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Teddy Bears

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The Invasion of the Teddy Bears

We've been invaded by teddy bears! They are everywhere, in the bedroom, toy
room, hallway, the car, and even the bathroom. How do two little girls have so
many teddy bears? This seems to be a problem many parents eventually must face.
But figuring out what to do about it is a whole other issue.

If you want them gone from your home you may want to try getting rid of them
for free. There are several places that will take gently used toys, especially
teddy bears. Make sure they don't smell of smoke and don't appear too dirty. A
few places you could drop off bags of bears would be the Salvation Army,
orphanage or a homeless shelter. Any of the children in these places would be
happy to have a teddy bear to hug, they won't care that they aren't brand new.

If you are looking to make a profit out of the teddy bears, you can do that
too. Have a garage sale or try auctioning them off at eBay. In order to make
any money off a yard sale/garage sale is buy getting word out before you do it.
Start hanging up flyers two weeks before and make sure that they are still up
the week before the event. This way everyone knows and can save up their money.
Don't forget to advertise what it is you are selling, in your case teddy bears.
Make sure you've got lots of plastic bags on hand as well as change. Place all
the teddy bears at the front of the sale, this is a sure way to get mom to
purchase a few for her darling. Know that the customer will haggle on price and
if you want to really make a lot of money have a set price. However, if it is
getting late and you still have 4 bags of teddy bears you may want to

Teddy Bears in All Sizes

Teddy bears come in all sizes from bigger than you are to as small as your
little pinky. There are a ton of neat craft ideas you can do with teddy bears
from wax dipping to personalizing them. You may even want to just collect them
in all different sizes to display in your room.

Get a couple teddy bears that are about the size of your hand to make Little
Dippers. You prepare these just like you would if you were making wax dipped
bears, only once dried out you stick him in a small coffee cup. Let him dry and
pour a little bit more wax over the top of him until it goes just below his
arms. Let this set and you've got yourself a heated little dipper. Put it on a
warming plate, something you'd use to keep your coffee warm while sitting at
the computer. Once it heats up, it'll begin to melt the dried wax and let off
this beautiful scent. The good thing about this is you don't have to replace it
for a while, teddy sits in the wax and it sets once again.

You might want to use giant teddy bears to decorate an empty corner of a
bedroom. This would look cute sitting in a chair of a baby's room and as the
baby starts crawling you'll catch her in teddy's lap.

Did you know that Mr. Edward Bear is one of the world's largest teddy bears?
That's right, he was produced to be human size and he even had his own little
family. Well, they weren't so little compared to most teddy bears.

If you are trying to find a gift for the child that has everything, try
purchasing a giant teddy bear. They have teddy bears in all types of sizes,
even some that are taller than most people.

Facts on Teddy Bears

Theodore Roosevelt was the inspiration behind the first teddy bears, all due to
a comic strip. When he refused to shoot a bear cub on his hunting travel word
got out and a cartoonist drew a picture of him and the bear, this inspired a
store owner. Mooris Mitchom had his wife create a teddy bear and this began the
journey of the teddy bears.

1906 Americans used the word "teddy bear" instead of "Teddy's Bears" in an
advertisement, after that it just stuck.

In 1912 the very first black teddy bear was introduced by Steiff in honor of
those that died on the Titanic. She manufactured 500 of these teddy bears to
pass out to the families mourning their loved ones.

Walt Disney produces first teddy bear cartoon in 1924, "Alice and the Three
Bears." This would begin a whole collection of Alice and her many adventures.
In 1926 the first edition of "Winnie the Pooh" by A. A. Milne come out, later
Disney would buy the rights.

Winnie the Pooh was originally a girl bear named, "Winnipeg." The bear that
inspired Milne to write all his stories was a gift that came from J.K. Farnell
& Company that he'd given his son on his first birthday. Farnell was the first
British manufacturer to make teddy bears.

Almost all teddy bear companies would close their doors in 1929, some would
reopen while others never saw the light again.

In 1944, Smokey the Bear became a National symbol for putting out forest fires.
Every year he goes to schools to talk to children about fire safety, during the
summer you can find him at campsites giving lessons on the forest.

Wendy Boston made the first lock-in eyes and later would create the first
washable teddy bear in 1954.

Teddy bears have come a long way from what was once a wooden toy to the soft,
delightful things we cuddle up with at night. Teddy bears continue to expand in
the market and will continue for years to come. **

Collectible Teddy Bears

Teddy bears come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colors; some are
even made of stone while others are soft enough to sleep on. With so many out
there it is pretty hard to figure out which ones are collectible teddy bears
and which aren't. There are a few companies out there that stand out amongst
all those others; they are Merrythought, Boyds, and Gund. Each company has its
own history and remarkable bears that keep people coming back for more.

The Boyds Bears company actually started out in Maryland in 1979, but they
weren't selling bears. In 1984 that the Boyds would decide to start work on
teddy bears, Boyd himself had just gotten sick of painting ducks. The first
teddy bears they started making would become known as "The Boyds Bear
Collection," which includes Pooches, Moose, Hares, Tabbies and a few others.
This collection would definitely be one worth investing in, however, if they no
longer have their boxes they won't be worth as much as they could be.

Gund Teddy bears are known for their popular phrase, "Gotta Getta Gund" these
days, not to mention their adorable little teddy bears. The Gund Teddy Bear,
Muttsy and Snuffles the bear are their collectible teddy bears. This company
was well-known for their under stuffing policy which made the teddy bears so
soft and why so many kept going back to them.

The Merrythought teddy bear company actually went out of business in 2006,
making its already collectible teddy bears that much more valuable. The Cheeky
Bears are the collectible teddy bears; each bear has a tiny bell in each ear.
Other types of collectible teddy bears would be antique bears and any type of
limited edition teddy bears. Do you have any collectible teddy bears at home?

Grooming Your Teddy Bears

Teddy bears like to be groomed just like everyone else. If left unkempt your
teddy bear will stop keeping his/her appearance up they begin to look old and

In case your teddy bear is looking a little squished because he got flattened
from being inside the toy box shake him out. By shaking the teddy it tends to
fluff his fur back out and relocate the beads or fluff inside him. You may even
want to pat him out a few times to get all that dust out of him.

Believe it or not some teddy bears enjoy you to pull on them. Stretch out his
face if it has got deformed from your little brother always dragging him
around. Don't worry, bears are meant to be handled rough, he wants to play too.
Continue to pull on him until you are satisfied with his expression on his face

A bear loves his fur brushed; to them it is just like someone scratching their
backs. But don't pull out his fur. That hurts and he may growl out. Some bears
are unable to have their fur brushed, instead try blowing drying them out and
then fluffing them with a fork.

Over the course of time teddy bears can lose that glossy look in their eyes.
Sometimes it can get all scratched up while others it is just dirt on them.
Simply take a cloth and wipe it over his eyes. You may even want to use a tiny
bit of water to get any dirt or marker that is being stubborn.

When grooming your teddy bears take this opportunity to dust them, use a vacuum
to quickly go over his fur. If your teddy bears still look a little dirty simply
wash them down with a wet cloth. You should never drown them in water, the only
time you put them in water is if it says machine washable. Now that your teddy
bears are all nice and groomed, you can take them out for a picnic. Don't
forget the honey.

When To Toss Old Teddy Bears

It's time to toss those old teddy bears in the trash, but you aren't sure.
Tossing away a treasured item is never easy but sometimes it has to be done.
Hopefully you will be able to find the easiest way to determine whether or not
it is time to retire your teddy bears.

Many times a parent will try to toss out old teddy bears just because they are
doing a bit of spring cleaning. Wait! Make sure this isn't a teddy bear that
your child carries around everywhere with them or sleeps with every night. For
some children a teddy becomes more like a security item, which is fine as a
young child. However, once they get too old you may want to either explain to
the child they can't take him everywhere with them. While it is fine to keep
them in their rooms or on their bed it is inappropriate to carry them outside
the home.

Another sign it is time to say good bye to teddy is if he stinks. Smell the
teddy bears in your home. If they have an odor you can try several things
before having to toss them in the trash. First, try to vacuum him. It could be
just old dust or tobacco smoke causing him to stink up the room. If your child
ate around him or got water on him he could be molding from the inside out. Try
cleaning his fur either in the washer or by surface washing it. If this still
doesn't work try opening him up and taking all the stuffing out of him and
replacing it with new stuffing.

Last, if the teddy bear is torn beyond repair and you just don't feel like
paying someone to fix it. A child will always hold their teddy bears in the
heart and if given the chance they'd never leave their hands, it doesn't matter
how dirty and smelling they become.

How to Replace Old Teddy Bears

It is never easy getting rid or losing an old friend, especially when that old
friend was one of your beloved teddy bears. Sometimes when it comes to kids
there is no other way to replace an old teddy bear without them knowing. Don't
just think you can go right out and buy a brand new teddy bear in place of the
old. Do know that not all children will be able to replace their special teddy
bears, no matter what you try doing.

