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Universal Studios Tours

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Universal Studios Tours -- Movies and Fun

Universal Studios began offering tours in 1964. Today, Universal Studios still
offers tours, and they still make movies -- but it has also become one of the
largest amusement parks in the world. In fact, Universal Studios has mixed
movie making with shows and a theme park full of rides to become one of the
most popular tourist attractions in the world.

The Studio tour is a one hour guided tour. Those on the tour ride around the
studio's 420 acres on a tram, and see many stars dressing rooms, production
offices, and often famous Hollywood stars. Where else can you see a western
town and a New York City street all in the same hour? The tour includes sets
from Back to the Future, Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, Jurassic Park III, and The
Grinch. This is more than just your boring tour with a boring monotone tour
guide! As the tour progresses, tourists encounter many disasters!

Once you've finished your tour of the studios, you can move on to the theme
park. All of the rides have a movie oriented theme, such as Revenge of the
Mummy, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and Shrek. There is
also entertainment. Waterworld is a theater presentation which features many
stunts and special effects. Other shows that include terrific stage effects are
Backdraft, Animal Planet Live, and Spider Man Rocks.

If all of this wasn't enough, you can also visit the TV Audience Ticket Booth.
Here you will get free tickets that will allow you to be part of the audience
for television shows that are being taped during your visit. This is almost
like being on TV! When you visit Universal Studios, you will have several days
of fun, and you probably still won't see everything that is offered.

Outside of Universal Studios you will find the Universal City Walk. This is
Universal Studios very own Downtown. This is three blocks of stores, clubs, and
restaurants for you to enjoy. There are no cars or motorized traffic allowed in
this area, but there are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pedestrians
milling about enjoying all of the sights and sounds.

Universal Studio Tours is a great place to spend your vacation -- or it is
perfect as an add on to a Disneyland Vacation. Even if you don't have time for
the theme park, the Universal Studios Tour itself is not to be missed!

Universal Studios Tours -- Park Information

If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios Tours, you need to know
specific information about the park before you arrive. If you have special
needs, you may need more information than usual, and you should contact Guest
Services and inform them of your special needs prior to your arrival.

You may purchase tickets in advance either online, or over the telephone.
Tickets can also be purchased at Ticket Master Outlets and through travel
agents. You may also purchase tickets at the gate. General one day admission
costs $55, and those under forty eight inches tall are charged $45. Children
under three are admitted free of charge. VIP Studio Passes are available on a
limited basis, and are not available for children under the age of five. The
cost for VIP Studio Passes is $149 per person. Annual tickets are also
available, at a discounted rate.

Universal Studios Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California, at 100
Universal City Plaza. This is easily found right off of Highway 101, which is
often called the Hollywood Freeway. The park is about ten minutes from the Los
Angeles downtown area.

Only paid parking is available. It costs $10 for cars and $11 for recreational
vehicles. You can also get preferred parking, which is closer to the entrance
for $17. Free parking is not available on the Universal Studio grounds.

Realistically, it takes a full day to see all of the attractions in the park.
However, if you don't have a full day to spend at Universal Studios Tours, you
should purchase the VIP pass, which will allow you to move to the front of the
line for all rides and attractions. This cuts down wait times in lines
significantly, and allows you to see all of the attractions much faster.

Don't allow the rain to ruin your parade! The park remains open even when it
rains, but if severe weather is an issue, many shows may be cancelled or
relocated. In the event that the park must close due to whether, a rain check
will be issued. A Universal Studio rain check will be issued if over 1/8 of an
inch of rain falls before 2pm, and it is good for thirty days.

Again, if you have special needs that may need special accommodations, please
contact Guest Services by telephone prior to your visit. Some accommodations
can take up to two weeks to arrange, so the sooner you contact Universal
Studios Tours with your special needs request, the better the staff will be
able to serve you.

Universal Studios Tours -- The Best Time To Visit

As with all theme parks, there is a good time and a bad time to visit the
Universal Studios Tours theme park. You should strive to visit at a time when
the park is less crowded to get the most out of the tour and the park.

Weekends and school holidays should be avoided. Most of the visitors at these
times are local people who live in the area, and it becomes very crowded, with
very long lines. The park is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so don't
plan a visit during those times.

