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Traveling Nurse

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What is a Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a licensed nurse who typically works in a hospital for a few
months at a time before moving onto a different hospital in a different part of
the country.

Hospitals like to hire travel nurses and other traveling health professionals
for a variety of reasons. Travel nurses can bring a variety of experience and
knowledge that a hospital can benefit from. Lots of times, a travel nurse can
act as a mentor for other nurses that have just completed their training and
are not yet comfortable and/or confident with their new professional status.
Medical facility's that have just opened will often hire the services of a
travel nurse until they are up and running smoothly. The new, inexperienced
staff will be able to benefit from the travel nurse's previous work experience.
Most travel nurses enjoy the experience of traveling, meeting and working with
new co-workers, and hope to gain a well rounded work experience that will serve
them when they settle on working full time at a specific medical facility. Many
travel nurses claim that the experience allows them to develop a better
understanding of their chosen specialty. These same travel nurses also claim
that their unique work experiences have helped reintroduce them to patient
focused nursing.

Before they start working at a new hospital, a travel nurse has already
established an agreement with the hospital. This agreement states what salary
the nurse will be making while she is working for the hospital. Before
traveling to the new hospital the nurse knows how much of their travel expenses
will be paid for. They also know where they will be living while they are
working at the medical facility.

Travel nurses generally enjoy a more lucrative salary then they would receive
if they worked in a single location. The salary the travel nurse earns is
generally based on the location they are working, typically a travel nurse will
not earn as much working in a hospital in a rural community as they will earn
working in a large inner city hospital. Some nurses prefer travel nursing to
nursing in a single medical facility because they enjoy the opportunity to see
the world and other cultures. Working in a constantly changing location
challenges a travel nurses knowledge and talents. The skills that travel nurse
develop on their journeys are skills that they will be able to utilized when
they settle on a home base.

Travel nurses find employment through a travel nursing service. This service
pairs nurses with medical facilities that are seeking a travel nurse. The
travel nursing service typically has a long and happy relationship with
hospitals, medical facilities, and medical professionals. The nursing service
helps reach agreements between the medical facility's and the travel nurse. The
travel nursing service will also be able to help the travel nurse make sure that
they have the proper licensing to work in the state they are about to be going

Before a nurse can become a travel nurse there are a few professional criteria
that they must complete first.

What is a Traveling Nurse?

A traveling nurse travels around the United States filling temporary nursing
positions. If you are a nurse and love to travel this may be the right career
move for you. There is a high demand for traveling nurses in areas in which the
population changes. These changes can be seasonal like the snowbirds going to
Florida for the winter and then returning to there home state. They could be in
high tourist towns during peak travel seasons. Whatever the case may be where
the population fluctuates a traveling nurse is needed.

Although a traveling nurse, job can be for a period as short as 4 weeks or as
long as 52 weeks, they generally fall within the 13 to 26 week period. Another
scenario of a job that a traveling nurse might fill is when a full time nurse
quits and a replacement has not been found. A scenario likes this could
possible turn into a full time position for the traveling nurse if she is happy
with the facility and they are happy with her performance.

There are something's you need to consider before becoming a traveling nurse.
These are the things that can make up your mind on whether being a traveling
nurse is right for you. The jobs that you accept may take you away from your
family for up to a year. Depending on how far away the job may be this could be
a deciding factor. Generally, it is best if you do not have pets because it is
possible that the housing provided for you will not accept them. You will have
to be licensed in every state that you choose to work in. These are things that
a good traveling nurse agency will help you work out. Jobs are often assigned
months in advance to give time to prepare. They can happen in as little as two
weeks from application to beginning your traveling nurse job.

Being a traveling nurse, you will be able to work in many different settings.
For example there are Hospital and acute care facilities or surgery and out
patient surgery centers for the normal hospital type settings. You could work
with the elderly in nursing home and assisted living centers or with children
in the school and camp nurse's offices. Other traveling nurse positions can
include doctors offices, correctional facilities, occupational health
facilities, and clinics and labs. It is usually required that you have at least
one year hospital experience when becoming a traveling nurse. This may vary from
place to place.

If you are looking for a rewarding career that allows you to travel across the
United States, then a career as a traveling nurse could be just what you are
looking for. Look for agencies in your town or on the internet to help get you
started on your journey of a traveling nurse. They will help place you in a job
that is right for you and show you how to take care of the little details you
may forget.

The Benefits to being a Traveling Nurse

If you love being a nurse and love to travel then a career as a traveling nurse
may be exactly what you are looking for. Being a traveling nurse has many
benefits. You are able to travel around the United States instead of being
stuck in just one place. The jobs can last from just a few weeks to a year,
with most lasting between thirteen and twenty six weeks.

Traveling nurses are some of the best-paid nurses in the country. These are
just some benefits that may be available to you exact benefits will vary
depending on the traveling nurse agency that you choose. Generally, the pay can
range from $21 to $48 an hour this is based on your skill level and the location
of the assignment. Agencies often offer sign on bonuses and completion bonuses
as well. Some even offer bonuses when you renew your contract for at least 13
weeks. There are loyalty bonuses available at some agencies that offer
different monetary bonuses, housing upgrades, paid vacations, and more.
Referral bonuses are often offered for nurse that you refer to agencies.

With health benefits being the huge issue they are today, many traveling nurse
agencies offer wonder benefit packages. Most have fully paid medical insurance
with the options to add your family at your expense. They also can have many
add ons such as Life insurance, vision and dental insurance, disability
insurance-both long and short term, and accident coverage insurance. Many offer
retirement plans such as the 401K after just a month of service with them. Some
offer roadside assistance packages such as AAA. Most offer continuing education
reimbursement as well.

Traveling is a benefit of being a traveling nurse. It often is not considered a
benefit because it is part of the job, but to many it is a benefit. A job as a
traveling nurse allows you to work in new areas. Often times these are areas
that you normally would not consider for a vacation because they are not high
tourist areas. You can see places across the United States as you work.

There are many benefits, rewards, and bonuses available to those who decide to
become a traveling nurse. The amenities seem to be endless as there is a high
demand for nurses who are able to travel for their jobs. These traveling nurse
jobs can take you away from your family, pets, and loved ones so a hard
consideration into whether the job is right for you is necessary before
committing. It is also important to investigate the agencies that you are
thinking of signing up with. Ask the agencies to speak with some of the
traveling nurses that are already a part of their company. Search the internet
to see what others say about the agencies.

Becoming a traveling nurse is beneficial to many nurses that have worked the
same job for years. They are often burnt out on the same thing day after day
and looking for a change. A traveling nurse job could be the change that you
are looking for.

The Perks of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is nursing that allows a nurse to work for a few months in one
hospital before moving on to another hospital that is in a different part of
the country. Hospitals and medical facility's use travel nurses because they
feel that they can benefit from the travel nurses expertise, to help get a new
facility up and running, and to act as a mentor for a novice staff. But why
would anybody become a travel nurse.

A huge reason nurses pursue travel nursing careers is the money. Travel nurses
make significantly more money per hour then their contemporaries who work in
just one hospital. Travel nurses do not get paid directly by the hospital they
are working for. Typically the travel nursing agency collects and hands out the
travel nurses salary.

Travel nurses love traveling. Through their jobs they can not only visit
different parts of the country they can actually live and work in various parts
of the country. They get to see how medical services differ from one part of the
country to the next.

Travel nurses know that if and when they meet a co-worker that they don't get
along with, they know that it isn't a big deal. They will only have to deal
with them for a few months and then they will be moving onto a different

Travel nurses make lots and lots of new friends all over the county.

The average travel nurse enjoys excellent medical and dental benefits. In most
situations agencies that specialize in travel nurses offer these medical and
dental benefits to lure travel nurses to their agency. Some nursing agencies
also have 401K plans.

Working as a travel nurse is an excellent way to build a fantastic resume. The
things a nurse learns during their experience as a travel nurse will go a long
way to obtaining a successful job in a home hospital when the nurse is ready to
cease their nomadic ways. The people you meet working as a travel nurse will be
valuable references, before completing a work assignment make sure you keep a
record of names and phone numbers that you can use as references when you are
ready to find a permanent nursing position.

Some travel nursing agencies offer their nurses an additional way to make some
extra money by offering a bonus each time the nurse makes a successful
referral. Because the travel nurse is constantly working at hospitals and
medical facility's that are full of brand new nurses the opportunity to
encourage referrals is endless. Some agency's also offer their travel nurses a
completion bonus when a job has been finished.

Some times friends who have gone through nursing school together decide that
travel nursing is something they can do together. Working in tandem means that
the travel nurse always see familiar face no matter where they go.

Some travel nurses enjoy the experience of working in various parts of the
country they decide to further their traveling careers by offering to work at
missionaries and hospitals all over the world.

The Disadvantages of Being a Traveling Nurse

As a traveling nurse you will need to be able to adapt to your surroundings
quickly. Since s/he will be traveling to new areas and dealing with different
jobs on each assignment the traveling nurse accepts this is one very important
draw backs to the job if you are not able to adapt quickly.

Since nursing deals a lot with interaction to patients and your co-workers if
you are a shy person then meeting new people constantly may also be a drawback.
If you take a long time to build a good working interaction with your co-workers
becoming a traveling nurse may be a drawback.

As a traveling nurse you need to be able to adjust to out of the ordinary
situations and the unexpected. If you like and are more comfortable in
surroundings that you know and are familiar with then a career as a traveling
nurse may not be the wise choice for you as you are constantly changing your
surroundings. When you travel things can go wrong, no mater how much you have
planned no matter how much detail you have put into your plans the unexpected
will happen. If you are uncomfortable dealing with problems that can arise
during travels then you may want to look into a more contemporary nursing job.
If you love the security of home life a traveling nurse moves around a lot and
their home is in various parts of the country while they are employed by
different assignments.