Trying to deceive a child is never a good thing, they are smart and this will
only bring him/her to tears. Children know if their bear is Mr. Teddy or not,
there are special markings that some how only he/she know about. No matter how
many times you wash the bear, throw it on the floor and stomp on it, if it
isn't the bear they will figure it out.

But if Little Jane left one of her teddy bears at the local zoo the last time
you went, there are a few things you can do to try to replace it. First, try
calling to see if they actually have it. You never know, some good Samaritan
may have found it and returned it to the lost and found.

If it is lost you may want to try calling/emailing the company that made Mr.
Teddy and ask them if they have a replacement. Make sure you let the child know
that Mr. Teddy's cousin is coming to stay with her for a while. This will
explain that while it isn't her bear, it is a family member and he needs lots
of loving too.

If they do that's great but if not, you may want to take Little Jane up to the
mall to pick out her own little teddy bear. There are hundreds of teddy bears
at the mall to choose from, letting her pick it out will make it special.

Teddy bears Helping Children Everywhere

A teddy bear is teaching my child. Children are no longer just learning at
school, they are now learning at home and outside as well. Where did all the
teachers go? Companies have learned that in order to sell a product they must
give the consumer something they can't say no to and that's the teddy bear.

Teddy bears are every where you look, here are a few board games with teddy
bears you may want to get for your child. Teddy bear memory game comes in its
own wooden crate to keep the pieces safe until the next time. Each teddy bear
has the same backside and a different front. There might be one wearing a red
shirt and another one wearing a green shirt. Kids will get a kick out of
finding which ones match, and you'll be happy knowing the teddy bears are
helping her with her memory.

Now your little one can get online and play the "Teddy Bear Factory" game. This
game allows them to build their very own virtual teddy bear. I'm sorry these
teddy bears can't leave the screen, the only way they are walking away with
this bear is if you print him off. The Teddy bear factory games as 45 different
levels for them to enjoy.

Children will love this collection of puzzles from jigsaw puzzles to the wooden
ones with the pegs. Teachers buy puzzles all the time for their classroom,
especially those that are cute like teddy bears. There are teddy bear jigsaw
puzzles that the children will love trying to put the pieces back together.

There are many preschool computer games for your child to learn, from counting,
the alphabet to learning a new language. These bears want to help your child
succeed and you will be happy with the results.

Work-at-Home-Moms Selling Teddy Bears

Work-at-home-moms from all over the world are realizing that business is
booming with teddy bears. Everyone loves teddy bears and they can be given away
for just about any occasion. You've got teddies for birthdays, careers,
holidays, graduating, sports, designer bears and many others. So, if you want
to start earning a little bit of money you can join one of several different
companies, unless you want to venture out and start your own business.

They can become an affiliate to a teddy bear company and sell their teddy
bears. Build a Bear has parties that'll allow the consumer to build their own
teddy bears. As an affiliate they'll shop up to the party with the supplies
needed, from the bodies, stuffing to the outfits that they'll wear. Kids have a
blast with this and they can probably make a few extra dollars for those parents
that brought over an extra child or want to have one for themselves. They might
even be able to convince them to sign up under them as an affiliate. Selling
teddy bears at these types of parties are never hard.

In order to sell teddy bears they'll have to get the word out and the best way
to do this is by having a party. Everyone loves parties, especially women and
when there is free stuff. Make sure to have one or two prizes to give away and
a sign up sheet for who'll have the next party. Keep in mind if you offer a
gift for the person that has the next sign party, you'll probably have several
want to do it.

If you are a work-at-home mom starting your own business, make sure you have
lots of business cards to pass out. You may even be able to get a store to
place one of your teddy bears at their checkout if you hold a contest. Make
sure your bear is there and try purchasing something from the store, i.e., nail
salon would love a Free Set of Nails as a prize and word gets out.

Selling teddy bears can be a lot of fun and you get out of the house meeting
others. You can use teddy bears for just about everything, decorating a kid's
room to having them as gifts at a baby shower. Work-at-home moms won't be
having a hard time making money with their teddy bears.

Virtual teddy bears

With technology teddy bears have went from those fluffy stuffed animals to
becoming virtual. Virtual bears are jumping onto the big screen to help your
children out in school. Log into a computer game and a bear may just start
teaching you math, science or history. Children love these little bears and
will sit for hours doing as they say, well if mom and dad let them.

Teddy bears are entering a whole new world with the internet, now there are
even a small communities just for them. Your child can join these communities
and interact with others using the virtual teddy bears. Even a toddler can even
play games online now with virtual teddy bears waiting to help her. Over at there is Winnie the Pooh, Bear from Bear's in the Big Blue House to
help her navigate through the site.

Instead of sending an email, you can now send someone you love a virtual teddy
bear. This is an ecard that has a little poem or message on it and plays a tune
as you read it. As you scroll down you'll see your own virtual teddy bear that
was sent to you. These teddy bears look just like the real thing, only they are
inside your screen and you can't cuddle with them. Virtual bears are great for
those little nephew/nieces/grandkids that you need to send a birthday greeting
to. These teddies can also be made into little postcards to send loved ones
over the internet, just to show you are thinking of them. The best thing about
these virtual teddy bears is that they are free. Now you have no excuses, send
your loved one a virtual teddy bear and give them that great beary hug you've
been meaning to do.*

Types of Cameras- Teddy Bears are Spying

When it comes to protecting your family and your home, get yourself a Teddy
Bear Camera. There are several different types of teddy bears for you to choose
from. These cameras can come in wireless or plug-in, but all of them are hidden
from those that don't know what they are. Figuring out which type of teddy bear
camera you want will determine on how much money you are willing to spend.

For between $200-$400 you can get the Teddy Bear Nanny Cam, a cute little teddy
bear that looks like it was handmade and perfect for a any child's room. The
bear sits to be 22 inches, made of polyester fibers and carries inside him a
hidden camera. The battery is rechargeable and last up to 8 hours, which is
perfect for those 9-5 shifts.

The SCI-TB300 is a brown Teddy Bear Camera, choose between a black and white
camera or one with color. The black and white camera takes better shots if you
don't have great lighting for the area, which works perfect at night.

SVAT Wireless Teddy bear cameras are probably going to be the cheapest type
that you can find without having to rig one up yourself. The tiny camera is
hidden inside the eye of these tiny teddy bears. The SVAT bears are priced
around $80 and up.

Teddy bear cameras come in all types of different prices, check around and find
out which would be best to put in your home. Make sure you price check around
too, you don't want to buy one camera when it's cheaper at another store. Let
your teddy bears do all the spying and enjoy your night off. **

Treasuring Handmade Teddy Bears

If your teddy bears are handmade you should treasure them, they were made
specifically for you no one else. Think back to when you were given your
handmade teddy bears. Why did you get it? You may have been given this gift for
a certain reason or just because someone thought of you and wanted to show you
how much they cared. A handmade teddy bear can take up to three weeks or more
to make, especially when someone has arthritis.

Stop and think of how long this actually took someone to make it for you. Each
time they had to make a stitch and poke their fingers with the needle, all
because they cared. This gift should be treasured because you don't get one
every day and many people will never get something this precious as long as
they live.

One way to treasure your teddy bear is by placing her in a glass cabinet or a
see through box of her own. This eliminates most dust that can get on her and
in between her stitches and keeps her looking brand new. Remember a handmade
gift can be passed down to your own children or grandchildren if properly cared
for, which makes a great heirloom gift.

Handmade teddy bears aren't like your typical teddy bear, these you need to
take special care of. Cleaning your handmade bear isn't hard, take a lightly
damp cloth and go over any spots that the teddy may have. Dry it quickly and
never pull on it. With regular teddy bears you are able to pull and stretch
them out to reshape them, however not with these. If you pull on the bear your
granny made you it might start coming apart at the seems. Always keep your
handmade teddies safe and up high so little ones can't get to them. This little
bear will be worth so much, when you see the treasure of love it holds on the
person you hand it down too.**

Timeline for Teddy Bears

The teddy bears' timeline actually began in 1902 when Roosevelt wouldn't shoot
a bear cub, it was at this point teddy bears were created and distributed to
the people. A year later the "Steiff Company" of Germany would begin their own
teddy bears timeline.

The phrase "Teddy's Bears" soon died out, due to an article that called them
teddy bears in 1906 that appeared in the Magazine, "Playthings." By now they
were so popular they were on every child's wish list. They would be sold as
birthday gifts, baby showers to even those mourning a loss. In 1912, the Steiff
Company would make more than 500 in honor of those that were lost on the
Titanic. This would show that teddy bears weren't meant just for happy
occasions and could help in dealing with sadness.

The teddy bears' timeline definitely went through a lot of changes; the bears
were always having something added to make it better. By the 1920s toy stores
were adding glass eyes and musical devices inside the teddy bears so they could
play everyone's favorite songs.

The teddy bears' timeline almost came to an end during the Depression due to
not enough money and workers going off to fight in World War II. Some
businesses opened back up after the war, but others stayed dormant.