Visit the Universal Studios website to find out which movies are in production,
or which movies will be in production at the time of your visit. This may play
in the decision as to when to visit. If you visit during the time of a movie
production, you are likely to see the movie set, and you may even get the
opportunity to see the stars in action!

When you do visit, plan to arrive well before the gates open. You should arrive
at least thirty minutes in advance. You should buy your tickets in advance for
added convenience. This can be done through a travel agent, over the phone, or
online. Tickets can even be printed out using your printer.

Universal Studios Tours Hotels

When planning your Universal Studios Tours vacation, you may wish to stay at a
hotel that is within walking distance of the park. There are only two hotels
within walking distance, and they are both world-class hotels that are highly

The Universal Sheraton Hotel is located at 333 Universal Hollywood Drive. The
hotel has served visitors to Universal Studios since 1969, and it is known as
the Hotel of the Stars. The hotel literally sits on the back lot of the studio.

Featuring 436 guest rooms and suites, the hotel often has many famous guests.
There is no telling who you might run into! Although it is in walking distance
of Universal Studios, the hotel staff believe that everyone should be treated
like a star, and therefore, complimentary tram rides to the park are offered.

The guest rooms feature high speed Internet access, air conditioning, an alarm
clock, cable television, and a coffee maker. Hotel services include a valet
service, a business center and business services, a car rental service, a
concierge service, and room service. There are 21 meeting rooms on the
property, as well as a lobby lounge and the Baja Beach Club Poolside Lounge.

The Hotel of the Stars is the most popular hotel to stay at, but if there are
no rooms available, you should consider the Universal City Hilton Hotel. The
Universal City Hilton is located at 555 Universal Hollywood Drive. The Hilton
offers guests fine dining in several on site restaurants, and has several
lounges on the property as well. The hotel features a health and fitness
center, a business center, and deluxe room accommodations. Each guest room at
the Universal City Hilton features a view of the Hollywood Hills, including the
San Fernando Valley and Uni versal Studios.

These two hotels are highly recommended by Universal Studios due to their close
proximity and the high level of quality guest amenities and service. Because of
their popularity, you should book your trip well in advance, and make sure that
you make any special requests for additional amenities or services at the time
that you make your reservation.

Other hotels are available within driving distance of Universal Studios Tours,
but if possible, you should plan to stay at one of these fine hotels. Again,
the proximity to the park and level of quality service cannot be topped. You
may also be able to get a special rate on Universal Studios tickets at the
Concierge's desk of either hotel.

Make the Most of Your Universal Studios Tour

If you will be visiting Universal Studios, you need to be prepared. Arriving at
the park unprepared can literally ruin your vacation! Follow these tips to help
you get the most out of your Universal Studios Tour adventure.

It will be very hot. Make sure that you dress in cotton clothing that is cool.
You should strongly consider bringing a change of clothing, so you can change
into dry clothes after the rides that soak you, or if your clothes get too
sweaty. If you will be there during the evening hours, bring warmer clothes to
change into. Do not wear new shoes! There is a lot of walking involved, and you
won't last one hour in brand new shoes. Wear an old pair that are well broken
in. Bring an extra pair of shoes to change into if yours get wet.

Make sure that you bring earplugs. There is a lot of noise at Universal
Studios, and some of the attractions are deafening. Also bring sunscreen,
sunglasses, and hats to help protect you from the sun. Use a backpack or a
fanny pack to carry your belongings in -- there are also lockers available
through guest services if you need a safe dry place to store your things.

Make sure that you take the Universal Studio Tour early in the day. The park
will remain open several hours after the tour has closed for the day. Designate
a meeting place with everyone in your party, in case you get separated. Make
sure that everyone in your party has a map, and that they know how to read it!

Leave small babies and toddlers with a sitter. They will not enjoy Universal
Studios, and they will make sure that you don't enjoy it either if you bring
them. Consider purchasing VIP passes which will allow you to move to the front
of the lines for the attractions. This is a huge time saver, and will keep you
from wasting valuable time and getting bored.

Avoid eating inside the park if you can. It is very expensive, and the food is
much cheaper right outside the gates in City Walk. Also save your shopping for
the end of the day, so you don't have to carry packages around with you.
Universal Studios Tours does have a package delivery service, which will allow
you to pick up your purchases at the end of the day near the exit, in case you
find a souvenir that simply won't wait until closing time.

Most importantly, see and do as much as possible, and have fun! Universal
Studios has been entertaining us for years, and entertainment is what Universal
Studios Tours is all about!

