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Video Game Systems

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Video Game Systems: How It Works

Video game systems or consoles are one of the most popular ways to entertain
yourself and your family. People spend a lot of money in video game systems and
also the different games that are available in the market. People go to the
arcade, or purchase video game systems for entertainment. Besides, what more
can be more relaxing after a long day at work or after a hard day at school by
having fun? Consoles provide all the entertainment you need to relax and have

If you own a video game system, you will in time, ask how it works. You will be
curious on how game developers achieve and design such great graphics and
character that you can manipulate during game play. Firstly, you need to
understand what a game system is.

A simple explanation is that a game system is a highly specialized computer. In
fact, these game systems also have a central processing unit or CPU that are
used in desktop computers. However, in order to keep the price of these game
systems affordable for most people, game system manufacturers uses a CPU that
have been available for quite a long time for it to have a decreased price.

The next question would be why people purchase a game system instead of a
computer where most games available in these gaming systems also has versions
for the desktop computer.

There are several reasons why people purchase these game systems instead of a
desktop computer.

*  It is usually much cheaper. 
*  Shorter waits for the game to load. 
*  Easy to connect to TV and stereo. 
*  No compatibility issues with games. 
*  All games for a particular game system will run. 
*  No need to set up or  install the game before you can play. 
*  Multiplayer capability that is sometime impossible to do with a typical home 

Now that you know what a video game system is, the next thing you need to know
is how it works.

First of all, since the development of the game system called Atari 2600,
nothing has really changed in terms of the basic hardware inside the game
console. The only change was that the components even became more advanced.
Here are what these game consoles have in common in terms of hardware:

*  Central Processing Unit 
*  RAM 
*  Software kernel 
*  Storage medium for games 
*  Audio output 
*  Video output 
*  Power supply 
*  User control interface

The user control interface is what separates a video game from a TV. This is
where you, the user, will interact with the game. Without it, it will be like a
passive form of entertainment that is very much like your home TV. The user
control interface is where you will plug in your joysticks, or controllers.

The software kernel can be compared to your desktop computer's operating
system. This provides the interface between the different hardware and the
video game.

The storage medium for games is where you will put in your games. This is where
you put your game CDs or solid state memory cards. New versions of game systems
use DVD drives and is considered to be the latest in disk technology.

The audio and video output is where you will connect your video game system to
your standard TV and your stereo. Obviously, the video output goes to the TV
and the Audio output goes to your stereo system.

As you can see, the video game system works fairly simple. It is simply just a
matter of transmitting and receiving electronic signals to hardware in the
video game.

Some people even connect their video game systems to their home entertainment
system. These people connect their game system to their wide screen TV and some
even connects it to their digital surround speakers for a more satisfying and
realistic game play.

Most video game system developers today offer a wide library of games for their
consoles. Game developers are continuously developing games for the different
video game system developers. There are also some versions of their games for
the desktop computer.

Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube are some of the
leading consoles in the market today. However, it is up to you which game
console you should choose. Depending on your taste in games, you should choose
a game console that has great graphics and sound technology that a wide library
of games available.

Generations of Video Game System: Defying the Way we Define Entertainment

Entertainment takes its new form. With the development of technology and its
integration to various aspects of our lives, traditional entertainment such as
theatrical plays and cultural shows is replaced by so-called "electronic
entertainment". There you have various digital and animated films that you can
watch on movie houses or on your home entertainment system, cable television
system (CTS), and the video game system, which is popular not just to young and
old gamers alike but also to game developers, merely because of the development
of innovative technologies that they can use to improve existing game systems.

The video game system is intended for playing video games, though there are
modern game systems that allows you to have an access over other forms of
entertainment using such game systems (like watching DVD movies, listening to
MP3 music files, or surfing the Internet). Thus, it is often referred to as
"interactive entertainment computer" to distinguish the game system from a
machine that is used for various functions (such as personal computer and
arcade games).

The first generation of video game system started when Magnavox (an electronics
company which manufactures televisions, radios, and gramophones or record
players) released its first video game system, which is the Magnavox Odyssey
designed by Ralph Baer. Odyssey's popularity lasted until the release of
Atari's PONG video games. Magnavox realized that they cannot compete with the
popularity of PONG games, thus in 1975 they created the Odyssey 100 video game
system that will play Atari-produced PONG games.

The second generation of video game system came a year after the release of
Odyssey 100. In 1976, Fairchild released the FVES (Fairchild Video
Entertainment System), which made use of a programmable microprocessor so that
a game cartridge can hold a single ROM chip to save microprocessor
instructions. However, because of the "video game crash" in 1977, Fairchild
abandoned the video game system industry. Magnavox and Atari stayed in the
video game industry.

The rebirth of the video game system started when Atari released the popular
arcade Space Invaders. The industry was suddenly revived, with many gamers made
purchase of an Atari video game system just for Space Invaders. In other words,
with the popularity of Space Invaders, Atari dominated the video game industry
throughout the 80s.

Video game system's third generation came into being after the release of
Nintendo's Famicon in 1983. It supported full color, high resolution, and tiled
background gaming system. It was initially launched in Japan and it was later
brought to the United States in the form of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
in 1985. And just like Atari's Space Invaders, the release of Nintendo's famous
Super Mario Brothers was a big success, which completely revived the suffering
video game system industry in the early months of 1983.

Sega intended to compete with Nintendo, but they failed to establish
substantial market share. It was until 1988 when Sega released the Sega Genesis
in Japan on October 29 of the same year and on September 1, 1989 in the United
States and Europe territories. Two years later, Nintendo released the Super
Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1990.

Atari came back with their new video game system, which is the Jaguar and 3DO.
Both systems could display more onscreen colors and the latter made use of a CD
instead of game cartridges, making it more powerful compared to Genesis and
SNES. Nintendo, on the other hand, opted to release new games such as Donkey
Kong Country instead of producing new video game systems. Sega's Vectorman and
Virtua Racing followed suit. Several years later, Sony, Sega, and Nintendo
released the fifth generation of video game systems (PlayStation, Saturn, and
N64, respectively).

The sixth generation of game systems followed, involving Sega (Dreamcast, which
was their last video game system and the first Internet-ready game system), Sony
(PlayStation 2), Nintendo (Game Cube which is their first system to make use of
game CDs), and the newcomer Microsoft (Xbox).

The latest generation of video game systems is now slowly entering the game
industry. These are as follows:

*  Microsoft's Xbox, which was released on November 22, 2005; 

*  Sony's PlayStation 3, which is schedule to be released on November 11, 2006 
   (Japan), November 17 of the same year (North America), and March 2007 
   (Europe); and 

*  Nintendo's Wii, which is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2006 (North
   America), December 2 of the same year (Japan), December 7 (Australia), and
   December 8 (Europe).

The development of video game system does not end here. There will be future
generations of game system being developed as of this moment, which will defy
the way we define "entertainment".

New Game Systems: Which Game Systems You Should Buy

People in this modern society demands better entertainment for them to relax
after a long day at work or at school. There are different kinds of
entertainment available today. Some people go to movie theaters, some play
sports, some prefer watching TV or listening to music, while other prefer
playing video games.

Today, video game systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and are now
integrated with the latest technology in graphics and sounds. If you played
with the latest video game systems before, you know how much fun it is to play
with these machines.

Game systems are basically a great form of entertainment where you can interact
with the TV. Since the beginning of the development of video games, people have
been purchasing and demanding newer game system with the latest technology.
Because of this demand, many game system developers are striving to provide the
best game systems in the industry.

Games for the game systems or consoles are also becoming more and more
realistic everyday. These powerful machines combined with the latest games
available can really make you feel as if you are a part of the game itself and
not just someone playing the game. The realistic environment that is integrated
in these games is so good that it created the ESRB. The ESRB rates the games on
what particular age it is recommended for.

However, because of the competition that is going on between game system
developers and game developers, many people find it confusing on which game
systems and games they should buy. First of all, game systems today are so
close in terms of graphics and sound technology that it adds to the confusion
among consumers.

So, as a consumer, you have to know which game system you should purchase.
Since there are a lot of new game systems popping out in the market, you have
to choose which game system you should buy.

Here are examples of the latest game systems available in the market today:

*  Sony PlayStation 2 
*  Microsoft Xbox 360 
*  Nintendo GameCube

There are more game system developer companies that are competing in the market
today. And, more and more new game systems are being released. This adds more to
the confusion of consumers. In order for you to know which game systems you
should purchase, it is recommended that you should compare the different game
systems that it is on your list and determine which game system is the best.

You should look for a game system with higher processor speed, has the highest
transfer rate, the latest in graphics technology, the highest RAM, the best
sound technology, and also other features, such as the ability to let you play
online multiplayer games, and also a wide variety of games available.

You should also choose a video game system that has been tested and brought by
a lot of customers worldwide. You can also ask your friends who owns a video
game system and ask about the performance and also ask if he or she is
satisfied with it. You can also gain access to different comments of game
system owners through the reviews in the internet.

If you want a more in depth look at the newest game systems available in the
market or one that is going to be released in the market soon, you should visit
the website of the manufacturers. By doing this, you will know more about the
video game system and know which new game system you should purchase.

Always remember that you shouldn't only base on the price of the game system
when you are shopping for one, you should also determine the different
technology integrated in the game system and you should also know if the game
system has a wide library of games available. Besides, you don't want a video
game system with limited game library; this will create boredom because after
you get tired of the same old games, you will likely want to buy newer games
for your game console.

So, in case you are shopping for a new video game system, you have to remember
all of the things mentioned above. Always remember that these machines don't
come in cheap and this is why it is recommended that you should first research
about the machine before you buy.

Finding the Best Video Game System

Technology never ceases to amaze everyone with the great developments being
done every single day. The expansion of technology is far beyond the ability pf
the mind to imagine. Comparing the past decade to now, there are a lot of
developments and improvements in terms of technology, that would have seemed
impossible then. Before, cellular phones existed only for the sake of
communication, but today these tools can even be used for other things like
photo capturing, music playing, voice recording, etc.

The most anticipated invention that was ever invented by kids and kids at heart
is the video game. There are also so many versions of games that can be found in
the market. The desire of the people to have something to do during leisure time
prompted other people to conceptualize and finally invent indoor electronic
games. Video game keeps on innovating and its peripherals and other devices
used in these games are also being developed and improved as time goes by.

Video game systems are the hardware devices that are being used to play the
games. Video games systems are also known as video game consoles. Consoles,
basically, are compatible with any other game that manufacturers come up to
widen their market. However, because of the heavy demand of consumers in the
market, console makers and software or game programmers tie up to come up with
a perfect combination for their products to sell. There are consoles though
that is universal in the sense that it can play at least all programmed games
available in the market.

In the past years, plenty of game system developers introduced their own video
game systems. These systems have different specifications and have unique
abilities in the aspect of computer gaming. Plus, every maker has their own
distinct abilities and design that they apply to their product.

Because of this enormity of factors to consider, gamers and consumers are left
with only one question in their mind: What will I buy? And what is the best for
me? For many, these questions are so hard to answer especially if they do not
have enough idea of the video game systems available. So, answering these kinds
of questions does not just require asking or talking to other people but as well
as having your own personal research.

There are considerations to take in choosing the best video game console for
you. A game console can never be regarded as the best by any other person
except by yourself. Products like video game systems are not directly related
to what you want and what you are satisfied with and not by what they can give
you, although the specification of a certain device is a big factor for your
satisfaction. To help you in choosing the best video game, here are some things
to do in finding and choosing the best video game system:

*  Know what you want first. As stated above, what satisfies you is something
that only you can answer. The video game system that you must choose must be
something you like and according to how you know your self and your desires,
and not just because it is something that your friend has. Your friend might
have different expectations in a video game system but it helps if you see
theirs first to know if you like it.

*  Take the endeavor seriously. Choosing a video game system is just like
choosing what car you would want to drive. Check everything, whether your
prospect video game system can really give you the best output, like in the
audio, the resolution of the video, the game pad, etc.

*  Search for video game consoles in the Internet. There are plenty of product
makers that post their products on the Internet.

*  Consider those video game systems that are made by known console makers
around the world. This will not just give you the best quality there is, but it
can also help you adjust whenever these companies make improvements with their
products. In gaming, compatibility is an important factor to consider.

*  Think about what other things would you like your video game system to do
for you. Does it offer add-on peripherals? Game pads must also be comfortable
to handle.

Best video game systems can be made best only if your expectations are fully
met. Choosing such a device is primarily dependent on characteristics that your
video game system must possess.

Play With the Best Video Game System and Spend Hours of Great Fun

Video games are one of the best forms of entertainment today. With it, you can
really make your imagination come alive and become an entirely different
character that fights monsters from different planets or be a Formula 1 race
car driver.

To play these games, you usually go to the mall and play it on the arcade. In
the arcade, you will see different games available. Some are even placed on
realistic cars or fighter planes that are designed to follow every move you
make. For example, if you play in a fighter plane, you will see that the
machine will follow the plane's movements, when you bank your plane right, you
will feel the machine that you're in move right too, if you pull up, you will
feel that the machine will also point up.

Some of the arcade games even have a vibration feedback to alert you that
you're being hit by the enemy. There are even two player modes where you can go
head to head with your friends in a dog fight or you can do cooperative missions
where your friend can be your wingman. There are a lot more arcade games

However, you can't go to the arcade everyday because doing so can be too
expensive. Therefore, you should buy your own video gaming console where you
can play right in your own home. Although it won't contain all the realistic
machines that you can find in the arcade, you can still have that great
graphics and sound quality in the games.

Another great thing about buying your own gaming console is that you can have
flexibility in selecting your games. There are a wide variety of games
available that is not yet available or impossible to put in arcades.

In order to maximize enjoyment when you buy a video gaming system, you want to
get the best. However, you may wonder what makes a good gaming console. With
the number of gaming consoles available in the market today, people get
confused on which gaming console they should purchase. The competition makes
gaming console manufacturers develop the latest graphics and sound technology
and integrate them in their systems making all the different kinds of gaming
consoles in the market really stand out.

In the past, crude graphics and simple sounds were the ones available in the
market. And, it was really popular. Today, quite a few gaming console
manufacturers are now manufacturing the latest gaming consoles with integrated
features that can even rival the power of your home personal computer.

Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are four of the big names in the gaming
console industry. They create the best gaming consoles in the market and really
took the world by storm with each new version released. When you play in these
consoles, you will know that it can really give quality entertainment for you
and your family. When you have the time, you will spend hours on playing an
action packed game with amazing realism and sound quality.

To answer the question on what makes a gaming system the best is not just about
the sound quality and the graphics technology integrated on the system. Before
you buy a gaming console, make sure that the gaming console has a lot of game
titles supported. Besides, people would rather choose a gaming console where
thousands of different games are available rather than purchasing a gaming
console that only supports a few hundred games. You would eventually grow tired
or bored of the only few hundred games available in a particular gaming console.

With thousands of gaming titles you can choose from, you can simply buy another
game title if you get bored with your other games.

Another thing you should look for in a gaming console today is if it has
additional add-on gadgets that you can connect. Some gaming consoles have
memory cards that you can buy for you to save your progress in case you want to
continue playing later on. Some have different joysticks that you can plug in
for a more realistic feel for the game. For example, if you want your racing
game feel more realistic, you can purchase a steering wheel with gas and brake
pedals and if you want your fighter plane simulator, you can purchase a
joystick that looks similar to fighter plane controls.

There are even gaming consoles that are integrated with a modem. This gaming
console can give you the capability to connect to the internet and play with
other players across the world.

If you choose a video gaming system that has all these features, you purchased
the best video game system available. With the continuing development of
different gaming consoles, who knows what other features it may bring.

Evolution Will Define What the Best Video Game System Is

One of the more popular innovations that were created during the 70's era is
video games. From then on, it became one of the significant forces in the
society, being the most renowned leisure pursuit. Some people could still
remember the good old days when they played their Colevision, Intellivision,
and Atari. Of course, you can be one of those that was been hooked on playing
Nintendo and Sega games. Today, some internet websites are even allowing the
users for free game downloads.

Some would be asking the question, what is the best video game system? Well, it
will depend on your preference. Since one person is different from the other, it
is possible that what you like will not suit what others prefer or vice versa.
However, it is helpful if you try to study its evolution.

In the late years of the 1970's and the early 1980's, video games are relying
more on the graphic movements. However it is considered as either less or more
of a solitary pursuit. Moreover, the rise of the internet as well as online
games, led to a lot of changes. It includes the ability of downloading games,
playing games online, and making video games as a social activity. It is true
because you can meet lots of players and opponents all over the world. This is
the biggest change and rated as the latest game benefits.

During the early days, video games were called as innovators. Many people
assumde that Pong started the history. But the truth is that it was the Odyssey
system of Magnavox developed in 1972. It was equipped with 12 simple games
having graphic overlays offering a lot of rooms for improvements. This leads to
the development of Pong.

Pong was created by Nolan Bushnell together with the Atari founder, Al Alcorn.
It was rumored that the prototype broke down when it was tested in a certain
bar at California after two days of operation. So what they did was to create
its home version. After one year, Pong was released by Atari having a complete
built in speaker and paddles. It became a big success because it represented
the new stage in the gaming evolutions. There are almost 60 knock-offs of Pong
that was been produced however Atari dominated the market.

The entire video game industry adopted microprocessors on their designs. In
this implementation, systems that are more complicated are developed. The new
systems are able to produce innovative and groundbreaking auditory and
graphical effects that were never seen before. Many consumers have tried these
innovations setting the video games industry on fire. It was revealed that in
1981, over 5 billion dollars was solely spent on arcade machines and home game
systems. There was even a market crash experienced by most video games systems
in 1982, however the VCS/2600 system of Atari remained as a dominant player.

There are various games that were rated as great games. Do you still recall Pac
Man? It was the yellow blob who were eating the dots but avoiding the ghosts
which looks like a squid. It became a global sensation considering it as the
all time biggest game in the world.

Then there came the Space Invaders which is also an incredibly popular game. It
marks the turning point of arcade games found in populated places such as bars,
restaurants, and shops. This became the most renowned all time arcade game
focusing on stopping an alien invasion.

Super Mario will never be forgotten as well. It has characters which everyone
can relate unto. Thereafter, Metroid, Zelda, and other video game classics were
created. Nevertheless, the popularity of Atari became a past glory relic due to
a bad decision. They never included the disk drives in their systems.

Everything has been changed in 1984 because of two innovations. The cost of
DRAM or Dynamic Ram was greatly reduced allowing more memory, and higher power
processors ranging to 8-bits was been produced. It was the new player that
entered the console market, Sega.

Another key player was Nintendo produced in Japan. It was the marketing prowess
of the Nintendo Company, spending millions on their advertisements hitting more
consumers, that allowed it to rise as a market leader then. Today the
development of Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Gamecube console game systems continue
to dominate the market industry.

The evolution in the video game systems will truly help you define the best
video game system there is in the market.

How to Compare Video Game Systems

Video Games are vastly disseminated all over the world. Questions can never be
asked regarding their capacity to entertain and the ability to fully satisfy a
gamer. In the past researches, it was found out that roughly millions of people
in the United States have access to video and pc games. This just means that a
majority of the population is looking around and trying to discover what's
available for them.

People or enthusiasts can be leveled into three; 1) beginners 2) frequent
gamers 3) experts. These three are bound to one arena where they will meet: the
gaming world.

These people have their own questions in mind and are trying to personally find
out the answers to their questions.

For a beginner, the question may be something like; what will I do with this
game? This question may seem very simple but needs patience to answer. Such
question would change and would elevate as time goes by and as the ability of
the player improves. From this stage, their focus is neither to look for games
nor to discover new game systems or consoles. Their mission is to learn and
master the game no matter what game it is regardless of the console they use.

The second level of gamer is something caught between seeking and constantly
going with the flow. These types of gamers now actually find some time to
discover new things and ask question like, what other games are there for me.
This question is embodied with the desire to satisfy the game and not just to
play with it.

