everybody is welcome to join and 
enjoy the game. This makes sudoku games ideal for families that want to spend 
quality time together. Sudoku number placing games are also ideal in exercising 
the brain. Imagine a game that lets you enjoy and learn at the same time. 
Although there are also games that can provide you the same benefit but the 
overall effect on you is different.

Aside from that, most educational games online would usually interest a player
for a short period of time but sudoku number puzzles are very different from
them since the more a player plays it the more he or she becomes addicted to
the game. And unlike any other games that has a certain maximum level to reach
(and after reaching it the game is complete or finish) sudoku games are not
restricted by levels. This is also the reason why people continuously play this

Sudoku games can give you a degree of confidence as well as sense of
achievement especially after solving a very hard puzzle. Another important
thing to remember about sudoku games is that each number puzzle has a unique
solution that can be obtained using logic and without resorting to guessing.
Plus you can never cheat on a sudoku puzzle which makes sudoku even more
challenging and worthwhile.

Aside from the internet you may also find sudoku games on newspapers, magazines
and the likes. You may also download a sudoku game on your mobile phone and on
your personal computer. Simply choose the downloader that is suitable for your
computer. There are also printable e-books available that you can purchase

Samurai Sudoku: A Different Challenge

Do you want to use you leisure time but do not know how to spend it? You may be
tired and used to conventional games you play. You are maybe fed up with the
same old games you do during your leisure time. Maybe you are thinking about
venturing to other games that is worth spending your valuable leisure time on.

If you are going to choose a game, make sure that the game you choose will not
only give you enjoyment. Make sure that the game you will be choosing also
exercises your brain and your logical thinking as well. Crossword puzzles may
be boring as you may have always played with it every single day of your life.
Why not try to indulge into more productive games available. If you do not know
what to try, this article will give you the best puzzle game available today.
Continue reading and learn more about sudoku and its very famous kind.

What is sudoku and how are you going to play with it?

Sudoku is a puzzle games that most of the people go crazy over. It is the
newest craze when it comes to puzzles games. In sudoku, you will only have to
finish the goal which is to complete the puzzle. You will use only numbers from
1 to 9 by filling it up to the blank spaces on the box provided. The game is
preloaded with several numbers and your job will be to supply the missing
number on the box provided. The game is composed of columns and rows. You will
be matching the numbers to each other to perfect the game.

You can spend only almost 10 to 30 minutes of your time on playing the games.
It sometimes depends on the intensity level and the expertise of the player.
There are 6 levels available for sudoku. It is the light, easy, moderate hard,
difficult and very difficult. It is better if you start over the easiest one so
you will add level each time you finish one. And once you finish all it, you can
try doing other kinds of sudoku.

The funny thing about it is that although it is consist of number, you do not
have to be an expert in number to solve it. It does not require mathematical
skills even if it is played using numbers. You will not be using methodical
solutions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You do
not need to be a mathematical wizard to be able to play with the game. All you
need is a logical mind and a powerful reasoning power. You also need to have
range of methods and tactics to be able to finish the games.

There are several variations of sudoku. And with these different variations,
you can choose which one will be the best game puzzle to make you enjoy. There
is this particular type that is difficult but enjoyable to play with. It is
called Samurai sudoku.

The most famous kind is the samurai sudoku which is another variation of
sudoku. Samurai sudoku is made popular by Times Newspaper. The mode of playing
the games is the same as the conventional one but the only difference is that;
samurai sudoku is consisting of five sudokus. They are linked to one another
forming one puzzle game. You need to be an expert to sudoku if you want to
perfect it.

It is based on Japanese type of crossword that requires logical thinking and
only that. Aside from giving your brain a tiny twist you can exercise your
logical thinking as well. You can energize your neurons to think faster by
playing with samurai sudoku. Finding it is never a difficulty, you can try
logging on to some websites to find printable samurai sudoku. You only have to
choose which website is the best source of samurai sudoku. Search engine can be
a good help to your search. Magazines, newspapers and other reading materials
are also the best source of samurai sudoku. They best part of it is that ii is
free. You do not have top spend money to play with it. Enjoy playing with
sudoku and have the most enjoyable time in your office break.

Printable Sudoku Puzzles for Beginners and Pro

Sudoku is a game that is created in Japan. Su in Japanese means numbers and
Doku pertains to the single place on the puzzle board that each of the number
can fit into. It also describe as solitaire with numbers.

However did you know that even though sudoku is a Japanese name its origin is
more of European and American. In other words sudoku is more of a cross
fertilization of cultures. Sudoku is not the first number game ever developed
in fact before its introduction there is already Latin Squares which uses the
same concept as those of sudoku. The numbers in a grid should appear only once
and can be place up and down.

It was actually in the year 1980 that sudoku was finally launched in Japan.
This was the start of sudoku's popularity. The most common form of Sudoku was
the 9x9 grid but later versions have also been developed and these are 4x4,
3x3, 5x5, 6x6 and then finally 7x7. There are also the 16x16 grids and the
25x25 which are designed for the sudoku addicts. For those who prefer extreme
sudoku puzzle challenge there are other variants that require computational

Sudoku is still a work in progress but even at its present stage people are
already having fun and loving the challenges that this game offers. Sudoku is
designed to hone the logical and deductive abilities of people of various ages.
The developers of this game are also hoping that their game may be able to make
people around the globe a little smarter.

Playing Sudoku

Sudoku is a simple game to play and does not require for any complicated
computations. It is basically about the correct placement of numbers. It makes
use of simple rules of logic and deduction. It doesn't have an age requirements
so anybody can play it.

The objective of the sudoku game is to fill all the blank squares with the
correct numbers. The 9x9 square is the most common sudoku version played online
and to play this game you will have to follow three very important rules:

1. Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits starting with 1 through 9 in
   any order.

2. Every column of 9 numbers must also include all digits 1 through 9 in any

3. The 3x3 subsection of the 9x9 square must also include all digits 1 through

You may notice that every sudoku games begins with a couple of squares already
filled in with numbers. The difficulty of each puzzle depends on how many
squares are already filled in. The more squares are filled in the easier it is
to solve the puzzle. By filling the remaining squares with numbers lowers down
the number of squares left and therefore makes sit easier for you to fill in
the remaining squares.

Sudoku Techniques

There are techniques that may be employed that will help you to answer sudoku
puzzles. In solving a sudoku puzzle the first thing that you must do is to take
a look at the rows and columns in order to see where you can place your answers.
Make use of three above mentioned rules.

It is also important to remember that in solving a sudoku puzzle that number
that you are to place on the rows and columns should not conflict with each
other. For instance putting 5 at the top and then placing the same 5 down.

You may also pencil in possibilities and then just continue until you found a
conflict. The conflict usually appears after you have penciled 2 or 3 numbers.
If ever no conflict is found then it simply goes to show that you are in the
right track.

It would also help if you would avail of printable sudoku puzzles. This will
give you ample opportunity to practice. Most sudoku game providers online offer
for free printable sudoku puzzles. You may print them directly on your own
printer. Aside from the printable sudoku puzzles there are also downloadable
sudoku games that are compatible with PC or Mac. There are also downloadable
sudoku game puzzles for mobile phones.

Some publications also offer sudoku puzzle games and you can find them on
newspapers, magazines and the likes.

Top Sources of printable Sudoku Puzzles

Playing Sudoku started from filling out a simple table that was written or
printed on a piece of paper with the numbers 1 to 9. From thereon, Sudoku
puzzles were printed on newspapers, magazines, puzzle books, and other print
media. And with the advent of computers, Sudoku puzzles are now in electronic
format, in the form of stand alone programs, Java applications on webpages, or
Flash web applications.

The graphical presentation of current Sudoku puzzles didn't have drastic
changes and innovations. Most websites still present Sudoku puzzles as standard
black and white tables using standard font styles. Innovations included the use
of the mouse in solving the puzzle, automatically checking inputs for errors,
and showing the solution to the puzzle. These have made Sudoku very addictive
and appealing.

But there are still those who prefer the traditional pen and paper approach to
solving Sudoku puzzles. Some say that solving a Sudoku puzzle on a piece of
paper sharpens the mind more compared to when a puzzle is solved using the
computer. Others are not to familiar with the computer, so they prefer solving
puzzles printed on paper. And still, there are those who just feel comfortable
solving Sudoku puzzles that are on paper. Whatever the reason for your
preference, you can check out these sites so you can download and print lots of
Sudoku puzzles to your hearts' content. Sudoku puzzles in this site
are presented as simple tables on a webpage. No fancy graphics. Only simple
keyboard operations are needed to solve the puzzles here. If you want to print
the Sudoku puzzles, 10 medium level and 10 hard level puzzles are initially
offered for printing. You can search the site for many more printable Sudoku
puzzles. When the puzzle is printed on paper, you get what you see on the
monitor. You can download and print hundreds of Sudoku
puzzles that were made by Jim Baumgardner. These puzzles are classified
according to Easy, Intermediate, Challenging, Tough, and Super Tough levels.
Tips and strategies on how to solve these puzzles are also included in the
site. The puzzles are simple black and white tables with prenumbered squares
that are grouped into simple books with 8 puzzles per book that are in PDF
Format. You need Acrobat Reader to view and print the puzzles. No 3D graphics.
Just plain old Sudoku fun and contentment. This website currently
provides 1,095 puzzles for Sudoku fanatics and puzzle solvers alike. The
puzzles are grouped into 3 levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, and Difficult.
For each level, there are 365 printable puzzles.

Just click on a difficulty level, and select the puzzle you want to print.
Right click on the puzzle, which is an image on the webpage, and select Print
Picture. All printable puzzles have their corresponding solutions. To print the
puzzle and solution on the same page, select Get Printable Sudoku Version. Puzzles are divided according to 5
levels of difficulty: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Fiendish. To print a
puzzle, click on the desired level of difficulty to let another browser window
pop up. Then, right click on the puzzle in the new browser window and select
Print Picture. Random puzzles are generated when clicking on the same level of
difficulty. This site offers 2000 printable Sudoku puzzles that
are divided into Easy, Medium, Hard, Mean, and Evil levels of difficulty. There
are 400 puzzles per level. Click on a puzzle link to show the puzzle, which is
somewhat three dimensional in the graphical sense of its presentation. Click on
the Print button at the bottom of the puzzle to print the current puzzle. This site offers PDF formatted Sudoku
puzzles that are grouped by 6 in each link. There are 268 links that offer
Sudoku fanatics and puzzle solvers about 1608 Sudoku puzzles of different
difficulty levels, from Very Easy, to Very Hard. Users can view and print the
puzzles using Acrobat Reader. Solutions to the puzzles are also available in
printer friendly PDF format. Just click on the link for the solutions
corresponding to the puzzles and print them using Acrobat Reader. Sudoku puzzles in this site are
grouped by pairs. There are 17 groups of randomly selected puzzles with
different levels of difficulty. The levels of difficulty range from Easy,
Medium, Hard, to Very Hard, Fiendish, and Diabolical. All puzzles are in PDF
format that have simple image advertisements attached to each puzzle pair. Use
Acrobat Reader to view and print the puzzles.

Have Fun Customizing your Sudoku Puzzle Print-Out

Getting a Sudoku puzzle print out is very helpful. Most people are fond of
playing Sudoku using a paper and a pencil, with the Sudoku Dragon amenities
simply when they got stuck. You can access a puzzle featured in a magazine or
in a newspaper, you just have to print it out using Sudoku Dragon and
subsequently hand-solve it on a standard sized paper with sufficient space for
your notes.

Sudoku puzzles are usually printed out the way it appears on the screen. Few
convenient file and print features are available that permits you to choose
settings definite for the printed lay-out. This lay-out version comprises all
the notes you have put in to the squares and also the puzzle description. This
will produce multiple print outs considering that there isn't enough space to
accommodate the notes on a page.