Teddy bears would become washable before the 70s were over and by the 80s
they'd begin to talk and read to children. The first teddy bear museum was
opened up in 1984 in England. The teddy bear timeline still continues today
with changes still being added to improve what was once a simple stuffed teddy
bear. The teddy bear won't stop being created any time soon, people all over
the world love these cute things and plan on buying them for all occasions.

The Teddy Bears Aren't Dead

You thought the 80s were bad, you hated the pants, plastic bracelets and big
hair but you did love those teddy bears. It was sad when they all seemed to
disappear from the stores and no one could find them anymore. Well, guess what?
The old teddy bears are back and they are looking better than they did before.
You've got Care Bears, Gummie Bears, Care Bear Cousins, Paddington Bear, and
even Teddy Ruxpin.

For those that may not remember, Gummie bears were the teddy bears that were
always trying to do some good. They had seven main characters: Grammi, Cubbi,
Sunni, Zummi, Tummi and of course Gruffi. The cartoon was created by Disney and
first aired in 1985, but would end in 1990. It was a very popular cartoon in the
80s and had a little less than 100 episodes overall, now the Gummies are slowly
showing up in stores.

Care Bears were a favorite of mine, these little teddy bears were always
getting into some sort of trouble. Each of the teddy bears came with their own
special symbol on their tummy and had some type of special ability. They would
always have to come together and do the "CareBear Stare" in order to get
everything back to normal and save Care-a-Lot. The Care Bear Cousins soon came
out after the Care Bears were released, at first the Cousins didn't have any
symbols. The bears actually appeared on greeting cards before they aired on the
television in 1985 the show lasted only 3 years. In 1996 Bedtime, Tenderheart
and Cheer bear hit the shelves again but it wouldn't be until 2000s that the
family of Care Bears would come back to life.

Even Teddy Ruxpin came back. In fact he's been brought back to life four
separate times. Released in 1985, again by Playskool, Yes! Entertainment bought
the rights in 1998 he was out again. It wasn't until 2005, when Backpack Toys
reintroduced him to the world with all the latest technology. This would be the
time he would finally come out to stay and he hasn't died since.

There's a trend going on lately and old teddy bears are coming back from their
graves. I just hope the styles don't come back. Do you have any favorite old
teddy bears?

Teddy Bears Making Money

Teddy bears really can make you money. Many work-at-home people are figuring
this out for themselves. No one likes to have to clock into work every morning
and fight traffic just to get there. If you have a passion for teddy bears or
crafting this could definitely be the business for you. People love handmade
items and are willing to pay top dollar for them. Some may wonder if selling
teddy bears will be enough money to stop working a job out of the home. This
all depends on how much work you are willing to put in.

Can you earn an income with teddy bears? Yes, you can. The only thing you need
is to have the will to do it. You can sell homemade bears that you design
yourself, join an affiliate company and sell their bears or just open up an
internet store and earn commission off their bears.

Selling bears you've collected over the years is easy with our technology, all
you have to do is take a picture of your beloved bear and post it online for
sale. Auctions are the best route because someone is always willing to pay more
than the last guy, if the teddy bears are worth it. Make sure you take a clear
shot, fuzzy shots or pictures of dirty teddy bears aren't going to get you many

If you don't have any teddy bears and aren't crafty enough to make one, you can
always sign up for an affiliate teddy bear company. Today there are all types
out there from aromatherapy teddy bears to wax dipped and even your regular
teddy bears. Finding a business shouldn't be hard but make sure you read all of
their agreement before signing up.

Last, if you don't want to get online to have a business there is always garage
sales, ads in the local paper and word-of-mouth. Once you start selling your
teddy bears, you'll see the money come rolling in.

Teddy Bears in Museums

Teddy bears are now in museums due to their history of how they came about. If
you love teddy bears or know someone that does try heading out to one of these
museums. The world's very first Teddy Bear Museum was in Petersfield,
Hampshire, England back in 1984. Judy Sparrow opened it up with her own
collection of teddy bears.

The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum in Dorset is opened 7 days a week beginning at
9:30 a.m. This museum has teddy bears around every corner, from the very old to
the latest and greatest. Look back through time as you watch your favorite
fictional bears come to life right before your eyes. Watch out as you turn the
corner, there are even life sized teddy bears to keep you company. You can even
walk into the house of "Mr. Edward" bear and sit with his family. The gift shop
has everything you could possibly want from character teddy bears to one of a

England wasn't the only place in the world that has teddy bear museums, but
that is where the first museum popped up. Jeju Teddy Bear Museum opened its
doors in 2001, this place has all types of different teddy bears inside and all
types of information on them. There's a cafe for those parents that need a drink
while carting their children around, two galleries, beautiful gardens and a gift

The Dancing Bear Folk Center is the largest teddy bears museum in the western
United States. It is located in Thermopolis, Wyoming and is ready for you to
come and explore its teddy bears. If you ever get out to Vermont don't forget
to stop at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. They've got so many teddy bears you
won't want to go home without one. Take a tour of the factory while you're
there too.

There is also the Teddy Bear House Bed and Breakfast in Anchorage, Alaska where
teddy bears are displayed in every room of the house. The cost is $45 a night
per person and that includes breakfast. Try making some very bearable memories
and start seeking out those teddy bears.

Teddy Bears for Newborns

Everyone loves to get teddy bears for newborns when they are born. Teddy bears
are designed for newborns safety, which makes them one of the safest toys to
get them. No one wants to get the wrong thing for a precious baby and you can't
go wrong with something you can cuddle. But teddy bears don't just come as a
stuffed animal anymore, now they are musical device

The most popular teddy bear to get a newborn is the soft plush teddy bears.
These bears have no hard objects on them, so no worrying about choking hazards.
They are soft enough that if your baby actually gets a hold of it and smacks
himself in the face it isn't going to hurt.

Teddy bear security blankets have only recently started appearing in baby
cribs. These are tiny square blankets that have a teddy bear in the center of
them. Newborns can now hold these tiny teddy bears in their hands as they suck
on the ends of the silk ends. Each blanket is made of the softest fleece
material and the teddy bears are soft with no hard parts.

Teddy bears that are made with a small rattle inside so every time you shake it
or baby gets a hold of it, it makes noise. Musical teddy bears will play soft
melodies for your baby to drift off to sleep. However, if you still can't get
him to sleep you may want to try the Heartbeat Teddy bears. After nine long
months inside mom the sound of a heartbeat is what helps him fall asleep. No
wonder they curl up on your chest and instantly start snoozing.

There are a ton of different types of teddy bears for newborns, you no longer
have to buy the same old thing as everyone else. Now you can get the baby some
keepsakes that they'll treasure for years. **

Teddy Bears for Less

Living on a budget can be tight and sometimes a bit depressing, especially when
your child is begging you to buy her a teddy bear. But you don't have to spend a
fortune just to get a teddy bear, in fact you could buy a couple of teddy bears
and store them away with these short tips.

You might want to try going to your local stores, department stores and/or the
local grocery to see if they have any teddy bears. No they may not be name
brand but do they don't need to be either. Never go to the mall to buy your
items, the mall always overprices items.

Go online and look up teddy bears on eBay and see what you can come up with.
There are a ton of bears that are always up for sale, all you need to do is be
the bid that wins and you get your bears. Make sure you give yourself a budget
though because it can become quite addicting, when someone else is bidding
against you.

The Claw- The claw is a game that is located in many supermarkets and
restaurants, the claw comes down and grabs a toy. Sometimes the toy drops and
other times, if you are lucky it catches it. If you are good at this you can
walk away with a teddy bear for .50, if not though you can walk away broke.

Thrift shops are another place that has everything marked really low. Teddy
bears might run for a quarter up to a couple dollars, but they'll never be the
price you see at the stores.

Garage sales are the best place to find cheap teddy bears and chances are you
can probably haggle your way down to a few cents per bear. If you go near the
very end of the sale, they may even give you the entire lot. It is possible to
buy teddy bears at reasonably cheap prices, which means your child will be all
stocked up by the time her birthday rolls around.

Teddy Bears for Girls

Girls love teddy bears, they can be used for just about anything they can think
of. They would their entire room filled with them if they could, so yes teddy
bears are for girls. There are stuffed teddy bears she can hold and play with,
shirts with teddy bears on them, posters, books with teddy bears in them and
even teddy bear jewelry.

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do with your daughter try
decorating her bedroom with teddy bears. The first thing you'll need to do is
sit down with her and discover what it is she really likes. Take all of her
interests and figure out what kind of room she'd most enjoy. Tell her your
ideas and hear what she thinks of them before doing the bedroom.

Little girls love their bedroom just as much as their teddy bears, combine the
two and see what you get. You might want to paint the bedroom, especially if
you've never done it before. Light pastel colors would work great with a teddy
bear theme. The bedroom is painted and now it's time to add a few final
touches, wall hangings such as lacy items, posters or pictures of teddy bears
can add a great touch to the room.

If she loves a certain sport or wants to be something growing up get her a
personalized bear just for her interest. This will be an item she treasures and
will probably have a special place in her room just for it.