The third must not be misinterpreted with an addicted player or any other worse
negative term for it. These people are actually the ones not just looking for
games but also make ways so other gamers may understand them and develop the
game further. They do not just play games, they even interpret it. They are
expert enough that they would try as many games as they could and try to master
it then make some articles or reviews about what they found out with the game.
They are actually doing comparisons.

Comparing a video game system is very important for these three levels of
enthusiasts. This will help them master whatever they are currently into. In
addition, reviews and comparisons aid other gamers in finding out which games
are worth looking into and which game consoles to buy.

But how do these people come up with a review and what are the things that they
do in order to write one? There are also techniques and procedures that one must
follow in order to arrive at a very good comparison of video game systems. Here
are some that you may first include in your list of techniques to compare a
video game system.

*  The very first thing that one must do is to play the video game itself. Play
it until you finish the video game. If it is a leveled game then play it until
the last level.

*  Take note of the effects, the color and the other features of the game that
you may share with the readers. All physical observation must be related to
readers for their information.

*  Relate to the readers the basic information that they need to know about the
certain game. They will probably need to know about the console compatibility,
the release date of the game, the name, the publisher, the platform, etc. For
pc games, it is very important to first relate to the reader the system
specification requirement of the game. Try to inflict your own observation on

*  Give the readers a gist of what the game is. If it is a race, then tell them
specifically that it is a race and what kind of race the game is. There are so
many types of video or computer games that are now available in the market, all
with different ways to play and with variable number of players that can play.
These facts must also be included in the review or comparison.

*  Give your opinion in the sense that they will agree with you when they will
try the game you are comparing. There are so many things that you may want to
point out in the game. The scoring system, the level of difficulty, the length
of the game and so on, these are just examples of things that you may critic.

*  Compare the game with another game with the same playing method. The game
that you will compare it with must a game that you have already played with.
Give the strengths and the weaknesses of each game according to your

*  Lastly, conclude in a manner that you balance things. You may also cling to
the other game that is really good for you but do not ever forget the good side
of the other game. Compare video game systems in an unbiased way.

An Introductory to the Famous Game Systems in the US and Around the World

According to one survey of a major console manufacturer, 1 of every 4 household
owns a product made by the former. That number does not include the households
that own other makes of video gaming systems.

Video game systems are also called as consoles. These gadgets are hardware
where the video games are read and actually played. Consoles can be best
described as the terminal where video games are converted into software and are
actually transmitted to a monitor. Consoles are extraordinary boxes powered by
alternating or direct current. These consoles come out in different sizes,
forms and color depending on the manufacturer. There are consoles that are
exclusively made for a certain game or game make. The controls, maybe a
joystick or a gun, of a console is different from the other. This is why not
all games can be played in a certain console.

Every console makes and manufacturer can easily become famous especially if the
said console make can read many games. Gamers would actually look for the gadget
that can cater not just to one or three games but as many as possible. For a
manufacturer, to be famous means to be innovative. People would normally grab
things which are new to them. So to make the product sell, makers must put new
features and other innovations in the product.

There are so many consoles available nowadays. And its manufacturers keep on
developing new consoles every now and then to stay ahead in the market. The US
is one of the world's largest video game enthusiast countries and they are the
fastest innovators. Here are three most famous video game systems in the US:

*  MICROSOFT XBOX -- this console is made by Microsoft Company. The first
console Microsoft released is the Xbox. The Xbox is a desktop style console
that has lower memory and specs as compared to its successor. Four years after,
Microsoft then introduced Xbox 360 in the market. This is a tower console that
can read even PC games. This contains a 3.2 GHz processor with a memory of
512MB. It has the highest hard drive memory for a video game console which is
20 GB. XBOX 360 can be used for online gaming. With the high technology and
specifications Microsoft infused with their console, better graphics can be
used by game developers to make the game more realistic.

*  SONY PLAYSTATION -- this console or videogame system was made by Sony
Company. There are already many versions of consoles that Sony has made. It all
Started with the PS 1. Originally, PS 1 is a console that reads computer games
stored in a disc. PS also uses a memory card which stores level, scores etc.
The most anticipated version of Play Station is the PS 2 in 2001. It is
basically a remake of the PS 1 but with several improvements. The latest
released console by Sony is the PSP, or the Play Station Portable. It is a hand
held DC powered console. Sony has this new console ready to be released this
year. This console is considered to be the seventh generation video game system
that Sony has made. This will be released on November 11 in Japan and on 17 in
North America. Basically, PS3 is the successor of PS2 that was hugely

*  NINTENDO GAMECUBE and WII -- this is the latest release of Nintendo. Like
its first video game systems, GameCube also uses its original game pad. After
Family Computer, Nintendo never stopped improving their home consoles even when
they arrived at an amazing console tagged as GameCube. Nintendo, like any other
console maker, never stops discovering new things and making new consoles. This
November, Nintendo is going to release their newest console; Nintendo Wii. It
can comparably be leveled to Microsoft's Xbox360 and Sony's PS3. Nintendo Wii
is only 8.5 inches long and 6 inches wide and the thickness of this console is
only about 2 inches. One of its newedt innovations is a nunchuk looking
wireless game pads.

There are still so many video game systems that are sprouting out and making
their own name in the industry. As the demands of the gamers keep on leveling
up, makers also strive hard to produce video game systems that does not just
sell well but become famous with most gamers.

Nintendo: Knowing About Their New Game System

With all the different game systems coming out of the market, people have been
trying to find out which one is better. The latest technology integrated in
today's newest game systems have been keeping people debating about which game
system is better and which one should be considered as the best game console
ever made.

Wii is one of the latest game systems ever released in the market today and by
far, it is one of the most popular game systems available. Developed by
Nintendo, people will surely buy this game system.

Nintendo is one of the known video game system manufacturers. This company
developed Wii as well as other popular game consoles. Nintendo developed the
Nintendo Entertainment System or NES where it is considered as the best selling
game system of all time. The next game system Nintendo developed is the Super
NES as well as GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, Nintendo 64 and the GameCube.

Wii is the latest addition in the Nintendo entertainment line and the company
claims it will revolutionize the way people see quality entertainment. In the
past, Nintendo was seemingly boxed out by other competitors in the video gaming
console industry. However, with the Nintendo Wii, it appears that Nintendo have
bounced back into the competition against other large companies in the video
gaming console industry.

Nintendo Wii has been in the development process for quite some time now and
many people are now awaiting the full release and introduction of Wii in the
market. The company is also hopeful that the release of Wii will allow Nintendo
to keep up with the ever growing demands of people for quality entertainment.

Nintendo Wii is a sleek rectangular box available in different colors.
Nintendo's concept of making it simple and effective still stays the same.
Unlike the GameCube though, the Nintendo Wii has taken a more modern turn and
beneath the sleek outer shell, it houses a very powerful machine that people
will really want to purchase.

Wii promises that it will revolutionize the way people look at gaming console.
This particular console will bring a whole new gaming experience for lots of
people in the world. So, you may now be asking about the features of this most
anticipated gaming console.

Part of the feature of Wii is a simple remote control that looks just like any
other TV remote control. However, it contains motion sensor that will be
utilized in the game play aspects. For example, the new game titles for the
Wii, such as Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will take advantage of the new
controller technology to provide the player an effective way to aim.

Wii also has a great hardware feature that can make the latest gaming console
available in the market today seem like amateurs and can effectively compete
with the upcoming and also anticipated release of other gaming consoles
developed by other big names in the video gaming system industry.

Wii is integrated with a PowerPC CPU (Broadway) that is made with a 90nm SOI
CMOS process. The CPU inside Wii was developed and manufactured with IBM and
the GPU was developed with ATI.

Like the GamCube, Wii also has four Wii remote controllers that can communicate
with Wii. This also features a bay for an SD memory card. Wii also has an AV
Multi-output port for component, composite or S-Video.

Another great feature of Nintendo Wii is the WiiConnect24. This particular
console can communicate with the internet even if the power is turned of. This
means that even if the system is idle, it can deliver new surprises or game
updates. Wii users can connect wirelessly by using IEEE 802.11 or a USB 2.0 LAN

If you like your GameCube games, you can still play with it using Wii. All
GameCube discs are compatible to Wii. It can also support single or double
layered 12mm optical discs.

There are also the features in Wii called the Wii Channels. This will enable
you to change from gaming to other forms of entertainment. You can surf the
internet with Wii on the internet channel, catch up with the latest headlines
on the news channel, edit pictures and videos that you took with your digital
camera in the photo channel, draw 3D caricatures of you and your friends in the
Mii channel, and take a look at the latest weather update wherever in the world
with the forecast channel.

With all of these features, you can be sure to expect that Wii will be one of
the hottest selling gaming consoles in the market.

NES Game Systems: A Great Way to Relive Old Games

With the different kinds of gaming consoles appearing in the market today that
are integrated with the latest graphics and audio technology, you will find it
hard to imagine that one of these gaming console originated from a simple and
humble beginnings. If you are familiar with the Nintendo GameCube, you have to
know that it all originated in a gaming console called Nintendo Entertainment
System or NES.

When Nintendo is mentioned, the first thing that comes into a person's mind is
video games. It is a fact that Nintendo has been producing and manufacturing
different kinds of gaming consoles since the video game market was still in its

Unlike the gaming consoles that you see today that were developed by Sony and
Microsoft, Nintendo is purely in the gaming industry. Sony is known for their
hardware and Microsoft on the other hand is known for developing software.
Nintendo have been in the business of video games for a long time and still
remains as one of the best manufacturers of gaming consoles today.

With the Nintendo Game Cube, you would almost never expect that Nintendo also
developed a primitive gaming console that was one of the most popular in the
world. Nintendo started out with NES or the Nintendo Entertainment System.

NES is one of the more popular video gaming consoles in its time and is also
one of the best selling video gaming console. The games in NES were simple but
really entertaining, such as the Mario Bros. and Tetris.

In fact, NES games are so entertaining that many people today who owned NES
gaming console are still hooking up their old NES gaming console to their TV
and play their old NES games. It is also a fact that the entertaining features
of NES games still attracts people from buying the console over the internet or
download NES games that they can play in their own computer.

NES gaming console were in fact the best selling console of the company. Even
their latest gaming console called the GameCube can't compete in terms of sales
against the NES. Nintendo had an estimated 61.9 million dollars in sales for NES
worldwide while GameCube only sold units for only 20.9 million dollars. It may
be because of the other competition in the gaming console industry but this
proves that NES is one of the best gaming consoles ever developed in the world.

NES also has a wide variety of games. With this feature, many people have been
playing NES for a lot of years until the arrival of a more advanced gaming
system developed by different companies, such as Sony and Microsoft.

However, the popularity of NES didn't entirely die. There are still lots of
people who like playing NES games with NES gaming console. However, NES games
are also readily available in the internet where you can download it for a

You have to consider that NES, although has primitive games, develops
entertaining games as well. If you have played with a NES before, you know how
entertaining their games can be. With a lot of popular game titles, you will
surely never run out of games to play with the NES.

So, if you feel like playing NES games again, all you have to do is hook your
NES gaming console to your TV, choose the game you want to play and relive the
time when you where still young and loved to play different NES games.

With NES, even your kids will enjoy playing with the old games. Even if you
have the latest gaming console with different game titles, you will surely want
to play with the NES over and over again.

However, if you don't have a NES gaming console, you can still buy it through
the internet. Or, you can download NES games and play it in your home PC. There
are different emulators available today that will enable you to play NES games.

Playing with NES games is a great way to entertain yourself and relive the
past. If you get tired of the same old games that are available today in the
latest gaming console, you can easily step back and play simple and fun games
for NES. Hook it up in your TV and start playing with the most popular gaming
console ever sold in the market.

Magnavox Odyssey 2: The Game System That Started It All

Today, you will see different gaming systems that are integrated with the
latest graphics and sound technology. The games that are available in these
game systems are even amazingly realistic and can really make you feel that you
are part of the game and not just as a person playing it. The realistic and
customizable character features in some of these games enables you to feel as
if you are part of the game itself.

There are a lot of companies that manufactures gaming console competing in the
market today. Some boasts that their gaming console can connect to the internet
while other gaming consoles brags that it can have up to four different players
playing locally at the same time.

With a wide library of games available today and the different gaming consoles
available in the market, it is very hard to imagine that these games have
evolved from a very simple and primitive beginning.

Before the Magnavox Odyssey 2 gaming system, the Magnavox Odyssey gaming system
was the first to come out. This gaming system was developed by Ralph Baer who
worked on the Odyssey gaming system for two years. The Odyssey was first called
the Brown Box because it was encased on a wooden box. Baer's associates showed
little interest with idea so he looked for a company that is willing to produce
his invention and market it.

The company called Magnavox became interested in Baer's idea and was willing to
reproduce it and market it. The Brown Box is an analog system that runs on
transistors and capacitors. Baer's Brown Box underwent a number of refinements
and changes before it was released by Magnavox as Odyssey in the year 1972.

Upon release, the Odyssey was the talk of the town. But because of the high
price and inefficient and confusing marketing, people thought it needed a
Magnavox TV to run. This confusion hurt sales badly but nevertheless, Magnavox
sold almost 100,000 units on its first year.

In the year 1978, Magnavox released the new version of Odyssey called the
Odyssey 2. This unit was created to compete with the growing gaming console
industry. One of the features that made Magnavox Odyssey 2 stand out is the
48-key keyboard to assist in educational games. Odyssey 2 has features that are
considered state-of-the-art during its time.

The Odyssey 2 technical specifications were an 8 bit Intel 8048 (1.79MHz) CPU,
a 64B RAM integrated in the CPU, 16 colors and 4 on screen, resolution of
280x192, 4 sprites, 1 channel mono sound system, and a 2K programmable game
card. These features were considered the latest technology in its time and
Odyssey 2 was considered a success with sales that went up to over a million

Odyssey 2 gaming console is also integrated with one button digital joysticks,
and a QWERTY layout keyboard for educational games.

Odyssey 2 also has expansion modules for different games. It can be integrated
with The Voice where it provides speech synthesis and enhanced sound effects.
It also had a Chess Module to run the chess program effectively.

So, when you play with the latest gaming consoles that have great graphics and
great sound quality, think of where it all began and imagine what may come in
the near future. Because of the fast technological development in the gaming
console industry, you may assume that more gaming consoles with the best
technology available will eventually pop out in the market in the near future.

Just think about it, in less than 30 years, game console developers and
manufacturers have developed simple gaming consoles to highly advanced gaming
console with the latest technology in graphics and sound in just a little time.

Today, because of the latest development in computer technology and the
internet, Odyssey 2 games are readily available for online play. It is
defiantly hard to imagine that all the gaming consoles you see in the market
today evolved from a simple gaming console developed by a man called Ralph Baer
and a company called Magnavox.

Come to think of it, if you played Odyssey 2 before, you would really want to
play the old and simple games again. You can play these old games in a number
of websites available. Most of Odyssey 2 games are available for online gaming
for free.

Helping Your Kids Learn Through Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition

Your kid's education should be one of your primary priorities as a parent. You
should get them the best education that you can afford, and you should also let
them have time for games and toys. There is a lot of gaming consoles available
in the market today but you would also want your kids to learn from the games
they play.

However, not all kinds of games available for the different gaming consoles are
educational. Some games are even integrated with violence, blood and gore that
can negatively affect your child's psychology. It is recommended that you
should purchase games that your children can learn from.

In the past, kids learn through shaped blocks and other toys that they can
physically hold. Some of these toys can prove to be dangerous. So, you want to
buy them something that is safe and something that they can learn from.

It is a fact that playing is one of the best ways a child can learn. It may be
logical thinking, language or it can even be math. With the right games, you
can really develop your child's intelligence. Handheld games for children have
existed for a long time. However, with today's advancement in graphics and
sound technology, a lot of handheld games for children now have better graphics
and better sound quality.

An example of an educational gaming system for children is called the Leapster
L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition. Developed by Leapfrog, you can be sure
that they offer quality education and quality toys for your children.

It is a fact that learning can be boring, this is why the Leapster L-Max
Learning Game system Pink Edition have took it to the next level and made the
learning experience fun for children. This particular gaming system is
handheld. However, you also have the option on plugging it to your TV for a
much better learning experience.

Leapster L-MAX Learning Game System Pink Edition is recommended for children
aged 4 to 10 years old. It also has different gaming titles that you can
integrate in the gaming system as your child develops.

It has animations included where your child can easily learn how to identify
and write letters and it also has games where your child can play with their
favorite cartoon character. This gaming system also teaches math, and language
skills for different age levels.

Here are the things that you can expect this game system to teach your kids:

*  Letters 
*  Rhyming 
*  Spelling 
*  Phonics 
*  Numbers 
*  Addition 
*  Subtraction 
*  Counting 
*  Art

Depending on your child's capability, you can effortlessly make learning easier
for them with this gaming console. Besides, what more can be fun for a child
that having the ability to interact with their favorite cartoon character?

No other gaming console for children offers this kind of learning experience
than the Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition.

So, if you want your child to learn and at the same time have fun, you should
purchase this game system for them. With the features that this game system
offers, you can be sure that your child will use it for hours to have fun and
at the same time learn about things that they will usually get bored off in

Language, math and art skills can be developed by using this game system. This
game system also has a vast game library where your children can choose which
game they want to play. They can choose to play with Dora the Explorer, Scooby
Doo, SpongeBob SquarePants and they can even choose to play other different

There are different games for different age levels. All you need to do is
choose which of the games can accommodate your child.

So, if you want your child to have fun and at the same time learn something
while they play, the Leapster L-Max Learning Game System Pink Edition is your
choice. With this game system, you can expect your child to learn faster and
play at the same time. Think of investing in this game system as investing in
your child's education.

How to Reset A PS2 Game System

In the gaming console industry, Sony is one of the leading gaming console
designer and manufacturer today. It has a wide library of games unlike other
consoles and they also have the latest technology in sound and graphics
integrated in their gaming console.

In the past, Sony has designed a game console called PlayStation 1 or PS1.
After the success of this gaming console, Sony again designed one of the best
gaming console that hit the gaming console market. They designed the
PlayStation 2 or PS2. Like the PS1, the PS2 has a great variety of games. With
a sleek design and great games, PS2 became one of the most popular and widely
bought gaming consoles in the world.

Games for PlayStation 2 are readily available in the market today. There are
games for all ages, sport games, and even games for mature persons filled with
realistic environment and characters and even features that depicts realism,
such as violence, blood and gore. The characters in the games are also designed
to move like real people.

When people buy a PlayStation 2 gaming console, people just rip it out of the
box without even reading the user manual. People do this because they want to
play with their new PlayStation 2 gaming console immediately after purchasing
it. However, there are different things you should consider when setting up the
PlayStation 2 gaming console. You need to remember that PlayStation 2 is
entirely different from other gaming console that you may have played with in
the past, such as the PlayStation 1.

Of course, you need to know the different features of PlayStation 2 in order
for you to properly maintain it in a good working condition. You also have to
know how to set it up to avoid frustration.

People who don't read the user manual because of rushing in on playing their
new PlayStation 2 gaming console doesn't know how to reset it or how to put
their gaming console on stand-by mode. They will either usually let the system
run for hours or completely shut the system down by unplugging it.

The PlayStation 2 has a reset button located in front of the console. But, you
need to read the user manual to locate it. The reset button has two functions,
the first is to reset the gaming console and the second function is to put it
in stand-by mode.

By pressing the stand-by button for a couple of seconds, you will turn the
system on stand-by mode. It doesn't necessarily turn it off, but it only puts
it in stand-by mode. If you leave the system on or completely shut down the
PlayStation 2 gaming console, you will likely have a problem with maintenance.
Letting it run for hours or shutting it down by pulling the power plug will
cause your PlayStation 2 to malfunction.

This is why it is important for you to put your PlayStation 2 gaming console in
stand-by mode when you are not using it.