How To Get the Most Out Of Your Universal Studios Tour Experience

Universal Studios is a huge place, with lots to see and do. If you want to
experience as much as possible in one day, it is important to plan your day. By
planning your day, you will be able to get more in than you would if you went in
without a viable plan.

Start the day with the Universal Studios Tour. It takes one hour, and you need
to be there before the gates open. It is important to be on that very first
tour, so you can avoid some of the long lines at the theme park.

Universal Studios is divided into two lots -- the upper lot and the lower lot.
When you are ready for the theme park attractions, start on one lot or the
other, and visit all of the attractions on that lot before moving to the other
one. This will cut down a lot of walking time. The upper lot usually opens
before the lower lot, so start at the top if possible.

After a day at the theme park, be sure to visit Universal City Walk right
outside the gates of the park. The City Walk is three blocks of shops,
restaurants, bars, and entertainment. This is a great way to end a perfect day
at Universal Studios Tours.

Universal Studios Tours -- Incredible Rides

If you are looking for fun, thrills, and adventure, Universal Studios is the
place to go. There are rides that will thrill you and rides that will scare you
senseless. From caves to the air, there is something to please all of the thrill
seekers out there.

Start your day with Revenge of the Mummy. This is a psychological thrill ride
that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is a roller coaster
ride in total darkness. Traveling at a very high speed, you will have many
terrifying creatures jumping out at you. If your heart is still beating and you
think you can handle more, your next stop should be Jurassic Park: The Ride.

Jurassic Park may seem a bit tame after Revenge of the Mummy, but it is still
great fun, and there are still many thrills. This ride entails you riding a
raft which is slowly being cranked up. Dinosaurs of various breeds appear out
of nowhere while you are going up. Suddenly, you and your raft are falling
quickly downhill, and the ride ends with a huge splash that leaves you soaked!
Make sure you bring a change of clothes, because you will want to move on to
Back to the Future.

Back to the Future will have you riding in a car like the one on the movie. The
scenes from the movie literally come to life, and many people experience motion
sickness: so if you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to skip this
one. Other attractions not to miss if you enjoy thrills include Nickelodeon
Blast Zone, Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula, the Special Effects Stages, and
Shrek 4-D.

If you get scared easily, you may want to avoid these thrill rides and
attractions. They are also not recommended for very young children, pregnant
women, or people with heart conditions. People with anxiety issues should avoid
these attractions as well. There are many tamer rides and attractions that can
be enjoyed in the park if the thrill seeking rides aren't suitable for you.

The purpose of going to the park is to have fun. If the thrill rides and
attractions scare you to the point where it isn't fun anymore, than they should
be avoided. Don't allow others in your party to coerce you into visiting the
attractions that scare you too badly. Again, there are many attractions at
Universal Studios Tours that are suitable for those who aren't comfortable with
the thrill seeking rides -- so don't think that you can't have a good time
without getting scared senseless!

Be Part of the Action at Universal Studios Tours

Have you ever dreamed of being on a reality show? Here is your chance!
Universal Studios Tours now has Fear Factor Live, which is a stunt show that
uses audience volunteers. With three to five shows each day, the chances of
getting on the show are pretty good!

Are you ready to face your fears? There are some important things to know about
Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Tours before you sign up. First, this is
for real. This is not a cheesy attempt to replicate Fear Factor and please a
studio audience. The stunts are very real, and they are performed by audience
members just like you. There is no coddling here!

If you still want to participate, simply visit the casting office, which is
located near the Terminator ride in the theme park. You must meet certain
physical requirements to ensure that you can handle what is about to be asked
of you. You must also complete and sign a liability form, holding Universal
Studios and Fear Factor harmless of any injuries or damages you may incur.

Before the show begins, some audience members who were not selected to
participate are called on stage to face smaller challenges, such as eating
various bugs. The winner of the pre-show contest wins great prizes, such as an
annual pass to the theme park. This is followed by an audience warm up with the
hosts of the show.

