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1. Origins of AC/DC
2. Members of AC/DC -  Past & Present
3. Atlantic Records Bio's of band members
4. Angus' age.
5. Bon Scott - Pre AC/DC
6. Brian Johnson - Pre AC/DC
7. Bon Scott - How he died
8. Brian Johnson - How he became AC/DC's singer
9. What other bands have members of AC/DC been in, and what other albums
   have they played on?


1. US LP Discography
2. Remastered US CD releases - 1994
3. Australian LP's with different tracks than US 
4. German LP's with different tracks than US
5. Rare AC/DC songs
6. AC/DC Videos
7. AC/DC Books
8. AC/DC Multimedia
9. AC/DC Bootlegs
10. AC/DC Fanzines
11. AC/DC Tributes


1. 1991 Tour Set Lists
2. What's the Jack about?
3. Why wasn't Malcolm on the 1988 tour?   
4. What kind of guitars do Angus and Malcolm play?
5. Is 'Who Made Who' an AC/DC Greatest Hits cd?
6. What are some WWW (World Wide Web) sites for AC/DC?   
7. What is Bon saying at the end of High Voltage?
8. What are "Lurex Socks"?
9. Does AC/DC do a version of "My Favorite Things"?
10. Are those real bagpipes on 'It's A Long Way To The Top'?
11. Where did AC/DC get their name?
12. Does Malcolm play lead guitar on any AC/DC songs?
13. Is Rosie in the song 'Whole Lotta Rosie' a real person?
14. Is Ruby in the song 'Go Down' a real person?
15. Why does Angus wear the schoolboy suit?
16. Wasn't there supposed to be an AC/DC comic book from Marvel?   
17. What is Bon saying at the end of 'Night Prowler'?
18. Is there a version of 'Back In Black' with Bon on vocals?
19. Who are the "Dutch Damager" and the "Gorgeous Glaswegian" credited
    on the 'Flick Of The Switch" album?
20. Are Dave Evans and Mark Evans related?
21. Why did Dave Evans/Mark Evans/Phil Rudd/Simon Wright/Chris Slade
    leave the band?
22. Did I hear some AC/DC lyrics in the movie "Mad Max"?
23. What is the "smoke" that Bon refers to in "Ain't No Fun..."?
24. I really like the sound that Vanda & Young got on the early AC/DC
    albums. Did they produce any other Australian hard rock bands at 
    the time that I might like?
25. Brian Johnson and Jackyl?
26. Who are the nephews of the Young brothers that are in rock bands?
27. What does Bon say on the live version of "The Jack" from IYWBYGI?
28. Brian and Cliff rocking in Florida?
29. What bands have been support acts for AC/DC?
30. What's this about an AC/DC postage stamp?
31. AC/DC's original singer has a new cd?
32. AC/DC did a version of the Little Richard song Lucille?
33. So how many songs came out of the Stiff Upper Lip sessions?


1. Origins of AC/DC

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]   
   AC/DC formed in late 1973 in Sydney, Australia. They played their first 
gig on New Years Eve at Sydney's Chequers nightclub. The band consisted 
of Malcolm Young, Angus Young, drummer Colin Burgess, bassist Larry Van 
Knedt, and vocalist Dave Evans. Malcolm decided to form the band after 
spending a couple of years in the Newcastle band Velvet Underground 
(not the US band). AC/DC released one single with Evans as singer "Rockin'
In The Parlour/Can I Sit Next To You Girl".
   AC/DC went through several lineup changes during their 
formative period, the most important was when Bon Scott went from being 
the bands driver, to their singer, in 1974. He replaced Dave Evans, who
apparently was a bit too "glam" for the Youngs. 

2. Members of AC/DC - Past & Present

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]   

Guitar:         Malcolm Young           1974 - present
                Angus Young             1974 - present
                Stevie Young            1988 (on tour)

Vocals:         Dave Evans              1974
                Bon Scott               1974 - 1980
                Brian Johnson           1980 - present

Bass:           Larry Van Knedt         1974
                Rob Baily               1974
                Bruce Houwe             1974
                George Young            1974
                Malcolm Young           1974 - 1975
                Mark Evans              1975 - 1977
                Cliff Williams          1977 - present

Drums:          Colin Burgess           1974
                Rob Carpenter           1974
                Peter Clack             1974
                Bon Scott               1974
                Tony Kerrante           1974 - 1975
                Phil Rudd               1975 - 1983
                Simon Wright            1983 - 1989
                Chris Slade             1989 - 1994
                Phil Rudd               1995 - present

3. Atlantic Records Bio's of band members

Here's biographies of the band members that Atlantic printed in music 
books published in the 1979/1980 timeframe. These are from the
record company, so take them with a grain of salt:

Angus Young - Born March 31, 1959 [note: see item 4, "Angus' Age"]
(Aries the Ram) in Glasgow, Scotland. Angus and his brother Malcolm
co-founded AC/DC almost ten years ago. On stage Angus still wears his
schoolboy uniform (shorts and striped socks included), while playing
a superb electric guitar. He's especially well known for his vivid 
onstage mannerisms - he won't miss a note while roaming, falling, 
kicking, running, writhing, and sweating...a complete showman! Angus
co-authors all of AC/DC's music with Malcolm and Bon.

Bon Scott - Born July 9, 1946 (Cancer the Crab) in Kirnmuir, Scotland.
Ronald Belford Scott, the prolific writer of AC/DC's lyrics, had been
with various rock and R&B groups as singer/drummer before joining AC/DC.
In addition to playing, Bon worked as a chauffeur for other groups. It
was in this later capacity that he first met the other members of AC/DC,
who felt he sang better than he drove! Bon is responsible for touching
our hearts with such tributes as "The Jack" and "Whole Lotta Rosie" while
developing into one of the best frontmen in rock.

Malcolm Young - Born January 9, 1953 (Capricorn the Goat) in Glasgow. 
Often called the innovator and "brains" behind AC/DC, Malcolm plays
airtight powerchord rhythm guitar. The other band members have nicknamed
him "Riffmaker", since his writing talent has been largely credited with 
supplying AC/DC with its inimitable, intense sound. Malcolm played with
several bands in Sydney (the family having emigrated to Australia) while
waiting quite literally - for Angus to finish school so they could form
their band.

Phil Rudd - Born May 19, 1954 (Taurus the Bull) in Melbourne, Australia.
Phil releases his tensions by drumming. He received his early musical 
training in local Melbourne bands before taking up with AC/DC. Phil is
also car-crazy, and he holds various certificates from England's Brand 
Hatch race track. His obsessions with automobiles extends to driving the
band around when on tour, and he even carries a portable electric road-
racing set with him (which has been set up in Holiday Inns across the 
globe). "Driving" also describes Phil's drumming, and his expert stickwork
provides the rhythmic backbone for AC/DC.

Cliff Williams - Born December 14, 1949 (Sagitarius the Archer) in Romford,
England. Cliff is the newest member of AC/DC. He was chosen over 50 other 
bass players at auditions held in London last year. In the past he has 
performed with such British groups as Home and Bandit. Angus says he was
selected not for his musical ability, but because his good looks would be
sure to bring in women -  a pastime the entire band shares enthusiastically.

Brian Johnson - Born October 5, 1947 (Libra the Balance) in Newcastle,
England. Brian, formerly of the English 70's rock band Geordie, fits
comfortably into the group as its lead vocalist and newest member. His
Northeastern England accent, wild humor and cap are already trademarks,
along with his heavy, raw edged vocals to which the crowds have given
rousing approval.

4. Angus' Age

[Info taked from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]   

Angus's year of birth was publicized as 1959 to play into the schoolboy
image. This would have made him 15 years old when the band formed in
1974. However, his real year of birth is 1955. He did leave school at the 
age of 15, but didn't join AC/DC until 1973, when he was 18.

5. Bon Scott - Pre AC/DC

*************Here's the liner notes from a compilation of***************
                      pre-AC/DC Bon Scott music.

[Thanks to Steve Rhoads ]

Bon Scott Seasons Of Change 1967-1972 

Raven Records
P.O. Box 92
Camberwell 3124

  Here are the tracks:

  1) To Know You Is To Love You [Spector]
  2) She Said [Young] (George Young of Easybeat, older bro' of Angus & Malc)
  3) Everyday I Have To Cry [Alexander]
  4) I Can't Dance With You [Marriott-Lane]
  5) Peculiar Hole In The Sky [Vanda-Young]
  6) Love Makes Sweet Music [Ayers]
  7) I Can Hear The Raindrops [Lovegrove-Ward]
  8) Why Me? [Lovegrove-Ward]
  9) Sooky Sooky [D. Covey]
  10) Getting Better [Scott-Milsom]
  11) Ebeneezer [Price-Taylor]
  12) Hoochie Coochie Billy [Lovegrove-Ward-Milsom]
  13) My Old Man's A Groovy Man [Vanda-Young]
  14) Nick Nack Paddy Wack [Lovegrove-Scott-Junko-Cooksey-Beach-Milsom]
  15) Julliette [Milsom-Ward-Scott]
  16) Annabelle [Jurd-Bisset]
  17) Welfare Boogie [Fraternity]
  18) Hemming's Farm [Fraternity]
  19) Sommerville R.I.P. [Howe-See]
  20) Getting Off [Jurd]
  21) If You Got It [Fraternity]
  22) Seasons Of Change [Robinson-Johns]
  23) interview with David Day of 5Ka in Adelaide

Bon Scott The Early Years 1968-1972
  Tracks 1-15 The Valentines 1967-1970
  Tracks 16-22 Fraternity 1970-1972
  Tracks 1-9 produced by Martin Clarke
  Tracks 10-22 produced by Image Records & Hamish Henry
  Original Sound Recordings made by Clarion Records/Raven Records (Australia)
  Copyright 1988 See-For-Miles Records LTD.
  SEE CD247
  (I don't know if the label is owned by Sam See, a former member of 
   Fraternity.  I wouldn't put it past someone to cash in on their 
   relationship w/ Bon though)

CD insert:

  Valentines  1967-1970
    Bon Scott- Vocals
    Vince Lovegrove- Vocals
    John Cooksey- Bass
    Wyn Milsom- Lead Guitar
    Ted Ward- Rythym Guitar
    Doug Lavery- Drums*
    (* replaced by Paddy Beach, 1969)

  Fraternity 1971-73
  Bon Scott- Vocals
  Bruce Howe- Bass
  Mick Jurd- Lead Guitar
  John Bisset- Keyboards
  John Freeman- Drums
  'Uncle' John Ayres- Harmonica
  Sam See- Slide Guitar, Piano

 Ask the average Australian to name some famous people who have come from
Perth and the chances are that they'll name either sports stars or business
tycoons.  Yet one of Perth's adopted sons was for a while in the late '70s
every bit as much a crowd puller as those sports stars.  As lead singer of
AC/DC Bon Scott would regularly perform to thousands of people each night
in the stadiums and concert halls of America and Europe.  But it's a long
way to the top in the world of rock and roll and Bon Scott's road to the
top began with the Perth band the Valentines in 1966.

  The Valentines got together around the middle of 1966.  Their initial
linup was Bon Scott and Vince Lovegrove sharing vocal duties, Ted Ward
on rythym guitar, Bruce Abbott on bass guitar, Wyn Milson on lead guitar,
and drummer Warrick Findlay.  In Scott and Lovegrove they had two dynamic
focal points and within just weeks of their live debut they had crowds
flocking to their shows at such venues as Canterbury Court and the 
Swanbourne Surf Livesaving Club (affectionately known as the Swanbourne

  It didn't take long for their popularity to come to the notice of Martin
Clarke who operated Perth's only record label in the 1960's, Clarion.  The
Valentines were duly signed to Clarion in March 1967 and released their
first single a couple of months later, still less than a year since they
formed.  That single comprised of Arthur Alexander's "Everyday I Have To
Cry" backed with "I Can't Dance With You", a song from one of England's
fastest rising groups of the time, the Small Faces.  The record, naturally
enough, sold very well in Perth, reaching the Top 5.

