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The Power of Web Video

There has never been a means that touches so many people on such an intimate
level than with video. Whether you are going to the movies, watching your
television, or recently, surfing the web, you are able to view videos that are
interesting to you. But why is video so powerful in explaining a message,
telling a story or selling a product? Perhaps the reason why individuals are so
connected with video is because it stimulates two of the most powerful senses in
our bodies, which is sound and sight.

Because of this, video is a very influential way to get you message across.
Since video activates and uses the most dominate of our senses, we are more
than likely to remember the message that is being displayed to us. And it is
with this knowledge that many people begin to market their web videos in order
to get their message across.

But what is the real reason why web video is so powerful? In order to
understand this, you must first understand how the Internet was before the
introduction of web videos. The Internet before web video was a textual and
image driven source of information, and for many years this was a powerful way
to inform viewers about products and news.

However, because the majority of Internet connections were dial-up, the use of
web video was extremely minimal. Yet, as technology developed so did the look
of the Internet. Soon, the majority of Internet users switched from standard
dial-up connections and upgraded to high-speed broadband connections. Because
of this, the Internet began to transform from a static page, to a place where
interactivity and video became commonplace.

Today, the use of web video is extremely prominent, and it seems that everyone
from internet marketers to the mother of two living down the street is taking
advantage of the power of web video. The reason why so many people are
beginning to adopt video as a means to divulging information is because it is a
easy, and extremely effective way to connect with their audience on an intimate

When you can see and hear an actual person speaking with you, than you are more
than likely to listen and retain the information that they are giving you. This
makes web video an extremely powerful force in advertising, as well as in
society commentaries. Because there are so many options in obtaining your web
video information, individuals are beginning to adopt a new form of
entertainment and that is through portable video devices.

Because of the upgraded iPod's and PSP systems, users are able to download
their favorite videos and view them wherever they are. Because of this video
blogging has moved from a new way of communicating to one of the most popular
methods. With web video, individuals are able to have their opinions heard at a
larger scale that before now has never been obtained.

It's unsure to say where the future of web video is going to take us, however,
there are several things that are for certain. Web video isn't going to go
anywhere, and the use of video to obtain information is going to grow stronger
throughout the next several years.

Should You Use Free Web Hosting For Your Web Video Website

When you have decided to take part of the web video craze on your website, you
probably have many questions. Some of these questions range from what type of
video should you make, is your video long enough and even down to should you
put music in your video? However, the most important question that you must
answer is should you use a free web hosting company for your web videos? While
many people use these free web hosting services for their web videos, it is not
the best way to host your web video. But why is this?

The main reason why hosting your web video on a free server is because many of
these free servers will have bandwidth restrictions, but what exactly is this?
Every time someone views your video, the video is sent from the hosting server
to their computer. This requires bandwidth, and the longer your video, and
depending on how it is optimized, you will use a certain amount of bandwidth.
If you are like most people, than you want your web video to be extremely
popular, and thus it will help your business, or ego, grow.

However, when you use a free web hosting server that has limited bandwidth, you
may quickly exceed this bandwidth. What happens after this usually depends on
the web hosting service you are with, although many of these hosting companies
will simply shut down your website after it has exceeded your monthly allowance.

While the above answer should be enough reason to not host your web video site
on a free web hosting service, many people still think that this is the best
way to promote their video and website. Another major downside to using a free
web host for your web video website is because it will make you and your
business, if you have one, seem extremely unprofessional. This appearance of
unprofessionalism is only increased by the every-lingering pop ups. These
banners, ads and whatever else is crawling around your website is nothing more
than an annoyance to your website visitor.

Many people when they come across a website that is loaded with banners and
other pop-up advertisements quickly leave because they do not want to risk the
chance of infecting their computer by spyware and other malicious content. When
you hose your web videos, and website, on a free hosting service, than you are
literally destroying any chance of creating a reputable and loyal relationship
with your visitors, which will hinder or completely stop any sales that you
hoped would occur from your web videos.

Of course, if you want to host your videos for free, you do have many great
options. These options are from the many, reputable, web video hosting sites,
such as YouTube and Google Video. These sites will host your web video for
free, and you can then direct traffic to your website from the video itself.
This is a great way to save money on the amount of bandwidth you have to
purchase, as well as giving you a sense of clout among the millions of web
videos out there.

The Importance of Web Video in Marketing

If you are in the competitive field of Internet marketing, than you have
probably realized that you must have the most current and technologically
advanced methods of promoting your product or service, while many Internet
marketers rely solely on text marketing, there are some that are moving into a
modernized way of marketing. This method is through web videos, and it is
quickly becoming one of the most vital ways for an Internet marketer to get
information about their product or service to their customers. But why is web
video so vital to the Internet marketer?

The main reason why web videos are so important to Internet marketers is
because it allows them to connect with their potential customers on an intimate
basis. Since there are so many Internet marketers consuming the web, it is
extremely important that you stand out from the crowd. Also, another reason why
Internet marketing is boosted by web videos is because it sets them apart from
the various scams and other schemes that are surrounding the web.

More than likely, a customer has been scammed by an Internet marketer, thus
many people do not pay heed to the marketing efforts that you put forth. A main
reason for this is because you are following the same paths that many scammers
have used. Thus, if you want to make a sale and gain the trust of a customer,
than you must think outside of the box.

A great way to interact with your customers, and provide them with pivotal
information is through using web videos. With a web video you are able to show
the customer the product or service in action, without having to use fancy
words or tricky sentences. You can be honest and upfront about the product and
build a relationship with the customer. This is very important in turning a
potential customer, into a purchasing customer. One great way to utilize web
video is to simplify the product and give all of the information that the
customer needs in less than three minutes. If you are able to successfully do
this, you will help gain loyalty from the customer and they will be more likely
to purchase your product or service.

Web videos are a great way to interact with potential customers, and also a
great way to showcase your product. There are only so many words and
photographs that you can use to get your message across, however, when you use
video in conjunction with these other two communication methods, you will have
a very successful stent at selling your product. They key to becoming a world
class Internet marketer is to be honest, give important information and reason
with the customers.

Allow them to feel that you understand where they are coming from, and how the
product will actually enhance their life. And by using web videos, you are able
to successfully do this. Remember, always make sure that the product is the star
of your video and explain all of the benefits of owning this product or using
your service.

Planning Your Web Video

When you're making a web video, you need to treat it like a major motion
picture. Although, you will most likely not have to go to the extremes that
Hollywood professionals do, there are some traits that you must pick up from
them. The most important out of all these traits is designing and planning your
web video. Making a web video that is powerful, entertaining and informative
does not just "happen." It takes time to plan out what you want to say, how you
want to say it and the overall look that you want your web video to be. The post
effective web videos are those that are composed and shot with care. The more
time that you put into your web video, the better it will look.

