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78 min.
Robert Wagner, E.G. Marshall, Kathleen Quinlan, Lloyd Nolan, William Windon, Martha Scott, James Gregory. Directed by
Harry Falk.
Cynical detective (Wagner) and Vatican bishop (Marshall) check reports that a mobster's daughter has miraculous powers
and, if so, should be kidnapped by the church. Intriguing combination of religious drama and detective story, compromised
by pedestrian telling. Based on Thomas Patrick MacMahon's THE ISSUE OF BISHOP'S BLOOD. Also called THEY'VE

100 min.
Ted Bessell, LeVar Burton, Cloris Leachman, Dolph Sweet, Cheryl Anderson, Shawn Timothy Kennedy. Directed by Joan
Sensitive drama about the relationship between a camp counselor and a group of severely disabled children. Tewskbury
wrote the teleplay from Ron Jones's book, the title of which refers to the handmade acorn necklaces worn by the
children, who affectionately refer to themselves as nuts. Above average.

100 min.
Ron Howard, Robert Foxworth, Mickey Rourke, Jacqueline Brooks, Sondra West, David Spielberg, Gail Youngs, Mark Kay
Place. Directed by Jud Taylor.
Howard gives a sensitive portrayal of a man on trial for the mercy-killing of his paralyzed brother. Written by Michael
De Guzman from the factual book by Paige Mitchell. Average.

100 min.
Elizabeth Montgomery, James Sloyan, Sean Frye, Roy Poole, Biff McGuire, Linden Chiles. Directed by Paul Wendkos.
Plucky Ms. M in another of her traditional victim roles, showing true grit as a divorced career woman who's gang
mugged. Graphic and, thanks to its leading lady, remarkably arresting. Above average.

100 min.
Daniel J. Travanti, JoBeth Williams, Martha Scott, Richard Masur. Directed by Michael Tuchner.
Compelling drama of true-life couple who, after the kidnap and murder of their child, lobby Congress to permit parents
to use the FBI's national crime computer to help locate missing children. Script by Allan Leicht. Above average.

100 min.
Kurt Ida, Dan Monahan, Brock Peters, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Lurene Tuttle, Mike Mazurki, Jack Kruschen. Directed
by Jack B. Hively.
Huck and Tom again embark on their river escapade with runaway slave Jim in this "Classics Illustrated" interpretation.

200 min.
Michael Beck, Art Carney, Alex Karras, Telly Savalas, Ronny Cox, Will Sampson, Richard Lynch, Robert Davi, John Amos,
Charles Aidman, James MacArthur. Directed by Paul Krasny.
Straightforward prison drama about Clarence Carnes, said to be the youngest man ever sentenced to Alcatraz, and his
decades of planning to escape. Ernest Tidyman's script swings wildly from intelligence to the hilarious simplicity of a
'30s B movie. Carney gives a thoughtful performance as Robert Stroud, the legendary Birdman of Alcatraz, while Savalas
chews up the scenery as a cellblock king. Average.

100 min.
Richard Widmark, Ned Beatty, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Mariclare Costello, Ken Swofford, George Spell, Trish Van Devere.
Directed by Jerry Thorpe.
The provocative forced-busing issue has been molded into a sensitive drama about the tearing apart of friends,
families, and a neighborhood. Widmark gives a fine performance as a judge who must decide the case. Script by William
Blinn. Above average.

73 min.
Robert Young, Eve Arden, Raymnd Massey, Darleen Carr, Judy Strangis, Jerry Fogel, Darrel Larson. Directed by David
Daughters of Judge Charles Raleigh (Young) all decide to get married on the same day. Some amusing incidents. Average.

78 min.
John Rubinstein, Glynnis O'Connor, Brad Savage, Helen Hunt, Dori Brenner, Bill Macy, Jane Withers. Directed by Randal
Fact-based tale of an orphaned college student who has thirty days to prove himself a fit guardian for his younger
brothers and sisters. Inspiring drama. Written by Jeff Andrus and Rubin Carson. Above average.

78 min.
Sally Struthers, James Franciscus, Joanna Miles, Henry Darrow, Larry Gates, Frank Marth. Directed by David Lowell Rich.
A young woman fights for her life against a rare blood disease and an unscrupulous doctor in need of a heart-transplant
donor, but manages to enjoy location beauty of Hawaii. Ludicrous. Below average.