  Single No.2 was released in August 1967.  The top side was a Stevie
Wright/George Young (Easybeats) composition entitled "She Said".  Although
similar in some ways to areas that the Beatles were then exploring, the 
single failed to capture the record buying public's imagination and only
made the lower end of the Perth charts.

  Nevertheless the 3rd single for Clarion was released in February 1968.
"I Can Hear The Raindrops" and "Why Me?" were both Lovegrove/Ward 
compositions.  Promoted as a double A side release the record made number
30 on the Perth charts but once again failed to chart elsewhere.

  Despite a report in April 1968 that the Valentines were to join the
Sunshine label, this move never eventuated.  Their fourth and final single
for Clarion was released some three months later, and once again it was a
composition from the Easybeats camp.  "Peculiar Hole In The Sky" was written
by Harry Vanda and George Young and produced on Martin Clarke's behalf by
Paul Aulton.  The flip side "Love Makes Sweet Music" was origially the only
single ever released by avant-guarde British The Soft Machine.  It was
brought to the Valentine's attention by Stan Rofe, the doyed of Melbourne
disk jockeys in the latter half of the 1960's.

  Represented on this disc are those four singles as well as a previously
unreleased track, "Sooky, Sooky".  In 1970 they broke up.  After changes
in line-up Bon went on to Fraternity and later to AC/DC.  Vince worked
as a writer for pop music weekly before moving on to become a contributor
to a current affairs television programme.  More recently he was manager
of the Divinyls before parting company with them in 1986.

  In their heyday the Valentines were dismissed as being blatantly
"Bubblegum", a label they were quick to dismiss.  Listen to this album,
judge for yourselves.  Hopefully the next time someone metions the word
Valentine you won't think of February 14th but you will think of some
fine music from the late 1960's [sic].

     Alan Mannings

******************More Liner Notes*************************

[Thanks to Doug Fierro ]

I ran across a CD recently titled "Bon Scott- The early Years 1968-1972" and
of course I had to buy it. This is a CD, not vinyl (more info about it below)

  I don't know how many of you hear stuff from The Valentines, Bon Scott's 
first big band in Australia, but it sounds NOTHING like AC/DC.  The music
is categorized as "bubble-gum" 60s music, which is right about on mark.
Stumbling across the music on this CD is like digging up old pictures of
your parents wearing hideous clothing when they were younger.  The music
from Fraternity is better though. 

 The CD contains two written pieces, the second posted by Steve Rhoads 
here a while ago.  It also has an interview of Bon Scott by David Day from 
5KA in Adelaide, Australia (any Oz natives know if that station still
exists?); Bon was pretty drunk and it wasn't a long interview anyway.

Liner notes by Glenn A. Baker

I  encountered  Bon  Scott a number  of times  during  the 70's and each
meeting served to increase my incredulity that performer's  public image
could be so at odds with his real  personality.  Bon  really was a sweet
man.  He was warm,  friendly and  uncommonly  funny.  He did not breathe
fire,  pluck  wings  off flies or eat  children  whole.  And  while  his
daunting stage persona of lacivious  leers and blood  curdling howls was
by no means fraudulent, it was most certainly a professional  cloak that
could be worn at convenient moments.

When Bon had replaced  Dave Evans as leader of AC/DC at the end of 1974,
he was already a bona-fide Oz Rock veteran, with two stints in prominent
hit bands under his belt.  In one he had been a fluffy,  gossamered  pop
idol, in the other a cosmic, hirsute, heavily philosophical  hippie.  By
the time he climbed into working class denim he must have been suffering
no  small  identity   crisis.  Yet  he  was  never  anything  less  than
convincing in any of his musical roles.

A  rough'n'tumble  Scotsman,  Bon first came to  prominence  in  Perth's
hottest 60's pop sensations, The Valentines.  Like Adelaide's Twilights,
the band  fronted  two lead  singers  - Bon and Vince  Lovegrove  (later
manager of the Divinyls)- and was adept in the manipulation of screaming
teenies.  After some rudimentary recordings for Perth's Clarion label in
1967-68, The Valentines  moved base to Melbourne  where they joinged the
Zoot and New Dream as frontrunners in a bubblegum pop boom.

Yet, although there was an undeniable chirping  commerciality  about the
Valentines  Melbourne  recordings,  there was also a solid, rocking base
which rendered them appealing and more than  credible.  The band cut six
tracks  for Ron  Tudor's  June  Productions,  which  were  leased to the
Philips  label.  Two of those  six  (which  constitute  side one of this
record) - Harry  Vanda & George  Young's "My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man"
and the original  Juliette-  became moderate  national hits.  The latter
was an early example of Bon's strong, expressive voice.

At the dawn of the 70's rock music was becoming  inexorably  'heavy' and
the days of bands like the Valentines were obviously numbered.  Not even
a  heavily-publicised  drug bust could rescue the band's limp image.  By
the  middle  of  1970 it was  all  over  and Bon was in  Sydney  putting
together a new band with remnants of Levi Smith's Clefs.  Fraternity was
a  quantum  leap for the  adaptable  singer,  who grew a  beard,  donned
leather sandals and no doubt developed a taste for brown rice.

Offered  management and financial  support by  businessman  Hamis Henry,
Fraternity  moved to South Australia where, as Vince Lovegrove  reported
in Go-Set  magazine  in June  1971,  the  lived  "like no other  band in
Australia,  in a  house  in the  hills  17  miles  from  Adelaide.  It's
surrounded  by seven acres of  bushland.  They're  from  everything  but
nature.  What a buzz!  Once a week  they  come  into the  city to have a
meeting with their  management  and collect  their pay.  They only leave
their pad to play gigs.

"Bon Scott,  vocalist,  recorder and timbala  player, is constantly in a
dream world of his own but he's having a ball.  He says:  'The point is,
the dollar sign is not the ultimate.  We want to try and help each other
develop  and  live.  So that  the  thing  inside  of us,  whether  it be
creative or not, is  satisfied.  Something  makes us tick and it's up to
people to  satisfy  that  something.  We are  satisfying  ourselves  and
others by creating an environment."

Fraternity took their  environment back to Sydney at regular  intervals.
Although  well received  live, their cosmic  recordings  on the Adelaide
independent  label Sweet Peach (notably the album Livestock) made little
impact.  Guitarist  John Robinson  wrote the brooding  Seasons of Change
for them but it was the  version  by his own band,  Blackfeather,  which
cracked the charts.

Even their unexpected win of the all-important Hoadley's National Battle
Of  The  Sounds  in  1971  failed  to  assist   their  chart   fortunes.
"Fraternity came on and nearly rocked  themselves off stage and half the
audience nearly rocked themselves onto the stage" reported Go-Set of the
Grand Final.  "Superb harmonica and superb vocals by that guy out of the
old Valentines.  What's his name again?...oh you know him."

Fraternity  left  Sweet  Peach  late in 1971, cut some  singles  for the
independent  Raven label (no relationship to this fine imprint) and then
put  down a  second  album.  The  powerful  Flaming  Galah  was a  whole
different kettle of fish.  The metaphysical meanderings had largely been
replaced by solid,  thumping  rock and Bon Scott was able to give a hint
of the sort of  tempest  he would  command  in AC/DC a couple  of  years

During  1972,  Fraternity  took  advantage of their Battle of the Sounds
prize and  travelled  to London.  From there they worked in Britain  and
Europe,  although  little is known  about this time.  Shortly  after the
band's  return to Adelaide in 1973, Bon  suffered  severe  injuries in a
motorcycle  accident.  Fraternity continued on with a new formation that
happened to include John 'Swanee' Swan and his brother Jimmy Barnes, but
that's another story.

By 1974,  Bon was  healed  and  healthy,  and  working  in  Sydney as an
occasional roadie for AC/DC, an interesting new band formed by Angus and
Malcolm Young, junior siblings of Easybeat George Young, the man who had
penned three tracks  recorded by The  Valentines  in the 60's.  When the
band's vocalist went off to form Rabbit, widely  experienced  Bon seemed
the logical replacement.

From the first day that Bon trod the boards  with  AC/DC,  there was not
the  slightest  cloud of  suspicion  that the outfit  would not turn the
world  upside  down  with  their  rib-crushing,  blood  curdling,  brain
damaging, skin blistering, no bullshit rock'n'roll.  Throughout the next
five  years.  AC/DC's  vision  of rock to  fight,  fuck  and  drink  by,
survived   unscathed.  Single   handedly   they  led  an   international
renaissance of power rock, though none of their copyists ever aspired to
even a hint of the awesome global  popularity that Acca Dacca  commanded
(indeed still do) among working class kids.

Bon failed to survive his own  indulgent  life-style.  He was found dead
in a parked car, after a bout of  drinking,  on February  20, 1980.  His
seeming  indestructability was, like much of the rock lifestyle, a myth.
Nobody who ever knew him will easily forget him.

***************Info on a pre AC/DC compilation cd***************

[Thanks to Scott Swanson ]

I noticed that I own something which you did not list in your
discography of Bon Scott's pre-AC/DC career.  It's called "Bon Scott With
The Spektors" and it's a CD E.P. released in 1992 by See For Miles Records
(SEACD 6).

The Spektors were Bon's first major band (this was about 1966), before he
joined The Valentines-- Bon played drums and also sang.  This CD contains
The Spektors only known recordings, all from a television broadcast.  
The track listing is as follows:
        1.  Gloria (lead vocal: Bon Scott)
        2.  On My Mind (drums: Bon Scott)
        3.  Yesterday (Bon Scott does not play drums or sing lead vocals on
this, but he *may* have sang backing vocals)
        4.  Interview with Vince Lovegrove, co-founder and co-lead vocalist
of The Valentines (by Alan Mannings)-- the interview lasts 23 minutes and
contains sound clips of several Valentines songs
        5.  Gloria*
        6.  On My Mind*
        7.  Yesterday*
*the last 3 songs are the same as the first 3 except that they include the
announcer's introduction and crowd applause

P.S.  Also, the album titled "Bon Scott w/the Valentines - The Early Years"
isn't actually an album (it's a CD E.P.)

*************Info on new Bon Scott single*****************

[The following info is taken without permission from the website of
 Head Office Records - '']

BON SCOTT 'Round And Round And Round'

   Bon's back! Two new songs, three tracks. one CD single
 - released October-20 - the closest thing you're ever likely to 
hear to the solo album he talked about but never got the chance to 
complete. Now re-produced for the Nineties.

"Round And Round And Round" and "Carey Gully" are the last two songs 
Bon Scott committed to tape a month before joining AC/DC and the only 
released from a three year period in his career between Fraternity's 
"Flaming Galah" in April 1972 and AC/DC's "Baby Please Don't Go" in 
March 1975.

In their original form, the tracks are genuine Australian long lost 
'Basement Tapes", recorded a few months after Bon's motorbike 
accident. Recently re-discovered, both "Round And Round And Round" 
and "Carey Gully" have been extensively reworked to create musical 
pieces which the project's collaborators believe Bon would have been 
proud of.

As an occasional member of The Mount Lofty Rangers, a South Australian 
collective of creative artists and musicians, Bon Scott recorded these 
two compositions by the group's musical director Peter Head in July 

Peter Head recently teamed up with producer Ted Yanni, another old 
friend of Bon's. Using the best technology available, Ted isolated 
the original vocal track from "Round And Round". and then over many 
months rebuilt an entirely new backing to the song, so it sounds as 
though it was recorded today rather than yesterday The original 
version is also included on the CD single. It features former members 
of Headband and Fraternity.

"Carey Gully", a lilting country-flavoured ballad has been tastefully 
augmented with strings - the Classically Blue String Quartet. The 
song celebrates the Mount Lofty Rangers' stomping ground at the time, 
then home to one of South Australia's leading artists. Vytas Serelis, 
whose stunning photo portraits grace the CD cover.

