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"The Must-Watch Movies of the 70's"
The 1970s is perhaps the finest of decade in the American movie history. Movies were shot around this time, and these movies
have managed to capture the attention of Tuner Classic Movies fans all across the globe. They make you feel nostalgic of the
gone-by days. But that's fine because we are in a completely different era. Movies are now aided by complex graphics and
animations. But despite this, a big segment of the population still goes back to the media libraries to dig into the 1970s movies. If you are a fan of classic movies, you should probably pay attention to this list. Or else, just explore other means of
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to play and what to ignore. The choice is yours to make. 1. Star Wars: A New Hope In this movie, a character known as Princess Leia suffers a big setback since she is arrested by evil forces who aggressively
force their way into the galactic empire. But as soon as these evil forces capture the cute princess, Luke Skywalker and Han
Solo join forces to rescue her and restore peace and sanity in the empire. 2. Apocalypse Now This movie is all about soldiers fighting in the height of the Vietnam War. During this period, Captain Benjamin is sent to fulfill
a dangerous mission which has never existed anywhere in the world. The mission's main purpose is to locate and kill the
mysterious colonel Walter Kurtz. This colonel was responsible for masterminding wars in the enemy territory. 3. Alien Alien was released in 1979, and its title suggests that the movie is about alien activities. On its way back to earth, a space
ship picks up a distress signal coming from a distant planet. This leads to a 3-member exploration team getting sent to that
planet. They discover a chamber which contains thousands of eggs. However, as the exploration continues, a creature
emerges from the eggs to attack one of the explorers. Then it implants itself on the unfortunate host only for it to undergo a
re-birth. All hell breaks loose when the explorers have to survive by outsmarting the creatures. 4. Scenes From a Marriage This movie tells an interesting story of a marriage between a college professor and a divorce lawyer. In those 10 years of
staying together, the couple underwent different stages in their marriage which ultimately led them to live a life of detachment
from each other. At first, they claimed that their marriage was better than that of their friends' Peter and Katrina who often fought
after taking alcohol. However, regardless of whether they love or hate each other - of which there is a fine line between, these
couples finally come to the understanding that they should relate as strangers. It's one of the best drama and romance movies
that was shot in 1973. 5. China Town China Town involves a story of a private detective who was investigating an adultery case. Sadly, he ended up stumbling on a
scene involving murder, and this death had to do with water. The rest of the scenes unfolded into mystery since they had to solve
a puzzle at the end of it all. There are several movies that were released between 1970 and 1979. This is just a highlight of some of the most interesting
movies that were shot at the time. Every list of popular 1970s movies has them intact, and that's a good sign that these movies
gained the respect they deserved.
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