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Blacklight Bar

100 min.
Loretta Swit, Tyne Daly, Joan Copeland, Al Waxman, Ronald Hunter, Yvette Hawkins. Directed by Ted Post.
Two women undercover cops crack a tough murder case involving a Hassidic diamond broker. An intelligent script and
interesting relationship of the female police partners make this something more than just another cop show. Pilot to
the hit series. Above average.

100 min.
Jane Alexander, Frederic Forrest, David Hemmings, Ken Kercheval, Walter Olkewicz, Talia Balsam. Directed by James
Jane's exceedingly plain Jane is the centerpiece of this spirited feminist outlook of the Old West. No way will this
ever be confused with the Doris Day musical version. Written by Suzanne Clauser. Above average.

78 min.
Martin Sheen, Vic Morrow, Michelle Phillips, Stuart Margolin, Nick Nolte, Janit Baldwin. Directed by Richard Heffron.
Taut, well-made thriller in which psychotic small town sheriff Morrow, who delights in punishing speeders by running
them off hairpin mountain curves, is forced into a high-speed auto duel with Sheen, the hod-rodding brother of one of
the victims, played by Sheen's real-life brother Joe Estevez. Script by Richard Compton. Above average.

73 min.
Connie Stevens, Van Johnson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jim Hutton, Gloria DeHaven, Corbett Monica. Directed by Jerry Paris.
A fraternity house takes on a waitress as housemother and finds itself (and the entire college) in the center of an
intense Women's Lib controversy. Needs a better script. Average.

74 min.
Peter Graves, Stephen McNally, Diana Muldaur, Ina Balin, Michael Ansara, Clu Gulager, Tina Louise. Directed by Tom
An undercover investigator for the Justice Department must rescue an important witness kidnapped by the Mob. Grows
increasingly implausible as the plot unwinds. Average.

150 min.
Lindsay Wagner, Jameson Parker, Dabney Coleman, Andrew Prine, Michelle Pfieffer, James Sloyan. Directed by Waris
A rags-to-riches story of a woman's climb to wealth and power in Texas and her obsessive love for her teenaged son.
Overlong, with a hint or two of kindness; written by best-selling author Thomas Thompson. Average.

78 min.
Leslie Nielsen, John Saxon, Michael Parks, Louise Fletcher, Kathy Cannon, Rutanya Alda, Bill Katt, Kathleen Quinlan.
Directed by Harvey Hart.
Exorcism movie in which Saxon is hired by the parents of Cannon to save her from a fanatical religious commune. An
unspectacular deprogramming drama that unfolds in totally predictable fashion. Below average.

100 min.
William Conrad, Vera Miles, J.D. Cannon, Lynda Day, Earl Holliman. Directed by George McCowan.
An overweight private-eye hired by the wife of an old friend to investigate her husband's murder; the case becomes
linked to small-town corruption. Too many subplots make for confusion after the halfway mark. Above average; pilot for
TV series.

110 min.
Karl Malden, Fritz Weaver, Neville Brand, Fred Gwynne, Johnny Doran. Directed by Harvey Hart.
OK redo of the Kipling classic, with the focus back on Captain Disko Troop (Malden) where it belongs. Young Kahn makes
the rich kid an obnoxious snip. Montalban takes the old Spencer Tracy role which, without Tracy's overpowering
presence, is cut down to size. Adaptation by John Gay. Average.

100 min.
Harvey Korman, Ernest Borgnine, Peter Scolari, T.K. Carter, Stephanie Faracy, Chuck McCann, Graham Jarvis. Directed by
E.W. Swackhammer.
Lackluster comedy about a group of computer-matched carpoolers who stumble across a million dollars and then have to
fight not only each other but gangsters and crooked cops to see who keeps the cash. Average.

72 min.
Stephen Boyd, Robert Hooks, Susan Oliver, Roosevelt Grier, Paul Stewart, Moses Gunn, Richard Pryor. Directed by George
A Southern Army captain is handed a company of all blacks with no prior combat experience to defend a dam during WW2.
Cliched, despite good cast (including young Pryor). Below average.

100 min.
Elizabeth Montgomery, William Daniels, Cliff Potts, Rosemary Murphy, Ronny Cox, Patricia Smith. Directed by Boris Sagal.
A middle-class housewife (Montgomery) reports being raped and finds that her ordeal has only begun, as the personal
humiliations from police, medical personnel, and the courts, and the waning trust from her husband (Cox) make her feel
that she is the guilty one. Sensitively handled by Montgomery and director Sagal, but the script, written by Robert E.
Tompson, keeps veering toward the melodramatic. Above average.