The show consists of six contestants that were chosen from the casting office
-- if your lucky, you might be one of these! They are dressed just as the
contestants on the original Fear Factor dress -- in tight uniforms. A series of
challenges, much like the challenges on Fear Factor are presented to the
contestants. Falls from high places, skill tests, and of course, the famous
gross-out challenge. During the show, a random audience member is picked for
yet another challenge -- such as sticking their head in a tank full of

If you've ever watched Fear Factor, and told all of your friends that you could
handle everything that was thrown at those contestants, be careful. Here is your
big chance to prove yourself -- or your friends' chance to prove you wrong! Win
or lose, Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Tours could be the highlight of
your visit! If you want to be on the show, visit the casting office as soon as
you get to the park to make sure that you meet the physical requirements -and
if you don't meet the requirements, ask about being in the audience.

Universal Studios Tours VIP Studio Pass

Unlike Disneyland, reservations cannot be made for any of the attractions
within Universal Studios. However, you can get a VIP Studio Pass, which will
allow you to skip many of the lines, and will even provide you with a personal
tour of the back lot.

The cost of the VIP Studio Pass is quite affordable -- under $300 for two
people, and it entitles you to many special perks: you get to see everything,
including many things that are not part of the standard Universal Studios Tour,
although the VIP tour actually starts with the standard Universal Studios Tour
-- then it just gets better.

If you are in possession of a VIP pass, you will be allowed to get off the tram
and wonder around the movie sets. You will be allowed to visit the props
department as well, which is great fun. You will also be entitled to prime
seating at all of the shows, and have the opportunity to meet the cast members
after the shows.

If you will be going on a Universal Studios Tour and visiting the theme park,
the VIP Studios Pass is definitely the way to go!

Universal Studios Tours -- Nickelodeon Blast Zone

If you bring younger kids, aged twelve and under, to Universal Studios, they
will probably be most interested in the Nickelodeon Blast Zone. Featuring three
attractions in one, this is one of the few attractions that really appeal to the
younger crowd at Universal Studios Tours, so you can expect them to spend a
great deal of time there.

Shaped like a huge orange rocket, the Nickelodeon Blast Zone is a big hit. This
is a huge play area basically -- and it is unlike any playground that your kids
have ever experienced. There are three sections of the playground: The Wild
Thornberry's Adventure Temple, Nickelodeon Splash, and The Nick Jr. Backyard.

The Nick Jr. Backyard is the only place in Universal Studios that will be of
any interest to toddlers. In fact, it is the only safe place for toddlers. If
you bring a toddler with you to Universal Studios Tours, plan to spend the
entire day here.

Nickelodeon Splash is a water area. Bring a change of dry clothes, because the
kids will get soaked here. They can fill buckets of water in a fun variety of
ways, create waterfalls, and stand under waterfalls. There are also many
mounted water guns to be used and enjoyed.

The Wild Thornberrys Adventure Temple is an extensive playground. While here,
you will have foam balls flying through the air all over the place -- the kids
are able to shoot and throw them, and since they are made of soft foam, they
are safe.

The kids can also meet many characters here, including the Rugrats and Blue's
Clues Characters. The attraction is located on the upper lot, and is open
everyday that the park is open. If you don't want your child to get wet, avoid
this attraction altogether, because with all of the water flying around and
being dumped, there is really no way to avoid getting wet. If your child is too
young to enjoy the attraction by themselves, you will be getting wet as well.

Overall, this is the only attraction that younger kids will enjoy at Universal
Studios Tours. As a parent or guardian, you should expect to spend most of your
time here, and you should never leave your child unattended. This is not a place
to drop your kids off for the day while you go enjoy other attractions. Instead,
use the buddy system with other responsible adults in your party -- one should
stay with the kids, while the other adults go enjoy the attractions, and
relieve each other often so everyone has fun.

Universal Studios Tours Hollywood Ticket Outlet

While visiting Universal Studios Tours, you should pay a visit to the Hollywood
Ticket Outlet booth. You can do more than purchase tickets to great shows; you
can also request free tickets for many of the shows that are currently being
filmed. Note that the shows are limited to the ones that allow studio audiences.

There are other services available at the Hollywood Ticket Outlet booth as
well. These include upgraded park tickets, visitor information, and foreign
currency exchange. The Hollywood Ticket Outlet is located by the Blues Brothers
stage inside the park, and it is open during the same days and hours that the
park is open.

Depending on when you visit Universal Studios, and what is going on at that
time, you may be pleasantly surprised to find some really great deals -- or to
find yourself sitting in the audience of your favorite television show! Talk
about sneak previews! Even if you don't plan to purchase any tickets, make sure
that you stop by the Universal Studios Tours Hollywood Outlet booth to see what
is being offered that day.