The whole project has been achieved by many people - musicians and 
technicians donating time, talent and studios in order to pay tribute 
to an old friend. The result is one of the best recordings available 
by Bon Scott displaying a side to his vocal ability that wasn't as 
evident in subsequent releases.

"Round And Round And Round" is only available as a single for 
$10; from October 20, and there are no plans to release it on 
an album. Get it while you can, because it may not be there tomorrow.

1 October 1996 

Bon Scott before AC/DC by Vince Lovegrove

What you could hold in your hot little hands is a labour of 
love. A twenty two year labour of love. And a vindication of fate. 
A twist of fate, a drunken spat, a motorbike accident, a long 
recuperation, a time of reflection for Bon Scott. Two decades ago. 
It happened in Adelaide, the Cinderella state, the city of churches, 
the only Australian capital that wasn't founded on the backbone of 
the convicts, banished when the English tried to cleanse their 
pristine country of the undesirable lower class. They threw their 
petty criminals out of sight, to the other side of the world, hoping 
they'd stay out of mind. The Scottish tried to get away of their own 
free will, but the Brits wouldn't let them. 
Bon Scott was born in Kirrimur, Scotland, and in the sixties migration 
rush to the convict colony on the other side of the world, moved with 
his family, along with thousands of other UK families . 
His rock'n'roll star eventually took him to Adelaide, and what 
happened before and after is well documented in many books, many 
fanzines, and in the fertile minds of many highly imaginative 
journalists. But one of the most formative pieces of the Bon Scott 
jigsaw legend happened during this period, 1974 , whilst recuperating 
from his famous motor bike accident. Smashed jaw, broken teeth, gammy 
leg, marriage problems, his age becoming an obstacle in his struggle 
for creative identity, he began to explore his songwriting talents, 
his simplistic mastery of street vernacular, his poetic ability to 
tell a story.
He was creatively encouraged and nurtured during this brief period 
by Adelaide musician Peter Head (nee Beagley) whose optimistic love 
of music and all who embraced it, provided a catalyst for out of work 
or transient musicians in between gigs. Probably the most potent 
incarnation of the melting pot was The Mount Lofty Rangers. 
During a brief 12 to 18 month period, many of Australia's best known 
and least known singers and players passed through the ranks of The 
Mount Lofty Rangers ; Robyn Archer, Jimmy Barnes, Bruce Howe, Chris 
Bailey, Mauri Berg, "Uncle" John Ayers, Swanee, and Bon Scott, being 
just a few. 
Like so many other splinter movements, not much became of the old 
Rangers, now splattered into the anonymity of history's backwash like 
so many before and since. Makes you wonder how many unknown 
meanderings contribute to the mainstream, though. Nevertheless it 
was an outlet for people like Bon Scott to expand, to musically grow, 
to take a breather.
A month before he joined the band that would take his street poetry 
to the world, Bon recorded two songs written by Peter Head. Now based 
in Sydney with his family, still following his philosophy of organic 
musical growth, Peter has treasured the memories of those days and 
recently re-discovered and re-worked the recordings.
With 1996 technology, producer Ted Yanni has devoted almost two years 
to bringing Bon back to life via two previously unheard songs, 
assisted by many like minded friends - musicians and technicians for 
whom this project has been a labour of love.
These are genuine collector's items. Unique. You may have thought 
until now, that you had heard everything Bon Scott recorded 
pre-AC/DC. But what you could have in your hands is the Bon Scott 
you didn't hear. 

Reflect and enjoy. Imagine.

**************Fraternity Compilation CD Issued In Australia*********

   Yet another great compilation from Glenn, Peter and Kevin at Raven
Records. Issued in 1997.

Raven Records
P.O. Box 92
Camberwell 3124

  Here are the tracks:

Fraternity - The Complete Sessions 1971-72 (2 CD)

  1) Seasons Of Change
  2) Livestock
  3) Sommerville
  4) Raglan's Folly
  5) Cool Spot
  6) Grand Canyon Spot
  7) Jupiter's Landscape
  8) You Have A God
  9) It
  10) Race (Pts 1 & 2), The
  11) Why Did It Have To Be Me
  12) Question
  13) Shape I'm In, The
  14) If You Got It (Single Version)
  15) Welfare Boogie
  16) Annabelle
  17) Seasons Of Change (Ii)
  18) You Have A God (Ii)
  19) Hemming's Farm
  20) Raglan's Folly (Ii)
  21) Getting Off
  22) Sommerville R.I.P.
  23) Canyon Suite
  24) If You Got It (Ii)
  25) 'battle Of The Sounds' Sequence
  26) Bon Scott Talks With David Day
  27) Bon Scott Talks With Sheila Re

**************Bon Scott Compilation on "See for Miles" label*********

[Info thanks to Glenn Robertson,]

"The Legendary Bon Scott with the Spektors and the Valentines" SEECD 704
Track listing as follows:

The Spektors

Gloria 2.25
It Ain't Necessarily So 3.04
On My Mind 1.57
Yesterday 1.50
Interview by Allan Mannings featuring Vince Lovegrove 22.47
Gloria 2.41 (As original TV Broadcast)
It Ain't Necessarily So 3.08 (As original TV Broadcast)
On My Mind 1.59 (As original TV Broadcast)
Yesterday 2.12 (As original TV Broadcast)

The Valentines

To Know You Is To Love You 2.57
She Said 2.46
Every Day I Have To Cry 2.29
I Can't Dance With You 2.53
Peculiar Hole In The Sky 2.46
Love Makes Sweet Music 2.16
I Can Hear Raindrops 1.49
Why Me 1.49
Sooky Sooky 2.17
Please note with the Spektors tracks only Gloria features Bon on vocals,
the other Spektors tracks feature Bon drums.
"It Ain't Necessarily So" is not featured on the Historical Document CD
which features all the Spektors stuff that are listed on this CD.
The web site for See for Miles is

6. Brian Johnson - Pre AC/DC

[Info taken from the Christian Graf Rock Lexicon, Taurus Press, Hamburg
Germany, and updated by me ]
   In the early 1970's, Brian Johnson was the singer for a Newcastle,
England band that started out as U.S.A., but soon changed their name 
to Geordie. Geordie released several albums, including: "Hope You Like It"
(1973), "Don't Be Fooled By The Name" (1974), and "Save The World" (1976).
The band was popular in Europe during that time period, but that popularity
soon ended. 
   Geordie broke up, and then a few years later Brian, with a new Geordie
lineup, released the album "Featuring Brian Johnson" (1980), which had
reworkings of Geordie songs. Brian also ran a vinyl car roofing business
until 1980.

7. Bon Scott - How he died

[Info take from Hell Ain't No Bad Place To Be by Richard Bunton &
                                Shock To The System by Mark Putterford]
   Bon Scott died in February of 1980 in London, England. He choked to 
death on his own vomit while sleeping in a friend's car. He and the
friend, a musician named Alisdair Kinnear, had been drinking the evening
of the 19th and Bon apparently fell asleep during the ride home. Kinnear 
could not wake Bon, so he left him in the car to sleep. Kinnear awoke early 
in the evening on the 20th, checked on Bon, and found him unconscious in the 
car. Bon could not be revived, and was pronounced dead. 
   There is another version of this story, examined by Mark Putterford in 
his Shock To The System book. Putterford's angle questions whether Kinnear 
was really Bon's companion, and suggests heroin may have been involved in
Bon's death. 

8. Brian Johnson - How he became AC/DC's singer

[Info take from Hell Ain't No Bad Place To Be by Richard Bunton &
                                Shock To The System by Mark Putterford]
   AC/DC management had been listening to auditions, when they received a
tape from an AC/DC fan from Chicago, Illinois. The tape contained the
Geordie lp "Hope You Like It", as the fan thought that Brian's sound would
be perfect for AC/DC. Management agreed, Brian auditioned, and got the job.
   Ironically, Bon Scott's pre-AC/DC band "Fraternity" had supported
Geordie on a 1973 European tour, and at that time Bon was very impressed 
with the singing of Brian Johnson. 

9. What other bands have members of AC/DC been in, and what other albums
   have they played on?

[Thanks to Kjell Danielsson , and Arnaud Durieux

Here is a listing of the bands. For discography info related to these
bands, visit the AC/DC "Electric Shock" web page at:



Velvet Underground      1971 - 1972
Marcus Hook Roll Band   1973
Stevie Wright           1973 (Guest on album)


Kantuckee               1971 - 1973
Tantrum                 1973
Marcus Hook Roll Band   1973
Stevie Wright           1974 (Guest on album)
Ray Arnott              1979 (Guest on album)


(Fraternity & Valentines are addressed at length in the "Bon Scott - 
Pre AC/DC" section of the FAQ).

The Spektors          1965 - 1966
Valentines            1967 - 1970
Fraternity            1970 - 1973
Blackfeather          1971 (Guest on album)
Vince Lovegrove       1972 (Guest on single)
Mount Lofty Rangers   1974


Finch           1977 - 1978          
Contraband      1978 - 1979
The Beast       1982
Heaven          1983 - 1984
Headhunters     1988
Bob Armstrong   1990 (Guest on album)
Chris Turner    1990 (Guest on album)


Buster Brown   1974


Home           1970 - 1974
Al Stewart     1974 (Touring Band)
Bandit         1975 - 1977
Alexi Korner   1977 (Touring Band)
Adam Bomb      1986 (Guest on album)


Geordie     1972 - 1980
Jackyl      1997 (Guest on album)
Neurotica   1998 (Producer and guest on album)


Starfighters      1980 - 1984
Little Big Horn   1989


Tora Tora       1980 - 1981
AIIZ            1981 - 1982
Tytan           1982 - 1983
Dio             1989 - 1991
Rhino Bucket    1993 - 1995
UFO             1995, 1997 - Current


[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]   

Tom Jones                       1963 - 1969 (touring band)
Session Drummer                 1969 - 1971 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band       1972 - 1979
Session Drummer                 1979        (Frankie Miller & Kai Olsson)
Uriah Heep                      1980        (Conquest album)
Session Drummer                 1980 - 1983 (Gary Numan, Mick Ralphs Band)
David Gilmour                   1984        (touring band) 
The Firm                        1984 - ?
Gary Moore                      1989        (touring band)


1. US LP Discography

Here's a listing of AC/DC's US lp's with track listings, and release dates 
where available:

HIGH VOLTAGE  Atco 36-142  Released 10.1976

It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)
Rock 'N' Roll Singer
The Jack
Live Wire
Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Little Lover
She's Got Balls
High Voltage

LET THERE BE ROCK  Atco 36-151  Released 6.23.1977

Go Down
Dog Eat Dog
Let There Be Rock
Bad Boy Boogie
Problem Child
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Whole Lotta Rosie

POWERAGE  Atlantic 19180  Released 5.25.1978

Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
Down Payment Blues
Gimme A Bullet
Riff Raff
Sin City
What's Next To The Moon
Gone Shootin'
Up To My Neck In You
Kicked In The Teeth

IF YOU WANT BLOOD YOU'VE GOT IT   Atlantic 19212  Released 11.21.1978

Riff Raff
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Bad Boy Boogie
The Jack
Problem Child
Whole Lotta Rosie
Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
High Voltage
Let There Be Rock

HIGHWAY TO HELL  Atlantic 19244  Released 7.30.1979

Highway To Hell
Girls Got Rhythm
Walk All Over You
Touch Too Much
Beating Around The Bush
Shot Down In Flames
Get It Hot
If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
Love Hungry Man
Night Prowler

BACK IN BLACK  Atlantic 16018  Released 7.21.1980

Hells Bells
Shoot To Thrill
What Do You Do For Money Honey
Given The Dog A Bone
Let Me Put My Love Into You
Back In Black
You Shook Me All Night Long
Have A Drink On Me
Shake A Leg
Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP  Atlantic 16033  Released 3.23.1981

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Love At First Feel
Big Balls
Problem Child
There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'
Ain't No Fun (Waitin' Round To Be A Millionaire)
Ride On

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU  Atlantic 11111  Released 11.1981