You can even add a small child-sized table in her room and set it up for tea
with her bears. Don't forget to lay out the fake food either, bears love honey.
Do girls love teddy bears? Yes, and she'll probably never out grow it.**

Teddy Bears for Boys

Teddy bears aren't just for girls anymore. Boys can enjoy them just as much as
a girl can. Granted many men would argue the fact that a boy does not need one.
Instead of purchasing a doll for your little boy you can buy him a teddy bear.
There are a ton of different types of teddy bears out there to choose from, the
only problem will be deciding on only one.

If you are in doubt about what color teddy bear to pick for a boy, go with
blue, black, brown or green. These are definitely safe colors to get and no one
should pick on him for having them and if they do you'll know they are just

Personalized teddy bears are great because he gets to pick out what interests
him the most. There are all types of things from a motorcycle bear, sports
bears to even military bears. Character bears are another type you can pick out
especially if they like a certain cartoon. While your child might not take them
outside all the time like a girl would, you'll probably find them sitting right
beside their bed.

There are a few fun things boys can do with their bears, no not blowing them
up. But a boy might want to try attaching a parachute type cloth to him and
watch him drop down. There are also teddy bears out there that will read to
them, which can encourage them to read back if your child is a slow reader or
just starting out.

There is nothing wrong with a boy having a teddy bear, in fact it may actually
help them show that they can be gentle. Boys are born rough, sometimes they
need a little guidance to show them how to be a little gentler. Find a teddy
bear that suits your child's personality and let him have fun.

Teddy Bears As Spies

Spies are appearing in more and more homes these days, especially those that
have children inside. No, I'm not actually meaning a human spy, but teddy bears
as spies. If you have older children, chances are you wonder what they are doing
behind their doors sometimes. Or maybe you have smaller children that need to
have a babysitter a couple of times a week. Get yourself some teddy bears
cameras and start protecting your home.

While I'm sure your older children aren't going to like the fact that they have
a camera in their room they might be happy if someone ever tried to break in and
steal something. Everything would be caught on tape and you'd have the evidence
to prove it. All with the help of your little teddy bear spy.

These tiny teddy bears look so innocent you'd never think of them as a spy.
Which is the exact reason, so many intruders get caught by them. They are also
there to watch over your children and keep them safe. If you have a babysitter
that comes over weekly you might want to add this in the main rooms where
they'll be. This way you can keep an eye on your child and an eye on the
babysitter. Some teddy bears can even send you live footage to your cell phone,
which means when you are eating out for the first time after having baby mom can
feel relaxed.

Many people are heading out and getting teddy bears cameras whether they have
children or not. They are realizing that these cute little guys can help
protect their home and/or office. If you've ever had items go missing in
certain rooms of your home after your maid or cleaning service was there, add
one of these teddy bears to help you discover what's happening.

If you've ever wanted to know what goes on in your home when you aren't there,
buy yourself one of these teddy bears as spies. You won't be sorry and chances
are you'll be much happier once you have it.

Teddy Bears as Gifts

Teddy bears are a very popular gift-giving item. You just can't seem to go
wrong with a teddy bear. With so many different types of teddy bears to choose
from there is something everyone likes, boys, girls, babies and even adults
love them. .

You can get a teddy bear for someone just to show them that you love them. This
is probably one of the biggest reasons teddy bears sell so well on Valentine's
day. They are big, soft, cuddly and ready for a hug. No matter what it seems
like the person giving the bear away gets one too.

Children love teddy bears too, it doesn't matter if they get the same bear
twice, they'll just say they've got twins. Many children look at a teddy bear
as a security item; they know that the teddy bear won't let anyone hurt them
during the night. When you give a child teddy bear as a gift, you are giving
them the ability to sleep through the night. The child just knows it means you
love them.

Teddy bears make for great gift ideas or bribes when you are trying to get your
child potty trained. Tell your child that once he/she has learned how to use the
potty chair they can go to the store to get themselves their very own teddy. Be
careful though, they may want to make their very own bear.

If you are planning on hosting a party, teddy bears are a great baggie gift. Go
to your local dollar store and pick up a couple. You may even want to try making
wax dipped teddy bears as a prize for one or two games. Whatever the event is,
teddy bears are great to pass out.

Teddy Bears as Advertisers

Teddy bears have always been cute and cuddly, but no one realized how
marketable they were until the 1980s. This was the decade that would begin the
teddy bear campaigns, bears would be used in television shows, commercials and
storybooks. They were already in movies and books but they'd never actually put
one in a commercial. Once people began seeing these commercial teddy bears they
wanted one for their very own, which the company was happy to oblige by for a
nominal fee. Consumers were now getting interested in their product, watching
their ads and telling others.

The Coca cola bears have become very popular. It seems that every year they
have a new commercial out promoting the drink. These cute little teddy bears
first started appearing in 1992 with the "Northern Lights" commercial. This was
when the animated polar bear went to the movies and ended the night drinking a
coca cola while watching the Northern Lights. Once this commercial started
showing these teddy bears were flying to the shelves and anyone that collecting
teddy bears or Coca Cola items were buying them.

The Snuggle bear teddy bears have been around since 1983 when they first
started floating down on our television sets. You might remember the Snuggle
bear from the fabric softener commercials as he dropped down into a basket of
soft sheets. You'll find Snuggles on every product sold by the company today.

By 2000 companies started noticing that those cute little teddies bears really
helped sell products. At this point Charmin would introduce their "Call of
Nature," commercial with their own Charmin bear and in 2001 a bear cub was
added to the commercials.

The future holds many commercialized teddy bears for us; I can't wait until the
next one airs. Who can resist a teddy bear, especially when he's selling

Teddy Bear Books You Should Have

If you like teddy bears, than there are three teddy bear books that you should
have on your shelf. These three children's books will entertain both young and
old and teach you a bit about teddy bears. There is something for everyone to
learn hidden inside these pages.

The Teddy Bears' Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy- This books stems from the song,
"Teddy Bears' Picnic" by John Bratton in 1907. The teddy bear song was the
first song to ever mention a teddy bear in it. These cute, teddy bears will try
to schedule a picnic and as they scroll through the park they'll run into other
teddy bear families. The book is written much like the song and the pictures
are full of activity and color. If you don't get it for the book, you can
always pick it up because of history.

Famous Bears & Friends: One Hundred Years of Teddy Bear stories and Poems by
Janet Coleman- This is a wonderful collection of stories, inside you'll read
about how the teddy got his name. Or maybe you'll discover who really produced
the first teddy bear. There are many new legends about teddy bears that you'll
come across that'll surely spark your interest. The book is short, which is
perfect for little ears that don't like to sit too long. If you know someone
that loves teddy bears, get this book.

The Legend of the Teddy Bear by Frank Murphy- Murphy will captivate your
children with a fun story, while at the same time teach them a bit about
history. Even adults will love to read about how the teddy bear got its name.

If you've never heard of these books before, chances are you are missing out.
Get up to the store and get yourself a little book on teddy bear history.

"Special" Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are loved all around the world. Not every store has the teddy bear
you want and chances are it'll be hard to find. Why not create your own
"Special" Teddy Bear? You can either do it yourself, enlist in a professional
to do it or head to one of those build-a-bear stores and have them assist you.

When you are making a special teddy bear at a stuff a bear shop, they are
always willing to give you a helping hand. There are a ton of different ideas
that you can come up with there. If you can't ask them what they would suggest.

If you know someone getting married or want to surprise your wife for her
anniversary you could make them a bear. The Wedding bear might include a
Wedding dress or a Tux. If you get lucky you might be able to find a few other
accessories to go along with your special teddy bear. Tiaras, a garter, shoes
and a veil would be great to go along with this bear.

Maybe your daughter is about to head off for the prom. Make it a memorable day
with her very own Prom Bear. Have her pick out which bear she likes and dress
her up for prom. No girl is too old to play with teddy bears, that includes her.

If you know someone joining the military or becoming a doctor you might want to
make them a special teddy bear just for them. A military bear may have fatigues
or be dressed in their best dress uniform. Make sure you don't forget the dog
tags or combat boots, after all everyone knows they don't go anywhere without

You can choose bears for special occasions like weddings, parties, holidays,
births, graduations to just about anything under the sun. If you can think of
it, they'll probably figure out a way to make it come true.

All About Vermont Teddy Bears

In 1981, a man named John Sortino that would create the Vermont Teddy Bears.
Creating his company would always be easy, he hit one obstacle after another.
At first he couldn't find anyone willing to put his bears in their stores, in
the end he decided to sell them on his own in the streets. He'd stroll up and
down the roads with his little push-cart full of teddy bears, proudly showing
them off to anyone that came near. Eventually Sortino would have no problem
finding a business to carry his line of products.

This company actually makes all of their teddy bears by hand, which means they
are not machine made like many in the field. Each bear is made piece by piece,
the nose, ears, legs and arms are all sewn on to the bear, one stitch at a
time. With over 500,000 teddy bears a year the Vermont Teddy Bear Company is
the world's largest manufacturer. Not a single bear is the same as the next,
which makes them worth the cost.