To modify the print settings which your certain printer assists the set-up
involving file and print , this usually provides you to enter to the set-up
similar to page orientation whether portrait or landscape mode as well as
colour settings.

When you're printing the puzzle, you may manage what kind of information will
be appearing on the paper. You probably not like the puzzle grid to appear
exactly as it appear on the screen.

The printing procedure will use similar color and font part you have chosen for
the puzzle grid.

The print set-up offers three options. First, the print-out display style. This
option refers on to whether you like to print the entries concerning
possibilities for not positioned squares or you like to assign the square list

You can either decide on using similar display theme for the puzzle grid on the
printed paper as it is on the screen or you can select a different them by just
choosing it from the list provided.

Just use the command for the print previous under the file menu for you to
visualize the appearance of the Sudoku puzzle in the print-out. You may use the
print set-up command under the file menu to manage the printer's operation and
modify stuffs such as the orientation of the paper.

There is few supplied array of pre-labeled display themes that indicates how
the Sudoku puzzle grid is to be presented. It also indicates the fonts for the
numbers to be displayed in the puzzle grid. You can also change the effects and
patterns of the grid squares.

You can choose a display theme by selecting the options button located in the
view menu and then press the Appearance tab. Make your own theme by simply by
selecting the add new button. After your theme creation, you can now do the
editing. Normally, you might like your grip to be printed in black and white
than in any colour. You can choose a separate theme with the use of the print
option screen.

In choosing a font for the positioned grid squares, you simply select the font
you like by just pressing the change command. The standard font option screen
will show up for your font selection. You might want to select a distinct font
for a much unique look that matches your chosen display theme.

If you like your allocated squares to have a three dimensional effect, you can
do this by dropped shadow text display. Just click on the checkbox if you want
this feature to be enabled.

In addition, you can also choose the Sudoku square possibilities fonts
designate either on your temporary options or on unallocated squares. Such
possibilities are presented in a much smaller font dimension to modify the grid
square's proportion you should customize the size. The partial view of the new
set-up is shown. You may use any font intended for these grid squares. Just
tick on the change button for the font change.

The font changes will be shown under the preview option located on the left.
The made edits to the display theme can be observed when you press the Ok
button. You may also change the colours you used by just clicking on the colour
button located at the sheet top. Customize your Sudoku puzzle and have fun
solving it on your Sudoku puzzle print-out.

The Best Part Playing the Sudoku Online

Easily one of the very common past time all over the world is playing puzzle
games. Puzzle games are fun to be played when you are having your break time
and doing nothing else. People can think well when their minds are relaxed.
There are lots of common ideas that are running in people's mind and most of
the time they are great ideas.

Aside from the fact that puzzle games can be found all over, you can find it in
newspapers, books, and magazines, it is also very educational and you will learn
a lot of new things and develop great mental skills.

A common yet very exciting puzzle game is sudoku. This is also sometimes called
as Su Doku or even soduku. Whatever name it has, those names only means one
thing and that is the type of puzzle game that is very addictive that have
captured the attention of the whole world. And now, this has become one of the
most famous games available and is in fact very in demand to many puzzle game

Due to the overwhelming response of the people to sudoku, aside from the books,
magazines and journals where sudoku can be played, you can now find sudoku in
the internet. There are already online sudoku games where you can play for
free. This free online sudoku game helps you save a lot of time and money and
will make you learn the game faster and play like a pro.

Sometime you will wonder why people go crazy about sudoku game. Asking your
self what's with it that people are very excited to learn about the sudoku
game. Well, aside from the fact the sudoku is educational, you will enjoy the 
logic of the game and it has very simple rules that will guide throughout your 

There are also lots of different sudoku puzzles that are made only for you! You
can play as long as you wanted to without answering the same puzzle that you
have done already.

The online sudoku games offer a multitude of sudoku player tools, pencil marks
and this has the ability to draw attention to the wrong moves that you take.
There are also different categories or level you will find on the online sudoku

These categories mentioned above are:

1. the easy sudoku play 2. the moderate sudoku play 3. the hard sudoku play 4.
the very hard sudoku play and lastly, 5. the monstrous sudoku play

In each of the category they have their own style or way of playing the game.
The farther you play the more difficult the puzzles you will encounter. As you
move on, every step gets very challenging and not boring. You will really like
the process the game progresses into as you keep on playing.

However, as for the first timers, they easily get pissed off of the game and
that is not anymore new. So if you are a first timer, you should have more
patience while playing the game. Sudoku is a type of game that requires you to
have enormous logical skills and careful thinking in order to solve the game.

In the long run, the more puzzles that you have solved the better player you
will become. You will be used to the strategy of the game and probably can
already make a technique on how you can solve the puzzle as fast as you could.

With the help of the free online sudoku game, there will be a lot of time that
will be allotted for you to play and aside from it, you will not be run out of
puzzles and there is no time limit. If you want to play sudoku the whole day.

You will no longer wait for the newspaper, magazines or books to come out for
their new issues just to play the sudoku. This is a one of a kind game that you
should not miss out on. There are lots of benefits aside from giving you a great
time. You get to relax and unwind in a quiet game plus you get to exercise your
mind and keep it in tip top shape.

How to Play and Solve Sudoku

When you hear the word puzzle, what is the first thing that comes into your

There are so many words that could jumble in your mind; it could be a problem,
a riddle, a question a mystery and a lot more. However, can you not realize it
that the bottom line for every puzzle is to find a solution?

This is the same thing with Sudoku puzzle. First, it is important that you need
to get yourself acquainted about the basic rules and instructions about playing
it. Second, you should learn to establish your own strategy for winning it and
lastly is to arrive at a certain goal.

After being able to know the history and the factors included in the game, you
will now arrive at a very essential aspect, which is the solution method. In
Sudoku, there are actually three processes that are combined together in
solving the problem given to you.

* Scanning

This is carried out at the beginning and throughout the performance of the
solution. This can be done only in between the analysis period. It has two
techniques namely the Cross-hatching that involves the process of eliminating
numbers from the rows or columns. Second is the Counting method. This is
utilized in identifying the missing numerals that will help in speeding up your
search. A player usually explores all the possible contingencies during the
process of scanning.

* Marking up

This follows when scanning ends. This is the time when the player couldn't find
any further numeral that can be discovered. It is the turning point for your
logical analysis. It is helpful if you can make use of some notations that will
be placed on the blank cell for your guidance. Your notation can be represented
by either a subscript or a dot. It will depend on your preference.

* Analysis

This is now the final process that you will have to do. It involves two main
approaches, the so-called "candidate elimination and the what-if". On the first
approach, progress is done by sequentially removing the candidate numerals to
the point that there will only be a single choice that will be left. For every
solution achieved, another scanning can be done. Several methods of candidate
elimination can also be applicable; it can be through matching of the cells or
matching of the numerals.

The "what if" approach will somehow include guessing, although you will still
need to follow your logical choice of number. A cell that has only two
candidate numerals is chosen and then you can make your own guess.

In Computer solution, it also uses a distinct approach whereas algorithm is
commonly used. However, other more effective general approaches have been
found. It constitutes Sudoku solving programs such as the following:

* The emulation of the solving methodology of man as closely as possible. This
will allow the determination of the level of difficulty of any inputted puzzle.

* One should have the capability of solving the problem given on a puzzle as
efficient as possible. Through this, man can create a faster resort for

It is a fact that it is possible for computers to find a solution for the
puzzle problem as quick as you want it. However, you should also be able to
determine if the method used by the computer is valid or not. In other words,
it should only have one exact solution for every problem. Some of the computer
analysis could even imitate a human solver, such as the marking up approach.
Rapid solvers can as well use the trial and method process so that they can
create the best possible solution for the problem.

In Sudoku puzzle, it is also quite ironic unlike other types of puzzle games.
The lesser the numerical figures that are given is easier to solve while the
more average numbers given are more difficult. Thus, the level of difficulty is
not being gauged on the quantity of the given number but with the positioning of
the digit.

No matter what approach you seize in playing Sudoku puzzle, as long as you know
its proper rules and strategy in every move that you make, you can surely win
the game.

Online Sudoku: Get Into the Game

Online sudoku is the newest craze in online gaming. People are so crazy about
this game that a great number of providers have already shut down due to excess
activity. Isn't that amazing? I know some of you must be asking just what sudoku
game is.

Sudoku is a game that is created and popularized in Japan. It is a puzzle game
which is very similar to crossword puzzle. However it doesn't use words but
numbers. I know numbers: and probably some of you are shrugging by now and
wondering how on earth can a number puzzle game create such racket in the
online gaming world? Well believe it or not it is creating noise alright and
sudoku fans are increasing in numbers.

You must be thinking: okay there must be a great number of nerds around the
globe who would find number puzzles fun. Guess again: .most of the people that
plays this game are not your typical nerds, mind you, but regular people just
like you and me. So what is in sudoku that people just can't seem to get enough

First, sudoku game puzzle does not involved math. I am not saying this just to
get you hook on the game but its true: sudoko is not even close to being a math
game. To play this game all you have to do is place the numbers 1 to 9 in
correct placement and you have to this in rows, in columns and in the 3x3
square. Isn't that simple or what?

I guess what draws players into this game is that fact that it is very simple
to play. Online players compete with each other in terms of time -- meaning
whoever solves the sudoku puzzle in the shortest time is the winner. The sudoku
number puzzle game is a very addictive game that it's just hard to resist once
you start playing it you will surely get hook to it.

Sudoku puzzles are excellent brain teasers and are referred to by many as
wordless crossword puzzles. But unlike crosswords, sudoku game puzzle can be
solved using lateral thinking alone and this is why it is making quite an
impact around the world.

Online sudoku puzzles have unique solutions and does not require for the use of
trial and error or simply putting it guessing. This of course makes the game
more interesting and challenging. The time element also adds up to the charm of
the game.

To join the number of sudoku fans on the internet you will have to register but
don't worry the registration is entirely for free. Once you are registered
that's the time that you can compete with the rest of the sudoku fans around
the globe. And if ever it happens that you prove that you are the best when it
comes to sudoku your name will be placed on a leader board for the entire world
to see.

And of course you know what that means: popularity but you have to defend your
title since other sudoku fans will surely take the position away from you.
Remember that you are competing with the entire world.

Another good thing about sudoku game puzzles is the fact that they are not only
fun but also very educational. And people who just hate numbers will surely come
to appreciate them if they started playing sudoku. Sudoku puzzle games are great
if you want to exercise your brain but not to the point of contracting a
headache. It is a great game to kill time and to learn. I mean how many games
have you found online that can give you the same satisfaction that you get out
from playing sudoku? Not many. Although there is few that you may consider
educational and fun but often very complicated so you give up playing them. But
with sudoku you will never get tired playing. In fact you may not want to stop
playing this game once you get started.

If you can get enough of sudoku online you may also download it on your mobile
phone or on your personal computer. This will provide you with a great amount
of time to practice your speed in solving sudoku puzzles. If you don't have a
mobile phone you may also get a load of sudoku by ordering newspapers that
features this type of game. If you are more of a magazine types of person don't
worry because there are also magazines that feature sudoku puzzle games. You may
order them online or purchase them from game stores or even bookstores simply
ask if they have publications that feature sudoku game puzzles.

The Different Sources of Monster Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the most famous puzzle games of today. It is the hottest and
newest puzzle craze in town. Most of the people are indulging to playing with
sudoku because of its very appealing puzzle game play. If you love playing with
crosswords, you will also love playing with sudokus even more. It is in fact the
most famous games not only to adults but to kids as well.

