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What Are Wrinkles?

There are physical signs that show that a person is aging. A man for instance
may lose hair or slowly change to grey. Our skin shows signs as well and to
understand it, we have to know what wrinkles are.

The skin is made up of 3 layers namely the epidermis, the dermis and
subcutaneous tissue. The outer layer namely the epidermis becomes thinner and
less sticky as we age. This in turn causes dryness and as this decreases by 10%
per decade, it takes more time for the skin to repair itself.

This also affects the dermis because less collagen is produced and the elastic
fibers which provide us with elasticity also wears out which is why our skin
also sags. We don't sweat that much as before as there is a decrease as well in
the number of sweat glands.

Now that we know where it can happen, we can describe what wrinkles are simply
as ridges or creases on a surface.

But is aging the only cause of wrinkles? The answer is no. Studies have shown
that exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB accounts for 90% of skin aging.
This varies depending on race because of the person's pigment protection.

A few other studies have shown that wrinkles can also be caused by
environmental factors. Examples of these include cigarette smoking and
pollution as this may hasten aging by producing oxygen free radicals. These are
particles produced by many of the body's chemical processes and when it is
produced in excessive amounts, it can damage cell membranes causing not only
wrinkle but other skin disorders as well.

Rapid weight loss may also cause wrinkles since you reduce the volume of fat
cells that cushion around the face that will make the skin sag.

Now that we know what causes wrinkles, can it be treated? The answer is yes.
Some dermatologists recommend retinoic acid which is applied to the skin to
fill in the crevices. There are also things people can take such as topical
creams and ointments to peel off the top layers of the skin, dermabrasion which
is a procedure to sand the top layer of the skin, injecting collagen or
botulinum under the skin and laser surgery.

Can anyone pursue any of the treatments mentioned? The answer is no. This
depends on the patient's age. Whichever you choose, you should ask the
dermatologist how effective is the procedure, is it safe, possible
complications and the experience of the professional.

In some cases, a combination of these procedures is necessary. The best part is
knowing that this causes uniform destruction and shedding of the old damaged
superficial skin cells so the healthier deeper cells will take their place on
the surface.

There is not much that people can do to prevent wrinkles because this is normal
as we age. But we can slow it down by staying indoors between 10 am to 4 pm when
the sun is the hottest and washing the face with a mild non-soap cleanser. The
skin should be patted dry and lubricated at once with a water based moisturizer
ideally SPF30 filter to prevent further dehydration.

Now that you know what wrinkles are, we can take steps to delay it from
happening or just accept it for what it is. After all, aging is a fact of life
all of us will one day face.

What Causes a Wrinkle?

Do not freak out at the first sign of a wrinkle developing on your face. It is
normal. It happens to everybody. It may not just happen at the same time. So
what you have to do is research about its causes and the preventive measures
that you can do to attain a younger looking skin even if you are already
getting old.

So what causes wrinkles? Here are some.

1. Sun

It's a nice feeling to lie around the beach while being under the sun to
achieve a perfect tan. But this is not a healthy feat especially if you do this
oftentimes. Do you know that your skin's exposure to sun's rays is the number
one cause for developing wrinkles? This doesn't really have to happen at the
beach. It can happen every day when it is day time. It doesn't really have to
be sunny for the sun to cause damage to your skin. Even if it is cloudy or
seemingly like it is going to rain, as long as it is day time, you are not safe
from the effects of the sun.

To counter this, you need to apply sunscreen to your skin, especially on the
face and neck area and also your hands. This must be done whenever you will be
going outside. To prove this claim, just look at your bottom. It sure doesn't
have wrinkles on it. What's the reason for this? It doesn't get exposed to the
sun as often as your face and other parts of the body are.

2. Hormonal change

As you reach the menopausal age, you will have less estrogen production. This
kind of hormonal change may lead to the changes on your skin as well. This
includes the development of wrinkles. When this happens, you will also develop
a decrease in the development of collagen. Its breakdown will affect your skin
and will cause more wrinkles.

You cannot do anything about this as this is a normal occurrence. To slow the
aging process, lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also take in vitamins and
supplements. You must also find the right moisturizer and cream to help you
with the dilemma you are facing.

3. Muscle use

There are things that you do and cannot help that also cause wrinkles to
develop easily. These are the facial expressions that will cause the skin's
elasticity to diminish through time. This includes laughing, frowning, even
crying and getting angry over simple things. If these are natural for you, then
you cannot do anything about it. You just have to use creams and take the right
vitamins to help you solve the problem.

4. Gravity

For sure, you know what this concept is. Are you surprised that this also
causes wrinkles? This affects your skin by loosening such part. As a result,
sagging occurs and also drooping eyelids.

You can try sleeping on your back to counter this problem. But only do this
technique if you are comfortable in the said position. If not, then do not push
through with this step. Having less sleep will do more bad effects on your skin.
So the best thing here is to have enough rest.

Upon seeing a wrinkle on your face, do not freak out. Just remember that there
are steps that you can do to help solve the problem. It is a must that you
research about the topic before buying any product that you will use on your
skin. You do not want to cause more harm when you only want to achieve a
younger looking skin through time.

Can We Prevent Wrinkled Skin?

The condition of our skin tells a lot about who we are. If it is not that
elastic or as thinner as before, then you may already have wrinkled skin. The
question now is, can we prevent it?

A lot of experts believe that we are only delaying the inevitable. There have
been advances in the dermatological field which people can use as well as home
remedies that have proven to be quite effective.

You can use lotions or facial creams that contain AHA's or alpha-hydroxic
acids. This contains Vitamin A and is usually extracted from milk, fruits and
sugar cane and works by clearing away dead cells on the surface of the skin. It
encourages collagen growth which fills in the wrinkles and also counteracts free
radicals that can damage the skin.

The only side effect is skin irritation which happens on occasion. You can test
the product you are using by rubbing a little of this on a small patch of skin
behind the ear. If it doesn't turn red the day after then it is safe for you to

You should also exfoliate your skin twice weekly to remove dead and dry skin
cells and encourage the body to produce new skin cells. This enables the skin
to absorb the cream or the moisturizer better since it is hydrated.

You can prevent wrinkles the natural way by cutting a piece from an aloe vera
plant and then apply this to the skin as the leaf itself contains malic acid.
Papaya is another good example to use because it contains enzymes that can etch
away the top layer of the skin.

Apply a moisturizer every morning after washing as this helps retain moisture
in the skin. Ideally, this should contain SPF30 so it can protect you from the
sun's ultra-violet rays which also cause wrinkles to appear. A natural method
would be to use fresh avocado as this contains vitamin E which is an anti-

Aside from applying creams to your face, you can also prevent wrinkles by
watching your diet and drinking lots of water. The food you consume should be
rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that will help you achieve healthy skin cell

You should also exercise regularly as this helps maintain general health and
improve circulation to the skin. You shouldn't smoke or drink too much because
it defeats the purpose of all the safeguards you have done to prevent wrinkles.

Stress forces us to make excessive use of the facial muscles which causes the
skin to crease into expression lines. To prevent that from happening, don't
frown too much or raise your eye brows in surprise.

Lastly, as much as possible try to stay indoors especially between 10 am and
4pm since this is the time that it is very hot outside. If you have to go out,
wear a hat and even a pair of sunglasses as well as an umbrella to protect your

Can we prevent wrinkled skin? The answer is yes as long as we take the
appropriate steps. Those mentioned above are much cheaper than having to
undergo laser surgery or injecting some chemical into the body so do your best
before you have to resort to other means.

The lowdown on wrinkles

What can be a more refreshing way to relieve one's self of the daily grind of
work than to go out to the beach and stay in the sun: .but wait till you hear
the lowdown on wrinkles.

It is a fact that skin ages, as much as our physical appearance and it does
that all over our body, especially on parts of the skin that is most often
exposed to the sun.

These ageing come in the form of changes brought on by sun damage called
photoaging, characterized by dryness or roughness, sagginess, skin growths
called 'liver spots' or keratoses and -- commonly -- wrinkles.