The company has two factories, one in Shelbourne which is a tour factory and
the other produces toys every day in Newport. Thousands of tourists come
through Vermont every year and always have to make a stop in Shelbourne just to
go on the Vermont Teddy Bears Tour. During the tour the guests are able to
create their very own teddy bears.

The Vermont Teddy Bears no longer have to restrict its business to locals, now
they mail out there orders all around the world. With the internet, more people
are finding out about their teddy bears and wanting to send them to a loved one.
There are a ton of bears to choose from and even special occasion bears, which
are perfect for that end of the year graduation. Don't forget about the
Bear-Gram, which they've become famous for. You'll get a Teddy bear, gourmet
chocolate and a letter on a card.

Singing Teddy Bears

Trying to figure out what to get that special someone? Get them a singing teddy
bear and if you really want to show them you care, have them show up at work.
But remember, what goes around comes around and they may not be too excited to
have someone dressed as a teddy bear dancing in front of their co-workers while
he sings you a song. Instead, you might want to try going with a real singing
teddy bear.

Singing teddy bears will definitely make her smile; get her one that you know
she'll treasure. Shopping for women doesn't have to become a chore, at least
not when you have teddy bears galore. Find her a soft bear that sings her
special song, from jazz to romantic music, these bears can do just about
anything. A singing teddy bear will definitely let her know where she stands
and just how much you love her.

There are teddy bears that sing songs for children or even sing a newborn baby
to sleep. The Toilet training singing teddy bears will sing a catchy tune that
only a child could love about going to the potty. It may not be something us
adults like, but a child is sure to love it. The bears are small and all wear a
cloth diaper and look like they are eagerly waiting for a hug. These special
teddy bears can be purchased for as little as $16, so if potty training isn't
going as great as you hoped this my be the trick.

Singing teddy bears can be a lot of fun to listen to, especially when it was
given to you. Teddy bears aren't just for cuddling anymore, now they are
passing along a message.

Show Your Love with Handmade Teddy Bears

Making homemade teddy bears show your love and dedication to that person. It'll
also show them that you've paid enough attention throughout the years to know
they'd like it. They'll love you for all the hard work you've put into it and
you'll definitely feel the rewards once you have the teddy bears you've made

If you really want to show your love try inviting them over as you make the
teddy bears. Maybe they'd like to help you or make some for someone as well.
This will give you plenty of time for catching up and sharing old stories. Who
knows, you may have just discovered a new friend instead of just a loved one.
Never let them know that you are creating the gift for them, keep it a surprise
until it is time. They'll remember this time forever, every time they look at
your homemade teddy bears, or the ones they created.

Making memories is very important, especially the happy ones. You don't have to
make it a big event, just something small at your house. Invite as many over as
you want, but to keep it personal I'd only invite one or two guests. Make it a
memorable occasion, as the two of you sit together crafting homemade teddy

Make a few snacks before they get there and maybe a pitcher of tea. Sharing
stories can be a lot of fun, especially when you learn things you never knew.
For instance how you first met your loved one, or maybe a romantic gesture that
they did. Share a story about the first time you received a teddy bear or the
first time you made one. It isn't every day someone sits and talk with you
about their life as they are creating you a homemade teddy bear. The most
important thing is showing you love them by making something just for them. **

Military Teddy Bears

With war going on it seems like patriotic teddy bears are the latest craze.
Everyone wants to show support by going out and buying these bears. One thing
some have done is purchase the military teddy bears, some candy, wipes and a
few other necessities and sent them off to those serving overseas. Military
teddy bears can be given away as gifts for someone you know that's about to
sign up for the military or is too young to but shows an interest in it.

Teddy bear companies all over started noticing this trend and have started
making many more. The Bear Collection by Vanguard has been inspired to create
the teddy bears in both male and female outfits, after all it isn't just men in
the military these days. This collection comes with the Marine, Navy, Air Force
and Army each wearing their very special uniform that they wear to serve their
country in. There are a total of 16 bears in this collection, four from each
branch of the service.

The outfits range from the camouflage (cammies) uniform with cap, Desert Storm
Camouflage uniform with bush cap, an Aviator flight suit with garrison hat and
their best dress uniforms. The Air Force does have one that comes in an Air
Force Dress Uniform and the Marine Corps has the drill sergeant outfit with
hat. The Navy bear has the white sailor uniform and a dark blue sailor suit.

They stand to be 20 inches tall and have stiff arms that hang out to their
sides. Every bear is hand stuffed and sewn together. Each teddy bear comes with
their own set of dog tags that they wear around their neck. Don't forget the
shoes either, I mean combat boots. These bears would definitely make a great
welcome home gift to a
soldier returning.

Titanic Didn't sink These Teddy Bears

Teddy bears survived the Titanic! There were actually two teddy bears that
survived the Titanic, one was a man's bear and the other was a child's. This
just goes to show you that teddy bears will always be around and that everyone
can love a bear. Believe it or not while everyone was fighting to stay alive
and get to a raft a man was separated from his teddy bear. Yes, Gaspare Luigi
Gatti, was a man and not a young boy. Mr. Gatti carried the teddy bear
everywhere he went, you didn't see him on the ship without it. He drowned,
along with 1500 other voyagers.

Before getting on the ship this little teddy bear had already been through a
journey. He'd survived the Blitz, the bombing of his own home in London and
finally, he made it through the Titanic. This little teddy bear was seen
floating in the water and retrieved, later it would be given back to Gaspare's
widow and she would in turn hand it over to a museum.

In 1992 Merrythought re-created this bear in honor of the 1912 sinking of the
Titanic, it was to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the ship. Only 5000 of
these bears were made, each one had yellow mohair and stood to be 8 inches tall.

But Gaspare wasn't the only one with a teddy bear on the Titanic that day. A
little boy named Douglas who had brought along his teddy bear, "Polar" and his
mom. They all survived the sinking of the ship, however Douglas would soon die
by a fatal car accident. After the death of her son, Daisy Corning Spedden
wrote a picture book titled, "Polar the Titanic Bear Book." Daisy never did
send this book out, in fact it was many decades later that her great
grandnephew would find it hidden away inside her attic. The Steiff Company
would make a reproduction of "Polar" of only 1000 bears. **

Microwavable Teddy Bears

No these microwaveable teddy bears aren't something you eat. These are very
therapeutic teddy bears that are meant to help you out. Whether you've had a
rough day at the office or even have a child that has a tummy ache, these
little bears are there to help you. A mommy's job just got a whole lot easier.

Inside each bear is an aromatherapy mix of your choosing and when you heat them
up in the microwave it activates the scent. Toss these little bears inside the
microwave for one or two minutes, so that they'll be warm for your loved one.
If you need these little critters for a bedtime don't worry about them growing
cold, they'll stay warm up to four hours.

Microwavable teddy bears are perfect for any age; however they should not be
used by diabetics. If you are trying to determine which teddy bear you want to
get here are some suggestions: Jasmine, Vanilla and lavender are perfect for
trying to get some sleep. These scents are great if you have a child that just
won't go to bed easily or someone in the family that has insomnia. If there is
a scent you like, it is probably out there.

Beddy-Bears are little teddy bears that have a removable heat/cold pack. The
bears are about 12 inches tall and come in many various colors. Comfort Bears
are also aromatherapy bears, however the difference is this one comes with
his/her own vest to wear. When the child wants to sleep with him, take off the
vest and slide it in the microwaves. Now he's ready to wear his warm shirt and
keep your child toasty warm all night. Wouldn't you want something to cuddle
with that stayed warm all night long? These bears can also be placed in the
freezer for those really hot, summer days.

Making Wax Dipped Teddy Bears

Making wax dipped teddy bears can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to
do all the deciding. Wax dipped teddy bears will make great gift ideas for
Christmas or even Easter. Homemade items have always shown people that they are
loved. It means a lot when someone goes shopping for you and really has to think
about it. But it means even more when that person has to make it. Remember, when
making these bears to be careful.


- A tin (or something to melt the wax in, cake pan, pot or maybe even an old 
  crock-pot that's been hidden under a cabinet.) 
- Rubber gloves 
- Teddy Bear Wax
- Wax paper 
- Fragrant oil

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have your gloves on. You don't
want to get burned. Take your wax and toss it in your tin or pot to melt
thoroughly. If does clump up at the bottom of the pan sometimes so you might
need to stir it a bit. Turn the burner off once the wax is completely boiled.
Add your fragrance. Only about 1-1.5 oz though, you don't want too much. Dip
your teddy bear into the wax and pull him back out. Squeeze out as much wax as
you can. With a fork, quickly fluff your teddy bear into the shape that you
want him, this includes any expressions. Don't take too long though or he'll
have clumps of wax all over him. If you are satisfied with the way he looks
place him on a piece of wax paper and let him dry.

Tip 1: To keep the expression and positions you want for your bear, try using

Tip 2: To speed up the drying process you might want to use a blow dryer.