100 min.
Mike Connors, Barry Van Dyke, Gene Evans, Hedley Mattingly, Gary Burghoff, Joseph Cotten, Lynda Day George, Robert
Reed, Barry Sullivan, Sherry Jackson. Directed by Don Chaffey.
A recycling of Blake Edwards' old MR. LUCKY series and a pilot for a prospective new series starring Connors as the
owner of a luxurious hotel/gambling place. Edwards is billed as creative consultant. Average.

72 min.
Meredith Baxter, David Hedison, Gale Sondergaard, Stuart Whitman, Keye Luke, John Carradine, Peter Lorre, Jr. Directed
by Curtis Harrington.
Script by Robert Bloch and good direction combine in an unusual horror tale of a cat goddess possessing victims to gain
access to a gold amulet. Good suspense, above average.

100 min.
Michael Witney, Jan-Michael Vincent, Tony Franciosa, Catherine Burns, David Wayne, Mike Kellin, Anne Baxter. Directed
by Allen H. Miner.
A Seattle policeman and a Harvard grad join forces in locating fugitive runaway husbands and missing children throughout
the U.S. Good locations are the main asset in an otherwise unmemorable drama. Average.

100 min.
Dennis Cole, Susan Sullivan, Ray Milland, Leslie Nielsen, Julie Sommars, James Olson, Lonny Chapman, Sheila Larkin.
Directed by Georg Fenady.
Disaster master Irwin Allen literally scraped bottom with this one, sending a tour party of familiar TV faces into a
cavern with an escaped con and trapping them all in not one but TWO cave-ins. This one gathered dust on the shelf for
more than four years before bieng foisted on viewers. Below average.

73 min.
Scott Glenn, Toshiro Mifune, Donna Kei Benz, Atsuo Nakamura, Calvin Young. Directed by John Frankenheimer.
An entertaining but sometimes pretentious actioner, with American boxer Glenn becoming involved in a conflict between
brothers Mifune and Nakamura over the rights to family swords. Scripted by John Sayles and Richard Maxwell. Exteriors
are mostly in Kyoto; may be of interest to Japanophiles.

100 min.
Darren McGavin, Sean Garrison, Nico Minardos, Anne Baxter, Richard Conte, Farley Granger. Directed by Leslie Martinson.
Top professional racing drivers competing for Grand Prix; off track, for the same girl. Embarrassing script. Below

100 min.
Delta Burke, Jordan Clarke, Richard Lawson, Lynne Moody, Patricia Pearcy, Martha Scott, Mandy Patinkin. Directed by
Karen Arthur.
Unfortunate clone of GONE WITH THE WIND even has a pouty, self-centered Southern belle who looks like Vivian Leigh.
Produced, directed, and written by women, but offers no insights -- feminist or otherwise -- on familiar material.
Below average.

100 min.
Jack Albertson, Adrienne Barbeau, Slim Pickens, Moosie Drier, John Reilly, Pat Cooper, Ann Seymour, Bert Freed.
Directed by Larry Elikann.
Lighthearted family fare about a youngster who helps his retired granddad fulfill a dream of a transcontinental trip in
a hot-air balloon. Average.

100 min.
Clu Gulager, Ralph Bellamy, Stella Stevens, Blair Brown, Pernell Roberts, Christopher Connelly, Tricia O'Neil. Directed
by Richard Michaels.
Lighthearted Western has Gulager, a resourceful private eye of the 1870s, battling those with evil plans for Ms. Brown,
believed to be the long-missing daughter of wealthy rancher Bellamy. Average.

78 min.
Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle, Diana Muldaur, Bo Hopkins, David Ogden Stiers, John
Lehne, Tommy Lee Jones. Directed by John Llewellyn Moxie.
Three attractive female detectives use their wiles to con the killer of a wealthy wine grower into revealing the
whereabouts of the body. Featherweight cop-show-with-a-twist that snowballed into one of the most popular TV series of
the late 70s and began the Farrah Fawcett-Majors phenomenon. Average.