There are two categories for wrinkles, which involves two varying degrees of
wrinkle development, which are fine surface lines and deep skin furrows, for
which common and general wrinkle treatments are more effective for the former,
but the latter would require more aggressive treatments like long-term
dermatological or plastic surgery.

Among the primary factors that contribute to skin wrinkles are smoking, which
dries out the skin since it reduces moisture; skin type as well, since people
with light-colored skin and blue eyes are susceptible to sun damage; hereditary
peculiarities since there are family lines that are more prone to skin wrinkles;
hairstyle, which obviously depends on how much skin is covered by the hair and
protected from the sun; dress style, since this will also determine how much
skin is covered or left exposed to the sun; and finally, recreational and
occupational sun exposure that may spans over a period of years.

Currently, there are a lot of treatments available in the market today, both
over the counter and prescription treatments, among them, Vitamin A acid, alpha
hydroxy acids, antioxidants and moisturizers.

These treatment methods also include cosmetic procedures like glycolic acid
peels deep peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, surgical procedures and the
ever popular Botox.

There is a popular belief that chronic stress can be a cause of aging in
people, thus, the appearance of skin wrinkles, but most of these evidences are
not specifically based on scientific findings, rather, more on people's
observations and perceptions.

There is, however, a little-known yet significant study back in 2004 that
established the link between between chronic stress and aging.

The study revealed that telomeres, these are structures located at the end of
chromosomes that6 shorten with aging, also tend to shorten prematurely in
subjects that are subjected to long-term psychological stress, resulting to
prematurely 'aging' cells.

Although the results of this study shows a link between cellular aging and
stress, the direct relationship of stress on aging is far complex and has not
yet been fully understood nor backed with incontrovertible findings. However,
it could still be considered an ounce of prevention to keep stress at bay,
since it can indeed have adverse effects on physical and emotional health.

Anybody concerned about getting wrinkles or other signs of aging should still
be advised to practice a healthy and, better, a stress-free lifestyle or if not
possible, even just keeping stress levels under control.

Finally, exposure to ultraviolet light, whether UVA or UVB, from sunlight
accounts for most symptoms of premature skin aging, especially since most of
the photoaging effects occur by the late teenage years around 19-20 years and
so on.

Thus, the amount of damage to the skin, especially the presence of wrinkles is
determined by the total lifetime of exposure to radiation and the person's
pigment protection.

These may be the lowdown on wrinkles, but don't be anxious, with all the tips
and treatments available everywhere, there's no need to hide and fear wrinkles.

The relationship between the sun and wrinkles

Many may not be aware, but the sun and wrinkles are closely related with each
other and reading further will help you piece together the relationship between
the sun and wrinkles.

It is a fact that exposure to ultraviolet light, whether UVA or UVB, that is
derived from sunlight, accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging.

Since most of the photoaging effects occur by the age of 20, the amount of
damage to the skin caused by the sun is determined by the total lifetime amount
of radiation exposure and the pigment protection.

Among the changes in the epidermis caused by continued exposure to the sun
include, many harmful, thinning of the epidermis and the growth of skin lesions
such as actinic keratoses, squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas,

Prolonged exposure to the sun cause collagen in the dermis to break down at a
higher rate than just chronologic aging.

Collagen fibers get damaged by sunlight and causes the accumulation of abnormal
elastin and when this sun-induced elastin accumulates, enzymes called
metalloproteinases are produced in large quantities.

Under normal conditions, metalloproteinases are responsible for fixing
sun-injured skin by manufacturing and reforming collagen.

However, this process does not always work well and some of the
metalloproteinases actually break down collagen, resulting to the formation of
disorganized collagen fibers known as solar scars.

And when the skin repeats this flawed rebuilding process, wrinkles develop.

As the sun continues to be the principal suspect in causing wrinkles, the most
important skin-care product available to prevent wrinkles is sunscreen, but
most people do not use sunscreen correctly.

It would be best to consider the important factors with sunscreen use,
especially with the spectrum of UV radiation absorbed, the amount of sunscreen
applied, and the frequency of application.

As mentioned earlier, the sun gives off ultraviolet (UV) rays that can be
divided into categories based on the wavelength.

UVC radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and does not cause skin damage,
while UVB radiation affects the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, and is the
primary agent responsible for sunburns.

UVB does not penetrate glass and the intensity of UVB radiation depends on the
time of day and season.

UVA radiation, on the other hand, penetrates deep into the skin and works more
efficiently and cannot also be filtered by glass, but overexposure to UVA can
also be dangerous.

The intensity of UVA radiation is more constant than UVB without the variations
during the day and throughout the year.

Regardless of their wavelengths, both UVA and UVB radiation can cause wrinkles
as it breaks down collagen, creating free radicals, and inhibiting natural
repair mechanisms of the skin.

A classification system of sun-sensitivity is the Skin Phototype (SPT)
classification, which is being used to determine the potency and spectrum of
protection that sunscreen formulations help protect from these radiation, as
well as inhibit, if not minimize, wrinkles.

People with skin types I and II are at the highest risk for photoaging effects
including wrinkles and skin cancer, thus the proper use of sunscreen to block
both UVA and UVB radiation is an important in the battle against wrinkles.

As promised, the relationship between the sun and wrinkles has been established
and the age old agae still holds true that says, an ounce of prevention is
better than a pound of cure.

Getting Rid of Wrinkles

If you think that women are the only ones that deal with wrinkles, think again
because men also have this problem as they age. Fortunately, there are things
we can do on our own to help get rid of wrinkles.

For those who smoke, you should stop immediately. Studies have shown that this
activates premature aging or what is better known as photo aging which is why
someone in their 30's will look like a person that is already in their 50's.

Overexposure to the sun causes wrinkles. You can prevent that from happening by
staying indoors between 10 am to 4pm. If you have to go out, make sure you have
sun screen on that will protect you from ultraviolet A and B rays.

If you drink, you better also give up the habit because apart from health
related problems, alcohol causes severe dehydration. If the body does not have
enough water, the skin becomes thinner making is sag. The only solution of
course will be to drink lots of fluid. Ideally this should be 8 glasses of
water a day as this plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin complexion.

Aside from water, you should also maintain a proper diet. You should include
here 5 servings of vegetables and a serving of fruit in our daily meals. Some
examples of these that are rich in antioxidants include asparagus, brussel
sprouts, broccoli, cantaloupe, guava, papaya and pineapple.

Other things that can be used include olive oil, nuts and whole grains. Since
we also need some protein and meats, add fish to your diet as it contains Omega
3 and 6 fatty acids which are best broiled or baked.

To complete your diet, don't forget to take some supplements. These should at
least give you sufficient amounts of vitamins A, B, C and E as these protect us
from free radicals.

For some, the presence of wrinkles is already there. When that happens, the
only thing to do now is to find ways to remove it. For that, you will have to
rely on creams and other procedures that can be done by a dermatologist. Some
examples of these include chemical peels, laser surgery and injections.

Some of these procedures have short term effects while others which are more
expensive are for the long term. You just have to get yourself examined by the
specialist to find out which one is suited to your condition and of course,
what is within your budget.

You should only use mild soaps when getting rid of wrinkles. This is because
strong soaps does the exact opposite and only makes the skin less healthy and
more prone to wrinkles forming as it kills the top layers of skin and seeping
the oil out of the layers of skin below that. If you don't heed this warning,
you will regret it with the presence in the number and deepness of these

Getting rid of wrinkles is challenging especially when it is already on your
face and body. Regardless of what beauty product you buy, these will not go
away overnight in the same manner that they appeared on your face. If money is
no object, then go for a procedure.

All of us have a different way of addressing this problem and with the budget
setting our limits; we simply have to use whatever resources there are to make
it go away.

A Wrinkle in Time -- Understanding Your Skin

It is always nice to look at a baby's flawless skin. There are no lines, no
signs that a pimple has even been there and actually, it's perfect. You had
gone that route but as you age, you can't help but accommodate a wrinkle in
time until you no longer know where your baby skin has gone to.

To know about the causes of wrinkles, you must first know about the normal skin
layers. Here are the layers that constitute a human skin.