If you are the type of person who likes to be close to their family and can not
deal with being away from their family for long periods of times then you need
to be aware that a traveling nurse can be gone for roughly 6 week periods of
time to much longer. A typical assignment lasts from 6 weeks on up to 52 weeks.
The one plus to this is that you can choose your assignments and choose the
places you are willing to relocate so if you wish to only go a matter of a few
hours away or 2 days away the choice is yours to accept an assignment or not.

Another draw back is that you are on call usually 24 hours a day because you
are living on site, or if you are on a cruise ship assignment your services
will be rendered as needed. For people who wish to work a set schedule this can
sometimes be upsetting to them mentally and physically.

There is sometimes even co-worker resentment to deal with. When a co-worker
finds out you are a traveling nurse they know you are being paid higher for the
same work that they are doing. This sometimes leads to resentment awkward
working situations. The best way to deal with situations like this is to be
pleasant and helpful and to understand that you are there to do a job. A lot of
times it will even have a non traveling nurse look into becoming a traveling
nurse. Lastly one of biggest drawbacks is dealing with two employers.

The agency you work for and the facility that hired the agency to place a nurse
in their employ. Sometimes the provisions in your contract with your agency will
conflict with the regulations that the facility is trying to have you work.

The Nature Of Traveling Nurses

Nursing is the most prominent occupation in the health care profession
nowadays, especially in numbers or practitioners. It is because nursing is the
most sought after career for its nurturing nature and personalized approach. In
these times, where everything is almost computer assisted, having nurses around
to provide that utmost care needed when you are at your lowest is best. What
more if you are in a remote place in your locality? If there will be traveling
nurses around to provide just what you need to make everything in your body all
right, isn't that the best sight as of the moment?

Good thing that there are really traveling nurses nowadays providing the same
important functions for ailing people in remote areas. These nurses also tend
for those that are not able to go to hospitals and institutions downtown. They
provide just the same caring and trained functions as when you go hospitalized.
Some of the health practices they provide are:

* Help mommies bring their babies into the world they belong as well as nurture
  both the mother and baby by providing details on how to take care of 

* They provide medical help to the sick and injured fellows to help them become
  capable again, and keep them stay healthy and strong.

* Physical examinations are also carried out by traveling nurses so as to
  ensure the patients' proper health as well as not to worry about going to the
  nearest public or government hospital.

* Implement by doctors approval the most suitable treatment or medication for
  ailing patients in remote areas.

* Nurses also checks emotional, social, and spiritual conditions of each remote
  patient to ensure that they will be given just the right treatment.

* Nurses teach and counsel patients, as well as family members, and explain
  what they can expect during the recovery process.

* Nurses provide health care teaching and counseling in the community.

* Nurses are tasked to make observation, assessment, evaluation, and records of
  the progress and condition of the patient, and they have to communicate the
  condition of the patient to doctors as well as other members of the health 
  care team.

* Nurses help patients and families determine the best mix of health and social
  services -- hospice, home care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and others.

* Designing and completing activities in relation to quality assurance for
  ensured and appropriate care

* Helping patients with terminal illness to have a dignified death, and they
  help members of the family to cope up with the situation.

With the help of traveling nurses, everyone becomes fit and good for their
daily chores again even if they miss the scheduled hospital day designed
exactly for the locals. And even if you can't visit hospitals because you're
just too busy at work or your business, you won't be missing a most needed
medical check up again.

On the side of the traveling nurses, they are also well compensated and even
provided with additional incentives and hazard pays by doing what they love
most, and that is giving care to many ailing people all through out their
lives. In times that they are not able to go home, they are also provided with
in-between travels dormitories and apartments where they can stop and take a
break. Check out online providers for this type of career.

How to Become a Good Travel Nurse

A good nurse doesn't pursue a nursing because they are lured by the promise of
huge paychecks. Good nurses don't work towards a career in nursing because they
are convinced that they will be able to work short shifts that will leave them
lots of time to spend with their families. Good nurses don't become nurses
because they are looking for careers that require a limited amount of manual
labor. Good nurses don't become nurses because they feel that nursing will be
easier then becoming a doctor. Nurses become nurses because they are compelled
to help sick and injured patients.

There are several things that need to happen before a person can become a
nurse. The first thing they have to do is become enrolled in a educational
program that specializes in nursing. There is currently a shortage of
educational nursing programs which can make it difficult for potential nurses
to get in. If you are somebody who is interested in pursuing a career in
nursing you will want to apply to enroll in a nursing program as early as
possible. Once the student has been accepted into an educational nursing
program the student can choose to pursue a variety of degrees including; an
associates degree, a bachelors degree, a masters degree, or even a nursing

Registered nurses are nurses that access and record patients reactions and
symptoms, and reactions. Once they become registered, nurses are free to pursue
careers in the hospital, home or office. Nurses who are interested in becoming
travel nurses are required to be RN's

Office nurses are nurses who work in a doctor's office. Most office nurses are
responsible for administering medications to patients, prepping the patient for
their examine, and helping to dress wounds. Because office nurses generally work
in doctor's offices, they tend to have a fairly routine work schedule, that
seldom changes from one day

Another type of nurse is a home nurse. A home nurse is a nurse who goes into
someone who needs medical attention (often the elderly) and sees to their
medical needs. In some cases a home nurse will even move into their patients
home, until the patient no longer needs their services. Some home nurses work
as midwifes, and will help parents deliver their children in the comfort of
their own home.

Hospital nurses are, by definition, nurses who work in hospitals. Although some
hospital nurses work a rotating shift that lets them work in several different
departments, but a majority of hospital nurses decide to go into specialized
areas of medicine such as pediatrics, surgery, or emergency.

Registered nurses are nurses that access and record patients reactions and
symptoms, and reactions. Once they become registered, nurses are free to pursue
careers in the hospital, home or office. Nurses who are interested in becoming
travel nurses are required to be RN's. Travel nurses have to spend one year
working at a hospital before most agencies will accept their application. The
year they spend working should be in their chooen field.

Destination Anywhere! The Traveling Nurse

A traveling nurse has much control over their life. They choose where they want
to work and what assignment they want to work for, but do not let that fool you.
There is a process to being accepted for the assignment you want to obtain.

Once you have joined with an agency that you feel suits you best and have been
hired by the agency you will be assigned a personal recruiter who will help you
obtain the assignments that you wish to be employed for. Discuss with your
recruiter exactly what you are looking for in an assignment and the destination
where you want to be employed. It is your recruiter's job to help you obtain
those assignments. She will then match you with the best assignments suitable
for the skills you have already obtained and the choices that you have stated.

When choosing your destination your possibilities are endless. If you are
looking for warmth and beaches you can ask for destinations to be along the
west coast or if you are looking for snow, skiing and the mountains you can
request specifically by state and request that your assignment be in say
Colorado. If you are more of a country girl at heart you can ask for
assignments in rural communities and small towns or if you want nightlife,
glitz and glam your choices are endless with the top biggest cities that our
country has to offer.

After your recruiter has found you an assignment that you feel will suit yours
wants and desires you will then do a telephone interview with the hiring
facility. Your recruiter should help you prepare for your telephone interview
to help you obtain the assignment that you have chosen. Your recruiter will
help you so that you will be prepared and have the best chance to obtain this

Once the facility has accepted you for the assignment the fun begins! The next
step will be for you to obtain any of the licensure process or credentialing
requirements that you may need for your assignments state. Most states offer a
temporary license that is fairly easy to obtain quickly. Remember your travel
nurse agency has been working with nurses, facilities and different states for
as long as they have been in a business and the top agencies will know exactly
what you need to do and how to go about getting the work done so that you will
have no problems in obtaining your license in the state of your assignment.

After your acceptance your housing will start to be worked out so that when the
times comes for you to go on to your new assignment your utilities will already
be on and your new home during the assignment will be ready for your occupancy.
Your travel nurse agency will help you with any details or problems that you
will have a long the way to make sure your move into your new assignment goes
as smoothly as it possibly can.

Along the way your private recruiter or someone from your agency will be
keeping in touch with you to make sure everything is working out smoothly for
you. Remember you are not a long and your agency is always a phone call away.

Selecting a Reliable Travel Nursing Agency

Travel nurses do not find employment working at various hospitals by
themselves. They find employment when they have their application accepted at a
travel nursing agency. Travel nursing agencies are agencies that match available
travel nursing employment up with available travel nurses. Because their
financial fate hinges on the nursing travel agency, it is important that travel
nurses find a good agency.

The first thing travel nurses have to consider is that it is the travel nursing
agency, not the hospital, that pays their salary. The hospital cuts a check to
the agency, who then uses that money to pay the travel nurse. Before applying
at the travel nursing agency the nurse should ask how often they will be
receiving checks from the agency, do they get paid weekly, monthly, bi-weekly,
or do they only get paid when the job has been completed. It is important to
know how often you can plan on receiving a check so that you will be able to
plan a budget. Talk to other nurses who are employed through the agency, find
out how happy they are with the agency's payment plan.

Try to find out how often travel nurses employed through the agency are
working. Are they able to find employment twelve months a year if they want it,
or do they find that they have long periods of idleness in between jobs. If the
travel nurses who are working through the travel nursing agency have long
periods between jobs find out if that is due to personal choice or a lack of
available travel nursing positions.

When you are considering a potential travel nursing agency find out what their
policy is for travel expenses. Some travel nurse agency's pay the travel
expenses of their nurses, other agencies deduct the cost of traveling out of
the travel nurse's salary. Some agencies even have a policy that requires the
travel nurse to pay their own travel expenses. Other agencies provide a
traveling allowance, they provide a certain amount of money for the nurse to
travel to their new job, if the nurse's ravel expenses exceeds that amount the
nurse is responsible for the additional cost. Travel nurses typically drive to
their new jobs but on some occasions they choose to fly. The way that the
travel nurse agency handles the nurse's travel expenses will make a big
difference in how the travel nurse budgets.

Talk to the travel nurses who are already employed by the agency about the
living arrangements. Most travel nursing agencies find housing for their
nurses. Talk to the other travel nurses about how accessible the hospitals are
to the housing. Find out if the housing is typically well furnished. Ask if the
housing facility's are kept clean or if the agency just looks for the cheapest
possible place.