100 min.
Vincent Baggetta, Dennis Franz, Kene Holiday, Jack Kehoe, Craig T. Nelson, Kristoffer Tabori, Gail Youngs. Directed by
Jerry London.
Pilot to the series, interwining lawyer, cop and doctor concepts, created and written by Eric Bercovici and directed by
his SHOGUN associate. Intelligent drama has an innocent man charged with the sniper-wounding of a 10-year-old girl in a
park. Above average.

100 min.
Beau Bridges, Blair Brown, Cristina Rains, David Groh, Eugene Roche, Marj Dusay. Directed by Mel Damski.
Well-acted drama about a young mother who battles to get her children back after her former husband kidnaps them.
Script by Sue Milburn. Above average.

100 min.
Frederic Lehne, Michelle Pfeiffer, Matt Clark, Barbara Barrie, Noble Willingham. Directed by Richard Michaels.
True-life drama of a young man's crusade to provide a family life for homeless youngsters. Average.

100 min.
Shirley Jones, Ina Balin, Beulah Quo, Alan Fudge, Ben Piazza, Lee Pal, Kieu Chinh, Vic Diaz. Directed by John Llewellyn
The story of three women (among them Ina Balin in her own real-life role) who try to evacuate hundreds of Vietnamese 
orphans just before the fall of Saigon. Lovely performance by veteran actress Quo, Blanche Hanalis wrote the teleplay
from Balin's story. Above average.

97 min.
Barbara Feldon, Lance Irwin, Stacey Nelkin, Billy Dee Williams, Olivia Cole, Zohra Lampert, Christopher Ciampa, Stella
Stevens, Fritz Weaver, Greg Mullavey, Carmine Caridi, Mary-Robin Redd, Carmen Zaputa. Directed by Joanna Lee.
Drama about the impact of divorce on youngsters in three socially different families, writtin by director Lee. Average.

100 min.
George C. Scott, Ali MacGraw, Michael Biehn, Denis Lill, David Snell, James Hong. Directed by Robert Day.
American businessman Scott and Chinese-speaking guide MaGraw search for his long-lost son who disappeared during the
Cultural Revolution in China. Good premise bludgeoned by miscasting, and unnecessary star-power. Average.

100 min.
Susan Clark, Mitchell Ryan, Jennifer Warren, Largo Woodruff, Paul Regina, Kathleen Lloyd, Lisa Jane Persky. Directed by
David Greene.
Sudsy drama about a mother and daughter who both must make a decision about the latter's abortion. Average.

100 min.
Mitchell Ryan, Kurt Russell, Andrew Prine, John Carradine, Karen Lamm, Melissa Gilbert. Directed by Jud Taylor.
Coal miners trapped by an underground explosion on Christmas Eve. Mild drama by Dalen Young, taken from real life, but
plays in standard TV fashion like a roadshow WALTONS -- right down to the off-camera narration by a younger member of 
the family and the final shot of their home with the lights going out. Average. Retitled THE CHRISTMAS COAL MINERS 

100 min.
Clifton Davis, Charlaine Woodard, Scoey Mitchell, Mae Mercer, Nell-Ruth Carte, Alaina Reed. Directed by William A.
Original musical updates Cinderella story to Harlem during WW2; delightful concoction from MTM team with a multi-
talented black cast. Above average.

78 min.
Robert Forster, Don Johnson, Ward Costello, Jimmy Dean, Mark Hamill, Susan Sullivan. Diected by Harvey Hart.
Police drama with cops Forster and Johnson searching for a psychotic with a deadly grudge against a country singer.
Below average.

150 min.
David Janssen, Robert Vaughn, Perry King, William Prince, Susan Sullivan, William Daniels, Mickey Rourke. Directed by
Allan Smithee.
A psycho-on-the-loose story, with Janssen (in his last role) as a burned-out columnist and Vaughn as a circulation-
hungry publisher who wants him to turn the killer into Page One news. Janssen's seldom been better; the pseudonymous
director Allan Smithee is actually Jud Taylor. Script by Albert Ruben. Above average.

74 min.
Cliff Gorman, Joan Hackett, Ed Lauter, Colby Chester, Graham Beckel. Directed by John Korty.
A college reunion provides the subtle setting for a sad tale of a dissolving marriage and bittersweet romance;
unresolved ending. Full-blooded characters in an absorbing, realistic melodrama by Lee Kalcheim. Above average.