1. Epidermis

This is the outer layer of your skin. This protects the inner layers to
whatever the environment may cause them. This seemingly tough outer skin is
caused by the movement of keratinocytes, the cells of the epidermis, from its
bottom part to the top. As a result, a large dose of keratin is produced. But
when these cells reach the top, they actually flake off. So if you see scaly
types of skins, it means that something went wrong in this process.

2. Dermis

This is the skin's second layer. This contains its structural elements, which
is the connective tissue. There are actually many types of connective tissue.
Each type acts for different functions. Some samples are the collagen. This
gives the skin strength. The glycosaminoglycans are the proteins that give
turgor to skin. The elastin fibers create the elasticity of your skin.

Between dermis and epidermis is the dermal-epidermal junction. This is an
important feature as it interlocks and form fingerlike projections which are
called rete ridges. These will increase the area of the epidermis which is
exposed to the blood vessels and need nutrients. The blood vessels in the
dermis give out such nutrients to the epidermis through the rete ridges.

3. Subcutaneous tissue

This is the skin's bottom layer. And the subcutaneous tissue contains the fat
cells. You know what those cells are for? They supply insulation to your body
and they also make your skin full and plump.

Presenting the Wrinkles

How do wrinkles form and develop as people age? Through time, the epidermal
cells will become thinner. As a result, you will also look thinner. The
epidermal cells will also be less sticky. This means that that there are more
chances for the moisture on your skin to be released than maintained, which
causes dryness. The decrease in the epidermal cells is actually 10 percent per
decade. And as people age, they divide slower. For this reason, the skin cannot
cope up quickly as it used to repair itself.

In the dermal layer, less collagen is being produced. The elastin fibers also
wear out. Such factors will cause the skin to sag and wrinkle. The rete ridges,
meanwhile, will flatten out. This will cause the skin to be fragile. And so the
nutrients that the epidermis needs will not be met accordingly.

As for the subcutaneous layer, the fat cells get thinner as people age. This
will result to more wrinkles and sagging.

It is a complex process that everybody will go through as people age. You can
use moisturizer while you are young and take good care of your skin to slow
down the process. But you have to admit that there will come a point wherein
you will not only face a wrinkle in time, but other kinds of changes in your
features as well.

That is okay. The important thing is that you age gracefully so that people
will perceive you as beautiful inside and out.

Treatment for skin wrinkles

With the advancement and progress in the technology of health and wellness,
there are a myriad choice of treatment for skin wrinkles.

Whether it be topical, cosmetic or surgical, there is a broad range of
treatments available in the market from just reducing wrinkles to totally
eradicating its presence, which would ultimately require surgical treatment.

Here is a list of cosmetic treatments, both medical and surgical, including
topical medicines and creams that are available in the market.

Vitamin A Acid- also known as tretinoin, with common brand names like Retin- A
and Renova, are among the most common ingredients for wrinkle treatment.

This ingredient, available by prescription, has the longest success record in
the treatment of aging skin and removing fine lines, especially in the facial

Creams and lotions containing tretinoin must be used continually and diligently.

Initial symptoms may cause redness and peeling, however, the discomfort of the
side effects may be reduced my lowering the concentration of the ingredient
with the base cream and applying it less often until the skin has adjusted to

Alpha-hydroxy acids, also termed as 'fruit acids', include active ingredients
like glycolic and lactic acid.

Medical preparations containing these fruit acids are safer alternatives and
cause very little or no skin irritation at all, however, effects are not as
significant, though.

Antioxidants- these are basically topical preparations that contain vitamins
like A, C and E, as well as beta-carotene. These are commonly coupled with sun
protection and provide mild treatment for fine wrinkles.

There are also ordinary moisturizers that claim to reduce wrinkles, however,
moisturizers that do not contain any of these topical ingredients or substances
can only mask or hide wrinkles temporarily and only reduce the appearance of
fine lines.

There are also cosmetic procedures readily available in the market, usually
offered by dermatological experts or medical practitioners.

Glycolic acid peels- Although this form of treatment involves hands-on
application, these superficial peels can only make slight effects in the
intensity and degree of fine wrinkles.

Deeper peels- This skin peel process involves the use of chemical substances
like salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid that penetrates deeper into the
skin. It is believed that the deeper the treatment penetrates into the skin,
the more effective it gets in smoothing out the fine lines of wrinkles,
however, the deeper the peel, the greater risk of having side effects, among
them, long-lasting pigment changes or changes in the color of the skin and

These peels generally do not require anesthetics, however, patients can request
for mild sedation to help ease short-term but painful treatment process.

Microdermabrasion- this process primarily involves 'scrubbing the skin' using a
machine containing silica or aluminum crystals that is being used to 'sand' the

These services are often offered in packages of six to seven treatment sessions
and does not change skin anatomy or generally have chemically-adverse effects,
but does guarantee to make skin feel smoother.

Over the counter cosmetic products that are being sold as 'home
microdermabrasion' are just mild exfoliants and are generally harmless but are
less likely to produce significant, sometimes barely noticeable, changes in

Dermabrasion -- this is the real surgical process usually performed by medical
practitioners, mostly plastic surgeons or licensed dermatology practitioners,
under general anesthesia.

This surgical treatment involves the deft hands and skill of the treating
physician, using a rotating instrument to sand the skin down.

Dermabrasion can produce excellent results, however, a greater risk is involved
in the process, since it can produce significant side effects like scarring and
permanent changes in skin color.

With the many treatments for skin wrinkles, people now have several choices as
to which one to choose should they decide to choose the right treatment that
would suit them.

Wrinkle Cream for the Eyes

The skin beneath your eyes is the thinnest part on that area. For this reason,
you have to find a good wrinkle cream for the eyes. In your search for the
best, here's a list of what you should aim to attain.

1. The skin under your eyes lacks the moisture retention type of glands that
makes it different from the skin on the rest of your face. So you have to find
the one that will address such need.

2. Ask for the cream that will lessen the puffiness and lessen the eye bags and
dark circles. Look for the kind that promises to make the part smoother and will
diminish the unwanted lines through time.

3. You want the problem spots to be cured by tightening the skin on the area.
You also want to restore your skin's elasticity to prevent the lines from
developing further.

4. The main thing that you want to aim for is to achieve youthful skin. You
definitely would not want to be mistaken as 30 when you are only 20. It will be
much better if it will be taken the other way around. You will indeed thank the
creams that you've used to achieve such state when that happens.

More about the Skin beneath the Eyes

What causes the wrinkles on this part? It is the lack of oil gland and also fat
glands in the skin under and around your eye area. This is the reason why
wrinkles are so easy to develop on such parts. If you will rub the area, you
will be doing more damage than relief.

This also applies if you already have the best eye cream for this purpose. In
the application, you should not rub the cream as it will not work that way.
What you have to do is to pat the cream slowly and smoothly around your eyes.
This way, you will be using the cream to benefit from it and you will also be
ale to massage the area and not cause more damage to the problem.

In looking for an eye cream, you must ask for a specially formulated type that
can deal with the unique problems that this part attains through time. You must
not use an ordinary cream that is intended to be used all around your face
because the area around your eyes has a specific need that needs specific
treatment. The good eye cream will be able to help the skin cells near the eye
part without causing any irritation to its delicate tissue.

Look for something that has replenishing oils. You may also want to see if it
promises to rejuvenate the cells of the skin around your eyes. This should not
contain any irritants that will do more harm than good for this said purpose.

To help you find the right cream, you may want to consider ingredients like
filters that will help prevent the sun's rays from causing harm on your skin.
You may also want to choose something that has fruit extracts. Organic eye
creams are also recommended. You must also make sure that the product is

To use the wrinkle cream for the eyes effectively, apply the product after you
have washed your face. Get a small amount and pat it smoothly over the affected
parts. If redness and other allergic reactions occur, immediately stop the use
of the product and consult a specialist.

Various Exercises to Remove Wrinkles

Under eye wrinkles are caused by stressful activities. Fortunately, there are
ways to deal with it. The cheapest way of doing it is by engaging in various
exercises. What you have to do now is find out what these are.