Other things that you might want to consider asking before you select a travel
nurse agency is how long nurses typically remain with the agency. You will want
to find out how long the agency has been in business. You will also want to know
if your pay rate and hours are guaranteed. Ask the agency what types of benefits
they offer their travel nurses.

Choosing the Right Agency: Travel Nurses

When its time to choose the right agency to which you will become employed with
what exactly do you look for? First look for an agency that has the values you
want to instill in your nursing career. It's most important to make sure the
agency you are working for treats there employees good and is there for their
employees when there employees need guidance. Look for an agency that offers 24
hour support for any of your possible needs that may arise.

You will also want to make sure the agency you choose is well known and
respected and those they have a viable databank of jobs available for you to
choose your assignments from. You want to make sure the benefit packages that
the agency offer are competitive to what other agencies are offering.

Does the agency offer medical malpractice insurance? Is it free? Do they offer
you sign on bonuses, medical benefits, travel reimbursement? Travel
reimbursement is one of the top things you will want to look for since this can
be come costly to pick up and move when your assignment is over and move on to
the next one.

First you need to ask yourself what exactly are you looking for the agency to
offer you as an employee from there you can make a list and then start to
research into different agencies and find the one that best suits your needs
and desires.

When contacting agencies never be afraid to ask them certain question you feel
may be important. If an agency is not willing to respond to your questions or
give you the time of day before you are hired that is a big indicator that you
could have trouble down the line with this agency when you may truly need
guidance and help. You may at that point want to keep looking into other

Choosing the right agency is essential as you plan for successful and fruitful
career in becoming a traveling nurse. You can also ask an agency if they would
be willing to put you into touch with other nurses who work with their agency
to see if travel nursing is the way for you to go. Then you can talk to other
nurses and see if they are comfortable working for the agency and ask them how
any problems have been handled.

If an agency acts in a professional helpful manor the whole time this is a good
indication the agency cares about their employees and will do what is necessary
for you.

Other important information is to find out how long the agency has been in
business, do they carry any awards or licenses? How do the facilities that use
them regard the agency? Ask to view a contract before you agree to any hiring
process. You may also want to find out how your personal information is treated
and will you be dealing with a team of people or will you have more interaction
with say just a few people. Sometimes the more individual treatment is more
important to some then to others.

When you feel fully comfortable that you have found the right agency for you
then comes the time to sign up and begin your rewarding journey into becoming a
traveling nurse.

Be Part of a Big Traveling Nurses Association

With the ever growing popularity of travel nursing, some are confused on what
really is the job of traveling nurses. So what is travel nursing anyway? Well,
in its simplest form, travel nursing refers to providing nursing services for a
short term assignments to medical facilities that lack nurses.

With the shortage of nurses across the country, various hospitals and medical
centers have introduced this alternative way that will answer the shortage
issues. The assignments of traveling nurses are made through agencies that
specialize in travel nursing.

The agency normally provides the nurse with top dollar paychecks as well as
other very good benefits like housing and travel expenses, licensing
assistance, and payroll services. The hospital temporarily fills the position
and the traveling nurse gets paid above the market wages.

With this great option for nurses, they are given the opportunity to travel
anywhere while still having to accomplish their nursing job.

In order for a travelling nurse to get good compensation, better assignments,
and have a stable financial success, it is necessary to join a traveling nurses
association. This association is comprised of members of the medical profession.

They will provide and protect the every need of a travel nurse, preventing them
from being underpaid and all other unwanted cases. They shall be the one
responsible for guaranteeing the welfare of every traveling nurse. Below are
the basic roles of travelling nurse associations:

* Provide travel information to nurses.

* Provide information to nurses and health care professionals about their
traveling assignments.

* Provide job placement opportunities.

* Offer substantial discounts for members at major hotels, car rental agencies,
and resorts.

* Provide members with a complete list of approved travel industry suppliers
such as travel agents, airlines, vendors, and cruise ship companies.

* Ensure that all nurses that are members of the association are licensed and

The traveling nurses association generally follows the state's Federal
Regulations that requires hospitals that are certified to participate in
Medicare to have sufficient number of licensed registered nurses, licensed
practical nurses, and other health personnel that are capable of providing
nursing care to all patients whenever needed. This means that staffing of
nurses is necessary and must be strictly done to meet the patient's needs.

If you are a traveling nurse and wanted to get the best job and the location
you want, let your traveling nurses association help you out. You can also do
the smart move of finding a reputable travel nursing agency that will provide
you exactly what you want.

Since it is a fact that travel nursing is a very competitive business and
agencies do all the possible ways to make themselves known, it is not
impossible to find and be on the job you want.

One way to get your dream travel nursing job is to ask for a recommendation to
your colleague who has already worked a travel assignment. With the huge
competition, it is an edge to get a good recommendation for an easy travel
nursing job hunting.

Being a member of a big traveling nurses association, you will surely get
instant access to the most powerful nursing job search database available in
the internet. With just a click from your mouse, searching to find the best
assignments that match your specialty will be at hand. Not just that, you are
also guaranteed to get the advantage of excellent services and benefits that no
other careers could offer you.

A Day in the Life of a Traveling Nurse

Depending on the assignment a traveling nurse accepts her day can be filled
with the hustle and bustle of a busy emergency room or the laid back floor of
people on the mend. The choice of course as to what assignment a traveling
nurse will be doing is up to the traveling nurse themselves!

Usually a traveling nurse's assignment is only temporary and s/he will work in
a variety of clinical settings. Jobs can last from a week or to as long as the
employed nurse is willing to work. As a traveling nurse you can work anywhere
in the country and you are able to expand on your skills. By expending on your
skills you will be able to further your nursing career.

As a traveling nurse the nurse gets to decide which assignment they wish to
accept. They are given the opportunities to not only help where needed but to
travel the world and tackle various jobs in the nursing field. As a traveling
nurse though sometimes the job is a little more detailed, a traveling nurse is
required to fill out paperwork, move around from assignment to assignment,
negotiate their contract provisions to name a few.

Traveling nurses are need for various jobs, Have you ever wanted to cruise
around the world? Well did you know a cruise ship could not leave a port unless
there is a doctor or nurse on board? This is an excellent opportunity for a
nurse would loves cruises and wishes to take their passion for cruising and
their passion for nursing and blend them into a career and lifestyle.

Hospitals are also hurriedly erected in areas of disaster. These places are
always looking for nurses to travel to the area and help in times of crisis.
Think of the Katrina hurricane, medical attention was needed in the area and
many traveling nurses where employed for this medical disaster.

A traveling nurse's job can sometimes be more rewarding and challenging then
day to day nursing jobs. You are learning new skills, sometimes under pressure
in emergency situations. You are going to foreign areas that you are not
familiar with and learning new techniques and styles of doing things.
Procedures may not be the same from area to area so as a traveling nurse you
are constantly learning. It's not only a job but a full time education.

Depending on the length of some assignments and the need some agencies will pay
a traveling nurse up to 3,000 to take an assignment, they include these bonuses
as an incentive to pull in nurses where they are highly needed. Some agencies
even pay for the traveling nurses traveling expensive for their relocation,
housing and basic utilities. Some agencies will even offer you other incentives
while you are employed with their agency. When you are searching for the right
place of employment its best to search out agencies and become aware of exactly
what an agency offers and get everything in writing.

A traveling nurse experiences the excitement of working in various areas of
nursing, the fun and excitement of traveling to new and exotic area while she
aids in the treatment of helping people medically.

Who Makes a Good Travel Nurse

On some levels working as a professional travel nurse looks like the ideal job.
It provides nurses with an opportunity to live and work in different parts of
the country. They can interact with new people. Travel nurses pull in an
excellent salary. They make friends all over the country. They can move south
in the winter, and north in the summer. If they feel like taking a few months
off, they don't have to worry about explaining things to their bosses, they
just give themselves a few months to improve their mental health before they
accept a new assignment. Travel nurses claim that their jobs gives them an
opportunity to re-establish their patient focused medicine. Nurses have
excellent medical and dental benefits. Who wouldn't want to be a travel nurse?

The reality is that not every person who comes out of a nursing program is not
suitable for a career as a travel nurse.

When you are considering a life as a travel nurse you have to ask yourself if
you really like to travel. The life of a travel nurse is serious, hard core
traveling. Travel nurses are constantly on the move, going from one state to
another, taking assignment after assignment. All the moving around eventually
takes a toll on the body and soul.

Bear in mind that travel nurses are working, this is not an extended family
vacation, they aren't back packing across Europe. While they are on an
assignment travel nurses are on a schedule. They are expected to report to
work, on time, at the beginning of each one of their shifts. While they are
working they are dealing with sick and injured people. They are expected to
give one hundred and ten percent of themselves while they are working. Travel
nurses go away to work, not to party.

Do you have an easy time making new friends. Travel nurses are constantly going
to cities and towns where they are strangers. They don't know anyone in these
places. In order for their experience to be positive they have to have a talent
for turning complete strangers into close friends.

Nurses that have a significant other may have a hard time adjusting to life as
a travel nurse. Unless the significant other is able to travel from one
location to another it is difficult to stay together as a couple. One
circumstance when travel nursing does work when a couple decides to work in
tandem and are able to find nursing assignments in the same hospitals and
medical facility's.

Before you sign with a nursing agency decide if you can tolerate moving away
from your family, friends, and pets. Working as a travel nurse is going to
require you to spend several months away from your home town.

Carefully consider all the requirement and responsibilities expected from a
travel nurse before you sign with a nursing agency. Qualities that a good
travel nurse should embrace are a zest for adventure, a strong work ethic,
confidence in their medical knowledge, and a gregarious personality. If you are
a nurse with at least one year of experience working in a hospital and feel that
you would make and excellent travel nurse start placing your application at

Where to Find a Home Nurse

When a doctor tells an adult child that their elderly parent needs round the
clock care the child's first though might be to place their parent in a nursing
home. This isn't necessarily a bad idea. A majority of the nations nursing homes
hire competent and caring employees, there is normally a nurse on duty, the
patients receive their medications in a timely fashion, and nursing homes
provide their patients with the opportunity to interact with other patients.