However, it is understood that many people who want to make powerful web videos
simply don't have the time to sit around and map out every detail of the video.
While doing so guarantees that you will have a aesthetically pleasing video,
there is a simpler way to organize your web video. Before you ever begin to
film, you must first have a shooting, or concept, script. Whether you literally
write down dialogue that you want to say, or if you just need to organize your
thoughts, always write a shooting script for a web video. If you are making a
video for a product that you are selling, than you will want to explain the
product clearly, and also demonstrate the product. This is one of the greatest
aspects of web video, individuals are actually able to see the product in
action before purchasing it.

With your shooting script, you will also want to lay out where you want to film
the video and how many people are needed. You may find that you can do this all
yourself, however, usually the more people that you have helping you the easier
the project will be, and the better the ending result will also be. While many
people do not understand how to compose a professional shot, it is very easy to
learn. When you are looking through your camera, what you see in the screen is
what will be recorded. Take a moment before you begin filming to make sure that
everything in the "frame" is what you want to be seen.

Make all of the surrounding objects neat, or simply take them away. If you're
going for a unique look to your web video, make sure that all of the elements
that you want to be seen are visible within the frame. A great way to make sure
that you have a beautiful shot every time is to follow a simple rule, that even
Hollywood filmmakers follow, and that is the Rule of Thirds.

When you're filming in the Rule of Thirds, imagine that the screen is split
into a basic tic-tac-toe formation. Always make sure that the person you are
filming has their head placed on either the right or left side of the screen.
Instead of filming a person that is precisely in the middle of the frame, move
them over to the right or left section of the screen pattern. This will provide
the viewer with a sense of balance, and will give your web video a professional
appeal to it. You can see the Rule of Thirds in action within almost every web
video or even in movies.

Next time you watch an interview, or a character in a film is giving a
monologue, 90% of the time they will be positioned either on the right or left
side of the screen, following the Rule of Thirds. Also, the most important part
of filming a web video is to make a story out of the video. This doesn't mean
that there needs to be dramatics involved, although this can make for an
interesting addition to your video, it simply means that you will want to
create a sense of flow to the information that is being given out.

The Best Software For Web Video

When you have decided to start making web videos, you may think that you don't
need the assistance from various types of software. However, when you do use
software to help with your web video you are able to create videos that are
interesting, entertaining and good-looking. This is because with web video
software they will take all of the guesswork out of creating a video, and will
allow you to think more about the content you want to make, and not how you're
going to make it. There are some web video software titles that you should
definitely own because they will help you immensely with the large task ahead
of you.

Perhaps the best web video software available is the Easy Web Video. After you
have used this software, you will understand why its title is the way it is.
This is one of the only types of professional web video software titles
available, and it is absolutely perfect for anyone. It doesn't matter if you
have never shot a web video before, or if you have been doing this for years.
You will be able to benefit from this software. What makes this software so
great is how it simplifies the monotonous tasks that all web video filmmakers
have to go through. It's because of its way of streamlining the process of
creating a web video that so many people will only use this software to make
their videos.

Once you have a finished copy of your web video, you are able to easily upload
and covert their video in a matter of minutes. Within this particular web video
software, you are able to customize the html code as well as even put affiliate
links inside of the video, which is extremely important for many Internet
Marketers. This web video software is not to be missed, and if you are serious
about creating a presence on the Internet through web videos, than you must
have this software.

Another type of web video software is the Webmaster Mediamaker. This particular
software is one of the most put-together software packages available for web
video makers. With this software, you are able to perform many different tasks,
all of which will simplify your life as a web video filmmaker. Whether you want
to convert your video to flash or block websites from accessing your video, you
can do so through this software. One of the coolest features about this web
video software is its ability to let you change your video player appearance.

Now, with this software, you can have a video player that not only plays your
videos with extreme clarity, but also, you can make the actual video player a
great aesthetic asset to your website. When you're searching for web video
software, you want to have a program that allows you to customize your web
video in all aspects. This is a great web video software title, and if you are
looking for a way to create powerful videos, starting from the video player,
than you will love this software.

How To Edit Your Video For The web

A web video is only as great as the editing that created it. It doesn't matter
if you have used a state-of-the-art camera, and had perfect angles, if you do
not edit your video correctly for the Internet; than you will quickly find that
your video is not suitable for Internet use. Just because your video looks great
on film, and on your computer, it doesn't always mean that it will look good
when being used on the Internet. This is why there are several rules that you
must follow when you are editing a web video.

There are many great web video editing tips out there, however, there are
several that are the foundational tips you must follow. Of course, like any
video, you must film with editing in mind. When you are filming your web video,
make sure that you stay away from sudden camera movements, and long-distance
shots. Because of the averagely small size of a web video, when your video
features many long-distance shots, you will notice that the clarity is off, and
many people will not know what they are looking at. Keep everything simple, for
the most part, and always make sure that you stick with close-ups. As Where To
Post Your Web Video

So you've spent countless hours thinking, planning, filming and editing your
web video. And finally, the video is ready to be distributed across the
Internet. However, there is only one problem; you aren't quite sure where you
should put your video? There are literally hundreds of websites that allow you
to upload your web video; however, not all of these sites will give you the
traffic that you want desire.

When you are searching for locations to post your web video, you will want to
ensure that they have enough daily traffic to give your video a chance to
shine. Of course, there are plenty of websites that will allow you to have this
exposure, they key is putting your video on the right sites.

For many individuals who make web videos there is only one site that provides
them with enough traffic and daily viewers to satisfy their need for page
views. This site is YouTube, and it is quickly becoming one of the top sites
for individuals to be entertained, informed and enlightened. With the ability
for literally anyone to post a video, you are able to show the world what you
have to say.

However, the key in getting your video seen by YouTube members is by placing
keywords that are popularly searched and relate directly to what your video is
about. If you are showing a new product, type in keywords that refer to the
product and what it fixes. It is very simple to gain views from YouTube;
however, you must know how to describe your video properly.

Another website that is quickly becoming popular in posting videos is MySpace.
There have been many individuals who have gained notoriety through this site,
and if you are promoting a service or product, than you don't want to miss this
website. The reason why videos do so well on this website is because it allows
you to watch videos and then instantly show your friends, because MySpace is
more than a video hosting site, it is an extremely popular social networking

Thus, if your video truly sheds light on a particular subject, or is very
helpful, it won't be long until your video makes its rounds throughout
thousands of friend's lists. Of course, make sure that your video clearly
explains its topic and is very helpful, because the last thing that you want to
do is mislead an army of MySpacers.