But before we go there, we have to mention other ways to remove wrinkles.

The first and perhaps most obvious is to avoid stressful situations and
learning to stay calm. But if you have a very toxic job, that is very unless
and the only thing to do will be to quit and shift to a new career.

Many of us are not willing to do that which is why we have to resort to other
means. You can also buy several makeup products to hide away those under eye
wrinkles and eating right.

But perhaps the best which will not cost you anything are various exercises
which you can do at any time. Since people will often notice wrinkles on the
face, let's focus on what exercises can be done to remove it.

To firm up your forehead, you place your index finger just above your eyes and
pull it down while trying to raise your eyebrows.

For your eyes and crows feet, raise your lower eyelids without moving your
upper ones. This takes some practice so don't feel bad if you don't get it
right the first time.

You can also fix your cheeks by pushing the lips out and making a round shape
then stretching forward. You then smile as wide as you can for a second and
then let it return to its original round shape.

As for the lips, suck your fingers as had as possible then slowly remove it. If
you are a smoker, hide your teeth with your lips then make a small "O" shape
while keeping the lips as tense and as wide as possible.

The exercises for the forehead, eyes and crows feet, cheeks and lips should be
repeated at least 10 times.

The neck and chin has a number of exercises. You can start by looking straight
ahead and placing the index finger and thumb on your neck and gently puling the
skin down as you lift the head.

At the same time, you should keep your mouth closed and your teeth together so
you can press the tip of your tongue against the bottom of your lower teeth
gradually increasing the pressure until you count to 10, then hold for 6 and
then slowly releasing it. You may use two fingers at the hollow of your neck as
resistance when you are gently pressing in.

You can also lower your lip as far as possible, placing your fingers on your
collar bone, pointing the chin as high as possible and then pulling the corners
of your mouth down.

Another exercise involves placing your thumb behind the bone just under your
chin, pressing the tongue against your lower gums and then pretending to touch
your tongue to the thumb.

Working on the chin can be done by tightening the muscle there as firm as
possible then pushing your lower lip up and as though you are pouting so it
turns white and dimpled.

Now that you know the various exercises to remove wrinkles, the only thing to
do now is include this in your daily routine. This should be done twice a day
once in the morning and the other in the evening.

The Search is on for the Best Wrinkle Cream

What would you recommend as the best wrinkle cream? Have you already tried
anything in this category? Wrinkles are among the signs that you are aging. But
some people do not like such signs. They would do anything just to get rid of

Thanks to the ever developing world of science, there are more and more reasons
to be vain in a good way and sometimes, for a very good amount of money. You can
remove the unwanted lines with only few injections. You can make your skin
whiter with only a short procedure. You can even change the way you look, your
features, in a matter of hours.

But one thing that you need to be sure about, are you willing to go that far?
If not, here are your other options.

1. Moisturizer

This is a must for everybody whether you are a boy or a girl. This helps your
skin feeling smooth and looking fresh all the time. Although this product alone
cannot cure wrinkles, this can help to diminish such problems with the aid of
other beauty products.

What does a moisturizer do? This will prevent your skin from dryness. As a
result, you won't have to deal with bruising nor tearing caused by such
situation. To achieve great results, moisturizers must be applied on your skin
after you have washed or have taken a bath in which your skin is still damp.
Such product will retain the moisture on your skin.

There are many products that can act for this purpose. For example, petroleum
jelly will help retain the water on your skin and prevent it from evaporating.
Glycerin will pull the water up into your skin's surface. This will prove
especially effective for people with oily skin. Monolaurin, on the other hand,
will restore your skin's natural elements in retaining moisture.

Look at the ingredients of your moisturizers. Ask the salesperson what will
suit your skin the best way possible. There are also other good ingredients
that you may want to check out such as sun protectors, keratin, AHA and
collagen. You will find a lot of variations of moisturizers available

Choose the brand and the products that will suit your budget and skin
perfectly. Sometimes it is not really about the price. Other more affordable
choices will suit your skin as good as the more expensive ones. It is all in
the matter of making the right decision, especially because this will affect
how you look and how you will look in the long run.

2. Under Eye Cream

If this is the area that you are most concerned about, there are also a lot of
commercially available products that can help you solve your dilemma. The skin
under your eyes may appear sensitive. This is because it is thinner than the
rest of your facial skin. And such part doesn't produce sufficient protective
oils to make the part soft as well as supple. This product should not be rubbed
but must be applied using a light tapping motion to help eliminate wrinkles and
other problems like dark circles or even puffiness.

As you start your search what's the best wrinkle cream, you will be presented
with many choices. You can do this the trial and error way. Or you can go
directly to a dermatologist who can look at your skin deeply and can recommend
to you what's best for your skin type.

The relationship between the sun and wrinkles

Many may not be aware, but the sun and wrinkles are closely related with each
other and reading further will help you piece together the relationship between
the sun and wrinkles.

It is a fact that exposure to ultraviolet light, whether UVA or UVB, that is
derived from sunlight, accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging.

Since most of the photoaging effects occur by the age of 20, the amount of
damage to the skin caused by the sun is determined by the total lifetime amount
of radiation exposure and the pigment protection.

Among the changes in the epidermis caused by continued exposure to the sun
include, many harmful, thinning of the epidermis and the growth of skin lesions
such as actinic keratoses, squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas,

Prolonged exposure to the sun cause collagen in the dermis to break down at a
higher rate than just chronologic aging.

Collagen fibers get damaged by sunlight and causes the accumulation of abnormal
elastin and when this sun-induced elastin accumulates, enzymes called
metalloproteinases are produced in large quantities.

Under normal conditions, metalloproteinases are responsible for fixing
sun-injured skin by manufacturing and reforming collagen.

However, this process does not always work well and some of the
metalloproteinases actually break down collagen, resulting to the formation of
disorganized collagen fibers known as solar scars.

And when the skin repeats this flawed rebuilding process, wrinkles develop.

As the sun continues to be the principal suspect in causing wrinkles, the most
important skin-care product available to prevent wrinkles is sunscreen, but
most people do not use sunscreen correctly.

It would be best to consider the important factors with sunscreen use,
especially with the spectrum of UV radiation absorbed, the amount of sunscreen
applied, and the frequency of application.

As mentioned earlier, the sun gives off ultraviolet (UV) rays that can be
divided into categories based on the wavelength.

UVC radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and does not cause skin damage,
while UVB radiation affects the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, and is the
primary agent responsible for sunburns.

UVB does not penetrate glass and the intensity of UVB radiation depends on the
time of day and season.

UVA radiation, on the other hand, penetrates deep into the skin and works more
efficiently and cannot also be filtered by glass, but overexposure to UVA can
also be dangerous.

The intensity of UVA radiation is more constant than UVB without the variations
during the day and throughout the year.

Regardless of their wavelengths, both UVA and UVB radiation can cause wrinkles
as it breaks down collagen, creating free radicals, and inhibiting natural
repair mechanisms of the skin.

A classification system of sun-sensitivity is the Skin Phototype (SPT)
classification, which is being used to determine the potency and spectrum of
protection that sunscreen formulations help protect from these radiation, as
well as inhibit, if not minimize, wrinkles.

People with skin types I and II are at the highest risk for photoaging effects
including wrinkles and skin cancer, thus the proper use of sunscreen to block
both UVA and UVB radiation is an important in the battle against wrinkles.

As promised, the relationship between the sun and wrinkles has been established
and the age old agae still holds true that says, an ounce of prevention is
better than a pound of cure.

Smoking Causes Wrinkles

Can smoking cause wrinkles? According to many experts, the answer is yes
because it accelerates the normal aging process of your skin and contributes to
wrinkles from appearing. You will not be able to see the direct effects of
smoking immediately but it can after you have smoked for 10 years or so and the
bad news is that this is irreversible.

Smoking is ranked only second to sun exposure as the leading cause of wrinkles.
It interferes with the absorption of Vitamin A and C both of which provide us
with skin protection. This is because nicotine the main ingredient in
cigarettes promotes dehydration.

