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Develop Your Own Info Products - Quick and Easy!
by: Neil Maxwell-Keys

A Simple Technique for Creating Killer Information Products

Information publishing business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can be in. Especially if you consider the amount of effort, investment and time you actually need to put in to be successful, compared to nearly all other *conventional* businesses.

Learn how to create and market your own info-products and the profits can be nothing short of spectacular! And you don't have to knock yourself out in this business. Because developing products is simple!

And to prove it here's a great technique that I think perfectly illustrates just how simple this *business* can be. Let me tell you how I did it just minutes after getting an email from someone telling me how they had zero ideas for developing their own info-products...

Okay, firstly I log onto Google. Then I type in "top keywords".

This brings up several options on the first page. The second one down catches my attention. It's cleverly called: top-keywords - great domain name!

The home page of this site gives me three options:

* Top 200 Keywords - Last 60 days.
* Top 300 Keywords - 24 hour period.
* Top 200 Keyword Trends - Comparison chart of the 200 most searched keywords over the last 12 months.

I click on the first link which brings up a list of the top 200 key word searches done in the last 60-days. Here's a list of the top 20:


1. 170855 travel
2. 132592 hotels
3. 122629 jokes
4. 119472 people search
5. 115414 health
6. 114510 autos
7. 111784 google
8. 108489 ebay
9. 89701 yahoo
10. 75757 lyrics
11. 73904 Weight Loss
12. 67207 hotmail
13. 62248 april fools
14. 58851 dictionary
15. 58242 yahoo
16. 57044 mapquest
17. 56865 song lyrics
18. 56251 baby names
19. 54222 hotmail
20. 52283 games

I ignored the second link (searches done in the last 24-hours) as I wanted a more accurate reading. I also checked out No.3, the top keyword trends over the last 12-months. And guess what I found? Amazingly it was very similar to the searches done in the last 60 days (check it out for yourself).

Now then, looking at this list above - what do you see? I don't know about you, but all I see is Daffy Duck style $$dollar signs$$! Or more to the point, opportunity.

You see, here in stone-cold black and white is exactly what people are looking for.

We now know what people want. And just incase you don't know what the basic *rule* of product development is, then here it is again:

*Find Out What People Want And Give It To Them*

Let's take one example from the list above and see if we can create a product for it. Hmmmm, let me see. Something *apparantly* difficult. How about 'baby names' (No.18)?

Difficult, huh?

Well, 56,251 searches have been done by people looking for some ideas for their soon-to-be family addition. And this number is a decentish size market to try.

Now, how difficult do you think it would be to create a simple e-book on baby names? Look, you go to your local library and get every book you can on the subject. You go to other sites and you compile the biggest, baddest list of baby names you possibly can. Arrange it in some kind of logical order (girls, boys, alphabetical, etc). And to make it a bit more interesting and unique, how about adding a short history behind the name? Or the true meaning of the name? I.e. Neil = Champion (apparently!). etc, etc.

See "April Fools" and "Jokes" both on the top 20 list? Now does that give you any ideas? Could you produce a simple e-book full of practical jokes and April fools ideas? You could start the book with the history of April Fools, give a few of the greatest ever April Fools jokes. Then start listing some great step-by-step wind-ups! I'd certainly enjoy writing a book like that (and testing each one out as I went along!) I'm not joking here (no pun intended) you could write this book in one day and have the whole thing making money by the end of the week.

What about 'health' and 'weight loss' (No.5 & No.11)? Huge markets all begging to be milked!

Oh and one other thing before I leave you. Do you notice what isn't on this list (or even the top 200)? 'business opportunities', 'biz opps', 'make money' or whatever you want to call it. Now that's a crowded market - everyone trying to teach everyone else how to make money. Now before you say anything, I know I'm a culprit too. But I also have my fingers in a few other lucrative pies outside of this market - which I'll tell you about some other time. But isn't that food for thought?

I hope you think seriously about this idea.


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