If you want to post your video on another site that has millions of visitors,
than you will want to put your video on Google Video. This amazing website will
allow you to post your video, similar to YouTube, and then let people search for
the video either through the main page at Google Video, or through the Google
search engine. Again, this is where putting proper keywords is extremely
important, if not pivotal to your videos success.

Remember, if you put time and energy into your video, you will want to also put
time and energy into where and how you post your videos. By doing so, you will
most likely experience web video success, and increased traffic to your website.

As a web video filmmaker, close-ups will be your new best friend, and it is a
great way to keep your audience's attention.

Also, when you are editing your web video, you want to keep sudden, or quick,
transitions at a minimum. This is because just in case some of your viewers are
running at a lower Internet connection, when you have quick transitions, their
player might actually skip over a pivotal scene, and it will make the video
seem choppy. The main rule in web video editing is to make sure that everything
is smooth. If you look at some very popular web videos, you will notice that
there is very little actual camera movement and camera editing performed.
Actually, there is a rule among many web videographers that they follow exactly.

This rule basically says that all of their web videos should be done with one
take. This means keeping massive amounts of transitions and different shots at
a minimum. While some videos require having many different shots, especially if
you are making a how-to video, try to keep these shots smooth and precise.
However, if you are merely explaining a product, try to do so in a single shot,
which will require little-to-no actual video editing. The only editing that you
may do is add text screens and other types of informative frames.

Editing for the web is much different than any other type of editing. If you
have performed editing for actual films and other productions, you may find
that editing for the web is boring, or extremely easy. However, once you see
the finished product on the Internet, and understand how smooth editing and
minimal transition shots reflect the overall condition of the web video, than
you will finally understand why minimal editing is key.

Web Video Filming Tips

Unless you are a professional videographer, you probably don't have any
credientials to fall back on when you're making a web video. The fact is, most
people that make web videos have little to no experience in filming, and the
techniques that come with it. If you are not a professional filmmaker, than it
is easy to make blatant mistakes that will cost you viewers and credibility,
however, there is hope. Making a web video is not nearly as complex as making a
major motion picture, and actually most people can make a very attractive web
video once they learn several basic techniques.

When you're making a web video, you must remember several things in order to
ensure a beautiful outcome. Like most things in life, how you present something
is how the viewer will respond. Basically, the delivery of your web video
accounts for the success of the video itself. It doesn't matter if you have the
answer to world hunger, if you do not divulge this information correctly, most
viewers won't watch the video past five seconds. When you are shooting your web
video, remember, everything that is viewed online is much smaller than it would
actually be.

If you have filmed a non-web video before, than you may have a difficult task
in front of you. You must learn how to create larger-than-life illustrations to
your message. Remember, video on the Internet is usually only 320 x 240 pixels,
which is very small. You must provide your information to where it is easily
seen, even on a small scale.

As you're preparing to film, make sure that you do not use certain types of
camera movements, as well as various types of colors and patterns. Always stay
away from detailed clothing patters, such as stripes and other types of lines.
These will usually come across as a pixilated mess when it is streamed over the
Internet. Also, avoid moving the camera around frequently.

The reason why this is not a good idea is because if a viewer as a slower
internet connection, than they will most likely have a video that skips, and if
the camera is moving around frequently they will have a very unpleasing viewing
experience. In the same manner, make sure that what you are filming does not
move a lot. If you're filming a person, make sure they don't sway side-to-side
or move around.

In order to keep the look of your web video as professional as possible, make
sure that you stay away from high-contrast lighting and spots of very bright
light. This will usually come across as blurs of light when viewed over the
Internet, and will ruin the quality of your web video. Also, it is a great idea
to invest in a tripod. When you use a tripod you are able to capture perfectly
still shots, and if you have to move, you can make the movement extremely
smooth and lucid. And most importantly, keep the camera in focus.

While many people rely on the auto focus feature on their digital camcorder,
this is not always a good idea. Although, there are many camera's that do not
allow you to manually focus, try to find a camera that does allow you to do
this. You will have better control over the quality of the video, and you won't
have to worry about the picture going out of focus because a car drove past the

Adding Captions To Your Web Video

Once you have decided to take part in making web videos, you have probably
taken all of the necessary steps to creating magnificent videos. You have most
likely figured out what you want to say, how you want to say it and where
you're going to film. However, there is probably one aspect about web videos
that you did not think of. When you're in the production and editing phase of
your web videos, do you ever think, "How will individuals who can't hear well
understand my video?" More than likely, you have not thought about adding any
type of hearing assistance aid to your web video, because honestly, no one has
said you have to.

Because there is no regulation regarding putting captions onto your personal
web video, you probably have not thought about adding captions to your video.
However, this is a tragedy because there are currently over 20 million
individuals who are hard of hearing. And because of this, they may watch your
video and not understand what you are saying or doing, because they can't hear
you. Many people do not add captions to their web video because it is honestly
hard work. It is a long process to add captions, however, if you are able to do
it there are major benefits. The main benefit is gaining a whole new following,
which are the individuals who are hard of hearing.

If you want to add captions to your web videos but don't want to wait the extra
days to upload your video, there are options for you. What you can do is when
you first complete your video, you upload it where you want, whether this be on
YouTube or you personal blog. However, after you have finished your first
version of the video, and it is running live, begin to add captions to the same
video. Since the video is already available for people to watch, you will not
have to sacrifice viewers because you want to add captions. You can now take
your time to add captions, and then when you are finished you can upload a
second video for the hearing impaired. This will not only grow your viewership,
but it will show that you care about these millions of people who are hard of

If you are afraid that you don't know how to add captions, you don't want to
take the time, than you can use a service to add the captions for you. There is
a company called dotSub, which will actually transcribe and add captions to your
personal video. This is great if you have a popular video blog, but you want to
make it accessible for individuals who are hard of hearing. When you find
yourself in this standpoint, than you can submit your video to this company,
and they will do all of the work for you. One of the best features about this
company is the fact that they can transcribe and add captions to your video in
a multitude of different languages. Thus, if you have an international
audience, they are more than able to understand what your video is telling them.

Best Editing Software For Your Web Videos

Let's say that you just got back home from an amazing day of filming for your
web video. You are certain that the video will gain you massive amounts of
attention and traffic to your website; however, as you sit down at your
computer you realize that you are missing something very important -- editing
software. You can have the greatest camcorder in the world, however, if you do
not have sufficient editing software, than your web video will look
unprofessional and unappealing. Editing software is extremely important for 
anyone who wants to make web videos, because this is how your video is actually 
put together.