It also narrows the blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin. THIs
impairs blood flow depleting it of oxygen and important nutrients such as
Vitamin A. It also damages collagen and elastin. These are both fibers that
give your skin its strength and elasticity making it sag and wrinkle

The heat from the cigarette causes irritation around the eyes and forces the
smoker to squint more. This leads to increased wrinkles especially around the
eyes. You will also develop hollowed cheeks around the mouth from many years of
dragging this in between your lips.

This has also led doctors to believe that there is a relationship between
wrinkles in the mouth and COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as this
may to airflow obstruction.

Aside from the wrinkles forming on your face, this will also be evident in
other parts of the body including the inner arms even if these areas are
covered by your clothes.

If you have been smoking for a very long time, someone who is in their 30's may
have similar wrinkles to a nonsmoker who is already in his or her 50's.

So what is the morale of the story? Well, naturally quit smoking because no
amount of anti-aging cream in the market will remove the wrinkles caused by
cigarette smoking. Given that this vice is a habit, this is easier said than
done so a lot of experts suggest that this should be done gradually.

If you fail to do so, you are just wasting time buying creams and moisturizers
or even undergoing treatment with the help of a dermatologist because this will
soon come back. What is worse is that these are very pricey.

If you are able to quit smoking, it also has other health benefits such as
adding a few more years to your life and prevents you from being diagnosed with
lung cancer and smoke related diseases in the future.

Aside from giving up this habit, you should also start by focusing on a healthy
diet and exercise regularly. This will help bring blood to the surface of the
skin and begin to replenish the capillaries with oxygen. You should also avoid
drinking alcohol or caffeine as this also dehydrates the skin. To make sure you
get your daily dose of Vitamin A and C, go take some food supplements.

Smoking causes wrinkles and other health related problems the longer you stick
to this vice. Why should you wait before it is too late when you can look your
age? If you can, quit right now because there are worse things than can happen
aside from having wrinkles and your skin sag.

Skin Care Tips to Avoid Developing Wrinkles

If you are young, you still have ample of time to take care of your skin to
stop wrinkles from developing while you are still at your prime. There are ways
to do it that will not cause you a lot. And besides, there are more to your life
now than to worry yourself about such occurrence. It will come at the right
time. You are already battling it out with all kinds of blemishes including
pimples, so do not yet worry about something that still isn't visible.

But if you are careless about your skin, it doesn't matter if you are old or
young. You will develop lines in your faces if you will not take care of your
skin as well as take good care of your body.

Skin Care Tips

You may be young and you want to experiment with every aspect of your life. For
young girls, you may already be experimenting with make-ups and other chemicals
that promise to contain your young look and fresh skin.

Here are some of the tips that you must follow in order to slow down the aging
process of your skin. And oh by the way, this goes out to young boys as well.

1. It is a must to wash your face. But do not do this too often, especially if
you do not have a water purifier installed in your house that your only source
for this act is the water coming straight from the tap. It actually contains
chlorine which can add to the risks of developing wrinkles fast. If this is the
case, wash your face once a day. This way, you will be able to retain a good
amount of moisture and oil on your skin.

2. In washing you face, use mild soap. Choose the brands that have moisturizers
as part of the ingredients. Do not use soaps and even deodorants with alkaline.
If it cannot be helped, just avoid it.

3. Choose a brand of moisturizer that is water based. After washing your face,
use a clean and soft towel to pat your skin dry then add the moisturizer.

4. The sun also contributes a lot in developing lines on your face. What you
must do to counter this is to apply sunscreen when you are going out. This
should be applied even you are only going to be exposed to the sun's rays for a
short period of time.

5. The sleeping position can also contribute to slow down the process of
developing the unwanted lines. You can try lying on your back when you are
sleeping. But only do this if it will be comfortable for you. The effect of
this act is that it will offset the gravity's effects.

6. Avoid smoking. You are young and you may want to try it all. But this vice
is really not going to do anything good to your skin. Plus, your health will
also suffer through time. When are you going to quit? When people mistake you
for a 40-year-old than the 20 something that you really are? You surely don't
want to take that route.

Everybody will develop wrinkles as they age. But while you are young and can
still prevent it, do something about it. The abovementioned tips will hopefully
do the trick for you.

Short Term Wrinkle Solutions

Wrinkles happen as we age. If you can't afford plastic surgery, there are short
term wrinkle solutions you can use. The best part is that there are very few
risks so you just have to consult with you dermatologist. Let's talk about each
one in alphabetical order.

First is Botox which has been around for over 10 years. This is a protein toxin
produced by the clostridium botulinum bacteria that is injected in small amounts
into the body helping the muscles relax and make the lines disappear. It is
effective in treating crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines and laugh
lines despite the fact that some studies show it causes new wrinkles to appear.
It is good for 3 to 6 months and can be repeated.

Similar to Botox is collagen which has been used for over 25 years. It is used
primarily as a tissue filler to soften lines around the mouth, to help augment
lips, correct early degrees of muscle loss and erase acne scars. The injection
is good for only 3 to 4 months. Before you can be injected with this protein,
doctors will have to do some skin tests first to make sure you are not allergic.

There is a treatment called autologous fat transfer. Here, fat is removed from
one part of the body and then it is used to fill the gaps caused by the
wrinkles. Usually, fat is extracted from the buttocks, stomach or thighs. Since
the patient's fat is being used, there is no chance of allergic reactions taking

Another soft tissue filler is Restylane that is considered to be an injectable
cosmetic treatment. This comes from hyaluronic acid which has proven to be very
successful in Canada and Europe. Basically, this is a gel that is a basic
component of the human skin. Unlike other procedures that fill in the gaps
caused by wrinkles, this lets the skin cells "float" making it very suitable
for large folds of skin often seen in the mouth and cheeks. This is effective
for about 6 to 9 months with low incidence of allergic reactions.

Then there is also Hylaform which is an alternative to collagen and those who
want to use it do not have to undergo an allergy test. Just like the rest, this
has to be injected into the skin at regular intervals in order to treat wrinkles.

The procedures mentioned are not covered by insurance and do not have any
health benefits. The only thing it can do is hide away those wrinkles for a few
months and when they start to appear again, you have to go back to your
dermatologist for the next treatment.

Apart from the short term wrinkle solutions, there are also home made
treatments which you can use to treat and prevent pimples. Most of these use
simple things you can buy at the grocery and you may have to mix some of them. 
You should clean your face first so the pores will open and it can be absorbed 
by the skin, left to dry before it is rinsed.

So are short term wrinkle solutions the way to go? If you want to avoid the
pain that is often endured with other costly treatments and the long recovery
time, then the answer is yes.

Over the Counter Wrinkle Removers

There are different ways of dealing with wrinkles. You can choose to undergo a
procedure or apply something to the affected area. Over the counter wrinkle
removers are very much in demand because they are affordable. To give you an
idea, here are the things you can get the next time you head on over to the
drug store.

First are alpha hydroxyl acids or AHA. These products are water soluble and one
example is Glycolic acid cream that helps remove hyper pigmentations and helps
with photo damage, thickening of the dermal collagen and increase cellular

AHA's contain lactic acids and when you buy this from the store, you should get
the kind that has higher concentrations as lower ones cause irritation.

Next there is betahydroxy acids or BHA. These are lipid soluble. Most of the
products in the market are exfoliants, anti-inflammatory and comedolytic. These
are sold by some of the most popular names in the business and often recommended
by dermatologists.

Combination hydroxy acids or CHA have both the ingredients of AHA and BHA.
Don't think that buying the first two products and then mixing it together will
have the same effect because it won't as each has its own pH level.

There are also products that have enzymes. The nice thing about it is that
these are not irritating and it only digests the dead skin layer. It also
stimulates cell turnover and allows other products to penetrate the skin. Two
of the most common happen to be fruits namely papaya and pineapple.

Then there are the topical products. These are available in vitamin A, C and E
and purchased in the form of creams and lotions. Vitamin A for instance reduces
and eliminates wrinkles by breaking down the free radicals in the body. Vitamins
C and E on the other hand are antioxidants and also does the same thing.