On the other hand there is the option of hiring a home nurse. Many home nurses
care for their patients for a
few hours a week or even on a daily basis. They come into the home at an
appointed time and make sure that the patient is in good health, taking their
medication, and following the doctors orders. However in cases where round the
clock care is required, there are home nurses who will move into the patient's
spare bedroom where they can keep a watchful eye on their patients at all times.

It is not unusual for the family to decide that a home nurse is the option they
prefer to take, this is especially true when is doubtful that the patient has
long to live. The next problem is finding a home nurse to move into the
patient's home.

The first thing the family needs to know is that, when round the clock care is
required, more then one home nurse will be needed. Most of the times a family
has to hire multiple nurses that then arrange to work in shifts. By working on
a rotation nurses are able to stay alert and watchful while they are with their
patient. Working in shifts also allows the nurses an opportunity to have a
private life where they can take a break from their medical duties.

Where can you find a batch of home nurses that are capable of tending to your
elderly parent's medical needs?

One of the people who can make a few suggestions about where you can start
looking for reliable home nurses is your parent's physician. The doctor should
be able to make a few recommendations of nurses and nursing agencies that can
match your parent up with a group of reliable and personable nurses that you
can confidently welcome into your home.

If your parent's physician has predicted that it is doubtful that your parent
will live past a certain point you can contact your state's hospice. They will
be able to help you make arrangements for your parent's care and can help you
find reliable home nurses.

Check and see if there are any nursing agencies in your immediate area. If you
are unable to locate a nursing agency that specializes in home nurses in your
local area, you might try contacting a nursing agency that specializes in
travel nurses.

If, for whatever reason, the nurses that you hire do not work out, contact the
agency immediately. Be friendly and polite when you explain your families
reason's for requesting a replacement.

What's Better for an Elderly Parent-A Nursing Home or Home Nurse

As parents age they usually develop a wide variety of ailments that slow them
down and make day to day living difficult. As they continue to age and their
physical conditions worsen, their children find that they are taking on an ever
increasing share of the responsibility of caring for their elderly parent. At
some point a majority of these children realize that at some point their
parent's health has deteriorated to a point that the child can no longer take
care of the parent. At least not by themselves. When this happen the child has
to decide if their elderly parent would better off in a nursing home or if
moving a nurse into the home would be a better option.

Nursing homes are great because they provide twenty-four hour round the clock
care. Most nursing homes hire competent and caring people. Your parent will
receive three well balanced meals, receive their medications in a timely
fashion, and have the benefit of a social life. The down side to nursing homes
is that it is sometimes difficult to visit your elderly parent. It is also
difficult to decide if moving your elderly parent from their familiar
surroundings and into an unfamiliar nursing home will cause their parents
condition to worsen at a more rapid rate.

A home nurse is a nurse who is trained to come into a patients home and care
for them. They are responsible for making sure that the patient continues with
their physical therapy and takes all their medications.

Some home nurses come into the home for just a few hours a day to check their
patients overall health and to help them take their medication. These nurses
are typically paid an hourly rate and usually don't move into the home.

Some people hire a home nurse to help patients rehabilitate after surgery.
These nurses come into a home and check that the patient is proceeding with
their physical therapy, that they are eating, that their spirits are high, and
that they are taking their medications and painkillers, and to answer any
questions that the patient might have. This type of home nurse could be at a
patients homes seven days a week or as seldom as once a week. This type of home
nurse is typically employed by a hospital or medical facility. The facility pays
the nurse and then bills the patient or the patients insurance company.

In some case doctors recommend that their patients recommend that a patient
needs twenty-four hour, round the clock care. In these cases, a home nurse
normally move into the patients home. The home nurse typically sleeps in the
patients spare bedroom. They help arrange doctor's appointments, make sure the
patient is following a strict diet, they see that the patient is taking all
their medications, and make sure that the patient doesn't seem to becoming
depressed over their condition.

It is not unusual for a home nurse who moves into a patients house and become a
valued member of the family.

Turning a Temporary Travel Nurse Position Into a Permanent Job

For the most part the life of a travel nurse seems to be for nurse that are in
the dawn of their careers before they relationships, families, and other
responsibilities that force them to find permanent employment. The other time
that many nurses become interested in an occupation as a travel nurse is
towards the end of their careers, after their children move out of the house,
leaving their parents free to pursue nomadic whims.

It happens, especially to the younger nurses, that they are working at a travel
nurse assignment and find that they fall in love with the city they are in, they
adore their co-workers, or they find the job so rewarding they want to keep it.

When a nurse finds an assignment that they don't want to give up is consider
the contract they signed with their nursing agency. If they signed a contract
that has a time line it is going to be difficult to get out of the contract and
accept a permanent working position. Nurses that have long term, binding
contracts with an agency will probably find that they have to work as a travel
nurse long enough to fulfill their contract. Once they have worked out the
terms of their contract they can go back to the hospital or medical facility
that they enjoyed so much and seek a permanent position.

Sometimes travel nurses will find out that the temporary position they are
currently filling is just that, temporary. For whatever reason the job was
created on a one time basis and no matter how badly the travel nurse may want
it at a permanent position it just isn't possible. When this happens the travel
nurse has two options. They can decide if it is the hospital they like working
at, or maybe they just really like the city, or perhaps they really click with
their current batch of co-workers, or they feel that the job they are doing is
tailor made for them (and it really might be). If they look at all their
options and decide that it's the hospital or their fellow nurses that appeal to
them they can apply for a permanent position in the hospital. If the travel
nurse decides that it isn't necessarily the hospital, the staff, or the
position that appeals to them they might want to consider looking for a
hospital in a similar location.

If, after you have looked at all the options and decide that it really is the
position that is making you consider exchanging your nomadic shoes for a more
permanent pair, talk to your nursing agency, even if you have a long-term,
binding contract, the agency will be able to keep and eye peeled and look for
similar positions. If you are at a point in your life when you are able to
accept a permanent position look at other hospitals across the country. Just
because the hospital you were working at only offered the position on a
temporary basis doesn't mean that other hospitals wont have the position
available on a permanent basis.

The main reason that younger travel nurses give up their careers as travel
nurses in favor of more permanent positions because they are tired of
traveling, they are ready to start a family, or other members of their family
need them at home. When its time to find a permanent position keep an
optimistic attitude, you'll find the right position.

Traveling Nurses: The pay and the benefits

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a traveling nurse not to mention top
pay in a very high demanding field. There is a huge demand in the nursing
profession and travel nurses are placed in areas around the country to fill
those vacancies.

A quick overview of all the benefits you may find when becoming a travel nurse
is listed below. These benefits are just a few of the many rewarding benefits
you will experience.


As a traveling nurse you are reimbursed for all your travel expenses from
moving to and from each assignment. Some agencies cover gas mileage while some
will offer up to 650 for air travel expense. Most agencies have worked it in a
way that your travel expensive is tax free.


While on assignment your housing is paid for including your basic utilities.
Private housing usually includes a one bedroom apartment close to your
assignment that is full furnished. If your needs are greater then a 1 bedroom
then you may have to pay a small portion towards your special housing needs.
You can also choose to live in your own accommodations that you find yourself
and will be given a housing allowance based on area of assignment. Some of the
communities that travel nurses are placed in include gyms, pools, spas and
clubhouses. You can even travel with your spouse, children or pets. Depending
on your needs your agency will help you obtain the housing that you need to
suit your lifestyle.

Retirement Plans:

Most agencies will offer you some kind of retirement plan, a 401K or something
of that nature. You will want to see if the agency you work matches your

Medical, Dental and Eye Insurance:

Most of the top agencies will offer you medical, dental and eye insurance at no
cost to you. Your dependent coverage will depend on the company and is usually
available for a minimal fee. You are usually offered a choice of plans that you
can choose from that will suit your lifestyle and needs.

Top Rate Pays:

As a traveling nurse you will be opened up to a higher pay level then if you
where a non-travel nurse. As a traveling nurse you can obtain hourly pay up to
$60.00 per hour depending on the assignment and the location of the assignment.

Sign on Bonuses:

Depending on the type of assignment available and the demand for the position
to be filled some facilities will offer a sign on bonus. A sign on bonus can
range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars easy.
Some agencies will even offer you a sign on bonus to sign on with their
agencies. As the needs in the nursing field grow more agencies are looking to
fill positions.

Completion Bonus:

Although not as common as the sign on bonuses some agencies will offer a
completion bonus for when you complete an assignment.

Referral Bonus:

Some agencies also offer their employees a referral bonus when they have
someone sign up with the agency and say that their employee referred them to
the agency. Sign on bonuses can range from a hundred to a thousand dollars.
Some agencies have even offered more for their referral bonuses.

Traveling Nurses Recruiters: Finding the Right Recruiter

Travel nursing is becoming one of the fastest growing professions nowadays.
This is no surprise since this career offers good-sized pay while you are given
the opportunity to travel and see new places while practicing your profession.
If you are a licensed nurse who loves to travel and takes pleasure in new
experiences, then this is the job that fits you.

Travel nursing allows you to stay on vacation for two to six months in free
lavish accommodations while at the same time earning top dollars in hourly
wages. But despite all these advantages, some travel nurses shied away from the
traveling profession because of bad experiences to some traveling nurses
recruiters like they are being underpaid or they have been deprived from

Also, many travel nurses have complained because of inadequate housing or
recruiters who were not pro employees. This has resulted to nurses jumping from
one recruiter or agency to another.

With this issue, it is important to choose the right traveling nurses
recruiters that are willing to help nurses find their desired job locations,
compensation, and good benefits. So how can you actually find the right travel
nurse recruiter? Because recruiters and agencies are the keeper of the keys for
travel nurses, they should be able to offer lucrative and exotic travel

Traveling nurses recruiters have contracted with healthcare facilities across
the country to provide qualified and experienced nurses within their medical
facilities. This normally lasts for a 13 week assignments. With many travel
nurse positions to fill, recruiters are required to attract qualified nurses to
fill these needs.