Many people have found that a PlayStation 2 gaming console should be more user
friendly for beginners. They feel that Sony should label the reset button with
a stand-by label to make it easier for people to use.

It is a fact that many people who have bought PlayStation 2 gaming console
neglect to read the instruction manual on how to set-up it up. This is why many
first-time users find hard to set it up and how to turn it off. The cables are
also questioned. Many people get confused on where to connect the cables and
they even suggested that Sony PlayStation 2 should have color coded cables and
better labeling to avoid confusion and frustration when setting up the PS2
gaming console.

Unfortunately, Sony will not recall the products they released in the market.
So, in order for you to know how to reset the gaming system, you should either
read the user manual before setting it up and let it guide you or you can ask
advanced PlayStation 2 users on how to reset the PlayStation 2 or put it in
stand-by mode.

Always remember that PlayStation 2 is an exceptionally expensive gaming
console. This is why you should know how to properly maintain it. So, if you
are not using your PS2 put it in stand-by mode by pressing the reset button for
a couple of seconds.

When properly maintained, you can expect to play with your PS2 for years to

How to Design a Game System: Making RPG Players More Involved in the Game

When you play in the arcade or in your own gaming console or even in your home
PC, you look for a game that feels and looks realistic. Lots of people prefer
to play these kinds of games because it makes them feel as part of the game.

People would even try anything to make the game look more real. They even set
up their home entertainment system to their game console or their home PC to
really get the feel that they are actually in the game and not just playing it.
They hook up their wide screen TV to their PC and sometimes they even hook up
their surround sound system to make it more realistic.

Game system design technologies have vastly improved these past few years.
Today, with the latest 3D and sound technology being integrated in the game,
you will really feel as though you are actually the character that you are
playing. Games today, particularly RPG games, are now integrated with realistic
features. You can hear ambient sounds, different languages, and you can even
choose to set it up in a realistic way, such as blood and gore options and
surround sound options. Computers today and gaming consoles are also equipped
with the latest technology in graphics and sound.

In order to create a game system that people will surely buy, you need to know
what people are looking for in a game. One of the most popular game genres
available in the market today is called RPG or Role Playing Games. These games
let you choose a character or have a character that you can control. Some RPG
games are first person shooter and some are on third person shooter games. A
first person shooter lets you view the game as if you are the character
themselves and in third person shooter, you will also control the character but
you will see its whole body.

Today, there are a lot of Role Playing Games available in the market and are
still competing to make their game the best in the industry. The next thing you
have to consider is the setting of the Role Playing Game. For example, you have
to think of a location and time. You have to consider that some people like
futuristic games and some people like historical game settings, such as a Role
Playing Game in the settings of World War II or Desert Storm.

Knowing how to design a game system will require you to have advanced knowledge
3D graphics technology. You want to make your character and the game environment
as real as possible and basic knowledge simply doesn't cut it. In order for you
to have this knowledge, you can consider attending 3D software and graphics
courses. In these schools, you will learn how to create 3D characters and 3D
environment and how to manipulate them.

If you already have this kind of skills and knowledge, the next thing you need
are equipments to design your characters and environments. It is recommended
that you should have a PC equipped with the latest processor technology, the
highest possible RAM, DVD Writer and also the latest graphics card.

You also need a 3D software program. This is where you will design each of your
characters and add different details to make your characters look very real.

There are also different 3D equipments that you need to have in order for you
to successfully design a game system.

Whatever Role Playing Game is on your mind, you have to consider that people
look for realism. Try playing different Role Playing Games available in the
market and try to get an idea on how you can create a successful game that will
surely sell.

Always remember that designing a game system can take lots of time. You have to
consider putting in a lot of hours designing the game. You also have to know who
you will be designing your game system for. If you are designing it for kids,
then you don't want to put in a lot of violence and gore in the game, you want
to make it friendly for kids where everyone can enjoy.

A game system design is not a simple task to do. You have to expect to fail for
the first few tries. If you encounter errors, go back to your programming and
fix the bugs. In time, you will see that you will be able to perfect the game

Xbox Game System Emulators for Playing Xbox Games in Your Mac OSX

It is a fact that the Xbox is one of the most popular game systems available in
the market today. With stunning graphics quality and great sound effects, people
have been purchasing the Xbox worldwide.

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox provides quality entertainment for everyone. It
has different games for every kind of person. It has mature games filled with
violence for adults, and it also has games for kids. Microsoft Xbox is really
one great machine that you would want to include in your home entertainment

Considered as one of the best and the most popular gaming console in the market
today, you certainly would want to own one. Besides, a game console that offers
and delivers stunning graphics and sound technology, who wouldn't want to own
this game system? Xbox is known to really take you to another level of playing
video games. With realistic characters, and realistic 3D environment, you will
feel as if you are the character that you are playing and not just the person
behind the TV playing the character.

When you own an Xbox, or you have played with the Xbox before, you know that
this game system is one of a kind and is a must-have in your home.

However, not all people would want to purchase the Xbox for the reason of
owning a home computer that can work just as well as any other game console.
However, you should consider that some popular Xbox games are not available in
your Mac OSX. So, the question is, how can you be able to play the many Xbox
game titles that isn't available for your Mac OSX?

In order for you to play Xbox games in your Mac OSX, you need a software
emulator. Specifically, you will need an Xbox software emulator for Mac OSX.
The next question would be where to find such software.

The answer is simple, either you develop your own software if you have enough
skills and knowledge about programming or you can download the many kinds of
software emulators readily available in the internet.

However, before you download, you have to be sure that the emulator really
works or is not a computer virus. In order for you to do this, you need to take
a closer look at the reviews. If the review for the software emulator for Xbox
to Mac OSX proves to be positive, you have a chance that the emulator you are
going to download is authentic and are not riddled with viruses.

You should also consider installing an anti-virus program in your Mac OSX in
order to make sure that your computer is safe from malicious software.

Emulators are great software that you can use to play Xbox games right in your
Mac OSX. With this software, you no longer have to purchase the Xbox itself.
All you need to do is download the software from the internet, install it in
your computer and play your favorite Xbox games through your Mac OSX computer.

However, there are drawbacks when you use Xbox emulators for your Mac OSX. One
main drawback is the compatibility of the Xbox games to the emulator. Certain
Xbox emulators can only play a limited amount of Xbox games in your Mac OSX.
This means that you can never really play all the different game titles
available in Xbox.

But, if you are only after one game or a few games available only in Xbox, you
can consider using Xbox emulators. The only thing is that you have to make sure
that the emulator you download can support the Xbox game you want to play in
your Mac OSX. There are quite a few Xbox emulators available in the internet.
All you have to do is search for one that is capable of playing the Xbox games
you want to play in your Mac OSX.

So, if you want to play Xbox games but you don't want to purchase Xbox for your
own reasons, you can consider downloading Xbox emulators for your Mac OSX
machine. However, if you want to play Xbox to the fullest and use all features
available, you should consider purchasing the actual Xbox itself.

Always remember that before you download the different Xbox emulators available
in the internet, you should consider to check the reviews first and know if it
actually works and know what kind of Xbox games it can support.

System Specifications needed for the Da Vinci Code Computer Game

System requirements are not just applicable to some games; these are part of
every game. There is no game that exists today that does not have any system
requirement for the computer to properly run the game. Aside from that, almost
all game requirements are considerably on the part of the hardware device that
a gamer must posses.

Video games have lesser system requirements or hardware device requirements
because these games are preset to a certain device that is constantly made. Or
it can be better said that game programmers adopts with the present hardware
device or known as console that their game can play with.

Other video game makers make their own video game consoles which lessens the
requirements of the system that is to needed to play the game. However, games
cannot be regulated in the sense that only those game console makers are
allowed to make game programs. There is no law that rules over the regulation
of game production in that matter. There are plenty of independent game makers
that are not connected, whether in part or in whole, with big game console
producers. These game makers just depend on the mainstream hardware device that
can be use for their game.

The most common hardware that is being used to play with certain games is the
personal computer. However, there are plenty of versions and specifications
that is present nowadays that a personal computer may have. You may find
different makes and capacity of processors, video cards, sound cards, RAM, etc.
in the market. These specifications are very helpful in thinking what your
computer may do for you.

All games have their own system requirements. These specifications are required
to attain a good sound, good video output and good playing output for the
player. When one or several requirements are not met, chances are that the
player will never enjoy the game to its fullest capacity. Just imagine playing
a game with a choppy computer, or with a very poor sound, or even unrealistic
display, surely one will never be happy with the game.

One of the games that may require special specification to the user is the Da
Vinci Code. This game was inspired by the book and the movie that was shown
early this year. This game is about Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu's quest for
answers on the secrets of the Priory of Sion and other sects. Their quest was
later situated in the game of death when they discover a very critical secret
which can possibly ruin the Catholic faith.

The system requirement of the Da Vinci Code game is primarily applicable to
personal computers. The basic system requirements are the ones being given

Here are the system requirements for the game Da Vinci Code:

*  Processor -- the speed of the processor that is required to play this game
is 1.8 GHz. The make is no longer important but the one made by Pentium is more
advisable. The speed of the processor is the one that will determine how fast
your computer will be able to execute any command from the game. This will be
responsible in sending and accepting data coming from the user. The Da Vinci
Code game requires speeds like this because visual display and other feature of
this game are really high.

*  Environment -- this game can run in Windows 2000, Windows Xp or any higher
environment available.

*  RAM -- the requirement of this game for RAM is as high as 512MB. This memory
is used to temporarily store data that will be sent for the processor. The
faster the RAM the faster the processor will execute.

*  Disc Space -- for a better gaming experience, the Da Vinci Cod Game requires
3GB hard disc space. Too large for a normal computer disc space but just perfect
to play Da Vinci Code game.

*  Video Card -- for a good resolution of graphics, the game needs a 64MB
DirectX 9c compatible graphic card.

*  CD-ROM -- the game require the average speed of the CD-ROM that equals to
6X. However, the game prefers the user to use a DVD-ROM instead.

In the game, there are places included that are not stated in the book nor in
the movie. The player is going to solve meta puzzles and decipher codes from a
cryptex. There are 90 levels that a player must finish. If your computer meets
or exceeds the requirements, then you will have a better operation of the game
allowing you to fully enjoy every aspect of it.

What does a Computer Game System Require?

Every system that exists on this planet needs a requirement. No matter how many
or how big the requirement is, it is essential to comply with the requirements
to full realize its potential or to just simply make it work. In science, a
system may require any factor affecting it. For example, for a plant to
complete its photosynthesis, it must collect carbon dioxide from its

This idea is also true in computer gaming. In video games, the peripherals or
the devices that you are going to use must meet the requirements set by the
game. These requirements are primarily on the capacity of your device; say a
console, to perform tasks and to read the game set for by the programmer.

Compatibility also has something to do with computer requirements. The idea
behind this is the simple fact that a game can be played with compatible device
which can play perfectly the said software. For instance, the video resolution
of a program may differ according to the monitor that a gamer may use. With
requirements, the user may know which monitor can possibly display good video.

Why set a minimum requirement for a certain console in line with the game? All
game programs are innovated in the highest technology environments. When they
are incompatible with the hardware devices, chances are that the operation of
such game may be greatly affected. These minimum requirements are neither for
the game producer nor for the console maker. These are actually for the
consumer, in the case of computer video game, for the gamer to have the best
possible output from a combination of right game the right system requirement.

Requirements are actually computer specifications that each device must
possess. Basically, each game may require certain specifications to the device
they must be played with. The game may require the following from the computer:

*  Processor's Speed -- the speed for the processor is one of the crucial
system requirements a certain game may ask your computer to possess. This said
speed will determine how fast your computer will act or execute a decision.
Since, games are all executable programs, speed of the processor is very
important. Processor speed has a unit of megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz).
The unit megahertz are smaller unit than gigahertz. More precisely, a gigahertz
is equal to a thousand megahertz. High-speed processors can run any game equal
to its speed and lower but slower processors may not run games with higher
speed requirements.

*  Random Access Memory -- this is commonly known as the internal memory or
plainly memory of the computer. This memory helps store some data immediately
needed by the processor. Most of the computer machines available in the market
has preset RAM equivalent to 64MB. Most games may require RAM equal to this.
However, there are game programs that require higher RAM like 126MB. This is
not something to worry about because RAM can be upgraded with higher memory

*  VRAM -- this stands for Video Read Access Memory. The ability of your
computer to display good resolution games depends on the VRAM. This memory
works with the video card. Video cards are like processors however it is only
focused on feeding the monitor with visual commands. The VRAM is a temporary
memory that saves all graphical information that will be later on fed to the
video card and the processor.

*  Disc Capacity -- refers to the capacity of the hard drive to store files and
information. Disc space is also measured and uses the unit megabytes (MB) just
like the VRAM and the RAM. The higher the disc space, the more games that you
can store and play in your computer. Like the RAM, disc memory capacity may
also be upgraded. One can even have higher memory that can be measured in
gigabyte (GB).

*  CD-ROM drive speed -- not all the games that are installed in your pc may no
longer require a disc. Most game companies upgrade computer game programs using
discs. This are later added in the game specs by means of reinstalling it in
the computer. The faster the CD-ROM is the faster the installation will be.
Every now and then, you will use the CD-ROM not just in playing games but also
in ensuring copyright protection and the like. Just like other requirements,
the CD-ROM speed can perform its duty well to game programs that has equal
speed requirement or slower.

Handheld Video Game Systems: Taking Entertainment Wherever You Go

Everywhere people go, they always tend to look for quality entertainment to
keep them from getting bored. Some people like to watch movies, others like to
watch sports, while some wants to play video games.

Since the evolution of video games, people love to get entertainment. So, when
video games were first introduced, store shelves were constantly running out of
systems because of the popularity of video games. Besides, who wouldn't want to
have quality entertainment right at the comforts of their own home?

Video games have come a long way since its invention. First versions of video
games have simple pixilated graphics and simple sounds that really entertained
people from that era. Families enjoyed playing these video games as a form of
entertainment. Children and adults alike played for hours just to finish a
certain video game title.

After finishing that, people still seem that they can't get enough of video
games and they simply purchased another gaming cartridge with a new game title
and played with it for another hour or two.

People even loves going to the mall just to play in the arcade. Arcade games
are fun and people really pay lots of money to play in the arcade.

However, you want something that you can play with in your own home. You want
something that you can have access to anytime you want. And, you want a video
game system that you can take with you wherever you go to keep on entertaining
yourself and keep away from getting bored.

Whether you want to let time pass, or you are craving for a little
entertainment, one of the best ways to do this is by purchasing handheld video
gaming systems.

Surely, you can't bring your gaming console everywhere you go. You need two
things for it to work. First you need a TV; and second you need an electrical
outlet (which may be different in another country). Carrying around your gaming
console can also be very inconvenient whenever you travel. And, it can even get
more frustrating if the countries you will be going to have voltages in their
power outlet different from the voltage requirement of your gaming console. You
should also consider that the plugs from different countries are different and
you will need a plug adaptor for you to be able to plug in and make your gaming
console work.

However, there are video gaming systems available today that are very
convenient. These are called the handheld gaming systems. These devices can let
you play games wherever you are. You can play games while you are riding the
bus, or the car. These things are battery operated and some can even fit in
your pocket.

During the early years of handheld video game systems, it originally had crude
graphics with an LED screed to display the game. However, recent technologies
have made it possible to get the games in color and have more stunning 3D

People from all over the world consider handheld video games as one of the best
ways to pass the time or to entertain themselves while traveling. However, with
all of the available handheld video game systems in the market, you could get
confused on which to buy.

Choosing a handheld video game system shouldn't be too hard if you know what to
look for. Aside from the great graphics technology that people try to find in
video games, you should also look for a handheld video game system that has a
wide variety of games available.

With this feature, you will surely enjoy hours and hours of gaming
entertainment wherever you are. Of course, you may need to purchase an extra
battery pack to avoid getting your game interrupted when it goes on low power.

So, if you plan on traveling and in need of entertainment, you should consider
purchasing a handheld video game system to keep you entertained. You can also
share this with your friends who are traveling with you. With these, you can
enjoy countless of hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Never get bored again
while traveling with a handheld video game system. Just make sure to charge it.

Get the Best Game Systems Available: Compare Game Systems with a Review

It is a fact that with the stiff competition in the game system industry today,
many game system manufacturers are developing the latest game systems integrated
with the latest hardware technology available. Because of this, almost all game
system manufacturers are telling people to buy them because they are better
than the other game system.

It is also a fact that more and more game system manufacturers are popping out
in the video game industry and introducing a new kind of game system. This
makes it even more confusing to consumers. Because of this, people tend to buy
whatever game system they see available in the market. Sometimes, these people
end up getting frustrated with what they bought because they tend to think that
they weren't really informed on what game system is the right game system for

Game systems or consoles are meant to entertain people who own them. It is a
great way to relieve stress and is also a great way to spend time with family
and friends. The fact that more and more people are considering buying a game
system for themselves or for them home, game system manufacturers are getting
more and more competitive with each other.

In order for you to know which game system to buy, you have to know about the
different aspects that you should look for in a game system. You can simply
compare different game systems in the internet by visiting game system review
site. In fact, there are hundreds of different game system review websites
available in the internet today. All you need is type in the keywords in your
favorite search engine, wait for a second for the search results and start
visiting different game system review websites.

By visiting these websites, you will have a better idea on what game system you
should buy for you and your family. In these websites, you will see the
different comments of users about the game system. Aside from this, it is also
recommended that you should also visit the website of the game system
manufacturers. In this site, you will learn more about the game system and you
can easily compare which game system is better.

However, one of the most important things that you should look for in a game
system review is the opinions of people who owned the game system. They will be
the one that you can rely on to judge the game system and determine which game
system you should buy.

Here are some of the things that you should look for in a game system review:

*  First of all, you need to determine how wide a particular game system game
library is. If there are a lot of games for the game system, then this game
system is the game system for you. Besides, you don't want to get stuck in a
limited amount of games. If you get tired of a particular game, you can always
purchase another game designed for that particular game system.

*  The next thing you should look for in a game system is the usability
feature. The game system should be easy to hook up, has easy to read labels,
and one that could be simply operated.

*  Of course, you don't want to get stuck with simple and crude graphics
technology. You should look for a game system that offers state-of-the-art
graphics and sound technology. With these features, you can be sure that you
will have more fun playing with different games available.

This is how you should choose which game system you should purchase. It will
only take you just a small amount of time to read the reviews for the different
game systems available in the market today. Armed with the knowledge about a
particular game system, you will know what you should buy the next time you
visit the mall.

Always remember that it is recommended that it is always necessary to read the
reviews first before you buy a game system, which can be very expensive. You
should never compare game systems by price alone, but you should also compare
them to the different things mentioned above. With this, you will be sure that
you will be buying the perfect game systems for you to enjoy for years to come.

Pyle PLVIN 65 Mobile Video TFT LCD Monitor for Game Systems: Playing Your
Favorite Games While Traveling

Today, cars are no longer only considered as a great way to transport you to
and from your destination. With the latest in audio and video technology, your
car can be a DJ booth or a mobile sound system. Cars can be customized or in
street slang, "tricked out" to be the life of the party. Think of your car as a
mobile entertainment system that can be filled with different gadgets, which can
really entertain your friends.

Aside from getting it painted with different patterns and designs, your car can
be customized to the point that it can contain all the different entertainment
system that your heart desires. It can be equipped with a subwoofer, large
speakers, and even amplifiers. Aside from that, you can now also equip your car
with other entertainment systems that you and your friends can enjoy.

Cars today contain computer chips that can be upgraded. Because of this, you
can eventually turn your regular car to a car full of surprises with every pop
of the trunk and every door opened.

You can even integrate LCD monitors to your car where you can either check your
car's performance with a computer or watch your favorite show. Or, what about
taking your car to the next level in terms of entertainment system by
integrating it with your favorite video game system?