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
Put The Finger On You
Let's Get It Up
Inject The Venom
Evil Walks
Breaking The Rules
Night Of The Long Knives

FLICK OF THE SWITCH  Atlantic 80100  Released 8.15.1983

Rising Power
This House Is On Fire
Flick Of The Switch
Nervous Shakedown
Guns For Hire
Deep In The Hole
Bedlam In Belgium
Brain Shake

JAILBREAK '74  Atlantic 80178  Released 10.15.1984

You Ain't Got A Hold On Me
Show Business
Soul Stripper
Baby Please Don't Go

FLY ON THE WALL  Atlantic 81263  Released 6.1985

Fly On The Wall
Shake Your Foundations
First Blood
Sink The Pink
Playing With Girls
Stand Up
Hell Or High Water
Back In Business
Send For The Man

WHO MADE WHO    Atlantic 81650  Released 5.1986

Who Made Who
You Shook Me All Night Long
Sink The Pink
Ride On
Hells Bells
Shake Your Foundations
Chase The Ace
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

BLOW UP YOUR VIDEO  Atlantic 81828  Released 1.1988

That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
Go Zone
Kissin' Dynamite
Nick Of Time
Some Sin For Nuthin'
Ruff Stuff
Two's Up
This Means War

THE RAZORS EDGE  Atco 91413-2  Released 9.1990

Fire Your Guns
The Razors Edge
Mistress For Christmas
Rock Your Heart Out
Are You Ready
Got You By The Balls
Shot Of Love
Lets Make It
Goodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck
If You Dare

LIVE            Atco 92215      Released 10.27.1992

[Thanks to Linus HŠgerbrand for the track list]

Shoot To Thrill 
Back In Black
Who Made Who
The Jack
Hells Bells
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Whole Lotta Rosie
You Shook Me All Night Long
Highway To Hell
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

LIVE (2 cd set)  Atco 92212     Released 10.27.1992

Disc 1                          Disc 2
Thunderstruck                   Hells Bells
Shoot To Thrill                 Are You Ready
Back In Black                   Thats The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
Sin City                        High Voltage
Who Made Who                    You Shook Me All Night Long
Heatseeker                      Whole Lotta Rosie
Fire Your Guns                  Let There Be Rock
Jailbreak                       Bonny
The Jack                        Highway To Hell
The Razors Edge                 T.N.T.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap     For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

BALLBREAKER  EastWest 61780  Released 9.26.1995

Hard As A Rock
Cover You In Oil
The Furor
Boogie Man
The Honey Roll
Burnin' Alive
Hail Caesar
Love Bomb
Caught With Your Pants Down
Whiskey On The Rocks

BONFIRE (5 cd box set)  EastWest  62119-2  Released 11.18.1997

Disc 1:  Live from the Atlantic Studios

Live Wire  (5:43)
Problem Child (4:24)
High Voltage (5:40)
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (3:57)
Dog Eat Dog (4:13)
The Jack (8:02)
Whole Lotta Rosie (5:08)
Rocker (5:57)

Disc 2: Let There Be Rock, The Movie - Live in Paris (2 cd)

Part One

Live Wire (5:56)
Shot Down In Flames (3:16)
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (4:02)
Sin City (5:01)
Walk All Over You (4:36)
Bad Boy Boogie (12:57)

Part Two
The Jack (5:25)
Highway To Hell (3:12)
Girls Got Rhythm (3:10)
High Voltage (6:17)
Whole Lotta Rosie (4:39)
Rocker (9:10)
T.N.T. (4:11)
Let There Be Rock (7:10)

Disc 3: Volts

Dirty Eyes (3:20)
  first title and lyrics to the riffs of Rosie
Touch Too Much (6:35)
  is the same title on "Highway To Hell" with other lyrics and music
If You Want Blood You Got It (4:24)
  this version is the first recording of the track
Back Seat Confidential (5:21)
  Bon's first title and lyrics to the riffs that ended up as "Beatin' 
  Around The Bush"
Get It Hot (4:11)
  same title as the track on "Highway To Hell" with other lyrics and music
Sin City (4:51)
  live from "Midnight Special"
She's Got Balls (7:58)
  from "Bondi Lifesaver"
School Days (5:05)
  from "T.N.T." (Australian Release)
It's A Long Way to The Top If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll (5:10)
  from "High Voltage"
Ride On (5:47)
  from "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
(Unlisted interview segments with Bon follow this track)

Disc 4: Back In Black

Hells Bells (5:09)
Shoot to Thrill (5:14)
What Do You Do For Money Honey (3:33)
Given The Dog A Bone (3:30)
Let Me Put My Love Into You (4:12)
Back In Black (4:13)
You Shook Me All Night Long (3:28)
Have A Drink On Me (3:57)
Shake A Leg (4:03)
Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (4:12)

STIFF UPPER LIP  EastWest 62494-2  Released 2.29.2000

Stiff Upper Lip
House Of Jazz
Hold Me Back
Safe In New York City
Can't Stand Still
Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
Satellite Blues
Come And Get It
All Screwed Up
Give It Up

2. Remastered US CD releases - 1994

NOTE: The remastered versions of AC/DC releases are now available in
Australia. These remasters go one better than the US versions in that
they ALL contain lyrics. (The only US cd's with lyric sheets are
'74JB, DDDDC, FOTW and Ballbreaker).

In 1994, WEA released remastered versions of most of the US AC/DC releases
on the Atco label. The sound on all of them is superior to the original cd 
versions which were released on Atlantic. The packaging, for the most part, 
is superior as well. Here is a list with comments, when necessary, regarding 
musical & packaging differences in the remasters.

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK         92412-2  Released July 1994
  The photo from the lp gatefold sleeve is now included.
HIGH VOLTAGE                    92413-2  Released July 1994
DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP     92414-2  Released August 1994
  This release of DDDDC now contains the longer version of the
  title track, with the extra chorus verses at the end.
BACK IN BLACK                   92418-2  Released August 1994
HIGHWAY TO HELL                 92419-2  Released 9.6.1994
LET THERE BE ROCK               92445-2  Released 9.20.1994
  This release of Let There Be Rock contains the version of Go Down
  that ends cold (with a cool Angus riff), rather than a fade out.
POWERAGE                        92446-2  Released 9.20.1994
  The photo from the lp back cover is now included.
FLICK OF THE SWITCH             92448-2  Released 9.20.1994
IF YOU WANT BLOOD YOU'VE GOT IT 92447-2  Released 10.18.1994
'74 JAILBREAK                   92449-2  Released 10.18.1994
  Unfortunately, Atco didn't include the cool picture of Bon & Angus
  which was on the inner sleeve of the vinyl version. Shame on them...

3. Australian LP's with different tracks than US 

[Thanks to Felix Buebl]

Baby Please Don't Go
She's Got Balls
Little Lover
Stick Around
Soul Stripper
You Ain't Got A Hold On Me
Love Song
Show Business

T.N.T.   ['75]
It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)
Rock'n'Roll Singer
The Jack
Live Wire
Can I Sit Next To You Girl
High Voltage
School Days (Chuck Berry)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Aint' No Fun
There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'
Problem Child
Big Balls
R.I.P.  (Rock In Peace)
Ride On

Go Down
Dog Eat Dog
Let There Be Rock
Bad Boy Boogie
Crabsody In Blue
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Whole Lotta Rosie


[Thanks to Dave Rector ]

The US and Australian versions of Powerage are identical,
while the UK and European versions have different mixes.

The cover of the Australian H2H is different than the US version (flames
and a guitar neck superimposed over the US cover picture), but the song
selection is the same.

4. German LP's with different tracks than US

[Thanks to Felix Buebl]

 Rock'n'Roll Damnation
 Gimme A Bullet
 Down Payment Blues
 Gone Shootin'
 Riff Raff
 Sin City
 Up To My Neck Into You
 What's Next To The Moon
 Cold Hearted Man
 Kicked In The Teeth

5. Rare AC/DC songs

There are several flip sides of AC/DC singles that are now no longer 
available. There are both studio, and live cuts.


Can I Sit Next To You Girl/Rockin' In The Parlour - These were the A
and B sides of the lone single released with Dave Evans as singer. 
Rockin' In The Parlour is available on the 'Albert Archives' Compilation
which was released in Australia. CD: 465395, LP: APLP 037

Fling Thing - This was released as the b side to the Jailbreak single
off DDDDC in Australia. It is an instrumental arrangement of a Scottish
Highland Fling.

Carry Me Home - A song from the DDDDC sessions, which was released on 
the flip side of the Australian 'Dog Eat Dog' single.

Cold Hearted Man - A song from the Powerage sessions, that found its way 
onto the LP in Europe only. It was also released as a limited edition 12" 
bonus single to the LP version of an Australian box set that contained the 
first 6 AC/DC studio albums (T.N.T., High Voltage, DDDDC, Let There Be Rock, 
Powerage, Highway To Hell). Note: The box set also contained an iron on patch
of the AC/DC logo in flames, the same design that was on the box set cover.

Snake Eye - A song from the Blow Up Your Video sessions. Released on the 
UK 'Heatseeker' cd single (A9136 CD).

Borrowed Time - Another BUYV outtake. Available as the flip side on various
versions of the 'Moneytalks' single (US cassingle, German cd single).

Down On The Borderline - Yet another BUYV product. Available on the 
Australian 'Moneytalks' cd single (Albert 656500 2).

Alright Tonight - This is another tune from the BUYV sessions. It was
released in 1996 on a 7" vinyl single in Europe. This is NOT an official
AC/DC release.

Let It Loose - Another BUYV era song. Released on various colored vinyl
(purple, green marble) singles as "Let It Lose" with Heatseeker on the 
A side. Sound quality on this song is mediocre, lotsa reverb on BJ's voice. 
This is NOT an official AC/DC release.

(This is actually a single discography, with live b-sides and alternate 
versions noted):

[Thanks to Esko Heimonen ]

1978,   7": Rock 'N' Roll Damnation / Sin City 

1978,   7": Whole Lotta Rosie (live) / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (live)
        (from IYWB)

1979,   7": Girls Got Rhythm - If You Want Blood / Hell Ain't A Bad 
                Place To Be (live) - Rock 'N' Roll Damnation (live)
        (live songs from IYWB)

1979,   7": Highway To Hell / If You Want Blood 

1980,   7": Touch Too Much / Live Wire (live) - Shot Down In Flames (live)
        (live songs recorded on European tour '79)

1980,   7": High Voltage / Live Wire
        (according to the cover, HV is a live version, but it's from the '76 
        album; what is this single, anyway...)

1980,   7"/12": Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / Hells Bells

1980,   7": Hells Bells / What Do You Do For Money Honey
        (French release)

1980,   7": You Shook Me All Night Long / Have A Drink On Me

1981,   7": Let's Get It Up / Back In Black (live Dec. '81)
        (according to a discography: 12" also has T.N.T. (live))

1982,   7": For Those About To Rock / Let There Be Rock (live Dec. '81)
        (12" has full length version of the same live track)

1983,   7": Guns For Hire / Landslide

1984,   12": Nervous Shakedown / Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (live) /
                Sin City (live) / This House Is On Fire (live)
        (all live songs recorded Nov. '83)

1985,   7": Shake Your Foundations / Stand Up
        12": Shake Your Foundations - Stand Up / Jailbreak (live in Dallas)
        (Slightly different SHYF, same as the one on WMW)

1985,   7"/12": Danger / Back In Business
        (Slightly different Danger)

1986,   7": Who Made Who / Guns For Hire (live)
        (12" has the special collectors mix of WMW)

1986,   7": You Shook Me All Night Long / She's Got Balls (live '77)
        (12" has full length version of She's Got Balls plus an additional 
        live version of YSMANL on the b-side, recorded '83)

1988,   7": Heatseeker / Go Zone
        (12" also has Snake Eye on the b-side)

1988,   7": That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll / Kissin' Dynamite
        (12" also has Borrowed Time on the b-side)

1990,   7": Thunderstruck / Fire Your Guns
        12": Thunderstruck - Fire Your Guns / D.T. - Chase The Ace

1990,   7": Are You Ready / Got You By The Balls
        (12" also has The Razor's Edge on the b-side)

1990,   7": Moneytalks / Mistress For Christmas
        (12" also has Borrowed Time on the b-side)

1992,   CD: Highway To Hell / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be /
        The Jack / High Voltage 
        (Hell Ain't... is not on LIVE, The Jack & High Voltage are 
        different live versions than on LIVE)

1993,   CD: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Shoot To Thrill / 
        Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 
        (The first DDDC is from LIVE, Shoot... & DDDC #2 are from 
        Donington 91. This is a UK cd single.)