Sudoku is composed of nine rows and columns. The puzzle game is pre loaded with
numbers. You will be filling up the blanks with the necessary numbers to
complete the set. Usually, the intensity of the games is determined through the
loaded numbers given. The more numbers are placed the difficult the game will

The funny thing about it is that it is composed of numbers but it does not need
mathematics to play with it. You will not use addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division to start the game. You do not need to be a
mathematical wizard to play with sudoku. Logical mind and high reasoning power
is all you need. It also requires more thinking than in any other puzzles. So
aside from the amusement it can give you, you will be exercising your brain
cells as well.

There are several variations of sudoku. Most of the variation as difficult and
you have to be an expert to play it. However, there is a particular variation
of sudoku that is also famous today. The game is called monster sudoku. What is
monster sudoku? How is it played?

Monster sudoku is a giant puzzle, usually containing more than 5 sudoku in one
game. You can ask your friends and family to help you finish the puzzle game.
The method of monster sudoku is just the same as the method of the conventional
sudoku, the only difference is that it will take time to complete one monster

Monster sudoku is also available everywhere. Usually, you can buy books that
contain many monster sudoku games. Bookstores and all the leading department
store in your area can be a good source of these monster sudoku. You only have
to choose which bookstore is the best one to get your monster sudokus.

Newspapers can also be a great source of monster sudokus. Usually, the ones
that contain monster sudokus are daily newspapers. Newspapers contain this
particular game because there are many people loving this puzzle games. The
newspapers are selling beyond expectations because of the presence of monster
sudokus. This gives the newspaper a remarkable high sales rate.

Magazines are also good source of monster sudokus. Magazines have clearer and
more colorful versions of sudokus. Usually, it is made into promo. Those who
can finish one game are offered to get a particular prize. The prizes are home
appliances, trip to exotic places and many more, these magazines are using the
popularity of this sudoku puzzle games so they can sell more magazines in a
short time. Because people are after its pleasure and prize allotted to it,
they will buy the magazine and try their luck in completing the puzzles.

Lastly, the most helpful and useful tool in your search is the internet.
Internet has wide varieties of websites to where you can get your monster
sudokus. These puzzle games are even offered free. You can download on and
print it afterwards. Then you can start playing with it soon after you print
it. Websites are also gaining so much from this because of the pay per click
business. With so many sudoku players, the more they will gain money over it.

Search engines are very useful tool as well. With the different and heaps of
search engines online, searching for a monster sudoku game is never a
difficulty. By just simply typing the phrase "free monster sudoku", you will be
open to more than thousands of free printable monster sudoku made especially for

These are the most famous sources of monster sudokus. Start playing with sudoku
now and experience a different taste of puzzle. Empower your brain cells and
activate the sleeping neurons by playing monster sudokus. Entertainment is
never this educating.

Killer Sudoku: The Boredom Killer Loved by Many

When you are on your spare time, what do you do? Do you read books? Or would
you play games with your family? If yes, then what kind of games are they? Are
they interesting? If the answer is yes again, would it be the Killer Sudoku?

Killer Sudoku is the name of puzzle in combining the elements of Sudoku and
kakuro. Compare to the standard Sudoku, the killer Sudoku is more easier to
solve. However, the success still depends on the player's knowledge in mental

This puzzle game was a famous variant of Sudoku in Japan on the 90s. The game
was first known as Samunamupure which comes from an English word "sum number
place. The Killer Sudoku was launched in all English-speaking countries in the
world last year 2005.

What are the rules in playing the Killer Sudoku?

The aim of this game is to complete the grid with numbers from one to nine.
However, the following rules should be followed significantly:

1. Each number from 1 to 9 should not appear twice or more in a grid. 2. Each
grid must have only one of each number. 3. The total of all the numbers in a
grid should match in the small number printed on it.

Though the Killer Sudoku have been popping up everywhere from online to offline
(newspaper, magazine, etc.), still many players are finding it difficult to
solve. What they do not know is that solving the Killer Sudoku is just as easy
as the original Sudoku. The only difference is that the new version provides a
lot more of information.

However, when playing it is still important that you have to follow some
strategies that can lead you to victory. Below are some of the strategies that
are proven to have worked out.

* Look at the ins and outs

You should begin with the obvious -- every row, column and grid when added up
will give you a sum of 45. This will not be helpful when the boxes fit
accurately into every row, column or grid. However, when they cut separately
then you can assume more.

* Work for the pairs

The simplest boxes to manage with are those that hold just 2 numbers. When two
or more of these numbers occupy the same column, grid, or row then it is
possible to begin removing possibilities of paired numbers. The easiest numbers
are 3, 4, 16, and 17. But when there are many possibilities you can always work
with it.

* You can try a combination but you have to be careful

Using all the potential combinations for a specific box can only be useful in a
right condition: if you have many limitations on the combinations, you will
surely end up with an unnecessary big list of possibilities. So, it is
suggested that you should not use a strong combination for your first tactic.
Instead, there are many ways which you can use to limit potential combinations.
However, it is important that you should be careful for particular combinations
which can be dead hits.

The list of tips will surely help players hooked on the Killer Sudoku win the
game. Actually, there are many other techniques which can be used in solving
the puzzles. But, the above tips will allow you to solve for more or less every
killer Sudoku that you see on the internet, newspapers or magazines. However,
the tips may perhaps not be sufficient for difficult puzzles.

To gain more knowledge and practice on this puzzle, there are many sites
available on the internet. Most of these sites have hard level puzzles,
including puzzles harder than what you see in the newspapers.

In addition, you will also have to search for other advanced techniques which
are helpful in solving extremely Killer Sudoku puzzle. You must always keep in
mind that you it is a puzzle that you are going to play. There maybe times that
you feel you are only moving around the circle where in fact you are not.
Puzzles can be very confusing so, you also need to be patient.

At the time you have mastered the basic of Killer Sudoku, try for the difficult
ones. In this way, you can practice not only your skill but also your ability to
adjust into a different level.

Where can you get free Sudoku Puzzles?

Sudoku is one of the most addictive number puzzles games right now. From Japan,
to the USA, to the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world, tons of puzzles are
being published in newspapers, magazines, journals, and other print media on a
monthly, weekly, and daily basis. And due to the game's voracious popularity
rate, thousands of sites and simple computer programs have been coded, created,
and uploaded onto the Internet for everyone to play, both online and offline.

And we know that everyone likes free stuff. And surely, Sudoku addicts crave
for free stuff about Sudoku, from solving tips, books, and particularly,
puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles! So where can we get FREE SUDOKU PUZZLES?
Check out these websites for tons of free puzzles and other freebies:

In this site, you can download BILLIONS of free Sudoku puzzles! Sudoku puzzles
come in 4 different difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Evil), and
puzzles for each difficulty level are unique that they don't appear in the
other difficulty levels. You can search their archive or play the day's puzzle
for free!

With a fun format for the Sudoku puzzle grid itself, players can play the day's
puzzle for free, post their completion times, and print it for free! You can
check the archives and print previous puzzles for free.

You can download and print hundreds of Sudoku puzzles that were made by Jim
Baumgardner. These puzzles are classified according to Easy, Intermediate,
Challenging, Tough, and Super Tough levels. Tips and strategies on how to solve
these puzzles are also included.

Sudoku puzzles are at Medium and Difficult levels in this site. You can either
print these puzzles, or play them online by selecting a specific puzzle in the
site archives, both free! You can also play the puzzle of the day for free!

3 unique Sudoku puzzles are offered in this site on a daily basis. There is 1
puzzle for each difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard), and you can solve them
all for free! You can contact the site for free puzzles.

Another great site that offers free online games! You can play a different
Sudoku puzzle everyday for free! Too bad there's no free copy that can be

If you want to have fun with Sudoku, then you can also get tons of free
Sudoku puzzles here! You can play the daily puzzle online for free, post your
time and compare your puzzle solving ability against other people. Check out
their archive and you'll get free solutions to the previous Sudoku puzzles.

You can play Sudoku for free here! Randomly generate different puzzles in Easy,
Medium, Hard, and Very Hard levels at any time of the day. free downloadable sudoku games

You can download 2 free Sudoku games here.

Sudoku DigitHunt 1.0 is the common version of Sudoku, where you fill in the
blank squares to complete the puzzle. This has tons of puzzles that will keep
you occupied for a very long time. It is only 2216 KB, so downloading it is not
a problem.

Mindgames is a collection of different puzzle games that include crosswords,
board games like Abalone, and of course, Sudoku! The Sudoku game here includes
a puzzle solver and a puzzle generator that will let you play for hours! The
program is about 5.5 MB so downloading it may take a while on slow connections.

If you are tired of the puzzles you have seen on the Internet or in the
newspapers, or you feel like making puzzles yourself, download this Sudoku
puzzle maker for free! The installer is only 811KB, and 2 advanced puzzle packs
can also be downloaded for free! The additional puzzle packs are 25KB in total
size. The site has links to forums that will help you create Sudoku puzzles.
Not bad for a free puzzle generator! various sudoku software

Download 4 Sudoku based software here.

Online Puzzle Maker allows you to make your own Sudoku puzzle and have it
uploaded on the Internet. It has a free trial version. The full version is

Elite Sudoku 1.0 has a nice background and wood finished grid for the Sudoku
game itself. Play the game like the original Sudoku games with a graphical
twist. You can download it's free trial version, or purchase the full version
for $19.95.

Sudoku Puzzle Game and Solver 1.3 gives users any puzzles to play with,
complete with each puzzle's solutions. You can also create tons of puzzles with
this program, and have them solved at your command. You can download the free
trial version, or purchase the full version for $18.95.

Sudoku Works 3 is a program that allows users to create and solve Sudoku
puzzles ranging from 4x4 to 16x16 grid sizes. You can play with the puzzles on
your PC, or print them and solve on paper. You can save your name with the
fastest times scored in solving the puzzles. Coaching modes will also help you
get out of a jam while solving the puzzles. A free trial is available, or you
can buy the full version for $9.95.

That's more than enough free Sudoku puzzles to keep you Sudoku addicts occupied
for a very long time. Enjoy yourselves, and feel free to surf the Net for a lot
more of free Sudoku puzzles.

Post or Host Your Sudoku Online -- It's Free and It's Fun

Are you familiar with the Rubik's Cube? Have you enjoyed the challenge it
provides? If you enjoyed challenge and you still want to be challenged, try the
Sudoku game. If you're not familiar with the game, well, Sudoku is a number
puzzle game that requires a lot of patience and logic skills. It is played on 9
inches width and 9 inches long grid that is divided to nine small squares. The
aim of the number puzzle is to fill up the values starting 1 to 9 for it to be
visible only once in every row and column. You are presented by few of the
numbers and then you need to search for the position of the other values with
the aid of your logic and deductive reasoning.

It is an addictive game that has spread throughout the United Kingdom like a
storm and is currently taking over the world. Ever since it existed in the late
19th century, the game's popularity has cultivated.

It is fascinating puzzle game which can easily be found in books, newspapers,
and game online sites. Free Sudoko games are now available on theses online
sties. They are posted or hosted by some computer enthusiasts and Sudoku

Nowadays, you can now type your own Sudoku number puzzles, email them to your
family and friends or you can even post them in forums. In addition, you can
join in competitions on Sudoku Solving and you can email your puzzle solutions
URL totally free.

Have you tried sharing your Sudoku games with your brother via email, or via
forum or group postings? If yes, perhaps you already know how difficult the
task is. Each day, tons of Sudoku sophisticates across the world attempt to
solve Sudoko number puzzles. A lot of them share their Sudoku games, solutions,
and intermediary steps. They will probably say that the sharing and posting of
their Sudoku puzzle is one hell of a task.

Why is this sharing, posting or hosting Sudoku stuff difficult? It is because
you have to compose your text-based Sudoku grid, or you have to put in the
number entries in text form together with dashes or dots for the empty cells.