Something that can work with Vitamin C and E are alpha lipioc acids because it
is also an anti-oxidant. It works by penetrating the cell membrane to eliminate
free radicals that have already been broken down.

To find the best over the counter wrinkle remover takes time. This is because
you have to compare how one does over the other. To help you out, you can try
visiting various websites that have gathered all the information you need such
as the price, its effectiveness, quality and wrinkle cream ratings. With this
information, you will be able to find the right one for you to use.

Some people who are skeptic about this online information say that one brand is
said to be better than the other because he or she was paid to make it look that
way. In the end, you have to try it out to see who is telling the truth. If you
are able to find something that works, why change it? You should just stick
with what you have until something better and more affordable comes along.

None of the over the counter wrinkle removers will perform a miracle overnight.
You will have to use it consistently for days or even weeks before you see any
results because again, these wrinkles occurred over time. Whatever you use,
make sure that you only use the kind that is of good quality with the right
combination of vitamins and nutrients.

Nine Wrinkle Fighting Foods

A proper diet can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you don't want to
have creases on your face or your skin, you should know what wrinkle fighting
foods are good to eat. Here are nine examples.

1. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables are good because it contains lutein
that helps give the skin its essential antioxidant mechanism by maintaining skin
hydration and elasticity. Ideally, you should eat about 10mg of this daily which
is about 4oz of this vegetable.

2. Beans are another because they are rich in antioxidants. Among the different
kinds, red beans are the best because it contains the highest number of
antioxidants that helps replace deteriorated collagen of the skin.

3. Tomatoes are another because just like beans they have antioxidants and also
lycopene. A substance that reduces the risk of developing cancer and happens to
be more powerful than Vitamin E supplements which are used to help the skin
stay healthy. The best part about eating tomatoes is that you can eat this
together with pasta, salad or a sandwich.

4. Aside from vegetables, turkey helps prevent wrinkles because it is rich in
Vitamin B. It also has protein that slows the process in the skin known as
cross-linking. So don't wait until Thanksgiving to add this to your diet.

5. Goji berries are rich in Vitamin C that will help fight free radicals that
damage the skin. Believe it or not, they contain 500 times more Vitamin C per
ounce than what you get from oranges. It also has antioxidants such as vitamin
B1, B2, B6 and E as well as linoleic acid, an essential fat that plumps up the
skin making it look smoother and younger.

6. Flaxseed is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. You can mix this with other
dishes like cookies and bread. The more you eat, the plumper your skin cells
will be thus hiding away those wrinkles.

7. Beetroot is another vegetable that can help prevent wrinkles as it is low in
calories and high in fiber. It also contains antioxidants and a pigment called
anthocyanins that are known to support collagen production in the skin. You can
cook this in a variety of ways such as curried, boiled, roasted and pickled.

8. Many of us see chocolates simply as a delightful snack or as a dessert. But
few of us know that this contains polyphenol, a substance that rids the body of
the active oxygen that causes aging. Not only that, it can also protect against
UV damage which is also one of the causes of skin aging.

9. Salmon just like flaxseed contains Omega 3 fatty acids which reduce
inflammation and helps lubricate the skin.

There are other things we can eat aside from the 9 examples mentioned to
prevent wrinkles from happening. You should consult with your doctor or do some
research on your own so you will know how to plan your diet.

Aside from eating, you shouldn't forget to exercise regularly and drink lots of
water so your skin remains flexible and hydrated at all times. You shouldn't
drink or smoke as this also helps the skin stay young and wrinkle free.

There are wrinkle fighting foods around. Know what they are and then get these
items from the grocery store.

Natural Ways to Go about Wrinkle Reduction and Prevention

With the development of science and medicines, there are many ways that are
claiming to cause wrinkle reduction as well as its prevention. But not
everybody will have same reaction towards what the technology is presenting to
them. There are effective ways to counter the problem without having to spend
too much.

Signs of Aging

There are many signs of aging. And everybody will go to such process because
this is natural. As you grow old, you will no longer have the capacity to carry
out certain tasks. If you excel in sports while you were at your prime, your
skills will disintegrate as your age zooms up. This is because of the bodily
changes that is happening and will be happening to all people who will
experience aging.

But this is not a bad thing. If you have lived your life to its fullest, you
will no longer have anything to worry about once you feel the changes. But if
it's just wrinkles that you are concerned about, more than the rheumatism, body
pains, arthritis and all those pains that come with age, here are some of the
natural ways to slow the process.

Reducing the Lines

If you see the lines on your face getting deeper and more pronounced, the first
thing you have to do is look at your lifestyle. Yes, that simple. There is no
need to head on to your trusted cosmetic surgeon. But there is also nothing
wrong with that as long as you consult the right professional who has all the
accreditations, education and practice.

But for those of you who want to do this the natural way, here are some tricks
and tips that have worked wonders for many people. You never know, these may
also work for you in reducing those unwanted lines.

1. Healthy diet

Eat right and your skin will benefit in the process. Include in your diet fresh
fruits, vegetables as well as whole grains. Cook your food using healthy oils
like olive oil that can also be used in salads and the likes. This will protect
your skin against what you call oxidative stress. Following this step will allow
you to live up to your 70s with only few lines. The reason for this is the high
levels of compounds that are anti oxidants which can be found on most of these

2. Exercise

This will not only make your muscles stronger, this will also help you maintain
a glowing skin. Doing your daily exercises will keep your blood flowing. It will
then bring oxygen to your skin.

3. Avoid the vices

Having the vices like smoking and drinking can be bad for the skin. These will
increase the lines and creases on your face as you age. Add the fact that these
are also not good for your health.

4. Avoid stressing yourself out

When you are young, you always want to prove your self worth. But as you age
and when you've already proven what you meant, stay out of the stressful life's
route. That will not only cause you hypertension but it will also cause your
skin to wrinkle easily.

5. Stay happy

Happy people look younger than those who are always gloomy. They are pleasant
to look at. Their skin is as vibrant as their personality. So look for ways to
find your happiness and stay in that zone as long as it takes. That will surely
make your goal of wrinkle reduction an achievable feat.

Modern approaches to skin wrinkle treatment

From old wives tales to home crafted traditional concoctions, many have come up
with a variety of skin care treatments that have been effective and not, but
nowadays, one can be sure about the efficacy of modern approaches to skin
wrinkle treatment.

If one can say that modern-day skin wrinkle treatments are very expensive,
think again.

Today's modern technology not only gives focus to how it can make breakthroughs
effective, but also to make it more affordable so that it would be marketable
and appeal to the public.

Lasers, one of humankind's breakthroughs in light amplification that has found
a lot of uses and sometimes unthinkably and as we may not know it, have
important uses in our day to day life.

For quite some time now, lasers have also carved a niche in skin wrinkle
treatment and there are several laser-related processes that helps in combating

One of the most common uses of the laser treatment for wrinkles is laser
resurfacing, where physicians use instruments such as carbon dioxide and erbium

This is a somewhat similar process as dermabrasion, where a treating physician
uses a rotary instrument to 'sand' the skin to achieve a certain smoothness,
the only difference is that laser technology is employed to facilitate the
treatment process.

The edge of laser resurfacing over dermabrasion, however, is that it has a
greater reliability, precision and less risk.

In this process, the laser is passed several times over the skin area to be
treated until the peeling reaches the middle of the dermis -- the second layer
of the skin, which helps stimulate the body's natural collagen synthesis,
causing the sagging skin and wrinkles to plump up and make it appear firmer and

Some medical practitioners perform laser resurfacing under conscious sedation,
where a patient remains awake and receives intravenous medicines to ease and
calm the pain.

This is also combined with the application of topical anesthetic creams or
injectable anesthetics like lidocaine.

The procedure may be repeated several times to achieve desired results,
however, there is still the risk of causing permanent color change or scarring.

Another newer laser treatment procedure is fractional resurfacing, where newer
and enhanced laser apparatus work through a modification of traditional laser

This form of treatment does not affect the whole skin but instead only evenly
on evenly spaced spots surrounded by undamaged skin.