1993,   7": Big Gun / Back In Black (live in Moscow)
        12": Big Gun / For Those About To Rock (live in Moscow) 
                / Shoot To Thrill (live at Donington)

1995,   CD: Hard As A Rock / Caught With Your Pants Down

1996,   CD: Hail Caesar / Whiskey On The Rocks / Whole Lotta Rosie (live)

1996,   CD: Cover You In Oil / Love Bomb / Ballbreaker

Also, there is a bootleg single Problem Child (live) / Live Wire (live)
(Nijmegen '78).

Here's a discography of Australian singles from the Bon Scott years,
complete with Albert productions catalog numbers. This was lifted 
without permission from Clinton Walker's excellent Bon Scott biography.

(All songs Young/Young/Scott, except where indicated)

Baby Please Don't Go (Williams)/Love Song
(AP-10700, March, 1975)

High Voltage/Soul Stripper
(AP-10829, June, 1975)

Long Way To The Top/Can I Sit Next To You, Girl?
(AP-10990, December, 1975)

(AP-11070, March, 1976)

Jailbreak/Fling Thing
(AP-11135, June, 1976)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap/Rock In Peace
(AP-11265, October, 1976)

Love At First Feel/Problem Child
(AP-11340, January, 1977)

Dog Eat Dog/Carry Me Home
(AP-11403, March, 1977)

Let There Be Rock, Part 1/Part 2
(AP-11548, October, 1977)

Rock'N'Roll Damnation/Cold Hearted Man
(AP-11754, June, 1978)

Whole Lotta Rosie/Dog Eat Dog
(AP-11832, November, 1978)

Highway To Hell/If You Want Blood
(AP-104, August, 1979)

6. AC/DC Videos

Regarding videos: There are different standards for video playback in
different parts of the world. The US standard is NTSC, the European
and Australian standard is PAL. Videos made in one standard will
not playback on a different standard VCR. 

The following is a listing of all the known AC/DC promotional videos. 
Some of these are available on compilations listed later in this section.
(Note-this listing excludes TV appearance clips and such. ie.:Top of the
Pops, etc.)

[Thanks to Miclantecutli ] 

Can I Sit Next To You Girl (1974, w/ Dave Evans vocals)
High Voltage (1975)
It's a Long Way To The Top (1975) (version 1-studio)
Dirty Deeds Done Cheap (1976)
Jailbreak (1976) (version 1-studio)
Jailbreak (1976) (version 2-outdoors)
Jailbreak (1976) (version 2-edit)
Jailbreak (1977) (version 3-studio/stage)
It's a Long Way To The Top (1977) (parade float)
Let There Be Rock (1977) (both edit and unedited versions)
Dog Eat Dog (1977)
Rock'n'Roll Damnation (1978)
Riff Raff (live, 1978)
Bad Boy Boogie (Live, 1978)
Highway To Hell (1979)
Walk All Over You (1979)
Touch Too Much (1979)
Shot Down In Flames (1979)
If You Want Blood (1979)
Walk All Over You (live, 1979-LTBR movie)
Hells Bells (1980)
Back in Black (1980)
What Do You Do For Money Honey (1980)
You Shook Me All Night Long (1980)
Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (1980)
Let Me Put My Love Into You (1980)
Back In Black (live-1981) (B&W  and Color)
For Those About To Rock (live-1981)
Put The Finger On You (live-1981)
Let's Get It Up (live-1981)
Guns For Hire (1983)
Flick Of The Switch (1983)
Nervous Shakedown (1983) (version 1)
Nervous Shakedown (1983) (version 2)
Fly On The Wall (1985)
Danger (1985)
Sink The Pink (1985)
Stand Up (1985)
Shake Your Foundations (1985)
Who Made Who (1986)
You Shook Me All Night Long (1986)
Heatseeker (1988)
That's The Way I Wanna Rock'n'Roll (1988)
Thunderstruck (1990)
Money Talks (1990)
Are You Ready (1990)
Highway To Hell (live, 1992)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live, 1992)
Back in Black (live, Moscow, 1992)
Big Gun (1993)
Hard As A Rock (1995)
Hail Caesar (1995) (96?)
Cover You In Oil (1995) (96?)

Here are the compilations:

AC/DC -  A compilation of Bon Scott era videos. This collection is 
officially available in Europe and Australia (Albert 49817-2) only. 
The tracks are:
[Thanks to Ronald Hartwig ]
                High Voltage            * Performance video
                Jailbreak               * The Jail version
                Let There Be Rock       * Very funny church version
                Riff Raff               * Live from the Apollo
                Dog Eat Dog             * Live from the Apollo
                Highway To Hell         * Performance
                Shot Down In Flames     * Performance
                Touch Too Much          * Performance
                If You Want Blood       * Performance (Angus gets stubbed 
                                          like on the cover of IYWBYGI

(Note: I  have also seen a video for 'Walk All Over You'
from the same session as the other 4 H2H tunes. Apparently it didn't make
it onto this collection.)

Let There Be Rock - Released as a movie in 1980/81. It contains footage
from an early 1980 Paris concert. There is also some band interviews 
mixed in between songs.

Fly On The Wall - 1985. Collection of videos from the Fly On The Wall
album. Too many extras and not enough AC/DC...

                Fly On The Wall
                Sink The Pink
                Stand Up
                Shake Your Foundations

Who Made Who - 1986. Collection of videos from throughout the Brian Johnson

                Who Made Who                    * Concept video
                You Shook Me All Night Long     * Simon Wright on drums
                Shake Your Foundations          * Same as on Fly On The Wall
                Hells Bells                     * 1980 BIB promo clip
                For Those About To Rock...      * Live

Clipped -  1990. More Brian Johnson videos, from Blow Up Your Video and
The Razors Edge.

                Are You Ready
                Thats The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll

Live At Donington - 1992. Filmed 8.17.1991 at the Monsters of Rock festival,
Castle Donington, England. Done in 35mm film.

AC/DC Uncut - 1996. This was recorded in studio for the cable channel 
VH1-UK during the UK stretch of the Ballbreaker tour. AC/DC perform a 
mix of Bon-era and BJ-era tunes. It was broadcast on VH1-UK but as of 
early 97 had not been broadcast in the US. Also, an official video is NOT 
commercially available.

NO BULL  Live - Plaza De Toros, Madrid  -  1996. Filmed during the
Ballbreaker tour in Spain. Done in 16mm film. US version includes a free
poster which has the video box cover on one side, and a collage of live
pictures on the other.

7. AC/DC Books

AC/DC by Malcolm Dome    Proteus Books  1982

   A history of the band up to the release of For Those About To Rock. 
The cover picture is the same as the poster that was in the French LP 
box set. UK discography in the back of the book.

AC/DC-Hell Ain't No Bad Place To Be by Richard Bunton   Omnibus Press 1982

   Again, this is a history of the band through FTATR. There are some cool
old pictures, including some with original singer Dave Evans. There are
also some errors in picture captions, and for some reason the author
decided to include some pictures of people only peripherally associated
with the band (backup bands, a writer.) UK discography in the back of the
book, including bootlegs.

AC/DC (Monsters of Metal) by Tim Holmes   Ballantine Books 1986
ISBN: 0345332393

   No info on this one.

The AC/DC Story - Paul Ezra
   No info on this one.

AC/DC Heavy Metal Photo Book  Omnibus Press

   Lots of incredible photos in BW and color. This is a must have for any
fan of the band.

AC/DC Shock To The System by Mark Putterford  Omnibus Press  1991

   A history of the band through The Razors Edge. Lots of info about the
early days in Australia. Many cool pictures, this is the best of the 
AC/DC biographies.

Highway to Hell The Life and Times of AC/DC Legend Bon Scott
                       by Clinton Walker

[Thanks to Brendan Ring ]

First published in 1994 by Sun by Pan Macmillan Publishers a
division of Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Limited, 63-71 Balfour
Street, Chippendale, Sydney, Australia

ISBN: 0 7251 0742 1

324 pages, including discography of Bon's recordings, and a short
biography of each of the major characters in the book.

This book covers Bon's entire life, including early childhood
(with many photos) through to his death (he had japanese fish
cakes for breakfast the day he died!).

Walker was not assisted by Albert Productions and hence many of
those currently working with Alberts refused to have anything to
do with it (including Angus and Malcolm).  However, in many
respects this has been an advantage as the author has instead
been assisted by people who have no vested interest in following
"the official line".  Consequently, many AC/DC myths are shot
down.  The people he interviews include Bon's parents, his major
girl friends, members of the Valentines, Fraternity, former AC/DC
bassists Rob Bailey and Mark Evans, early AC/DC band managers etc.  These
interviews appear through out the text as transcripts so what you
read is exactly what they said.  This gives a great deal of
credibility to the book.  The author also includes many letters
that Bon wrote to friends throughout his career (One from 1975
ends with "PS: If you can still manage the other $50 I'd love ya
f'rever. It's no fun waiting around to be a millionaire.").

A criticism of this book is that the author really has it in for 
Angus and Malcolm, presenting them as ogres with very little
supporting evidence.  He also over-analysis Bon's life,
analysising everything as if it plays a part in his eventual

The book presents a complex picture of Bon.   It shows him to be
wild and reckless (nearly dying 3 times during the 70's), but
very polite, likable, though basically alone in the world.  At
the time of his death Bon apparently had ambitions to settle down
in California, and even to do a solo album.  The following 2
quotes really sum up the book:

Mark Evans (former AC/DC bassist)

"They (implying Angus and Malcolm) would dispute this, but I
think they viewed Bon to be ultimately disposable.  In hindsight,
it seems preposterous, but at the time, he was always in the
firing line.  And there was a lot of pressure, mainly from George
(Young), and record companies.  I think within that camp, there's
been a certain rewriting of history, about how they felt about
the guy - no that's wrong, how they felt about the guy
professionally.  Because there was no way you could spend more
than 30 seconds in a room with Bon and not be completely and
utterly charmed."

In 1978 Vince Lovegrove, Bon's friend and former member of the
Valentines, interviewed Bon for RAM magazine.  He wrote:

"(Bon said) Vinnie. I really am getting tired.  I love it, you
know that.  It's only rock'n'roll and I like it.  But I want to
have a base.  It's just the constant pressure of touring that's
fucking it. I've been on the road for thirteen years. Planes,
hotels, groupies, booze, people, towns.  They all scrape
something from you.  We're doin'it and we'll get there, but I
wish we didn't have these crushing day after day grinds to keep
up with ...... Rock'n'roll, you know that's all there is,' he
said. 'But I can't hack the rest of the shit that goes with it."

On the whole this book is well worth getting - it provides
infintely more insight into Bon and AC/DC than any of the other
books I have read about the band.

There are also many interesting comments about AC/DC in general:

Dennis Laughlin (early manager)

"The biggest problem I had with AC/DC in those early days, being
a touring unit, and not having much money, was keeping everything
together, keeping everyone happy.   There's a few dope smokers
in the band, right? Instead of giving everyone fifty bucks a
week, it's like, alright, whatever you need, we'll get it. 
Thirty bucks a week plus a bag of dope, a bottle of Scotch. 
Well, Angus was a pain in the arse, because he says, Fuck ya, I
don't drink booze, or fuckin' take drugs. I'd give him a bag of
fish'n'chips, a Kit Kat, a packet of Benson and Hedges and a
bottle of Coke."