In this situation, since you are in demand, you will be offered with good
benefits. With the tight competition among the travel nursing agencies, the
perks are always upgraded so as to lure you and encourage you to work stay with

But you see, it is not just the benefits that are upgraded but more importantly
the service that they are going to offer you. You play a great role for all
traveling nurses recruiters. You are their lifeblood since without you, they
will not exist.

So what are the vital factors to be considered in choosing traveling nurses
recruiters? Well, first, it is important that you "hitch your wagon" to the
winner. This is necessary since the travel company you choose will be your
employer throughout your assignment.

So what is the edge of a winner? It is basically how they take care of you and
assist you to all your needs. Do they listen to your personal ambitions and
targets? Do they provide you with good options that you are exactly looking for?

When it comes to assessing traveling nurses recruiters and agencies, it is
important to note that the real deal is on how they handle your concerns.
Things just happened no matter how well you have planned your travel.

This is where you can measure up the dedication and concern of your recruiter
-- from handling your concerns to ensuring your welfare. This is the ultimate
quality of a "keeper". Make some background check to know the reputation of
your prospect recruiter.

Ask those who have already gone thru this recruiter, ask the company for
references from travelers who have already been with them, and ask how was
their experience with them. How was the housing, basic expenses, or was the
paycheck was timely? If the answers are all positive, then you have just found
the traveling nurse recruiter that you need.

Travel Nursing - Working in Different States

When you were going to school to become a nurse you were probably told several
times that each individual state requires its very own license in order for an
individual to practice medicine. You are probably already licensed to nurse in
the state where you became accredited, that is probably the same state that you
plan on working as a nurse. However if you are a travel nurse you don't know
what state you should be licensed in.

Each state has its own set of policies and laws when it comes to travel nurses.
Some states have a grace period, a period of time that a nurse can work in the
state without a medical license, provided they are certified nurses in some
state. In some states this grace period is a mere thirty day, in other states
it can be ninety days. It varies from state to state. Some states will even
award a temporary nursing license for the duration of the job.

Before accepting a job, do your homework, a quick Internet search is a quick
and efficient way learn what the state you are considering working in requires
in the way of licensing. After reading decide if you are qualified to work in
the state. If you aren't qualified decide how big a hassle will it be to become 
qualified and then decide if the job is worth the hassle.

The nice thing about being a travel nurse is that you work through a travel
nursing agency. The agency typically helps match jobs to your personality,
provides you with a travel and housing allowance, makes sure you paychecks
arrive in an orderly fashion, and makes sure you are qualified for each and
every position you take.

The people who are in charge of your travel nursing agency know each individual
states requirements for practicing medicine within their state lines. They know
if you can work in the state for a certain amount of time without a license and
they know if you have to get a license before you start working. Best of all
they know the names and phone numbers of the people to contact if you aren't
yet qualified to work as a nurse in a particular state. The people who run your
travel nursing agency know how to get a license for a state in and efficient and
expedient fashion. They can make the whole process painless. The people who are
in charge of the nursing agency should know, maybe even faster then you will,
what you need to accept a job.

If the agency tells you that you have to get a license in order to practice
medicine in a certain state, find out how much getting the license will cost
and know who pays the fee, you or your agency.

After being granted permission to work in a state find out how long you can
legally practice medicine in the state. This information is especially
important if you are working on a grace period. You don't want to get arrested
for practicing medicine without a license because you spent a few extra days

If you had to become licensed before you were allowed to practice medicine,
find out how long the license is good for. This could be useful information
when you decide its time to hang up your traveling shoes and become a permanent

Travel Nursing With a Friend

Working as a travel nurse can be a fun career that is filled with new faces and
exciting adventures. Working as a travel nurse can also be a very lonely

Travel nurses are nurses who make a living traveling from hospital to medical
facility, moving from state to state. Traveling nurses temporarily fill
positions at hospitals and medical facilities for a short period of time.
Typically travel nurses work at an assignment for three to six months before
they move onto another position. If a travel nurse works several back to back
assignments if can be years before they get back to their home town to spend
quality time with family and friends.

One way to alleviate the loneliness is to work tandem with a friend. Two
nursing friends, often a pair who went through nursing school together, joins a
agency that specializes in finding positions for travel nurses at the same time.
Once their applications have been accepted at the agency the two friends scan
the agency's available jobs and find two assignments available at the same
hospital or medical facility. If they are unable to find jobs in the same
facility the friends might be able to find assignments in the same town.

Travel nurses that work in pairs know that when they leave on a new assignment
that they will see at least on friendly face when they get to a new town in a
new state. When they start their new job they know that there will be at least
one person who is willing to listen to them complain or rejoice about their new
co-workers. Travel nurses who work together are able to offer each other a
shoulder to cry on when everything seems to go wrong.

A benefit to friends working together as travel nurses is the ability to share
travel expenses. Most travel nurses shun flying, preferring to drive from a
completed assignment to their new assignment. Driving from assignment to
assignment means that travel nurses came save the expense of renting a car.
Friends that are both travel nurses can drive together to the new assignment
can split the cost of gas and share hotel rooms.

Friends who work together as travel nurse can also save money by sharing living
expenses. Not only can the friends split the cost of the monthly rent, the pair
can also split the utilities and the cost of groceries. When you are going to
be living together tell your nursing agency and let them know that you will be
sharing the housing, this could mean that the agency looks for a bigger space.
If you are going to be rooming together remember that the apartments nursing
agencies generally find for their travel nurses are small. Be prepared for
tight living quarters. The space becomes even tighter if one of you has a pet.

Having a friend with you will give you someone to go out with while you are in
an unfamiliar city. The experiences you share will strengthen the bonds of your

Some nursing agencies report that they have had a great deal of success with
spouses who work and travel together as travel nurses.

The Travel Nurse and the Pet

There are numerous perks to being a travel nurse. You get to see the many
different and varied parts of the country, you tend to enjoy a larger salary
then your stay at home contemporaries, if you can't stand your co-workers you
at least have the knowledge that you'll only have to deal with them for a short
period of time before you can move onto a whole new set of co-workers. Most
travel nurses have great dental and health plans. You are constantly expanding
on your working educations. You get to work with a wide variety of patients.
Your traveling expenses are usually paid either by your travel nursing agency
or your temporary employer. You seldom have to worry about finding a new home.
You are making new friends all over the country. In some cases if you and your
best friend are both travel nurses you can work side by side with a familiar
face. The benefits are lucrative. You are probably part of a great reward
program. Your temporary housing is fully furnished.

The down side to travel nursing is if you are a pet lover. The lifestyle of a
travel nurse is not well suited for keeping a pet of your own.

One of the big reasons you will probably have to find a new home for your dog
and/or cat is all the traveling you will be doing. It is difficult and
stressful for a dog or cat to be constantly moving from one part of the country
to the next. Some pets are more adaptable then others. if your pet has a
difficult time dealing with change, dragging it along on your cross country
journeys could potentially shorten its life.

Consider the expense of traveling with your pet. The travel nursing agency
typically makes sure that your travel expenses are paid for but that doesn't
mean that they will be willing to pay your pet's travel expenses. More then
likely your dog or cat's plane ticket will come out of your pocket.

Travel nurses are generally provided with fully furnished housing that is close
to the hospital or medical office that they are going to be working in. This
housing is normally in the form of a hotel room or a short rent apartment. On
the average this type of housing does not allow pets because pets shred
curtains, chew on furniture, ruin carpets, and expose other tenets to
allergens. If you insist on taking your pet along, you might find that you are
going to have to find your very own housing, housing that will allow you to
keep a pet.

Pets, especially dogs, require a lot of your attention. This is especially true
after you have transplanted them from the home they know into a home in a
different part of the world. You will probably be working long hours. Do you
really want to have to take your dog for a walk and play with it when you
finally get home.

If you decide that your new lifestyle is not fair to your pet, talk to your
friends and family, find out if someone is willing to take your beloved pet
into their own home provided that you pay their expenses. This will give you
piece of mind knowing that your pet is in good hands while you are away from
home, and will let you see them when you return home between jobs.

Picking a Specialty Before your pursue a Career as a Travel Nurse

Just like doctors, once they have completed most of their educational
requirements nurses generally choose a specialty. Some nurses prefer to work in
a small doctor's office, other nurses like the hustle and bustle of working in a
busy hospital. Deciding the type of atmosphere you would like to work in will
help you decide what type of specialty you should start pursuing. Nurses who
are interested in spending time working as travel nurses need to choose a
specialty so that the travel nurse agency they are hired by will have an easier
time placing them at various locations.

Before a nursing student can settle on a specialty they need to do some
research about each available specialty and choose one that best suits their
interests and makes the best use of their individual personalities. There are
many various specialties for students to choose from, they include; Ambulatory
care, emergency care, occupational health, critical care nurses, holistic
nurses, and home health care.

Nurses who pursue careers in ambulatory care are not nurses who ride around in
ambulances. Nurses who specialize in ambulatory care are nurses who work at
helping treat a multitude of illnesses and injuries. It isn't unusual for
ambulatory nurses to expand their career to include video conferencing. It is
often ambulatory nurses who can be found teaching educational courses.

Emergency care nurses are nurses who work in the emergency room. Emergency care
nurses see patients who are suffering from strokes, heart attacks, severe
injuries, and sudden illnesses. Some nurses who specialize in emergency care go
on to get a helicopter pilots license so that they can fly the hospitals
helicopter and pick up and transport patients to different hospitals. Emergency
nurses see a variety of illnesses and injuries on a daily basis.

Occupational health nurses are nurses who work with patients that have been
injured while they were working. It is not unusual for a business to hire the
services of an occupational health nurse to come into their work area and
identify any potentially dangerous issues. Occupational health nurses often
have a close working relationship with OSHA.