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AMAZONS 1984 100 min. Jack Scalia, Madeline Stowe, Tamara Dobson, Jennifer Warren, Stella Sevens, William Schallart, Leslie Bevis, Peter Scolari. Directed by Paul Michael Glaser. A lady surgeon stumbles onto a secret organization of women trying to take control of the government after one of her patients, an influential congressman, mysteriously dies. The plot's strictly comic book, but director Glaser is intent on dazzling in the manner of an up-and-coming Spielberg, and it's overkill. Below average. AMELIA EARHART 1976 150 min. Susan Clark, John Forsythe, Stephen Macht, Susan Oliver, Catherine Burns, Jane Wyatt, Charles Aidman. Directed by George Schaefer. An intriguing portrait of a unique woman, her private and public careers, and her search for fullfillment as a noted aviatrix. Susan Clark brings the famed flier vibrantly to life as a pioneer in women's lib as well as aviation. Compliments, too, to Carol Sobieski for her excellent screenplay. Above average. AMERICAN DREAM 1981 74 min. Stephen Macht, Karen Carlson, Michael Hershewe, Hans Conried, John McIntire, Scott Brady, Andrea Smith. Directed by Mel Damski. Superior pilot to the unfortunaely short-lived family series about a man who moves with his wife and children from an affluent Chicago suburb to a mixed inner-city neighborhood. Emmy nominations went to director Damski and to writers Ronald M. Cohen, Barbara Corday, and Ken Hecht. Above average. ANATOMY OF A SEDUCTION 1979 100 min. Susan Flannery, Jameson Parker, Rita Moreno, Ed Nelson, Michael LeClair. Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern. Romantic soaper about a frosty divorcee's affair with her busom buddy's college-age son -- who is also her own son's best friend. Average. AND NO ONE COULD SAVE HER 1973 73 min. Lee Remick, Milo O'Shea, Jennie Linden, Frank Grimes, Liam Redmond, Paul Maxwell. Directed by Kevin Billington. Fern O'Neil, a young American newlywed, almost goes crazy when her immigrant husband disappears mysteriously in Ireland, leaving no traces. Written by Anthony Skene. Above average. ANGEL CITY 1980 100 min. Ralph Waite, Paul Windfield, Jennifer Warren, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mitchell Ryan. Directed by Philip Leacock. Stark contemporary drama about migrant workers who find themselves locked in a squalid labor camp. James Lee Barrett's script, from Patricia Smith's book, gives a good cast a gripping story to work with. Above average. ANGEL DUSTED 1981 98 min. Jean Stapleton, Arthur Hill, John Putch, Darlene Craviotto, Percy Rodrigues, Helen Hunt, Patrick Cassidy. Directed by Dick Lowry. Drama about a family crisis: the son goes berserk after smoking marijuana laced with angel dust. Stapleton is a stand-out, working here with her real-life son, John Putch (in his acting debut). Darlene Craviotto, who plays a psychiatrist, wrote the screenplay. Above average. ANY SECOND NOW 1969 97 min. Stewart Granger, Lois Nettleton, Joseph Campanella, Dana Wynter, Katy Jurao, Tom Tully. Directed by Gene Levitt. Professional photographer Dennison (Granger) attempts murder of wife when he realizes she's aware of his infidelity. Above average. THE AQUARIANS 1970 100 min. Ricardo Montalban, Jose Ferrer, Leslie Nielson, Kate Woodville, Curt Lowens, Chris Robinson. Directed by Don McDougall. Fair Ivan Tors production features Montalban as Dr. Luis Delgado, head of scientist/explorer operation using a vessel capable of workng at 15,000 feet below sea level. Written by Leslie Stevens and Winston Miller. Above average. ARCHER -- FUGITIVE FROM THE EMPIRE 1981 100 min. Lane Caudell, George Kennedy, Belinda Bauer, Victor Campos, Kabir Bedi, John Hancock. Directed by Nick Corea. Sword-and-sorcery pilot for a brief series has a young wanderer seeking the sorceror who can help him gain his rightful title. Corea's script stays at comic-strip level. Average. Also known as FUGITIVE OF THE EMPIRE. THE ART OF CRIME 1975 99 min. Ron Liebman, Jose Ferrer, David Hedison, Jill Clayburgh, Eugene Roche, Diane Kagan, Cliff Osmond, Mike Kellin. Directed by Richard Irving. A gypsy antique dealer (Leibman) turns sleuth to clear a friend accused of murder. A busted pilot adopted from Martin Smith's GYPSY In AMBER, this comedy-drama is long on gypsy folklore and short on suspense. Average. ATTICA 1980 100 min. Charles Durning, George Grizzard, Glynn Turman, Anthony Zerbe, Henry Darrow, Joel Fabiani, Roger E. Mosely, Morgan Freeman. Directed by Marvin J. Chomsky. Gripping dramatization by James Henerson of the harrowing Attica Prison uprising of 1971. Taken from Tom Wicker's best-selling account, A TIME TO DIE. Above average. AUNT MARY 1979 100 min. Jean Stapleton, Martin Balsam, Harold Gould, Dolph Sweet, Robbie Rist, Anthony Cafiso, K.C. Marel. Directed by Peter Werner. Inspirational true-life drama drama about Mary Dobkin, a physically handicapped Baltimore spinster who became a legend as a sandlot baseball coach. Stapleton sparkles. Above average. THE AWAKENING OF CANDRA 1983 100 min. Blanche Baker, Cliff DeYoung, Richard Jaeckel, Jeffrey Tambor, Paul Regina. Directed by Paul Wendkos. Dreary psycho drama based on a sinister fisherman's real-life abduction of teenage bride Candra Torres during her camping-trip honeymoon of 1975. Made in 1981. Below average.

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