Richard Griffiths (AC/DC's first booking agent in England, now
Epic Records CEO).

"It was clear to me it was Malcolm's band.  Bon was a great guy. 
But even then, I sensed, off Micheal (Micheal Browning, their
manager), that he wasn't sure that Bon was the singer to take the
band all the way.......  He (Bon) was sort of seperate from the
rest.  Phil, he was off on his own, he was actually pretty
obnoxious,.  Angus and Malcolm were thick, obviously.  And then
Mark, you knew Mark wasn't going to last, he was just too much
of a nice guy....."

Some other interesting points:

-    So who has heard of a rare album from early 1973 called
     "Tales of Old Granddaddy" by the Marcus Hook Roll Band
     (Angus, Malcolm, and George Young, and Harry Vanda). 
     This has actually been re-released by Sony Australia this year -
     it's not easy to get a copy though.

-    Bon's girl friend at the time of his death claims that the
     title of "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" was a line
     Bon used in an argument with his landlord during the time
     he was preparing the lyrics for the album to follow Highway
     to Hell!

-    In the epilogue the author claims that AC/DC recently
     considered sacking Brian Johnson, though they thought
     better of it (though he presented no evidence)!

And in 1978 a compilation album called "12 of the Best" was to be
released. Its release was cancelled in favour of If You Want Blood.
The book shows the album cover and lists the tracks as:

Long way to the top
High Voltage
Problem Child
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
The Jack
Dog Eat Dog
She's Got Balls
Baby, Please Don't Go

AC/DC - The World's Most Electrifying Rock'N'Roll Band
                  Edited by Malcolm Dome

First published in 1995 by Virgin Books, an imprint of Virgin Publishing
Limited, 332 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5AH

   A well done history of AC/DC put together using info from two British
music publications - Sounds (now defunct), and Kerrang. It features an
introduction by Megadeath's Dave Mustaine, and lots of cool pictures and
news clips taken from the two magazines.

AC/DC  The World's Heaviest Rock by Martin Huxley  St. Martin's Griffin 1996

   A history of the band up to Ballbreaker. Not much new info, some nice 
old pictures, although all are in black & white. There is an album 
discography in the back of the book.

Get your JUMBO Jet out of my airport by Howard Johnson  
        The Black Book Company 1999 ISBN 1-902799-01-1

   The story of AC/DC from the fans point of view.

*************The following are all music books***************

Original Angus Young-An Annotated Guide To The Guitar Technique of Angus Young
                     Arti Furnaro        Amsco-Wise Publications

   This book contains musical transcriptions of 20 AC/DC songs and the solos
Angus plays in them. There are many good BW pictures of Angus in here. This
book is interesting because the author knew little of the band when he did
the transcribing. His comments in the introduction and with each 
transcription provide some interesting insight as to AC/DC's music and Angus' 
playing from a musicians standpoint.

AC/DC Best Of Their High Energy Hits  "The Years With Bon Scott"  Big3 Books

[Thanks to Dave Rector  for the Oakland 
                                                        Coliseum info]
   This book has music to a bunch of songs through Highway To Hell. The
cover has a great series of pictures of the band...from the 'Day On The
Green' concert at Oakland Coliseum in 1978. There are some nice pictures 
inside as well. There are also Angus and Bon cutout paper dolls included!!

 "Here's your very own Angus Young paper doll, to bend, fold and mutilate...
 ...and your very own Bon Scott paper doll, cut him out and color him in...
     let your fantasies run wild!"

AC/DC Back in Black  Big3 Books

   Music to all the BIB songs, as well as earlier hits from the Bon era.
Some good BW pictures, looks like they were taken at the early video shoot
that went with the BIB album.

AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  Big3 Books

   Music to all the DDDDC tunes (the US and Europe version of the LP.) A
few interesting pictures, all BW, and all with the band members eyes
covered by that blackout as used in the LP.

AC/DC  For Those About To Rock We Salute You   Big3 Books

   Music to all the FTATR tunes, as well as many color pictures, most
all of them taken from live shows.

*********************The following is a comic book*************************

AC/DC  Rock-n-Roll Comics  Jay Allen Sanford, Mike Sagara, Todd Loren

   A history of the band through release of The Razors Edge, in comic
book form. It's decently put together, but there are some questionable
perspectives on things. Ex: The book states that Phil Rudd left the
band because he thought they were stale and could not keep up with him.
Has anyone ever heard that story before? The book does include a classic
Malcolm Young quote at the end, which originally was published in a
Musician magazine interview with Charles M. Young (no relation.)

       "Most people, when they progress, they progress right up
        their asses...we just try to keep it exciting."

                                      Malcolm Young

   There is also a short cartoon at the end of the comic book about a
drunken young man helped out of the gutter by a stranger who warns him
that a bottle, like any drug, equals death. The stranger's identity is
revealed at the end of the story...he is Bon Scott.

8. AC/DC Multimedia

AC/DC Collector's Companion CD-ROM

   This cd was released in a set of 500 in early 1996. It features over 1200
AC/DC collectibles, 1200 known tour dates, 600 taped audio/video shows, as 
well as tour programs, books, promo memorabilia and more.

9. AC/DC Bootlegs

   There are countless AC/DC bootlegs in many that they 
could fill a FAQ all their own. Rather than try and duplicate some already
excellent cataloging, my suggestion is to check out some AC/DC websites, 
as many of them have thorough bootleg lists. Also, the AC/DC Collector's
companion CD-ROM is an excellent source of info.

10. AC/DC Fanzines

   Three of the major AC/DC Fanzines are:

   Electric Outlaws UK AC/DC Fan Club (In English)
   c/o Nikki Goff
   PO Box 187
   SO40 8HA

   Daily Dirt AC/DC Fan Magazine (Printed in German)
   c/o Thomas Schade
   Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Weg 3
   65468 Astheim

   Let There Be Light (Printed in French)
   c/o Phillipe Lageat
   6, Rue Gaultier
   92400 Courbevoie

11. AC/DC Tributes

   There have been several AC/DC tribute cd's released. They are:


Ariola - Australia 76896402522
Distributed by BMG
Released 1995

Song                                    Band

1. Riff Raff                            ANTI ANTI 
2. Let Me Put My Love Into You *        FRONT END LOADER
3. Jailbreak                            YOTHU YINDI
4. Ride On                              FUR
5. Highway To Hell                      ED KUEPPER
6. It's A Long Way To The Top           THE MEANIES
7. Back In Black *                      REGURGITATOR
8. Night Prowler                        SUICIETY
9. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap          NITOCRIS
10. Walk All Over You                   DOWNTIME
11. Rocker                              SPIDERBAIT
12. There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'       DON WALKER
13. Whole Lotta Rosie                   ELECTRIC HIPPIES
14. Baby Please Don't Go **             RIG
15. Live Wire                           BLITZ BABIEZ
16. T.N.T.                              FRENZAL RHOMB
17. You Shook Me All Night Long *       AUTOMATIC

All titles written by Young/Young/Scott
Except * by Young/Young/Johnson
Except ** by Big Joe Williams


Tribute Records
Released 1996

Song                               Band

1. Riff Raff                       AB/CD
2. The Razors Edge **              BELT
3. Hells Bells *                   VIOLENT WORK OF ART
4. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be    STRAITJACKETS
5. You Shook Me All Night Long *   DIAMOND DOGS
6. Whole Lotta Rosie               MASQUERADE
7. Jailbreak                       TORNADO BABIES
8. Sin City                        TRILOGY
9. Back In Black *                 FISTFUNK
10. Overdose                       DOWNSTROKE
11. Let There Be Rock              TRANSPORT LEAGUE
12. Send For The Man *             FEED

All titles written by Young/Young/Scott
Except * by Young/Young/Johnson
Except ** by Young/Young


Cleopatra Records 
Released 1996

Song                              Band

1. Highway To Hell                THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB
2. Squealer                       GENITORTURERS
3. It's A Long Way To The Top     DIE KRUPPS
4. Shot Down In Flames            SPAHN RANCH
5. For Those About To Rock *      GODFLESH
6. Whole Lotta Rosie              JOINED AT THE HEAD
   (Controlled Bleeding Mix)
7. Back In Black *                PIGFACE VS. SHEEP ON DRUGS
8. Thunderstruck **               BIRMINGHAM 6
9. Hells Bells *                  RAZED IN BLACK
10. Badlands *                    PSYCHOPOMPS
11. The Furor **                  KLUTE
12. Who Made Who *                TERMINAL SECT With En Esch of KMFDM
13. T.N.T.                        SISTER MACHINE GUN
14. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap   16 VOLT

All titles written by Young/Young/Scott
Except * by Young/Young/Johnson
Except ** Young/Young


DeRock Records
Released 1998

Triage DMCR-25026 JAPAN
Released 1998

[Thanks to Ilmari Volanen for the Japan track info]

Song                   Band

1. Highway To Hell     Kevin Dubrow (Vocal), Carlos Cavazo (Guitar),
                       Rudy Sarzo (Bass), Frankie Banali (Drums)

2. Little Lover        Sebastian Bach (Vocal), Warren DeMartini (Guitar),
                       Billy Sherwood (Bass), Bobby Blotzer (Drums)

3. Back In Black *     Joe Lynn Turner (Vocal), Phil Collen (Guitar),
                       Jeff Pilson (Bass), Simon Wright (Drums)

4. Live Wire           Whitfield Crane (Vocal), Klaus Eichstadt (Guitar),
                       Brad Divens (Bass), Shannon Larkin (Drums),
                       Mike Combs (Rhythm Guitar)

5. Sin City            Jack Russel (Vocal), Mark Kendall (Guitar),
                       Sean McNabb (Bass), Bobby Blotzer (Drums),
                       Bruce Gowdy (Rhythm Guitar)

6. Ride On             Whitfield Crane (Vocal), Klaus Eichstadt (Guitar),
                       Brad Divens (Bass), Shannon Larkin (Drums),
                       Mike Combs (Rhythm Guitar)

7. Shake A Leg *       John Corabi (Vocal), Bob Kulick (Guitar),
                       Billy Sheehan (Bass), Pat Torpey (Drums)

8. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
(***Japan ONLY bonus track***)

                       Zakk Wylde (Lead Guitar & Vocal), Rudy Sarzo (Bass),
                       Simon Wright (Drums), James Morley (Rhythm Guitar)

9. Whole Lotta Rosie   Stephen Pearcy (Vocal), Tracii Guns (Guitar),
                       John Alderete (Bass), Jay Shellen (Drums),
                       Bruce Gowdy (Rhythm Guitar)
10. Night Prowler      Dave Meniketti (Vocal & Guitar), Tony Franklin (Bass),
                       Simon Wright (Drums), James Morley (Rhythm Guitar)

11. It's A Long Way To The Top

                       Lemmy Kilmister (Vocal, Bass & Rhythm Guitar),
                       Jake E Lee (Guitar), Ricky Philips (Bass),
                       Simon Wright (Drums), James Morley (Rhythm Guitar)

12. Walk All Over You  Dee Snider (Vocal), Scott Ian (Guitar),
                       Frank Bello (Bass), Charlie Benante (Drums)

13. T.N.T.             Sebastian Bach (Vocal), Kelly Deal (Guitar & Drums),
                       Jimmy Flemion (Bass)

All titles written by Young/Young/Scott
Except * by Young/Young/Johnson


1. 1991 Tour Set Lists

[Thanks to Ronald Hartwig ]

ACDC Playlist 1991

A = ACDC Razors Edge Tour
M = Monsters of Rock


20.04.91  Glasgow (Daily Dirt Fanzine)
25.08.91  Basel   (Daily Dirt Fanzine)
18.09.91  Dortmund Westfalenhalle (Ronald Hartwig)
19.09.91            -same-
12.04.91  Oldenburg Weser-Ems-Halle (merged to April-Hannover, May-Dortmund) 
                (Ronald Hartwig)
08.06.91  Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA     (Robert McMullen)
  ?       Somewhere in the UK (probably more than one show!)(Gary Campbell)