How totally ill at ease and time wasting? The entries would look like not a
Sudoku. It would seem like worse for the person who reads. Are you able to
solve the way it is. You have to carefully write the numbers on to your
computer or in a piece of paper with the use of few templates before it make
sense. After this, you can now sit back, breathe and relax.

A free Sudoku host online site has been made which then allow you simply to
just crack in your own Sudoku game and you will be able to share them to
anywhere and anyone throughout the internet. Your site is suitably named free
Sudoku for you to able to host your own Sudoku puzzle for the entire world to

You just have to type the corresponding Sudoku numbers in the correct cells on
a big Sudoku screen then just click on the submit key or button. It is that
easy and simple. A URL will be provided by the site in which you can just copy
then paste it to an email or place it in a discussion board. After a recipient
had clicked on to such link, a page with "your Sudoko puzzle" phrase will be
shown similarly the way you entered. The funky text grids and ASCII number
junks will not anymore show up.

And the great part is when your recipients are able to try to decipher your
Sudoku puzzle directly on to the web page that prompted. And it is surely free
for them as well.

Finally, the prompted screen will allow the recipients to make deletions,
additions as well as changes to the blank cells. However, they cannot make
changes to the filled cells. They may attempt to solve your Sudoku puzzles in
the "in situ" found on the screen. Now, with these basic steps you can already
host or post your Sudoku puzzles online, absolutely fun and free!

The Different Sources of Free Sudoku Games

Are you thinking about how you can spend your leisure time? Are you bored with
the same old board games that you and your friends play for a long time? If you
are bored with the games that you play to spend your leisure time, you should
try finding new, something more mind twisting and challenging. You might
consider playing with the hottest craze that even celebrities are indulging so
much into. Why don't you grab a pen and solve a sudoku game puzzle.

Many people including those who belong to the highest level of society plays
sudoku. It is a very effective puzzle games that you can play with during your
leisure time. Over the years, it has been the puzzle game preferred by most of
the people. You will often see them play with the puzzle games especially those
who are working with a job that requires a lot of thinking.

This game is not only played by adults but kids as well. If you are one among
those who have not yet tried playing with it, you are just like limiting your
self to experience fun and enjoyment. The game is challenging but enjoyable as

Sudoku is not only used to spend you leisure time but it is also used as a mode
to enhance better thinking. It is very educational as well. You will practice
your abstract reasoning by playing with sudoku. You will see that this game is
preferred by many because makers of sudoku make it very available in almost 
anywhere in the world.

Free Sudoku for Sudoku Fanatics

It was Sunday night, the weather is cold but the stars shine so bright. The
little boy asks his father "Dad, I feel bored: I want to do something". The
father cannot think of the best past time until he saw their computer on his
right side. A great idea tickles into his mind. "Son, come here and we will
ease your boredom". The son suddenly approaches his father without any idea on
what they are supposed to do.

It was around ten in the evening when they finish the game but the son was
still full of enthusiasm as if he does not want to end the night. But of
course, the next day is Monday and he still needs to wake up early for school
and so does the father to go to work in his office.

There are really a lot of ways on how you can bond with your kids. Some parents
prefer to watch their favorite cartoons with their children, while others want
storytelling. These are old and typical activities. Why not think of something
different yet interesting?

Sudoku is probably the perfect activity that you can do with your children. It
brings fun of course, and aside from that, it can also develop their critical
thinking. It shoots two purposes at the same time because besides enjoyment it
is also a great way for learning.

It is a type of puzzle game. Before the discovery of computers, you can enjoy
playing it on printed articles such as the newspapers, magazines and books. But
now, you can play it anytime of the day and anywhere you go with a mere click on
your mouse or press on your keyboard, the pleasure of Sudoku puzzle awaits you.

The puzzle is composed of various rows, columns and numerical numbers from 1 to
9. Each of the Sudoku is comprise of a unique solution that can be solved
logically without guessing. It is with emphasis that Sudoku is not a guessing
game nor a mathematical game but purely logic.

The goal of Sudoku puzzle is simple; every row in the puzzle should contain one
of each digit that is found in number 1- 9 alone, therefore, you must be able to
fill very empty cells so that each of the row and columns contain the numbers
1-9 exactly at once.

The goal on a manual or printed Sudoku puzzle and the computerized puzzle are
always the same, but the manner of solving it can be different. Obviously, it
is much easier in a computerized puzzle because you are just going to click and
transfer the digits on any grid you desire. In addition, your computers can also
be capable of solving every problem of Sudoku with its specified manner of
solution. Several types of algorithm methods are frequently used in
computerized Sudoku for solving.

You can only play Sudoku once you purchase your own copy of the printed
materials, but now, Sudoku puzzle is already offered for you free. This is
through the help of some websites who provides free printable Sudoku puzzles.

There are about hundreds of free Sudoku puzzles that are suitable for printing
in small batches. Aside from the puzzle game itself, you can also have a copy
of the Sudoku book that consists of some tips and hints on how you can play
Sudoku puzzle easier. Moreover, each of the puzzles comprises of several
instructions for you to follow, particularly if you are just beginning playing
Sudoku puzzle.

Free website is considered as the site for all Sudoku puzzle
fanatics. This is also where you can have a chance to play Sudoku puzzles for
free. All you need to do is have an internet connection in your house and have
fun the whole night in twisting your mind with Sudoku puzzle. If you do not
have one at home, you can also visit internet cafes because most of them also
have free access to Sudoku puzzle game.

You can also subscribe to free Sudoku websites and they can even offer you to
put a Sudoku puzzle in your own website for free. This is a great way to
entertain people who visit your website and you can be sure that they will want
more of the puzzle. Be one of the Sudoku's fanatics. For sure, you will prefer
spending most of your time playing Sudoku.

Indulge Yourself with Loads of Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles Online

Do you want a game that is playable anytime you want to play with? What do you
want in a game aside from the amusement it gives? Of course aside from
entertainment, you also want to practice how your brain works, right? If you
are looking for a particular game that does not only gives enjoyment but brain
exercise as well, you might considering playing with sudoku.

Web Sudoku Transcending Game Barriers

Japan is well known around the world for coming up with various types of
educational games for years now. Japan has been very successful in merging fun
with learning and sudoko puzzle game is just an implication of their love for

Sudoku is actually a puzzle game that is popularized in Japan. At present its
popularity is also spreading throughout the globe and this is of course was
made possible through the use of the internet. Sudoku is very similar to
crossword puzzle however instead of words it makes use of numbers.

Not all people love the idea of numbers since it connotes math. And as we all
know math involves complicated solutions that will really cause someone to
experience a migraine episode. Sudoku is a special type of number puzzle game
and before you give this game the thumbs down sign it would be best to explore
the game first and get to know it better.

Although some may think : "oh no not another math game": sorry to burst your
bubbles guys but sudoku believe it or not does not involved math. It simply
involves correct placement of the digits starting from 1 through 9. I know you
are probably smiling by now saying to yourself that is not very hard. Of course
it's not hard all you have to do is to correctly place the numbers 1 to 9 into
every row, in every column and in every 3x3 square. The concept of the game is
to place all nine digits in correct position or order.

The best thing about this game is that it can be played by various ages. It
doesn't matter whether you are a PhD holder or an elementary student, sudoku
has the right ingredients that appeal to both the highly intellectuals and
those that are not so bright.

The simplicity of the game is the very reason why it has become one of the most
popular game played in the world not to mention online. Although of course you
need to think since it's a puzzle game but it's not too complicated so you can
be assured of getting every puzzle there is. But beware sudoku game can be very
addictive once you started playing it you will never want to stop.

In order to accommodate a much larger number of sudoku players around the
globe, web sudoku was created. The web sudoku as the name suggest can be played
online. Each of the sudoku puzzle found on the web has a unique solution that
can be reached logically without ever trying to guess. The instructions are
also very easy. All you have to do is to enter the digits from 1 to 9 into
blank spaces. Now remember every row must contain one of each digit and the
same goes for each of the columns and for every 3x3 square.

There are thousands of sudoku puzzles to select so you don't have to worry that
you will run out of puzzles to solve. In fact there are web sudoku providers
that provide over seven hundred thousand plus puzzles while some providers
offer much more. Now that's a lot of puzzles for one day!

There are also available options for players like printing the result of the
sudoku game puzzle or you can also keep track of how well you are doing with
your game. Plus you may also clear the puzzle if ever you have committed some
errors. You may pause the game in case you need more time to think.

Sudoku puzzles are also ideal for teaching children to appreciate numbers. And
since it is very simple kids will have truly a great time solving them. So you
see sudoku puzzles are not just for killing time but also very educational. It
trains children as well as adults to exercise their brain by solving various
number puzzles.

There are also downloadable sudoku games that are compatible with your mobile
phones and your personal computers. Likewise you may also print sudoku puzzle
ebook or order newspapers with sudoku puzzles. There are also magazines that
features sudoku puzzles. Whatever may be your preference there would always be
a sudoku puzzle that is just right for you.

Now Available! Sudoku in USA Today

To be entertained: to be fascinated: these are emotional circumstances you wish
you are in everyday. With the arising dilemmas from around you, you cannot drive
yourself to not think of negative thoughts. Every little thing seems to be on
television, over the radio, via the internet and even the newspaper.

Newspapers are provided for people who wish to be updated of society's current
events. People who wish to be informed read the newspaper. However, nowadays it
is not just information-gathering that newspaper bring. Some individuals read
the newspaper to be entertained.

USA Today is a national newspaper in America. It is one of the widely
circulated newspapers catering to millions of American residents. Like any
newspaper, it has a complete section from the front page until the sports page.
Entertainment and Life sections of course will never be gone from the everyday

The entertainment section of USA Today consists of news regarding travel tips,
movie, television programs, book, and music reviews. Life section on the other
hand consists of stories involving lifestyle and living. Games, comic strips,
and puzzles are also accessible in the Life Section of USA Today.

Puzzles are games not only for entertainment purposes but for sharpening one's
mind. It requires in-depth thought of approaches to solve any given puzzle
game. Additionally, it entails a lot of patience to discern what's needed to be

One mind-boggling puzzle is Sudoku or commonly called the Number Place. Sudoku
is a number assignment game. From a nine by nine (9 x 9) grid which is composed
of three by three (3 x 3) regions; the player should be able to enter a digit
from numbers 1 to 9 without repetitions.

Availability of Sudoku is everywhere -- from crossword puzzle books, magazines,
internet, television game shows, and of course, the newspaper.

At this time, USA today has been publishing Sudoku in their crossword page to
give their readers a chance to experience the beauty and mind-intensity of
playing the Number Place. People can just grab a pen and a paper once a copy of
USA Today has been delivered to their homes or offices.

One possible disadvantage of playing with the use of newspaper is the use of
space. Since playing the game requires the use of different strategies, there
will be players who will find space a problem in marking up since the grid or
regions created in the newspapers are rather small cubes.

The availability of Sudoku in USA Today does not only run in its newspaper. USA
Today has its own website where people who wants to play the game can do so

People can now play Sudoku online since USA Today has its own website that
caters online puzzle games. Some advantages to playing the puzzle online are:

* Unlike playing Sudoku using pen and paper which requires you to check with a
  Solution paper, with online playing you will just tick the Check button and 
  the right answers will instantly show.

* Erasures are easy to deal with whenever one is playing online since there is
  the Undo button which immediately makes necessary corrections.

* Flagging incorrect items are possible when you play online. This is best for
  starters as well as children.

* If using help, like phoning a friend or peeping in the Solution sheet is
  present whenever you use pen and paper, hints are all over online, though for
  the integrity of the game it is best to exhaust all your methods and efforts.