100 min.
Art Hindle, Robyn Douglass, Ed Lauter, Ralph Bellamy, John Van Dreelen, Mario Roccuzo. Directed by Don Medford.
A biochemist clones himself thirteen times and sends the copies out to fight evil wherever it might exist. Pilot to a
series that itself failed to get cloned. Average.

100 min.
Robert Conrad, Erin Gray, Red West, Daphne Maxwell, Ed O'Bradovich, Ricky Paul, Alex Paez. Directed by Don Medford.
An ex-pro-football star, wounded in Vietnam, volutneers to coach a ragtag team of young incorrigibles from his
wheelchair. Conrad gives another strong performance in this busted pilot. Above average.

100 min.
Dennis Weaver, Karen Grassle, David Ackroyd, Pamela Bellwood, James Spader, Jeffrey Tambor, Richard Venture. Directed
by Paul Wendkos.
Weaver gives a devastating performance as a successful real estate agent who develops a cocaine habit during a
temporary business slump and soon finds his career, marriage and life endangered. Script by Barry Scheider and David
Goldsmith, however, veers toward the melodramatic. Average.

78 min.
Roy Thinnes, France Nuyen, Ward Costello, Zulu, Don Knight, Ian McShane, Eric Braeden, Dennis Patrick. Directed by
Jeannot Szwarc.
Undercover agent Thinnes scours Honolulu to find master spy McShane, hired by a foreign power to steal the formula for
a deadly toxic gas. Assembly-line spy thriller hidden in exotic locales. Below average.

100 min.
Stanley Baker, Leslie Nielsen, Jack Weston, Sheree North, Signe Hasso, Kurt Kasznar, Ricardo Montalban. Directed by
James Goldstone.
A dead man is "rebuilt" to become a Cold War agent. Slick thriller crawling with spies, counterspies and a gum-chewer
named Gannon (Baker) who may or may not have come in from the cold. Stitched together from CHRYSLER THEATRE shows.
Above average.