With today's technology and the abundance of car shops all over the country,
you can actually do this. In fact, if you watch shows that feature "tricked out
rides" in various programs, you will see that there is quite a lot of cars out
there that are being integrated with the latest gaming console available in the
market today.

In order to do this, you first need to purchase a few things before you can
install your game system in your car. One item you need to purchase is an LCD
monitor. If you plan on installing the LCD monitor in your dash board, you can
consider purchasing the Pyle PLVIN65 TFT LCD Monitor. This monitor is an
in-dash type with an NTSC video system. It also has a remote control, an OSD
(On-Screen Display), a resolution of 1045 x 234, and a display format of 4.3.

This model is 6.5 inches and is an ideal in-dash monitor. With this monitor
your can really enjoy playing your favorite games with your favorite video game

It is recommended that you let a professional install it in order for you to
get it done with quality.

Just imagine, with this monitor and a game system installed, you can really
entertain your passengers while you are driving. If you have children, you can
literally avoid getting them bored and kick your seat on the back that can be
both annoying and dangerous.

If you install a Pyle PLVIN65 TFT LCD Monitor, you can easily entertain your
passengers by letting them watch their favorite shows or letting them play your
gaming console that is installed in your car.

Pyle is a known car audio and video manufacturer. Because of this, you can be
sure of the quality and as well as the durability of the products you purchase
from Pyle.

Another great thing about Pyle is that they offer warranties for their
products. So, if your product somehow malfunctions within the warranty period,
you can get it replaced with a brand new one. However, you have to be sure that
you purchase Pyle mobile video systems through an authorized dealer of Pyle

Pyle is famous for manufacturing quality car audio and video products. You can
consider improving your sound system with Pyle car audio system together with
your Pyle car video system.

So, if you are considering getting your "ride" tricked out", with car audio and
video systems, and also with your favorite gaming system, you can consider
purchasing Pyle car audio and video systems. With this system, you can be sure
that your "ride" will be the life of the party. Or, you can also be sure that
you can keep your kids behaved while going on a long trip by playing with their
favorite games in your preferred game system and your Pyle PLVIN 65 In-Dash
Video TFT LCD Monitor.

Why Consider Pyle PLVIN65 In-Dash Mobile Video TFT LCD Monitor for Your Game

People have been using cars to help our ion their daily business and this has
been a great convenience for many years now. Primarily, people use cars as a
great way to transport themselves to and from their destinations. It is used
everyday by different people to go to work, school, or just to entertain
themselves with the scenery they might see while driving across the countryside.

However, with today's advancement in car technology and also on audio and video
technology, you can do what you like with your car to satisfy your wants and
needs. You can customize its paint, its interior and even the performance of
the car. You can even turn your car into a mobile party house with the latest
and the best audio and video technology installed.

Customizing or "tricking out" a car started out as a hobby. Usually, people
with a lot of money did what they can to get their cars to stand out. They get
their cars repainted with stunning works of modern art, they install spinners
on their rims, and they even install the latest technology in car audio and
video systems.

Sometimes, this is simply not enough for some car aficionados. People will do
anything to get their car noticed, so they convert their whole car into one
party car that everyone can really have fun with.

Aside from the audio and video systems that people install in their cars, it is
now a fact that people are now installing their video game systems in their cars
to add to the entertainment factor.

People call this customization "tricking out" a "ride". A tricked out car can
be a simple paint job with the installation of the latest LCD and sound
technology or it can also be through the performance of the car. People replace
engines, put in side skirts, replace front and rear bumpers, replace headlights
and tail lights, replace side mirrors, exhaust systems, computer chips or ECU
and other things.

Usually, the performance factor isn't noticeable. If you want to make your car
to be tricked out in terms of aesthetics, you can do so through paint jobs and
integrating different state-of-the-art audio and video technology.

Today, a lot of people are considering integrating the best audio and video
technology in their cars and also include their game systems for maximum
entertainment. One such company that manufactures mobile audio and video for
cars is Pyle.

Pyle is a company with a great reputation in car audio and video technology.
They produce quality products for different cars and will even ensure you with
great warranties on their products. So, the next question is, where should you
put your video system in your car.

One great location to put your Pyle LCD monitor is on your dash board. With
this, you can also hook up your favorite game system and play your favorite
games in style with a Pyle LCD monitor.

One unit that you can purchase made by Pyle is the Pyle PLVIN65 In-Dash TFT LCD
Monitor. This monitor is 6.5 inches and you might think that it can be a bit
small for your favorite game system, but you have to think that you will be
installing it in the confines of your car. This means that you need to save
space. Not only that, dashboards offer little space and this Pyle LCD monitor
will be more than enough to let you enjoy playing your favorite games in your

Here are the specifications that you can expect with the Pyle PLVIN 65 In-Dash
TFT LCD Monitor:

*  Remote control 
*  Built-in clock 
*  1048 x 234 video resolution 
*  4:3 display format 
*  OSD On Screen Display 
*  NTSC Video system 
*  6.4 inches display screen

With this kind of features installed, you can be sure that you will never get
bored again while driving your tricked out ride. You can easily play your
favorite game when you get into a heavy traffic jam. With this, you can keep
your head cool while you wait for the traffic to move. You can even play while
you are waiting for someone.

Another great thing about this is that you can entertain your passengers and
keep them from getting bored while traveling.

So, the next time you are considering to trick out your ride, you should
consider purchasing Pyle PLVIN65 In-Dash 6.5 inches TFT LCD Monitor and
integrate it with your favorite game system.

Play With Original Nintendo Games through Your Home PC or With the Latest
Nintendo Game System

When you ask people about Nintendo, they will usually give you the same answer.
They will usually tell you that Nintendo is the manufacturer of some the most
popular gaming console ever made.

It is a fact that Nintendo is one of the most popular names in the gaming
systems industry. The company is known to produce quality gaming consoles and
is one of the biggest companies in the video gaming market. They have created
different gaming consoles and almost each one of the consoles was very

For example, in 1985, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System or
NES. This particular video game system is the most successful game system ever
made by Nintendo. Over 60 million NES units were sold worldwide and it is also
considered that this particular unit revitalized the crashing video game system
industry in the early 80s.

Nintendo is also popular for creating the most popular game in the world. To
this day, nothing compares to the popularity that the Super Mario Bros. game
has reached.

The NES game system also led the way to modern video game technology. It led
different companies to develop new game systems and the competition in the
video gaming industry became even more intense. With different video game
developers popping out of nowhere, Nintendo realized that it also needed to
evolve to compete with the other big companies.

Today, Nintendo remains one of the three dominant companies in the video game
industry. They still produce and are still developing new game systems that can
ultimately allow them to compete with the other companies. The company still
produces quality game systems and quality games that entertain many households
all over the world.

Because of the great advancement in video game technology and also in computer
technology, old games have been rendered obsolete and Nintendo discontinued
production of their original game systems and games to make way for newer games
and newer game systems to compete in the intense video game industry.

However, because of the rapid development in the gaming industry, people have
been suggesting that the video game manufacturers should integrate a backward
compatibility feature in their new game systems. Nintendo considered this and
are developing their new gaming consoles to be compatible with their old game

Nintendo also has a website that you can easily access and play their old games
online. You can also purchase different original Nintendo games through the
internet, download it, install it in your home PC and play with it. You can
choose from the different popular titles that Nintendo developed, such as
Athena, Super Mario Bros. series, Castlevania and a lot more.

The upcoming Nintendo Wii also promises backward compatibility of Nintendo's
games. The release date for Nintendo Wii will be on November 2006 and a lot of
people are awaiting its release. Aside from the promising features that
Nintendo Wii offers, such as wireless internet access, great games, and others,
Nintendo Wii will also be capable of letting the user play with Nintendo's old
original games.

Nintendo Wii is a promising gaming console and is expected to be a worldwide
success. It claims to be able to change the way people will look at gaming
consoles with features never before seen in a video game system.

So, if you want to play original Nintendo games, you can take your old game
system out from your attic or basement, wipe off the dust that accumulated, set
it up, and play your favorite original Nintendo games. Or, you can also play
original Nintendo games by purchasing it and downloading it on the internet.
You can easily install the original Nintendo games in your computer and play
with it.

You can also wait for the upcoming release of Nintendo Wii with the capability
of playing old original Nintendo game titles.

With all the different original Nintendo games available, you will surely have
fun playing with your favorite games over and over again. So, if you feel like
playing retro Nintendo games, you can consider the mentioned options. Nintendo
really produces quality games that you can never get tired off even if you
finished the games over and over again.

This just proves that Nintendo creates quality game systems and also develops
quality games that you and your family can enjoy.

Play Web-Based Games by Using the Java Programming Language

Today, online based games are ever so popular. Some websites use it to let
people interact with their websites and make it more fun while others use it
for pure gaming.

Online games basically work on Java programming language and are also one of
the most popular programs to create such online games and websites. Java is
basically related to C++. However, the Java programming language is much
simpler than the complex C++ language.

Java is also one of the widely used programming languages to develop websites.
This is because the developers think that the internet is now becoming
interactive and the Java program is the perfect way for people to interact in
the internet. And, it turns out that the Java developers were right. People are
now using Java programming everyday through the internet.

Free online games are very popular today, so, online games developers have
developed a new way to create their games. Java programming language proved to
be very promising when it comes to developing online games. This is also a
great way to sell games over the internet. By using the Java programming
language, people can now play a part of the particular game and consider
purchasing it if they like it.

With the Java technology, many people can now have access to free online games.

First of all, Java became very popular when a particular internet browser
supported Java to be included in their browsers. Most people use Java through
applets which are supported by most browsers today.

Creating a game by using a Java programming language may require you to have at
least a bit of knowledge about the Java programming language. You can attend
programming schools and take a Java programming language course in order for
you to know how to create Java programs.

You should consider that creating a Java online game will require some time
before you master it. Today, you can see different games developed in the Java
programming language. So, if you are considering putting a Java game in your
website, you should consider hiring a Java programmer to do the job for you. A
Java game in your website will create web traffic to your website. And, because
Java games are fun to play with, you can really make sure that people will
always come back to visit your website and eventually buy some of your games.

There is a lot of Java games website in the internet today and more Java games
are being released everyday. Java games are simple and fun to play with and it
is also a great way to relax after surfing the internet or working for hours in
front of your computer.

There are different Java games available. You can choose from action games,
puzzle games, card games, and other genres that appeals to you. There are also
multiplayer Java games that you can play with people all over the world who is
currently online.

There are also gambling websites that makes use of Java programming language to
develop their online gambling websites. From pokers to roulettes you will see
that most of these gambling website will require you to have the latest Java
software installed in your computer to let you be able to access their website
or play and bet in their games.

Java multiplayer games are great for socializing and chatting with other people
from different parts of the world. If you want to play Java games, all you have
to do is go to your favorite search engine and type in the keywords that you
are looking for in a free online Java games.

It is a fact that games are made to be fun and enjoyable. However, you should
also consider the fact that some Java
games available in the internet can be violent or offensive to some people.
This is why you should consider taking a closer look at the review first before
playing. By doing this you can be sure that you will be enjoying your gaming
experience through Java games.

So, if you are looking for a way to pass the time or you need a break from your
work, and there is no games installed in your computer, you can always access
the internet and play Java games online.

Web-Based Game System using the Java Programming Language: The Reality beyond
the Technology

There are hundreds of web-based game systems available on the Internet. Flash
versions of classic arcade and popular role-playing games are now plying the
game screens of your personal computer display. And mind you, these web-based
game systems are created and developed by individuals who have devoted some of
their time in studying different programming languages to come up with new and
better versions of existing web-based game systems.

One of the popular programming languages used in creating and developing
web-based game systems is the Java programming language. In fact, it is
preferred by most online game developers than the Shockwave and C++ programming

Java is an object-oriented programming language designed by James Gosling
together with his colleagues at the Sun Microsystems (a computer-vending
company that is famous in developing innovative technologies) in the early
1990s. One of Java's distinctions on other programming languages is that it is
generally designed to be compiled to the conventional machine code or to be
interpreted from a so-called source code (series of statements that are written
in the form of human-readable computer-based programming language) at runtime.
Java is compiled through a byte code and later run by a Java virtual machine.

As previously mentioned, most online game developers prefer Java programming
language than Shockwave (preferably due to some of its obsolete features) and
C++. You will notice that Java is somewhat related to C++ (Java's syntax is
derived from the C and C++ programming languages) yet it has a simpler object
model. In contrast, C++ was considered to have certain complexities and when
used bears more errors that cannot be fixed immediately.

Aside from the aforementioned disadvantages of C++ as the main programming
language for a web-based game system, it also lacks the capability of
programming distribution. James Gosling and his Sun colleagues want to develop
a system that could be used on different platforms, that is from personal
computer systems to hand-held digital devices.

Java became operational on web-based applications in 1994. Gosling felt that
the Internet would become interactive soon, thus it is the environment that
will work perfectly for their programming language.

And they have proven it right. Java is one of the popular and well-used
platforms not just on web-based game systems but on other Internet-based
applications as well.

Suddenly, many online game developers realized the potential of Java
programming language with regards to the creation of web-based game systems.
Although Shockwave replaced Java as the well-known platform for web-based game
systems, Java is still the popular choice among web-based game developers.
Java's popularity increased with the Netscape's decision of using the
programming language with their net browsers.

Yahoo has been credited in terms of producing Java-enabled web-based games. In
fact, they have allotted a portion of their website (which is the Yahoo Games)
where the players can play Java-enabled games by themselves or with an online
opponent. Most of Yahoo-produced games are Java applets, and some can be
downloaded direct to your computer. There are reviews about Yahoo games where
gamers can post their experiences and thoughts about Java-enabled games. Thus,
Yahoo became one of the eminent promoters of web-based game systems that are
produced using Java programming language. You name it; Yahoo got it -- from
sports to card games.

Despite of the popularity of Java as the main programming language for
web-based game systems, there are still criticisms that arose. One is that
Shockwave possess a 3D engine which is considered to be more powerful than the
Java's two-dimensional engine. Others have complains with regards to the "semi
object-oriented programming language". There are also game developers who found
out that Java-enabled game system run slower on programs written using other
programming languages.

Although there are complaints revealed concerning the use of Java, it is still
the most popular programming language used for the creation and development of
web-based game systems. Various innovations integrated with this programming
language allow game developers to produce web-based games that are higher in
quality and in graphical detail. Thus, with the sufficient knowledge and
expertise in Java programming language, you will be able to arrive with a high
quality web-based game system.

New Innovative Video Game Systems for the Ultimate Game Play Experience

There are different choices in the video game system market that are available
in stores worldwide. But, have you ever wondered which is the best video game
system there is? Actually, video game systems vary in styles, features and even
designs that many people consider before making a purchase. However, many people
also consider the performance that the video game system has to offer. Of
course, many people would want their video game systems to provide them with
the best performance while enjoying a fun and entertaining game play or movie

The most sought out video game systems are as follows: the Sony Playstation
Portable (PSP) Console, Microsoft Xbox 360 Console, Nintendo DS Lite Console,
Sony Playstation 2 Console, and Nintendo DS Console, Nintendo Game Boy Advance
SP Console, Nintendo GameCube Console, Sega Dreamcast Console are amongst the
favorite for many people.

The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) Console is a portable handheld video game
system that has a widescreen LCD centered in a slim design. It has a high
resolution screen that can display full color of exactly 16.77 million colors
and comes with basic functions like other portable players except that this
console includes a built-in stereo speakers, headphone connector, brightness
control, and sound selection mode. It is basically sold with a price tag from
$121 and up.

The perfect entertainment for the new era with innovative design and features
for the future game system is the Microsoft Xbox 360 Console. It has extremely
powerful technology and services that provides not only a game station but also
a home theater system. This console has features that allow movie playing like a
DVD player, it features a 3.2 GHz Processor, a RAM of 512 MB, a 20 GB Hard Drive
and On-Line Gaming. With this console, you will be on you way to experiencing
the most realistic and stunning game play ever.

The video game system with a Wi-Fi connection that allows real time competition
with other gamers is the Nintendo DS Lite Console. With dual screens and touch
screen technology, this console enables gamers to interact and take part in the
games while at play. Also, this console can communicate wirelessly for
multiplayer gaming.

Equipped with a 128 bit Emotion Engine, the Sony Playstation 2 Console enables
gamers to have a fast paced game play with an impressive graphic power, it also
acts as a home entertainment system whereas DVDs can also be played. Plus, it
plays a large amount of games most preferred by gamers.

Another video game system that most people consider to be great is the Nintendo
DS Console. This console has 3D graphics with a touch screen to let you have a
cutting edge experience while letting you enjoy all of your favorite games in a
single player mode. It is compact and portable whilst convenient for those
gamers on the go.

A redesigned video game system invented also by Nintendo is the Game Boy
Advance SP Console. It is popular for many people because of the flip screen
and sleek design making it very stylish and compact. It uses lithium battery
for extended play of at least 10 to 18 hours. The Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
Console is portable and even compatible for use on other virtual games and is a
sure hit for all gamers.

The Nintendo GameCube Console is another video game console that provides great
graphics and audio. It may look like a toy but this is an extremely powerful
video game system considered also as the next generation in game systems. It
has a design that is very appealing to the eyes because of its small size and
playful appearance. Unlike other video game systems, the Nintendo GameCube
Console is only for game playing.

For most people, however, having the Sega Dreamcast Console would be great.
This console has wonderful audio and video effects that can awe even advance
gamers. This incredible small video game system has great performance and
gamers will definitely enjoy the graphics that this console provides.

There are other video game systems available worldwide. Many people are already
experiencing the ultimate game play and movie playing with these video game
systems. Be one of those people to enjoy and have a complete entertainment
system in their home. Choose from these different video game systems and start
experiencing ultimate game play entertainment at the comfort of your own home. .

Can Video Game Systems Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The latest technology in video gaming is growing rapidly. Many people, mostly
young individuals, are hooked in playing different video games. They are
enjoying the advantages of the newest entertainment trend and spend most of
their times in front of their TV's. One thing they might not be aware of is
that carpal tunnel syndrome can possibly attack them.

The existence of popular video game systems as well as computer usage led in
the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Ina large scale, it has become a
problem for many gamers. Since carpal tunnel syndrome affecting younger
individuals continuously increases in numbers, this leads to the studies of the
cause and symptoms to whether the injury is really associated with playing video

General assumptions has been made saying that correlation exists. It has been
find out that kids who are playing a lot of video games has increased
possibilities of developing carpal tunnel syndrome compared to kids who do not
play video games. Surprisingly, based on some studies that has been conducted,
it reveals some startling and unexpected results.

The federal government even funded recent studies to find out whether playing
video games is related to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Although
they have said that there is no relation at all, some part of the studies
states some negative effects of playing too much video games or doing lots of
computer works.

There can be so much argument to discuss but the injuries that has been
acquired are similar in nature to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is proven by
increased playing of video games.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an affliction usually affecting individuals over
thirty years old. However, some children have also displayed some of its
symptoms. The injuries include bursitis, tendonitis, and related injuries that
are becoming more common to young kids. Nintendo thumb or Nintendonitis is the
name called by most parents to the constant usage of video games causing strain
injuries which is repetitively occurring. This also characterizes carpal tunnel
syndrome. Video systems used for homes are not the only contributor, but also
video systems that are portable which include handheld game systems.

Results and findings of several doctors reveal that prolonged hours of sitting
in exactly the same position and using the finger muscles and thumb over and
over again, causes imbalance in the muscles which leads to pain and other
associated functional problems. Compared to other activities, exercises are
very beneficial, however, using the same muscles or muscle groups in particular
without exercising its counterparts so that balance is maintained will
definitely cause pain and injury.

Children ages 6 or 7 years old will not developed carpal tunnel syndrome,
nevertheless, if they continue to play excessively, they are more likely to
develop carpal tunnel syndrome. As much as possible, long taking breaks in
between excessive game playing sessions should be done to give rest to the
affected muscles, avoid positioning of wrists and hands awkwardly, and prevent
several hours of continuous playing.