Making Recycled Teddy Bears

It's time to do some spring cleaning and you can start by making recycled teddy
bears. No, I'm not meaning take your teddy bears and give them to someone else.
A recycled teddy bear is one that is made out of clothing you no longer need.
It originally started with fur coats but now people are making them out of
sweaters their children didn't want to part with to newborn outfits because mom

Making recycled teddy bears can be a lot of fun, especially when you discover
what outfits are never worn and how they can become beautiful pieces of art
that everyone love. Take dad's 38 ties that he never wears and make a bear for
him, now he can proudly display them without ever having to buy a suit. These
would make a great Father's day gift and he'll be happy that he doesn't have to
wear them.

You can use any old jackets like fur coats, that are being hidden in the closet
because they are out of season. One jacket can make a couple of teddy bears,
make a few of them to proudly display around your home.

You can either make your own recycled teddy bears or you can go online and have
someone do it for you. Keep in mind when hiring a professional the cost for a
bear can go from $140 on up. Heir Bears has already gotten started on making
these one-of-a-kind teddy bears. If you don't have anything to send in you can
always order from one of her bears that are already made and just personalize
them. In case you are wondering she gets her material from fur coats that were
picked up from thrift shops, garage sales and neighbors.

When making your own recycled bear, think back about all the stories these
outfits have to tell. Imagine the things that teddy is going to tell them, or
maybe you should tell them a few so teddy doesn't have to. These recycled teddy
bear will make great heirloom gifts for your grandkids.

Make Your Own Teddy Bears

Making your own teddy bears is a lot of fun, whether you are doing it by
yourself, with a relative or at a birthday party. Imagine spending the
afternoon at your local build-a-bear shop with your mom and dad. Have fun
picking out your own items for your bear. Don't forget his little heart, he'll
need it to keep on living.

No longer do you have to know how to sew in order to create your own teddy
bears. There are several craft kits that allow you to stuff a bear that you
never even need a needle. This makes everyone happy and you without getting

Build a bear parties helps the young ones create their own teddy bear. They get
to pick out which body they want, a heart and a birth certificate. If they want
to put clothes on the bear to make them more personalized it'll cost them extra.

Craft kits can cost anywhere from $10 on up and they come with everything
you'll need to make your bear. Most kits will include a heart, birth
certificate, the bear body, stuffing and an outfit. Buying a few teddy bear
patterns from the store is another way to make your own teddy bears. There are
always a ton of different types to choose from and you
don't even have to be an expert. However, make sure you read the back first and
find out what level it is for.

If you have a child that is due to get his shots soon, make him a felt bear.
Felt bears are fun to make for little kids and they don't cost much. All you
will need is a permanent marker, two pieces of felt, a needle, stuffing and
thread. Take the felt and cut them into the shape of a teddy bear. Sew up the
body, leaving a small space for the stuffing to go in. Your child will get a
kick out of helping with this part, especially as he watches the bear come to
life. Finish sewing him shut and let your child mark him a face.

Learning with Teddy Bears & Incentives

Teddy bears are teaching our children. More teachers are pulling out all the
stops these days to get the kids involved with learning. That includes adding
teddy bear items for them to count, help them read and just about anywhere else
in the class that they can find a place for them.

Elementary teachers are even including teddy bears as theme units and inviting
the children to bring their teddy bears to school on certain days. Everyone
knows that the first years of school are the scariest for a young child and by
bringing a friendly face to the class it might help them adjust a bit faster.
Children love their bears and seem to talk more when they have a comfort item.

If you are a parent of a child that doesn't want to read to you every day try
encouraging him/her to read to their teddy bears. This helps you know that they
are still reading out loud, but you aren't forcing them to do something they
don't want. By reading picture books about teddy bears you can keep their
interest but have them discuss what you just read with you. There are even
Talking tutor teddy bears that will help encourage your child to do the
problems. This is just like the old, "Teddy Ruxpin" doll except he does every
subject. As your child gets a problem right the teddy bear raises a flag up
into the air.

Teddy bears are also being used more as rewards for a child that does good
work. You might find teddy bear stickers, stuffed teddy bears, notebooks in the
shapes of bear and many other items. Make sure you don't give rewards out every
day or they'll get use to it. Give them as a reward every once in a while so
that they are always trying hard to earn those teddy bears.

Learn How to Start Collecting Teddy bears

If you are looking for a hobby, collecting teddy bears can be a lot of fun. It
doesn't take much to start your own teddy bear collection. In fact, you
probably have a small one going on right now. Take a look around your room.
Notice anything? That's right, you've been collecting stuffed teddy bears over
the years without even realizing it.

As a child many adults tend to buy teddy bears as gifts, even as you become a
teenager you probably had someone give you one or two. Boyfriends tend to
purchase teddy bears to show how much they care and because they know their
girlfriend will think they are cute. Once you've become an adult you already
have a collection of teddy bears waiting for you to pick up and continue on.

Children may want to collect teddy bears just because they like they way they
look and can play with them. Some will want teddy bears to protect them late at
night when all the scary stuff comes out in the dark, while others will simply
place them on a shelf to look at. Teddy bears can help a child confide in
someone if she/he is depressed, remember teddy bears will never tell.

You can find many teddy bears inside stores of all types from Wal-Mart to your
local craft stores. Keep in mind if you are looking at homemade teddy bears
they will be more expensive.

By going to department stores to your local talent shops you can find some nice
teddy bear to collect. Prices will range from as low as a dollar to a few
hundreds. You can also find a few online at places like eBay, Amazon or by
simply doing a search for whatever type of teddy bear you are wanting.

Museums always have gift shops inside with all the latest merchandise from the
area, which includes teddy bears. You'll probably be able to find one that's
just for that museum and possibly a limited edition. But be careful, sometimes
a museum can be pretty steep in their prices for something that you can buy
cheaper outside the museum.

If you are really serious about collecting teddy bears, buy a few books on the
subject so you never get charged over the price. Do your homework first before
purchasing a collectors teddy bear. This way you can save your money for one
that you really want.

Inviting Your Teddy Bears for Tea

If you are planning a tea party try having a teddy bear themed one. Simply
invite everyone to bring along their favorite teddy bears for an afternoon tea
party. Tea parties are a lot of fun and everyone can take part, even boys.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the people you are
planning to invite. Help your child with this but remember, kids love to do
this. Letting them decide on who gets to come to their teddy bears' tea party
will make them feel very grown-up and in charge.

Try creating your very own invitations by cutting the paper into a teddy bear
shape. Make sure you let everyone know that they must bring their teddy bear.
In case someone forgets, you may want to have a few teddy bears handy.

Put a tablecloth over the table you'll be using and try to find a few teddy
bear decorations. A large teddy bear in the center of the table would make a
great center-piece and the kids will love it. Have a name plate for each child
and their guest and don't forget that teddy needs to drink too. Remember teddy
bears don't really drink, make sure you don't put anything in their cups or a
child may try it.

As soon as everyone arrives you can have them all place their teddy bears in
the chairs and begin with games. Teddy Bear- Teddy Bear is a fun game to play,
pin the tail, For the pin the tail you may want to draw your own giant teddy
bear and have the kids pin the bee on the nose. Let the kids have a fun time
and then invite them over to the table for tea.

Make sure you have plenty of finger sandwiches for everyone. You don't need
anything fancy, just slice up a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into
fours. Milky tea is the perfect type to go with a teddy bears' tea party and
don't forget the dessert. What bear doesn't like sweets? **

How to Get a Personalized Teddy Bears

Personalized teddy bears are better than your average bear because you get to
have the say in what it looks like, right down to its very toes. This bear will
be different from all your other teddy bears because you designed him yourself
and should take pride in it. By the time you're done completing your bear,
you'll get a sense of real accomplishment.

Finding a body for your bear is your first step because without a body, you've
got nothing.

There are a ton of outfits to choose from, they've got everything you can think
of. The career bear outfits, sports and special occasions, each one has about 30
different types of outfits for their category. If you like bikes, maybe you can
make your very own Harley Davidson Bear or maybe a Ballet Bear for the little
ballerina in your home. Let your imagination go wild, who knows you might just
create something no one else has.

A personalized teddy bear can also be made for someone that has been in the
hospital or is just not feeling well. Forget about going to the store to find
that special bear, it's never there. This way you can get it personalized to
fit that person and make them smile.

You may even want to get a few extras for your personalized teddy bears. If you
really like music you'll want to get a voice recording and see if they can
record your favorite song on it. This way every time you push him, it'll play
your favorite music. If you are making a personalized bear for someone maybe
you'll want to add a special message just for him/her or sing a song yourself.
Some bears can come with their very own heart beat which is a great gift ideas
for a newborn baby.

All you need now is to have them feel the bear up with stuffing and stitch it
closed. Get your bear dressed and show her off to everyone you know. They may
be dragging you back up just to do it again.

How to Decorate a Room With Teddy Bears

Decorating a room with teddy bears is as easy, especially a child's room. Keep
in mind this is your child's room, not your room when you were his/her age. You
may have wanted to sleep in a mountain of bears but they may not. Of course if
they are more like you, go for it. When decorating any room you must decide on
a theme and since you already know yours is teddy bears lets get started.