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CODE RED 1981 74 min. Lorne Greene, Andrew Stevens, Sam J. Jones, Julie Adams, Martina Deignan, Joe Maross, Robert Alda, Burr DeBenning. Directed by J. Lee Thompson. The pilot of Irwin Allen's adventure series about a family of big city firefighters. Average. COFFEE, TEA OR ME? 1973 73 min. Karen Valentine, John Davidson, Michael Anderson Jr., Louise Lasser, Lou Jacobi, Erica Hagen. Directed by Norman Panama. Decent comedy features Valentine as a busy airline stewardess who, through odd circumstance, has two husbands in separate continents. The weak resolution is its only liability. Above average. THE COLD ROOM 1984 95 min. George Segal, Amanda Pays, Renee Soutendijk, Warren Clarke, Anthony Higgins. Directed by James Dearden. A rebellious college girl reluctantly accompanies her estranged writer-father to East Berlin and finds she's entered a time warp, with a hidden dissident in a secret room next to hers and the Gestapo nipping at her heels. Confused, lackadaisical adaptation of Jeffrey Caine's psychological thriller. Made for cable. Average. COLLISION COURSE 1975 100 min. Henry Fonda, E.G. Marshall, Lucille Benson, Lloyd Bochner, Ward Costello, Andrew Duggan, Russell Johnson, John Larch, John Randolph, Barry Sullivan, Richard Loo. Directed by Anthony Page. Fonda is General Douglas MacArthur and Marshall is President Harry Truman in Ernest Kinoy's dramatic reconstruction of events surrounding their clash over methods to end the Korean War. A talky, static blend of fact and speculation. Average. THE COMEBACK KID 1980 100 min. John Ritter, Susan Dey, James Gregory, Doug McKeon, Jeremy Licht, Rod Gist. Directed by Peter Levin. This romantic comedy with a heart features Ritter as a luckless big-league ballplayer who is talked into coaching a gang of underprivileged kids. Sort of a genteel BAD NEWS BEARS. Average. COMPUTERCIDE 1982 100 min. Joseph Cortese, Tom Clancy, Susan George, David Huddleston, Donald Peasance. Directed by Robert Michael Lewis. Lighthearted drama about THE FINAL EYE (the title when filmed in 1977), the last private eye on earth in the mid-1990s unraveling a mystery in a utopian village where a noted scientist has vanished. A busted pilot that gathered dust on a shelf for a number of years -- with good reason. Below average. CONDOMINIUM 1979 195 min. Barbara Eden, Dan Haggerty, Steve Forrest, Ralph Bellamy, MacDonald Carey, Dane Clark, Ana Alicia, Linda Cristal, Elinor Donahue, Don Galloway, Pamela Hershey, Arte Johnson, Jack Jones, Dorothy Malone, Nehamiah Persoff, Stuart Whitman. Directed by Sidney Hayers. Condo sun-and-fun lovers' carefree life (and between-the-sheets activities) are threatened by a killer hurricane. Based on John D. MacDonald's best-selling novel. CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIED MAN 1983 100 min. Robert Conrad, Jennifer Warren, Mary Crosby, Ann Dusenberry, Lance Guest, John Shepherd, Don Gordon. Directed by Steve Gethers. A loving husband and father, facing a mid-life crisis, leaves his family for a younger woman. Average. CONGRATULATIONS, IT'S A BOY 1971 73 min. Bill Bixby, Diane Baker, Jack Albertson, Ann Southern, Karen Jensen. Directed by William Graham. Fairly entertaining vehicle for Bixby as a swinging bachelor confronted by a young man who claims to be his son. Average. CONTRACT ON CHERRY STREET 1977 150 min. Frank Sinatra, Harry Guardino, Martin Balsam, Henry Silva, Verna Bloom, Michael Nouri, Martin Gabel. Directed by William A. Graham. Sinatra's first TV-movie (and first role after his seven-year "retirement") has him well cast as an NYC police officer who takes on organized crime in his own fashion after his partner is gunned down. Aces to this fine thriller, adapted by Edward Anhalt from Philip Rosenberg's book. Above average. COOK & PEARY: THE RACE TO THE POLE 1983 100 min. Richard Chamberlain, Rod Steiger, Diane Venora, Michael Gross, Samm-Art Williams. Directed by Robert Day. The struggles of two famed explorers as they trekked through the Arctic wasteland, each claimng to have reached the North Pole first. Low-key performances by the two leads and starkness of the terrain make for relatively sluggish going. Average. COOL MILLION 1972 100 min. James Farentino, John Vernon, Barbara Bouchet, Jackie Coogan, Christine Belford, Lila Kedrova, Patricia O'Neal. Directed by Gene Leavitt. An international troubleshooter must locate the genuine heiress of a $50 million fortune when her father dies under mysterious circumstances. Fantasy-world entertainment; the pilot for the short-lived series. Retitled MASK OF MARCELLA. COP ON THE BEAT 1975 78 min. Lloyd Bridges, Pat Crowley, Dane Clark, Jim Backus, Dean Stockwell, Della Reese, Janis Paige, Tom Drake, Edie Adams, Don Stroud, Hari Rhodes. Directed by Virgil W. Vogel. Bridges is Joe Forrester, a veteran plainclothes cop who voluntarily returns to uniform duty on his old beat to help solve a series of