The computer's rise in using light-touch, flat keyboards which permits high
speed typing results in epidemic injuries of the hands, shoulders, and arms.
Usage of pointing devices such as trackballs and the mouse triggers the carpal
tunnel syndrome development. In addition, the uninterrupted use of controls in
video game systems does the same thing. Regardless of the carpal tunnel
syndrome development, lack of adequate breaks and rest can be very troublesome.

There are studies though that suggests that there is no big difference in the
number of people who are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome because of playing
video games as compared to those people who don't play video games at all.
Increased injuries on the hands have still got to do with prolonged time in
playing video games. In this case, it is much better to protect one's health
even if carpal tunnel syndrome would likely affect older people. Video game
enthusiasts should be aware of the possible problems they will encounter in the
future because of this reason.

The studies conducted to prove whether carpal tunnel syndrome is associated
with playing video games might also affect the future of the video game
industry. However, innovations can be still made to solve this problem. Carpal
tunnel syndrome can be prevented as video game industries continue to flourish
and new developments and designs are thought of.

Stands Necessary for Your Favorite Video Game System

A video game system is a device for kids and kids at heart that is wonderful,
fun and entertaining whereas often addictive too. Advance technology has taken
a turn in the way video games where once was and now have become more
entertaining than ever. Video games have become sophisticated and surprising
for many people especially when game play has become more realistic and
powerful. Many people have played video games as a means to pass time or take
part in a challenging environment joining other video game users. Due to every
day uses, video games also need proper maintenance for longer life span and to
maintain a great performance. To do this, you should consider using the proper
stand for your video game.

There are many stands to choose from. Depending on the kind of video games you
have and also based on your personal preference, choosing the right stand will
be easy. Here are the following stands that can be used for video games:

Xbox 360 Fan Stand

Xbox 360 Fan Stand is a unique stand recommended for those video gamers that
pulls all-nighters to keep your Xbox cool, in turn, adding a longer life span
and better performance. Special features of this stand are hardware stability
and protection from other heat sensitive components in the video game system
that will definitely extend the hardware systems lifespan.

Vertical Stand for Xbox 360

Vertical Stand for Xbox 360 allows you to store your Xbox vertically and at the
same time, store up to 10 of your favorite games and two memory cards as well,
and it can be placed beside both ends of the Xbox. This stand is matched to the
Xbox chrome look that secures your Xbox in a vertical position.

Sony Playstation 2 New Vertical Stand Compact

This stand saves a lot of space for Playstation 2 because it can store the
Playstation 2 in a vertical position supporting both sides of the video game
system. Its purpose is to keep away potential damages that may lessen the video
game's prolonged life and will likely lessen the performance of the game system.
Most likely, this stand is designed with an airflow lessening the chance for the
video game system to overheat. It has a stylish color that complements the
Playstation 2 while providing protection and stability.

Sony Playstation 2 Vertical Stand with Memory Card Slots

This stand is the same as the Sony Playstation 2 New Vertical Stand Compact.
However, the only difference is that it has Memory Card Slots. This is suitable
for those that have more than one Memory Card.

PS2 Vertical Stand

This is a unique stand that allows a PS2 Mini system to be positioned
vertically saving space and allowing more games to be stored.

Sony Playstation 2 Eye Toy Camera 2 Stand Alone

This is great and fun for playing games, the body is used as a control while in
a game. Because of the eye toy camera, easy access to any games gives new
experience to game playing. In fact, anyone with this stand can take pictures
of a face or characters and place it on a game.

Glow Vertical Stand for PS2

This stand is especially for Sony's compact PS2 console with a blue glow color.
Batteries are not needed or any other AC connections; it instead uses the power
supply of the PS2. This stores PS2 in an upright, vertical position for easy

Sony Playstation 2 Vertical Console Stand

Available only for the Sony PS2, this stand is great for console storage or
display. Consoles should be displayed properly in place. Therefore, this video
game stand allows consoles to be displayed in an upright position away from
unpredictable incidents that may occur during game play.

Sony Playstation 2 Vertical Stand Game Storage

This stand is perfect for those that need extra storage for games or DVDs. It
is stylish and allows games to be properly organized in a vertical position
providing space and easy ventilation for the game system.

There are other game stands available for you to use and yet finding the right
one for your video game system must always be taken into consideration. Great
performance and better quality video game systems needs constant maintenance so
try using a video game stand for proper storage. After all, investing in a video
game system is not entirely something you can dispel right away and then just
buy another console again.

Online Reviews: Hitching a Ride to the Best Video Game System

To date, we now have seven generations of video game systems. From Magnavox's
Odyssey to the Nintendo's Wii, you can conclude that the era of modern gaming
has just yet started. There will be more video game systems to come, and
probably future game consoles are now on its "finishing touches" stage as of
this moment. What can youexpect? Sony may be on its way to another sequel to
its PlayStation 3 or Microsoft is into more advanced game consoles that will
take the gaming public by storm.

Most video game systems which belong to the seventh generation will be released
on the last quarter of 2006. These include PlayStation 3, Wii, and Evo: Phase
One. In addition, there are still individuals who want to take the good old
times in pursuit of the old game systems, particularly the Atari-produced game
consoles. Thus, you are given hundreds of choices in terms video game systems.
From the old ones to the new ones -- there is just a lot for you to choose from.

In choosing a video game system, there are many things that you need to
consider. It includes your personal preference on what type of games you are
looking for, the compatibility of the games with respect to the video game
system, its basic features and technical specifications, and other game
system-related criteria. You need a reliable source to provide you initial
information and some helpful insights that you can rely on when choosing a
video game system.

You need not go far just to look for such useful information. In fact, this
information is just a few clicks of your computer mouse away from you. Try to
utilize your Internet-connected personal computer and search for various video
game system reviews online.

These video game system reviews will give you information and insights made by
reputable personalities on the gaming industry as well as the gamers who have
already got a try of a particular or several video game systems. In addition,
you will be able to participate and make your own reviews based on your own
experience of owning and using a certain video game system.

What you can expect when you search for an online video game system review?
Check out the following and make sure that the review you are referring has it.

*  Review search- an online video game system review must have an extensive
collection of reviews that are focused on different game consoles. Whether you
are looking for an Atari 2600 or Microsoft Xbox, make sure that they have
sufficient review collections for all video game systems, especially the new

*  Video game system archives- this section provides extensive information
about different video game systems, from the Atari consoles to the new
generation consoles. Their technical specifications as well as brief
descriptions are discussed to give you an idea how it will be once you own a
particular video game system. It also includes rating in terms of features,
games, and graphics of the game system.

*  Review polls- this particular section is devoted to gamers who want to share
their own experiences with several video game systems. It answers several
questions, such as the video game systems that they presently own, their
impression with regards to the new generation of game consoles, and their
insights on various games, whether old or new. In addition, you can register
your own experiences and insights that can be of help to other gamers as well.

*  Online message boards- this is an interactive forum where there are latest
reviews posted on a regular basis. You may participate in online discussions
focused on the video gaming industry. It also gives you the opportunity to ask
questions or seek advices from gaming experts and other participating gamers.

Online reviews are commonly written on a chronological order, with the latest
reviews on the main webpage. In most cases, reviews on a specific date tackle a
particular video game system and the popular games that are compatible with it.
For instance, you might come across a review about the Nintendo Entertainment
System (NES) and some of its popular games such as Super Mario Brothers,
Isolated Warriors, and Pirates.

Before you purchase any video game system, make sure that you will read online
reviews. Use this to grab the best game console, whether an Atari 2600 or a
Sony PlayStation 3.

Video Game System Rack Mount Shopping Tips

Rack mounts are essential accessories used to organize video game systems in a
very convenient and stylish way. It allows more accessibility to users and
prevents mess around every corner. It is also very helpful in protecting your
electronics by holding them firmly to avoid accidental falls. In this way, you
can prolong the lifespan of your equipments, enjoying the entertainment that it
provides for a much longer time.

With the entire video game systems rack mounts that are widely available, the
users have the option to choose from among the best according to its
compatibility and design. However, some of these video game systems rack mounts
can be purchased in packages along with the game consoles.

These rack mounts are created with different specifications and features to
serve specific purposes. As a potential user of a video game system, you must
be aware of some important factors to look for in a video system game rack in
case you want to purchase it for your own video game system.

The very basic characteristic of a video system rack to be considered is the
airflow. Video game systems can produce lots of heat during prolonged periods
of playing. So, dissipation of heat can become critical. Other features
include: easy access on the equipment being mounted, good mounting brackets
where there is a standard spacing of mounting holes and distance so that the
equipment can be installed in different configurations, good grounding of
mounting brackets, and accessibility to equipment cables. In some racks, there
is also a built-in noise reducer.

The Internet provides a wider selection of video game system rack mounts to
browse and shop. Different online stores are selling various kinds of video
game system rack mounts that will suit your preference and your taste. There is
an easy way to look around so that you can find the type of video game system
rack mount for your video game system in case you find looking for it in your
local area difficult.

Choose a search engine that you prefer and type the name of the video game
system that you have. You can select either the hardware or accessories options
then from there, you could select the appropriate video game system rack mount.

Take for example; you can type "Playstation" in one of the search engine. Then
you will be given a series of choices. From the choices, select one then click
the hardware or accessories options.

Take note, only some of the video game systems have an available rack mount. It
is easier if you purchase the video game system from your local stores since you
can directly ask the storeowner if there is an available rack mount for it. But
if you purchased your video game system online, there might be a slight
difference. However, you can always browse and make a thorough research about
the video game systems rack mount that you need. Compare the prices as much as
possible to find the best product deal.

Some of the video game system that has the appropriate rack mount is the
PlayStation 2 System. It includes the Horizontal Stand and the Vertical Stand.
Both have different unique features to offer and functions as well. The
Horizontal Stand slightly raises the PlayStation 2 systems where it can perform
important functions while looking cool. The Vertical Stand provides extra space
because the PlayStation 2 system can be installed vertically supporting it on
the sides.

Since you are placing your order online, it is very important to read its terms
and conditions. Warranty of the products must be understood properly as well as
the shipment costs. Also recheck the stores return policies. This could be used
in case you found out that the product being delivered to you is not functioning
well. Remember, shipment problems happen making the product defective and some
problems might be already acquired upon its manufacture.

After you received the order, make sure to check the products specifications.
Check for loose mounting brackets, screws, and other small paraphernalia.
However, to prevent this problem from happening, make sure that you shop on
reputable video game system online stores that are selling high quality rack
mounts. They should have a customer service department that will cater to your
comments and complaints. It is also advisable to read customer forums and
reviews to double check the product's quality since video game systems rack
mount is truly a big help to both its users and the game systems.

Buying Used Video Game Systems

There are many new developments in the world of home entertainment. Staying at
home will never again be a bore to most children and adults. This kind of home
entertainment keeps them pre-occupied thereby taking their minds off boredom
and enjoying their stay at home.

Video game systems are more popularly called consoles, and they are widely
available in the market. It is also regarded as a computer, but is rather
highly specialized although it is also based on CPUs that desktop computers use.

Computers have long been in market circulation way back in the 1970s. The
'video game era' was introduced by the Nutting Associates in 1971; it was the
very first commercial video game. Magnavox offered the first video game system
that very same year. The system's core consisted of diodes and around 4 dozen
transistors placed on a board. That time, arcade games were becoming
increasingly popular.

By 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System was able to introduce new concepts
to the industry. This included the use of pad controllers; create authentic
video game reproductions for home system, and aggressive pricing of the
hardware. Through the games, NES was able to make huge profits.

After some time, home video game systems were not anymore regarded as inferior
imitations. Companies which produce these home video game systems include
Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and many more.

Although games can also be played over the personal computer, consoles are
gaining more popularity because of the following reasons:

-  it is cheaper 
-  you don't have to wait very long until the game loads 
-  easily connected to the stereo and television 
-  compatibility issues is not a problem 
-  games take complete advantage of the entire hardware 
-  consoles are not hard to set up, you just have to plug it, and play 
-  allows multiple players

It is better to have a console than a personal computer if you want to play a
video game. Having a personal computer at home is very useful, and if you play
computer games on it, it would be damaged in due time. Instead of damaging your
computer, it is best to buy a video game system that is designed specially for
playing video games.

Video game systems are reasonably priced, and it would be able to provide total
game entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. You can choose from the many
different models. Brands like Sega, Nintendo, and Sony are a bit pricey
compared to other brands but it is also of superior quality. They also offer
the latest version of video games that many game players love.

If you don't want to spend much on home video game systems, you can opt to buy
a used video game system. There are stores which offer used systems, and they
are a lot cheaper compared to the new ones.

In buying a used video game system, you must check the entire console, and make
sure that it operates well. Most used consoles offered in different stores
usually have warranties, so you don't have to worry just in case it fails to
operate well once you brought it home.

Shop around your locality. Check out different stores; it is better if you look
around for the different models of used video game systems. If you want, you can
also do a search online. There are online stores which offer used consoles. They
even provide pictures of the product and the price. In fact, some even offer
free shipping costs.

If you think that a used video game system will do well for your home
entertainment, then you can buy one for yourself.

Some parents are reluctant to buy their children/teenagers a video game system
because they are quite worried that it might come in between their studies.
Some children and young adults often find more time to play video games rather
than studying. But all it takes is proper time management. Don't let them play
the video game without studying first; the parents should still have the final
'say' to whether the children can play or not.

Video games are not harmful as long as they know the value between education
and playing a video game. Besides, it is not only the children who love playing
video game systems. Even adults find it as a very good tool for home

The Advantages of Renting Used Video Game Systems

There are various branded game systems from different manufacturers that have
been introduced to the market. However, modifying your existing game systems
will depend on the person whom you ask. It is because different areas of the
game system might carry different moral and legal questions.

The legality of modifying a game system can be of less importance from the
perspective of the users. But modification can also depend on the company's
system you are currently using. So, it is very difficult to have a modded
system without taking more than one step that are considered illegal by some

The part being considered illegal are those things associated with making the
chips, selling the chips, compiling software, programming software, or copying
games in illegal ways. It is a fact that most companies take their stand of
saying that they owned the internal parts of your game systems. So, whether you
paid it, you don't have the right to open the system or modify it to run as an
open-source. It is very important that the users should be aware of their
modifying activities since most courts are agreeing on the parent company's

Well, most users find it very expensive to buy new game systems. Nevertheless,
it also depends on the type of game systems you are going to purchase. The user
is also defending their side that they have the right to do what they like such
as modifying it in some way or another being the owner of an expensive game

This conflict has been solved. Used game systems are now available for every
video game enthusiasts. The best solution is renting used video game systems.
It can be more fun if you own your video game systems but as been said, it is
very expensive. This would cause you problems especially if you do not have the
time in playing the games. Take note, some games have also a definite time
allocation for playing. In this case, renting video game system is more
advisable to minimize your game entertainment's costs. This would also prevent
you from modifying the games since you have just rented it.

No matter how affordable and exciting video games are today, it will cost you a
lot of money to own one. Even if you have bought your home game system, you need
to buy the actual games that will be played on the system. Remember, one game
can cost as high as 60-70 dollars or more. By renting used video game systems,
you can curb the costs. You can also keep it for several days. Take note of the
big difference, if you purchase the game, you will spend a huge sum of money on
it and later on just waste it if you will not be using it. But if you just rent
it, then it will save you some money.

There is another important reason why renting is more preferred. You have an
option to test the game that you would like to purchase. Being the user, you
are given the chance to play the game for several times before the actual
purchase. In this way, you could make the right decision whether to purchase
the game that you would like or totally disregard the idea. If you already
purchased it without testing it, then it would be a total loss on your invested
money compared to the money you have spent for renting the game.

It is a fact that different games have distinct endings. Some people who are
more adventurous will basically disregard the games that will bore them with
just a couple of hours of playing it. They find it useless especially when they
easily figure out how to win. So, renting used video game systems will help you
save a lot of money.

It does not matter a lot for video game enthusiasts if they purchase their own
game systems plus the games. But try to consider the advantages of renting used
video game systems before finally deciding to purchase.

Moreover, researching the internet for used game systems that you really like
is another option. The most important thing is that you can avail its
advantage, save you a lot of money, and save you from legal pursuits when you
are tempted to modify the game system.

Hook Up Your Game Systems to Your Home Computer with USB Cables

Presently, there are a lot of gaming systems coming out of the market with
features that you never thought you would ever see in a game system. In the
past, a game system is ordinarily just a game system with simple graphics and
an even simpler game play. However, with today's technology, game systems have
evolved to a new level. Not only are game systems today used for games, but it
can now be used as a medium for different entertainment purposes.

Game systems today can now play DVD movies, play music CDs, and can even play
MP3s. The possibilities and potential of game systems being developed today are
endless. You can now connect through the internet using your game system and
play with other people from all over the world.

In the past, you may just imagine that a game system can only be played locally
through two players. However, because of the advancement in computer and
communications technology, game systems today now have the capability to
connect to the internet wirelessly.

Now, you can even connect the latest game system available in the market to
your own PC by using the USB port. If your PC has USB ports, you will be able
to connect different game consoles in your PC.

For example, if you have a PSP or PlayStation Portable, you can plug it in your
PC and download or upload MP3s, pictures, and videos. With this kind of feature,
you can now have the capability to transfer files from one PC to another by just
using your PSP. Another great thing about this is that your PSP will be able to
charge through the USB port.

There are even USB cables that are capable of converting your gaming system's
controllers and use it to play with your favorite PC games. By simply
purchasing this kind of adaptor, you will never need to purchase expensive
controllers for your PC. All you have to do is purchase a USB adaptor for your
game console's controller and you can start playing your PC games by using the

New versions of the game consoles that are being developed by game system
manufacturers are now making use of the USB port to connect to your home PC for
maximum features.

With all the different game consoles coming out of the market with USB
capability, you could only imagine what these machines will be capable of after
its release in the market. With what gaming consoles were before, you can see
how short the evolution of these machines. You may even remember playing with
the simple game systems that only consists of simple graphics and sounds.

Now, with USB capability, you can truly maximize the way you play your game and
also maximize the use of your gaming console. Gaming systems are no longer
limited to playing games; you can now maximize its use through the USB port.

In the very near future, you can most probably store MP3's, picture files, and
videos in your game system's memory cards by just using your USB port. Maybe
even transfer your computer files to a DVD or CD by connecting your DVD burning
capable game console through USB and write your computer files on DVD by using
your DVD burner integrated in the game console.

Internet connection through USB connection is now also possible. If you don't
have an online adapter installed in your game console, there are available
adaptors that can take advantage of your PC internet connection and let your
game system connect to the internet by just using the USB connector in your PC.

With the different technology now available in the market, you can now make use
of your PC to benefit your game system or your game system to benefit your PC.
Who knows? Maybe in the near future, game systems will be able to let you play
head to head with PC gamers by just using a USB connector.

The possibilities that the USB offers are endless. You can download MP3s,
videos, and even pictures from your PC to your handheld game systems, you can
use your game system's controllers for your PC and other benefits by just using
the USB port in your PC to connect to your game systems.

US Game Systems: Providing Great Game Systems for the US and the rest of the

The US is one of the leading manufacturers of game systems today. In the past,
a company in the US developed Atari and it took the world by storm. Today,
there are other immensely popular game systems available in the market that the
US has developed.

The USA is also known to develop great games for different popular game systems
around the world. It is a fact that the American people loves to be entertained.
This is why a lot of Americans buy different gadgets and equipments to entertain
themselves. They even make their own home cinemas and entertainment rooms where
it is filled with state-of-the-art sound and video system.

Adding to the entertainment system, they also install a game system of their
choice in these rooms. The video games systems available today are integrated
with the latest technology in graphics and sound. With this technology, gaming
consoles today are played with realistic characters in realistic environments.
Some games for gaming systems are so real that children aren't allowed to play
because of the realistic violence integrated in the game.