With fractional resurfacing, healing is much faster than the traditional laser
resurfacing treatment but with less downtime as a result.

As with other laser treatments, several treatment sessions are needed to
achieve desired results.

There is also another laser treatment called non-ablative laser resurfacing
where modified and intensified lasers stimulate collagen synthesis under the
skin without peeling or damaging the epidermis.

Studies have concluded that non-ablative laser resurfacing can actually improve
fine wrinkles, though not as much a laser resurfacing.

All the same, several treatment sessions are also required to achieve
significant results and the procedures are almost painless with little or no
redness, downtime or peeling after the laser treatments.

Another process that involved heat and light is heat and radio frequency
treatment is another variation of non invasive facial rejuvenation is by
heating the skin tissue using radio frequency-inducing devices and infrared
light sources.

As of today, techniques are still being developed to better improve the
treatment process, but most, if not all results, have actually yielded positive
effects and have been described to be safe, as well as produce a significant and
lasting improvements, though not as much as surgical techniques like facelifts
and plastic surgery.

All the same, as long as there is the desire to look for better alternatives
and processes to counter the effects of wrinkles, all these modern approaches
to skin wrinkle treatment will continue to produce more happy people in the
days to come.

List of Good Anti Wrinkle Creams

What are wrinkles and what are your choices for good anti wrinkle creams?
Wrinkles may be a sign of aging. But not all people develop such at the same
point of their lives. Some people start to show the unwanted lines while they
are still young and even at their prime. While other people only show such
signs long after they had their granddaughters and grandsons.

There are many factors that may affect the wrinkle development. One important
thing is the genes. Some are lucky when it comes to this. They look young and
wrinkle free even if they are already considered old. This may also be
attributed to the lifestyle. If you have developed vices such as drinking and
smoking, it is more likely that your skin will look older than the people who
are leading the vices-free route of living. And also, the food you eat is
another important consideration. If you are eating right and healthy, this will
also be visible on your skin.

There are actually a lot of factors to consider and to look under scrutiny when
it comes to wrinkles. But first, let's go deep into what causes such. Below your
skin's top layer, the collagen breakdown causes such unwanted lines. So what do
you do in order to prevent or cure it? Solve the problem. You have to keep on
producing collagen to avoid its breakdown. You have to do so while keeping away
from harmful factors on your skin like the sun's harmful rays, pollution and
even stress caused by pressure and too much hard work.

Here are some of the known creams to help you prevent wrinkles or ease the
lines through time.

1. Retinoid. This vitamin A is a must ingredient for an effective cream for
wrinkles. It doesn't only prevent, it will keep the already developed lines
from deepening further. Examples of products that have this are Retin-A,
Differin and Renova. This must be used before you sleep and if the problem is
not yet at its worse, you can use this every other night.

2. Sunscreen. Research about wrinkles and you will find out that its number one
source is too much exposure in the sun. As long as it is daytime, you need to
protect your skin with sunscreen. It doesn't matter if it looks like it is
going to rain or if it is cloudy, you still need the kind of protection that
this cream can give you. It is recommended to use this product extensively over
the face and the neck as well as at the top of your hands. You don't want to
have a young looking skin with old looking hands.

3. Antioxidants. By taking in products that claim to have such ingredients, you
will be able to fight collagen breakdown. You can opt for drinks like the green
tea. You can also take Vitamins C and E. You can also ask for coenzyme Q10. All
these will work fine in protecting your skin from developing wrinkles due to
problems with the collagen. One popular product now that is available in the
market that contains antioxidants is the Prevage cream. The main factor about
this is its ingredient known as the idebenone.

Ask around or research thoroughly about this topic. It is a vital need to find
the suitable anti wrinkle creams that can work wonders depending on your skin
type. So do not end the search until you find the right one.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Having wrinkles on your face or on your body is a normal fact of life. You can
accept it for what it is or do something about it. Instead of buying expensive
creams and moisturizers, perhaps you can try some home remedies that have
proven to be effective against wrinkles.

You can apply egg whites under the eyes. For those that want to prevent
wrinkles, you may also use odor free castor oil and put this to the skin, under
the eyes or the throat.

Those who want to make their own cleansers can do so by emptying the contents
of 3 Vitamin E capsules into a small bowl and then mixing this with 2
tablespoons of plain yogurt, half a tablespoon of honey as well as half a
tablespoon of lemon juice. When this is mixed together, you get a cotton ball
and rub this on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse.

Another mixture may come from a quarter cup of comfrey infusion, a quarter cup
of witch hazel and 10 drops of patchouli essential oil. What is nice about it
is that you can store the excess in a clean bottle so you can use it again
later on.

You may also mix 1 teaspoon of raspberry juice with one teaspoon of orange
juice, a teaspoon of olive oil, whipped egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of grind
oatmeal. After mixing everything, you wait 20 minutes and smear this on the
face. Once it dries, you wash this off with warm water.

If you happen to have coconut oil around, apply this in skin pore areas nightly
before going to bed. For those that pineapple at home, you can cut this open and
then rub the core of the fruit on your face for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

You can also use green Thompson seedless grapes. Once you cut this in half, you
gently crush this on your face so the juice will be absorbed by the skin. Make
sure to leave it there for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and then let it
dry with natural air.

A paste of turmeric made with sugarcane juice can also be used as it has proven
to be effective in getting rid of wrinkles and slow skin aging.

No matter what you use, be sure to have regular facials as this is very
effective in controlling wrinkles. You should also give yourself a facial
massage as this helps increase blood circulation which results in the
tightening of the muscles which reduces the fleshiness of the skin and restores
your youthful look.

When you do this, make sure you always start from the neck upwards and then end
at the forehead. A faster way of doing this will require using all your fingers
and massaging rapidly in a circular motion. If there are wrinkles on the jaw,
pinch the skin between your thumb and fingers.

Before you apply any of the home remedies for wrinkles on the face, make sure
you clean the area first with wet cotton so you are able to remove make up and
be able to open the pores on the skin. If you need to go outdoors, the only
thing you can do to protect yourself from the sun is to use a pair of
sunglasses and wear a hat which helps delay the onset of wrinkles on the sides
of the eyes strangely referred to as crow's feet.

Different Treatments for Eye Wrinkles

The process of aging brings about so many changes in our physical condition and
appearance. Having eye wrinkles is just one of them. But do you know what
brought such changes? It is not solely because of the age of the person. It is
more so because of a person's exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays.

You might not notice the effect when you are still young. But as you may have
noticed, there are people who remain to look young even if they are already old
and vice versa. This all boils down on how badly your skin is affected by such
kind of exposure.

Less Worries

Come on, this is the day and age where there seems to be a solution to every
problem. People can go to a specialist on whatever type of ailment they are
experiencing and they will be given specific treatment and medicines for
whatever it is they are experiencing.

So if you are worried about your under eyes wrinkles or your crows feet, you
have a lot of options. But you must suit your choice according to what will
make you happy and what you can afford. Are you going to try the latest creams
and moisturizers or are you ready to take this case to the surgeon?

Here are some suggestions that you can follow if you are in this kind of

1. Thermage is a new treatment for under eye problems like wrinkles. This will
cause the skin on that area to tighten so that the lines will not be too much

2. Botox as well as Restylane can act as dermal fillers. The good effects of
these procedures can last for a good six months or more, depending on your skin
type and the care that you allot for your skin to have.

3. Silk Touch and Fraxel lasers are known to eliminate wrinkles. You just have
to ask your dermatologist if they will recommend the said procedures on the
kind of skin that you have and with the situation of the wrinkles on your eyes.

4. Over the counter products like Vitamin C, Alphahydroxy and copper peptide
are also known to lessen the unwanted lines around the eyes.

5. If you have additional problems like eye bags or the dark circles around
your eyes, you can opt for Photo Genica and Lyra. These are part of the
advancement of the technology that will remove the cause of the problem, which
are the enlarged blood vessels. But if you don't want to take that route, you
can always cover the problem with a good make up.

One thing that you have to remember when choosing what kind of procedure you
are willing to undertake is that do you really need to do it. Such procedures
may take a toll on your physical appearance when you are already too old to
undergo through the same thing.