The first thing you should do is go over any ideas you may have with your child
and ask them for their input. They may already have a certain teddy bear theme
of their own. Make a list of all the things you'll need to decorate their room
before you head out to town, you don't want to forget something.

A baby's room is the type of room you'll have the most fun in decorating. There
is a never-ending supply of teddy bears to decorate with. This will be the only
time you can go hog wild on decorating with teddy bears in your child's room.

Using teddy bears you can change the atmosphere in a child's room from serious
to playful. A teen's room can be as plain as can be, but the moment you toss
teddy bears on a book shelf and on the bed and it already looks a little
friendlier. Don't add too many as you don't want them to end up in the hallway.

Teddy bears on shelves makes a child feel safe and lets them know that their
"friends" are watching out for them. Keep in mind this is the stage when
everything is hiding in the closets and under the bed, but with a couple of
bear friends, your child will sleep through the night.

Add a bit of light to the room, by bringing in a lamp with teddy bears on the
shade. If you can't find any, buy a plain white lamp shade and sponge paint
teddy bears all over it. In case you want to add a few more teddy bear ideas to
the room you can always purchase some paintings, wall hangings or teddy bear

To be honest, teddy bears can be decorating in just about every room of the
house. By adding a few teddy bears in your living room, you can make it feel
cozy and warm like a cottage. Place them on the tables, maybe a chair and over
your mantle. Decorating with teddy bears is a lot of fun, so head on out there
and get that room done.

How to Clean Your Teddy Bears

Cleaning your teddy bears are very important. For one teddy bears can carry all
types of unhealthy germs if you aren't careful and bacteria. In order to keep
the smell of tobacco smoke off your teddy bears remember to vacuum them every
other month. This way it also takes any dust that might be gathering on them
out as well. You never know what's gotten inside your teddy bear.

Keep in mind that not all teddy bears are machine washable, check the label
before ever tossing him into the washing machine. If they are not machine
washable take a gentle cloth, lightly wet it and surface wash the bear. Not
everything comes off the first time, once you've given the teddy bear a good
cleaning take a second cloth and lightly wash him again. Set him in a safe
place to dry over night.

Kill any bugs that may be lingering on or inside your teddy bears by placing
them in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer. While this may sound
harsh to poor teddy, it'll kill anything that might be living on/in him. Dust
mites are something you don't want your child getting attacked by, at least
this way you'll no they aren't jumping on your child.

Mold can be another big issue with teddy bears, especially if you or your child
ever got him wet. Not to worry though, unstitch his side and pull out the
stuffing. Gently wash the inside of the bear like you would the outside and let
it dry. Once dry replacing the old padding with new and sew him back together.
Teddy bears loved to be cleaned at least once a year. With the proper care and
love your teddy bears can be passed down from one generation to the next.

How Much are Your Teddy Bears Worth?

It is important to know how much your teddy bears are worth before buying or
selling them. Some have been known to go up in price over the years while
others stayed the same or went down. If you aren't sure how to figure out how
much your teddy bears are worth you can ask a dealer or go out and get a book.
Collecting teddy bears can be very profitable if you know what you are doing.

Examine your teddy bears thoroughly before ever taking them for a show or
auction. Before buying them look them over and ask as many questions as you can
think of. Find out where the bear came from and who had him last. By examining
your teddy bears you should be able to tell how much they are worth and know if
you want to sell them or buy any new ones.

There are several different things to look at on teddy bears to determine their
value. Labels, joints and pads on their feet can tell you just how old they are.
Their face can give you a round about guess on which decade they were
distributed. Fur is another issue, depending on what type of fur, the condition
it is in and everything to that nature.

If the joints that are stiff hard like a bear you'd find in a craft store,
remember in the beginning these were what the teddy bears looked like. The pads
on the teddy bear will indicate if he is good quality or not. In the early years
of teddy bears, many companies would make them with really long noses because it
was suppose to represent the real thing, not something cute and cuddly. If your
teddy bears have glass or button eyes they might be worth something. Last, if
you have a hand-sewn teddy bear with no flaws or very minimal flaws.

Gund Teddy Bears

Gund has been in the teddy bear making business for over 100 years now, it was
one of the first companies to ever produce a teddy bear in the United States.
Due to the fact that Adolph Gund had to have the very best of everything in
life, he made sure his teddy bears did too. His bears had to be made with top
quality material, which is why they were made with mohair fur. He didn't just
stop there though, the men creating these lovely bears had to be the best
craftsmen in the area.
The golden ticket for the Gund Bears has always been there trademark of
under-stuffing the bear, this created a soft teddy bear.

The company started creating teddy bears in Norwalk, Ct. Adolph never did have
family which is probably why he sought out someone before he passed away to
sell his company to.

Adolph Gund right before his passing he sold his business to Jacob Swedlin but
under one restriction, the company always had to be called, "Gund." Jacob would
also be the man that introduced everyone to the licensing of cartoon characters
such as Mickey Mouse or Snoopy. Jacob would pass down the company to his
daughter Rita and her husband Herbert Raiffe, they both knew never to change
the company name.

The company continue to thrive under Herbert and Rita, but it would be their
son. In 1977 Bruce Raiffe would join the company. The company continues to grow
today, always making sure to keep it's name when it goes from one person to the
next. While the company thrives with its latest teddy bears, they've never
forgotten the man that got them started and have always continued to use safety
with the toys and good quality to make all their items just like he did.

Fixing Teddy Bears

"Mom, he's broke!" Your child has run in crying for you to fix her teddy bear.
You quickly look over the teddy bear to discover exactly what is wrong with it.
But how do you fix it? Is she just wanting you to add a band-aid to him or is
there really something broke?

Teddy bears can take a lot of loving from children and last a long time,
however there does come a time when teddy just can't take it anymore. There are
ways for you to fix your teddy bears without having to throw them away.

First, look over all your teddy bears to see if any need to be fixed. Determine
what the actual problem is and make sure you have all the proper gear. If a
string is hanging you may want to try pulling it but keep in mind this can make
teddy come undone. Or you can take a needle and sew that small piece of string
back into teddy. A hole on his side can be fixed the same way and no one will
ever know that he once came apart.

With teddy bears it always seems that they will lose their cute little nose or
those glass eyes. If you can't find a replacement eye you can always add a
patch to your teddy bear and make him look like a pirate.

You notice that a couple of your teddy bears have fur coming out of them; this
could be just because he's been worn out on this side. Kids seem to favor
holding them a certain way, which tends to wear out that side. Purchase a patch
that resembles the fur or you could simply get some fabric cut to the size you
need and sew it back on. Teddy bears love to wear clothes as well, so if
nothing else works you can start dressing him. You won't be able to fix all
your teddy bears but if you really want to save them, find a teddy bear expert.

Fictional Teddy Bears- Fictional Teddy Bears in Cartoons

Fictional teddy bears have been around longer than any of us and have a very
dear part in all of our memories. From our very own teddy bears to those
fictional ones we watched every morning, there is always something we remember
about them. There were many cartoons that were based off of teddy bears from
Winnie the Pooh to The Berenstein Bears.

Teddy bears can create a lot of imagination, which is probably why author A. A.
Milne was able to come up with the Winnie the Pooh stories. Winnie the Pooh was
actually one of the teddy bears in his son, Christopher Robin's room. However,
the actual teddy bear was a girl named Winnipeg. Even though the teddy bears
that represent Winnie the Pooh are a bright yellow, that is nothing near what
the original looked like, with stiff arms that moved up and down and didn't
wear a red shirt.

Brer Bear lived in the forest as a farmer with his wife and children and he
always had to chase away wolves. There aren't too many teddy bears that
resemble Brer Bear, however if there were I could picture that southern accent
if they made him talk. The original storyteller, Uncle Remus had a very
southern accent, so much that when he said brother it sounded like Bre'r. This
bear dates all the way back to 1919 when he first made his debut in cartoon.

Do you recall the teddy bears that read stories out of a book to you? I
remember my dear old Teddy Ruxpin, he was the best out of all my teddy bears.
Teddy Ruxpin was created back in the 80s and would be recreated four times
before all the flaws were fixed, however this wouldn't stop kids from loving
these fictional teddy bears.

Paddington bear was a fictional teddy bear that always went on adventures and
got himself in some sort of trouble. This teddy bear was originally bought by a
couple that thought he needed a home, later he would be written into stories by
the owner and become a big part in cartoons. Paddington teddy bears all wear a
worn hat and carries around a suitcase for his travels.

Berenstein Bears were a fictional bear family with a mother, father, brother
and sister bear. They all lived in a tree house and storylines that related to
real families, such as eating junk food, telling lies, bullies, first day of
school and many other issues that children could relate too.

As you can see fictional teddy bears have been along for a while and will be
here for many more years to come. Do you remember any fictional teddy bears
that weren't mentioned here? Think back to a time when everything was innocent
and all about teddy bears and you'll get that warm feeling once again, even if
it is cold outside.