Large game system companies and game developers have teamed up to produce
quality games in the USA and also around the world. Today, more and more popular 
game titles are popping out of the market.

Today, there are three game system manufacturers that are dominating the
market. These companies are:

*  Nintendo 
*  Microsoft 
*  Sony

These three companies equally offer the best game systems available that are
integrated with the latest technology in 3D graphics and sound. Up to this day,
these three large game system developers are continuously competing to dominate
the game industry.

They are now even taking advantage of the internet by integrating worldwide
multiplayer games that can connect players from all over the world to play
against or with each other. With this technology, playing games is never the
same anymore. They now integrate wireless internet technology in their systems
to maximize game play.

These companies are now thinking of new ways of letting people play the games
in their game systems. They are now even integrating their graphics chips that
will be compatible to high-definition TV. This means games will be more
enjoyable to play.

One new game system developed by Nintendo is now going to be released in the
United States on November 2006. This game system developed by Nintendo is
called Nintendo Wii and people from all over the world are now anticipating the
release of this new game system that is filled with new features with claims
that it will change the way people see video game systems.

Sony is also going to release their new video game system in the market in
November 2006. This game system is called PlayStation 3. It also has stunning
specifications that people will really want to play with.

Microsoft is also going to release their new game system on November 2006. Also
filled with great specifications, the people in the US will really love to have
one in their own home.

As you can see, all of the three companies are getting more and more
competitive with their game systems. It is up to you to decide which game
system you choose. As an American, you would really want a game system that
will offer quality entertainment with quality games.

When choosing a game system, it is important that you shouldn't just look at
the price for comparison. It is also important to consider the features inside
these machines in order for you to get the best game system available. Another
way to choose is the additional features. With the increasing amount of
features being integrated in the game systems today, it is very hard to choose
which game system to purchase.

You should choose a game system that offers the features you need in a game
console which you can really enjoy.

Another factor that you should consider when choosing a game system is the
number of game titles available. The more popular game titles available, the
better the game system is.

These are some of the things you should consider when choosing a game system.
So, if you want a game system that can truly entertain you, you should consider
the mentioned tips before you rush into the nearest store and purchase a game

Super Nintendo Game System: Playing With Friends with Your Super Nintendo

Nintendo is a company that has a good reputation when it comes to video games.
It is a company that has been around and producing video game systems since the
beginning of the video games and is continuing to produce quality games that you
and your friends can really enjoy.

Also, Nintendo offers quality entertainment for all kinds of people and quality
games that everyone can enjoy. In history, Nintendo started out as a playing
card manufacturer and quickly evolved to produce video games.

Nintendo is also the company that is responsible for putting the video game
system business back since the video game manufacturer crash in the early 80s.
In the mid 80s, Nintendo developed the most popular game system ever to hit the
market. And, even today, this particular game system developed by Nintendo still
remains as the best selling game system in the world. This game system is called
Nintendo Entertainment System or NES.

The NES was released in the mid 80s and it was a hit all over the world. This
paved the way to Nintendo's success and this also paved the way for other game
system manufacturers to improve their game systems. Because of the competition,
Nintendo continued to develop and improve their line of game system.

The development resulted to the release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment
Systems or Super NES and was also considered as a success. The Super NES is a
16 bit video game console and contains the latest technology in video games in
its time. Although Super NES wasn't able to get the attention as what its
predecessor got, it's still considered that the Super NES is an overwhelming

Super NES also produced popular gaming titles that everyone loved to play over
and over again. The Super NES is one of the most popular gaming systems ever
made. Chances are, you have a Super NES stashed somewhere in your house.

If you played with Super NES before, you know how enjoyable it is to play
different games available. Sometimes, when playing your latest game console in
your home, you will think of the time you played with your Super NES. You may
even consider getting it out of its storage space and play with it for a while.

It is a fact that games today are more realistic and the game consoles you play
with today are integrated with the latest game system technology available.
However, there will come a time that you will get tired of the games offered by
your new game system and you will always look back and remember the fun you had
with your Super NES.

If you want to play with your favorite Super NES games, you can easily play
with it online or by hooking up your Super NES in your TV.

Super NES games are now available for download in the internet. You can control
it through your keyboard, or you can purchase a controller that you can hook up
in the serial or USB port of your home computer.

If you want to play with Super NES the way you played with it before, you can
consider hooking up your Super NES in your TV, plug in your favorite Super NES
game and start playing.

This is how great the quality of games is in Super NES. It will really keep you
coming back and play with it. Because of this, you can say that Nintendo really
makes quality game systems with quality games. You can really entertain
yourself with Super NES games over and over again even though you own a new
game system.

With the great entertainment quality that you can have with Nintendo game
systems, you can only imagine what kind of game systems they will make in the

They are even releasing their upcoming game system called the Nintendo Wii that
has a backward compatibility feature. This means that with this Nintendo Wii,
you can play with your old NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, GameCube and even your
Nintendo DS games. Nintendo Wii also offers other features that will really
change the way you see what a video game console is. Nintendo has certainly
gone a long way since the Super NES

Skins for Your Xbox Game System: Personalizing Your Xbox

In today's modern world, quality entertainment is always on demand. People have
been purchasing different home entertainment gadgets that they can use to
entertain themselves, their family and their visiting friends. People even try
to make a particular room as their home entertainment room filled with
different state-of-the-art technology, such as surround sound speakers, large
Flat Screen TV and of course, the latest game systems.

Today, there are different video game systems available in the market. All of
it boasts of great graphics and sound technology. One of the companies that
manufacture great technology in terms of gaming consoles or gaming systems is

It is a fact that Microsoft is more known for the software they develop and
also the games they develop for Personal Computers. However, because of the
demand for game consoles, Microsoft also entered the game systems industry and
released their own game systems called the Microsoft Xbox.

Today, Microsoft Xbox is one of the most popular gaming systems available in
the market. It offers great technology inside that attractive core and many
people considers Xbox as one of the best innovation in game systems today.

Xbox doesn't only offer state-of-the-art graphics and sound technology, but the
appearance of the game system itself is very attractive. One look at the Xbox
will really make you want to own one.

Xbox usually comes in color black once you purchase it. However, you can also
personalize the color of the Xbox by replacing the faceplate. This is like
replacing the appearance of your Xbox to suit your personality. The Xbox skins
can be ordered in stores near you.

The faceplate is replaceable and you can match the Xbox with your personal
style. The Xbox skins are available in silver, woody and hotrod. There are also
special edition faceplates that you can purchase for your Xbox. There are
different special edition Xbox faceplate designs that you can choose from. If
you like a particular game, you can match the look of your Xbox with your
favorite Xbox game.

Microsoft definitely thought of a way to let you personalize your Xbox by
changing its appearance.

Xbox skins are made from high quality manufacturing that helps prevent cracking
or peeling. It is also easy to change and will allow you to change the faceplate
whenever you like.

Xbox skins are readily available for purchase online to be delivered to your
home or you can purchase it from authorized Xbox retail outlet in your local
mall or stores.

So, if you are looking for a game console that offers great games with great
specifications, that you can personalize, you can consider purchasing an Xbox
together with the Xbox faceplates.

There are other Xbox accessories that you can purchase to further improve the
way your Xbox looks like and the way you play. For example, aside from the
faceplate of your Xbox, you can also purchase a wireless controller. This
particular controller can let you enjoy playing your favorite Xbox game even if
you are 30 feet away from the game console and the TV. If you have a large flat
screen TV, you can really enjoy playing with your Xbox game in style.

Microsoft Xbox offers people flexibility in the way they play their game and
also offer people a chance to personalize it as well. With the Xbox, you can
really make your Xbox show your own character. By changing the faceplate and
the default controllers with wireless controllers, you can be sure that you
will enjoy playing with your Xbox like you never played before in any other
game consoles available in the market today.

With this kind of innovation, who knows what kind of other features that
Microsoft will offer in their future game systems? You can only imagine what
other features will be available in the next generation of Microsoft's game

For a great gaming experience, and a great way to impress your friends, replace
your Xbox faceplate to reveal your true personality. With this benefit, you can
really express who you are through your Xbox game system. Also, with the wide
variety of Xbox skins available, you can change your Xbox faceplate if you get
tired of the old one.

RPG System: Achieving your Game Objectives Successfully

A game makes a child happy and keeps him or her pre-occupied. It is an activity
that brings not just fun and entertainment but also several lessons in life. You
might notice it when you were still a child, but you learned to follow rules,
face challenges, and interact with your playmates -- which are all vital things
that a responsible human being should learn. It involved physical and/or mental
simulation, which helps you develop practical skills and other aspects of your

Thus, a game is not just about pure entertainment. As previously mentioned, it
helps you develop your overall personality -- how you will act on a particular
situation, how you will decide on a particular instance, and how you will solve
a problem. Depending on the type of game that you want to play, it can enhance
either your physical or mental ability, or sometimes both.

Probably you are familiar with an RPG or a role-playing game. This is a type of
game where you assume the roles of a character and produce stories. You will be
the one to determine the actions of your character/s based on its own
personality, and the success or failure of such actions will depend on the
system of rules and regulations of the game. Thus, in an RPG, you have the
freedom to improvise your characters and what its destiny would be as long as
it is within the game's rules and regulation. The choices that you will select
for your character will shape the direction as well as the outcome of the game.

What makes RPG unique to other types of games (board or card games) is that it
rarely has losers or winners. It is more of a collaborative and interactive
type of gaming than competitive. Although there are competitions that may
arise, a typical RPG unites you and other participants into a team (which is
known as party) and play as a group in which you share the blessing of each
success that you will achieve as you play the game.

Part of playing an RPG with fun and learning is to be aware of the mechanics of
the game, or also known as a role-playing game system. The game system used in
RPG is roughly similar to the game engine (the core software component) of a
video game.

The RPG system can take several forms.

*  A generic role-playing game system is independent of the setting and genre
of the game. The rules and regulations will work the same way as for any
setting that you would want to play. One of its advantages is that you only
need to purchase and learn from one main rule book, which will help you save
time and money. Since the settings share a huge set of features (like the way
your character move and fight), you need not learn such basics when you are in
a new setting using the same generic rules. 

*  There are game systems that depict a particular genre or style of play (such 
as Dungeons and Dragons). 

*  There are also systems that are not genre-specific yet come bundled with a
particular campaign setting (such as the RuneQuest). 

*  The D6 system is one of the popular role-playing game systems, where it makes 
use of a 6-sided die to determine the attributes or raw abilities of a game 
character in a certain area. The D6 game system represents six main attributes; 
3 of which represent physical characteristics (Physique, Coordination, and 
Reflexes) and the other 3 represents mental characteristics (Knowledge, 
Perception, and Presence).

All RPG systems require the participation of a GM or game master. They commonly
create a certain setting for various game sessions, depict most of its
inhabitants, and act as an intermediary or rule arbitrator for players. The
rest of the game participants that are within the control of a GM are the
player characters, which may collectively form a "party".

The game master will field a story goal for the players to fulfill through the
actions of their in-game characters. It involves interaction with NPCs
(non-player characters), other occupants of the game world (which is commonly
played by the GM), puzzle-solving, combats, and negotiations.

A role-playing game will provide the entertainment that you are looking for, in
addition to the enhancement of your overall personality. You should learn the
game system so that you can achieve your goals in a role-playing game.

Atari Video Game Systems: Reliving the Best Games of the 80s

Atari developed one of the most popular and the most best selling gaming
systems in the world. In 1977 Atari successfully launched a gaming system that
almost everyone in the world wanted. The Atari Video Computer System or VCS
created a new way to entertain the young and old alike in the late 70s to the
early 90s.

If you played Atari before, you know how crude and simple the graphics were in
this gaming system compared to the 3D state-of-the-art graphics with the latest
technology in gaming consoles introduced today.

The popularity of Atari lasted for many years. However, with the introduction
of a more realistic gaming system today, Atari became a relic. In the 80s,
Atari game systems and its game cartridges flew off the shelves of stores
worldwide. You can even compare Atari's popularity with the Christmas season
craze that you may experience with other popular gaming consoles available in
the market today.

However, because of overproduction of gaming cartridges, the market for video
games crashed. Even with Atari's success, it was affected by the declining
demand in the video game market. By the fall of 1986, Atari gaming systems
wasn't available in most retail stores in the US.

However, even after all these years, Atari games are still fun to play. Even
old games like Pac-man, Asteroids, Missile Command, and other popular titles
Atari produced were still widely available in the video game market. Although
it wasn't really available in cartridges like before, it is, however, still
being played in the internet.

Today, Atari is now a game developer for PC games and other popular gaming
consoles out in the market. They now develop games that can compete with the
standards that people are searching for in a game. Popular Atari game titles,
such as Neverwinter Nights, Test Drive Unlimited, Age of Pirates and others are
now available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and others.

These games also have the stunning advanced 3D graphics that most people look
for in a game today. With great sound effects and realistic graphic quality,
Atari games can really make you want to play their games over and over again.

Atari games are also available in different genres. They have Role Playing
Games or RPG, strategy games, action games, first person shooter games, driving
games, simulation games, online games, fighting games and they also develop
games for kids.

With the different kinds of games available that Atari produces, you can be
sure that you will never run out of great game titles from Atari. If you get
tired of an Atari game, you simply have to go out and buy another popular title
developed by Atari.

However, fun as all the new games Atari is developing now, the old games, such
as Missile Command, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Tempers, Battlefield and other popular
game titles back in the 70s and 80s are still fun to play with. People who grew
up in the Atari era have searched for the old gaming titles in the internet and
play it online.

These games can still be played in your PC by just having an active internet
connection and logging on to Or, you can purchase the old Atari
Video Computer System or VCS in the internet. Today, the game system still
exists and people still buys them. Even the cartridges are for sale.

If you want to play old video games the old school way, then purchasing an
Atari Video Computer System is the best way to do it. Relive the 80s and play
hundreds of different games developed by Atari.

All you need to do is plug the Atari VCS to your TV, plug in your favorite
Atari game cartridge and play like you did when you were a child. If you have
children, try to let them join the fun by letting them play too.

Atari games are widely available for download in the internet. Old games can be
downloaded and played in your computer. But, if you want to play with these old
and simple games like in the 70s and 80s, purchase an Atari VCS gaming console
in the internet.

Microsoft Xbox: The New Generation of Game Systems

Entertainment is an integral part of our lives. In fact, there are various
forms of entertainment that existed during the pre-colonial era, such as
watching opera and musical theater plays. Betting is also an active recreation
during the colonial times. It is designed to provide pleasure to individuals of
varying age groups and areas of interest.

However, with the rapid development of technology nowadays, entertainment is
not just about watching operas and musical plays. Entertainment in the 21st
century is now dependent on the development of technology -- animated and
digital films, television programs, and video game consoles.

Video game console means entertainment for the younger members of our society.
Because of the animated game characters and graphics similar to real-life
characters, video game consoles became one of the hottest items in the
electronic market. Since its existence in 1972 (when Magnavox released its 1st
home video game console, which is the Magnavox Odyssey) until the continuous
release of its new generation game systems, video game consoles are now what we
call the "entertainment of the 21st century and beyond".

Because of the popularity of these video game consoles to the gaming public,
particularly to the young generation, different technology firms released
different game consoles that cater to the needs of the gaming public. It paved
the way to the birth of the sixth generation of video game consoles, which the
Xbox belongs to.

Xbox's producer, which is no other than the Bill Gates' Microsoft Corporation,
said that Xbox game console takes you away beyond the ordinary entertainment.
It redefines the way you play the game of your choice. Aside from games, you
have access to music and movies through this high-technology game console
system. Thus, it lets you share good times with your friends and even lets you
compete with other gamers around the world.

Xbox was Microsoft's first independent business enterprise in the video game
console industry, after the development of the tools for MSX (the standardized
home computer architecture of Microsoft in the 1980s) and the operating system
for Windows. It was launched on different dates: November 15, 2001 in North
America, February 22, 2002 in Japan, and March 14, 2002 in Europe.

The development of Xbox was initially facilitated by a small team formed by
Microsoft, which included the famous high energy physicist and game developer
Seamus Blackley. The rumors of the release of a Microsoft-developed video game
console first spread at the end of 1999 following interviews of Microsoft big
boss Bill Gates, saying that the company is developing a gaming and at the same
time a multimedia device that is essential in the convergence of digital
entertainment era. And the company confirmed such rumors through a press
release on the "Xbox project" on March 10, 2000.

As previously mentioned, the first launch of Xbox was in North America on
November 15, 2001. On its first launch, most of Xbox's launch titles became one
of the best-selling games at the end of 2001. Some of the successful launch
titles of Xbox were the Halo: Combat Evolved and its sequel, Halo 2 (which
became the most played game in the Xbox Live), NFL Fever 2002, Dead or Alive 3,
and Project Gotham Racing.

Xbox's design was based on the fact that there must be a game system that will
take advantage of the slowdown of saturated PC gaming market and at the same
time integrate a built-in Ethernet adapter. It was the first video game console
to integrate a hard disk drive into its system, which is used mainly to store
game data compressed in a ZIP archive and content download from Xbox Live.
Thus, it eliminated the need for a separate memory card, which is popularized
by Sony's Playstation. Most of the Xbox games make use of the console's hard
drive as the disk cache for quicker game loading time. There are also games
that support "Custom soundtracks", which allows the user to rip music from
standard audio CDs and add it to the soundtrack of the game.

With the Xbox as one of the modern video game consoles ever produced, it
provides unusual entertainment for gamers; especially those who are looking for
a gaming experience that will make them crave for it.

Yes, Microsoft's Xbox did it -- one of the game systems that you will love once
you get your hand on it.

Xbox: The Perfect Game Video and Home Theater Component for Different Tastes
and Preferences

Several video game systems are available to all ages but if you were looking
for a game system that also can be used for home theater entertainment, the
right choice would be the Xbox game console. The Xbox game system is perfect
for parents and many people with preference for both a video game and home
theater system. The Xbox game system has features that many people will want to
purchase. The Xbox is the future generation game play console that provides
movie playing capabilities as well as virtual game play. Because of the advance
technology we have, it has been made possible to have one video system also used
as a home theater. Not only is it a game system but also provides a wonderful
home theater system. It has widescreen video capability that has HDTV
resolutions with Dolby Digital and DTS sound to allow high quality support
making it a perfect home theater system component.

An advance video game system for future generation invented by Microsoft is the
Xbox. The Xbox is designed with a powerful and sleek look, black color with an X
inscribed on the console and a green Xbox logo resembling a jewel-like
appearance. The Xbox overrides all other games making game play more realistic
and powerful for all users.

In such, game artists have taken advantage of the new technology combined with
appalling ideas to this game system by creating games never seen before. Games
for Xbox have been created between fantasy and reality that most people will
definitely enjoy. As a game system, Xbox has many PC components for a more
powerful play. PC components like an Intel processor, NVidia graphic chips,
internal hard drive and many more are used in Xbox game system, yet this
components are unable to be run on Windows because these components was
specifically built for the Xbox itself. These special features in the Xbox game
system allow DVD's to be played; as a result it is a great add-on to a home
theater system. Also, as a game system, there are four controller sockets in
front of the box for connection, and it has an Ethernet socket for multiplayer
games that allows other gamers to take part in the game. These features are
specifically designed to enhance the performance and powerful game play of the

The Xbox system includes controllers with a 9 ft cable, standard AV cable, and
AC power cord. Also, a DVD loading tray, multisignal audio-video connector for
easy connection to televisions and other home theater systems are all included
in the Xbox game system. As said, not only is the Xbox a game system but also a
home theater component because an Xbox is suitable for a home theater system due
to features like component video output, digital sound, widescreen support, and
DVD playback that makes the Xbox suitable as a home theater component. The Xbox
is indeed a wonderful gaming arena because of the ultimate high-speed
performance it has while at use. As a matter of fact, other accessories for the
Xbox can be purchase separately for upgrade and better performance. To name a
few are DVD Movie Playback Kit, Memory Unit, High Definition Av Pack,
Controller, Advanced AV Pack, Standard Av Cable, and many more that are
available to the Xbox game system.