Universal Studios Tours Height Requirements

Universal Studios is a great deal of fun -- for most people. However there are
some who simply will not enjoy a day at Universal Studios Tours -- young
children specifically. If you are planning a vacation to Universal Studios, you
should take the height requirements into consideration -- or you could end up
having a miserable time.

First, you must be forty-eight inches tall to ride Revenge of the Mummy. You
must be forty six inches tall to ride Jurassic Park, and you must be at least
forty inches tall to ride Back to the Future. If you or your child do not meet
these height requirements, you will not be allowed on the ride. There is a
measuring stick that is used in the queue for each of these attractions.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can get by if you are just a half
inch below the requirements -- you can't. These height requirements are in
place to ensure your safety, and park staff members are trained to adhere
strictly to these rules. Just a tip -- high heel shoes won't get you in either.
At Universal Studios, they've seen it all!

Universal Studios Tours -- Behind The Scenes

If you will be near Universal Studios on your next business trip or vacation,
you should definitely make time for a Universal Studios Tour. This will not
only provide you with a day filled with fun and excitement but you will also
get a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to produce the Movies that
we all wait anxiously to see.

If you are really interested in the world of movie making, don't miss the
Universal Studios Tour. The tour takes about one hour, and you will visit the
sets of many famous movies and television shows. You will see the stars
dressing rooms, and you may even run into a star or two along the way, or get
to see an outdoors filming session in progress.

The Special Effects Stage, located inside the park, is another attraction you
won't want to miss. Here, you will learn how Hollywood creatures are made, how
sound effects are produced, and how visual affects are designed and
implemented. This is an interactive attraction, and it only takes about thirty
minutes to go all the way through it. Even though it doesn't last long, there
is a lot of information to be learned here -- quickly! The interaction with the
visitors makes this one of the most popular attractions at the park.

For the most exclusive and personalized look behind the scenes, you should
definitely consider purchasing a VIP Studios Pass. This pass costs under $150
for one person, and it is worth every penny! This will entitle you to a private
tour of Universal Studios, and you will be allowed in areas that standard tour
visitors won't see. You will also have the right to move right to the front of
the line for all rides and attractions with the VIP pass. VIP passes can be
purchased online, by telephone, or at the park -- but they are limited to a
certain number of VIP passes that are issued per day, so get yours as soon as

Universal Studios is more than an amusement park, it is an interesting and
amazing learning experience that you will never forget -- no matter what age
you are. The next time you watch an action movie, you won't think 'how did they
do that?' You will already have some idea as to how those special effects were
created! You may even get so much out of your Universal Studios Tour experience
that you think of ways that you could have done it better!

Universal Studios Tours and Television Audiences

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the audience of your favorite television
shows? Now you can -- at the Universal Studios Tours TV Audience Booth. This
could be the opportunity of a lifetime, but you need to move fast.

Make your way to the TV Audience Booth inside the park. Find out what shows are
filming on that particular day, or for other days when you will be at the park.
The tickets are free, but there is limited availability, and not all shows will
be filming everyday. You can often find out the filming schedule for shows by
calling ahead. With that schedule, you can plan your trip to coincide with the
filming of your favorite shows.

What better way to spend part of your Universal Studios Tour vacation? You can
see what is going to happen on your favorite television shows well in advance.
You can even make a game of it! Don't tell you friends that you were in the
audience, and place bets as to what is going to happen later in the series!

Universal Studios Tours and Jay Leno

If you will be visiting Universal Studios Tours, and you wish to see the
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you may be in luck -- if you get to the Hollywood
Ticket Outlet booth early enough. Getting to see Jay Leno in person and be a
part of the Tonight Show audience may be the perfect end to the perfect day!

Again, make sure that you get to the booth early. Exclusive seating is limited
to a first come, first serve basis. Only two priority tickets will be made
available for each person, and nobody under the age of sixteen may attend the
show. These tickets go fairly fast, and once they are gone, they are gone for

The Hollywood Ticket Outlet Booth is located inside the Universal Studios Tours
park, near the Blues Brothers stage. If you get there early enough, you could be
sitting in the studio audience enjoying Jay Leno's monolog very shortly! Your
friends won't believe you, so make sure that you get souvenirs before leaving
Universal Studios, and save your ticket stub!

