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Deep Cuts
The Strawbs

Oyster Oy-1-1603
Released: October 1976
Chart Peak: #144
Weeks Charted: 5

The Strawbs exhibit so many unfashionable traits that only their timeless tastefulness has saved their last few releases. The flowery melodrama of David Cousins' lyrics doesn't compare favorably with the feverish phrases of today's hard-nosed street poets, nor does the power of his oratorical, affected singing seem as sophisticated as it did just a few years ago. For every cleverly seductive rocker, Cousins comes up with a simpering, string-heavy ballad that amplifies the already irritating feyness of his vocals. Yet Deep Cuts is ultimately quite enjoyable -- the band knows the charms of classy folk-rock and plays with inspired competence.

Original Album
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Producers Rupert Holmes and Jeffrey Lesser reveal their respect for the group's style in their surprisingly light-handed production. David Lambert's guitar phrases have never been so succinct as on "My Friend Peter" and "Hard, Hard Winter," which almost compensates for his exclusion as a songwriter. Though soft rock is by no means a booming genre, the Strawbs continue to possess enough integrity to remain its most eloquent exponents.

- Teri Morris, Rolling Stone, 11/18/76.

Bonus Review!

Group has been around for some years now going through various labels and personnel changes. But under leader Dave Cousins, it still carries on the finest traditions of lighter English pop/rock. Interesting melody lines, literate lyrics, and right-on instrumental breaks are all abundant here. Best cuts: "I Only Want My Love To Grow In You," "Turn Me Round," "The Soldier's Tale," "Simple Visions."

- Billboard, 1976.

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