Having an Xbox can change the way you play your games. The Xbox lets you take
part in the games the experience and enjoy the ultimate audio-video performance
of this game system. Available games that gamers will love to use in the Xbox to
experience the audio-visual superiority are the NFL Fever 2002 or American
Football, Dead or Alive 3, Project Gotham Racing, F1 2001, and Halo, all have
wonderful graphics and will definitely entertain you while enjoying full
realistic and graphical designs from these featured games mentioned.

For those concerned in their children's choice of games or movie playing, the
Xbox comes with special feature most parents would definitely love. To keep
track and limit their children's' viewing content of games or movies, the Xbox
is the only game system with a built-in parental control for parental use to
control their children from viewing adult or threatening contents. Not only is
it the best choice for parents but because of the wonderful DTS home theater
system with Dolby Digital and high HDTV resolution, the Xbox will surely change
the way a game system was once deemed.

Helpful Reviews on the Xbox Game System

The Microsoft Company has just created and released their new game console,
which is the Xbox 360. This video game system provides a different
entertainment experience to its users. It combines information, innovation,
information and entertainment. They introduced the new and innovative video
game system in North America, Japan, and Europe in 2006.

The new game console of the Microsoft Company altered the sound and appearance
of the games. It is because the designers in Japan and San Francisco are
surrounded by console technology that are very powerful offering a more
sophisticated and stylish exterior. The game worlds becomes more realistically
alive with its wonderful details as well as the animated characters showing a
wider range of emotions adding to the unique video gaming experience of the
user. There are various features provided by the Xbox 360. It includes the
16:9, 1080i and 720p resolution, quality movie graphics, enclosed multi-channel
sound, and smoother, wider format of the screen.

Fabulous games are offered in arrays by the Xbox 360 game console. The users
have an option to access a compelled game-play, choose their opponents, and
watch and enjoy videos, photographs, digital music, and other features that was
never been experienced before. It illustrates the new gaming system that was
created in today's generation. The Xbox 360 games allow the user to experience
and stream high-definition movies and television direct from the Windows Media
Center Edition of their computer to their Xbox 360 game systems.

The users can personalize their gaming experiences as well as their systems.
Take for instance; they can alter the appearance of their consoles by using
interchangeable faces that are available in the market place. By turning on the
system, the users can download the skins of the chosen character and additional
levels through the live Xbox marketplace. There are different faces and skin to
choose from that will fit their mood or personality.

The button on the Xbox Guide can allow the users to access Gamer Guide
instantly. It is their instant gateway which immediately connects them to
movies, music, games, friends, and other contents that are downloadable. The
Light Button Ring as well as the Guide Button also connects the users to Xbox
live and digital media. This was considered to be the first global, unified,
online game system service. The Guide button can also turn on or turn off the
system without exiting.

If the users have broadband connections, then they can access the Live Silver
of the Xbox letting them to construct gamer cards, gamer tags, and profiles.
They can also talk to other gamers through voice chat, or have a free access of
the Live Marketplace. The multiplayer gaming online can be available by
upgrading to the Live Gold membership of Xbox.

There are a lot of posted reviews about the Xbox 360 done by experienced
gamers. This is helpful if you are planning to purchase one for yourself.

-  The physical weight of the Xbox 360 machine will be the first one that will
catch your attention. Its designs are small but it weighs like a concrete
block. Xbox 360 configuration and desktop systems shows immediate features. It
implies that there are more great things that this machine will offer.

-  Xbox 360 is considered as a simplified computer without messing on upgrades
and patches. You can easily logon to Xbox 360 live and be informed about the
things you need to upgrade. It provides easy navigation wherein you can jump in
and out of the games easily.

-  Loading times are really very impressive. The ace in the Microsoft's deck is
the Xbox live. It is free to use. However, upgrading to the Xbox gold compels a
gamer to play online games as well to get a hold of some downloads. In
addition, all game has its particular online modes giving different gaming
experiences to the users.

-  It provides points and ratings with your achievements. These ratings can be
improved by friends, visits, helps, messages, and others. They are after the
involvement of the users in playing games to get such rewards. It is a great
idea to create a game system which is not only after the money paid by the
users or a mere product of modern obsession but also after the advantages
offered to its users.

Xbox 360 is really a great system for home entertainment with a lot of things
to offer to its users. So, why not try the excellent Xbox 360 and its new

Recommended Video Game System Best for Kids

There are many choices in the games that kids can play. Some are educational,
fun and extra entertaining for many kids to enjoy. Because of our new
innovative technology and progress, even changes in the way children games have
also transformed to a more realistic and virtual game playing with contents
unacceptable for many kids to view.

Before, video games were invented for educational and entertainment purposes
that kids have enjoyed playing even today. Most likely, parents did not have to
worry about what their kids are playing because game content was safe and fairly
protected from harmful contents. Like the Atari video game system, offering
wholesome games such as Pac-Man or Space Invaders, kids are open to have a fun
and be entertained without any explicit content and away from corruption that
could influence the children's behavior. Unfortunately, changes in technology
have altered the way video games are today. Games of today are more realistic
and are in stilled with adult content that many game manufacturers have
included in their games. Therefore, parents are now concerned on the typical
game system that they want their kids to have. In fact, many parents are opting
to find the best video game system that is best for their kids but away from
adult contents and other threatening factors that could influence the kids.

Unlike before, Atari game system was the best video games made available to
kids. Now, video game system has increased due to so many selections available
to consumers especially to parents. Large selections of different types of game
system such as Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo's GameCube, and Microsoft's Xbox and
Xbox 360 video games from Microsoft are some of the selections that parents
consider purchasing for their kids.

The best selling game console in the market is the Sony PlayStation 2 (or often
referred to as PS2), it caters to all ages while providing about 600 different
types of games. These games have been rated for every age bracket to enjoy and
specifically for preference of age limitation allowed for each game and level
usage. For example, games rated with E are allowed for ages from six and up.
Other games at this rating, however, are complicated for younger children to
play therefore, rating with E10+ are advisable for children above ten years old
to play. Likewise, other games for younger children below 10 are rated with EC
or in other words, Early Childhood.

A popular video game system that children basically love is the Nintendo
GameCube console. This game system has about 263 games that are based on
children's favorite titles like the Sega's Sonic GEMS Collections, Mario Party
6 and Mario Tennis from Nintendo, and other game titles particularly for
GameCube console that are also rated E.

Another video game system rated E is the Xbox and Xbox 360 video game with a
built-in parental control. The Xbox has about 270 available games while the
Xbox 360 has about 12 games and increasing with other popular releases.
Although, some of these games may not only be available on the Xbox but as
well, be available to GameCube and PS2 or all three video game systems
mentioned. In such, the Xbox games with E rating like Astropop and Feeding
Frenzy can have crossover titles that many publishers have also released and
made possible to other video game system. For instance, rated E games like
Eidos InteractiveLEGO Star Wars are available to GameCube, PS2 and even Xbox
whereas other rated E10+ are also available to other game systems, while other
games like the rated EC Global Star Software's Dora the Explorer are solely for
Xbox and PS2 only.

Choosing the best video game system for the kids is important especially if
parents are very concerned in their kid's preference in video game playing. The
abovementioned video game system can help parents understand the kinds of video
game system available to kids while assisting parents in finding the best video
game system to give to them. Parents should keep in mind that video game systems
for their kids should have parental control options on the game system to lock
functions or set limits to the kind of games or titles allowed for playing or
viewing. From the abovementioned video game systems, the most advisable for
parents to purchase is the Xbox and Xbox 360 because it comes with a built-in
parental control.

The Great Fun and Adventure found in Each and Every Nintendo Game System

Nintendo is one of the best companies in the world to offer quality
entertainment through video games. It is a fact that when you ask people about
Nintendo, they will give you the same or almost the same answers, which is
video gaming. It is also a fact that Nintendo is one of the pioneers in modern
video gaming technology. They have paved the way for different companies to
also produce game systems that can really entertain different people from all
over the world.

Nintendo started out with NES and Super Mario Bros. game. It is a fact that
Nintendo owes it success to the NES and their Super Mario game. Both their
first game system and their game have really brought success to the company and
with this kind of perception, Nintendo have earned the trust of people that they
are truly a company that produces quality game systems and quality games.

NES or Nintendo Entertainment System developed so much craze in the public that
Nintendo began designing, manufacturing and eventually released game systems
that also became immensely popular.

After the NES, Nintendo offered the Super NES or Super Nintendo, which was also
a hit. Nintendo also entered the handheld gaming systems industry and developed
and released their first ever handheld game system called the GameBoy. GameBoy
was a huge success that Nintendo continued to develop different gaming consoles
both for standard gaming consoles and for handheld gaming consoles.

In 1996, Nintendo released Nintendo 64 or N64 which was also a hit. With this
gaming console, 3D technology was one of the key features that made it a
success. With stunning graphics in its time, Nintendo 64 became a legend.
However, something bigger and better was about to come.

In 2001, another handheld gaming system was released by Nintendo. Nintendo
named it the GameBoy Advance. This particular handheld gaming system took the
world by storm and it has proven to be another gaming system success for
Nintendo. GameBoy Advance has graphics that is better than Super NES and it
also comes in a streamline shape and small size that can easily fit your
pocket. In comparison to its predecessor, the GameBoy and GameBoy Color,
GameBoy Advance is far more advanced in terms of graphics technology and also
in game play.

In the same year (2001) another version of gaming console was released by
Nintendo. It was called the GameCube and it competed really well against other
new game consoles that were popping out of the market. Although GameCube wasn't
really a hit compared to other gaming consoles that were released in the market,
it was accepted by the public as a good game system for their kids.

People thought that nothing can get better than Nintendo GameBoy Advance.
However, Nintendo's competitors developed a far more advanced handheld game
systems and Nintendo responded with the Nintendo DS. This particular handheld
gaming system is one of the latest and also one of the most popular handheld
game systems out in the market today. With features that were never before seen
in a handheld gaming system, such as touch screen technology, and integrated
Wi-Fi Online capabilities, Nintendo DS is considered to be the next generation
in handheld gaming technology.

It is a fact that Nintendo GameCube gaming system was not really a success. So,
Nintendo is now developing one of the latest in gaming console technology that
the company claims to revolutionize the way people see what a gaming console
is. Nintendo's upcoming Nintendo Wii is one of the most anticipated gaming
systems that the world is looking forward to. With promising features and
specifications, people is now considering it that it will be one of the best
selling gaming consoles that will ever hit the market.

These are the gaming systems developed by Nintendo in the past two decades. So,
the next time you consider purchasing a gaming system, consider Nintendo gaming
consoles to be one of your choices.

Not only will it guarantee great quality games, but it will also give you one
of the best video gaming experiences that you can ever have. With a wide
library of games, you will surely never get bored when you play with the
Nintendo gaming systems. With all the technological advancement that Nintendo
have in the gaming console industry, you can only imagine what the people in
Nintendo will think of next in their gaming systems.

Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS Game Systems, Nintendo's Latest offering in the
World of Gaming

Nintendo is indeed a big company in terms of making video game systems. It even
surpassed the ERTS which is a giant publisher of video games in the United
States, but then again, Nintendo concentrates more on the consoles than
developing their own games. Nintendo has a bigger market cap since it produces
more high-end products. The stock price run-up of Nintendo is the result of the
improved perceptions of some investors about its future prospects and good press

Regardless of the price increase in Nintendo's shares, it has been justified by
their low market value. Generally, Nintendo attracts the interests of most
investors for many important reasons. The Nintendo Company operates within an
exciting industry having long-term perspectives. The game systems are
reasonably priced compared to other companies. Their business is considered
truly unique providing wonderful intellectual properties appealing to investors
and article write ups.

The company became a good steward of intellectual properties. They are very
careful on the protection of their beloved characters images and extended even
up to the company's strongest franchise.

Nintendo game systems are considered deadly when talking about its marketing.
It is considered as shadows behind Microsoft and Sony corporations. However,
taking a closer look at what they have developed, you will find out its
advantages and disadvantages.

The Wii revolution developed by Nintendo can be considered as a powerhouse
console. It is tracking a different direction in the console gaming industry
compared to other existing game consoles. The Wii revolution has a nunchuck
cordless controller, provides full backward Gamecube compatibility and an
additional online library for game downloads. This Nintendo product could
certainly pose as a great threat to the other consoles when it is released on
November 2006.

When buying a game system, most people considers the prices. It makes a big
difference regarding the market sales of many companies. Prices of game systems
play a major role in the war of game systems. The Wii revolution of Nintendo can
be an excellent choice since you can purchase it for only 250 dollars, cheaper
as compared to other game systems. The Gamecube games in Nintendo Wii can be
played on the latest console using Gamecube controllers and Gamecube memory

The Nintendo Wii enables the differentiation of Nintendo's games from other
competitors. Most of Japanese gamers believe that Nintendo Wii will be leading
the console wars. It is considered as a good investment especially if you give
much priority on handheld gaming.

Nintendo also have handheld systems released for the new generation handhelds.
The Nintendo DS has a slim-cool-techno design and its games are stored on cards
similar to the looks of SD's. It is equipped with two screens where one is a
touchscreen which can be used with a stylus. Infra-red was also built in
together with a slot where games from the Game Boy Advance can be inserted.

Nintendo DS provides a game library that are really great. It can also play the
GBA games. The users can also chat to their friends using the Pictochat program.
They can also download the Nintendo homebrew software for playing. The battery
and its backlight are also reviewed as very satisfactory.

The Nintendo DS is appropriate for people who do not show great interests in
playing MP3 music or films. The users also don't wait for a long time on
loading the games. In this case, the Nintendo DS beats the PSP when loading
games on the games library. The disadvantages include the inability to play GBC
or GB games, wrong positioning of A & B buttons, and a very delicate design of
the touchscreen.

Nintendo is purely an entertainment company. However their games sales are
intertwined inextricably with console sales. In addition, their hardware sales
do not affect much of the total sales. Since Nintendo games sell the consoles
itself, it directly affects game play experiences acting as platforms.

Nintendo games are closely associated with platforms of video games. It mainly
focuses on making good games, the reason why it churns out only a small number
of games itself. Compared to other console manufacturers, Nintendo Company
started life being an entertainment company since it was popularly known for
its games.

Nintendo DS Game Systems: Handheld Gaming at Its Finest

When people hear the word Nintendo, they will usually think of a company that
manufactures quality gaming console and they will also think of great games and
great entertainment.

For more than two decades now, Nintendo is still manufacturing and developing
great gaming systems that everyone enjoys. The people working in Nintendo
always works hard everyday to keep their customers interested and entertained
and develop new forms of gaming console for people to buy.

If you remembered the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System, you know how
Nintendo literally revolutionized the way the world see video game systems and
are continuing to do so. Today, you will see different popular gaming console
popping out of the market. You will see that the technology in the gaming world
have since vastly improved in terms of graphics and sound technology. The game
play has even changed. More realism in games has made it more fun to play for

Nintendo is also famous for their GameBoy, one of the most famous handheld
gaming systems in the world. In the market of handheld gaming systems, Nintendo
is still competitive besides the fact that many game system manufacturers are
also developing and releasing famous brands of their versions of handheld
gaming system.

If you are familiar with Nintendo, you will be familiar with their products,
such as GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and their latest, the GameBoy DS, which the
company claims will again revolutionize the world see handheld gaming.

With today's technology, it will seem that every bit of features that you want
to find in a handheld gaming system is now possible. Now, with Nintendo DS, a
successor to their previous Nintendo GameBoy Advance, many gamers will
certainly want to have this new generation of handheld gaming system.

So, you may now ask what is so special about this new handheld game system
called the Nintendo DS.

First of all, Nintendo DS stands for Dual Screen. It has 3D rendered graphics
with ultra bright screens. Nintendo claims that it will deliver the latest
technologies in handheld gaming existing today.

Another great thing about Nintendo DS is that you, as a player, can now be able
to play with or against anyone wherever they are in the world as long as they
have a Nintendo DS and an internet connection. This is now possible because
Nintendo DS can connect wirelessly through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and you
can play with or challenge players around the world.

The two bright screens of Nintendo DS can produce 3D views with great quality
that can really surpass images displayed in Nintendo 64. Nintendo DS is also
integrated with touch screen technology. The lower screen in the Nintendo DS is
capable of touch screen technology that is never before seen in any handheld
gaming system in the world.

With the touch screen technology, you will be able to navigate through menus or
access different items on the game or you can even move your character with the
use of a stylus or your fingertips. This means that you will no longer be
dependent on the buttons to do all the actions in the game.

Not only that, another way to interact with the game is through a built in
microphone port. This means that with Nintendo DS, you can tell your games what
to do. This provides a greater way for you to interact with your games.

If you like your old GameBoy Advance games and you still want to play with it
with Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS game system offers a separate media port for
GameBoy Advance cartridges in single player mode.

So, if you need a one of a kind handheld game system that offers great
features, then Nintendo DS is just right for you. With all the technologies
mentioned, you can be sure that you will really get quality graphics and as
well as flexibility for your games.

Just imagine what you can do with Nintendo DS. No longer will you be bound on
playing single player or two player modes with your friends, but you can also
play with others from all over the world through Nintendo's latest offer.

Playing with Nintendo DS will definitely change the way you look at handheld
game systems. If you try playing with Nintendo DS, you will surely want one for
your own.

The Next Generation in Video Game Systems

It's been a long time since people have seen a new video gaming console in the
market. Many people have been crazy about Sony's PlayStation 2, about Microsoft
Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.

However, this was about 5 or 6 years ago. Now, people are anticipating the next
generation in video game systems that claim to change the way people see video
game consoles. With the latest technology integrated in the new line of video
game consoles, many people are anticipating the release of the new gaming
console of the three large companies.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect with the next generation gaming
console that are still being anticipated by lots of gaming fans all over the

Here are the different upcoming and highly anticipated gaming consoles and
their specifications:

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3 will be released on November of 2006 and claims to use
Blu-ray discs as its media format. The Blu-ray disc is capable of holding six
times as much data than today's DVDs. With this kind of feature, it will open
new doors for game developers to develop new and better quality games.

For graphics, Sony PlayStation 3 will be using the RSX (Reality synthesizer)
which was based on Nvidia technology. Sony Claims that the Graphics Processing
Unit or GPU integrated in the PlayStation is capable of 128bit pixel reduction
and 1080p resolution. The RSX will also be capable of displaying better
graphics with 512MB memory and is also capable of shader operations and 51
billion dot products per second.

Microsoft Xbox

It is a fact that the look of this new console is very attractive. But, what's
more important is what you will find under the shell. Microsoft also developed
an impressive gaming system that can compete with the next generation of gaming
systems. The Microsoft Xbox 360 will be integrated with an IBM PowerPC-based CPU
that runs as fast as 3.2GHz and over half a gigabyte of RAM.

The Xbox 360 will also contain one of the best graphics technology ever made by
ATI that is capable of advanced antialiasing and shader effects. What this means
is that it will have 720p and 1080i wide screen high definition TV. These
features will double the resolution of the original Xbox that maxed out only at
480p. This new game system developed by Microsoft will also support up to four
wireless controls.

Nintendo Revolution (renamed as Nintendo Wii)

Nintendo is also one of the gaming consoles that are currently developing one
of the most anticipated gaming systems by gaming fans. Nintendo claims to
release a video game system called the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii is integrated with PowerPC CPU Broadway manufactured by IBM and
has a 90nm SOI CMOS process. A controller that looks like a regular TV remote
control will contain motion sensors that will be useful to upcoming Wii games,
such as Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Red Steel. This technology is
first of its kind in the gaming console world and is also being anticipated by
a lot of people.

