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Songs By B.B. King

A New Way Of Driving
A Story Everybody Knows
A Whole Lot Of Loviní
A Woman Donít Care
A World Full of Strangers
A World I Never Made
Accept My Love
Actions Speak Louder Than Words (a.k.a. You Wonít Listen)
Ainít Gonna Worry My Life Any More
Ainít nobody here but us chickens
Ainít Nobody Home
Ainít Nobody Like My Baby
Ainít Nobodyís Bizness
Ainít Nobodyís Bizness (Version 1)
Ainít Nobodyís Bizness (Version 2)
Ainít That Just Like A Woman
All Over Again
All You Ever Give Me Is The Blues
Ask Me No Questions
At Last
B.B.ís Boogie
B.Bís Blues
Baby Get Lost
Baby Look At You
Back In L.A.
Bad Breaks
Bad Case Of Love
Bad Luck
Bad Luck Soul
Be Careful With A Fool
Beautician Blues
Better Not Look Down
Beware, brother, beware
Blind Love
Blues At Midnight
Blues In G
Blues Man
Blues Shadows
Blues Stay Away
Boogie Woogie Woman
Broken Heart
Broken Promise
Business With My Baby Tonight
Buzz Me
Buzz Me (Version 1)
Buzz Me (Version 2)
Bye Bye Baby
Caldonia (Version 1)
Caldonia (Version 2)
Call It Stormy Monday (With Albert Collins)
Canít Get Enough
Catfish Blues
Caught A Touch of Your Love
Chains And Things
Change In Your Loving
Choo choo chíboogie
Come Back Baby
Come By Here
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Confessiní The Blues
Crying Wonít Help You
Dark Is The Night
Darling What Happend
Darliní You Know I Love You
Days of Old
Days Of Old (Version 1)
Days Of Old (Version 2)
Did You Ever Love A Woman
Donít Answer The Door
Donít Change On Me
Donít Get Around Much Anymore
Donít Go No Farther
Donít look Now But Iíve Got The Blues
Donít You Lie
Donít You Want A Man Like Me
Down Hearted
Down Now
Driving Wheel
Drowning In The Sea Of Love
Early Every Morning
Early in the morning
Early In The Morning (Version 1)
Early In The Morning (Version 2)
Everybodyís Had The Blues
Everyday I Have The Blues
Everyday I Have The Blues (Version 1)
Everyday I Have The Blues (Version 2)
Everyday I Have The Blues (Version 3)
Everything I Do Is Wrong
Eyesight To The Blind
Feel Like A Million
Fine Looking Woman
Five Long Years
Five Long Years (Version 1)
Five Long Years (Version 2)
Fool Me Once
Fools Get Wise
Gamblerís blues (w. Johnny Pate)
Get Myself Somebody
Get Off My Back Woman
Get Out Of Here
Ghetto Woman
Glory of Love
Go On
Go Underground
Going Down Slow
Going Home
Gonna Keep On Loving You
Gonna miss you around here
Good Man Gone Bad
Gotíem Bad
Growing Old
Guess Who
Happy Birthday Blues
Hard Working Woman
Heed My Warning
Help The Poor
Help The Poor (Version 1)
Help The Poor (Version 2)
Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing)
Hold On Iím Coming
Hold That Train
How Blue Can You Get
I Can Hear My Name
I Canít Explain
I Canít Let You Go
I Canít Stop Loving You
I Done Got Wise
I Donít Want You Cutting Off Your
I Got To Leave This Woman
I Gotta Find My Baby
I Gotta Move Out Of This Neighborhood
I Have The Same Old Blues
I Just Canít Leave Your Love Alone
I Just Want A Little Bit
I Know
I Know What Youíre Putting Down
I Like to Live the Love
I Love You So
I Need You Baby
I Pity The Fool
I Stay In The Mood
I Wanna Be
I Want To Get Married
I Want You So Bad
I Was Blind
I Wonder Why
If I Lost You
If You Love Me
Inflation Blues
Into The Night
Is you is, or is you ainít (my baby)
It Had To Be You
Itís a great, great pleasure
Itís A Mean World
Itís Just A Matter Of Time
Itís My Own Fault
Itís Still Called The Blues
Iíd Be a Legend In My Time
Iíll Survive
Iím cracking up over you
Iím Gonna Do What They Do To Me
Iím gonna move to the outskirts of town
Iím Gonna Quit My Baby
Iím In The Wrong Business
Iím King
Iím Moving On
Iím Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
Iíve Always Been Lonely
Iíve Got A Right To Love My Baby
Iíve Got Papers On You
Iíve Got Some Outside Help I Donít Need
Jack, youíre dead!
