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The Rise of Canadian Gambling is a Rock 'n' Roll Story to Behold

Hard Rock Casino

Canada has progressed a long way in 40 years as they have hustled and bustled through periods of illegal gambling houses, through to famous dance halls which entertained with a selection of games, to now their very own Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver.

The rise of Canadians gambling circuit took many knocks on the way up so let's see how it came out champ in the end.

Hard Times and Secret Hot Spots

We all have an inner 70s child forever reminding us that the decades which proceeded went all pear-shaped. If you're gambling lover then you might think twice about the glamorous side of casinos during the run-up to the 70s and during. Be thankful that in today's modern digital age you can pluck any casino out of thin air through sites such as where they hold the current best online casino sites for Canadian. Wind the time back 40-plus years and it's something wholly different.

In the build-up to the 1970 gambling was hush, hush and kept for those that knew where to find it. If you've ever seen Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant, then you get the vide surrounding the scene. This was the era of loan-sharks and broken ankles if you didn't strike it lucky. To think that at this very stage the country of Canada had only been around for 100 years!

The birth of the nation in 1867 saw it's outlawing of gambling only 30 years later. Soon after laws were loosened for charitable purposes. Bingo and the odd raffle helped the nation to grow. In 1925 events and fairs crumbled under pressure and laws then permitted the allowance of gambling within.

We jump forward into 1974 where the country is holding its first lottery to fund the Montreal Olympics. The penny did finally dropped!

Casino Scene

From Vaudeville Shows to Rock Concerts

One of the cornerstones to the movement was Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall. Opening in 1971 and permitting audiences and members to partake in a series of games amongst the other entertainment features of vaudeville shows and getting drunk. This casino was a modern day salon where all antics took place all within the same room. Dancing, drinking and betting. The site remains to this day and is protected by the Municipal Heritage Site.

The year is now 2001, some 30-years later and Vancouver open the doors to Hard Rock Casino, the mega-franchise that worships not only the gods of rock but also the almighty dollar.

The casino is pretty much in the same vein as Gertie's though perhaps less chaotic. You have drinks, entertainment and gambling but in their own classed areas. Heroes of the 70s music scene also make an appearance. Upcoming shows will present Supertramp's Roger Hodgson to the stage.

The stage was always seeming set to have casinos as a major building block to bring Canada from where it was to where it now it. Money talks and not close by someone sings a song, you couldn't get more Canadian.  

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