* With USA Today's website you will never run out of Sudoku puzzles so you can
  enjoy solving more.

* Time-keeping is optional. There are players who want to be pressured by time.
  Others wish to let go of time. Online playing of Number Place can give you 
  both options.

* The level of difficulty will be measured when one decides to play online.
  Newspaper puzzles are often jumbled -- some are easy, some are not.

* An option to display number which appeared nine times can be chosen. Pen and
  paper Sudoku playing requires manual tracking.

There are so many ways to be entertained: to be fascinated: just make sure to
choose well what will keep you busy: pick out something that will not just take
off boredom but also something that will nourish your mind.

Play Sudoku in USA Today -- either with a pen and paper or online!

Sudoku Hints: The Secret to Solving the Sudoku

Are you tired of your boring routine? Do you want a challenging game that will
really keep you busy for at least a whole day? Perhaps you want a pastime that
will really test your logical skills. Then, why not play the Sudoku game.

For those people who still do not have an idea, Sudoku puzzles are number games
of about completing a 9 x 9 grid with numbers. The puzzle also has a 3 x 3
block, which should contain numbers from 1 to 9. The numbers however, must
appear only once and not more than that.

In a Sudoku puzzle, any number from 1 to 9 must occur once in each row, column
and block. At the start of the puzzle, players are already provided with
initial set of numbers. It would be great if there were more numbers already
filled in. This is because the lesser numbers provided, the harder it is to
start the puzzle and finish it.

A person can be a good player of Sudoku by playing and practicing the game
correctly. Once a player familiarizes him/herself with the basics of the
puzzle, it is expected that he or she can get advanced techniques and hints.
These hints are helpful for the player since it can make the puzzle lighter and
easier to do.

When Getting Started

As a player, you must ensure that a good Sudoku challenge is available in front
of you -- may it be a piece of software on your computer or any free Sudoku
sites. The following are some of the best hints ever used in completing the
Sudoku puzzle.

* Scanning the Puzzle

Look at each row, column or block which are already filled with numbers. Know
which of the numbers are left to be filled in. You can see the numbers used for
each line, column or row and eliminate them from the possibilities. See which
numbers do no exist yet vertically and horizontally and you can eliminate the
possibilities. As you go along, you can just interchange the choices.

* Mark Up your Place

If there are possible numbers remained to be placed in a cell, write them above
the cell and return to it again when you have already placed in more numbers.
Usually, when more boxes have already been filled in, you can remove other
possible numbers in order to have the right number. Slowly but surely you can
get the right numbers in. Just be patient, attentive and alert.

* Educated and Careful Guessing

Although in some instances, logic can really be a great help. However, in some
point, there is nothing wrong with guessing. When you already have filled in
all the possible numbers in the box, use the first two hints. In this way, you
will have an idea about the possible numbers that you should put in the
remaining empty cells.

Put a possible number in an empty cell and begin working on the other empty
cells in the puzzle. In some point, you will know if your guess is correct
(which is good for you!) or wrong (too bad, try again). However, you must be
careful since you are getting close to completing the entire puzzle.

* Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Experts

It is known that most expert already know a whole lot about Sudoku -- from the
techniques, solutions, strategies and hints. Remember, they will not be an
expert for no reason. This means that they had already solved different levels
of the Sudoku game. Therefore, it will not be difficult for them to explain the
hints they used every time they play the Sudoku puzzle.

If you want to look for the simpler hints, there are also books and guides that
are being offered in the market. These books and guides are useful especially
for the beginners who would want to experience the challenge of the Sudoku.
Otherwise, you can always visit any Sudoku website and look for the best hints

The Sudoku hints given above are only some of the many hints usually used by
most Sudoku players. By carefully following them, it is assured that you can
start the game easily and end it successfully. As we exercise our body, we
should also exercise our brains, Sudoku is a great way to do just that.

Sudoku Game: A Worldwide Trend that Tends to Stay Forever

Have you ever heard of the Sudoku game? If you do, then you must be following
all the trends that are happening around you. Anyway, who does not know
anything about it? The children, youth and the elder know how to play the
Sudoku game.

Sudoku game is a new Japanese puzzle game that is taking the entire world by
storm. It started as an unknown game but it already conquered Japan on the 80s.
Today, there are over a million players who play for it every month on the

For those people who do not know the Sudoku game, it is basically a game of
numbers from 1 to 9. You have to start with a 9 x 9 grid which is divided into
9, 3 x 3 boxes.

The first grid should have series of numbers which is scattered in each row and
column in random order. There is a technique behind this silly game. First, have
to make sure that you have all the numbers from 1 to 9 in every row and/or
column. And second, you should not have two same numbers in each 9 x 9 grid.

This may be a bit confusing (as it is a puzzle), but when you see and play the
Sudoku game, you will realize that it has a great sense.

Once you begin with a Sudoku game, it is expected that you will find it very
difficult to stop. Most players are not at first a great fun of puzzles and
crosswords but, the time they started to play for it, they were hooked up by
the game. They would even make sure that they have completed the game.

What makes it very addicting is the continuous challenge it give to the
players. The pre-planned trial and error matched techniques which depends
mainly to the clues you have given make it easier for anyone to win.

Compared to crossword puzzle, the Sudoku game does not require you to know
every word found in the dictionary. In addition, this is not as frustrating as
the first one since players can always return to the basic level and focus on
their speed than completing it.

For the main part, a single Sudoku game can be done from five minutes up to a
couple of hours. Actually, it all depends on the level which you have chosen to
play. If you chose the difficult level then, probably it will take you hours to
solve it. However, the easier level can be completed within 5 minutes to an
hour. This means that there is a game for all types of Sudoku game players.

The growth of this worldwide trend is fuelled by its big prizes and rewards
that are beginning to rise in the Sudoku events and tournaments in the whole
world. The prizes normally range from a few thousand U.S dollars up to a number
of hundred dollars. This can be very pleasing if get into the Sudoku game and
win it for yourself.

Luckily, since Sudoku game can be very difficult, there is software available
to help you with your solution if you get stumbled on the course of the game.
What you should do is to set in your solution and try to solve whether it is
correct or wrong. This is the best and accurate way to know if you have the
correct result or not.

On the other hand, if you are playing the Sudoku game offline (newspaper,
magazine or books) what you should do is to get your pen and paper then do the
traditional way of solving.

The best thing about playing a Sudoku game is that it gives a fair playing
ground for everybody. A five year-old kid, a 65 year-old elder, a Math major
professor and a person who do not know how to speak English can play for it and
win at the end.

As a conclusion, the craze for the Sudoku game will stay forever. This is not
just simple trend that will vanish after three to six months. Many people learn
to love it and for sure they want to keep playing for it for the rest of their

Sudoku Free: Your Online Brain Teaser

Japan has created another breakthrough in online gaming and that is in the form
of a number puzzle game which is known worldwide as sudoku. Sudoku for those who
doesn't know yet is a puzzle game which is patterned to crossword puzzle. The
only difference is that crossword puzzle makes use of words while sudoko makes
use of numbers.

Although some may think number games are boring but just wait until you try
sudoku. You will form an entirely different opinion afterwards. Sudoku will
take you to a new realm of puzzle solving that you can never imagine possible.
I mean who would ever think that number games can be so much fun and exciting.

How to play

Sudoku is not a really complicated game in fact anybody can easily get the hang
of it without really exerting a great amount of effort. And although it is a
number puzzle game it does not involved math which is a good thing since not
everyone likes math.

Sudoku is all about correct placement of numbers or digits. The digits range
from 1 to 9. The objective of the game is to correctly place the digits into
every row, every column and in every 3x3 squares. This instruction is of course
very simple to comprehend and to follow.

The simplicity of sudoku is what captivates a great number of people to play it
and often once they started to play they just can't seem to stop playing. This
is because solving sudoku puzzles is truly addictive. If you don't believe me
then be the judge for yourself but I'm warning you there is a big possibility
for you to get hook on the game.

More on Sudoku free game puzzle

Since sudoku is now very popular other versions are created so players will not
have to stick with the 3x3 squares which is a good thing since it removes the
monotony of the game. More and more people are becoming fascinated with sudoku
and it is not really surprising since it's a great brain teaser. It makes you
believe that you know the answer already but then when you applied it turns out
that what you think is right is actually wrong.

Sudoku is truly a challenging game that interests you more and more every time
you play it. And the great thing about this game is that it never seems to get
old and outdated--- it just keeps getting better right from the first day that
you play it.

Some sudoku fans are trying to find a way on how to create a program that will
solve the puzzles faster and easier. So you see sudoku is not only a great
pastime activity but also encourages one to think and to be creative.

There are also online competitions held by various sudoku free game providers.
If you want to join you will have to register. The competition calls for speed
in solving sudoku puzzles anybody who has successfully completed the puzzle in
the shortest time possible is the winner. The winner's name is posted on a
leader board which is displayed on the web site.

Sudoku free game puzzles found online each have their unique solutions and does
not require for players to guess. A single sudoku web site can provide at least
a hundred thousand plus sudoku puzzles however there are also some web sites
that provide up to a million sudoku free puzzle games. This means that players
will not have to worry of running out of sudoku puzzles to solve.

So if you an aspiring sudoku winner it would be best to practice a lot and you
may use sudoku free games that are readily available online for you.

Where to search for sudoku puzzle game providers?

The internet is an ideal place to search for sudoku providers. In fact there
are a great number of them offering sudoku free for downloads that are
compatible with mobile phones or personal computers. There are also some
publications that publish sudoku free games. You may get sudoku puzzles from
newspapers, magazines and the likes. There are also printable sudoku e-books
that are available for all those who may want to try the wonderful world of
sudoku games.

Sudoku for kids and beginners

Even your four-year old child who is eager to learn games can play sudoku for
kids. In the UK, the Sudoku fever has captured the minds of the people even the
kids. The sudoku game has changed the way other people look at how the game is
played. In the coming years, it is expected that more and more people will
learn the basics of the game and be able to make use of it in practical

It is amazing that some kids can play sudoku and the fact that they have
fresher minds, they can think of good strategies that are helpful as they
finish the game. In the UK, more and more children have played sudoku for kids.
Some of the kids who did not play sudoku have been influenced by other kids from
all over the countries most especially in the UK.

Why has Sudoku become so popular that many kids want to learn how to play it?
Many parents ask if their kids will benefit from playing sudoku for kids. Since
sudoku games are offered for free children can easily play sudoku for kids. A
child can play it at any time when they feel like playing it with anybody. Kids
will of course play simple steps from the sudoku game.

But as they grow with mastering the game, they will notice that they have their
own strategies and tips to use for the game. Mastering their newly learned
sudoku tips can be applied successfully in the sudoku for kids and you they can
simply gain more sudoku tips as you they advance in the game. Sudoku for kids do
not merely let them play the game but they get the chance to practice their
skills and reasoning ability even in practical applications.

This is the reason why parents have been encouraging their children to play
sudoku for kids because they can use it even in school or to increase their
reasoning ability to be able to cope up easily with the changing world.
Children who can play Sudoko for kids easily have bigger possibilities to excel
in school or at other practical applications.

Reasoning ability and planning in the sudoku for kids is not just an easy step
although it can be played simply. A child can choose whether he or she is ready
to advance the level of the game. Since the game is offered for free from the
newspapers or online resources, he or she can choose the perfect time to play
the game.

Absorbing everything that they have learned will be helpful in learning new
strategies and tips for the sudoku for kid's game. If your child is interested
in playing the game that he would exchange his or her favorite TV or cartoon
show, which means that your child is one of a kind and that he is talented. If
your child has a passion for playing the game, encourage them to keep up their
learning ability because sudoku for kids is not just any ordinary game. It is
unique and can help your child enhance his or her concept of the game.