Critical care nurses are exactly what they sound like, nurses who work in the
critical care unit. These nurses take care of patients that are recovering from
severe injuries, heart attack victims, and severely ill patients. Critical care
nurses need to have steady nerves and have to be able to maintain their
composure in all situations.

Holistic nurses are nurses who take care of a patients spiritual needs while
providing services such as aroma therapy and acupuncture. These nurses are
typically long on patience and have good communications skills.

Nurses who seek jobs that let them take care of rehabilitating patients after a
patient returns home are called home care nurses. In some cases these nurse will
actually move into the patients house in order to take care of the patients
medical needs. Some home nurses, who take care of chronic health issues, work
through hospice offices.

Nothing Beats Delphi Traveling Nurses Forum

Forums are usually the place to be when looking for the best answers and
information regarding a concern. Since a single forum cannot accommodate all
the concerns worldwide, sub forums for topics are then opened to suffice every
need and yearning.

One of these many is the Delphi traveling nurses forum. This forum or chatroom
has the intention of providing a free discussion of the ins and outs of being a
traveling nurse in Delphi and/or everything that goes around the job. But how do
you actually join this forum?

It's actually easy and free, here are simple steps for you to follow:

1.) Sign up.

This is the basic requisite for you to become a member in an ongoing forum or
domain where a forum is being help. You will have to provide a user name and a
password. These will be your lifetime name and password in the domain or forum
so have it etched mentally for future use. This information will be locked in a
data bank where you can request information anytime you miss yours.

2.) Join a conversation or a forum.

Make a choice from the many topics available. In your case, you have to join
the Delphi traveling nurses forum to get on with your inquiries and concerns.

3.) Post comments or suggestions.

You can also make your own comments, answers or suggestions in the forum by
clicking the 'reply' or 'comment' panels. After typing the answer or anything
you want to say, you have to click the 'post' button to have it posted into the

4.) Start a conversation.

Chatter or even new members can make his/her conversation or topic forum by
clicking on the 'new topic'. After making your remarks, inquiry, or comment,
click 'post' and then wait for other chatters to reply on your post.

5.) Log off when you want to exit the forum.

It is important to say goodbye to your chat mates once you want to cal it a
day. Doing so will let the conversant know that you are just to take a break
and be back after a day. If you don't, they will think you are already off the
forum and will receive negative reputation.

You can log in to your Delphi traveling nurses forum domain anytime even after
you log off or leave the domain. You can then start another conversation or
reply on the forums already going.

One good tip you have to bear in mind when in the forum is to check out the Hot
Assignments forum. This will help you get new notices regarding good assignments
that are complemented with good compensation package. But then you have to make
sure that you also signify in this forum as well to get noticed and become a
lifetime member.

Also, it is valuable to get contacts as this forum is full of meaning health
care practitioners. Only that some are also phony so you have to be very
careful in choosing friends among its many members. Now, there will be lots of
forums online where you can join and discuss with your fellow nurses. Be
careful though in choosing a credible forum that you can join.

Some forums can be the doing of scammers who just want to deceive people. It
will be a waste of time and effort to join such forums.

Is a Traveling Nurse Job Right for You

Depending on the assignment a traveling nurse accepts her day can be filled
with the hustle and bustle of a busy emergency room or the laid back floor of
people on the mend. The choice of course as to what assignment a traveling
nurse will be doing is up to the traveling nurse themselves!

Usually a traveling nurse's assignment is only temporary and s/he will work in
a variety of clinical settings. Jobs can last from a week or to as long as the
employed nurse is willing to work. As a traveling nurse you can work anywhere
in the country and you are able to expand on your skills. By expending on your
skills you will be able to further your nursing career.

As a traveling nurse the nurse gets to decide which assignment they wish to
accept. They are given the opportunities to not only help where needed but to
travel the world and tackle various jobs in the nursing field. As a traveling
nurse though sometimes the job is a little more detailed, a traveling nurse is
required to fill out paperwork, move around from assignment to assignment,
negotiate their contract provisions to name a few.

Traveling nurses are need for various jobs, Have you ever wanted to cruise
around the world? Well did you know a cruise ship could not leave a port unless
there is a doctor or nurse on board? This is an excellent opportunity for a
nurse would loves cruises and wishes to take their passion for cruising and
their passion for nursing and blend them into a career and lifestyle.

Hospitals are also hurriedly erected in areas of disaster. These places are
always looking for nurses to travel to the area and help in times of crisis.
Think of the Katrina hurricane, medical attention was needed in the area and
many traveling nurses where employed for this medical disaster.

A traveling nurse's job can sometimes be more rewarding and challenging then
day to day nursing jobs. You are learning new skills, sometimes under pressure
in emergency situations. You are going to foreign areas
that you are not familiar with and learning new techniques and styles of doing
things. Procedures may not be the same from area to area so as a traveling
nurse you are constantly learning. It's not only a job but a full time

Depending on the length of some assignments and the need some agencies will pay
a traveling nurse up to 3,000 to take an assignment, they include these bonuses
as an incentive to pull in nurses where they are highly needed. Some agencies
even pay for the traveling nurses traveling expensive for their relocation,
housing and basic utilities. Some agencies will even offer you other incentives
while you are employed with their agency. When you are searching for the right
place of employment its best to search out agencies and become aware of exactly
what an agency offers and get everything in writing.

Housing the Travel Nurse

Travel nurses travel all over the country working in various hospitals and
medical facility's for short periods of time before they move onto a different
job. Working as a travel nurse lets them see various parts of the country,
provides them with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, introduces
them to new friends. Many travel nurses claim that working as a travel nurse
gives them a renewed sense of patient focused nursing.

One concern nurses have when they are considering perusing a career in travel
nursing is housing. They want to know where they will live while they are
working in an unfamiliar part of the country. They want to know how they are
going to be paying for their housing. They also want to know if the housing
will be safe and clean.

Normally the agency the travel nurse works for is responsible for finding the
travel nurses housing. They try to make sure that the housing is close to the
facility that the travel nurse will be working at. They should make an effort
to find housing that is comfortably furnished and is clean. The type of housing
that most nursing agencies look for is furnished apartments that are available
for a short term lease.

Financing the travel nurse's housing can vary from one agency to the next. Some
nursing agencies give the travel nurse a living allowance while other agencies
expect the nurses to pay for their housing themselves. Travel nurses need to
read their contract carefully so that they will know whether or not they have
to add housing into their budget.

Before a travel nurse enters into an agreement with a nursing agency they need
to talk to other travel nurses that the agency already employs. Ask the travel
nurses if the agency does a good job at locating housing for their nurses. Find
out if the housing is normally convenient to the work site. Is the housing
normally in a nice neighborhood or do the other travel nurses sometimes fear
for their lives when they return to their temporary home. Does the nursing
agency find housing that comes with maid service or will the travel nurse have
to clean house in addition to their work duties.

Although it is not advisable for travel nurses to bring pets with them because
the pets become stressed and disoriented by the constant moving around, if the
nurse absolutely cannot live without their dog or cat they are going to have to
make sure that their temporary housing allows them to keep pets. Also, if you
are traveling with a pet, bear in mind that a majority of the time your new
living quarters will be a small one bedroom apartment. The living quarters
might be tight if they include you and a large dog.

Before you accept a position as a travel nurse consider the location and what
you will require in the way of amenities. If it is summer time and you will be
working at a medical facility in the south you will want to make sure that your
apartment has a working air conditioner. Winters in the country's northern
regions are cold. Make sure your northern housing has heat, also remember that
cold winter climates mean you will have to wear extra clothing, including heavy
boots and bulky coats, try to request that the nursing agency finds housing that
has enough space so will have a place to store your outer garments.

Finding the Best Traveling Nurse Company

Travel nursing is a popular career option for nurses nowadays. It offers a
minimum of 18 months to 2 years of clinical experience that most facilities
prefer. This gives a chance for nurses to see new places as well as to work in
new environments, far from the conventional set-up in hospitals.

Being a traveling nurse, you are given the opportunity to go wherever you wish
to go while still practicing your profession. With this, you can expand your
resume and be able to work at some of the country's top medical facilities. You
can freely choose jobs close to your home or anywhere across the country.

Normally, most travel assignments last 13 weeks though some traveling nurses
company can customize the length of the assignments according to their needs.
There are also other companies that offer short-term ands quick-start travel
assignments, usually lasting from 4 to 8 weeks.

A good advantage to this kind of job is that, there are no annual contracts so
you can work as many assignments as you like. This also means a stable
financial income for you.

So how can you find the best traveling Nurses Company? It is true that one of
prime factors that travel nurses look for is the high pay. However, it is not
always the chance of getting better wages but it is also the opportunity to
choose your benefits. This means that you should look more closely to
individual companies and what they can offer you.

So what exactly are the benefits you expect from being a travel nurse? Here are
some of the basic options you can find on various traveling nurses company and

1. Favorable working hours and conditions

-- Of course it is no doubt that nurses and health care professionals are in
demand. Many companies are offering them a time off as a motivation to work for
them. Most companies do all the possible ways to keep working hours a reasonable
level such as hiring travel nurses who can temporarily work for them. This means
that there is less demand for overtime works, allowing nurses to have time for
themselves, their personal activities, as well as their families. The aim is
two fold -- a give and take relationship. With this reward, companies are not
only attracting potential nurses and keeping quality employees but also they
realize that nurses can usually maximize their nursing tasks when they are
handling reasonable hours of work with sufficient staffs to provide backups.

2. The tangibles

-- As a travel nurse, not only you are offered with top dollars but you are
also given the privilege of receiving several benefits which are not given to
nurses before. Some rewards may seem small to some people but can become big
time issues eventually. One example of this is direct deposit. This may seem
just a small detail but as soon as you are getting your paycheck, for instance
on a Thursday night but you failed to make the trip to the bank Friday and wind
up with a check that hasn't still been cashed out the following week.