                        200491  250891  180991  190991  120491  080691
                        Glasgow Basel   Dortmund DO     OL/DO   Shorel  UK
                        A       M       M       M       A       A       A

Thunderstruck           1       1       1       1       *       1       1
Shoot to thrill         2       2       3       3       *       2       2
Back in black           3       3       5       5       *       3       4
Dirty Deeds             -       4       10      10      *       16      13
Fire your guns          4       ?       4       -       *       -       3
Hell ain't a bad...     -       *       2       2       *       -       -
Sin City                5       -       -       -       *       4       5
Heatseeker              6       ?       -       4       *       7       7
Touch too much          -       ?       -       -       *       -       -
Who made who            7       ?       -       -       *       6       6
Jailbreak               8       *       6       6       *       8       8
Rocker                  -       ?       -       -       *       -       -
The Jack                9       *       7       7       *       9       12
Razors edge             10      ?       -       -       *               10
Are you ready           -       -       -       -       *       10      -
Blow up your video      -       -       -       -       -       11      -
Live Wire               -       -       -       -       ?       -       -
Moneytalks              12      ?       8       8       *       12      14
Hells bells             13      *       12      12      *       13      9
High voltage            14      ?       9       9       *       14      15
You shook me...         15      ?       *       *       *       15      16
Whole lotta Rosie       16      *       13      13      *       16      17
Let there be Rock       17      ?       14      14      *       17      18
Fling thing             18      -       -       -       -       -       -
Highway to hell         19      *       11      11      *       18      19
TNT                     ?       *       15      15      *       19      20
For those about...      20      *       16      16      *       20      21

Annotations:    *  played, but not sure when
                -  not played
                ?  ?

Additional info:

From: Gary Campbell 
  At Donington in August, they dropped Sin City, That's The Way...,
The Razors Edge and Who Made Who and added Hell Ain't a Bad Place
To Be.
  On the Australian tour they played the same set as Donington but
added Sin City. They also used two bells during Hells Bells.
  Therefore, in summary, AC/DC played the same set all around the world
on the first leg of the Razor tour (i.e. all gigs up to the Monsters
of Rock) except for Glasgow where they played Fling Thing and one
concert in the US where they played If You Want Blood (I'm not
sure which concert it was).
  AC/DC played the same set on the second leg (i.e. Monsters of Rock)
all over Europe and made the changes listed above for the final leg
in Australia/New Zealand.

2. What's "The Jack" about?

   "The Jack" is an Australian term, slang for Venereal Disease (like 
"The Clap" in America.) The song is said to be based on the AC/DC's early 
days, when women, and any diseases they had, were shared by the band.

3. Why wasn't Malcolm on the 1988 tour?

   At the time there were two reasons (rumours) as to the nature of Malcolm's
absence from the tour. The public one was that he was tending to a sick son, 
the real one was that his drinking was getting out of hand and he needed 
time to regain control of himself. He was replaced on the tour by Stevie 

   Stevie Young is a cousin of Malcolm and Angus (and George, and Alex, etc.)
who played rhythm guitar in a band of his own called Starfighters back
in the early to mid 80's. I think they were based in England, and had a
style and sound very much like AC/DC. which explains why Stevie fit in so
naturally on the tour.  By the way, the Starfighters albums (there were 2
I know of) are pretty interesting. Same approach as AC/DC - I heartily
recommend the first (self titled), while the second (In Flight Movie)
is ok, but not as good as the first.

4. What kind of guitars do Angus and Malcolm play?

   Angus plays one type of guitar, a Gibson SG.
   Malcolm has played a Gretsch Jet Firebird stripped of all controls but the
volume for a number of years. He used to have a Gretsch White Falcon
as well, but says that after someone "fixed" it, it lost the sound he
liked it for and he got rid of it. In the "Are You Ready" video, he is
playing an orange Gibson, supposedly he was working with them on a
new guitar, not for endorsement, but for himself since he only has one
that he likes. 
   In 1995, Malcolm got together with Gretsch and they came up with a new
version of his guitar. The "Malcolm Young Autograph" is based on his old 
Jet Firebird, and comes in one and two pickup models. It comes factory strung 
with .012's, which is the gauge that Malcolm uses. Malcolm played several 
of these, along with the old reliable one, during the Ballbreaker tour.
5. Is 'Who Made Who' an AC/DC Greatest Hits cd?
   Who Made Who is the soundtrack to the Steven King movie Maximum
Overdrive. It is NOT an AC/DC greatest hits collection, despite a record 
company sticker on the package that says "AC/DC's Greatest Hits". The
sticker was added after the movie closed, no doubt an attempt by Atlantic
to increase sales of the collection.

6. What are some WWW (World Wide Web) sites for AC/DC?   

   There are many excellent AC/DC websites. My best suggestion is to
go to Yahoo's music section (
and proceed from there. Many of the sites have links to other sites.

7. What is Bon saying at the end of High Voltage?

   Something like: 
     "Stars, bars all around...spotlights, footlights...I'll take 'em!"

   Not sure about "...I'll take 'em", but am pretty sure about the rest.

8. What are "Lurex Socks"?

   Lurex is a shiny fabric, apparently the kind of fabric that a 
"Rocker's" socks would be made of.

9. Does AC/DC do a version of "My Favorite Things"?

[Thanks to Kyle Bichan <> and Ryan Vickmark ]
   "My Favorite Things" is a song from the musical 'The Sound of Music'.
The song in question is actually called "Jingle Hells Bells", and is a
parody of AC/DC. It is performed by 'Bob Rivers and Twisted Radio', a band
from Seattle that parodies rock songs. At the start of the song they even 
chant "Ho! Ho! Ho!", ala the "Oye! Oye! Oye!" chant of "TNT".
   It is available on a Christmas music compilation that also includes a 
hilarious parody of Black Sabbath's Iron Man called "I Am Santa Claus".

10. Are those real bagpipes on 'Its A Long Way To The Top'?

   Yes, those are real bagpipes on 'Its A Long Way To The Top (If You
Wanna Rock 'n' Roll). They are played by Bon, who in his youth played
bagpipes and drums in the Fremantle (Western Australia) Scots Pipe Band.

11. Where did AC/DC get their name?

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]

   The Young's sister Margaret suggested something she'd seen on the back
of a vacuum cleaner: 'AC/DC'. According to Angus, "It had something
to do with electricity, so it seemed to fit...". The Young brothers
were ignorant of the bisexual connotation that the term carried, and
after opening for bisexual rocker Lou Reed, many gay clubs tried to book
them...convinced they were a bisexual group.

12. Does Malcolm play lead guitar on any AC/DC songs?

   Yes. During an online chat in 1995, Angus confirmed that Malcolm plays
lead on 'Soul Stripper', 'Show Business', 'You Ain't Got A Hold On Me',
and 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl'.

13. Is Rosie in the song 'Whole Lotta Rosie' a real person?

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]
   Yes. Bon wrote the song about a huge Tasmanian woman he had shared a
'wild time' with in Melbourne.  Interestingly, the band ran into her again 
in Hobart, Tasmania...but she had lost a lot of weight and Bon was
disappointed that she was no longer the '42-39-56' that he remembered. She
did know the song was about her, and took it as a compliment.

14. Is Ruby in the song 'Go Down' a real person?

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]
   Yes. Bon wrote those lyrics about a well known rock and roll groupie 
named 'Ruby Lips'.

15. Why does Angus wear the schoolboy suit?

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]

   Angus and Malcolm wanted to have a visual focal point to go along with
their music, and their sister Margaret suggested Angus wear the schoolboy
getup. It was something Angus had tried in one of his previous bands, but
only once. Early AC/DC performances saw Angus in a variety of costumes,
including a gorilla suit (where he'd bust out of a cage), Zorro, 
Spiderman (with a huge rope spider's web at the back of the stage), and 
Superman (with a phone booth om stage where he could change). Former manager
Michael Browning remembers once that Angus was in the phone booth and the
door got stuck!

NOTE: I remember early AC/DC press info that explained Angus' schoolboy
suit as something he wore because he would rush to practice with the band
right after school. Of course, he was out of school by the time he joined
with Malcolm in AC/DC, and this was just another bit of creative marketing.
However, it is possible that he did do this with earlier bands he was in
while still a student.

16. Wasn't there supposed to be an AC/DC comic book from Marvel?

   Yes, it was mentioned in an MTV 'Week In Rock' story about the
Ballbreaker tour broadcast in 1996. They even showed some pictures from
the comic book. But as of 3/97 no comic book has been released.

17. What is Bon saying at the end of 'Night Prowler'?

   Bon says "Shazbot...nano nano". This was Robin Williams' catch phrase
from his old sitcom "Mork & Mindy". As to why Bon says it, I suspect he
was trying to lighten up the mood at the end of a particulaly intense
vocal. It occurs well after the song is finished, and he probably didn't 
expect it to be on the album.

18. Is there a version of 'Back In Black' with Bon on vocals?

[Info taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]

   No. Bon had several lyrical ideas for the album, but those were
abandoned by the band in favor of new lyrics by Brian, Mal and Angus.
Former AC/DC manager Ian Jeffrey claims to still have a folder that
contains lyrics of 15 songs written for 'Back In Black' by Bon.

19. Who are the "Dutch Damager" and the "Gorgeous Glaswegian" credited
    on the 'Flick Of The Switch" album?

   They are Harry Vanda and George Young, who lent AC/DC a hand in
recording FOTS. 

20. Are Dave Evans and Mark Evans related?

21. Why did Dave Evans/Mark Evans/Phil Rudd/Simon Wright/Chris Slade
    leave the band?
[First 4 entries taken from 'Shock To The System' by Mark Putterford]
   Dave Evans: Failed to make a show, and was booted. The Youngs were
   not crazy about his "glam" musical direction to begin with. Bon - who 
   was the band's drummer at the time - successfully auditioned for the 
   singing job.

   Mark Evans: Left the band due to a personality clash with Angus.

   Phil Rudd: Phil became burned out due to a combination of Bon's
   tragic death, and the pressures of the road. Excess pot smoking,
   irresponsible behaviour with women, and a bitter physical confrontation 
   with another member of the band led to him being sacked.

   Simon Wright: Simon Wright left AC/DC of his own accord to drum with
   Chris Slade: Angus and Mal replaced Chris with Phil Rudd, as they
   wanted to get back to the original drum feel they had with Phil.
   Phil was interested, and healthy, so the change was made. The
   band made a point of praising the work Chris did with them, and
   stressed that the change was not due to ill will towards him.
22. Did I hear some AC/DC lyrics in the movie "Mad Max"?

   Yes. At the beginning of the movie, the "Night Rider" character
steals a police car, and during the chase he is ranting over the
police radio. One of his rants is...

    "I'm a rocker, I'm a roller, I'm a right out of controller!"

   ...which is from the song "Rocker".

23. What is the "smoke" that Bon refers to in "Ain't No Fun..."?

    The "smoke" is an Australian slang term for the big city. When Bon
wrote "Well I, left my job in my hometown, and I headed for the
smoke...", he was referring to the fact that from a small town miles
away across the Australian plain, a city could be located by the
pollution it generated. So, "headed for the smoke" meant "headed for 
the city."

24. I really like the sound that Vanda & Young got on the early AC/DC
    albums. Did they produce any other Australian hard rock bands at 
    the time that I might like?

   There are two other noteworthy hard rock bands that Vanda & Young 
produced at the time. The Angels (known as Angel City in the US) and 
Rose Tattoo. Both bands trod the same club circuit as AC/DC, and their 
early releases have the same raw, intense, rock and roll approach. AC/DC, 
The Angels, and Rose Tattoo were considered the three top hard rock acts 
in Australia during the mid to late 1970's.