Sudoku for kids originated in Japan with the meaning of single number. Although
the game was very popular in Japan, the latest craze started in the year 2004
when a newspaper in UK started publishing the puzzle in the newspapers. Who
would have thought that the game will be loved by many people especially the

In just a few weeks, the puzzles have been picked up in other newspapers and
the sudoku game became the favorite pastime of the commuters, parents and the
kids too. It would be a bit impossible to believe that the kids have learned to
play the game.

The sudoku for kids can be a brainy exercise. Let your children play the game
until they want to play it because there is nothing to worry about. Instead of
letting your kids play video games for the whole day, he might want to try a
different kind of game that is meant to challenge his young mind.

Who knows, your kids might just be the best sudoku for kids player in history!

The Ultimate Sudoku Electronic game for you

You're probably wondering what in the world is Sudoku electronic game.

In the past two decades, electronic games are already in every household in the
United States alone where statistics from other countries are not yet
determined. Electronic games amounts to million of dollars spent in buying
those gadgets just to satisfy the growing popularity, especially to kids and
even to adults. Electronic games can result to a game addiction without
considering the time and amount of money it will cost you.

So why try playing sudoku? You're probably expecting that it was made in Japan
as people all know that this country is very advanced in computers and
robotics. Electronic games in Japan are very common as you will be surprised
that it can be made by their younger generation. So, you will declare that it's
just the same from other games. Why do you even have to try playing it?

For your general knowledge, sudoku electronic game is far from different in any
hand-held games you've ever known.

Sudoku, most people indicate that it originated in Japan as the name suggests
when the only thing Japanese about it is the word sudoku. For the record, it
was both circulating in Japanese and American magazines early in the 1980's and
enjoyed modest success. When the time it was very popular, almost all who came
across of this number puzzle were driven to a puzzle-crazy status.

However, with so many publishers and creators publicly admitting that they were
the one who created the game, there were no supporting evidences that they can
produce. To make the matter even more complicated, according to urban stories
it was created by a group of puzzle creators from New York, while in another
version, it credits a certain person named Howard Gerns, a puzzle enthusiast,
as the true father of modern day sudoku.

Sudoku, as you'll see, that it can be played with a mere pencil and paper. It
goes in the past that until today it is still included in various magazines and
newspapers around the globe for offering so much excitement and perseverance on
how it can be solved.

As years goes by, with the advancement of technology, the game sudoku finally
penetrated the electronics world. For it was known, the game can really be
handy in providing the brain with utmost quickness in how to solve the very
demanding game of numbers.


Sudoku, also known as number place, is a logic-based placement puzzle. The main
objective of the puzzle is to place a numerical digit ranging from 1 to 9 only
in a cell of 9x9 grids that is made up of 3x3 subgrids or regions. For you to
start playing sudoku, digits will be given to you in some grids and subgrids
and are called "givens". However, in putting your preferred numerals, each row,
column, and region must contain the numerals 1-9 only once. The ultimate goal is
to fill all the empty cells, provided by some givens.

Solutions in playing

The strategy in solving the puzzle can be a combination of the three processes:
scanning, marking up, and analyzing.

* Scanning - is performed at the start and throughout the solution. It's better
performed one time in between periods. Scanning of rows or columns to pick
which line in a targeted region may contain a number by eliminating. The
process is repeated in the columns or rows. This is where you will be counting
from 1-9 in columns, rows, and regions to identify missing numbers. Counting
based by last numeral discovered can eventually quicken the search.

* Marking Up - you can start this kind of solution if scanning was stopped and
when no numbers can be discovered. This will engage in logical thinking. Many
players may find it very useful in analyzing by marking the candidate numerals
in empty cells. The disadvantage of this is when numerals are written only
within the bound of a newspaper or a magazine, usually are too small to
accommodate more candidate numerals. For if you got an electronic Sudoku game
board, there are lots of option in putting the candidate numbers as well as
you're using a light pen or pointer in entering your preferred number.

* Analysis - two approaches can be made and these are: "candidate elimination"
and "what if". In candidate elimination, solution can done by successively
eliminating candidate numbers from one or more empty cell in order to leave
just a one choice. In "what if" approach, a cell with only two candidate digits
is picked and a guess is made.

So, you're now ready to play sudoku. It can be so much fun in challenging your
brain in logic reasoning and thinking. The only thing left to do is buy your
electronic sudoku game board and start playing this fun and exciting puzzle.

Print a Sudoku Puzzle: Test your Logic and Number Skills

Have passion in playing logic and numbers? Maybe you are now an expert when it
comes to Rubik's cube or the magic square. But have you already tested your
logic and number skills in a Sudoku game? Whether you are unfamiliar with this
game or you have already spent 2 days solving a single Sudoku puzzle, then this
article is just right for you.

About Sudoku

Also known as Number Place, Sudoku is a logic-based placement puzzle. The
puzzle is composed of a 9 x 9 grid which is further divided into nine 3 x 3
sub-grids or also known as regions. Before you start completing the puzzle, you
are given some cells that are initially filled up with numbers from 1 to 9
(number of cells initially filled-up depends on the difficulty level of the

The main objective of this game is to completely fill-up all the remaining
vacant cells with the numbers 1 to 9 provided that you adhere to the "single
number per direction" rule of the game. That is, every column, row, and
sub-grid (which is referred to as the direction) must contain only one instance
of each number. For instance, you have an initially-placed number 5 at the 5th
column and on the 7th row of the puzzle. Such number must only appear once on
that particular column and row. Furthermore, it must also appear only once on
its assigned sub-grid or region.

Print a Sudoku

Because of the complexity of the "single number per direction" rule of Sudoku,
many beginners are having a hard time completing it in matter of a single day.
That is why most Sudoku beginners are encouraged to have a hard copy of a
Sudoku puzzle so that they can spend more time solving it without actually
logging on their personal computer.

Even easy puzzles are difficult to complete, so it would be impractical if you
will be solving it in front of your computer especially if you are playing a
Sudoku puzzle online. A printed Sudoku puzzle is advisable for Sudoku players
especially for beginners.

All you have to do is to locate Sudoku sites that offer printable Sudoku
puzzles through search engines. Download it in your personal computer. After
download, you can now print and produce more copies so that other family
members can get involve in solving Sudoku puzzles.

Most of downloadable Sudoku puzzles are on PDF format. Your computer must have
an Acrobat Reader software in order to display it correctly. In case you do not
have an Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free on the Internet.

Here are some of the common versions of Sudoku puzzles which you can download
from the Internet and print in your personal computer.

* Classic Sudoku - this is the regular Sudoku puzzle that is described earlier
in this article. It features varying levels of complexity that will attest your
patience and determination in completing it. You can also have the strategies
and hints as well as the solution to be downloaded and printed for immediate

* Monster Sudoku - it is quite different from the classic Sudoku game. It is
made up of a 16 x 16 grid (instead of the normal 9 x 9 grid), 4 x 4 sub-grids
(instead of the 3 x 3 sub-grids), and 256 cells. In addition, the mechanics are
now different. In a standard Sudoku puzzle, you will only be placing the numbers
1 to 9 for the remaining unfilled cells. In a Monster Sudoku, you will now place
numbers form 1 to 16 and letters from A to F in each cell, column, row, and 4 x
4 sub-grids. However, the same rules as the classic Sudoku game still apply on
the Monster Sudoku.

* Kids Sudoku - it is a puzzle designed for kids of age above seven years old to
develop their logic skills and at the same time having fun solving the puzzle.
This type of puzzle is very easy compared to the intermediate Sudoku puzzle.

* Squiggly Sudoku - the same mechanics and rules as the classic Sudoku puzzle
still apply in this game. The only difference is instead of a grid, it is now
divided into 9 different shapes.

Aside from individual Sudoku puzzles, there are also free printable Sudoku
books on the Web. It contains at least 25 puzzles per book which is classified
as easy and medium difficulty puzzles. These free printable Sudoku books are in
PDF format so you need to have Acrobat Reader software in your personal computer.

Test your logic and number skills now and start printing hard copies of Sudoku
puzzles for you and other family members.

Play Sudoku Online on these 5 great Sudoku Websites!

Sudoku is an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase "Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru",
which means "the digits must remain single". Sudoku was designed by Howard
Garnes, a 74 -- year old architect and freelance puzzle maker, and was first
published in 1979 in a New York puzzle magazine, Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word
Games. It was first entitled as Number Place.

Japanese paper Monthly Nikolist first printed Number Place on April 1984 as
"Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru", as named by Kaji Maki, the president of the
Nikoli company. To this day, Nikoli holds the copyright to the name Sudoku.
Other publications use other names for Sudoku.

Sudoku is played on a 9X9 grid, with 3x3 subgrids referred to as regions,
boxes, blocks, or even quadrants. In each box, some cells already have numbers,
called given, or clues. A player has to place a number in each of the empty
squares of the box in such a way that the box contains the numbers 1 to 9
exactly once.

Take note that each puzzle has only one valid solution.

Sudoku has successfully invaded publications all over the world, from
newspapers to puzzle books. Now, you can play Sudoku even on your computer or
mobile phone! Online versions of Sudoku can be found almost everywhere on the
Internet, complete with random puzzles, solving tips, and even different
downloadable versions of the game itself! The following are just some of the
websites that offer you a chance to play the addictive number puzzle game,


This site lets you play Sudoku on 4 different levels of difficulty: Easy,
Medium, Hard, and Evil (obviously the VERY DIFFICULT level). A randomly
generated puzzle from billions of puzzles will be presented to players every
time the site is first accessed. You can choose your level of play and have the
site generate a different puzzle. A clicking a button allows you to see how well
you have solved the current puzzle. Each row or column that has wrong inputted
numbers will be highlighted red. You can even download PC and mobile phone
versions of the game here! Plus lots of other helpful Sudoku stuff can be found


You can play Sudoku online here. Choose from 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium,
Hard, and Supreme. You can save or load a specific puzzle that you have played
here. For those who love to create puzzles, or want to try making one, this
site allows you to do that. You can download the Pocket PC free trial version,
or the full version for $11.95. The site also has a desktop PC version of
Sudoku, which has a free trial version, and the $14.95 full version.

This site has a variation of Sudoku, named Sudoku Sniper. This version allows
you to play against another human as both of you try to solve a puzzle
simultaneously. You can download the trial version for free, or the Pocket PC
full version for $11.95.


Even the most popular website of mini -- games offers its patrons and other
players it's own version of Sudoku. This online version has cute, smooth
graphics. You can place the numbers on the empty squares using the mouse, or
the numberpad on your keyboard. You can even discuss anything about the game on's forums page. You can even print a simple black and white copy of
the puzzle you are playing! Miniclip offers help on the game, and lets you post
your score on the online scoreboard to see how you well you did compared to
other gamers.


This website also offers a simple graphical version of Sudoku that you should
play online. Click and hold the mouse button on an empty square, select the
number you want to place, and release the button. If the number is wrong, the
square will be red. If the number you've selected should be placed on nearby
squares, the game will automatically load them. The keyboard can also be used
to play this game. Playing tips are offered here. A new puzzle is generated
daily, and the solution to the previous day's puzzle can be seen the next day.
You can see your score on the online leaderboard.


This site is a SPEED SITE! A random puzzle is generated everyday. Players,
registered or not, can try and solve the puzzle at the fastest time possible.
Solve the puzzle using your mouse and keyboard, enter any name, and submit your

The site will tell you if your solution is wrong. The puzzle will be changed
once 7 players were able to solve the current puzzle. Results as to the fastest
times will not be posted until the puzzle has been solved by 7 people so the
excitement and tension here is high! Tons of Sudoku stuff are also available
here, particularly for registered users. Registration is free so check this out.