Universal Studios Tours -- It's Not For Everyone

Unlike Disneyland, Universal Studio Tours are not for everyone. While there is
plenty to do and see, the attractions are not appropriate for all ages. This
should be strongly considered if you are planning a family vacation that
includes Universal Studios.

There are no attractions that are suitable for babies or toddlers at Universal
Studios. Most babies and toddlers will not be interested in the Universal
Studios Tour. Furthermore, getting a stroller around the upper and lower lots
is almost impossible. Universal Studios is a great place to have some fun --
unless you are a baby, a toddler, or a parent of a baby or toddler.

If you will be taking your vacation with a toddler or a baby, you may be better
off saving the Universal Studios Tour for another vacation -- a few years down
the road. There is no charge for admission for babies and toddlers at Universal
Studios, but there usually isn't if the person cannot enjoy the attractions at
the park! Remember -- the baby or toddler isn't the only one who won't be
having any fun.

Universal Studios Tours -- Attractions to See

If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios, there are many attractions to
keep you occupied, including the Universal Studios Tour, which takes about one
hour. However, there are some attractions that absolutely must not be missed!

All of the rides have a movie theme, and if you've seen the movies, this makes
the rides more enjoyable. Start with Backdraft. This isn't actually a ride, but
it is a fire show that features lots of stunts and interaction. Other shows that
must not be missed include Animal Planet Live, WaterWorld, and Fear Factor Live.
With Fear Factor Live, make sure that you know what you are getting into before
you agree to participate!

Terminator 2: 3D is the same as the movie Terminator 2 -- but it is in 3D,
which you probably have not yet seen. The Mummy Returns: Chamber of Doom is
like a haunted house that you walk through, which is full of thrills. The
Studio Tour will have you on the set of Jaws and Psycho, in a western town, on
a New York street, and experiencing an earthquake with King Kong.

Universal Studios Tours Annual Passes

If you live near Universal Studios, or in the Los Angeles area, you should
consider purchasing annual passes for Universal Studios Tours. Annual passes
are reasonably priced, and will most likely save you money on admission
throughout the year. Several different levels of annual passes are available.

A regular annual pass for Universal Studios costs $65. With this pass, you will
be granted twelve full months of admission to the park, 15% savings on general
admission for up to six of your guests, 10% off of all merchandise, and 10% off
the price of all food and beverages purchased inside the park.

You will also be given exclusive offers and invitations to special events that
are held throughout the year. Some black-out dates do apply to regular annual
pass holders. You can upgrade to a deluxe annual pass for $75. This pass will
entitle you to all of the things that a regular pass does, with one exception.
No black-out dates will apply to you.

The best value is the premium annual pass, which costs $99. This pass will
entitle you to twelve months of admission to the park, invitations to special
events held throughout the year, exclusive offers, and 15% savings on general
admission prices for six of your guests, 10% off the price of merchandise, 10%
off the price of food and beverages purchased inside the park, and no black-out
dates. Additionally, you will be entitled to free parking during box office
hours, and front of the line ac cess at Studio Tour.

If you plan to visit Universal Studios twice in one year, an annual pass is the
most logical choice. General admission for Universal Studios Tours for just one
day costs $55. If you visit twice in one year that is a total of $110! You can
get a premium annual pass for just $99! What this essentially means is that if
you purchase an annual pass, you are really only paying for two days at the
park, and any additional days are the park are actually free!

As an annual pass ticket holder, you may not be entitled to other admission
discounts that are available. However, you may be entitled to special discounts
on the annual pass in certain situations. For instance, if you are a member of
the Military, you may be eligible for special prices on annual passes. Contact
Universal Studios Tours for more information about any special prices or
discounts that you may be eligible for.

Universal Studio Tours Blackout Dates

If you are a regular annual pass holder for Universal Studios Tours, there are
certain blackout dates when you cannot visit the park unless you pay for a one
day full priced ticket for the blackout date. Not being aware of these dates
may cause you problems, so make sure you know when they are!

In 2006, there are no blackout dates during the months of January through June,
and no blackout dates in October. Every Saturday and Sunday are blacked out for
July and August. Additionally, July 3rd and 4th are blackout dates. September
2nd and 3rd, November 24th and 25th, and December 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th,
and 31st are all blacked out.