But the instant beauty will surely make you happy as you will see fast results.
This will be beneficial if your appearance has something to do with your job or
your means of income.

If you want to age gracefully and you are not the type to take drastic steps
just so you can get rid of your eye wrinkles, then so be it. You can always
tell people that those lines were brought about by the happy life that you have
led and is still leading to this day.

Chemical Peels Can Remove Wrinkles

Chemical peels can remove wrinkles. They are also effective in removing the
outer layers of sun damaged, blemished, unevenly pigmented, blotchy skin and
pre-cancerous growth.

There are currently three strengths that are all designed to remove the outer
layer of skin so there is fresh new skin growth with the absence of blemishes,
blotches and wrinkles. Despite that, people should remember that chemical peels
do not stop or retard the normal effects of aging. Let's talk about the three

The first is known as a light peel. Here, Alphahydroxy acids (AHA) and
Betahydroxy acids (BHA) are used to treat wrinkles. The AHA solution can be
mixed with a bleaching agent and at times can be used as a pre-treatment for
those who play to undergo TCA peeling or resurfacing.

The light peel is done without the need of anesthesia or sedation so the person
will feel a slight sting. Treatment at the clinic could last from 10 to 15
minutes. During that time, it is normal to experience dryness, flaking, mild
irritation or redness. You will be able to resume your daily routine within one
to two days.

Medium peels on the other hand use a solution known as Tricholoroacetic acid
(TCA). Just like the light peel, this is only applied when you face has been
thoroughly cleansed. You have the option to use a light sedative but this may
already be unnecessary when the solution itself gives you a numbing effect.

Despite that, some people will still feel a warm or burning sensation. This can
also be used on other parts of the body and you may need to have more than 2
treatments between one to two month intervals to achieve its full effect.

Deep peels: Phenol acid is the strongest chemical peel solution and
accomplishes the deepest peel and most dramatic results. It smoothes coarse
wrinkles and is often used to remove pre-cancerous growths. Blotchiness is also
treated with Phenol peel.

The third is called deep "phenol" peel. Treatment usually takes one to two
hours but if the area to be treated is small, then it can be done in 15
minutes. This is used on the face only and the patient will have to be sedated.

This treatment can only be done on patients that are fair and thin skinned with
superficial wrinkles. Your eyes will swell afterwards and you will have to wear
a dressing after the peel is completed. There will also be crusts or scabs
afterwards that will last from 7 to 10 days and only then will you be able to
go back to your daily routine.

Chances are, you will also have a hard time talking so it is best to go on a
liquid diet. Since you can't do anything for the next week or so, make sure you
have someone drive you around to your doctor's appointment or stay with you
during recovery. You are also encouraged to stay indoors the whole time. If you
have to go out, make sure you apply sun block first.

Chemical peels can remove wrinkles. You don't even have to go to a hospital
since many of these specialists have their own private clinics. You just need
to be examined first have to assess the condition of your skin so the right
type of peel can be recommended.

A Little Know-How about Botox Injections for Wrinkles

How far are you willing to go to be beautiful? As years go by, developments
even in the beauty department never seem to cease. You will see a product
available commercially based on your need, may it be immediate or long term.
There are creams that could easily wipe out your pimples, Botox injections for
wrinkles, whitening lotions and creams for your skin and a lot more.

To Be or Not to Be

The important thing that you have to ask yourself is do you really need to go
the drastic route in order to retain your younger looking skin. Everybody will
eventually look old no matter how helpful science had been to you. In the
manner of using beauty products and undergoing surgeries and injections, you
are merely slowing the process.

If you are already considering your options about the said topic, you have to
be ready for the results and the consequences. To lessen your worries, do a
thorough research about what you want to be done. Ask around and ask for
referrals for professionals whom you will trust to handle your skin, that is if
you are going the scientific path to a more beautiful you.

Botox, Anyone?

Who haven't heard of Botox? Many popular people like celebrities have gone
through this procedure just so to remove the unwanted lines on their faces.
This is especially useful if your appearance is your bread and butter. So what
do you know about this? This list will remind you of things that you already
know and may want to know about this procedure.

1. Botox is known for removing wrinkles. But it will not help diminish other
common akin problems caused by aging such as the age spots, sun damage and
problems with pigmentation. This will also not soften your skin if your main
concern is about its roughness.

2. This is a costly procedure. If you really want to undergo such, you have to
save up for it. And do save up for it a lot because you will not undergo
through this only once. You have to undergo the procedure after a few months
depending on what your doctor asks you to do according to your skin's reaction
to it.

3. This is very risky especially if you will not go to the right doctor. The
procedure entails injecting of toxins to your skin. Not everybody has the same
reaction on those toxins.

4. You have to tell your doctor the vitamins and medicines that you are taking
before undergoing through this. They have to be informed about your body and
your system so that they would know better if you are ready for it or you are
not really fit.

5. If not done properly, instead of removing the unwanted lines, you may end up
having more than what you had before going through it.

6. This is not for sensitive type of skin and veins. Botox includes injections.
The one who will be getting the shots must first make sure that they are ready
emotionally, physically and mentally.

Botox injections for wrinkles must be thought very hard before committing to
the procedure. Once you've done it, there is no turning back and you have to
abide according to what your doctor tells you to do. If you are still at a lost
if you will do this or not, research about this more and after gaining more
knowledge, you will sure be able to decide for the best.

The Different Antioxidants for Wrinkle Treatment

When you hear about wrinkle treatment, what comes first to your mind? If it is
surgery, do not be drastic about it especially if it can still be diminished
through the commercially available products for such cause.

The Antioxidants

Ever heard of the antioxidants? For sure, you have. It is all over the
advertisements. Every product nowadays seems to be claiming antioxidants as
their unique selling proposition or their USP. What is so special about this
feature? Why is it that all of a sudden there is a swarm of products claiming
that they have such?

To give you an idea, antioxidants are the substances which act as scavengers of
the radicals in our bodies that are oxygen-free. These radicals are the
particles which are unstable and can do damage to your cells to the extent of
sun damage and even skin cancers. The more often your skin gets exposed to the
sun, your antioxidants are reduced and therefore must be replaced.

Where can you get these antioxidants? Here's a list that you can go over to
note the products wherein you can get these important substances.

1. Vitamins and Supplements. There are actually antioxidant supplements that
you can take orally that will help prevent or diminish your unwanted lines.
Some researchers found out that taking in a combination of Vitamins C and E
will help lessen the sunburn reactions. But you still must use sunscreens for
more protection.

2. Antioxidant topical products. These include creams, ointments and lotions
that help protect the skin from the sun's damage. The more common antioxidants
you can avail commercially include CoQ10 or the coenzyme Q10, Alpha lipoic
acid, selenium and vitamins A, C and E.

3. Vitamin A. This has proven to be effective in ailing the skin damage caused
by the sun and aging. The more commonly used for this type include retinol,
retinaldehyde and other derivatives like retinoids.

4. Retin-A. This is also known as the Tretinoin. This is a topical product that
has been approved to treat photoaging. You can only buy this if you have
prescription form. The known brands are Avita, Differin and Renova. Such
substance will create a rosy glow on your face and slowly reduce fine lines,
liver spots and roughness of your skin.

5. Retinol. This is a natural form of Vitamin A. This was not made popularly
available until recently. The reason for this is that it used to be easily
seeped through by the UV radiation. But now the formulation is much stable and
can create positive effects to your skin.

There are other medicines and products that will be available in the market to
counter the developing lines which many people do not like to have. Wrinkles
are normal occurrences to people as we age. But if it can still be countered,
then who wouldn't want to take the measures.

Just a caution for pregnant women, it is advisable that you stop the use of any
Vitamin A derivative until you have given birth. Some substances may cause birth
defects, a sample of this would be the oral tretinoin. Stay out of such products
if you are pregnant or even when you are only trying to conceive.

You can continue with your preferred wrinkle treatment after you have given
birth. This way, you will not risk the life on your womb while you can still
look younger after a period of time and you are already given a signal that you
can proceed using the products.

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