robbery-rapes in the rundown neighborhood. This evolved from TV's POLICE STORY and served as a brief series for the always reliable Bridges. Average. THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO 1975 100 min. Richard Chamberlain, Tony Curtis, Trevor Howard, Louis Jordan, Donald Pleasence, Taryn Power. Directed by David Greene. Lavish costume drama with Chamberlain quite all right as a swashbuckling Edmond Dantes and Curtis as the villainous Mondego. Sidney Carroll's adaptation of Dumas holds its own against its many predecessors. Average. COUNTRY GOLD 1982 100 min. Loni Anderson, Earl Holliman, Linda Hamilton, Cooper Huckabee, Dennis Dugan, Lee Richardson. Directed by Gilbert Cates. All About Eve with a Nashville touch, as a country singer is "befriended" by a young woman. Cameos by country stars Mel Tillis, Barbara Mandrell, Stella Parton, Box Car Willie, The Bellamy Brothers and others. Average. THE COUPLE TAKES A WIFE 1972 73 min. Bill Bixby, Paula Prentiss, Valerie Perrine, Nanette Fabray, Robert Goulet, Myrna Loy, Larry Storch. Directed by Jerry Paris. A good cast works wonders with an old-style situation: the Hamiltons (Bixby and Prentiss) decide to take on a "second wife," enabling Mrs. Hamilton to continue her professional career. Written by Susan Silver. Above average. THE COURAGE AND THE PASSION 1978 100 min. Vince Edwards, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Don Meridith, Trisha Noble, Linda Foster, Robert Hooks, Monty Hall. Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. Pilot about pilots who test jets and bring their personal problems to C.O. Edwards, who put this one together in hopes of having another hit series. Average. COVER GIRLS 1977 78 min. Jayne Kennedy, Cornelia Sharpe, Don Galloway, Vince Edwards, Sean Garrison, George Lazenby. Directed by Jerry London. Two fashion models combine photo assignments with work as espionage agents. It's CHARLIE'S ANGELS minus one, a rock-bottom rip-off that proves, as Red Skelton once said, "Imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery, it's plagiarism." Below average. COWARD OF THE COUNTY 1981 100 min. Kenny Rogers, Frederic Lehne, Largo Woodruff, Mariclare Costello, Ana Alicia, Noble Willingham. Directed by Dick Lowry. Clyde Ware's script, based on the lyrics of one of Rogers's hit songs, has Kenny as a small-town Southern preacher whose nephew is deemed a coward because he refuses to join the Army during WW2. Average. COWBOY 1983 100 min. James Brolin, Annie Potts, Ted Danson, Randy Quaid, George DiCenzo, Michael Pataki. Directed by Jerry Jameson. A disillusioned teacher forsakes the big-city ghetto for a cattle ranch in this by-the-numbers contemporary Western. Average. THE CRACKER FACTORY 1979 100 min. Natalie Wood, Perry King, Peter Haskell, Vivian Blaine, Juliet Mills, Marian Mercer. Directed by Burt Brinckeroff. Wood shines as a suicidal suburban housewife who's in and out of the asylum throughout this Richard Shapiro adaptation of Joyce Rebata-Burditt's novel. Above average. THE CRADLE WILL FALL 1983 100 min. Lauren Hutton, Ben Murphy, James Farantino, Charlita Bauer, Carolyn Ann Clark, Joe Ponazecki, Elvera Roussel, Peter Simon, Jerry ver Dorn. Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey. Gimmicky suspense drama involving lawyer Hutton, her doctor/lover Murphy, sinister gynecologist Farentino and various members of the long-running daytime soap THE GUIDING LIGHT, with only so-so results. Based on the novel by Mary Higgins Clark. CRASH 1978 100 min. William Shatner, Adrienne Barbeau, Eddie Albert, Brooke Bundy, Christopher Connally, Lorraine Gray, George Maharis, Artie Shaw. Directed by Barry Shear. Another plane goes down with a flight manifesto of TV familiars. This time the tale is based on fact (and covered similarly in the TV movie THE GHOST OF FLIGHT 401): dramatizing the jetliner disaster in the Florida Everglades in Dec. '72 and the rescue of 73 passengers. Average. CRAWLSPACE 1971 74 min. Arthur Kennedy, Teresa Wright, Tom Harper, Eugene Roche, Dan Morgan. Directed by John Newland. A retired couple living in New England take in an odd young man to fill their need for a son; he takes up residence in the house's cellar. A definitely offbeat combination of character study and psychological thriller. Adapted by Ernest Kinoy from Herbert Lieberman's novel. Above average. CRIME CLUB 1973 73 min. Lloyd Bridges, Paul Burke, Cloris Leachman, Victor Buona, Barbara Rush, David Hedison, William Devane. Directed by Lowell Rich. Forgettable mystery with Bridges using the resources of a government-related super-crime organization to determine the cause of death of a friend's son. Average. CRISIS AT CENTRAL HIGH 1981 125 min. Joanne Woodward, Charles Durning, Henderson Forsythe, William Russ, Calvin Levels. Directed by Lamont Johnson. A dramatic recreation of events surrounding the 1957 integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, with a