There are literally hundreds of different types of video editing software
available for you to choose from, however, the results you will have greatly
depend on the type of editing software you use. While many editing systems
boast that they will give you amazing results, when you are a first-time web
video filmmaker, you will need an editing software that is powerful, yet
user-friendly. And throughout the years there are several editing software
companies that have proven themselves in the filmmaking field. Perhaps the most
popular editing software is Final Cut Pro. This great software will allow you to
edit your video quickly, easily and professionally. Actually, many film industry
professionals rely on Final Cut Pro to give them the high-quality results they

You can get these same types of results from Final Cut Pro, even if you are
filming with an average grade digital camcorder. This is because within the
Final Cut Pro system, you can add filters and effects that will create a web
video that looks as if it was made by top Hollywood filmmakers. There has
really never been an editing software that is so complete, and yet, so easy to
use. Actually, Final Cut Pro has won the coveted Emmy award for its wonderful
additions to the filmmaking world. Imagine what your web video will look like
after you have edited it with this wonderful software?

Another great film editing software is the Windows Movie Maker. If you have a
recent computer that runs on the Windows operating system, than you will most
likely have Windows Movie Maker already installed onto your computer. While
this isn't the most comprehensive and professional editing software, it will
still provide you with ample resources to compile a very professional and
appealing web video.

It is true that the quality of your web video greatly depends on the camera you
use, however, it also depends on the exact type of film editing software that
you use. Even if you can't afford the highest-grade editing software, there are
still many great, and free, editing software suites that you can use, all of
which will give you results that you'll be proud to show off.

The Power of Video Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to get your viewpoints of
society a told to millions of people. However, this form of self-expression has
moved into the 21st century through the means of web video. It used to be that
when a person was to make a blog, they would do so only in text and picture
format. And this format became extremely popular, and even an obsession for
some individuals. However, since the introduction of high-speed Internet, and
the wide availability of these broadband connections, millions of people have
moved off of their keyboards and onto their digital camcorders. Video blogging
is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to connect and talk with the
world around you. Actually, since video blogging has become so popular, there
is even a new term for it, it's called vlog. But how can you access these vlogs
and also, why are they becoming so popular?

To answer the first question, you can find video blogs just about anywhere you
look. However, one of the most popular places to find video blogs is through
YouTube, it is here that thousands of individuals update their video blogs
everyday, allowing you the chance to actually hear them talk about what's going
on in their world, instead of just listening to it. But, why are video blogs so

One would think that many people wouldn't want to publish their faces across
the Internet for anyone to view, however, this presumed paranoia is nothing
more than that, presumed. Many people find that expressing their feelings about
a certain situation, or explaining a solution to a problem, is much easier and
faster than simply typing it out. With video blogs, you are able to connect
with your audience in an extremely intimate way.

Instead of reading cold words on a highly decorated background, you are able to
actually sit and watch another person discuss something that is very important
to them. Did you know that 85% of what we learn and absorb is done through only
two senses of our body? These two senses are our sight and sound. Thus, when you
are watching, or creating, a video blog you are able to understand and absorb
more information than simply reading text alone.

It's because of the power of video that so many marketers and advertisers have
begun to use video instead of texts and sounds. This can be true by visiting
MySpace or any other popular website, because when you visit them you will most
likely see an advertisement that isn't made of solely text, but with a video
included. Because you are watching a video, there is a longer lasting
impression of the product in your mind.

However, no matter why you decide to watch or make a video blog, there is one
thing that everyone has in common. We live in a society that is predominately
standoffish and distant, however, with the power of web video, and video
blogging, individuals are able to connect with their fellow man, without
actually seeing them.

Tips for Video Blogging

So you've decided to give your fingers a rest and put your best face forward.
You want to get involved in video blogging, and why not, it is a great way to
connect with your audience and provide them with interesting information in
half the time it would normally take them to read it. However, when you have
decided to make a video blog, there are several things that you must remember.
These tips will allow you to have a video blog that individuals actually want
to see, and it will keep your blog interesting and informative.

The first of these tips is to make sure that you keep all of your video blog
entries short. In most cases you will want to keep your blog in the range of
one to three minutes. If you feel that you have much more to say than in this
short time span, simply, create a sequel to your first blog. But remember, you
will not want to keep your blog longer than four minutes, because many people
that are watching video blogs are not there for thirty minutes. They want to be
entertained in a short amount of time, and then move on. This is why having more
video blog entries is better than having fewer, longer entries.

The next step is to talk about a story that is interesting. Even if your story
is just about what happened to you at the grocery store today, make sure that
you have a beginning, middle and end. However, again if you feel your story
would take longer than the suggested amount of time, either don't talk about it
or make it into a multi-post story. Many video bloggers will not only write
about their story, but they will also include a video that helps describe the

A good example of this is say you saw the strangest dog in the entire world
today while walking down the street. Upon seeing it you took a short fifteen
second video. After you have finished writing about the dog, you can include
the video to allow your readers to see exactly what you saw. Videos are much
more powerful than photos, because the video actually places you in a moving
scene, instead of a stagnant one.

Of course, this next tip is something that everyone should follow. When you are
recording your video blog, make sure that there is no background noise. There is
nothing more annoying than hearing a strange noise when the speaker is trying to
talk. Many times, individuals will tune out what you're trying to say, and will
focus on the background noise, or they will simply leave your blog. Also, make
sure that you utilize close-ups instead of longer distanced shots. This is
because when you are talking into a camera, the viewer wants to clearly see who
is speaking to them.

It's the same concept as in real life, you wouldn't listen to a person who was
trying to give you information from across the room, so don't set up your video
blog to where you are distanced from the camera. A good way to discover if you
are at the correct distance from the camera is by looking at the screen and
making sure that only your chest and up is visible. You don't want to show your
whole torso, because you would be too far away for the viewers.

And remember, always use good lighting. Don't sit in front of a window that has
the sun shining through it, always face your lighting, and never have a
backlight for video blogging.

What To Look For In A Web Video Hosting Company

When you want to start a website that hosts your web videos, you must be very
careful with whom you choose to host your site. The decision of figuring out
who you want to host your website is extremely important because if you choose
the wrong host, you may unexpectedly have a host that will hinder the success
of your website. In extreme cases, if you choose the wrong web host, your
website could be shut down, or you could be billed hundreds of dollars.

This is why doing your homework, and knowing what to look for in a web video
host is extremely important. But, what exact qualities should you look for in a
web video hosting company?

Since there is thousands of hosting services that you can choose from, you are
able to be picky about which one you want to host your site with. However, you
must be very careful and read all of the information about a web hosting
service before you sign a contract with them. Perhaps the most important thing
you must research is understanding all of the technical features that your
potential web host is offering you.

In order to have a web host that will properly host your website; you must
first understand what type of technical features your site will require. After
doing so, you will be able to narrow your search to only hosting companies that
provide the services you require.

No matter what type of technical features you need, there are some features
that remain the same for any type of web hosting service. Since you desire to
host a web video site, than you will need to have a hosting service that gives
you higher file size limits. In most cases, you have to compress your web video
before you can upload it onto a host's server.