Additionally, the park is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If you
are a regular annual pass holder, either upgrade to a premium or deluxe annual
pass, or avoid the Universal Studios Tours on these dates so that you will not
have to pay the full one day price -- which costs almost as much as a regular
annual ticket!

The Universal Studios Tours Special Effects Stages

When you visit Universal Studios, the Special Effects Stages is an attraction
that should not be missed. This is not only a great way to learn and understand
how special effects are done in the movies; it is also a great deal of fun. It
is really quite interesting to see how it all comes to life in Hollywood!

There are three Special Effects Stages: The Virtual Studio, The Creature
Factory, and The Sound Lab. Remember that this is an interactive attraction, so
you will be able to create your very own special effects. You will learn many of
the special effects secrets used in major movies, such as The Hulk, The Mummy
Returns, Jurassic Park, and many others. There are Universal Staff members
available to help with the effects.

The special effects stages are not designed for people who have medical
conditions that may be affected by strobe lights, or anything resembling strobe
light effects. People with sensitive ears should avoid this attraction, or bring
and use earplugs. The Special Effects Stages are located on the lower lot at
Universal Studios.

Security at Universal Studios Tours

If you are concerned about your safety while visiting Universal Studios, you
should not be. There are security officers on the grounds, and security offices
are located in the upper lot by Nick Stuff and in the lower lot inside the
Jurassic Park Visitors Center.

After the 9/11 terrorists attacks, Universal Studios put a heightened security
program in place. Today, security precautions are constantly taken for the
safety of all visitors and guests. The park stays up-to-date on all security
briefings that are issued by local and federal law enforcement agencies, and
always takes appropriate measures to ensure everyone's safety and well-being.

To date, there have been no major security issues at Universal Studios. The
park has never been threatened by terrorists or nationals. In the event that
the park is threatened, again, measures are in place to ensure the safety of
everyone. With this in mind, enjoy yourself and all that Universal Studios
Tours has to offer -- leave the worrying to the people who are already equipped
and prepared to deal with such an emergency, should it ever arise.

Military Discounts for Universal Studios Tours

Universal Studios Tours is proud of the men and women who serve the United
States of America, and to reward them for the great service that they provide,
specially priced tickets are offered. These tickets are available for all
active duty military personnel, retirees, DOD personnel, members of the
National Guard, Reserves, all other military personnel, and all dependants.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for these special military prices, you
should contact your Commander, Universal Studios, or Commander, Navy Region,
Southwest at 619-767-6000.

In order to benefit from the special military prices, your tickets must be
purchased in advance. These specially priced tickets are not available at the
gate, online, or over the telephone. Instead, these tickets can only be
purchased from MWR ITT/ITR offices located throughout the United States. You
must present a military or US Government Identification card when purchasing
these specially priced tickets.

If for any reason your local base does not have tickets available for purchase,
they will order them for you. This typically takes about five days, so take this
into consideration when planning your trip -- get your tickets as early as
possible. Don't wait too late, or your tickets will not arrive in time for your
scheduled leave, and you will have to pay the full price for admission into the
park. No exceptions will be made.

The only way you can order your tickets by telephone, and still receive the
special military prices is by contacting the Commander, Navy Region, Southwest
at 619-767-6000. Your tickets will be mailed to you, and should arrive within
seven business days. Overnight service may be available, but there will be an
additional fee. Do not call the regular phone number for Universal Studio
tickets or you will be charged the regular price. You will be charged the
regular full price if you order your tickets online, purchase them through a
Ticket Masters Outlet, or order them through a travel agent as well.

The special military rates do not apply to tickets that are sold through the
Universal Studios Hollywood Box Office. Again, for more information on these
specially prices military tickets for Universal Studios Tours, contact your
local base MWR ticket office or Commander, Navy Region, Southwest at

Universal Studios welcomes military personnel. If you have served your country,
make sure that you take advantage of these very special military prices -- they
were hard earned, and are well deserved!

Guest Services at Universal Studios Tours

There are many services that will help you enjoy your day at Universal Studios,
and you should definitely take advantage of the ones that apply to your
situation. The folks at Universal want you to have a positive experience, and
these services are meant to help you do just that.

There is a 'Will Call' service located right outside the gates. Here, you can
have tickets that were purchased online reprinted if necessary, get ticket
reservations, or put your pet in a kennel. Also located outside the gate is the
Group Sales Window. Here, you can renew your annual passes, or replace lost
annual passes. The Annual Pass Center is also located here.