There are tons of sites that will let you play Sudoku online. Feel free to
browse the web. For now, these 5 sites will give your HOURS of Sudoku playing
time and LOTS of SUDOKU resources. Enjoy yourself and good luck!

Where Can you Get your Sudoku Puzzle of the Day?

Want to fill up your boring day with a brain-teasing activity? Maybe you might
Sudoku a good try. It can not just make your brain work. Depending on the
puzzle that you have selected, you may even work with it through out the rest
of the day.

Sudoku - An Overview

For those who are still unfamiliar with this puzzle game yet want to make it as
a part of their hobby during past time, continue reading this section. Sudoku is
an abbreviation of a Japanese phrase "Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru" which
literally means "the digits must remain single". This logic puzzle is made up
of 81 cells formed by a 9 x 9 grid. This grid is made up of 9 3 x 3 sub-grids
often called as regions. Some cells are filled up with numerals often called as
givens or clues.

The puzzle will be solved if you can fill up all the remaining empty cells, one
numeral on each cell, such that each column, row, and region contains the
numerals 1 to 9 exactly once. Therefore, each numeral will only be appearing
once in each given direction or scope, hence satisfying the meaning of the
Sudoku game itself.

Either you are just a beginner or a regular Sudoku fan, you should know the
common facts which constitute a Sudoku puzzle. It will serve as your guide in
solving every Sudoku puzzle you will encounter. These are the following:

* A Sudoku have always 30 cells or less already filled up with numerals out of
the total 81 cells. For beginners, there are more than 30 cells already filled
up to give a good head start while learning the puzzle. However, it does not
necessarily mean that more cells already filled up are easy to begin with.
There are difficult puzzle pieces that are available with 30 or more cells
filled in. It will require more solving techniques to use in order to complete

* Sudoku are solved by entirely logical deduction. For beginners, they tend to
solve the puzzle by means of trial and error or guessing. That is why it is
recommended that you learn the solving techniques in order to reduce your
dependence on guesswork. It is not the way you should solve a Sudoku puzzle.

* For aesthetic reasons, a Sudoku puzzle normally employs the so-called
rotational symmetry. That is, the positions of the cells which are initially
filled up are the same if you will be turning the page round.

* An individual Sudoku puzzle contains only one solution. Although you use
different solving techniques in completing the puzzle, you will still be
arriving on the same solution.

Sudoku Puzzle of the Day Resources

So you want to try your logic intelligence in solving a Sudoku puzzle. But what
are the possible resources of a Sudoku puzzle for the day? Have a check on the
following resources where you can get the he Sudoku puzzle for the day.

* Newspapers and Magazines. Although most of these newspapers and magazines do
not publish a Sudoku puzzle on a daily basis, they are publishing one during
weekends. So in case you want to have a Sudoku puzzle, ideal newspaper or
magazine edition to purchase is during Friday.

* Internet. If you are not contented for a weekend Sudoku puzzle solving, you
can have visit the Web and look for sites which offers Sudoku puzzles. They
have regular Sudoku puzzles posted on a daily basis. In addition, each Sudoku
of the day puzzle features different levels: easy, medium, difficult, and very

* Daily Syndication. If you have your own site and you want to include a Sudoku
of the day for your visitors to keep occupied with, you can now paste it
directly to your site. All you have to do is to visit the sites offering HTML
codes for these Sudoku puzzles of the day and copy and paste the HTML code
snippet into your web page code. In addition, you can also choose the Sudoku
puzzle that you want to appear on your site.

* E-mail. You can now get your Sudoku for the day straight from your e-mail
inbox. You just need to sign-up for a Sudoku puzzle and it will be sent to you
in a HTML e-mail with the accompanying puzzle as a PNG image as an attachment.
In each e-mail that you will receive, you will provided a link back to site you
have subscribed with to get access with the solution and various hints to
complete the puzzle.

Enhance your problem-solving skills through completing the Sudoku puzzle of the

Free Printable Sudoku: The Best Choice for Beginners

You have been hearing from other people about the new puzzle game Sudoku. Your
husband is also wildly passionate about it. He even would spend a day and
sometimes a whole night solving it. Even your children are also avid players of
the puzzle.

What would you do if you experience all these things? What if your parents,
whom you do not expect to be playing it, are also obsessed with the Sudoku.
What would you feel? Would you scream? Would you cry because you think you are
the only person left who does not know anything about it?

Oh, come on! Do not fret too much! Sudoku is a famous game that is making every
citizen of this country and every people of the world addicted with it. Even you
too can play it.

How can you do it? It is so simple! Have your first tried looking for it on the
internet? Many websites offer free play on their Sudoku. Otherwise, if you want
you can just search for the free printable Sudoku. Since you are a beginner, it
would be great to have the puzzle printed in order for you to study it well.
Also, you will be able to carry it with you anywhere you go.

How can you download a free printable Sudoku?

To download a free printable Sudoku puzzle, you have to go to a search engine
such as the "G" or the "Y" and key in your keywords "free printable Sudoku".
You just have to wait for a second or two then, you will have thousands of
results to search through. After searching, choose a puzzle. Once you have
found out which of the printable Sudoku is suitable for you, download it to
your computer.

After downloading, print the puzzle. It is assured that it will give you hours
of leisure, excitement and fun.

Your free printable Sudoku puzzle is just like an ordinary puzzle found in the
newspaper or magazine. It also consists of a 9 x 9 grid (81 boxes/cells). It
has 9 cells per row and column. The 9 x 9 grid is divided into 3 x 3 blocks
with empty cells and cells that are already filled with numbers.

The cells, which already have numbers, cannot be moved or replaced with other
numbers. Therefore, a player should only fill in the empty cells with the
numbers from 1 to 9. However, the player must know that there is limitation in
placing each numbers. Two same numbers should not appear on each row, column or

This may sound so simple! However, that is not impossible, only and if only you
have chosen a printable Sudoku that makes it easy to solve. This is because
there are also printable Sudoku which are very difficult to analyze and very
hard to solve.

Most beginners assume that Sudoku puzzle are very difficult because of how it
looks like. But this is not true! Once you started to play it, you will realize
that it is just as easy as the crossword puzzle. You do not even need to be an
expert in math for you to complete the printable Sudoku puzzle. Every puzzle
will only require you to be very patient. It also needs more time to finish it
and you have to have concentration while doing the puzzle.

To most people, Sudoku is a nice way to awaken the mind every morning or during
coffee break. Since it is the printable Sudoku, you can bring it with you on a
weekend vacation with your family. For sure, your family will be engrossed in
trying to complete the puzzle that perhaps you will not hear them asking "will
the journey take long" for a hundred times.

Download your printable Sudoku from any results of a search engine, print it
out and let your husband and children realize that you too are engrossed in
such puzzle. For that matter, print the puzzle out and give them a copy of it.
In this way, you will see the many different ways it can be completed.

Remember, each of the location has over a million of combinations that can
surely work on the puzzle. Find out how many combinations you and your family
can make.

Enjoy the puzzle while at the same time learning how well you can practice your
patience and concentration.

Let's all play free Online Sudoku

Sudoku puzzles can be played anywhere whether you are at home or outside. For
those who don't know Sudoku puzzles but want to learn how to play the game,
they can easily learn it with the many free online sudoku resources. All you
have to do is to visit the websites that offer free online sudoku and you can
start learning how to play it. there are instructions for new players.

The instructions are easy to follow and can help you to learn the game easily
even in just one session. Most of the players who tried to play free online
sudoku started knowing nothing about the game. With the help of the easy steps 
that are shown online, they have slowly learned and loved the game.

Even children can play the game. In fact, kids are the ones who most of the
time plays free online sudoku. Children love playing sudoku and they will do
anything just to play the game. It is a good thing that parents have a positive
outlook concerning this. They let their children play free online sudoku with
the thought that it helps their children enhance their abilities and reasoning

Now on second though, why would you want to look for cheat codes? You are
playing against yourself and fooling yourself if you will. Sudoku tips and
hints can also be acquired for free. You can read articles and other resources
if you want to learn the best tips and steps.

The game has a selection of complexity levels and you can get the best
contentment from it. When played with a good Sudoku strategy, one can enjoy
playing the game and one can simply experience a level of satisfaction, which
no other games can.

If it can be made possible, one can wish to discover a combination of sudoku
line of attack, which keeps away from some of the drawbacks of the above
mentioned elements. The counting of the different regions, rows and columns can
make a player feel a little bit bored. But on the other hand, free online sudoku
game is a fun and charming game but will require a sudoku strategy that can help
a player to sharpen the mind and keep one entertained for quite a long time.

In playing free online sudoku, you need not have any requirements. All you have
to do is to be patient in looking for websites that allow you to play free
online sudoku. This will not be a very difficult search because a lot of
websites offer it for free.

When you are at home relaxing, that is the perfect time to play sudoku. After
work, you can relax and play free online sudoku to take away heavy stress. The
good thing about playing sudoku is that you do not get obliged with rules and
common strategies. All you have to do is play it with your own style the way
you like it.

Playing free online sudoku has ever been advantageous. Most parents even expose
their children to play the game at such a young age because it brings them a
positive effect that no other games can provide. Playing free online sudoku is
just like playing the real game. The only difference is that you will be
provided with a lot of choices that will help you choose the type that you are
comfortable with.

It is such an advantage that websites offer free online sudoku because people
at home or at any place will be able to apply their strategies in the game.
They can also test their ability more often than they used to in order to see
if they have improved in playing the game.

For those who cannot play free online sudoku, they can still play the
traditional way of playing sudoku which can be found in newspapers and featured
magazines. The only difference is that they will be doing it manually without
the aid of the computer.

If you haven't tried playing sudoku, now is the time that you learn it and make
use of the free online sudoku resources. Start thinking of your own strategy and
apply them wisely.

Rattle Your Mind with an Electronic Sudoku

Notwithstanding Sudoku latest explosion in fame, the puzzle game has been in
existence for so many years. Thus, it is somewhat astonishing that no one has
ever troubled to manufacture an electronic version which is handheld. Well, do
you know that these fun gadgets are now available commercially? Amazing, isn't

Electronic Sudoku, as you might have guessed, is the portable handheld LCD
replica of the world's loved number puzzle game. It offers a same addictive
effect as with the published puzzle game in any newspaper worldwide. The only
variation is that your mitts won't be made much of a grimy or be abstracted by
folio of your non-stories while you're playing.

If you are going through this article and speculating if Electronic Sudoku
turns into a portable radio maneuvered space dog, edible blazing scorpions or
DVD player, the answer is definitely no. hence, why do some electronic stores
are selling it? It is because Sudoku is in fact is as absurdly convincing as
people say and that Electronic Sudoku may perhaps not feature diving and
bombing extra terrestrial aliens as well as mallet-jolly plumbers, however,
Electronic Sudoku is just like the unpardonable as King Kong and the world's

Initially, the aim of Sudoku is to decipher mind-boggling number mysteries and
access your solution formulas on a crossword approach grid. Well, people know
that sound regard as fascinating as uhm, cracking number brainteasers played in
a crossword-approach grid. The instant you begin playing you will be definitely
desperately hooked.

The Electronic Sudoku gadget basically includes a memory function for the game
state and highest score recording, an automatic answer adjustment and a sleep

Certainly, the Electronic Sudoku has overwhelmed people a lot much the store's
are selling two diverse versions. The first one would be the standard push key
button or sometimes referred joy pad edition offer more than 750 number
puzzles, one puzzle timer, a puzzle assistant, a repeat puzzle option, 3-level
skills and sound effects. Electronic Sudoku is ideal for Sudoku fanatics on the

The touch screen ultra-chic LCD version of Electronic Sudoku includes more than
100,000 puzzles with 2 modes along with 4-level skills each. Just put in your
formula solutions through the accessible and user-friendly easy touch screen
style. The touch screen edition also includes a pause feature and a spare
stylus. This is perfect for ages 8 and over and for roaming Sudoku fans.