However, if the hosting company has very small file size limits, you may have
to compress your video to an extremely small size, which will ruin the quality
of your video. If you are concerned about this, and know that you have larger
sized video files, than you will want to choose a web hosting service that has
no limit on file sizes.

Another feature that you must look for in a web video hosting service is how
much storage space are you getting? Some website hosting companies actually
have a limit on how many videos you can have live on your site at one time.
Other companies will have a limit on how much storage space you have for your
files. There are some website hosting companies that allow you to upload as
many videos as you desire, however, some of these companies do have strict
storage limits. The best bet is to find a hosting company that has a larger
storage capacity, as well as a higher limit to videos you can upload.

A worse case scenario would be you found a hosting company that allows you to
have unlimited videos, but limited storage space. What you would want to do is
then purchase more storage space as needed. This may become expensive, however,
for some websites it is the only answer.

When you're looking for a web hosting company, make sure that you understand
all of the needs you have, because the worst feeling the world is signing an
agreement with a hosting company, only to realize that they are missing one
pivotal feature.

Web Video Troubleshooting

When you have a website that is home to web videos, you will most likely run
into problems that are difficult to answer. These issues can be from an
inability to play the video, to not being able to hear sound, to the video not
even showing up. Having web video issues is a part of using such a
technological feature on your website.

However, it's comforting to know that many of the problems that you may
encounter with a web video are easily fixed and can be so in a matter of

Perhaps one of the most common types of web video errors is individuals saying
they cannot see the video, or they can see the picture but they can't hear
anything. While this may be the result of something bigger, most of the time it
is just because the person attempting to view the web video does not have the
most recent updated version of the particular video player you are hosting.

Whether you have a Windows Media Player, Real Player or QuickTime Player, all
of these require individuals to have the most up-to-date version of its player
in order to view web videos properly. If you are getting complaints that sound
familiar with the ones above, simply tell your visitors to update their player
and see if it works, most of the time, it will.

Another main problem that people have with web video is when they start playing
the video, it stops and starts again, and the pauses and then starts. This cycle
can repeat for several minutes, which causes many of the viewers to simply stop
watching the video. There are several reasons why this could be happening to
the viewer. The reason why a video will do this when it's playing is because
either the viewer has a slower Internet connection, or the users computer is
simply too old to sustain that much data transfer.

Did you know that it can up to 12 minutes for a person with dial-up connection
to download one minute of video; of course, this all depends on how the video
is compressed. Another reason why the video is performing in this manner is
because there are simply too many people on the network, thus it is slowing the
download speed of the video down. A great way to help this problem is to simply
push pause and allow the video to download for several minutes.

Another reason why web videos may not work is because they are not in the
correct format. If you are allowing individuals to download a certain type of
video, make sure that they understand what format it is in. An example of this
would be letting your visitors know that in order to view a certain video they
must have the QuickTime format installed, which is the .qt or .mov format.

A great way to eliminate the worry and frustration from your website visitors
is to clearly put links to the various media players websites, which will
direct visitors to the download site for the particular player. This will
ensure that even if a person doesn't have a particular player downloaded onto
their computer, they are able to obtain this player quickly and return to view
your web video.

Web Video Contests

If you have made any type of web videos, did you know that you could enter
these videos into various types of contests? One of the greatest aspects of web
videos is not the fact that they provide viewers with information, but rather
they allow individuals to explore themselves creatively.

And what a better way to showcase your creative web video than by uploading it
into an online web video contest, which you can win prizes that normally
include cash. However, there are several things that you need to know before
you submit your web video into a contest.

Before you submit any web video into an online contest, you need to make sure
that you read all of the rules and regulations. This is because not every
contest is open to any type of video submission. Normally these types of
contests are made for a specific type of video.

The reason why they do this is because it will limit the number of submissions,
thus making their job slightly easier, while still rewarding the best type of
video in a certain category. There are literally hundreds of different types of
web video contests available, all of which have a specialized genre. If you are
looking for a place that is unlike traditional contests, but still rewards you
with cash, than you may be interested in AtomFilms.

This company specializes in releasing only high-quality web videos, which means
that if your video get selected, than you will have the ability to say your
video was on AtomFilms. However, bragging rights is only half of the prize;
after your video has been featured you are available to receive royalties from
this web video. The limit to the amount of money that you make with your web
video through AtomFilms is limitless; however, don't expect to quit your day

Another great web video contest is the various contests that are featured on
YouTube. Who would have thought that the world's most popular video sharing
site would be home to some really amazing video contests? There are always
several different types of contests that are live, thus it is a great way to
fill your time by making a certain type of video, as well as gaining a
following through the promotion your video will receive. Of course, like all
video contests, make sure that you read the rules and follow them. The last
thing that you want to happen is have your video removed because you did not
follow the rules.

Also, remember that many of these video contests require that your film be
formatted a certain way. In order to make sure that your video is received and
reviewed promptly; make sure that you have formatted your video to the format
that has been requested. Online web video contests are a great way to have fun
with a passion you have, as well as being rewarded for your time. However,
there are also many different reasons why individuals take part in online video

Perhaps the number one reason is to have a public outlet to express themselves.
And it's because of this, that many people find themselves constantly submitting
their web videos to contests.

Quick Tips For Lighting Your Web Video

So you've outlined your web video, have all of the information that you need
and you're ready to go out and begin filming the video that will increase
traffic to your site and inform millions of people about a certain topic.
However, there is only one problem. As you sit outside, or in your living room,
you look through your camera's viewfinder only to find that the lighting is off.
While you see that the lighting needs help, you don't know what to do. However,
there are a couple of quick tips for lighting your web video that will give you
the light you need, and get rid of the light you don't.

If you want to have a beautifully lit web video, than you will want to engage
in 3-Point Lighting. This is a great way to light any type of web video, and it
also ensures you will stay away from hotspots and shadows, which can ruin a
video. 3-Point Lighting stands for the three main type of lights that you will
be using. These lights include Back Light, Key Light and Fill Light. It doesn't
matter what type of light you use, as long as you follow the rules that are
associated with this type of lighting process. After you have followed the
process of lighting your video in this manner, you will have a gorgeous outcome.

First of all, you need to understand what the Key Light is, and how you can use
it. The Key Light is a light that you place in front of your main subject. Of
course, you will never want to place the light directly in front of your
subject, because this would ultimately wash the subject out and create
unattractive shadows. When you are placing your Key Light, you will want to put
it at a 30 to 45 degree angle in front of the main subject you're shooting. Make
sure that the Key Light is to the side of the camera. This light will give you
perfect lighting for the subject, without washing it out.