The Guest Relations booth is where you will find visitor information concerning
hotels, campsites, and other interesting things to do in the area. You can also
get assistance and guides for guests with disabilities and audio assist units.
Travel assistance, lost and found, and the lost children's center are also
located in and near the Guest Relations booth.

Strollers and Wheelchairs are available for rent in the upper lot. Lockers,
where you can store your items for the day, are also available. ATM Machines
are located at the main entrance and in the lower lot by the Jurassic Cove
Cafe. You may use traveler's checks and credit cards at the ticket booth and in
the gift shops. Checks are not accepted at Universal Studios, and proper
identification is required for the use of credit cards and traveler's checks.

First Aid is located in the upper lot near Animal Planet Live. There is another
first aid station inside the Jurassic Park Visitors Center, which is situated in
the lower lot. There are eight designated smoking areas, which are indicated on
the park map. Smoking will not be permitted in any other areas of the park.

You should also take advantage of the Package Deliver Service at Universal
Studios Tours. This service will allow you to buy merchandise, and then pick it
up near the exit before you leave. The package pickup is located near Universal
Film Company.

Again, all of these services are designed to make your visit to Universal
Studios Tours more enjoyable. If you have any problems at the park, including
problems are situations that are not discussed here you should find a staff
member and request assistance. They will do everything within their power to
help you rectify your problem, and continue with your Universal Studios Tour.

Discount Tickets for Universal Studios Tours

When you plan a vacation, your vacation budget is probably in the very front of
your mind. Vacations can be quite expensive, and it is important to cut costs
wherever you can, without sacrificing your families fun. You can save quite a
bit of money with discounted tickets for Universal Studios Tours.

There are many ways to obtain discounted tickets for Universal Studios Tours.
Coca-Cola has specially marked cans that will save $10 on admission for a
certain number of people. You can also save money by asking your travel agent
for special deals. Many businesses also have coupons for discounted tickets.
You will save additional money by purchasing your tickets online, and printing
out your tickets on your home printer.

Look for discounts for students and senior citizens, as well as for children
under a certain age. Many groups are eligible for group discounts. In many
cases, you won't know about the Universal Studios Tours discounts unless you
ask. If you attend college, ask about discount tickets in the Registrars office
or in the Student's Services office at your school.

Universal Studios Special Services

Universal Studios strives to ensure that everyone who visits Universal Studio
Tours has an enjoyable experience. While guest services are available for
everyone, there are special guest services available for guests with more
specialized needs.

Guests in wheelchairs should have no problem accessing everything in the park,
however, occasionally, some assistance may be required. If this occurs, staff
members will be only too happy to assist. If special assistance is needed,
please visit the Guest Relations desk, which is near the front entrance of the
park. You can also contact Guest Relations in advance of your visit.
Accessibility points for wheelchairs are marked with the International signs.

If you require a sign language interpreting service, one will be made available
to you at Universal Studios Tours free of charge, with two weeks notice.
Arrangements can also be made for closed captioning, assistive listening
devices, and telecommunication devices for the deaf. TTY telephones are located
at the Guest Services booth as well, and all pay phones throughout the park have
the amplified feature.

Service animals are always welcome at Universal Studios, and will be allowed in
the restaurants, gift shops, and the attraction queues. For the safety and
well-being of the animal, service animals will not be allowed on some of the
rides or inside some of the attractions. Special arrangements can be made for
the service animal while it's owner enjoys the attractions, however.
Non-service animals must be placed in the complimentary kennel, located right
outside the park gates.

Pregnant women should avoid The Studio Tour, Back to the Future, and Jurassic
Park. These are not suitable for expectant mothers, and may cause complications
in the pregnancy, including early labor. Furthermore, pregnant women will be
given special stationary seating for the Shrek 4-D attraction and the Terminator 
2: 3D attraction. Speak with a cast member for assistance. You should speak with 
your doctor before planning a trip to Universal Studios Tours -- he or she may 
advise against such a trip.

Spanish language tours are available every day that the park is open, and tours
for other languages can be arranged with advance notice. Again, Universal
Studios Tours wants everyone to have a pleasant experience at the park, and
they will do everything possible to ensure this. If you have a special need,
please call and speak with a cast member at the Guest Services Center, or visit
the center upon your arrival to the park.

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