Facts on 5 Teddy Bears & The Company Behind Them

Gund Teddy bear company shocked everyone when they appeared in 1906 and didn't
plummet down into the ground like all the other start ups. Instead it seemed
that Gund had something and started rising to the top. The Gund teddy bear
stood out amongst the rest because it was under-stuffed, which meant he was
extremely soft.

Steiff was one of the first to distribute teddy bears and in 1903 a New York Co
would find her teddy bears and order 3000 of her bears. She would later create
the first black teddy bear in mourning for those that were lost in Titanic.
Every time Steiff makes a new design they have to make 1000s just to keep in

Baby Gund began by branching off of Gund, to make its own baby line. They
realized that every child needed a really soft toy in order to love on, that
how Baby Gund was born. Baby Gund would begin making small, fluffy teddy bears
that were small enough for a baby to hold, rattles, comforters and more.

Russ Berrie & Co. began with only $500 to its name and manufacturing from the
inside of a garage space, but as the company grew so did the product line and
money. Berrie no longer has to worry about where he'll make the bears, he just
needs to think about the next design. In 1995 Russ would produce the "Bears
From the Past" series of teddy bear collectibles.

Boyds teddy bears all began when G.M. didn't want to paint ducks anymore for
their antique shop. Once his son was born he got the desire to design his own
stuffed bear, which would become the famous, "Boyds Bears."

These are the facts on five companies and the teddy bears that hold them up.
For without these teddy bears, the companies would've fallen to the ground.
Each one has its very own story on how it opened its doors and each one is
remarkable. Do you know where your teddy bears come from?

Donating teddy bears

Donating teddy bears can be a really rewarding gesture, even when you are just
doing it to be nice. Imagine taking a small teddy bear to a girl that you just
bought at a store. The moment you had this little girl it she has a tear drift
down her eyes, the last time she had a teddy bear her house was swept away by a

Teddy bears mean so much to someone that has nothing or has lost all hope,
whether they are homeless or have been abused. Giving them this small token
might help them know that there are other people out there in this world that
actually do care. Start making someone smile today and donate a teddy bear. You
don't have to take it in yourself if you don't want to either. There are a ton
of different types of teddy bear fundraising drives that will take them in for

These children aren't picky, they'll take whatever you hand them. They know
money is hard to come by and that it isn't every day someone comes by to see
them. Sometimes they are just thriving for any type of attention and they are
hoping you stay there just a few moments longer to chat with them or hug them.
They'll be very grateful for the teddy bear you've given the.

Stuffed With Hugs is another fundraising campaign that Build-A-Bear does, once
it gets enough bears the Teddy Bear Foundation gives them to the children of
crisis. It doesn't matter what the crisis, these children could've been in
abused homes, lost their homes due to fire, abandoned or orphans. Each child
will be given one of the teddy bears to hug and hold to help them through these
difficult times.

Teddy bears can be bought for cancer victims that are stuck in a hospital and
need something to hug, victims of violence, disabled, or even children that no
longer have families. Make them have something to smile about and donate a
teddy bear.*

Debate on Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are sparking debate all over the world. It's strange to think that
the once cuddly bear can turn everyone into an argument but its happening.
Teddy bears have always been something of innocence and comfort for those that
needed it. They've changed throughout the years, and with technology, means
more advancements in the bear.

Teddy bears can now hold a camera inside them! These teddy bear cameras are
used for many things but their main purpose is to spy on the nanny or
babysitter left watching your child. This is sparking a debate between many
families due to privacy issues, however if you have someone in your home it
isn't breaking any issues when it is there to protect your family.

Why would you want to spy on your nanny? To protect your child, many parents
are becoming more and more aware that there are things out there that can hurt
their loved ones and want to protect them as much as possible. You would want
to know if your babysitter touched your child, or just left the baby in the
crib the whole time.

Others believe that you shouldn't hire a nanny if you are going to be
babysitting them. Some are stating that it should be against some privacy
violation because the nanny isn't aware he/she is being video-taped. Those that
have been caught on tape have remarked that they never would've done it if they
knew they were being watched.

Teddy bear cameras, also known as the babysitter hidden cameras or Nanny Cams,
are so small that you can't even tell the teddy bears have a camera inside
them. Which make them look like any ordinary teddy bear? Place it in the crib,
on a bed, desk or on a shelf and no one will be the wiser. Protect your child
with one of these teddy bears.

Comforting Teddy Bears for Newborns

When it comes to bringing home a newborn, no one expects it to be as hard as it
can be. In the hospital he slept like an angel, but once at home he just
wouldn't stop screaming. He refused anything you gave him, teddy bear didn't
give him a notice, pacifier came out immediately after going in and as for
anything else: it just didn't work. Finding the right comfort for your newborn
can be very frustrating at times, however there are certain teddy bears that
can help.

If your baby can't seem to sleep, I suggest the Womb Sounds Mommy Bear. Inside
your tummy all he hear was your heartbeat and suddenly he hears everything
around him. This can frighten some babies, while others never seem phased by
it. The Womb sounds bear actually mimics the sound of a heart beating. Place
the bear inside the crib near your child and he'll fall to sleep.

Blanket teddy bears are small fleece blankets that have a teddy bear attached
from the arms up. The bottoms of the blanket are made out of satin, which makes
it soft enough for baby to chew on.

Keel Toys Nursery bear with shirt that is embroidered, "baby boy" or "baby
girl" Very soft and fluffy yellow teddy bear. Is feet read "Hug Me" and it
looks like his arms are stretched out to you.

Wabbanub pacifiers have little teddy bears sewed onto the pacifier backing.
Now, those pacifiers won't be flying across the room every time mom walks away.
Each pacifier comes with a different type of teddy bear to choose from.

Whatever product fits your child is the one you need to get, after all you want
your baby to get as much sleep as possible. You don't want to be the zombie down
the road. Get your newborn a teddy bear to comfort him.

5 My First Teddy Bears

Gund's My first teddy bear come in blue, cream and pink and they are super
soft. Embroidered right above the heart is, "My First Teddy," and a satin
ribbon goes around the neck in whatever shade the bear is. The most popular
size is the 12 inch, which is just the right size for the baby to hold and
cuddle with.

Baby's My First Thermal Pastel Bear is very colorful which babies love to look
at. It is light in weight and made of thermal. When he gets a hold of this
teddy bear it'll rattle every time he moves it, which will add hours of
giggling from your baby.

Breathe Easy Teddy Bear by Asthma Friendly is a terrific newborn baby gift,
especially since this one is asthma friendly. These little teddy bears are soft
and friendly, not firm and mean. Baby is sure to snuggle up to this little guy
every night.

Nursery Rhyme Pal Pat-a-Cake Bear is geared more for an infant, but they'll
love it just the same. Just push the buttons to make him sing to your little
one and watch his face as he listens to it. He'll be singing right along with
the bear in no time at all.

The Cashmerino Baby Bear from Debbie Bliss, has its own cashmere sweater that
comes off easily. The bear itself is made out of cashmere yarn, which is gentle
on baby's skin. With sewn in eyeballs, that won't hurt the baby. When ordering
this gorgeous bear you can choose between 23 different shades. This means there
won't be a single bear like him at the baby shower.

These five bears will make great pals with your newborn, which he will treasure
for ever. Make sure you get a ton of shots of your child with his favorite toy,
later you can store his teddy bear for safe keeping.

History of Teddy Bears

Teddy bears all started because Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear,
which in the end got him the nickname "Teddy." Yes, it is true there were toys
that had bears on them, but they did not actually have stuffed teddy bears
before 1902. There are a few different stories to what actually happened, but
it sounds like Theodore Roosevelt went out hunting and never ended up shooting
anything. The men he was with wanted him to take something back for his
troubles and found a small bear cub and told him to shoot it. I'm not sure if
he didn't want to shoot it because it had no mother, was injured, and tied to a
tree or just because of its size. When he refused to shoot the bear they all
joked about it, one man even drew a cartoon of "Teddy" with a bear cub.

The interest in teddy bears would become very popular in society. A small
shopkeeper, Morris Michtom, recognized the potential income and displayed them
in his store window. Mooris sent the president one of the bears his wife made
and asked the president if he could name them "Teddy's Bears." The bears were
unlike any toy bears that had been made; this one was cute and didn't frighten
away children. Once accepted, he started designing the teddy bears in a new
shop called the, "Ideal Toy Company. It is not known who actually created the
very first teddy bear, but we do know that it was Mooris that asked permission.

Clear over in Germany was another company making teddy bears. "Steiff Company"
was creating bears that actually looked like the real thing. The owner,
Margarete Steiff had a nephew that would sketch pictures of bears at the
Stuttgart Zoo and show them to her, this inspired her to create her own. Her
creations wouldn't be discovered by the Americans until 1903 at a toy fair,
which had them ordering over 3000 bears.

One can see why teddy bears became so famous, if it wasn't for their cute
expressions and cuddliness I think they would've gone extinct. Today, you might
see teddy bears in a bedroom, store window, commercials, cartoons or even in
books. Teddy bears are everywhere and it's all because of one man refusing to
shoot an innocent bear.

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