Nintendo Wii will be integrated with an ATI graphics card and a RAM memory as
high as 512 MB. It will also feature wireless controllers, 2 USB ports and a
built-in antenna for WiFi internet access. However, it will not support HD
output but with a 480p progressive scan and wide screen friendly mode, it will
still essentially look good on HDTV.

Wii will also have a backward compatibility feature, which means that it will
be able to support previously developed Nintendo games, even old games from
NES, Super NES, and GameCube.

Nintendo Wii also declared that their system will be able to access and surf
the internet and will also enable you to access other Wii channels that you
will surely entertain you.

These are the three highly anticipated video game systems that claim to
revolutionize the way people see video game consoles. With these features,
you'll really never know what new gaming console will appear in the near future.

So, if you want to know more about these new generation video game systems, you
should wait for the upcoming release and try it out in stores near you.

From First to the Latest Video Game Systems: The Evolution of Video Game

Playing with video game systems is one of the most popular forms of
entertainment. With the advancement in graphics and sound technology, you will
see that video games today can really take you inside the game itself and makes
you feel as if you were actually the character you are playing.

However, before all the state-of-the-art and realistic graphics and sound
effects that you see in today's latest video game systems, it all started out
with simple graphics and sound that were in its time, state-of-the-art.

You should realize that the evolution of video game systems only took more or
less 30 years to get where it is now. Thanks to the advancement in
communications, graphics, and also sound technology, many video games today
offers first class entertainment.

The very first video games system that appeared in the market was created by
Nutting Associates. This video game is the first coin-operated arcade video
game called Computer Space. This video game was invented in 1970 and is
considered to be the beginning of the evolution of video games.

The next company to release a video game is Magnavox in 1972. The company named
it Odyssey 100 video game systems. Unlike the Computer Space arcade video game,
Odyssey 100 video game system is a video game that can be attached to a
standard television. This feature allowed everyone to play video games right at
the comforts of their own home. Because of this feature, almost 100,000 units of
the system were sold for 100 dollars each.

During the same year that Magnavox released Odyssey 100 video game systems,
Atari also released Pong coin-operated arcade video game system.

In 1976 Atari released the Breakout arcade video game. During its lifetime,
15,000 units of this arcade video game were sold. In this same year, Fairchild
Camera and Instrument of California introduced Channel F home video game
system. This is the very first system that used plug-in cartridges for games.
Another feature of this game is that has color and sound through a TV

In 1977, Atari releases the Atari Video Computer System (VCS) that was later
named Atari 2600. This video game system developed by Atari uses plug-in
cartridges, has color graphics and sound through a TV connection.

In 1978, Taito introduces the Space Invaders arcade video game in Japan. This
arcade video game sold over 350,000 units world-wide throughout its lifetime.

In 1981 Nintendo released the Donkey Kong arcade video game in the US. And, in
1985 Nintendo released their version of home video game console called the
Nintendo Entertainment System. This video game console is considered to be the
best selling video game console of all time.

During this time, Nintendo slowly resurrected the video game industry and it
produced a video game craze.

Between 1985 and 1995, a lot of video game systems were released. Between these
years, Nintendo Game Boy video game systems, Sega Genesis, NEC Home
Entertainment TurboGrafx, Lynx, Super Family Computer, Panasonic REAL 3DO, Sega
Saturn, Super Nintendo, and Sony PlayStation was released.

As you can see, the video game industry have evolved very fast and graphics
technology were becoming more and more real that violence, blood and gore are
integrated with some of the games. This is why the ESRB was created to rate the
games that was being released.

Because of the competitioFrom the First to the Latest Video Game Systems: The
Evolution of Video Game Consoles

Playing with video game systems is one of the most popular forms of
entertainment. With the advancement in graphics and sound technology, you will
see that video games today can really take you inside the game itself and make
you feel as if you were actually the character you are playing.

However, before all the state-of-the-art and realistic graphics and sound
effects that you see in today's latest video game systems, it all started out
with simple graphics and sound that were in its time, state-of-the-art.

You should realize that the evolution of video game systems only took more or
less 30 years to get where it is now. Thanks to the advancement in
communications, graphics, and also sound technology, many video games today
offers first class entertainment.

The very first video games system that appeared in the market was created by
Nutting Associates. This video game is the first coin-operated arcade video
game called Computer Space. This video game was invented in 1970 and is
considered to be the beginning of the evolution of video games.

The next company to release a video game is Magnavox in 1972. The company named
it Odyssey 100 video game systems. Unlike the Computer Space arcade video game,
Odyssey 100 video game system is a video game that can be attached to a
standard television. This feature allowed everyone to play video games right at
the comforts of their own home. Because of this feature, almost 100,000 units of
the system were sold for 100 dollars each.

During the same year that Magnavox released Odyssey 100 video game systems,
Atari also released Pong coin-operated arcade video game system.

In 1976 Atari released the Breakout arcade video game. During its lifetime,
15,000 units of this arcade video game were sold. In this same year, Fairchild
Camera and Instrument of California introduced Channel F home video game
system. This is the very first system that used plug-in cartridges for games.
Another feature of this game is that has color and sound through a TV

In 1977, Atari released the Atari Video Computer System (VCS) that was later
named Atari 2600. This video game system developed by Atari used plug-in
cartridges, has color graphics and sound through a TV connection.

In 1978, Taito introduces the Space Invaders arcade video game in Japan. This
arcade video game sold over 350,000 units world-wide throughout its lifetime.

In 1981 Nintendo released the Donkey Kong arcade video game in the US. And, in
1985 Nintendo released their version of home video game console called the
Nintendo Entertainment System. This video game console is considered to be the
best selling video game console of all time.

During this time, Nintendo slowly resurrected the video game industry and it
produced a video game craze.

Between 1985 and 1995, a lot of video game systems were released. Between these
years, Nintendo Game Boy video game system, Sega Genesis, NEC Home Entertainment
TurboGrafx, Lynx, Super Family Computer, Panasonic REAL 3DO, Sega Saturn, Super
Nintendo, and Sony PlayStation were released.

As you can see, the video game industry have evolved very fast and graphics
technology were becoming more and more real that violence, blood and gore are
integrated with some of the games. This is why the ESRB was created to rate the
games that was being released.

Because of the competition, only 3 major video game companies have survived in
the video game industry today. These were Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. These 3
companies are still developing the latest video game systems.

Starting out with crude and simple graphics and sounds, people have developed
amazing video games in just a short period of time. If you try and imagine the
future, you will see that the video game systems that you play with today will
just even get better and better.

Video games today are even equipped with modems to let them connect to the
internet and play with other people from all over the world. So, the next time
you buy another latest video game system, try to imagine what it was like
during the first release of the video game systems.

As you can see, what started out with crude and simple graphics and sounds,
people have developed amazing video games for only a short period of time. If
you try and imagine the future, you will see that the video game systems that
you play with today will just even get better and better.

Video games today are even equipped with modems to let them connect to the
internet and play with other people from all over the world. So, the next time
you buy another latest video game system, try to imagine what it was like
during the first release of the video game systems.

First Video Game Systems to the Latest in Gaming Consoles

The history of video games has come a long way. Today, you will see video game
consoles integrated with state-of-the-art graphics technology and amazing sound
quality that can rival your home entertainment systems. There are even gaming
consoles that has different features that can rival your home PC.

For example, you will find that some gaming consoles available today have
realistic graphics and Hollywood-like acting. Computer generated 3D characters
even contains facial expressions and body movements almost similar to the real

If you play with these consoles, you will see that the characters in it move
very much like real people. But, in fact, these characters are the product of
the latest 3D technology available. Not only that, characters in these games
even have human like features. Some even have beards, different eye colors, and
some even have hairs that moves just like the real thing.

Other integrated features that you will see in some gaming consoles available
in the market today are the memory cards, where you can save your game
progress, joysticks and steering wheels to add a little more realism to driving
and flight simulation games, simulated guns to add realism to shooting games,
and even vibration feedback to controls.

There are even gaming consoles available in the market today that can be
connected to the internet. With these feature, you can join multiplayer games
in the internet and play with other people from all over the world. So, if you
get bored fighting AI (artificial intelligence) from regular games, you can buy
a game that is available for massively multiplayer online role playing games or

However, before you go out and buy the real thing, you should know where all
these games started. Just like any other invention, gaming consoles or gaming
systems started out as having rough graphics, simple sounds and very simple
game play.

In the early years of video game systems, you will find that it all started out
in a simple game that was called "Tennis for Two". This particular video game
was introduced back in 1958 and was consisted of two horizontal lines across
the screen, and a short perpendicular line that represented the net.

This particular game was the root of all video games and from here, video game
developers started competing and producing different games and came to the
point of having great graphics and sound quality.

In the mid 70s, a company called Atari came out with a video game system that
revolutionized the world of video games. It was called the Video Computer
System or VCS. This system became one of the hottest selling gaming systems in
its day. As you see today's latest gaming system, you will find it hard to
believe that people even bought these things.

However, you have to consider the fact that in the past, because of the early
technology in graphics and sounds, and 3D graphics were virtually non existent,
these video gaming systems were considered as state-of-the-art. And, many people
enjoyed playing with it. If you were born in this era, and played with these
video game systems, you know how much fun it is to play with.

Integrated with simple graphics, simple sound effects and simple game play, it
was relatively easy to play with. The whole family can really spend hours on
end to play with video game systems in the past. Everyone can play with these
simple machines, even children.

Today, since game developers are taking games to another level, adding
realistic graphics and realistic sounds, each game are now rated by the ESRB or
the Entertainment Software Rating Board. You will see that each of the gaming
title will contain letters, such as E, T, M, and AO. These letters represent on
who can play the game. E represents Everyone, T represents Teens only, M for
Mature gamers, and AO represents Adults Only.

More and more games today are integrated with realism of violence and gore
where it can really affect your child's psychology. This is why it is important
for you to check the ESRB rating before buying a particular game.

There are even games available today that can recreate the battlefield in World
War II. You can even see bodies around the simulated Normandy beach that are
either decapitated or a realistic person spurting blood calling out for a medic.

You can easily see how long video game systems have come in terms of graphics
and sound quality.

Relive the Past with Old Video Game Systems

In its early days, video games were really simple in terms of graphics
technology and sound technology. Games were also relatively easy to play and
the characters you play with are so simply made that you can never really
imagine how it came from there to the stunning 3D graphics you see now with the
latest gaming systems available in just a short period of time.

Thinking about the old video game systems, it is unavoidable that you will seek
those "retro" games again out of curiosity. If you played with these video game
systems when you were a child, you know how fun it is to play with. Compared to
the games that you see today, it is hard to imagine how those simple graphics
amazed you when you were a kid.

Come to think of it, those crude and simple graphics were considered to be
state-of-the-art in the video game industry during its time. In just a short
period of time, you can see how well the technology in video game systems has
evolved. Now, you see stunning 3D graphics technology and amazing storyline in
some of the games, which you can easily mistake to watching a movie instead of
playing a game. The quality of the 3D technology integrated in today's game are
in fact so amazing that you will actually think that the characters you are
controlling are real-life characters.

Compared to the old video game systems, graphic technology and sound technology
were really simple. Some are only simple squares or circles that you control

If you are curious about the old game systems, here is a list of the old game
systems that you can still buy over the internet or play their old games in the

*  Atari 2600 -- This game system is what most people consider to have paved
the way to modern gaming technology. This is also the game system that took the
world by storm in the late 70s and is one of the most popular game systems ever
made. Atari 2600 also has popular game titles that many people love to play
with. Today, this gaming system can still be brought in the internet through
online stores or through auction websites. You can also find Atari games that
are available online.

*  Nintendo Entertainment System or NES -- This game was developed in the mid
80s and is the best selling game systems in its time. Almost every household in
the United States have this video game system and some people simply never get
tired of the games by Nintendo. There is even a great chance that you have this
game system stored in your attic or your basement. If you don't, there are still
available units that you can purchase in the internet. You can also play with
some of the games in Nintendo online.

*  Sega Genesis -- This game system is also one of the best selling game
systems ever made. With graphics better than Nintendo Entertainment System or
NES, this game system developed by Sega also became one of the most popular
game systems ever made. There are still available Genesis game systems
available in the internet that you can purchase. Some Genesis games are also
available in the internet that you can play with for free.

These are some of the old game systems that you can still play with in the
internet or right in your own home. If you do get tired of playing with the
latest gaming systems in the market, you can easily go up to your attic or
basement, get your old game systems, wipe of the dust that accumulated and hook
it up with your entertainment system. There are so many old games that you can
still play with your old game systems.

Today, some game system manufacturers are now integrating a backward
compatibility feature that will enable you to play with old games that you used
to play in your old game systems.

With this feature, you can now enjoy playing the different old games that you
once enjoyed playing with the latest game systems available. Old games are
simple and fun to play with and, if you have kids, they can also enjoy playing
with the games that you also enjoyed with your old game systems when you were
their age.

The Glory and Fall of Old Game Systems

The seventh generation of video game systems is currently pushing its way to
the gaming industry. In fact, Microsoft-produced Xbox 360 is the only video
game system that has been released so far as far as the seventh generation of
game consoles is concerned. Sony's PlayStation 3, Nintendo's Wii, and Evizions
Computer Entertainment's EVO: Phase One are all scheduled to be released at the
last quarter of 2006. These video game systems have a long way to go and
different game developers are on their way on creating the next generation of
video game systems that will be released as soon as possible.

Beyond the new generation of video game systems, probably you already forgot
its predecessors, particularly the first and second generations. Such
generations became the "cream of the crop" of the gaming industry during its
early years, and facilitated the development of subsequent video game systems
until the seventh generation. What we do not realize is that new video game
system becomes old video game system soon, and is soon forgotten in a dusty

That is what exactly happened to the old game systems. Once, they have been
glorified because of the extraordinary entertainment that it provides to the
gaming public. But now, they are just within the sidesteps of our memory, being
demolished by new game systems which, as previously mentioned, will soon become
old technologies once newer systems will be introduced to the market.

At this point, we need to refresh our memories and take ourselves back to the
time when old game systems were at the pedestal of excellent recognition during
the first stretch of video game systems and rediscover why we loved these game
systems in the first place.

Atari 2600

The Atari 2600, which was released in October 1977, became the first successful
video game system to use plug-in cartridges instead of the traditional built-in
games. It was originally known as Atari VCS (Video Computer System), which was
changed in Atari 2600 in 1982 after the release of the more advanced 5200. It
is equipped with two conventional joystick controllers, a game cartridge, and
an adjoined pair of paddle controllers.

The fundamental layout of Atari 2600 is similar to other game systems and home
computer during the 80s. Its central processing unit (CPU) was the MOS
Technology 6507, an 8-bit microprocessor capable of addressing 8 KB of game
memory, which is considered to be a lot during the 70s era. It was running at
1.19 megahertz on the 2600 model. The game system contains 128 bytes RAM for
runtime data, which included state of the game world and call stack. In the
absence of a frame buffer (a video output device which drives a video display
from a memory buffer that has an extensive data frame), the 2600 made use of 2
bitmapped sprites, single-pixel ball, 2 single-line missile sprites, and a
playfield. On the other hand, its video hardware gave 2600 the reputation of
being among the game machines in the world that is difficult to program.

Atari 7800 Prosystem

The 7800 Prosystem was released by Atari in June 1986, which is designed to
reestablish the company's market supremacy against two of the prominent video
game system producer during that time (Colecovision and Intellivision) as well
as to replace the unpopular Atari 5200. The 7800 Prosystem addressed the
shortcomings of 5200, particularly the joysticks and the compatibility with
2600-enabled games.

The 7800 Prosystem was Atari's first video game system designed by other
company, particularly the General Computer Corporation (GCC). Since it was
designed to be upgraded into a complete home computer, the game system made use
of a keyboard which had an expansion port in addition to other peripherals such
as printers and disk drives. Furthermore, GCC came up with a high-score
cartridge, which is a battery-backed RAM game cartridge that is developed for
saving high game scores.

However, the 7800 Prosystem faced a severe software drought that marked the
crash of all Atari game systems. There were few title releases made by Atari
and most of them were lacking in feature and was generally unpolished. There
were also some 7800 games that were made which are already available in the
previous Atari video game systems. It was also noted that there were no effort
in recruiting third party game developers, aside from several game titles.
Later on, Atari finally announced that they were formally abandoning the 7800

These are just two of hundreds of old game systems which had been glorified on
the early years of video gaming. Although most of them have sad endings, their
contribution to the video gaming industry will be remembered and will serve as
an inspiration for present video game system development.

History of Video Game Systems: Knowing About What Started it All

Video games have come a long way in terms of graphics and sound technology.
Although video games didn't exist a hundred years ago, the enhancement in
graphics and sound technology revolutionized on what people think of video
games today.

Unlike what you see in video games today that has amazing 3D and realistic
graphics and sounds, it all started out with a video game called the Computer
Space. This video game was released by Nutting Associates in 1970 and was the
first coin-operated arcade video game.

In 1972, the Odyssey 100 video game system was introduced. This particular
video game can be attached to a standard television to display the graphics and
play the game. In the same year, Atari launched Pong. This is a coin operated
machine and is played with two short vertical lines that you move up and down
to avoid letting the "ball" pass.

The real video game revolution began in the late 70's. Atari introduced the
Video Computer System or the VCS (renamed Atari 2600 later). This system uses
cartridges and delivered colored graphics and sounds through the television.
The game was played using a joystick or paddles.

The Atari 2600 were the most popular gaming systems ever invented in its time.
The system was always in demand that retail stores constantly ran out of stock,
especially on the holidays.

However, in early 80's, more and more video game manufacturers began coming
out. An example would be Nintendo. Nintendo's Family Computer was a worldwide
success and sold over 500,000 units all over the world for a short period of
two months. In 1985, Nintendo released a similar system in the United States
called the Nintendo Entertainment System.

With the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the US, it also
released the Super Mario Bros. video game that was a total hit. The Super Mario
Bros. game reportedly had a worldwide sale amounting up to 40.24 million dollars
and was declared as the best-selling game of all time.

In the late 80's more and more video game manufacturers began releasing their
latest video game systems. Sega Enterprises released the Genesis home video
game system in the US and was a total hit. It generated sales amounting up to
14 million dollars.

In 1995, Sony Electronics released the 32-bit CD-ROM game system called the
PlayStation in the US. It was a phenomenal hit and this was the beginning of
the Sony PlayStation legacy.

The popularity of Sony PlayStation paved the way to more advanced graphics
system and other video gaming systems manufacturers began to follow suit. The
CD-ROM technology to be integrated in a video game system is now the most
popular way to play a video game.

Sega Enterprises and Nintendo followed with a similar concept of using a CD-ROM
to play its games instead of using cartridges.

Sega released the Dreamcast video game system in Japan in 1998 with features
like a 200 MHz processor, 12X speed 1 Gigabyte CD-ROM drive and a 56 kbps
modem. However, it arrived too late to threaten the Nintendo 64 and the much
anticipated PlayStation 2.

In the year 2000, PlayStation released the PlayStation 2 with great success.
About 1 million units were shipped from Japan on the first weekend and have
been one of the most popular video game systems ever released since Atari.

Other companies also followed. Nintendo released the GameCube video game system
and Microsoft released the Xbox game system in the United States. The Xbox had
features that no other gaming system had. It had an 8 Gigabyte hard drive, 733
MHz Pentium III Processor and a 250MHz nVidia graphics coprocessor. Also, it
was capable of being connected into a broadband internet connection.

In 2005 Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 video game system in the United States.
It has a wireless controller, headset and a 20 Gigabyte hard drive.

As you can see, video game systems are rapidly advancing in graphics and sound
technology. You can only wait and see what Sony, PlayStation, Nintendo and
other video game system manufacturers can think of next in the near future.
Sony even announced the release of the much anticipated PlayStation 3 on mid
November 2006 in North America.

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