The next light in the 3-Point Lighting concept is the Fill Light. You will
place this light directly across from the Key Light, on the other side of the
camera. How you know you have the Fill Light in the correct position is the
light will be parallel to the Key Light, and it will soften the shadows that
the Key Light has created. You must be careful in how bright the Fill Light is,
because you do not want to put too much light on the subject. Normally, when you
are using a Fill Light, you only use 50% of the light's power, or you use a soft
light. It is suggested that you do use a soft light instead of a spotlight,
because it provides a beautiful contrast without being too bright.

The last light in the 3-Point Lighting design is the Back Light. The Back Light
is exactly what it sounds like, it is lighting the back of the subject. This is
very important because it will literally separate the main subject from the 
background by creating a nice outline of light around the rim of the main 
subject. You will want to place the Back Light directly behind the main subject, 
and also make sure that it aligns directly with the camera. Some filmmakers 
decide to place the Back Light above the subject; however, this can be 

Make sure that when you do this it is tied down appropriately; also make sure
that the Back Light does not create awkward shadows on the main subject. This
is a common mishap and can cause the subject to look sickly. The purpose of the
Back Light is to allow the subject to seem three-dimensional and to also
separate it from the background itself. If you want to light your background,
you will need to use a separate light.

Web Video Audio Tips

Filming a web video requires attention to even the slightest detail. However,
if you have never filmed a web video before, than you may only be concerned
with how the video looks. While this is very important, there is something that
you must pay attention to even more than how the video looks. If you have ever
watched a web video, and the audio was off, either it was too quite or it
didn't match with what was happening on the screen, you probably stopped the
video and went to another website.

This is because the audio of a web video is extremely important in getting your
message across. But how do you ensure that your web video has great audio

The main step to having amazing audio with your web video is to make sure that
you have all of the proper equipment. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to
go out and purchase a $500 boom microphone that motion pictures use, however,
it does mean that you will need to have at least the basic equipment needed.
Many people when they film a web video simply use the microphone that is
located on their video camera. While this may be passable for more
visually-focused web videos, many videos require a person to talk.

When you use the pre-installed microphone on your camera, you are going to get
low-quality sound, and if it is windy outside, or if there is any type of
background noise, your audio will be a mess. This is why having a decent
hand-held microphone is very important.

If you are worried that holding a hand-held microphone will make your web video
look "cheap," there are several ways to cheat the system. If you have more than
one person helping you with your web video, simply allow the extra person to
hold the microphone out of frame while you are speaking. This will ensure that
you are clearly, and professionally, heard but you don't have to worry about
holding an awkward microphone. However, if you do not have an extra person to
hold the microphone, you can simply place the microphone close to you, but
keeping it out of the shot. In order to do this, you may want to have a
close-up done on yourself, or the subject that you are filming.

Since the frame will be closer on you, you will not have to worry about the
microphone showing up in the shot. You can place the microphone on a table by
you, however, this may result in strange noises, especially if you have a
neighbor that lives below you. A great tip on filming and recording audio in
this manner is to hold the microphone in your lap with it facing your mouth.

This will let you have a shot that is focused on your mid-waist and up, as well
as allowing the microphone to be close enough to your mouth to record the audio.
Make sure that you speak louder than you normally do when the microphone is in
your lap, however, don't yell. Web videos are awkward when the speaker is
having to force themselves to be louder.

Web Video and Businesses

If you own your own business than there are several things that you can do to
increase your business visibility, however, the most powerful means to
advertise your business is through the Internet. For many years the best way to
advertise for your business was through normal, text ads and other types of
articles. Even though there are many businesses that have found success through
these means, with the ever evolving technology that surrounds the Internet, soon
businesses have found a new means to promote their company. This new way of
advertising is through web videos, and it is quickly becoming one of the best
ways to create brand loyalty and help build a customer base.

Whether you own a huge business, or if you are just starting off, you can
benefit from using web videos as a main source of advertising. One of the
greatest reasons why so many businesses, large and small, are using web videos
to promote themselves is because it is cost effective. This is a huge reason
why so many small businesses are taking hold of web videos, because they only
have to pay for the cost of making the video, and in some cases this is close
to zero.

Many businesses that use web videos host them on popular vide sites, such as
YouTube or Google Video. However, if you want to make a video about your
business there are several steps that you should take to ensure a positive

If you run a specialty store, or something that has a niche audience, than you
want to design your web video around your customers needs. A great way to gain
customers and create a good brand loyalty is by making a web video that not
only informs customers about your product or service, but also gives them
something in return. An example of this would be if you owned a computer repair
store, you would want to publicize your company, as well as help your potential

A great way of doing this is by showing your customers how to fix a common
problem with their computer. After you have shown them something that is
useful, begin to mention your company, and soon many individuals will begin to
call or visit your website because you helped them without asking for money.

This is a great way to let your customers actually trust you, and when
customers trust a business, they usually will stay with them for many years. If
you have owned a business for any time span, than you understand repeat
customers make up most of your businesses revenue, thus you want to make as
many repeat customers as possible. By allowing your customers to trust you, you
will have a better chance of building a relationship with the customer. Using
web videos are a great way to not only promote your business, but also to help

In a world that is surrounded by cut-throat advertising, it is imperative that
you have a business concept that allows individuals to trust you, as well as
feel that you are there to help them. After you have done so, you have created
a successful web video campaign.

Making Money Through Web Videos

There is an ever-growing quest to make money through the Internet. This is made
evident by thousands of ads claiming you can make huge amounts of income with
small amounts of work. Sadly, most of these ads are scams, and millions of
people have spent their hard earned money, in an attempt to make money
themselves. However, if you are interested in making web videos, than you can
actually turn a profit by doing so. This may sound difficult; however, it is
very easy to start making money through web videos.

One of the best ways to make money through your web videos is by using ad
revenue sharing sites. These types of sites allow you to place your web video
on their sites; however, whenever your video generates income through the ads
that are placed on the page, you are created a certain amount of money. While
you will most likely not become rich through this type of site, you will
however, make a decent amount of money.

The key to making the most money off of ad revenue sites is by uploading as
much content as you can, and making each video for a specific type of audience.
This why you will have a targeted audience that will be more interested in
clicking through the ads at the end of your video. Some good ad revenue video
sites are Revver and Google Video.

Another way that you can make money through web videos is by going through a
more professional approach that can end up
being quite profitable. These types of websites are places where you can sell
your videos, and photos, such as iStockVideo. This website allows you sell your
videos; however, they must be of a certain quality. In order to maximize your
sells through these types of sites, make sure that you take time with the
videos and make them as unique and powerful as possible. You will then see then
income starting to roll in.

If you want to have a unique way to make money through web videos, than simply
begin to search sponsors. Say you really love a certain product, and you want
to create videos about this product, however, before you do, contact the
company that makes this product. Let them know that you want to begin a web
video campaign, and show them your ideas. You may be surprised that it may be
quite easy to get web video sponsors, and after doing so, you will be able to
have someone to actually pay you for making a web video.