3. Part-time, situational and temporary jobs

-- If you are a nurse who meets situational criteria, there are companies out
there which can offer you great job placement. If you don't want to have the
responsibility of a full-time job but want to work only a few weeks at a time,
you are given lots of good options without working full-time. There are
companies that provide placements to people like you. But be cautious to choose
the reputable traveling nurses company. Be wary of signing a long-term contract
that bounds your work with other companies.

4. Education

-- If you want to be viable in the travel nursing marketplace, you may want to
advance your education. You can make the wise move of getting some additional
training to advance your career with education.

5. Pay

-- Of courses nurses choose their field to help other people but it's no
question that money is attractive.

International Traveling Nurses: A Good Career Option

Travel nursing is a career choice that provides you the privilege to take
shortterm assignments across the country. If you are a licensed nurse who is
contemplating to travel and gain financial success and stability, then becoming
an international traveling nurses might just be the answer. Because nursing
shortage is big, nurses are mostly in-demand.

Hospitals as well as many other medical facilities are paying top dollars for
travel nurses for filling in positions even for short periods. Not just that,
they also cover other expenses such as housing and other benefits.

The nursing position filled in by travel nurses usually lasts from 3 months to
a year. This depends on the duration and distance from your home. But you can
also customize your assignment duration depending on your needs. Because of
this, employers often provide the basic needs of travel nurses.

Some international traveling nurses job are meant to last for just a short
period where they fill in or temporarily replace a full-time nurse who has left
and a replacement has not been found.

However, most hospitals try to encourage and recruit a travel nurse into a
full-time job once they are happy with the performance and if the nurse is
willing to take the position. This brings the traveling nurse into the driver's
seat where they can choose to work for a short term period with the possibility
of making it as a permanent job.

So how can you find an international traveling nurses job position? Actually,
there are various huge medical facilities that advertise directly for nurses.
But the easiest way of getting a position is by signing up with a nursing

There are many advantages with this kind of set-up like, you can narrow down
your searches and get well-targeted options and a guaranteed minimum quality of
living condition.

However, one drawback is that, most recruiters take good amount of fees; hence,
you might get compensation which can be lower than what you actually earn. But
this is often worth it since you get to find the best nursing career and the
ideal place where you exactly want with a very little searching.

In terms of compensation, international traveling nurses may earn from around
10-15% more than the staff nurse. Not to mention other staggering benefits and

For many nurses, being a traveling nurse opens the opportunity to travel from
other parts of the country and work to different working environments. This is
a good expansion to one's resume as the work experience is diverse. Above all
that, a travel nurse has the power to choose his or her assignments.

This is a good advantage as you have the capacity to control the jobs and
nursing positions you accept. Unlike a staff position where usually, you are
not required to report to work everyday as per schedule unless you are on
assignment. Whenever you are in between assignments, it is now your discretion
whether you accept or decline. Also, as a travel nurse, lots of bonuses are
offered once assignments are completed.

International traveling nurses opens up great opportunities in the field. For
nurses who are good, intelligent, determined, has the passion for the job, and
is not adverse to relocation, being a travel nurse is a sure success! This is a
good way to further heighten your experience, serve people, and get to know
other places of the country that you are not familiar with. But this type of
career is not for everyone, only those who want to try different things and
travel fits this job.

How to Get Along With a Home Nurse

Whenever you are dealing with an elderly parent who's health is failing, you
are going to be stressed. This is one of those times when you are not going to
be at your best. You are already worried about whether you are doing the right
thing for your parent by keeping them at home and hiring a home nurse to take
care of them as opposed to moving them into a nursing home. You have to deal
with the rest of your family. You are watching your parent, who was once the
person who took care of you, grow weaker and more ill with each passing day.

The good news is that when a home nurse is employed to take care of your aging
parent they don't expect to see you, or your family at their best. They
understand that you are not going to be at your best. Hopefully they have been
properly trained and know how to handle the stressed family as well as they
know how to take care of their cranky, confused patient.

The first thing you can do to make sure that the home nurse who is going to be
taking care of your elderly parent's medical needs is to make sure that nurse
has a personality that compliments you and your family. The way you get a nurse
that suits your family's personality is being sure that you are completely
honest with the agency you are using to locate the home nurse. Make sure your
description of your family, their routine, and your parent's medical needs is
completely true. The more honest you are about your needs and requirements the
easier it will be for the agency to match you with a home nurse. If your parent
needs to be physically lifted an moved make sure that you request a nurse with
enough strength to get the job done.

When you are told that a nurse has been found for your parent, make sure you
meet the nurse before they start taking care of your parent. Make sure this is
a person whom you are comfortable welcoming into your home. If the nurse is,
for whatever reason, not someone you are comfortable with, politely request a
new nurse.

Make sure that both you and home nurse are both perfectly clear on what the
nurse will be doing while she is in the home. When the nurse is just coming to
the home for a few hours a day it is easy to know and understand that they are
a professional that is doing a job. The line between health care and house
keeper can become a little more blurred. Before the nurse ever moves into the
spare bedroom, make a list of what they will and wont be doing. Make sure the
whole family understands. Having a clear understanding of the nurses
responsibilities will make everyone's life's easier and will make the whole
experience as pleasant as possible.

Remember that the home nurse is a professional. They are in your home to take
care of a family member, but they are not an actual member of your family. Make
sure that your maintain a polite, friendly, but professional relationship with
the home nurse

How to Become a Traveling Nurse

When becoming a traveling nurse there are simple steps to take. Obviously the
first thing that is necessary in becoming a traveling nurse to become an RN or
registered nurse. This can be done through various programs to get you ready to
pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Then you need to get experience by working for at least
one year in a hospital environment, preferably in the specialty area of your
choice. There more experience you have the better pay you will get but most
agencies require at least one year.

Once you have decided that becoming a traveling nurse is something you want to
do, the next step is to find they agency that is right for you. You will want
to look at the benefits and bonuses that are available through the different
traveling nurse agencies. These benefits and bonuses can vary from agency to
agency. Once you have narrowed down the selection with what benefits will work
best for you, you need to contact these agencies for more information and
possibly references of other nurses that they have working for them. There is
not a better way to check out a company than to speak to their employees to
make sure they stand behind the pay, the benefits, and the bonuses that they
use to entice you. This is an important step because these agencies will be
marketing you skills to the jobs. They are you job recruiters.

Now that you have narrowed down the agency you wish to work for and you
application is accepted it is time to choose the available jobs. These jobs can
be virtually anywhere across the United States. The length of the job will vary
as well. Choose the jobs you wish to take carefully because you will be signing
a contract. The three most important factors a traveling nurse has when
considering a job is the location, the length, and the type of facility you
will be working in. If one or more of this is not what you are looking for it
may become a bad experience for the traveling nurse. Once you choose the job
you want, the agency will help find your housing and the proper licensing that
you will need especially if you are traveling to another state.

There are times that you will be placed in the perfect location and job setting
that you are looking for. Many times if the facility is happy with your work and
you want to stay it can be worked out that you get a full time position with
them. This often works out best for companies looking to replace a full time
nurse that had left their position.

Becoming a traveling nurse is not a decision that should be taken lightly.
There are many aspects involved they may not be the perfect opportunity for
everyone. Being away from you family and loved ones is difficult especially
when starting a new job and moving to a new area. A position as a traveling
nurse is a fantastic opportunity for single people or even newlyweds where the
partner can be transferred or works from home.

How do Travel Nurses Find New Work Assignments

To anyone who has spent weeks and even months combing the classified section of
their local newspapers looking for jobs, or the person working out of a temp
agency who can only find employment that lasts for a couple of days or a few
weeks it seems incomprehensible that a travel nurse is able to finish working
on one assignment, pack their bags, and move seamlessly onto a new assignment
in a different state. A good travel nurse doesn't have to return to their home
town if they time their assignments right. It might sound incomprehensible but
that is what happens.

If you stop to consider the situation travel nurses aren't really employed by
the hospitals and medical facilities where they are working. Travel nurses are
technically employed by the nursing agency. The agency gives each travel nurse
a travel allowance. They find and in some cases fund the travel nurse's
housing. They make sure that the travel nurse is legally able to work in each
state. Most importantly the travel nurse's agency is the place where the
paychecks come from.

The nurse's agency is where the travel nurse gets their latest work assignment.
Each agency has their own policy for matching travel nurses with work
assignments. Some agency's match new assignments with nurses who qualify for
the position and are available to take it. Other agency's post a job board on
their agencies website. When it is time for a travel nurse to find a new
assignment they simply have to go to the agency's job board and search
available jobs until they find one that sounds suitable for them, they then
contact the agency, requesting the assignment.

Once a travel nurse makes a request for an assignment the agency double checks
that travel nurse is qualified for the position. Once the agency determines
that the travel nurse is qualified for the position they make sure that the
nurse is also legally allowed to practice medicine in the state where the
assignment is located. If the travel nurse needs to have paperwork filed in
order to obtain a license in the state, the agency starts working to make sure
it happens as expediently as possible

Once the travel nurse has been approved for the assignment, the agency starts
looking for available housing. While the agency is looking for a place for the
nurse to live the nurse needs to think about their travel arrangements. Most
travel nurses drive to each assignment but some prefer to fly, especially if
their new assignment is located in a large city where public transportation is
provided and it is difficult to keep a car.

It is imperative the travel nurse's agency make sure that their nurses have
plenty of assignments and that the travel nurses they employ are happy with
their assignments. The agency's only make money if the travel nurses they hire
are taking lots and lots of assignments. The smoother each assignment goes the
more likely the travel nurse is to take on more assignments.

What Are California Traveling Nurses?

The continuous demand for nurses, locally and abroad, is unstoppable. And the
unequal supply for this manpower need leads to traveling nurses just like the
California traveling nurses. This way, the need in all remote places in and out
of California will be provided at the right time.

These nurses tours around the vicinity of California to provide help to a list
of medical institution or mobile institution, depending on the occupation and
company he/she works for. Among the duties of a traveling nurse in California

- Making an itinerary or route inspections.