stunning, Emmy-nominated performance by Woodward as teacher Elizabeth Huckaby, who found herself at the center of the tumult. Richard Levinson and William Link based their teleplay on Mrs. Huckaby's journal. Above average. CRISIS IN MID-AIR 1979 100 min. George Peppard, Karen Grassle, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Don Murray, Martin Milner, Fabian Forte, Michael Constantine, Greg Morris. Directed by Walter Grauman. An overage air traffic controller is accused of responsibility for a midair collision. A timely topic unfortunately run off the TV disaster drama assembly line. Average. CRISIS IN SUN VALLEY 1978 100 min. Dale Robinette, Taylor Lacher, Bo Hopkins, Tracy Brooks Swope, John McIntire, Deborah Winters. Directed by Paul Stanely. Predictable adventure tale dealing with a stalwart sheriff and his deputy in a sleepy ski resort who first emerged in THE DEADLY TRIANGLE. The middling action feature actually combines two individual pilot films strung together in hopes of sparking some interest in a series to have been called STEDMAN. Average. CROSSCURRENT 1971 73 min. Robert Hooks, Jeremy Slate, Robert Wagner, Carol Lynley, Simon Oakland, Jose Ferrer, John Randolph. Directed by Jerry Thorpe. Two cops in San Francisco go after the murderer of a cable car passenger. Good cast helps OK thriller; also known as CABLE CAR MURDER. CROSSFIRE 1975 78 min. James Farentino, John Saxon, Patrick O'Neal, Pamela Franklin, Ramon Bieri, Herb Edelman, Lou Frizzell. Directed by William Hale. Undercover cop Farentino infiltrates underworld to learn the source of laundered money being used to corrupt city officials. Fairly conventional and muscular. Average. CRUISE INTO TERROR 1978 100 min. Dirk Benedict, Frank Converse, John Forsythe, Lynda Day George, Christopher George, Ray Milland, Hugh O'Brian, Stella Stevens. Directed by Bruce Kessler. Shipboard terror involving an ancient sarcophagus and some evildoers among the all-star roster. Below average. A CRY FOR HELP 1975 78 min. Robert Culp, Elaine Heilvail, Ken Swofford, Julius Harris, Chuck McCann, Michael Lerner. Directed by Daryl Duke. Cynical radio show host Culp rebuffs a phone-caller threatening suicide, then suspects she may have been serious and frantically tries to locate her with the help of his listeners. Neat initial concept is frittered away in a standard rescue drama. Average. A CRY FOR LOVE 1980 100 min. Susan Blakely, Powers Boothe, Gene Barry, Edie Adams, Lainie Kazan, Charles Siebert, Herb Edelman, Patricia Barry. Directed by Paul Wenkos. An amphetamine addict and a divorced alcoholic meet, fall in love, and try to save each other from self-destruction. Literate drama adapted by Renee Taylor and Joseph Balogna from Jill Schary Robinson's autobiographical best-seller, BEDTIME STORY. Above average. CRY FOR THE STRANGERS 1982 100 min. Patrick Duffy, Cindy Pickett, Lawrence Pressman, Claire Malis, Brian Keith, Robin Ignacio, Jeff Corey, Taylor Lacher. Directed by Peter Medak. Who's stalking the visitors to a scenic Northwest vacation seaport village? It won't be much of a secret to mystery devotees. Below average. A CRY IN THE WILDERNESS 1974 78 min. George Kennedy, Joanna Pettet, Lee H. Montgomery, Colin Wilcox-Horne, Roy Poole, Liam Dunn. Directed by Gordon Hessler. Bitten by a rabid skunk, farmer Kennedy has himself chained inside his barn to protect his family from his future madness., and then discovers that a flood is coming. Kennedy manipulates the audience's terror quotient, while Pettet, as his young, helpless wife, handles the hysteria factor. Average. CRY OF THE INNOCENT 1980 105 min. Rod Taylor, Joanna Pettet, Nigel Davenport, Cyril Cusack, Walter Gottell, Alexander Knox. Directed by Michael O'Herlihy. An aging former Green Beret vows to find the reason for a plane crash that killed his family as they vacationed in Ireland in this original Frederick Forsyth suspenser scripted by Sidney Michaels. Above average. CRY PANIC 1974 78 min. John Forsythe, Earl Holliman, Ralph Meeker, Anne Francis, Claudia McNeil, Norman Alden. Directed by James Goldstone. Forsythe plays a salesman caught in a personal nightmare after he accidentally kills a drunk with his car, and the body has disappeared. Modest little suspense drama. Average. CRY RAPE 1972 73 min. Andrea Marcovicci, Peter Coffield, Greg Mullavey, Joseph Sirola, James Luisi, Anthony Costello, Lesley Woods. Directed by Corey Allen. Two stories in one: first, the problems, indiginities and frustrations in reporting rape to the authorities; then, standard cops-chasing-suspects fare. Uneven but well done. Average. CUTTER 1972 73 min. Peter DeAnda, Cameron Mitchell, Robert Webber, Barbara Rush, Janet MacLachlan. Directed by Richard Irving. Location shooting in Chicago can't help this laughable black detective story with DeAnda starring as a private eye searching for a missing pro football quarterback. Average.

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