   Angels: The Angels were recommended to George Young by AC/DC after 
   they toured together in 1975. AC/DC considered them a "hot new band".
      The best introduction to early Angels is the US cd 
   'Face To Face'. It is available on Epic, under their US moniker
   Angel City. Also available in the US is 1984's 'Two Minute
   Warning', on Metal Blade, and in the US cutout bins you can find
   1989's 'Beyond Salvation' on Chrysalis.
      Two interesting coincidences between the Angels and
   AC/DC: [1] The guitarists are a brother duo where one plays lead 
   and one plays rhythm (Rick and John Brewster), [2] The singer has a 
   three letter nickname (Doc Neeson).
      For more Angels info:
        Alex Carranza's:
         Martin Mathis':

   Rose Tattoo: Bon helped Rose Tattoo get together with  Vanda & Young.
      The first three Rose Tattoo albums are considered the classics,
   'Rose Tattoo', 'Assault & Battery' and 'Scarred For Life'. These
   are available in Australia and Europe. The first album has also been
   issued under the name 'Rock and Roll Outlaw'. There are also compilations
   which contain many of the early songs.
      Two interesting notes regarding Rose Tattoo: [1] Rose Tattoo's 
   singer, Angry Anderson, was in the bands "Coloured Balls" and "Buster 
   Brown" with Phil Rudd (Phil Rudzevecuis), pre-AC/DC. [2] Rose Tattoo
   slide guitarist Peter Wells was asked to join "Guns & Roses" after
   Izzy Stradlin left.
      For more Rose Tattoo info, visit REMEDY - The Rose Tattoo Web Page:

25. Brian Johnson and Jackyl?

   Brian Johnson appeared on stage with the hard rock group Jackyl
at a concert in Florida on Sunday, 4.6.97. 

[Review thanks to (GOZONE1)]

sunday afternoon i made my trex to zepherhills ,fl. to see the 7th annaual
livestock concert event. this year was to be special, above all the other
bands, one special guest was set to perform. the guest was brian johnson
of ac/dc! brian joined the band jackyl on stage late sunday afternoon for
the shows closing act.  the performance was something out of the ordinary,
brian shared vocals w/ jesse dupree, each would sing a differnet verse to
the songs, all and all they pulled it off very well. the 1st song featured
was a new track written by brian and jesse called "locked and loaded" its
hard to describe the song, except to say it was rockin' and filled w/some
nice guitar breaks , tempo changes, and lets not forget great vocals. the
band kicked into back in black next, followed by shoot to thrill, i stand
alone. brian later returned for the encore singing along w/jesse on the
lumberjack song, they finished the song w/brian and jesse weilding
chainsaws cutting up a burning chair. it was a fun show, something
different and all for a good cause, the proceeds were givin to the make a
wish foundation. one final thought, it was nice to see someone on stage,
namely brian johnson, who seemed to genuinely enjoy performing. brian 
interacted w/ the crowd throughout like the true rock n roll veteran he
is, it was a great gig/party thanks to brians performance.

26. Who are the nephews of the Young brothers that are in rock bands?

Stevie Young: Guitar player who had a band called 'Starfighters' in the 
early 80's. Released two decent hard rock albums that are no longer 
available. Stevie filled in for Malcolm on the 'Blow Up Your Video' tour. 
Also played in a hard rock band called 'Little Big Horn'.

James Young: Drummer for 'The Poor', a hard rock band that started out 
in Darwin and eventually moved to Sydney. Released a few EP's in Australia, 
and their major label debut album is the excellent hard rocker 'Who Cares' 
on Sony/550 music. Supported AC/DC on the 'Ballbreaker' tour in the

27. What does Bon say on the live version of "The Jack" from IYWBYGI?

On the live album "If You Want Blood...". after Bon sings "She told me she 
was a virgin", he asks the question, "Any virgin in Glasgow?". Much of 
this album was recorded at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland.

28. Brian and Cliff rocking in Florida?

Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams appeared at a fundraising concert in
Florida on 3.28.98.

[Review thanks to (GOZONE1)]

Hello everyone, heres my review of Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams rocking
the opera house Saturday, March 28, 1998. The gig was a benefit/fund raiser 
for a local theatre in Sarasota, Fl. There were several performers and 
comedians throughout the night including Jim Breuer, Bob Nelson, Jesse 
Dupree, Billy Leverty, Donald Duck Dunn to name just a few. 

On to the show, Brian, Cliff, and Jesse Dupree were the highlight of the 
jam session at the end of the night. It was a long night, but well worth 
the wait, lets face it when is there a opportunity to check out a couple of 
the living legends of rock up close in a opera house of all places. Most of 
the time vocals were shared by Brian and Jesse, both were excellent. Jesse 
came out 1st and did a old song called Mustang Sally, it was a rocking 
version, well done. Next Brian and Cliff made their entrance, the band with 
Billy Leverty on Guitar (he was magical on guitar, the man can play!), they 
kicked into Back in Black, I was on the side stage, it was shaking from 
Cliffs thundering bass and Brians hurricane vocals, these guys are true 
rock veterans the sound was incredible. I think Brian and Jesse made some 
of the paint peel of the walls of the opera house. Next up was You Shook Me 
All Night Long, the song is a classic, and sounded brilliant, Cliffs 
backing vocal was on the mark as always. The band played through several 
classic rock tracks. A couple of the surprises were, Old Time RnR, yes a 
Bob Segar song, it was the most heavy, pounding rendition I had ever heard. 
With Brian, Cliff, Jesse, Billy Leverty playing the song it added a new 
twist like no other. Another track I thought was maybe the best of the 
night was the Beatles, I Saw Her Standing There, this tracked rocked! No 
offense to Paul McCartney fans, but with Cliff adding his own bass style, 
it added a special thumping boost to the song. To top it off Brian Johnson 
just tore the vocals up, the 1st verse he sang along, but by the second 
verse he really reached down to the classic Johnson wail, I think I heard 
some glass breaking in the opera as he hit some wicked high notes. The song 
was played the way it was meant to be done, at least in my book.

Well that was just a few of the highlights for the evening, I'll remember 
it forever. I did get to speak to Brian, Cliff, Jesse and several others, 
they were all very down to earth and nice people. Oh yeah, AC/DC is working 
on a new cd, there still undecided on a producer. For everyone who missed 
the show, dont worry ACDC will be around next year.

29. What bands have been support acts for AC/DC?

The incomplete list includes:

H2H: Def Leppard, Roy Loney's Phantom Movers, Prism
BIB: Saxon, Blackfoot,Nantucket, 
FTATR: Midnight Flyer, Rory Gallagher, Y&T, Fastway
FOTS: Starfighters, Fastway, 
FOTW: Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Loudness
WMW: Queensryche, Dokken
BUYV: Dokken, White Lion, Cinderella, L.A. Guns
TRE: Queensryche, Love/Hate, King's X, L.A. Guns
BB: The Poor, Alley Boys

Others: Wildhearts, Metallica, Black Crowes, Pantera

30. What's this about an AC/DC postage stamp?

It is true. AC/DC are one of 12 Australian rock'n'roll artists honored
with a postage stamp. The "Australian Rock'n'Roll" stamp set was issued
May 26, 1998 by Australia Post. The AC/DC stamp is a picture of Angus,
with "It's A Long Way To The Top" written across his school bag. For
complete info and pictures, check out the Australia Post web site at:

31. AC/DC's original singer has a new cd?

[Info thanks to Glenn Robertson,]

Dave Evans & Thunder Down Under
Ecstasy Records 1999


Somebody Better  - Evans, Franceshini
Nobody but you - James, Shelly, Boddiker (Landry Jefferey James Music)
Baby Blues Eyes - Evans, Green
It's Alright - Evans, Green, Franceshini
Another Day - Evans, Green, Franceshini
Get Ready - Evans, Green
Hot Nights - Evans, Green, Franceshini
Forever - Evans, Green, Franceshini
Nice Guys - Evans, Franceshini
Waltzing Matilda - Banjo Patterson (Castle Music)

Line Up

Dave Evans - Lead Vocals
John Dallimore - Guitars
Same See - Guitar, Piano
Joe Creighton - Bass
Danny Simic - Drums
Robyn Payne - Keyboards
Alex Pertout - Percussion
Joe Camilleri - Saxophone
Alan Harding - Trombone
John Felding - Trumpet
Backing Vocals - Penny Dyer, Wendy Stapleton, Lindsay Field, Joe Creighton,
                John Dallimore

Produced and Engineered by Meke Dearnley at Powerplant Studios , Melbourne

Sleeve Notes

Dave Evans was born in Carmarthen Wales. The family emigrated to Australia
when Dave was five years old settling in North Queensland. After a row with
his father, at the age of sixteen, Dave headed for Sydney, Living in Kings
Cross, until returning to Queensland a year later. It was at Charters Towers
in Queensland that Dave formed his first band "In Session". Realising that 
to pursue a serious singing career he needed to be in Sydney, Dave returned
here to sing with a number of local musicians. It was at this time he met
up with Malcolm Young, Colin Burgess and Larry Van Knedt and agreed to form
a band, yet unnamed. Malcolm's younger brother Angus joined the band a week

It was Malcolm and Angus' older sister Margaret who came up with the name
of AC/DC which signified power and energy and so marked the birth of one
of the greatest rock n roll bands ever.

AC/DC played their first gig at Chequers nightclub in Sydney on the 31st of
December 1973.

AC/DC went on to gain a strong following in Sydney over the next few months
before recording their first single  "Can I Sit Next To You Girl"
(B/W "Rocking in the Parlour")

At this point Angus donned the now famous schoolboy uniform, and with the
single racing up the charts nationally, AC/DC started on a National tour
beginning at the Sydney Opera House. Before the end of the grueling tour,
playing to packed houses all around the country, frictions and egos took
their toll and after a punch up between Evans and the manager life on the
road became unbearable and a split between Evans and AC/DC became inevitable.

Bon Scott who had been a friend of Malcolm and Angus's older brother George
Young of EasyBeats fame had seen the band perform in Adelaide. Scott joined
AC/DC which by this stage was well and truly established as a leading rock
band in Australia. AC/DC went on to become one of the World's greatest bands.

Dave Evans moved to join the exciting up and coming band "Rabbit" which
established itself as the leading rock band in Newcastle and Surrounding
areas and a few months later signed with CBS Records releasing their first
album, self titled "Rabbit". Their second album "Too Much Rock and Roll"
was released internationally in Japan, Germany, Luxemboug, Holland, France
and Scandinavia where it met with considerable success. Rabbit established
itself as a wild almost frenzied rock act described by one rock journalist
as savagely heterosexual.

The band finally split in 1979 with Evans moving to Melbourne, forming
"The Lineup" and "Hot Cockerel". Hot Cockerel featured in the Erotic comedy
feature film "Coming of Age" with Dave Evans in the lead role.

Dave Evans finally formed his own band "Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under"
and recorded the self titled album which had a limited release with
independant record label "Reaction Records"

With the demise of Reaction Records and because of legal sqabbling this
album had until now sat in limbo.

Listen to the voice which launched AC/DC and the music which is "Dave Evans
and Thunder Down Under"

32. AC/DC did a version of the Little Richard song Lucille?

There is a bootleg single with the Bon tunes "Carry Me Home" and 
"Fling Thing" on the A side, and a live version of "Lucille" on the B side. 
AC/DC played "Lucille" at Brussels Forest National on January 25, 1981 
with Atlantic Record's Phil Carson (on bass). To this day, this is the only 
known time where the band let another musician share their stage. 

33. So how many songs came out of the Stiff Upper Lip sessions?

According to news reports at the end of the sessions, 17 songs were 
recorded, but only 12 were selected for the album. The rest were seen
as possible bonus tracks on imports or maxi-singles. The 5 titles that 
didn't make the album are: "Let It Go" "Rave On", "Whistle Blower", 
"The Cock Crows", and "Cyber". Two other interesting notes: 
(1)"Give It Up" was identified in these reports as "R.I.P It Up". 
(2)The working title for the album was reported to be Smokin'.

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