A traveling nurse, which in this particular case is a California traveling
nurse is supposed to make an itinerary or places to route in a weekly or
monthly basis, depending on the discretion of the institution or his immediate
superiors. The route, which the traveling nurse or his superior has made, must
be followed closely to ensure that everything works as planned. During the
course of action, the traveling nurse must do inspections of his/her duty.

- Make proper assessments regarding the work assignment.

The nurse should make necessary requests or recommendations that will better
the services provided during the tour or visitations. It is very crucial
especially when working for very remote areas as the tour may happen once in a
month or year. If someone is so sick that needs more personal tending, the
nurse must remark on it for the immediate supervisor to check on.

- Do necessary inventories of facilities.

A nurse must be very diligent in making requests for necessary equipments and
supplies because if some things suddenly lacks while in the middle of an
operation, there will be no time and no place to get in in remote areas or

- Identify areas to be reached along with the established ones. Nurses must be
focus enough to do a research about places that are not yet reached of the
medical visitations, he/she is with. Additions of these small places are very
important for its locals health needs.

- Must be ready for whatever scenarios and occurrences there might be in a
remote place being visited.

A nurse, especially the traveling ones, is supposed to be ready at all times.
Some health occurrences may not be that known especially when dealing with
little areas where only the prevalent medicines are available.

- Willing to take responsibility in the middle of a crisis.

No one knows what will happen in a visitation or medical tour. A traveling
nurse must be willing to take chances and responsibilities when out in the
comforts of hospice or institutions. Taking responsibilities is always an

- Unending improvement or knowledge and skills.

Traveling nurses are usually facing very many opportunities that are lacking in
the in-hospital nurses. One must be very adapting to ensure that they become
leaders of their own trade.

These are just few of the many duties that make up very good California
traveling nurses. There are still so many but basically what really matters is
the attitude, knowledge and skills they are willing to adapt and learn along
the way.

Now, if you're still in the traditional nursing employment and wants to try
your wings into the California traveling nurses field, there are any recruiting
agency and companies where you can apply.

Some Benefits of Arizona Traveling Nurses

The US is one of the many countries who have great deal over the nursing
profession. Over the years, many foreign graduates are entering the country to
land at a very rewarding position in the field. The demand for this position in
the country as a whole and in many of its states specifically is so high that
there are instances when shortages in the workforce are sometimes experienced.
And because of the demands in each state, competition often occurs and the
result is travel nursing.

Travel nursing is becoming so famous today. In fact, many hospitals in each
state offer great deals for nurses who wish to travel nurse and be part of the
hospitals' team. Arizona is one of the many states that base hospitals that
accept travel nurses. Arizona traveling nurses are offered so many benefits
that can help in the improvement of their skills and living in general.

The place where the Grand Canyon lies is the same place that homes best
traveling nurses in the country. Comparable to the grandeur of the natural icon
is the performance and the skills of the nurses in this state. This is primarily
a result of the policies of the state and the hospitals therein with regard to
travel nursing and similar careers.

Arizona is simply the best place to consider when deciding to travel nurse in
the country. Aside from the magnificent atmosphere and working environment, the
benefits are simply incomparable. So why really choose travel nursing? Here are
some perfect reasons and benefits:

1. Unlike the normal career in nursing or the resident nursing, the salary in
travel nursing is basically higher. In the country, almost 15% to 20% is the
difference in the salary of a travel nurse. Aside from this, travel nurses are
given other incentives that are due for a regular nurse such as holiday pay and

Bonuses are also another benefit of travel nurses. Overtime is also part of the
compensation program that is set by most hospitals in Arizona. So basically, in
terms of employment, travel nursing has an edge over those in regular nursing

2. Because of the exigency of the need, hospitals or agencies offer oftentimes
free accommodation. Housing facilities are prepared and offered to travel
nurses with out any expense.

3. Unlike some distant employment programs, travel nurses' fees are most of the
time covered by the agency they belong. Included in the fees are the cost of
travel and other miscellaneous expenses. Because of this, Arizona traveling
nurses are given opportunity to visit places in line with their work that other
professions are deprived of.

4. Lastly, because of the wide and diverse exposure of the nurse to different
kinds of medical cases, his/her knowledge on a particular area improves. They
are given the chance to accumulate information and invaluable experiences while
they are enjoying their profession. So by the time that any circumstance may
allow and the travel nurse would decide to be employed on a permanent location,
he/she can have the best qualification among others because of the wide
experience got from travel nursing.

With these benefits, travel nursing is a great move to start ones career in
nursing. Just consider the Arizona traveling nurses' benefits and the awesome
experience in the state, surely the employment is truly rewarding.

Canadian Traveling Nurses

Traveling while doing your job is very difficult especially for medical
practitioners like nurses. But the demand is so high that a few institutions
are willing to make a gamble just to make a difference in the health
progression around the area.

Among the states and countries that allow traveling nurses is Canada. One can
find the best Canada traveling nurses from different accommodating firms that
employ these professional and responsible health care specialists.

But not all traveling nurses are willing enough to make a change in their
lifestyle, especially if they have families or babies to take care of aside
from the yearning patients across the country.

Because of the urgency of remote places' health needs, as well as the
accounting of Canadian traveling nurses' budgets, localization has been
adapted. This means that nurses in an area do not have to cross the country,
there are already traveling nurses stationed for a town or two to route on
throughout his/her career.

But that does not mean that they are paid less or benefited less of what they
are supposed to get. The benefit remains while the institution or the
government saves more of the budget that used to be spent on airfares and

Among the benefits that Canadian traveling nurses get are:

- Free housing.

Traveling nurses work hard outside the confinements of the hospice and their
homes. It is just fair to provide shelter for them especially that they are
routed almost anywhere in a section of the country.

- Administer free health.

Not because they are capable of administering health assistance, they are
capable of doing the same for themselves. Nurses feel fatigue just like anyone
else and providing them with the same health benefits is a must.

- Dental and life insurance.

Traveling nurses get soaked in the rain or heat of the sun when out in the
field. They need insurances that will make them feel secured as well as their
family way back home.

- Bonuses and incentives.

Working away from home should be given rightful amount of incentives and
periodic bonuses. These amounts will give traveling nurses additional will to
carry on the odds of administering health in the most remote areas.

- Reimbursements of emergency funds or personal money.

There are times when supplies are not unmanageable or just lacking due to
unforeseen occurrences. Money from a practitioners pocket should be
automatically reimbursed, provided that they can support the claim with valid
justifications and documents.

All these benefits are good to read and listen to, but on the part of Canadian
traveling nurses, the institution that will provide all these may be quite a
concern. Usually, the government is the best nominee for high paying and best
benefits agencies but the government can only accommodate as much.

There are definitely more private institutions and places where to find the
same 'good fortune', patience and diligence is all nurses must have as a core

Nowadays, aside from the papers where jobs and listings are advertised, online
providers also play a major role. Surf and find your preferred traveling area.
If you are willing to take the risk and want to be included in the roster of
Canadian traveling nurses available, there are several nursing recruiting
agency and company where you can apply.

The Best International Destination for Traveling Nurses

The shortage of nurses has greatly affected various hospitals and medical
centers across the nation. Because of this, travel nursing is continuously
becoming popular as a solution. Travel nursing puts nurses in touch with
wherever they want to be. They can choose to help patients from the bustling
cities to the rural towns. For nurses who are contemplating to travel, then
maybe this is a favorable option. Or for nurses who are already burned up with
the usual scenario in the hospital and wanted to earn more, travel nursing is a
sure way.

Travel nursing basically involves taking short term positions anywhere where
nurses are needed and usually, hospitals are willing to pay top dollar for the
nurse's service. The positions often last a month or a year and because of
this, benefits like housing and other basic expenses are covered by the

If you take pleasure in working in new environments and loves to travel for a
cause, travel nursing career might just be the job for you. In this kind of
job, once you do well, you may even turn a temporary position into a permanent
one. But if you prefer being just a traveling nurse, then there are just huge
opportunities that await you like having to experience international
destination for traveling nurses.

As stated above, travel nursing is truly a great way to explore the world and
still have the freedom and flexibility to work. Here is some of the top
international destination for traveling nurses.

* Hawaii

-- Of course this destination is no surprise. Nurses are lining up for an
opportunity to work and play an important nursing role in this paradise. Hawaii
offers beauteous beaches and outdoor opportunities, so no wonder it is on top of
the list.

* Alaska

-- Most travel nurse are intrigued by this place. Alaska is basically a huge
wilderness with breathtaking sceneries. Huge travel nursing assignments are
offered here. Whether you are willing to work in the winter darkness under the
northern lights or the magnificent spring and summer where it's daytime most of
the time.

* Montana

-- This state is famous for its scenic surroundings. River trips, camping and
fishing, historic places, snowy mountain ranges, and waterfalls are what you
will enjoy in this place. Travel nurse assignments here are huge and if you are
among who want to break free from the city grind, this place is the ideal one.

* Maine

-- The splendor of this place is simply irresistible. Travel nurses are offered
with so many opportunities here. Aside from that, travel nurses are confronted
with great adventure getaways like embarking on outdoor adventures such as
skiing and snowmobiling or horseback riding or if they prefer the comfortable
and fresh ambience of antiquing, strolling or horseback riding on miles of
sandy beaches, Maine is truly a place to behold.

* California

-- The humid weather and the famous beaches of California is what makes the
place among the top international destination for traveling nurses. California
is home to various wildlife parks, safe havens for endangered animals, and
secluded wilderness. This only means that the place is unspoiled thus, a fresh
environment is guaranteed.

* Colorado

-- The world-class winter skiing and summer music festival offered by Colorado
are just the two main reasons why traveling nurses prefer this place.
Showcasing its spectacular seasons, the place is where travel nurses get to
discover the state's 18 million acre of state and national forest parks and
monuments for biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, and many

* Arizona -- If you just love the outdoors, then the Grand Canyon State of
Arizona might just be the destination of your dreams. Most traveling nurses
choose this place because of its charming landscapes and tall mountain ranges,
swift rivers, and all natural sceneries.

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