This is a great way to create a constant income, because if you do a good job,
than most companies will keep having you make videos for them. Remember, the
key is to be professional in your videos and have at least five to ten videos
already outlined and ready to film. There are many different ways that you can
make money through making web videos; all it takes is a desire to succeed and a
desire to be creative. After you have done these two, you are on your way to
making money by doing something you love.

Learning The Emotional Peaks and Valleys of Web Videos

There are several aspects that make some web videos stand out, and other sink
among the millions of videos. These aspects vary depending on what the video is
about, and the overall content of the video. However, there are some key steps
that you must take in order to have a beautiful, professional and entertaining
video. It doesn't matter if you are making a video to discuss a political
topic, explain a new product or if you're making a how-to video. No matter why
you're filming, there are several tips that you can follow that will make your
video stand out from the millions of others.

The greatness of most web videos comes from the pre-production phase. It is
here that you will discuss how you want your video to look, what you want to
say and why you want to say it. When you figure out the answers to all of these
questions, than you will be on your way to creating a wonderful web video, of
course, figuring out how you want your video to look is extremely important. If
you are going for a more polished look, than you will want to spend more time
discovering the actual appearance of your video, all the way down from
lighting, clothing and camera angles.

If you want to create a web video that has presence than you want to set a
mood. The success of a web video all depends on what mood it is giving out to
its viewers. If you want a humorous video, than there are steps to creating a
video that exudes humor, and likewise with serious web videos. The planning of
how you want to convey your message is extremely important. Of course, there
are several tips that everyone must follow if they want to properly explain
their content.

The first of these is making sure that your web video has a story. In order to
understand how to make a story, you must first realize what a story is. When
you think of a great story, there are usually items called peaks and valleys.

A peak is a strong emotional moment; you can convey this many different ways.
If you are making a video about a product, than the "peak" of the story would
be explaining how this product can enhance your life and what it will do for
you. The same concept is true for the "valley" of a video. In the same product
web video, the valleys would be showing how the product works, and also how it
is made.

This is a great way to engage the viewers, as well as keep their information.
If you want to make a lasting impact on your web video audience, than you must
touch their emotions in one way or another. It doesn't matter if your web video
makes individuals happy, sad, angry or even content, when you are able to create
a video that alters the mood or emotion of the viewer, than you have a very
successful web video on your hands.

How To Get Traffic Through Web Video

There is one common goal among all webmasters and that is to increase their
page views and traffic. However, the main question is, how can you do this?
With literally thousands of how-to books circling the web, and bookstores,
explaining that they have the "secret" to increased traffic; it is very
difficult for a webmaster to choose the correct way to gain traffic. While some
of these books actually have great tips and information on gaining visitors to
your site, there is one method that has proven itself in the last couple of
years as being one of the best ways to attract loyal viewers, and potentially
customers. This is done through the medium of web video, and it is an extremely
powerful method to creating a high-profile website that is visited by thousands
of individual's everyday.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why so many webmasters are using web video
as a means to drive traffic is because it is a great, and free, way to interact
with potential visitors, as well as providing them with pivotal information that
is fun to watch. Web video is an amazingly powerful way to show your viewers
information, and inform them of your various website and products. There are
several keys that you must follow when making a web video for website
promotion. When you follow these tips, you will be able to have an extremely
successful web video campaign, and you will reap the benefits of this.

The most important key to using web video for website promotion, is to make
videos that are interesting, entertaining and above all else, informative.
Individuals will find your videos based on what they are about. If you are
selling a how-to book on fixing home appliances, the best way to reach your
audience is to make short videos on how to fix various problems within your
home. An example of this would be to make a web video explaining the steps to
fixing a leaky faucet. This not only will give your viewers a chance to see how
informative your information is, but you will also be helping them out as well.

More than likely, when you provide a web video that answers a question, the
viewers will come to your site to find other answers to their various
questions. This is a great way to build loyalty with the potential customer, as
well as giving them an actual reason to purchase your product.

After you have compiled several videos on your topic, you will then need to
post these videos online in order for them to be seen. Yet, the biggest
question is, where should you post you web videos? There are literally hundreds
of various web video sites that allow you to put your own video on their server.
However, the key is finding the correct site to place your video on. It's no
question that YouTube is the most popular video site on the Internet.

And by placing your video, along with proper keywords, on YouTube you will soon
be experiencing a flow of constant traffic to your site. Although, if you do not
want to go through and post your videos on all of the various websites by hand,
you can use video submission services to do this for you. Perhaps the best out
of all these systems is Traffic Geyser. This system will submit your video to
all of the major video hosting websites, thus growing your traffic immensely.

Video Players For Your Website

When you have a website, it is very easy to want to have a place to showcase
your web videos. Whether you have videos that further explain your products and
services, or if you just want to add funny videos of you and your friends, there
is one thing that you must have on your website. This one thing is a web video
player, and you might be surprised that there are many different types of video
players that you can choose from. However, even though there are many different
types of video players, which one is perfect for your website? The answer to
this depends on the type of videos that you are playing, and also how you want
to play them.

When you are going to add video to your website, you must first know what
format you want your videos to be in. There are three main video players, all
of which come with their own unique format. These three video players are
QuickTime, Real Video and Windows Media. All three of these video players are
perfect for many different types of uses, and they all come with their own
specifications. However, no matter what type of video player you install on
your website, you need to make sure that you have the most current version of
that player.

This is incredibly important because since technology is ever-evolving, so are
the various video players you can use. Thus, in order to make sure that your
video player will work properly with all types of browsers and Internet users,
you must have the updated version of any video player.

However, if you want to use a different type of video player, besides the three
mentioned above there are several options that you can choose from. Many people
do not want to go through the trouble of having to install and run a video
player by hand. This is why the entire process is made easier by uploading your
video to YouTube or Google Video and then embedding the video into your website.
While this may not give the upmost professionalism that you may require, it is
extremely easy and it provides you with an added benefit.

As a webmaster, you want to gain as much traffic to your website as possible.
One great way of doing this is through web videos; however, if you put a video
solely on your website, it is possible that no one will see this video unless
they discover your site. This may not be a concern if you already have a loyal
viewership to your website, if you do not, than you may want to explore posting
your videos on YouTube, or similar sites. All of these types of sites allow you
to copy the URL to the video, and actually embed the video onto your website.

By doing this, you will have the video on your site, but it is also searchable
through YouTube. Thus, if your video becomes popular on YouTube, you will
increase the traffic to your website. By doing this, it is a great way to
maximize your time and productivity.