Jump With You Baby
Just A Dream
Just A Little Love
Key To My Kingdom
Key To The Highway
Knock me a kiss
Lay Another Log On The Fire
Let Me Love You
Let Me Make You Cry A Little Longer
Let The Good Times Roll
Let The Good Times Roll (Version 1)

Let The Good Times Roll (Version 2)
Letís Do The Boogie
Letís Get Down To Business
Letís Straighten It Out
Little By Little
Long Nights
Losing My Mind
Love Me Tender
Low Down Dirty Baby
Make Love To Me
Making Me Blue
Makiní Love Is Good For You
Marry You
May I Have A Talk With You
Mean And Evil
Mean Old Frisco
Mean oleí world
Merry Christmas Baby
Midnight Believer
Mistreated Woman
Monday Woman
Mr. Pawnbroker
My Babyís Gone
My Gal Keeps me Cryiní
My Heart Belongs To You
My Silent Prayer
My Sometimes Baby
Never Make Your Move Too Soon
Never Trust A Woman
Night Life
Night Life/Please Send Me Someone To Love
Niji Baby
No Good
No One Ever Tells You
Nobody knows you when youíre down and out
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
On My Word of Honor
One Of Those Nights
Part Time Love
Partiní Time (Youíre Losiní Me)
Past Day
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
Peace Of Mind
Peace Of Mind (Version 1)
Peace Of Mind (Version 2)
Peace To The World
Playing With My Friends
Please Accept My Love
Please Love Me
Please Remember Me
Please Set The Date
Power Of The Blues
Pray For You
Questionaire Blues
Recession Blues
Riding With The King
Rock Me Baby
Roll, Roll, Roll
Ruby Lee
Rusty dusty blues (Mama mama blues)
Same Old Story (Same Old Song)
Saturday night fish fry
Second-Hand Woman
Sell My Monkey
Shake It Up And Go
Shake Yours
She Donít Move Me No More
Sheís A Mean Woman
Sheís Dynamite
Sheís My Baby (a.k.a. Iíve Got A Right To Love My Baby)
Shut Your Mouth
Since I Fell For You
Since I Met You Baby (w. Gary Moore)
Sloppy Drunk
Slowly Losing My Mind
Sneakiní Around
So Excited
So Many Days
Some Day Somewhere
Somebody done changed the lock on my door
Someday Baby
Something Up My Sleeve
Something You Got
Spirit In The Dark
Standing On The Edge
Stop Leadiní Me On
Stormy Monday
Strange Things
Street Life
Sugar Mama
Summer In The City
Sure had a wonderful time last night
Sweet Little Angel
Sweet Little Angel (Version 1)
Sweet Little Angel (Version 2)
Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen (Version 1)
Sweet Sixteen (Version 2)
Sweet thing
Take It Home
Take Off Your Shoes
Teardrops From My Eyes
Telephone Song
Tell Me Baby
Ten Long Years
Ten Long Years (Version 1)
Ten Long Years (Version 2)
That Ainít The Way To Do It
That Evil Child
Thatís How Much You Mean To Me
The Beginning Of The End
The Blues Come Over Me
The Blues Has Got Me
The Fool
The Jungle
The Letter
The Lowdown
The Other Night Blues
The Road I Travel
The Thrill Is Gone
The Woman I Love
The Worst Thing In My Life
The Wrong Road
There Is Always One More Time
Thereís Something On Your Mind
They Canít Take That Away From Me
Think It Over
Three Oíclock Blues
Three Oíclock In The Morning
Time Is A Thief
Time To Say Goodbye
Tired Of Your Jive (from Blues Is King)
To Know You Is To Love You
Tomorrow Is Another Day
Tonight Iím Gonna Make You A Star
Too Good To You Baby (a.k.a. The Wrong Road)
Treat Me Right
Troubles Donít Last
Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
Try A Little Tenderness
Undercover Man
Until Iím Dead And Cold
Waiting On You
Walking Dr. Bill
Walkiní And Cryiní
Watch Yourself
We Canít Agree
We Canít Make It
What A Way To Go
What Can I Do
What You Bet
When It All Comes Down (Iíll Still Be Around)
When Love Comes To Town
When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
Who Are You
Whole Lot Of Loviní
Why Do Everything Happen To Me
Why Do Things Happen
Why I Sing The Blues
Woke Up This Morning (My Babyís Gone)
Womanís Got Soul
Worried Life Blues
Worry Worry
You And Me, Me And You
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
You Donít Know
You Donít Know Me
You Know I Go For You
You Never Know
You Put It On Me
You Shouldnít Have Left Me
You Upset Me Baby
You Wonít Listen
Your Fool
Your Letter
Youíre Breaking My Heart
Youíre Gonna Miss Me
Youíre Losing Me
Youíre On Top
Youíre Still My Woman
Youíve Always Got The Blues
Youíve become a habit to me
Youíve Been An Angel