Buying an Electronic Sudoku is a brilliant idea and works pretty well, but the
disadvantage of the product is the gadget's lack of contrast and the absence of
a backlight. Thus, it is very hard to see the number entries. The reflection on
the gadget's screen is a bit distracting and it is difficult to see the grid
especially during daytime.

Electronic Sudoku is very much addictive though it's the electronic puzzle is
still a great idea especially the touch screen edition can make you look super
smart when you're just simply sitting in a bus pretending having fun with your
palm pilot.

If you're excited to taste the pleasure of Sudoku but you soon caught yourself
reading the Anorak Weekly rather than peeked traveling either with a number
puzzle book or a pile of brainteaser papers, the Electronic Sudoku is
absolutely suited for you.

Get hooked on Electronic Sudoku now! You can play anytime, anywhere, with the
handheld user friendly Sudoku. You've got numerous options to select from. All
of these feature several grid formations and difficulty levels.

Electronic Sudoku game will offer you hours to days of fun headlong wits as an
alternative for computers to decipher the puzzles. This electronic game is
totally easy to use, available in LCD displays and features hints to answer
modes. You can even hand write your solutions and answers on top pf the
plastic-covered grids provided. You can select from three difficulty levels
with a number of games for every level.

Now you can have fun in playing the exciting game of Sudoku in an enjoyable
handheld electronic puzzle featuring a sound function. These captivating
electronic puzzle game are available in almost all electronic stores worldwide
so buy now and uncover the mysteries behind the mind-rattling number puzzles of

Sudoku: Is it Just a Game of Logic?

Over the years, the Sudoku game has gained great popularity. If you often play
the game, then you have probably have an idea why the game is such
extraordinary and fun to play. If you haven't played the game, on the other
hand, surely you will be asking a lot of questions about the unusual puzzle.

I'll bet that when you first heard of the puzzle, the first thing that comes to
your mind is mathematics. Well, the game does not have anything to do with
mathematics or math skills. The puzzle is basically a logic exercise and it
just all about of logic. The numbers comprising the game will have nothing to
do about addition, multiplication, subtraction and division stuffs. The Sudoku
puzzle doesn't require such fundamentals. The game has to do with logic itself

Sudoku puzzle requires logical reasoning and provides your brain cells a lot of
pretty fine workout. However, let me back you a little bit. You basically need
to fill up corresponding numbers to the puzzle grid. Every column and row
should contain of any digit ranging from 1 to 9. The easiest way to understand
is maybe to check and browse on through online sites wherein there are posted
ideas and information of the game's basics. It's absolutely amazingly easy to

There is really no proper place to play the Sudoku puzzle. One can when shut
his eyes and simply just start putting your finger on the game, and that would
be a right place as any. Possible the most rational and logical place to begin
is any place in a column, row or any square which has a few numbers inside it.

The aid of simple logic to the puzzle needs only focused visual analysis along
with a mind question if certain number can go to the box. I presume that the
most essential distinct is that Sudoku is a logic puzzle. It is not a puzzle of
obscure knowledge as well as literate mischievousness. Logic is not much as your
bag. You will probably choose to mingle with one's valuable, careful creation
than interact with a buck of numbers argued out by computer software.

The reality that you need to decipher the puzzle only with the aid of logic
also entails a particular solution. For the game to have numerous solutions,
the logic though alone cannot help you put in numbers in the boxes. Sometimes,
it is better to ignore logic and just simply presume or make a guess.
Furthermore, if your presumption is correct, you will still need to think back
and make other presumptions for you to make sure that no right guesses were
made. You should only rely on the presumptions that were made incorrectly,
given that such guesses could be incorrect for the entire solutions and so in
the long run you will be having a set of boxes which may not be decisively
filled. Thus, there is basically nothing left from the guesses of a distinct

In fact, there is nothing logical in doubting the distinctness of the solution.
You could believe it every piece and also you can believe whatever on the first
board whether if it is a legitimate Sudoku puzzle or an invalid one. If the
initial circumstances are incorrect, the outcome will be incorrect. If there
are numerous solutions, even a monster force would be unsuccessful to get rid
of other candidates.

Most puzzle solvers differentiate between puzzles that are deciphered with
logic alone and puzzles that are solved by guesses or trial-and-error
technique. Solving by logic, you will not put in a number into a square until
you have thought about it or you have proven that such number is right for that
position. When guessing, on the other hand, you will write a number hesitantly
and just discover the consequences, you will probably be backtracking, not
consider your number choice then put in another. A backtracker can work with a
pencil and eraser while a logic solver requires a pen.

The peculiarity between logic and guessing appears to be a potential criterion
for assessing the Sudoku puzzle difficulty. However, it is vague though that
the peculiarity does exist.

Sudoku Solvers: Mastering an Addicting Number Puzzle Game

Have you ever tried playing Sudoku?

Did you solve it all by yourself or did you just put down the pen and the
puzzle, and then just left? Why can't some people solve it? Its not that Sudoku
is just for people who are adept in math, some are just more skilled with this
addicting puzzle game. For those having a hard time solving Sudoku puzzles or
are just newbies, they can make use of a special program that can solve the
puzzle for them, this are called Sudoku solvers.

Sudoku, a number puzzle that is widely popular in the world, mainly in Japan
and in the United States, is commonly known as a number place in which it's a
logic-based placement puzzle where you can enter the digits 1 to 9 in each cell
of a 9x9 grid and made up of 3x3 subgrids or sometimes called regions.

To start playing, you are given numerals in certain cells that you can use as
your clues. Your goal is to fill all the blank cells with a digit each, so each
row, column, and regions contains the numbers 1 to 9 for only once. Each numeral
occurs only once in each different direction, hence the "single number" method
is implied to the puzzle's identity.

Difficulty ratings of Sudoku are published in papers, which can be downloaded
in computers like a handy electronic sudoku game. Online sites can be ranked
according to the number of "givens" placed in the cells. However, sometimes it
has little effect or bearing on the puzzle's difficulty. A puzzle with a
minimum number of givens may actually be easy to solve while a puzzle with more
than the average number of givens can be very hard to solve, the difficulty
rating will depend on the relevance and positioning of the "givens" rather than
on how many numbers are placed in the cells.

For in a Sudoku game, it can be solved either by logic or by help of computers.
Many online sites offer games that can be solved automatically when you click on
solvers. Sudoku solvers are strategies and approaches on how you can solve the
puzzle game.

Think of the 9x9 grids and 3x3 subgrids. Think of the many possibilities where
the "givens" are placed. With a very difficult rating, you will finish the game
in hours, in days, or even in weeks. With hundreds of billions of number
combination in the grid, you'll need a Sudoku solver. But where can you find

It's much better if you play Sudoku in a computer than in published in papers.
Sudoku in papers can take a long time for you for you to solve the game, while
Sudoku game in your computer or in a website can enable you to strategize much
better with different options and approaches of solutions. Whereas, when the
puzzle game is in a computer, Sudoku solvers can be downloaded in many versions
from your preferred sudoku sites. The best thing about downloading solvers is it
doesn't only produce solutions, it can also be emailed to multiple recipients.

In downloading your Sudoku solver version, you must be familiar on how it works
because in most download websites, many solver versions are accompanied with a
charge of a corresponding amount for you to download it or use it. For
beginners who want their solvers, there are a lot of available free but older
versions. Sometimes it cannot accommodate the different kind of solutions for
new Sudoku puzzles.

There are lots of varieties of Sudoku solvers out in the World Wide Web, but
you must find versions that are designed to make the solutions faster and
easier. Your Sudoku solvers must provide the following capabilities:

* Integrates help, which includes all the explanations regarding the rules for
  solving the number puzzle.
* Input capability must be enhanced.
* Improved screen appearance
* Can save and load the puzzles with its solutions.
* Can scan for input data errors.
* Quick solution times
* Can identify malformed puzzles
* With complete training mode for step-by-step solutions with corresponding
* Can maintain multiple email templates.
* Full manual with rule explanations.

So, for sudoku solvers, it will help you to find the appropriate and proper
solutions wherein you can really determine how the problem can be solved.
Sudoku solvers will show different ideas in such a way that when you play again
with another kind of "givens", and you will learn and know where to start.

If you have difficulty in solving a particular Sudoku puzzle, download a Sudoku
solver for you to better understand the logic and the strategy behind the puzzle.

Be a Sudoku solver and Exercise your brains

Are you familiar with the Rubik's Cube? Have you mastered it already? If you
are one of the persons who are engrossed in playing puzzles like the Rubik's
Cube, then you may get hooked on Sudoku.

This is a huge challenge to puzzle solvers and it is one of the most fantastic 
games ever created. Being a sudoku solver is one of the things you can be very 
proud of. Well, what is Sudoku? It is a number placement brainteaser that 
necessitates skills in logic. But not only that, patience is also a requirement 
for you to be able to withstand the challenge.

There are many people nowadays who are enjoying and who are curved by this
marvelous puzzle. It can be found in newspapers, websites and in some books. So
how is it played? It generally consists of a series of grids. The grid has one
big 9 x 9 grid that shelters nine smaller grids that are 3 x 3 in size.

The main objective of the game is to place a number from 1-9 in each of the
grid cells. But you do not have to sum up the numbers or perform other
mathematical operations just like the Magic Squares.

However, there are conditions that must be followed. Each number from 1-9 must
only appear once in every column and once also in every row and once in each
small 3 x 3 grid. Sodoku is more likely a derivation of the Latin Squares.

The Latin Square has been created by Leonard Euler, a renowned mathematician.
Fundamentally, a Latin Square has a n x n table packed with letters, numbers,
or symbols. And each symbol can only emerge closely once in each row and
precisely once in each column. Sudoku puzzles are therefore a modified Latin
Square and is developed one step further with the smaller grid limits. It
increases the difficulty of the puzzle by the detail that you have to make sure
that each small 3 x 3 grid has each number 1-9 only once.

Moreover, Sudoku puzzles are in a wide range of complexity and difficulty. The
quantity of numbers given originally in the 9 x 9 matrix alters. You might
think that having more numbers given at the beginning would make the puzzle
easier. But in contrast, this is not always applicable because the positioning
of the numbers has a great consequence on the intricacy of the puzzle game.

Sudoku is the Japanese word meaning "placement puzzle". It became popular in
Japan in the 1980's. but before that, there was a puzzle maker in the United
States by the name of Howard Garnes who created the very first puzzle which is
similar to it. It was formerly called "number place" as an alternative of
Sodoku. After that, it was published and featured in Logic problems and math

So how can you actually become a sodoku solver? You must have patience and
logical abilities to solve the puzzle in no time. The trial and error method is
not a good technique in this game. Different persons have various techniques as
well as strategies to solve this puzzle game.

Some create their own methods and share it to other Sodoku players around the
world. And they communicate through the web. They are many sites online and you
can be active in their forums and know more on how to solve it.

Basically, you can begin at any place in the puzzle. But according to many, it
is better to start focusing on the top three smaller grids. Then look at the
preliminary numbers and start with the number 1.

After that, check if a number 1 appears in the other two smaller grids. Next,
locate cells in these minor grids where you can probably place a number 1 while
still following the necessary conditions.

Furthermore, you will also have to take into thought 3 x 3 grids that are
connected to the specified grid. Sudoku is a very brainy puzzle game that will
occasionally make you feel like you are going nowhere.

However, it is good that you practice on various puzzles to make you discover
some techniques and methods to efficiently solve the puzzle immediately. A
Sodoku solver will continue to work on his strategies to become better.

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