The Importance of Web Video Optimization

When you film a video, than you are more than likely not going to be able to
simply upload it in the exact same format that you shot it in, because video
files are usually huge in size and would weigh down any web server, which is
why you must optimize your web video. Many people who are first getting started
in making and distributing their web videos do not understand that it is
extremely important that they optimize their video for the web.

The reason why you must optimize your web video is because you have to have a
video that is under a certain size, or it would simply take too long to
download, and would cost you massive amounts of bandwidth whenever someone
views it. But how do you exactly optimize a video for the web?

Optimizing your video for the web begins when you first take your camera out of
its case. How you film your video will play a major role in how well it will
interact with the Internet. There are several production tips that you must
follow if you want to have a video that is perfect for the web. Make sure that
when you are filming a video you minimize any type of camera movement. This
includes zooming and out, as well as panning over to view another object.

If you do have to move the camera in your video, use a tripod because you will
receive smooth transitions, and you can move the camera so slowly that it will
not cause a disruption in how the video will be seen. Another tip for
optimizing your video for the web while you are actually filming it is by using
ample amounts of light. Make sure that you stay away from "hot spots," which are
areas of extreme bright white light, but it is very important that you use ample
lighting for the individuals in the video to be seen.

After you have filmed and edited your web video, begins the process of
optimizing its actual size for the internet. When you are in this process, it
is always a good idea to cut the frame rate below 15fps, or frames per second.
The reason for this is because when you cut the frame rate, it allows more data
to be stored in each frame, thus giving you picture quality that is much better
than if you were to keep your frame rate at a higher pace. Of course, you must
also make sure that the overall size of the video fits within the standard
requirements for web videos.

With all web videos you will want to make sure that they are sized at 320 x 240
pixels. This is the perfect size for the Internet, because it is not too small,
or too large. Thus, it is the perfect size for speedy viewing, without loosing
the quality of the video. However, make sure that when you re-size your web
video, you do not make it any smaller than 320 x 240 pixels because it will
make the video so small it will be hard for most individuals to even see
clearly what is on the screen.

The Importance of Lighting Your Web Video

Have you ever sat down and watched a web video, only to find that it is a huge
disappointment. While there are many reasons why a web video can be
disappointing, not enough information, didn't clearly explain the point, there
is one major cause for individuals to not watch a web video. This cause is from
bad lighting. Did you know that bad lighting can seriously alter the way your
video looks, feels and is responded to?

Lighting for web videos isn't exactly different from lighting for actual films;
however, it does take an understanding of how the Internet will show your video.
There are several tips that if you follow, you will have a beautifully lit web

The first tip in lighting your web video is understanding what type of lights
to actually use. While many people that are filming their very web video simply
use their house lights, some understand the need for extra lighting; however,
they usually go too far. You may notice that many web videos look washed out,
or are too bright to see the details of the video. This is because the
individual used harsh light. The key to having perfect lighting for web video
is by using soft-light. But what exactly is soft light?

This phrase is easy to define, basically in order to have soft light; you want
to defuse the light as much as possible. You can do so by detracting the light
from directly hitting where your camera is filming. You want to have a glow,
instead of a harsh beam. These harsh light beams are called hotspots, and they
are the enemy to have a beautifully lit shot.

When you are filming inside, it is easy to go overboard and have too much
light. The key to softening the light is to deter it through several methods.
Some individuals simply put a thin sheet over the light in order to defuse it
enough to get rid of hot spots, but still let enough light to go through to
give the shooting area a soft, yet bright, glow. By pointing a light directly
at the subject that you are filming, you are going to drain them out and create
shadows and various hot spots. Remember, hot spots and shadows, or any other
type of contrasting light is not cohesive to a great web video shot. Always
look through your camera's viewfinder and try to point out any shadows and
extra-bright areas. By doing so, you will have a finished product that looks
professional and clean.

Filming outside can sometimes be a difficult task because you have an
ever-changing source of light, when you are filming during the daytime. Instead
of putting your subjects directly under the sun, which will cause them to squint
and look washed out; set them back to where the sun's rays are not directly in
their faces.

You can defuse the light by using reflectors, which will allow you to sit in
the shade while still obtaining enough light to clearly see the subjects. One
of the biggest tricks of the trade is to lay down a white sheet directly in
front of the subject that you are filming. This will reflect the light, as well
as giving the shot a nice glow.

Equipment You Need For Web Videos

So you've decided to make your first web video. This is a great step,
especially if you are making a web video to help promote a product or service.
However, there are several things that you must have in order to make your web
video look professional, and entertaining to watch. Of course, the main items
that you must have in order to make a web video are a digital video camera and
a computer. However, the type of camera you have can greatly increase the
quality of your video, or it can decrease it. While there are literally
hundreds of different types of digital cameras out there that will record
decent video, there are some that are way better than others.

If you are looking for a camera that will keep your web video looking
professional and crisp, as well as easy to upload into your computer, you will
want a hard drive camcorder. These hard drive camcorders will allow you to
record stunning images, however, it is how you upload these videos into your
computer for editing that makes them so great. With a hard drive camera, you
are able to record video without the need of tapes or DVDs. This is made
possible because the camera records information onto its hard drive. Once you
have recorded everything that you need, you can simply attach the camcorder to
your computer, usually through a USB cord, and then your computer begins to
upload the videos into its own hard drive. After you have done this, you can
then begin the editing process.

Choosing the right type of camcorder for web videos is extremely important, and
if you know that you are going to be filming many web videos, than it is a good
idea to invest in a decent camera that has great resolution and user-friendly
exporting options.

Another piece of equipment that you will want to have is a microphone. While
every camcorder comes with a built-in microphone, they will not give you the
professional quality that you desire. You do not have to go out and purchase a
$300 microphone in order to get good audio quality; however, you will want to
have a microphone that allows you to guard wind and other types of background
noises. Another reason why having a microphone is so important is because it
will give you the chance to make videos that are not only pleasing to the eye,
but also to the ears. Did you know that sight and sound makes up for 85% of the
information that we absorb around us? This is why making sure you have a great
quality camera and microphone is so important.

However, if you don't have this last piece of equipment, than you will most
likely not be able to post your videos online. The last piece of mandatory
equipment for making web videos is a computer. Whether you are working with a
desktop computer, or laptop, it is very important that your computer can handle
the amount of CPU's you are going to be requesting of it. However, even though
you want to have your computer run smoothly, you will also want to ensure that
it has enough memory to hold all of the information that you are going to be
putting in it.

With many different files that need to be saved, such as massive video files,
audio files and the other various types of media that will begin to accumulate
onto your computer, you must ensure that you have ample memory. Many
individuals that make web videos usually invest in an external hard drive.
These are great accessories to have, and will keep your computer running
smoothly, because the amount of memory needed will be spread out among
different hard drives.

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